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April 24, 2014

Island Moon

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Easter Egg Hunt at Billish Park Photos by Miles Merwin










Climate Controlled Storage

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Climate CoNtrol oN site maNaGer opeN 7 Days eleCtroNiC Gate aCCess ViDeo surVeillaNCe HouseHolD & CommerCial moViNG supplies aVailable

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Mary Ann McShane, Realtor, GRI, SRES e-mail: Corpus Christi Realty Group Considering a move to the Island? Let me help you find your piece of Paradise - waterfront or interior homes, condos, townhouses, lots Considering selling your Island Property? Call me for a free consultation to obtain the current market value along with tips to make your property the one buyers will put on their “must see” list

Island Office (361) 215-8629

13313 S. Padre Island Drive noopy’s (361) 949-8815 A 12 Corpus Christi, TX 78418 coopy’s (361) 949-7810

One Bite and You’re Hooked!

Great Seafood ers on rgSpecials nd BuRib aPrime

concert filled with an assortment of poise, April 24, 2014 Island MoonAdvice entertainment and timeless big band, Broadway, and jazz standards.


The controversy surrounding jerky treats for pets has resumed following an announcement that two major pet treat manufacturers will soon return their products to stores’ shelves.

Tickets are available for purchase online at or by calling (361) 825-ARTS Hard Puzzle 8,463,737,386 or stopping by the Performing Arts Center box office Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. General reserved-seat tickets range from $26-$36; student tickets are $7 with a valid SandDollar ID.



Medium Puzzle 6,971,286,254

The treats in question had been voluntarily recalled, though members of the public were warned by the Food and Drug Administration through a report that approximately 4,500 dogs had reportedly gotten sick and nearly 600 dogs had died, allegedly from consuming jerky treats.

Wednesday 5 PM until it Libations Traffic continued from A1 Passing lanes on “The Landing Strip” Amusements runs out Ultimately, an identifying cause of the illnesses

18 Holes of All-You-Can-Eat Minature Golf Fried Shrimp Wednesdays Seafood, Steaks, Salads, Burgers 13.95 One Bite

Prime Rib Thursdays & a Full Bar You’re & Open 11am - 2am $15.95 Open 11 am 2 am Kitchen Closes at 1am ked Kitchen Closes @ 1 am 2034 Hwy 2034 StateState Highway 361361

Other improvements along the SH 361 corridor between North Padre Island and Port Aransas, colloquially called The Landing Strip by locals, include $10.5 million, currently Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online not funded, to add two “Super Passing Lanes” to State Highway 361 between the SPID intersection on North Padre and Port Aransas. The lanes will allow for faster moving vehicles to pass slower moving vehicles without having to cross into the lane of oncoming traffic, or forcing slower moving traffic onto the shoulder. The new 12foot lanes will be spaced periodically along the © Web Sudoku 2014 - 18-mile stretch of road. No timetable has been Evil Puzzle 561,424,757 set for the project.

and deaths was never found. Some human foods are toxic to pets; onions, garlic, chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, the sugar Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzlesraw to Play or Online substitute xylitol, and undercooked food can create major problems for pets.


361 749- Taco (8226) 361-749-TACO (8226)

© Web Sudoku 2014 -

Get some Nootropics Evil Puzzle 1,116,871,687


Abandon all Hope

It is a temporary solution to allow easing of the increasingly busy roadway with a permanent 1 of 1 9:15 AM roadway all along the solution of a 4/16/2014 five-lane area to be done at a later time. That permanent configuration will also include a center turn lane and will cost an estimated $48 million.

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Ferry improvements

Serving: Padre Island, Flour Bluff, Port Aransas, Mustang Island and Rockport. 9 9 9 9 9 9

Also in the plan is $4.2 million in available funding for upgrades in the ferry system in Port Aransas. The majority of the money will be used to upgrade and repair the ferry landings, with $30,000 to be used to automate the information systems informing approaching motorists of the wait time. The new system will include a http://www.samuraiBluetooth application that will automatically update display signs placed along roadway leading to the landings every fifteen minutes Sudoku That 2014 - and will also pay for additional© Web signs. work is expected to begin as early as this summer.

Samurai Sudoku

Landscape Design h Decks and Docks First Time Cleanups h Shade Structures/ Pergola Demolitions & Scraping h Outdoor Kitchens We install: Plants, Palms, Rock, h Boat Lifts Sod, Pavers and Outdoor Decor. h Fences & Gates Yard Maintenance h General D&D Repair Concrete Drives/Patio & Retaining Walls

Samurai Sudoku

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Difficulty: Hard

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We’re your full service outdoor solution! Give us a call today. 3

Tim Arlitt - Decks & Docks Specialist 361.229.2530 Sami Wilson - Landscape Designer 361.949.2691


8 7 Quality & Insured.

3 7


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2 6





& Wine Bar

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Including: Mimosas, Champagne Cocktails and House Specialty Champagne Martinis

-SUNDAY BRUNCH11:00 - 3:00 PM -MONDAYALL WINES 1/2 PRICE by the glass or by the bottle -THURSDAYMARTINI MADNESS! $6 executive martinis

1 9

Across 1. Number (7) 3. Lariat (5) 6. Small mallet (5) 9. Woodland deity (5) 12. Large spider (9) 15. Household implement (7) 16. Fruit (7) 17. Stress (8) 18. Notion (4) 20. Subjects (6) 24. Frighten (5) 26. Uncommon (4) 28. Evocative (8) 30. Happen (5) 32. Ripe (6) 33. Season (6)


Wine Flights Every Day


3500 Island Moorings Parkway at The Island Moorings Yacht Club & Marina in Port Aransas


Monday, Thursday, Friday 4 pm - 10 pm Saturday Noon - 10 pm Sunday 11 am - 10 pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday


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9 6 1



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Moon Crossword

25. Before time (5) 27. Quick (5) 29. Group of three musicians (4) 31. Lap (7) 32. Intended (5) 35. Ice hut (5) 37. Decree (5) 38. Ado (4) 40. Callow (5) 44. Twelve dozen (5) 45. Glitter (7) 46. Doglike mammal (5) 48. Part of a castle or fortress (4) 50. Mother-of-pearl (5) 53. Out of fashion (5) 54. Rearing (7) 55. Desert plant (6)

7 9


34. Potion (6) 36. Yield (4) 39. Irritated (7) 41. Fraudulence (6) 42. Crafty (3) 43. Bombastic (6) 47. Prank (5) 49. Forthright (6) 51. Eerie (6) 52. Sailing vessel (5) 55. Canny (6) 56. Perform (3) 57. Colony of rabbits (6) 59. Bane (7) 63. Serene (4) 65. Dialect (6) 66. Measly (6)





Down 1. Countries (7) 2. Scope (5) 3. South American animal (5) 4. Unintelligent (6) 5. Portent (4) 6. Fuel (3) 7. Small settlement (7) 8. Jumped (5) 9. Arachnid with a sting in the tail (8) 10. Beverage (3) 11. State of public disorder (4) 13. Defensive wall (7) 14. Referee (6) 19. Ill-fated (6) 21. Hoard (5) 22. Flightless bird (7) 23. Ally (6)



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Wednesday, 16th April 2014

Also in the plan but not currently funded is 6 $6 million for new ferry landings since3 the 1 of 1 4/16/2014 AM current number of 9:16 ferries exceeds the number 1 $2.2 million, currently 7 of landings (5). Another unfunded, is needed to the acquisition of and for 4 6 2 more space for cars waiting to board the boats. 9 28-vehicle The current ferry system has two ferries and six 20-vehicle ferries. Up to seven 4 9 7 3 ferries can operate at one time. The plan calls for $39 million for new ferries 2to supplement the fleet and replacing aging boats currently in wait 9 3 use, and another $7.3 million to decrease 6 time including the addition of 22 traffic control 8 6 8 personnel.

