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(1) (1) commentary: Commentary;

There was aa man sent from GOD, GOD, whose name was but was was sent sent was John. John. He He was was not not the the Light, Light, but to bear witness of the Light, the true Light. to bear witness of the Light, the true Light. It knew is is It was was in in the the World, World, but but the the World World knew not. not.

It happened at the river Jordan. Jordan. The one called the Baptist was bringing aa man up out of the waters. waters. The simple ceremony symbolized the washing away of his sins. sins. The Baptist recited aa short prayer as aa disciple helped the the man with his his outer garment. garment. A A crowd, crowd, gathered on the shore, shore, listened intently as as John the Baptist addressed them. them. people, simple to1k, folk, who had come to him with They were the common people, needs. But among them were Pharisees and Sadducees, Sadducees, oome come out their needs. preaching from Jerusalem to hear this strange man and his powerful preaohing land. The movement which had reached to the fartherest parts of the land. which had sprung up and the numerous disciples, disciples, increasing daily, daily, whioh concern to them. them. might become aa matter of conoern

Unknown among the people was Jesus. oould Jesus. He was unknown, unknown, but he could not long remain unnotioed. hie unnoticed. His bearing, bearing, his calm, calm, peaceful spirit, spirit, his face face with its sensitive eyes would soon draw attention. attention. John the Baptist, Baptist, in the meantime, meantime, has climbed upon aa large stone and begun to speak John the Baptist: Baptist: GOD has sent me that II should show you the the way way in in which which you you will will free free yourselves yourselves so you, ononso that that no no mortal mortal will will rule rule over over you, ly you ly the the Most Most High, High, who who will will deliver deliver you and to you but and subject subject all all things things hostile hostile to you but yourselves to none. none. yourselves will will be be subject subject to A orowd. A murmur of satisfaction ran through the crowd. John the Baptists Baptist: The Kingdom of GOD is is near and the day of judgment is repent judgment is at at hand. hand. Therefore, Therefore, repent you because the axe is is laid unto the root of the trees. trees. Every tree, tree, therefore, therefore, which fruits is hewn down brings not forth good fruits and fire. and cast cast into into the the fire.

(2) (2)

The People asked him saying Voices: Voices:

do then? What shall we do

John the Baptist: Baptist: He that has two coats, coats, let him impart to him that has none. to him that has none. Then came some publicans and said -Publicans:: Publicans

Master, what shall we do? Master,

John the Baptist: Baptist; Exact no more than that which is appointed you. you. him, saying And some soldiers likewise demanded of him, Soldiers: Soldiers:

And what shall we we_ do?


John the Baptist: Baptist: Do violence to no man, man, neither accuse any falsely, your wages. wages. falsely, and and be be content content with with your The Pharisees and the Sadducees exchanged glances. glances. It was time to ask the questions they had planned. planned. One spoke up 1. Pharisee: Pharisee: 1.

Who are you?

Baptist: II am not the Messiah. Messiah. John the Baptist: 2. Pharisee: Pharisee: 2.

Elian? What then? Are you Eliah?

Baptist: II am not. John the Baptist: not. 3. Pharisee: Pharisee: 3.

Are you that Prophet?

Baptist: No. John the Baptist: No. 1. Sadduoee: Sadducee: 1.

2. 2. Sadducee: Sadducee:

Who are you? them that That That we we may may give give an an answer answer tto o them that sent us. sent say us. you of yourself? What

What say you of yourself? Why baptize you, you, if you be not that Meesiah, neither that Messiah, nor nor Eliah, E^iah, neither that Prophe~~ Prophet? .

Baptist: II baptize with water; water; but there stands John the Baptist: one me. He He one among among you you who who ia is coming coming after after me. shall the Holy and shall baptize baptize you you with with the Holy Ghost Ghost and th fire. his hand, hand, and and wi with fire. Whose fan is is in his his floor, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his his garner, but garner; but


the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable. This is .he he of whom said: whom II said: after me comes a man which is preferred before me: me: for he was before me. me. Jesus. His With that John the Baptist turned and looked towards Jesus.

action caused the people to turn in the same direction. Then it was Jesus rose and left. left. Andrew and John, John, disciples of the Baptist, followed him, drawn by a power they felt but could not understand. The voice of the Prophet grew faint in their ears as he continued continued speaking to the people John the Baptisti is mightier Baptists But he that comes after me 1s I am not than I, I, whose latchet of shoes I unloose. He must worthy to stoop down and unloose. increase, I^ must decrease. increase, but 1 decrease. He inat Wat comes from above 1s all. He that is above all. is of earth is earthly. He that comes all. from Heaven is above all. During the closing words the Pharisees and the Sadducees left

contentedly under the crowd and went to their white mules standing contentedly tree. They discussed in aa low voice all they had seen and heard. heard. a tree. •• ••. •

Jesus was walking along the shore of the sea of Genesareth. Genesareth. It was aa lovely spot with the lake in the background background and small boys romping in its waters, waters, playing aa game of seeing who could hold his head under water the longest. longest. Andrew and John were behind Jesus. Jesus. As he realized that someone was following him he turned and said -Jesus: Jesus s

What seek you?

For aa moment the two were at aa loss for words. words. Finally Andrew said -

Andrewt Andrews

Rabbi, where dwell you? Rabbi,

invitation. With aa quiet smile Jesus gave them an invitation. Jesus s Jesus:

see. Come and see.

And they went together. together. •••

(4) (4)

The Pharisees and Sadducees astride their white mules and in animated conversation made their way homeward to Jerusalem. Jerusalem, •• ••• •

Along the shore of the lake Jesus, Jesus, Andrew and John came upon aa boat beached in the nets. the sand. sand. Nearby aa fisherman was was repairing his his nets* His name was Philip. Philip. He looked up questioningly as as the others approached. before. approached. He had never seen Jesus before. John: John:

We have found the Messiah. Messiah.

Apparently Philip was not convinced. convinced. Jesus looked at him and Philip, Philip, as as though drawn by some unseen power, power, rose to his feet. feet. For aa moment the the two two stood face face to to face, face, and Philip realized he he had found his Master. Master. It was then that Andrew spoke -Andrew: Andrew:

Go, Nathanael. Go, and tell the good news to Nathanael.

Philip smiled in a a strange manner, manner, as as he rushed away. away. Jesus looked after him with an approving glance. glanoe. As Jesus and the other two continue on their way '. they see As distance from the shore. shore. One, One, standing fishermen in their boats some distanoe boat, oarries carries his fishing-net (a ciroular circular net, on the rim of the boat, net, at the top, top, the lower edge weighted with plumbs). plumbs). Again and pointed at is cast and each time it oomes comes to the surface without again the net is fish. Noticing the three men on the shore the fisherman shrugs any fish. fortune. Jesus called out, out, saying -his shoulders indicating his ill fortune. Jesus: Jesus:

Children, have you caught nothing? Children,

Fishermans Fisherman:

No. No.

Jesus: Jesus:

Cast the net on the right side of the ship ship and and you you shall shall find. find.

as directed and The one who has been standing in his boat did as full of fishes fishes he had to ask others to help this time his net was so full astonishment, him in drawing it up. up_ Andrew and John looked at Jesus in astonishment,

but he merrily indicated that they were to move along. along. As As they continue

(5) (5)

their walk a a peasant woman makes her her way to to the the sea sea in order to to wash her pots and and dishes. dishes. • • ••••

Philip found Nathanael sitting in the the shade of of a a fig-tree. fig-tree. He He could not not be be certain oertain whether he he was was reading the the book of of the the Law or or

dreaming. simply dreaming. Philips

We We have found him, him, of of whom the the Prophets did write. write. did

Nathanael: Nathanaelj

Who Who is is he? he?

Philip: Philips

Jesus ... ••• (and (and after a a pause) pause) of Nazareth. Nazareth.

Nathanael Nathanaelss

Of Of Nazareth? Can Can there any any good thing come out of Nazareth? come out of Nazareth?

Philips Philip:

Come and see. see. Gome and

Nathanael got got up on his up with doubt written on his face and and followed

Philip. Philip. •... ••

o a place In the meantime Jesus and Andrew and John had come tto f i s h i n g - b o a t s were moored. Here they saw Andrew's on the shore where fishing-boats c a l l e d Peter, and John's brother Jacob cleaning cleaning their their brother Simon, called n e t s . Some small lads had built b u i l t a fire f i r e on the shore and were frying frying nets. fish. fish. to his his brother Andrew called to Andrew: Andrew:

We have found the the Messiah. Messiah, We

he brought Peter to to Jesus, Jesus, who who looked upon him. And he him. Jesus: Jesus:

You are are Simon, Simon, the the son son of of Jonah. Jonah. You

up, surprised. surprised. How How did did this man man know his his name? He Peter looked up, was ready to to question his his brother, brother, but but Andrew only shook his his head in was fashion. At At that moment Jesus Jesus turned to to Peter and and aa bond was helpless fashion. was was never to to be be broken. broken. forged between them that was it was was that Philip returned with Nathanael. Nathanael. When Jesus saw Then it saw the latter, latter, he he said the -

(6) (6)

Jesus: Jesus:

Behold aa Jew indeed, indeed, in whom is is no no guile. guile,

Nathanael: Nathanael:

me? Whence know you me?

Jesusj Jesus:

Philip you, II saw you under Before Phi lip called you, the fig-tree. the fig-tree.

Nathanaels doubt

"being dissolved. dissolved. He He realized that were rapidly being

never before had he he been in the the presence of such aa one. one. The words came slowly -NathanaelJ Nathanael:

Now II believe you are GOD. are the the Son of GOD.

Jesus s Jesus:

You believe under under aa fig fig things things than than

me because II said II saw you tree. tree. You You shall shall see see greater greater those. those.

These first first disciples listened wonderingly. wonderingly. It was clear to them all that Jesus was the Messiah. Messiah. They were drawn to to him, him, and in his hands they willingly placed their destiny. destiny. Jesus, who knew what was in their hearts, hearts, spoke to them Jesus, Jesus: Jesus:

Follow me, me, from henceforth you shall catch men. catch men.

words. One of Eagerly they gathered about him, him, listening to his words.

them asked him about John the Baptist Jacob: Jacob:

What manner of man is is that John the Baptist? Baptist?

