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May 2, 2013

Island Moon

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Schlitterbahn continued from A1 Schlitterbahn Beach Country Resort. Once completed the residential areas of the plan can be assessed from Nemo Court on the east, or Whitecap on the south. This plan is the initial portion of the 500 acre Schlitterbahn Beach Country Resort. IslandWalk Village is being designed by nationally known architect Hart Howerton who did the initial design work for the Villages of Upper Padre Island in 2004 and provided assistance with

the Island Area Development Plan during that same time frame. The plan is consistent with each of those original concepts. Opportunities for local business people to participate in the retail, restaurant, and entertainment portions of The Village will be offered in the near future. The Island Moon will publish the details of how to access that process in the near future.

whitecap Blvd 0 200 400

das Marinas

5 min. walk


1" = 200' at full size (36 x 24")

1/4 ac 1 ac

nemo Court



s. Padre island drive


inn views to the west

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Penny Slingerland Superintendent Secretary Port Aransas ISD

The Port Aransas Independent School District is now accepting out-of-district student transfer applications for grades K-12 for the 2013-2014 school year. This a great opportunity to have your child in a school that obtained the highest End-of-Course test scores in the coastal bend region in 2012. PAISD offers a family-friendly atmosphere with small classes, one on one attention, and numerous successful academic and athletic programs. Transportation from a central island location may be available. Please visit and click on “Parent Connection” for student transfer guidelines and application. Apply now to ensure your child’s placement. “Marlin Pride Runs Deep”

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Island Moon May 2, 2013 Down 22. Plus 47. Vegetable Standard Crossword- usp038 1. Regrettably Crossword of the Week 1. Simian 25. Cooking vessel 48. Snakelike 5. Units of time, in short Across 2. Jump Down 49. Type of dr 22. Plus 26. Land measure 47. Vegetables Cut up 1.9. Regrettably 3. In addition 1. Simian 27.vessel Tangible 48. Snakelike50. 25. Cooking fishEstablishe Fur 5.14. Units of time, in short 2. Jump 4. Hairdresser 26. Land measure 28. Bully 49. Type of drinking vesselne 52. Eagle's 9.15. Cut Leave up out 3. In addition 5. Lessen in force or 27. effect Tangible 50. Established law 30. Keyboard escape key 53.byFrightening 14. FurStay in bed 16. 4. Hairdresser 6. Electronic communication 28. Bully 32. Jewel 52. Eagle's nest 15. Leave out 54. Painful spa 5. Lessen in force or effect 17. Effortless 7. About 30. Keyboard escape key 53. Frightening 16. Stay in bed 33. Utter 6. Electronic communication 56. Delivered 18. Taxi passenger 32. Jewel 8. Beer mug 54. Painful spasm 17. Effortless 7. About 19. Stroll 33. Utter 35. Aquatic vertebrate 56. Delivered57. Malevolen 9. mug Tribe 18. Taxi passenger 8. Beer 36.vertebrate Parasitic insect 58. Rational 35. Aquatic 20. Legislator 57. Malevolence 19. Stroll 10. Target 9. Tribe 38.insect Lair 36. Parasitic 58. Rational 60. Neckwear 23. Tree 20. Legislator 11. Disaffected 10. Target 38. Lair 42. Taxi 60. Neckwear63. Indicating 23. Tree 24. Island in the North Atlantic 11. Disaffected 12. Country house 42. Taxi maiden 44. Used to plug63. a Indicating cavity name 24. Island in the North Atlantic 12. Country house 25. Stage drama 13. Foe 44. Used 46. to plug name 25. Stage drama ___a cavity out 26. Originated 13. Foe 21. Frozen water 46. ___ out 26. Originated 21. Frozen water 29. Bargain 29. Bargain 31. Paid to a landlord 31. Paid to a landlord 32. Fuel 32. Fuel 34. Inhale audibly 34. Inhale audibly 37. Consume 37. Consume 38. Female deer 38. Female deer 39. Part of aofcircle 39. Part a circle 40. Lubricant 40. Lubricant 41. Australian town ___ 41. Australian town ___ Springs Springs 43. Month 43. Month 44. Coalesce 44. Coalesce 45. Coarse hair on a 45. Coarse horse's neck hair on a 47. Japanese female horse's neck entertainer 47. Japanese female 49. Slick entertainer 51. Small falcon 49. Slick 55. Guided 51. Small falcon 56. Island group in the Indian 55. Guided ocean 56. Island group in the Indian 59. Form of quartz 61. Uncommon ocean 62. '___ The of Terrible' 59. Form quartz 64. Smooth fabric 61. Uncommon 65. Metallic element 62. '___ The Terrible' 66. Roman IX 64. Smooth fabric 67. Rain and snow Puzzle Choice Solution 65. Metallic element 68. Visual sense organs 66. Roman IX 69. Mirth Crossword Solution on page A 17 67. Rain and snow Puzzle Choice Solution 68. Visual sense organs 69. Mirth How to play Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

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The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each sudoku. Medium Puzzle 2,669,509,591 EasyChild’s Puzzle 1,460,797,144 Play G.E.D.

Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online



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May 2, 2013

Then Somebody Noticed

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon It all started for him on November 29, 1969, in a small town near Panama City, Panama. He was a tall, skinny kid who didn’t know he was born into a poor family until someone told him. He and his friends played soccer and used milk cartons as make-shift baseball gloves. Then they applied masking tape to balls of fishing nets to create a baseball, and found out tree limbs made good bats. At the age of 12, his life changed forever when his dad brought him home his first leather baseball glove. He graduated from Pedro Pablo Sanchez High School at the age of 16. His father was the ship captain of a fishing boat, and catching shrimp and sardines put bread on the table. His days were spent helping his dad, until one day the boat capsized and the possibility of death by drowning stared him right in the face. He survived and quickly changed his mind. He decided to be a mechanic; it was safer.

Island Moon


describe his job. “I get the ball, I throw the ball, and then I take a shower.” This sounds pretty simple for a guy who is, was, and remains an incredible athlete and even a better person. On March 9, he announced his retirement from the game at the end of the 2013 season. Many a fine hitter breathed a sigh of relief. Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in the history of the game of baseball, will walk away on top.

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NEWS: Jets Release Tebow By Dotson Lewis Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: Tim Tebow is already a football legend. But school is still out on whether or not he is capable of playing at the NFL level. I thought you might be interested in a view of Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy winner, flop (so far) in the National Football League.

grace is for. We’re going to fall, but we’ve got to get back up. And you’ve got to improve. And that’s what I’m all about.”

“We have to humble ourselves and the way you do that is by serving other people.”