67. Breath in (6) 71. Relating to one of the bones in the forearm(5) 72. Compliant (8) 74. Item of footwear (4) 75. Irrational motive (5) 78. Allow (6) 80. Greek letter (4) 81. Pupils (8) 86. Arms (7) 88. Graceful (7) 90. Stubborn (9) 4/16/20 91. Fragment (5) 92. Tripod (5) 93. Recess (5) 94. Thin (7) 58. Compass direction (5) 60. Musical note (5) 61. Reverberation (4) 62. Severe (6) 64. Spear (5) 68. Memory loss (7) 69. Musical instrument (8) 70. Court game (6) 73. Flags (7) 76. Non-professional (7) 77. Unchanging (6) 79. One of the senses (5) 82. Type of bee (5) 83. Grab (5) 84. Exchange (4) 85. Sew (4) 87. Simian (3) 89. Snakelike fish (3)

April 24, 2014

Island Moon


That Our Flag Was Still There

Our Anthem was written during a time of war, from the bow of a British ship, as Key, a British prisoner, watched the British bombard U. S. Fort McHenry located in Baltimore, Maryland. The United States military raised a huge American flag on September 14, 1814, to signify their victory over the bombardment. It was this vision of our flag, waving through the smoke and brimstone, in the aftermath, which inspired Key. If you know the history, then the words make sense. You see, our National Anthem represents us and all those people who came before us. It’s sung so often now that it doesn’t seem to mean anything to the public. Some people don’t stand, others fail to remove their hats, and virtually no one places their hand over their heart as we were all taught in school. Even fewer sing along, and you get the feeling that people simply dread this part of the pre-game ceremonies. Could this be why so many fans arrive late to the game? Maybe they don’t want to stand through the Anthem again. You would think that people would get used to singing the Anthem as they do “Take me out to the Ballgame” or their favorite college fight song, but they don’t. Why, because it’s never sung the same way. It’s quite a long song and very difficult to sing. Most amateurs and some pros start off singing with too high a pitch and end up with nowhere to go at the end of the song. They either run out breath, range or both. I would rather not hear it sung at all than hear it sung badly. I think we need to hold a contest to qualify singers for the National Anthem and only sing it before championship games, July 4th and special military events. Have you ever noticed that you never hear the Anthem played or sung before a game on television or radio unless it’s a championship game like the World Series or Super Bowl? Sponsors would rather run another commercial. Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” is a great song and much easier to sing. Could it be used instead? There was a time when no songs were sung before a sporting

A 13

Sports Talk

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon

I’m an American, red, white and blue. My father could be Ted Williams, my grandfather John Wayne and my great-grandfather George Washington. I love this country, its history and all it stands for. But take it from a guy who attends a lot of games in person, I really dislike what has happened to our National Anthem. I’m not talking about the words, they are truly inspiring, but the singing of the Anthem itself. I think the Anthem is sung far too often and mostly by unqualified people who have no business making a mockery of this song. I can promise you that Francis Scott Key never intended for this to happen. He was not watching the Yankees and Red Sox when he penned these lyrics.

Nate “Tiny” Archibald-NBA Basketball Hall Of Fame

event. Remember the old movies where the umpire points to the pitcher and hollers, “Play ball”? That was it. The National Anthem started being sung at ballparks during the 1918 World Series between the Red Sox and Cubs at Comiskey Park. As American troops readied themselves to attack the Saint-Mihiel salient at the Western front in Europe, Game One of the Series was about to begin. When over 19,000 fans stood for the seventh-inning stretch, the band broke into the tune of “The Star Spangled Banner,” and fans began to sing. As the song continued, more fans joined in singing and ended the song with a thunderous applause. Through their singing, they felt they were supporting our troops overseas, fighting for democracy during World War I. It’s interesting to point out that “The Star Spangled Banner” would not become our National Anthem until 1931, but as of that afternoon, it would continue to be an integral part of the game of baseball.

By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon I first met Nate Archibald in the summer of 1968 at UTEP (The University of TexasEl Paso). He worked with me in the NCAA National Youth Sports Program on the UTEP campus. On his way to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Nathaniel “Tiny” Archibald learned all about rising from desperate surroundings to extraordinary heights. It was an education that started early in life and served him well through a 14-year playing career that led him from the lowly Cincinnati Royals to an NBA Championship with the Boston Celtics. Before retiring at the end of the 1983-84 season, Archibald became the only player ever to lead the league in both scoring and assists in a season (34.0 points per game & 11.4 assists per game in 1972-73). At the time of his retirement, he also had 6,476 regular-season assists, which ranked ninth among the career leaders. Archibald, a playground legend while growing up in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood in the South Bronx, New York City, only played high school basketball for one-and-a-half seasons, and was cut from the varsity squad at DeWitt Clinton High School as a sophomore. He returned to the team as a junior. During his time without basketball, Archibald briefly flirted with dropping out of school after having been largely truant in past years.

Remember this is the National Anthem of the United States of America, and it commands the same respect that you demand as an American. The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and this song are the ties that bind all Americans. Don’t take them for granted. P.S. Shame on you if you don’t know the words. Andy Purvis is a local author and radio personality. His newest book “Greatness Continued” is now available to order online at,, Google Books, Booksamillion, etc. You may also purchase all three books at Beamer’s Sports Grill 5922 S Staples or the local Barnes & Noble store. Please visit for more info or contact him at purvis.andy@mygrande. net. Listen to Dennis Quinn & Andy Purvis Q & A Session each Thursday 6-8 PM on ESPN 1440 KEYS.

But with the help of two mentors, Floyd Layne and Pablo Robertson, Archibald turned it around. Robertson, a former standout at Loyola of Chicago and a Harlem, New York playground impresario, had seen the gifted, mercurial Archibald in action on the playgrounds and convinced the young man’s high school coach to re-instate him on the squad. Despite only playing in blowouts as a junior, the shy, quiet teen managed to blossom into a high-school star, being named team captain and an All-City selection in 1966. Off the court, Archibald began to attend school regularly and worked to improve his poor academic standing, which deterred most colleges from offering him a scholarship.

Cincinnati Royals. He was also drafted by the Texas Chaparrals of the American Basketball Association. In 1972-73 season, Archibald led the NBA in scoring and assists, becoming the only player to win the titles in both categories in the same season. His scoring average of 34.0 points per game broke the NBA record for a guard. His 910 assists that season (11.4 assists per game) was also an NBA record at the time, breaking Guy Rodgers’ mark of 908. He was named the Sporting News NBA MVP that season.

The Kings traded Archibald to the New York Nets for two draft picks and two players in 1976. Injured for much of the 1976-77 season, he was traded by the Nets to the Buffalo Braves before the 1977-78 season. Archibald tore his Achilles tendon and never played a regular-season game for the Braves, who traded him to the Boston Celtics as part of a 7-player deal before the start of the next season.

His career at the Celtics started poorly. He showed up 20 pounds overweight. However, he adjusted and helped guide the Celtics to the best record in the NBA for three consecutive years. Archibald won his first and only NBA championship with the Boston Celtics in the 1980-81 season alongside young NBA star Larry Bird.

Archibald was an All-NBA First Team selection three times (1973, 1975, 1976) and an All-NBA Second Team selection two times (1972, 1981). A six-time NBA All-Star Game selection (1973, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981, and 1982), he was named the 1981 NBA All-Star Game MVP.

Archibald led the NBA in “free throws made” three times; and “free throw attempts” twice. He competed in 876 professional games, scored 16,841 points (18.8 points per game), and dished out 6,476 assists. He was named to the NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time team. Nate Archibald was inducted to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991.

He completed his bachelor’s degree from University of Texas-El Paso by going back for three consecutive summers just prior to finishing his NBA career. He then taught in the New York City school system and attended night school at Fordham University. He received a master’s degree from Fordham University in 1990 and a professional diploma in supervision and administration in 1994. He began long-distance correspondence work toward a doctorate from California Coast University in 2000 but ceased his studies because of “his lack of funds and the motivation to complete a long-distance correspondence curriculum.”

Archibald was an assistant coach, spending one season in the University of Georgia and two with Texas-El Paso (where he worked with Tim Hardaway). He has also coached the New Jersey Jammers of the USBL and in a Boston recreational league. Archibald coached in the National Basketball Developmental League in 2001. He resigned a year later to take a position with the NBA’s community relations department.


Member of Padre Island Business Association

Call Island Resident Tom Sheehan

He had transferred from Arizona Western College where the summer of 1967 after playing just one season (1966-67) there. In realty he had attended AWC because he did not academically qualify to be admitted to UTEP. It was not generally known that UTEP’s Head Basketball Coach Don Haskins had been using AWC as a farm club for the Miners. After joining the Texas-El Paso “Miners,” Nate had three standout seasons at Texas-El Paso,

for all kinds of home remodeling.


After the season ended in 1970, I received a call from Bob Cousy, who was then the Head Coach of the NBA Cincinnati Royals. He asked me if he could use my office, which was in Memorial Gymnasium for a few minutes that afternoon to meet with Nate Archibald. Of course I said “Yes!”

