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P L AT I N U M C L U B M E M B E R S H I P F R O M L AVA G G I O Lavaggio’s world-class wash facilities and concours-trained detail technicians are at your service. At Lavaggio, we pamper automobiles... and their owners with The Art of Auto Detailing. exeCutive BuSineSS lounge v . i . p. t r a n S p o r t a t i o n e xCluSi v e memBer-only e v ent S

ConCierge ServiCe Complimentary BiStro me al interne t & entertainment

Lavaggio For more information, call Lydia Derian at 818.584.3240 and visit 4





on the pictures, we were sold. As long as the mechanicals looked good, no leaks, no oil in the coolant, the transmission not leaking, we would be taking it home so he could plan his first trip. He actually had it planned at the end of the month and his kids were very excited that they could invite friends as the Excursion will seat nine. We had to wait for about an hour so we had a lovely lunch at an Italian place. Great conversation, a relaxing spoke about business, At environment, The Auto we Gallery, we like family, life. Always a good time withto him. We finished our meal and the listen to our customers. owner sent a text that he was on the way. We were excited. Our 2013 Customer We waited outside for about another twenty minutes, waiting to see the results Canoga Park “lifted Excursion.” The roar of theSatisfaction huge 7.3L motorSurvey can be heard before the Van Nuys toldcubic us inches, that the number truck would be seen for sure. With 444 it is definitely an overbuilt truck and why they last so long andone have complaint proudly been given monikerour of being amongst Woodland Hills “Legendary.” Just don’t tell the environmentalist.... owners was the lack We hear the truck coming and even though it is about a hundred yards of convenience of our away waiting to turn into the shopping center, it looks great. A nice lift, the service truck is big, bad, loud and....wait, what is that? locations. As the truck turns, what is that white looking stuff on the roof ? And the hood, why isn’t the hood shiny? From The Calabasas pursuit of the perfect car. Whether it is new or used, we all want to a hundred yards away, you could see that the roof needed to be painted, the hood, “find” that perfect car. Whether we are ordering it from the dealership or it is well the hood, it looked like Home Depot had a power sander demo weekend a classic or we want the prefect “pre-owned” daily driver (we used to call that and well, the hood was shot. We were immediately disappointed, but maybe it a “used car”). There are certain things that most seasoned car guys want in a was salvageable. The owner hopped out all smiles and ready to do the deal. He had “ten minutes” so we had to be “fast.” Mind you, the car was clearly not as vehicle, but if you are buying used, certain things really do matter. One of my friends was looking for a 7.3L 4x4 Ford Excursion. I am a big represented. We walked the car and picked it apart. Rust here, rust there, Bondo fan of them and so are many people as they are the largest passenger vehicle Ford here, Bondo there. We pointed out that the rear quarter was in an accident Beverly Hills of, but the body work would have made. I wrote about mine last issue. They can do everything you want them which he denied, or denied any knowledge Introducing two new drop-off West LA to, from towing to 4x4 the name implies, family excursions. My friend made even Earl Sheib cringe. We pointed out the sanding marks and the tape points in West LA and Van Nuys. has kids, as do many of us and we both are really trying to be the best father’s marks. We politely explained we know cars, paint, and were in that industry. The that we can be. That means finding time to spend with the family doing fun, truck seemed sound when it came to the engine as the fluids looked good, there quality activities. His goal is to find an Excursion, get a travel trailer and start was no diesel fuel dripping in the engine, no oil leaks, which, for a 7.3 or any making memories. Many of you have done this already and those of us with kids, older diesel is almost a miracle. The guy said he had never seen the roof so he had no idea it was bad. Let’s we want to follow in your footsteps and see everything we can with our kids, Santa Monica think about that... he had never seen the roof, wow! He said, “you guys know providing fun experiences, life lessons, family time and of course, wonderful memories. These trips will shape our children and the family in a very positive this is a 2001 right?” I politely explained that I have two Excursion of the same vintage, yes we know it is a used car. He tried to have an answer for most of way. It must be done. So we have been on the search for the perfect 2000-2003 Ford 7.3L our comments, but, there was no way we were going to buy it. It would need a Excursion 4x4. Looking for a few months we narrowed it down to two, both $10,000.00 paint job. He did take great pictures of it though, man, what great happened to be in San Diego. Both happened to be right on the border. Being pictures. We all knew it was a “no go.” We were going home empty handed. We that he resides in Newbury Park and I am in the Valley, it would be a bit of a but, man what total waste of time. If you drive if we were to look at the truck. But, as most of you probably feel the same knew we made the right decision,With sites in aCalabasas, Canoga AWAY, you think that the guy way, for the right vehicle, we will travel. We also work quite a bit so it would be knew a buyer was driving from FOUR Park,HOURS Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, would describe the condition of the vehicle as it was. FOUR HOURS HOME, a mad dash to the border if we could do it. Beverly Hills, West LA, and We started the negotiating over the phone. The pictures looked great, the well not quite. We got lucky both ways it was not horrible traffic, but it was still youthings nowthat have one of theMonica, “roll the dice” sometimes owner seemed cool and said it was in “incredible” condition. We got the price time away from our families. It is Santa location use. otherwiseof you will never to know. down a few grand, did the Carfax and even tracked down the previous owner you have to do, you have to go forait,choice So my pal and I had a great time together, I got to nap and at least we “went who said it was a great truck. We did our due diligence and had decided to for it.” But man, where is the common decency? As you get older you realize proceed. We called the owner one last time to schedule the appointment and then to that the most important asset you have, the most precious, most valuable is time. go over the truck one more time. He asked, “is this a done deal?” We replied, “If Time with those you love, doing what you love. I am seeing how fast kids grow it is as represented, absolutely.” Noting on the phone that we were driving from up, magically and overnight I am almost in my mid-forties and I want to spend quite a distance and that it would probably be four hours each way in traffic, he more time with those I love do those things I love. The saving grace of the day swore the car was worth the drive. I bet you can see where I am going with this... is that we had fun, we always have fun and we are both optimistic, we laughed So we decided that after Supercar Sunday we would head down to San all the way home. And we will always have the story about...remember that time Diego. It would basically be a full day, but well worth it for the right vehicle. He we drove all the way down to the Mexican border for an Excursion....suffice to would go with me if the situation were reverse and we all do what we do for our say, we found one a few miles away from us, we will probably look at it tomorrow. To make your next service friends. Once you have kids, you basically have to balance time and for both of Such is life. Even when you have a mediocre time, it is an awesome time when appointment and a with you are with friends. Make the most of it, life is short, havearrange more fun. And us, we knew we were spending a day on the road when we could otherwise be drop point that best suits with our kids. But, the big picture was that if he had this rig, he would be able that, I am going to rock my kids to to provide countless trips and camping outings. Well worth one day of driving. you. Call Irene Velazquez at Dustin. He was very kind to let me nap for a bit on the way down. I nodded off (818) 932-1707 or email and on for most of the drive so it was actually quite relaxing. I saw surf spots I haven't surfed in years, the Sunday traffic was not so bad. We arrived at a shopping center where we planned to view the truck. It was a done deal, based













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On the Cover: United Pacific Industries Ford Truck