Rivera, a devout Christian, has played 18 years. He is the only pitcher I know who can change the outcome of a game just by warming up in

Yankees come calling

Although he spoke no English, he was sent to the Yankees rookie camp in the Gulf Coast League. In 1991, he was promoted to the Class-A Greensboro Hornets, a member of the South Atlantic League. While working his way up in the Yankees farm system, he was noticed again by Yankees coach, Buck Showalter. “It didn’t take a genius to spot this guy out of all the rest. He’s going to make it,” said Buck. It would be Showalter himself that would make good on his prediction. In 1995, Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, and Mariano Rivera were all brought up to the big leagues by the new Manager of the New York Yankees, Buck Showalter. Mariano Rivera debuted that year as a Yankees starting pitcher. After some ups and downs, he was converted to a set-up man in 1996 and then moved to the closer role in 1997. There he would stay. Rivera throws a sharp-breaking mid-90’s cut fastball. This is a pitch that has late lateral movement, like a car changing lanes. This pitch bores in on a right-handed hitter and is known to break their bat down close to the handle on contact. Chipper Jones called this pitch a “buzz saw.” ESPN reporter Buster Olney claims that Rivera’s cut fastball caused 44 opposing bats to break during the 2001 season alone. Rivera is able to master this pitch because he has long fingers and a loose wrist, which helps get more spin on the ball. It is estimated that he throws his cutter 83.3% of the time. Mike Sweeny said, “When you face Mo, you know what’s coming; but you know what’s coming in a horror movie too, and it still gets you.” Rivera’s cut fastball is the best out-pitch in baseball.

I get the ball, I throw the ball, then I take a shower Closer Trevor Hoffman retired with 601 saves. Hoffman had been the first closer to record 500 saves and 600 saves. Rivera set the new record with his 602nd save on September 19, 2011, against the Twins. He barely broke a sweat. The season of 2012 was not so kind to Mo. Before a game on May 3, 2012, while shagging fly balls in the outfield in Kansas City, Mo fell and tore his right anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This knee injury postponed his retirement. “I’m not going down like this,” said Mo. Occasionally an athlete will come along that dominates their profession. In the TwentyFirst Century, these athletes are referred to as a GOAT, (Greatest Of All Time). This article is about one of those guys. Oh, he has earned other nicknames like, “The Sandman,” “The Great One,” and “Mo”. He was once asked to

Tim Tebow New York Jets 2012

Mariano Rivera the bullpen. He has the ability to distract teams by the sixth inning, because they know he is out there waiting. He is a 12-time All Star, a fivetime World Series champ, and Major League baseball’s all-time saves leader at 608 and counting. He also owns the record for games finished at 892. He has struck out 1,119 batters, but has never won a Cy Young Award. Known as the master of the single inning, Mo has a 7658 win-loss record with an ERA of 2.21; the best in the live-ball era since 1920. He was selected MVP of the 1999 World Series and the 2003 American League Championship Series. His post-season records are untouchable. He owns the lowest ERA at .70 and has recorded 42 saves. Mo is also the last big league player to wear the #42. In 1997, Major League baseball universally retired the number Jackie Robinson wore. All the players at that time who were currently wearing that number were grandfathered in, until they quit the game. “It is fitting,” said Rachel Robinson, Jackie’s wife.

Last of the 42s Mariano’s motto is: “Enjoy the game.” Win or lose, he always acted the same. He detests celebrations by other pitchers on the mound. He never showed up anyone. On the top of his baseball list of things to accomplish on a daily basis: get three outs and a handshake. It has been said, the sweetest freedom is an honest heart. They were talking about Mo. His last regular season opponent this year will be in Houston against the lowly Astros. If you want to see history, get your tickets now. The next time you will see him will be in Cooperstown. For guys like Mariano Rivera, life is indeed a parade. What he has been able to do with just one pitch is truly remarkable. Tom Kelly, a onetime Minnesota Twins Manager once said after his team faced Rivera, “He needs to pitch in a higher league, if there is one. Ban him from baseball; he should be illegal.”

The 2013 NFL Draft came and went, and the offseason is now in its post-draft phase. The New York Jets wasted little time making headlines, cutting ties with a popular quarterback just days after drafting Geno Smith. Tebow Time in New York is over. The Jets released Tebow after an odd and disappointing season in 2012 -- Tebow’s only with the Jets. New York surrendered a fourth-round draft choice for one season of Tebow, in a trade that will mostly be remembered for the media circus that began in Cortland, N.Y. and ended with the Jets finishing 6-10 after a disastrous and distracting season.


“I will continue to work as hard as I can to make this organization proud. Every time I step on the field I will give everything I have and I will leave everything I have on the field every single Sunday.”

On the field I’m trying to play for the glory of God but then also I’m trying to give everything I have and win and compete. And so I think more than just winning or losing, I think He cares about where our hearts are when we’re playing.

Rex Ryan rarely used Tebow. The former Florida Gators (College) and Denver Broncos Pros) quarterback attempted only eight passes, completing six for 39 yards, while rushing 32 times for 102 yards. Tebow contributed on special teams as well, but was essentially a ghost -- save for the media frenzy that followed him everywhere. Even though Ryan eventually benched Mark Sanchez (Jets starting QB), the Jets didn’t turn to Tebow, instead turning to Greg McElroy. Though Tebow was injured throughout most of the season, the Jets wouldn’t give Tebow a chance at quarterback -- even toward the end of the season. If Tebow does latch on with another NFL team, it almost certainly won’t be as a quarterback. Tebow will likely have to accept his role as a football player, lining up on special teams, as a tight end, and perhaps occasionally, as a quarterback as a change-of-pace play. For an insight of the man/boy inside the football armor, here are some “Tebow Quotes.” “The greatest way to witness is by walking that straight and narrow and also realizing that you’re going to mess up. That’s what

“And that’s the great thing about living the Christian life and trying to live by faith, is you’re trying to get better every day. You’re trying to improve.

“I am not better than anyone else just because I play football.”

“You know, I think He Honestly does care about how we play on the field; more than anything, more than win or lose; our hearts on the field.”

“To be able to influence someone or to be able to have a group of guys come together to have a successful team and to be together all the time every day for, you know, a year and longer together, you have to have find a common ground. That common ground for us is football.”

Dotson’s Note: Well what do you think of this young man now? Should he try to stay in football or should he find another niche for his pursuit of happiness in life? Please share your thoughts/comments. or 361-949-7681

Thank goodness somebody noticed. Andy Purvis is a local author. His books “In the Company of Greatness” and “Remembered Greatness” are on the shelves at the local Barnes and Noble, at Beamer’s Sports Grill 5922 S Staples, and online at many different sites including Amazon,, booksamillion, Google Books, etc. They are also available in e-reader format. Contact him at www., or andy.purvis@grandecom. net.

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Special thanks to ESPN Corpus for creating Uncle Andy’s Sports Blog. You can go to and click on BLOGS. New story each week. Also access via “Dennis and Andy’s Q&A” when that comes up on site. Click on it and then go to Blog. You may also go to and please leave comments!

 

“I have so many things to work on, and so many ways that I fail. But that’s what grace is all about. I constantly wake up every morning trying to get better, trying to improve, trying to walk closer to God.”

 

      

             

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In 1988, he began playing shortstop on a local amateur baseball team named “Panama Oeste.” Then somebody noticed. He was spotted by Herb Raybourn, a New York Yankee scout in charge of Latin baseball. Raybourn loved his athleticism but did not think he was Major League shortstop material. The following year, he volunteered to pitch for his team and was noticed again by another Yankee scout by the name of Chico Heron. Heron notified Raybourn for another look. Raybourn was surprised to see him pitching, but loved his easy effortless pitching motion and decided to take a chance. Raybourn signed him to an amateur free-agent contract for $3,000 on February 17, 1990.