Jesus: Jesus:

I know He has borne witness of me and I that witness is true. He is the burning that witness is true. He is the burning and shining light. For I say unto you: and shining light. For I say unto you: among those that are born of women there among those that are born of women there is no greater Prophet than John the Bapis ••• tist ...

He pauses before continuing Jesus: Jesus:

••• but he that is least in the Kingdom ... of God God is is greater greater than than he. he. of

Peter took took salt salt from from a a bag bag and and invited invited everyone everyone to to taste. taste. Each Each Peter of them them took took a a pinch pinch and and put put it it into into his his mouth. mouth. A A "salt-covenant" "salt-covenant" of was sacred sacred and and everlasting. everlasting. was Nathanael looked looked at at the the sky, sky, pointing pointing out out a a flock flock of of cranes cranes Nathanael winging their their way way towards towards the the North. North. The The other other men men looked looked in in the the didiwinging

(7) (7) rection he he pointed and and saw •• ••• •

the the cranes cranes (or (or storks) storks) high in in the the sunshine, sunshine, their their white white feathers feathers like flakes flakes of of snow against the the blue blue sky. sky. like •• ••• •

The The sight of the cranes (or storks) dissolves softly softly into a down-angle shot of the lake with a great number of boats with ith their their

fluffy, snow-white sails. s a i l s . They are sailing s a i l i n g Northward. Northward. fluffy, into This scene again dissolves into •. .• .•

another flight f l i g h t of cranes (or storks) circling c i r c l i n g overhead as though seeking a place to settle. s e t t l e . This scene softly softly dissolves into the next

scene .• .• .•

showing the boats which have crossed the sea and have gathered on the Western western side of the pier which is made of large boulders. boulders. During the scene-shifting is heard the following Commentary: commentary:

Now, as as Jesus walked by the sea of Galilee Now, his fame went through all the region round about, and many came in boats from the towns about, all around the lake to hear him preaching. preaching.

Jesus was standing on the end of the pier with the disciples he had been recently gathering sitting about in comfortable positions. positions. Ashore a group of Pharisees. Pharisees. And also some women and children. children. Before him many ships had gathered, their masts jutting jutting up like a young forest. forest. The ships were crowded crowded with people, people, mostly men and boys, boys, who who listened listened with eager attention attention as Jesus spoke to them with a simplicity simplioity

could easily easily understand. They nodded nodded approvingly approvingly from time to to they could time as he drove home some point in his hie teaching teaching by describing describing aa familiar scene taken taken from their their daily life. life.

((8) 8)

Jesus: Jesus:

Take heed what you hear. hear. When you see a cloud you cloud rise rise out out of of the the West, West, straightway straightway you say, is. say, there there comes comes aa shower; shower; and and so so it it is. And wind blow, blow, you you And when when you you see see the the south south wind say, to pass, pass. say, there there will will be be heat, heat, and and it it comes comes to And you say, will be be And when when it it is is evening, evening, you say, it it will fair red and lowerfair weather, weather, for for the the sky sky is is red and lowering. You can the face the sky and ing. You can discern discern the face of of the sky and of that you you do not of the the earth; earth; but but how how is is it it that do not discern why even yourdiscern this this time? time? Yes, Yes, and and why even of of yourselves judge you what is right. The time selves judge you not not what is right. The time is Kingdom of at is fulfilled fulfilled and and the the Kingdom of God God is is at hand. hand.

A voices voice:

What is the Kingdom of God?

Jesus: Jesus:

Whereunto shall II liken the Kingdom of God?

shoulder, and in aa following shot we see Jesus looks over his shoulder,

the boats on the west side of the pier and the shore on the east side. There aa group of fishermen are drawing a net to land. land. The side. noise of this this scene, scene, which until now has been subdued, subdued, rises some-

what but remains soft enough for the voice of Jesus to be heard distinctly. distinctly. Jesus s Jesus:

is like unto this net The Kingdom of Heaven is sea, and gathered of that was cast into the sea, kind: which, which, when it was full, full, they every kinds shore, and sat down, down, and gathdrew to the shore, vessels, but cast the bad ered the good in vessels, away. So shall it be at the end of the away. world. The Angels shall come forth, forth, and world. sever the wicked from among the just. just. Therefore, repent you, you, believe the Gospel. Therefore, Gospel.

is speaking his words are being illustrated by the While Jesus is

fisherman and their catch. catch. The net used by the fishermen is aa dragnet which is capable of catching all kinds of fish. fish. It is quite long and is is placed in position not far from the shore, stones. shore, being held upright by heavy stones. The boats are placed at each end so that the upper edge of the net forms aa semi-circle. semi-circle. The fish are driven into the net by beating forms rods. At the right moment some of the fishermen, fishermen, the water with long rods.

(9) (9) practically naked, naked, leap into the the water, water, pull the the net and carry it to the the shore. shore. to

The The bottom of of the the lake being covered with sharp stones there is much confusion and shouting as as the the net is is dragged to to land. land. is fish are are immediately sorted out. out. Those conOnce ashore the fisb

sidered unfit are are thrown back into the the sea while the others are baskets. The The Jewish law only permitted collected in vessels and baskets. the eating of fishes fishes which had fins. fins. Skin fished such as as eels the fit for for human consumption. consumption. were not considered fit fishermen, While the fish are being sorted some of the older fishermen, net, overhaul it to make certain it has likely the owners of the net, not been damaged. damaged. at their task and are Some boys gathered about the fishermen at

given those fish too small to be sold at the market. market. The boys tie their fish into bunches. as these that the bunches. It was from aa boy such as five loaves*. disciples bought the "two small fishes and the five loaves·. The last scene of this sequence is aa close-up of the fish, fish, showing the men's hands as "casting as they are sorting the good and ·casting the bad away". away·.' • • ••. •

The close-up of the fish dissolves softly into the next scene. Bcene. • • ••••

The next scene shows the overseer of the Synagogue, Synagogue, blowing his horn to announce that the Sabbath has come. come. This scene again dissolves softly into the next scene which is a close-up of the catch of fish, fish, showing the good and bad together. together. This scene again dissolves softly into


(10) (10) aa new scene showing the the exterior of the the Synagogue. Synagogue, Two shepshepherds dressed in cloaks of sheep-skin arrive -- aa little late -- in the Synagogue. Synagogue. During the scene-shifting is is heard the following commentary: Commentary:

And Jesus went about all Galilee and he taught on Sabbaths in their Synagogues -- being glorified of all. all.

The two shepherds tether their flock of sheep and goats at a

tree. The sheep are white and the goats are black. black. (Even to-day one tree. mixed. It was because of this custom that can see the sheep and goats mixed. goats.") The Jesus spoke of "the shepherd dividing his sheep from the goats.")

shepherds hastened into the entrance hall of the Synagogue. Synagog~e. There in the center was the basin for washing the hands before entering the service. When the shepherds entered the door of the Synagogue proper service.

the voice of Jesus could be heard reading selected verses from one verses). The men of the prophets (and its targum after each three verses). seats, ae as the service was crowded, crowded, but at last had difficulty finding seats, succeeded. they succeeded. as he speaks All the time the voice of Jesus can be heard and ae

room, the camera moves through the listening crowd in the three-aisled room, toward the south wall where the table with the scrolls is is to be found. found. is aa platform with reading~stand reading-rstand and Before the table with the scrolls is armchair. When Jesus comes into view he is still standing at the desk armchair. reading. He hands the scroll to the overseer but has just finished his reading. scrolls. Jesus who rolls it up and carries it to the table with the scrolls. has seated himself in the armchair and -- while still seated, seated, which was hae preaching, basing his sermon on the the common practice -- he begins preaching, read. verses he has read.

(11) Jesus: Jesus;

You have heard that it was said by them of old time: time: you you shall shall not not killÂŤ kill. And And whomsoever whomsoever old shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment. shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment. Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has ought and there remember that your brother has ought against you* you; leave leave there there your your gift gift before before the the against altar, and go your way, first be reconciled altar, and go your way? first be reconciled to your your brother brother and and then then come come and and offer offer your your to gift. You You have have also also heard heard it it was was said said by by them them gift. of old old time, time, you you shall shall not not commit commit adultery. adultery. of But I I say say unto unto you, you, that that whosoever whosoever looks looks on on But a woman to lust after has committed adultery heart. Again, Again, you have with her already in his heart. heard that it has been said by them of old time, you shall not foreswear yourself, yourself, but time, oaths. But shall perform unto the Lord your oaths. I say unto you, I you, swear not not at at all. all. Let your communication be, be, Yea, Yea, Yea* Yea; Nay, Nay, Hay* ay; for communication evil. whatsoever is more than these comes of evil.

As Jesus preaches the faces of the congregation are studied. As studied.

The aged with flowing white beards are seen and beside them small

boys. There are the rich and the poor and also the women. women. And three boys. revolutionaries. revolutionaries. All are astonished at the doctrine of Jesus, Jesus, for he as one that had authority, authority, and not as as the scribes. taught them as scribes. And themselves, saying: sayings "What thing is this? A they questioned among themselves, A new ne doctrine?" doctrine?" Between the table with the scrolls and the platform trom from which is preaching are are the Pharisees, Pharisees, sitting facing the congregation. congregation. Jesus is

They are listening with sympathy and they seem to take interest in preacher, even though their faces faces disclose the interpretation of the preacher, are not entirely one with him. him. from time to time that they are

In the the obscurity of its its side-aisle, side-aisle, is is aa man known to all all the town. He He was was thought to to be possessed of an evil spirit and his fretown. fre-

quent fits fits of rage lent credence to to the the view. view. In fact, fact, however, however, he was bewas suffering from aa mental disease which caused him at at times to behysterical. The following scene depicts depicts the the duality of mind come hysterical. which characterizes those afflicted in such fashion. fashion. On the the one one hand

(12) (12) he is is attracted by Jeaus Jesus and wishes to to be be healed. healed. On the the other he he is repelled and wants wants nothing to to do do with Jesus. Jesus. The The religious excitement is only the the incidental cause of his his raging outbreak. outbreak. is

Even though held by the the preaching of Jesus Jesus he is is disturbed by feeling of of unrest. unrest. Several times times he he looks looks toward the the door, door, as as though aa feeling

he would like to to leave. leave. Perhaps he feared that aa spell would seize him. him. But the large audience makes it difficult for for him to get out without confusion. His anxiety increases until he can control himself great confusion. feet, his eyes flaming with excitement no longer and he leaps to his feet, as he shouts -as hysterical: The hysterical:

us alone; alone; what have we Let us you Jesus Nazareth? Are you Jesus of of Nazareth? Are destroy us? I destroy us? I know know who who you you

to do with youyou to you come come to are ••• are ...

violently. Those sitting nearby draw away from He beats the air violently. as he repeats himself again and again: again: him as The hysterical: hysterical:

I I know who you are ... • ••

His talk becomes incoherent and then he starts screaming. screaming. He is seized with a floor. His lips covered a cramp and falls heavily to the floor. with foam and his face distorted, distorted, he screams out time and again. again. He keeps his arms on his back. back. His hands look stunted and his hie fingers crooked like claws. claws. This too is typical of those afflicted in this fashion. fashion. Jesus stops and steps down from the platform. platform. Quietly he advances toward the wretched creature as the crowd makes way for him. him. When he reaches the afflicted one he bends over him only to have the man creep fearfully toward the wall where he hides his face behind his arms and shouts: shouts:

(13) The hysterical: hysterical:

What have we to do with you, Jesus -you GOD. you SON SON of of GOD.