Centerfold: United Pacific Industries Mustang

Springfest Car Show 2018

Valley Indoor RV Storage

818-STORE-RV Classic & Exotic Car Storage

Located in Chatsworth, Valley RV Indoor Storage offers over 200,000 Square feet of indoor storage, concierge service and so much more... Motorhomes - RV’S - Collector Cars - Race Cars - Trailers - 5th WheelsJet Skis- Off Road Vehicles - Exotic Cars - Private Car Collector Areas - Etc. Located at 20701 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-701-6500

O’Gara’s Westlake GT

Cars and Coffee Reinvented … & Introducing the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Article and photos by Steve Geldman, Image Photo Motorsports

Have you noticed lately more and more local automotive dealerships are getting into the action hosting their own ‘cars and coffee’ type meet and greets? Earlier this year in Driven World, both Dustin Troyan and this author wrote about Porsche Westlake’s ‘No Substitute Saturdays’ event held every other month. Not to be outdone, ultra-high-end car and motorcycle dealer, O’Gara Coach Westlake, has stepped in and now hosts their increasingly popular ‘Westlake GT’. O’Gara Westlake, sitting on 8 acres along Thousand Oaks Blvd. has an array of classy commercial real estate which is home to British and Italian manufacturers including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Alfa Romero and Maserati. In the 2-wheel version, they also manage the Ducati Westlake dealership. In addition, you will find Previously-Owned exotics on their lot such as McLaren, Aston Martin, Bugatti and perhaps some Porsche’s and AMG’s sprinkled in. Let me put it this way, every window sticker has enough printable space for the total price amount to allow for extra zero’s. Walking through the O’Gara dealership on any given day is like being at a special auto event in itself ! The Westlake GT car meet is held monthly and attracts a good size crowd. To be allowed to drive onto their lot for this event, you better be driving a classic or late model exotic or otherwise find a place to park on the street. Bill Herold and his son Austin arrived with their beautiful Lime Rock Green 2014 Premiere Edition Chevrolet Corvette. Herold was turned away and settled for parking on Thousand Oaks Blvd. It’s not that O’Gara is being a Westlake snob. One must realize they have limited parking spaces available for the Lamborghini’s, McLaren’s, Aston Martin’s, Ferrari’s, Maserati’s and Porsche’s (the list goes on) who also arrive for this event. For those arriving in these exotics, parking attendants are hired to direct you to park in a ‘designated manufacture’ location, all parked side-by-side. Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful sight to see an entire row of colorful McLaren’s, Lamborghini’s or Aston Martin’s in New York’s Radio City ‘Rockette’ style. We’re very spoiled to be living in an area of the country with such an abundance of classic and late model exotics along with owners willing to take them out on the road to drive over and share them with fellow car enthusiasts. On this August event day, it was even more special as O’Gara unveiled the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan. This is Rolls-Royce’s first entry into the crowded SUV marketplace. As O’Gara Westlake’s General Manager, David Irving, explained to me with his appropriate British accent, this SUV was named after the Cullinan Diamond, the largest diamond ever discovered weighting 3100 carats! Irving shared some other statistics on this new massive SUV. It’s the first production Rolls-Royce to offer All-Wheel Drive, it’s 6.75L Twin Turbocharged V-12 creates 563 HP @ 627 lb.-ft. of torque and has a top speed of 155 mph. This beast also weights nearly 3 tons. Take all that and build it to Rolls-Royce quality standards (including the finest leathers) and technology, well, it’s one heck of a driving machine. Rolls-Royce is joining in with other exotic SUV manufacturers, such as Bentley, Maserati and more recently the Lamborghini Urus. Westlake GT happens the first Saturday of each month from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. O’Gara Coach Westlake is located at 3610 E Thousand Oaks Blvd., Westlake Village, 91362. Please use their website calendar to confirm a future event:




Many adjustable drop hitches exist on the market today, however all of these hitches fall short in terms of quality, utility, and strength. After great disappointment with available hitches, the answer seemed quite obvious. A new hitch was due to be designed and manufactured to meet the needs of hard-working men and women as well as their trucks. While the towing capabilities of new diesel and gas trucks has steadily increased over the last ten years, the market for hitches able to keep up with this demand of higher performance has been nonexistent. Today, many newer diesel trucks are able to tow anywhere from 15,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs. Hitches in today’s market lack not only the strength but the versatility necessary to tow any type of trailer with just one hitch. Multiple parts would have to be used for different tasks – different ball sizes, different drop sizes, or even different hitches altogether. This was unacceptable, and from this, the BulletProof Hitch was created! Since day one, no expense has been spared in creating the BulletProof Hitch. Looking at the BulletProof Hitch, it is no secret that it is built to be the strongest, most durable, and most versatile hitch on the market. To do this, BulletProof ’s engineers had to source the absolute best in materials, equipment, and skilled labor and combine these aspects with effective innovation. This innovation has come about through years of experience. Every hitch is made with solid, domestic U.S. steel that is chemically analyzed to ensure the steel is of the highest possible quality – the type of quality that has never been seen before in this industry. This process is done with nothing but the best – American machines, American workers, and American values. A number of government agencies use BulletProof Hitches frequently because they exceed their rigorous testing standards. These agencies include the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and all branches of the U.S. military, showing that American manufacturing and the American Dream are alive and well. The BulletProof Hitch was truly designed to be the last hitch you will ever buy. The team at BulletProof Hitches is always looking towards the future and will continue to meet the demands of those who use their trucks as a tool for work and play. Every hitch and equally innovative accessory is built with an emphasis on quality and strength. From the CNC-chamfered edges, epoxy powder coat, and precisely drilled pin holes to the versatile, stout design allowing for multiple attachments at once, the BulletProof Hitch simply has it all!

About The Hitch

The BulletProof Hitch is the highest quality hitch in the world, allowing any vehicle to tow any trailer at the correct level. This increases your stability, gas mileage and safety while maintaining even tire wear. Unlike all other drop hitches, the BulletProof Hitch is 100% American-made and features solid steel construction. Some manufacturers use hollow box for their hitches but BulletProof Hitches are built with solid 2", 2.5", & 3.0" steel for maximum strength. The adjustable channel plate is 5/16" thick and laser cut, the gusset that reinforces the hitch is 1/2" steel plate, similar to the plate used to armor military vehicles. The combination of these features give the hitch it's superior rating of up to 30,000lbs. The edges of the steel bar are CNCchamfered for appearance and functionality, making it easy to install and remove the hitch from any receiver.


