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April 2014

MORE LOCATIONS SPOKE, TO SERVE YOU YOU WE LISTENED At The Auto Gallery, we like to listen to our customers. Our 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey results told us that the number one complaint amongst our owners was the lack of convenience of our service locations.

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To make sure we remain your first choice in servicing and maintaining your vehicle, we’d like to let you know that you can now drop your car off at any one of our sales or service locations, regardless of the brand, and we’ll do the running around so you don’t have to.

CHOOSE THE LOCATION THAT’S CONVENIENT FOR YOU With sites in Calabasas, Canoga Park, Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, you now have a choice of location to use.

SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY To make your next service appointment and arrange a drop off point that best suits you. Call Irene Velazquez at (818) 932-1707 or email FACTORY AUTHORIZED | 888.557.0366 | THEAUTOGALLERY.COM


P L AT I N U M C L U B M E M B E R S H I P F R O M L AVA G G I O Lavaggio’s world-class wash facilities and concours-trained detail technicians are at your service. At Lavaggio, we pamper automobiles... and their owners with The Art of Auto Detailing. ConCierge ServiCe Complimentary BiStro me al interne t & entertainment

exeCutive BuSineSS lounge v . i . p. t r a n S p o r t a t i o n e xCluSi v e memBer-only e v ent S

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On the Cover: “Estate Planning� Photo: Randy Cordero Page 8

From the Editor Ok, I have to admit a few things… here I go: First and foremost, I have no idea what I am doing. Truly. I know that I am working toward something, but I have no idea what that something is. I think that I have a direction, but is it due west? I have no idea. As I have mentioned when I sit down to write these, I literally write whatever comes out. I know that I “write” the way that I “talk.” I know that it might not be as formal as some of the other magazines, but I really don’t care. I am doing it the way that I know how. One letter at a time. Direction, I suppose we all need it. I was good at taking direction as a kid, just as long as I did not know that I was taking directions. My mother was great at it. I remember my dad would say, “The woman always has to know the man is in charge…” and when he would leave the room, she would whisper in my ear, “A good woman let’s the man think he is in charge…” Geeze, I hope my wife is not reading this! It is amazing how people in your life can show up at the right moment. I have been lucky over the years to sometimes get slapped across the face with reality. This time it came from a very innovative woman that I have known my whole life. Carol Davis. The Davis Family, a wonderful family. Growing up in Woodland Hills, it was kind of like Mayberry. Our block was filled with kids and great families. The Davis Family was one of those families. Our family and the Davis Family hit it off. The patriarch, Big Bill Davis was a mountain of a man with a great big laugh and an even bigger heart. One of those tough guys that is man enough to cry and is as American as apple pie. Carol, the matriarch, is loving and nuturing, but also all business. Not the type of lady you want to pick a fight with… The Davis’s are a success story. Carol started Davis Research in Calabasas on our block. She saw a niche and found a labor force of mothers that had time to kill during the day and put them to work. Fast-forward, Davis Research is a leading Research Company located in Calabasas and Carol, now retired is setting Calabasas ablaze with the Savvy Seniors group. Truly a mover and a shaker.

It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach. Benjamin E. Mays

Carol is one of those people who will tell it to you straight, like it or not. About two years ago she stopped by the house unannounced. This was a rare occurrence and I thought it was simply a social visit. It was just she and I sitting outside on the porch chatting. Catching up, talking about the past, family and then…she lays it on me. Going into mother mode, telling me that I had better marry Heather or she would tell Heather to drop me. No joke! From a woman who says she loves me….Carol tells it straight, like it or not. Little did she know, I had the ring, the date of proposal and the whole plan…but I appreciated the lecture, the love. So the other day she stops by with some homemade Lasagna. Homemade Lasagna, I better sit down, because if she is bringing homemade Lasagna, she must also have a baseball bat to hit me with. Growing up at the Davis house, Lasagna night was a real treat. It was the Holy Grail of dinners. Carol, an Italian-American, follows the family recipe and if she ever wanted to start another business, a restaurant would be very successful. So Lasagna in hand she asks about the baby, Heather, business and current events. Then, it was back to business, ALL BUSINESS. Carol was and is an innovator. There were very few businesswoman when she began Davis Research. But then again, Carol is not the average woman. She is a force to be reckoned with. And to know her is to love her. I explain that business is good and that I am working very hard. Trying to grow on many different levels. She gives me a look and I know this look. When I was very young, we would go swimming at her house. We did not have a pool, so we would head over to hers. I was the youngest of the group and she told me I could not go into the deep end. Naturally, I walked over to the deep-end, shot her a look and jumped right in. Now, I cannot recall if I knew how to swim, but I remember that look when she pulled me out. We laugh about it now, but…Hell hath no fury like an Italian Mother. Carol starts discussing how to become more successful. “Goals” she says. You need goals. Business goals, savings and investment goals, life goals, marriage goals, goals! She asked, what are your goals? In my head I have them. I have mentioned some in past letters, but I have never really written them down. I think I am a motivated person, but I have always heard that successful people have goals. Maybe I should write them down. Carol is a woman who is confident. She is strong, successful, a great mother, grandmother, 2nd mother to me, and when she talks, I listen. So goals. I need to make goals. She explains that now that I have a kid, playtime was over. I knew this and have no problem with this. The baby and the wife come first, 100%! That is the way my dad did it and that is the way that I will do it. For hours we spoke, sharing ideas, opportunities and goals. I had a lot on my plate that day but I am also bright enough to realize that when someone cares enough to

Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms, carry out your plan. Paul J. Meyer take the time to help you, you take the time to honor their kindness. Carol Davis. Goals. I wonder what will happen if I put pen to paper and write the goals down? Should they be simple or lofty? Realistic or dreaming as big as possible? I have heard the problem with most people is they do not dream big enough…then I have heard that some people make such unrealistic goals that they are bound for failure. Some say set goals that are easy to gain momentum and to get you a bit more confident. To create the habit. Writing the goals down. Hmm, I know that when I signed up for a sporting event, I trained harder. Kind of keeps you honest. I suppose I am moving along, like the little train that could, but some race gas would be real nice wouldn’t it. A little high-test to get the cylinders firing a bit faster and cleaner. Goals she says. There is a whole other side to this. The “hell hath no fury like an Italian Mother side…” Knowing Carol, if I don’t start setting some goals and she runs into me or stops by with more Lasagna and some dessert, I will be in BIG trouble. Hmm, I wonder what I am more afraid of, failure or making Carol mad? I suppose motivation comes in all forms. I know that with a kid now, I need to do things smarter, more efficient and plan for the future. Advice I suppose that anyone can use. I know that I have to find a balance between work and play. Boy all this grown up stuff is for the birds. Goals, I wonder how many of you set goals? Do you? Does it work for you? I would be very interested to see that if you read this and decide to set a goal, will you achieve it. And what kind of goal is it? Could be something simple, could be something that takes a bit of time, like training for a marathon, finishing a car, starting a business, reconnecting with an old friend. I would in fact be very interested. The one thing that I do know is to emulate those people who are successful. A cyclist I knew once said, “If you want to get fast on the bike, ride with fast people…” it worked. There are those who say, want to be successful, emulate successful people. Carol Davis is successful on so many levels and if she is telling me to set some goals, heck, Ill take a page out of her book, will you? And to Carol Davis, thank you for the love and consideration! Let’s all go out and best our goals! Dustin

Story & Photos By Scott Martin

Walking into the parts department at Mustangs Etc., it looks like a typical Mom & Pop shop with a lot of new and used Mustang parts hanging on the walls and in display cabinets. But once you walk through the back door, you enter a maze of floor-to-ceiling shelves full of NOS(newold-stock), newly manufactured and original used parts that keeps going and going. Starting out as a Mustang dealership in parts and service in 1976, owner Arnold Marks has been successfully building the Mustangs Etc. brand for almost 40 years, beginning with the core buildings on Bessemer Street in Van Nuys. The structures attached to the original store and warehouse have gone through several transitions, most recently serving customers looking to restore their classic Mustangs and other Ford models. But that’s not even the half of it… just

give Arnold a hint that you would like to see “The Warehouse”, a huge separate building leased in 2003, and he will enthusiastically give you the tour of a wonderland of rare vehicles awaiting restoration among a virtual salvage yard of rust-free Mustang and classic Ford parts of every description. He and his son Garrett have even bought out inventories of parts from several companies that went out of business and keep those in separate sections. The most recent is a treasure-trove of NOS (New Old Stock) ‘64 _ to ’67 model year Mustang parts. The to-be-restored vehicles in the warehouse deserve a story of their own, but here’s the short list, and all with no rust! Mustangs: 1967 S-Code Fastback 390; 1969 428 Cobra Jet GT; 1970 Mach 1 351 4-spd; 1966 original convertible (Frank Sinatra’s?). Plus, 1967 Cougar GT S-Code; 1969 Cougar Eliminator Coupe; 1940 Ford Deliv-

ery; 1949 Ford 2-Dr Shoebox. When the opportunity arose in 2007, a large facility was leased for the increasing service needs of Mustang Etc’s customers. That business has continued to grow as the facility’s reputation spreads through the hard work of Service Manager Mike O’Brien and his talented staff. There is currently no body shop on premises, but Mike’s crew works in conjunction with several highly credible shops to partially or completely restore several cars per year. One current example is the total restoration of an original Shelby GT 350 (see photos on the rotisserie.) Another great example of restraint in restoration is a 1965 Mustang built the last day of production at the San Jose plant (and sold locally by Fairview Ford) that the Marks’ were able to purchase with documentation and will keep and possibly sell as original because “a car is only original once”.

