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exeCutive BuSineSS lounge v . i . p. t r a n S p o r t a t i o n e xCluSi v e memBer-only e v ent S

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On the Cover: “Race Time� Photo: Greg Grudt

Have I ever told you about a friend of mine…let’s call him Allan. Interesting fellow. I remember when I first met Allan, must have been about fifteen years ago. I had just gotten into cycling. By “gotten into”, I bought a used Schwinn Prologue that was way too big for me and set up for triathlons. A neighbor of mine had it and when he had bought it new, some ten years earlier, it was all the rage. In any event, I thought it was awesome and perfect. What did I know? I was very curious about cycling but, cycling can be a sport with a barrier to entry. You have to buy the bike, then the helmet, the funny shoes, perhaps even spandex. What if I get a flat? So, a tool kit, a pump, CO2 cartridges, miscellaneous tools and a little pack for under your seat. I forgot about spare tubes, sunglasses, gloves (if you wear them) and countless other items. Before I made this grand expenditure, I figured I would buy the used Schwinn and try it out. I knew nothing about gears and shifting. I knew how to ride a bike from when I was a kid, but road biking and kid biking, it is a little bit different. Nevertheless, I started to take a few spins around the neighborhood. I probably was wearing “regular” shorts, used shoes that came with the bike and probably no helmet (at the beginning). I would ride around the valley and when one of those other cyclists with all the cool gadgets and latest bike would ride past me, I would try to keep up, felt a little awkward as I knew nothing about the sport, but…it was a start. I started to venture onto Mulholland Highway. Working so close I could leave the Village Coffee Roaster and do the “Mulholland loop.” It was about eighteen miles roundtrip and went from the VCR to Mulholland, turning right onto Las Virgenes then to Mureau Road, back to the valley. The first time I did it, I thought I was Lance Armstrong. A major accomplishment. Time to shave the legs. Yes, I did and still do. Laugh if you must, but…a little secret, women like shaved legs, but that is for another letter from the editor. Up to this point, I had never ridden with anyone. I started to ride to work and one of my regulars, Jack, who was a “real cyclist” offered to take me for a ride. Now, Jack had been riding for years, had the cool bike, knew all the lingo, all the riders and lived to ride. It was his passion. Riding and music. Jack mentioned that he was going to do a ride with Allan and he invited me along. I didn’t know Allan, but from other cyclists that came to the shop, he was kind of a local legend. Apparently, “Allan loved to suffer…”, whatever that meant. So, it was to be my first group ride. The three of us. Two real cyclist and me. I remember that I did not believe that you would put 110 psi into the tires on a road bike. The tires said that was the max pressure, but I simply did not believe it. I figured 50psi was probably right. 100psi, those little tires would blow up for sure. The night before, I was kind of nervous. These guys were fit looking. Allan was some Canadian Pro Cyclist, Jack lived to ride and me, I was on my old Schwinn, used and old shoes, totally clueless. Sounds about right. As we headed out from the coffee shop, I hung back. The two of them peddled effortlessly. We were going to ride from the VCR, to Santa Susana Pass, over Box Canyon, home. A recovery ride they called it. What does that mean? They were chatting the whole way to Santa Susana Pass. I studied them as they pedaled. How easy it looked for them, how laboring for me. As we started to climb the Pass, which isn’t that steep, they just vanished as they continued to chat. I was like the little engine that could. Slowly and surely…and a little slower and a little less sure.

I made it to top and they were waiting. I had really not been engaged in conversation as, I couldn’t talk due to my heavy breathing and, I was so far behind. As I get to the top, half dead, this little Allan guy says, “Ahhhh, no rest for the slow guy, let’s go!” “What!” That was my introduction to Allan, “no rest for the slow guy…” As I crawled up the back of Box Canyon and we finally made it back to the Coffee Shop on what was my longest ride ever, I fell off my bike and into a chair. I was done. Them, they were fine. Like nothing. Allan, comes over, looks at my bike and presses down on my tires, “how much air do you have in these things…” “Fifty pounds”, I say….”Jesus Christ” he says in his highpitched Allan voice. He then says…”listen, pump these things up to 110 psi, meet us here on Saturday and let’s do a nice ride…go to bed early, eat a good meal and bring lots of water, we will see you here on Saturday at 8am…chow” Saturday rolls along and I have no idea what we are going to do. A “leisurely ride” he calls it. Mind you, my longest ride had been about twenty miles. So, off we go into the unknown. Jack, Allan and the little engine that could (I hope). We head out to Mulholland, past Stunt Road, towards he Rockstore. The mythical Rockstore canyon. I am pacing myself and the two of them just chat it up. I figure we are going up the Rockstore and turning around. As I make my way up the Rockstore Canyon, by my lonesome. Suffering, dehydrated, back hurting, legs burning, sweating like crazy, I make my final turn at the top and I see Jack and Allan, I can’t wait to stop. I am so very proud that I made it up, without stopping. My whole body hurts, ah, a moment to rest. Then Allan says, “No rest for the slow guy, let’s go!” What! MORE! Onward we go. We crossed over Kanan and continued on. Where the hell are we going? I am thinking I’m going to die! Them…chatting it up. Next thing I know, we are snaking our way down to PCH. P-C-H! How the hell am I going to get home from here. They were kind enough to stop at Neptune’s Net so I could get some snacks and more fluids. Not a moment to rest and back on the bike. We get to a road I have never heard of, Yerba Buena. Allan looks back and says, “listen, we are going to ride to the top we will wait for you there. Just keep going up at all the interchanges…this is a nice climb, see ya at the top..” and like that, they were gone. Now I can confidently say, I have been pretty athletic all my life. All sorts of sports, surfed some big waves around the world, I have been able to hold my own. But this bike ride..what did I get myself into? Up and up I went. Going so slow it was more of a balancing act then a bike ride. Leg press after leg press. Emotions and body ache I had never felt before. Barely able to hold my head up, to breath, to go on. Just keep pedaling I told myself. I had no idea where the top was, but it must be somewhere in hell and that is where I was. This must be hell. My body screamed for a break. I knew that if I stopped, somehow Allan would know and well, that just wouldn’t be good enough. I didn’t even know this little Canadian, wimpy looking, metro-sexual, elf like fellow, but, I knew he would ask. I kept on ever so slow. As I got to the top, they were…chatting it up. “Ah, Jesus Christ Dusty, that was a fun climb...right?!”, Allan says. Barely able to hold my head up, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is: “I need sugar!!!’ They laugh and down Westlake Canyon we go. When we get to the bottom, I reiterate that “I need something to eat and drink” so they decide that we can stop at the market and I can run in. I asked Jack first what I should eat as my body was in dire straights, Jack laments and suggests all the quality and natural foods and beverages. I then ask Allan as he was the racer and well, he might have some insight…”look, go get the biggest Coke they have, a bunch of chocolate, pound them down and let’s go!” That was the best tasting Coke and Chocolate I have ever had. I made it

