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from the editor Our Community STORY BY DUSTIN TROYAN


like our community. No, I love our community. I think we are pretty damn amazing. I guess this will be my once a year, “Damn We Are Cool”, letter from the editor. Supercar Sunday takes quite a bit of dedication. For myself, Heather, the volunteer staff, and for you the attendees, but it is worth every second. Many people have wondered why we do it. It just doesn’t make sense to them; they just don’t get it. So I will allow for a few explanations and illustrations. I remember one day I was a bit frustrated with a few idiots at SCS. You know the ones, the ones that think rules don’t apply or their egos are way out of line….I was pretty steamed, then I saw a 60 year old man pushing his father in a wheel chair (had to be in his 80s). They were both smiling and having a great time. It warmed my heart. A few minutes later, I saw the same gentleman with the addition of the teenage son. The teenage son was pushing granddad as his father walked next to him. Three generations of one family having a great time, smiling, laughing, pointing at cars, sharing. It was beautiful. There is a father and son that come just about every Sunday. They trek over from

Beverly Hills. They always come over to the booth and say, “Hi”. One day the father pulled me aside and said something to this effect: “This time I am spending with my son at Supercar Sunday means the world to me. It is our time together, our Sunday ritual and all week long, this is what I look forward to.” “Supercar Sunday is creating an experience and memories that will stay with me forever.” “I treasure this time.” The old timers. I like the old timers. Damn they know a lot. I like to see the old guys smile and laugh. They have been around, done some pretty amazing things, they were the pioneers, they set the trends, they are the embodiment of cool. I like to see these guys smile more than anybody. They are generally softer spoken and have nothing to prove. They have “been there” and “done that” and are pretty hard to compete with. If we youngsters would just shut up and listen to what they have to say, boy could we learn a lot. They shake hands like a man and have a certain look in their eye. At Supercar Sunday, you never know who you are talking to and let me tell you, we have some soft spoken legends that attend regularly. Hats off! The culture. For three hours every Sun-

day, I see the world as it should be. I look at the crowd at SCS and I see every color, religion, gender and social class getting along as equals; sharing, inspiring, laughing, learning and just plain having a great time. Where else do you see such human diversity interacting so positively? The Charity. We have done some pretty damn good things as a group haven’t we? Often, we don’t get in the media, we don’t get a pat on our backs from outside of our own community, but we don’t care because that is not why we do it. We do it because WE care, because we can and from our hearts. All we need to know is that we did it. Period. I could probably go on writing for hours and hours on this subject. I love our community. I love how we support each other, how we grow together, to see your smiling faces, the updates on your cars, to hear your stories, to learn from you, and to share passions. I think there is no better community and I look forward to every single Sunday, every handshake, every car, and every moment. Thank you for all of the support for all of these years. Let’s continue to do great things! 5

The Supercar Sunday Project Camaro STORY BY STAFF WRITER


he project is moving! Many of you know I have a 1968 Camaro. Like a lot of you, I did the best I could with the money I had. I bought the car about 8 years ago and little by little have been working on it. I had changed a lot of body panels and did a lot of bodywork, but never painted it. She sat in primer for a few years and then I painted her with boat paint and a foam roller. I had to go for it but I do not suggest doing that. I joke that Craiglist sponsors the car. Most of the major components on the car are used. The power plant is a GM Lq9 6.0 out of a Cadillac Escalade. On top of it sits a Magnacharger Supercharger. The trans is a T-56 with a McLeod Twin Disc Clutch (Thank you Mcleod). The Brakes are big Wilwoods and the Suspension is full Hotchkis. Frankly, the car looks really rough. She needs quite a bit of attention, but she goes like a bat out of hell. When Shant from Western Collision Center saw the Camaro, he said he was going to call me. A few days later, he called and said, “Bring your car over and let me do my thing.” Western Collision Center ( is located in Granada Hills and is a shop that specializes in highend collision repairs and custom work. The shop is absolutely amazing and modern. My 1968 Camaro feels perfectly at home with the Ferraris and Lamborghinis being repaired at the shop. Shant, a fellow car guy and muscle car enthusiast, made all sorts of suggestions to make the Supercar Sunday Project Camaro worthy of Supercar Sunday. He has the car and is “doing his thing.” I am so excited and appreciative to have the car at Western Collision Center with Shant at the helm. In a very short time, you will see a transformation from a car that gets overlooked to a very mean and clean 1968 Camaro. To watch the build, please visit: www.drivenworld. com/forums and see the Supercar Sunday forum. For more info on Western Collision Center:

