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bought new headers and then sold those. I have bought another pair, had them ceramic coated and they just don’t fit right. So...I will be buying another pair. The car had a six-point harnesses out of a Ferrari, but, they are now expired as the car has sat so long. The tires have been worn out and are bad. The wheels, which were new, are dated. The rear of the car needs to be tubbed. In classic “Dustin” form, I have done everything backwards. Over and over and over. I did the bodywork, but not the floors. I put in a super-dooper motor, but the car can’t handle the power. I did put the best brakes on it. So there is that. The fuel system has been changed and then changed again. Shall I go on. I have gone through a wire harness or two. I have done it, re-done it and then done it some more. Probably the best thing that ever happened is that I towed it to Cris. Years ago I was hustled into giving a bodyshop my car. Long-story short... I got the short end of the stick. Had I not gone against my instincts, this car would have been done years ago. Folks, trust your instincts. Always. It has passed through a few hands. I have had a lot of help over the years. If, when the car is finished, hopefully before I am sixty (that gives me eighteen years), it would be cool. I am trying to think of more funny things about this car, it seems endless. Funny, well, you have to laugh, I suppose. It is either that or cry.

Moving forward. Apparently I like to run in sand. Uphill. Have you tried it? I am sure the Navy Seals are quite proficient at it. I am not a Navy Seal. Sisyphus, in an orange hat. I was once asked why I was rearranging chairs on the Titanic. I can see myself just standing there taking pictures as the old girl went down, totally clueless. Well, the good news is that my 1968 Camaro is running. If you have been following this build over the decade and a half, (God help me), you know that I have a 1968 Camaro somewhere. You may have never seen it in person, but it is kind of like a mysterious ghost, it exists, people know about it, but, it has never been seen in public. The Lochness Camaro. The Bigfoot Camaro. The Money Pit Camaro. Good grief....

Cris, at JCG Restorations and Customs got the car started. I had to do something with the car. It was either time to spend some money or time to sell it. For whatever the reason, I could not get the job done. And, I wanted it done right. So... I bit the bullet and sent the car to Cris. With two little girls, it was probably not the best time to start working on the car again, but, it was like a noose around my neck. The stress it was causing me was incredible. I had two choices, quit and lose a ton of money on the car or, send it to Cris and invest more money in it that I will never get out of it. But, I would not be a quitter. The dream would not die.

The evolution of this car has been stalled many times for many different reasons. A dream that was to be realized was turned into a nightmare. I was so close to having a cool car and then, based off of promises and lies, I was taken back to the start. Sounds like a Coldplay song...the Scientist...”Im going back to the start....”

So, the Camaro runs. I asked Cris to get it to a point where I would not have to push it. To wire it to start, do the fuel system, the brakes, and as a father of two, make sure it is safe. When he gets to that point, stop and I would take it from there or, recover a bit financially and then send it back. But, the car had to start, drive and stop.

This Camaro. The good news is that Cris Gonzalez at JCG Restoration and his incredible team took to task what I could not do nor a few other places. Cris, who in my opinion is one of the best car builders out there and deserves tremendous recognition for his builds, Cris and I came to an agreement; I would give him the car and he would “get it started.” If I had all the money in the world, I would hand Cris the keys to the car and say “build it!” But, I have to stay within a budget. Cris agreed and I towed it to his shop in Oxnard, Ca.

Cris is an artist. This canvas in all honesty was way below his level. I am not a guy with an endless budget and I had to stay within certain parameters. It is what it is. Cris nonetheless, came to the rescue. He and his team did exactly what I asked. The car fired. It is nasty. It is loud. It is going to be fast. The condition it is in currently, is a running car with no interior, paint, or exhaust. A very unfinished car. But, that is ok, the car starts. The car is safe. Sure we had to turn the ignition switch with a screw driver to start it. Sure it is open headers that are the wrong lengths and hits the steering linkage, sure the windows are out of it and sure I need to spend a lot more money. But, I did not quit and the dream has not died. It will be done, one day when the time is right. Or, my daughters can finish it. Either way, I didn't give up. Never Give Up. Cris and Team, Thank you. You have gotten me closer. For more info on JCG Restorations and Customs:

This car. I had purchased the car about fifteen years ago. It was a big project. But, I was young and ambitious. Had to prove to myself I was a car guy. I went out and bought tools. Lots of them. I felt like a man! I started taking things apart, reading about how to build cars, had friends help me. The joy of starting a car for the first time after putting it back together, a great feeling. I have cut my hands, burned my hands, arms, eyebrows, hair on my head. I have had parts fall off the car while driving, the car almost caught on fire. I have repaired the same things multiple times. I painted the car with primer. I painted the car with boat paint. I have driven it really, really fast on an airstrip. The exhaust notes and engine sounds were used in "Speed Racer" the movie for the villain car. I have gotten pulled over it in, I have had to push it. All my friends have pushed it. People I don’t even know have pushed it. It has been towed as a whole car, a parts car, in pieces. I have parts all over the garage and attic. I have lost parts, found parts, reordered the same parts over and over. I have been electrically shocked, I have blown a motor and still drove it about 40 miles billowing black smoke out the back. I have put used tires on, new tires on and burned through tires. The car leaked oil, hell it probably leaked any fluid that it has in it. I once siphoned gas out of a Ferrari 360 to put in the Camaro in my driveway. That was a photo. I have friends that have almost been exfixiated from driving behind me because the car ran so rich. I have put motors in and pulled them out. And put the same one back in and then back out. It is back in. I have purchased new headers then sold those headers. Then



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Porsches race at California Festival of Speed Photo By: Steve Geldman

Centerfold: Fisker Karma Revero

Springfest Car Show 2018

Valley Indoor RV Storage

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Located in Chatsworth, Valley RV Indoor Storage offers over 200,000 Square feet of indoor storage, concierge service and so much more... Motorhomes - RV’S - Collector Cars - Race Cars - Trailers - 5th WheelsJet Skis- Off Road Vehicles - Exotic Cars - Private Car Collector Areas - Etc. Located at 20701 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-701-6500


of Speed

No, this article is not a spin-off to a James Bond film nor a Duran Duran song, although I truly believe Bond would had been better off driving any Porsche model than the ’85 Jeep Cherokee XJ used in the Bond movie A View To a Kill. However the Grid, which I’ll explain shortly, is an important function to the California Festival of Speed (CFoS). This FREE to attend 3-day event was the 17th annual CFoS held April 20th through 22nd. This is the largest “Porsche specific” race event in the Southwest located each year at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana and graciously hosted by the Porsche Club of America (PCA, Zone 8). The CFoS is the Porsche enthusiasts dream weekend. The festival includes time trials, a Porsche parking corral, car displays including a Porsche Timeline Display of every 911 model year, Vendor Row, an Autocross to test out your own wheels and an opportunity to drive your own Porsche (or other manufacturer) onto the racetrack during lunch hour. Other than food, drink and a modest parking fee, all this is offered free to the general public. Ferdinand (Ferry) Porsche once said, “Time is one thing man cannot influence. It gives each of us a beginning and an end. This makes us question how we use what comes between. We all have a desire to create something that will show we were here and we did something of value.” This quote has so much to say. Not only as a general statement we can all absorb and admire, but what Ferry lead by to successfully create his own automobiles, manufacturing business and his legacy. So why the Grid title? What does it mean? Being a member of Porsche Club of America Santa Barbara, I had the opportunity to volunteer at this year’s CFoS event and work ‘the Grid’. Thanks to an early morning training by Diane Cuyle, Lead Grid Manager, a small group of us quickly learned our Grid responsibilities. Simply put, the Grid is one of the most important safety areas of the race. On this given Saturday, there were eight morning races and six afternoon races scheduled. Each race typically runs 30 to 40 minutes. About 15 minutes before the next race, a group of ‘beautifully loud’ Porsches arrive into the Grid area. The Grid is basically the ‘staging area’ between the Garage they just had left and the entrance onto track. The Grid’s responsibly is to get each car into its numbered temporary parked location so the Grid crew can perform both car, driver and passenger inspection. Car inspection is assuring doors and hood are fully closed, no noticeable debris or objects on the exterior that should not be there or can potentially fall off onto the track. We also check the interior for loose items such as cups, paper or anything that can move about the cabin during the race. Both driver and passenger must be wearing long pants and a regulation helmet. With all the stress and adrenaline that must be running through the driver’s veins when pulling up into the Grid area, it’s not uncommon to see they simply forgot to lock in their helmet strap around their chin. Its these plus other attributes that need to be checked before each car enters the track for the safety of all concerned. Whether you’re a classic car guy or exotic, ’55 Chevy or ’18 Ferrari lover, going to an automotive race at a track is guaranteed excitement. I suggest you make sure not to miss next year’s California Festival of Speed. You can’t beat the price of admission!




