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D RIVENWORLD ISSUE 46, October 2013


Dustin Troyan


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STORIES BY Dustin Troyan Tommy Mansuwan Jim Hunter Mark Llewlyn Brooks Smith Greg Grudt Mike Grudt

PHOTOGRAPHY Greg Grudt Duane Steiner Gabriel Sarkisian Macel Valezquez Cordero Studios


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On the Cover: “The Veneno� Photo: Greg Grudt

From the editor A new day is coming for me and the missus. That’s right, we are going to be parents! Heather is pregnant with our first child and the due date is the first week in December. Naturally, the baby’s arrival will coincide with the 10th Annual Motor4toys Charity Car Show. The joke amongst friends is that Heather is going to give birth at the event. But luckily we will have just about every law enforcement agency and emergency service present, including helicopters, so we will be in good hands. December is right around the corner… Heather decided that she wants to keep the gender of the child a surprise so we have no idea if it is a boy or a girl. Does it really matter anyway? No, we haven’t painted the baby room. Heck, we have barely gotten started on any of that baby stuff. I am not sure how much that matters—paint and colors—but what I do know is that we are ready to love, cherish, and sup-

port the baby. A true blessing. A new day indeed. You know, I have never changed a diaper. It can’t be rocket science, right? Hmm, wipe this, wipe that, some baby powder, slide the diaper under, close it up, done. Heck, if I can put an engine in a car, I can change a diaper! Right? Recently, we decided to take our 1967 Chevelle big block car out for a spin. The car is not finished, but it has a pretty well built motor with a radical cam and the lovely hi-compression sound. Heather is about five months pregnant and, when I fired that car up, the baby started moving like crazy. Hey, maybe it will be a little hot-rodder. My dad was not much of a car guy; he never had the time or money for it. He was too busy raising us and working his ass off. I do remember watching him change the oil on his Ford Currier pick up or change the plugs on a Sunday afternoon with his mismatched tools. He would ask me to hand him a tool. I recall not being confused about a Phillips head screwdriver and a flat-head or when he said, “Hand me the vice-grips.” I think back to those days of my father working on

the car, sometimes cussing in frustration or having to ask our neighbor, Mein Tran, to help because he was a proper mechanic. I remember the Ford Currier book he would reference. I remember him finishing in the dark. My father is a damn fine man, I hope I can do as fine a job as he did. It’s funny… I have already planned in my mind how I will teach our baby how to work on cars, how to work on a house... how to work. I am already thinking that I do not want to show my frustration when I cannot get a part off or back on. I want to try to make it fun, make it more of a challenge than work. I can see his or her little hand putting a wrench into mine and me thanking him or her. I can see the kid getting greasy and me saying “Oh, your mother is going to kill me for getting you so dirty!” I can see ‘share and tell’ day and me bringing an old car to school and talking to the kids about it, or teaching my kid how to drive and taking him or her to go-kart school for safety. Then, of course, there is the possibility that the kid might not be into cars. Well, that is fine too. Perhaps he or she will be into surfing or bike riding or basketball or art or whatever. I just hope that I can share the same passion with our child and help him or her to grow strong. Geez, this sounds like it is all about a boy, right? Well, my wife has changed the oil in her car, painted the engine on my old Camaro, pulled radiators out and put them back in. A girl can do all this too, right? Ok, ok, listen. If I have to learn how to dress dolls and paint nails and braid hair and play house, I am all in. If we do have a girl and she wants to paint my toenails or finger nails, pluck my eyebrows, heck, pick out my outfits, done. I will wear it proudly. If you ever come to Supercar Sunday and I am all “dolled up” you will know why. We have a baby on the way and I am so excited. I may have to ask for some help from you. If everyone is right about us being tired and worn out when the baby arrives, I may reach out to you to ask for help with Supercar Sunday or Driven World Magazine. I simply have no idea what to expect except diapers… lots of diapers. I know that Heather will be a great mother. I know that we are lucky to have parents who will be great grandparents, and brothers and sisters who will be great aunts and uncles. And we have so many of you in our car family who will be great aunts and uncles, as well. As we quickly approach our due date, I become more and more impatient. I want so much to hold and kiss the baby. I can’t wait to introduce the baby to all of you. There is so much to share with him or her and so much to do. A baby… we are going to have a baby! I am so happy, I cannot tell you. Words cannot describe how I feel inside. Frankly, I am not sure of everything I feel inside, so many new feelings coming out— new hopes and dreams, so much planning, so much excitement. I would like to end this by saying thank you to the car community for always being there for us. Thank you for supporting Motor4toys and Supercar Sunday, two dreams that have turned into reality. As Heather and I open the door to our next dream-come-true, I would like to wish all of you the best that the world has to offer. May your dreams become your reality. I have waited a long time to be a “daddy” and that dream will come true this December. Thank you, Dustin

Monterey Car Week Embodies The Enthusiast Spirit Story & Photos by Jim Hunter

Despite several prior trips to the Rolex Monterey Historics and Concorso Italiano, I had the opportunity this year to arrive in Monterey a bit earlier. Feet firmly on the ground, I would soon gain an understanding of what "Monterey Car Week" really means. A single day event in Monterey this time of year might satiate the average automotive enthusiast, but an entire week? I had to wonder whether I would overdose, pass out from exhaustion, or both. Confronted with beautiful cars, I conversely want to photograph them or simply stand and appreciate them like an art aficionado with a fine adult beverage. Unfortunately, doing both satisfactorily at the same time is next to impossible! Thus the manner in which I would respond to the week ahead would prove interesting. Tuesday morning came early with a dawn drive into Carmel for Concours on The Avenue. Arriving that morning in rather heavy

fog I found myself trailing two Ferrari Daytonas up the hill, past 17 Mile Drive into Carmel proper. As the fog lifted to crisp coastal blue skies, prized examples of automotive artistry began to line up in front of the shops and cafes of this quaint seaside village. Carmel is very relaxed, so it’s easy to get up close with fine automobiles before they turn up at other events later in the week.  From Astons to Sunbeams, a '54 Ferrari Mondial to a '58 Devin Porsche, a Datsun Sports Fairlady 1600 to a Porsche 959, the variety of vehicles on display was inspiring. The afternoon drew a healthy crowd, and I eventually put the camera down to venture back to my hotel, finding myself trailing another classic Ferrari on my way back into Monterey. To heck with easing into the week, I was now fully charged for the days ahead.              There are always a host of special events that accompany Monterey Car Week. In timely fashion, Hagerty sponsored a discussion and Q&A

on the 1976 F1 season upon which Ron Howard's upcoming motion picture "Rush" is based. Two drivers from the era, German Jochen Mass (James Hunt's McLaren teammate) and American Brett Lunger were on hand to recount what has proven one of the most fascinating seasons in F1 history. Lunger, a former US Marine, and Italian driver Arturo Merzario are largely credited with saving Niki Lauda's life following his fiery crash in the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. Noted F1 journalist and author Pete Lyons and Motorsport historian Jonathan Stein rounded out the panel. Should the highly anticipated film have a lasting impact, this casual gathering may prove one of the more memorable and later discussed aspects of Monterey Week 2013. Of course, The Monterey/Pebble Beach week is ground zero in the trade of historic, rare, and high-dollar automobiles. Names like Gooding, RM, and Bonhams have become household monikers in the fantasy of auctioning dream

tive design. The Quail also took place on Friday, and as the overwhelming week wound down, the weekend arrived with a bang as racing at Laguna Seca took center stage on Saturday before a huge turnout. Auctions continued Saturday night, and on Sunday morning the main event, the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, capped off a spectacular week. The numerous concours, auctions, retro memorabilia markets, parties, and casual gatherings make the week the highlight of the North American automobile year. That said, I suggest that it is those unexpected moments, cars caught in quick glances passing on the road, which truly encompass the spirit of the Monterey Car Week.

