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BOLO STICK: The Door Barricade Device

STRONG! SIMPLE! SAFE! AFFORDABLE! Bolo Stick is the premier door barricade system in the market today. It was designed to be used in defense of human lives when a lockdown of rooms is necessary to protect against unwanted threats and armed intruders. Bolo Stick will protect and save lives!


Accelerating Change in Education

Because TIME is the critical factor… There is no one solution to the crisis our schools face today, but there are options… Bolo Stick is one of them. This very basic and affordable door barricade system will give first responders more time to react to a situation, while keeping your staff and students safe. Once deployed, Bolo Stick provides a 4500 lbs. pressure barrier to the classroom door. No unwanted visitor will enter the classroom…time has been given. BOLO STICK is a strong, simple, safe door barricade device that provides an added level of security against unwanted intruders. It is intended to slow or prevent an interior door from being opened during an active shooter or hostile incident when evacuation is not possible. BOLO STICK was created and patented by William Barna a 27 year veteran Police Officer, Police Academy Instructor, Substitute Teacher, and parent. As a first responder, he recognized the need for a strong, simple, and safe way to barricade interior doors from armed intruders.

Product Features • One-step locking process • Easy operation without the use of a key or special knowledge • Can be easily disengaged by First Responders • Universal mounting for in-swinging or out-swinging doors. • Does not impead door function during periods of normal operation • Does not require tight grasping, tight pinching, or twisting of the wrist to operate • Tamper-Proof Security Screws

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Bolo stick Flyer  
Bolo stick Flyer