Sport Turismo

I have always enjoyed “five-door vehicles” that are sports cars. Some consider these cars “sleepers,” as they have all the utility of a wagon but, the performance of a sports car. The best of both worlds. I personally love them. For 2018, Porsche is stepping into the rarefied world of a “five-door” sports car. They are targeting the buyer who loves the 911 and the Panamera but needs a bit more space for the kids or trip to the golf course. Whatever your need may be, this new entry is the perfect balance of go-fast, turn-fast and drop the kids at the Lacrosse with all their gear. Costco runs in the family track car, why not, Porsche has made it possible. The Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo, equipped with the Sport Chrono package, is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in as little as 3.4 seconds. Now that’s what I am talking about. For 2018, Porsche has increased the brake size as well as the cargo load rating, to balance out the utility with the performance. The Sport Turismo seats five and can be distinguished from other Panamera models by the unique rear section. A large tailgate, a lower loading edge than the sedan, it has more of a “sport-wagon” appearance than anything else. As subtle as it is, it makes a tremendous difference with capacity and appearance. The rear of the car offers an adaptive spoiler that is key to the Porsche Active Aerodynamics. The spoiler raises to three positions depending on situation and the selected vehicle settings and will generate up to 110 lbs of additional down-force over the rear axle. The luxury is what you have come to expect from Porsche. In “street-terms,” the car is dialed. It is luxurious, aggressive, offers the utility that you may need, while being wrapped in another wining Porsche Package. Whether you are going to Home Depot, the club, or the track, you can do it all in the new Panamera Sport Turismo. For more information or to test drive a new Panamera, Please contact Keith Goldberg at Rusnak Porsche/Westlake.




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DON'T MISS THIS CAR SHOW! The 15th Annual LAPD\VTD “Still Saving Lives” Car Show will be on Saturday, June 2ND 2018. The show which is organized by the LAPD Valley Traffic Division as well as the LAFD Fireman's Relief Association is always a huge success. Supported by so many great local businesses, car clubs, and organizations the community comes out to support our Heroes in Blue. The Valley Traffic Division of LAPD polices and responds to all traffic issues, accidents, concerns and needs in the entire San Fernando Valley. If you are driving and are in need of a traffic officer, they are the ones to respond. Keeping the community safe is their goal. They truly do a fine job! At this year’s show, the venue has changed back to the beautiful green lawn of Warner Center Park. Over three hundred cars are expected the day of the show. Anything from classics and exotics to motorcycles, off road vehicles, and more. The show will be judged and beautiful trophies will be given to the winners of each category. The event will have gourmet/specialty food trucks and plenty of vendors. There will be something for everyone. The LAPD will have an incredible presence with the following specialty teams attending: Bomb Squad, K-9, Off-road Unit, Dive Team, Helicopter, Motor Patrol and a few surprises. The LAPD Motor Drill Team will also be providing the attendees with a special display of motorcycle driving. It is always a huge hit. The purpose of the show is to generate much needed funds to help the Valley Traffic Division purchase equipment and supplies that the LAPD cannot provide as well as funds for the LAFD Fireman's Relief Association. This equipment helps to keep the officers safe and up to date with current technology and safety standards. Valley Traffic also provides car seats and bicycle helmets for those who can’t afford them. The show has become an important part of the VTAC organization. There will also be raffles and silent auctions which the proceeds are to benefit VTAC. Please come out with your car or come out and enjoy the day with friends and family. The show is a great community event that supports our amazing LAPD VTD Officers. Everybody wins!


1997 FORD F-250 4x4, 460 Big Block, custom stereo, Alarm, sun roof, Line-X bed, Cam, Hedders, Borla Exhuast. Registered and ready to go! For more info:

Price: $23,500

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P L AT I N U M C L U B M E M B E R S H I P F R O M L AVA G G I O Lavaggio’s world-class wash facilities and concours-trained detail technicians are at your service. At Lavaggio, we pamper automobiles... and their owners with The Art of Auto Detailing. exeCutive BuSineSS lounge v . i . p. t r a n S p o r t a t i o n e xCluSi v e memBer-only e v ent S

ConCierge ServiCe Complimentary BiStro me al interne t & entertainment

Lavaggio For more information, call Lydia Derian at 818.584.3240 and visit 17


No matter the day of the week, there is always some special event happening in Hollywood, California, and paving the way to these glamorous occasions for opulence inevitably is a red carpet. When invited to such a shindig there is just as much importance on what you arrive in as there is in what you are wearing. So when I was asked to attend the grand opening gala of the latest addition to the multi-million dollar automotive marketplace of “8912” on Sunset Blvd, the stakes were high. I would be mingling with owners of such precious gems in the automotive market such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti. So what could I possibly arrive in that would create more of an opportunity for conversation than competition? Then it came to me… Karma. Now some of you may not be familiar with what new Karma Revero owners refer to as the “F” word, but we have to at least mention the Karma’s rebirth from defunct creator and manufacturer Fisker. Shortly after