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Island Moon

Legislative Update An Update on the Cruise Industry Study Bill and Other Bills to Watch By Todd Hunter, District 32

Over the past several months or so of articles, I have been outlining bills which have been filed during the 83rd Texas Legislative Session. Members and their staff have been working on drafting and filing bills in the House and the Senate for the past several months leading up to the March 8th deadline. March 8th represented the 60th day of the Legislative Session and the final day to file bills in both the Texas House and the Texas Senate. On April 18, 2013 the Texas House of Representatives passed House Concurrent Resolution 56, which calls on the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to provide for a joint interim legislative study regarding the development and potential economic impact of a cruise industry on the Texas coast between Calhoun and Cameron Counties. HCR 56 will now need to go through the Senate. We will keep you posted as HCR 56 continues to move through the process. As of March 8th, 5,944 bills, joint resolutions, and concurrent resolutions have been filed with the Chief Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate’s respective offices. Below is a selection of those House bills which have been filed to-date: • HB 2197 is relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Lottery Commission; providing penalties; imposing and changing fees. • HB 2204 addresses the authority of the Texas Transportation Commission to establish variable speed limits. • HB 2206 is relating to the authority of a county to adopt a fire code. • HB 2230 is concerning the orders of nondisclosure issued for records of certain fineonly misdemeanors; authorizing a fee. • HB 2234 relates to authorizing home-taught driver education course providers to administer certain examinations required to obtain a driver’s license.

• HB 2244 addresses requiring municipalities to reimburse the Texas Department of Transportation for compensation paid for certain signs required to be relocated due to road construction. • HB 2252 is relating to the eligibility of charitable organizations to participate in a state employee charitable campaign. Below is a selection of the Senate bills which have been filed to-date: • SB 1237 is relating to referral of disputes for alternative dispute resolution, including victimdirected referrals; authorizing a fee. • SB 1243 relates to the issuance of interestbearing time warrants and certain notes by school districts. • SB 1247 is related to credit services organizations and extensions of consumer credit facilitated by credit services organizations; providing civil and administrative penalties. • SB 1253 is relating to the relationship between Texas Department of Transportation toll projects and adjoining nontolled roads. • SB 1267 addresses the liability of individuals providing labor or assistance to the Texas Forest Service in the performance of certain fire suppression duties • SB 1289 deals with certain business entities engaged in the publication of mug shots and other information regarding the involvement of an individual in the criminal justice system; providing a civil penalty. • SB 1298 is relating to the provision of electronic courses in public schools, the state virtual school network, and school district digital capabilities. The filed bills for the 83rd (R) legislative session are available for the public to view at

CBP Intercepts Asian Gypsy Moth Aboard Vessel In Corpus Christi Pest considered harmful to leafy plants; eradicates crops, trees U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists stationed at the Corpus Christi seaport intercepted 25 live eggs within three Asian Gypsy Moth egg masses aboard a vessel, April 22. “These interceptions are significant as an introduction into the U.S. would pose a major threat to the landscape of the American continent,” said Area Port Director Larry Fluty. “CBP agriculture specialists play a critical role in protecting the U.S. Agriculture industry by preventing the introduction of harmful plant pests like this one into the country.” Asian Gypsy Moth is a pest that feeds on plants and trees and has the potential to devastate America’s agriculture production and forest resources. If established in the United States, each female could lay egg masses that in turn could yield hundreds of voracious caterpillars

with appetites which would consume more than 500 species of trees and shrubs. The three egg masses were found aboard the vessel Zebra Wind arriving directly from Port Rhoades, Jamaica and with prior port of calls in Japan and South Korea. The egg masses were found on the second deck of the vessel near its crane and bow. CBP agriculture specialists submitted a sample specimen of the egg masses to the local U.S. Department of Agriculture entomologist for identification and learned April 25, that the egg masses were in fact Lymantria dispar asiatica, Vnukovskij, which is the scientific name for Asian Gypsy Moth. All egg masses were removed and affected areas were treated to exterminate any remaining eggs.

Turtle Update By Donna Shaver

Kemp's ridley sea turtle nests documented on the Texas coast during 2013

Location Found (north to south) Bolivar Peninsula  Galveston Island  Brazoria County, N. of Surfside  Surfside Beach  Quintana Beach  Bryan Beach  Brazoria County, N. of Sargent Beach  Sargent Beach  Matagorda Peninsula  Matagorda Island  San Jose Island  Mustang Island  Corpus Christi Bay  North Padre Island, N. of PAIS  Padre Island National Seashore (PAIS)  South Padre Island  Boca Chica Beach  *Total  

Number of nests 0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  1  0  0  5  4  1  11 

Loggerhead sea turtle nests documented on the Texas coast during 2013

Location Found (north to south) Quintana Beach  North Padre Island, N. of PAIS  Padre Island National Seashore (PAIS)  South Padre Island  *Total  

Number of nests 0  0  0  0  0 

Green sea turtle nests documented on the Texas coast during 2013

Location Found (north to south) Padre Island National Seashore (PAIS)  South Padre Island  *Total  

Number of nests 0  0  0 

Data presented here are preliminary. Do not cite or quote without permission. Contact Donna Shaver for further information. Updates regarding nesting are also posted at the Padre Island National Seashore website:

May 2, 2013


A Daily Astrological Timing Guide for All Signs Research & Analysis by Islander W. Lance Ferguson Available online at Thursday, May 2. One quack. The Sun and Moon form a challenging square in the heavens at 6:14 AM Thursday morning. This is Last Quarter Moon in your calendars. Squares bring two different energies into the ring—here the ego and intelligence of the Sun is suddenly challenged/squared by the emotions and feelings of the Moon. Minor accidents, arguments, temper tantrums and a sudden loss of control are all typical reactions we have to squares and especially this one. The moment passes quickly as Moon squares are fleeting. And green lights come on for work or play a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears completely. A nice kiss appears this afternoon suggesting an excellent time for sales calls, appointments, meetings and beauty treatments as the Moon trines lucky Jupiter at 4:05 PM. Clear skies follow until 11:24 PM when the Moon squares Venus and the cookie jar is empty. As times change.

Pluto trine in the heavens Monday night—truths and solutions are to be found. Keep talking. As times change.

Friday, May 3. Caution lights. The Moon is Void of Course from early hours until she enters psychic Pisces at 1:25 PM. Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C. Green lights come on after the Moon changes signs as the Skywatch clears. Clever Mercury and creative Neptune align in harmony tonight, exact at 11:31 PM.

Wednesday, May 8. Saddle up. The Moon enters earthy Taurus at 5:09 AM early this morning ending the long V/C cycle from yesterday. And the coast is clear. Trust your instincts this afternoon as Luna makes an opportunistic sextile to psychic Neptune at 3:10 PM. The Moon makes a quiet opposition to serious Saturn at 7:36 PM. A rising tide follows as we feel the Solar Eclipse being born.

