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SUPERCAR SUNDAY IS LOCATED AT: Westfield Promenade Mall 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (On the corners of Topanga Canyon Blvd and Erwin Street)





Sitting here, it is Dec. 22nd. Truth be told, I am a bit tired. Not nearly as tired as my wife I am sure, as we have a six week old baby and a three year old. Ava, she likes to wake up early, three in the morning or so. Yeah, I don’t know how my wife does it, but she does. A word to the wise, marry a good woman, life will be easier! Same goes for the women, marry a good man. Trust me... As I write this, there is a bit of uncertainty in my life. I am unsure what is

I am unsure what is going to happen with our Supercar Sunday location.

that the shopping centers should be paying me for the amount of traffic, recognition, residual income and PR that Supercar Sunday brings to them. At the El Camino Shopping Center, where it all began, Sundays went from the slowest day to the busiest, for everyone. If you had a door open, you made money. Same thing for the mall where we are now. The Corner Bakery, who have been great partners, does very well, as do all the surrounding businesses. We have actually had tenants on the far side of the mall ask us to move to their side so they can capture the Supercar Sunday traffic. A mall full of people at 7 to 10am every Sunday, when the mall is otherwise dead, and it magically happens, any business persons dream. Found income, the best kind. So, where are we at? I really don’t know. I have lost a bit of sleep over it, as I love the event and seeing all of you. I hate uncertainty. I could go into a whole discourse about how control is an illusion and there is no sure thing and yada yada yada, I just need a huge parking lot, some bathrooms and a couple businesses who want to make some serious money. How hard can that be? This thing we do. I wonder what your favorite memory is. I wonder how many friends you have made at Supercar Sunday and where those friendships have gone. I wonder if you have been inspired at the event, I know that I have so many great memories, so many great times with so many wonderful people. All of that in a parking lot. So, in a few short days it will be 2017 and it looks like it is going to be a fun ride. Looks like I have to hustle a bit. Time to really make things happen. Two kids now, we are thinking of a third, I really need to start to make things happen. I have a producer following me around filming a potential car show. The idea of a car show is right up my alley. We will see what comes from it, hopefully something. Would be so much fun. My fingers are crossed, but then again, they are always crossed. I also told my wife that we were going to take two weeks off and go camping up the coast. I cannot remember the last time I took two weeks off. With two kids and as much as I work, I don’t want to miss them growing up. I want to be there for everything and to support my wife. I am sure that many of you have been where I am now. So, a two week trip up the coast in our camping trailer, sounds like magic and lots of fun memories. That is on the list for 2017. It is a must. Years ago, I used to travel a bit, we really need to get back to that, let the kids see the world and see the amazing cultures and people. I am going to make that happen. Two weeks off, it will seem like a month. It will be awesome. A new year. A potential new location, a new kid, a bit of uncertainty, I’ll take it. I want to take 2017 on head first, grab it by the neck, throw it to the ground and own it. Yeah, I am going to make this a great year. I am going to make it the best year. I am going to make the most of every day, every relationship, and every moment. We will find a new home if we need to, the show will go on, it will get better, our community will get stronger and we will continue to show everyone what a great community is. Time to grow. I hope you are all there with me, I hope that regardless of what you are facing, and you make this next year, the best ever! A challenge here or there, just makes us stronger. Let us understand people better. Let us grow. So, whatever comes my way, I am going to own it. Time for playing is over. Are you in?