home. Barely, but I did. And that was my introduction to Allan. Allan one day calls and says, “Dusty, have you ever been rock climbing?” “No, Allan, I have not…” he responses “Jesus Christ, there is no greater a motivator than fear, let’s go tomorrow!’ Now, you really don’t have any say in the matter when Allan calls you out to suffer, you just kind of have to…if you want to be a man. Now sure, I am a good 5 inches taller than Allan, probably have 60 pounds on him, could probably pick up and throw him, but he is one of the toughest men I have ever met. Although, he does look a little girly. So we pull up at Pt. Dume in Malibu. Hands me his climbing gear, says “I’ll meet you at the top…” and proceeds to free climb up. Well, it was more of him strolling over effortlessly and walking up the cliff… in Allan style. I meet him at the top and he again asks if I had ever climbed before. I hadn’t.. He asks me if I had ever repelled before, “nope.” He continues: “you have two choices, you can put the harness on and walk back down to the beach, the same trail you just walked up,(like a little girl) or, you can repel down like a man and climb up.” Now, if you caught the first part of this paragraph, I had never rock climbed or repelled down anything…, I just knew that I would be repelling down. I ask, “How do you repel down..” “ahh that’s the spirit he says..” , as he gives me a two minute crash course and laughs a bit. Over the side I went. I made it up, as I had no choice in the matter and as I climbed over the top, there he was with his mischievous grin. Allan, what a good friend. Allan is a guy who just does it. Anything he puts his mind to. But, he somehow has the natural ability to elevate those around him, by his own example. The time he raced a guy up Latigo Canyon on his road bike and 60lbs of sand in a backpack. Or the time he put his cleated pedals on his three speed beach cruiser and raced another guy up Piuma Canyon. Or the time he won the 24-hour endurance race on his mountain bike, in the “solo” category. Or the time he climbed this mountain or that mountain. Or the time he was ice climbing and a piece of ice shattered his arm, but ten hours away from civilization, the only choice was to carry on upward and climb out. Sometimes when I am lucky, I get these wonderful messages on my voicemail telling me how out of shape I am, how weak I am and how much of a man I am not and still could be (throw in a lot of profanity and name calling). Most people would think it is some form of abuse, to the contrary it is motivation and it is friendship. Allan is the drill sergeant to a few of us; a source of inspiration. What makes Allan so amazing is his attitude and his ability. I have never heard him make an excuse, for anything. I have never heard anything negative out of him. I have only seen ability and the desire to do more, try more, go faster, go further, go harder, to achieve. I am truly lucky to have a friend like that. A great illustration. In the cycling world, like the car world, guys talk a lot of smack. How fast they are and so on and so forth. Alan never talks about his ability. When guys talk about how fast they are on the bike, how much they can suffer, he just listens. And if they ask if he rides, he says “sure.” And when they ask if he wants to go for a ride with them and if he thinks he can keep up, they just opened the gates of hell. I suppose that in our lives we sometimes have the opportunity to surround ourselves with different people. Some good, some bad. Some motivating, some parasitic. You have a choice, find someone like Allan, and let them push you further than you thought you could go. Go for that first ride, that first climb, it is a gift and you will be better for it. Thanks Allan.

The Auto Gallery’s McLaren Run to the SB Polo Fields

The Auto Gallery has a tagline; “It’s the lifestyle,” and it might just be the perfect statement for an automotive organization who continues to raise the bar. From sponsoring events like Supercar Sunday and Motor4Toys, From their amazing grand opening parties and world class social media, Brilliant video production and photography, state of the art and award winning service centers and most importantly, client relationships...The Auto Gallery is truly a dynamic group.

The Auto Gallery decided to invite McLaren owners from all over the state to Supercar Sunday and then to do a group drive to the Sanata Barbara Polo Fields for a lovely day of driving, friendship, comraderie and relaxation. In traditional Auto Gallery fashion, it just happened to be the largest gathering of McLaren P4-12cs to date, in the world...yes, in the world. The McLaren owner first arrived at Supercar Sunday where they were met with a great response from other enthusiats, cameras were

clicking and nobody could belive there were so many McLarens inone place. As the owners fiered up the engines to head on the group drive, it was an amazing sight and perhaps an even more amazing sound. The perfectly planned drive had a little bit for all the owners and upon arrival at the Polo Fields, they were greeted with a warmm reception a catered lunch, goodie bags, and special offerings. It’s the lifestyle all right!

German, k ea sp ay m ic an h ec m r ou Y he? but does he speak Porsc

learn more at




7am to 5pm

on Saturday Service

With Any Service

The Auto Gallery Porsche 21301 Ventura Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Phone 888-279-2660

Your technician may speak German, but does he speak, "Porsche?" The Auto Gallery Porsche has more Grand Meister Technicians than any Porsche Service Center. In addition we are the only Porsche Dealer Service Center that is open on Saturdays and have one of the largest eets of Porsche loaner cars available to you. That is because we are committed to satisfying only the highest of expectations when it comes to your Porsche. Expires 4/30/2013, cannot be used with other offers, restrictions may apply.

Interviewed: Reeves Callaway, Callaway Cars Reeves Callaway and the Callaway name are recognized in many industries for their innovation and developing amazing products. A lineage steeped in business and product development, Ely Reeves Callaway III, has carried the family tradition into the motorsport world, most notably known for Callway Corvettes. We had a moment to sit down with Reeves and ask a few questions: Reeves, it is my understanding that your passion for the automobile stems from being a professional driver, is this true? Actually a bit the other way around. I believe it was my passion for figuring out how a vehicle works that positioned me to try my hand at racecar driving. I’m quite sure that at seven years old that curiosity was the driving force that I am in pursuit of today. How did you get into driving? Was it a family affair? It was definitely not a family affair… My mother was the one who was mechanical and supportive. My father was very skeptical although they both allowed me to pursue my interest. It was a good lesson in parenting; I try to maintain the same attitude with my own children. But there was no support financially available. And that’s of course where the rubber meets the road. Was it your driving career that led you to work on cars? No. It was my mechanical curiosity that led me to begin a driving career and when it was apparent that it was a great way to go broke, I fell back onto the skills that I had learned working on cars: Engine development, bodywork, knowledge of suspension, wheel and tire functioning, and

