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December 12, 2013

Official 2014 Coastal Bend Calendar Now Available

Sporting fabulous scenes of the Gulf Coast, the exclusive Official 20143 Coastal Bend Calendar is now available at Padre Island Mail Plus for only $10.00. Depicting gorgeous landscapes unique to the Coastal Bend, this calendar also features several exceptional photographs not usually seen by many locals or visitors to our area. The wall calendar is extra-large (11” by 18”) and permits the option of showing the month calendar or one of the large 11” by 14” glossy, color photographs. A list of co-sponsors and coupons is included as well as a short list of emergency numbers for North Padre Island, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, and Rockport. This calendar is perfect for your business, home, or for gifts to others not living in this area. It is durable, spiral bound, and striking. Spectacular and glossy photographs reveal some of the best in the Coastal Bend, including the La Posada Boat Parade, our July 4th fireworks, a brilliant Gulf sunrise, a colorful beach scene, distinctive sand dunes, and a magnificent White Ibis and its reflection searching for food. Also included are photographs of one of the first Kemps Ridley turtle hatchings of 2013

Island Moon

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released near the National Seashore, one of our famous Coastal Bend piers, a large, lonely and misplaced tree stump majestically waving to the beach 20 miles South of the National Seashore, a Man of War Jellyfish stranded on a small rock and arching upward, one of the last of the Coastal Bend shrimp boats (The Polly Anna), and the famous oil rig Olympus being towed into the Gulf with beach goers in the foreground.

This calendar is a spectacular collection of area photographs with highlights of Coastal Life. David Devlin, owner of Padre Island Mail Plus, declares, “This calendar is a spectacular collection of area photographs with highlights of Coastal Life. It captures and emphasizes the diversity of our impressive location. It should be an addition to every household and it is a wonderful gift item. Without question it is the best collection of photographs in a calendar that I have ever seen. They were carefully selected from a huge and recent library of photographs of noted area photographer Brent Rourk.”

Mary Ann McShane, Realtor, GRI, SRES e-mail: Corpus Christi Realty Group

Animal Hospital Christmas Party

Considering a move to the Island? Let me help you find your piece of Paradise - waterfront or interior homes, condos, townhouses, lots Considering selling your Island Property? This is benjamin and zoe. They are the best of friends. Both their grandmas and grandpas live on the Island. Merry Christmas!

Call me for a free consultation to obtain the current market value along with tips to make your property the one buyers will put on their “must see” list

Island Office (361) 215-8629


& Wine Bar

Amy Myers and her sippy-bowl


Including: Mimosas, Champagne Cocktails and House Specialty Champagne Martinis

-SUNDAY BRUNCH11:00 - 3:00 PM -MONDAYALL WINES 1/2 PRICE by the glass or by the bottle -THURSDAYMARTINI MADNESS! $6 executive martinis

Texas Trailer Park. Photo by Curtis Mai.


Wine Flights Every Day


3500 Island Moorings Parkway at The Island Moorings Yacht Club & Marina in Port Aransas


Monday, Thursday, Friday 4 pm - 10 pm Saturday Noon - 10 pm Sunday 11 am - 10 pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Ray Wylie Hubbard with music writer Jim Beal of the San Antonio Express-News

Island Moon

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6. Cyber-punk role playing video game 7. Drop of water 8. Break up with? 9. Middle ages role playing game: Abbr. 10. Slovenian valley 11. Pain in the nose? 13. Saharalike 14. Buble album of 2013 15. race leg: french 16. Scoundrel 18. "Likewise" 21. TX neighbor 24. "Cheers" regular 29. Goose eggs 30. Fifty minutes after? 31. Out of practice 32. .___, Middle Eastern Internet country code domain 33. Far reaching sunlight? 35. Round sound 36. Dr. of rap 37. Good buddy's mouthpiece 39. 3.14 40. You ain't no friend of mine? 41. Greedy: latin 42. Hill of "The West Wing" 46. Actor Epps 48. Washington energy non-profit: Abbr. 49. Orchid family genus 52. One time Padre Island grazers 54. Gun accessory: Abbr. 56. Following 57. Island chain? 58. Keep it up 59. Prior to, old-style

Letters to...