automobiles. It is not just the sheer number of historically significant cars that makes Monterey Car Week unique, but that in almost every direction on the peninsula one can stumble upon examples of the "most" significant.   The Gooding lobby showcased two very important F1 cars: A World Championship winning Ferrari F2002 driven by both Schumacher and Barrichello, and a Gurney-Weslake Eagle, one of four chassis ever built and driven to victory by Dan Gurney in the '67 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch.   It is always great fun to check out prep for the RM Auction outside the Portola Conference Center in Monterey, where some of the cars to be auctioned are displayed on the mall. The RM lobby featured the now famously rare '67 Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S N.A.R.T. Spider which sold for charity at a record breaking $ 27.5 million! For the collector with a slightly lighter wallet, I stopped by the Embassy Suites Monterey Bay for Automobilia Monterey. Vintage, out of print books and posters, die-cast cars, art, and memorabilia make up, as one writer describes, "a delicious mini-Retromobile," and claims to be the largest of its kind in America. Automobilia provided a nice break, was easy to slot into my schedule, and most of all did a good job keeping the enthusiast meter pegged. On Thursday, Pebble Beach kicked off with their Tour d'Elegance. The Rolex Historics also got underway at Laguna Seca and the evening brought the usual gathering of cars and people at Carmel Valley's Baja Cantina. Given the masses, it's tough to get a table much less inside the restaurant, but it's always worth dropping by for a stroll through the parking lot. The cars and atmosphere make for a memorable experience, even if it isn't for a full evening. Dawn Friday, and I was glad that my Thursday night was not a full evening! The marathon was only getting started, because Friday brings one of the week's most highly anticipated concours, Concorso Italiano on The Laguna Seca Golf Ranch.    Lamborghini enjoyed recognition as this year's featured marque. A significant turnout of Lambos accompanied by a stunning array of Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Maseratis, and a unique collection of the hand crafted,

Italian bodied American answer to European GT's, The Apollo. Of the more unusual cars on display, John Goodman's "The Golden Car," a 1965 Ferrari 330 GT modified by Piero Drogo for Norbert Navarro and a stunning example of Lamborghini's first car, the 350GT topped this photographer's list. If one thing can be said about Concorso Italiano, it is passion. Tim Pearson returned this year with his '57 Alfa Giulietta Veloce Spyder. "This is the third time I've shown the car (at Italiano). I bought her in 1998. She had been in storage for 30 years so I had Conrad Stevenson in Berkeley do the restoration." Pearson is still actively pursuing a few odds and ends to make the car perfect. He is not alone in the passion he holds towards his car. With no shortage of enthusiasm from owners across all Italian marques, old and new, moderate to expensive, Italiano is a festive ritual and celebration of Italian automo-

Rolex Reunion Fuels Monterey Passion The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca is arguably Monterey Car Week’s main event. With much of the week dedicated to showing classic automobiles, the Rolex Reunion instead puts historically significant thoroughbreds through their paces as originally intended. The on-track employment of a memorable racecar from a bygone era is the best way to keep a motorsport enthusiast young at heart. For those who shudder at the thought of racecars gathering dust and slowly rotting in museums, the Rolex provides a perfect balance against the entirety of Monterey Car Week. Laguna Seca has long held the fascination of motorsport fans worldwide, and as one of North America’s most unique circuits it makes a fantastic playground for this very popular annual gathering. The circuit has also played a role in the stories that follow these racecars, as many notable moments of North American motor racing history have unfolded between its barren, rolling hills. The Rolex also truly feels like a family reunion. It is a celebration of motorsport and one of the more relaxed, open paddocks anywhere. One can practically walk right up to a 60’s Trans-Am championship winning Camaro and turn to discover a former F1 driver admiring the same car. Five-time Le Mans winner and noted sports car champion Derek Bell, F1 Grand Prix winner Gerhard Berger, and three-time F1 World Driving Champion Jackie Stewart could be found in the Laguna Seca paddock. Notably, seven-time F1 World Driving Champion Michael Schumacher and his former boss at Ferrari (current FIA President) Jean Todt also made a brief appearance. From pre-1940 sports cars to pre1984 F1 cars; 80’s FIA Championship to early 70’s Trans Am cars, the paddock displayed significant memories from many eras of motorsport. The iconic Corvette was honored as this year’s featured marque, and with the golden anniversary of the Porsche 911, this year’s Rolex Reunion proved exceptional. A short list of notable cars in competition over the weekend included a former Niki Lauda Ferrari 312 T2 chassis number 26, a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport, and Mark Donahue’s 1968 Trans Am Championship winning Penske Camaro. Of note, this writer was surprised to discover the Wolf WR5 F1 chassis that Jody Scheckter debuted at practice for the 1978 Monaco Grand Prix. The list goes on and on. With the brief lull in concours events, Saturday once again drew the largest crowds to the four-day motor sport festival. The “Spirit of Monterey” honor, which includes a specially engraved Rolex, went to John Harden of Oklahoma City, who first raced at Pebble Beach in ‘53 and drove his last race on Saturday, taking his helmet off for good after 60 years of passionate competition.

Story & Photos by Jim Hunter

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48 Hours of Monterey

I recently crossed off two items on my bucket list. I attended the Monterey Car week festivities in August and traveled the 17-Mile Drive in Monterey. Words alone can’t properly describe Monterey Car week and all of the auctions, manufacturers’ parties, and sightings of the best of the best vehicles from the past and present. My son, Greg (, and I had looked forward to this trip all year but it almost didn’t happen. Greg and his wife, Lindsey, were expecting a baby and their son, Ryden, was born on Monday, August 12. Lindsey insisted that Greg go to Monterey that Friday—that is the sign of a true car wife (she can also tell the difference between a Murcielago and an LP640, by the way). Fortunately, I was able to make the trip with Greg and his accompanying pictures will show the uniqueness of this happening. We planned a very full and detailed schedule to pack a week’s worth of activities into two very long days.