something about aerodynamics… At what age did you start working on cars? Were you self-taught? I was indeed self-taught. At age seven it’s difficult to be a professional. I have now joined folks like Dean Kamen, Enzo Ferrari, Sir William Lyons, Dan Gurney, and many others who were not “trained in their field.” When people think Callaway, they think Corvette,…however, in the beginning it was …BMW? That’s correct in the beginning it was BMW simply because if you were going to turbocharge a brand and expect a 70% increase in power, it better have enough engineering headroom so that it didn’t fail before reaching the end of the driveway

by Dustin Troyan Photos: Callaway Cars

mechanically interesting combined with the level of craft that would be satisfying. At what point did you decide to “go big” and turn Callaway into Callaway Corvettes? For us as a home-based business, running out of the garage in old Lyme Connecticut, the call that made the difference was in 1987 from Chevrolet. We had finished our first original equipment contract with Alpha Romeo and built thirty or so of the Alpha GT V6 twin turbos for Alfa Romeo North America. One of those cars wound up at the General Motors proving grounds and that car was a dead ringer for 1985 Corvette’s performance. Dave McLellan from the Corvette group called and asked if we would be interested in turbocharging some Corvettes. Interestingly, there has never been a contract between Callaway and General Motors. It was all done on a handshake. Were you an overnight success? Wasn’t it a country music star that said they had devoted a lifetime of work to becoming an overnight success? How many hours do you put in on an average day over your career…how many days a week did you and do you work? Countless is the answer to both questions. When you are pursuing your passion however there is no accounting for the hours.

When you first started to modify BMWs, did you have a vision of growing the Callaway brand to a global name or was it a “garage tuning” business? I must admit that I had no vision for the future of the business. I was simply trying to put food on the table for my young family. However I can comment that the driving force was to create something that was aesthetically pleasing and

It must have not been easy to take an already great product and re-engineer it to be better; what struggles did you have along the way? Struggles along the way. Great question. I think the continuous struggle was to bring a perfectionists attitude to the table and yet have to produce the product at a commercially acceptable price. That seems to always be the conundrum of the craftsman. Was it hard to break into the Corvette market? Partnering with General Motors must have been a huge accomplishment for you, what did it feel like when you got their approval? Imagine the situation when you’re a tiny twentyman company in Connecticut who has been authorized by the world’s largest Manufacturer of automobiles to do some performance enhancements to their star car. You could not ask for a more prominent position. I believe that the responsibility of that position has always made us work very hard to try to achieve OE standards As most innovators and business owners have had to work long hard hours and deal with many challenges, what kind of challenges have you had to overcome? Is there

to learn to read well and speak well, it will only benefit you. If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be? “More wing, less bling.” Reeves, if you could write one short paragraph about what it takes to be successful, if you could write something to inspire our readers, would you please share it with us. Be honest. Be authentic. And if you can remember a long the way to be kind, you may have a recipe for success. Best regards, E. Reeves Callaway Founder Callaway Cars Incorporated 2441 Pullman Street Santa Ana CA 92705 949 294 0100 cell a particular memory you are proud of…did you do something that people said “couldn’t be done?” There have been several of those along the way: Making the Project Sledgehammer achieve 254.76 mph in 1988 was certainly a big one. Going to the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1994 when we entered as a Callaway and qualified on pole position with Boris Said driving, against Porsche. That was a high watermark. Winning the FIA GT3 championship in 2007 was another great one. It’s worth mentioning that the last American to do that was a chicken farmer from Texas!

industrial history when metallic structures are being rethought as molded structures. We are on the leading edge of this one at Callaway Carbon. Take a look at for a full explanation of why I am so excited.

What does the name Callaway mean to you,? What does your name and brand stand for? For some reason not understood by me, the Callaway family has been populated by entrepreneurs who seem to have been driven to do a good job in their field. Callaway Vineyard and winery, Callaway gardens in Georgia, Callaway Golf, and Callaway Editions, all shared the same spirit. I’m just trying to keep up my end of the assignment. A man with his own car company, a dream to many of us enthusiasts, what does it feel like? It is certainly satisfying and pleasing looking at what we have accomplished in the past 35 years. I wish that there was a way to make better commercial sense of our endeavors. Anyone who has ever tried to manufacture automobiles knows that there is a perpetual shortage of just two items: time and money. Where do you see Callaway going in the future? Are you expanding your brand to other makes and models? As we expand into the full line of Chevrolet and GMC and Cadillac pick up trucks and SUVs, we see that broadening our market appeal, continuing to sell through the new car dealer networks. And continuing to pursue success on the racetrack is really the core of what we are about. As for the future, our newest business, Callaway Carbon, holds huge potential as we are at a time in our

What would you tell a young person wanting to start a business? I’m not sure I would presume to tell them anything. Someone said, “the worst vice? Advice.” But my best general advice is stay in school, get the best education you can. Find something that gets you up in the morning, and pursue it with all that you can muster.. If you can also manage

Reeves, Thank you for the interview and for your pioneering spirit and innovations!.


2013 Dodge SRT VIPER For more information:

Shaver Automotive Group 3888 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Thousand Oaks, Ca 91362

John McCann Sales Manager/ Viper Specialist (888)603-6232 ext 101

@ !"$! 0./;:6;:!;6,8*/(8.,899,3)2? @ !5=,825®585;+35;:/®>2,(*1>/(;9:!?9:,3!,2,*:  @ !2(*1=04.®52+084+;*:054!?9:,3 @   (:052;304;3 5*1,88390./0-:!6804.9 "0:(40;3 ,:(04,89 42? @ !;6,8*/(8.,+55+5=28(6/0*9 @ ,80:(.,!:?2,!!®(+.04.-588022,(4+ ,(8"(020./:(4,2 -B*0(20*,49,+85+;*:

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@ "/8,,;(20:?' !;6,8*/(8.,+,4+,8 ,(8,*10+(+.,9 @ '%/,,2,4:,8(6958!:5*1%/,,29 @ !!;6,8*/(8.,+5.53)850+,8,+854:2558(:9 @ ' !;6,8*/(8.,+5.53)850+,8,+854:,(+8,9:9 @ '!;6,8*/(8.,+!6,*0(2:?$,/0*2,(9/2(7;,,?5)9  @ ,(:/,85;4+58:-5205=4,8A9(4;(208:/,8:0B*(:,(4+%04+5=!:0*1,8 @ &,(8 02,5=,8:8(04%(88(4:?

