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March 8, 2012

Photo by Brent Rourk

The Island That Launches 50,000 Lobster Tans Every Spring Break

Around The Island

By Dale Rankin

Spring Break is upon us. Between the traffic on North Padre and the smothering police presence in Port A there is little wiggle room left for us locals. We hide in the Ski Basin, we repair to our decks and docks, we slide down to Kleberg County and hope for the best. We avoid the Stipes at SPID and 361 as Spring Breakers jam the aisles buying Slim Jims and beer. We avoid NoPac where strangers with pet snakes wrapped around their necks and lobster tans wander the sand telling us lurid tales of campfires run amok and cars stuck in the sand and eaten by the sea. Last year was the first time ever when the crowds at SH 361 and Zahn Road grew so large that cars were parked three deep on the west side of the road and police had to stop traffic to let them cross to the beach side. It was the second year in a row that police had to block traffic trying to get on the beach at Access Road 3 because the beach was so crowded there was no room left to park. We want to thank the local Bays and Estuaries Program for paying for the rolling dumpsters at the beach entrances. That’s where the couches and pallets full of nails go when people try to drive onto the beach with them. Without the dumpsters most likely the items that end up in them would have to be picked up on the beach after the fact. So take heart fellow Islanders. April is just around the corner when the weather is good and the Spring Breakers are home nursing the aftermath of their lobster tans. So far March has come in like a lamb and even if it goes out like a lion fair weather is just beyond the event horizon.

Another invasion As the momentum for development on The Island has picked up steam we are starting to see some reaction from carpetbaggers and locals alike. A couple of condo developments on The Island have recently changed their policy to allow for single-night stays rather than only in much long increments. It is a phenomenon also seen in the New Braunfels area near the existing Schlitterbahn park. Accommodations big enough for entire families to stay in one contiguous unit are at a premium.

Next Publication Date: 3/15/2012

Aquarius Project on Schedule, Packery Dredging Complete Editor’s note: Several projects on The Island are moving forward and some are nearing completion. Here is a partial list. Aquarius Street Extension. This is the completion of Aquarius Street from Dasmarinas to Commodores streets that was approved by voters in 2008. Construction began late last year and is progressing quickly. Here is a brief history of the project and an update. A construction was contract awarded by City Council in November Haas Anderson company for $1,303,865.60. Contractor began work on December 15, 2011. Construction time estimated at 170 calendar days for a June 2 completion, that date is still the target date and looks to be attainable. Currently crews are installing underground utilities. So far they have completed installation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention measures including underground pipes, are currently installing 16” and 8” water line. Have also installed and hydro tested 8” force main, and are currently installing 24” line. All underground work is expected to be done by the end of March as scheduled. At that time work will begin on the roadway itself. That work should take about ninety days.

Dredging was done by Apollo Environmental Strategies at a cost of $1,757,655.00. By early February 135,000 cubic yards of sand had been dredged from the channel and placed on Michael J. Ellis Beach in front of the seawall via a slurry line. The process was complicated by rocks along the bottom of the basin/channel due to movement by Hurricane Ike. By contract the dredge had to be removed by Spring Break. As of last week the contractor is demobilizing and removing the dredge pipe from the beach and is in the process of surveying the channel to see if the project goals have been met or if more dredging may be needed later in the year. So far 215,000 cubic yards of sand has been moved. Repairs to Gypsy Bridge. A problem with the Gypsy Bridge was found in July and a temporary steel plate was placed atop the southbound travel lane. A “bump ahead” sign was installed to alert motorists. The city is in the process of letting a bid for repairs but so far no firm timetable is set.

April 12

We welcome them and wish them the best. But the words of Mike Ellis do come to mind. He was fond of saying “There are many people who will help us eat the bread. But who was there to help us when we baked the bread?” Remember who helped us bake the bread.

Catch the Drum largely We’ve had several reports of late of big drum being caught in the Intracoastal hereabouts. And we mean BIG drum; as in 70-plus pounds. We ran a photo in the last issue of one of them but since then have had reports of at least two more of that size being pulled from the Intracoastal. English Mike caught a whopper on crab last week that almost sent him to the Fisherman’s Emergency Room after fighting it for an hour. It must be seasonal because we had the same thing happen last year about this time.

Padre Island Showcase Don’t forget the first Padre Island Showcase Around the Island Continued on A 4

Crews are making good progress on the Aquarius Extension project. Subsurface work is almost done and work has begun on the roadway.

Packery Channel Dredging and Beach Re-Nourishment. Dredging in the Packery Channel began in late 2011. The dredging was the first major re-dredging of the channel since its construction in 2005 and was due to sand deposited by Hurricane Ike.

Projects Update Continued on A4

We also hear that an investor from up Austin/ San Marcos way has bought into the Fairway Condos over by the Country Club in a large way. It’s the first of the carpetbaggers who will be coming our way once development plans on The Island firm up.