Story by: Mike Grudt Photos: Greg Grudt

We left Agoura at 4:00 a.m. on Friday and enjoyed a five hour drive along the beautiful California coast. As we dropped onto the main road into the Monterey Peninsula, our first car sighting was a Bugatti Veyron, followed shortly by another Veyron. These were not just run-of-themill Veyrons; they were Supersport and Vitesse models. From that moment, I could tell this was going to be an amazing trip. On our way toward the Quail we saw a Monterey Blue Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni Edition in a parking lot (we later found out that Valentino Balboni himself was driving this car) and then a beautiful dark red (Rosso-something-or-other) Ferrari 599 GTO. It only got better from there. After a few quick pictures we hopped back in Greg’s truck toward the Quail and a new Porsche 918 Hybrid passed us going the opposite direction. Wow, what a cool car. This was a car lover’s dream come true. We

saw numerous Bentleys, Roll Royces (including the new Wraith model), many of the new Jag F types (also cool cars), Ferraris, Lambos, and virtually every high-end car one could imagine. We were in the Monterey Peninsula for thirty minutes and I already had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. We parked at the Quail. Oh, what is the Quail you ask? The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering is an annual event, now in its eleventh year, that is held at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel during Monterey Car week. The tickets are a few hundred dollars per person, sold via a lottery system, and sell out each year. The event is the epitome of unique, one-of-a kind automobile and culinary experiences also featuring high-end goods and services. This year the event started with a skydiver jumping out of a helicopter that was so high it could barely be seen. He had a smoke trail as he descended and at the last second

he opened a para-kite with a Bentley logo as he gracefully landed on the infield of the event. The vehicles inside were literally the best of the best. A few of the remarkable vehicles included: a black Maserati MC12 (1 of 1), a Ferrari F50 GT (1 of 3), a Lamborghini Veneno (1 of 4), a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ‘Jean-Pierre Wimille’ Edition, an original Shelby Daytona Coupe (1 of 6), a Pagani Huayra (first U.S. spec car), and a unique pair of Ferraris, a P4/5 street version and a Competizione model. I was told the New York owner of these one-of-a-kind Ferraris has never shown the two cars together. There was also a rare Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato with right hand drive and the same car in left hand drive outside the Quail parked on the side of the road. The Quail attendees park on a portion of the golf course at the beautiful country club. It is truly a car show outside of a car show. As we strolled through the parking area we enjoyed seeing and photographing a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, a Ferrari Scuderia 16M, a Testarossa, F-40, F-50, Enzo, and numerous other Ferraris, Lambos, a Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet, and the list goes on. We could not believe the caliber of the vehicles we saw. As we enjoyed these cars I had a flashback to 1977 when I purchased a new Trans Am. I thought for a moment how cool it would be to have a “Smokey and the Bandit” moment and tear up the golf course like a scene out of the movie. Sorry, back to 2013 (I would never really have done that, but seriously how cool would that be?). We had a busy and full schedule to follow so off we went to Monterey to check out the auctions. We paid our toll for the 17-Mile Drive and I crossed off another item on my bucket list. I have been to Monterey in the past, but I have never driven the 17-Mile Drive. I have traveled all across California, most of the U.S. and western Canada and I have always wanted to traverse this road. This drive includes some of the most beautiful scenery in California, or anywhere for that matter. The ocean views with the rocks and cliffs are unique and we even had two deer cross our path during one of the numerous trips along this route during our visit. I was fortunate to be a passenger during our travels so I could enjoy the

sights. We completed most of the 17-Mile Drive and arrived in Pebble Beach to preview vehicles at our first auction. The Gooding auction is one of the premier auctions present at Monterey. This year they did not disappoint. Some of the vehicles of note were a silver McLaren F1 (which sold for $8.5 million), a Ferrari 250 TDF 14 Lou-

vre, a Ferrari F40 LM (race version of the F40), a Ferrari FXX, and a black Bugatti 57 SC Atalante. We checked out the remaining vehicles and off we went to Monterey to preview two more auctions. We arrived at the RM auction in Monterey which was held in a hotel and the adjoining courtyards. This is another first-class event. Displayed prominently (and rightly so) in the foyer as we entered the hotel, was a flawless and amazing Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder (1 of 10), which was being sold by the family of the original owner. The car sold for $27.5 million, which may be the highest recorded price ever paid for a street vehicle at auction. Supposedly the family donated all of the proceeds to local charities in their home town in North Carolina. This auction also included a Ferrari F50 which was the first production F50 car shown at the Geneva Auto Show and also the last Ferrari with a five digit VIN number—99999. After taking numerous pictures and enjoying the rare vehicles

we walked over to the Russo and Steel auction in the marina area nearby. There were numerous cool vehicles at this auction including a Lamborghini Diablo SV Monterey Edition (1 of 20) painted in a rare (1 of 1) blue color, a yellow Ferrari Testarossa, a white Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird, and numerous old American muscle cars and European machines—mostly rare and or unique examples of their model. We went back to Monterey to grab a quick dinner. One of Greg’s friends mentioned that a (1 of 1) Bugatti Veyron Supersport Alkon Edition was seen near Cannery Row but we missed it. After that we went to a hotel in the area where a high-end car group is known to stay and we saw an unbelievable assortment of mostly Lamborghinis and a few Ferraris. One treat we enjoyed was viewing our first 2014 Corvette Stingray. It was white and parked next to a white Lamborghini Aventador. I know I am partial to American muscle cars but any car guy would be hard pressed to say the $60,000 Vette didn’t look awesome next to the $450,000 Lambo. Greg and I decided to head back to Carmel for some late night car spotting. We made a wrong turn in Carmel and Greg’s GPS sent us to a back street where, lo and behold, we spotted the elusive Veyron Alkon Edition parked on a little side street. This was just dumb luck. Greg grabbed his tripod and took some photographs when the owner arrived. He was cool and said he hoped we

48 Hours of Monterey Continued

took some good pictures before he drove away. We figured we had enough cars for one day and we called it a day. We got up early to begin our car exploits on Saturday. We visited one of the premier hotels in Pebble Beach that is known to have high-end car owners as guests. We saw a Ferrari 599 SA Aperta and a yellow Ferrari 599 GTO, a unique, purple-with-white-interior McLaren MP4-12C, and a Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe with the same color combo (and same owner). The colors sound weird, but the cars were actually very cool. We went over to the last auction on our list, the Mecum. The Mecum is predominately loaded with good, old American muscle cars (my favorites). When we walked into the auction tent they had an old Hurst Plymouth Barracuda “Hemi Under Glass” wheelie drag car from the 60’s right up front next to the auction block. I knew this was my kind of place. They had a huge assortment of old Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros, and Chargers. Good, old American horsepower for sale. One unique vehicle which was clearly out of place here was a very rare Mercedes CLK-GTR Roadster which was one of six made and the only one in the U.S. I have seen the hardtop version at the Petersen Automotive Museum but I didn’t realize they made a roadster version. This was one cool ride and I’m sure I will never see it again. We then drove down the 17-Mile Drive to the main Pebble Beach area. We visited the manufacturers’ tents. The Jaguar tent had the best SWAG. They gave away a heavy duty orange and black canvas bag with the Pebble Beach logo and dates. They were really trying to push their new F- type two seat models. We saw many of them during our trip and I haven’t driven one, but they do look very nice and sort of like a Ferrari California from the front view. The KIA tent had some great fresh squeezed lemonade. I don’t remember the cars, but the lemonade was refreshing. The Porsche tent had a 50th anniversary model 911 and $16 key chains. I see why they are the most profitable car company in the world.

Anyway, we made our way over to the McLaren tent and we were very impressed. Their tent was in a prime location adjacent to the Pebble Beach concours. They had a new yellow P1 on display (we saw an orange one at the Rodeo Drive Father’s Day Show last June). This was truly a very impressive car. They also had a red McLaren F1 that was supposedly built for Mario Andretti and a couple of McLaren race cars. They served Stella Artois beer and Kobe beef teriyaki skewers which helped to impress the clientele. They also had helmets from famous McLaren drivers like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost among others. The tent was very professional and very well done. We then went over to the Pebble Beach concours area as some of the cars were staging for the big event on Sunday. We spoke to one owner who had a (1 of 1) Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Speciale that was the prototype of the Ferrari 250 TDF 14 Louvre model. It was immaculate and I’m sure he won an award for this beautiful car. We left and walked around past the Maserati and Bentley display areas and we saw a couple of Bugatti Veyrons (I lost count of the number of Veyrons we saw during our trip) in a parking lot. I noticed that they were using gas cans to hand fuel the vehicles. I asked one of the factory representatives why they were doing this and he said they use 103 octane gas for these cars (forget it then, I’m not going to buy a Veyron if I have to hunt for 103 octane gas to run the darn thing). We then saw a Veyron with a white thin cover over it driving out of the parking area. We had to follow this car and see what was hiding under the cover. He pulled into an area down the street to set up for a private Bugatti party. As the crew moved boards numerous times to ramp the car up on the display they had set up we finally saw underneath the cover. It was another special edition Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. This was an FBG Par Hermès edition that was dark and light brown and a beautiful unique automobile.

