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ON THE COVER Photo taken at the 2004 World Championships in Denver of Glassmen snare drummer John Meriwether. He is currently a music major at West Virginia University. Meriwether is a third year member of the Glassmen, aging out in 2005. Get all the scores, find all the events, order all the tickets, read all the news and more at Come LIVE the experience!

RECENTLY DCI HAS HAD TWO GREAT and very key employees move on to other endeavors in their careers. I extend my best wishes to Emily Pawlak, travel coordinator and Wayne Leide, operations director in their new pursuits. I share this with the DCI Today readers because I am reminded of how important relationships are as a part of the drum corps experience. Those of us fortunate enough to participate as a marching member cherish our drum corps friends and the memories we share. But there are so many other avenues to establish a relationship as a part of the drum corps experience. In my drum corps director days I saw two percussion instructors come from completely different worlds to teach a corps having never met and 15 years later they are the best of friends. The moms and dads who meet as volunteers for the first time on a chuckwagon during tour end up having long time friendships well after their sons and daughters age out. The drivers are another group that tends to get rather close over the course of a season. The employees of DCI and the event staff that volunteer have a special bond as do the judges among themselves. And let us not forget the fans who have been coming for years to the same events that might only see each other once a year but they too have a deep and lasting bond. We are blessed to be a part of a great activity that embraces all walks of life with tremendous passion and care for one another. I look forward to a warm summer evening when we all come together for different reasons and from different backgrounds yet walk away sharing the same joy as well as a special relationship with an amazing activity. I can’t wait!

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Pit Break A 1-2 punch for Phantom Regiment drummers at PASIC Convention

Happenings at Impulse Drum & Bugle Corps

Phantom Regiment snare section leader

2005 has been busy for Impulse Youth Arts and members of Impulse Drum & Bugle Corps. On New Year’s Day, Impulse member Erick “Henry” Escobar was part of the 116th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade. “It was a great experience,” he says. When asked if he would do this five-mile parade again Henry did not hesitate. “Sure, this is pretty easy compared to drum corps.” This exclusive group is part of the Tournament of Roses Honor Band, which is made up of high school and collegiate musicians from all over southern California. Pulse! Percussion, Impulse’s competitive winter drum line, performed at the

Mickey Burmer and center tenor player Mike Hodges won the PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention) College Snare and Tenor Solo competitions this past November in Nashville. This is the 3rd PASIC award for each drummer, as they both won their respective categories as high school students and then again in 2003 (and 2004) as collegiate soloists. Mickey is in his 3rd year as a member of Phantom Regiment and is a student at East Tennessee State University. Mike is in his first (and age-out) season with Phantom Regiment and is a student at the University of North Texas. Way to go, guys!

NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) in January. “What a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the entire world,” says Pulse! Director Ray Santos, “We’re ready.” Impulse members Kyle Spraker and Josh Pelton were selected to perform at the NAMM show also, but for a more somber occasion. Each year, a ceremony is held to remember the passing of those that have shaped the music industry. Kyle and Josh performed a Taps and Echo on opposite sides of the hall during the memorial. “We’re glad to take part in this,” says Kyle. Josh adds, “It’s an honor to be here and to honor these legends.”

A Report from Boston Crusaders’ Camp The cold months of winter can only mean one thing for the Boston Crusaders – a clean slate and a fresh new beginning. Unlike the rest of the corps, my season started back in August by stepping up my role in the organization as drum major for the 2005 season. The audition camp had been long anticipated and as I walked into the gym for the first time seeing a cluster of bags on the floor and a huge mass of people in front of the registration table, it all became real for me that THIS was the beginning of the 2005 season! As the weekend progressed, the horn line broke up into sub-sectionals to further learn and clean the show music. The climax of the camp occurred on Sunday


with a full run of the available 2005 production “The Promise of Living.” Percussion rehearsal was equally productive as the instruction staff focused strictly on basic fundamentals and moving and playing together in a line. Their intensity and level of rehearsal was one to be rivaled throughout the entire weekend. The guard had equally productive rehearsals as they drilled body movement and fundamentals whether on flag, rifle or sabre while leading the way in building camaraderie at the first camp. The marching staff jumped right into teaching the distinguished Boston Crusader style of marching, through fast-paced, high demand rehearsals where veterans and rookies alike were pushed

physically and mentally to new levels. The people who came out to audition were impressive. Not just the shear number of people, but the quality of performers auditioning. One staff member said it best when he commented that it was “the most talent [he’d] seen at a Boston Crusaders audition camp in a long while,” but the quality of members went beyond just their talent as performers. They were eager to learn, to accept and apply changes on the next rep, and work hard throughout the camp. I know the staff had a difficult time selecting only 135 members, but there is no question as to the capabilities this organization has this year. I cannot wait until the next camp, where the bar will be raised one more notch, the level of performance will increase, and the corps grows closer as a family. This season, will most certainly be one to remember. —Phil Leisy, Boston Crusaders 2005 drum major

A Chance Encounter Anyone who has ever marched knows how hectic a camp weekend can be. Camps for many can be physically and mentally trying, and usually lead to exhaustion by the end of a weekend. Some people drive, some carpool, others might take the bus, but I fly to every camp. A typical camp weekend for me consists of a full day of classes, driving 3 hours from school to St. Louis, and then having my mother drive me to the airport. From there I fly to Cleveland and a corps volunteer picks me up and drives me into Canton, where I arrive to camp. After a full weekend of rehearsal ends, I do the same thing in reverse. Needless to say, camp weekend usually includes a lot of down time in airports. After the December camp I got a ride to the airport from “Aunt Buff,” a corps volunteer, in the middle of a blizzard. When I arrived at the airport I was not surprised to find that all of the monitors were littered with “Delayed” and “Cancelled.” It appeared that I had another long, boring stay at Hopkins International. To my surprise, when I got to my gate I ran into Greg Tsalikis, the Bluecoats’ tympani player. Since both of our flights were

February Vanguard Brass & Percussion Camp Update “It sure is nice to be back in Santa Clara.” That is usually the first thing that comes out of everyone’s mouth when you pull up to a corps hall on Friday for a weekend of rehearsal. This is now my fifth and final year with Santa Clara Vanguard, and there is one thing that I have come to count on during every February camp: RAIN. And of course, this year was not an exception. Luckily for us, it only came down during Friday night, so it did not have a large impact on us for the entire weekend.

delayed we decided to get something to eat. We placed our order at the nearest restaurant, and as soon as the waitress left we noticed a bunch of men come into the restaurant wearing suits and the same white hat reading “San Diego ChargersDivision Champs.” Several people were going up and asking them for autographs. The restaurant was quickly filling with these enormous men, until finally there was nowhere for any of them to sit. Then one of the players asked if he could sit down with us. It was none other than Roman Oben, starting tackle for the San Diego Chargers. One might think that this would be rather intimidating. To an extent it was, but Roman was extremely reserved, and insisted that Greg and I tell him about our lives. He asked us about where we were going, why we were in Cleveland, etc. I thought that was pretty humble for a man with a Super Bowl ring on his hand. Time went by, and our waitress had not returned with our order. Roman asked us if the waitress had been by, and we told him that ever since the Chargers came into the restaurant, we hadn’t seen her. He walked into the kitchen and told the wait-