The Moon joins the party and can inspire artists to great eloquence tonight. Dreams and visions can also be powerful and helpful now. And it’s wonderful energy for a sweet, bedtime story or romantic movie. THE WEEKEND: Rise and shine. Saturday’s Skywatch is stellar for everything on your agenda. The Moon sextiles/harmonizes with Mars and Pluto at 10 AM giving you an extra shot of good energy Saturday morning. The Sun and Moon will also form a sextile at 3:33 PM suggesting a good time to adventure and to explore new places and ideas. Luna makes a gentle square to overindulgent Jupiter at 10:32 PM, and yes that’s why some folks will order the second dessert tonight. Clear skies follow. Sunday’s Skywatch has mixed messages. A grumpy Mercury Saturn opposition at 6:13 AM Sunday morning is the only quack in the heavens today. Luna makes a sweet sextile to Venus at 11 AM but then turns Void of Course until she enters Aries at 8:03 PM. The main event on Sunday is Mars forming a welcome trine to powerful Pluto exact at 4:25 PM. This is grand slam energy that can help you clean out your garage or set a new personal best record in the pool or at the track. Pluto is most helpful in creating order out of chaos. Mars is the athlete—let’s see who has a big day in sports on Sunday. As times change. Monday, May 6. Buckle up. Uranus and Pluto will again form a tense and challenging square in the heavens on May 20. This will be the third exact alignment in a series of 7 exact squares that will culminate in 2015. Stress levels are bound to rise in the days ahead; problems with computers, electricity and rebels follow Uranus around. Pluto rules criminals, the mafia, and events that affect the masses. Something unexpected is also likely with Uranus. As always, there is a benefit to every aspect in the heavens. They are not always tasty, but this is a fabulous time to clean up the messes in your life, to give up untruths, have a change of perspective and see your own losing part in the high drama of life. It is wise to reduce your exposure to harm and the unknown in May. And to keep it simple. Monday’s Skywatch is clear and green lights are up for work or play. The Moon meets goofy Uranus at 3:57 PM Monday afternoon. Moods can be cranky as the Moon squares Pluto at 5:33 PM. This is the time to compromise because there’s a strong Mercury

Tuesday, May 7. Loose lips sink ships. The Moon is in fired up Aries now and she makes a lovely kiss, a sextile, to happy Jupiter at 7:40 AM which will bring smiles to the breakfast table. Caution lights come on one minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters Taurus tomorrow morning! No big deal. Just hold off on finalizing matters. But slow down as motor mouth Mercury meets impatient and combative Mars in the heavens at 7:33 PM. This pair will encourage accidents in the morning rush and keep the need for speed going all day long. This is good energy for working with new ideas and for pioneering new plans and concepts. But some folks will say things they wish they hadn’t. Clear skies follow. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (May 5–11), your Solar Return is powerful and way beyond what you’ve experienced before, Taurus. Mercury and Mars are also in Taurus in your new SR, and they make fabulous trines to powerful Pluto. Your personal time of glory, when Pluto trines your Sun, is about two years away. Mercury and Mars can lead you to finding a more powerful and stable place in life this year, setting the stage for a move into a position of power in 2015 and 2016. Another big lesson this year is: no shortcuts. Go for quality and longevity, Taurus. Lucky Jupiter is in Gemini in your new SR suggesting good news from folks younger than you and that this is a good year ahead to take classes and music lessons— Gemini rules the hands and learns details quickly. Happy Birthday. Times have changed.

Thursday, May 9. Charged. The Moon meets fiery Mars at 8:52 AM and that’s just the beginning in a day charged with A Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus. Sure, slow down with Mars, but schedule something new and important in your life today. Green lights are up. The gift of New Moons: the best times to plant seeds. An Eclipse means adds power to all events that occur during this lunation. So this is an excellent day and week ahead to start a bank account, or a new business, or to apply for a loan. Phones will be busy as the Moon meets Mercury in the heavens at 2:06 PM. The New Moon pulls exact at 7:28 PM tonight. Ask for what you want then. As times change.

Read the Moon on Facebook! The Island Moon Newspaper

LIVE MUSIC Remember to book our Party Room for your next event - call for details -

May 2, 2013

Island Moon

A 15

The Island Moon Newspaper

Artwalk and Beach Market maps corpus christi - Google Maps

Address Corpus Christi, TXwill be held on May The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk & Beach Market 11th and May 12th this month at the Michael J. Ellis Seawall parking lot.

Saturday May 11th 9am- 6pm & Sunday May 12st Noon - 6pm The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk and Beach Market will be held on May 11th and May 12th this month. It’s Mother’s Day weekend so bring Mom down to the beach and shop some of the most unique handcrafted items and art available in the Coastal Bend. The Artwalk and Beach Market will be held the third Saturday and Sunday of every month for the rest of the summer so mark your calendars for a weekend of fun! The market starts at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and at Noon on Sunday. The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk and Beach Markets are held in the Michael J. Ellis seawall parking lot located on Windward Drive on North Padre Island next to the Holiday Inn Hotel. Just take S.P.I.D. south until you cross over the JFK bridge then turn left at the second traffic light which is Whitecap Boulevard then take your first left onto Windward Drive and we’ll be on the right hand side just past the Holiday Inn hotel. See the map on this page. Vendors are encouraged to set-up early and must contact The Island Moon Newspaper at or by calling 361949-7700 to get approval to set-up. The Island Moon Newspaper reserves the right to refuse any vendor to set up. The Market is free to all artists, craftspeople, local restaurants, food and drink vendors, non-profit organizations, churches, schools and everyone in between. No mass produced merchandise will be accepted for sale at our markets. Come 1 of 1 on down set-up and let the community see and purchase your works. The markets are advertised citywide by KIII- Channel 3 News, 106.5 The Shark radio and of course The Island Moon Newspaper. We’ll see you on the beach!

The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk & Beach Market is presented by The Island Moon Newspaper publishers Dale and Jan Rankin and supported by the following local businesses: Aloha Wa

Island Italian

Padre Island Mail Plus

Animal Hospital

Island Presbyterian Church

Padre Landscapes

Sweet Swirl Frozen Yogurt

Deluxe Nails

Island Yogurt Shoppe

Padre Pizzeria

Tango Tea Room

Dragonfly Restaurant

Isle Mail N More

Scuttlebutt’s Bar & Grill

The Back Porch

Farmer’s Insurance, May Nardone

Island Tire

Sheehan Company

Two Sisters Vintage

Johnny D’s

Snoopy’s Pier

Whitecap Liquor

Lyco’s Nails

Surfside Sandwich Shop

Wrightway Accounting

Island Creations Island’s Edge Hair Salon

Michelle’s Salon

A 16

Island Moon


Tea For Two-Or Three Or More by Devorah Fox Cricket Montgomery hadn’t had the Antique Mermaid boutique open for too long before she decided she would like to open a tea room as well. She wanted to have an additional source of business during the boutique’s slow seasons. “People do eat year ‘round,” she says. When the suite next to the boutique became available, she grabbed it. It sounded like an astounding idea to me and I couldn’t wait until the tea room was open. Once it did, on March 2, 2013, I couldn’t get there fast enough. Others got there faster than me. By the time I got a chance to visit, the tea room already had its share of three- and four-time repeat customers. Cricket thought to run the tea room herself but quickly found that she needed help so her husband, Greg, joined her. Greg takes care of “the teas, the brewing times--the technical stuff,” Cricket says, while the décor reflects her touches. She wanted the furnishings to say “tea room” but she didn’t want it to be too stuffy.

Trivia Question of the Week

Trivia Question(s) from last week What were the first two actions taken by both the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces County when they first became governmental entities? The answers probably won’t surprise you. It was April, 1846 when Nueces County was formed by the United States just two months after the Republic of Texas joined the Union and one month after General Zachary Taylor’s army marched south toward Mexico. The county was immense. It stretched from Corpus Christi west to the Rio Grande River at Laredo then southeast to present day Brownsville which didn’t exist yet. The new commissioners court didn’t waste any time; their first official act was to pass a road tax – actually tolls for crossing at the main ferry crossing just below the Irish settlement of San Patricio on the Nueces River and at crossings on the Rio Grande; 25 cents for a man and a horse, 25 cents for every wheel on a wagon, 10 cents for each loose horse, 6 cents for each head of meat cattle, 3 cents for each head of sheep, goats, or hogs.