3.5” x 2.5” | Maximum Font Size: 30 pt

Financial solutions are around the corner.

Archibald was selected in the second round of the 1970 NBA Draft (19th pick) by the

Rubber Duck Race

Neal Nelson, AAMS® Financial Advisor

Recently, I asked Nate about his plans for the future. He said “I was in Community Relations for the league office for a while and right now I’m trying to get back into coaching. A USBL team is asking for my service so I’m hopefully, to do that. Plus, I am working on my last degree, I’m trying to finish an EDD in Education and that’s keeping me much busier than I ever expected.”

Not bad for an athlete who, after finishing his college eligibility had less than 30 hours (about two semesters), credited toward his degree plan.

Your comments regarding Nate Archibald will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully some of you remember seeing him play, either from the stands or watching on the tube. Please call the Benchwarmers between 3 and 6 PM weekdays at 361-560-5397 or call or Email Dotson. Phone: 361-949-7681 Cell: 530-748-8475 Email: Hang in there!

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The Pest Control Professionals Islan OVER 30 YEAR EXPERIENCE dB ase dP est Con trol Com pan y.


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The Island Rotary club Lucky Rubber Duck Race was held after the Easter Egg hunt.

You’ll find  me  inside  the   Padre  Island  Mail  Plus,   15037  Park  Rd  22.  I’m   open  from  8-­‐5,  Tuesday   through  Saturday.    

A 14

Island Moon

Go Wild for Padre Island National Seashore!

Quick Draw at Fiesta de Mayo

Celebrate National Park Week with Free Admission and Educational Programs.

Police Blotter

At the Art Center’s annual Fiesta de Mayo dinner / auction night on May 16th, there will also be a “Quick Draw”

A variety of free educational opportunities await those wanting to learn more about the Texas coast. The most popular are birding tours that take visitors to various stops and provide a chance to learn about the many resident and migratory species that can be seen during the spring. Tours depart daily on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays through April 27. Departure times are 9:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 9:30 a.m. only on Sunday. Reservations are recommended and can be made in person or by calling the park visitor center at (361) 949-8068. Other programs are also offered, so be sure to ask about them. “Corpus Christi is fortunate to have a great playground and so much important wildlife habitat within a short drive. Everyone is invited to take advantage of the upcoming fee free days on April 19 and 20 in order to see for themselves how beautiful and enjoyable the park is”, said Superintendent Mark Spier. Note that National Park Week will continue until Sunday, April 27. However, only April 19 and 20 are fee free. Visit www. for more information about what is going on at Padre Island National Seashore and other National Park Service sites throughout the country. You can share your park experiences and photos on the website. National Park Week is also a good time to explore local parks, trails, and architectural gems sustained through National Park Service programs such as the Rivers Trails Conservation Assistance program and the National Register of Historic Places.

CCA Texas to hold its 3rd Annual Concert for Conservation on May 17

A “Quick-Draw” is a fun, lively art event where professional artists race the clock to start and complete a work of Art in one fast-paced hour while you watch. Six artists provide a glimpse into their world of painting or pastels. Entertaining and enlightening! The Port Aransas Art Center is a unique partnership of artists, organizers, supporters, and teachers who are committed to enriching the art experiences of the public, including our public school students. Artists are invited to participate and donate half or more of their auction price to the cause. Watch the artists as they prepare for the challenge while socializing during the cocktail social of the Fiesta de Mayo celebration on May l6 at the Civic Center. The challenge begins promptly at 6:30 and ends one hour later. You don’t want to miss strolling around the mini-studios observing highly motivated live-auction artists paint to beat the clock. Later in the evening these works of art will be sold during a live-auction. Call or stop by the Art Center to purchase your spot at the Fiesta de Mayo Dinner & Auctions.

Car burglar working the flats

Former Mayor Joe Adame Joins as 2014 Kirkland Distinguished Visiting Executive

Fishermen and kayakers parking in the flats along Packery Channel south of the JFK Causeway, across SPID from the Shell filling station, have been reporting that a car thief is working the area, breaking into cars while the owners are on the water. The latest incident was at 4 p.m. Monday evening when a kayaker noticed a red truck with chrome wheels and a chrome headache rack park between him and his truck which was parked near the shore. The car’s alarm system scared the man away but not before he did damage to the doors of the victim’s truck. A CCPD officer said this has been a common occurrence in that area recently so if you go there be aware.

Former Mayor Joe Adame has joined the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center as Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Adame, who now has an office at the Business Innovation Center, is now available to clients and staff for coaching, networking assistance, and general business advice.

That’s not how they taught it in Welding Class March 9, 2014 12:53 a.m. 14058 Northwest Blvd. Burglary to Coin Operated Machine (PC 30.03) A Misdemeanor

The College of Business at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi named Adame as the 2014 G. Russell Kirkland Distinguished Visiting Executive

Corpus Christi Property Crimes Detectives need your help in identifying and locating this person and vehicle of interest. Corpus Christi Police Officers responded to Ocean In Motion Laser Car wash because someone broke into their dispensing machines. The complainant advised that a suspect drove up in a FORD F-450 flatbed truck equipped with welding equipment. The vehicle was seen pulling up next to the towel and ArmorAll dispensing machines. He exited the vehicle and fired up his cutting torch and proceeded to cut the locks off the machines. As he was working on the machines it appears that he was startled, he put his tools away, got into his truck and drove away. The video can be viewed on YouTube at http://

Adame served two terms as Mayor of Corpus Christi and retired from his role in November 2012. As Mayor, he served as Region XX President of the Texas Municipal League; and as President of the Boards of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Corpus Christi Convention and Visitor Bureau, Texas State Aquarium, and the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.

Featuring Headliner Hank Williams Jr. This year's Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Concert for Conservation will be held at the Sam Houston Race Park on Saturday May 17, 2014. Headliner Hank Williams Jr. will play his first Houston performance in 13 years. Other performers slated for the event are 38 Special and Wade Bowen.

Adame is owner of Joe Adame and Associates, a commercial/ industrial real estate company dealing in real estate sales, leasing, management, appraisal, development and consulting. He has received many awards for his business savvy.

"Last year's event was a huge success, and we anticipate an even bigger turnout this year," said Robby Byers, CCA Texas Executive Director. "The CCA Concert for Conservation is a fun, exciting way of spreading the message about the positive work CCA does along the coast."

Artists Opportunity9thAnnual ArtFest-Deadline Extended to April 30

Advanced General Admission tickets can be purchased now for $35. A 4-pack of General Admission tickets are on sale now for $99. Advanced Reserved Seating tickets can be purchased now for $125. Day of Show General Admission tickets will be available for $45. All tickets include a CCA membership, but please note: Attendees will need to fill out a Member Information card at the concert in order to process their CCA Memberships.

Adame is the 15th recipient of the annual award that was created by friends of the late Mr. G. Russell Kirkland and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to honor Kirkland’s distinguished service to the development of the University, the city of Corpus Christi, and South Texas. Recipients are chosen for their personal accomplishments and contributions to the success of students, faculty, the University, and the Corpus Christi community.

Anyone who can identify this vehicle and person of interest, or has any additional information about this crime should call the Corpus Christi Property Crimes Detectives at (361) 886-2841. Anyone who would like to keep their identity secret and provide information to Detectives should call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS (8477) or submit the information online at Information provided to Crime Stoppers which leads to an arrest may earn the caller a cash reward.

Police Calls 13500 block SPID 2:08 a.m. April 19 Possession of dangerous drug

The 9th Annual ARTFEST in Port Aransas, sponsored by the Port Aransas Art Center is set for May 17-18, from 10 a.m. 5 p.m., Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday, in Robert’s Point Park. A ten-by-ten foot booth space fee is $100. Application deadline has been extended to April 30.

13300 block SPID 10 a.m. April 19 Burglary of a vehicle 14000 block SPID 12:36 a.m. April 18 Possession of marijuana 14300 block SPID 2:08 a.m. April 20 Assault with bodily injury

For information cmail or go to www. Booths assigned on a first come first served basis. Art work must be original fine art and crafts, artist must be present (any reproductions must be from your Original work). Call 361-749-7334 for questions.

14400 block Cabana East 6 pm. April 20 Computer security breach 100 block Zahn Road 2 p.m. April 16 Burglary of a motor vehicle 14600 block Compass 6:30 p.m. April 16 Criminal mischief under $50

“Tammy the Turtle” Program at Harte Library

13900 block Sea Anchor Midnight April 16 Credit card abuse 13800 block Gunwale 8 a.m. April 18 Theft $50-$500 15200 block SPID 11 p.m. April 19 Theft $50-$500

Janet F. Harte Public Library hosts free program on Saturday, May 3rd at 2:00 p.m.

Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm • Friday 8am – 4pm Member hours (with keytag): 4am-11pm every day (361) 949-3298 – (361) 947-7732

15300 block Tortuga Ct. 8 a.m. April 15 Harassment 15400 block Gun Cay Midnight April 19 Theft $500$1500 13700 block Hawksnest Bay 8:40 p.m. April 19 Theft $50-$500

Join us as a Padre Island National Seashore ranger or volunteer reads the story Tammy the Turtle and explains the life cycle of the sea turtle. We will also be able to touch a big turtle shell and other interesting objects from the ocean. Free and open to all, but geared to preschoolers and older children. The library is located at 2629 Waldron Rd. in Flour Bluff. For more information call 937-6569.


April 24, 2014

By Arlene Hughes

Go wild for the beaches, birds, sea turtles, camping and fishing on Padre Island National Seashore during National Park Week, April 19 through 27, 2014. To get the celebration going, Padre Island National Seashore will waive entrance fees on April 19 and 20.

Color Services starting at

Beach Marker 228 near Access Road 4 7:39 p.m. April 20 Public intoxication 15000 block SPID 10:17 p.m. April 15 Public intoxication There are currently five registered sex offenders living on North Padre Island, four in Port Aransas

Hair Cuts $25 with Color






             Michelle Matthews 

Hair Cuts & Color, Waxing, Hair Extensions, Special Occasion Hair, Airbrush Make Up, Feather Extensions 

Beamer’s introduces

“Meat Lovers Mondays”


699 each

Every Monday order a large pizza with your favorite meat topping for just $6.99 each*. Choose from Pepperoni, Beef, Sausage or Ham.



This offer is good for Dine-In or Carry Out


2012 Sports Bar

5922 S. Staples between Holly & Saratoga *$1.69 for each additional toppings

Are you tired of wearing mascara? Do you suffer from black circles of smudged mascara? Do you want to have long beautiful lashes 24/7, even  when you swim? Do you want longer fuller eyelashes? If you answered YES to any of these questions, we have the answer.......... 

2011 Sports Bar

Michelle  is  a  Master  Hair  Stylist  having  learned  from  the  best  and  having  trained  top  stylists  herself.  She is an expert Colorist and Make  Up  Artist,  and  was  the  former  Stylist and Make Up Artist for Miss  Oklahoma.

Hours Tuesday‐Friday    10am‐6pm    Saturday                  9am‐2pm   

Walk‐Ins Welcome * Late Appointments Available  

14813 S.P.I.D.  Corpus Christi, TX 78418  (Next Door to Island Wash)  Salon: 361‐949‐4890 

April 24, 2014

Island Moon

Police Dog

Letters to Riley

A 15

Club News

The Island Moon provides this space for Island organizations. If you are a member of a club and want to get the word out about your events and/or projects send them along and we will get them in.

Be sure to include a brief description of what your organization does and a contact person for those interested in joining. Send the info to and we will include it. Or call us at 949-7700. Some humans started picking on my friend Peach. Peach is a police officer and some people kept trying to get a statement from Officer PC Peach but he didn’t write back because he’s a dog and he can’t hold a pen and he didn’t want to type because he doesn’t like to hit the space bar with his nose. So finally some of Officer Peach’s human friends sent back this response.

Rotary Club of Padre Island Corpus Christi – Rotary Club of Padre Island Corpus Christi – The Rotary Club of Padre Island is always looking for new members seeking to put “service above self”. If you are interested, please come join us and see what we are all about.

Schlitterbahn Update Crews at the Schlitterbahn park site are working early until late as the summer season approaches.

The Padre Island Rotary usually meets every Tuesday at noon at the Boathouse Bar and Grill (upstairs), 15241 Leeward Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418. However the week of April 29th we will meet on Friday May 2nd downtown for our district luncheon. For more information contact Jacqueline Carlson at 361-331-8618 or Padre Island Uke Club – Would YOU like to learn to play the ukulele? We can teach you to play 5 songs in 60 minutes! No musical experience necessary. We meet every Tuesday at the Island Italian Restaurant at 15370 Park Rd 22. Beginners meet from 6-7 PM and more advanced players from 7-8 PM. Everyone is welcome. $3/person donation is requested. Loaner ukuleles available. Need more info? Call: Joe Sexton at 361-500-8955 Or email:

The outside walls on the main building are almost done.

P.I.E. Padre Island Enrichment Club, Inc,P.I.E. strives to enrich the lives of Padre Island women through social activities and community involvement. Full membership luncheon meetings are held the second Friday of each month at the Holiday Inn. Members may also participant in special interest clubs (bunco, bridge, spades, books, etc) that meet throughout the month. For more information about PIE, please contact Katherine Pierce, President, at 361 960-0327 or Sandy Leber, Membership Chair, at 361 949-4175. KIWANIS Club of Padre Island. The Kiwanis Club of Padre is wrapping up their annual nut sale. All Proceeds Help Children! They will also host their annual Easter Egg Hunt in Billish Park. The Kiwanis meet at noon each Wednesday at Black Sheep Restaurant. For more information contact Karen Wilson at 361-446-4626. e-mail at PI Dog Group (PI Dog). Meets monthly for dog and owner activities, training and education. Next activity Saturday, April 5. Meet at 9:00 am at the parking lot at Bristol Pavilion at Padre Bali Park for a beach walk. Bring leash, water for your dog & you, poop bags, etc. Free to join! To join visit or contact Bev ( or Lyn (lyn.edler@ IUPAC (Island United Political Action Committee): Maximize representation of Corpus Christi residents on Padre and Mustang Islands in area government by promoting and

Most of the concrete work is in place.

New parking lot at Compass and Commodores

supporting, by the endorsement process, proactive and unified voting in non-partisan races and other issues and referendums put to public vote. Contact Persons: President – Linda A Walsh 361-4457999. Secondary Contact Person: Member – Brent Hess, 361774-0089. Meetings: Open to the public, meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Parrot Heads of Port Aransas – A not-forprofit organization whose purpose is to assist in community and environmental concerns and provide a variety of social activities for people who wish to volunteer. Founded in 2009 the club motto is “Partying With a Purpose.” To join go to or call Donnie Simpson 210 367-2674. Padre Island Yacht Club - A members only Club, however we invite all Island residents to visit us. The PIYC is about boating, friendship and enjoying living on Padre Island. We collect more toys than any other organization in the area for the US Marines “Toys for Tots” program with La Posada events, including the Lighted Boat Parades. To schedule a visit or find out more information please contact John Diggins Phone 361-867-1313 as the Commodore/Membership for 2014.


POA - Padre Isles Owners Association. The Association’s primary responsibility is to maintain the Common Areas, assess and collect the annual fees and provide information and assistance to property owners. .. Membership in PIPOA is automatic for anyone acquiring record legal title to any property within Padre Isles. Their office is located at 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive on The Island. (361) 949-7025, padreisles@pipoa. net ARK – Animal Rehabilitation Keep. Located in Port Aransas the ARK is affiliate with the University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Center. They handle the rehabilitation of most species of wildlife in the area with an emphasis on marine animals. They care for abut 1300 animals each year, including about 300 sea turtles and more than 100 species of birds. If you find an animal in peril they can help Tony Amos is the Director. 750 Channel View Dr. Port Aransas. 361 749-6793, 361 442-7638. Island Strategic Action Committee. Is a 14-member committee which meets (usually) at 5:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Comfort Suites on Windward Drive. The committee’s purpose is to advise the Corpus Christi City Council on matters pertaining to The Island. Island’s PIPPs Chapter of Corpus Christi Red Hat Society. In 2004 a group of Island ladies got together under a Palapa and founded the Padre Island Palapa Pals (PIPPs). Our only rule is that there are no rules! We are all about fun and friendship. We meet once a month for lunch and various fun outings from cupcake making to CPR.

The greenhouse is filling up in anticipation of opening day.