With the conclusion of the February camp, we have nearly solidified the brass and percussion lines. The percussion line is set, and there are only a few people vying for a couple spots in the brass line. Sunday is always the most exciting day of camp because we finally get to put the music together with the brass and percussion. The full ensemble was able to play through the first three movements of the show (Shostakovich), while the brass alone was able to play the final two movements (RCM). Even with all of the music and visual rehearsals, the corps did find time to get

ress that his “good friends Matt and Greg” had placed an order before the team had shown up and needed to be served. A very apologetic waitress brought out our food immediately. We both thanked Roman, and told him he didn’t have to do that. But he just responded, “Your time and money is as valuable as mine.” After that, Roman decided to introduce us to several men on the team. I met both Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, and by the time the night was over I had met practically the entire offensive line-up! I got up to leave and pay my bill, but Roman told me to put my wallet away. “We ruined your dinner by coming in here; you can at least let us put this on the Chargers’ tab,” he said. He wouldn’t let me say “no.” Little did they know they’d made the night one of the most exciting I’ve had on the way back from a Bluecoats camp!

together and talk about the history of the corps and watch a few videos of shows from the past. It’s always fun showing old videos of the bottle dance and talking about “Send in the Clowns” to the new members. SCV’s March camp was a very special weekend for SCV because we celebrated our 38th birthday with our annual Spaghetti Birthday Dinner on Sunday the 6th. This event featured the first public performance of both the Vanguard and Vanguard Cadets. Stuart Shulman, Drum Major SCV 01-05


Pit Break Report from Crossmen Camp

Just like every other drum corps, the winter season has been busy for the Crossmen. I am preparing for my third season with the corps in the tuba section. Having read through the show parts I can say everyone should be pleasantly surprised and pleased with what will come, but that’s all I am going to mention about that. Our last camp we began to dive into our first draft of the opener. I have to say that our brass staff is full of talent. I have already learned so much during the past two camps. Friday night of camp had a great turnout, just like the past two camps. We took our standstill pieces to the woodshed along with our basic warm-up exercises. Saturday morning wake up came suddenly but I think many of us welcomed it. We began to look at and take apart the

opener. Throughout the day I couldn’t help but wonder how awesome the drum parts would be. The whole horn line was working extremely hard in order to get the piece as close to clean as possible. Later in the day we had visual block. I like the fact that we have this block in the middle of the day. It breaks the monotony of standing in the horn arc. I began picking myself apart before the staff could get to me with the hopes that they wouldn’t find anything wrong. But of course they can find the tiniest thing to fix and help me get better. After the visual block we ate and then returned to the arc. The last block of the day was spent tearing the opener apart in order to fix the smallest errors. I along with every other member of the corps welcomed the gym floor after

The Blue Devils Take Europe 2005 will be a grand experience for the Blue Devils. Following their home show, Precision West, on Saturday June 18th, the corps will embark on a threeweek tour of Europe! The Blue Devils will have their first performance at a Drum Corps Europe contest at Guldensporen Stadium, in the town of Kortrijk, Belgium on Saturday June 25th. The Blue Devils will compete with Holland, Germany and England’s top drum corps. With a visit to the medieval city of Brugge and the beautiful city of Calais in Northern France, this will be an incredible way to begin the Blue Devils European adventure. Then it’s on to Paris! With the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and all Paris has to offer them, the corps will have two


days to explore and experience the essence of the most beautiful and exhilarating city in the world. After their time in Paris, The Blue Devils will continue their journey to the Lombardy region of Northern Italy for six days of performances and sightseeing in Milan, Venice, Modena and Lecco, site of the Italian Marching Band Championships on Sunday July 3rd. The culmination of the tour will be an opportunity to compete in a truly unique event. Every 4 years Kerkrde, Holland is the site for the World Music Contest. Three hundred groups from 30 countries compete in this prestigious 4-week long celebration of the musical marching activity. The Blue Devils will compete at the World Music Contest on Saturday July 9th. After The Blue Devil European odyssey, they will return to join the DCI Summer Music Games Tour.

the rehearsal Saturday, which was a hard but very rewarding day of work. Sunday morning we fine-tuned things for ensemble later that afternoon. It was awesome to finally hear the drums and brass come together to play the opener. Although it wasn’t August-ready it sounded pretty good for January. I am stoked about the summer and can’t wait to get back to work. Jamie Tucker, Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps 2003-2005

Year of the Rooster Marching through wet and soggy streets, the Sacramento Mandarins welcomed the Year of the Rooster, by marking their first public performance of 2005 at the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco, on Saturday February 19th. The parade is one of the largest such celebrations in North America; the Mandarins have performed for 35 years. Playing their new set of Dynasty USA BFlat horns, the Mandarins entertained an audience estimated at 250,000 – about half as many as last year, due to the wind and rain. After enduring a brief downpour just prior to step-off, the corps completed the parade route before the next rain started.

Dear DCI ovided me with m corps has pr ru D . 01 20 ce tters sin ted to march. Dear DCI, Edmonton Stru and always wan e ls th sa ar ith he w re g in to ch one for 3 years ed I went I have been mar s. I played barit my sister march er tt n ru he St W e . th es nc in perie le with the d to jo a lot of great ex meet new peop t to do, I decide to lo a ce t an no ch e ith th w e l town s given m whole summer Living in a smal The activity ha people for the . e or m aj sa m e th um dr ith am the Being w t anywhere and this year I er the country. at I couldn’t ge th ov l al ity ur el at av tr m d d e an the as me, an t of self-disciplin but when I hear same interests days are tough, have gained a lo l I . sa ar ily ant to w m he I fa re s nd rp ng um co er and lo creates a seco it. Because of dr family all summ th y or m w derful ys om on da fr w t a ay ho ming is e long, else. Being aw ced it makes th n others. Perfor ai un rt no te an en g to in nt be their tale Strutters name advantage of it. w they can use be able to take d show kids ho to t an ea r gr he s ac it’ te d a be corps an en given by drum privilege I’ve be Drum Major – Amy Fieber, Dear DCI, 2000 at age 16 & Bugle Corps s life started in Strutters Drum r My drum corp Strutters. I neve the Edmonton as h uc m when I joined as e hm rps would teac knew drum co it has. learned how five years I have and currently st s la ar e ye th o r tw ve r O fo ve made many guard Dear DCI, instruments, ha . 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The Stru ers sian Christ en thought rd us ol st ha “R I al e om fin fr e tim ts on st you with excerp d that the la th, I will leave and I am prou ostakovich’s 12 mpetition I will fo As I listen to Sh Evolution: on a field r co lves ~ rse am n ou tio in lu s vo ge Re an ch u may now take m deep in the spirit of ar, “Strutters yo volution comes fro he re in ng N sti ïs la e na th A e. — I believe mpetition.” our collective lif the field for co which influence n – Linda McIlvee ee nk Ya tters an ru – Meg uard Edmunton St nguard Color G Va ra la C a nt Sa


2004 World Championships Drum Corps International

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The Do’s and Dont’s DO memorize your parts before move-ins. It’s hard enough

need to get you right back out onto the field!

learning drill without being so lost you think the 4-to-5 set at 220 beats per minute is actually the hit in the ballad.