The first act was a tax. Then came the city Then on September 9, 1852 Corpus Christi’s city government was first chartered. The council was elected along with the first mayor Benjamin F. Neal, a lawyer and newspaper publisher who first came to town in 1844.

“More Islandy,” she says, so that men would be as comfortable as the women. The fish and mermaid wall décor are made by a local artist and the vintage chairs, china and tableware are from Cricket’s shop. Should you find your place setting especially attractive, just ask--it’s probably for sale. You can also take home the dip mixes used in some of the recipes. They’re for sale in the Antique Mermaid boutique. Cricket had in mind to offer food with a bit of a 1950’s flair. The menu is inspired by Montgomery family recipes. Greg’s family had a pie shop for many years and Greg pried away some recipes from his mother. Cricket makes soups from her mother’s recipes. The menu is designed to fill an unmet need in Port Aransas: homemade and home-cooked lighter fare that isn’t fried or smoked. The Tea Room menu features three signature salads: the Hula La Chicken with pineapple, the Pina Colada Shrimp with coconut and the Tuna with Avocado. I sampled all three and found them pleasantly light on the stomach while being satisfying, fresh and bright with flavor. I had the cucumber side salad which was crisp and refreshing. There’s also broccoli slaw and carrot-and-cranberry salad with Catalina dressing (there’s that ‘50’s thing!)

By Jason Alderman

New Estate Tax Rules

Even if your estate will only be a fraction of that amount, it still pays to have a plan for distributing your assets. If your finances are in good shape, there’s no reason not to start sharing the wealth while you’re still around to enjoy helping others. It also doesn’t hurt that you can reap significant tax advantages by distributing a portion of your assets now.

Fund someone’s benefits. Many people cannot afford health or other insurance and so forego coverage, putting themselves just one serious illness or accident away from financial disaster. Many also can’t fund their 401(k) plan or IRA. Consider applying your tax-exempt gifts to help loved ones pay for these critical benefits. You’ll not help protect them from catastrophe, but also greatly increase their long-term financial selfsufficiency.

If you can check all those boxes, consider these options: Avoid the gift tax. You can give cash or property worth up to $14,000 per year, per individual, before you’ll trigger the federal gift tax. (Married couples filing jointly can give $28,000 per recipient.) You’ll probably never have to pay a gift tax, however, since you’re allowed to bestow up to $5.25 million in gifts during your lifetime above and beyond the annual $14,000 excluded amounts before the gift tax kicks in – which for most of us means never. Read IRS Publication 950 (at for details.

Before taking any of these actions, consult your financial advisor to make sure your own bases are covered. If you don’t have an advisor, visit for help locating one. Jason Alderman directs Visa’s education programs.


You can have these as salads served on a bed of greens or as a filling in a sandwich on whole grain bread. Or, have half a sandwich and a side salad with a cup of soup. I had bean-and-sausage soup with a hunk of jalapeño cornbread. It was just the right dose of spicy warming comfort on a dreary drizzly unseasonably cool day. And leave room for dessert. I had the pecan pie which was scrumptious. Toasty pecan flavor, a buttery crust and a hint of caramel topped with freshly whipped cream (and I do mean freshly whipped. I could hear the beaters whirring back in the kitchen.). I had a taste of the chocolate pecan pie too. Greg had a happy accident with the chocolate pecan pie one day--he used twice the amount of chocolate. This produced such a wonderfully gooey result that they’re sticking with improved recipe. Banana and coconut pies are also available and as fruit comes into season there will be fruit pies, too. With 24-hour notice you can order a whole pie.

Well Behaved Dogs & Owners Welcome


This is a tea room so not only is there tea, there are 15 different flavors of gourmet black and green hot teas and tropical paradise iced tea.

Call Ray(361)949-8200

“It’s a family business,” Greg says. Neither he nor Cricket is a professional chef, and neither have really waited tables before. So they just treat their customers like friends who stopped by for lunch. Of course they welcome the tourist trade but they want to take good care of Port Aransas locals too. Visit the tea room for a beverage and dessert or a full lunch. Bring a friend or two, or a whole party. The Montgomerys are happy to host bridal and wedding showers. They simply ask for some advance notice for parties of more than six.

Margaritas Try All 8 Flavors

Customer Appreciation Open House

Meet & Greet Veterinarian Christi Kresser

Award Winning Bar-B-Que Adult Beverages

MAY 3, 2013

For more information contact Cricket Montgomery at (936) 828-9210. Send an email to, find the Mermaid Tea Room on Facebook or check out their page on Or, just come by Suite J at 1023 Highway 361 in Port Aransas. The tea room is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. I’ll see you there.--

4:30 - 7:30

Christi Kresser, DVM

14802 Compass Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)  Boater Education Class  Saturday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, May 4, 2013  Padre Balli Park, Admin Building, Padre Island  The course is required to operate a boat in Texas   if you were born after September 1, 1993  Call: (361) 949‐3050 

The ability to tax is the ability to destroy… and so it goes.


The Island Moon T-Shirts

Pre‐registration required  

The Island Looks So Good On You!

Get yours for only $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Shirts come in grey or white short sleeve T-Shirts sizes L. XL and XXL. Tank Tops come in Aqua and White in sizes Medium and Large. Cost ‐ $20.00   


Deluxe Nails

please send your checks made payable to: J. Park The Island Moon, 14493 S.P.I.D., PMB 220, Corpus Christi, Tx 78418.

Mon - Sat 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m - 5 p.m.

Now offering Shellac Dries Faster, Lasts Longer Offering: s Pink & White Full Set s Solar Nails s Nail Design s Gel Nails s Acrylic Nails s Waxing

To order by phone, call 361949-7700. To order by mail


Roth IRAs for kids. If your minor children or grandchildren earn income (allowances and gifts don’t count), you may fund a Roth IRA on their behalf. You can contribute up to $5,500 or the amount of their taxable earnings for the year, whichever is less. Your contributions are made on an after-tax basis but the earnings grow, taxfree, until the account is tapped at retirement.

Before you start doling out cash, however, make sure you are on track to fund your own retirement, have adequate health insurance, can pay off your mortgage and are otherwise debt-free. You wouldn’t want to deplete your resources and then become a financial burden on others.

So the first action ever taken by Nueces County was a road fee (does that sound familiar?) and the first act by the Corpus Christi City Council could accurately be described as a Fun Tax.


Pay for education. If college is still far off for your children, grandchildren or others, consider funding a 529 State Qualified Tuition Plan for them. Any interest the account earns is not subject to federal (and in most cases, state) income tax; plus, many states offer tax deductions for contributions made to their own 529 Plans. And don’t worry: If one child decides not to attend college, you can always transfer the account balance to another without penalty.

Now that the long-debated estate tax rules have finally been settled, let’s get real: Despite all the hoopla raised, most people probably would never be impacted whether the lifetime estate tax threshold had stayed at $5.12 million or reverted to $1 million. In the end, it actually went up a bit to $5.25 million for 2013.