Year 15, Issue 413

Update on Island Projects

Alternative Water Supply to the Island. The city is currently conducting studies to determine the best way to bring a new water supply line to The Island. Since the 1970s when development began on The Island the sole source of water has been a line which runs parallel to the JFK Causeway and supplies both North Padre and Port Aransas. According to city documents

Examples of traffic on the Island during spring break

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Public Meeting Set for Park Road Water Exchange Bridge and New Island Canal By Dale Rankin The City of Corpus Christi has scheduled a public meeting to provide information on the construction of the Proposed Park Road 22 Water Exchange Bridge and adjacent canal which would connect the planned Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort and Beachwalk development with the Island canal system, Lake Padre and the Gulf of Mexico. Along with the bridge the meeting will cover plans by Developer Paul Schexnailder to dig a new 5,647-foot canal that would connect the north end of the existing Cruiser Canal (behind the German Bakery) to the new development and through the bridge to the Gulf of Mexico. The entire development would run from Commodores on the west, across what is now the Padre Isles Country Club and continue on east of SPID into Lake Padre. The proposed bridge would allow for boats and water from Packery Channel via Lake Padre to reach the existing Island canal system. The project was approved by voters in a 2004 bond election but funded only at $1.4 million. Currently the City Council has agreed in principle to fund the bridge but has not specifically voted to do Bridge Continued on A 4

Dredging is complete at Packery Channel. The beach has been greatly widened by the dredge sand just in time for Spring Break. The beach at the south end of the seawall is now wide enough for traffic to get past the abutment that sticks out toward the water.

Dates Set for Primary Election Cycle

As ordered by the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division, the 2012 Republican and Democratic Primary Elections will be held May 29, 2012. Per the Court’s Order, the runoff for the May 29, 2012 Primary Election is scheduled for July 31, 2012. The Court’s Order can be found at “I am pleased Texas voters and candidates now have certainty when the 2012 primary and runoff elections will be held in Texas,” said Secretary of State Hope Andrade. “I urge all voters who want to make their mark on Texas by casting a ballot in these critical primary elections to verify they are registered to vote, by visiting Texans who are eligible, but not yet registered will find the necessary information directing them how they can become registered voters.” Additional key dates in the 2012 Primary Election cycle either included in the Court’s Order or the result of the Order: CANDIDATE FILING PERIOD





(If not a previously registered voter) July 2, 2012


March 2, 2012 – March 9, 2012

For more information on Texas elections and voter registration, please visit www.VoteTexas. gov.




April 30, 2012

Scuttlebutts Pie Eating Contest

A 2

Gone Fishin’

Island Moon

Seashore Stampede

March 8, 2012

Spring Break Fishing Capt. Joey Farah (361) 442-8145 We are now in the state of mind and occupancy of SPIRNG BREAK!! Along with lines of cars, booming car stereos, sandy feet at the convenience store, and yes the sweet smell of coco butter, fishing has broken out in an explosion of excitement at the same time. The next few weeks will offer some of the best spring fishing opportunities of the year. Winds will howl, there will be some rain, and yes we will get some nice sunny spring weather too. As for the fishing we have a few different opportunities that will let local anglers get away from the hustle around the island and escape or entertain friends and family in from out of town. So let me bait you up with a fish story or two and get you out on the water.

Catching fish close bye in the Upper Laguna Madre has been fun and easy. Fishermen that have been using live shrimp, crabs, and sea lice have continued to battle BIG BULL DRUM from the Intracoastal canal. For friends from out of town this is a show stopper. These big black drum are between 30 and 50inches and up to thirty pounds. They travel up the deep channels in the Lagoon on there way south for the spawn. Bottom fishing with medium to heavy tackle will work best and heavy monofilament leaders of 30lb will keep anglers from breaking off, yet allow the bait to rest above the matted sea weed on the bottom. Ask any of our local Marinas out

off. For anglers with nice boats but unsure of taking them out into the shallow flats or among the rocks in Baffin Bay a good guided trip to the Land Cut can make sure that the rest of your season on your own will be a good one.

On March 2, the students and staff of Seashore Learning Center dressed up in their finest western wear to celebrate the 7th Annual Lone Star Stampede in honor of Texas Independence Day. The students tried their hand at cattle roping, ring tossing, relay races and various field games. Coach Gabe Fernandez worked with the students for a month teaching them how to do the “Two Step”. Cowboy hats in place and boots ready to go, the students dazzled the crowd by showing off their dance moves. Photos by Brandy Bullis