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MOTOR 4 TOYSShines Spotlight on Speedy,


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he 8th Annual Motor4toys Charity Car Show and Toy Drive was another great success. The show was absolutely amazing! I mean, AMAZING. From some of the rarest and most collectible cars on the planet to the latest exotics, 4x4 clubs, FBI Swat Team, displays from LAPD, including a LAPD Helicopter, hot rods, rat rods, electric cars, pro-touring cars, imports………. the show was AWESOME! I mean A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I would like to thank you, the car community for your years of support. Motor4toys is you, me, us, the sponsors, and our community. I am so grateful to all of you for all of these years for making the event and toy drive such a huge success. This year we collected a little over 21,000 toys, which were distributed to needy children all over the state of California. Trust me when I tell you, the kids needed our help more than ever! Thank you for helping so many kids! I would also like to thank our sponsors without whom we could not do what we do. For a full listing of sponsors please visit: I would like to point out our sponsors always dig deep and provide a tremendous amount of value; not only with their cash/product donations, but also with their relationships and helping to carry on the tradition through their businesses. Many of them do huge “in house” toy drives on top of being sponsors. It is truly amazing. Thank you. We at Motor4toys are already planning the 9th Annual Event. Already many of the sponsors from previous years are on board. They help to carry on the tradition and help us to grow, grow, grow. I hope one day we can collect over 100,000 toys a year for kids, after that 1,000,000. I believe we can do it and I thank you for all of your support and kindness.

Dustin & Motor4toys Charitable Foundation

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Proud sponsor of the 8th Annual Motor4Toys Charity Car Show


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The Carroll Shelby Museum STORY BY JAY PARILLE


or those of you who might not of heard the name or for those who have heard the name but aren’t sure who he is, let me tell you. Carroll Shelby is an icon in the racing community. Not only was he a very good race car driver, but was also a car manufacturer. Shelby was invited to a sports car race in 1953 by a good friend named Ed Wilkins. At the race Ed handed over his MG-TC for Shelby to drive. He had never raced a car. Not only did Shelby race the car, he finished 1st! This was the beginning of his racing career. Throughout the fifties Shelby went on to race some of the most famous cars produced for racing, Ferraris, Aston Martin, Maserati, C-Type Jaguar, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, OSCA, and Corvette. In 1959 he drove the winning Maserati Birdcage with co-driver Roy Salvadori for an overall win at Le Mans. In 1958 Lance Reventlow introduced to the racing world the aluminum bodied and wickedly fast Scarab race car. Reventlow was the heir to the Woolworth (five & dime store) fortune and also the EF Hutton fortune as well. The Scarabs were powered by the Chevrolet Corvette motor. To Shelby, Lance seemed to be more interested in the beautiful women hanging around the race track than he was in taking care of business! Shelby felt if he had the money he would tend to the business of racing. Shelby’s fire was lit; he was going to do whatever it took to build his own car. Racing throughout Europe during the fifties, Shelby met David Brown owner of As-


ton Martin, Enzo Ferrari, Sir William Lyons owner of Jaguar, and Dr. Porsche. He realized he would not be able to afford to build his own car. He would be better off using an existing platform and then” Shelbyize it”. Shelby’s first idea was to get a hold of the Chevrolet Corvette frame and drive train and put an Italian body on it. Ed Cole at GM originally liked the idea and sent three chassis to Italy. Rumor has it that Zora Arkus Duntov (the father of the Corvette) got wind of what was happening and got the project squashed. Shelby remembered a tiny car company in England that produced a sports car with an anemic 6 cylinder engine, the A.C. Bristol manufactured by A.C. Cars LTD. He heard they were about to drop the manufacturing of the A.C. Bristol because Bristol Aeroplane, their engine supplier was discontinuing the production of the inline six which was built under license from BMW. Bristol felt the Chrysler V-8 was better suited for their road cars. Shelby remembered from his racing days in England the A.C. Bristol was a small sports car that raced in the Eproduction class. It was well built with a twin tube frame chassis with a lightweight aluminum body. When Shelby raced in Europe, there was usually one A.C. in the race. Shelby remembers these cars because they were so slow! In the summer of 1961 Shelby ran into Dave Evans of Ford Motor Company. Dave told Shelby that Ford was coming out with a new light weight cast iron truck V-8. Evans went on to tell Shelby this new lightweight