Their first official act…a party tax…a $1 tax for holding a fandango, dance, or ball. Failure to pay the $1 tax would result in a $10 fine and carrying a gun to one would result in a $5 fine; seems back then the city cared more about collecting tax than about someone carrying a gun into a bar. The Fandangos had to be over by 3 a.m.


May 2, 2013

s Manicure s Deluxe Pedicure

361 949-1794

Appt. or Walk-in Welcome Next to Padre Pizzeria

t Sanitary and Professional Nail Service t Gift Certificates Are Available

14493 S. Padre Island Dr., Unit B Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Moon Classifieds

May 2, 2013

Here’s how to place a Classified Ad

Island Moon

Home Additions New Construction Exterior Improvemements

Call Arlene direct at 834-1382 to place your ad or email

House Cleaning Services Laura Lee’s Cleaning Services

Weekly, biweekly, move in/move outs Pet & House Sitting – On the Island since 2000


Costs start at $10 for 25 words, 20 cents a word after that. Your ad can be centered for a small additional charge. Ads with payment can be left at our office at 15201 SPID Ste 250 If office is closed, payment and ad can be slipped thru the door slot.


Additions – New Construction – Remodeling From small jobs to extreme makeovers Member of the BBB Member of PIBA

Credit Cards Accepted Air Line Miles Accepted AMY'S AFFORDABLE HOUSE CLEANING Residential & Commercial

Call 949-2092 or 442-3516

Weekly-Bi-Weekly-Monthly & One Time Cleanings Honest, Dependable & Reliable Service To Fit Your Budget

Deadline for paid classified ads is no later than NOON Tuesday PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE PUBLICATION


References Available Cleaning Island Homes Since 2003

Please view website at:



Total remodel Additions Roofing Fencing Painting

Hiring summer help at Johnny D's 15605 S.P.I.D.

Busser Dishwasher Expo Taking applications for Server/Bartender (Must have experience in both areas.) Stop by and fill out application Tuesday-Saturday – 3-5 pm or email resume/inquiry thru our website:

 


Lawn & Yard Care

General Liability Insurance On Padre Isles Homeowner Association General Contractors List

Member of BBB Preferred Contractor Texas Veterans Home Improvement Association  Member Padre Island Business Association Can be found on Angie’s List

  Experienced Carpenter Needed For Island Work Call 361-949-8314

All King Services

Professional Lawncare For Commercial & Residential Initial Clean-Up – Trimming/Pruning Rock Installation Weekly/ Monthly Property Maintenance Palm Tree Trimming Free Quotes

Real Estate Rentals

Great Pay, Valid Dr. License a must.

3+/2 Entertainment House on Island

or email:

Call 361-949-8314

Has pool, outdoor kitchen, pergola, and sits on double lot. Beautifully landscaped with grass. Six parking spaces. Yard maintenance included. $3,000 per month


Private showing only Call Sami :

Experienced Landscapers Needed For Island Work Great Pay, Valid Dr. License a must.

Greg Phelps 361-461-9021

Island Owned & Island Resident

Islandscape Maintenance

15829 Vincent Drive

or email


Pay is by the unit For details call :

LUXURIOUS ISLAND EXECUTIVE HOME Long Term Rental – Available May 6

Is Hiring Professional Bartenders Call for appointment

* Lawn Maintenance * Power Washing * Palm Trimming * Spring Cutback * Lot Mowing * Decks * Installation FREE ESTIMATES

3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 dining rooms High ceilings, long dock, covered boat house with lift. Patio, waterfall, tropical garden. Great for entertaining! Approx 2100 sq ft $2400 month/appliances





Pet Adoption


Creative Grass & Rock Yards Lot and Yard Maintenance Tree Trimming

PeeWee’s Pet Adoption World Sanctuary

A fast paced, family owned, vibrant, trendy waterfront restaurant

Now hiring for the following positions: Prep Cooks Line Cooks Dish Washers Bussers Hostess Competitive wages with experience

Call 361-960-0327

Computer Services CompuMaster

Volunteer to help socialize a homeless animal so it has a better chance of finding a forever home. Adopt a special friend or sponsor one if adopting is not possible. Call PeeWee’s Pet Adoption 888-4141 or go to PeeWee’s at 1307 Saratoga

Apply in person 420 West Cotter Port Aransas SALESPEOPLE NEEDED

Established magazine and newspaper seeks experienced sales reps Our commission and bonus plan can have you making money TODAY Call Jan at

Solutions To ALL Your Computer NeedsSM 361-949-2707 Home & Business

Software/Hardware Repair, Computer Setup Custom-Built Computers, Tutoring, Web Design *******************

at Petco and Petsmart on Saturdays and Sundays desperately need volunteers

Pet Adoption

Please call PeeWee’s at 888-4141 ISLAND COMPUTER CONNECTIONS

Real Estate Adopt a shelter pet! Wilson, 4-month-old retriever mix. Gentle, loving, good with other dogs, cats and kids. People Assisting Animal Control-TEXT 361-438-3232; Neutered, UTD on shots, and microchipped; $50 adoption fee.

People Assisting Animal Control Who Are We?

Peace of mind over Technology Anytime, Anywhere Affordable Services: * Software Troubleshooting * PC Maintenance * New Computer Setup & Upgrade * Memory Updates * Building and maintaining Websites * Wired and Wireless Network * Connecting with Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. * Computer Education Training * In-home repair, free pick up & delivery Serving the area I live, work & play

Experienced local agent working in Padre Isles and Port Aransas. Thinking of listing? Call me for a market analysis and comparable sales in your area.

GAIL D. SPINN (361) 332-1021 Fax (361) 749-1788

Our mission is to decrease euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals, raise funds to support The City of Corpus Christi Animal Control and educate the public on proper animal responsibility. We also run a partner program with Meals on Wheels, called Animeals. We provide dry dog/cat food to 50 pets of seniors/homebound citizens on Meals on Wheels. The elderly/homebound often give their own food to feed their pets. Our program allows everyone to eat

Chad Feerick

Email :

Read The Moon on Facebook

Spyware and Virus Removal PC/Mac Repair Networking Fast 24 Hour Turn-Around Home or Business Free Pick Up and Delivery

30 years+ experience Doors – Windows – Decks – Cabinets Sheetrock – Tape and Float


Professionally installed concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios Decorative Stamping & Staining

Custom Residential Painting

Interior and Exterior - Free Estimates

 Tile  Expert Carpentry  Deck Restoration  Power Washing Entire house power washing, roofs included References - No Deposit Required

361-461-5144 Island Resident


First class work at low rates Storm Shutters, Cabinets, Framework, Sheetrock, Stucco, and much more!

Call 361-960-0327

Power Washing


Call 361-461-5144 ISLANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE We power wash


Boat Repairs

BOAT REPAIRS Outboard Maintenance, I.O. Repairs/ Maintenance, Jet Ski Repairs, Free USCG Marine Safety Examination. Call Roy at: 361-854-0875

Boat Trailer Repairs

BOAT TRAILER REPAIRS Suspensions/ Bunk Board repair, wheel bearing service, galvanized wheels, trailer tires. Tire pressure/temp monitor system Call Roy at: South Side Marine 361-854-0875

Storage Facility

Outside Storage $19.50/mo RV’s – Boats – Trailers – Vehicles Computerized access gate, video surveillance, fenced, well lit Live-in manager on site

AAA STORAGE BARNS 361-937-4939 (Flour Bluff)

Travel Trailer

2005 Mallard Travel Trailer

Floor furnace, air conditioner, microwave, three burner range with oven, refrigerator/freezer. Six gal. water heater with tub and shower. Two closets and TV. Clean bed, couch that folds down into bed and dinning area takes down into a half bed. Brand new awning, air ducts, good tires.