Under the Bridge Serving South Texas Seafood for Over 30 Years Open Daily 11:00 - 10:00

Specializing in South Texas Seafood Since 1980

This will be a second-floor beer garden

AlsoNow Accepting Visa Mastercard & Scoopy’s Veranda Discover With Sweet Treats, Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

Snoopy’s Scoopy’s

(361) 949-8815 (361) 949-7810

13313 S. Padre Island Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78418 We now have Gluten Free Pizza!


Thursday John Eric, Friday Brian Winfrey Friday Ruben Limas

♥ Reservations Recommended ♥

Convenient and secure, timely pickup and delivery! COWs of Corpus Christi • 361.937.3930

www. 866-get-a-cow .com

• Moving • storage • Remodeling • Free up space • home staging


Lunch Specials


Unlimited Spaghetti Salad



9 inch Sub for 6 inch Price


Wednesday Thursday

Pasta Menu Full Order for 1/2 order price Salad with a 6-inch Sandwich & Drink



Unlimited Dinner Salad


Hours: Mon- Thurs 11 AM - 9:30 PM Fri - Sat 11 AM - 10 PM Sun 5-9:30 PM 15370 SPID (Just south of Whitecap) 949-7737

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Moon Classifieds

Here’s how to place a Classified Ad

Legal & Business Notices Legal & Business Notices

Do you need to place a legal or business notice? You’ll find that our rates for running your notice cost less than many other publication in Nueces County. Call Arlene @ 361-834-1382

The Island Moon Weekly for more information

The Island Newspaper since 1996 Piano Accompanist Needed

Island in the Son United Methodist Church is looking for a pianist to accompany our Praise Team singers. Must be available for practice on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM and on Sundays from 8:30 AM until after worship service, approximately 11:00 AM. Pay is $150 per week.

Contact the church 361-749-0884 or FT GROUNDSKEEPER & FT HOUSEKEEPERS



Islandscape Maintenance

Complete mobile detailing Auto-Boat-RV 5 star service & reviews Pictures & Service list at:



Is available to sit your home, pets and loved ones. Reliable, compassionate, caring nonsmoker or drinker. Has dependable transportation for trips to HEB, pharmacy, doctor, church, beach or anywhere. You pay for gas


Computer Service

CompuIntegration Offering Technology With Total SolutionsSM

Help Wanted

Permanent part-time positions in friendly, family owned hotel. Pay commensurate with experience. Apply in person.

105 N Alister St. Port Aransas VOLUNTEERS NEEDED As docents at Port Aransas Museum Contact:

Small Investor Needed Small Investor Needed For Real Estate Venture Call Eddie 361-985-0934

Church Meeting & Church Service LUTHERAN TABLE TALK Thursday Afternoons On the island JB's German Bakery, 15137 SPID Sponsored by GCCM, SWT, ELCA.

Contact Rev. Tom Dietzel at, or 210-363-3538 or 361-445-1029

Yard Care

* Lawn Maintenance * Power Washing * Palm Trimming * Fall Cutback * Lot Mowing * Decks * Installation FREE ESTIMATES


Creative Grass & Rock Yards Lot and Yard Maintenance Tree Trimming

Call 361-960-0327 Padre Island Landscape & Masonry Flagstone, Hardscape, sod, plantings and more Free design estimates

Call Mike 361-389-6894 Portfolio available

Pet Adoptions

949-2707 PC & MAC Home & Business On-Site Service 14941 S. P. I. D. (Island) VIRUS REMOVAL, UPGRADES, NETWORKING

Software/Hardware Service & Repair Computer Setup & Troubleshooting Computer Sales, Private Tutoring, Wireless

Golf Cart Repair & Service

New Local Golf Cart Repair and Service In Port A! We service only gas powered carts, not electric

Texas Red Golf Cart Rentals, Repair & Service Free local pick up 35 years mechanical experience

Laura Lee’s Cleaning Services

Weekly, biweekly, move in/move outs Pet & House Sitting On the Island since 2000


Credit Cards Accepted Air Line Miles Accept

SOPHIA is the cutest Chihuahua mix

that has the biggest ears. She is 2 years old and weighs 7 lbs. This little girl was adopted from animal control and was then found as a stray on the streets. The owners did not go and claim her back so she was up for adoption again. PAAC pulled her because she was terrified at the shelter. This little girl is very scared and would not be a good pet for a home with children. She is fine with other animals, and is crate trained. She will require someone with patience that can take the time to help her trust humans again. She deserves a forever home. If you are interested, please fill out our online application at

PeeWee’s Pet Adoption World Sanctuary

Volunteer to help socialize a homeless animal so it has a better chance of finding a forever home. Adopt a special friend or sponsor one if adopting is not possible. Call PeeWee’s Pet Adoption 888-4141 or go to PeeWee’s at 1307 Saratoga

Power Washing

PeeWee’s Mobile Adoption Clinics

Patios, Decks, Driveway, Walkway, Roofs, Boats, RV’s, Trailers, Parking Lots Call for free estimate

Please call PeeWee’s at 888-4141


at Petco and Petsmart on Saturdays and Sundays desperately need volunteers


Call 361-461-5144 ISLANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE We power wash

Houses, Driveways, Fences, Decks & Sidewalks Call us now to schedule an estimate


Isle Mail N More All your Packaging needs FedEx, UPS, USPS P.O. Boxes Local Artistry Cards & Gifts (361) 949-9325 14493 S.P.I.D, Ste A Corpus Christi TX 78418

24 Hour Emergency Service

Carpet Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning

Home Additions New Construction Exterior Improvements Additions – New Construction – Remodeling From small jobs to extreme makeovers Member of the BBB Member of PIBA

Call 949-2092 or 442-3516

FOR SALE Golf Carts

Tile & Wood Cleaning Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Call for our Daily Specials 361-993-9300 book online at

STREET LEGAL GOLF CARTS ALL MAKES AND MODELS YOU PICK $2500 & under 8 to choose from! Call Chris at:

361-749-5560 or 1-888-411-CART (2278)


Will Build 500 sq. ft. Mother-in-Law Home In Your Back Yard With 1 bedroom, bath, kitchen, living & dining room

Call 361-985-0934


30 years+ experience Doors – Windows – Decks – Cabinets Sheetrock – Tape and Float


Call Johnny 361-205-5536

House Cleaning Services

Home Building & Maintenance

April 24, 2014



Experience required Apply in person at the:

Gulfstream Condominiums 14810 Windward Drive HOUSEKEEPERS WANTED

Island Moon


Auto,Boat, RV Detailing

Call Arlene direct at 834-1382 to place your ad or email

Costs start at $10 for 25 words, 20 cents a word after that. Your ad can be centered for a small additional charge. Ads with payment can be left at our office at 15201 SPID Ste 250 If office is closed, payment and ad can be slipped thru the door slot. Deadline for paid classified ads is no later than NOON on Tuesday PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE PUBLICATION

Professionally installed concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios Decorative Stamping & Staining

Call 361-960-0327 THE SHEEHAN COMPANY

Custom Residential Painting

Interior and Exterior - Free Estimates

 Tile  Expert Carpentry  Deck Restoration  Power Washing Entire house power washing, roofs included References - No Deposit Required


PONTOON BOAT For Sale – N. Padre

22 ft. Sun Tracker w/40 hp. Yamaha New vinyl – 2012, bimini. Capacity 14 people or 2000 lb (24’’ pontoons). VHF radio, depth finder, chemical toilet, 2 tables, 1 anchor, 2 drift anchors, many life jackets, bumpers, etc. $7900

Call 361-549-9660 (No Texts Please)

Real Estate Condos For Rent Reasonable Condos Port Aransas or North Padre Fully Furnished – Walk to Beach Daily or Weekly

Island Condo Rentals 361-558-6148


Outside Storage $19.50/mo

RV’s – Boats – Trailers – Vehicles Computerized access gate, video surveillance, fenced, well lit Live-in manager on site

AAA STORAGE BARNS 361-937-4939 (Flour Bluff)

Public Meetings

Al-Anon & AA Meetings

Island Resident

Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support at

First class work at low rates Storm Shutters, Cabinets, Framework, Sheetrock, Stucco, and much more!

An Al-Anon group meets each Thursday at 7:00 PM at


Call 361-960-0327

Al-Anon meetings

Island in the Son United Methodist Church 10650 Highway 361 IS ALCOHOL CAUSING A PROBLEM IN YOUR FAMILY? Try Al-Anon. Meets at 7:00 pm Sundays at Padre Island Baptist Church ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MEETING Held on the Island at

Island Presbyterian Church 14030 Fortuna Bay Dr.

