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October 17, 2013

Next Publication Date: 10/24/2013

The only Island in Texas where we vote at the Dairy Queen!

Around The Island

By Dale Rankin

The fishing has slowed down but the drivers haven’t. The ban on cell phones while driving came in with a whimper rather than a bang this week as police began issuing warning tickets for those using cell phones behind the wheel. Real tickets will start going out early next month. But all over The Island drivers seemed to ignore the new ban as they went about their driving business with cell phones a buzzin’. Over on Dasmarinas the city continues to monitor traffic speed as they get ready to put in speed humps to slow down drivers in a hurry.

This just in… And speaking of Dasmarinas we had a sighting of DEA agents over near there on Friday. They didn’t seem to be effected by the shutdown as they went about their business with DEA emblazed across their backs. We heard they showed up later at a business and took a fellow out. If you are missing a friend try the federal magistrate’s office.

Snoopy’s is coolin’ it

By Dale Rankin

A plan by the National Park Service to move the boundary of Padre Island National Seashore 4.6 miles north of the current park site and force beachgoers to enter it through Park Road 22 is raising questions from local leaders. The move, first reported in the Island Moon in June, is part of a plan for the Texas Nature Conservancy to purchase 3,680 of land north of and adjacent to the current northern boundary of Padre Island National Seashore. The land currently belongs to the Texas General Land Office and once the purchase is complete the land would be donated to the National Park Service and become part of PINS. “The Nature Conservancy is in the process of acquiring 3,680 acres of coastal habitat on North Padre Island from the Texas General Land Office (GLO). The property is adjacent to the Padre Island National Seashore. The tract consists of undeveloped coastal grasslands, dunes and wetlands and is one of the largest PINS continued on A8

Early Voting Begins Oct. 21

Vote at the Island Dairy Queen!

Well, not really but we got your attention… early voting in the November 5 election begins October 21 and this year the Island’s early voting location has moved due to the closing of the Padre Isles Country Club for construction.

Vote early and vote often… Oct. 21-Oct. 26 8:00 am – Oct. 27

5:00 pm

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Oct. 28-Oct. 30 8:00 am –

5:00 pm

Oct. 31-Nov. 1

7:00 pm

7:00 am –

Polling Locations on page A8

Voting will be a Seashore Learning Center, which once upon a time, believe it or not, was a Dairy Queen. Voters may vote at any location during early voting; you do not have to vote in your precinct if you vote early. Only on Election Day are you required to vote in your home precinct.

If the high-rises along this street ever catch fire residents will be jumping out windows into the canal unless a firefighter with superhuman strength shows up to wrench it from its rusty bounds. After a few years of rusting down in our corrosive environment these things become works of art, but unfortunately they are testaments to form over function. If you have a rusty fire hydrant on your block send us a picture. When it comes to rusted up fire hydrants nobody beats The Island. We’re number one baby!

First sighting We had our first Winter Texan sighting of the season last week when a reader reported seeing an RV with a Wisconsin plate come swooping down off the JFK. The early snow bird might not get the worm but he does get the best RV site on The Island. It won’t be long now until our friends from up north are cheering the belt sanders down the racetrack at The Gaff. They do tend to arrive in bunches.

Jailbreak on the beach The Jailbreak obstacle beach run is this weekend along the seawall. Runners will jump, slide, and crawl their way through a 3.1 mile obstacle course. We’ll be on the seawall for the Island Moon ArtWalk so stop by and say hello. In the meantime we’ll see you Around The Island.

Beach entrance to PINS is currently blocked.

Port Aransas ARTABOUT and Old Town Festival is This Saturday Port Aransas will celebrate its first 103 years of existence this weekend with the Port Aransas Old Town Festival and ARTABOUT.

Rusty Fire Hydrant of the Week

we will feature the Rusty Fire Hydrant of the Week. We kick it off this week with this cast iron monument to neglect on Fortuna Bay.

Year 16, Issue 496

PINS Plan to Restrict Beach Access in Kleberg County Draws Fire

Ernie and crew have been busy over at Snoopy’s Pier all week getting ready to turn on the air conditioning in the venerable Island eatery. It’s one of those things we never thought we would see happen but Ernie says he’s changing with the times. By the time the next Sweltering Season swings around Pete and the folks over at Snoopy’s will be cooling their heals in air conditioned comfort. A few weeks ago a rusted up fire hydrant stymied the efforts of firefighters to put out a fire on The Island. We began noticing that there are a lot of rusty fire hydrants on The Island so

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The following is the only local issue on the ballot: $44.6 million for Destination Bayfront. Proposition No. 1 The City Council of the City of Corpus Christi, Texas shall be authorized to issue and sell one or more series of general obligation bonds of the City in the aggregate principal amount of not more than $44,600,000 for the purpose of designing, demolishing, constructing, acquiring, improving and equipping a publicprivate project known as Destination Bayfront -- a parks, recreation and cultural enrichment project developed with public input to make improvements, renovations and enhancements to revitalize approximately 34 acres of public land and beach downtown, which would leverage public construction dollars with private donations and other sources of funding for ongoing park programming, operation and maintenance costs, the improvements and amenities to be made having been developed through a series of public meetings and which include: • Improvements to Veteran’s area including shaded event space, restrooms and handicap parking; • Large event area with covered stage, including necessary utility connections and lighting to support festivals and other large events; • Boardwalk promenade along the seawall with shade structures and restrooms adjacent to shops and restaurants; Voting continued on A8

The event showcases the culture and art of Port Aransas with several events and an Artwalk. The Quick Draw Painting competition kicks off at 2 p.m. along Alister near the Port Aransas Museum where artists will have two hours to turn blank canvas into finished paintings which will be sold Saturday evening as part of the 6th Annual Port Aransas Coastal Paint Out to raise money for the Port Aransas Museum and Farley Boat Works which will be held at the Community Center next to the Museum. .

know Port A is Port Arty! Starting in Old Town and winding out HWY 361,this is a self guided tour of these arty locations and you can start your tour at any point and follow the map, which will be available at all locations. This is a great opportunity to get out and walk, bike, or take a cart, and learn more about the art culture in this community. These 17 different venues are all free and open to the public, meet a variety of folks, mingle, have refreshments at each location and meet others who share a passion for art, or encourage a friend or neighbor to come along.

There will also be a boat building demonstration, gumbo cookout, surfing competition, and story-telling, and a long slate of other events and activities. The grand finale will be the 7th Annual -PA ARTABOUT (Port Aransas Art Walk) from 2-8 pm during which 17 local galleries will feature works by local artists.

Galleries, Artist Studios and Design Establishments This ArtWalk is planned to encourage and promote art and culture and let everyone

A little Island history

The Land Promoters

By Greg Smith This is the start of a series of four men that shaped Texas, Nueces County and The Island. Each shared common characteristics; they wanted to earn large fortunes, they had great dreams yet their wallets were smaller than their visions, they were very persuasive and they got things done. Three called themselves Colonels serving the Mexican War, the War Between the States and World War I. All had spines of steel to take on the physical and financial risks that their lives and ventures entailed. These four pioneer land promoters are; Moses Austin, the father of the father of Texas, Stephen Austin, Henry Kinney, Corpus Christi’s founder, Eliha Ropes, the first to promote Mustang Island and Sam Robertson, Padre’s first land promoter and developer.