Jesus steps forward, forward, seizing him with aa firm grasp and speaking in aa commanding voice -Jesus: Jesus:

Hold your peace, peace, and come out of him. him.

"breaks free free and with his face still distorted But the sick man breaks

continues to shout The hysterical: GOD. hysterical: You SON ot of GOD ••• ... SON of GOD. He tries to spit but hut the saliva can get no farther than the corners of his mouth. mouth. All at once his eyes meet those of Jesus and he becomes quiet. c~in and quiet. With the back of his hand he wipes his chin

then groans with aa feeling of release. release. He looks with surprise at the people gathered about him. him. His head is clear now and the spell past. More, More, he realizes that Jesus has healed him of his infirmis past.

ity. ity. At that moment the priest can be heard pronouncing the Aaronbenediction. Everyone Every one faces the South-wall and listens devoutly. devoutly. amic benediction. with: Amen. Amen. After each verse the people respond with:

Jesus and the man

he has cured are standing side by side. side. is pronounced Peter indicates to Jesus After the benediction is

that he will go ahead to hie there. He hurries his house and wait for him there. away. away.

Meanwhile the ranks of the Synagogue, Synagogue, with some of the Pharisees, sees, come up to Jesus. Jesus. They look with ouriosity curiosity upon the man once so afflicted and now healed. healed. He is is surrounded by people who are themselves: "What word is is this? For with amazed and who say among themselves: spirits, and they do obey him?" what power he commands the unclean spirits, him?"

(14) Jeaus Jesus takes advantage of of the confusion confusion and, together together with hie his disciples, d i s c i p l e s , slips s l i p s away by a back door. Peter has hurried away from the Synagogue because his h i s wife's wife's mother is i s lying lying sick s i c k at home. He He reaches his h i s place where he lives l i v e s with hie h i s wife, her mother, h i s brother, Andrew. The house must have been a large one. On and his w• As i s fastened the wMezuzah "Mezuzah". As a devout Jew Peter touches the doorpost is "Bdezuzah" and then kisses k i s s e s the fingertips f i n g e r t i p s which have touched the the "Mezuzah" object. sacred object.

Peter walks on tip-toes t i p - t o e s when he enters the room where his his mother-in-law is i s lying l y i n g ill. i l l . His wife is i s watching at her bed-side. bed-side. mother-in-law

One look at his h i s wife is i s enough to tell t e l l him that there is i s no change better. for the better.

w• The Greek mother-in-law is i s ill i l l with -the "the great fever fever". (The mother-in-law Physicians distinguished distinguished between the wgreat "great fever" and the wsmall "small Physicians f i r s t was accompanied by transitory transitory delirious d e l i r i o u s fanoies fancies fever". The first l i k e those which can be met with in cases of of hysterics. h y s t e r i c s . Physicians Physicians like of to-day speak of of Wpsychic "psychic fever.") fever.") of h i s mother-in-law. The glow of of the Anxiously Peter looks at his

fever is i s in i n her oheeks cheeks and her lips l i p s are dry. She tosses t o s s e s restlessly restlessly in i n her bed talking talking in i n her delirium about a fish f i s h that is i s going to eat a sheep. eat


look ••• . . . the fish f i s h ••• . . . the fish f i s h and Look, look the sheep ••• . . . the fish f i s h is i s eating eating the sheep •• . . no, no ••• . . . that mustn't be ••• . . . save it it ••• . . . save it i t ••• .,.

bewildered Peter arouses her from her delirium. She looks about in bewildered

(15) (15) fashion. fashion. She fixes a feverish glance upon Peter's face and then overcome with the augue she falls back upon the bed, bed, groaning and despairing of her condition. condition. Tears crowd the eyes of Peter's wife. wife.

her. He tries to console her. Peter: Peters

Jesus will be here soon: soon; he will make her whole ... •••

But her weeping continues. continues. Trying to encourage her Peter tells

Synagogue. of the miraculous cure Jesus has just made in the Synagogue. Peter: Peter:

He has just cured a man of an evil spirit. spirit. You know Zadok, Zadok, the demoniac? Well, Well, he commanded commanded the unclean spirit to come out of him ... •••

His wife is is listening now. now. She looks at her husband through her tears and asks -

The wife: wife:

And did he not hurt him? h~?


No. No.

His wife takes courage. courage. Peters

him. I'll go and meet him.

room, his mother-in-law alternately groaning and He leaves the room, delirium. babbling incoherently in her delirium. Outside. Jesus and his disciples arrive as as Peter is is coming out Outside. the house. house. The latter approaches Jesus and explains the situation. situation. of the


is sick, sick, Master. Master. II know My wife's mother is that ••• that if if you you will will you you oan can make make her her whole whole ...

Jesus puts puts his his arm around him to to comfort him. him. Jesus

Jesus: Jesus s

Where is is she? she?

(16) (16) Peter and Jeaus Jesus enter the house, house, but not before Jesus has t .oo is aa devout Jew. touched the "Mezuzah" "Mezuzah" because he too Jew. •• ••• •

The room with the sick patient. patient. Jesus and Peter enter. enter. Peter's Peter1 s wife is is about to leave, leave, but Jesus motions to her to stay. stay. The ill woman is is still moaning in her delirium. delirium.

Jesus looks at her quietly and then goes to the head of the bed. bed. Peter lends aa hand and they lift the patient to an upright position. position. Jesus sits beside her while Peter and his wife see that she does not fall back upon the bed. bed. It is is obvious that the ill woman is is suffering fall considerably. Her eyes have aa glazed look and her throat is is parched considerably. thirst. The daughter gives her aa drink of water. with thirst. water.

Jesus takes her hand and succeeds in attracting and holding her attention. attention. Peter bends over her and begins speaking to her in aa low earnest voice. voice. Peter: Peter:

Fear not ••• believe only ••• and you'll not...believe only...and you*11 be made 1 whole...fear not...only 11 be whole ••• fear not ••• only believe ••• you'll whole...have faith...believe...fear whole ••• have faith ••• believe ••• fear not... not ••• you will be whole... whole •••

Soon aa change is is noticed in the woman's woman*s condition. condition. She breaks out with aa heavy perspiration and beads of sweat begin to run down cheeks. Confidently she fixes her eyes upon Jesus. her forehead and cheeks. Jesus. patient. Some strange healing power has passed from Jesus to the patient. Peter*s wife wipes her mother's mother*s face several times with aa napkin. napkin. Peter's

Finally the gasping stopped and the ill person was breathing normally. normally. She closed her eyes and Jesus signalled to Peter and his wife to lay her down in the bed that she might be able to rest. rest. Almost instantly she fell fell into aa deep sleep. sleep.

(17) (17) gratefully and then leaves the room room Peter's wife looks at Jesus gratefully meal. Jesus and Peter soon to make preparations for the evening meal. her. After they leave the room the mother-in-law mother-in-law suddenly follow her. as from a long refreshing sleep. sleep. Feeling rested she gets out awakes as bed, dresses quickly and goes to her daughter, daughter, who scarcely knows of bed, what to make of this rapid recovery of her mother. mother. A A neighbor, neighbor, who has dropped in to inquire about the patient, patient, is startled and hurries away to spread abroad the news. news. Peter's mother-in-law returned to her household duties and almost before the others realized it she was once again in full

command of her home. home. Taking a tray of bread from her daughter's hands she carried it herself into the room where Jesus and his disciples supper. 路 A were awaiting their supper. A wine cup was on the table because it evening. The men rejoice at was customary to serve wine on Saturday evening. the sight of the mother-in-law but she gives all credit and praise

to Jesus for his miraculous cure. cure. sound of the horn from the Synagogue is is heard, heard, Suddenly the Bound

marking the end of the Sabbath day. day. Everyone Every one arises, arises, wine is is poured cup, and Peter, Peter, head of the home, home, pronounces the benediction. benediction. into the cup,

After this this supper is is served and since it was customary to eat fingers they first had to be washed. washed. Therefore Peter's wife with the fingers

brought aa basin and water-jug and begins to pour water on the hands of the guests. guests. the news of the mirRelated scenes show the neighbors spreading the cure. Other neighbors come to to the the door to to look at at the motheraculous cure. to see see Jesus. Jesus. "Is "Is he staying overnight?" overnight?" they ask. ask. And in-law and to is going to to deliver another sermon that evening. evening. they wonder if he is

(18) (18) Finally Peter persuades them to leave and he shuts and bars the door in order to make certain that Jesus and the disciples will not be disturbed again that night. night. The news about Peterts PeterÂťs mother-in-law spreads rapidly through the town. town. When the Sabbath is is past people crowd to the house of Peter, some wanting to hear another sermon, sermon, others carrying with Peter, heal. They come from all them sick relatives they hope Jesus will heal. need. A A blind man is directions and each one has some particular need. led by his daughter; daughter; aa lame man is is leaning upon the shoulders of two brothers; one man walks with the aid of sticks and another with brothers; crutches. A A young mother brings her sick baby and aa young girl her crutches. grandmother who has to stop at at almost every step because of fits fits of coughing. A A father and mother foroibly forcibly bring their imbecile daughter coughing.

hoping that Jesus will drive the evil spirit out of their daughter as he did with the man in the Synagogue. Synagogue. A A mother with aa limping as child. child.