Future plans for the original adjoining buildings at 14843 Bessemer include a new office/showroom with a separate showroom to spotlight three or four specially restored vehicles. As with all brick-and-mortar businesses these days, the internet and social media aspects of the organization are being addressed. Stephanie Pacheco is the in-house coordinator who definitely has her hands full! As the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang occurs this year, Mustangs Etc. is right in the thick of it. As a 2008 recipient of the Lee Iacocca Award, Arnold is being honored at a presentation at the official Mustang 50th Anniversary Party in Las Vegas on April 19th at the Luxor Hotel in conjunction with Craig Cunningham of the Mustang Owners Club of California. Also, one of his 1965 Mustangs was just photographed at Will Rogers State Beach in artwork to be featured at the 5-day event. Talking to Arnold, it definitely sounds like he takes his work home with him. Above his multi-car garage, his wife Jann lets him have a “playroom” with all of his automobilia. But that is a small reward for someone who has always done it all for the love of the cars… yes, it’s great to make a good living and raise a family in your life-long career, but it’s all really for the fun of it if you’re a true car guy! Mustangs, Etc. is open 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST Monday - Friday, Saturday by appointment only. Contact Garrett Marks for Parts; Arnold Marks for Sales; Stephanie Pacheco for Internet; and Mike O’Brien for Service, Restoration and Repair. Call (818) 787-7634 or

Supercar Sunday Word on the street was that Porsche North America was going to bring their new Supercar, the 918 Hybrid to Supercar Sunday. There was a buzz all over the internet, but nobody knew

Story by Dustin Troyan Photos By Greg Grudt

if it was in-fact going to happen! Then the email came in, it was verified, they were! It was truly a privilege and an honor to have one of the rarest supercars at Supercar Sun-

day. Very few people in North America had seen the Nuremburg Ring record holder and the fact that they were driving it in...Simply awesome! Continued-

Supercar Sunday There was definitely no shortage of Porsche enthusiasts at Supercar Sunday, excited to see the 918. Many members from the PCA (Porsche Club of America) were present representing a brand that they love. From Carrera GTs to GT3s and Turbos, it was a Stuttgart West! The Porsche 918 Hybrid, yes, (you plug it in), boasts the fastest lap time for a street-legal vehicle. At a record breaking 6 minutes and 57 seconds, the hybrid beat it’s closest contender by fourteen seconds with an average speed of 111mph. The 918 is powered by a 4.6-liter V-8 and two electric motors which produce 887 horsepower. The technologically advanced hybrid offers five different driving modes, which offer different levels of performance. From EPower, the most range efficient to Hot Lap, the Porsche goes from “green” to “red hot” with the press of a button. Top speed is approximately 211 mph and the asking price is starting at $845,000. A very special thank you to Porsche North America for sharing the 918!

Supercar Sunday 2014 Marque Schedule April 6th May 4th June 1st July 6th August 3rd September 7th October 5th November 2nd December 7th

Lamborghini Porsche Ferrari Pre-1973 Muscle Cars Micro Cars Shelby- Cobra- Ford GT Corvette Electric Cars 11th Annual Motor4toys Charity Car Show & Toy Drive

The second sunday of each month will be Nissan Marque Day presented by Universal Nissan * Please visit to join our forums. * If you would like to schedule a club/group marque day, please contact Dustin Troyan


2013 Dodge SRT VIPER For more information:

Shaver Automotive Group 3888 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Thousand Oaks, Ca 91362

John McCann Sales Manager/ Viper Specialist (888)603-6232 ext 101

Golf Tips with Tommy Mansuwan For the majority of golfers who have grown up through the local junior ranks and onto the college golf scene, there is one thing that we can relate to…our Ping Hoofer stand bag. Arguably, the most popular golf stand bag ever made, the Hoofer’s design was simple yet functional. The construction was tough enough where the bag didn’t feel like it would rip and your valuables would be protected, while at the same time, it also was light enough that it sometimes felt more like a backpack rather than a set of golf clubs. Through the years, many companies have unveiled plenty of stand bags in hopes of gaining some of the market share from Ping. This brings me to present day 2014. For the first time in my golfing life, I have ditched the trusted and beloved Hoofer bag for TaylorMade’s newest carry bag, the SLDR stand bag. Like most golfers, I get excited when a new product arrives and this was no different. Considering this was my first new bag in more than a couple years, I eagerly unwrapped the box and went exploring. What I discovered wasn’t exactly to my liking. As I found out during the transfer of clubs from the old bag to the new, the design of the TaylorMade bag barely allows my wedges to touch the bottom of the bag since the columns are so high. Think paddling dog in water trying to keep its head above the water line. That’s what I feel my wedges are doing every time I look at the bag. The multitude of pockets gives you plenty of