The Austins The first promoter was Moses Austin. It was his son Stephen Austin that brought the original 300 families to Texas that started the United States and European settlement of Texas. Prior to that Texas was wild country with only the Spanish outposts of San Antonio, La Bahia, Nacogdoches and Laredo. The total Spanish speaking population in 1810 was less than 5,000. Moses Austin was about to put a change to that. Moses was born in 1761 in Connecticut. As a young man he moved to Richmond and went into the mercantile business. Looking for further opportunity he acquired in 1790 a lead mining concession in far West Virginia from that state. Moses partnered up with his brother Stephen and other investors and took

what had been a crude and depleted mine and brought modern methods and investment, tripling the output from its old highs. Austin being the persuasive salesman and concerned with dropping lead prices as production increased convinced the Feds to place a tariff on cheap imported lead. Although the mine was producing more lead than ever, cost of production went up even higher. The mine had become a boat for Austin and partners, a bottomless hole to pour money in. In 1796 brother Stephen traveled to London to try to sell the mine or find more investors. On landing in England he was thrown in debtor’s prison for unpaid debts that the mine had incurred. At the same time the US tariff expired on lead, cutting the price in half.

Back to the U.S. For Moses it was time to move on and hearing of great lead deposits in New Spain he sold what assets he could and loaded up the family in wagons and headed for what is now Missouri. The deposits were rich and Moses immediately started securing claims from the government of Spain. He received a Spanish passport and promised the Crown to bring new settlement to the area for consideration of mining rights. He eventually received 4,428 acres of land. Like the Virginia operation Moses brought in modern methods, new settlers and investment to his project. Money flowed in from increased production and Moses was back on top. He built a fine home sent his son Stephen back east to boarding school and invested in other ventures. During this time Missouri was transferred History continued on A8

Island Moon

A 2

Hey Mister, Want to Buy a House?

October 17, 2013

The Travelling Moon Gets Around...

Island Investments which had its headquarters at the Million Dollar Inn where they entertained potential buyers from all over the world. The sales techniques often included some rather creative approaches to real estate sales. One of the favorites was the “harem” approach which involved belly dancers and robes for the visitors. This photo of clients being entertained is from the late 1960s or early 1970, we’re not certain because belly dancing, like selling real estate, never really goes out of style. We’re not Real Estate Professionals here at the Moon but this looks like a pretty good idea to us. Maybe it’s time to bring it back!

Our story last issue about the history of the seawall generated several responses. One of them was from a person (who wishes to remain anonymous) who worked at Padre

Islanders Ann and Wade Knudsvig took the Moon to the rally at the World War II Memorial in Washington.

Island Creations Remodeling

Total Renovation & Remodels, Outdoor Kitchens & Spas, Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades, Sunporches, Replacement of Windows and Doors, Roofing, Painting & Stucco

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Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Patio Overlays, Decorative Stamping & Staining, Decks, Bulkheads, Grouted Stone Walls & Patios, Decorative Stone Paver Driveways & Patios

Owned & Operated by Island Residents David & Katherine Pierce References Available Upon Request Commercial & Residential

Doing Everything a Home or Business Needs

Hey Monkeys, Rosie here! Sheryl Arnold of Sandollar Sity, Port Aransas and Rosie Oliver, Accordion Rose of Padre Island just returned from a nine day tour of Ireland. The Moon went to Waterford Crystal Factory, Blarney Castle, the Titanic shipyard and the new Titanic Museum in Belfast and various other places in our travels. It really enjoyed its tour of the home of Guinness Beer!

Oktoberfest at The Barrell

Yard of the Month









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The Island Gardeners October choice for yard of the month is the home of Duane and Denise Ebert at 13830 Seahorse. The Eberts’ front yard has a very neat appearance with a walled courtyard area giving them some privacy from the street. The backyard is where the Eberts live! There’s a beautiful bar on one side of their covered patio and a hot tub on the other side. Beautiful bloomimg shrubs line their fenceline all around. Drive by this attractive island home on your way to one of the homes on the first annual garden tour this Saturday Oct 19 from 9AM to 1PM. The Island Gardeners are receiving many suggestions from homeowners and we really appreciate the participation. Please call Dianne @ 563-0951

Oktoberfest was held at The Barrell Wine x Tapas bar on Saturday, October 12th. Good times as people danced to German music, drank German beer and well you know how this story ends. A good time was had by all.

German native Angela fills steins at the Barrell’s Octoberfest celebration


14802 Compass Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78418

dog-gone margarita festival

Kevin and Betty, the first Winter Texans of the year have arrived on the Island

Sold To The Highest Bidder!

Well-Behaved Dogs & Owners Welcome Bring Your Coolers & Lawn Chairs

On October 11th, the Padre Island Enrichment (P.I.E.) members lunched at the Island’s Holiday Inn Beach Hotel. The program was a Silent and Live Auction. There were good bargains and the money made will go to scholarships for island senior students. Bravo to the Ways and Means Committee for collecting and setting up the donated items. On November 8th, P.I.E. will conduct a General Meeting to vote for Board Members and for proposed changes to the P.I.E. By-Laws. The guest speaker will be Pamela Two Spirits Reader discussing Gratitude Teaching. Make reservations by noon on October 6th to Contact Sheila at 9492072 for membership information. Pictured: P,I,E, members paying for their auction items

October 17, 2013

Island Moon


Senior Moments

Tembo Buddy

Meet Tembo Buddy!! Such a special boy that he gets two names. We pulled Tembo from Aransas County Animal Control where he was in danger of euthanization due to overcrowding. Tembo is appr. 1 1/2 years old. He is a super sweet boy! Laid back and loving, will roll on his back and let you rub his belly for hours. He’s doing great in his foster home with their dogs and he’s ignoring the kitties...good boy! Tembo’s adoption fee will be $75 and that will include his neuter, rabies shot and vaccinations. If you would love Tembo forever, please email us at

By Dotson Lewis

Inside Sugamo Prison Dotson’s note: this is a continuation of the article that appeared in the Sept 26 issue of the Island Moon. As a reminder, On Nov 4, 1948 all of the defendants had been found guilty. Seven were sentenced to death, sixteen to life terms, two to lesser terms, two had died during the trials and one had been found insane. On Dec 23, 1948, General Tojo and six others were hanged in Sugamo prison. What follows below is what I found out from speaking to many of the GIs who worked inside that prison at the time of the trials and executions.

Sugamo Prison Guards Stand at Attention during

These servicemen were assigned to Morning Guard Mount. (Note they are not wearing Sugamo prison which was located in the combat boots) city of Ikebukuro, a suburb of Tokyo. These American GIs – 17, 18 and 19 Built in the 1920s to house political prisoners, years old – were guarding some of the leaders Sugamo had a grim past. The Soviet master spy of the Japanese war effort in World War II. Richard Sorge had been executed there in 1944. Among their famous charges: Gen. Hideki Tojo, For the GIs, however, Sugamo was a cushy who was Japan’s prime minister from 1941 to assignment, Drehmel said. The food was good, 1944, and the woman known as “Tokyo Rose.” and soldiers on leave could catch a commuter

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Day And Night Boardwalk Shopping Center off Kenedy Bridge to the first right.

On October 13, 2011, more than 60 years later, members of the Sugamo Prison Association gathered for a reunion. They enjoyed trading stories of events they remembered while at Sagamo. It was obvious these were not “old soldiers’ war stores” but factual recollections of events that actually happened. Here are some of some of their comments and memories:

train into downtown Tokyo. The soldiers had their own football team, said Maskavich, and they won a divisional championship among Occupation forces in 1947. “Leather helmets, no face masks,” Maskavich recalled, grinning. “We had the only football field with no grass. It was a well-drained field, but when it rained, it was a mud bath.”

