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D RIVENWORLD ISSUE 47, November 2013


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On the Cover: “Hot Rod� Photo: Randall Cordero

The tenth anniversary of Motor4toys! Wow, can you believe it? First and foremost, thank you! Thanks to all of you who have chosen to support the Motor4toys Charitable Foundation over the last ten years. Time has passed so quickly. Many people ask how Motor4toys began. We had people coming to a little weekly car show, then known as EuroSunday, and I thought, “What if I asked everyone to bring a toy in December?” It was just a simple idea. But the response was the incredible part. That first year, we collected over 3,600 toys in under four hours. The car community came together and truly hit a grand slam. A true miracle! What you have to understand is that Motor4toys is the car community. There is no single person who makes it happen; rather a community makes it happen. Whenever we need

something, someone in the car community steps up and helps. Truthfully, the entirety of Motor4toys and what it has become is thanks to all of you. I am going to let you in on a little secret; we at the Motor4toys Charitable Foundation had no idea that we would grow like we have. I really cannot explain it but the car community—the true heroes of Motor4toys—have made it grown. There are many people who are part of the Motor4toys team who never get any kudos. Many people who have played a role for years and years without recognition and without pay. We have been so very lucky to have a team of people willing to pitch in for one simple reason—to help children. Thank you! And there is one man in particular within the car community (who shall remain anonymous, at his request) who has been the backbone of Motor4toys. His kindness and generosity have always ensured there would be another year…another show. This man asks for no credit

or recognition. He just says, “Keep doing what you guys are doing. It is a good thing.” He has no idea what his help has done for us year after year; it has been tremendous. THANK YOU! With Motor4toys we have touched a lot of lives in the last ten years. When I say, “we” I truly mean all of us. As much as I am Motor4toys, it is also you. It is your club, your group, your family, and your school. I am so incredibly grateful to every single person who brings a toy and makes a difference. Thank you! I am truly proud of Motor4toys. I love what it stands for—community, kindness, truth, honesty, love, and the future. Children are innocent and deserve happiness or moments of it, at the very least. I believe that it is our duty to help when we can and to hopefully inspire our future generations. I hope that when these kids are older, they remember someone—a person they never even met—cared and acknowledged them and that the simple gift of a toy is a gesture of kindness that they will pass on. Perhaps they will start toy drives, food drives, and charities in the future and be kind to others when they can. There is another aspect of Motor4toys that I truly cherish. I love the diversity at the car show. I do not know of another show that offers some of the rarest of collectibles and most exotic of exotic cars, to hot rods, customs, 4x4s, imports, Europeans, race cars, and so on. Motor4toys represents the entire car community and I am very, very proud of that. So our big event, the Tenth Annual Motor4toys Charity Car Show and Toy Drive, is coming up on December 1, 2013. I hope you will be there. All I ask is that you bring a new, unwrapped toy valued at $10.00 or more. It is truly that simple. Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors, your car club, and everyone. And please ask them bring toys, too! When you are there, stop by our sponsors’ booths and thank them for their support, as well. Our sponsors have always played a major role and deserve recognition for their huge contributions. Our goal is to collect even more toys than in years past. In addition to December 1, we place toy collection boxes at business locations all over Southern California and we hold toy drives at local schools. It is a great way to ring in the holiday cheer and add to the number of toys we collect for children in need. If we can leave a toy collection box at your place of business, if we can host a toy drive at your child’s school, or if you wish to donate to the Motor4toys Charitable Foundation, please visit us online at: I am looking forward to this year’s Motor4toys Charity Car Show and Toy Drive. Thank you for making it the event that it is and will continue to be! See you on December 1st, Dustin

WEC Prototypes Portend a New Era in Automotive Technology Story & Photos by Jim Hunter