Fisker filed bankruptcy in 2013 a Chinese multinational automotive components manufacturing company, Wanxiang Group, purchased the remaining assets and began plans of resurrection. Karma Automotive, as they are now called, have their sights focused on rebranding as THE premier luxury electric vehicle. So far they appear to be succeeding, snatching the 2018 Luxury Green Car of the Year award. Simply put, the new Karma Revero is pure automotive seduction on the streets. Allow me to explain as I don’t want the term “seduction” to be misconstrued but instead understood in a more literal sense from my experience driving it. I tooled around the sunny streets of Los Angeles for three days, and it seemed no matter where I went there were questions and compliments by both young and old. This new tech 4cyl turbo hybrid was captivating people based solely on looks whether sitting still or cruising on the freeway. While sitting in a parking lot figuring out directions a very elegant woman in her mid 60’s invited me to roll down my window. The woman stood

in the rain with no umbrella while holding her groceries and took a moment to compliment the styling before climbing into her own Mercedes S-class. Contrast that with a kid in his late teens hanging halfway out of his window at 60mph taking a picture on his phone while driving down the freeway. Thus the appeal of the Karma spans generations. It’s that special type of feeling that a car should instill in anyone who comes in contact with it, whether they’re ogling from a distance or fortunate enough to own one. I use the word fortunate as this does carry a price tag a bit on the high side of approximately $130k. However, keep in mind that the median price for luxury rollers these days is well into the six figures thus leaving the door wide open for new comers like Karma Automotive to leave their mark. This rolling sculpture of automotive art has been reborn for the 2018 model year with 403hp and 981lbft of torque. Yes…981. Despite tipping the scales close to two and half tons, it doesn’t actually feel heavy and manages to scoot to 60mph in 5.4 seconds. Even with

massive 22” wheels wrapped in rubber bands for tires, the Revero does a fantastic job of delivering ride quality of what you’d expect from a luxury car in its segment. For this car guy, in a blurred sea of full size luxury cars cascading as far as the eye can see with little to differentiate one from the next, the Revero seems to stand out from its competition and does so without bragging or boasting about what it is, what it does, or what it stands for. Leaving the 8912 party, the valet brought the Revero around for me to say adieu. Standing there amongst a crowd of gear-heads drooling over the design and namedropping whose car they thought it might be, I was confident I had made the right decision to choose the Revero for my Hollywood red carpet. I was also pleased to see that despite some car-enthusiast’s opposition to hybrids taking over the streets, the one thing we could all agree on was how stunning it is to look at. I see Karma’s new Revero as hope for those of us that want to be unique when behind the wheel and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.





The Porsche Club of America, founded in 1955, is the largest single marque car club in the world with more than 120,000 members spread over 143 Regions in the US and Canada. The club’s activities include competitive events like autocrossing, concours, club racing and driver’s education as well as single and multi-day tours all combined with lots of socializing. Locally, the Santa Barbara Region has more than 800 members in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. The Region holds two breakfast meetings every month. On the first Saturday of each month the club meets from 8:00 to 9:30 am at the Panera Bread at the Camarillo Outlet Mall. On the second Saturday of each month the club meets from 8:30 to 10:00 am at Moby Dick’s on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara. Attendance at these events often tops 75 Porsches and 100 club members. In addition, the club holds at least one other event each month and often more. A particularly good way to get to know other club members and enjoy

your Porsche is to participate in one of the three multi-day tours the club puts on each year. According to Santa Barbara Region President Rem Laan “Every PCA Region has a different vibe. I’ve belonged to three. Nord Stern (Minnesota) was very oriented to racing and timed events. Central Indiana was a blend of racing and social events. Santa Barbara is more socially oriented but there are lots of opportunities to participate in competitive events in adjacent regions. Membership in one region allows members to participate in events sponsored by any region in the US or Canada.” If you own a Porsche and think you might be interested in joining PCA please join us at one of our breakfasts. For more information about the Santa Barbara Region go to For more information about the Porsche Club of America and to join online go to

Š2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. If qualifying Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is purchased or leased while under new vehicle warranty, maximum coverage is 6 years/unlimited miles from original in-service date. If purchased outside new vehicle warranty, maximum coverage is 2 years/unlimited miles from date of purchase or lease.