“We’re down to the hard core,” said Carleton Rowe of University Park, Florida. “We’re in our 80s now, and a lot of us have health issues and can’t travel.” Rowe had been a chief jailer in charge of three cell blocks at Sugamo. One of his charges was Tojo, the former Prime Minister and the General who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor. “He was very quiet – very, very respectful,” Rowe recalled, “except one time.”

GIs were divided into guards and jailers, said Harry Gennaro from Jacksonville, Ala. Guards like Gennaro manned the towers and watched the prisoners as they gardened. Jailers watched inside the cell blocks and supervised the Japanese workers. Since they represented the United States, jailers were issued better-quality, tailored uniforms said George Picard of West Warwick, R.I., and wore dress shoes on duty instead of combat boots.

On New Year’s Eve 1947, one of the other jailers awoke Tojo at midnight. The ex-general didn’t like it and told Rowe so. The 19-year-old soldier left the cell and proceeded to walk his rounds on the cell blocks and returned to find Tojo “still ranting and raving.” Rowe entered Tojo’s cell. “I looked him in the face and told him that was enough,” Rowe said. “He pretended not to speak English, but he understood some English.” Tojo immediately bowed and said ‘hai wakita,’ (Closest translation to English “yes understand”). Earl Drehmel, from Fall Creek, Wis., was a switchboard operator at the prison. He remembers watching Tojo being marched down the stairs every day to a waiting bus, to be taken to his trial. John Maskavich from Baltimore was a jailer for a while, then reassigned as a chaplain’s assistant. He remembered seeing Iva Toguri d’Aquino, “She was waiting in the chaplain’s office,” Maskavich said, “a very ordinary woman, very quiet.” Initially released for lack of evidence, d’Aquino later returned to the prison “to bring roses to some of the other inmates.”

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All of the enlisted GIs at Sugamo were too young to have seen combat – a deliberate move, said Bill Robbins of Eastham, Mass., in part because they had no ill will against former foes. “We were told to be respectful,” Robbins said. Some of the jailers became close to their charges. Picard received a Japanese flag signed by 25 prisoners and small cigarette cases which they had made by hand. The American facility at Sugamo closed in 1952 and GIs were reassigned. (Gennaro was sent to Korea and spent nearly three years as a prisoner of war.) Sugamo was demolished in 1971, and a 60-story skyscraper was erected in its place. When Rowe, who became an executive with Mobil, returned to Japan years later, his guides claimed to know nothing about the prison. The American facility at Sugamo closed in 1952 and GIs were reassigned. (Gennaro was sent to Korea and spent nearly three years as a prisoner of war.) Many were assigned to the 8044th Army Unit (US Army Stockade) in Nakano. I renewed many old friendships and met others from Sugamo. A Lieutenant reassigned from Sagumo, with whom I became friends was Charles Rexroad. He had executed several war criminals at Sugamo and other sites. His branch of service was the Military Police and his MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) was that of a Confinement Officer. His DA Form 20 (Personal Record) did not reveal that he was also one of the six or seven “hangmen,” who were on active duty 1945-1955. He shared some very interesting stories with me. Only a rock with the engraving “PRAY FOR ETERNAL PEACE” stands on the grounds that formally was Sugamo Prison. There is an information booth in the park that the once housed several thousand of the world’s most notorious felons. Dotson’s Note: In 1987 we (my wife Peggy & I) rode the intra-urban train from Tokyo to Ikebukruo and walked about five blocks to the former site of Sugamo. We asked the young lady that gives directions, “Where was the Keimsho?” (prison). She replied “I don’t know!” Despite its place in history, most Japanese have chosen to forget Sugamo.

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A 4

Island Moon

October 17, 2013

Police Blotter

Theft of Metal State Jail Felony


& Wine Bar

Monday, October 14, 8:44 a.m. 9512 South Padre Island Drive (Flour Bluff) A 50-year-old man reported to the Corpus Christi Police that some unknown person took two metal grates valued at $100 dollars each from his car wash at 9512 South Padre Island Drive over the weekend without his consent. The 50-year-old man told Police this is the third time on one month this has happened to his business.

Racing in the streets Sunday, October 13, 9:12 p.m. Park Road 22 and Sea Pines Racing on Highway, Class B misdemeanor Officers J. Swain and J. McGinley observed two Chevy Camaros and a Ford Mustang that were preparing to race. Both units set up and waited. The Camaros began to race, and the Mustang joined the competition. All three vehicles were stopped. The drivers were Cesar Campos 09/02/1986, Raymond Burciagia 08/08/1993, and Austin Garrett 12/17/1993. All three were arrested for racing.


It started on the beach but ended in an alley

Including: Mimosas, Champagne Cocktails and House Specialty Champagne Martinis

October 13 11:15pm Hewitt Drive Robbery Police were called to a residence on Hewitt Drive for a man knocking on doors asking for help. Police contacted a 19-year-old man who told them he’d been assaulted in the alleyway behind one of the homes. The young man had arranged to meet a couple of individuals he’d met while at the beach and buy some drugs from them.

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Monday, Thursday, Friday 4 pm - 10 pm Saturday Noon - 10 pm Sunday 11 am - 10 pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

The victim met with the men and was robbed at gunpoint. He was struck in the face with a firearm and sustained an injury to his face, head, and knees. He was taken to Spohn Memorial for medical treatment. The suspects are described as only 19 to 21 years of age and standing 5’7” to 5’9” feet tall with one of the men being of Hispanic ethnicity. They fled in a small gold four-door sedan, taking an undetermined amount of money.

in the event and the suspect is described as a white male approximately 17-18 years in age, 5 feet 8 inches tall, skinny build, and wore blue jeans, a blue cap and red mask. Police continue to investigate and search for the suspect.

But he had a bell on the handlebars… Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 4:54 a.m. Don Patricio and Sunnycrest Street Offense: Warrant of Arrest (Code of Criminal Procedure 15.01) Corpus Christi Police arrested a 20-year-old man several warrants for his arrest Wednesday morning on Don Patricio Road and Sunnycrest Street. A Corpus Christi Police Officer conducted a traffic stop when he saw 20-yearold man ride his bike without a rear red reflector as required. Franks gave the Officer a false name and then the Officer discovered warrants for the arrest for the man when the true identity of the man was revealed. The Officer then discovered a crystal substance in the man’s pocket which the Officer believes is methamphetamine. He was arrested for the two warrants for his arrest (both for motions to revoke for original charges of burglary of a habitation), for fail to identify as a fugitive from justice, and for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1. The man was then delivered to the city detention center.

Who stole Victoria’s Secrets? October 9, 8:12 pm 5488 S. Padre Island Drive Theft~Shoplifting Corpus Christi Property Crimes Detectives are asking the public’s assistance to help identify the suspects involved in the shoplifting theft of bras and panties valued at $5,700. Store surveillance video shows two men and a woman walk into the Victoria’s Secret and steal the undergarments. Anyone with any information on this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 361-888-TIPS or submit a tip online at Tipster will earn a cash reward if the suspects are identified and arrested.

Police Calls

Anyone with any information on this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS or submit a tip online at Tipsters will earn a cash reward if the suspects are identified and arrested.