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December 12, 2013



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Frustrating Hard Puzzle 10,395,541,035 Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online


The title of this month’s puzzle is “Letters to...” Regular readers of the Moon should recognize the theme and the puzzle’s ghost writer. I would like to dedicate this month’s puzzle to the memory of my sweet chocolate lab Godiva, as well as Dr. Christi and everyone at the Animal Hospital of Padre Island for all that they do for us and our best friends and family members. Steve Skowronski


Brainsplitter © WebEvil Sudoku 2013 -3,563,819,680 Puzzle

© Web Sudoku 2013 - Evil Puzzle 877,868,303


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12/11/2013 9:29 AM



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Under the Bridge Serving South Texas Seafood for Over 30 Years Open Daily 11:00 - 10:00 AlsoScoopy’s Veranda With Sweet Treats, Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

Snoopy’s Scoopy’s

(361) 949-8815 (361) 949-7810

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13313 S. Padre Island Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78418

THEMinor MEDICAL CENTER + Emergency Family Healthcare Minor Surgery Lab X-Ray Occupational

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Flu Shots now available! Flu Shot Clinics Given on Friday Afternoons Open 6 Days a Week

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No Appointments Necessary Mon-Thurs, Appointments available Fri-Sat Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pm 14433 SPID “On the Island” Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Water Access Laguna Madre


December 12, 2013

Island Moon


Texas High School Football

It’s Always about the Money

The Sinton Pirates and Refugio Bobcats are headed to the State Semifinals

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon You know it’s just a matter of time before and assumed that they are being professional mainstream sports teams are told the truth. Depending on sponsored by large corporations. I thought which TV station you are watching, the info when Nike and Adidas starting using given may be exactly opposite of another their logo’s on uniforms that it had begun. station and both stations will give credible NASCAR, professional soccer resources as proof. Who do we and the X Games already use A “Curves” curveball believe? That’s why family and multiple company logos to and a Lays Potato real-life personal experiences are the point of de-identifying the needed to help form your own individual players. I have even Chip lay-up could also thoughts and opinions. Ten years be in order. noticed that the tradition Red, ago there were about 300 hours of White and Blue World Series TV news in a week, now there are bunting that used to hang from the railings has 300 hours a day, counting all the cable channels. now been replaced by advertising. Can you The media has convinced us that we need all this say the Tennessee AT&T Titans, New York info. They sometimes deal in fear; remember e Google Giants, the Detroit Texaco Tigers, or coli, swine flu, Y2K, killer bees etc. Good news the Pittsburg Pillsbury Pirates? How about the doesn’t sell. I ask you to remember one thing; St. Louis Revlon Rams or the Dallas Microsoft they are selling advertising to make money and Mavericks? The stadium naming rights are therefore will create news or embellish the news sold, the spaces on the walls are sold, and the to increase viewership. Increased viewership Century 21 Home Run Derby and Legends means more advertising dollars and more games are sponsored and include the company advertising dollars means more profit. The names on the bases. Why not the space on their very reason TV was invented in the first place uniforms? Stay tuned. It’s always about the was to sell you something. If we happen to be money! Or is it? entertained or actually learn something, then the Also product placement within the game is more we watch, the more exposure they have to right around the corner. Can you imagine you and how they affect your buying power. It’s hearing a quarterback, while reaching under always about the money! Or is it? center, bark out Heinz 57, Colt 45, Pizza Hut, Hut! The end zone could become the AutoZone, a “Curves” curveball and a Lays Potato Chip lay-up could also be in order. Let me give you another example of how sports have permeated our life style. When did a glass of water turn into a bottle of power added, energy driven, nutrient charged, vitamin filled, life changing, multi-colored; elixir of life. I’m afraid to purchase a regular old bottle of water in the grocery store for fear of being attacked by some extreme sports followers whose number one goal in life is to stay hydrated and fueled up with some form of energy drink or a patch you place on your tongue. What happened to “I’m thirsty?” Here’s a hint. Anytime you take a substance that has been made by nature and add (starch, sugar, and fats) to it or subtract from the substance by applying heat, it’s more than likely now not good for you or not as good for you as it was in its natural state. We’ve been trapped into thinking that plain old water is not good enough. Ridiculous! It’s always about the money! Or is it?

Andy Purvis is a local author. His books “In the Company of Greatness” and “Remembered Greatness” are on the shelves at the local Barnes and Noble, at Beamer’s Sports Grill 5922 S Staples, and online at many different sites including Amazon,, booksamillion, Google Books, etc. They are also available in e-reader format. Contact him at www., or andy.purvis@grandecom. net. Special thanks to ESPN Corpus for creating Uncle Andy’s Sports Blog. You can go to and click on BLOGS. New story each week. Also access via “Dennis and Andy’s Q&A” when that comes up on site. Click on it and then go to Blog. You may also go to and please leave comments!

Divine Doggie

Gentle Loving Care Dog and Cat grooming and boarding

Very few think for themselves anymore. They do not take the time to hear all sides, do the research on their own, and then form their own opinions. They hear something on TV or radio, read the info on the internet or in the newspaper

361 462-2412 Visit us at or check us out on Facebook!