Product Review: TaylorMade SLDR Stand Bag

space to store your belongings, however, I did find that the pockets were really deep. Some may like this while others may not. Personally, I am not a fan of digging through pockets in search of smaller items (i.e. weights). With all the pockets that do exist, the drink pouch is quite useful although it might seem to have trouble securely bottles in place. The most important thing for a stand bag is the feel on your shoulders. As I mentioned about the Hoofer, the overall construction of the bag makes walking a golf course a breeze, as the weight seems distributed evenly. This was my

biggest gripe with the SLDR bag. From the first moment I picked it up with the clubs inside, nothing felt right. I am still not quite sure if it’s the big chunky pads used for straps or the design of the bag itself that throws it off. As soon as the bag is on my shoulders and I start to walk, everything begins to rock as if it the bag is fighting itself. And yes, I have already adjusted the straps plenty of times. No change for me. The weight distribution of the Ping bag seemed almost 50/50 whereas the SLDR bag is mostly top heavy. With all the negative comments aside, there are a couple things that do appeal to me, which you won’t find on a Hoofer. The first is the “rail bar” at the top of the bag that allows you to have a hold in case you need to move it quickly. It is also handy for loading and unloading into your vehicle. And the second characteristic of this bag I find useful is the way it can stand straight up without tipping over. The design of the bottom allows you to stand it vertically on a straight surface without having to prop the legs out for support. This also makes it a good bag for cart use. In closing, if you are the occasional walker but happen to ride in carts, then this bag will work for you as it offers a little of both worlds. However, if you are primarily a walker that is looking for comfort and ease, stick with the Hoofer.

Car Guy Goes to Italy Part VI Story & Photos By Scott Martin

Ah Roma, the Eternal City! So good to be back because the one thing you know is that everything stays the same, nothing will be torn down and if anything, new antiquities will have been discovered. The first thing you notice when touring around Rome for the first time, was just driving down the street, you look to the side and there is a building that is 2000 years old, or you drive around a portion of the city that was there over 2500 years ago including structures like the Coliseum and the Pantheon. The next thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the structures‌ sure we have modern skyscrapers and mega warehouses, but these monolithic buildings, sport stadiums, religious centers, schools and govern-

ment centers were built by hand centuries ago and they are all massive, awe inspiring and incredibly beautiful. It is also interesting to note that the basic layout of the streets still works after thousands of years and easily transports you to any part of the huge metropolis quickly, so long as it’s not rush hour. As usual, the public transportation system is maddeningly efficient and easily connects to outlying areas through the central train station as in all other Italian metro centers. Since we had already been in Italy three weeks and had visited Rome before, we tried to look for new experiences and small out of the way restaurants, museums and

attractions instead of the “normal” mainstream crowded venues. Of course, we ended up passing by the Trevi fountain and so had to toss some coins in over our shoulders for good luck. We also drove by the Colliseum a dozen times, but did not take the tour again although we were next to the Pantheon and remembered how amazing it was so we went in and were still not disappointed. As the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome, its pretty incredible to imagine the thought, design, logic and artistry that went into the construction of the structure so long ago, which was the first of its kind and I believe the longest lasting of its type in the world. We had never been able to visit the Galleria Borghese before so we made a reservation months in advance to insure our entrance. It was definitely worth it, as it houses the majority of the Borghese collections of paintings, sculpture and antiquities. You can find many of the upper tier of Italian artists there such as Bernini, Caravaggio, Titian and Raphael. There are so many great areas to stay when in Rome, but this time, we chose one relatively close to The Spanish Steps due to its central location and easy walking access to most of the central city. When not using the buses, Taxis were always available, but due to the one-way streets, you needed to pick them up at the right place so they wouldn’t double the fare by backtracking since most tourists don’t really know where they are. One thing I haven’t mentioned in recent articles on Italy is the “Pizza”. Although it was strangely invented in the USA, the popular food is still associated with everything Italian. However, through all our travels over three weeks, we still had not found one good slice of pizza! Its not that we didn’t see them, because almost every food shop has a sample in the window and many restaurants had one or more out on display… of the ones that actually looked appealing, we just had not tasted a great one yet. You need to know that my wife is a professional in the food industry and she is sometimes known as the “Pizza Queen”, so we had definitely been trying. Walking around the area by the Spanish Steps, one shop had about twenty different types of pizzas on display so we tried two of them… finally! Unbelievable! So then we tried two more, and then another two… this was what we had been waiting for! We experienced at least three other great pizza lunches or appetizers while in Rome… thank you to the Roman Pizza makers for keeping the tradition alive! At the suggestion of a friend who had set up some of our transportation, we took a day-trip by train to Orvieto and were very glad we went. Never having heard about the area before, we found out it was originally another ancient Etruscan-based civilization that was established on a mountaintop with the obligatory walls around the city built during the Middle Ages. Before the walls were erected, many caves and tunnels were dug which you can still see under a lot of the stores and restaurants. We ate above one of the more famous ones and there were even mushrooms growing on the centuries old wine barrels in the cool caverns below. One of the most amazing things about Orvieto is its huge cathedral. It’s another case where you wonder how they got all those materials up the mountain; much less build this impressive structure at a time when there were no calculators or machines. Due to the grandeur of the Cathedral of Orvieto, the city became the first outside of Rome to be the site of a Papacy in 1263 After traveling back to Rome, we continued our hunt for more great meals before leaving for home. We were able to get a reservation at a