Call 361-945-0991 or 361-945-0992 to make appointment to see it and to get price.

For Sale/Wanted

dense foam board. Use in walls, attic, under house. Can be stuccoed. About 900 sq.ft. $275.00 WANTED : Pool Cover (looks like ‘’bubble wrap’’). Used is perfect. Will recycle for insulation project.

Eliza 361-960-9797


Wednesday May 8, 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. At St. Andrews by the Sea Catholic Church Park Rd. 22 (SPID) Right on Encantada then right into Church parking lot. Classes held in family life center.

Call 244-0343 or go to: Http://


Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Meetup!


Corpus Christi Poker-tainment at its finest

Personal Assistance Kelly Care

Licensed vocational nurse available for private duty nursing care Peace of mind for you and your loved ones


Pet Sitting Service Carol's Petsitting Service

Pet- N- Home Service Carol Riddle- Owner Cell number: 361-946-1195 or 361-867-1224 Island residents only please

Church Meeting Church Service

LUTHERAN TABLE TALK Thursday Afternoons On the island JB's German Bakery, 15137 SPID Sponsored by GCCM, SWT, ELCA.

Contact Rev. Tom Dietzel at, or 210-363-3538 or 361-445-1029 ISLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Sunday Services In Church Sancturary 10 AM

14030 Fortuna Bay Drive at Gypsy 361-949-8770

Thrift Shop

Trinity-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church 2nd Time Around (thrift) Shop Open 9-noon on Saturdays Best prices in So. Texas!

Ave. E @Trojan St. In Port Aransas


As docents at Port Aransas Museum


Al-Anon Meetings

Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support at

Al-Anon meetings

An Al-Anon group meets each Thursday at 7:00 PM at

Island in the Son United Methodist Church 10650 Highway 361 IS ALCOHOL CAUSING A PROBLEM IN YOUR FAMILY? Try Al-Anon. Meets at 7:00 pm Sundays at Padre Island Baptist Church


Serious buyers only ! Title upon purchase

Family Healthcare Lab X-Ray

Open 6 Days a Week No Appointments Necessary Mon-Thurs, Appointments available Fri-Sat Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pm

14433 SPID “On the Island” Corpus Christi, TX 78418


Downtown Farmer’s Market Every Wednesday 5-7pm 505 S. Water Street Downtown (at the Tango Tea Room)

A 17

FOR SALE : Insulation 4/8 sheets 3’’wide-

Call 949-4604 or 425-5627



Seniors & Military or Cash Save 20%

Puzzle on Page A 12

Water Access Laguna Madre

Tel. 361-290-9410

Scott’s Computer Repair

The Island Moon Newspaper

Minor Emergency Minor Surgery Occupational

PC & MAC On-Site Service


PeeWee’s Mobile Adoption Clinics


Have them repaired with Environmentally Friendly AQUAPHALT The only permanent asphalt patch For free estimate call:

Houses, Driveways, Fences, Decks & Sidewalks Call us now to schedule an estimate

$40.00 Application Fee


Potholes In Your Parking Lot Or Driveway?

Call 361-960-0327 THE SHEEHAN COMPANY


Renovations Decks/Docks Int./Ext. Trim Framing Siding & Cornice

Home Maintenance/Repair

Andy Stansel, Manager

A 18

Three Chords and the Truth

By Ronnie Narmour SandFest came and went…

The weekend in review…

Over the course of the weekend, I heard great live music all over the island. On Thursday night I caught Antone Perez & the All Stars (Corpus Christi, TX) at Giggity’s. This is an Austin style blues band (SRV, T-Birds, etc) that will start playing every Sunday, there. I’ve recently become involved in the booking at Giggity’s and Shorty’s and will try to keep it lively for you at those venues. On Friday night I caught the rocking powerhouse blues act, J.T. Coldfire (Austin, TX) at Giggity’s and Lela Caldwell’s wild Purple Monkey Laser show at Shorty’s. Throw in the Tex-Mex and power- pop of the Krayolas (San Antonio, TX) at the Back Porch and Ray T and the City Crew’s roadhouse

Stuart Michael Burns Every Wednesday (7-10) Carol Elliott And Every Monday (5-7) Every 2nd & 4th Friday Free Beer Band (5-7) Every Thursday Open Jam with Uel Jackson (7-10) Every Sunday (7- 11) 321 N Alister * (361) 749-2337

JT Coldfire played Giggity’s last Friday night. throw-down at the Flat’s and I ingested enough live music to kill a normal man… and it was only Friday! BTW, I highly recommend Lela Caldwell’s very cool production. It is extremely entertaining… very visual and very creative musically, a refreshing change. It’s nice to have Lela back in town.

A heavenly harpist… On Saturday, I went by the Felder Art Gallery for their big exhibit and was surprised to see a beautiful harpist playing for the reception. Stephanie Nash-Pickett was in the corner of the gallery playing the most amazing music on her harp. I spoke with Stephanie briefly and learned that she’s shared stages with such luminary as Pavarotti, Chrystal Gale and Kansas and has played with the Houston and Mobile Symphonies. Stephanie has her masters in music and teaches harp. The music was heavenly… I kept waiting for angels to appear. She Stephanie Nashlives in the area and is Pickett played available for events. harp at the Felder Check her out at Gallery exhibit. Also on Saturday, Mike Williams and Rocky Arnold brought their Dixieland Jazz show to the Tarpon Ice House. They had Roy Olivarez on sax and Betsy Bowen on bass. It was a lovely evening of Satin Doll , When the Saints Come Marching In and Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey style tunes from the 40’s and 50’s. This is the music of the “greatest generation” and I love it. And, judging by size of the crowd that this show drew, I’m not the only one.

Bert and Betty hit the road… And speaking of Betsy Bowen, our favorite Winter Texan… Betsy and her beau, Ron Piercy (aka: Betty and Bert) will be leaving us for the summer and returning to her home in Frostbite Falls, MN. You may remember these two in the Island Moon’s winter series, Frostbite Betty. Betsy is an incredible artist, writer and musician and I want to thank her for the magnificent wood cut she did of my portrait. (You may have noticed my new mug shot at the top of the page.) Ron is also a remarkable character and a talented artist. I’ve grown quite fond of these guys and will miss them dearly. They are an

The Coast Club Coast Club

C Plus

GO FSPURS I N E A RT GO! Thur, (361) 749-2388

May 2, 2013


Mike Williams and Rocky Arnold…

Antone & the All Stars will play Giggity’s every Sunday night

Mike Williams Every 1st & 3rd Friday

Cord Carpenter played SandFest last Saturday. Just to state the obvious… we’ve made it through Spring Break and now SandFest and Memorial Day is less than four weeks away. This time between SandFest and Memorial Day is usually considered to be a lull period but I’m sensing (if the weather cooperates) that it’s pretty much “game on” from now to Labor Day. If the upcoming live music calendar is any barometer, I’d say there’s no looking back. SandFest came off with the typical weather interruption we’ve come to expect right in the middle of the event (last year the beach was evacuated and the music tent blew down). After the mini-hurricane late Saturday night, the powers that be extended the judging for a couple hours for the sculptors to go into damage control and by Sunday afternoon, all of the sculptures were looking marvelous. I hung out at the music tent all weekend and heard some of the best our local music scene has to offer: The Ones, Rich Lockhart, Melissa Brooks, Hy Eddleman, Raeanne Reed, etc, but also heard some real surprises. The Cord Carpenter Band from Austin was super. We’re going to bring them back to Giggity’s for the Fourth of July. They ended up playing for a couple of extra hours when a couple of bands “no-showed” on us. Keep an eye out for these guys: Cord Carpenter… they’re hot! All in all, I’d say it was a successful SandFest. The event director, Arnold Govella, told me that it was even busier than last year’s fest. Port A is flat on fire these days!