9300 block SH 361 (on the beach) 2:40 p.m. Oct. 12 Burglary from vehicle

81-year-old woman attacked

14900 block Leeward 8 p.m. Oct. 9 Reckless damage or destruction

Thursday, October 10 7:44 p.m. 1000 Monette Drive Burglary of a Habitation (Penal Code Section 30.02) 2nd Degree Felony. An 81-year-old woman reported to Corpus Christi Police that a man broke the window to her home on the 1000 block of Monette Drive and took money by force at about 7:15pm Thursday night. The 81-year-old woman said she was home alone and heard glass break at the rear of her home. The 81-year-old woman told Police a man came in through a broken window and demanded her cash. The 81-yearold woman told Police she was not injured

14600 block SPID Oct. 7:48 p.m. Oct. 10 Criminal mischief $500-$1500/assault with injury

14800 block Lighthouse 11 p.m. Oct. 8 Criminal mischief $500-$1500 14900 block Leeward 8 p.m. October 9 Reckless Damage or destruction 14800 block Lighthouse 11 p.m. Oct. 8 Criminal mischief $500-$1500 15300 block Dasmarinas 8:30 a.m. Oct. 9 Burglary of vehicle 14700 block Whitecap 1:30 p.m. Oct. 12 Burglary of habitation

The Island Moon Newspaper maps corpus christi - Google Maps

Artwalk and Beach Market Address Corpus Christi, TX

The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk & Beach Market will be held this month on Saturday October 19th & Sunday October 20th at the Michael J. Ellis Seawall parking lot.

Saturday October 19th & Sunday October 20th 9am- 6pm The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk and Beach Market will be held this month on Saturday, October 19th. Look forward to fresh produce, margaritas, art, jewelry, and clothing. So bring your chairs and a cooler and come to the beach and shop some of the most unique handcrafted items and art available in the Coastal Bend. The Artwalk and Beach Markets are held the third weekend of every month for the rest of the year so mark your calendars for a weekend of fun! The market starts at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and runs until 6 p.m. The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk and Beach Markets are held in the Michael J. Ellis seawall parking lot located on Windward Drive on North Padre Island next to the Holiday Inn Hotel. Just take S.P.I.D. south until you cross over the JFK bridge then turn left at the second traffic light which is Whitecap Boulevard then take your first left onto Windward Drive and we’ll be on the right hand side of Windward Drive just past the Holiday Inn hotel. See the map on this page. Vendors are encouraged to set-up early and must contact The Island Moon Newspaper at or by calling 361-949-7700 to get approval to setup. The Island Moon Newspaper reserves the right to refuse any vendor to set up. The Market is free to all artists, craftspeople, local restaurants, food and drink vendors, non-profit organizations, churches, schools and everyone in between. Come on down set-up and let the community see and purchase your works. The markets are advertised citywide by KIII- Channel 3 News, 106.5 The Shark radio and of course The Island Moon Newspaper.

We’ll see you on the beach!

October 17, 2013

Moon Monkeys Mike Ellis, Founder

Island Moon

Letters to the editor

Destination Bayfront Editor,

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Once again Padre Island and Flour Bluff are being asked on November 5 to vote for bonds for the sole benefit of downtown Corpus Christi. In previous Padre Island Moons, Dale Rankin, has said that Island residents paid 12 percent of the property tax for previous bond issues and only 6 percent of that tax money has been spent on the Island. This time zero percent will be spent on the Island. The Destination Bayfront bonds are $44.6 Million plus another $20.4 Million for interest for a total of $65 Million. Of that Padre Island tax payers will pay $7.8 Million and receive nothing in return. Flour Bluff tax payers likewise will pay and receive nothing in return.

measure of consumer spending and consumer spending is 70 percent of a local economy like Corpus Christi. That growth rate is coming mainly form Eagle Ford oil & gas activity and is likely to continue for 10 to 20 years. However, that growth will require more than $2 Billion in critical public infrastructure including streets, fresh water supply and sewer and storm water system upgrades. to put it in perspective if that $2 Billion was raised in a bond issue the present city property tax rate of 58 cents per $100 evaluation would have to increase about another 92 cents. We have urgent public infrastructure needs and can’t afford to waste tax money on Destination Bayfront.

I urge Padre Island and Flour Bluff voters to turn out in large numbers and vote no to Destination Bayfront. Only about 10,000 registered city voters vote in an off year election like this one. As little as 5100 votes will determine whether Destination Bayfront passes or fails. The Island has 6200 registered voters. More than 2000 of those vote during a prime year election. With a large no vote Padre Island and Flour Bluff can defeat Destination Bayfront. Because of the low turnout, one vote in this election will be equivalent to 7 votes in a prime year election.

Projected Destination Bayfront visitors are greatly over stated. On a comparable basis considering number of local residents and annual tourist count it’s 32 percent greater than the San Antonio Riverwalk, 14 percent greater than the Aquarium and 66 percent greater than the Lex. Destination Bayfront won’t produce the projected pay back of $150 Million each year in new resident and tourist spending. That would be $250 in new spending for each Destination Bayfront visitor. Neither will it produce $86 Million in new downtown buildings.

Destination Bayfront is a “like to have” not a “must have” project. The Corpus Christi economy is already growing rapidly without Destination Bayfront as evidenced by sales tax receipts which increased 12 percent in 2011, another 12 percent in 2012 and continuing at that rate in 2013. Sales tax receipts are a good

The city’s rapid growth will continue to come from Eagle Ford oil & gas activities and new and expanded Port Industry plants. If downtown is capable of growth, it will grow as the city grows. If it’s not capable of growth, no amount of tax payer money will make it grow.

Ronnie Narmour

Cul de sacs…

Brent Rourk Dr. Donna Shaver

I tried to post this to your FB page....but maybe too long.

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As a new Island home owner, I have obviously become more aware of my surroundings. I have noticed that some of the median planter areas are well maintained, while some are not! Curious about this, I called POA. I was informed that it is really left up to the owners of that street to maintain the areas themselves. I was also informed that, “all these areas are going to be cemented in as funds are available and I could go look at the one on Bonasse Ct., as this was the first one they have done”. I know people will say I am new to the Island and this is how it has always been done...... but the Island has major developments on the horizon and with that comes changes. I looked at the one on Bonasse Ct. and thought what a shame...this is supposed to be a tropical Island not a parking lot. I also noticed when we closed on our property the annual POA fee was $750.00 vs the $250.00 that was disclosed to us prior to closing, apparently all new property owners will be charged the new amount annually, the $250.00 fee will remain the same unless ownership changes. Since that is an increase of 200%, could some of that money be ear marked to improve these areas? The areas could be planted with drought tolerant plants that take little or no maintenance, yet still be attractive. Another option is and I know no one likes more fees, but even if each home owner paid and annual fee of $100.00 with most streets having at least 12 homes that would equate to an amount sufficient to have

a landscape company maintain them and keep some symmetry to all of them. I do hope an alternative plan can be established. Joni McRee Joni, Not sure who you talked to at the POA office, but there are no plans to “cement in all the cul de sac ends.” We do ask neighbors to take care of the cul de sacs as there are more than we can handle. We’ve had volunteers who do some of them if neighbors just can not do the work. Bonasse was done with cement because the neighbors could not do it and they thought it was a good alternative. As far as the rate you are paying, you should have been given the correct amount by the title closing company. Covenants were changed in 2006 and as properties sell after January 1, 2007, the new rates apply. The increased funds have gone towards improving many things on the Island. We have plans to improve Whitecap but until the City is finished with the wastewater line, we are not spending money only to have it torn up, again. We do have a landscape company we contract with to do the main medians on Whitecap, Commodores, Aquarius and Sea Pines as well as the 7 boat ramps. We have also used the additional funds to do more bulkhead cap repairs. In addition, the dredging which was done this year cost about $540,000. If you have other concerns, feel free to contact me at 949-7025 – Maybeth Christensen, Executive Coordinator

The Clara Driscoll DRT met October 12, 2013 The Daughters of the Republic of Texas met Saturday for their first official meeting after the summer. Future plans were discussed for the upcoming year among which include attending “The Spirit of South Texas - Old Bay View Cemetery Comes Alive” next month, November 9, 2013. Some of the Daughters will participate in this event at the Cemetery by reenacting the lives of various individuals who were buried there, explaining the deceased person’s life story and involvement in Corpus Christi and Texas history. The dedication of the Merriman Historical Market will be dedicated at 11:00 A.M. These events are sponsored by the Nueces County Historical Commission in conjunction with Veteran’s Day. Various bands will be on hand to participate in the event as well. The public is invited to attend.