very well known restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto, one of the original and last to be dissolved in the world or so we were informed. The food was not what we expected, as it was such a complete mix of Italian and vaguely to completely familiar Jewish dishes that were totally different than we were used to… in other words, very unique and interesting. The sampler desert dish was out-of-this-world! Another evening was devoted to what was billed as a “Wine Tasting with Appetizer and Food Pairing.” This was one of those one-in-a-million nights that you will always remember… We arrived at Salumeria Roscioli’s, only to be rushed out the door and led at a very quick pace for four blocks in and out of alleyways. We were starting to get worried when we burst through a door and into a large square room with 18 people seated around an empty center section where there was a beaming Italian gentleman yelling, “You’re late!” We had a pretty good idea after three glasses (tastings) of wine and some delectable cheese and mortadella appetizers that we had found

the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Allesandro was a Sommelier and historian and comedian all rolled into one. He was also a very generous fellow. What was billed as an evening to sample five wines with matching antipasto and some pasta, turned into a dozen wines with premium aged parmesan, truffles, meats, several food courses and then more opened bottles of our favorites out of the original dozen wines! Luckily they called us

a Taxi because it was two o’clock in the morning and we had to leave for the airport at seven. Even luckier, we were already packed! What a fitting way to say goodbye to beautiful, fun Roma and our wonderful monthlong trip to Italy. Just when we were starting to understand and speak the language… well, at least we have a good head start for the next trip! Here’s to all the joy we took away and hopefully

some of it that we left in Italy. Bon Giorno, Arrivederci and Fino Alla Prossima Volta (“Until we meet again.”) Scott Martin is a Calabasas resident, photojournalist, auto broker and frequent contributor to Driven World Magazine. He can be reached at or 818 430-7266

The Art of the Bugatti Exhibit Comes to Oxnard, CA

Story and Photography by Greg Grudt

On Thursday, March 21, 2014, the Mullin Automotive Museum opened their doors to the media to preview the Art of the Bugatti Exhibit in Oxnard, CA. Now, this wasn’t my first visit to the Mullin Museum and definitely will not be my last. I have been to the museum quite a number of times and even visited when it was Otis Chandler’s museum back in 2005. “We are so pleased to pay homage and respect to the beautiful masterworks of the Bugatti family,” said Peter Mullin, Founder and Chairman of the Mullin Automotive Museum. “For the first time ever under one roof, this will showcase the full scope of the Bugatti family’s varied expertise, creativity, technique, innovation, and appreciation of beauty and design.” This exhibit not only features automobiles, but artifacts, furniture, sculptures and paintings from the Bugatti family. I walked into the museum and was instantly immersed into the world of Bugatti. Immediately upon entry I was greeted by a stunning example of a Bugatti EB110 SS LeMans (1 of 3 LeMans ever built). This car is typically on display upstairs however I think they made a great choice by placing this iconic car right in the front so that it is visible when you walk in. Shortly after, I stumbled upon one of the most desirable cars in the world, the Bugatti Type 41 Royale! Only six cars were ever produced at a staggering price of roughly $43,000 each in the 1930’s! Unfortunately, Ettore Bugatti planned on making 25 Royales, but during the Great

Depression those who could afford a Royale had other things to spend their money on. For those of you that think the Rolls Royce Phantom is a massive car, wait until you see a Royale up close. Another huge highlight to this amazing exhibit was the Bugatti 100P airplane! Many people think that Ettore Bugatti only made automobiles. In fact, Bugatti ventured into trains, boats and even airplanes. The Bugatti 100P was the most technologically advanced airplane that never even had the chance to make it off the ground! The original 100P airplane (which is currently in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) is too fragile to tour around the world and fly. Therefore, the 100P airplane that is on display in the museum is an exact replica of the original airplane. Later this fall, the 100P design team plans on flying their Bugatti 100P creation. You may recall a few years back, in the Annual Monterey Issue, I wrote an article featuring the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport World Record Edition. The Mullin Museum was extremely fortunate to acquire another World Record Edition Veyron for this very special exhibit. Only five of these cars were ever built and to date the Mullin has had two different ones on display. Photographs just don’t do this car justice. If you visit the museum, a must see car is the light blue 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. This car is on a large pedestal, therefore you can’t miss it. According to the Mullin Automotive Museum, only four of these cars were ever

built and this is one of two surviving examples. The other one is owned by Ralph Lauren on the East Coast. The Mullin Automotive Museum has definitely outdone themselves on this exhibit! For those of you that have never been to the Mullin Museum before, I highly recommend that you visit the museum and check out the Art of the Bugatti Exhibit before it ends. Even if you aren’t really into cars, there is something for everyone there. For hours, directions and more information, please check out http://www.mullinautomotivemuseum. com. The exhibit opens to the public on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Tickets are available for purchase online. Private tours are also available. To view more photos, please visit and “Like” Exotic Car Fotos on Facebook.