Some manufacturers use poor quality paint to coat their hitches in order to save money. After a short time the paint will begin to deteriorate and rust will start to show. The BulletProof Hitch features a high quality epoxy powder coat that is designed to take years of abuse and yet still look like the day it came out of the box. The BulletProof dual ball is a combination of a 2" ball rated to 12,000lbs and a 2-5/16" ball rated to 30,000lbs, making it stronger than any other drop hitch available and allowing you to fully utilize the load capacity of your trailer. The hardware that is supplied with the BulletProof Hitch is heat treated for strength and silver zinc plated for superior corrosion resistance. The BulletProof Hitch also has a wide range of attachments such as pintles, recovery shackles, loops and drawbars. For more information:

This is Daniel Adelson from Daniels Keychains 4 Cancer. Since the last time I was featured in the November issue of DrivenWorld magazine, I have received my Blackbelt and have almost reached my goal of $5,00000 to donate to Children’s Leukemia and Lymphoma. I have also now connected with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and they are on board with helping me reach my goal. They also are trying to figure out a way to have me help them with their campaign they do at my school each year. Recently, I received a Certificate of Recognition from the City of Los Angeles and the Mayor's office which was presented to me on August 16, 2018 by Councilman Bob Blumenfield. Attending were LAPD Senior Lead Officer Duke Dao and a few family and friends. I have almost reached my goal and I want to thank everyone who has supported me thus far, including Dustin Troyan and Duke Dao and all the Supercar Sunday people who welcomed me into their community. A very special thank you LAPD Topanga and West Valley Divisions and LAFD stations 62,63,83,88,93,and 105 for also showing me love and support. With you guys this would not be happening. Thank you, Daniel Adelson


by Mark Llewellyn

When the automobile made its appearance in the late 1800’s, it did not take long for people to develop toy versions of their full-size contraptions. Pedal cars were developed back in the 1890’s and since then, it’s been the dream of every child to own one. At the turn of the century, their cost meant they were the play things of the wealthy. With the Great Depression, pedal cars became toys for the upper class. No pedal cars were produced in the mid 1940’s since all metal production was directed to the war effort. Pedal cars made a comeback in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They came in all designs: automobiles, boats, airplanes, and space ships. The pedal cars were just like the automobiles. You could get all kinds of options such as padded seats, rear view mirrors, and radio antennas. They were designed to incorporate the most current trends of the auto industry. They featured lights and horns, and came with real chrome bumpers and hood ornaments. Improvements in their design included a chain drive, just like a bicycle. But that was not enough to assure their popularity. They were heavy and sometimes dangerous, and with the advent of plastic and new safety standards, by the late 1960’s the pedal cars were left out in the rain to rust. Pedal cars again made a comeback in the 1990’s, but not so much for children to play with as for the adult collector who used to ride them. Many were rescued from Ebay barn finds, or restored by the hand of guys like the “American Restoration TV Show”. Due to this renewed enthusiasm, some companies have begun reproducing some of the classic pedal cars. Their popularity today seems to stem from emotional attachments to the good memories of a time gone by.

See these pedal cars at the Murphy Auto Museum, Oxnard, California

Waiting to set sail in their 1965 Murray Jolly Roger

1950’s Space Ship

Garton Hot Rod vs Dodge Challenger

1960’s Murray chain-drive tractor & trailer

On patrol in Thousand Oaks in a Murray 3-wheeler

Leon’s Transmission custom-made Richard Petty #43

Young Rebecca awaiting take off in her 1940’s Pursuit Plane




Being a Member of the Fast Toys Exotic Car Club is the Most Fun Any Automotive Enthusiast Can Have… With his or her Driving Shoes On! Want to Get Your Engines Revvved Up? Hint: The Next Track Day is September 6th in Fontana! We all love the magic of Supercar Sunday. It’s really quite an experience. Every Sunday is a fun day full of surprises. Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Shelby and Lamborghini days are extra special. Let’s call, it an exotic car lover’s paradise. So, OK. We’ve been wowed by the merchandise. How does somebody take it to the next level? Keep reading because here is your chance to become a real racer! A couple of years ago, LA car aficionados started seeing something unique… even by LA Car standards. They witnessed a Red Ferrari Enzo buzzing around town at Supercar Sunday and other high-profile car gatherings with a large “Fast Toys” oval graphic on the doors. People thought: “What is that?” or – as it zoomed by – “Who was that?” Four years later, the Exotic Car Club has an ever-growing list of members and hosts some of the most popular and well attended track events in Southern California has hit their stride. Fast Toys Car Club Founder and CEO Chris Carel brought it all into focus for us. “We had been in Los Angeles for about a year, made a lot of new friends in the exotic car world and received some positive press. Coming into the second year, having our new Enzo Ferrari cruising all around town was another part or our early marketing strategy and brought our introduction to Los Angeles to an entirely new level. We had so much fun attending the ‘Supercar Sunday’ type of events. We really enjoyed visiting the Petersen Museum and rolling up to all the Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls, Maserati and Porsche red carpet events and unveils around Los Angeles.” The strategy worked with new members joining the Fast Toys club at a steady pace. Now, with four years in their rear view mirrors, Fast Toys Club (www. is red-lining. So what is it? Fast Toys Club offers an exclusive supercar lifestyle experience for members which include events such as, track days, driving tours, trips to motor shows, and VIP access to amazing races -- some of which the CEO drives in. It’s similar to a timeshare for exotic cars. The Fast Toys Exotic Car Club allows members to experience the finest vehicles that the automotive world has to offer without the trouble of ownership. Club members simply book the automobile of their choice at the company’s website, or by telephone and the Fast Toys Club team delivers it. “Whether a car is reserved for a day or a week, Fast Toys does everything possible to ensure our clients enjoy thoroughly enjoy the driving experience and leave the hassles of depreciation, tire maintenance and brake wear to us,” says Carel. The era of asset sharing is upon us and rolling depreciating assets such as exotic cars, jet planes and recreational boats are generally more enjoyable when you don’t own them. In terms of maintenance alone, driving around Beverly Hills, Malibu and up PCH in a Ferrari can be costly, but as a Fast Toys Club member all that is included in the membership. The Fast Toys Club experience features several different membership packages. There are membership packages for individuals, corporations and everybody in-between. Then there are the cars! Vehicles: - Pescarolo 02 Le Mans Prototype - 400HP V8 | 0-60 MPH in 2.9s | Top Speed 186 MPH - Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo - 570HP 4.5L V8 | 0-60 MPH in 2.9s | Top Speed 210 MPH - Ferrari 488 Challenge - 670HP 3.9L V8 Bi-Turbo | 0-60 MPH in 3.0s | Top Speed 205 MPH - McLaren 720S - 710HP 4.0L V8 | 0-62 MPH in 2.9s | Top Speed 212 MPH - McLaren 675LT - 666HP 3.8L V8 Twin Turbo | 0-60 MPH in 2.9s | Top Speed 205 MPH - Ferrari 488 Spider - 670HP 3.9L V8 Twin Turbo | 0-60 MPH in 3.0s | Top Speed 205 MPH