It is not long before half of the town has gathered in front of strain. the home of Peter and others continue to come in an endless strain.

The huge throng wait patiently for Jesus. Jesus. house Peter and his guests have finished their meal. Inside the houae meal. Andrew looks out through the window. window. Andrew: Andrews

All the city is gathered together at the door. door.

Jesus, wondering what he will do. Peter and the others look at Jesus, do.

Their faces faces show their satisfaction as as he rises and moves toward the door. door. Peter opens the door and comes out first. first. A A wave of excitement as Jesus appears and indicates that he is runs through the multitude as

(19) (19) going to speak to them. them. Jesus: Jesus;

me, all you that labour and are Come unto me, heavy laden, laden, and and I I will will give give you you rest. rest. Take Take heavy my yoke yoke upon upon you, you, and and learn learn of of me; for for I I am am my meek and and lowly lowly in in heart; heart: and and you you shall shall find find meek rest unto unto your your souls, souls. For For my my yoke yoke is is easy easy rest and my my burden burden light. light. Blessed Blessed be be you you poor; poor: and 1 for your yourts the kingdom kingdom of of God. God. Blessed Blessed are are for s the you that that hunger hunger now; now: for for you you shall shall be be filled. you filled. now: for you shall Blessed are you that weep now; laugh. laugh.

As Jesus speaks the camera swings over the multitude. multitude. It shows As

"on the front seats" seats" some Scribes and Pharisees, Pharisees, even as in the Synagogue. It should be noticed that their attitude toward Jesus Synagogue.

is not hostile. hostile. To those people religious and theological problems were of the greatest importance. importance. The Judaism of that period covered so many different sects of varying shades of theological thought that one more or less did not make aa great difference. difference. Jesus, Jesus, the preacher, preacher, was to them only "something new" new" which had to be studied carefully. carefully. They therefore listened attentively, attentively, desiring to be instructed in his doctrine. doctrine. earnest, resolute faces. We see also aa group of three men with earnest, faces. Synagogue. They too -- but for other They were seen before in the Synagogue. Jesus. A A patrol of Roman soldiers reasons -- are listening intently to Jesus. is not aa political one. one. The three looks in to make sure the meeting is

young men cast hateful looks after the soldiers who move on with faces. Nothing is is going on except the mocking grins upon their ~aces. preaching of one of those "crazy Rabbis." preaohing Rabbis. w we see aa man standing in the middle of the the crowd, crowd, and Finally we yet alone, alone, because everyone every one avoids avoids him. him. He He is is Levi Levi the the tax collector and because he he collects taxes taxes for for the the Romans Romans from his his own people or is considered aa traitor and renegade and is is treated with utmost he is

(20) (20)

contempt. contempt. Jesus: Jesus;

Blessed are you when men shall hate you, you, and when they shall separate you from their comsake. Rejoice pany -- for the Son of man's sake. day, and leap for joys you in that day, joy: for behold, your reward is is great in Heaven: Heavens for in hold, like manner did their fathers unto the prophets. prophets.

At the beginning of the scene four men arrive carrying aa lame pallet. One is is an old man with aa white beard. beard. The other man on aa pallet. men. The old man is is apparently the father of the three are young men. latter. They try to bring sick man and the other three sons of the latter. multitude. the lame man to Jesus but cannot reach him because of the multitude.

Therefore they take their burden up the outside stairs to the roof a hole -- an easy .matter matter since the roof is made of and there break a rafters. Finding aa rope they let down through mud rolled down on the rafters.

the hole in the roof the pallet with the paralytic lying upon it. it. doing. Some of the Jesus stops speaking when he sees what they are doing. Jesus. Two disciples help the man to be placed safely at the feet of Jesus. sons jump of the sone jump down from the roof and the older one tells of his hie father's illness. father's illness. sons The son:

is my father father...he is taken with palsy... This is ••• he is palsy ••• look, both his legs are lame. look, lame.

The other son uncovers the legs of the father and demonstrates flabby. that the muscles are loose and flabby. sons The son:

And look. look.

He takes aa long needle and drives it into the calf of his father's leg. leg. Philips Philip:

man) You feel feel no pain? (addressing the lame man)

lames The lame:

at all. None at all.

(21) (21) . All are looking at Jesus in excitement5 excitement: the disciples, disciples, the two two sons, the old white-bearded white-bearded father, father, and the third son peering through sons, the hole in the roof. roof. Prom From the multitude not a word ord is spoken. spoken. There expectation. is a hush of expectation. Jesus is looking with compassion at the sick man whose eyes never

Master. Presently Jesus speaks with a gracious leave the face of the Master, manner. manner, Jesus: Jesus;

Man, Man, your sins are forgiven. forgiven.

At these words the Pharisees and the Scribes look at one another

and each knows the thought passing through the other*s other's mind. mind. Is not this blasphemy? Who can forgive sins but God alone? But Jesus too knows their thoughts, thoughts, and he turns to them, them, asking Jesus; Jesus:

Why reason you these things in your hearts?

is aa long silence. silence. The Pharisees and Scribes do not answer There is as there is is no particular reason why they should. should. According to their as sins. No one can doubt or deny that fact. law God alone can forgive sins. fact. feel that Jesus has gone too far and they are are curious to see They feel do next. next. what he will do continues, but there is is no harshness in his tone. Jesus continues, tone. Jesus; Jesus:

you? Whether it it is is easier to say What reason you? palsy; "Your sins be forforto the sick of the palsy: you" -- or to say: say; "Arise and take up given you路 1 *? your bed and walk walk"?

There ia is another period of of silence. silence. The multitude looks first There at Jesus and then at at the the Pharisees but without animosity toward at either. The The Pharisees are are the the respected leaders of of the people and either. the latter realize that this this is is not aa quarrel between men but a the a

(22) (22)

theological discussion on aa high plane. plane. As As the the Pharisees do do not answer, answer, Jesus turns turns again to to the the sick says with aa tone of of authority -man and says Jesus; Jesuss

II say unto you -- ARISE. ARISE.

A A tremor, tremor, followed by aa series of spasms, spasms, runs through the body of the paralytic whose eyes are are still fixed upon Jesus. Jesus. The latter signals to the two sons who lift their father out of bed. bed. With their feet. They would still assist him but he sends aid he gets to his feet. alone, his confidence increasing with them away and begins to walk alone,

every step. step. Everyone, Everyone, including the Scribes and the Pharisees, Pharisees, were amazed. amazed. eyes. Jesus spoke again to the man There were tears of joy in many eyes. healed. who had been healed. Jesus J Jesus:

Take up your bed and go your way into your house. house.

With a bed, places it upon a look of surprise the man takes up his bed, shoulders, and walks away, his shoulders, away, followed by his sons and his old father. father.Expressions of joy are heard from all sides, sides, and a a voice from the crowd is heard shouting A A voices voice s

In truth we have seen strange things to-day. to-day.

"And the people glorified God." God.-

{The sick man's palsy is is' thought to be a re(The sult of hysterics in an advanced state. state. The root of ot the man's trouble was a consciousness of guilt. guilt. When Jesus pronounced pronounced forgiveness

(23) (23)

he took from the man his feeling of guilt and thus thus destroyed those inner conflicts that were causing the sickness. sickness. The result was an immediate healing.) healing.) After healing the lame man Jesus turns to the large crowd of people, gathered in front of Peter's home, home, and who are thronging sick people, him. about him.

The three young Revolutionaries, Revolutionaries, impressed by the miracle they have witnessed, witnessed, leave the place. place. They are going to aa secret meeting with 'ssome ome other Revolutionaries who have come from the towns around the lake. lake. The place of meeting is is on the seashore not far from the house of Peter. meet, is Peter. Here, Here, where the Revolutionaries meet, is an open shed with baskets, masts, and other fishing baskets, barrels, barrels, fishing nets, nets, masts, equipment. A A salting-house for fish. fish. Salt-pans. Salt-pans. Salt shovels powderingequipment. lubs, lubs,

vine-pump. -- Salt-barrels -- heaps of salt. salt. There is little vine-pump.

danger of being taken by surprise but as as an added safeguard aa man is left on watoh watch to warn against any Roman patrol that might come is that way. way.

' We follow the three young men and as we do the following is heard -Commentary: commentary:

The Pharisees tolerated the Romans 8a as they for aa deliverance by God. God. But there waited for were others who resolutely determined to as soon as as possible. throw off the Roman yoke as possible. They were the Revolutionaries and made up the underground movement of that day. day. They watched attentively, hoping to find in him the Jesus attentively, needed. Zealots run of action in leader they needed. leader. need of aa leader.

arrived. The three young Those from out of town had already arrived. appeared. In the dialogue Revolutionaries we have already met soon appeared.

(24) (24)

follows they are are numbered I, I, 11, II, and Ill. III. The The others others IV -- IX. IX. which follows

These three young men are are enthusiastic about what they have seen and heard and they try to persuade the others to come with them and witness the miracles of Jesus. Jesus. II Revolutionary: Revolutionary; You You must must come come with with us us and and see see him. him. 11 II Revolutionary: Revolutionary;

You must both see and hear him. him.

IV Revolutionary: Revolutionary;


Revolutionary; IIll I I Revolutionary:

Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth.

IV Revolutionary: Revolutionary;

Oh -- the preacher. preacher.

Revolutionary; II Revolutionary:

IV Revolutionary: Revolutionary;

V V Revolutionary; Revolutionary: 11 II RevolutionarYJ Revolutionary; II Revolutionary: Revolutionary;

Revolutionary; VI Revolutionary:

Yes. Yes.

(makes aa gesture of disapPointment) disappointment) What manner of man is he? You never met aa man like him. him.

We We have have just Been seen him healing aa man sick wi th the with the pals:r. palsy. No?

III Revolutionary; Revolutionary: Ill

yes. And even unclean spirits obey him. Yes. him.