Greg and I then went over to the Pebble Beach concept lawn to see what was in store for the future of automotive models. A few cars stood out in this collection. The new Acura NSX was present, which was an amazing upgrade from the previous NSX model. Also on display was a crazy Laraki Epitome. This Moroccan supercar was a cool candy apple red and black color beast with a $2 million price tag and a 1750HP Chevy 7.0 liter motor (go USA!). It was over the top in styling and power. As we left the Pebble Beach festivities we made a quick trip through the Mid America auction tent. They are the premier motorcycle auction team in the country. They had a number of unique old Indians, Harleys, and other bikes from the last century as well as a few very rare race bikes. I used to race motorcycles and I love checking out any and all motorcycles. We had a schedule to keep so off we went. Our next and final stop was the Serata Italiana event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini held at the Pasadera Country Club in Monterey. The parking lot was filled with just about every make and model of Lamborghini one could imagine, including a rare Lamborghini LM002 SUV from the 90’s. Inside there was a Lamborghini tractor (for those of you who don’t know Lamborghini started out as a tractor manufacturer), a rare one of three Lamborghini F1 car, numerous Miuras, a Versace LP640 (1 of 20), other old Lambos, and some cool current models. I met the CEO of Lamborghini (Stephan Winkelmann, a true European gentleman) and said a quick “hi” to Valentino Balboni (I have met him before and he is a nice guy and a true gentleman). We were served a gourmet meal and as an added treat Adam Carolla (noted Lamborghini collector, celebrity car racer, and radio personality/comedian) was MC for the event. He hosted his radio car show (CarCast) and interviewed Valentino Balboni. He also called out the lone Ferrari owner in the audience as the Ferrari “a-hole” and repeatedly referred to him as the butt of his jokes. Who would bring a Ferrari to a Lamborghini dinner? Greg and I left Monterey a little after 10:00 p.m. and switched drivers a couple of times as we got tired during the drive home. We pulled into Agoura about 4:00 a.m. Sunday after spending an action-packed 48 hours at Monterey Car Week. We have already started to plan the trip next year and we will definitely add one or more days to the program. I encourage all of you to enjoy Greg’s photos from this year and to experience the Monterey Car Week festivities for yourself at least once in your life.

The 63rd Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Running the length of Pebble Beach’s 18th fairway, the 63rd iteration of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance capped a Monterey Car Week on overdrive. This year’s concours celebrated several marques and classes, including the Centenary of Aston Martin, 50 years of the Porsche 911, 50 years of Lamborghini, Lincoln, Indianapolis Roadsters, and French motorcycles. Aston Martin took

advantage of the unique Pebble Beach energy to debut to the world the new Vanquish Volante, a 565 bhp drop top GT. The concours also played host to a number of concept cars, several of which made their North American debut across the Lodge’s practice putting green, christened the “Concept Lawn.” Aston Martin further celebrated their centenary and feature billing with the North

Story & Photos by Jim Hunter

American debut of their concept CC-100 Speedster, a car which Aston developed specifically to punctuate the 100 year mark, while also hinting to future Aston design direction. Legendary British marque Jaguar brought their one-off “Project 7” to the Concept Lawn. A design study by Ian Callum based upon the new Jaguar F Type chassis, “Project 7” derives its name from Jaguar’s seven victories in the 24 Heures du Mans. Admiring the 550 hp supercharged V8 roadster, American racing driver, 1996 Le Mans winner, and Jaguar spokesperson Davy Jones exclaimed, “It turned out really beautiful, fun to drive. It’s the real deal.” Featured marques Porsche and Lamborghini also brought sensational designs to the lawn. Porsche wowed Pebble Beach with the 918 Hybrid Supercar, which produces almost 900 hp and devours 0-60 under 3 seconds. Lamborghini bookended an extraordinary 50 years of groundbreaking design with their latest hypercar concept, The Venano, against a gorgeous 350GT, the very first car shown by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. One of the more interesting design examples, LA based Laraki-Motors premiered their 7-liter quad turbo beast, the Epitome. In this writer’s opinion, the car’s exterior is reminiscent of the work of Syd Mead, while the interior has been fashioned with the help a designer from Tesla. The run up to the concours is fueled by a contagious energy that builds as the Monterey

Pebble Beach continued

Car Week progresses. The traditional Tour d’Elegance kicks things off and gives owners and enthusiasts a chance to enjoy these magnificent machines on the road. This year’s tour included, for the first time in over a decade, a lap on the famous Laguna Seca circuit. In the wee, misty Sunday morning hours, the Pebble Beach “Dawn Patrol” was out in force to welcome the cars into position on the fairway. Pebble Beach offers an amazing variety of historically significant automobiles. With such an overwhelming number of classes it is impossible to imagine that there isn’t something everyone. A 1934 Packard 1108 Twelve Dietrich Convertible Victoria took Best of Show honors, only the second time in nearly 20 years that the honor went to an American car. The Packard edged a ’34 Hispano-Suiza J12 Vanvooren Coupe and a 1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost for the confetti shower. Art Deco influenced Vanvooren served as this year’s featured coachbuilder. Among dozens of trophies and class awards, one of unique interest to the SoCal automotive scene was the Enzo Ferrari Trophy, which went to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason for his ’53 Ferrari 250 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta. The car, which finished 7th in the 1953 Carrera Panamericana, was beautifully restored a few years ago by Redondo Beach’s Fast Cars, Ltd. The car still bears the slogan “No Hay Dos,” which translates as “Nothing Better.” Fast Cars, Ltd. also enjoyed best of class honors with their 1960 Alfa Romeo Superflow IV. Pebble Beach can be truly described as a spectacle—one that automotive enthusiasts should experience at least once.

A Dream Realized

by Brooks Smith

When I heard my father’s voice raving into his phone, I knew it was the one. I had been searching for a car for about five months, ostensibly to replace my faltering wreck of a Ford Focus but, in reality, it was about something else from the beginning. I’ve been a gearhead all my life. Dinosaurs, airplanes, astronomy, and guns have all come and gone but cars have remained ingrained in my consciousness from earliest memory. And it all started with a car I never saw. In the early 1970s, my parents lived in San Diego. As a young couple in a city with almost oppressively nice weather, they decided to buy a roadster. What they ended up with was an Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider, a ’67. I’ve never forgiven them for selling it. I grew up on stories of that car—its warmth and its romance and its propensity for leaving them stranded—like crossing the Rockies on the gearbox when the brakes went out or the time their mechanic forgot to torque the manifolds down and the carbs sprayed petrol all over the engine bay. Growing up, these stories were told whenever a Spider crossed our path. To me, it became a car apart. In the early ’80s, the people who owned Alfa Spiders seemed cooler than other sports car owners. Most were thin, young, and dressed like Mork & Mindy cast members. They were fashionable, hip, and listened to new, cool music. And their mother never fed them strip steak or iceberg lettuce. To this kid from