DO trust the cooks. That shepherd’s pie may look like some-

DO find a sleeping group. It’s good to know that if you’re still passed out on the bus until an hour after you get to the housing site, that there’s going to be a square of open space for you to set up by your friends. DO your homework. Take notes on your drill sheets and/or music and study during those down times and on the bus, so much that you can do the entire show in your head. You’ll thank yourself when staff starts adding in complicated effects and changes.

DO go the extra mile. Get out to the field 10


minutes earlier or be the last to the food truck at lunch. Run a few laps, do some more sit-ups, or do several reps of that rifle feature you just don’t have down pat. You’ll reap the benefits when, at the end of a show, you’re more drained by the emotion you put into the performance than the physical struggling to spin the flag or keep your sticks in time at 200 beats a minute.

DO come prepared. Fill your backpack with sun block, aloe vera, DCT, Band-Aids, Neosporin, Kleenex, Advil, TUMS, even sometimes toilet paper and anything else you can imagine you may 10

thing your cat left you, but trust them. It’s good and good for you. Every drum corps member needs every ounce of carbs, vegetables and protein these hard-working cooks provide them. They know what’s best for you!

DO take extra good care of your equipment. Polish those hard-to-reach crevices on your horn, make sure no dirt gets through your drum covers, wipe all the moisture off the vibes and take the extra minute to tape your guard equipment perfectly. You may get that close-up camera shot everyone dreams of!

DO set a schedule. That hour and a half you

get for dinner, packing, showering and cleaning can be hectic. Find the order of things to do that best suits you. After a handful of times in this schedule, you’ll find your mind is no longer in a frenzy making sure you did what you needed to do when you needed to. You’ll have everything done without having to think of it, and maybe even end up with an extra 20 minutes to lie on the grass and enjoy the summer afternoon.

DO keep in touch. Make that weekly call to friends and family back home. Write letters to mom and dad letting them know of the

great experience you are embarking on. It’ll make a world of a difference when you have your very own fan club at your home show! Plus, it makes those first few days back home after tour that much easier not having to re-introduce yourself to those friends you forgot for three months.

DO put everything you have into every performance. Sure, you’ve had a long day. You sweated about a gallon of water. Your legs burn from running the follow-the-leader set at 4-to-5 a dozen times. Your back is still sore from whatever that position was that you fell asleep in on the bus last night. But it’s only 11 minutes. Eleven minutes that you’ve worked for 10 hours on today. Nothing beats the feeling you get after a phenomenal performance where you can honestly say you gave it your all, be it Championship night or a June performance in Oswego, Ill.

 DON’T pack too much. You may think you need 12 sets of practice clothes and six different outfits for free days. But when you’re lugging your suitcase up two flights of stairs and down a 1/4-mile hallway at 4 a.m., you’ll realize you’re fine with about half the amount.

for the center snare drummer? Yea, that thing when her hair swings back and forth, hitting you in the face when she brushes it every night, isn’t going to be too cute anymore.

DON’T form cliques. Yes, it’s only natural that the color guard will form a special bond that cannot be shared with the rest of the corps. But great friendships can be created throughout all the ranks of the corps. Plus the friendship that can form between, say, a bass drum and a mellophone player can be refreshing since they do not spend the entire rehearsal day together in sectionals, etc. They can tell each other about their days and have a general awe for what the other does.

DON’Ttrash talk. Remember that every member in every corps is just like you and your corps mates. They have the same sunburns, endure the same rainstorms and wind, rehearse on grass just as thick as you did, have that one instructor that harps on them just like you and, most of all, are out there on the field performing their heart out for the same reason you are. DON’T look down on your fellow members. There’s going to be that tuba player that you’re supposed to cover down on, that can’t seem to make his set. But for a corps to succeed, there must be trust. Trust in your fellow members that they are working just as hard as you to do the best they can. Trust in your staff that they will do all they can to make it work and help any member having trouble. Trust in yourself that when you’re that tuba player that can’t quite make it to your set, you’re going to keep working ‘til you succeed.

of Drum Corps DON’T wake up three minutes before stretch block. Running a mile around a track is no way to wake up. Take advantage of the hour before by filling up on an energy-packed breakfast, taking a leisurely stroll down to the practice field, and chatting with your corpsmates so when it comes time for the dreaded morning jog, it’s not just an alarm clock. DON’T cheat. Don’t think that because your set is four steps behind the back hash on the 15yard line that no one can see you. At every performance you are at, there is a handful of people who instead of focusing in on the guard solo or the trumpet feature on the 50-yard line are scanning the field for those “hidden” performers, and watching everything you do! Plus, the high-camera for the DVDs is not forgiving.

DON’T get discouraged every time you get

DON’T regret. So maybe you missed out of finals by twotenths of a point. Maybe you didn’t pass your rival corps. Maybe the block rotation in the closer wasn’t as clean as it was in the last run-thru. While during the season, it is the drum corps way of life to improve upon every show and rehearsal, take the mistakes that were made the night before and work on them so that doesn’t happen again. But when the season is all done, and there isn’t that visual block the next afternoon to run a dozen reps of that oh-so-hard move, don’t allow that to be a chip on your shoulder. Instead, look at the entire picture as you take off your uniform for the last time and bask in all your tremendous achievements over the summer and the mistakes that now make you a stronger, smarter person than you were three months ago.


called out or corrected. Take it as learning more. When you are made aware of your errors, you are more aware of ones no staff member has found and know better how to correct them before they happen!

DON’T pick your seat partner because you have a crush on

them. Believe it or not, the best seat partner may not be the cute guard girl with the long flowing hair. What happens when she falls

DON’T leave it all behind. When the season is all over, don’t instantly throw yourself back into your “real life” back home, forgetting all that you just achieved. Remember everything you learned on tour and find all the ways you can apply to your everyday life, friendships, relationships, school, career and anytime life hands you a challenge.


DCI’s 2005 Clas An Event Four Decades in the Making On August 5, 2004, drum corps fans throughout the country experienced a phenomenon like no other. Two worlds that seemed so distant were joined together like puzzle pieces. The intense surround sound and intimidating size of a theatre screen along with the powerful sound and larger than life sight of drum corps was a dream come true for drum corps fans everywhere. The 2004 DCI World Championship Quarterfinals competition was broadcast LIVE from INVESCO Field in Denver on the silver screen, providing a virtual seat on the 50-yardline to more than 17,000 drum corps fans in theatres close to home. 12

How did Regal’s relationship with DCI come to be?