Casting At A Dream My lips were burning from the sun, salt, and wind. I could have walked back to the boat as I could see my fishermen hunched over and movements slowed with fatigue. The moon was up in the sky and the setting sun flirted with the tree line of the King Ranch Shoreline. Every glowing sand spot had produced at least one Speck in the last few hours yet with the burning setting sun it was getting hard to make them out in the glare. Mullet by the thousands were jumping and mingling around on the surface catching the last few rays of warmth before the sun set and the full moon rose. They would need all the energy they could get to stay alive tonight. I took a moment to take it all in, the gulls singing about all the shrimp, the wind calling off all the anglers looking for that perfect calm fishing day. I saw boats rushing back to the lights of the Bluff before dark. I thought about what is so right in our world has no barring on the ocean. This evening was perfect, I was on time for the bite. My casts were outstretched by my friend the wind falling just past pockets of huddled mullet. Time and time again I felt the THUMP of the strike erupt through my WATERLOO ROD. Each time I turned and took a step back setting the hook I watching flared gills throw white water against the orange and gold surface. Mullet scattered as each trout dived and bolted to the side. At the peak of the action I saw a small school of finger mullet cresting a wave against the inferno sky. They moved together quickly, but with no where to hide. Just as the wave crested white water like a rolling wave on the beach I saw I big shadow surf the swell underneath them. Like a great shark following its prey the trout was hunting the small pack of victims. I quickly threw ahead of the mullet and as the lure glided down beneath them I thought maybe it was the sun in my eyes, maybe wishfully thinking, a dream… The line went limp and I couldn’t feel my jig head bounce against the rod tip. The big trout ran strait into the wind as she gulped the small paddle tail. I took up the line and stepped back bringing a thrashing head to the surface. She dove then breached the water flipping tail over head. She was angry, and the line wined like a violin as she fought against the drag. As she came to hand I touched and stroked her sides and calmed the fight into a encounter. That was enough, my day was done. The dream was true and the evening was perfect.

The Travelling Moon

What the hey?! John White called the other day and said a sign had gone up directing people looking for Beach Access Road 3 and Jason Luby Park to head over toward the waster water treatment plant at the end of Whitecap. Boy what a letdown that would be for the 50,000 people who will enter the beach at Beach Access Road 3 next week. Can you imagine the traffic jam at the end of Whitecap? Not to mention the disappointment of thinking you are heading for the beach only to wind up with a nice view of a settling pond.

Bestsy Bowen took the Moon to Panama City for Spring Break and stood in front of a wacky building

Spring Break Spawning

on the Island for help they are all very nice and eager to help you learn what is best for tackle. Live shrimp is readily available and working well for anglers drifting with popping corks across the flats south of Pure Oil Channel. Pin perch are still too thick to productively use live shrimp in the upper reaches of the Lagoon. In Baffin Bay drifting over the many rock piles has been unbelievable for a mixed bag of reds, trout, drum, and sheep head. Windy days turn on the redfish and limits of big reds and some nice drum have been daily business on my boat the last few weeks.

The Land Cut Turn south in the Intracoastal canal and run 37miles from the JFK bridge and you enter the Land Cut. This is a unique area that is very remote and far removed from any boat ramp or gas pump. The area was once a large shallow area of the Laguna Madre. The digging of the Intracoastal dropped the water off of the shallow flats into the channel as well as the dredge material formed dikes along the side. Now the area serves as a “FISH HIGHWAY” as schools of bait and game fish migrate through the funnel from Port Mansfield towards the rich waters of Baffin Bay. The ride down to the Land Cut can be long and rough for boaters in small boats or without knowledge of the easy ways around the rough water. Once you are there the protected waters can be the perfect all day hide away out of the wind. We have been getting there early and fishing till close to 11am. Breaking for bathroom breaks and fresh fried fish on the boat while tied up to one of the many fishing cabins there. After a small break we are on it again and many times have been limiting out on black drum, some reds, and some of the first migrating speckled trout. Whiting have been filling our boxes here as well, one of our best eating fish with no size or bag limit. The Land Cut is a special place where young anglers or fishermen who can’t and don’t want to battle the wind all day can still have a super catching day with the chance to catch a trophy of a lifetime. At first glance the Land Cut seems to be only a strait channel, look for small abnormalities along the edge. Note any large grassy areas, as shrimp and baitfish will hide there just out of reach of hungry game fish. Concentrate on side channels and areas where you can see current ripping around any change in the channel. If fish are actively feeding once you are in a good spot fish will continue to swim by in schools. If things are slow set your anchor fish for thirty minutes then when things die out make a small move to another set of fish. Working the edge of the west side of the channel with lures can be great fun, drifting or using a trolling motor can make it easy to slide down the edge picking fish off along the drop-