Car Culture

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Mark Llewellyn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pinewood Derby If you were a Cub Scout as a kid, chances are your pack participated in the “pinewood derby”. The “pinewood derby” was the creation of Don Murphy, cub master for Pack 280C of Manhattan Beach in 1952. Don wanted to race with his son in the “Soapbox Derby” but his 8 year old son had to be 10. Don came up with an idea, “I wanted to devise a wholesome, constructive activity that would foster a closer father–son relationship and promote craftsmanship and good sportsmanship through competition.”

2 pinewood derby cars on display at “Leon’s Transmission Car Corner” at the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard.

Don had been a model maker his whole life, so his idea came naturally. Don’s idea caught on with the pack leaders. They invented a two lane, 31 foot race track complete with a battery powered finish gate. The winning car would set off a light and a door bell to indicate the champion run. When Don saw the looks on the faces of the families involved, he knew he had created something special.

Kits were developed to give to the scouts to build their racers. Over time, classes and rules were developed to keep the racing fun. In 1954, the “pinewood derby” grew into a city wide “scene”. The Los Angeles Herald Examiner sponsored their own “pinewood derby”. It was administered through the “Los Angeles Parks and Recreation” department. Over 300 people attended the finals at Griffith Park!

Fact A pinewood derby car is limited to 7” in length, and has weight restrictions as well. Several variations of wheels have appeared over the years It is estimated that over 50 million kids worldwide have built “pinewood derby” cars since 1953 Don Murphy was honored with a presidential proclamation by President George W. Bush! Don passed away July 9th, 2008 at the age of 90. He has left a legacy by creating a part of Americana that has touched the hearts of children and adults alike.

Recipe of the Month with Vincent Cachot Beef Burger with:

Caramelized Onions / Arugula / Apple Wood Smoked Bacon / Gorgonzola Cheese Caramelized Onions: Slice onions finely Add grapeseed oil in a pan to high heat and add onions in the pan Stir from time to time to ensure consistent coloration Add brown sugar to finish caramelized color Set aside for finishing Apple Wood Smoked Bacon: Ingredients for Four People Set on an oven rack and cook at 375 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Garlic Vinaigrette Reserve on absorbing paper and set aside for finishing 1 Cup Olive Oil 1 Cup Grape seed Oil A la Minute: 1/2 Cup champagne vinegar Season burgers with salt and pepper 2 TB Dijon Mustard Cook on BBQ at 400 degrees, 3 minutes on each side to keep me- 6 Cloves garlic dium rare 1 TB Honey At the same time, on top of your grill, toast your brioche buns Salt / Pepper / Chopped Parsley Finishing: Add caramelized onions on top of your burger Drizzle 1000 Island dressing on your buns Place Burger on the buns, and then add sliced tomato, Arugula slightly toasted in olive oil and finish with crumbled Gorgonzola. Place burger on top of the Arugula. Ready to eat, Enjoy!

Vincent Cachot is the Executive Chef at the Roosevelt Hotel in West Hollywood. Native of France, Vincent has worked in the culinary field for the past 25 years. His extended experience allowed him to work in top restaurants and hotels all over the world from France, to Malaysia, Lebanon, Bahamas and United Stated. Vincent strongly believes in using the freshest ingredients possible. He loves using everything he learned in his cultural traveling through the continents. From fine dinning restaurant in France (in Paris with Joel Robuchon / La Palme D’Or in Cannes at the Martinez Hotel), to luxurious hotels (The Ocean Club and the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas) Vincent is willing to share his secret and techniques by sharing some of his recipes here. You can contact him at anytime for any meal ideas or cooking class that he might be able to handle for you. Bon Appetit, Vincent.

Valley Indoor RV Storage

818-STORE-RV Classic & Exotic Car Storage

Located in Chatsworth, Valley RV Indoor Storage offers over 200,000 Square feet of indoor storage, concierge service and so much more... Motorhomes - RV’S - Collector Cars - Race Cars - Trailers - 5th WheelsJet Skis- Off Road Vehicles - Exotic Cars - Private Car Collector Areas - Etc. Located at 20701 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-701-6500

A SHOW NOT TO MISS! The 32nd Annual Classic Chevy Show is an event not to miss! This show, which is open to all makes and models not only brings a variety classic and hot rods, but late model street cars as well. If you are unfamiliar with the Classic Chevy Club of Socal, there might not be a more energetic and passionate group of car owners out there. The Club has chosen Rancho San Antonio Boys Town not only as their location, but the beneficiary of the show. Proceeds from the show will be donated to Rancho, which helps to provide underprivileged youth a safe home and learning environment to help secure their futures. Over the last dozen years, the Club has donated over $100,000.00 to Rancho. The boys at Rancho will also be present to assist with the show and provide an amazing bar-b-que. See you there!