Meetings are held on Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri, At 7 pm. Except for the second Mon of the month when meeting starts at 7:30 pm

Call 361-992-8911 For more information

April 24, 2014

Island Moon

Festival of Flowers by Devorah Fox April showers bring May flowers but you don’t have to wait that long. You can revel in a lush floral display on Saturday, April 26. The first annual “Festival of Flowers” will be held at the Allegro House, 29 Mazatlan Drive, on Key Allegro in Rockport from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This exhibit of paintings in any medium includes a competition, all with a unique focus. “The Coastal Bend area, and Rockport in particular, is famous for its artists and galleries,” said Patricia Luce Chapman. Pat is president of the Key Allegro Garden Club, organizers of the festival. “However most of the paintings are of boats, fish, palms, live oaks and birds— and relatively fewer present the beauty and variety of flowers. We hope with this annual celebration of flowers to bring a new vitality to our paintings.”

The Great Western and Murphy Givens

paintings are of edible plants. Educated at the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, Illinois State University and the Art Institute of San Antonio, Texas Carol’s work was in an exhibition at the Wind Way Gallery Group earlier this year. Shirley Blackman: Shirley won her first art award for drawing at just six years of age. As Miss New Mexico in the Miss America Pageant she was the first contestant to name art as her talent. She graduated from Baylor University, going on to do advanced studio work in Paris with Reynold and Marthe Arnould. A full time artist since 1970 she has exhibited in numerous solo shows nationally and internationally. Her work is in many private and public collections in the United States, Central America and France. Christi Mathews: Named for Corpus Christi, Texas, Christi makes both Offset Litho prints and Giclée prints. Christi herself supervises every step of the print process to ensure that the print is as true to the original painting as possible. The Fort Lauderdale area where she lived for many years inspired her art but in 2002 she and her husband returned to Aransas Pass and rediscovered a love for the Texas Gulf Coast. Her work is available from her own studio, Mathews Gallery & Studios, and in galleries throughout Texas and the eastern U.S. Susan Wax: Susan recalls that her mother always wanted to be an artist but “life got in the way.” Susan traveled the world with her husband

Sylvia Ramsey. Recipient of many art show awards around the Coastal Bend, Sylvia’s work is on exhibit at the Art Center of Corpus Christi; the KSpace Contemporary Gallery; the Antonio E. Garcia Arts and Education Center; the Texas A&M University Islander Art Gallery; the Beeville Art Museum and Coastal Bend College.

A third and final installment of the inspiration popped up a day or so later on the Ten O’Clock News from OTB: turns out that Portland Across The Bay is experiencing a plethora or two of Brown Widow spiders, the bites of which were claimed to be “more toxic than Black Widows.” Anybody being bitten was urged to go to the local ER for help.

How This All Comes Together [Note: my Doctorate is Engineering, not Medicine. Please consult your professional medical person before administering anything

A 17

Precinct 4 Country Commissioner Candidates and Others Line Up to Meet Islanders answer sessions with candidates. IUPAC is also committed to encouraging islanders to vote and represent the island in city elections. This event is also a fundraiser for IUPAC as Mikel Mays has offered to give us a percentage of the monies spent that evening. Those funds are earmarked for providing November Election Forums that we will be holding here on the Island.

Dates to Remember: April 28th: Last Day to Register to Vote in the May 27th runoff primary election April 30th Happy Hour Mikel Mays May 6th Next BOD Meeting May 16th: Last day for early voting clerk to receive application for ballot by mail for May 27th runoff primary election May 19th: First day of early voting May 23rd: Last day for early voting May 27th: Runoff primary election day. June 3rd: IU-PAC Annual Meeting

Two years ago, at my Mother’s funeral in Little Rock, a first cousin I hadn’t seen in many years told me she had to rush away after the services, because her daughter was going to have a swollen finger evaluated, probably amputated. The young woman had been bitten by a Brown Recluse on a fingertip, and had already lost the first joint. I suggested that she try the MSM treatment. A week later, cuz called and said the finger had gone from being black to recovering completely. A month after that, the daughter’s son had his own encounter with the little brown devils and his bites were also healed by MSM. I just said “Tell them to spray their house better, cuz.”

Those two examples are my total experience with ameliorating the effects of Brown Recluse spider bites. Online articles claim that MSM works equally well for Black Widows, scorpions, and other bites and stings. Joyce buys MSM powder in health food stores, and it is cheap. We keep a container of the powder in the house for that very eventuality. As a spiderhater, anything I can do to help stop their bad effects, I will do.

MSM: Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane

As an engineer, I look for things that work. I did take the time to look up MSM on the Web. If you are interested, I suggest you do the same.

If you do have any experience with MSM results, please tell the rest of us. (Sorry, but it apparently doesn’t work for politicians – they are very wary of receiving white powders in the mail, and they are still biting hard: they took some big bites on April 15th!)

Beach Cleanup

Country line and other types of dances will be taught at the next Dance Night.

Keep Port Aransas Beautiful invites volunteers to choose Port A as their spot to clean during the annual Spring Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup. KPAB sponsors this local event.

Meet under purple flag near Horace Caldwell Pier at the end of Beach Street for a stroll with beach expert Shirley Fischer who knows a lot about the beach and its wildlife. She will teach and entertain, making it well worth your while.

IUPAC Providing a Meet and Greet on April 30th

About ten years ago, I received a call from a friend in Albuquerque, where we had lived before immigrating to The Island. He said, almost in tears, “Arlan, I know your wife is into all kinds of herbs and folk medicines; can she help me?” Jim went on to say that a Brown Recluse spider had bitten his leg in five places, that his doctor was unable to stop the rot. “I’ve got five halfdollar-sized black spots rotting on my leg. I’m afraid I’m going to lose it.” Because we also had significant numbers of Black Widows in New Mexico, Joyce had indeed been researching spider bite treatments, and had found one some years before. “Try MSM,” she said. Jim did, calling back in three days: “Arlan, tell her she saved my leg. MSM worked. All the bites are gone!”

Port A Happenings

Take a free guided beach walk on Port Aransas beach tomorrow, Friday, April 25, at 9 am.

To learn more about the Festival of Flowers contact Patricia Luce Chapman at (361)-7905715 or send an email to I’ll see you there.

to yourself. What follows are merely my personal experiences. Your mileage may vary.]

Dance Night

Beach Walk

For more information about entering art for the festival contact Key Allegro Garden Club Vice President and Artists Liaison Lovelyn Hughes by phone at (316) 729-7188. There is an entrance fee of $20 for one painting or $30 for two. Artists may list their paintings for sale and will receive 100 percent of any sales.

IUPAC is a non-partisan island organization committed to providing election information for islanders. They have provided several meet and greet opportunities as well as question and

A week or so later, I was having a conversation with an electrician who was installing some new ceiling fans in my house (which will soon be for sale again, if anyone’s interested, new fans and faucets and all) and the topic of Brown Recluse spiders came up. He hadn’t known that those little nasties like living on The Island, too, declaring that he thought he got away from them when he left Austin last year.

Local DJ Ken Yarbrough will man the music and teach steps along with other instructor. Sometimes we have live music by local musicians for dancing fun. Refreshments are provided.

and when they finally settled in Rockport she decided to see if any of her mother’s talent lay undiscovered within her. With the support of the local art community she took up watercolor.

Come on out and meet the two candidates for the County Commissioners Precinct 4 runoff election, Brent Chesney and Joe McComb, who will be available for a meet and greet. Also in attendance will be City Council members, the Mayor, State Representative, Todd Hunter and many more of our Local and State Elected Officials who will be running for Office or reelection in November.

Further Inspirational Installments

It is free, and suitable for the whole family. Bring everyone or just come alone for fun and exercise.

Carol Koutnik: Carol has lived in many places in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and travels to Great Britain, Mexico and Guatemala which have inspired her art. Working mostly in watercolor and graphite, Carol is also experimenting with oil paint. Her recent

As we head towards another election on May 27th the Island United Political Action Committee (IUPAC) will provide a meet and greet opportunity so that islanders can meet the candidates. This informal meeting/happy hour will be held at Mikel Mays on Wednesday, April 30th from 6 to 8 pm. In addition to the valuable information that candidates will be sharing, the Island’s own Stevie Start will be entertaining us for the evening with his classic oldies but goodies.

A few weeks back, my favorite Corpus Christi historian, one Murphy Givens, decanted some interesting history in the one column I bother to read in The Big Paper OTB (in addition to the hysterical editorials, some OpEds, and of course – the two comics pages, when I can detect them amongst the car ads). Mr. Givens, in his laconic style, told the story of a remarkable red-headed woman, The Great Western (socalled because she stood well over six feet, the name by comparison with the biggest steam boat in the West). This industrious lady came to old Corpus with Zachary Taylor’s troops, providing laundry and other – services – for her several (simultaneous) husbands and the troops. She took part in some Mexican War battles, finally going West where she established similar endeavors in El Paso. Mr. Givens account relates that the Great Western came to a sad end “from the bite of a tarantula spider.”