Stop following your dream. Start driving it.

Your dream come true: A chance to experience Porsche performance at a price that may surprise you. And all with the confidence that comes from buying a Porsche vehicle from people who know these vehicles inside and out. Each Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle receives a meticulous inspection by a Porsche Certified Technician. Which means from headlight to exhaust pipe, it meets our rigorous standards. We also include 24-hour Roadside Assistance and a two-year/unlimited mile warranty. Visit us today. There’s no better place to turn ownership into reality.

Porsche Approved. Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.

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This month we are celebrating luxury. Luxury is defined as "the state of great comfort and extravagant living - opulence, sumptuousness and richness," but we like to think of luxury as a smart and stylish approach to living - an ATTITUDE. It goes without saying that luxury cars and luxury homes are a perfect fit. Whether it is a new home and late model car, or a stately home with a classic automobile parked out front, luxury is more than a lifestyle--it is a statement, and a state of mind. Regardless of budget, our homes and our cars are a luxury. And like Fred and Ginger or Edward and Wallis, some things are just meant to be together. To all you automobile enthusiasts - from your counterparts in real estate - Happy Luxury Month!

Gwen Banta

Tory Herald

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SAYING GOODBYE TO A FRIEND Well, what started out as a typical Thursday morning turned out to be a day most of us car enthusiast dread. I started the morning early, made a nice breakfast, checked the news to see if we had any interesting presidential tweets, ironed my shirt for the day, then walked down to my car, which awaited me in the parking garage. After selecting some nice upbeat jazz music to accompany my drive to a shoot for a tv show pilot, I headed out. Ah traffic along the 101 freeway…. ugh. After 5 miles of stop and go traffic, finally traffic opened up and away we go, until a teenager driving a Jeep Patriot was startled by cars merging from the 405 south to the 101 north. Apparently, he thought that the car was going to come into his lane, cutting across the plastic lane divider poles, and reacted by slamming on his brakes. Since I was completely caught off guard, I reacted just slightly to late, and wham. They say your life flashes before your eyes in a near death experience, I can say this being the first wreck that was my fault, the time spent with my car flashed before mine. I purchased my 2004 Nissan 350z track model, dubbed “Zoey”, roughly 9 years ago. 9 years…I didn’t realize how much time had passed with the old gal. When I sold my 240sx hatch with a built SR20DET, I decided to continue my loyalty with the Nissan brand and move up to the next level, the Z. Just a quick history, collectively between my father, my mother, step father, and myself we’ve owned just about every model Datsun and Nissan Z, minus the 370z and the abomination the 260 2+2 Z. I purchased her from the San Antonio Z Club pres-

ident when she only had 27k miles, and in absolutely pristine condition. She was the first car that I drove across country in, several times, she made the trip with me to California, from several dates with girls that never worked out, to getting me to friends and family in emergency situations, to even after the moment of the wreck, not leaving me stranded in the middle of the highway. No matter what she never let me down. Some people don’t understand the bond that we build with our cars. They just see them as basic transportation, and when they break or get to old, they simply replace them, but there is more to it than that. Cars are an extension of us, a quiet place to think, the comforting ride after a bad day, the solution to a frown by just gripping the steering wheel, shifting a gear, and driving. I can only think of it as when your pet dies, you’re sadden because they brought you joy and happiness, and the urge to immediately replace them with a new one seems a bit disrespectful and up setting. Since the accident, I have been asked by several people, “Hey what are you going to get next”, and I truly don’t have an answer for that. I mean if money weren’t a factor, and I wasn’t a “starving actor”, I’d get aNissan GT-R, and then proceed to make modifications that would void the warranty, but that will still be a bit down the road. I honestly don’t want to buy another basic Z, and build it up, as I feel I’d just be rebuilding the same car. I’ve entertained the idea of going domestic, changing things up a bit, and getting a new Ford Mustang, or Camaro but in truth, they just don’t grab my attention long enough. I have to figure something out, because driving was my release from stress, and something I truly enjoy, and riding in the backseat with strangers asking me the same old questions of, “Where am I from”, “Am I visiting”, etc, etc, is getting old. 26


NO SUBSTITUTE SATURDAY If you love Porsche, then you must attend No Substitute Saturday, an event by Rusnak Porsche Westlake. The Porsche specific event has become a huge success and Porsche enthusiasts from all over Southern California attend this event. Sharing their passion, amazing Porsches, friendship and camaraderie, the event is only getting better! It is not uncommon to have over a hundred Porsches at the event as well as other rare and exotic cars.. From early 356s to multiple 918s and of course a Carrera GT or two and many examples from the air-cooled generations. Porsche Nirvana. The goal of the Rusnak Team was to keep the event simple; to bring the community together and share their passion for Porsche and the automobile. In classic Rusnak style, there was a catered breakfast, espresso and coffee beverages, gift bags, an outdoor cafe style reception and the full Rusnak Team.