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Save the Date for one of the Largest Car Shows in the Valley! Over 30 years and running. At Rancho San Antonio Boys Town in Chatsworth. All Makes and Models Welcome The 32nd Classic Chevy Show is to benefit Rancho San Antonio Boys Town. Show info: Jerome 818.259.1964

For sponsorship, vendor & booth space: Benn: 818.635.4142

E-Type UK-USA Inc. International Jaguar E-Type Restoration & Sales E-Type UK is located in a purpose built modern E-type restoration and E-type sales facility. We specialize in only the Jaguar E-Type. We restore, service and upgrade cars providing the ultimate driving experience for our clients. From early outside locking E-Type Series 1 models to late Series 3 Commemorative V12 E-Types including Appendix K race cars, each vehicle is restored to the highest possible standards ensuring originality is maintained at all times. For all of your E-Type Servicing, Upgrades and Restoration needs.

E-TYPE USA 805 Mitchell Road, Newbury Park, California, 91320 805-498-3555


Going Forward, Backwards So, the supercar. Has any class of automobile ever undergone more change than the revolution currently sweeping through this one? For decades, the paradigm was basically unaltered. A big engine in the middle. Minimal interference from driver’s aides. A manual transmission. Rear wheel drive. At least an attempt at light weight... As late as the 90s, power steering was still rare on supercars. As late as the 2000s, ABS was absent on several, to say nothing of traction control, or stability control. From the Miura to the Zonda, supercars were the ultimate attempt at creating a raw, focused, high-performance driving environment. In the last decade, that pattern has been largely eroded, by the encroachment of things like automated manual boxes, and ever more sophisticated electronics suites, that allow even marginal drivers to exploit the continually expanding performance envelopes of today’s fastest cars. In the last year though, the entire idea has been flipped on its head, by the arrival of an entirely new beast, the hybrid supercar. I’m a little nonplussed by these cars. On the one hand, the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, and Ferrari, “TheFerrari” are simply mind-boggling. They each (to be proven in the case of LaFerrari of course) sport performance figures that go beyond what’s unwise and illegal to exploit on the road, and go straight into stuff that’s plain impossible outside of a race track. In the case of the McLaren, you can’t even access the highest performance mode on public roads. All of this is well and good. It’s half of what supercars are about. It’s the numbers that help to build the fantasy. The flip side of that coin, is what the

By Brooks Smith

cars are having to do in order to make those numbers. A Lamborghini Diablo had a brutal clutch, manual shift, manual steering, and an enormous V12 out back. These cars have their internal combustion engines hooked to automated transmissions that must also handle the output of their electric motors. They vector torque in mechanical and electronic ways. They use their engines, and in some cases even their brakes to recharge their battery packs. This is all great for performance and the environment, but it does get in the way of simply driving, which is, after all, the real point. Still, with most European city centers restricting access to low emission vehicles, this would seem to be the only way forward. In the face of all this complexity, I’ve begun to look elsewhere for what I find interesting in a supercar, all the way to Sweden. For nearly twenty years, Christian Von Koenigsegg has been running his eponymous supercar company to the beat of his own drum. The car, despite being completely different under the skin, still looks largely the same as the day it launched, and is still, in spirit, very much as it started. It’s relatively light, and despite now putting out a staggering 1360bhp in its most potent form, still largely dedicated to the traditional supercar value of minimal interference. As such, there is no hybrid option. The problem is, there will probably need to be one, soon. Koenigsegg has acknowledged this, and is working on a solution. He isn’t, however, keen to water down the central strengths of his car with extra weight and interference. Instead of using an electric motor, Koenigsegg have forced a rethink of a component that has been with us since the dawn of the internal combustion engine.

They’ve thrown out the camshaft, and replaced it with a bunch of tiny electric actuators. The benefits of this are amazing in scope. Start with the mechanically impossible “square” cam profile, and the efficiency that brings. Then think about infinite variability of valve timing and lift, even within the same cylinder. Think about not opening or closing some valves, or double popping them to create swirl characteristics. Apparently the car can run as a two stroke at low revs. It can shut off cylinders at will... It also won’t need a starter. The car should be able to detect what piston is on the power stroke, close the valves, apply fuel and spark, and fire. The cams themselves are a huge loss in rotating weight, and being gone from the top of the engine, lower the center of gravity, and allow a lower deck height, reducing the overall size of the car. All of this fits in well with the desire for performance. But there’s another aspect to what Koenigsegg is working on. On the overrun, the fueling to the engine can be switched off completely. In that mode, it becomes a giant air pump. Koenigsegg are toying with using two carbon canisters to harness the compressed air. It can be used to quick-spool the turbos. It can be directly injected to eliminate turbo-lag. It can also be used to run the engine on the air itself. This “Air-brid” system will turn the car into a zero emission vehicle, perhaps for long enough to get through an urban center. All of this is accomplished with a net loss in size and mass, the exact opposite of today’s hybrid supercars. Suddenly, the way forward chosen by Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari, seems a lot like reverse...