going to happen with our Supercar Sunday location. Where we have held the event for six or seven years, that location is going through some changes and I fear that we will have to find a new spot to hold our precious Supercar Sunday. The show must go on, it will. But, I hate even the thought of having to stop it for a short time until a new location is found. And, yes, I have been looking. A new location. I remember the first time I went through this. We were shutting down the Village Coffee Roaster, where it all began. So much began there. Ironically, it was about the same time of year, it was indeed. That too was a challenge. Shutting down a business that we poured our hearts into, losing your income in one fell swoop. I was getting ready to propose to Heather and then like income. I had to put that off for a bit. But, things worked out. Some say they always do. I suppose they do. Two kids later, no sleep and lots of smiles. Life is grand! So, yes, I do not know if we have a secure location for Supercar Sunday in 2017. Westfield has been a wonderful partner and I truly appreciate the opportunity they provided us. Growth is growth and they are going to turn that property into a new development. So, the search is on. It is funny, how this little car show has touched so many lives. I see it every Sunday. The smiles and hugs, the families, the children attending. People coming from all over the world to Supercar Sunday. So cool. So close to hitting the twenty year mark. Can you imagine that, 20 years, a car show every Sunday... barring rain of course, but, some of you do show up in the rain? Standing in the rain, we have done it and then some. For those of you who Supercar Sunday has truly become part of your life, I did not want to mention this before the holidays. If the show means as much to you as it does me, why put a damper on the holidays. The car show. World Famous Supercar Sunday! Where celebrities walk around like everybody else and $20 million dollar cars get parked next to primered wrecks. Man is it cool. The show must go on! For so many reasons... Can you believe what Motor4Toys has turned into because of all of you! Supercar Sunday spawned Motor4Toys and together, we have collected over $5,000,000.00 in toys for needy kids all over the state of California in just thirteen short years! We turned it into the largest automotive toy drive in the world! How cool is that! We have had a lot of fun haven’t we? The show must go on and on and on. I don’t know what I would do on a Sunday morning otherwise. I am sure I could figure out something else to do with my time, but I would truly miss all of you. I would. It is like a giant family out there every Sunday morning. So many personalities. I have learned so much from so many of you. Had so many laughs and smiles. Seen so many of your kids grow up. So, yes, I am looking for a new location that can suit our needs. We could be good for a while or as you are reading this, we could be on a brief hiatus. It could be that I have to revisit the Supercar Sunday model and modify what and how we do it. Either way, I will do my best to keep the event close by and to increase the fun, community and Supercar Sunday experience. The interesting thing about a new location is that the big winner, is the location. The tens of thousands of dollars that the location site makes for their tenants would be hard to replicate. I have friends in other states that tell me

- I just received some great news, Westfield is working with us to keep Supercar Sunday at the Promenade as long as possible. They have been great partners and thank you to everyone who supports this great event! We are looking good. 5


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Autocon 2016

Article and photos submitted by: Evan Corelli On Saturday, April 23, 2016 car enthusiasts came together for the Autocon exhibition at the Los Angeles convention center after being held at the Pomona Fairplex for seven years. Pumped up about this new venue, this slick event that started out as a parking lot meet, showcased unique and customized vehicles of all makes and models. From

classic muscle cars to trending super cars and individual tuners, there is something for every car aficionado to admire. These creative cars show off their distinctive styles such as wide body kits, carbon fiber details, lifted suspensions, imaginative and inventive lighting as well as their performance enhanced capabilities. You can feel the excitement of the crowd as they cruise through the long aisles of exclusive vehicles. Everyone is electrified and the room buzzes with the sharing of ideas. If you have an appreciation for automotive inventiveness, you will jump at the chance to see one of the first modified tenth generation Honda Civic turbo sedans featuring SSR wheels and a carbon hood. Rolloface displayed a grey M3 featuring the GT3 wide-body kit with a fully welded roll cage inside the car. An unplugged performance black model S Tesla was a hotspot for viewing . Autocon is a place where new ideas are shared and debuted. This is where the future of automotive genius is on the precipice of development. Don’t miss the next event.

We Specialize in Classic Cars Repair. Maintenance. Restoration. High Performance.

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Cars & Chronos 2016

Submitted by Ted Seven Hing Wa Lee Jewelers in Walnut, Calif is the pinnacle of watch retailers in Southern California. Panerai, Breitling, Blancpain, Rolex, Hublot, and Cartier are just a few of the names of Watch brands that line this incredible shop. The owners of the store know that many of the rich and famous that come to be their customers have a fine taste in watches, and an even finer taste in cars. In comes ‘Cars and Chronos’, an HWL first ever gathering for them to celebrate and show some exquisite supercars, hypercars, and the world’s finest watches. The strip mall’s parking lot became flooded with beautiful and stunning machines on the pavement as well as on the wrists of the vehicle owners. Turnout to this event was better than expected and filled all of the parking spots, and then some, with hundreds of spectators admiring the displays. Thankfully, the weather held out and turned to be a beautiful day that we have become accustomed to here in Southern California. The event drew enough attention to bring the likes of local Hollywood celebrity and automotive enthusiast Jay Leno. With supercars from around the world and from just about every era, you could almost say that this event was timeless.