Just as spring breakers young and old will be getting frisky these next few weeks so are the fish. Temperatures have been warming up and putting everyone in the mood. Look for March to be the first of the four months of spawning action for Speckled Trout. Gravely sand pockets are where they like to do their business close to stands of sea grass. Target these areas with soft plastics, top waters, and live shrimp under popping corks. My clients and I have continued to smash out great boxes of trout throwing soft plastics. NORTON BULL MINNOWS in natural color patterns have out fished everything I’ve thrown. Pumkinseed/ chartruse has been my favorite color, with black/chartreuse coming in second in dirty water. Lunar times have played an important roll in the time of day we catch the larger fish but all day action has been the norm. I’ve had many anglers in the last few weeks discover fishing with artificial, now is a great time. Clear water conditions, lots of hungry trout, and sunny skies breaking us all out of our “cabin fever” is all the excuse you need. Wade fishing has been excellent this last week with trout really turning on with top waters. Searching the shallows slowly, intensely watching your plug, and becoming the bait. Explosive strikes and surface thrashing has caught more than fish, stole the hearts of anglers as well. With lower tides experienced fishermen should wade deeper and farther out from the beach as normal. Target sand pockets with brighter than normal “glow” these are the pockets with the gravely sand trout are gathering up in for the spawn. The next three weeks will see many spring breakers out and about and will surely push many of our Island residents to get out and enjoy their Spring as well. I plan on taking advantage of the busy season as well and will be running two trips a day some days so anyone who has some family r friends in town, or just may be ready to learn a bit more about fishing their backyard give me a shout. DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN ON THAT FREASH WHITE SKIN!!!! Keep those lines tight.

No, your other left!

The Canalligator hasn’t been seen for more than two weeks now.

Well, the sign has been fixed now so everything is fine. But it was touch and go there for a while.

Island Woman Boutique has moved into their new location in the Tower center in Port Aransas. Stop by to check out their extensive selection of jewelry, clothing and accessories

March 8, 2012

Island Moon

Stuff I heard on the Island

By Dale Rankin

The first unavoidable clue was when I saw a $600,000 Texas Highway Patrol boat going down SPID on a trailer. When I checked around I found out that the entire boat is covered in bulletproof Kevlar and is equipped with four mounted machine guns, two .50 caliber sniper rifles, 9 mm submachine guns, and a grenade launcher. A grenade launcher for crying out loud! Those guys are not out looking for people not wearing life jackets. But even so, in the absence of any hard evidence it was still possible to ignore the signs that, yes, we do in fact live smack dab in the middle of a smuggling lane. For years we’ve heard scattered stories of how law enforcement has cameras or infrared devices or sound sensors or other gear down on the National Seashore to keep an eye out for smugglers. The wreck of the Nicaragua down south of Little Shell is still a rusting reminder of our nearness to Mexico and all that goes on in the Borderland. With its aging boiler still visible in the surf at low tide the wreck has given rise to lurid stories of gun running and worse since it ran aground there in 1913 during the Mexican Revolution.

Smugglers Road A few years ago I was sitting in the old Moon office with Mike when the phone rang and we took off for PINS at breakneck Moon speed – that’s regular fast only with a stop at Stripes for a supply of Coors Light for Mike in case it turned into a long standoff. We headed down to Smugglers Road which is the last beach access road before you reach the security shack at PINS; so called because it was said to be a favorite of smugglers who landed their wares on the beach then drove them north and didn’t want to have their picture taken at the park checkpoint. Mike and I had often sat around there looking for nefarious activity to no avail except for occasionally seeing a few naked men we had rather not have seen. But this day the place was alive with short-haired men in black cars with guns strapped to their sides. There was great commotion but little in the way of hard information. The feds on the scene weren’t talking so we waded into the gathering crowd and started asking questions. We soon found out that agents from two different federal agencies had been staking out

The story goes that soon after Mickey Bats left The Island neighbors were cooking on their deck one evening when a boatload of guys pulled up to Mickey’s old house in a boat and pried the sliding door open. When they left the curious neighbors looked inside to find a large hole cut in the sheetrock; the former hiding place of things unknown. Mike told me to go find out what happened and after a few phone calls I discovered that it wasn’t the feds what done it. I told Mike, “I’d write a story if it was the feds that went in there but I’m not crossing a bunch of guys with crooked noses.” It was a story unwritten until now.

Soft underbelly So we all know that indeed our Island does have its soft underbelly but when we’re sitting out there in the beautiful sunshine with our ice chest and yappy dogs it’s easy to just overlook all that. That is until last Monday morning.

A law enforcement person – alternately told as a Game Warden, a federal agent, or a police officer called in by a curious beachwalking citizen – drove along the dark beach when he saw some activity that drew his attention. He turned his spotlight on the scene and lit up some guys in a boat driven up on the beach and some other guys loading large packages into a truck. The men in the truck threw up their hands and the guys in the boat poured on the power and disappeared. Bales of marijuana were seized and a helicopter was called in to look for the boat but after hours of looking it had vanished into thin air. It was a brazen and rawboned way to smuggle. Most of the stories that make their way around The Island involve smugglers who deliver their goods to a designated spot on PINS in the dark of night and bury it in the sand. Then later, using GPS numbers supplied to them, others drive out there and dig up the cache for transportation to points unknown.