- Lamborghini Huracan - 610HP 5.2L V10 | 0-60 MPH in 3.2s | Top Speed 202 MPH - Porsche 911 Turbo S Cab - 560HP 3.8L FL6 T/Turbo | 0-60 MPH in 3.0s | Top Speed 197 MPH - Chevy Corvette Z06 - 650HP 6.2L V8 Supercharge | 0-60 MPH in 3.0s | Top Speed 200 MPH - Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 - 526HP 5.2L V8 | 0-60 MPH in 4.0s | Top Speed 186 MPH See them all: Carel adds, “There are those who dream about it and never do it, and those who will check that box off the bucket list! We want you to be the latter!” NOW, LET’s GET TO IT… WHEN and What are Fast Toys Club Track Days all about? So you say you have an exotic or muscle bound monster and you want to take it to the track. No worries! Fast Toys Club hosts amazing simple and fantastic track events where you and your car can be the star. Carel adds, “Because we have a limited number of available spots for all our track events, we don’t have grouping. It’s a free-wheeling day at the track with a break for lunch. Drive ‘til you drop !!! We feature our driving instructors and have real race cars… even a two seater we

can take people on ride-alongs who haven’t quite summoned up the courage to drive themselves.” He adds, “For the serious racer, Fast Toys has created new ALL INCLUSIVE membership packages allowing enthusiasts to drive some of the best race cars in the world on real race tracks, as if they were a professional race car driver. Drivers arrive in the morning at the track, the race car is already there waiting. There’s a dedicated mechanic preparing the vehicle and all the necessary safety equipment. Drivers attend a driver’s meeting/briefing like the pros, and when all the safety has been addressed, strap yourself into the car and vrooom: to the track. After completing the first session, a driving instructor will be offering precious advice to improve your skills on the track with the car. Safety First… After every session, the mechanic will check your car, tire temps, tire wear, and refill with race fuel. Everything is included: car, fuel, tires, insurance (deductible applies), gear. Drivers’ receive the video of their achievement… so they can brag to your friends they almost… almost beat Lewis Hamilton’s lap time. As an event bonus, photographers from the amazing CaliPhotography company, Shooter Diva’s and Mordoh Photography are often on hands to capture the moment and behind the scenes fun! The car club features conic and exotic automotive brands such as Lam-

borghini, Ferrari, Shelby, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati and McLaren. Fast Toys Club also offers a wide variety of Luxury vehicles including SUV’s and Rolls Royce models. Members and Track Day registered attendees are afforded the opportunity to drive on the most legendary race tracks in California. The company boats a Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo race car. And as briefly mentioned, Chris Carel has taken his skills to the next level. Carel has been a contender hitting the podium twice in the Ferrari Challenge, Trofeo Pirelli series. True to the brand, the NEW Fast Toys Ferrari racer is draped in Fast Toys Club logo stickers. It is also available for members to enjoy. Unlike the stickers on the street legal cars, the stickers on the Ferrari 488 are permanent… to 220 MPH. At select track events, you can enjoy the Fast Toys Club Scuderia Corsa/Ferrari Westlake Team Car Driven By Chris Carel. Fast Toys Club supports Supercar Sunday’s Toys for Tots and is hosting new track side-events featuring ride-alongs for boys and girls from all walks of life… with go-karts! The next Auto Club Speedway track event is September 6, 2018. Go to and click on “Track Events” tab or email with the subject line: “Fast Toys Club September 6, 2018 Track Event.”


HOT ROD JAY SANTOS It’s still dark outside as my radio alarm turns on. I open my eyes and look around. I stare up and try to focus on the dark ceiling and slowly get up. I grab for my phone and as sure as the coming day, I have a text simply asking “Well”? I’ve been coming to SuperCar Sunday for quite sometime now. And as infamous as the fluorescent orange baseball cap that Dustin wears on his head, there’s another iconic figure that is there also relentlessly. He’s a tall fellow, looks to be close to seven feet tall, and wears a very specific hat on his head. Some might call it a “gangster hat”, but truth be told, it’s a Fedora. In the 1920’s they were very common and are now becoming popular again. The gentleman that wears this style hat who attends SuperCar Sunday religiously is someone I like to call, “Barry “The Hat” Buchanan”. There is no doubt that you’ve seen him. He is usually one of the first cars to arrive there in the morning. His parking spot is located up front and center. There is no question that you’ve had the pleasure of talking to him. He’ll tell you what he had for breakfast in extreme detail for 30 minutes, about some car adventure he had when he was younger or about the 15-hour drive he had to make to pick up his current Hot Rod. I met Barry and his girlfriend Kat at no other then the parking lot of Pep Boys Auto in Woodland Hills. I was driving “The 30 Rat” and had just pulled into the parking lot and parked. I ran inside to pick up some car parts and when I came out, Kat and Barry were standing next to my car. We struck up a conversation and they told me that they had just moved to the area. Barry shared with me his love of cars and told me all about the ones that he’s owned. He asked me if there were any car shows in the area and I triumphantly announced “well, yes there are!” I told him about SuperCar Sunday and the rest is history. It didn’t take me long to get to know Barry and become great friends. Here’s a short bio on the tall guy. Barry is the son of Larry Buchanan, King of the B-rated movies and most well known for the movie “Mars Needs Women”. Barry was born in Erie Pennsylvania and grew up in Dallas Texas and has 2 brothers and a sister. His family moved to California in 1968, which was perfect because his Dad was involved in the movie industry and his Mom was a classically trained pianist. Barry’s love of cars started while watching shows on T.V. such as “Highway Patrol, Batman and The Munsters”. The first car he ever drove was at the age of 14, which was a 1964 Chevy Impala. At the age of 16, he got his first car, which was a 1963 Buick Skylark. Barry got involved in acting in the 60’s playing extras in his father’s films. To date, he is a current SAG member and has appeared in countless films and Cable series’ such as “Westworld”. Now you could call Barry “obsessive” when it comes to Hot Rods and Muscle cars and you would be absolutely correct. I’ve been fortunate to work beside him and help him build at least a dozen vehicles. He is one of the original members of the car club “Rock n’ Roll Hot Rods,” which I’m founder and president. Let me tell you that Barry is no doubt one of the most skilled and knowledgeable people when it comes to cars. The most memorable car build he ever did was a 1930 Ford Model A with a 388 Stroker motor that he built from the frame up. His favorite build was a 1930 Ford C-Cab Ed Roth Rat Fink Tribute Hot Rod that I was fortunate to help him with. Now as I stated earlier, Barry’s current Hot Rod is indeed another crowd pleaser. He’s owned it for a year and a half, and found it on one of his adventures in Arizona. It’s a 1951 De Soto Deluxe, painted in an American Graffiti Yellow (one of Barry’s favorite films). It has a crate 350 engine mated to a Turbo 400 transmission. An Edelbrock16

intake manifold and Edelbrock carb top it off. Chrome headers help push out all the fumes into a pair of Cherry Bomb glasspacks. Power steering helps guide the behemoth of a car down the road rolling on custom Vintique Wheels. Power brakes help stop the beast in a safe manner. The most significant changes he made to it would be the Hot Rods stance. He changed the off road look to a gasser stance by upgrading the suspension that was donated from a truck chassis. He added a 7500lb. Hydraulic E brake, relocated the battery to the trunk and added a massive fuel cell as well. The interior is fully loaded and ready for any road trip that’s thrown at it. The license plates that help keep it legal are custom painted 1978 plates that Barry has owned and registered on 15 other cars! The rear side windows showcase vintage decals that Barry proudly proclaims “They’re different on both sides!” What’s so interesting about this vehicle is just the shear girth of it. It’s huge!! There is always a crowd gathered around it and the most

unique detail on the Hot Rod has to be the Conquistador Head that guides the front hood forward. If you look closely at it, you’ll notice the rhinestones in the eyes. This is a nice touch that Barry’s long time girlfriend Kat installed. If your fortunate enough to catch Barry standing by his Hot Rod, ask him about it, but only if you have a good 45 minutes extra laying around! As I rub my eyes, I sit there and think for a moment. I know what the text from Barry means. He simply wants to know if I’m going to drive over to his house so we can drive together or are we just going to meet at SuperCar Sunday? With a slight tired grin, I text him back and write, “I’m on my way!”