Lavaggio- the world’s finest detail center

Lavaggio- the art of auto detailing, in Agoura Hills, arguably, the world’s finest detail center. Have you been? A car lovers dream. Well, a motorcycle lovers dream…a boat lovers, a RV lovers and so on and so forth. Lavaggio, in Agoura Hills, has experienced exponential growth since their grand opening almost four years ago. Offering an entire new paradigm in the auto detailing industry, Lavaggio was a concept many did not understand. There were those that said it would not last, those skeptical of the quality and just simply, the naysayers. Lavaggio’s mission statement: We have redefined the Automotive Detailing Industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality, service and luxury. Our objective is to be recognized as the company, which offers the finest auto detailing experience on the planet. We have created an incredible facility which allows us to exceed your expectations and is supported a foundation of personal service. Our core values allow Lavaggio to surpass the needs of our discriminating guests and to maintain our position of the world’s premier auto detailing center.

what is included with every service at Lavaggio as there is really quite a bit. We will get to the detailing in a moment. The Meal: Yes, a meal is included with every visit. Each and every service Lavaggio offers includes a meal made to order. The Bellini Bistro, which is located across from Lavaggio, prepares each meal to order and it is delivered to Lavaggio, plated beautifully. The ingredients are only the freshest and the quality is superb. If you have been to any of the events at Lavaggio, it is the same Bellini Bistro which caters all of the events. So, if you are planning on getting lunch somewhere, at Lavaggio you can get lunch, a wash or a detail all in the same place. The Concierge: Like any fine hotel, Lavaggio has a highly competent concierge. The concierge is there to assist you with any of your needs. Whether it be a fresh cup of coffee or a hot tea, if you need to fax or make reservations for golf. Whatever it may be,

they are there to assist you and it is truly their pleasure. The Business Center: Lavaggio offers three Imac computers as well as complimentary wireless. They even offer quiet areas where you can work without interruption. Just because you are away from your desk, does not mean your day has to end. Car Service: Lavaggio offers a car service within a 10-mile radius. There is a Cadillac Escalade ready to drop you at your home or office. Entertainment for children: If you have young children, Lavaggio offers complimentary hand held entertainment systems to keep the children occupied.

The Lavaggio Team Our foundation, and the key to our success is our team. Because exceeding our guest’s expectations depends on every individual team member, we respect and appreciate the contribution of all members, collectively and individually. At Lavaggio, we are a team and we are a family. That is the Lavaggio way.

The Patio: Such a lovely environment at Lavaggio. An oasis, Lavaggio truly is. With a stunning panoramic view of the Santa Monica Mountains, the soft sound of the waterfalls, you feel like you are on vacation. This stand-alone facility is more of a day spa than a detail center with a focus being put on the guests relaxation. Lavaggio is more of an experience. A way of life. It is a dedication to excellence and a vision to be the best in the industry. To exceed all expectations and continue to move forward, redefining what auto detailing is. Oh, we haven’t even discussed the detailing.

The Paradigm: It generally takes a few visits to fully understand

The Detailing: The entire Lavaggio facility was developed to

revolve around the detail bays. Understanding that every step of the Lavaggio Detail process was to be visible to the guest, the detail bay was built into the building. Bay windows were used so guests could observe their vehicles every step of the way. They could not only see what they were getting, but the great lengths the Lavaggio detailers go to perfect the vehicles. Everything is there for you to see. The Lavaggio detailers have been trained, retrained, trained again and are continuously trained. The detailers take great pride in their work and understanding the importance of their role, the detailers hold themselves to a higher standard and it shows! In the bay, there are skylights for natural lighting. The temperature is controlled to provide the optimum condition for the detailing products to work. If it is windy, the roll up door is

closed and the air purifier is turned on. Creating the optimum environment is the only way to detail a vehicle. Knowing this Lavaggio, was designed to provide such an environment and the outcome of the vehicles speaks for itself. Lavaggio only uses the highest quality products, equipment and materials. Coupled

with the proper environment and technicians, Lavaggio has become the place to go. Many guests consider Lavaggio “the black car experts” as many guests consider Lavaggio to be the best in the industry. Concours and Undercarriage Detailing: There was such a demand for an even more thorough level of detailing from guests that Lavaggio installed a lift. The lift allows for undercarriage and concours detailing. Wheels can be removed as well to get in to all the difficult spots. Concours detailing is also done to a much higher level. Lavaggio has been known to call in local judges to inspect the vehicles prior to delivery. Motorcycle Detailing: The newest edition to the Lavaggio bay is the new Motorcycle Lift. Many Lavaggio guests wanted to bring their motorcycles to Lavaggio for detailing that they had to install the lift. The lift at Lavaggio has the capability to do three wheeled motorcycles as well, keeping all options open for the motorcycle enthusiast. The Platinum Club: Again, out of demand from guests who wanted more out of Lavaggio, the Platinum Club was created. This annual membership program guarantees that your vehicle will always be cleaned. Everyday! That’s right, you can visit Lavaggio every day for a Signature Wash and your complimentary meal. Everyday! And yes, there are members who have been coming almost every day, for over two years. Also included is four quarterly Ultimate Details, which guarantees that your vehicle is always looking new. You also receive invites to special events at Lavaggio like Cars and Cigars, test drives and many other events from Lavaggio’s strategic partners.

TheValue: Lavaggio pricing is on par with any quality detailer. In fact, if you include the meal, the concierge services, the car service, the business center, the high quality products and the optimum detailing conditions, the extensive training of the detailers and the ambience, frankly, there is no comparison. For those of you discerning owners who love a clean vehicle, the Platinum Club is even a greater value. You will never again have to worry about your car being clean, it is all handled for you. You just drive up, hand off your keys to the service advisor, order lunch and relax on the patio. Driven World magazine suggests that if you are looking for a quality detail and one heck of an experience, check out Lavaggio in Agoura Hills, you will not be disappointed. For more information: 30205 Canwood Street Agoura HIlls Ca. 91361 818.584.3240

Supercar Sunday 2013

Car Culture

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Mark Llewellyn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Early Hot Wheels were defined with a red line wheel

Outside sales representative Michelle Buckner holding $500 of vintage Hot Wheels in her hands.

“HOT STUFF” The year was 1968. It was the year Evel Knievel failed his attempt to jump the fountains at Caesar’s Palace. The Beatles released “Magical Mystery Tour”, Nixon was elected the 37th president, and Mattel Toys released their first line of sixteen models of fantasy custom cars called “Hot Wheels”. They had names like Python, Custom Cougar, and Hot Heap. The 1969 corvette was actually released by Mattel before General Motors released the car for sale to the public! Within one year, sales were 10 times higher than had been anticipated. Mattel grew the line to 40 cars and for the first few years the cars were actually built in the USA!

Cheryle Bunch, who’s daily driver is a 2003 50th anniversary Corvette, admiring the lines of a 1968 Hot Wheels Corvette.