Mud flattin’

Here’s a possibility; since the drought has left a lot of loose sand on the south end of PINS and since the speed limit has been dropped from 25 to 15 mph during much of the year there it The Nicaragua in better days has meant that very few hardy fisherpersons go that far south. the road at the same time, unbeknownst to each Smugglers like deserted stretches of beach and other. Each group became suspicious of the if they can get their product across the Island other and attempts at arrests were made. “Put and onto the mainland there they would have your hands up!” “No, you put your hands up!” successfully dodged the Customs checkpoint Accusations flew. Tempers flared. Shots were on the main highway in Sarita. Hence the tire exchanged. Then someone in the shootout tracks in the mud flats. I’m just saying. realized that both cars there on Smugglers Road I recently heard the story of a woman who that day had tax exempt federal license plates on has regular business on the King Ranch which them. “Cease fire! Everybody’s the good guys” makes up most of the land on the mainland just came the shout, and the guns of the Battle of across the Laguna from the back of the Island. Smugglers Road fell silent no doubt generating For years she went about her business out in the reams of downstream federal paperwork still wilds of the ranch by herself with no problem. nicely tucked away in a file cabinet somewhere But now when she goes out there it is with two in a building in our nation’s capitol. armed guards.

So while we didn’t actually see any real smugglers the ubiquitous presence of the federal agents was a good indication that there were indeed smugglers around. Then there were the stories of a certain house on Lake Padre where fast boats with rumbling engines were said to make middle-of-the night visits, and a federal bust in an Island hotel where members of a Mexican drug gang were arrested during a dope for guns deal. But they were just tales.

Hole in the wall gang There were also various stories of Islanders with storied pasts who landed on The Island at the behest of the Federal Witness Protection Program; a former dancer from St. Louis who was a mob moll, a fishing guide originally from Ft. Lauderdale who landed with more than trout in his boat, and the mysterious Mickey Bats who opened a meat market on The Island before moving into a large house owned by the feds along with other alleged members of the Bonanno family with names like Nicky Mouth, Bobby Ha Ha, Petey Boxcars, and Manny from the Bronx.

The Spring Break Escape to go shopping at the outlet malls in San Marcos is still on. We’re taking a bus load of shoppers to the 300-plus stores at the Outlet mall there on Saturday, March 17, the dark heart of the Spring Break invasion. We’re also making a return trip to Progreso, Mexico the following week on Saturday, March 24. The cost for both is $50, cheaper than driving. To go contact Beachside Adventures by e-mail at, or sign up online at, or call them at 361 589-9650.

The Black Sheep Bistro is expanding to the space next door with a new tapas and wine bar called The Barrel. Construction should start in the next couple of weeks.

Or you can stop by the Moon office and we’ll help you out. Mexico and discount malls, is this a great Island or what?

Now keep in mind that no one is talking on the record so the only way to get “facts” here is by hearsay, innuendo, and tall tales. Like the basement in the Dallas Police Department that fateful day when Lee Harvey Oswald met his maker, if everyone who says they were there was actually there both that basement and the beach south of Bob Hall Pier early Monday would be very crowded places. That said here goes.

In fact, there is currently a study going on to define the damage done to the mud flats on the back of PINS by tire tracks. Now you have to ask yourself who would want to drive on the mud flats on the back of PINS and why are there more people doing it now than in the past?

We sat there on the hood of Mike’s Explorer, he sipping Coors Light and giggling, me trying to take notes on a sandblasted notepad with the pages flapping in the breeze and a pen that wouldn’t work as all the black cars with exempt federal license plates roared off down Smugglers Road.

Spring Break Shopping Escape


Hide in plain sight But our Bob Hall Smugglers were not such stealthy fellows. They just figured they would hide in plain sight and might have gone undetected had they taken into consideration that our Winter Texan friends like to get up before the crack of dawn for their beachwalks. I’m thinking there’s the makings of a situation comedy in there somewhere. You know like when Gilligan and the Skipper came across those leftover Japanese soldiers who thought the war was still going on, something like that only with machine guns. So the next time I’m sitting on my deck just before dawn and I see a little ole boat with no lights silently making its way up the main canal I’ll have a little harder time telling myself it’s just a fisherperson making his way home after a night of angling. And the next time I see a law enforcement boat with mounted machine guns I won’t be able to tell myself it’s just for show. The fact is that we do live in the Nueces Strip where barely a century ago only a fool went about without a sidearm and we are still just a figurative stone’s throw from Mexico, which as the Mexicans say is “so close to America, so far from God.” And that’s just some Stuff I Heard On The Island. I’m just saying.

Chicken Bingo at the Gaff in Port Aransas is a Spring Break tradition.

Ruben V will play at the Back Porch in Port Aransas on Satuday March 10th.