United Pacific Industries

Allows Hot Rod & S treet Rod Enthusiasts to Recreate Classic Vehicles with Ease Jena Kosinski

Classic cars are not dead. At least, that’s what United Pacific Industries is proving with their ability to recreate body parts for popular classic vehicles such as the 1932 five window Ford Coupe, 1932 Ford truck and 1966 to 1977 Ford Bronco. What started as an idea to bring quality fenders to builders recreating these vehicles has now turned into offering doors and then, eventually, the full body cab. United Pacific Industries embarks on creating their products in a way that guarantees accuracy: the company 3D scans each individual piece, uses specialized computer programs to generate the blueprints and then creates the steel tool dies. For the 1932 Ford truck body, which led the 2018 United Pacific Street Rodder Road Tour, more than 90 steel dies were used, and each die was created to exacting measures. The company’s trade secret has allowed them to create exact replicas of the original body parts – with the 1932 truck body parts being officially Ford licensed – that fit together seamlessly. All body parts are crafted to work with the original body pieces for those who just need to replace some parts or with the other United Pacific products to recreate the entire vehicle. The company decided to be so accurate in their replicas that wherever Ford placed a rivet, United Pacific did the same. In addition to the exact steel tool die standards the company has in place, United Pacific went a step further using the same manufacturing and welding practices Ford used in 1932 when creating their ’32 Ford vehicles. Ford welded using arc and spot welding methods; however, arc welding cannot be duplicated today, so United Pacific uses tig welding. Also not available today is the 19 gauge steel used by Ford in 1932, so United Pacific uses 18 gauge on the exterior parts and 16 or 14 gauge on the interior parts. To guarantee the strength of the steel and the welds, United Pacific uses a spot welder attached to a computer system which measures the strength of the weld and logs it. This process ensures consistent spot welding occurs so that the product is strong and the welds do not break. What began as a passion for restoring and recreating classic cars by the company’s founder, Major Lin, became a dedication to helping classic car owners replace parts to save their vehicles. Lin’s sons have since taken over the company, expanding the product lines to offer more for their classic vehicle owner customers. Over time, United Pacific has added modern touches to parts created for classic vehicle models, including LED tail lights and LED mirrors with flashing turn signals. United Pacific’s line includes interior accessories, dash and steering, interior door and window components, interior mirrors, pedals, floors, shifter parts, exterior doors and windows, exterior mirrors and accessories, horns, molding and emblems, windshields, hood parts, engine/chassis parts, headlights, wheels, and more. The extensive product line contains parts created for classic Chevrolet (including C10 trucks), Ford models, motorcycles, Volkswagen and others. With so many parts available, classic vehicle owners have a variety of options to choose from to make their car what they want. Each product is designed to allow owners to create their dream vehicle, whether it’s a stock look or a modernization of the classic. For more information: United Pacific Industries Long Beach, CA (866) 327-5288





RS Speed Desig n Article by Steve Ellis & Photos By Scott Welsch

Los Angeles is full of automotive workshops, you can throw a stone and hit 30, but out of those 30 shops, there are only a handful that consistently turnout next level work. These shops are diamonds in the rough and build some of the most amazing cars roaming the streets, breaking records at race tracks, and being gawked over at Supercar Sunday. I first found out about RS Speed Design from a friend of mine. It was a last-minute invitation to hangout and meet some fellow car guys, not knowing that I was also about to be introduced to one of the best kept automotive secrets in the City of Angels. When you arrive, you almost ask yourself if you’re in the right place, there isn’t a flashy banner, no massive gaudy building, just a small parking lot with a few windows and a door. We have a saying in Texas, “The nicer the building, the worst the BBQ”, meaning simply that even though appearance is important, the focus should be on the job at hand, and the cars that seek out RS Speed Design, know that they are there, to be worked on by one of the best. Walking in, you are greeted by mint daily driven cars, full restoration Datsun Z’s, Porsche 911’s of all years, concourse worthy Ferraris, fully built engines that await their engine bays, and all the equipment necessary of a proper automotive shop. RS Speed Design opened its doors in 2006 in Eagle Rock California and has been in Glendale since 2016. At the helm of this shop is Ares Mathevossian, born and raised in Germany, and comes from a family with a long history of cars. Ares is a man whose mind is constantly calculating, and envisioning how to make something great, greater. When you are entrusted to work on some of the most iconic cars, paying attention to the most minute details, some that may never been seen, are given just as much importance, and never overlooked. The team working along Ares, shares the same deep passion for each car that comes into the shop, as if they were their own. If you talk to any person who’s been in the car scene for a while, they have their fair share of stories and experiences with shops, those stories are nonexistent here. The job no matter how big or small, is always done right, or not at all. In his spare time, he is a petrol head to the bone, either racing both on and off-road, skiing at Mammoth, cruising Mulholland or Angeles Crest Highway in one of his cars, or on his motorcycles. His love for the Datsun Z’s is unbreakable, turning the beloved Japanese icon into capable monsters to compete with some of the most expensive, and vastly engineered cars made today. RS Speed Design offers dealership alternative service for Japanese, European, as well as titanium fabrication and repair. Specializing in vintage Datsun cars, Porsches, RS Speed Design is not the common repair shop, but something much more. It is the place where dreams are built, a hot rod shop, as well as an engineering shop for the diehard enthusiast, and capable of any service needed. RS Speed Design 701 S. Pacific Ave Glendale, CA 91204 (818)334-3381 / (818)800-7336

We Specialize in Classic Cars Repair. Maintenance. Restoration. High Performance.

(818) 787-7634 14843 Bessemer St Van Nuys, CA 91411

- All Classic Cars - Tune-ups - Full & Partial Restorations - Carburetor Rebuilding - Carburetor Tuning

We work on all classic vehicles: - Ford - Chevy - GMC - Cadillac - Hot Rods - Projects - Trucks - Restomod - Safety Inspections - Alignments - Brakes - Suspension and Lowering - Customization

- Wheels & Tires - Wiring - Air Conditioning - High Performance - Appraisals

No more mister nice hybrid.

Rusnak/Westlake Porsche 3839 Auto Mall Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 (866) 976-4211

Š2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times. European model shown. Some options may not be available in the U.S.