Modesto, California, a Spider became a symbol sophistication. I tried to obtain one multiple times. As a teenager my ambitions were flattened by my father’s memories of his Spider’s running costs, a factor which crossed over to affect all European sports cars. I got a Fiero, with predictable results. Over the next two decades, interesting cars came and went, a ’65 GTO, a ’58 Karmann Ghia (most of one, anyway) being high and low points. A Del Sol Vtec and a 240 SX were fun, reliable companions. And then came the disaster of the Focus SVT of which I will say no more. Through it all, I read, and listened, and learned as much as I could about interesting cars. So, when it came time to replace the Ford, I had my arguments lined up. For five years I had been dealing with an unreliable car. I’d figured out how to live with one. I didn’t want reliable. I wanted interesting. I wanted cool. The intervening decades brought education and “maturing” taste. In the last few years, I’ve become something of a motoring hipster. The more obscure a car is, and the more likely it is to have been built in a shed, the more interesting I find it. The closest I came to a car like that was a Ginetta G15. I missed it by a day. I refocused. Four months past, then an ad popped up in San Francisco for a ’72 2000 Spider, no rust, new paint, perfect interior. I made the call and in a couple of days my folks were on their way from

Sonora to see the car with me. My father was skeptical. The car was at the top of my budget. A couple of years ago the price would have been beyond the top of the market. But after seeing the car, my dad’s caution evaporated. All the memories of unreliability seemed to be erased, and the decision made itself. Right car, right time, right price. The owner accepted our counter offer without hesitation, and the car was mine. That was a month ago, and I just got my hands on the car this week. If anything, it’s better than advertised. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t something of a monkey off my back; a relief to finally own a running example. But quite beyond that, it’s a pleasure as an object. Opening the garage in the morning has become an event. All the classic car processes are there: warming up, checking oil, sitting at the pumps, trickling fuel in. Motoring finally requires enthusiasm. That enthusiasm may be tempered by reality soon. Having to use the car day to day in Los Angeles is a daunting prospect, but it’s one to which I’m dedicated by necessity. Keeping the car in anything like its current condition is going to require time, money, and resolve. But as a reward, I get to own an Alfa. I get to own the source of car enthusiasm. I get to own the first cool car. I couldn’t be happier about that.

Valley Indoor RV Storage

818-STORE-RV Classic & Exotic Car Storage

Located in Chatsworth, Valley RV Indoor Storage offers over 200,000 Square feet of indoor storage, concierge service and so much more... Motorhomes - RV’S - Collector Cars - Race Cars - Trailers - 5th WheelsJet Skis- Off Road Vehicles - Exotic Cars - Private Car Collector Areas - Etc. Located at 20701 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-701-6500


2013 Dodge SRT VIPER For more information:

Shaver Automotive Group 3888 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Thousand Oaks, Ca 91362

John McCann Sales Manager/ Viper Specialist (888)603-6232 ext 101

@ !"$! 0./;:6;:!;6,8*/(8.,899,3)2? @ !5=,825®585;+35;:/®>2,(*1>/(;9:!?9:,3!,2,*:  @ !2(*1=04.®52+084+;*:054!?9:,3 @   (:052;304;3 5*1,88390./0-:!6804.9 "0:(40;3 ,:(04,89 42? @ !;6,8*/(8.,+55+5=28(6/0*9 @ ,80:(.,!:?2,!!®(+.04.-588022,(4+ ,(8"(020./:(4,2 -B*0(20*,49,+85+;*:

@ !854:8022,49,8:685<0+,92(4+04.6(+-58!!®)(+.04. @ ,(8"(020./:(4,2,*(20425992(*12(:2(*1542(*1#40:9 @ ,(8;(8:,8(4,202249,8:8(6/0*90425992(*12(:2(*1542(*1#40:9

@ "/8,,;(20:?' !;6,8*/(8.,+,4+,8 ,(8,*10+(+.,9 @ '%/,,2,4:,8(6958!:5*1%/,,29 @ !!;6,8*/(8.,+5.53)850+,8,+854:2558(:9 @ ' !;6,8*/(8.,+5.53)850+,8,+854:,(+8,9:9 @ '!;6,8*/(8.,+!6,*0(2:?$,/0*2,(9/2(7;,,?5)9  @ ,(:/,85;4+58:-5205=4,8A9(4;(208:/,8:0B*(:,(4+%04+5=!:0*1,8 @ &,(8 02,5=,8:8(04%(88(4:?

Car Culture

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Mark Llewellyn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“A Little Evel in All of Us” It was October of 1938 when the world was introduced to the world’s greatest daredevil, Robert Craig Knievel (aka EVEL KNIEVEL). I could devote this whole magazine to his life, but instead will focus on the impact of his persona and why he is still popular today, even after his death in 2007. If he had appeared today, I think he may have been predominantly ignored. Evel’s fame was born out of the atmosphere of the late 60’s and early 70’s. For those who the “Peace Movement” and protests of the Vietnam War were controversial and uncomfortable questions of the American Conscience, Evel Knievel restored them to a sense of superhero Americans that made them respect him. Here was a guy dressed in red white and blue leathers. He faced death square in the eye. He bragged and boasted of his bravado, making women want him and men wanting to be like him. In the end, he did what he said and jumped his motorcycle over what seemed impossible distances. Ironically, he became more famous for his biggest failure. The crash landing at the Caesar’s Palace fountains jump in Las Vegas. By all accounts and watching the film of the crash he should have died. The fact that he did not made him a star. He is further credited for saving the “Ideal Toy Company” by the millions of dollars of toys produced in his image. He negotiated coverage of his jumps on ABC’s World of Sports, and he hung out with the likes of John Wayne and Liberace. Inevitably fame put demands on the man that began to fracture his personal and professional life. He was 40 and facing marriage problems. He was unable to better his feats due to injury and the inability of technology to allow his equipment to perform longer jumps. It all ended in 1977 when Evel had an accomplice hold his ex-manager, while he proceeded to pummel him with a baseball bat for writing a book about Evel which Evel referred to as “lies”. It was over, no more endorsements, no more Wide World of Sports, no more celebrity friends, and no more good times. Hit with jail time and law suits it seemed America would never hear from him again. For 20 years one might only catch a glimpse of him on a late night infomercial promoting a pain reliever. America can be forgiving and after time it seems we forget the bad and attach the good memories to times in our lives. Which it is for the likes of Bill Clinton, Kolbe Bryant, Pee Wee Herman and of course, Evel Knievel. He was welcomed back in the 90’s and credited as being the “Father of the X-Games”, he even opened for the MTV music awards ceremony. His toys were re-issued. People would line up for hours at “Galpin Ford” when Evel made appearances there to have him sign their mementos’ and get a picture with their hero. With his “master of showmanship” quality he would talk of coming out of retirement to make yet, “One more jump”, when it was obvious he could hardly walk. I was lucky to be there that day, seeing my childhood hero. No one giggled and no one smirked when he spoke of this next great jump because we believed that if anyone could do it, it would have been him. So in retrospect, I suppose he is remembered more as an Inspirational figure rather than a sports figure. He has a motorcycle in the Smithsonian, so that says it all right there. Happy Landings!