The Sheehan Company

Custom Residential Painting & Deck Restoration Padre Island’s Finest Painting Company Offers State of The Art Interior and Exterior Painting Deck Refinishing & Restoration with Behr Premium Deck Stains. All Horizontal Surfaces are Sanded Smooth. Power Washing - Roofs Included Custom Tile, Granite Countertops, Expert Carpentry, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting ● Free Estimates ● Island References ● No deposit required ● Payment upon completion ● Full Insurance ● All work unconditionally guaranteed.

361-461-5144 Island Resident-Brooks J. Sheehan

A 4

Projects Update Continued from A1 the line is a 24” main, however, a recent study which included running a video camera through the line showed it to be a 44” line. Original plans called for a new line to run from Yorktown Road in Flour Bluff to a point near Sea Pines on The Island. However, when the estimated cost of the line increased from $14 million to $42 that plan was scrapped and instead a water tower was built near the end of Sea Pines to address water pressure problems. A study on the need for a new line was completed in January, 2012, and talks are currently underway to clear right of way. The study has determined that the best and most cost-effective solution is to build a redundant line in the same right of way as the existing line. Packery Channel Restroom Facilities. Talks are currently underway to construct restrooms on south side of Packery Channel. Original cost was estimated at $1.4 million due to regulations that call for the buildings to be raised at least eleven feet above grade to avoid flooding. At the suggestion of the Island Stragetic Action Committee this plan was shelved and in its place a plan was begun to build portable facilities

Island Moon The Tarpon Ice House Presents

which can be moved when hurricanes threaten. This lowered the cost from $1.4 million per facility to about $45,000 each. Project design is scheduled to begin in the spring of this year. Billings and Clem’s Boat Ramp Improvements (adjacent to JFK Bridge) The project to raise and pave the parking lot adjacent to the JFK Bridge was paid for by Texas Parks and Wildlife, SEA, the Texas General Land Office, a private developer, and the city.

The public meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10, at the Seashore Learning Center, 15801 SPID from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. It will be an open house format with a variety of materials available for public viewing. Members of the planning team for the project will be present to answer questions. The public will have the opportunity to submit comments on the projects before, during, and after the meeting that will be included in the public record for the project. To make comments before the meeting, verbal or written, contact Mary. T. Kelly at Raba Kistner Environmental, Inc. 12821 W. Golden

The idea is to showcase our Island lifestyle and bring people out to Island businesses. It’s a benefit for the Island Beautification Trust. To get involved call Mary Lou White over at Coldwell Banker at 361-960-9460 or e-mail her at It’s an idea whose time has come and April is the time to do it.

The Swamp Romp is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2012 beginning at 3:00 p.m. at the Tarpon Ice House in Downtown Port Aransas,

On February 7 a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant of $600,000 was approved for the project. Bidding expected in May, with beginning of construction planned for September/ October 2012 with three months estimated for completion.

Lane, San Antonio, TX 78249. By fax send to 210 699-6426, or by e-mail to mkelly@rkci. com . Written comments can be submitted through Friday, April 20. If you wish to attend the meeting and have special needs, wheelchair, visually impaired, etc, contact Mary Kelly at 210 699-9090 by April 2. City staff applied for a TIGER grant of $12.5 million in October which would be used to pay for the bridge as well as to raise SPID from Whitecap to the foot of the JFK Bridge as part of a hurricane evacuation safety route. It is anticipated it will take about one year to compete the bridge once approval and funding is done. Current plans call for the project to go out to bids in November 2012. The City is currently awaiting information on traffic flow along SPID from TxDot which is expected by the April meeting. In the past TxDot has said that approximately 26,000 cars per day use the road.

from work to go fishing and they pull them over in droves. So keep it to 35. Spring Break is upon us and we’ll see you on the other side. In the meantime say hello if you see us Around The Island.

Trivia Question of the Fortnight

Spring Break speed trap Remember to look out for the annual Spring Break Speed Trap along Whitecap on Thursdays and/or Fridays. The PD assigns a lot of officers to The Island for Spring Break but during the weekdays leading up to the busy weekends there are more officers than scufflaws on the beach so the officers with time on their hands run radar on Whitecap somewhere right around Gypsy. It’s usually motorcycle cops in the mid to late afternoon when locals are rushing home

Sponsored by the Island Moon Newspaper It’s Cajun! It’s Zydeco! The Louisiana Swamp Romp & Gumbo Cookoff is all about the music and the food!

Texas. It’s all about the music and food. All are invited to join in the Coastal Bend’s largest celebration of everything from the bayou.

Around the Island Continued from A1 on Friday and Saturday, April 28-29, the Moon is the sponsor and it will feature a home tour that begins at 1 p.m. and can be attended by car, boat, or golf cart. and will end with a vendor showcase at the gym at Seashore Middle Academy.

The Louisiana Swamp Romp & Gumbo Cook-Off

Construction of boat ramps at the site is complete along with the bulkheading of the south end to prevent flooding. Permits are in place to begin the last phase of the project which will provide about100 parking spots for vehicles and trailers both in the lot and under the bridge. Final construction documents are in place including Corp of Engineers permit.