First and foremost, let me introduce my humble self: Am, Norman Raynolds. From the United States of America. I work with Rob & Fishler Associates. Just recently, did it occur to the notice of the firm that Mr. Roman Blum a polish by origin and a developer as well, who was one of our rich constant clients, is dead for some time now and we found out that he left no heir to his fortune. On the course to prevent the fund not to be remitted to the state coffers, I am compelled to contact you to present yourself as the heir for proper documentation, for it to be able for us to move this fund to your care/ country for our partnership investment, as I cannot handle it because of my position as the personal attorney to the deceased (Mr. Roman Blum).Be rest assured that all the relevant documents is ready and this transaction/ business is risk free. Reply to the email below, with indication that you`re interested, so that I can enlighten you as regards to the full details concerning this transaction. “Mr.Norman Raynolds” Dear Mr. Raynolds We didn’t know we had al relative who was “polish by origin and a developer as well.” Who knew!? We’re going to send you all our personal information right away. I suppose you’ll be needing our Social Security number and our bank account numbers in order for us to claim our Moon fortune. It seems like a trifle in exchange for a “partnership investment” with a “rich constant client.” Thank you for your kindness. We’re rich! Reach us in California we have hit the Big One!

Keep Port Aransas Beautiful This SUNDAY, OCT. 20, KPAB will have a table at the Family Center from noon until 5:00 pm. We will be having a bake sale to benefit the Planeteers, the high school environmental club. We will also sell KPAB T-shirts and afghans. WE HAVE NEW T-SHIRTS IN BRIGHT BLUE--THEY’RE AWESOME! We would love to have donations of baked goods. If you would like to help us out, bring your baked goods to the Family Center at noon, or call me and I’ll pick them up: 749-5554. Proceeds from the baked goods will help out the Planeteers for their environmental projects. NEW---WE ARE ALSO SELLING RAFFLE TICKETS FOR A KPAB FUNDRAISER! We are raffling a bay fishing trip with Captain Butch Findley, a 2-night stay at a local hotel, dinner at a local restaurant, a massage with Suzanne McCann of MassageWorks, and possibly other items. Tickets will sell for $5 each, and the drawing will be held at our annual Christmas party in December. Buy some tickets and sell some to your friends and neighbors. Tickets will be sold at the Bake Sale and at the Appreciation Dinner. All proceeds will benefit KPAB’s many worthy events, as well as high school scholarships for deserving seniors. Don’t forget our annual Community Appreciation Dinner on Monday, Oct. 28, from 5:30 till 7:30 pm. We still need people to bring food from their favorite country. Call Pam Greene to sign up: 749-4158, or email her at

group of women that every one of the Daughters should support “The Vision” since it will be a living tribute to our Republic of Texas ancestors. Joyce Berkebile, a DRT member of the Chapter, explained to the Daughters about “The History of the DRT Pins and how to wear the Pins.”

Anita Eisenhauer, District Representative of District 7, DRT, spoke to the group about “The Vision” which is now is in its planning stages, the purpose of which is to become the new DRT Museum and Headquarters. It will therefore become the new official State Headquarters to be located in Austin, Texas. Anita told the

Joyce Berkebile is shown in the photograph, explaining how to wear the DRT pins.)

Going up…


Jack Morgan

Can I trust You On This…

Julie Findley, Chair, Keep Port Aransas Beautiful

After many other plans were discussed the Clara Driscoll Chapter President, Theresa Baucum, adjourned the Meeting.

I’ve always wanted to do it, and finally I did. When I got into the elevator there were three other people and I said “Perhaps you’re wondering why I’ve called you all here...” Two of them burst out laughing and the 3rd stared at the wall about 3 inches from his face. Interesting.


I hope to see you at our events,

The Chapter welcomed Patricia Loomis as a new member where welcoming new members is always a high point at the meetings.

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Jo Zell B. Horne Publicity Chairman Clara Driscoll Chapter, Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Due to the uncertainty in Washington DC, the November 1 fundraiser for Timon’s Ministries featuring Congressman Blake Farenthold has been cancelled. Monies on hand for tables and sponsor has been returned. The event will be revisited after Jan, 2014. Kae Berry

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Island Moon

or something, but at the dog park we can have run of the place. It’s right by the public swimming pool at the community park and I love it over there. There’s lots of other dogs to play with too. Just let me know when. I look forward to seeing you old pal. Your friend, Snarlin’ Peanut

Peanut is a music lover

Hey Snarlin’ Darlin’,

While the humans were trying to pick those fat My friend Snarlin’ Peanut is a weenie dog. humans up off the ground I snagged me a steak We call her Snarlin’ Darlin’ because even and gulped it down quick and was knawing on when we are tailpiping like old pals Peanut the second one before my humans saw me so snarls. We don’t know why and she doesn’t I swallowed it down and grabbed the third mean anything by it, she’s just a snarler’ by one and ran under the stage and ate it while nature. She snarls at the humans when they my humans yelled at me. I didn’t care. I wish pet her even while she wags her tail on them Buster or Snarlin’ Darlin’ was with me that Sometimes weenie dogs is funny. day and they could have got them a steak too I had a weenie dog friend named Buster. He but since they weren’t there I at theirs. Every was a long hair weenie dog and one time his time I go to the Tarpon Ice House I lick the humans entered him in the Weener Nationals concrete where those steaks landed. I can’t up in a town called Buda. It’s taste them anymore but I still a town named after a fat guy. remember. I wish Paul would feed I don’t know why. They line steaks to fat bikers every day! I all the weener dogs up in little like the Tarpon Ice House. Some boxes and they bark like crazy of the people there smell just and then they let ‘em all out and like me cause they got dogs and Ho Hos! they take off running like their sometimes they drop their steaks tails are on fire to see who can on the ground and I get ‘em. run into the holes at the other end of the track I don’t get steaks anymore Peanut because first. But Buster never made it that far. I’m on a diet. Dr. Kristi is feeding me diet Instead of running for the holes Buster dog food. I’m withering away to nothing fooled everybody and jumped the little here Peanut. I lost eighteen pounds and I weener dog fence and smashed into a little sure need to find them. Surely weenie dogs girl eating a bag of Ho Hos that went flying. get all the hotdogs they want. They’re named Buster got one and took off and while the after hotdogs! Can you send me a hotdog humans were trying to get that Ho Ho away Peanut to Save the Riley P. Dog Foundation from Buster and stop the little girl from in International Falls, Minnesota? Tell all your screaming I got the other one. The humans weenie dog friends to send me one too. I know say dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate but they got lots in the weener dog storeroom I just I think that’s just because they want to keep don’t know where it is. it all for humans. Me and Buster ate those We don’t have a dog park on my end of Ho Hos and we didn’t get sick. Buster’s in The Island Snarlin’ Darlin’ but I would like Dog Heaven now but while he was here he to visit yours. I heard they got fire hydrants was my pal. there. We got some too but we peed on ours so many times they rusted shut. Now our buildings burn down while the fire people curse at the hydrants. It’s pretty funny unless it is your dog house that is on fire. Then it’s not so funny.