The event showcased how close-knit the Porsche community is. As the event continues to attract automotive enthusiasts, you never know who or what is going to pull into the lot. A very well organized and classy event, it is simply awesome. The Rusnak Team also did an amazing job as brand ambassadors, making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. They were there to assist you with all of your needs. From questions on new cars, service questions from attendees or even special ordering on hard to get Porsche items, they really do focus on guest experience. The passion and energy the Rusnak Team displayed made us all feel so very welcomed and appreciated. Driven World would like to give kudos to the Rusnak Porsche Team for pulling out all the stops and executing a phenomenal event. Everybody had a great time and we are so looking forward to more! For more info on No Substitute Saturday, please visit:



The recent Street Festival & Classic/Exotic car show in Westlake Village was a huge success with record breaking attendance that enjoyed a wide variety of attractions including a sold out Car Show. The whole event was the 24th annual put on by the Rotary Club of Westlake Village and now the 4th year of the inclusion of the Car Show. The Car Show sold out at 100 cars and the vintage spanned from a 1912 Model ‘T’ car to a 2018 Mercedes Benz GTR, a limited new addition sports car by MB. The attending public enthusiastically enjoyed the wide variety of cars that were all polished and shined to the max. The attending public were provided “People's Choice” ballots as they entered the dedicated Car Show area which provided them the opportunity to select their 5 favorite cars as they walked the show. Completed ballots were returned to the Ballot Box and later tabulated by a team to determine the winners for the show. Twenty “Awards of Excellence”, as determined by Peoples Choice, were presented on the large stage that afternoon including a Best In Show Award to the car receiving the most votes. A magnificent 1956 Chevy Bel Air won this year's top award. The wide variety of cars at this years event proved to be quite popular with the 100+ year span of magnificent automobiles. Several Cobras, many modern day Corvettes, a totally restored 1950 Ford Tractor, Woodies, Model ‘A’s and ‘T’s, Mustangs, fabulous Trucks, a rare 1958 Ford Fairlane Hardtop convertible, Porsches, were just a few of the highlights this year. The kids, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas all enjoyed the wonderful display regardless of vintage and make of car. Many thanks to the sponsors of this year’s event. 28

by Mark Llewellyn

To many, the “Golden Age” of travel in the United States, was the decade of the 50’s. Airline travel was expensive, and most folks traveled by automobile. Bolstered by returning G.I.’s from World War II and the baby boom, families took off on America’s new interstate system to see the wonders of the United States! Affluent people who traveled the world had been putting travel decals on their luggage and travel trunks for years. This was to show the rest of us the exotic places that these people had been. The use of travel decals on luggage soon transferred to folks displaying decals on their car windows and travel trailers. This allowed people to show off their worldliness to their neighbors and those on the highway! Soon gas stations and hot dog stands along Route 66 and other highways sold decals depicting the state they were in, or certain attractions of their specific state. But alas decals began reflecting the beautiful women of their state also. So one can imagine which decal that dad wanted to pick and which one mom chose. 60 years later, these water slide decals are another nostalgic reminder of a time gone by. Many people collect these vintage decals, Ebay is loaded with these. “Lost Highway Art” is a company that specializes in the sale of vintage travel decals. You can see photos of these travel decals in the book – “Coast to Coast-The Best of Travel Decal Art.” Is it possible one of these neat vintage decals would be a cool touch on your classic ride? See you on Route 66.