Bridge Continued from A1 so or identified specific funding. The current estimated cost of the bridge is $8.1 million. A design contract was awarded by City Council to Urban Engineering in October. Plans call for the bridge to have a clearance of 14 feet from waterline to the bridge for boat passage and is to be constructed of two concrete arches that would provide walkways for pedestrian and golf cart passage under the roadway.

March 8, 2012

Is there a road on The Island which has one speed limit going one direction and another speed limit going the opposite direction?

Gumbo Cook-Off:

3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Gumbo Cook-Off Tasting/Judgin

5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Gumbo Cook-Off Awards

6:00 p.m.

Swamp Romp Music Opening Act TBA Headline Act: Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones

7:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

Admission to event:


(Children under 12 years FREE)

Applications for entry in the Gumbo Cook-Off will be accepted through April 1, 2012. A limit of 20 entries are available. Entry fee for Gumbo Cook-Off is $25.00. Each Gumbo Cook-Off participant must supply their own tables, chairs, propane, equipment, serving instruments signage, trash cans, and all necessary food. Gumbo Cook-Off participants will be supplied with a 10x10 foot space for set up. Additional space is available for an additional fee. Crawfish, crawfish and more crawfish. Crawdads will be available for sale at the Tarpon Ice House from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. or until they run out. Arts & Crafts booths will be available on a limited basis. Application deadline is March 15, 2012. Booth spaces are limited to a 10x10 foot area. Booth fee is $75.00. All items sold must be approved in advance at the time of application and payment. All items must be in good taste. Preference will be given to Cajun, Louisiana, and Mardi Gras items.

Spring Break Music Splash in Aransas Pass Spring Break is on the horizon and the small coastal town of Aransas Pass, Texas is making plans for their guests that will spend their spring break vacations here, on the Texas Gulf Coast starting the weekend of March 9th.

Seth Candan performs.

The Spring Break Splash Concert Music Festival on Saturday, March 10th rounds up some of Texas’s Country Music’s top acts to celebrate spring break, including Bart Crow Band & award-nominated Seth Candan along with Cory Morrow, known for his high-energy, singing and strumming. He is a huge part of the Red Dirt music scene.

Texas Country Music Legend Cory Morrow takes the stage for the finale. This County Music Artists loves performing and has sold over 200,000 albums with hit singles such as “Lead Me On”, “21 Days” and “Nashville Blues”. Morrow’s latest single, reveals that the March 2011 birth of his son, Bear Allen Morrow, prompted him to record contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Matt Maher’s love song “Hold Us Together.”

At 3:00 p.m. the festival grounds will open with general-admission tickets to those that have ventured out for a little R&R on the beautiful Texas Gulf Coast to escape daily routines. The popular band Lyrical Bynge, kicks off the festivities playing classic rock and top 40 hits for the crowd. They are known for amusing original narratives such as “Last Night’s Hairdo” and twangy takes on everything from Janis Joplin to Lady Gaga. Seth Candan, from New Braunfels, is a Southern Rock, Texas Country band. They have been nominated for two 2011 Texas Music Awards, and Album of the Year for latest release “The Aftermath.” With the soul-searching harmonica solos and hit songs like “The Weekends Gone” you’ll be on your feet, when

As night falls, the Bart Crow Band from Austin storms the stage to with unfurling ardent guitar riffs across such barn-stomping anthems as “Wear My Ring” and “Forever.”

There will be plenty food, including fried fish and shrimp, shrimp tacos, fajitas, cheeseburgers and moose pies that go well with the beer and other refreshing drinks. Bring your folding chairs or rent one at the event. Spring Break Splash will be held at the Shrimporee grounds at the Community Park at 200 E. Johnson Avenue. Make plans for your Spring Break by calling the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce. They will assist you in getting your tickets for the concert and help you find lodging. Call the Chamber at (361) 7582750 or visit the website at www.aransaspass. org.

Johnny D’s

15605 SPID n 949-2500 Hours:

Open Tues- Sat 4:30 - 10 PM Sunday 4:30 - 9 PM Closed Monday

Happy Hour 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. $2.00 Pints

Located on Padre Island, Johnny D's offers Island dining at its best. Serving Corpus Christi with the freshest local seafood and culinary masterpieces, order the rack of lamb and you'll be calling your friends from the table! Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 4:30 to 10pm and Sunday 4:30 to 9pm

Full Service Bar Winter Texan Specials! Featuring 7 Draft Check Beers our website for more information Daily Features. Fresh Fish. on Tap

15600 SPID On the Island 949-2500 HOURS-Closed MONDAYS TUES-SAT 4:30 till 10:00 SUNDAY 4:30 till 9:00

We will cook your catch.