‘17 Annual Xmas Show Article and photos by: David Rosenthal Moon Equipment Company was founded by Dean Moon back in late 1949. He has been providing race equipment to racers and hot rodders until he passed away in 1987. In 1992, Shige Suganuma resurrected Mooneyes continuing what Dean Moon left behind. The annual Mooneyes Xmas Show started in 1992 in conjunction with Ed Roth and other pin Stripers as a Christmas get together right here at Mooneyes Shop. Before too long, we outgrew our small parking lot and moved around for several years looking for bigger location. 2005, we’ve moved to Irwindale Speedway and we love it. Mooneyes fills the parking lot with 1400 show cars and bikes, 120 drag race cars, half a dozen cackle cars, live bands, well over 100 vendors and 8,000 to 9,000 spectators if weather is good. We even use infield of circle track for spectator parking. This show is so popular that participants line up the night before and stake out spots for their clubs. You will never see another show like this one. Car clubs barbecue and share food and drinks with other car clubs and spectators. If you are a car person, love the smell of gas and the sounds of drag racing, this show needs to be on your “Do not miss” list. For more information check out



Valley Indoor RV Storage

818-STORE-RV Classic & Exotic Car Storage

Located in Chatsworth, Valley RV Indoor Storage offers over 200,000 Square feet of indoor storage, concierge service and so much more... Motorhomes - RV’S - Collector Cars - Race Cars - Trailers - 5th WheelsJet Skis- Off Road Vehicles - Exotic Cars - Private Car Collector Areas - Etc. Located at 20701 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-701-6500


In memory of Article and photos submitted by: Randy Cooper Growing up in Southern California, I’ve been a gearhead as long as I can remember. As a child, I could tell the year, make and model of every American car I saw. My father was a tool and die maker who often made tooling for automobile applications. I graduated to making 1/24th scale models of then current cars. I enjoyed the process, even using thread from my mother’s sewing kit for spark plug wires. In high school, I dreamed of the day that I would have my own car to make better than new. Unfortunately, for me, my parents didn’t see it that way as they felt that I would let my studies slide to work on a car. They were probably right. I graduated high school and got lucky as my aunt had an old ‘56 Chevrolet 210 post. She gave it to me and I was on my way. I started making extra money by doing mechanical work on other people’s cars eventually getting into body and paint. Since I couldn’t afford some of the prices, other than Earl Scheib’s famous $29.95 paint jobs, I started painting mine and friend’s cars. Flash forward a lot of years to 1997. By then, between home owners association and EPA, there were no home paint jobs. Having owned a GTO in my youth, I decided to look for another. It took a while, but one day while I looked through the local classifieds, I found a perfect potential candidate. The ad read “1964 Pontiac GTO 389 4 speed one owner.” The price was so appealing, I immediately called the number in the ad. I left a Voice Mail. Some hours later, I received a return call from the GTO’s owner, Joan. She explained that her brother, Jerry, had purchased the GTO from Utter Pontiac on La Brea in L.A. He drove her for several years before going into the service. He served his country in Vietnam and, ultimately, was killed in action there. The family had used the car and she was, eventually, retired to the back yard. Since mine was one of 70 calls for the car, I was one of ten people to inspect the car. This was with the understanding that all ten would inspect the car before Joan and her daughter, Brandie, made a decision. When it was my turn, I found a weathered, rust free car. Joan had a shoe box with paperwork, including the warrantee book that included the protecto plate verifying that she was, indeed, a matching number GTO. I couldn’t wait for the phone call saying that she was mine. Luckily for me it came a few hours after my visit. Sure enough, they had picked me. I rolled over to make the payment, pick up the pink slip and make arrangements to have her towed to my friend’s body shop the next day. My friend, Charly Knafo who ran the shop, and I began the disassembly. I decided to check out the condition of the engine before we completed the disassembly. I did the usual reprogramming of the engine prior to starting. Mystery Oil, hand cranking her, etc. A little quick start. I turned the key and she roared to life. No noises, no smoke once the Mystery Oil was burned. I was thrilled. We then removed the glass, interior and dash components so that I could restore them at home. I restored a set of 14x6 station wagon wheels for use with the new redline radials I had purchased. The body and paint was done and then came the fun, reassembly. Since Joan had honored me by allowing me to continue Jerry’s legacy I decided to restore her in his honor. Those who have seen her at various shows have seen the poster board with Jerry’s history on it. Also, I had a memorial plaque made to honor him as the original owner. To this day, I am still in touch with his sister Joan. The best day was when I first took the GTO for Joan to inspect and she said “I’m glad I sold her to you.” Now, she is like the 1964 Ronnie and the Daytona’s song, Little GTO you’re really looking fine, 3 deuces and a 4 speed and a 389.