Conejo Valley Cars & Coffee Years After The Chumash Indians Article and Photos by Steve Geldman, Image Photo Motorsports

Long before there were automobiles in the Conejo Valley, there were the Chumash Indians. Why the reference? The modern automobile, where the engine (or electric motor) performance is measured in horsepower, the Chumash’s transportation was literally horse powered. Furthermore, we have no idea if the Chumash Indians held monthly events to show off their prized one-horsepower Stallion or Mare, but we do know that today there is Conejo Valley Cars & Coffee to show off our mode of transportation, plus we’re talking A LOT MORE horses. Craig Casey, a Thousand Oaks resident, started Conejo Valley Cars & Coffee in May 2014. After the first 6 months located at the Thousand Oaks Mall, it moved nearby to the Bean Crazy Coffee parking lot. With the coffee shop later closing and the parking lot becoming too small for the volume of cars showing up, it once again relocated to its current (and best) location in Newbury Park. Now having the Old New York Deli & Bakery Company serving as the events anchor in this strip mall, it likely helps boost the attendance to this early Saturday morning cars and coffee crowd. Event attendees also receive a 10% discount on their delicious baked bagels and other menu items, including the fresh hot coffee that helps get your ‘other’ motor running. Casey has loved classic cars his entire life so putting together this bimonthly car event came naturally. Now having young kids of his own, he states with a smile, “It’s good to get out early, enjoy this event with friends, and then back home before anyone knows your gone … its purely for selfish reasons.” All kidding aside, the one thing that Casey emphasizes about his event is the fact its welcoming. Casey ensures this group, regulars and newbies, engages everyone with open arms. He also finds a lot of networking going on, whether it be car related or otherwise. They typically have about 100 vehicles arriving on a given event day. Although many are in the Classic category, there is a sprinkling of exotics. If you do own a late model Porsche, Ferrari, a new Ford GT or other exotic, drive it on over as you likely will get a lot of attention. There were a few vehicles that caught my eye on this July morning and I had the pleasure to speaking with their owners. Allan Klein from Calabasas arrived with his beautiful grey 2002 BMW M Roadster. Klein, never previously owning a BMW, was looking for a smaller car but with high performance. Now owning this vehicle for the past 14 years, he knows it was a smart purchase decision. BMW built the M Roadster in 2001 and 2002, with a 2002 production of only 643 units. As new, the power plant is a 3.2 Liter with 315 HP. Klein added an aftermarket chip and updated the engine management. He now pulls out 330 HP in this < 3100 lb. lightweight body. Not too shabby of a power to weight ratio. Tom Doidge from Thousand Oaks rolled in with his bright teal colored 1947 Ford 2-Door Sedan Deluxe. Doidge was smart enough to buy this as-is in 2015, as the previous owner in Oregon provided the blood, sweat & tears in


its restoration/modification. This eye catching classic sports a sweet chromed out 302 ci engine. His adorable golden retriever, Suzie-Q, sat comfortably in the rear seat as I photographed and admired the interior. I started this article about horses so allow me to end it in a similar fashion. Harvey Magidow of Westlake Village saddled up and drove his awesome, factory teal colored, 1966 Ford Mustang to the event. Ford offered this, now rare, exterior and interior color for their ‘66 model. Fast forward to 2006, Magidow located this ‘single owned’ gem in, of all places, the PennySaver. This is a classic ‘little old lady’ story. The owner had used her vehicle as a daily driver but otherwise it stayed out of the elements and kept well preserved. When Magidow happened to spot the ad, he quickly drove over to take a look. When he returned from his test drive he immediately handed her a check at the asking

price. The Mustang was presented to Magidow along with a detailed paper trail of maintenance service records including the Ford Dealership Purchase Agreement written in July 1965. One of the cool features of this vehicle is it was originally purchased with the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Pony Packageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, an option Ford was offering at the time. Some of the upgrades this package included were AC, an upgraded interior (i.e., embossed ponies in the two bucket seats), vinyl top, upgraded steering wheel and center console, to name a few. Today Magidow takes this classic out for short drives, including local car shows where his Mustang has been honored with awards. Conejo Cars & Coffee is located at 2700 Teller Road, Newbury Park. They meet the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. For further information, please visit


SupercarSunday FerrariMarqueDay Supercar Sunday Ferrari Marque Day was a huge hit. With one hundred plus Ferraris on display, it was absolutely incredible. We did not promote the event at all and it just goes to show how passionate the car community and the Ferrari community is. Ferrari Marque Day is always one of the most anticipated and enjoyed Marque Days. As the Ferraris rolled in it was a showing of everything Ferrari had to offer. From the last of the naturally aspirated V8 cars to the new twin-turbos, the V12s and classics. It was such a beautiful morning. Thousands of photographs were taken of the Ferraris and social media was buzzing. It would not be a Ferrari Marque Day of course, without one of the true Ferrari Supercars. We were indeed blessed to see one of the rarest modern Super/Hyper cars on the planet, A La Ferrari. As the La Ferrari drove in,


the crowd went crazy. It was such a rare opportunity to see and hear Ferrariâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest in person. As far as unicorns go, to see this car driving in, to hear it start, it really made it the perfect morning. Truth be told, everybody was in shock and disbelief that this $5 million dollar car was in front of them. Personally I have only seen one other in real life, parked at a dealership. What a stunning example and to the owner, thank you for sharing. All in all, it was a day for the record books. Supercar Sunday once again hit a grand slam because of the car community members, the Ferrari owners and everyone else that participates. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think there is a better illustration of passion and community than our community, the car community. Thank you all!

Did you know that certain paint colors can actually add value to your home? Yes, metaphorically speaking, paint can be the color of money. Zillow recently conducted an analysis of paint colors that help sell homes and came to some very interesting conclusions. This one may surprise you: Houses with front doors in shades of black that vary from charcoal to carbon fetched $6,271 more than expected when sold. This may be a result of the trend toward sophistication and modern, clean lines. The same trend can be noted in response to kitchen colors. Buyers love light colored cabinets that are accented with darker paint on lower cabinets or kitchen islands. This color choice can actually add $1,500 to the value of your home. ‘Color pop’ is a term frequently used in the world of Interior Design. Creative designers are finding great success in using accent colors, especially in shades of blues and grays for kitchens, exteriors and bedrooms; but neutral wall colors are a change in direction from the once popular darker wall tones. Light beige, pale taupe or oatmeal-colored living room walls can help a home sell for $1,926 more than expected. Shades of light blue still work in bathrooms and can add up to

$2,800 over the expected sales price, although that trend is waning a bit. Blue still works in bedrooms as well. Homes with light cerulean to cadet blue bedroom wall colors can add $1,856 in value, according to Zillow; and homes with slate blue to pale gray blue dining room wall colors also sold for more than homes with white walls in the dining area — $1,926 more on average. That’s nothing to be “blue” about! It might also be interesting to note that there are colors that are no longer popular and can actually detract from the sale price of your home. If you’re thinking of painting, you may want to stay away from brick reds, browns and yellows, as those color palettes can actually detract from your home value by $2,000 or more. In the end, color choices are personal, and homeowners should surround themselves with colors that create a joyful atmosphere. If those colors also add value, that’s an extra bonus. So be bold – add some color to your life! wFor more detailed information, go to: amp/s/ amp/