The recent 6 Hours of the Circuit of the Americas, round five of the 2013 World Endurance Championship, brought to U.S. soil a true glimpse into the future of automotive technology. Motorsport has long served as fertile ground for developing new technologies for the road cars we drive every day. Through their partnership with Joest Racing, Audi Sport have fully exploited this laboratory and enjoyed enormous success at Le Mans and in the World Endurance Championship. Audi have won Le Mans twelve of the past fifteen years, with four in a row since 2010. In spite of their success, they have remained anything but complacent, and continue to stretch the efficiency-performance envelope with

new, alternative technologies. At no point are their advances more evident than in the astonishing 2013 R18 e-tron quattro. Debuted in May 2012, this all-wheel drive sports prototype stands clear as one of the most breathtaking, logic-defying machines many men will ever witness in one lifetime. The car is literally of another world. With the rear axle driven by a 510 bhp Turbo Diesel V-6 and the front axle actuated solely from an electric flywheel accumulator, the R18 delivers all wheel hybrid performance over 120 kilometers per hour. The car is stealth; its agility and unbelievable pace accompanied by nothing more than the aural resistance of the wind. Like

an alien craft slipping through our atmosphere, the R18 leaves an indelible imprint on even the most seasoned motorsport observer. German pilot André Lotterer, who served as a test driver for the Jaguar F1 team in 2002 and won the 2011 24 Heures du Mans for Audi with teammates Marcel Fässler and Benoît Tréluyer, exclaimed, “It’s an amazing car, one of the most high-tech cars you can find on the planet.” The car is more than a step beyond the non-hybrid 2011 car, the R18 TDi ultra. Lotterer states, “We won Le Mans with [the ultra], an incredible race. When the hybrid technology came in, Audi decided to build a brand new car—a completely new monocoque, everything. They

look similar, but they’re not. It’s not an evolution; it’s a complete new car. To fit in the hybrid and we had to make the car a lot lighter.” Audi managed to integrate the hybrid with an absolute neutral effect on the car’s weight, delivering the new e-tron quattro at a scant 915kg (approximately 2000 lbs.). One of the most amazing things about the R18 is the absolute prowess the car exhibits changing direction at high speed. The car is practically at F1 level performance. “Oh yeah, well, we are not as fast as F1, but we’re one of the fastest categories out there. We are probably, might even be faster than Indycar. If you do the math, we are over 300 kilos heavier than an F1 car, however if you calculate

how much 10 kilos cost in lap time, we are actually faster than F1. So the car is extremely quick in the corners,” says Lotterer. “Not everyone digs so deep into their resources to do this and I think that’s why Audi is so successful, because they do what it takes. I’m really proud to sit in that car. I would be really jealous of the guys who raced it if I wasn’t.” Asked what preparation is required of a driver to step into the R18, Lotterer replied, “No, every car on the limit has its character, right? To extract the most out of it you gotta play with it on the limit and know how to handle it. We practice a lot, it’s what we do since we were kids, all of us, and parallel also I race in Japan in a Formula

category which are as fast as the last F1 cars. It’s never fast enough when you push the limit you want more and more and we push our engineers to make the car better and better but for sure it takes some courage and some good skills to extract the most out of it.” André continues, “It’s not easy because the R18 is only made to work within a small operating window and that’s where you have to get it. That’s how the engineers built it. If you drive it a bit too slow the tires won’t work properly, you won’t get all the downforce you’re supposed to, so you have to drive the car really fast then you get the downforce and the tires to work and that is a very small window.”

WEC Continued

With F1 converting to fully incorporated V6 turbo-hybrid power in 2014, it is clear that we are witnessing the beginning of a new era in motor sport. As with all significant changes in sport, it can take those passionate for the pursuit some time getting used to the new formula. However, if Audi’s endeavor in sports prototype competition serves as any indication, it is fair to say that we are at the dawn of a new era which will surpass performance levels we’ve seen to date. Of course, this means we can count on the advances set by Audi, competing Le Mans hybrid pioneers Peugeot and Toyota, and other marques to soon arrive in our next generation of road cars. Ferrari and McLaren have already debuted hybrid hyper cars (LaFerrari and P1, respectively), and it is only a matter of time before all road cars will enjoy the benefit of new technologies developed through motorsport.