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Save the Date for one of the Largest Car Shows in the Valley! Benefitting and Located at Rancho San Antonio Boys Town in Chatsworth. All Makes and Models Welcome 50/50• Adult & Kid Raffle • 350 Engine Raffle Bake Auction • Silent Auction Sponsorship and Vendor Space Benn 818.635.4142

Show info: Jerome 818.259.1964 16



Superformance GT40i

Article by: Doug Campbell | Photos by Ted Seven Superformance and the GT40 I have loved cars from the earliest times I can recall. Almost 12 years ago, I finally realized a dream by purchasing a Superformance Cobra Daytona Coupe designed by Peter Brock and Bob Negstad, designers of the original Shelby Cobra Daytona in the early 1960s. This car introduced me to Superformance and the great cars they build paying tribute to some of the greatest racing and sports cars of the 1960s. Earlier this year I left the corporate world to pursue my passion for cars professionally, going to work for Superformance and their retail outlet, Hillbank Motor Corporation located in Irvine, CA. Since then, I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn about and drive the entire lineup of Superformance cars – the 289 Slab Side Cobra, 289 FIA Cobra, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Corvette Grand Sport, and the MKI and MKII versions of the world renowned GT40. A common misconception is these are kit cars. Far from it. Superformance only builds complete rolling chassis’ which are basically complete cars without engine and transmission. The customer can then select whatever drivetrain they wish to put in the car. My Daytona, now with over 50,000 miles on it, will always be my first true love and was a focal point of my wedding last year to my wife Marissa. Having said that, learning more and driving about the GT40 has created a burning desire for us to own one of these as well. Allow me to tell you a bit about these amazing cars. Many of you know the background. In the mid-60s, Ford wanted to have a presence on the international racing scene and entered into a deal to buy Ferrari that ended with Henry Ford II extremely upset at Ferrari and vowing to beat Ferrari in their own back yard. Ford then developed their own car - the MKI GT40, which was based on Eric Broadley’s Lola MK6 GT. It first raced in the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans and was a huge failure. Ford had taken notice of Carroll Shelby’s history of success at Le Mans, both as a driver and as a manufacturer with the Cobras and Daytona Coupes. They approached Carroll asking him to take over the program. Long story short, the GT40s won Le Mans the next four years straight. I highly recommend the documentary on this story recently done by Adam Corolla titled, “The 24 Hour War” (https:// Fast forward to 2005. Superformance had great success building replica Cobras and became the only manufacturer licensed by Carroll Shelby to do so. They added the Daytona Coupe, which as I mentioned was designed for Superformance by the original design team and carried forward the original DNA of the car. In fact, these cars are sold today as Shelby Daytona Coupes with Shelby“CSX” chassis numbers. Superformance then began manufacturing the GT40 under license from Safir Spares Ltd., who purchased the rights and tooling from Ford in the early 1970’s. These cars are so authentic, they are approximately 80% interchangeable with the original cars. They have the same steel monocoque chassis, body and interior design. Superformance has only made changes to make the car better, including upgraded Wilwood brakes, pressurized stainless steel gas tanks, much higher fit and finish, air conditioning, and 12 volt outlets for charging phones, etc. The cars have original GT40 chassis numbers, are in the historical registry, and can be licensed for vintage racing. The cars are considered new, original GT40s. In fact, here is what the owners of Safir Spares Ltd. have to say about the cars: “The car sold by Superformance, licensed by SAFIR, is a GT40. This car is not a replica. This car is not a continuation. (I drive a 2013 BMW, not a continuation of the 2012 BMW).” For anyone with a love for these cars, I would encourage you to visit our showroom in Irvine where we have anywhere from 60 to 80 cars on display and available for sale. The only thing I enjoy more than learning about the history of these cars and driving these cars is sharing my passion for them. I hope you will accept an open invitation to come down and let allow me to share these amazing cars with you. Live your passion! My contact info: Doug Campbell 949-900-1966, Address: 6 Autry, Irvine, CA 92618 19


CENTERFOLD: Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS RX at SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. | Photo by: James Stanley 21