Golf Tips with Tommy Mansuwan A professional golfer on the big tour needs to have one of the best short games in the world. While you will rarely see the best players hit every green in regulation during a round, you will more likely see the various spots these guys attempt to scramble from in order to save whatever strokes they can. Arguably, one of the best scramblers to ever play the game was the late Seve Ballesteros—a man who famously made birdie from a car park to win his first major. He had one of the most unusual and unorthodox techniques to escape a buried lie in a greenside sand trap. From the first golf lesson I ever took, the conventional way to recover from a “fried egg” lie (aka, a buried lie) was to shut the clubface and dig down into the sand in order to have the ball jump out, as opposed to the normal approach of a bunker shot with a slightly open face while using the bounce to splash the sand. However, the method Seve used was completely opposite of what was taught and has worked pretty well for a number of players. First, setup to the shot the same way you would a regular bunker shot with an open stance. Make sure you dig in with your feet until your footing becomes stable in the sand. Once you are set, hover your most lofted wedge behind the ball and over the sand with the face wide open where the face is pointing

straight to the sky. Now instead of pulling the club back, quickly hinge your wrists so that the club moves straight up towards your head (or, more specifically, your right ear) and bring it straight back down as if you were splashing the sand behind the ball. When you are imagining the swing and getting a feel of the motion, think of a wood chopping. While you most likely won’t be making that move on the ball, it will help you get more vertical on your attack angle. At no time do you want to feel the club move back or around your body for this particular shot. Your focus should be on getting the club straight up and down. What this does is narrow your swing arch where it resembles more of a “V” rather than a typical “U”. This angle will allow the club head to enter the sand closer to the ball (less sand between club face and ball) without hitting the actual ball in order to get some kind of control on the shot. Done correctly, the result should be a high and soft shot with some minimal rollout. Much better and predictable than stabbing at the ball only to watch it shoot straight across the green into the rough. Leave it to the master scrambler himself to find a way to play the impossible shot. As with any other change in golf, practice it plenty of times before you take it out to the course. This should give you more confidence next time you walk up to a buried lie in a bunker.

End of the Lease

by Scott Martin

In past columns for Driven World, I have discussed the pros and cons of leasing versus financing a vehicle. One of the main reasons to lease is that you have more options at the end of the contract compared to the end of a finance contract, plus it takes place earlier in the life of the vehicle. As an auto broker, I almost always advise my clients not to exercise the “buy-it-out” option for several reasons which will be addressed in future columns. You can also “walk away” from the vehicle if all terms and fees have been satisfied, and if any excess miles or wear-and-tear to the interior or exterior have been accounted for (that is also a subject that I will devote an entire column to next year.) There are many options at the end of a lease but it always comes down to what is best for each individual. The main thing to keep in mind is that, to continue reaping the many benefits of leasing, the best thing you can do is turn your vehicle in and lease again, whether it is with the same manufacturer or another. Although you may be over mileage or have some wear and tear on the vehicle that you must pay for, your overall cost will almost always be lower in the long run. If you feel that you absolutely must buy out your vehicle because you love it, or it has very low miles, or you grow attached to your cars, remember that the manufacturers normally do not negotiate on the lease-end predetermined price. You will pay state sales tax on the total buyout amount and you will probably want to purchase an extended warranty which will cost between $1,200 and $3,600. To make things easier, you will receive a lease-end kit that has a tool so you can determine if any of those nicks or dents will be chargeable. Many people don’t know this, but it is important to set up an appointment so the leasing entity can inspect the vehicle prior to its return to the dealership. That way, you will know in advance if you will be charged and you have the opportunity to do things like body work yourself, or to question the manufacturer about different items on their bill. You may receive calls from your dealership prior to lease-end asking if you would like to turn the vehicle in early. This can sometimes work to your advantage if there is a specific program that forgives the last one, three, or six months, but otherwise the customer will end up spending a lot more out of their pocket than if they wait until the lease is actually over. Scott Martin is a Calabasas resident, automotive photojournalist, and auto broker. He has financed and leased many vehicles and always expects honesty and great customer service from dealerships. As a sales specialist and manager at Southern California dealerships, he learned to make deals that would benefit both the seller and the buyer. He and his associates at Scott Martin Auto Brokers act as go-betweens to help individuals obtain vehicles from dealerships and strive to make the process as simple and inexpensive as possible. phone:818 430-7266

Cars For Sale

1961 Ford F100 Unibody Rare CA black plaate truck, only build from ‘61-63. 460 Motor with 80k miles, c6 trans. Lowered with adjust-

able air shocks in rear. New: battery, radiator, tubbed in rear. Asking: $16,000.00 Contact: Dustin@connectedmediagroup

Offering this 1932 Chevrolet all steel Hi-Boy roadster built by Gene Vredenbergh, retired executive from General Motors. Featured in the Aug. 2002 Street Rodder Magazine This is a full custom frame and chassis. Steel EMI body with rumble seat converted to trunk by Dick “Magoo” Megugorac. Custom hood by Magoo. The engine is a Chevy 4.3L V6 fitted with a B&M Blower, Holley 600CFM Carb, GM Splayed-Valve Covers (for Indianapolis competition), Crane Cam and Isky roller Rockers. Transmission is a ‘88 Chevy Camaro

5-speed. Cusotm interior and lift off top by Mike Harper Interiors. Custom Dash, VDO gauges, Ron Francis wiring. Budnik Wheels and Goodyear Tires. The undercarriage is as detailed as the rest of the Hi-boy. All records. Asking $65,000.00 Contact:

1968 Dodge Charger. This car has been owned by the same enthusiast since 1988. It has a 440 Engine, 727 Transmission. This Charger has new wiring, trunk pan, seats, sstereo, NOS system, line lock, 410 gears. Includ-

ing with the sale: 440ci Short Block, 440ci Crate Block, New transmission and 2500 stall converter and two NOS Bottles. Asking $39,999.00 Contact:

This 1997 Ford Mustang was built right! Bored and stroked to over 300 CI by Nelson Racing, all forged internals, billet cams, Vortech V2 Supercharger, Art Carr transmission, upgraded brakes, suspension, Basani exhaust, heads ported and polished, all ARP studs, Cold air intake, Canton oil pan and windage tray, MEZ Water pump, Ford racing headers, BBK Valve Covers, back up camera, Carbon hood and wing (currently off the car) and so much more. Receipts for all work on hand. Clean title. Tuned for street driving. Over $45k invested

in build alone. This would be a great street/race car or pull the drivetrain for your own project. Great platform to your pro-touring Mustang swap. Asking $17,500.00 Contact:


In Our Community - a letter by Lori Neville The news about our own Dustin and Heather Troyan expecting a baby got me thinking about our community and how to raise kids in it. I’ve been in the automotive field for over 30 years and I have to say that you cannot meet a better group of people who care about their communities and regularly step out to help. You may know that Dusty started the Motor4Toys Charity Car Show and Toy Drive more than ten years ago. Over that time I have had the privilege to work beside him—or run around, trying to catch him to see how fast we can move all the toy boxes out of my shop so my crew can get back to business. It’s been amazing to see Motor4Toys grow a little bigger and a little better each year and to see that the motorsport community has made a difference in the lives of so many kids. This year I am also having some fun working with another non-profit organization called BookEnds. BookEnds started in 1993 when an 8-year old kid gathered his friends to collect books for a much needed library at a home for abused children. Fast forward fifteen years and now over 2.5 million books have gone out to organizations and schools in need. BookEnds has also trained over 300,000 student volunteers to help their schoolmates learn to read. Nationally, California ranks last in access to libraries and