In 1971, Hot Wheels began its promotion with drag strips around the country. In 1973, Mattel teamed up with Don “The Snake” Prudome and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen to form one of the most famous sponsorships in racing. They also engaged a long relationship in NASCAR with Kyle Petty. Over the years “Hot Wheels” have introduced motorcycles, chrome versions, and special collector’s sets. Mc Donald’s even uses them as gifts in their “Happy Meals”. In 1991 the 1 billionth “Hot Wheel” was produced! In 2003, Mattel teamed up with Columbia Pictures to celebrate Hot Wheels 34th anniversary with a Hot Wheels Movie! Hot Wheels still appeal to the youth of today, along with their dads. If any of you guys over 50 have your old Hot Wheels tucked away in the attic, you may be surprised as to what they are worth!

Leon’s Transmissions tow dispatcher Iris Gonzales taking time to tow a broken Hot Wheels “Jack Rabbit” with a Hot Wheels tow truck!

Golf Tips with Tommy Sunrise Golf Club- Taipei, Taiwan

Just outside the city of Taipei, sits a golf course on top of a mountain (like most in Taiwan) which is part of a resort unlike those I typically see. Sunrise Golf Club has played host to numerous professional golf tournaments, with the most recent being the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship and this week’s Ballantine’s Championship on the Asian Development Tour. About an hour’s drive from downtown Taipei or 30 minutes from Taoyuan Airport in the city of Yang Mei, the complex is located at the end of an uphill winding two mile driveway that separates you from the rest of civilization. With 18 holes of championship golf, two restaurants, children’s game center, fitness center, and two pools (indoor and outdoor) why would you want to leave any-

ways? Did I mention the palatial guest rooms? If you are not a fan of elevation changes during your golf round, this may not be the place

for you. However, if you are willing to tough it out, the rewards are absolutely stunning. Designed by the great Robert Trent Jones Jr., each hole has at least one shot where you will need to factor in slope for proper club selection. The tee shots at this course will determine how pleasant of a day you will have. While there tends to be significant room to land your shots off the tee, outside of that will be quite a nature walk. For the long hitters, the 10th hole will offer you a bit of a risk-reward dilemma from the tee box. At 412 yards with a large elevation drop, the carry to the green measures 285 yards…over water. If that doesn’t fancy your appetite, then a 250 yard tee shot to a fairway that runs perpendicular will be required. And yes, that shot is also over water. When the golf course becomes a bit overwhelming, just step back and take in the view of your surroundings. Since the course is situated on top of a mountain, you have a near 360 degree view which includes the town below and the sea in the distance. Besides the golf, there is plenty to keep the family busy. A Japanese and Chinese restaurant is located within the clubhouse which is just a short walk from the guest rooms. The bottom floor of the building is filled with various arcade games from basketball shootouts to ping pong tables for some family competition. For some healthy exercise, the resort also has two pools and a fitness center to enjoy. The guest rooms are some of the most spectacular I have seen for a golf resort. Rivaling some of Las Vegas’ top hotel rooms, you get your share of marble throughout the bathroom while the rest of the room is a mixture of wood and

Exotic Car Fotos Greg Grudt Photographer

Specializing in Automotive Photography (818)581-7634

by Tommy Mansuwan

tile floors with gold trim on the walls. Those who need to be connected to the world won’t have to worry as every room here has their own individual wireless router next to the television. This luxury amenity is a great touch that complements how the resort really treats their guests. Spend a night or two at Sunrise with a round of golf and I am assured you’ll leave as impressed as I was by the facility. Just make sure you practice your low shots as the island is notorious for its windy weather. For more info:

Dustin Troyan President & CEO c. 818.516.5053 f. 818.854.6618 23907 Ventura Blvd. Calabasas, CA. 91302

Share the Passion

by Brooks Smith

I almost bought a Nissan Patrol, a ’66. I can’t explain why; it came up while I was looking for a car, and seemed neat. I’ve always liked Patrols, and FJ40s, Scouts, Broncos, and Jeepster Commandos. They hold the charm of a bygone era, when off-roaders were just that. A modern SUV driver wouldn’t know what to do with all that minimalism, and dedication to function. But I have no use for that function. I need to get around LA. And while I’m willing to sacrifice practicality in order to have a car that doesn’t bore me, I would lose interest in a car that didn’t perform and handle, especially at 12mpg. I could have purchased the Datsun, and another, sportier car. I dismissed the notion. I have no use for a Patrol, no matter how charming. But that’s only part of why I forwent the opportunity. Our hobby, has a looming problem. You may have noticed the lack of people under 25 choosing car enthusiasm as a way of life. Millennials are shying away from ownership in record numbers. There are, of course, many contributing factors, but I think one of the most important ones to consider, is access. When I was getting my first car, insurance was about the biggest obstacle a kid would experience in getting an interesting car. Today, there are rules about how a young person can drive, even after they have their license. But the biggest factor these days in making a first timer think twice about car enthusiasm, may be cost of entry. There aren’t beer money sports cars anymore. Oh, you can pick up a thrashed 90s import, for not too much, but getting it smogged will be a nightmare, even if it’s running right. Meanwhile, there are tons of cars sitting in garages all across the state, and not doing much else. That’s sad, and it’s not really healthy for the hobby. I’m not talking about true collectors, who keep their cars in wonderful condition, and show and use them. That’s a good thing, and allows others exposure to cars which they would never see otherwise. I’m talking about the garage lurkers; cars which have stopped being part of the marketplace, who’s story has paused, and who’s owners have all but lost interest.

That Patrol would have ended up one of those cars. Something small would have broken, and I wouldn’t have had the interest in the car, to drive me to fix it. The car would have been locked up, and would have sat for years. The sad part is that there are people out there who want these cars, and are willing and eager to care for them properly. I used to think a lot of cars were genuinely rare. But, a lot of them are simply in hiding, needing only some TLC before again being actively enjoyed. I’m not promoting some kind of gearhead socialism. Owners of these cars don’t owe them to anyone. But, it bothers me to see cars owned by people willing to be merely owners, instead of stewards, and caretakers. I’ve let more than one car go when I realized there was someone who wanted it more, and was willing to do what was necessary to care for it. If you’re the owner of one of these cars, you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you. A fair question. Well, first off, you’ll no longer have a big hunk of metal taking up space. You won’t need to register or insure it. If you have a significant other, they’ll probably be happier with you. You’ll also have the money. Oh, and you’ll get to see the car enjoyed, perhaps giving someone their first taste of an experience we all love. And that’s an important point. The market is artificially inflated. Perceived scarcity has driven up demand, and it’s keeping new enthusiasts out. Without new blood, the rise in values is on a countdown. If no one new is interested, then your “investment” is temporary. Do you want to bring back the 30 year rolling blackout on smog testing? Good luck with a new generation of voters, who don’t care about cars at all. How about getting new, performance cars from manufacturers? We’ll, we need a new generation of buyers interested in something beyond the egregiously popular Kia Soul. So maybe go ahead and sell that car you’re “going to get around to someday.” You’ll not only get rid of a car that’s just taking up space, you might end up a bit of a hero to new blood, when that’s exactly what we need. Just, something to think about...