(323) 252 1700 (310) 985 2719 Connecting the Worlds of Real Estate

Gwen Banta 29

Tory Herald

Cars & Cigars WITH TMPCC

Written by: Ken Latka Photos by: Tommy Huth, Ken Latka and Steve Valline

On Saturday August 18, 2018 the Television Motion Picture Car Club (TMPCC) held their Third Annual Cars & Cigars event at Lavaggio’s spectacular auto detailing facility in Agoura Hills, California. The event was sponsored by Lavaggio, the TMPCC and Vista Ford Lincoln of Oxnard, who rolled in with a fantastic display of high end Lincoln Black Label Series vehicles for the members to check out. Cars & Cigars is always an enjoyable and laid back event and Lavaggio makes for the perfect location. Almost half of the TMPCC’s 200 members attended this year, and the club’s eclectic mix of vehicles meant there was something for everyone. Whether you are into classic or modern muscle, sports cars, exotics or customs, they were on display. Two very special off road vehicles from TMPCC Sponsor GenRight Off Road were also on display at this year’s event. What makes Cars & Cigars events so special is that they are not just about the rides, they are more about the people, and Lavaggio provides the perfect setting with shaded tables and chairs on their elevated patio. This is the place to sit down and relax, watch cars roll in and out, people watch, eat a wonderful spread of food from Bellini Bistro, enjoy a glass of wine, a cigar (if you are so inclined) and catch up with friends. I would be remiss if I were to end this article without thanking the owner of Lavaggio Mr. David Delrahim for allowing us to host another Cars & Cigars at his outstanding facility. And a huge thank you goes out to Dustin Troyan for coordinating all the logistics between the TMPCC, Lavaggio, Vista Ford Lincoln of Oxnard and Bellini Bistro. I honestly do not know where Dustin finds the time to do everything he does for the car community, but he always does a spectacular job organizing these events and they always go off without a hitch. So if you are a member of a car club and you haven’t held a Cars & Cigars event at Lavaggio yet, you are missing out. FOOTNOTE: The Television Motion Picture Car Club is the world’s only car club for those who work in the entertainment industry. It is a private club for those who work in the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports and motorsports industries. Members include Emmy winners, Oscar winners, Grammy winners, Taurus Stunt Award winners and more. Their members have worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes on hundreds of hit television shows and blockbuster motion pictures. Some of their members design and build the vehicles you’ve seen on the big and small screen, while others are the stunt and precision drivers who have lent their driving talent to such films as the Fast and Furious franchise, the Batman movies, the James Bond films and so much more. The cars bring the members together, but the people in the club are what make it so special. For more information visit them online at

TMPCC Car Show Written by: Ken Latka Photos by: Jason Mordoh

The Television Motion Picture Car Club (TMPCC) held their 9th Annual Car Show in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Flavor of LA Food Festival on the backlot at CBS Studio Center in Studio City, California on Sunday May 20, 2018. The event was sponsored by CBS Studio Center and NBC/Universal Studios, with additional sponsorship for the car show provided by Next Pictures and Vista Ford Lincoln of Oxnard. Proceeds benefited the Studio City Chamber of Commerce and the charity L.A. Kitchen. The Flavor of LA and TMPCC Annual Car Show was a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Once attendees entered the studio, they walked through almost two city blocks of vehicles owned by members of this very exclusive club. Since the TMPCC is an entertainment industry based car club, the vehicles are a cool mix of classic and modern rides owned by those who work in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the television, motion picture, music, radio, sports and motorsports industries. Of course you can’t have an entertainment industry car show without a few vehicles that have appeared on television and in motion pictures, so this show also had some picture cars on display for everyone’s enjoyment as well. Some of the highlights included the Los Angeles unveiling of the first Hurst Heritage by GSS Chrysler 300H in 50 years. Jesse Dickerson (the President of Cinema Vehicles) displayed a real deal Eleanor Mustang from the blockbuster motion picture Gone in 60 Seconds. Richard Morey displayed his 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR that appeared in the 2008-2009 NBC Knight Rider television series. Robert Streeper of "Driver's Eye" set up his jib arm camera crane chase car and did demonstrations for the attendees. Andy Spilkoman displayed his incredible 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton. Mike Venarde brought his sequential serial numbered 1969 Mustang Boss 302's, and when you added in all the other incredible rides like a stunning Model T Hot Rod, a pristine Model A, a very rare 2005 Ferrari Modena Stradale Challenge, Viper GTS-R (and everything in-between) you had a car show that did not disappoint. TMPCC member Skeeter Rader (who is known by many who read this magazine) drove in from Nevada to spin tunes from the 50's, 60's and 70's that filled the car show with music. Another member, stuntman, stunt driver, stunt coordinator, helicopter pilot and aerial coordinator Rick Avery signed copies of his book "A Life at Risk". Rick is a legend in the entertainment industry with more than 500 television and motion picture credits under his belt. Another legendary stunt performer and stunt driver at the show was Debbie Evans. Debbie has more than 300 television and motion picture credits to her name and she is best known as the stunt driving double for Michelle Rodriguez in all the Fast and Furious movies. And if you remember the death defying motorcycle chase in Matrix Reloaded (that was Debbie doubling for Carrie-Anne Moss). Even Camilo Pardo (designer of the 2004-2006 Ford GT and head of Ford's Living Legends studio) flew in from Detroit to enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of this very unique event. As you continued walking through the car show, it intersected with the Flavor of LA at the cross streets of Gunsmoke Avenue and My Three Sons Street (two popular television series that were filmed at the studio some years back). The Flavor of LA section of the event featured food and libations from 50 of Southern California’s best restaurants and beverage suppliers. Much of the food was from award winning chefs and restaurants, which makes the Flavor of LA and TMPCC Annual Car Show a very special event of gastronomical proportions. So if you’re in Los Angeles next May, you need to add the Flavor of LA and TMPCC Car Show to your calendar, because stunning cars, great food and wonderful people make for a very memorable day. For more information or to learn how you can join the TMPCC, visit their website at

Wheels & Waves Malibu

Fireball Tim~ A Bit More Than Cars & Coffee Article and photos by Steve Geldman, Image Photo Motorsports

I must be one of the most fortunate journalists around being given the opportunity each month to attend one car event after another and sharing these experiences with readers. Aside from being treated to an endless abundance of automotive eye candy, I meet some of the most friendly and interesting people. A case in point was when I recently stopped by a nearby beach community’s automotive event and had the pleasure of meeting its host, Malibu’s one and only Fireball Tim Lawrence. Fireball is locally known for creating his popular Wheels & Waves Malibu monthly cars and coffee gathering, which I’ll get to in a moment. Being referred to as Fireball, his legal name by the way, couldn’t be more appropriate. This guy IS on fire! Together with his lovely wife Kathie, they have so many ongoing activities it can make one’s head spin. For his Automotive Design skills, Fireball has worked as a team member assisting to create vehicles for over 400 Hollywood movies and commercials plus special projects for SEMA. Some of those iconic cars include Batman (think Michael Keaton’s ride), Knight Rider (think KITT), Jurassic Park (think Ford Explorer) and Gone in 60 Seconds. Then there is his Fireball Publishing company. Fireball creates and distributes Children’s Coloring Books. Why? Because he noticed there were no coloring books available that focus on cars. Kids love cars as much as we adults do, so Fireball filled that void by creating automotive versions for children. Fireball’s coloring books also include marine life, due to his admiration to this beach community. Next and perhaps most popular is his ‘Fireball Malibu VLOG’. With now over 800 episodes, his VLOG is seen on ‘The Auto Channel’ TV Network as well as available on YouTube. This nonscripted entertaining show surrounds Fireball (and often Kathie’s) automotive beach life and features cars, celebrity interviews, Malibu real estate and automotive destinations. Fireball tells me “It’s about passion … whatever your passion is, live it and expand upon it.” In addition, one can often spot Fireball wearing a T-shirt stating what comes from his heart: “Do What You Love, Love What You Do”. Amen to both!