German, k ea sp ay m ic an h ec m r You he? but does he speak Porsc

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The Auto Gallery Porsche 21301 Ventura Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Phone 888-279-2660

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A Car Guy Goes to Italty This is a car-guy’s dream come true… in Italy to photograph the cars and sample the food and wine. What more could you ask for! Throw in a little culture, add some amazing architecture, stir in some unbelievable countryside, and you have the formula for a great working vacation. You do not have to drive that much in Italy due to their great public transportation system but we needed a rental car to visit some of the more remote areas in the wine country and for our appointments at Ferrari in Maranello and Lamborghini in Sant’Agata. Yes, it would have been fun to cruise in the Ferrari F430 but we opted for the stick shift Fiat 500 and saved about $1,000 per day. In general, public busses were the best way to get around within the cities and once you’ve figured out the train system, the two made movement around the country very easy and inexpensive. We even took the “Fast Train’ from Florence to Venice one day… 2 hours at the speed of 300 Kilometers per hour!

Story & Photos by: Scott Martin

48 Hours of Monterey Continued

After our first week centered in Florence (more on that next month) we took the train to Siena and then rented the Fiat for our motor tour of the wine country. After getting off the main highway and then cresting the first mountain, I had to remind myself we were not in Northern California, but that we were cruising through the Italian region known as Tuscany. It wasn’t that hard to spot the differences… instead of a modern winery or a tract of new homes, there was a 17th century villa, or on top of the hill, a 13th century walled city, with beautiful Tuscan-style homes and farms scattered across the landscape. The scenic beauty in Napa/Sonoma is amazing, but here the vineyards seemed to stretch even farther than the eye could see over rolling hills to the distant mountains in all directions. Our timing was perfect since it was the middle of harvest season, so some vines were bare, but others were heavy with deep burgundy-

colored fruit. The famous Sangiovese grape gives the original Chianti wine its distinctive flavor and also creates the local Rosso blends, and is also the basis for a special red wine called Brunello from the still-walled mountaintop city of Montalchino. Walking into the vineyards, we got to taste the grapes and hear how the wine masters “feel” when it’s the right time to harvest the fruit. When we asked about irrigation, it was surprising to hear that, unlike their California counterparts, the Italian vineyards depend on Mother Nature to water the fields, and everything is kept natural and organic. We were also lucky to get the advice of a Sommelier friend before we left L.A. He gave us a list of the local wines for each area we were going to be in… priceless! Which brings us to the fresh and natural food: although much has been said of the Italian cuisine, until you taste it first-hand, you cannot appreciate the freshness, lightness and amaz-

ing textures and flavors of an Italian Antipasto (appetizer), Primo (first course: pasta, risotto, soup), Secondi (second course: main dish of meat, fish, poultry), Contorno (side dish: vegetables or salad with the main course) and Dolce (desert). Amazingly, every dish we tasted was singularly delicious. A simple Prosecco at an outdoor Bistro in the afternoon was routinely served with a free cheese, bread and meat platter with the best local olive oils and balsamic. And the Truffles! Luckily, we were there during the season and had them on several occasions. One of the main things we learned about Italian cuisine is that all the recipes, ingredients and cooking methods are regional. Not just the larger areas as they are usually broken down into Northern, Central and Southern Italy, but each individual city seems to have its own specialty that is a little different from the others in the region. The Central area, which includes Tuscany, may be one of the most influential in the world, partially due to the development of Parmagiano/Reggiano cheese in Emelia-Romagna, Prosciuto Ham in Parma, Balsamic Vinegar in Modena, Tortelloni and Tortellini in Bologna and the proliferation of world-class olive oil and black truffles. Although I have had the opportunity to visit the major cities in Italy on other occasions, this is the first time that I really had an awareness of the mobile culture that keeps the cities and the country moving. I’ve mentioned the public transportation, but from a car-guy’s point of view, the first thing you notice is the average size of the vehicles. Not surprisingly, due to decades of high fuel prices, everything is smaller. Even the personal multi-person vehicle is somehow more compact but still extremely efficient. Nevertheless, everyone embraces their small cars and the styling is a lot more progressive than in the U.S., even on some models that are available here. You also see many more electric vehicles and more places for them to plug in. (Tesla is not available there yet, but it will be as part of the European rollout.)