Article by: Dustin Troyan Photos by James Stanley & Greg Grudt The 13th Annual Motor4Toys was a huge success. With tens of thousands of toys collected the day of the car show and tens of thousands collected after at various other toys drives, we may have a record breaking year. As the toy drive goes all month long, we are still picking up toys and dropping them off as this is being written. We will not have final numbers, but, it is looking to be an incredible year. Thank you so very much. What is Motor4Toys? People. I think that is one of the things that we are so proud of. From the presenting sponsors including; The Auto Gallery, Coastline Motorsport, Chrysler North America and HRE Wheels, to the support cast of sponsor, Anthem Blue Cross, LAPD, Councilman Bob Blumenfield, a huge amount of volunteers, Motor4Toys is the people. It is you, me, the entire car community and then there are the schools, businesses, clubs and other organizations that support Motor4Toys. Can you imagine how far we have all come together?! We are far beyond the $5,000,000 in toys collected over thirteen years of doing Motor4Toys. Your dedication to the event and toy drive has proven to be fruitful beyond expectations. Thank you so very much. We could not do it without you all. Every single one of you. Every toy counts, every dollar counts and we help so many children, it is incredible. And proudly, Motor4Toys operates at 100% charity. There are no salaries, all volunteer. We love it! So for the 2017 event, we are looking to shake things up a bit. We are rolling around different ideas, but if it all comes together, we are going to surprise you and exceed all of your expectations! And then some! So please save the date of Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. The Fourteenth Annual Motor4Toys Charity Car Show and Toy Drive. Fourteen years! Who knew it would get this big. Here is what we ask of you for 2017: Please start talking to your business partners, your school district, your clubs, your organizations, can we do a toy drive with you/them? Can you be a sponsor at the event? Can you donate to the 2017 Toy Drive? We are going to try to make 2017 a breakthrough year and see if we can lay a foundation to get to 100,000 toys by our fifteenth year. Imagine how incredible that would be. If we imagine it, we can do it. Let’s do it! Thank you to everyone who has made Motor4Toys what it has become. Every single person. Thank you so much! You are Motor4Toys and we do make a difference! Now let’s rock 2017!


Chaparral Motor4Toys Article by: Dustin Troyan Chaparral Elementary School in Calabasas has done a Motor4Toys drive for almost a decade now. How does it work? Well, it starts with an awesome school. Chaparral Elementary School is absolutely incredible. The Principal, the staff, the kids and the families have been so kind and generous for so many years. When you start with good people, you get a great outcome. A few weeks before the holidays, I head over to the school and do brief speech. I thank the kids for their years of participation with Motor4Toys and we then kick off the toy drive. A couple weeks later, we head back to the school with about twenty cool cars. It is so much fun. This year, it was another huge success. We showed up for the toy pick up and as the sun came up, we knew it was going to be a great day. The kids went absolutely crazy when they saw the cars. We had the Tri-Five Chevys, McLarens, Ferraris and one big red Ford Truck. The “car guys” that came along had a great time. The kids asked them about the cars and the kids even got to sit in a few. The children also had a “song presentation” for the holidays. A little private concert for everyone there, it was truly magical. A toy drive, cool cars and a song. It was such a win. Thank you Chaparral and Car Guys. It was another magical year, hundreds of toys collected for needy children, and we all won. It was simply beautiful.


For Sale

Ferrari Testarossa For sale, a very rare example of a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa. This is a rare, single mirror car with only 7,100 miles. This Testarossa is in immaculate condition. It is registered and kept as an investment car and exercised accordingly. This is truly a collector’s Ferrari. It also comes with an extra set of metric wheels. Up to date service as well. For more information please contact:


Chaminade Motor4Toys Article by: Dustin Troyan Chaminade College Preparatory in West Hills partnered with Motor4Toys for their first ever Motor4Toys Toy Drive. It was such a huge success on so many levels. It all started when I ran into Brendan Barlow at the Lamborghini Dealership. He introduced himself and explained that he had been coming to Supercar Sunday since he was eight or so. That before he got his license he would ride his bike to the show to take pictures. One of his many talents, he is an aspiring photographer and he loves cars. Quite the passionate young man. What I didn’t know is that Brendan is also the Founder of the Chaminade Car Club. He is following his passions and in my opinion, doing quite well. In any event, we got to talking and I saw the Chaminade logo on his shirt and asked if he thought we could do a Motor4Toys Toy Drive at the school. He smiled and said he would try to get it done. He said he loved the idea, that he would let me know. Months passed and one day my phone rings, Brendan says “it’s a done deal.” I was shocked. I met with him and the school and everybody was on board. Brendan and the Chaminade Car Club would spearhead the Motor4Toys Toy Drive and for every 50 toys brought in, we would then show up on a certain day with one cool car, per fifty toys collected. A little motivation for the students. To kick the event off, collector Michael Axon and I pulled out a vintage Lotus and a McLaren from his collection and headed over to the school to surprise the students. They went crazy! Michael was a great sport and let the students sit in the cars and even rev them. The students we crazy! About a month later, we returned to Chaminade at lunch time. Even though it was scheduled to rain, we had some pretty amazing cars out. From Ferrari F458s, Nissan GTRs, McLarens and Ferraris, to Cobras and other classic cars, it was quite a line-up. Our friends from LAPD Topanga Division joined us as well to help spread the holiday cheer. As we rolled into the school, we revved our engines and everyone started cheering. It was an incredible first year at Chaminade. Hundreds of toys were collected and everyone had an incredible time. It was a huge success. A very special thank you to Chaminade, The Chaminade Car Club, The Car Guys and LAPD. It was a wonderful Day. And Brendan, you rock. You got it done and you said you would. That makes all the difference in life. Thank you.


Over 30 years of award winning experience 22836 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(818) 222-8881 29

by Mark Llewellyn

Many young people today do not realize that there was a time in this county when alcoholic beverages were illegal. The 18th amendment to the constitution took force in 1920, banning alcoholic drinks in the United States. The days of “prohibition” caused a rise in organized crime. It was also the time in which “Nascar” was born! As times changed, so did the country’s tolerances. By 1933, the 21st amendment was ratified, repealing the 18th amendment. As booze became legal, beverages and the distilleries producing them became mainstream. Their association with big corporate America was inevitable. From beer steins to neon lights, distilleries have devised ways to promote their business while still making a buck. Decanters emerged as a way to sell a product. It was kind of like “selling the sizzle and not the steak”. What better way to the heart of a gear-head was there than to offer their favorite alcoholic beverage in an automotive-designed container? Decanters can offer tremendous collection potential. One might “collect them all,” collect a specific “genre” such as racecars or antique automobiles, or a specific distillery. The collector will be pleasantly surprised to find that procuring these fun collectibles won’t put them in the poorhouse. As with all collectibles, cost consideration should be made by condition, original packaging, and whether or not the decanters have been left unopened. Another thing to consider in collecting decanters is where to put them. Most are large, and displaying them in a protected environment is wise. This will both protect the exterior of the decanter from dust or being chipped, and protect the internal contents from children and young teens. Additionally, always remember – never put the contents of one of these decanters in your gas tank.

Coupon good for discounted entry cost of just $5.00. Beautiful vintage automobiles and Americana. 2230 Statham Blvd., Oxnard, California 93033 (805) 487-4333

Le Mans

Movie Night at CBS Article by: Richard Kratz | Photos By: Richard Kratz, Ken Latka, Jason Mordoh, Dave Wolin No one knows how many car clubs there are in the world, but there are probably close to one thousand just in Southern California alone. One of the most unique has to be the Television Motion Picture Car Club (TMPCC). If I asked you to name all of the people you can think of who work in the television and motion picture industry in just ten seconds, I’d bet that the names you come up with will be mostly famous actors, producers and directors. Well, some of the people on your list might very well be members of the TMPCC. All that’s required for membership is that you either work in, or have worked in the entertainment industry and have a passion for cars… and there are a lot of celebrities and others in the biz who meet those requirements. Have you ever watched the credits roll at the end of a movie? For the handful of actors and directors that you could name for any given film, there are a vast number of people behind the scenes who make those movies possible. Writers, producers, prop masters, gaffers, stuntmen, editors, visual and sound effects personnel, administrators and so on. All of these good folks meet the standard for membership in the TMPCC, making for a rich, eclectic base of members. Every car club has a theme, whether it is a muscle car club, a lowrider club, owners of a particular brand of vehicle, or perhaps cars from a certain country or era. There are countless bonds that tie a car club together. The same is true for the TMPCC, however, their bond is their connection to the entertainment industry, and since the entire membership has a deep passion for cars, trucks and even motorcycles, there are no limitations placed on the types of vehicles allowed. So when you attend a