motor would not weigh more than the current four or six cylinder you would find in many sports cars. Old Shelb asked Dave if he could get a couple of these motors for possible development. Dave told him he would see what he could do. Once Ford shipped the motors to Shelby, Shelby asked Derek Hurlock, one of the owners of A.C. Cars LTD to “borrow” an AC to drop in a V-8. Once the V-8 was dropped in, the rest as they say is history. Shelby and his racing Cobras went on to tackle and eventually win many of the world’s most prestigious racing events from Sebring to Le Mans. When Ford saw how successful the Cobras were Lee Iacocca then President of Ford Motor Company asked Shelby what he could do with the new Mustang to make it competitive on the race track. Thus was born the Shelby GT 350 and the Shelby GT350R. These cars started to dominate the race tracks around the country. Henry Ford II wanted in the worst way to beat the Europeans in Europe. Shelby was asked what he could do. Peter Brock one of Shelby’s young and talented designers came up with the Daytona Coupe. This car won the Sports Car World Championship in 1965. In 1965 the Ford GT 40 program was faltering. Ford Motor Company again asked Shelby what he could do to help move this program forward. Ford delivered two GT40s cars to Shelby’s Venice, CA location. When the cars were driven at Riverside raceway for development Shelby replaced everything that broke with stronger pieces. Shelby also replaced the Ford Indy engine with a Cobra engine and replaced the Ford transmission with the German built ZF Transmission. 1966 became the Ford year at Le Mans. The Ford GT 40 took the top three spots! 1967 became a banner year with Ford winning Le Mans again. After the success of the 60’s, Ford pulled the factory support for racing. Shelby found himself out of the racing/car business for the first time in almost 20 years. He purchased land in Africa and turned it into a safari park. At the same time he started Shelby’s Famous Texas Chili. As the 70’s turned into the 80’s, the federal government chocked off high performance cars by regulation. Forget about 400 horsepower cars. At this time Lee Iacocca became chairman of the failing Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler biggest V-8 pumped out only 175 horsepower, a far cry from the power generated just a decade ago. Iacocca

thought if he brought in Carroll Shelby to spruce up some of the cars and trucks it might just help generate foot traffic in the dealer show rooms. Foot traffic equals in sales. He was right. Shelby came on board and delivered. Because of federal regulations and almost no budget, Shelby could not make the cars go any faster, but he could make them handle just as well as their European counterparts. In one year Dodge sold more cars and trucks that were “Shelbyized” than Shelby sold from 1962 through 1970! Bob Lutz, now vice president of Chrysler wanted a sports car (Cobra) to compete with the Europeans. Shelby was brought in to consult because of all the experience he had with developing the original Cobra. Shelby originally wanted the car to be powered by a V-8, but Chrysler had no V-8 available. So Lutz decided they could shoehorn in V-10

developed for the new Dodge truck. Shelby still owned the Cobra name along with Ford. There was no way Ford was going to let Chrysler use the Cobra name. They had to come up with a new name. Lutz went to a thesaurus and looked up another name for a snake, Viper! In the late 90’s Shelby decided it was time to build a complete car, the Series one. This was a car that was developed using the new Oldsmobile Northstar motor. GM gave Shelby carte blanch to use any parts in the GM inventory. Unfortunately, only 250 of the planned 500 cars were produced. Cost overruns, poor quality control and labor issues doomed the car from the beginning. In 2006, the recession began. All car manufactures were having problems selling product. Ford wanted to figure out how to sell more Mustangs. Shelby came to the

rescue again. In 2007 Ford in cooperation with Carroll Shelby announced the all-new 2007 Shelby GT 500. Sales took off. Dealers were commanding $15,000 to $20,000 over MSRP. The car could be had in coupe or convertible form and only with a 6-speed. At this same time Shelby was building original Shelby Cobras at his factory in Las Vegas. The CSX 4000 series could be had with a small block V-8 and the 7000 Series could be had with a big block V-8. The big block engine was forged by Shelby! Since Ford was developing the GT 500, Shelby was free to develop a new Shelby GT350. Now you can order a new Shelby from your local Ford dealership, equipped by Shelby in his Las Vegas plant. What’s new for Shelby today? It seems that Ford’s new Focus has been spotted driving around the Shelby factory in Las Vegas.