Cafe Fresca

“Best of the Best” Burgers

1.00 off

New Dine In Special

Café Fresca is now accepting pre-orders for the holidays. Home made breads, pies, cookies and cupcakes. All orders must be in before Monday Dec 23 for Christmas. Fill out order forms at the café counter inside Isle Mail and More.

40% OFF all Adult Entrees--Just look for the Pink Dot on the In House Menu. Adult Entrees include: Wings, Pizzas, Taco Salads, Caesar Salads, Sandwiches, Baked Potatoes, Italian, Choice Ribeye Steak, and Chicken Dishes, and Specialty Burgers.



any salad or sandwich

Winter Texan Special: Free 12 oz. cup of coffee with purchase of one or more baked items. 361-949-9325

By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon

75 yards of offense while accumulating 170.

Sinton advanced to the final four with a 27-14 victory over LaVernia Friday night in Victoria. It will be the Pirates first trip to the semi-finals since losing to Everman in 2001. Sinton will face undefeated Fairfield at Rhodes Stadium in Katy on Friday night. La Vernia’s defense, virtually an impenetrable lot during the previous six weeks, was going to be perhaps Sinton’s toughest test of the season in Friday night’s Region IV-3A Division II final. Yet the Pirates simply did what they’ve been doing all season. And it was something to master the Bears’ defensive skills. Sinton earned its first berth in the state semifinals since 2001, rushing for 278 yards and three touchdowns en route to a 27-14 victory over the Bears at Memorial Stadium. La Vernia had allowed a mere five touchdowns during its previous six games, and one of those was of the special-teams variety in last week’s 21-14 regional semifinal win over Port Isabel. The likelihood of Sinton succeeding on the ground in the bone-cold, windy conditions was in question to everyone except the Pirates. Sinton quarterback Tyler Handson, rushed for two of the TDs and 98 yards and threw a 14yard TD pass to Ethan Owens gave Sinton a 21-7 lead, negating any momentum the Bears acquired by scoring on the first possession of the second half. He said “We’re a pretty good offense ourselves. We just come out every week and work hard.” “We’ve just been doing it to teams all season,” Sinton senior right guard Ryan Rivas said. “We’ve been playing good, playing hard. Our O-line, quarterback, running backs, we’ve been playing good. We just put it all together.” Sinton (12-2) earns a spot in the semifinals against sixth-ranked Fairfield, a 42-7 winner over Rockdale in the Region III finale. Supporting Handson’s ground effort was sophomore Colton Cohea, who rushed for 106 yards, including a 23-yard gain out of punt formation that set up Handson’s scoring pass to Owens. John Gabriel Guzman added 54 yards rushing on nine carries. “I don’t want to give too many secrets away, but their aggression, we took some of it away from them,” Sinton coach Tom Allen said. “There’s an old saying in option football: if you can’t block ’em, read ’em. So we took some of their aggression away and were able read some of them.” Behind Rivas, center Isaac Martinez, tackles Jacob Brown and Cole Herbert, the Pirates struck on the opening drive of the game on Handson’s 6-yard run. They put together two other scoring drives of 49 yards or more and converted another after Nick Zepeda’s strip fumble that he returned to the LV 16 in the second quarter. Sinton took a 14-0 lead into the locker room at halftime, limiting the Bears to

“It was hard getting (the touchdowns) but the first one, I guess just took the wind out of them,” Rivas Sinton Pirates said. “We scored quickly, that’s all we could ask for.” The Pirates also were able to convert all four fourth-down attempts and four of five third-down situations in the fourth quarter when it was able to drain the clock.

“I just think they got out on us early, jumped out on us and we made some mistakes,” said Coach Bo Robinson, whose Bears’ season ended at 12-2. “We knew they were going to be tough to stop and they got first downs when they needed to. We just couldn’t get them off the field sometimes to get back into the game. We got back into the game one time and they answered. Give Sinton the credit. They played a heckuva football game.”

Refugio Bobcats

Refugio advanced to the final four by avenging last year’s loss to East Bernard, 40-34 in San Antonio on Saturday night. It will be the Bobcats first trip to the semis since winning the State Title in 2012. Refugio will face Waskom, Thursday night in Reliant Stadium in Houston.

After Refugio gave up 72 points in their game last week against Rogers, most fans other than those from Refugio, had decided that the Bobcats weak defense would prove their undoing in their Region IV-2A Division II final against East Bernard, the defending state champions.

On Saturday night, they showed those unbelievers how wrong they were.

With only a six-point lead with 54 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Bobcats made their best defensive stand of the season when Alex Coronado hit East Bernard quarterback Grant Aschenbeck as he was attempting to complete a fourth down pass at Refugio’s 31-yard line forcing the Brahmas to give up the ball on downs. Three ’kneel-downs’ later the Bobcats had won the hard fought, come from behind win.