My friend Buster wearing his leaf outfit. It was the best food clean up day I ever had except for the Biker Party at Tarpon Ice House when six big fat bikers were eating steaks at a picnic table. There were three on each side and when three of those fat bikers on one side all got up at the same time that picnic table tipped up on one side and three of those steaks went flying up in the air and hit the ground the same time as those bikers.

I can’t sleep in a guitar case Peanut because my buttocks is too big. Even after I lost eighteen pounds. If my human ever buys a tuba maybe I can sleep in that case. Boy I sure hope my human never buys a tuba because if he plays that big old tube like he plays his little old harmonic it’s going to make me and my friends howl in the street.

Don’t forget Snarlin’ Darlin’. Hotdogs from weenie dogs. Don’t’ let the cats know. They like hotdogs too and that leaves less for us. Stoopid Cats! Don’t forget Snarlin Darlin’…Weenie dogs… hotdogs…International Falls…ask your humans to let you run in the Weener Nationals Maybe we could get some Ho Hos.

I guess I have avoided it as long as I can. Destination Bayfront. There I said it. I’m an Island guy and what goes on OTB only matters to me as it affects The Island. There is no doubt having a vibrant downtown is good for The Island so having a successful vibrant park downtown where we currently have bare space is no doubt good for The Island. The questions before us are: Is this the right project, in the right place, at the right time, and with a proper funding mechanism? So let’s take those in order.

The right project? I don’t know if it is the right project. I don’t do political endorsements (and there is little argument this is a political question) simply because I don’t know anymore about anything that anyone reading this with the right amount of time can’t find out on their own. I’ve always thought it is a bit presumptuous for newspaper types to try and tell other people how to vote so I’m not going to do that. What I try to do is give readers the best information I can to help them make the decision that best suits their interest and we’re about to have an election to determine if this is the right project so let’s let participatory democracy take its course.

The right place? The photos used to promote Destination Bayfront compare it to Discovery Green in downtown Houston. When the idea of Destination Bayfront was first hatched a couple of years back I visited Discovery Green and it is impressive. It’s not as big as the Destination Bayfront sight but it is right across the street from the convention center. This one isn’t. But moving it isn’t an option so the answer to location is in the eye of the beholder.

The right time? Maybe it’s a coincidence but this vote comes as everything but downtown is booming. The Southside has become the center of commerce and residential growth. The Island is getting everything downtown boosters always wanted for downtown but never got; a big waterpark, a riverwalk, the lion’s share of the tourism industry, and a booming residential capacity. The Port of Corpus Christi, always the engine that drives the area’s economy train, is having unprecedented growth. While the literature handed out by Destination Bayfront backers claims the project will be a World Class Tourist Destination we all know that to think downtown Corpus Christi will ever be on par with the Ginza, Champs- Elysées, Rome, or even downtown Austin or San Antonio is hyperbole at best. That boat has set sail and we’re not on it. I think it is reasonable to say the only thing legitimately World Class is the port – or maybe our drivable beaches because of that unique quality. So as everything expands but downtown the time of this project is telling. As we all know the Old Money in this town owns downtown and a look at the landowners around Destination Bayfront and the donors to its political coffers shows us who wants this project done. Besides downtown real estate holders that list also includes transactional players who will make money on the real estate changing hands and most of the City Council; three of whom including the Mayor are on the list of donors. I may be the only one but I find that last part a

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October 17, 2013

by Dale Rankin

By Riley P. Dog It’s me, Snarlin’ Peanut. How come you don’t come see me anymore? Just cuz you got a fancy column in the Moon and everybody knows who you are don’t mean you can’t come see me. My human tells me you’re on a diet and lost a bunch of weight. I’m glad. You were way too fat. Look Riley, here’s what we do. Ask your humans if they will bring you down to Port A to see me and we’ll meet at the new dog park they just opened down here. My human won’t take me to the Back Porch to see you cuz I might freak out and bite a waitress

Stuff I Heard on the Island

Letters to Riley Hey Riley,

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bit disturbing. The local oligarchy and the political class want this project done and now is the time they have the votes to get it on a ballot before the rest of the city outgrows downtown. But given that we need a solid downtown that doesn’t mean it’s a bad project; just a timely one. But let’s be honest here. If this vote fails investors with the majority of their chips downtown are to be paddling upstream for a long time. But that is not a reason for taxpayers to throw $70-plus million at it. So all in all I think the timing is about right. Something needs to be done downtown and right now this is all we’ve got. Take it or leave it. That’s why we have a vote.

Funding mechanism This is where the rubber meets the road. I said $70-million plus for two reasons: one, if we vote this time to spend $44.6 million one of two things is going to happen – Phase I of the project will be a howling success and spending the remainder of the money called for will be a no-brainer; or Phase I will be a colossal failure and the cry will be that the remainder of the money is needed to fix it. Either way if we spend this $44.6 million the other $30 million or so will also be spent. And I say $70 million-plus because no public project ever conceived didn’t go up in price as time went by. We don’t know today what the final price will be just that it will be over $70 million. And not just any old $70 million. $70 million in borrowed public money. To find out if this is a good idea I contacted Roger Brooks who is head of Roger Brooks International and by general consensus among developers the foremost expert in tourism and related projects. He was unfamiliar with the project but his assistant sent me to his website. He has two indomitable principles for projects like this. First and foremost don’t pay for them with public money. If private investment isn’t available there is a reason for that. He didn’t even say borrowed public money. He’s been doing these types of developments for over thirty years so this admonition from him is a bit scary. Secondly, he applies what he calls his Rule of Four to new projects. That says that experience shows that for every hour someone has to drive to get to a tourist destination there must be four hours of activity there or they won’t go. I’ll leave you to figure out how that applies here but I think the success of Destination Bayfront rests on the shoulders of locals not tourists. Will that work? If you believe so vote yes, if you believe not vote no. But counting on the tourists for a bail out is a dicey proposition.

So what’s going to happen? In short; I think this ballot item will pass. Its backers are a lot more motivated to get to the polls than the opponents and in an election with less than 12,000 voters I think the yeas will carry the day. Money talks in politics and the backers, some of whom have been buying up property downtown, have a lot of it at stake. I also think none of us alive today will live to see the day that taxpayers aren’t coming out of their collective pocket to keep Destination Bayfront from collapsing under its own weight. I may be wrong but the fun is that we’re most likely going to get the chance to find out. Our current City Council has shown themselves to be committed tax and spenders – a 10% tax increase, a brand new street maintenance fee, and all in just one year in office. Throwing public money at problems is something they’re pretty good at. We’re told it’s going to cost $700 million to fix the streets, and word on the street is that when the current negotiations to fix the dilapidated wastewater system are done that price tag will be in the same ballpark. We’re about to add $70 million in borrowed money on top of that for a project which will keep a huge swath of the Bayfront off the tax rolls in perpetuity. If it passes we better all hope it’s a good idea. Hang on folks; it’s going to be an interesting ride.