I happened to see one while I was there and asked the driver if I could see under the hood. He politely said “NO”. Ten years ago Shelby moved his entire operation to Las Vegas, Nevada from Gardena, California. He now houses all his historic cars in one building. Everything can be seen from the very first 260 Cobra CSX 2000 to one of the very last CSX 3000 series (a 427 big block with an automatic). There is the first 1968 GT 350. Dodge is represented along with the Series 1. Tours are twice a day and once on Saturday. If you happen to be in Vegas the tour is well worth the time. Not only do you get to see some pretty significant race/street cars you also tour the assembly plant. Shelby Museum 6755 Speedway Bl. Las Vegas, NV 702-942-7325 19

StopTech and Centric Parts Help Spread Holiday Cheer at the 8th Annual Motor4Toys Event STORY BY FRANK FILIPPONIO

Sunday, December 4 was the day of the 8th annual Motor 4 Toys event; organized as in past years by Dustin Troyan and his merry band of car-crazy elves. Dusty has been the driving force behind this event since the beginning. His passion for cars and for doing well has made it easy for Centric Parts and its StopTech division to participate in this event for the past several years. For those unfamiliar, Motor 4 Toys, has become one of the largest charity toy drives in the country and is entirely supported by auto enthusiasts. The event itself is a huge car show and toy collection drive, with refreshments and vendor booths nestled at the foot of the mountain of toys collected each year. This year’s show had over 3,000 collector cars, trucks and motorcycles on display along with a police helicopter and some armored military and law enforcement vehicles. Individual car clubs often try to outdo each other in their toy collection count. Rows of Mustangs, Corvettes, Porsches, Ferraris, Minis, Mopars, and more attest to


the fact that this event appeals to all types of car people. The aftermarket companies also try to outdo each other every year, and once again, StopTech had the largest pile of donated toys to contribute, with seven overflowing boxes! The final toy count isn’t in yet, but if past year’s totals are any indication, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this year’s total top 30,000 toys. Several thousand people flocked to the Woodland Hills site this year and many stopped by the StopTech booth to check out our line of high performance and racing brakes, as well as the replacement brake components sold by our parent company under the Centric, Power Slot and PosiQuiet brands. Those who came by also got to see a range of vehicles we support including a Ferrari f355, Dakar-yellow BMW M3, supercharged Corvette Z06, Icon FJ40 and Saleen S331 sport pickup. Other highlights in the acres of cars on display included new exotics from Auto Gallery, such as the Ferrari 458 Italia, McLaren

MP4-12C, Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster, Ferrari FF and more. A nice collection of movie cars on hand included a Batmobile, Herbie, KITT, Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino, TNMT van, Bullitt Mustang, Vanishing Point Challenger and Ghostbusters Ectomobile. The Checkered Flag group brought a range of museum pieces that covered Mercedes Gullwings to Ferrari F40s, from boat tail Rolls-Royces to an original Shelby Cobra. A rare Ford Escort Cosworth was there as was a double-decker bus, a 2012 VW Beetle Turbo, a Shelby Series 1, a 1970 dropnose Mustang with a 427 SOHC surprise under the hood and a Yellowstone Park bus from the 1930’s. To say the gathering was eclectic would be an understatement. It was another great year for car fans and for those thousands of underprivileged kids who will have at least one reason to smile this holiday season.

Special Thanks to Jay Leno from all of us at Drivenworld for your years of support and generousity at SuperCar Sunday! 23

The Season Finale Cars & Cigars STORY BY DUSTIN TROYAN


ars and Cigars is an event that I have been doing for years. It started as an excuse for a small group of car guys to get together and it has since turned into a premier event in Southern California. From manufacturers bringing cars to demonstrate and share to the sampling of the world’s finest cigars, wine and spirits it is always a magical evening. For the seasons’ Grand Finale I called Stuart McIntosh at the Galpin Premier Collection (Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus and Spyker) and asked if he would like to sponsor the event. Stuart, a car guy from the word go, immediately responded with an enthusiastic “Yes”. Stuart, knowing it would be a huge hit, sent over examples of the finest from each marque, to share with the Cars and Cigars attendees. If you have yet to visit Lavaggio in Agoura Hills, I suggest you do soon. Lavaggio is unlike any other auto detail center in the world and has also become the home of Cars and Cigars. As Lavaggio always likes to exceed expectations, they reached out to their friends in the community and we were pampered with Cigars from NK Cigar Lounge in Westlake and a Scotch tasting from Balvenie, an amazing Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. Lavaggio also catered the event from their excellent Bellini Bistro. The season finale of Cars and Cigars was perfect! Friends having a great time sharing their passions with some of the finest vehicles in the world. That we were smoking great cigars and quaffing outstanding Scotch only added to the fantastic experience. Until the warm spring air and the return of Cars and Cigars 2012.