TMPCC event, you’ll see everything from rare, vintage classics to modern muscle cars and everything in-between. I am privileged to be a member of the TMPCC, due to a misspent childhood working in front of both television and motion picture cameras. I joined the club in 2016 and thus I was able to attend one of the most special private events that this most special of clubs hosts every year, their Annual Movie Night. My wife and I used to host an annual movie night at our house in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita. We’d set up a home theater projector in the backyard, a large 120 inch screen and some big loudspeakers. We would have 20 or 30 friends over, throw a party and once it got dark watch a movie together. Each year there was a theme, one year was Harry Potter, another it was Princess Bride. We’d have a trivia game with prizes, the adults would enjoy various libations and we’d share the experience together. The audio-visual quality was fair, but we had a lot of fun. This year was our first TMPCC Movie Night and we had no idea what to expect other than that it was probably going to be one or two million notches higher on the experience scale than our old backyard movie nights. Our first clue was where the event was held, at CBS Studio Center, inside the private screening room of Studio President and fellow TMPCC member Michael Klausman. This is a studio steeped in history, founded by the king of silent comedies Mack Sennett in 1928. In 1935 it became Republic Pictures, where John Wayne got his start in motion pictures, and then in 1967, CBS purchased the studio from Republic. So there is a lot of history at this studio, including a connection to the movie Le Mans that was being honored at this year’s TMPCC event... more on that in a bit. Our next clue as to how special this night was going to be awaited us as we approached the building where the screening room is located. Since the theme for this year’s TMPCC Movie Night was Le Mans, the club paid tribute to both the annual 24hour endurance race in France and Steve McQueen’s motion picture by the same name. So in keeping with just how well thought out and special the events for this club are, outside the screening room building were three outrageous Le Mans race cars from the time period the film was made. Tom and Sharon Malloy of Trench Shoring and Ed Pink Racing Engines displayed two very special race cars; a 1969 Lola T-70 MK-3B coupe and a 1967 Ford GT40. The Ford just happened to be the actual backup or sister car to the GT40 that won Le Mans in ’67. Also on display was another 1969 Lola T-70 MK-3B owned by members John and Shirley Coombs. This particular vehicle is a painstakingly accurate reproduction of the car actor James Garner owned as part of his American International Racers Team. What better way to set the theme for this very special evening than with these three drool worthy, curvaceous, downright lascivious race cars on display out front. But that wasn’t all that was on display. Since Steve McQueen was a fan of Porsche’s, and since he drove one in the movie, it was awesome to have two very special Porsche’s

restored by Singer Vehicle Design on display as well. This added even more to what was already becoming an event with massive sensory overload, and we were still outside the building. Next up was our very first Red Carpet experience. All the members received a “swag” or gift bag and a full color printed program while walking a literal red carpet into the building. As we entered the building, we paused to get our picture taken by one of the club’s professional photographers on the red carpet inside the lobby. So on a scale of one to ten, our old backyard movie nights were already somewhere south of zero and we had only just entered the building. Once we walked inside the screening room, the movie screen was filled with behind the scenes images from the movie Le Mans, but before the lights came down and the movies began, two very special guest speakers, who just happen to be members of the TMPCC spoke to the attendees. First up was Justin Bell, 1997 FIA GT2 World Champion and 1998 winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Justin spoke about his father Derek, who was one of the race car drivers in McQueen’s film and he reminisced about living with his father and family in Le Mans during the filming of the movie. His father went on to win Le Mans no less than five times, so maybe all this Bell family racing talent comes down to DNA. Justin spoke movingly about racing at Le Mans in 1995 as a teammate with his father. Their team managed a third place finish, and Justin and his dad got to stand on the podium in front of (as Justin put it) 70,000 screaming English racing fans who stormed the track to cheer them. The second speaker was Tommy Kendall, a four-time SCCA Trans-Am Series Champion and two-time IMSA GT Champion. Tommy raced twice at Le Mans, including 2013 when he raced an SRT Viper GTS-R. Tommy knows the highs and lows of racing. With some of the highs being his six world championships and one of the lows being his horrific and crippling accident at Watkins Glen in 1991. Tommy gave one of the most honest and open talks about the fear that goes hand-in-hand with the thrill of racing. He talked about the kind of things that all racers experience, but rarely talk about. He said that at Le Mans, every corner is faster than anywhere else in the world; the slow corners are 20 MPH faster than slow corners at other tracks, as are the medium corners. Tommy went on to say that the fast corners are “crazy fast” at Le Mans. He also stated that every race car driver is afraid at Le Mans, which makes what they do at that track even more special. After the speakers were finished, we watched the first film of the evening, the 2015 documentary “Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans”. This is a remarkable film, depicting the trials and tribulations of what McQueen went through to make his movie. Since Cinema Center Films was the financial backer of the film, and CCF just happened to be the CBS Films Division of the network located at CBS Studio