Island Moon

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Smoking on Patio Only 1023 State Highway 361 + Port Aransas, TX + (361) 749-5637

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5009 Hwy 361 Port A @ Cinnamon Shores

Nightly Seafood Specials

important part of our community. They promised to send me pictures for our “Traveling Moon” along their way. I will stay in touch with them through the summer and let Betty & Bert you know how they are doing. God speed my friends. It makes me sad to see you leave.

Next weekend… Next weekend, on Friday, May 10th, teenage powerhouse, Samantha Aiken and Rodeo Drive will be at Giggity’s, Stevie Start will be at Shorty’s, Shelley King (Austin, TX) will be


Austin Heat will play the Back Porch on May 10th.

This weekend… OK folks, hang on tight… there’s a lot to tell you about. On Friday, May 3rd, The Ones will be at Giggity’s and Larry Joe Taylor will be at the Back Porch. Also, one of the oldest and coolest guys on the island, Leslie Willey, Sr., will be playing at Shorty’s. Willey (as we call him) first played Shorty’s in 1958 and hasn’t played there since 1969. You may know Willey from the Gaff, where he plays most of the beltsander races. It is an honor to have him back on Shorty’s stage. He’s a one man show and definitely part of our island’s history. Welcome back Willey! On Saturday, May 4th, we have a run with guys with three names… first, the nicest guy in country music, Will Owen Gage Thomas Michael Riley, will play Giggity’s will play the Back Porch, this Friday. journeyman troubadour Stuart Michael Burns will be at Shorty’s and multi-instrumentalist, Will Owen Gage will be at Giggity’s. Gage is a young man who first started playing professionally at the ripe old age of 11. He’s one of the hottest and most sought after sideman (guitar and drums) on the circuit and this will be our first look at him in the frontman role.

at Dr. Rockits and the incredible Austin Heat will be at the Back Porch. Austin Heat is one high energy funk and rock band with vocalist Brian Scartocci, who was on the TV show, The Voice. Take my advice here folks and DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!! This is a great band. On Saturday, May 11th, the Godfather of Austin Soul, W.C. Clark will play the Back Porch, Antone & the All Stars will be at Giggity’s, the great bluegrass band, Get Off the Lawn will be at Shorty’s… that’s a MUST SEE, Jimmy LaFave will be at the Third Coast Theater and the tribute to Dave Bottlehead Miller will be at the Tarpon Ice House. Bottlehead’s tribute will be at 5 p.m. so I hope everyone will be able to stop by. L. Leon Sands is spearheading this event and assembling musicians to play in Dave’s honor so I’m sure it will be killer. On the horizon, The Tarpon Music Bash, Los Fabulocos, Jesse Dayton, Ruben Limas, The Songwriter Showcase, Three Way Street, Dynamics Reunion, Gary P. Nunn, Todd Dorn, Hold Fast Fables, Buster Jiggs, Mandy Rowden, Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Mike Milligan, Mike Blakely, King Pelican, Freddy Steady Krc and Cam King. Stay tuned!

And that’s the truth!

Live Music


Thursday, May 2 Rockin’ Blues All Night @ Dr. Rockits Free Beer Band @ Tarpon Ice House Vampires John Eric @ Island Italian Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Mon-Sat Friday, May 3 The Ones @ Giggity’s Leslie Willey @ Shorty’s Larry Joe Taylor @ Back Porch Time Pilots @ Executive Surf Club Mike Williams (5-7) @ Tarpon Ice House Ink Slingers Ball @ House of Rock Spazmatics @ Brewster Street Cruise Control @ South Texas Ice House Ken Barnett @ Coffee Waves Someone Like You @ Dr. Rockits Chris Saenz @ Scuttlebutt’s Saturday, May 4 Thomas Michael Riley @ Back Porch Will Owen Gage Trio @ Giggity’s Stuart Michael Burns @ Shorty’s Stevie Start @ Coast Club Ryan Bingham, Wild Feathers @ Brewster Street Paul Renna @ Executive Surf Club Mike Williams @ Bangkok Star Collie Buddz, Cris Cab, New Kingston @ House of Rock Ryan Bingham, Wild Feathers @ Brewster Street Pink Floyd Ultimate Light & Sound @ American Bank Center Jesse Lopez acoustic @ South Texas Ice House Spark In the Dark @ Coffee Waves Another Level @ Dr. Rockits Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Sunday, Cinco de Mayo Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Latin Talk @ Executive Surf Club Open Jam w/ Uel Jackson @ Tarpon Ice House Tumble Dry Low @ Bernie’s Beach House Open Jam @ Neptune’s John Eric Open Mic @ South Texas Ice House House Blend, Flatbroke @ Dr. Rockits Robert Brown @ Scuttlebutt’s

Monday, May 6 Mike Williams @ Tarpon Ice House Open Mic @ Coffee Waves Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Doctor Rockits John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s


10am- 2am Sun Noon- 2am Ray T & the City Crew Every Friday


May 3

Thomas Michael Riley

May 4

Austin Heat W.C. Clark

May 10 May 11

Los Fabulocos

May 17

Jesse Dayton

May 18

132 W. , Port Aransas,TX

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(361) 749 - 5333 Fishing, Pole Rentals, Beer, Burgers, Wings

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Tuesday, May 7 Open Mic @ House of Rock Reno & the Groovegetters @ Dr. Rockits Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Three Days Grace, p.o.d., The Hunger, In this Money @ Concrete Street Wednesday, May 8 Stuart Burns @ Tarpon Ice House Vulgar Display of Power, Refueled @ House of Rock Pluto’s Orbit @ Dr. Rockits Blake Sparx@ Scuttlebutt’s Thursday, May 9 Rockin’ Blues All Night @ Dr. Rockits Free Beer Band @ Tarpon Ice House John Eric @ Island Italian STUF Slam Film Event @ House of Rock Wade Bowen, Matt Caldwell @ Brewster Street David & Barbara Brown @ Coffee Waves Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Friday, May 10 Austin Heat @ Back Porch Samantha Aiken & Rodeo Drive @ Giggity’s Stevie Start @ Shorty’s Mike Williams @ Bangkok Star Bertha, Mama Tried @ House of Rock KISS Tribute Band @ Brewster Street Five Card Draw @ South Texas Ice House Shelly King @ Dr. Rockits Michael Burts @ Scuttlebutt’s Saturday, May 11 W.C. Clark @ Back Porch Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Get Off the Lawn @ Shorty’s Day Bottlehead Miller Memorial (5 PM) @ Tarpon Ice House Stevie Start @ Coast Club Jimmy Lafave @ Third Coast Theater Mike Williams @ Bangkok Star

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May 2, 2013 Section B

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