49th in number of books-per-student. This is one of the reasons for illiteracy amongst our students and adults and it means there are lots of people who are not qualified to finds jobs or to support themselves and their families. This year BookEnds is having their first BookDash to raise funds for and awareness of the illiteracy problem in greater-Los Angeles. The event will include a 5K Run/Walk, 10K Run, and 1K KidDash. It will take place on October 20, 2013 on Westchester Parkway by LAX. Motor4Toys has been gifted a sponsorship position for this event so I hope that the Supercar Sunday and Motor4Toys supporters will come out to run, walk, or just wander. There will be team competitions, sponsors’ booths, food, music, and fun. (Exercise can be fun and good for you. Besides, from Westchester Parkway you can take a nice little coastal drive to hit the great ‘recovery’ restaurants on PCH.) The BookDash will also feature a book drive so please bring any new or gently-used books that you may have hanging around to donate to the cause. With any money that is donated BookEnds can deliver five times that amount in books to kids. Please lend a hand, foot, or book to a great cause. Even if you can’t be at the BookDash, there are other ways to support BookEnds year-

round. Your kids can log onto the website, www., to find out how their school or organization can hold a book drive—it looks great on school applications and is easy to do. We all make a difference in our communities but some of us get to do it while having fun with our cars! Lori Neville is President of AUTOTRIXX and an active supporter of BookEnds and Motor4Toys. She wants to congratulate her best friends, Dusty and Heather, on their upcoming baby—niece or nephew, it doesn’t matter to her!

Supercar Sunday Story by Dustin Troyan Photos by Duane Steiner

When it all began...when Supercar Sunday was just a small event, back when it was called EuroSunday, one of the biggest groups that attended regluarly were the Corvette Clubs. Same can be said for the Motor4toys. The Corvette Community is one of the most passionate groups out there. On Corvette day, it was more of a reunion. Friends from the very beginning. Redline Corvette Club, Vintage Corvette Club, Simi Valley Corvette Club and Santa Clarita Corvette Club to name a few. On Corvette Marque Day it is

always fun to watch. As the clubs are extremely organized, they all come in at once. A line of some of the finest America has to offer rumbling in. Smiles, hugs, handshakes and waves. The hoods open up, and the Corvette Marque Day was AWESOME! Every example was present, from the early cars to the ZR1. Hot rodded Vettes, period correct examples, race inspired, works in progress, and heavily cusomtized show cars. There was an example for every Vette lover out there! As usual, the diversity of Supercar

Sunday was off the charts. From Laborghini Aventadors, to Ferrari F458s, Gullwing Mercedes, rat rods, hot rods and the like, we again kept the “Super”, in Supercar Sunday. We have many new readers to Driven World as well as attendess at Supercar Sunday. Many have commented that they just don’t understand how this all is easy, passion. Every Sunday morning, for three hours, the world is perfect. Friends, family, cars, comraderie, community. That is, Supercar Sunday. Thank you all for making it so wonderful.

Muscle Car Marque

October Calendar of Events

2-5 Wed-Sat -Wendover UT- 2013 World Finals, Bonneville, 2 Wed -Pomona- Prolong’s Twilight Cruise Night ; NHRA Museum 1101 W. McKinley Ave; 4PM - 8PM, -Thur –Sun 3-6 -Anaheim-Orange County International Auto Show, Anaheim Convention Center, 4 Fri -Mission Hills – First Friday Niter, Santa Monica Sports Car Club/SCCA Navigation Rally, BofA rear lot, NE corner Devonshire and Sepulveda, 7PM, Info: 310-372-7168, 818-986-4565, 4-6 Fri-Sun -Sonoma-CSRG 10th Annual Charity Challenge, Sonoma Raceway, -Utah- Beehive Targa Rallye -Fontana-Fastrack Riders, motorcycle racing school, Auto Club Speedway, -Las Vegas- VARA Silver State Classic featuring Porsche Datsun Shootout and Vintage Volvo Challenge, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 5-6 Sat Sun -San Diego-MCAS Miramar Air Show, -Rosamond-AROSC Time trial, Race and HPD, Willow Springs, -McFarland -Mega MOPAR Action Series, Nostalgia Fall Championships, Famoso Raceway, -Fontana-CSSC SOLO II, autocross, Auto Club Speedway, 5 Sat -Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 -Burbank- Bob’s Big Boy Trophy Night - 50’s Costume Theme - 4211 W. Riverside Dr. - 5PM -Yorba Linda - John Force Cruise Night Car Show - 22722 Old Canal Rd. - 4PM - 7PM -Escondido - San Diego Deuce Day 2013 - Felicita Park - 8AM - 2PM -Santa Fe Springs - 6th Annual Charity Car Show - 12016 Telegraph Rd. - 9AM - 3PM -Irwindale-NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, Irwindale Event Center, -Ventura-Ventura Auto Swap Meet, Hot Rods and Harleys, 7AM-3PM Ventura College, 4667 Telegraph Rd,, 714 276-3859 -Newport Beach-Newport El Car Show at the Beach, 10Am-4PM Newport Elementary School, 1327 W. Balboa Blvd., -Agua Dulce- Roddin By the Rocks, 9Am-2PM, Agua Dulce Airport, -Castaic-Fun in the Sun Car Show and Chili Cookoff, 11Am-4Pm, Jack Bones Equestrian Center, 26983 Tapia Canyon Rd. -Chula Vista-21st Annual On the Bay Classic Car Show - Bayside Park - 8AM - 2PM 619 426-1882 -Huntington Beach-Classic Car & Truck Show & BBQ - Pfaff Engines 5362 System Dr. - 10AM - 4PM 714 330-3565 -Temecula - Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze – Big Horse Feed 33320 Temecula Pkwy. - 8AM - 4PM -Twentynine Palms - 5th Annual Car & Bike Show - MC Main Exchange Parking Lot - 11AM - 3PM Sun 6 -Woodland Hills*- Supercar Sunday - Topanga Canyon & Erwin St. - 7AM - 10AM -Anaheim - 44th Annual So-Cal Early Ford V8 Club Picnic & Car Show - Twila Reid Park - 7AM - 2PM 949 492-6998 -Santa Clarita - Valencia Chrome & Cuisine - Valencia Auto Ctr. Creekside Rd. - 10AM - 3PM -El Dorado Hills-Niello Concours at Serrano, 4525 Serrano Pkwy, -Laguna Beach - 10th Annual Classic Car Show – Featival of the Arts, 650 Laguna Canyon Rd. - 9:30AM - 3:30PM -Loma Linda - 23rd Annual Veterans Memorial Car Show - Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center 11201 Benton - 8AM - 3:30PM -Long Beach - Ford Truck Jam – Long Beach Convention Center 300 E. Ocean Blvd. - 10AM - 6PM -San Diego - 32nd Annual Mustangs by the Bay - Embarcadero Bay Park - 9AM - 3PM -Vista - 5th Annual Classic Car Show & Fall Festival – Rancho Buena Vista High School 1601 Longhorn - 10AM - 2PM 11-13 Fri-Sun -Pahrump, NV-VARA Silver State Challenge+ SVRA WEST, Spring Mountain Ranch, 800-280-8272, -San Francisco-Fleet Week, -McFarland- ANRA Nostalgia Drags, Famoso Raceway, 12 Sat -Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 Citroens at Autobooks 10 -12 -Costa Mesa- Cars & Coffee at The Car Lover’s Store - 1805 Placentia Ave. - 8AM - 10:30AM -Anaheim - Colony Classic Car Show - 811 W. Lincoln - 10AM - 2PM -Chatsworth - Classic Chevy Car Show - California Car Cover 9525 De Soto Ave. - 9AM - 2PM -Placentia - 27th Annual Placentia Heritage Car Show - Tri-City Park - 9AM – 4PM 714 524-8535 -Covina - 1st Annual Crossroad Car Show – Covina Assembly 250 E. San Bernardino Rd. - 10AM - 4PM -Ontario - Hearts of Lala’s Rainbow Car Show – Farmer Boys 1380 S. Etiwanda Ave. - 9AM - 1PM 714 273-3331 -Orcutt - 3rd Annual Central Coast Model A Roundup - 1376 E. Clarke Ave. - 10AM - 3PM 805 598-8133 -Santee-4th Annual Car Show & BBQ Festival - Mission Gorge Rd. & Riverview Pkwy. - 9AM - 5PM 619 449-6572 -Temecula - Skeleton Kings 2nd Annual Car & Bike Show – Hats Sports Bar and Grill 27713 Jefferson Ave. - 11AM - 3PM 9510 746-8083 13 Sun -Arcadia-Road Kings Car Show-Santa Anita Park, 285 W Huntington Dr., 9AM-5PM -San Diego-San Diego British Car Day-Embarcadero Marina Park North, Downtown San Diego, 9AM -3PM, -Long Beach - Hi-Performance Swap Meet & Car Show - Veterans Stadium. New/used/vintage/parts/cars/accessories, or -Dana Point - OctoberWood - Lantern Bay Park - 8AM - 3PM So Cal Woodie Club