It was also fun photographing all the cars that used to be sold in the States that are now available only in other parts of the world including Alpha Romeo (besides the 8c & 4c), Lancia (including Chrysler 300's & minivans with Lancia logos on them), Renault, Opel, Citroen and Peugeot. In addition, there are a lot of Chevrolet's and Ford's, most with different model names than we see in US cities. Among the different body styles and models of Mercedes, Hondas, Toyotas, Volkswagens (including the VW pickup truck) and BMW's, there were many more Mercedes that we have not seen in the US including compacts, hatchbacks and station wagons. The other interesting thing is the amount of Fiat’s and seemingly endless number of models as opposed to only the 500 series in the States. We even saw a Fiat motorhome! Over the next several issues of Driven World, I will visit all the specific locations in depth and show you the cars, the food, the wine and the sights unique to these awesome areas. Be prepared for a car-guy’s perspective on Bologna, Siena, Positano, Sorrento, Lucca, Florence, Venice and Rome, as well as some lesser known but equally impressive towns like Monterroso in Cinque Terra, Parma, Modena, Montepulciano, Montalchino, San Gimignano, and of course, Maranello and Sant’Agata for the Ferrari and Lamborghini museums and factory tours.

THE JUSTICE BROTHERS RACING MUSEUM & PRIVATE COLLECTION By Jim McGowan Photography courtesy of Justice Brothers Racing Museum and Private Collection

Most people think of auto museums as a rest home for exotic, classic, or specialty cars and trucks—beautifully restored, 1930s-era V-12 Cadillacs, Duesenberg Phaetons, sleek Bugattis, etc.—and many times they are correct. But not always! There are a few auto museums that specialize in American classics of another ilk—race cars! That’s right; race cars have as much right to be awarded classic or milestone status as any other vehicle. American craftsmanship and engineering prowess produced racing works of art to equal the European masters. It takes a certain vision

to fully appreciate and collect these icons of early American oval track racing, and the Justice Brothers have had that vision for many years. Being gearheads all their lives, the three Justice Brothers, Ed, Zeke, and Gus, grew up building and racing midgets in their hometown of Paola, Kansas. It wasn’t long after they started their additive company that they realized that sponsoring race cars was the best way for them to promote their business. In 1950 Justice Brothers sponsored the Frank Kurtis Indianapolis 500 entry driven by Johnnie Parsons, which won the race.


This was a major Justice Brothers victory, which was quickly followed by a second victory in NASCAR’s inaugural Southern 500 mile race at the then new Super Speedway, Darlington Raceway. Winning on Sunday sold product on Monday! Little did they know at the time, but this passion for racing would eventually lead to the opening of the Justice Brothers Racing Museum and Private Collection in Duarte, California. Founded in 1985, and situated on Route 66, America’s famous “Mother Road”, the museum is housed in three buildings and cared for by President and CEO Ed Justice, Jr. The collection includes an impressive array of over 120 beautifully-restored and original early race cars, vintage drag racers, street rods, movie cars, classics and historic automobilia. But primarily, the museum contains beautifully-restored and original race cars from the last 80 years. There is no admission charge, and the museum is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This is a display of American racing history second to none. Car club tours can be arranged by appointment. If you find yourself cruising historic Route 66, or you just want a great automotive outing, stop by the museum and experience this awesome collection for yourself. After you do, the next time someone mentions classic or antique cars, you’ll have a completely different vision. The Justice Brothers Museum is headquartered in a modern building along the old Route 66 in Duarte. It’s a super collection of automotive history and a great way to spend a few hours on the “Mother Road.”