“I was coming off the edge and the fullback went out for a pass, so that meant I was going to go in free and I got to the Quarterback,” Coronado said.

In addition to three turnovers, Refugio forced three punts and held the Brahmas’ offense to 19 point below its season average.

Dotson’s Note: We all know that Texas high school football is the gold standard for not only high school football, but ALL sports. Your thoughts/concerns are welcome, please call the Benchwarmers (ESPN 1440 Keys) 361-5605397, (Mondays through Fridays 4-6 pm) or Dotson (361-949-7681) or Email: dlewis1@stx. Are we having fun yet?

We now have Gluten Free Pizza!

Real Food-Real Value. It’s worth the drive into town. Some restrictions may apply. 5922 S Staples

14493 S.P.I.D. Ste. A

Great Seafood and Burgers Libations Amusements 18 Holes of Minature Golf

All-You-Can-Eat Fried Shrimp Wednesdays 13.95 Prime Rib Thursdays $15.95 Open 11 am - 2 am

One Bite & You’re Hooked Kitchen Closes @ 1 am

2034 State Highway 361

361 749- Taco (8226) Now Offering

Gluten Free Pizzas

Take and Bake, Dine In or Delivery. Pans of Lasagna made fresh daily. Subs, Calzones, Pepperoni Rolls, Hot Subs, Hot Wings, Salad Bar & Much More. Closed on Sundays and Thanksgiving.

949-0787 14993 S.P.I.D

Freshest Salad Bar on The Island

A 13

Delivery on the Island is

Fast - within 30 minutes - and Free for orders of $10 or more

Best Pizza in the Coastal Bend

Coming Soon: Online ordering and payment! No more busy signal.


South Texas Grassroots Bluegrass Band Starting Nov. 24th 6-9pm

♥ Reservations Recommended ♥

Lunch Specials Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Unlimited Spaghetti Salad 9 inch Sub for 6 inch Price Pasta Menu Full Order for 1/2 order price Salad with a 6-inch Sandwich & Drink Unlimited Dinner Salad

Hours: Mon- Thurs 11 AM - 9:30 PM Fri - Sat 11 AM - 10 PM Sun 5-9:30 PM 15370 SPID (Just south of Whitecap) 949-8770

6.50 6.50 6.50 5.99

A 14

Golf Cart Caroling in Port Aransas

By Brent Rourk Become a member of the Christmas Golf Cart Choir in Port Aransas. In the true spirit of Christmas the Port Aransas Community Theatre (PACT) is looking for ‘Carolers in Carts’ who are willing to sing Christmas carols to those who cannot get out. Be at the PACT Sunday, December 15th at 5:00 PM. If you know about some locals who cannot get out and would truly appreciate a caravan of carolers in their front yard or on their porch, then contact Darlene from PACT at 361-749-7144 leave their name and number. Darlene will call them to make sure they are going to be home and give them an approximate time when carolers will arrive. After the traveling concert is complete all singers are welcome back at the PACT for hot chocolate and cookies. What a great gift to give those who cannot get out. Happy caroling!

Auditions for PACT Play

Island Moon

December 12, 2013

Port a Happenings

America Honors and Remembers

at 8 am, next to Horace Caldwell Pier at end of Beach St. This event is held the second Saturday of each month, courtesy of the City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department. FREE, open to all! Be on time, as Nancy will take attendees to an inside location if the weather is bad.

Parks and Recreation Department is asking for everyone to honor and remember all veterans and active duty service member they know and love. America Honors & Remembers Patriotic Trees Across America Annual Project shows support for our armed forces by sponsoring a Patriotic Tree in communities across the nation.

Pastime Matinee

Take the afternoon off and come get a dose of funny on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 2 pm. The Pastime Matinee will be at the Port Aransas Community Theatre, 2327 Hwy 361. Admittance is free. Popcorn, snacks, drinks will be available from PACT.

We are asking you show your love and support of current and past U.S. soldiers this holiday season by honoring them with a star or a ribbon placed on the patriotic Christmas tree to be displayed prominently in the center of the Civic Center.

‘Behave Yourself’, a comedy (1951) starring Farley Granger and Shelley Winters will be shown.

It will be decorated with ribbons and stars for service members as follows: Yellow ribbon for those deployed, blue star for U.S.based troops, gold star for fallen soldiers, silver star for those who were wounded, red star for our veterans, white star for those missing in action and purple star for those who received the honor.

‘Young newlyweds take in a stray dog named Archie. Archie is really a trained dog that is a go-between for two rival gangs of criminals. With a million-

AgriLife Mariculture Lab Tour

Contact Parks and Recreation Community Program Coordinator Pam Greene at or 749-4158 to have ornaments on this tree.