October Calendar of Events 13 Sun -Tustin - OCVCCA 9th Annual All Chevy Car Show - Enderle Center 14081 S. Yorba St. - 9AM - 3PM -Gardena - Walteria Business Men’s Club Charity Car Show – VFW post 1822 W. 162nd Street - 8AM - 1PM 310 790-8255 -San Diego - 5th Annual Fifth Avenue Auto Showcase - Gaslamp Quarter - 11AM - 4PM -West Hills - 13th Annual L.A. Fire Dept. Car Show - 22801 Roscoe Blvd. - 9AM - 3PM 13-14 Sun-Mon Los Angeles-LosAlamos-SoCal TT Rallye Fri 18 -Fontana-Indy Car Qualifying for Firestone Indy Lights and MAVTV 500 IZOD IndyCar Series Championship races, Auto Club Speedway, 19-20 Fri-Sun -McFarland-NHRA 22nd California Hot Rod Reunion, Auto Club Famoso Raceway, 19 Sat -Burbank – Autobooks TRIUMPH DAY with KAS KASTNER open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 -Fontana-MATV 500 Indy Car world Championships, Auto Club Speedway, -Apple Valley - 5th Annual Classic Car Show - Apple Valley Rd. @ Jess Ranch Pkwy. - 10AM - 3PM -Calimesa - Garden of Angels 17th Annual Charity Car Show - 11251 Desert Lawn Dr. - 8AM - 3PM 909 795-2595 -Chino - 4th Annual Car Truck & Bike Show - 6950 Edison Ave. - 8AM - 2PM -Monterey Park - Harmony Festival Car Show - 350 S. McPherrin Ave. - 9AM - 3:30PM 626 307-1390 -Anaheim - 10th Annual Mercury, Cougars, Oddballs & More Show - Pearson Park Harbor/Sycamore- 8AM - 3PM -Brea - Oktoberfest & Car & Truck Show - 820 W. Imperial Hwy. - 9AM - 3PM 714 330-3565 20 Sun -Pomona-Pomona Car show & Swap Meet Fairplex, Info @ -El Mirage-SCTA Land Speed Racing, El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, -El Segundo-Beach Cities Swing Band at the ADM, Automobile Driving Museum, 610 Lairport Ave, 7PM-9:30PM, -Buena Park - Classics on the Green Car Show - 7225 El Dorado Dr. - 9AM - 2PM -San Bernardino - 3rd Annual Car Show for the Animals - Perris Hill Park - 8AM - 2PM 909 838-4866 -Hemet - EEK Fitness 4th Annual Charity Car Show – Ryan irport 4200 Walden Weaver Rd. - 10AM - 2PM 18-20 Fri-Sun -NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, Bakersfield, California Thur-Sun 24-27 Las Vegas- NHRA Nationals, The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 25-27 Fri-Sun -Charlotte, NC-Goodguys 20th Southeastern Nationals, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC - Hot rods, customs, classics, trucks and muscle cars thru 1972 vintage. Vendor exhibits, swap meet & car corral, Goodguys AutoCross, All American Sunday, -McFarland- NMCA West Racing Series, World Street Finals, Famoso Raceway, -Fontana-Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, Auto Club Speedway, Fri-25 El Segundo- Hot Rod and Car Craft Magazine Cruise night, The Automobile Driving Museum, 610 Lairport St, 5:00PM– 7:00 PM, 26 Sat -Burbank – Autobooks open 9AM! Free coffee and Donuts, 2900 W. Magnolia. 818-845-0707 -Los Alamitos-Wings Wheels & Rotors 2012, 11200 Lexington Dr, 9am-3pm, 562-598-6659, -Citrus Heights-Capital City Cruisers 9th Annual Octoberfest Car show & Toy Run, Lowes Home Center 7480 Greenback lane , -Indio - 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat Car Show - 45250 Dune Palms Rd. - 4PM - 8PM -Irwindale-Pick Your Part Night of Destruction and Compact Car Enduro, Irwindale Event Center, -Van Nuys - Fall Fling XVIII All Mopar Show - Woodley Park - 7AM - 1PM -China Lake (Ridgecrest)-Sidewinder Classic Show & Shine, 10 - 4, NAWS China Lake, MWR Auto Skills Center, 760-939-3440 27 Sunday -Pasadena-Art Center Car Classic, Art Center College, 1700 Lida St., -Los Angeles -Petersen Museum Breakfast Club Cruise-In 9:00 - 12:00 Bring any special interest car, truck motorcycle or scotter and get free parking and 2 for 1 admission to the Petersen. -Long Beach–Cycle Show & Swap @ Veterans Stadium Motorcycles & bicycles. Buy/sell/trade.vintage/parts/bikes/accessories., or 8 -Buena Park-Picker’s Paradise Automotive Swap Meet, Elks Lodge 7212 Melrose St, 8am-1pm, 714-299-1776 -Irwindale-Hot VWs Drag Day, Irwindale Speedway, -Moorpark-33rd Annual Roam’n Relics Car Show, 233 High St, 7am-3pm, 805-433-4261, -Los Alamitos- WINGS WHEELS & ROTORS (WWRE 2013) LOS ALAMITOS ARMY AIRFIELD, JOINT FORCES TRAINING BASE, California National Guard 11200 Lexington Drive Los Alamitos, California 90720 (Katella at Lexington Dr.) 9 AM TO 4 PM (0900 -1600hrs) 562-598-6659 / 562-598-7035 fax / -Buena Park - Mustang Madness Car Show Part 22 - 6211 Beach Blvd. - 10AM - 3PM 714) 348-2507 -Long Beach - Hangover Sunday Car Show - Blondie’s 2259 Lakewood Boulevard - Noon - 5PM -Carson - Early Times Swap Meet & Pancake Breakfast – Price Transfer 2790 Del Amo at Santa Fe - 6AM 310 339-3268

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