Center (where we screened the films) much of the behind the scenes footage used in the documentary is never before seen film that is still stored in the vault at the studio, just a few feet from where this very special event was held. The documentary is a great film in its own right and we had no idea of the huge sacrifice McQueen made to deliver the movie to us. It is a fascinating and moving film and I highly recommend that you stream it or buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray. After the documentary, it was time for Intermission, and in keeping with the Le Mans theme, the TMPCC had French food catered for the event. A Le Mans themed raffle was also held with some awesome prizes, including a limited edition 1/18th scale die cast of the #20 Porsche 917 McQueen drove in the movie. The Ford Motor Company also supplied several items, including a Ford GT Chip Ganassi Racing Team Jacket from their 2016 win at Le Mans. Other prizes included wine from Morey Cellars, pinstripe art from John Martinez of Wicked Lines and car care products from Liquid Glow. The club even raffled off a one of a kind banner signed by fellow TMPCC member, James Bond stunt driver, Le Mans competitor and the former Stig from “Top Gear” Ben Collins. Other companies who were a big part of the evening included three Platinum Sponsors who helped with the massive expense of hosting such an event. These included fellow member Barry Meguiar of Meguiar’s Car Care Products, Rob Dickinson of Singer Vehicle Designs and Tony Fiori of Vista Ford Lincoln with locations in Oxnard and Woodland Hills, California. After intermission, the TMPCC screened a digitally remastered version of the full length feature film Le Mans. Being old school, I must say that the film was lovingly remastered. Meaning that I appreciated the restored colors, contrast and vibrancy of the original film, but I was thrilled to see that the “film experience” was preserved right down to the film grain and jitter in this remastering. So in closing, if you’re a car guy or gal, or a fan of Steve McQueen, you should do what we got to do (thanks to the TMPCC) and host a movie night by watching the documentary on the making of Le Mans, then follow it up by watching the King of Cool, Steve McQueen, in the digitally remastered motion picture Le Mans, the most authentic racing movie ever made. For more information or to join the Television Motion Picture Car Club, visit their website at


Grand Opening Article by: Dustin Troyan | Photos by Greg Grudt A New Ferrari Dealership has arrived! Ferrari Westlake is now open! Ferrari Westlake is the latest addition to the Mattioli Automotive Group, North America’s premiere Ferrari dealership group, which includes Ferrari Los Angeles Service Center, as well as sister stores Ferrari Beverly Hills, Ferrari South Bay, and Ferrari Silicon Valley. What an incredible Grand Opening Celebration. Ferrari owners and enthusiasts from all over the State headed to Ferrari Westlake to celebrate with the Mattioli Team. The ambience was definitely passion inspired! Ferrari’s latest offerings were on display as well as notable examples with historical racing heritage or ultra rare models from the early beginnings of Ferrari. There were tens of millions of dollars on display and the enthusiasts loved it! The Ferrari and exotic car community is hugely excited to have a this new Ferrari Dealership open! So close to Santa Barbara, Malibu and the Valley, the dealership will become the focal point for the Ferrari Community for sure! We are all very excited and looking forward to the great times ahead! Congratulations to Ferrari Westlake on the grand opening, what a great addition to our community! For more info: Ferrari Westlake 3195 Willow Lane Thousand Oaks, CA 91361



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Article by: Gwen Banta & Tory Herald Sotheby’s International Realty One improvement to a home that will maximize your investment dollars is a minor kitchen remodel. There are ways to improve your kitchen that do not require selling the golf clubs or renting out the kids. Remember, light and cleanliness help sell a home, so new kitchen paint is the best place to start. Re-facing cabinets is always an excellent alternative to replacing them, but you can always consider painting and relining the drawers and shelves if your budget is limited. New cabinet fixtures will make a kitchen feel modernized. Even if you cannot afford to replace the cabinets, new countertops provide a perfect kitchen face lift, and of course new appliances change the look of your kitchen instantly. You do not need the highest-end appliances if your investment dollars are limited. Many good brands make excellent middle grade products​. A ​ nd perhaps now is the time to get that kitchen window you’ve been considering. A garden window with flowers can add charm and life to a dull space. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so even if your idea of cooking involves frozen food and a microwave, an inviting kitchen will always add value to your home and your lifestyle.

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