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Overview of MassHousing Mortgage Loan Program

What is The Masshousing Loan Program? The Massachusetts housing program provides MassHousing mortgage loans to moderate and low income families be they first-time home buyers, those looking to refinance or those looking to move up.

The MassHousing affordable housing program has helped more than 50,000 families buy their first home. 1

Benefits of Masshousing Mortgage Loan:

Attractive Interest Rates

Discounted Insurance

Faster Underwriting

30 Year Payment Term

Fixed Payments 2

MassHousing Mortgage Requirements: ● You need to submit full income and employment details. ● There is a fixed income limit that you must clear to qualify for this loan program. ● You need a good credit history. ● MassHousing Mortgages are available on single family or multifamily up to 4 family units. ● You need to complete education course.


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Qualifying for MassHousing Mortgage:

Qualifying the MassHousing Mortgage Loan Program can be a daunting task. You will get the required help from Drew Mortgage company. We are industry leaders in providing mortgages and community lending opportunities. Our home loan originators have a passion for closing loans in days, not months. From zero money down to a less than impressive credit score, we have multiple loan programs for everyone.


Overview of Mass Housing Mortgage Loan Program  

A Mass Housing Loan Program is a great option for families with low income. With concessionary policies for down payments, insurance, low in...

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