CRESPI DAD'S CLUB CAR SHOW The Crespi Dad’s Club will bring together a wide variety of car owners and enthusiasts from all over the Valley. The show is open to all exotics, specialty, classic cars, trucks, hot rods and clubs. It’s FREE ADMISSION and open to the public so bring your family and friends for a day of fun, music, great food and competition. Crespi Carmelite High School, established in Encino, California in 1959, serves male high school age students who wish to pursue a Carmelite college preparatory, Christian education in a Catholic environment. Dedicated to excellence and responding to the challenges of education in our time, they offer a holistic model of education emphasizing the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, and social development of the students. Being a student at Crespi means becoming part of an elite brotherhood stemming from a proud tradition Celts. The Crespi Dad’s Club (CDC) was started in 2015 and the primary function is to be a united group committed to supporting the Crespi community. The CDC’s objectives are to support all events planned by the Crespi community, including: Academic Clubs, Parent Association Events, Advancement Office and the Athletic Department. Our goals are to organize and lead social functions to strengthen the relationship between Crespi Men and their families. To build and maintain a sustainable relationship amongst Crespi Dads and to demonstrate that Crespi Dads are available to support the Crespi community. For years, Crespi Dads have been asked to help out around school activities. They’ve worked the football games, cooked for the Mother Son Mass, cooked for the boys during Catholic Schools Week and always lending a helping hand when needed. After realizing the club was growing, the dads came up with the idea to have a car show and fundraiser to provide scholarships for Crespi students. School, homework, video games and competitive sports take a lot of our kids’ time these days. It’s nice to be able to introduce them to cars up close with the hood up and motor purring. A lot of Crespi dads had “auto-shop” when they went to high school to learn how to do the easy things. It gave us the knowledge to take things apart and repair them and then put them back together. This created a group of guys who loved putting cars together and racing them or showing them off. There is a core group of Crespi Dads that have committed to make our first show a huge success! The Crespi Pit Crew that are revved up for this years show: Pete Andrews, Tommy Hall, Dean Crescenzi, Josh Ott, Darren Mitchell and Nick Franchino. They will be joined by 25 other Crespi Grease Monkeys! It takes a huge effort to bring in the community and all the great car guys who pay money to show their vehicles “just for fun” and maybe get another trophy for their efforts. So, whether you participate as a sponsor, show-car entrant, vendor, exhibitor or spectator, the Crespi Dad’s and Students thank you very much for taking the time supporting our school! The Crespi Dad’s Club hopes you will join us Saturday May 19th from 10 to 4 for Crespi High Schools First Car Show! Vehicle registration is $25. Includes 2 complementary food tickets & gift bag! Show trophies will be awarded! For more information regarding the event, vehicle registration, vendor opportunities and sponsorship please contact: Pete Andrews 818-913-0663 Tommy Hall 818-355.2233 Crespi Carmelite High School 5031 Alonzo Ave, Encino CA, 91316 (Behind the Ralphs market on Ventura Blvd)


SPRINGFEST CAR SHOW The car show season has begun! The first big car show of the year was presented by Coastline Motorport of Woodland Hills. The show compliments a community event called "Springfest." Last year, the car show was a huge hit and this year, Coastline and Vista Ford Lincoln of Woodland Hills hit a grand slam home run. Cars, kids, and community, does it get any better? It was estimated that a couple thousand people attended the event, and the car show portion grew by over fifty percent. Great job car community! Coastline had an amazing display of beautiful late-model cars in their area including a blacked out 2018 Lincoln Navigator, white on white Ferrari, Porsches, Mercedes, and many other beautiful modified vehicles. Vista Ford Lincoln of Woodland Hills brought out a whole lineup of new Fords for spectators to check out including a VFR Mustang and Lifted VFR F-150. The entire grass park next to the egg hunting ground was filled with row after row of glossy show cars. Everything from classic Chevrolets to a brand new Honda Civic were proudly on display. As children and their parents got a chance to go through the egg hunt, they made their way through the car show to check out all of the cars on display. Live music filled the air in the background as families strolled through the isles of ez-up displays featuring kid-friendly products and services. Food trucks of various ethnic cuisines lined the street adjacent to the park and all had a line of hungry customers. Law Enforcement and Fire as well as other service personnel were also on hand to support the event and the community. It was an awesome show of participation from so many different groups, clubs, organizations and agencies. This truly is a family friendly event for everyone. Activities for the kids, beautiful cars for the car lovers, and live music for everyone. I look forward to next year’s event and an even bigger turnout of show cars. Well Done!



Price: $23,500


1997 FORD F-250 4x4, 460 Big Block, custom stereo, Alarm, sun roof, Line-X bed, Cam, Hedders, Borla Exhuast. Registered and ready to go! For more info: Dustin@connectedmediagroup. com


1996 FORD MUSTANG COBRA #1205 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra #1205 with Mystic Paint. This Cobra is a single owner car owned by a Ford Collector. With 20,829 Original Miles, this is the rare opportunity to own an “unmolested” Cobra. The vehicle is fully documented, clean Carfax and all original. All servicing has been done at the dealer. This rare cobra is ready to go into your collection. Contact: for more info. FOR SALE

1989 PONTIAC TRANS AM If you're a fan of Pontiac, then you know how special this car is. Besides it being a limited production Trans Am GTA, it's fully loaded and completly stock. It has never been registered, and rarely driven with only 740 original miles on it. This 80's icon will only increase in value, and it a piece of Pontiac history. For more information please contact