Valley Indoor RV Storage

818-STORE-RV Classic & Exotic Car Storage

Located in Chatsworth, Valley RV Indoor Storage offers over 200,000 Square feet of indoor storage, concierge service and so much more... Motorhomes - RV’S - Collector Cars - Race Cars - Trailers - 5th WheelsJet Skis- Off Road Vehicles - Exotic Cars - Private Car Collector Areas - Etc. Located at 20701 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-701-6500

Gary Wales: His Way Part 2

Gary, Thank you for the interview in the Aug. Issue of Driven World Magazine. One topic we did not touch upon is your collectibles…. Tell us about what you collect…besides cars… I have always been a collector of just about everything I found to be interesting. I collected comic books as a very young boy (still have a stack I just couldn’t let go) but I guess I really started collecting seriously when my girlfriend and future wife Marilynn introduced me to the 1948 Allard L-4 Tourer. After driving it for the summer I decided to restore and modify it to my tastes. I entered it into the Autorama car show at Cobo Hall and won a second prize.It was then invited to be shown at Henry Ford’s museum at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan in their Sports cars in Review Show in 1962. When did you start collecting and why? Marilynn and I were super impressed with all of the wonderful antiques in the Ford Museum and on the way home from the preview we stopped at a local antique shop. We fell in love with a couple of very neat items that were in our price range ( in other words cheap ) a wonderful 100 year old hand carved canteen used by Italian grape pickers and an antique brass whale oil lamp. (We still have them both). That started a passion that has

lasted for over 50 years and still continues today. There seems to be a theme to your collecting, what led you to start collecting medieval items? Marilynn and I both enjoy collecting antiques and share the passion of finding new treasures. Treasures can be something as simple as a few small coins found on the beach with a metal detector, to finding that the small print you paid $35 for and left on your garage wall for 25 or 30 years turns out to be worth a small fortune. (Even a blind pig can root out a truffle once in a while). It’s not the price of the item you have found ,it’s the story it can tell .I have a collection of medieval arms and armor that we have acquired over the years, most items are of small value ,but when you hold in your hand a sword that is 500 years old and has chunks hacked out of the blade all the way to the handle ,it makes you wonder what stories it could tell. I also have a sword, arrow points and bridle bitt from Europe that were left by Julius Caesar’s troops when they campaigned in England. Do you have any interesting stories from collecting? When I first arrived in California in the late 1960s, the big British car dealer was Frank Mil-

Story by: Dustin Troyan Photos: Greg Grudt

manuals that were stacked in one of the rooms and among the manuals was a box made out to B.S Cunningham, Palo Alto, California. I took all my new found treasures home and discovered a supercharger that fit a C type Jaguar, Very Cool!! At the same time a good friend (Don Polgrean ) was upgrading a bank in south central with new offices. He arrived one day in his 3.8 Jaguar sedan when a local told him he had a jaguar too and would he like to see it, as it was a racing model. Don followed the gentleman to the center of a nearby field and chained to a tree was a very used up C Type. Don purchased it for the total sum of $65 dollars .When he told me the story I asked him to come over as I had a little gift he might want. I presented him with the supercharger which he believed came from the car he had just bought. He repaid my gift by having his crew deliver a truck load of 100 year old Honduras mahogany he had just removed from a bank in old Pasadena during a remodel. We had it installed into two bedrooms, one of which we made into a large English pub which is my office fun room.

lard (the man in red) on Sepulveda and Ventura Blvd. They closed the business and everything was sold off. As I did not have much money I was just able to buy all of the workshop and owner

Tell us about how you have customized your home… I have always being a lover of stained glass I decided to have some very special windows made and installed. I was given the name of Danita Ferrier of Vista, California who is a master at her trade. She made the stained glass just how I envisioned it. Danita has since replaced every window in my house and garages. She is the greatest. I

guess you would have to say my motto is “Everything IN EXCESS, NOTHING IN MODERATION! My home is my castle and once you have seen it you’ll understand why I have stayed married for

almost 50 years to the same woman, if you have a great one, keep her happy.

seeing others adding them to their collections; I do not want to die with the most toys.

I understand that you have one of the world’s largest automotive badge collections… To most people, our collection appears to cover just about anything ,but if you look closely you will see everything has been touched by the loving hands of man. They all show wonderful creativity for the purpose that they were originally made, to function .I had at one time just at 9000 automobile badges, they ranged from marque, event, country, region, awards, clubs, racing, you name it. There is a club badge to commemorate it. Automobile badges are just an extension of Heraldry, the feudal coats of arms that would distinguish who was with which side on the battlefield. To tell others who you were. Each of the badges that I collected was wonderful works of art. All of which are deserving to be admired and loved. I have been passing along my badge collection for years and now enjoy

Clearly your collection is “outside of the box”, as are the vehicles you build….

I have always look for ways to improve on what is done. When I design and build my creations I try to think out of the box and come up with ideas

that work well with what I am building. The last thing you want to hear is “why did you do that? You could have done it better.” A last thought?

Over the last ten or so years I have been fortunate to have found a friend and kindred spirit (the son I never had) that shares my dreams and desires to build and create what has never been. We work together so well and think alike ,that I can start to say something and he can finish my thoughts. It’s a rare and wonderful experience to be able to work with someone as kind, smart and has the ability to do just about anything you want or need. Andres Aranda is that man. I could not do it without him. When you see us on the road, “wave”.

Gary, Thank you for the interview! We truly appreciate your passion.