Rich Faul, a Regal employee was a corps member back in the late 70’s and suggested that Regal call Drum Corps International, and from there the partnership for both Regal and DCI was formed. Regal saw it as an opportunity to bring in a different clientele and allowed them to deliver something to DCI fans that they deeply appreciated for the first time at the 2004 DCI World Championships. Such an event was made possible due to Regal CineMedia’s recent major investment in satellite technologies for their theatres, which Regal calls its Digital Content Network (DCN). With that technology and the existing resources owned by parent company Regal Entertainment Group, the largest theatre operator in the country, they’ve been able to put their resources to use for something other than the films they normally show. “We’ve broadcast live concerts, sports events and educational events,” said Deb McKenney, Director of Education Events for Regal CineMedia. “We support educational programming that enhances existing curriculums in the schools. We’re using the the-

Twelve Corps Performances To Be Shown At DCI’s 2005 Classic Countdown in Chronological Order 1974 – Kingsmen

1980 – 27th Lancers

1996 – Phantom Regiment

1975 – Madison Scouts

1989 – Santa Clara Vanguard

2000 – Boston Crusaders

1976 – Blue Devils

1991 – Star of Indiana

2000 – The Cadets

1980 – Spirit of Atlanta

1992 – Velvet Knights

2002 – The Cavaliers

formances through the month of February on with this breakdown: Voting Parameters: • You may choose only 3 shows from the 1970’s decade • You may choose only 3 shows from the 1980’s decade • You may choose only 3 shows from the 1990’s decade • You may choose only 3 shows from the 2000’s decade To be fair and for the best variety, each corps could only be selected once, so that there would be twelve different corps for the production. Once the voting concluded on February 23, the top twelve corps performances were digitally enhanced for the broadcast. The countdown of those top twelve corps will be presented at select Regal Cinemas, United Artists or Edwards movie theatres across the country, in explosive, re-mastered digital surround sound on

ssic Countdown atres during times we don’t have them scheduled for regular films.” The fans wanted the DCI Cinema Live Quarterfinals broadcast and Regal was able to deliver it to DCI fans throughout much of the country. Regal is also the only theatre operator with the satellitebased digital technology built into a majority of their theatres, which enables the extraordinary live broadcast. What is the DCI 2005 Classic Countdown?

This event is being called DCI’s 2005 DCI Classic Countdown and will take place on Thursday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m. at select Regal, Edwards and United Artists theatres nationwide. This extraordinary event is going to be shown on close to 100 theatres around the country. To compare, the 2004 DCI Cinema Live Quarterfinals event was only shown on 44 theatres. “We are extremely thrilled to be able to deliver something the fans want to see,” said McKenney. “There was quite the buzz at the DCI January seminar, where attending staff members and corps directors were heard asking, ‘Well, who do you think it will be? Who are you going to vote for?’” How were the corps selected for the Classic Countdown?

On, beginning January 22, fans voted for the top 12 corps from the four decades of DCI World Championships. The fans had the opportunity to select their favorite World Championship per-

Thursday, April 21 at 7:00p.m.! Although the public will know the shows selected prior to then, the actual results of the poll won’t be known until that evening. Performance order of the corps will be shown in chronological order. The audience will be kept in suspense until the last corps is shown, when DCI will share the final results. Tickets for DCI’s 2005 Classic Countdown went on sale March 1 and are available online at or at your local box office. The tickets are $12.50 each. What’s next for Regal & DCI?

DCI and Regal have recently finalized a three-year agreement for both Quarterfinals and what will be the annual DCI Classic Countdown. “Regal CineMedia is excited about continuing to grow the relationship with Drum Corps International” notes McKenney. For the 2005 DCI World Championship Quarterfinals on Thursday, August 11, Regal CineMedia expects to have around 70 theatres available for the live HD cinemacast from Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. “It’s been a perfect partnership,” says McKenney. “We couldn’t ask to work with a better organization than DCI.” Flip to page 21 for theatre locations!


Classic Countdown Theaters ALABAMA Trussville Stadium 16 5895 Trussville Crossings Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35235 Hollywood Stadium 18 Huntsville 3312 South Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, AL 35802 ARKANSAS Breckenridge Stadium 12 1200 Breckenridge Dr Little Rock, AR 72207 ARIZONA Pavilions 11 9090 East Indian Bend Scottsdale, AZ 85250 CALIFORNIA Bakersfield Stadium 14 9000 Ming Avenue Ste #G Bakersfield, CA 9331 Fresno Stadium 22 7750 North Blackstone Ave Fresno, CA 93720 Alhambra Renaissance 14 One East Main St Alhambra, CA 91801 Camarillo 12 680 Ventura Blvd Camarillo, CA 93010 Irvine Spectrum 21 65 Fortune D Irvine, CA 92618 Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16 3561 Truxel Rd Sacramento, CA 95834 Mira Mesa Stadium 18 10733 Westview Pkwy San Diego, CA 92126 UA Horton Plaza 14 475 Horton Plaza San Diego, CA 92101 Emery Bay Stadium 10 6330 Christie Ave Emeryville, CA 94608 Galaxy 4 1285 Sutter St San Francisco, CA 94109 Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 plus 5000 Dublin Blvd Dublin, CA 94568 Santa Maria 10 1521 South Bradley Rd Santa Maria, CA 93454 Riverside Plaza Stadium 16 3535 Riverside Plaza Dr Riverside, CA 92506 COLORADO Colorado Mills 14500 West Colfax Ave, Ste #600 Lakewood, CO 80401 Denver Pavilions 15 500-16th Street #310 Denver, CO 80202 Greenwood Plaza 12 8141 E Arapahoe Rd Englewood, CO 80112 CONNECTICUT Branford 12 325 E Main St Branford, CT 06405

FLORIDA Belltower 20 13499 Belltower Dr Ft Myers, FL 33907 Gainesville Cinema Stadium 14 3101 SW 35th Blvd Gainesville, FL 32608 Avenues Stadium 20 9525 Phillips Hwy Jacksonville, FL 32256 Movies @ The Falls 12 9000 SW 136th Street Miami, FL 33176 Sawgrass Stadium 23 2600 Northwest 136th Avenue Sunrise, FL 33323 Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 541 North Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL 32828 Winter Park Village Stadium 20 510 North Orlando Ave Winter Park, FL 32789 Citrus Park Stadium 20 7999 Citrus Park Town Center Mall Tampa, FL 33625 Royal Palm Beach Stadium 18 1003 State Rd 7 Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

MASSACHUSETTS Bellingham 14 259 Hartford Rd Bellingham, MA 02019 Independence Mall 14 101 Independence Mall Way Kingston, MA 02364 Solomon Pond 15 591 Donald J Lynch Blvd Marlborough, MA 0175 Silver City Mall 10 2 Galleria Mall Dr Taunton, MA 02780

GEORGIA Mall of Georgia Stadium 20 plus Imax 3333 Buford Dr Buford, GA 30519 Perimeter Pointe 10 1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy Atlanta, GA 30338 Town Center Stadium 16 Kennesaw 2795 Town Center Dr Kennesaw, GA 30144 Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 1144 Agerton Ln Augusta, GA 30909

MINNESOTA Brooklyn Center Stadium 20 6420 Camden Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55430

IDAHO Boise Stadium 21 7701 W Overland Rd Boise, ID 83709 Grand Teton Stadium 14 2707 South 25th East Ammon, ID 83406 ILLINOIS Lincolnshire Stadium 20 plus Imax 300 Parkway Dr Lincolnshire, IL 60069 INDIANA Coldwater Crossing 14 211 West Washington Center Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Circle Center 9 49 West Maryland St Indianapolis, IN 46204 Galaxy Stadium 14 8105 E 96th Ave Indianapolis, IN 46256 KENTUCKY Hamburg Pavilion Stadium 16 1949 Starshoot Rd Lexington, KY 40509 LOUISIANA Citiplace Stadium 11 2610 Citiplace Dr Baton Rouge, LA 70808