Tour Texas A&M AgriLife Mariculture Lab at this H.E.L.P. (Health/Ecology/Lifestyle/Preparation) activity on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2 pm.

Practice your curtain calls and stage entrance cues as the Port Aransas Community Theatre (PACT) hosts auditions for ‘Til Beth Do Us Part’, a raucous comedy about marriage. Requiring 6 actors (4 women and 2 men, all 40 to 60 years old), the play will also need stage managers as well as a tech/lighting crew.

Please check to see if your loved ones are on it—make sure the color is correct and email photos (new, old, military or not—just need head, but can crop anything). If you can’t email, photos can be scanned at the Parks and Recreation office.

Auditions will be held Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 15th at 6:30 PM at PACT, located at 2327 Hwy 361, in Port Aransas. Contact play director Emily Reiger for more information @ You may also call the theatre at 361-749-6936 with your questions, name and phone number and they will return your call.

Year ‘round, a guided birding tour for anyone is held every Wednesday at 9 am.

This working lab develops and commercializes shrimp and sea urchin farming industries for Texas and the US; develops sea urchin feed and production technology for biomedical and ecotoxicological research; develops starfish feed and production for regeneration and stem cell production; and evaluates fishery processing, biofuel/biodiesel, and grain crops as nutritional replacements in shrimp feeds.

By Brent Rourk

The play will run from February 27th until March 16th and newcomers are encouraged to try their acting abilities.

Til Beth Do Us Part “Til Beth Do Us Part” is a comedy-a marital confection whether you are married, single, divorced, rethinking your divorce, or currently are being controlled by someone who is up to no goodthis is a play for YOU!! Auditions are set for Saturday, December 14 @ 6:30 and Sunday, December 15 @ the Port Aransas Community Theatre. Located at 2327 Hwy 361, in Port Aransas. Needed for the play are 4 woman ages 40-60 and 2 men ages 4060. PLAY IS SCHEDULED TO OPEN FEB. 27-MARCH 16... Director for the play is, Emily Reiger, you may email her for more information @ You may also call the theatre @ 361-749-6036 and leave your name and number, we will return your call. Newcomers to the stage are always welcome---see you there!!! You may also, email the theatre manager, Darlene @

Stakeholders Invited to Public Meeting to Provide Ideas for Parker Park Improvements The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department will host a public meeting to discuss and gather feedback from stakeholders in preparation for improvements that will be made to Parker Park next year. The meeting will include representatives from CLK Architects, Engineering Services, and Parks & Recreation Department. The 2012 Bond Initiative has earmarked $600,000 for this entire project, including design. Interested citizens are invited to attend the stakeholders meeting on December 16, at 6 p.m. at Ethel Eyerly Community Center, 654 Graham Road. For more information, please contact Stacie Talbert, Assistant Director for the Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department, at 361-826-PLAY (7529).

Birding on the Boardwalk

FREE. Pre-registration is required.

It is for novice to expert, with local guide Nan Dietert at Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center at end of Ross Ave.

Contact Pam Greene at or 7494158 to reserve space. Meet at 1:50 pm at Civic Center parking lot, 710 W. Ave A.

There is no charge, courtesy of the City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department.

Family Dance Night

Bring your binoculars and cameras if you like.

Thursday, Dec. 19, bring your dancing shoes for Family Dance Night held at the pavilion in Roberts Point Park. The whole family can enjoy learning new dance moves at the free Country Line Dance lessons that begin at 6:30 pm. From 7 to 8:30 pm, the dance floor will be open for all dancers to two-step, waltz, tushpush and cotton-eye-joe the night away. Cookies and lemonade will be provided, but the public may bring own beverages. Music provided by DJ Ken Yarbrough and live music when we have a player willing to play. Bring the family & come out, have some fun and get some exercise. FREE!

Enchanted Holiday Forest Sign up now for 2013 forest. Support your community while you have fun and showcase and get exposure for your organization, business or just a group of friends or family. The theme is “Port A – Something Old, Something New”. Join in the friendly festive spirit and set up a tree 1-4 pm on Sun, Dec. 16. Bring a snack for potluck at 4pm, after trees are decorated. Marion Fersing will be on hand to serenade folks with holiday music on the piano. Individuals, families, civic & non-profit organizations and business are encouraged to enter. Email pamg@cityofportaransas. org or call Community Program Coordinator Pam Greene to sign up. Need a tree? Contact Pam to see what’s available.

Winter Walks and Winter Evening Walks

Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve is partnering with the City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department again this year on Winter Walks, which focus on the importance of coastal wetlands. They will be held at the Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture.

The forest will be open Monday through Friday, Dec. 16-20 and Mon. 23, 8 am to 5 pm in Port Aransas Civic Center, 710 W. Ave. A.