Follow Garyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s builds on Facebook:

Cars For Sale

1961 Ford F100 Unibody Rare CA black plate truck, only build from ‘61-63. 460 Motor with 80k miles, c6 trans. Lowered with adjust-

able air shocks in rear. New: battery, radiator, tubbed in rear. Asking: $16,000.00 Contact: Dustin@connectedmediagroup

Offering this 1932 Chevrolet all steel Hi-Boy roadster build by Gene Vredenbergh, retiree exectuive from General Motors. Featured in the Aug. 2002 of Street Rodder Magazine This is a full custom frame and chasis. Steel EMI body with rumble seat converted to trunk by Dick “Magoo” Megugorac. Custom hood by Magoo. The engine is a Chevy 4.3L V6 fitted with a B&M Blower, Holley 600CFM Carb, GM Splayed-Valve Covers (for Indianapolis competition), Crane Cam and Isky roller Rockers. Transmission is a ‘88 Chevy Camaro

5-speed. Cusotm interior and lift off top by Mike Harper Interiors. Custom Dash, VDO gauges, Ron Francis wiring. Budnik Wheels and Goodyear Tires. The undercarrige is as detailed as the rest of the Hi-boy. All records Asking $65,000.00 Contact:

Mopar fans, here you go! 1968 Dodge Charger. This car has been owned by the same enthusiast since 1988. It has a 440 Engine, 727 Transmission. This Charger has new: wiring, trunk pan, seats, sstereo, NOS system, line

lock, 410 gears. Including with the sale: 440ci Short Block, 440ci Crate Block, New transmission and 2500 stall converter and two NOS Bottles. Asking $39,999.00 Contact:

This very special 1997 Ford Musang was built right! Bored and stroked to over 300 CI by Nelson Racing, all forged internals, billet cams, Vortech V2 Supercharger, Art Carr transmission, upgraded brakes, suspension, Basani exhaust, heads ported and polished, all ARP studs, Cold air intake, Canton oil pan and windage tray, MEZ Water pump, Ford racing headers, BBK Valve Covers, back up camera, Carbon hood and wing (currently off the car) and so much more. Recipts for all work on hand. Clean title. Tuned for street driving.

Over $45k invested in build alone. This would be a great street/race car or pull the drivetrain for your own project. Great platform to your protouring Mustang swap. Asking $17,500.00 Contact:


Summer Cruise Night at Ca Car Cover California Car Coverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd Annual Summer Cruise Night was held on Wednesday, August 14th at our headquarters in Chatsworth, Ca. The event attracted a variety of classic cars and hot rods from all over the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County. The free event was sponsored by a number of California Car Coverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vendors including: Race Ramps, Mr. Horsepower, Super Car Collectibles and many others. All of the sponsors donated great prizes that were raffled off to raise money for Friends and Helpers, a local charity organization. Our friends from ICON brought over a pair of their custom trucks that attracted a lot of attention throughout the night. Another highlight was a Chevy COPO Camaro owned by one of our local customers. This was the fourth show in the 2013 Car Show Series for California Car Cover. The company is hosting its annual Parking Lot Sale & Parts Exchange on September 14th and its Classic Chevy Car Show on October 12th. For more information on up coming events:

Supercar Sunday Story by Dustin Troyan Photos by Duane Steiner

There is something about the sound of a high compression big-block that just makes a car guy muscle car marque day at Supercar Sunday, there was a lot of happy. There was no shortage of muscle as the morning began. The first muslce car to show up was a big block 1970 Mustang and from that car on it was an amazing display of some of the finest American made cars from yester-year. It is truly amazing, the diversity that Supercar Sunday offers; From the Ring Brothers Fastback and other show cars built for the SEMA Show. To Corvette ZR1 inspired Pro-touring cars, big blowm drag cars that are somehow streetable

and that lovely aroma of race gas. It was awesome! Muscle car day was more of a reunion of old friends than a car show. Many of the attendees were the first drag racers, the guys who laid a foundation for what we now know as the hot rodding lifestyle. Watching the crowd, old friends laughing and hugging, telling stories from their youth, examining each others cars, some the same cars they had in highschool! Hey, we call it “Super” for a reason! As 10 O’clock rolled around and the cars started to head out, you just knew it was a magical morning. The craftsmanship, the innovation,

the history, the friendships, the era of Muscle Cars and of course cheap gas. There was a certain “feeling” that morning, Muscle car day. Perhaps beacuse the muscle car community is so small or perhaps it was such a romantic time in our automotive history... perhaps it was that many of these cars have been such a labor of love...whatever it was, THANK YOU! For more photos and information about future Marque Days, please visit:

Muscle Car Marque

Collector Car Appreciation Day, Simi Valley Simi Valley Town Center, along with the city of Simi Valley, Simi Valley Police Department and the Coachmen and RoamNRelics car clubs hosted the 4th annual Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) on Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 4-10 p.m. Participants were showing up as early as 2:00 to get a good parking spot. The event was held in recognition of U.S. Senate Resolution 542, which designates this day for the national recognition of the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars preserving our nation’s cultural heritage. The event was headlined by classic Hot Rod group “The Rip Chords,” who are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their #1 hit “Hey Little Cobra.” Special appearances were made by 60s pop star Donna Loren (“Beach Blanket Bingo”) and premiere rockin’ doo-wop band “Lil’ Mo and the Dynaflows.” Also appearing was Faith Granger with the car “Deuce of Spades”. “The collection and appreciation of classic cars is truly a national passion and we are thrilled to share our pastime with the public at an event of such great proportion and at a venue so involved with this community,” said Skeeter Rader, National CCAD Organizing Committee. The celebration’s car club hosts had an attendance of up to1000 collector cars and 10,000 spectators. Last year’s participation included 700 collector cars, 40 vendors and over 5000 spectators. The event continues to grow rapidly and is pleased to remain free to the public for both participants and spectators alike. Along with the expansive car displays and performances, Collector Car Appreciation Day featured a Pin-Up Contest, where participants can doll up in their best nostalgic period attire and vie for cash prizes up to $300. There was also free raffles and a grand 50/50 raffle for spectators to participation.