Wheels & Waves Malibu newest sponsor is The Murphy Museum. Along with The Malibu Times, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf plus others, they assist in funding for things such as event entertainment and giveaways to guests and exhibitors. These may include Mattel Hot Wheels, Trading Cards and other goodies. What makes Wheels & Waves Malibu perhaps a little different than most other morning ‘cars and coffee’ events? First, there is the terrific background music hosted by DJ Ken Vela. Vela is out there with his wireless mic constantly addressing the crowd with his cool voice similar to DJ’s we all heard on Los Angeles AM rock radio in the 60’s (um, perhaps not all of us). Vela is also a major car enthusiast who was customizing cars at the age of 17. As exhibitor cars are rolling onto the parking lot, Vela is detailing the vehicles as if he owned them, making sure everyone doesn’t miss taking a closer look once parked. Did I hear free coffee? Fireball obtains a ‘Coffee Sponsor’ each month that allows him to hand out coffee coupons to guests and exhibitors until they run out. This being Malibu, there are the celebrities who come to mingle. Some past celebrities include Dick Van Dyke, Keanu Reeves, Tony Dow and pop singer Celleste. Fireball’s website usually informs in advance which celebrity is planning to attend. Let’s talk about the cars. Fireball makes it very clear that within our car culture, we admire all types of vehicles, including motorcycles. He emphasizes “ALL types of vehicles are welcome to this event.” You will see vehicles from early model vintage to late model exotic supercars and everything in between. On any given event morning, about 100 to 150 vehicles arrive for viewing, and often drooling, pleasure. Louis and Linda Cicciari from Simi Valley came out this July morning with their 1974 Red and White Ford Torino they have owned for the past 13 years. What makes this car so special is being a reproduction of the Torino used on the 1970’s Starsky & Hutch TV series. During the show’s run, the model years 1974 through 1976 were utilized. Cicciari has always been a big Starsky & Hutch fan and wanted this car since being a kid. After the 2004 movie version came out, he was able to find the car builder, Zebra Three of San Diego (now defunct) and had them build their ‘Starsky & Hutch’ Torino. The interior has ‘Zebra Three’ embossed into the seats among other reproduction details. For those of you who need to ask, “Zebra Three” was the call sign when the two main characters, while using their car radio, were communicating with police headquarters. Does the name Huggy Bear ring a bell? When Cicciari was later asked if his Torino can be used at a Starsky & Hutch promotion event, he immediately said YES. During that event, actor Paul Glaser (aka David Starsky) came by and personally signed his signature on Cicciari’s Torino glove compartment door. For Cicciari, how cool was that?!

Robert and Debbie Maldonado, along with their son Ryan, made their trip out to Malibu from La Puenté in a beautiful 1955 Candy Apple Red modified Chevy Pick-Up. Back in the 1980’s and with his father’s persistence, together they bought this truck. After Maldonado’s father passed, the truck sat out on his mother’s driveway for the next 19 years slowly deteriorating and rusting out. A couple years ago this truck went through a 1-year complete restoration which Maldonado performed mostly himself. This involved a new chassis, disk brakes, drivetrain and a Chevy Corvette LS3 engine. They completed the restoration on the 20th anniversary of Maldonado Senior’s death which I was told by Robert and his family makes this truck even more special. They drive this truck 3 to 4 days a week so it’s not one to sit inside a garage for too long. Wheels & Waves Malibu, now at a new location, can be found at the Malibu Country Mart, 3855 Cross Creek Road, Malibu 90265. It happens on the third Sunday of each month from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Please refer to Fireball’s website to confirm the event. and then click on the link “2018 Car Show Calendar”


A Porsche Affliction A Remedy, Not a Disease

Article and photos by Chris Constantine

Alberto Scherb is a man with a plan. “I have a daily to-do, a current, next year, five year, and long year of things that I need to do...and every day I look at it,” he said. Scherb has been mapping out his life since he was studying for his engineering degree back in Mexico, and this near-obsessive philosophy has helped put three Porsche sports cars in his driveway, each for a different milestone in his life. One of the first stops on Scherb’s road map was a 1997 Porsche Boxster, a car he had seen in a magazine when it was first announced and immediately fell in love with. He bought a ‘97 Boxster years later, his first Porsche and second car in the United States. This car, which he affectionately named Isabella, would be the spark that ignited his love for the Porsche marque. Of the three performance cars in his collection, Isabella is his favorite to rip around in the canyons. “I know her so well and I know when she starts to slide; and I know how she turns precisely because I’ve driven her as a daily car more than the other cars,” he explained. Still, Scherb’s undying love for the brand was not satiated by his mini-911, so he put his planning skills into effect once again and arranged to buy a fullsize model for his 40th birthday. “Before [my wife and I] got serious, I said, ‘when I turn 40, I’m going to buy a car and it’s not going to be cheap.’” After the okay from his beloved, Scherb went to work meticulously picking out options for his dream 911...a full year before his birthday. With help from a carefully-picked dealership, he flew to Stuttgart, Germany to collect his new ride from the factory, a GT Silver 2015 Carrera S with a seven-speed manual transmission– classy and powerful, but understated. The one car Scherb’s careful planning could not account for however was his 1976 Porsche 912E. A miscarriage left his family heartbroken, and robbed him not only of the joy of having a daughter, but of the feeling of control over his path for the first time in his life. For reasons Scherb can’t explain, he latched onto the 912E, and bought one during his grieving process. While the Boxster may be his favorite to drive, his red 912E named Scarlett is the car most personal to Scherb, as it represents the daughter he never had. “I never got to meet [my daughter], she only exists in my mind when I drive.” It’s also the car that gets him the most positive reactions from car enthusiasts young and old, and thus he has dubbed it his “happy car.” Scherb will continue to add more Porsches to his driveway over the years, after the proper amount of deliberation of course. His current fantasy is a 1973-74 911 Carrera RS, and although this car now costs almost seven figures to own, Scherb says his way of achieving his goals means that this isn’t necessarily a pipe dream, and that no dream car should be. “Get the car that you like, not the car that you think you will be liked on.” he urges. “You have to really want something, and plan for it, not just want it…. The car is the worst investment you will enjoy the most.” Roadster App - The App for Car Enthusiasts Connect on RoadStr. Download now Follow: @porscherb






T h e L I N C O L N B L AC K L A B E L C O N T I N E N TA L

B L AC K L A B E L Lincoln Black Label is the highest expression of what a Lincoln can be. With unique themes, exclusive premium materials and a number of exclusive member privileges, you’re not simply buying a Lincoln, you’re truly owning one.


*Restrictions may apply. See a participating Lincoln Black Label Dealer for complete details. 39


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September Issue of Driven World  

Covering California Car Events and the People Who Make it Awesome.

September Issue of Driven World  

Covering California Car Events and the People Who Make it Awesome.