VII Revolutionary: Revolutionary:


II Revolutionary: Revolutionary;

11 Revolutionary: II Revolutionary;

Ill III Revolutionary: Revolutionary:

Revolutionary: IX Revolutionary; I Revolutionary: I Revolutionary:

II 11 Revolutionary: Revolutionary: Ill I I I Revolutionary; Revolutionary: V V Revolutionary; Revolutionary:

People say he he is is the the Messiah. Messiah. Listen, we have enough men, men, what we need Listen, is a leader. is a leader. Yes, Yes, and he is the man. man.

God. We'll accept no ruler except God. He He was was just speaking of the the Kingdom of God. God. He said that it is near at hand. hand. Gome Come and judge for yourself. yourself. Let us go and see if he is all that you have said. have said.

A warning whistle is heard from the man on watch. watch. All of them them A

(25) (25)

hide behind the barrels "barrels and the baskets. baskets. Through the shed the Roman patrol can be seen walking along the shore. shore. But nothing arouses their suspicions and they move on, on, turning away from the shore. shore. The Revolutionaries come out from their hiding and after making certain the patrol hae has left they disperse in small groups, groups, going to the house of Peter. Peter. •• ••. • Before the house of Peter the Revolutionaries are soon lost in the crowd. crowd. Jesus, throng, Jesus, filled with compassion, compassion, moves about among the huge throng, are sick. and heals many of those who are sick.

Jesus moves about with aa certain radiant serenity. serenity. Upon his face can be seen an expression of gentle love and tender compassion. compassion. He goes from one to another, another, asking each individual in aa low voice about illness. There is is aa certain excitement the nature and symptoms of his illness. released in different ways in the different individuals who are sick. sick. cramps, followed by immediate healing. healing. Others fall Some are taken with cramps, asleep. asleep. friends and relatives gather. About those who have been healed friends gather. heard. An old woman expresses the thoughts Exclamations of joy are heard. every one when she says of everyone A voice: voice: A

Such power as as his must surely be of God. God.

hymn. Then all the people join in singing aa hymn. As the scene is is ending we see one of those healed by Jesus As away, happily swinging his crutches over his head. head. walking away,

(26) Commentary:

And And in i n the morning Jesus went out and departed for a solitary s o l i t a r y plaoe. place.

The last l a s t scene of of the preoeding preceding sequence is i s a long shot showing the multitude in i n the foreground and the house of of Peter in i n the background. This scene is i s acted in i n the evening evening light. l i g h t . Without changing the position p o s i t i o n of of the camera it i t dissolves d i s s o l v e s softly s o f t l y into a scene in in morning light, l i g h t , showing exactly exactly the same exterior, e x t e r i o r , except that now

i t is i s deserted. Only the wife wife of of Peter is i s seen outside outside the houae, house, it of the handmill is i s the only sound which grinding flour. The creaking of i s heard. is We We notice notice outside outside the house two stone-troughs stone-troughs filled f i l l e d with water. They are used for the ritual r i t u a l of of purifioation. purification. Jesus comes out of of the house. Peter's P e t e r ' s wife wife does not notice n o t i c e him as he goes toward the lake. lake.

As As

Peter's mother-in-law mother-in-law comes soon as he has turned the corner Peterts

of the house to fetch the flour. f l o u r . Her daughter follows her into into out of the house. •• .• .•

At the shore of of the lake Jesus passed by two fishermen who are tarring tarring their t h e i r boats. He He shouts the Jewish greeting: greetings Shalom. And And they

Shalom, answer back: Shalom. •• .• .•

Inside Peter's P e t e r ' s house. The mother-in-law mother-in-law and her daughter are

i n order to t o bake the bread for that day. about preparing the dough in •• •• •• Jesus walks up a grass-grown grass-grown slope, s l o p e , the other side of of whioh which is is quite steep. He He disappears almost at once after after having passed the

ridge of of the slope. slope. •••

(27) (27)

Outside Peter's Peter1s house. house. Andrew is on his way to the roof by the outer staircase, staircase, carrying the necessary tools and materials for repairing the hole that has been made. made, Peter comes out, out, looking for Jesus. Jesus, As As he does not see him anywhere he approaches the outer staircase and asks asks his brother, brother, Andrew Peter: Peter:

Where is is Jesus?

Andrew shrugs his shoulders in aa gesture of ignorance. ignorance. Then he suggests Andrew: Andrew:

Go shore. Go and seek for for him at at the shore.

Peter nods and goes in the direction of the lake. lake. Andrew begins mud, sand and small stones into a working on the roof by kneading mud, a cement. cement. •• ••, •

Peter passes by the two fishermen who are tarring their boats. boats. Peter« Peters

II seek for Jesus. Jesus.

Fisherman: Fisherman:

We saw him walking over there. We there.

slope. Peter They point in the direction of the grass-grown slope. turns, asking -takes aa step and then turns, Peter: Peter:

Are you going fishing? Are fishing?

One of the two makes aa gesture toward the sky showing that he weather. Then he adds adds has no confidence in the weather. Fisherman: Fisherman:

Better to lose time than to lose life. life.

Peter agrees and walks toward the grass-grown slope. slope. •••

(28) (28)

Outside of of Peter's house Andrew is is spreading the the mud-cement and filling up up the in the roof. the hole in the roof. •• ••• •

Peter climbs the the slope of of ground and and sees Jesus in in the the depression behind, behind, kneeling and prayer. Peter is and absorbed in in prayer. is greatly moved at the the sight of of Jesus and and aa power seems to to transform the the rough fisherman. A light appears to to shine from within the the man man reflecting fisherman. new purity he he has has found. found. He He moves away aa short distanoe distance and and lies the new on the the grass waiting for for Jesus. down on Jesus.

•• ••• • Outside Peter's house. mudhouse. Andrew has has finished spreading the the mudand starts rolling it it with aa B"stone-roller." stone-roller." cement and

•• ••. • Jesus comes back over the exthe grassy slope and and sees Peter who who exhis presence by plains his by saying Peters Peter:

You were not not in in the the house so so II came out out to You to look for for you. you.

Jesus nods in in appreciation and, and, still in in the the mood of of devotion, devotion, two men men walk silently back to to town. the two town. •... ••

P e t e r ' s house. Andrew has finished finished working on the roof Outside Peter's i s on his h i s way down the staircase. s t a i r c a s e . He He puts his h i s tools t o o l s in i n their their and is h i s hands. At the same time Peter's P e t e r ' s wife and motherplace and washes his in-law are setting s e t t i n g the table t a b l e outside the house, preparing the first first in-law of the d~. day. Andrew approaches Peter's P e t e r ' s wife, showing her that he meal of s l e e v e of of his h i s shirt s h i r t •. . has torn to pieces the sleeve Andrews


i n t o the house and comes back with a needle that has She goes into

(29) (29)

been carefully preserved in a hollowed bone. bone. As she begins sewing

arrive. They sit down and the mother-in-law pours Jesus and Peter arrive. them, at the same time inviting them to help out goats milk for them, themselves to bread, bread, grapes, grapes, and dates. dates. As the mending of Andrew's sleeve is completed completed several of the Pharisees who were there the night before come to the house. house. They are made welcome weloome and invited to share in the meal. meal. They accept but before sitting down they approach the stone ~ne trough for the ritual of hand washing before meals. meals. By means of a a scoop water is poured on the hands and allowed to run off outside the trough. trough. This ceremony is a a normal custom for the Pharisees, eating. Pharisees. Once it is completed they sit down and begin eating.

(The succession of the situations of this scene progress so rapidly there will be no need of special and superflu- . life.) ous dialogue - such as as the little courtesies of life.) arrive. They too are invited to share in the meal, John and Jacob arrive. meal.

They accept and begin eating at once without going through the cerehandwashing. One of the Pharisees, Pharisees, and old man, man, speaks to mony of the handwashing. is aa tinge of reprimand. reprimand. John and Jacob and in his voice is 1. Pharisee: Pharisee: I.

You eat bread with unwashed hands?

Johnj John:

are not shammaites. shammaites. We are

2. Pharisee: Pharisee: 2.

We are are not shammai shammaites either. We tes either.

The third Pharisee now speaks to the two young Pharisees, Pharisees. 3. Pharisee: Pharisee: 3.

The Bread is is aa gift of God, God, and you profane The it it in his eyes if you do do not receive it it with clean hands. hands.

Jacobs Jacobs

is not written in the the Law. Law. That is

I. Pharisee: Pharisee: But it it is is in the traditions. traditions. I.

John (interrupting): (interrupting): The The traditions traditions are are not not the the Law. Law.


2. 2. Pharisee: Pharisee:

The traditions are given by God the same as the Law. the Law,


The traditions are not of God but of man. man.

3. 3. Pharisee: Pharisee: He who lightly esteems hand-washing will perish perish from from the the earth. earth.

(It should be emphasized that there is no tension between those taking part in the conversation. conversation. It is only aa friendly discussion setting forth the old and new points of view.) view.) The elder Pharisee now turns to Jesus. Jesus. 1. Pharisees 1. Pharisee:

do your disciples eat What say you? Why do bread with unwashed hands?

Jesus does not answer at at once. once. Instead he looks at his hands as speaks. as if he would there find the answer. answer. Then he speaks. Jesus: Jesus:

There is is nothing from without aa man that canenter into him and defile him ••• him...

pauses. The Pharisees and the disciples listen attentively He pauses.

although they have difficulty in following his line of thought. thought • Jesus: Jesus:

••• ...but but that which comes from within, within, it is that which defiles aa man. man. Not that which goes into the mouth, mouth, and from there into the belly, belly, but that which comee comes out of the heart, heart, this defiles aa man. man.

Jesus looks again at his hands and then he gets up and enters house. There is deep silence. silence. The Pharisees are perplexed as the house.

they do not understand the profound meaning of the words of Jesus. Jesus. is aa maker of paradoxes and should not be taken too In their eyes he is seriously. seriously.

The elder Pharisee has been so absorbed in listening to Jesus that he has not noticed his departure. departure. He is is just about to speak gone. His face shows that he is is somewhen he realizes that Jesus has gone.

(31) (31) what disturbed. disturbed. But, But, collecting his thoughts, thoughts, he turns to the other Pharisees and says 1. 1, Pharisee: Pharisee:

II think we too will have to go. go.

