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from the editor



hat is Motor4Toys Charitable Foundation and why do what we do? Over the years, Motor4Toys has grown to be one of the country’s most successful toy drives during the holiday season. It started with a simple idea; to help Children during the holiday season by throwing a huge car show and asking participants to bring toys! It was truly that simple. After the success of the first year, we had to grow up real fast. We became a Foundation (501(c)(3) and worked our tails off to make the event more successful. The premise of the Foundation still remains the same; help as many children during the holiday season as possible. A point of pride with everyone involved with Motor4Toys is that we operate as a 100% charity, there are no salaries paid and all efforts are donated. Over the course of seven years we have collected millions of dollars’ worth of toys, not only from the car show, but from a concurrent toy drive that takes place throughout the month of December. We partner with schools and businesses and collect all that we can. It is amazing. The question that comes up every year is why did it begin, why did we try to make a difference? For myself, I have always felt fortunate. I suppose it is in my DNA to be optimistic and grateful, but most of it has to do with my parents. I was very lucky to live in a home that had two loving parents who sacrificed to give us more. My father was an orphan raised at Boys Town. Boys Town was an orphanage operated by Catholic Brothers. My Father’s entire upbringing and well being were due to the generosity of others. My mother was born in Tennessee and at a young age she and her family

migrated north, as many Southerners did to work in the auto factories in Detroit. She and her family were like many others who got along with what they had. Often, this wasn’t much. Both my parents grew up with hardships that I will never know. They grew up hungry, they grew up with clothes that had holes in them or that had been passed down or used. My father grew up without parents and never being adopted. Both my parents ending up in careers helping others. My mother was an LAUSD teacher for almost 30 years. She put in more time and effort that anyone else. She won award after award and still receives letters from her past students and donates her time at her old school. My Father worked as a social worker for the county for almost 30 years. He too went out of his way, often visiting patients on his time and sometimes taking me along. They were always compassionate and still are. My parents’ influence as well as knowing their histories is what I give credit for my motivation in starting Motor4toys. After the second year of Motor4Toys, my mom told me that “there were times when we were young, if it was not for the Salvation Army, we would not have had a toy.â€? I always had toys‌‌.. The best part of Motor4Toys beyond the toys we collect is that Motor4Toys is not just me or Heather, Kathleen and her family, Lori and her Crew, Rich and the Bird, but all those who pull together during the season to make Motor4Toys what it has become. Motor4toys is a reflection of the car community. Motor4Toys is every person that picks up donated toys, that posts on a forum, that gets their club involved. Mo-

tor4Toys is you! It has grown to be such an amazing event that now helps over 35,000 kids each year. You are Motor4toys. This year, more kids than ever need our help. There are so many different ways to assist: from donating toys, to getting others to attend with toys, to donating products to the raffle or sponsoring the event. Perhaps a toy drive at your business (Motor4Toys can provide the boxes)? Every toy counts. All kids are innocent and deserve something during the holiday season. I would ask you to attend and support Motor4Toys on Dec. 4th. It is going to be a great show for a great reason. Thank you for your many years of support and for being a part of the Motor4Toys Team and Family. tXXXNPUPSUPZTDPN tUI"OOVBM.PUPS5PZT$IBSJUZ$BS4IPX t4VOEBZ%FD BNUP/PPO t"OUIFN#VJMEJOH 0YOBSE4USFFU  8PPEMBOE)JMMT $" 5