It will be tonight, Thursday, April 24, 6:308:30pm at the Fred Rhodes Memorial Pavilion in Roberts Point Park in Port A.

Among the artists who have already entered are:

By Brent Rourk

Inspiration: Spiders and Such

By Arlan Andrews, Sr. 2014

Real writers never have to wait for inspiration – most of the time, we have to fight it off. Scenes, thoughts, images, situations, opinions, all pile up in a tumultuous mess, each clamoring for attention, each demanding to be brought to life. Having put up with this for many decades now, I no longer fight it – I write it. This particular and peculiar piece pounded itself to prominence in the pack by pure persistence, coinciding with coincidence – synchronicity, for those with a more spiritual bent.

The festival is supported by the Rockport Center for the Arts, the Austin Street Gallery, the Estelle Stair Gallery and the St. Charles Gallery, all of Rockport, and in Aransas Pass, the Mathews Gallery and Studios. Narice Hopp, KRM Consulting, Sigwald Services, Luce Properties, Helen Hough, Prosperity Bank, Lippke Cartwright & Roberts, Key Allegro Marina/Chartroom, Sandy Jump and Parkie Luce all sponsored prizes.

Under the Padre Palms


The paintings will not only be on exhibit for all to enjoy, they’ll also be judged and prizes will be awarded. Viewers will have a chance to vote for their favorite and The People’s Choice award of $300 will be decided at noon from a majority of votes cast. Shirley Blackman will select the other prizes and Carla Krueger Rinche will award them at 5 p.m. on the day of the festival. Entries are eligible for the Krueger Prize (Best in Show) of $400, the Allegro Rose (second prize) of $200, the Founders Prize (third place) of $100. Three Honorable Mentions of $50 will also be awarded.

Bring a bag or bucket for the treasures you might find. You may choose how long a stroll you want to take in the up-to-two-hour walk between the pier and the jetties.

Island Fishing Workshop Get more tips to improve your fishing skills at a free workshop tomorrow, Friday, April 25, at 1pm. The City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Grounds Supervisor Mike McClure will conduct a workshop at Marker 40 on the beach. Topic this month will be fishing for whiting. Good tips for novice or professional.

Birding Classic This year marks the 18th annual Great Texas Birding Classic being held from April 15 to May 15. The birding classic follows the Great Texas Wildlife Trail, a set of driving maps to wildlife viewing sites throughout the state, and these maps include the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, the nation’s first trail of its kind. The big event for the Birding Classic in the Coastal bend is the Songbird Walk at Goose Island State Park. Bird Hosts Larry and Judy Geiger will host the walk which is over fairly even terrain and will look for some of the resident birds as well as the birds that migrate through Goose Island in the spring. Expect to see birds and maybe even learn a few new things. The walks are April 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26; all begin at 8:00 a.m. Meet at the parking area next to Campsite 157 in the woods. Bring, binoculars, water, sun screen, bug spray, shoes suitable for walking, a camera, and dress in weather appropriate clothing. Walks may be canceled or postponed in event of rain.

It will be on Saturday, April 26, from 9am to noon.

Volunteers may meet at Avenue G at the beach at 8:30am to check in, or pre-register by downloading the registration sheet from the GLO website http://www.texasadoptabeach. org.

Trash bags, data cards, pencil and disposable gloves will be provided. Wear sunscreen, a hat, closed-toe shoes and water.

For more information contact Deno Fabrie at or 361-749-0256.

Earth Day Plant Swap

Keep Port Aransas Beautiful (KPAB) and the City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department will celebrate a belated Earth Day with a plant swap set for Saturday, May 3.

The event, scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon, offers several different ways to will include book swapping and receiving print cartridges and old eyeglasses.

It will take place at the parks and recreation department front yard, 739 W. Ave. A on the corner of Cut Off Road. Master gardeners and Parks and Recreation employees Mike McClure and Colleen Foreman will be on site to help and answer questions.


Serving the property owners of Upper Padre Island concerning the value of their residential property, exemptions and personal property renditions. My certification as a Property Tax Consultant along with six years as a member of the Nueces County Appraisal review Board and thirtyfive years on the island have well prepared me to argue appraisals and help with renditions and exemptions. Ph (361) 946-2092 Email:

A 18

Three Chords and the Truth

Three Way Street/ Ruben V…

By Ronnie Narmour

Sandy Bottom Boys…

Jimmy Simmons and Three Way Street played Giggity’s last Friday_ The Sandy Bottom Boys played the Sunrise Service at Roberts Point Park last Sunday

Well, the Sandy Bottom Boys were a smashing success last Sunday for our “once a year” Easter Sunrise performance at the ecumenical service at Roberts Point Park. The pavilion was packed and although it was a religious service, the crowd clapped and cheered after every song. Rev. William Campbell from the First Baptist Church of Port Aransas delivered the sermon this year and Father James Derkits (Trinity By the Sea Episcopal Church of Port A) stayed on the bandstand with us. He did a great job of leading our charge. The “Boys” actually consist of our one token gal, Tiffany Duckworth (vocals), plus Father James (acoustic guitar and vocals), Crawford Brown (stand-up bass and vocals), Steve Goldstein (mandolin and vocals), Preecher Williams (drum and vocals), Tim Burdick (banjo and vocals), Barney Farley (acoustic guitar and vocals) and yours truly (acoustic guitar and vocals). We played seven gospel standards, including Turn Your On, River of Jordan, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Drifting Too Far From the Shore and Are You Washed in the Blood. It was so much fun that I’m ready to hit the road… Mighty Clouds of Joy look out!

Rankin Twins…

Also last weekend, I caught shows from a couple of my favorite people: Jimmy Simmons & Three Way Street (Giggity’s on Friday) and my old pal from San Antonio, Ruben V (Back Porch Ruben V played on Saturday). It’s the Back Porch last obvious that Three Saturday Way Street has been holed up in the wood shed. Their little country band had developed into a real force of nature. Everything about them has blossomed. Hey Jimmy, is it time to quit your day job? And it’s always a pleasure when the phenomenon known as Ruben V is in the house. This was his first show of the season at the Porch and he ripped the head off of it. I’ve known Mr. Vela since the early 90’s and have probably seen him play 50 times or more, and I have NEVER left a performance disappointed. He is a master guitarist and a deeply soulful entertainer. Plus, I really love how his band has grown to accommodate his many musical directions. His percussionist was decked out in timbales, congas and bongos and kept a Latin feel to his backbeat all night. Looking ahead at the Porch’s calendar, I don’t see another Ruben V show on the books… let’s hope that’s an oversight.

Handsome Sailor Beach Club Grand Opening…

Captain Tom Doran in front of his Handsome Sailor palapa bar at Conn Brown Harbor Captain Tom Doran (Aransas Pass, TX) tells me that the fruits of his labor are ready to harvest. The Handsome Sailor Beach Club, located on Conn Brown Harbor across from the Sailor’s Memorial in Aransas Pass, is finally completed and ready to open this Saturday. This project has been in motion for the past four years and is a remarkable story. Doran is known in these parts at the Handsome Sailor and has hosted sailing charters for 35 years on his 37’ Catamaran, Isle. When he took over this stretch of land on the harbor there was nothing but a falling down pier and a vacant lot full of garbage. Using recycled materials and with

Open 11am to 5pm Sunday Noon-3 Closed Monday

Free Beer Band (7-10) J.T. Coldfire (9-1) Todd Dorn (9-1) Mike Williams (Sunday Brunch) Antone & the All Stars (8-12) OPEN JAM (8-12) Tiffany Tuesday (8-12) LeBron (8 -12)

April 24 April 25 April 26 April 27 April 27 April 28 April 29 April 30

Open 11am-2am Daily. Kitchen open til 1am. 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

Keepers Horace Caldwell Pier (361) 749 - 5333 Fishing, Pole Rentals, Beer, Burgers, Wings

(361) 749-2388

April 24, 2014 many times with her sister Roberta, but struck out on her own last year. Lisa’s husband and accompanist, guitar wizard David Spencer is one of the finest pickers around, bar none. Lisa has one of the most dynamic voices on the circuit today and often performs with the all female super group, Women With Bad Intentions, which features Shelley King and Robyn Ludwick. Also on Saturday, Passing Strangers will be at Brewster Street an island fave, Todd Dorn and the Sea Drifters will return to Giggity’s.