He rises. rises. One of the other Pharisees, Pharisees, seeing that the disciples situation, explains their hurried departure are embarassed at the situation,

by saying 2. Pharisee: Pharisee: 2.

us at the Synagogue. Synagogue. They are waiting for us

Then they leave. leave. The four disciples, disciples, being left alone, alone, look at each other. other. Every time Jesus uproots some deep seated custom or tradition they are disshocked. They cannot understand his apparently rude beturbed if not shocked. as friends to see him. him. haviour toward the Pharisees who had come as

Peter breaks the silence Peters Peter:

Come. Come.

All four enter the house. house. Elders" the hand(According to "the traditions of the Elders路

washing before meals was aa religious duty and the Pharisees had more regard for the tradition than for the Law. Law. Some Pharisees were so scrupulous they twice, before and after each meal. meal. But beyond washed twice,

doubt there were many, many, who did not obey the regulation so strictly. strictly. Each party to the discussion unquestionably considered the question from his own point of view. The Pharisees looked upon it as as aa social, view. social, political, and religious matter while Jesus thought political,

(32) (32)

of it in terms of the ethical and the spiritual. spiritual. Both were right. right. Among the Pharisees two tendencies were dominants dominant: the rigorous school of Shammai and the more liberal school of Hillel.) Hillel.)

Inside Peter's house his wife is clothes. is mending some old clothes, Jesus is is sitting beside her, her, studying the way she is is sewing aa piece Jeaus garment, of old cloth on an old garment.

Peter and the three others enter the room. Jesus. room, Peter speaks to Jesus. Peter: Peters

The Pharisees were offended. offended.

Jesus does does not look or speak indicating there is is nothing he can do about the matter. matter. John: John:

They did not understand. understand.

John's tone indicates that neither he nor the others have understood the meaning of the words of Jesus any better than have the Pharisees. Jesus therefore looks up at at them asking Pharisees. Jesus; Jesus:

Are you also without understanding?

faces express their feelings. feelings. Jeaus Jesus sighs. sighs. He will have Their faces

to teach them step by step. step. Jesus: Jesus:

understand, that whatsoever Do you not yet understand, enters in at the mouth goes into the belly, belly, and is cast out into the draught? But those is things which proceed out of the mouth come heart, and they defile the forth from the heart, man. For out of the heart proceed evil man. thoughts, murders, murders, adulteries, adulteries, fornications, thoughts, fornications, thefts, false witness, witness, blasphemies: blasphemies: these ,are are thefts, man: but to eat the things which defile aa mans with unwashen hands defiles not aa man. man.

Now the disciples understand and their faces joy. faces express their joy. are at the same time ashamed and proud: proud: ashamed because of their They are

(33) (33)

disciples. They do do lack of confidence and proud because they are his disciples. no

not fully understand but their intuition tells them that no mere man "k frilly

before. has ever spoken in such fashion before. Synagogue. On the steps The three Pharisees arrive at the Synagogue. leading up to the Synagogue are some men from the town sitting about

talking. and talking. The three Pharisees stop before entering the Synagogue and we

Jesus. hear them speaking about Jesus. 1. Pharisees 1. Pharisee:

It is is always the same way with that man. man. II talk of the East and he talks of the west. talk of the East and he talks of the West.

2. 2. Pharisees

Yes, Yes, and if I I put aa straightforward question to him... him ••• to

3. Pharisee: Pharisees 3. ••• you get aa vague reply... reply •••

1. Pharisees 1. Pharisee:

...or one. Never mind, ••• or an evasive one. mind, come. come.

his brothers to follow him into the Synagogue. He makes aa sign to to his Synagogue.

•... •• the Synagogue. Synagogue. From Prom outside we have been able to hear a Inside the a

choir of shrill voices belonging to to small boys boys to to whom the first first lessons in the overseer. the Holy Scriptures are are given by the the overseer. we Bee see the boys boys sitting on the stone Entering the house of God we floor, around the the teacher, teacher, who is is reciting one one verse after another. floor, another.

They move their small small bodies rhythmically according to to the rhythm of the the reading and to to the the time time beaten by the the teacher's teacher's stock, stock, being the Law and the the Prophets Prophets by repeating every verse over and taught the

over again. again. The three three Pharisees stop stop for for aa moment to to listen to to the the children, children, The the 26th verse verse of of the the 36th chapter of of the the book of Ezekiels Ezekiels reading the

(34) (34)

A you, and a new A new heart also will II give you, spirit will II put within you: I will you2 and I take away the stony heart out of your flesh, flesh, and II will give you aa heart of flesh. flesh. The teacher calls aa halt. halt. The Pharisees smile appreciatively at the boys. boys. 2. 2. Pharisee: Pharisee:

Do not forget, forget, boys, boys, that no man is poor except the man who is knowledge. is poor in knowledge.

The Pharisees leave the boys. boys. The elder Pharisee turns to his two brothers and says -1. 1. Pharisee: Pharisee:

In truth, truth, the World is is saved only by the breath of the school-children. school-children.

Now the ruler of the Synagogue advances to meet the three Pharisees, Pharisees, while the teacher speaks to the boys singing Teacher: Teacher:

jOints? Have II not told you that aa man has 248 joints? cannot And that what you learn here by heart oannot enter into your 248 joints if you do not speak loud? Have II not told you that?

boys: The boys:

Yes. Yes.

Teacher: Teacher:

Well, then let us start again with verse 25 25 Well, and this time let us speak much louder. louder.

knees, and while we are The teacher has the script roll on his knees, loudly, we ~ see in a listening to the boys reciting the verses very loudly,

"close-up" " close-up" the the finger finger of of the the teacher teacher gliding gliding over over the the page, page, along along 25, chapter 36 of the book of Ezekiel: Ezekiels the first line of verse 25,

you, Then II will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean. clean. From all your filthyfilthyness will II cleanse you. you. The close-up of the page of the book of Ezekiel dissolves softly into aa scene of the custom-house and the custom-gate of the town. town. following is is heard: heard: During the beginning of the scene the follOwing

(35) (35)

commentary: Commentary:

The The Roman Roman oppressors were were sucking the the life blood blood out of the Jews by imposing imposing intolerable taxes. taxes. And they were being being levied levied through the medium medium of Jewish tax collectors who were despised despised by their own people. people.

tax-collector Levi whom we noticed noticed in the crowd before The tax-collector Peter's house yesterday yesterday is sitting at his office, office, absent-minded, ababsorbed in his own thoughts. thoughts. With him are two or three other Jewish custom officers. officers. A group of Roman soldiers are on watch watoh at the gate in order to lend authority if it is needed. needed. Passers-by. Passers-by. A A peasant leading a donkey laden with cauliflowers oauliflowers comes up to to the gate. gate. One of the custom officers steps out and after inspecting the load fixes fixes the duty at so much. much. The peasant makes strong objection to the demand of the tax-collector. tax-collector.

Peasant: Peasant:

Yesterday II only paid half of that. that.

Officer: Yesterday is not to-day. to-day. Custom Officer: Peasant: Peasant:

the double? Why, Why, why? But why the

Officers Pay -- and don't waste my time. Custom Officer~ time. Peasant: Peasant s

No, II won't pay the double. No, double.

Officer; You won't? Custom Officer: Peasant: Peasant:

No. No.

The oustom custom officer turns turns toward the the soldiers, soldiers, but the the sergeant The is already on on his his way. way. He He needs needs only to to let his his presence become known is to make make the the peasant pay. pay. The The sergeant returns returns to to his his soldiers. soldiers. in order to The peasant, peasant, when leaving the the gate, gate, oannot cannot resisthe temptation to to spit The

after after the the custom officer. officer. At this this moment Levi Levi looks looks up up and and sees sees Jesus Jesus and and his his six six disciples disciples At approaching the the gate. gate. Their Their appearance appearance is is to to him like like an an answer answer to to his his approaching thoughts. He He rises rises and and goes goes to to Jesus, Jesus, falling falling down down on on his his knees knees and thoughts. saying -saying

(36) (36)


Good Master, me. Master, have mercy on me.

Jesus helps him to his feet. feet. Jesus: Jesus:

What would you have me do for you?

Lavi Levi looks around a a little uneasily. uneasily. He is embarassed at speaking in such fashion before the disciples, disciples, knowing the common prejudice of all Jews against the tax collectors. collectors. Understanding this Jesus puts his arm about Levi and they find aa quiet corner together. together. Levi speaks fal falteringly Then Lavi teringly -Levi: Levi:

others...but II have sinned much...more much ••• more than others ••• but when II heard you speaking I I felt that you me ••• and that you would would not despise me...and help me to aa better life. life.

Listening quietly Jesus looks at Jesus, at him. him. Something about Jesus, perhaps the light in his eyes, continue. eyes, encourages him to continue. Levi: Levis

And II thought how blessed they were whom you chose for your disciples -- and that perhaps them. you would let me too be one of them.

Levi has finished ,speaking. speaking. Jesus examines his face closely. closely. Lavi

Then he speaks -Jesus: Jesus:

Whosoever would be my disciple must forsake all... all. all ••• all.

Levi looks up and nods his head in acceptance of the terms. terms. rises, saying Jesus rises, Jesus: Jesus:

Follow me. me.

all, rose up, up, and followed him". him". And Levi "left all, Levi (from now on called Matthew) Matthew) join the disciples, Jesus and Lavi diSCiples,

(37) (37)

gate. They all go into the town. town. As soon as they waiting at the gate. have left the gate, gate, a shepherd with a flock of sheep goes through direction. In the midst of the flock is a the gate in the same direction. sheep. We follow the flock, flock, and at the same time we single black sheep. following. hear the following* Comment ary : Commentary:

Lavi made a great And the tax collector Levi feast for Jesus and his disciples in his own house, house, and many publicans and sinners came and sat down with him him.• ... •••

interThe scene of the flock of sheep dissolves softly into the interior of the dining-room in the house of Matthew. Matthew. He has invited Jesus and the disciples together with his fellow tax gatherers - perhaps with the intention of giving them an opportunity to meet Jesus. Jesus. At the end of the meal all attention is is directed toward Jesus. Jesus. is asked to tell them about the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven. After a He is a brief pause he speaks to them and they listen intently and eagerly to his words. These men knew themselves to be sinners and they were accuswords. "honest" people of the town. town. But they tomed to the contempt of the "honest"

appreciated the sympathetic attitude of Jesus and the fact that instead of despising them he tried to understand their problems and forgive. was ever ready to forgive. The purpose of the the following scene is is to show the atmosphere The friendliness that presided at at the party. party. of understanding and friendliness Jesus: Jesus:

He who has has ears ears to hear, hear, let him hear: hear: The He Kingdom of Heaven is is like unto treasure hid in aa field. field.

l.Taxgatherer: A treasure? treasure? Of gold and silver? I. Taxgatherer: A Jesus (nods): (nods); Jesus

Yes, and the the which when aa man has has found, found, he Yes, hides it. hides it.