Story by JimFoster Photos by Gabriel Sarkisian

September Calendar of Events

1 Sun Watsonville-Watsonville Fly-in & Air show continues, Watsonville Municipal Airport, Fontana-WERA Motorcycle Riders school and race, Auto Club Speedway, 5-7 Thurs-Sat Monterey-Continental Tire Sports Car Races, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, 800-327-7322 6 Fri Mission Hills – First Friday Niter, Santa Monica Sports Car Club/SCCA Navigation Rally, BofA rear lot, NE corner Devonshire and Sepulveda, 7PM, Info: 310-372-7168, 818-986-4565, 7-8 Sat Sun Buttonwillow-VARA Octoberfest, Buttonwillow Raceway Park, 800-280-8272, Corona - Norm Floyd’s Rod Run & Custom Extravaganza - The Shops at Dos Lagos - 10AM - 5PM Fontana-Speed Ventures, HPDE, Time Trial, Race School, Auto Club Speedway, 7 Sat Burbank – Autobooks CORVETTE STINGRAY The Genesis of an American Icon- Book Signing with Peter Brock 10:00 AM -2:00 PM open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Eagle Rock-Trompers Hot Rod Swap Meet, 7544 N. Figueroa St, 6am-1pm, 323-255-7564 or 323-401-3994 Coronado-Camaro Club of SD 20th Annual Fall Classic, Tidelands Park, 9am-2pm Burbank- Bob’s Big Boy Trophy Night - 50’s Costume Theme - 4211 W. Riverside Dr. - 5PM Yorba Linda - John Force Cruise Night Car Show - 22722 Old Canal Rd. - 4PM - 7PM Bellflower - 15th Annual Bellflower Boulevard Car Show - Bellflower Blvd. - 2PM - 7PM San Diego - 3rd Fiesta de Kustom Kulture Car & Low Brow Art Show - Historic Old Town - 10AM - 6PM McFarland -Saturday Night Nitro, Famoso Raceway, 8-10 NoCal-California Melee Rallye 8 Sun Long Beach - Hi-Performance Swap Meet & Car Show - Veterans Stadium. Vintage, Classic & Hi Performance trucks. New/used/vintage/parts/cars/accessories, or 800-762-9785 Anaheim-4th International So-Cal Vintage Treffen, 1340 S. Sanderson Ave, 8am-4pm, Belmont Shore-24th Annual Belmont Shore Car show, 2nd Street, 714-323-8898 Vallejo-Packard & Classic Car Swap Meet, 1525 Sonoma Blvd, 8am-2pm, 925-518-5909, Woodland Hills - Supercar Sunday - Topanga Canyon & Erwin St. - 7AM - 10AM Burbank - VCCA San Fernando All Chevrolet Car Show – Community Chevrolet, 200 W. Olive Ave. – 8:30AM – 3:30Pm Fri-Sun 13-15 Newberry Springs - Dazed & Confused Van Run #10 – Mojave Oasis, 45931 Silver Valley Rd. Sat-Sun 14-15 McFarland- West Coast Hot Rod and Summit ET Race, Famoso Raceway, Willows-Vodden the Hell are We Doing? (24 hours of Lemons),Thunderhill Raceway Park, 14 Sat Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Jackson-Capital City Cruisers Sizzlin’ September Nights, Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, 10am-3pm, 916-723-8840, Chatsworth-5th Annual Fall Parts Exchange & Tent Sale, 9525 De Soto Ave, 7am-2pm, 818-998-2100x115, Rancho Palos Verdes- PV Concours Road Rallye. Costa Mesa- Cars & Coffee at The Car Lover’s Store - 1805 Placentia Ave. - 8AM - 10:30AM Carson - 4th Annual Sons of Italy Fundraiser Car Show - 21126 S. Avalon Blvd. - 9AM - 2PM Annette (310) 245-4502 Santa Clarita - Classic Car Show - 18730 Soledad Canyon Rd. - 5PM - 9PM Oceanside - Oceanside Airport Association Summer Fly-In/Car Show - 480 Airport Rd. - Noon - 3PM Corona-Corona Grand Race 100th Anniversary Car Show City Park, 930 E. 6th St, 10AM-4PM 15 Sun Rancho Palos Verdes- Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance, Trump National Golf Club, Buena Park-Picker’s Paradise Automotive Swap Meet, Elks Lodge 7212 Melrose St, 8am-1pm, 714-299-1776 El Mirage-SCTA Land Speed Racing, El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, Rancho Santa Margarita - Hooves For Hope - 30031 Santa Margarita Pkwy - 10AM - 3PM (949) 584-51 20-22 Fri-Sun Coronado-HMSA 16th annual Coronado Classic Speed Festival, NAS North Island, 818-249-3515, 20-22 Indianapolis, IN-Goodguys 3rd WIX Filters Speedway Nationals, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN - Hot rods, customs, classics, trucks and muscle cars thru 1972 vintage. Vendor exhibits, swap meet & car corral, Goodguys AutoCross, All American Sunday, special awards, track cruise and more. Goodguys (925) 838-9876 21-22 Sat Sun Salinas Municipal Airport-California International Airshow, 21 Sat Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Downey - 2nd Annual Rebuilding Cars, Rebuilding Lives Car Show - 7601 E. Imperial Hwy. - 10AM - 3PM Encinitas - Wavecrest – All Woodie Meet, Moonlight Beach State Park - 8AM - 3PM

September Calendar of Events 21st Valencia - Nostalgic Creations 2nd Annual Classic Car Show - 25213 Anza Dr. - 4PM - 9PM Vista - Vista Optimist Club Presents The Best Car Show - 600 Optimist Way - 2PM - 10PM 760 295-5588 22 Sun Long Beach–Cycle Show & Swap @ Veterans Stadium Motorcycles & bicycles. Buy/sell/trade.vintage/parts/bikes/accessories., or 800-762-9785 El Segundo-Beach Cities Swing Band at the ADM, Automobile Driving Museum, 610 Lairport Ave, 7PM-9:30PM, Burbank - JB Arrowhead Club 26th Annual Car Show –Johnny Carson Park, 400 Bob Hope Dr. - 9AM - 3PM Fri-27 El Segundo- Hot Rod and Car Craft Magazine Cruise night, The Automobile Driving Museum, 610 Lairport St, 5:00PM– 7:00 PM, 27-29 Fri-Sun Monterey-FIM Superbike World Championship, Monterey Round. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 28 Sat Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Costa Mesa-Cruisin For A Cure Car Show, OC Fair & Event Center, 7pm-5pm, 714-803-9216, Duarte - Annual Rt. 66 Classic Car Show - 2627 Royal Oaks Dr. - 9AM - 2PM Ramona - Inaugural Ramona Rod Roundup - 424 Letton St. - 10AM - 1:30PM Yucca Valley - 18th Annual Charity Car Show - 57725 29 Palms Hwy. at Warren Vista - 9AM - 2PM 760 418-5267 29 Sun Los Angeles -Petersen Museum Breakfast Club Cruise-In 9:00 - 12:00 Bring any special interest car, truck motorcycle or scotter and get free parking and 2 for 1 admission to the Petersen. Buena Park-Picker’s Paradise Automotive Swap Meet, Elks Lodge 7212 Melrose St, 8am-1pm, 714-299-1776 Irwindale-Irwindale Car Swap Meet hot Rod & Cycle show, 500 Speedway Drive, 6am-2pm, 209-777-5624, Fallbrook - English Motors at Fairbrook - 4949 S. Mission Rd. - 10AM - 3PM Long Beach - Inaugural Car & Motorcycle Show - Long Beach Convention Ctr. - 9AM - 3PM

Supercar Sunday: Every Sunday 7-10am

Supercar Sunday 2013 Marque Schedule Sept 1st - Corvette Day October 6th - Shelby, Cobra, Ford GT Dec. 1st: November 3rd - European GT Style Icons The 10th Annual Motor4toys A celebration of the really great GT cars: European road car made between 1950-1970 Charity Car Show with a motor larger than 2500cc. Please visit for examples.

Driven World Sept. 2013 Issue  
Driven World Sept. 2013 Issue  

The Official Magazine of Supercar Sunday.