October 17, 2013

Island Moon

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By Jay Gardner People’s perception of Padre Island sure has changed over the past few decades. What was considered poor cattle grazing lands at best and a shifting island subject to the whims of hurricanes are now some of the most expensive real estate in the area. The largest portion, the Padre Island National Seashore was established by an act of Congress on September 28, 1962, and of course is managed by the National Park Service (NPS). Of course we all know the Park Service is under scrutiny lately as many of our parks were summarily closed due to the governmental furlough. There have been tensions between Park Rangers and visitors, and there have been accusations that the Park Service is actually spending more money during the closure on Park Rangers overtime and doubling of staff than during the regular park hours. I’m betting the lone ranger that’s been blocking the entrance road into the Seashore for the past couple of weeks will make a nice bonus, especially as the gov’t has just voted to back-pay furloughed employees. Another “Free” vacation for Federal employees.

High cost of having fun It got to the point where some states took matters into their own hands. The State of South Dakota paid the NPS $152,000 to re-open Mount Rushmore for 10 days. Really?! It’s a carving on a mountainside; we don’t need Rangers there in the first place. The State of Arizona paid the NPS $651,000 to re-open the Grand Canyon for 7 lousy days. It’s a CANYON. Don’t drive over the side, otherwise, enjoy the view. We don’t need the NPS standing around pointing; people can see just fine. This is really crazy. Our buddy Ironmanstan over in the Bluff took his lovely bride on a vacation last week for the first time in a long time, and they went to Utah and Nevada, visiting family and relatives. After making the long trek, they were dismayed to find that all the parks were closed. They didn’t get to see any of it. Just yesterday, the State of Utah paid the NPS $1,665,720 to open Bryce Canyon, Arches,

Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Cedar Branches, Glen Canyon, Zion, and Natural Bridges Parks FOR 10 DAYS!!! Seems to me that the States might do a better job of running these parks than the Feds.

Closer to home Now, they’re talking about the Texas General Land Office selling 3,800 acres of land from the Kleberg County line all the way down to the current boundary to the NPS. Seems that the GLO doesn’t have any current leases on the parcels, and aren’t making any money for the Permanent School Fund. In addition, there are people who go down there and illegally dump a variety of stuff. There is also a “shooting range” that people have COMPLETELY trashed. The GLO has no law enforcement, and they’re not in that business anyway. Kleberg County sheriffs don’t want to patrol anything they don’t really own, so it’s a burden. The GLO is ready to sell it. The land DOES however, have a no development clause in a deed restriction. And in addition, the GLO will retain mineral rights that can still be developed. It can’t become an extension of North Padre or anything. Those deed restrictions, plus the retention of mineral rights has been a sticking point in this potential transfer, but we’ll see how things unfold. Regarding the Seashore taking over and moving the border up to Kleberg, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together regarding how the NPS feels about visitors to the parks. I mean, they tried to close down the Veterans Memorial in DC. A “passive” park where no NPS influence is wanted or needed. Just imagine what will happen down here if/when the park expands. More bollards and more Rangers. And much, much less beaches for us to enjoy. Stay tuned folks; this one will likely get interesting.

Babes on Baffin The CCA - Babes on Baffin Ladies Fishing Tournament went off this past weekend and was a really great deal. If you didn’t get in this years’ Babes Tournament, make plans to join up next year on Columbus Day weekend. The ladies donated 83 fish that went to the hatchery in the Bluff for the Kidfish ponds. We’ll be out there at the hatchery this weekend for the Poco Rojo Kidfish tournament, which at this writing has sold out already folks. Sorry. Send me a note at jaygardner@ and I’ll see you out there on the rocks.

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Voting continued from A1 • Public pier with shade structures; • ADA ramp to access Magee beach and beach wash off stations; • Children’s and family play areas including shaded seating, recreational and playground equipment for all ages, a climbing wall, and a water spray feature;

History continued from A1 to France in 1800 and then sold to the United States in 1803 keeping Moses busy protecting his title as different bureaucrats took over. By 1820 the same problems that plagued his first mining venture caught up to his Missouri operations. Moses found himself out of cash and in foreclosure and looking for the next venture. His eyes turned south to Texas.

• Senior exercise area;

On to Texas

• Hiking and jogging trails and sports courts; • Dog park; • Picnic area; • Adding shaded areas, landscaping, lighting, drop off points and transportation connection improvements throughout the site; • Providing parking within the area; and • Construction, renovation and acquisition of buildings and other facilities for lease or grant of retail, food or other concessions to private entities.

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In both Virginia and Missouri Austin brought in settlers and built a community for them. His next money making plan was to convince the Spanish authorities in Texas to grant him land with the promise to bring in families to develop those unsettled spaces. In November of 1820 he set out with a servant for San Antonio walking through Indian country on poorly marked trails in an untamed land. On arriving in San Antonio he was greeted with disdain since the authorities were concerned about encroachment from the United States. Undeterred he convinced the Governor that he was loyal to Spain by the fact the he had a Spanish passport and had been a good citizen of Spain during the years that Missouri was Spanish controlled. After receiving a favorable letter from the local officials he set out for Louisiana with his servant in the company of anther party. It was late in December and after a falling out with his traveling companions they split up leaving Moses on foot and with no supplies for the journey back to the US. After eight days of travel without food and in freezing January weather Moses arrived back at civilization. He was bedridden for several weeks recovering from the ordeal. Once back in Missouri he faced the mountain of financial problems he had left behind. Times were so hard that son Stephen was sending money just so his mother could by coffee and other necessities. It was Moses’ dream of Texas and the $18,000 dollars he had planned to make selling land to settlers that kept him going. Three months after leaving Texas he received word that the Mexico City approved this plan and he was back in the game. He tried to convince his son to join in the venture but Stephen was content as a successful attorney in New Orleans. Austin had not fully recovered from his travel ordeal from San Antonio and took back to bed. His wife called in the best doctor around and the prescription was a good bleeding that was common for that time. Sick and drained of blood three days later he was dead at the age of 60. Mary Austin wrote and convinced their son Stephen F. Austin to take up the Spanish land grant and his father’s dream of the colonization of Texas. He did and Texas saw an influx of settlement that continued until the Mexican authorities closed the door to Anglo immigration in 1831.


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Although Moses Austin never saw Padre Island it was his perseverance, dreams and persuasive power that opened the door for the settlement of Texas from immigrants from the United States and Europe. They arrived on the coastline as opposed to the Mexican settlers who were coming up by land from the South. If Austin had not opened up this short window that led to the Texas revolution and Independence in 1836 the map of the US would be much different than today. The border would not have been the Rio Grande but a river much farther north. The flag of the Padre and Mustang would be the green, white and red banner with an eagle and snake and folks would be complaining about how Mexico City doesn’t pay attention to us rather than Washington D.C.