Evening walks will be held at 5 pm, on Wednesdays nights, beginning at the covered picnic table in Phase II of the Nature Preserve, located on Hwy 361 south of Sharkey’s.

New this year, visitors are asked to sign in when they enter the forest. Parks and Rec will donate money for each visitor to the Port Aransas Emergency Services Toy Roundup. We also will accept canned/dry goods donations for the Helping Hands Food Pantry.

The morning tours, like last year, will be held at 10 am on Saturdays.

The morning nature walk in the Nature Preserve starts at the pavilion near the Corpus Christi Ship Channel in Phase I of the Nature Preserve, located at the end of Port Street.

Don’t want to enter? You still can visit the forest while it is open. Don’t forget the Children’s Christmas party with Santa on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 5-7 pm in the Civic Center.

“These two-mile walking tours are a great way to get out and explore the beautifully diverse flora and fauna of Port Aransas in the wintertime,” said NERR spokesman Colleen McCue.

Holidayz Kamps Register now for the next “Holidayz Kamps” as pre-registration is required by Thursday Dec. 12. To register or for more information, call Ken Yarbrough at 749-4158. Kamps will be held Dec. 23 & 30 and Jan. 2 & 3, for grades K-6.

Participants should wear walking shoes and sun screen, and dress in layers appropriate to the weather conditions. Bring binoculars, cameras and water.

Each is a full day of activities and fun with crafts, movies, games and prizes. They include lunch and snack. Kamps will be held at the Girl Scout hut inside the Parks & Rec building, 739 W. Ave A. Drop off time is at 8 am and pick up is at 5:47 pm. Cost: $20 per child. Discounts are available for families with multiple students or those attending multiple days.

Subsequent guided tours will be held weekly on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings through the Jan. 29, 2014. Contact Colleen McCue at or 361749-3153 for more information.

Yoga on the Beach Grab a mat, blanket or towel and head for the beach to exercise. Nancy Myers will conduct a session Saturday, Dec.14, starting

Invasive Lionfish Threaten Coastal Bend Waters Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi researchers are studying what can be done to control recently sighted invasive lionfish that can have a devastating effect on local ecosystems.

Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm • Friday 8am – 4pm Member hours (with keytag): 4am-11pm every day (361) 949-3298 – (361) 947-7732

Lionfish, venomous marine fish previously found mostly in the western Pacific Ocean, have been appearing in the Caribbean since the 1980s, and are becoming increasingly sighted off Florida. In 2012, the fish was spotted 40 miles from Port Aransas.

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Senate Bill (SB) 1367 was passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature to provide for termination of the health insurance pool and also to provide the commissioner with the discretion to postpone termination if necessary.

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December 12, 2013

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Meetings are held on Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri, At 7 pm. Except for the second Mon of the month when meeting starts at 7:30 pm

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Island Moon

December 12, 2013

Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

Ray Wylie Hubbard…

Ray Wylie Hubbard (Wimberley, TX) played the Third Coast Music Theater last Saturday to standing room only crowd. Brian Keane (Austin, TX) opened the show. Accompanied by only a drummer, Kyle Schneider, Hubbard’s show was a seamless flow of energy that ran the gamut of his thirty plus years as an entertainer. His on stage banter is as much a part of the show as playing Snake Farm or Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mothers. At times Hubbard was in tirade with heart felt rants about the Nashville music industry (which he loathes). At other times he’d soften his Ray Wylie Hubbard tone and talk about his played the Third life and family and why Coast Theater he is the way he is. There last Saturday wasn’t one moment of night. down time from the second he took the stage until his encore of the James McMurtry hit, Choctaw Bingo (“He likes that money, he don’t mind the smell.”). Nobody sets up a song better than Ray Wylie. Every nano-second was filled with a spirited Brian Keane stream of observations and personal insights. At opened for Ray times, his music almost Wylie Hubbard at seemed secondary until the Third Coast he hit that groove with a Theater last slide and all ten fingers Saturday night. dancing in perfect cadence. His soul sits firmly in the shadows of his heroes: Lightning Hopkins and J.J. Cale (and maybe a little Tony Joe White). Ray Wylie is a poet and an artist who doesn’t have any say so about his path. His muse holds the reins and he is merely its vehicle. In his own words (The Beauty Way), “it’s not something you control.” I wonder how the guy ever gets any sleep. I’m sure his brain rarely stops. I have been collecting a series of writings that Hubbard has been posting on Facebook since last Spring, about whatever he happens to be thinking about at the time… very spontaneous. He doesn’t waste time with the shift key and all of his copy is in lower case with little punctuation. In fact, after pasting close to 21,000 words over to my Word doc, I got an error message on my computer that informed me that Microsoft Word would no longer spell and grammar check this document. Pretty impressive, he wore down Word. Within these 21,000 words are bits of wisdom about the music business and the songwriting process, his philosophy of life and at least ten good hours of stand up comedy. In this way, Hubbard stays connected to his multitude of fans by answering their questions and focusing his thoughts… a process I’m sure he’s found more than cathartic. I’ve found Ray Wylie Hubbard to be an amazing fellow in every way: musician, songwriter, philosopher, writer, entertainer, storyteller, historian, sage and all around big brother. This show at Third Coast wasn’t just a show… it was a privilege of spending time with someone who’s already figured out what’s worth listening to and knows better than to