(38) (38)

2. Taxgatherer: Yes, 2.Taxgatherer: Yes, of of course, course, that nobody else should find it • . find it. Jesus: Jesus:

For joy joy thereof t h e r e o f he goes and sells s e l l s all all that he has and boys that field. t h a t he has and buys t h a t f i e l d .

3. Taxgatherer: 3.T a x g a t h e r e r : All that t h a t he has? has? J e s u s (nods): (nods): Jesus

Yes - all. all.

I. l . TTaxgatherer: a x g a t h e r e r : That's T h a t ' s right. r i g h t . The silver s i l v e r and gold gold is i s worth more. It pays. more. I t p a y s . Jesus: Jesus:

Again, the t h e Kingdom of of Heaven is i s like l i k e unto aa merchant, seeking goodly pearls. merchant, seeking goodly p e a r l s .

2.Taxgatherer: 2.Taxgat~erer:

p e a r l s ? (making a gesture g e s t u r e indioating indicating Such - pearls? a neoklace). a necklace).

Jesus J e s u s (nods): (nods):


3. Taxgatherer: 3.T a x g a t h e r e r : They say ·that t h a t when a sunlit s u n l i t dew-drop enters enters

a is a mussel it it turns turns into aa pearl, pearl, and and if if it it is in the morning it becomes white, but if in the it white, but if the evening it black. it becomes black.

l . T a x g a t h e r e r (to ( t o Jesus): Jesus): I.Taxgatherer Go G-o on. on. Jesus: Jesus: I

man seeking good pearls -- when This merchant man he had went had found one one pearl of of great price, price, went and sold all it. all that he he had had and and bought it.

3.Taxgatherer: Again, all all that he he had. 3. Taxgatherer: Again, had. Matthew: Matthew:

Oh, Oh, II understand. understand. If If you you would win win the the Kingdom of of God God you you must forsake all all else. else. That is am is what II am am going to to do. do. (to (to Jesus) Jesus) II am to pay pay the the price. ready to price.

approvingly. Jesus smiles approvingly. A little while before John and and Peter on on some pretense, pretense, have left

the room and and appear in in the the courtyard just as as the the next scene is is beginning. ning. •••

the street three Pharisees have come to to the the gate leading From the the courtyard. courtyard. As As ' it it is is the the home of of aa rich person there is is aa doorto the keeper. The The Pharisees are are speaking to to him. keeper. him.

(39) (39)

1. 1. Pharisee: Pharisee: Is Is it it true true that that Jesus Jesus and and his his disciples disciples are are in there? there? in Doorkeeper: Doorkeeper:

Yes, Yes, there there is is aa great party in in his his honor. honor.

1. Pharisee: Pharisee; 1.

you, Thank you.

1. 1. Pharisee looks looks at at his his two two companions as as if if to to say: says you see, see, was right. right. Then Then he he sees sees John John and and Peter Peter in in the the court court yard. yard. He He II was speaks to to them. them. speaks

1. 1. Pharisee: Pharisees

How is is it it that Jesus Jesus eats eats and drinks drinks with publicans. publicans.

Peter: Peters

He He has has made Matthew one one of his his disciples. disciples.

2. Pharisee: Pharisees 2.

Is that possible? Is

3. 3. Pharisee: Pharisees

II thought Jesus Jesus was was one one of of ours. ours.

2. 2. Pharisee: Pharisees

This This is is indeed an unheard of thing. thing.

Johns John:

m/hat? What?

2. Pharisee: 2. Pharisee:

rabble. That he is is meddling with that kind of rabble.

1. Pharisee: 1. Pharisee:

Does he not hate sin?

Peters Peter:

does. But he does not hate Certainly he does. sinners. sinners.

2. Pharisees Pharisee: 2.

sinners. They are You call those people sinners. traitors. Renegades and traitors.

3. Pharisee: Pharisee: 3.

I him.• .-rI too too have received I think II understand him sinners at my own table to persuade them to lead a pious life. life.

1. Pharisee: 1. Pharisees

at But you would not have been with them at their table? Or would you?

3. Pharisee: 3. Pharisees

Oh, no -- never. never. And of course the sinner had Oh, step. to take the first step.

1. Pharisee: 1. Pharisees

see, that is the difference. difference. You see,

Johns John:

is the difference. difference. You shun the the Yes, that is_ sinner; he he:eeeks out. sinners seeks him out.

1. Pharisee: 1. Pharisees

head) Seeking Seeking out sinners. sinners. (shaking his head)

2. Pharisee: 2. Pharisees

Surely this this is something something new. new. Surely

3. Pharisee: 3. Pharisees

Yes, indeed indeed it is is a new new thing, thing, and we we will will Yes, have to to give give it grave grave consideration. have

(40) (40)

Jesus, Jesus, from the dining-room having seen his two disciples talking with the Pharisees, Pharisees, now approaches the group. group. The first Pharisee sees him. him.

1. 1. Pharisee: Pharisee:

There you are. you. are. We were just talking about you.

3. ••• 3. Pharisee: Pharisee; We cannot understand understand... Jesus looks questioningly. questioningly. 2. 2. Pharisee: Pharisee:

We did not expect this of you ••• a religious you...a teacher. teacher.

Jesus now looks inquiringly 1. 1. Pharisee~ Pharisee;

at the first Pharisee. Pharisee.

You break bread with publicans and sinners. sinners.

Jesus looks at them and nods pensively. pensively. Then he takes aa seat on the bench in the midst of them. them. He begins to speak; speak: Jesus: Jesus:

They that be whole need not aa physician, physician, but they that are sick, sick, for for II am not come to call repentance. the righteous, righteous, but sinners to repentance.

(Let it be understood that there is is no tension or exrudeness. The Pharisees are surprised and cited rudeness.

shocked. be.) But they shocked. (Perhaps they have reason to be.) is Jesus.) Jesus.) are not hostile and neither is

After his last remark he points to aa woman who is passing by in the street. street. The camera swings toward the woman and remains focused her. In the meantime the is heard -upon her. the following is Commentary; commentary:

And while they still murmured he spake this parable unto them, them, saying: saying; What woman having ten pieces of silver, piece ••• silver, if she lose one piece... away). (dies away).

(41) (41) The woman in the street is counting some money she has in her hand. There are only nine coins and there should be ten. ten. Where is hand. the missing coin? She searches for it in the plaits of her coat but it is not there. there. She counts the coins again but still there are only nine. She looks on the ground around her but the missing coin is nine. nowhere to be found. found. The woman is poor - perhaps a widow - so that coin, even if only a small one, one, means a great deal to her. her. She the coin, be. Her home is nearby and so she rewonders where it could possibly be. house. All the time she turns thinking it may have been lost in the house. keeps her eyes on the ground, ground, to see if the coin could have been dropped in the street, street, but discovers nothing at all. all. On the way she

passes two neighbors who ask what she is looking for and she tells them she has lost aa drakme and cannot find it anywhere. anywhere. They express

sympathy and they hope she will find the lost coin. coin. She enters her home and looks around but the coin is nowhere to seen. She then takes aa broom, broom, made of straw knitted together into be seen. bundle. As As the the room is is dark she she has has to to light an an oil oil lamp to to light aa bundle. away. up the corners where the coin may be hidden away. The broom sweeps over the the floor of stamped earth. earth. The dust is The all the fissures fissures and the holes in the the floor. floor. Each of swept out of all is thoroughly searched. searched. The The few pieces of furniture the dark corners is are moved about as as the the search is is made with the the care typical of aa good are

housewife. housewife. At At last her pains are are rewarded. rewarded. A jingling is is heard and there is is the the missing coin as as it it rolls rolls from its its hiding-place. hiding-place. The beams. So So great is is her joy she she must share it with the neighbors. woman beams. neighbors. She goes goes to to the the door and shouts shouts -She The woman: woman; The

Look, II have found it it... ••• Look,

(42) (42)

The The neighbors rush into the room and the widow tells the wonderful coin. ful story of how she found the lost coin. (The purpose of this parable is is to inform us how aa small coin became the center of attention because it was lost and then found again. again. as the woman was overjoyed on finding Just as the coin again so Jesus rejoices exceedingly

over every sinner who returns to him. him. And as the woman found her coin in the dirt and dark so Jesus searches for sinners in the dirt and world.) darkness of this world.)

The widow puts her nine coins in aa heap in aa small table. table. While telling her story to the neighbors she adds the tenth coin to the others. 0108eothers. And while hearing her story we finish the scene with a closeup of the ten coins. 10. coins. Luke 15, 15, 10. This close-up dissolves softly into another close-up of aa large coins. The camera moves backward now till the heap of gold and silver coins. entire room is is in focus. focus.

During the shifting of scenes the following is heard Commentarys commentarys

And Jesus spake another parable unto them, them, saying: sayings A A certain man had two sons... sons •••

In the room we see the father, father, aa rich farmer, farmer, and his two sons. sons. The older son, father, son, who is is to inherit the farm at the death of the father, is is aa stern-looking young man, man, aa toiler, toiler, aa slave to duty, duty, stubborn and hard as full as nails. nails. The younger Bon son is is light-hearted and generous and full f of the joy oof life, but but also also giddy giddy and and weak. weak. He He is is not not bad bad but but only only life,

unstable. unstable.

(43) (43)

The younger son has asked a~ked his father to give him now the portion

father. The father of goods that will be his after the death of his father. has promised to think it over. over. Now the father and his two sons have

matter. gathered together in order to discuss the matter. Father: Father:

You have not changed your mind?

Younger son; son:

No, No, father, father, I I am being bored to death by this manner of life. life.

Elder son: Elder

S t a r t working, and stop h a t ' s my start stop dreaming dreaming - tthat's !l advice tto o you.