MARYLAND Bel Air Cinema Stadium 14 409 Constant Friendship Blvd Abingdon, MD 21009 Snowden Square Stadium 14 9161 Commerce Center Dr Columbia, MD 21046 MAINE Brunswick 10 19 Gurnet Rd Brunswick, ME 04011 MICHIGAN Commerce Township Stadium 14 3033 Springvale Dr Walled Lake, MI 48390

MISSOURI Kansas City Stadium 18 Cinemas 3200 Ameristar Dr Kansas City, MO 64161 St. Louis Mills 18 5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd Hazelwood, MO 63042 NORTH CAROLINA Stonecrest at Piper Glen Stadium 22 7824 Rea Rd Charlotte, NC 28277 Towne Square 10 2600 Timber Dr Garner, NC 27529 NEW JERSEY Commerce Center Stadium 18 2399 Route 1 South North Brunswick, NJ 08902 Hamilton Commons 14 4215 Black Horse Pike Mays Landing, NJ 8330 Pohatcong 12 1246 Hwy 22E Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 NEW MEXICO Cottonwood 16 10000 Nw Coors Blvd Albuquerque, NM 87114 NEVADA Village Square Stadium 18 9400 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89117 NEW YORK Crossgates 18 One Crossgate Mall Rd Albany, NY 12203

Transit Center Stadium 18 plus Imax 6707 Transit Rd Williamsville, NY 14221 New Roc City Stadium 18 plus Imax 33 Le Count Pl New Rochelle, NY 10801 UA Westbury Theatre Stadium 12 7000 Brush Hollow Rd Westbury, NY 11590 Union Square Stadium 14 850 Broadway New York, NY 10003 Eastview Mall 13 70 Eastview Mall Dr Victor, NY 14564 Shoppingtown 10 3649 Erie Blvd East De Witt, NY 13214 OHIO Cobblestone Square Stadium 20 5500 Cobblestone Rd Elyria, OH 44035 Middleburg Town Square Stadium 16 18348 Bagley Rd Cleveland, OH 44130 Severance Town Center Stadium 14 3492 Mayfield Rd Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 Georgesville Square Stadium 16 1800 Georgesville Square Dr Columbus, OH 43228 Hollywood Stadium 20 @ Fairfield Co 2651 Fairfield Commons Beavercreek, OH 45431 Northtowne Cinema 9 1500 North Clinton St Defiance, OH 43512 OKLAHOMA Crossroads Mall Stadium 16 1211 E I-240 Oklahoma City, OK 73149 OREGON Old Mill Stadium 10 680 SW Powerhouse Dr Bend, OR 97702 Lloyd Center 10 Cinema 1510 NE Multnomah St Portland, OR 97232 PENNSYLVANIA Saucon Valley 10 3696 Rte 378 Bethlehem, PA 18015 Harrisburg 14 1500 Caughey Dr Harrisburg, PA 17112 King of Prussia Stadium 16 300 Goddard Blvd King Of Prussia, PA 19406 Riverview Plaza 17 1400 South Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19147 Moraine Pointe Cinema 10 300 Moraine Pointe Plaza Butler, PA 16001 Hazelton 10 400 Laurel Mall Hazelton, PA 18201

SOUTH CAROLINA Hollywood Stadium 20 Greenville 1025 Woodruff Rd Greenville, SC 29607 TENNESSEE Hamilton Place Mall Stadium 9 2100 Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga, TN 37421 West Town Mall Stadium 9 7600 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37919 Green Hills Stadium 16 3815 Greenhills Village Dr Nashville, TN 37215 Opry Mills Stadium 20 plus Imax 570 Opry Mills Dr Nashville, TN 37214 TEXAS Amarillo Star Stadium 14 8275 Amarillo Blvd West Amarillo, TX 79124 Metropolitan Stadium 14 901 Little Texas Ln Austin, TX 78745 Fossil Creek Stadium 11 6100 North Fwy Ft Worth, TX 76137 Galaxy Theatre Stadium 10 11801 Mccree Rd Dallas, TX 75238 UA Eastchase Market Stadium 9 8301 Ederville Ft Worth, TX 76120 Houston Marq*e Stadium 23 7620 Katy Fwy Houston, TX 77024 Cielo Vista Stadium 18 2828 Cinema Ridge San Antonio, TX 78238 VIRGINIA MacArthur Center Stadium 18 300 Monticello Avenue Ste 330 Norfolk, VA 23510 Virginia Center Stadium 20 10091 Jeb Stuart Pkwy Glen Allen, VA 23059 New River Valley 11 400 New River Rd Christiansburg, VA 24073 Fairfax Towne Center 10 12110 Fairfax Towne Center Fairfax, VA 22033 WASHINGTON Auburn Stadium 17 Theatres 1101 Super Mall Way, Ste 901 Auburn, WA 98001 Mountlake 9 Theatre 6009 SW 244th St Mt Lake Terrace, WA 98043 Northtown Mall Stadium 12 4750 North Division St Spokane, WA 99207 Columbia Mall Stadium 8 701 Columbia Center Kennewick, WA 99336 WISCONSIN College Avenue Stadium 16 W3091 Van Roy Rd Appleton, WI 54915


Extra! Extra! If you haven’t checked out the Tour of Champions – Sessions DVD, you should today! This video is a wonderful snapshot of the riotous performances in California last year just after World Championships. 64 contras – what else can we say? Order now at

This summer, DCI will be headed out to two new exciting




Midwest. Celebrate Father’s Day on June 19 in Lisle, Ill., at Benedictine University.

Starting this May, DCI will be unveiling a hugely exciting new venture named the DCI Season Pass. With a DCI Season Pass, you’ll have access to audio media files of every show dating back to 1972. This unbelievable new initiative will also include special video and photo packages from all the live events we’ll be covering. It’s going to rock! Stay tuned to for more details.

This great new venue is sure

Do you see a pattern here? should be your one-stop shop for ticketing and merchandising needs. Meanwhile, our news and feature articles serve as a daily testament to the power of the drum corps lifestyle. Come back to early and often!

show as well. Stay tuned to

to be a treat for all early season fans. Meanwhile, across the Mississippi River, Columbia, Mo., will play host to a fabulous new DCI for more details, including the date, in the near future.