Next weekend…

DO NOT MISS LIST This weekend: Joe Mack & Carter Sampson… Austin Heat will play the Back Porch on May 2nd and Giggity’s on May 3rd.

Joe Mack and Carter Sampson will play Shorty’s on April 25-26. Get ready for an Okie invasion this weekend… the Queen of Oklahoma herself, Carter Sampson and her brother from another mother, Joe Mack are returning to Shorty’s for a two nighter this Friday and Saturday. In case you missed them last time, these guys are ferocious and represent their state well. Carter Sampson is a little gal with a booming voice… don’t let that diminutive size fool you, she’s hell on wheels. And Joe Mack is nothing short of a guitar monster. Watching him climb up and down the neck of his six string is a lesson in humility. This show definitely gets my PICK OF THE WEEK… I wouldn’t miss it for love or money.

On Friday, April 25th, blues maestro, J.T. Coldfire will play Giggity’s. And on Saturday the 26th, Lisa Morales (San Antonio, TX) will play Back Porch. Lisa has played the Porch


FINE ART Paintings • Sculpture • Jewelry • Photography • Glass • Fish Prints • Antiques • Bronzes • And More...

only the sweat and determination of he and his wife Linda, Capt. Tom slowly built a beautiful marina that accommodates 28 sailboats and an impressive three story thatched palapa bar complete with a big stage and a nifty little piano bar. The outcome is quite impressive especially considering that Tom pretty much built this giant single-handedly with discarded building materials. The last stage of the project has been waiting on the beer and wine license from the state and now it’s all official. The Handsome Sailor Beach Club will have their grand opening this Saturday and many of Tom’s friends will be there to make music, including Carol Elliott, Jen & Jake Rubinowitz, John Garner, Marcus Dugas, Stevie Start and Tiffany Duckworth. They’ll have the BBQ pit smoking and the beer on ice, and everyone is welcome!

JT Coldfire, Lisa Morales, Passing Strangers, Todd Dorn…

The Rankin Twins played the Back Porch last Saturday _

I finally got to see the adorable and completely identical Rankin Twins (Austin by way of Portland, TX) at the Back Porch last Saturday… talk about two peas in a pod. I’m sure Amy and April Rankin complete each other’s sentences. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two more identical people… their physical features, bodies, voices, expressions, and general demeanor are exactly the same. It’s uncanny. If they hadn’t grown up to be a singing duo, I think they might have had great careers as bookends. What impressed me about these young ladies the most is how happy they are and how much fun they have on that stage. And it transcends to the audience. To say these girls have a chemistry about them is a gross understatement… they are joined at the hip. And I love their voices. They have just the right amount of nasal whine to give their songs that real country and western authenticity ala’ Tammy Wynette or Loretta Lynn, and perfect harmony that only sisters can claim. Their song selection is positive and up tempo and their show is polished with no seams. This is a good act!

Island Moon

There are several shows to watch for next weekend. The incredible, Hold Fast Fables (Galveston, TX) will play Shorty’s on Friday, May 2nd. This trio is fueled by acoustic guitar, cello and tambourine… not to mention a three part harmony that’s sweeter than Tupelo honey. This highly artistic ensemble travels mostly by sailboat and has the best anthem dedicated to rum that I’ve ever heard. Also this weekend, the radically happening rockers, Austin Heat, will return to the island for two nights… Friday at the Porch and Saturday at Giggity’s. Trust me; you don’t want to miss these shows- both of them. This band is good enough to see them two nights in a row. Bring your party shoes. Also on Saturday, the 3rd, the king of “Holler and Swaller”, Thomas Michael Riley will play the Porch. Riley is a guaranteed good time. Plus, Uel Jackson will play his regular “First Saturday” gig at Shorty’s and that is always fun… everybody gets into the act at that one.

On the horizon… On the horizon, watch for shows by Red Giant, The Rusty Brothers, W.C. Clark, Brian Keane, blacktop GYPSY, Billy Snipes, Jesse Dayton and Mandy Rowden, Gary P. Nunn, Larry Joe Taylor, Kimberly Dunn, Mike Blakely, Independent Thieves, Noel McKany & Brennen Leigh, The Derailers, The Tejas Brothers, Uncle Lucius, The Whiskey Sisters, Shinyribs, Joe King Carrasco, Tommy Alverson, Statesboro Revue and Charlie Robison.. It’s all good!

♫ ♪ And that’s the truth! ♪ ♫

Live Music Tonight

Thursday, April 24 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Uel Jackson (6-10) @ The Gaff Double R Nothing @ Katz 21 Bullfest w/ JR Castillo @ Brewster Street Marc Rizzo, Numb to the Blow, Switchblade Jesus @ House of Rock Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Starlite & the Moonbeams @ Dr. Rockits

Scarecrow People Lisa Morales Uel Jackson (4-7) Austin Heat Thomas Michael Riley Rusty Brothers W.C. Clark

April 25 April 26 April 27 May 2 May 3 May 9 May 10

132 W. Cotter St. Port A On the Waterfront

Friday, April 25 J.T. Coldfire @ Giggity’s Joe Mack & Carter Bryan Matlock @ Joe Mack & Carter Sampson April 25-26 Stingrays Hold Fast Fables May 2 Sampson @ Shorty’s Uel Jackson May 3 Scarecrow People @ Back John Cortez Band May 9 Porch Will Owen Gage @ Katz Jim Dugan May 10 21 Billy Snipes May 16 Five Card Draw @ OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas Brewster Street The Shakedown @ House of Rock Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Lounge Robert Brown @ Scuttlebutt’s 275.00 Half Day 475.00 Full day John Cortez @ Dr. Champagne Brunch Rockits Lunch and Dinner Cruises Dolphin Watching- Sunset Cruise Saturday, April 26 Sea Shell Hunting on Remote Islands Todd Dorn & the Sea * prices include up to 6 people Drifters @ Giggity’s Capt. Chester Ruder John Eric @ Stingrays Joe Mack & Carter Sampson @ Shorty’s Lisa Morales @ Back Porch Carol Elliott @ Handsome Sailor Beach Club Passing Strangers @ Brewster Street Double R Nothing @ Katz 21 Pinata Protest, Avenue Rockers @ House of Rock Fabian Rivera @ Scuttlebutt’s Catherine Denise @ Dr. Rockits Best Rates

Stray Cat Sailing Adventures

(361) 416-0054

I’ll probably live to be some ripe old age if death will just stay out of my way Name the artist and song this lyric came from and receive 10% off your bill on Wednesdays

222 Beach St. Port Aransas 361.749.0022

Dine in Take Out Catering for any occaision

Lisabellas Bistro & Bar Casual Dining at it’s Finest Celebrating Coastal Cuisine

361-749-4222 Open Monday - Saturday at 5:00 pm

Nightly Seafood Specials

5009 Hwy 361 Port A @ Cinnamon Shores

Sunday , April 27 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Uel Jackson (4-7) @ Back Porch John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Kicking Dynamite @ Dr. Rockits

Call for special pricing

(361)290-7143 314 E. Ave. G

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Monday, April 28 Open Jam w/ Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Open Jam w/ Ray Summy @ Executive Surf Club Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Dr. Rockits Tuesday, April 29 Tiffany Tuesday @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ House of Rock John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Run Down Legend @ Dr. Rockits

Wednesday, April 30 Lela Caldwell @ Giggity’s Wolfjaw @ Flats Lounge Chris Saenz @ Scuttlebutt’s Jimmy Wilden Band @ Dr. Rockits Thursday, May1 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Double R Nothing @ Katz 21 Sean McConnell, William Clark Green @ Brewster Street Ice House Friday, May 2 Hold Fast Fables @ Shorty’s Ruben & the Rollin Jays @ Giggity’s Austin Heat @ Back Porch Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Lounge Spazmatics @ Brewster Street Ice House The Groove @ Katz 21 Saturday, May 3 Uel Jackson @ Shorty’s Austin Heat @ Giggity’s Thomas Michael Riley @ Back Porch Reno Perez @ Katz 21 Sunday , May 4 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Monday, May 5 Open Jam w/ Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Open Jam w/ Ray Summy @ Executive Surf Club Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Dr. Rockits Tuesday, May 6 Open Mic @ House of Rock Third Eye Blind @ Brewster Street Ice House

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