locked & loaded with Mo The Sig Sauer P220 STORY BY Mo


IF 4JH 4BVFS 1  PSJHJOBMMZ EFTJHOFECZ4XJU[FSMBOEJO JTVTFE by many countries such as Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Vatican City, West Germany, Iran, Uruguay and the United States of "NFSJDB8IJMFUIF1XBTPSJHJOBMMZEFTJHOFEGPSFBTFPGQSPEVDUJPO UIF4*( series is the highest in quality. There is no compromise in durability or functionality compared to pistols produced using more traditional methods. ćF4*(1TFSJFTJODPSQPSBUFTBIBNmer-drop lever instead of a traditional safeUZćF1BMTPIBTBÄ•SJOHQJOMPDLTBGFUZ  which is actuated by the trigger mechanism, TJNJMBSUPUIF$PMU.TFSJFTćF1 IBTBEPVCMFBDUJPOUSJHHFSQVMMPGo pounds and a single action trigger pull of BSPVOEQPVOETćFSFJTOPTFQBSBUFTBGFty leaver to manipulate as with other double BDUJPOQJTUPMTTVDIBTUIF8BMUIFS1PSUIF #FSFUUB'ćFÄ•STUTIPUXJMMÄ•SFJGUIFUSJHHFSJTQVMMFEćF4*(1DPNFTJONBOZ variants, all with their own subtle differencFT5PMJTUBGFX UIF1$BSSZ XIJDIIBT a shortened barrel of (3.9â€?) and slide, but B GVMM TJ[F GSBNF UIF 1 $PNQBDU 1 Combat w/ threaded barrel, and many other models. Visit for more information and a full list of the models available. I have gone over a little history and introEVDFE ZPV UP B GFX PG UIF 1 WBSJBODFT Now, let me talk specifications. The stanEBSE4*(1XFJHITPVODFT*UIBT B MFOHUI PG  JODIFT ćF CBSSFMT MFOHUI measures to approximately 4.4 inches. " TUBOEBSE NBHB[JOF IPMET    DBMJCFS SPVOET ćF 4*( 1  GVMMZ MPBEFE  DBSJFT  SPVOET JO UIF NBHB[JOF BOE POF JO UIF chamber for a total of 9 rounds. )PX EPFT UIF 4*( 1 GBJS JO UIF SBUJOH categories? I rate weapons in 5 different ways.

  $PODFBMBCJMJUZ BOE SFBM XPSME BQQMJDBtions. 3) Recreational capabilities. 4) Complete functionality of the weapon. 5) Price *ODBUFHPSZPOF UIF1EPFTOPUHFUNZ recommendation for home use, not because it does not perform well, but because a handgun is not the first choice for standard home defense. A smaller caliber handgun, if you are a proficient shooter, would serve as a better option or, my favorite, the shotgun. For a home defense weapon I would move away from a handgun, especially a large caliber one. If you are not an avid shooter, you may pose a larger threat to your environment and others in your household. One must remember, firing a handgun is different from firing a rifle. The reason I recommend a shotgun for home defense is that, in many cases, the sound of a pump action shotgun racking a shell speaks volumes to someone that is in your home and is not supposed to be there. Also, your point of aim isn’t as critical because of the spread pattern. Remember, always be aware of your background before you pull the trigger in any situation. I would recommend UIF1GPSCVTJOFTTEFGFOTF0ODFBHBJO  you must be aware of your background and

I still would recommend a shotgun. You can OFWFSHPXSPOHXJUIBHBVHF CVUUIBUTB subject for another day. As far as concealability goes, if you are one of the lucky few in California that is able to carry a weapon legally concealed on ZPVS QFSTPO  UIF 1 JT B CJU PO UIF MBSHF and heavy side compared to others. I would OPU SFDPNNFOE UIF GVMMTJ[FE 1 GPS B concealed carry weapon. However, some of UIF PUIFS WBSJBOUT  TVDI BT UIF 1 $BSSZ BOEUIF1$PNQBDUBSFNPSFFBTJMZDPOcealed dependent upon the holster and the person’s stature. 0O B SFDSFBUJPOBM MFWFM  UIF 1 JT  JO my experience, a very durable and accurate weapon straight from the box to the range. I have fired thousands of rounds, both factory new and the dreaded reloads from gun shows, and have never had any weapon malfunctions caused by the weapon itself. The only downside is the cost of the ammunition. If you like a bigger caliber, I recomNFOEUIF1GPSSFDSFBUJPOBMBDUJWJUJFT ćF 1 BOE JUT WBTU MJOF PG WBSJBUJPOT and accessories is highly functional. OverBMM UIF1JTBWFSZSFMJBCMFBOEGVODUJPOBM XFBQPO $PTU XJTF  UIF 1 XJMM SVO ZPV around $993.00, but you get what you pay for, Quality.

1) Personal defense in a residence or business. 


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The GranTurismo Convertible advances the tradition of its iconic predecessors with a Maserati so beautiful—so remarkable—that it can be rightly regarded a modern classic. Pininfarina design is matched by a competition-proven V8 to create a convertible that establishes a new benchmark for style and performance. The GranTurismo Convertible continues the classic Maserati tradition of exclusive grand touring luxury with a twist, combining ample room for four adults with unfettered top-down freedom. The Maserati GranTurismo Convertible is all about sharing with friends. And chances are, you have more than you ever imagined.