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Re-live the television broadcasts from 1974-1999 with the DCI Legacy Collection DVD Series! Order the ultimate drum corps viewing experience for long time and new fans alike NOW! For more information and complete listings of the DVDs, visit

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Career Arc

with Michael Cesario

I AM A BAND GEEK and I’m more than happy to say that — a clarinet player. I’m from Kenosha, Wis. People assume that I’m a native New Yorker because I’m brash and irritable. But that’s not the case. When I was a kid, just about the most exciting thing in the world was drum corps. Every year the Cavaliers came to town, along with their archrivals the DesPlaines Vanguard and the Skokie Imperials. Boy that was an evening! We were frozen to death — in fact they used to call the show Frostbite Falls. I started by writing band shows and writing color guard shows, and some people “discovered” me. (DCI Hall of Famer) Paul Litteau liked a lot of what I was writing and made it a point of mentioning my name around. I don’t write the drill anymore, I don’t write the color guard work. I haven’t done color guard work since ‘72 or ‘73. I don’t write any of the music, certainly not the percussion parts. Somehow they find a use for me. Whenever someone’s thinking of “reviving” a corps, or shoving a little life into it, of getting a new take or a new angle of what that corps means to the community, I’m the guy that they pick up the phone and call. I’m really honored that for everyone from Phantom to the Troopers to the Cadets, I’ve been that guy. But I’m just a catalyst. It was a magical thing (working with the Cadets in the early 80s). It didn’t dawn on us that we couldn’t do anything. Everything started taking shape. I went into the Phantom Regiment for ‘82 and helped out and a little bit in ‘83 and ‘84. I had a good time and went back in ‘87. At Phantom we reminded everyone that when it comes to that big moment, really, only the Regiment can deliver, and when they do, the place goes berserk. I designed my first major uniform for the Cavaliers at the request of the brilliant drill writer Steve Brubaker. One of my favorite times was with the Dutch Boy, the year they made finals in 1990. Right now my pet project are the guys at Madison. They floor me every camp. They just lay me out with their skill and amazing ability to respond to everything that they’re given. They’re putting together a show that’s going to be one of those classic Madisons, where everyone goes, “I want to see them play.” I’m in the DCI Hall of Fame for the change I made in programming shows and the changes I made in how the activity looks — flags, costumes, uniforms. Currently I’m a designer at Fred J. Miller, Inc. I’ve had a good long career.


Now on Sale!

2005 Drum Corps International Division I Quarterfinals & Semifinals

Division I World Championships Gillette Stadium • Foxboro, MA August 11, 2005 • Division I Quarterfinals • Tickets $40/30/20/15/12* August 12, 2005 • Division I Semifinals • Tickets $50/40/30/20/18*

Division I Finals

On Sale Late Spring 2005! Division II & III World Championships Marciano Stadium, Brockton High School Brockton, Mass.

August 13, 2005 • Division I Finals • Tickets $125/75/55/35/25

August 9, 2005 – Division II & III Preliminaries August 11, 2005 – Division II & III Finals August 13, 2005 – Division II & III Grand Finals

DCI Orlando Florida Citrus Bowl • Orlando, FL

Florida Citrus Bowl

Alamodome • San Antonio, TX July 23, 2005 • Tickets $45/35/25/15*

June 25, 2005 • Tickets $20 /15*

DCI Central Illinois ISU Hancock Stadium • Bloomington-Normal, IL July 1, 2005 • Tickets $20 /15*

DCI Southwestern Championship

ISU Hancock Stadium



MTSU Stadium

MTSU Stadium • Murfreesboro, TN July 29, 2005 • Tickets $40/30/20/15*

DCI Louisville

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium • Louisville, KY

DCI Midwestern Championship RCA Dome • Indianapolis, IN

July 9, 2005 • Tickets $22/15*

July 30, 2005 • Tickets $45/35/25/15*

DCI Central Division Showcase

DCI Eastern Classic

WMU Waldo Stadium • Kalamazoo, MI

J Birney Crum Stadium • Allentown, PA

WMU Waldo Stadium

July 15-16, 2005 • Single-night Tickets $60**/35/25/18*

RCA Dome

J Birney Crum Stadium

August 5-6, 2005 • Single Night Tickets $30/25/20/15* *Groups of 25 or more **Includes parking & food

Visit for the latest news and information 470 South Irmen Drive, Addison, IL 60101 • 800.495.7469 x3 • International Calls 630.628.7888 x3 • Fax 630.628.7971 No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. All orders are subject to payment verification.

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Drum Corps In

World Providence, RI and About Providence Weather in August • Average Temperature: 71.3° • Average Maximum Temperature: 80.7° • Average Minimum Temperature: 61.9° • Precipitation: 3.63”

Providence is located • 3.5 hours from New York City • Less than 2 hours from Harford, Conn. • 1 hour from Boston, Mass. Providence is famous for its beautifully preserved historic architecture throughout the city, with more buildings on the National Historic Register than anywhere else. Historic sites, wonderful museums and theatres compliment the current renaissance Providence is experiencing, which has brought a new mall, Riverwalk, hotels, and so much more. The Providence renaissance has received national acclaim as, amazingly, new developments have fit right in with the historic character of the city. Providence’s multi-million dollar revitalization program has centered around the city’s maritime heritage as a major shipping port at the turn of the century, the downtown revitalization project focused on the waterfront. More than a decade later, the structure of Providence has been changed into a modern urban development — the renaissance of a capital city. Providence has become the center of an emerging arts, cultural and entertainment community in New England. Providence is a haven for young artists to establish galleries, art shops, theaters and museums.

Drum Corps International 470 South Irmen Drive • Addison, IL 60101 800.495.7469 • 630.628.7888 • FAX 630.628.7971


The city is home to renowned universities, including Ivy League Brown University, the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence College, and Johnson & Wales University, whose academic programs, theatres, museums, and people contribute significantly to the quality of life in the city.

World Championships Schedule

ternational nternational

Tuesday, August 9, 2005 Division II & III Prelims Marciano Stadium, Brockton High School Brockton, Mass.

Championships Gillette Stadium Foxboro, MA August 9-13, 2005 Where to Stay

Gillette Stadium

Want the best room? Go Providence!

Gillette Stadium is a world-class event facility located in Foxboro, Mass. It is the home of the NFL’s New England Patriots, and the New England Revolution of the MLS. Gillette Stadium opened in 2002.

Providence residents won’t know what hit them when thousands of drum corps fans invade their vibrate New England city next August. If you want to be in the thick of the action for the 2005 Drum Corps International World Championships, you MUST stay in Providence, RI! Division II & III Championships and Individual and Ensemble contests are only a few of the exciting events planned for Providence in 2005.

Gillette Stadium has a large number of features that make it unique to the New England heritage. These features include the bridge and 12-story high lighthouse that will sit atop the Bank of America entrance and welcome visitors to the stadium. Plazas, allowing guests to meet and enjoy the atmosphere, surround the stadium. Please visit’s “Providence 2005” section for further information on Gillette Stadium

Division I Quarterfinals & Semifinals

Division I Finals

Fan Headquarter Hotels Stay at any of the three Fan Headquarter hotels, and you will be right next door to: • a brand-new shopping mall • great bars and restaurants • Wednesday’s Individual and Ensemble event • 2006 Super3 Ticket Sales • Saturday night’s fan appreciation “Afterglow” party Not enough? How about first chance access to the DCI Updates and recaps from the previous nights’ competition delivered right to your hotel lobby? Providence Westin 1 West Exchange St, Providence, RI 02903

Marciano Stadium Due to new maintenance and construction schedules recently communicated to Drum Corps International, Bryant College Stadium will not be available for the 2005 Division II & III World Championships events. Thanks to the tireless efforts of local championship committee members a new site has been secured at Marciano Stadium at Brockton High School in Brockton, Mass. Drum Corps International is confident that Marciano Stadium at Brockton High School will serve as an excellent championship site for the three day event.