Justice Brothers Museum and Private Collection 2734 Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010, Phone: 626-359-9174





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Car Culture

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Mark Llewellyn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Necker Knobs Used on hot rods and most popular in the 1950’s, “Necker Knobs” were attached to the steering wheel and swiveled. This allowed the driver to put one hand on the wheel and the other around his girlfriend, allowing the opportunity for the driver to kiss his girl on the neck while driving! It was also known as a ”Suicide Knob”, “Granny Knob”, and a plain “Steering Wheel Spinner”. Perhaps the most common name was a “Brodie Knob”. It was named after the “bridge jumper” Steve Brodie. Mr. Brodie is best described as a daredevil of the late 1800’s. Drivers would use the knob to spin the steering wheel rapidly and while spinning the rear tires they could whip a 180° turn or a half donut and take off the other way. This is where we got the term, “lay a Brodie”! Auto parts stores sold a variety of these knobs in the 50’s and 60’s. They had everything on them; product logo’s, colors, and women! Brodie knobs are more common today on commercial equipment like fork lifts, riding lawnmowers, and tractors. They allow sharp turns with on hand while working accessories or a shifter with the other. The advent of power steering really caused the demise of the “Brodie Wheel”. An original “Brodie Wheel” can be a fun find at a local swap meet. Keep your eyes out!

Golf Tips with Tommy Mansuwan For those who have followed my articles in the past, you know how much I emphasize the importance of putting. While putts inside five feet are crucial to your overall score, the lag putting is what will determine if you have a stressfree day or if you will be pulling out your hair. A few issues ago I described the pace drill to practice speed control from various lengths (3, 6, 9, 12 feet) on the green so that you can work on having plenty of tap-ins, if you didn’t already make the putt. This time I’ll be focusing on the direction of those long putts. Although pace is important to have the putt settle near the hole, you want to make

sure you start the ball on your intended line. One trick many tour pros use is to pick a spot on the intended line that is about six inches from the ball and use that as an aiming tool instead of the hole. From there, just aim the putter at that spot and focus on the speed of the putt. You can also use this method with an additional tool to help you during practice. You’ll need two or three flat markers (usually available for free at the starter/pro shop) to get this set up. Start by picking out a fifteen to twenty foot putt and study the break to know where you want to start the ball. Put down a flat marker behind the ball so you’ll know the spot you are starting the putt from. From there, put down a second marker six inches in front of the ball on the line you picked out. Once this is set, all you need to focus on is hitting the putt over that mark. If you fail to hit the marker consistently, then the putter face is not square at impact. Get that sorted out and you can then move to the more challenging stage. After that is accomplished enough times, work

on the next step of the putting routine. Put down the third marker six inches in front of the first mark so that you will now have targets at six and twelve inches to putt over. You must now roll the ball over both marks to complete the drill. Once you manage to successfully hit both spots then dial in your speed control to get the ball near the hole or in the cup. Add this routine to your practice and you will build confidence for those long putts on the course. If a putt misses by a large margin, you can at least be assured that the ball was hit on its intended line. Don’t be upset if you executed properly but the result wasn’t what was expected. You probably just read the green wrong. And remember, once that ball leaves the putter face, it is out of your control. You may have hit the perfect putt only to see the ball hit a spot in front of the hole that moves it sideways. Guess what? That is part of the game. That should not take away from the fact that you made a great stroke and executed as you wish. Keep that attitude and you will make more putts down the road.

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Cars For Sale

1961 Ford F100 Unibody Rare CA black plate truck, only built from 1961-63. 460 Motor with 80,000 miles, c6 trans. Lowered with

adjustable air shocks in rear. New battery, radiator, tubbed in rear. Asking: $16,000. Contact: Dustin@connectedmediagroup

Offering this 1932 Chevrolet all steel Hi-Boy roadster built by Gene Vredenbergh, retired executive from General Motors. Featured in the Aug. 2002 Street Rodder Magazine. This is a full custom frame and chassis. Steel EMI body with rumble seat converted to trunk by Dick “Magoo” Megugorac. Custom hood by Magoo. The engine is a Chevy 4.3L V6 fitted with a B&M Blower, Holley 600CFM Carb, GM Splayed-Valve Covers (for Indianapolis competition), Crane Cam and Isky roller Rockers. Transmission is a ‘88 Chevy Camaro

5-speed. Cusotm interior and lift off top by Mike Harper Interiors. Custom Dash, VDO gauges, Ron Francis wiring. Budnik Wheels and Goodyear Tires. The undercarriage is as detailed as the rest of the Hi-boy. All records. Asking $60,000.00 Contact:

This 1997 Ford Mustang was built right! Bored and stroked to over 300 CI by Nelson Racing, all forged internals, billet cams, Vortech V2 Supercharger, Art Carr transmission, upgraded brakes, suspension, Basani exhaust, heads ported and polished, all ARP studs, Cold air intake, Canton oil pan and windage tray, MEZ Water pump, Ford racing headers, BBK Valve Covers, back up camera, Carbon

hood and wing (currently off the car) and so much more. Receipts for all work on hand. Clean title. Tuned for street driving. Over $45k invested in build alone. This would be a great street/race car or pull the drivetrain for your own project. Great platform to your pro-touring Mustang swap. Asking $17,500.00 Contact:


In Our Community Best Wishes!

A very special congratulations to Mr.& Mrs. Greg and Lindsey Grudt on the birth of their second child, Ryden Grudt. Ryden was born on August 12, 2013. Emersyn will be a great older sister and you guys are awesome parents!

“More auto racing has taken place in Southern California than any other place in the world,” according to Harold Osmer, the man who

has made a study of that very thing. His seminal work, Where They Raced, has sold thousands of copies and will soon be released in DVD format. Producer Harry Pallenberg, formerly of Huell Howser Productions, directed and produced the documentary. “We interviewed dozens of the actual people who were there,” said Osmer, “Not too many drivers, we found that owners and operators of the tracks were better at debunking old myths. We spent a fair amount of time driving the various courses in my old truck, showing where they raced in real terms.” From the familiar—Riverside, Saugus, and Ascot—to the obscure—Dodger Stadium, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. Where They Raced is a tour of Southern California. “It takes a full day or two to cover all 174 official race sites,” continued Osmer, “There’s not much left of the old sites. But if you’re riding with the right guy, you’d be surprised what’s out there.” Where They Raced will be showing on November 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Autobooks-Aerobooks 2900 W. Magnolia Boulevard Burbank, CA 91505 818-845-0707

Eye of Mine- HD Sunglasses Tell us about your company. Eye Of Mine Action Cameras was one of the first GoPro dealers. Our specialty has evolved into custom mounts for the new action camera industry, which has exploded over the last few years. We use carbon fiber and a laser engraving/cutting machine to create one-of-a-kind camera mounts.

How did the Eye-View Video Sunglasses start? We saw a customer need to capture a true, first-hand perspective of any number of activitiesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;action sports, making training videos, law enforcement, etc. The glasses became very successful; customers started using them for events, vacations, concerts, playing with their kids and,

up to 32GB, which will give you about six hours of high definition recording. This is a significant advantage over the competition, which use internal

memory that can only record for one hour before having to download to a laptop. With ours, you can simply remove a full card, put in a new one, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re ready to continue shooting. The other significant development for this new model is the ability to charge and record at the same time. We have an optional USB power bank and a tiny 90 degree USB cable that plugs into the bottom of the glasses, which allows you to shoot virtually all day. This is a great feature for law enforcement use or for an event that lasts hours at a time.

manually control ten settings such as exposure, contrast, onscreen date-time stamp, etc. If you have an android smart phone, you can modify these settings from your phone and view the HD footage directly from the memory card. These features make it very appealing to professionals. The first-hand perspective would even be great for a horror movie!

Sounds like the Eye-View1080HD definitely will give James Bond a run for his money. When will these be available to purchase? These are available now for an introductory price of $259 with a 16GB microSD card. Of course, we will be giving Supercar Sunday attendees a special discount. Order online and type in the code: SCS. You can order at www.eyeofmineactioncameras. com/eyeview1080



Eye-View1080HD Video Sunglasses

basically, anything where they wanted to use a camera but wanted their hands free. Tell us about the new Eye-View1080HD. The Eye-View1080HD is a marvel of technology. We started a few years ago with the EyeView720HD, which was good in its time, but we wanted GoPro quality as well as other features that were missing. The new Eye-View1080HD is the result of hard work of engineers; it processes millions of pixels per second, which is very difficult technology to fit into the side of a pair of sunglasses. What are some of the key features of the new video sunglasses? First, the glasses take removable microSD cards