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October 17, 2013

PINS continued from A1 tracts of intact barrier island on the Texas coast. The land stretches from the beachfront to the Laguna Madre and includes 4.7 miles of beach, as well as valuable wildlife habitat for piping plovers, peregrine falcons, rare plants and other species, “said David Bezanson, who is working on the sale on behalf of the Nature Conservancy. “This property was acquired by the GLO in 1996 using federal transportation funds with the goals of expanding the national seashore and preventing development. The GLO is a state agency which manages property to generate revenue for the state’s Permanent School Fund. The GLO does not have dedicated staff to manage tracts of environmentally sensitive land. Incorporating the property into the national seashore will allow the National Park Service to preserve and restore sensitive habitat on the tract while allowing recreational use to continue. “ The sale of the land has been delayed due to the presence of three non-active oil wells on the site which must be cleaned up before the Nature Conservancy will take possession. Prior to the closing of PINS last week due to the federal shutdown park officials have said that once the purchase is complete they plan to move the park entrance north to a point currently marked by the southernmost city limits of the City of Corpus Christi, about 1.2 miles south of Bob Hall Pier, and place wooden bollards across the beach at that point to force drivers off the beach onto Park Road 22 to enter the park before returning to the beach. This would require them to pay the $10 daily park entrance fee or purchase an annual pass for $30. The fear by local officials is that this will push more beachgoers north onto the already crowded beaches maintained by Nueces County, and the cities of Corpus Christi and Port Aransas where the cost of an annual beach pass is only $12. “The number of people coming to our beaches is growing each year,” said Gabi Hilpold, Chairperson of the Island Strategic Action Committee (ISAC), “We need to make sure we do everything we can to manage them in a way that is best for everyone.” ISAC will address the PINS plan in its next meeting on November 5. Once the park reopens Hilpold said she will request that someone from the park attend the meeting to discuss plans for the 3,680 acres of land once it is added to the park. Until last week the entire 8-mile span of beach in Kleberg County could be accessed openly either by driving southward down the beach from Bob Hall Pier or through an access road just north of the PINS entrance. Since the federal shutdown the park has been closed and park security has been turning people away as they try to enter the park on Park Road 22 just north of the final access road north of the park boundary. Several years ago park officials placed a row of bollards across the beach in Kleberg County

at the point where park territory begins which would force southbound drivers to reverse course and travel about seven miles back up the beach to the next access road. However, not long after the bollards were installed one of them was removed by persons unknown, which allowed drivers to get through them and continue south. When the park closed last week that opening was blocked by a cable and remains so, presumably until the park reopens. The 28 miles of beach between the current PINS boundary and the south jetty in Port Aransas, about 148,000 linear feet, has a capacity of about 12,000 vehicles per day and in the 2013 summer season was full or at near capacity on a regular basis. Park officials were not available for comment due to the federal shutdown, which is the primary reason the issue has arisen at this point. Last week boaters who came within 1000 feet of the PINS shoreline along the Laguna Madre in Kleberg County reported they were turned away by Homeland Security. This led to questions about the future of cabins currently situated along that shoreline and licensed by the GLO and Texas Parks and Wildlife once the land became part of the national park. The National Park Service forced the removal of cabins within 1000 feet of that stretch of the Laguna Madre shortly after the formation of PINS in the 1960s. A GLO spokesman last week said that organization, which issues permits to floating cabins along the Laguna, has none within one thousand feet of the shoreline. However, a spokesman for TPW, which issues permits to cabins on spoil islands in the area, said they do have cabins there but so far not said what their plans are for those cabins once the area become part of the national park. But Bezanson said the cabins should not be affected since the boundary of the GLO land being purchased stops at the shoreline. “One of the concerns arising from the proposed sale is what will happen to cabins along the Laguna Madre currently licensed by the GLO once the sale is completed, which is expected to be done in 2014. “Unlike previous lands added to the national seashore, this property extends only from the beach front to the Laguna Madre shoreline. Cabins and recreational uses in adjacent waters and spoil islands will not be affected, and will continue to be regulated by the state of Texas.” But the question of where the northern entry point of the park will be located and how beach access will be managed there once the land transaction is complete remains unanswered. State Representative Todd Hunter has called a meeting next Monday between officials of Nueces and Kleberg Counties, his office, and possibly the GLO to discuss the issue. Officials from PINS will also be invited if the federal shutdown is resolved by that time.

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October 17, 2013

Island Moon


Backwater Adventures Spot and Stalk Fishing By Joey Farah

Concentrating on areas with visual presence of bait in the water. The Intracoastal canal and the flats of 3 to 5ft have been best. The Norton Bull Minnows in light colors and pumpkinseed/ chartreuse are what have been producing most of my trout along the Flour Bluff Shoreline. Lots of small trout and skip jack along with some keepers. Gone are the trout slaughter days of summer when we are bringing in thirty or forty trout in a few hours.

Farah’s Fishing Adventures This morning I walked out the door to a marbled red sky, brilliantly highlighted with gold and yellow light shining before the start of a new day. Sun rises and sunsets like this one make us take a moment and see our troubles from a different view. Taking some time to watch the sky and water meet on the horizon at the start and finish of the day is a remedy for the soul. This is part of the draw of sport fishing. The pursuit of game fish is the main objective, but the hidden source of enjoyment is stepping away from the pains in life and coming off the water with a renewed sense of direction and understanding of ourselves. Fishing right now is in a state of transverse between seasons, and for many anglers, fishing has been tough catching. The most consistent thing in this world is Mother Nature, not us. Anglers are easily thrown off by her changes and do not adjust their techniques and fishing styles to follow the turn of tides and season.

Drifting the Flats Drifting the flats is the way to go right now as our live croaker and piggy perch season is over. The largest problem in using live shrimp in the Upper Lagoon is the aggressive pin perch devouring your bait. Try using GULP artificial baits under your popping cork, this will still catch trout, reds, and many other fish but will keep you fishing and not redbaiting your hook. Keep a deeper drop under the cork adjusting your depth so that your bait is six inches above the grassy bottom. If you are using bait, switch to small baitfish like small pin perch, finger mullet, and mud minnows. Some of these can be purchased at local marinas but a small cast net or seine can fill up your bucket with great bait in just a few minutes.

Good time of year

Shannon with a nice trout off the rocks of Baffin he had to hand line in after it broke the line on the reef. Packery Freak Show Varied bait is key in fishing local spots within five miles of the JFK at this time. The FREAK SHOW at the Packer Channel in the last few weeks is funny. Anglers fishing from the side of the channel throwing out towards the many boats jockeying for position in the channel has created some recent problems. The redfish and drum are moving through the pass on their migration. I watched some guides power pole down in front of fishermen on the bank until they saw the school of drum, then troll in front of other boats and fishermen to sight cast the drum then return to the side of the channel in front of the beached anglers. If that is what you have to do to put people on fish, no thanks.

Chris woods with a great stringer from Baffin trout reds drum and sheephead Flounder around the JFK Find areas where current is moving and use small finger mullet and a sliding egg weight to fish the drop-offs. The piers and boat ramps around the JFK are full of flounder this week and some nice reds too. When fishing the piers don’t cast out as far as you can into the channel fish the edges of the channel and the pilings of the pier. Sneak out first thing in the morning and you will find no one else fishing. A small pocket full of soft plastics and a five gallon bucket, bait bucket and a cast net is all you need. I have been staying busy fishing south in Baffin Bay and farther. We have had some great days enjoying the weather and good fishing. Mixed boxes of trout, lots of reds, drum, and sheep head are an everyday sight. Live shrimp under popping corks are the ticket with deep drops. Drifting over rocky areas in Baffin as well as grassy flats have been very consistent. In the Upper Lagoon we have been catching some nice keeper trout on plastics.

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The Scat Cat of Port Aransas

Baffin Bay

Upper Lagoon

iR ch

The next few weeks will bring large boxes back with a few good cold fronts. Enjoy your time on the water and get out fishing. With the change in season our trip costs lower and it is easier for me to come down on the price of a guided fishing trip as well. For those who want to explore and expand your knowledge of the area and fishing techniques, or just have friends and family you want to get out on the water. Give me a call, I’ll have a day or two each week you might catch me ready for a half day charter. Make it a point to lose some stress and turmoil in your life this week and grab a pole and head towards the sea as the sun comes and goes in our day.

The mighty Scat Cat does it again! 24 limits of yellowfin in one night!! Plus snapper, blackfin, dorado, and a few triggers. Good haul!!

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Island Moon

October 17, 2013

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