Providence Biltmore 11 Dorrance St, Providence, RI 02903 Courtyard Downtown 32 Exchange St, Providence, RI 02903 Other great Providence Properties... Johnson & Wales University, 213 Taunton Ave, Providence, RI 02903 Holiday Inn Downtown, 21 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903 Crowne Plaza, 801 Greenwich Ave, Warwick, RI 02886 Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel, 1850 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02886 Comfort Inn Pawtucket, 2 George St, Pawtucket, RI 02860 Radisson Airport, 2081 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02886 Hotel Providence, 311 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903 Radisson Harbor, 220 India St, Providence, RI 02903

To book your Providence hotel room, simply go to

Individual & Ensemble competition Rhode Island Convention Center

Thursday, August 11, 2005 Division II & III Finals Marciano Stadium, Brockton High School Brockton, Mass. Division I Quarterfinals Gillette Stadium

Friday, August 12, 2005 Division I Semifinals Gillette Stadium

August 13, 2005 Division II & III Grand Finals Marciano Stadium, Brockton High School Brockton, Mass. Division I Finals Gillette Stadium


World Class Venues

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Drum Corps International presents the DCI Orlando

# of tickets

total price

Saturday, June 25, 2005 Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida 7:00 pm Reserved Seats ________@ $20.00 _____________ per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 _____________ sub-total ________@ _____________

DCI Central Illinois Friday, July 1 2005 ISU’s Hancock Stadium, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois 7:00 pm Reserved Seats ________@ $20.00 _____________ per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 _____________ sub-total ________@ _____________

DCI Louisville Saturday, July 9, 2005 Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky 7:00 pm Reserved Seats ________@ $22.00 _____________ per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 _____________ sub-total ________@ _____________

DCI Central Division Showcase Friday – Saturday, July 15-16 2005 WMU’s Waldo Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan Friday Tickets Super Premium Seats ________@ $60.00 _____________ 6:30 pm Premium Seats ________@ $35.00 _____________ Super Seats ________@ $25.00 _____________ Value Seats ________@ $18.00 _____________ Saturday Tickets Super Premium Seats ________@ $60.00 _____________ 6:30 pm Premium Seats ________@ $35.00 _____________ Super Seats ________@ $25.00 _____________ Value Seats ________@ $18.00 _____________ per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 _____________ sub-total ________@ _____________

DCI Southwestern

total price

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Masters of the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES Friday, July 29, 2005 MTSU Stadium, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 8:00 pm Premium Seats ________@ $40.00 Super Seats ________@ $30.00 Value Seats ________@ $20.00 per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 sub-total ________@

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

DCI Midwestern Championship Saturday, July 30, 2005 RCA Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana Noon & 7:00 pm Premium Seats ________@ $45.00 Super Seats ________@ $35.00 Value Seats ________@ $25.00 per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 sub-total ________@

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

DCI Eastern Classic Friday & Saturday, August 5-6, 2005 J.Birney Crum Stadium, Allentown, PA Friday Tickets Premium Seats ________@ $30.00 _____________ 6:30 pm Super Seats ________@ $25.00 _____________ Value Seats ________@ $20.00 _____________ per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 _____________

6:30 pm

Premium Seats ________@ $30.00 _____________ Super Seats ________@ $25.00 _____________ Value Seats ________@ $20.00 _____________ per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 _____________ sub-total ________@ _____________

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Drum Corps International

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470 South Irmen Drive, Addison, IL 60101 For phone orders outside the U.S. please call 630.628.7888 x3

630.628.7971 Place your order online at: 24

# of tickets

Saturday, July 23, 2005 Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas Noon & 7:00 pm Premium Seats ________@ $45.00 Super Seats ________@ $35.00 Value Seats ________@ $25.00 Alamodome fee ________@ $1.00 per ticket fee ________@ $3.50 sub-total ________@

Saturday Tickets

FAX the above form to:


5 Summer Music Games DCI Division I World Championships

Group Tickets!

Thursday – Saturday, August 11-13, 2005 Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts

Division I Quarterfinals • Thursday, August 11 2:30 pm

Super Premium Seats ________@ Premium Seats ________@ Super Seats ________@ Value Seats ________@ Foxboro fee ________@ per ticket fee ________@

$40.00 $30.00 $20.00 $15.00 $2.00 $3.50

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

$50.00 $40.00 $30.00 $20.00 $2.00 $3.50

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Super Premium Seats ________@ Premium Seats ________@ Super Seats ________@ Value Seats ________@ Foxboro fee ________@ per ticket fee ________@

$125.00 $75.00 $55.00 $35.00 $25.00 $2.00 $5.50

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Super Premium Seats ________@ Premium Seats ________@ Super Seats ________@ Super Value Seats ________@ Value Seats ________@ Foxboro fee ________@ per ticket fee ________@ sub-total ________@

2005 GRAND TOTAL ________@ # of tickets

Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________

DCI Central Illinois

Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________

DCI Lousiville

Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________

DCI Central Division Showcase Friday Group Seats________@ $15.00 _____________ Saturday Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________ Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________ Alamodome fee ________@ $1.00 _____________

Masters of the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________

DCI Midwestern Championship Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________

DCI Eastern Classic

Division I Finals • Saturday, August 13 6:00 pm

total price

DCI Orlando

DCI Southwestern

Division I Semifinals • Friday, August 12 5:00 pm

# of tickets

Minimum order of 25 tickets required.

Friday Group Seats________@ $15.00 _____________ Saturday Group Seats ________@ $15.00 _____________

DCI Division I World Championships Division I Quarterfinals Group Seats ________@ $12.00 _____________ Division I Semifinals Group Seats ________@ $18.00 _____________ Foxboro fee ________@ $2.00 _____________

per group order fee ________@ $10.00 _____________ sub-total ________@


2005 GROUP GRAND TOTAL ________@


_____________ total price

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Friday, April 8 Color Guard A Class Finals – $25/20

Saturday, April 9 Color Guard Open Class Finals – $25/20 Color Guard World Class Finals – $65/55/45

Color Guard VIP Pass – $200.00 Includes THE BEST SEATS for ALL Color Guard contests at University of Dayton Arena, admission to all other color guard sites PLUS a complimentary 2005 Championships Program. Available until April 1, 2005.

Friday, April 15 A Class Finals – $25.00

Saturday, April 16 Percussion Finals – $35.00

Percussion VIP Pass – $75.00 Includes THE BEST SEATS for ALL Percussion contests at Nutter Center, admission to all other Percussion sites PLUS a complimentary 2005 Championships Program. Available until April 1, 2005. 7755 Paragon Road, Suite 104, Dayton, OH 45459 Phone 937/434-7100 • FAX 937/434-6825

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Order Yours Now!

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1- 866-944- 8273 Order Yours Now!

Order Yours Now!