waste your time with the rest of it. I felt like I’d gone to the mountain. BTW, Ray Wylie hosts a very cool radio show on KNBT 92.1 FM Radio New Braunfels, TX at 7-9 pm on Tuesdays called, “Roots and Branches of Americana” and can be accessed online.

On the Local Scene: PA Rockers update…

Uel Jackson hosts the weekly Pickers Circle at the Tarpon Ice House every Sunday.

Melissa Brooke, seen here with Tug Boat Tony, hosted the first Open Mic at Giggity’s last Monday The Free Beer Band with Winter Texan Colorado Bob Reed performed at the Tarpon Ice House last Thursday. It’s less than two weeks ‘til Christmas and if you ever had a desire to get out there and support local live music, this would be the time. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of local talent around here because that’s pretty much all we’re getting right now. It was a treat to see Colorado Uncle Leslie Bob Reed and his wife Willey played Carolyn last week at the Shorty’s last Free Beer Band gig at the Tarpon Ice House. Friday night. Bob is an honorary member of the FBB and the leader of the PA Rockers. Reed tells me that the Rockers have made some personnel changes this season due to health concerns and will be enlisting the talents of local musicians Steve Goldstein, Woody Lawson and Deb Dault. They’ll get their regular Wednesday night party at Bernie’s going in January and plan to break out some different material in the form of Britpop.

Ruben Limas and the Rolling Jays played Giggity’s last Friday. Also last weekend, I caught other local favorites, Ruben Limas and the Rolling Jays and the Rich Lockhart Band (Giggity’s). Uncle Willey and Moonshine Martini (Shorty’s), and Uel Jackson (Picker Circle, Tarpon Ice House).

Richard Lockhart played Giggity’s last Saturday night. Along those lines, Edwin Myers over at Giggity’s tells me he has some new stuff going on this winter also. The rockin’ non-stop 50’s and 60’s oldies band, Riptide (Portland, TX), will play every Tuesday in January and February from 6:30 to 10:00 PM. That should make the Winter Texans happy. Myers, a native of Louisiana, is also doing an “all you can eat” Southern fried catfish special for only $11.95 on Monday nights, which just happens to coincide with his brand new “Open Mic Night” hosted by Port A’s darling, Melissa Brooke. They kicked

Out of Bounds Dec. 13 Aloha Dave & the Tourists Dec. 14 Raeanne & the Ride Dec. 20 Riptide Dec. 21 Lyrical Bynge Dec. 27 Melissa Brooke Band Dec. 28 Mike Milligan & the Altar Boys NEW YEAR’S EVE Antone & the All Stars EVERY SUNDAY Open Mic w/ Melissa Brooke EVERY MONDAY

Open 11am-2am Daily. Kitchen open til 1am. 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

OPEN 10-5


(361) 749-2388

More local music on the horizon…

Over at Giggity’s…


Hosting Art Show In San Antonio Featuring Corpus Christi Artist John Cobb 12/5 - 12/15

off the first one this week and it has all the earmarks of becoming a hit. I can attest, Brooke seems to be attracting some first rate talent and kept the show rolling without a hiccup. It was a lot of fun watching Melissa wing it on stage with a group of musicians (Chris Jordan, Bron Doyle, Larry Haynes, David Meza, Jackie Bales, Tug Boat Tony, etc) who’d never played together… true improvisation. It’s great to have a nice option on Mondays, a night when most places in town tend to close.

Daily Lunch Specials Private Dinner Parties, Personal Chef, Weddings

After the Ray Wylie show, Jim Urban brought the whole crew (including Hubbard himself) over to Shorty’s for a night cap. Can’t think of a better place for that to happen. There is a bunch more local music going on this month. Check the Live Music Tonight box at the bottom of the page for listings. The Back Porch is closed until late February so Giggity’s and Shorty’s are the big boys in town right now. The BP crew had a nice little “end of season” appreciation party at Giggity’s last Sunday. I’m sure gonna miss those gals all winter.