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“My What Big Teeth You Have. The Better To Eat You With, My Dear.” STORY BY LOUIS BERKMAN


he question sometimes comes up “what restaurants do YOU like to patronize?” My taste in restaurants has changed, so what I look for in a restaurant is quite different than it used to be. I like to find places that have a number of “small plates” available. This is for two reasons. First, I typically can’t eat an entire entrée anymore. Second, this is the only way to sample multiple examples of what a restaurant can prepare. For me, the steakhouse days are officially over, and neither of the restaurants I will address is a steakhouse. My first restaurant recommendation is Pinot Bistro in Studio City ( I think this is perhaps the best of the Patina Group Pinot restaurants. It is a pleasure to walk into a neighborhood restaurant that is as comfortable and enjoyable as Pinot Bistro. Service is excellent (the joy of having professional servers as opposed to unemployed actors ACTING like servers). The dining rooms are comfortably well appointed. My favorite room is the café off of the bar. The menu selections are always interesting. Many of the entrée items can also be ordered as an appetizer, which brings me to two of my favorite items on their menu. Hand-chopped organic beef tartar is an almost religious experience. Beautiful lean beef, HAND chopped (not ground) combined with capers, seasonings and a raw quail egg on top. It is served with a small salad and toast points. Rich beefy flavor and superb texture are this dish’s raison d’état. By itself this makes an excellent meal, satisfying beyond reason. I regularly have it for lunch. My other go to dish is the Wild Oregon forest mushroom risotto, an entrée that is

26 www.drivenworld.

also served in an appetizer portion. Imagine creamy, silken rice prepared with wild Oregon mushrooms, butter and excellent cheese. This risotto tastes like the forest, redolent of wild mushrooms and sublimely seasoned. This is one of those dishes I like to take my time with to best appreciate the subtle textures and flavors. I think it should be classified under “orgasm” food, it is that satisfying. Over the past 20 years I can’t think of one time I have been disappointed by Pinot Bistro. A neighborhood restaurant with consistently excellent food, superior service and a great environment; the very definition of outstanding! Pinot Bistro: 12969 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 990-0500 My second recommendation is Carnival Restaurant in Sherman Oaks ( Carnival is a fine example of Lebanese cooking. They have a large selection of mezze, otherwise known as small plates or appetizers. My favorites are; Baba Ghanoug (roasted eggplant with tahini and spices), Hummus (maybe the best I have had anywhere), Eggplant salad (Roasted eggplant with spices), and on Wednesdays my personal favorite; Kibbeh nayyeh. Kibbeh nayyeh deserves special mention because so few restaurants even MAKE it. It is made from raw lamb mixed with bulgur wheat, spices and olive oil. Served with onions and pita, it is a one of the great dishes available anywhere. As I am sure you can tell by now, I LOVE raw meat. Amazingly enough, raw meat works for me. It is one of the ways of preparing meat that I can actually digest. Go figure! Aside from superb appetizers, Carnival also has interesting and uniformly well

prepared entrees. All of their kabobs, lamb, beef, chicken, and ground lamb are excellent and are served with outstanding rice pilaf. They also serve real LAMB chops that are a joy to eat. Daily specials are definitely worth looking at. Unquestionably my favorite special is the braised lamb shank served with the potatoes and other vegetables it is cooked with. The lamb shank itself is the size of a small child and is fall off the bone tender. Bamia, a stew of okra and lamb (they also make it with green beans) and tomatoes is another daily special that is a favorite. This is served with the amazing house rice pilaf for a complete and filling meal. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable and does not shy away from special orders. I have used their catering service many times with great success and some VERY surprised guests. Finally, this is a restaurant that can do outstanding vegan from the regular menu. As a vegan you do not have to accept second best. How many restaurants ANYWHERE can you think of that are able to satisfy a vegan’s needs with no special ANYTHING? Carnival: 4356 Woodman Ave Sherman Oaks, CA (818)784-3469 Finding restaurants that can provide for my admittedly bizarre culinary needs is an ongoing project. There are several up and comers that I hope to add to my list soon. When they have officially passed muster, I will let you know about them. Until then when you patronize either of these restaurants, tell the Louis from Driven World sent you.

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