This new version will shoot in either 720p or 1080p each with its own angle of view. 720p is superwide 170 degrees, which is great for inside of a vehicle, interviews, sipping champagne on a hot-air balloon, or doing other activities close to the camera. 1080p shoots at a narrower 135 degrees, which is great for beauty shots as well as events, vacations, hiking, and surveillance. And the last significant addition is the ability to

Supercar Sunday Lamborghini Marque Every third Sunday of the month, a huge number of Lamborghinis from all over Southern California make the trek to the Westfield Promenade Mall for Supercar Sunday. We call this the “monthly marque day” and, in addition the annual Lamborghini Marque Day, this gives us a regular opportunity to see the latest models, like the Aventador, next to past beauties, like the Miura. There is no shortage of Italianinspired passion on third Sunday of the month! The Auto Gallery has opened their

Lamborghini North Los Angeles showroom on Ventura Boulevard, just a short mile from Supercar Sunday. They always do an amazing job as the presenting sponsor of Supercar Sunday and now they do an even more amazing job as proud supporters of the monthly Lamborghini marque day! Following a recent monthly marque day, the Auto Gallery sponsored lunch and an afternoon of go karting for Lamborghini owners—proving once again that the Auto Gallery is as passionate about cars and the car community

as we are. As the line of Lamborghinis departed Supercar Sunday for their lunch and go kart racing experience, it was an unbelievable sight and sound! It was awesome! Seeing all of these amazing vehicles together on the third Sunday of the month is a dream come true to many enthusiasts who love the Lamborghini brand. Thank you to the Auto Gallery and to all the Lamborghini owners!

November Calendar of Events 1-3 Fri-Sun Willows-CSRG 46th Fall finale and Awards Dinner, Thunderhill Raceway, 1 Fri Mission Hills – First Friday Niter, Santa Monica Sports Car Club/SCCA Navigation Rally, BofA rear lot, NE corner Devonshire and Sepulveda, 7PM, Info: 310-372-7168, 818-986-4565, 2-3 Sat Sun Rosamond-VARA Big Bore Bash, Willow Springs Int’l Raceway, 800-280-8272, Fontana-CSSC SOLO II, autocross, Auto Club Speedway, Fontana-Chump Car World Series, Auto Club Speedway, 2 Sat Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! The Bonneville Salt Flats Two Decades of Photography by Peter Vincent , 10AM-2PM 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Irwindale-NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, Irwindale Event Center, Ventura-Ventura Auto Swap Meet, Hot Rods and Harleys, 7AM-3PM Ventura College, 4667 Telegraph Rd,, 714 276-3859 Corona - Harvest Festival Car Meet - 450 Hidden Valley Pkwy. - 2PM - 5PM Newberry Springs - 3rd Annual Car & Bike Show – The Barn 44560 National Trails Hwy. - 10AM - 3PM, 760 257-4110 Sun 3 Van Nuys- Best of France and Italy Woodley Park, Van Nuys Irwindale-Irwindale Car Swap Meet hot Rod & Cycle show, 500 Speedway Drive, 6am-2pm, 209-777-5624, Upland - Spark of Love Car Show & Toy Drive – Upland Memorial Park 1100 E. Foothill Blvd. - 10AM - 2PM San Pedro - Unity in the Community Car & Bike Show - Ports O’Call Village Berth 75 - 11AM - 5PM, 5-8 Tues-Fri Las Vegas NV-SEMA Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, 6 Nov Pomona- Prolong’s Twilight Cruise Night ; NHRA Museum 1101 W. McKinley Ave; 4PM - 8PM, Thur-Sun 7-10 Pomona-NHRA Auto Club Finals, Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, Thur-Fri 8-9 Murrieta - Murrieta Rod Run - Historic Downtown Murrieta, Washington Ave. Between Kalmia St. & Ivy St. Sat-Sun 9-10 Fontana-Speed Ventures, HPDE, Time Trial, Race School, Auto Club Speedway, Pleasanton, CA-Goodguys 24th Autumn Get-Together Presented by J. Rockcliff Realtors , Pleasanton Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA - Featuring all years of American made & powered show cars & trucks, vendor exhibits, swap meet & car corral, Goodguys AutoCross, special awards and more. Goodguys (925) 838-9876 El Mirage-SCTA Land Speed Racing, El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, Orange County-Borrego Springs-Carrera California IX, 9 Sat Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! THE CARS OF VEL MILETICH AND PARNELLI JONES, book signing with Parnelli Jones10AM-2PM, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Carlsbad - Vettes for Veterans All Corvette Show - 850 Palomar Airport Rd. - 10AM - 3PM Los Angeles - Japanese Car Cruise-In at The Petersen - 6060 Wilshire Blvd. - 9AM – Noon Del Mar - Winter Highway Cruise & Food Drive - Del Mar Fairgrounds to Balboa Park- 9AM Valley Center - 11th Annual Holiday Car Show & Toy Drive – Bates Nut Farm, 15954 Woods Valley Rd. - 9AM - 2PM, Huntington Beach - Studebaker Car Show - Old World Village 7561 Center Ave. - 8:30AM - 2PM Don Eades (949) 492-8393 10 Sun Long Beach - Hi-Performance Swap Meet & Car Show - Veterans Stadium. Vintage, Classic & Hi Performance trucks. New/used/vintage/parts/cars/accessories, or 800-762-9785 16 Sat Burbank – Autobooks -WHERE THEY RACED, THE DVD! See clips, meet the producers,10AM-2PM, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 17 Sun Buena Park-Picker’s Paradise Automotive Swap Meet, Elks Lodge 7212 Melrose St, 8am-1pm, 714-299-1776 15-17 Fri-Sun Scottsdale, AZ-Goodguys 16th Southwest Nationals, Westworld, Scottsdale, AZ - Hot rods, customs, classics, trucks and muscle cars thru 1972 vintage. Vendor exhibits, swap meet & car corral, Goodguys AutoCross, All American Sunday, special awards and more. Goodguys (925) 838-9876 21-23 Thurs-Sat Anaheim- Mecum Auction, Muscle Cars and More, Anaheim Convention Center, 22-24 Fri-Sun Del Mar, CA-Goodguys 3rd Fall Del Mar Nationals Presented by Meguiar’s, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA – Season finale! Hot rods, customs, classics, trucks and muscle cars thru 1972 vintage. Vendor exhibits, swap meet & car corral, Goodguys AutoCross, All American Sunday, special awards and more. Goodguys (925) 838-9876