A Happy End to a Horrible Experience... STORY BY DUSTIN TROYAN


f you are a car guy, you have heard the story over and over. You never think it will happen to you, but it just might. It goes something like this: “I had my car at a body shop for 14 months and that damn SOB never did a damn thing.â€? Well, I never thought it would happen to me and it did! *QJDLFEVQB.VTUBOH$POWFSUJCMF and was so excited to enjoy it! After a few months of ownership, the rear tire blew and took out the quarter panel. What to do? There was no way I was going to be able to match the faded paint so there was only one option, paint the whole car. I had an associate with a shop and he told me to take it apart, sand it down to the metal and he would help me out with the project. There is of course, the insurance money to put on a new rear quarter and the rest, I would clearly take care of. As I was getting the “good guyâ€? deal, I knew it would take a little longer than expected, but as time went by, it ended up being two and half years and the only progress was a half assed quarter repair and a nightmare of parts in all sorts of condition. Having disassembled the car and sanding it all down to the metal, the car sat at the body shop, sometimes inside, sometimes outside; the car was totally neglected. How can that amount of time go by you ask, well, it kind of just does. Part is the hope the guy will FINISH the job and the other part is hoping lies are not lies even though you know they are. Exhausting all hope and trying everything in your power to motivate the shop you are left with no other choice but to go pick up your car in pieces. Every body panel was off, everything was out of the car; it was a mess. The question now becomes, what do I do? I didn’t want to have to take the car this far, I had put so much trust in the shop, I am really screwed. So, I tried to sell the car in project form. When I


say project, I mean rough, really rough. All the low ballers came out and I was going to lose quite a bit of cash, which really made me angry. What the hell do I do? I don’t want to put $15,000 into this car‌.. I got on the phone and started calling shops, telling them my situation and they all kept saying “call Davidâ€?. Well, who is this David guy. I called another shop same response, “call David.â€? So I called David and he came out to look at the car. Told him the story and he just shook his head. He then began to point out the poor bodywork on the quarter panel and told me‌ “There is a lot of work to be done on this car‌.â€? I had the car towed to David’s shop where he told me it would take a little while, (I UIPVHIU iIFMM   ZFBST TP GBSyw  JU XPVME be finished within four weeks. I told him to take five. David did come to my rescue. He took five weeks and he took an absolute disaster of a car and made it look brand new. He repaired the quarter, re-hung and aligned all the body parts, welded the hood back together where the metal was splitting, straightened the car out, blocked it, shot it, wet sanded it, and polished it. She looks amazing. The price. Allow me to assure you, it was the best bang for the buck on the planet. Further he did what another shop could not do in two and a half years in five weeks; even taking his time. If you are in need of a paint job or some bodywork, I would absolutely recommend David’s Shop. I was so lucky to find him and he did right by me. He took an endlessly horrible experience and saved me both financially and emotionally. To Contact David, his number is: 818-859-6778 Tell him Dustin sent you





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OndemandWest Printing & Design Demetrius Crump President Minority Certified Postcards & Business Cards $15.00 Qty 500

888-足523-足5552 20558 Pesaro WayNorthridge, CA 91326

cooking with louis Caffeine, Visine & Nicotine. Breakfast of Champions. Part Deux STORY BY LOUIS BERKMAN


his month’s article brings us to the real heavy hitters of the coffee world; Espresso and all its iterations. From its humble beginnings in the early 20th century as a way to cut the time needed for employee coffee breaks to its ascendance to the pinnacle of coffee culture, espresso has always been unique. To begin, I want to clarify a common misconception. Espresso is NOT a particular coffee or blend of coffees but a method of BREWING coffee. Using high pressure and controlled temperature, a wonderful cup of “the heart of coffee” can be yours in 30 to 60 seconds; ergo the name espresso (express). Equipment needed to brew espresso runs the gamut from simple and inexpensive to simple and VERY expensive with a stop in between. The simplest way to brew espresso is using the Bialetti MOKA stovetop espresso maker. I am certain that EVERY household in Italy has at least one of these. They are simplicity itself to use. Place water in the bottom chamber, fine grind (NOT espresso grind) in the middle chamber, screw the pieces together with the top chamber and place over medium heat. In a few minutes a thick, strong espresso will bubble up from the center shaft. When there is no more water in the bottom, remove the MOKA from the heat and pour your espresso. While this coffee is classified as espresso, since it is not brewed with high pressure a lot of the subtle flavors are not captured during brewing. To achieve the fullest expression of coffee flavor you will need to move on to the next step up in brewing technology. This means using an electric pump driven espresso machine with a handle type of “group” where the actual brewing takes place. I recommend the Pasquini Livia 90 for this purpose. This heavy duty machine