The Interview Name: Brian Hickman Age: 35 (that’s multiplied by 7 in drum corps director years) Family: Wife Julie and two beautiful boys Evan – 4 1/2

ive and loving parents Bill and Karen Hickman, and my wonderful wife Julie. I’d give anything to meet: My Grandfather again...I miss him terribly. Favorite drum corps memory: Actually there are so many over the years. Most recently, however, I was completely overwhelmed by the reaction of the crowd at our last concert with the Toledo Symphony. The genuine excitement and adoration for the corps was fantastic, and I was so proud of the GLASSMEN members. The thing I want to do most before I die: Figure out that secret of balance... that whole home vs. work thing.

(going on 12) and Colin – 16 mos. Education: This is definitely an ongoing process for corps directors – as every day presents some new challenge. Formally, I received my Music Education Degree from James Madison University in VA, and worked on my Masters in Performance (world music) at West Virginia University. Current Occupation: Executive Director of the GLASSMEN Organization Drum Corps Background: Yes... and then some. Favorite TV Show: I wish I actually had time for this, but I can usually be found watching the West Wing or something obscure on the History Channel. Favorite pig-out food: This is an easy one for the people who know me... Mexican, Mexican, Mexican – all kinds. Best way to spend a weekend: Chasing my little boys around the house, down the street, or wherever they may lead me. Last good concert I went to: New York Philharmonic on their current tour – I saw them in An Interview Ann Arbor, MI. The concert was amazing, and reminded me of why I use to go to the city and see them regularly. Most prized possession: I know it may sound cliche to some, but it really is less about any specific possession, and more about my wonderful family. Favorite non-drum corps activity: What’s that? In all seriousness – traveling and spending time with the people I love means so much to me. I am a bit partial to the ocean, too. Best advice I’ve ever been given: Lots of very special people have helped me through some difficult times, but my Dad always reminds me about working hard, staying true to who I am, and making a difference for others.

Shining the Shoes with Brian Hickman

The thing I most like about being a corps director:

The opportunity to meet and work closely with so many very talented young men and women. It is truly inspiring. The thing I like least about being a corps director: Have you seen the price of fuel lately?

Yup... you guessed it – that constant worrying about the money. Two people I admire the most: There are actually three, and since it’s my interview... My very support-


Free Day

by Marco Buscaglia

Today’s Drum Corps is Fan-tastic AS A LIFELONG CHICAGOAN, I’m a suffering Cubs fan, a Bears season-ticket holder and an avid follower of the Bulls. I often live and die Chicago sports. But since I never strapped on the helmet with the distinctive orange “C” or wore the official Major League Baseball sanctioned version of Cubbie Blue, I’m still just a fan. My geography – and my checkbook – may cement my allegiance to the teams, but that’s about it. My relationship with drum corps is different. Because I marched with the Cavaliers, that’s my corps out on the field in Orlando or Denver or San Antonio. I follow them closely during the summer, even if I don’t have time to get involved as much as I’d like. And drum corps in its current state appeals to me more than ever. I find the corps entertaining and enjoy sitting through shows start-to-finish. For now, my schedule allows me to be just a fan. But as fan, for a variety of reasons, I have to say life is good.

Film 101 Fans now have new options for viewing their favorite corps at their local movie theater. This gives all gun-shy fans a chance to show their significant others their first drum corps show by using misleading lines like, “This really is Vin Diesel’s first movie,” or “See that? I wrote that.” I do think it’s time to take this whole drum corps movie thing to the next level, though. Hopefully we can start making these viewings a bit more interactive, a la “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Fans can bring food items to throw at the screen at the appropriate times, memorize chants and responses during their favorite shows and show up wearing dime-store variations on their favorite corps uniform. After all, who else believes it’s not a night at the movies unless you’re wearing your 1996 Phantom Regiment drum major uniform? Perhaps I’ve said too much. If you have an Internet connection, your drum corps season may never end. All summer, you get live feeds from shows, instant scores and the critiques of the guy sitting on the 35-yard line, all without ever leaving your home. You can listen to shows mid-season and check out photos of new uniforms they day they debut. And if you choose, you can spend hours or days of your life debating the merits of the 1993 Star of Indiana and the 2004 Carolina Crown. I love keeping up on the activity online. I think it’s a wonderful way to grab a bit of summer during the off-season. I’m always interested in who’s playing what and who’s hired whom. And I enjoy a lot of the back-and-forth you get to read on the drum corps topics ’o the day. I’m kind of a lurker myself, reading but rarely posting due to a lack of time, energy and the fear of hundreds of follow-up messages calling me names. I do read the various message boards during lunch or occasionally throughout day, but I rarely allow myself more than five minutes at a time for fear my boss will sneak up behind me, unplug my computer and call security, ultimately forcing me to roam the streets searching for twigs and berries to feed the family. Of course, we message board readers have to keep in mind that the current Web dialogue isn’t always reflective of what’s going on in drum corps. After all, most current participants are often asked by their corps to avoid posting online. I’m sure there’s a 19-year-old out there who’s written 187 rabid responses to offensive posts just waiting for day after he ages out. And the Web has a way of aging you as well. Consider the amount of message board users who think they marched back in the pre-Mesozoic era, even though they have yet to turn old enough to qualify for cheaper car insurance. They often post things like, “Back in my day” to add impact to their posts, completely oblivious to the fact that the “day” in question was 2002. Still, the Web has become a gathering point for fans, and its impact will only continue to grow.

Back in action Not all fans sit in the seats. There seems to be increasing opportunities to march drum corps for recent and long-time age-outs who don’t live on the East Coast. There are senior corps, alumni corps and new professional ensembles with drum corps origins. Personally, I like my marching days to remain in the nostalgic haze of my youth. Those who still do march deserve tons of credit. Surely senior and alumni corps are filled with working parents with more to do than me who still carry a horn around on weekends or find the time to strap on a drum for a good part of their summer. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not opposed to alumni re-enactments – I just would prefer mine in the form of a bus ride. I’m not talking about the all-night trip from Milwaukee to Denver. I’d be content to drive about an hour out of my way to ride on a bus occasionally to a drum corps show – an hour or so of shooting the breeze with the guys while my wife has to listen to the Hillary Duff sing-a-longs in a minivan that’s rolling down the highway about a half-mile behind. Road trip DCI’s regional schedule improves your chances of seeing some seriously good drum corps during the summer, even if you can’t make it to DCI. And the shows take place in cities that have some decent cultural venues nearby, like museums, historic monuments and “The Home of the World’s Largest Beef Sandwich.” I’ve done these regional trips with the family before, which are always significant for that one moment when everyone in the car is asleep except for the driver, who’s keeping himself awake with some ’75 Madison, ’83 Garfield or ’00 Cavaliers. Inevitably, someone will wake up, see my spastic movements in the front seat, and shoot the “Loser” look my way. Not always a feel-good, especially when the look comes from the 18-month-old who has no idea how to use a toilet. Marco Buscaglia marched from 1978-1989 in the Cavaliers’ organization. He can be reached at marcobuscaglia@


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DCI Today Spring, 2005  

DCI Today Spring, 2005: The Official Publication of Marching Music's Major League.

DCI Today Spring, 2005  

DCI Today Spring, 2005: The Official Publication of Marching Music's Major League.