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SUPERCAR SUNDAY IS LOCATED AT: Westfield Promenade Mall 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (On the corners of Topanga Canyon Blvd and Erwin Street)

Following Passion-Motoring Magic When I bought my 05 MINI Cooper S it was the 64th car I would own since my car buying days began in 1970 at the age of 16. I owned two different but interlinked auto repair businesses and “Calvin” (think Calvin and Hobbes) was just another of a long line of cars to be enjoyed and later sold to get the next one that struck my fancy. Little did I realize how affected I would be by the driving experience of my new chili red partner in crime. After two weeks of motoring bliss I was awestruck-what an amazingly capable automobile. With some engine and suspension tweaks, this vehicle was fast enough to keep me continually grinning and handled far better than anything I had ever owned. After lowering, wheels, custom stripe, engine mods, I was constantly asked by other MINI owners around Ventura county “who works on that for you?” and when I responded I did my own work, they would ask if I could work on theirs too, and a new lifestyle business was born! My “repair affair” began as Central Coast Coopers on weekends inside the bodyshop I co-owned, but soon out grew that venue and I sold the collision business to my partners and continued to work at my Airbag Service business while I did MINI Cooper work at my home shop

and looked for a new location. On March 3rd 2010 I signed the lease at our current Los Feliz Drive place and Motoring Magic was created! As we enter our 4th year (2013) I can truly say I always want to go to work when I awaken and I love these cars, the people who own them and the lifestyle business I have been fortunate enough to grow. Of course it has not been easy and without the help of my right hand man, Chuck Proctor, it certainly would have been a lot harder. Chuck ran and worked my Airbag Service business while I worked on MINIs for the first 18 months, then as Motoring Magic grew and we wound down the Airbag business we added Steven as a repair tech to help Chuck in the shop and also allow Chuck to begin helping me on the front end of the business. Without these two talented men this would have been a much tougher 3 years, thanks guys! And of course, A HUGE THANK YOU to all my customers, past, present, and future, for helping me to achieve a high level of success and personal satisfaction in building a truly fabulous lifestyle business!

Scott McIntyre on Motoring Magic... the beginning Photos By George Marsh

Scott McIntyre



Southern California’s PREMIER MINI Cooper enthusiast shop! Call Motoring Magic FIRST to maximize your repair dollars! Regular maintenance*Parts*Tires& Wheels*Accessories High Performance Mods-Lowering/Suspension/Big Brakes Engine repair/replacement/Tuning Featuring Quality parts from Koni, NM Engineering, Craven speed, Powerflex, Lloyd Mats, Golden Shine, MINI oem plus our own swag Motoring Magic 3170 Los Feliz Drive Suite A Thousand Oaks, Ca 91362 805-496-2300 fax 805-381-1619

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High Desert Treasure

Story By Mike Duval Photos By Eric Trujillo

Bickel Camp

Caretaker, Shaun Seaborn

Natural Formations in El Paso Mountains

Inside Walt’s Cabin Jeep on Last Chance Canyon Trail

Pictures of Walt Bickel inside his Cabin

Mining equipment

Every now and then, you meet someone that shares an interesting story of times gone by. If you listen closely with your eyes shut, you’re suddenly transported to another place in time. Such is the case with Bickel Camp, CA, and one of its caretakers, Shaun Seaborn. We had the pleasure of meeting Shaun on a recent off-road excursion into the El Paso Mountains via Last Chance Canyon. While the Last Chance Canyon and Goler Gulch areas began their mining years around the 1880’s, Bickel Camp was founded by the late Walt Bickel in 1934 in the midst of the Depression. Walt, along with many others, settled in the area as a hopeful means of income in trying times. He mined the area and also proved to be a great handyman when it came to repairing other residents’ equipment and vehicles as well as helping the occasional stranded canyon visitor. As Shaun walked us around the camp, one couldn’t help but think of the harsh conditions that living in the desert presents. Apparently, Walt had that all taken care of. He lived at the camp for over 50 years and only left after having a stroke in 1987. Sadly, he passed away in 1996. The camp is covered with all types of mining remnants, and machinery that Walt built himself. Walts Datsun pickup sits as a silent testament in the desert sun. Walt’s cabin is still standing and his gravity fed shower water supply tank rest just up the hill. The camp is a registered non-profit organization and subsists on public donations. Visitors are always welcome (as are volunteers). We’ll see you on the trails! For more information,

Driven World April 2014 Issue  
Driven World April 2014 Issue  

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