DO NOT MISS LIST Wake From the Sleep…

Father James Derkits over at the Trinity By the Sea Episcopal Church in Port A is featuring an advent songwriter “musical Sunday school” entitled Tiffany Duckworth Wake From Sleep gives a discourse at (A Musical Journey Advent) Trinity By the Sea through every Sunday Espiscopal Church in in December at Port A. 10:00 a.m. in the church’s common room. James kicked off the first one, Tiffany Duckworth played last Sunday and Carol Elliott will play this Sunday. Ty Morris will wrap it up Sunday, December 22. The idea is for each songwriter to present a self-penned song or a song that means a lot to them and has special meaning in their spiritual journey. They play the song and then the audience can make comments or ask questions about it. The writer explains what they were thinking about when they composed the song, then, after everyone has had a chance to weigh in, the songwriter performs the song again. I went last Sunday and thought it was pretty cool. In fact, Tiffany fairly blew me away with her thoughtful presentation and responses. That’s one deep gal!

♪ ♫ And that’s the truth! ♪ ♫

Live Music Tonight

Thursday, December 12 Kyle Park, Curtis Grimes @ Brewster Street Free Beer Band @ Tarpon Ice House Independent Thieves @ Dr. Rockits Robert Brown @ Scuttlebutt’s

Island Limo Holiday Rates

Friday, December 13 Out of Bounds @ Giggity’s Russell Edge @ Shorty’s Another Level @ Brewster Street Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Echo, Peace & Quiet, Neal Edwards @ House of Rock Aloha Dave & the Tourists @ Executive Surf Club John Cortez @ Dr. Rockits Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s

(361) 460-4365

Saturday, December 14 Aloha Dave & the Tourists @ Giggity’s Independent Thieves @ Shorty’s Suicidal Tendencies, Terror, Thrash Talk @ House of Rock Second Saturday SingAlong Piano Show @ Brewster Street Lyrical Bynge @ Executive Surf Club Little Wade & No Civilians @ Dr. Rockits Chris Sanz @ Scuttlebutt’s

132 W. Cotter Port Aransas,TX


Russell Edge Dec. 13 Independent Thieves Dec. 14 Uel Jackson Dec. 21 & 27 Shelley King Dec. 28 Jul & the Chrome Wheels Jan. 3 Uel Jackson Jan. 4 OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas

What will you do when you’re hungry and thirsty too? fDine a c e bin o oTake k . c o m/ Outfe l d e r ga l l e r y

222 Beach St. Port Aransas 361.749.0022

Catering for any occaision

Lisabellas Bistro & Bar Casual Dining at it’s Finest Celebrating Coastal Cuisine

361-749-4222 Open Monday - Saturday at 5:00 pm

Nightly Seafood Specials

5009 Hwy 361 Port A @ Cinnamon Shores

Tuesday, December 17 Open Mic @ House of Rock Green Party @ Dr. Rockits Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s

Friday, December 20 Raeanne & the Ride @ Giggity’s Ruben Limas (solo) @ Shorty’s Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats HOBO Holiday Hootenany @ House of Rock Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Palacios Brothers @ Dr. Rockits Robert Brown @ Scuttlebutt’s Saturday, December 21 Riptide @ Giggity’s Uel Jackson @ Shorty’s Taste of Texas @ House of Rock Kevin Fowler, Josh Grider @ Brewster Street BPugaboo @ Dr. Rockits Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Sunday, December 22 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Sunglasses & Mushrooms, Sun Salutations @ Dr. Rockits John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Monday, December 23 Brown Bag Challenge @ House of Rock Open Mic @ Scuttlebutt’s

Sunday, December 15 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Beyond I Sight @ House of Rock Ty Dietz @ Dr. Rockits John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Monday, December 16 Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School @ House of Rock Open Mic @ Scuttlebutt’s

Thursday, December 19 Free Beer Band @ Tarpon Ice House Cody Johnson, John Slaughter @ Brewster Street Independent Thieves @ Dr. Rockits Chris Sanz @ Scuttlebutt’s

Tuesday, December 24 Open Mic @ House of Rock Green Party @ Dr. Rockits CHRISTMAS DAY, December 25 Wolfjaw @ Flats Lounge Dom’s Christmas Show @ House of Rock Rundown Legend @ Dr. Rockits

Best Rates Call for special pricing


314 E. Ave. G Wednesday, December 18 Wolfjaw @ Flats Lounge Flatbroke @ House of Rock Kicking Dynamite @ Dr. Rockits Happy Stephen Rushlow @ Scuttlebutt’s


The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Thursday, December 26 Free Beer Band @ Tarpon Ice House Robt. Earl Keen, Terri Hendrix @ Brewster Street Witness by Proxy, Resz, Victory by Birthright, Echo @ House of Rock Independent Thieves @ Dr. Rockits

Section b final proof