Younger son:

I ttell e l l you tthat h a t farming farming holds no attraction attraction for for ' me.

son: Elder son:

me. Why? It does for me.

son: Younger son:

different. Some day the farm With you it is different. will be yours. yours. Then I I will have to move out. out. Better to leave now and start my own life. t9 life.

The father lays his hands on the shoulders of the younger son. son.

Father: Father:

You are certain that you wish to leave?

Younger son: son:

am certain. certain. II am

Father: Father:

You shall have your own way. way.

son: Elder son:

Fool. Fool.

Father: Father:

No, your brother is is no child. child. He is is old enough No, for himself. himself. to decide for (To the younger son, son, pointing to the heap of (To table): Here is is your third. third. money on the table):

Younger son: son:

Thank you, you, father. father.

He collects the money hurriedly, hurriedly, putting it it into aa small chest. chest. He The father looks at at him with an expression of sadness in his eyes. The eyes. to the next scene. scene. Wipe to At the the gate gate to to the the farm the the young man is is about to to take his his leave At the father father and the the elder brother. brother. The The latter is is cool cool and there is from the smirk upon upon his his face. face. The The father father embraces embraces his his son son warmly and and before aa smirk


letting him takes aa ring of gold from one of his fingers hira go go takes fingers and places it it on the hand of of the young man. man. The latter goes goes away. away. The father looks after him -until until he disappears aroung a a bend in road. in the the road. His eyes eyes are filled with tears. tears. The elder son shakes his head in disgust as as the two go back to to the farm. farm.

Wipe to scene. to the next scene. The road. journey_ road. The son, son, seen from behind, behind, travelling on his journey. The road divides the picture in two two parts -- one to the right and another to road. to the left of the road. This scene dissolves softly into aa scene representing aa street in in an Oriental city, city, f.inst. f.inst. Damascus. Damascus. The street divides the picture into two parts -- just like the road. road. In In the street the awnings throw

aa shade-pattern onto onto the the pavement. pavement. In In the the crowd we we notice notice the the younger younger arrived. We follow him around aa corner. corner. He enters a son who has just arrived. a to the barber how he wishes his hair cut. barber shop and explains to cut. son: The son:

cut my hair in in the Take away the beard and cut Greek fashion. fashion.

work, using scissors, scissors, knife, knife, comb, comb, and The barber starts to work, curling-iron. curling-iron. faces aa small square where aa girl girl can be seen The barber shop faces on aa flute. flute. Her eyes eyes are sitting under aa tree. tree. She starts playing on black, and she has rouge on her cheeks and her lips. lips. encircles with black, At the time time of Christ prostitues were noted for playing flutes. At flutes. There is is an exchange of smiles between the young man and the girl who continues playing on her flute. flute. When he leaves the barber-shop they go together. together.

Wipe to scene. to the next scene.

(45) (45)

A tavern of the rather sordid type is entered entered by the prostitute A man. By winking at the innkeeper she makes him underand the young man. tow. The innkeeper therefore outdoes stand that she has a sucker in tow. flattered. The girl orders himself in politeness and the young man is flattered. food. They are served at once. onoe. Y/hile While they sit at at wine and snails for food. the table the young man apologizes for being ignorant of the Greek

language. The girl promises to teach him and they begin their first language. once, using fingers and sign language and laughing cheerlesson at once, fully. The innkeeper, innkeeper, seeing this, this, joins in the laughter and recomfully. mends the girl to the young man by saying Inn-keeper: Inn-keeper:

She is is a a good girl - and her heart is in the right place. plaoe.

A A street seller enters the tavern and approaches the young couple. couple. He has jewelry set in gold for sale. sale. The girl is is eager for an armlet Re arm. She is and the boy buys her two of them, them, one for each arm. is deliriously as she teaches him to eat snails -- with aa spoon. spoon. In the other happy as spools handle is is aa pin. pin. The lesson in snail eating causes end of the spoon's to laugh uproariously. uproariously. them both to to the next scene. Wipe to scene. A lane. lane. Moonshine. Moonshine. The girl moves ahead of the young man. A man. Coming to aa house she she opens the the door and slips silently inside, inside, dragging him to

along with her. her. to the next scene. scene. Wipe to tavern. The prostitute and the the son enter. enter. The innkeeper The tavern. as if if he were royalty. royalty. It It is is evident that he is is a receives him as in high favor. favor. He has has been granted admittance to to a customer held in 8 backroom, reserved for for regular customers. customers. Here the the young special backroom, rakes with their Roman and Greek friends friends debauoh debauch themselves Jewish rakes


and engage in games of chance. chance. The son is is now dressed in aa short Greek oloak cloak and has aa broad-rimmed broad-rimmed hat. hat. He also carries aa stick. stick. He and the prostitute enter the baok-room back-room and are greeted with aa noisy welcome. welcome. One of of the the company rises rises and reads reads aa poem of of homage to the son who, who, being moved, moved, orders aa large quantity of wine. wine. He is cheered, not only by the young men but also aa choir of flute playing cheered, girls, many of whom are only twelve to fourteen years old. old. As the girls, is poured into the cups aa street seller enters offering headkerwine is colors. He approaches the son with flattering words and chiefs of all oolors. is invited to choose what she likes. likes. She picks out a the prostitute is gold, the most expensive one. one. The son does ' headkerchief wrought with gold, feels so gay and happy with his new friends. not object because he feels friends. He buys the entire lot of headkerchiefs and invites the girls to to help themselves. One of the girls suggests they sing aa certain Greek song, themselves. song, which just now is is aa la la mode. mode. It It is is sung sung by by alternating alternating between between male which just now male and female female voices voices and and the the whole whole group group joins and joins in. in.

Wipe to the next scene. scene. A very short scene at the house of the girl. A girl. In a ray of moonson, and the naked arms of the girls light we see only the back of the son, neck. twining round his neck.

music. Distant music. V/ipe to the next scene. Wipe soene.

tavern. The prostitute and the son enter. enter. The reoeption reception of The tavern. is less cordial than before. before. Apparently his finanoial financial the inn-keeper is is not as as good as as before. before. They enter the back-room. back-room. The innstanding is is no song of welkeeper does not accompany them and this time there is come. They are received with complete indifference. indifference. come.


A is leading down to aa gambling room. room. The prostitute A stairoase is attempts to to lift his spirits by saying. saying. girl: The girl:

Why not try your luck downstairs?

He takes her advice. advice. She prefers staying with her friends in the back-room. back-room. He goes downstairs and is is immediately snared by professional gamblers who soon take all the money he has left. left. He returns to to the back-room. back-room. Nobody invites him to sit down but the prostitute takes pity on him and goes with him. him. When they are passing in his direction. direction. the tavern the inn-keeper does not even look in to the next scene. Wipe to scene. A very short scene at the house of the girl. A girl. In a a ray ~ay of moonlight. light we just see her naked arm lifting up his arm into the light.

She takes off his finger the golden ring which his father has given home. Distant music. music. him when he was leaving home. Wipe to to the next scene. scene. tavern. The son enters and approaches the inn-keeper The tavern. timidly -son: The son:

Could II get some food on credit?

Inn-keeper: Inn-keeper:

No, II never give credit. credit. No,

The son: son:

Could you lend me five drakme?

Inn-keeper: Inn-keeper:

No. No.

son: The son:

Two drakme?

Inn-keeper: (brutally) (brutally) Inn-keeper: No begging is is allowed here. here. Get going. going. Beat it. it. Quick. Quick. tavern. The inn-keeper has driven the son out of the tavern.

( 48) ( 48)

scene. Wipe to the next scene. Outside the house of the girl. girl. The time is at night. night. There is is moonshine. The son knocks at the door. door. He is now dressed in his old moonshine. clothes. The Greek cloak oloak has been sold for bread. bread. He knocks again. again. clothes. answers. They speak through the door. door. She answers. The girl: girl:

is it? Who is

son: The son:

door. Open the door.

The girl: girl:

No. No. What do you want?

The son: son:

I have no money and nowhere to sleep. sleep. I

The girl: girl:

What is is that to me?

The son: son:

II know you have money. money.

The girl: girl:

Go away now. going. now. II am done with you. you. Get going.

The son leaves. leaves. Wipe to the next scene. scene. A square in the city with a A a huge stone from which slaves are sold. An auotionens. auctionens. Here also day laborers gather when looking for sold. work. Among these is is the son. son. A peasant who has come to town in work.

order to find aa helper stops in front of the son, son, inspecting him as if if he were aa cow or aa horse. horse. Some of the slaves singing closely as

aa monotonicae song. song. Peasant: Peasant:

farming? Do you know anything of farming?

son: The son:

is aa farmer. farmer. My father is

Peasant: Peasant:


The The son (evasive): (evasive): Far Far from from here. here. The peasant, peasant, realizing that the the young man has has had aa quarrel quarrel with


father, does not press him for a further explanation but invites his father, farm. him to come with him to his farm. soene. Wipe to next scene. swine. He, He, a Jew, Jew, has become beoome The peasant makes the son tend his swine. a keeper of swine for for aa heathen peasant. peasant. During the day the herd of

field. At night they are kept in the swine search for food in the field. too. As there is a famine hog pen where the swine keeper must sleep too. in the land the food for the swine is sometimes better than the food

for their keeper. keeper. To appease his hunger the son often has to eat the carob-beans which are given the swine for food. food. evening, while sitting in the hog-sty among the swine he One evening,

remembers the happy evenings in his father's home, home, with all the supper. Then he recalls servants gathered with the family for supper. reoalls his as he was leaving him. him. He weeps silently parting from his father as body. He bites into and then breaks down as great sobs shake his body. weeping. Suddenly he his coat in order that no one shall hear him weeping. mind. He rises, rises, opens the door comes to himself and makes up his mind. out. and goes out.

Wipe to the next acene. acene. his way home. home. In In his rags, rags, like a The son on the road -- on his tramp, he more than once is is at at the the point of of giving up. tramp, up. Wipe to to the the next scene. scene. is out in in the the field, field, watching the the plough-drivers piough-drivers The father is one furrow after another. another. Now and then he glanoes glances toward the make one road. Day after day he has kept watch but it it has always been in in vain. vain. road. it is is as as though his his eyesight has has been especially sharpened for But it

Jesus of Nazareth [1:4]  

Carl Th. Dreyer's script in English ©DFI. P.0-49. Searchable document - OCR (optical character recognition) conversion of the scanned scrip...

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