uses a high pressure pump and a temperature controlled group to produce superb espresso. It also has terrific pressure available for steaming milk for making cappuccinos, café lattes, and macchiatos. Since milk based drinks are by far the greatest preference in the United States, this ability is important. It is also where virtually EVERY other lesser espresso machine fails to deliver. While not inexpensive at $2000, the Livia 90 delivers excellent value by producing superior espresso and milk foaming ability. We now move onto the big kahuna of the espresso brewing world – The Superautomatic espresso machine. The Superautomatic espresso machine takes whole bean coffee, grinds it, packs it and brews it at the touch of a single button. You can find models that even automatically heat and froth the milk and pour it into the same cup that espresso was just brewed into. To be clear, I am not talking about the home rated Saeco’s, Gaggia’s , Jura’s, DeLonghi’s and other consumer rated Superautomatic machines. I am referring to a brand new model from commercial espresso machine manufacturer LaCimbali, the Q10. The LaCimbali Q10 is the latest technology from long time manufacturer LaCimbali of Italy. This is a moderate duty commercial machine that produces exquisite espresso and perfectly frothed milk EVERY time, something even the best barista cannot do. It is large but not huge, requires 220 volts ac and needs to be plumbed into a specialized water system. It is quite expensive ($8000 – $9000 depending on accessories) and simply impossible to justify having. This being said, justification is only a part of why someone would want a machine of this caliber in their home. Since I have its predecessor in my kitchen for the past 15 years I am well versed in this par-

ticular conundrum. Forget about justification; having something that is as well designed and built as the Q10 to perform this seemingly mundane task is reason enough to have it. You know that hackneyed advertising catchphrase “when only the best will do,” this really IS the best and once you use it, you quickly realize it is the ONLY one that will do. An added bonus is that with proper care and the occasional maintenance it will be the last espresso machine you will purchase. As I said, mine is 15 years old and still going strong. As an aside to the machine itself, the Superautomatic is the only kind of espresso machine that makes sense when you entertain. It is highly productive, consistent, and will not remove you or someone else from your gathering just to make coffee. In this way it is actually a very SOCIAL machine. People gather around it, watch their coffee being made, ooh and ah at how wonderful it is and then rejoin you’re other guests as you will also be able to do. I feel the Superautomatic espresso machine is a truly wonderful social lubricant. There are virtually unlimited choices available in espresso making equipment. Some are good, some are great and unfortunately too many are simply unacceptable. The secret is deciding BEFORE you purchase what level of performance will scratch your coffee itch. While $2000 is a lot of money and $9000 is an obscene amount of money for what is in essence a coffee maker, excellent value is available with either choice. Knowing that you are using the best available equipment only adds to the tremendous pleasure that a properly brewed espresso supplies. And you will be secure in the knowledge that you can produce coffee beverages that greatly exceed anything produced by any of the coffee chains. 19

shop support Papa Jay’s Rod Shop  0ARTHENIA 3T s .ORTHRIDGE #!  s    s WWWPAPAJAYSHOTRODSCOM

8JUIPWFSZFBSTPGFYQFSJFODFCVJMEJOH Hot Rods, Papa Jay knows what he is doing. )FTUBSUFECVJMEJOHDVTUPNTJOJO$VMver City, California; running his own shop and lending his talents to shops like George Barris, Hill & Vaughn and Batista Automotive. Papa Jay always does it right. At these world class shops, Papa Jay fabricated body and fenders for classic cars, as well as all the metal finish work. NO BONDO ALLOWED! For five years he managed the body fabrication for the JB Nethercutt Collection. Papa Jay has built many Pebble Beach Winners. 1BQB+BZOPXCPBTUTB TRÄ™ GBDJMJUZ in Northridge where he and his staff can expertly maintain your classic or hot rod. He also specializes in:

t#PEZGSBNFSFQBJS t#PEZ QSFQQBJOU t$VTUPNNFUBMGBCSJDBUJPO JODMVEJOHGBCrication of body repair panels to complete bodies. t0OFPČDVTUPNGSBNFTTVTQFOTJPOT We manufacture our own Mustang II style front suspension conversions, cross members for coil over shocks or stock style coil springs. t)BOECVJMUJOTUBMMBUJPOPGTUBJOMFTTTUFFM brake & fuel line systems. t'SPOUSFBSEJTDCSBLFDPOWFSTJPOTJO many cases we fabricate our own brackets & hardware. t1PXFSTUFFSJOHDPOWFSTJPOT t8FBMTPCVJMEPVSPXOSBDLQJOJPO conversions. t"VUPNBUJDUSBOTNJTTJPOSFQBJSSFCVJMEing. t.BOVBMUSBOTNJTTJPOSFQBJSSFCVJMEJOH t3FBSEJČFSFOUJBMSFQBJSSFCVJMEJOH t$PNQMFUFFOHJOFSFCVJMEJOHNJMEUP wild. t4IPXRVBMJUZBTTFNCMZPGZPVSWFIJDMF Papa Jay also offers Auto Appraisal Network appraisals as an option for all of their customers.

fine dining


Cafe 14: The Renaissance of Bourbon STORY BY NEIL KRAMER


ver the last couple of years I’ve seen the popularity of bourbon drinks increase. The depth of bourbon dates back to UIFFBSMZT,FOUVDLZJTUIFCJSUIQMBDF of bourbon whiskey. Before Abe Lincoln became president, he owned and operated several taverns. Knob Creek was a distillery where his father was a distiller hand. At one time, President George Washington was the country’s largest distiller. He made rye whiskey during and after his presidency. Post prohibition, brown spirits were on a downward trend. In a market that was over saturated and filled with unrefined whiskeys, T. Williams Samuels the creator of Makers Mark had a vision. He had a philosophy behind his whiskey making. It was to create a whiskey with elegance, honesty, quality and integrity. He was at least five decades ahead of his time. Over the last decade the bourbon renaissance has blossomed. Bourbon distillers saw how successful Scotland was with single cask sipping scotches. They paved a worldwide market place for boutique spirits. I wanted to stay current on the trends so

I needed to do some research. I was searching for a fine spirits specialist to elevate me to the next level. I turned to Marty Kari at Wades Wines in Westlake Village. Just a few moments with Marty and one can enter into a world of bourbon making that you never knew existed! First things first‌ Bourbon must be made from at least 51% corn in its mashbill recipe. Typically, corn makes up between  PG UIF HSBJOT VUJMJ[FE  " ĘBWPSJOH grain is added most of the time. Most of the time it is rye. Sometimes wheat is utilized JOTUFBE*USBOHFTGSPNPGUIFUPUBM The balance of the mashbill is barley. For instance, Jack Daniels is the largest selling whiskey in the world. Their mashbill recipe JTBTGPMMPXTDPSO3ZFCBSMFZ How does one make whisky‌First it’s the mashbill, the water and the distilling process. Then comes the barreling, the amount of charring, storage, how long it’s been aged and what climate it’s aged in. Any subtle changes can make a huge difference in the final product. To be considered straight bourbon, it must be aged in new charred

oak for at least two years. If bourbon is barreled under 4 years, they need to state it on the bottle. Over 4 years they don’t have to TUBUFJU4PNFQFPQMFUIJOLZFBSTJTUIF optimum time for maturity. There are no added colors or caramels added to bourbon. The longer the aging the darker the whiskey. In order to be considered bourbon whiskey the liquid has to spend some time in a barrel. While white whiskey just touches it. This whiskey creates a new unique spirit that bartenders are gravitating towards. For example Buffalo Traces White Dog Mash #1 is one of my favorite white whiskeys. The smaller boutique Bourbons have more flexibility and seem to be cutting the edge in the market place. One of my favorites out of Tennessee is Prichard’s; Elmer T Lee, Blantons, and Elijah Craig from Heaven Hill; Willets; Bakers & Bookers from Jim Beam, Four Roses, etc. Are some of my favorites from Kentucky. Distilleries are starting to open across the nation creating a lot of new products. Like Stranahans Colorado Whiskey, and High West out of Utah. 


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Cobra by Contemporary, 427 side-oilers, all the period correct parts. As close to a 427 Shelby as you can get. For more information, Contact Dustin @ 818-516-5053

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