Contact Information:

Price: Contact for Pricing Contact Information:

Price: $55,000 Contact Information:

Price: $35,000

1930 FORD COUPE Out of the Harrah’s Collection. This is a stunning 1930 Coupe. Owned for 40 years after purchased from Harrah’s. Ruble Seat, All steel, All original. Needs the interior to be finished. For more info:


1970 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 1970 Ford Mustang Mach1 This car is a 351 Cleveland, with an Automatic transmission. All options including air conditioning. This car is a show car quality, has been featured in magazines and is ready to drive cross country. The car has had the same owner for over over 20 years and is collector owned. Asking $65,000.00 For more info:


Contact Information:

Price: $65,000 Contact Information:

Price: $32,000

1954 FORD PANEL VAN 6 cyl. Registered, Running and ready to go. Restoration is 85% done, needs interior work to finish. A very nice example. For more info:


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Price: Contact for Pricing


1988 PORSCHE 928 S4 1988 Porsche 928 S4 Barn Find Original Owner! What a find! Local to Southern California, this is an original owner 1988 Porsche 928 S4. This Porsche is extremely well kept with just over 52,000 original miles. Only having had one owner in its lifetime the record keeping of this car is mostly complete and the sale comes with years of maintenance records and documentation of the car. Collector owned, this Porsche was always kept in pristine condition. Only driven on the weekend, this is Porsche is owned by the type of person you want to buy a Porsche from. This 928 is accident free and has never had any body or paint repair in its lifetime. The exterior of the Porsche is in wonderful condition. All light assemblies are complete and intact. The front spoiler, vinyl hatch trim, and rear bumper guards are excellent. All glass is clear without any scratches. This Porsche is all original. Yes, All original. The interior is in excellent condition. Ready for your PCA run or out do dinner, this Porsche is as new as an unrestored car can get. The leather seats show no wear and the carpets look showroom. The 928 has the distinction of being Porsche’s first production V8 powered model and the only coupÊ powered by a front-mounted V8 engine. The automatic transmission shifts beautifully and is very smooth. The engine sounds great and the car drives as it was designed to. Everything on this Porsche works and the car is ready to drive. If you are looking for a one owner Porsche 928 s4, look no further, this is your unicorn. For more info:


2012 PORSCHE GTS CABRIOLET One owner, 6,700 miles. All options other than ceramic brakes. In perfect condition. Garage kept, only driven on the weekend. NOT a daily driver. This Porsche is in showroom condition For more info:


Contact Information:

Price: $75,000 Contact Information:

Price: $75,000

1932 FORD | V8 3 Speed Manual. All Steel. Running, driving, registered. Not the original motor. Added hydraulic brakes for safety. Rumble seat car. Same owner for 30 years. A great example. For more info:


1964 1/2 FORD K-CODE MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE 1964 1/2 K-Code Mustang Convertible K-code convertible with a 289 that is Paxton Supercharger installed by Paxton for a Magazine Story. No power-steering, power brakes or power windows. This car is running, registered and is a show car. The car is all original other than the supercharger and is a true K-code. A very rare example indeed. The car has had the same owner for over over 20 years and is collector owned. Asking $65,000.00 For more info: FOR SALE

1957 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 283 cu. in, four barrel, power brakes, power steering, power windows, padded dash. Same owner for over 25 years. A very clean example, running, registered and ready to drive For more info: FOR SALE

2017 HARLEY DAVIDSON TRI GLIDE ULTRA TRIKE One owner. Ridden only a few times. Collector owned. Injury forces sale. Almost $60k invested. All options. Best of everything. Registered and ready to go! Showroom condition. For more info:

Contact Information:

Price: $65,000 Contact Information:

Price: $75,000 Contact Information:

Price: $60,000 Contact Information:



Price: $55,000

1962 FORD THUNDERBIRD All original. 390 Cu. in, Automatic transmission. A real T-bird roadster, with air conditioning and power windows. Running, Registered and ready to drive to the beach. Same owner for 25+ years. For more info:


Contact Information:




T h e L I N C O L N B L AC K L A B E L C O N T I N E N TA L

B L AC K L A B E L Lincoln Black Label is the highest expression of what a Lincoln can be. With unique themes, exclusive premium materials and a number of exclusive member privileges, you’re not simply buying a Lincoln, you’re truly owning one.


*Restrictions may apply. See a participating Lincoln Black Label Dealer for complete details. 39


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