November Calendar of Events Fri 22- Sun Dec. 1 Los Angeles-LA Auto Show, Los Angeles Convention Center, 23-24 Sat Sun Desert Center-SVRA WEST 6th annual Palm Springs Revival, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, 310-750-6933, Fontana-CSSC SOLO II, autocross, Auto Club Speedway, Rosamond-Walt James Classic, Vintage Sprint Car Racing, Walt James Stadium, at Willow Springs Raceway, Sat 23 Burbank – Autobooks,TROMPERS OF EAGLE ROCK the guys, the cars, the new book! 9AM-1PM 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Sun 24 Los Angeles -Petersen Museum Breakfast Club Cruise-In 9:00 - 12:00 Bring any special interest car, truck motorcycle or scooter and get free parking and 2 for 1 admission to the Petersen. Long Beach–Cycle Show & Swap @ Veterans Stadium Motorcycles & bicycles. Buy/sell/trade.vintage/parts/bikes/accessories., or 800-762-9785 Irvine- All MG Parts Exchange, The Great Park, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM, Vintage MG Club of Southern California, Thurs 28 Perris- The 73rd Running of the Turkey Night Grand Prix - USAC National and Western Midgets, WRA Vintage Cars (Display Only), Perris Auto Speedway, Sat 30 Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Norco - Christmas Car Show - Bob’s Big Boy 3521 Hamner Ave. - 2PM - 5PM Riverside- Bo Huff’s Rockabilly Extravaganza, 9:00AM till Dark, Riverside Airport, 5961 Flight Rd., Sat-Sun 30-Dec 1 Fontana-Fastrack Riders, motorcycle racing school, Auto Club Speedway,

Supercar Sunday: Every Sunday 7-10am

November 2013 Issue of Driven World  
November 2013 Issue of Driven World  

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