Great Daily Dinner Specials

Live music most Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

1/18/12 2:29 PM We can cook your catch!

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March 8, 2012

Island Moon

Letters to the Editor Beach Walks Editor’s note: We’ve had some questions of late about exactly how far it is from various landmarks on the beach. Since many people walk there and are interested in distances we were glad to get this response from reader J. Fielder. Here you go. Moon readers to the rescue! I thought you would never ask. Our son used his portable GPS a couple of years ago and came up with some distances between various points of a typical walk on the beach. The distances were in kilometers but I will change the values for those who are metrically challenged. Island House to the East end of the Packery Jetty 1.42 miles Seawall .81 miles Jetty end to end (before it was shortened for dredging .42 miles Jetty from shoreline to East end .24 miles Island House to Bob Hall Pier 1.25 miles I hope this will be of use to the serious walkers we see every day J. Fielder

Homestead tax cap for 65 & older Please Read Very important for seniors and disabled. Remember to vote AND look for this on the ballot. You must vote in May to keep the Homestead tax cap for 65 and over, even if you are not 65 yet. If you are a Texas homeowner then this is important to you. If not, it is important to your friends who are. I want to be sure you are aware of a constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot at the May election. It is an amendment to correct an error made by the lawmakers when they voted for a reduction in school property taxes in 2005. When the lawmakers voted for a one-third reduction in school property taxes beginning in 2006 and to be completed this year, they forgot about the homestead exemption for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The state constitution caps school property taxes for homeowners 65 years and older and those who are disabled. However, they DID NOT get the same reduction when the property tax cut for schools was voted on two years ago. So an amendment is on the May ballot to correct this error. The problem is that most voters who are younger than 65 or not disabled probably won’t even notice the amendment or care. PLEASE get out and vote for this amendment if not for yourself, then for your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends. We would really appreciate your getting the word out to all your friends and families to vote for this amendment. The fear is that with a low voter turnout, the amendment could very well not pass. So, please, please pass the word and VOTE for the constitutional amendment. Sally Smith

On the Rocks

Big Shell Beach Cleanup

Response to John Doyle

By Jay Gardener

To John Doyle, It took you 31 years to figure out your neighborhood stinks? Seems as if the depth of your shallowness is astounding! Take your “ & Friends” back to Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio or wherever else you would care to ruin with commercial development and talk about what a great Gov. Rick Perry is. A. Nonny , North of Port A

Schlitterbomb When I read about the nattering nabobs of negativity I thought that Spiro T. Anew had been resurrected and returned to live among us on The Island. But it was merely a letter by one John P. Doyle writing on behalf of himself and his friends. Seems that Johnny is one of them there sophisticated fellers. He bemoans the lack of “prime time entertainment” and our “current stone age conditions” Sounds like he would feel more comfortable living in an apartment overlooking Times Square than a canal. After all, he has a “lot of living to do”. Johnny may be some sort of gerontologist because he frets that our tranquil way of life may lead to our “subdued expiration”. Or maybe he’s just a mortuary science student at Del Mar. Versatile fellow that he is, our boy is also an amateur ornithologist. He eagerly anticipates “pelicans, cranes and birds who will perch themselves on the highest peaks of Schlitterbahn”. We should alert the Audubon Society about this exciting new avian sanctuary. I’m concerned that when Schlitterbahn opens every day in the summer will be like Spring Break. Two years ago I was in the parking lot of HEB in the Bluff when I saw that the traffic had backed up all the way there, some seven miles. I thought that an asteroid had hit Bob Hall Pier and awaited a tsunami to sweep me up to Calallen. But it was just an average day during Spring Break. But don’t get me wrong, Johnny. I’m not totally averse to getting Schlitterbombed. I own a rental unit directly across the street from the proposed site so I will make out like a bandit. But it will be the island residents and “natives” like you who will pay the penalty of a degraded quality of life for generations to come. So yeah, you’re probably right that “the inevitable is about to come to fruition”. North Padre Island will come to resemble Coney Island. I know you and your friends will love it. But I doubt the rest of us will. But hey, maybe it’s just me. Robert Danesi

Spring Break Dear Editor I have not experienced Spring Break on Padre Island, but I have survived at least a dozen at other locations on East coast beach communities. The best way to dampen their high spirits assist them in choosing other more favorable locations for their next drunken traffic-jam is to Join In The Fun. They tend to get a bit self conscious when someone the age of their parents or grandparents are mingling with the crowds and attending their drinking/ bikini/wet T shirt contests, acting just as foolish as they are.

Last year at this time we were just getting back from Punta Mita, and spring was still a few weeks out. I guess I expected winter to last a little longer, but here we are. Everything is blooming, except for the pecan trees behind my work. They’re the last ones to go, and they haven’t quite kicked off yet, which makes me just a little curious. However, I was talking with Capt. Billy Sandifer the other day, and he’s feverishly putting up his purple martin houses; he said he saw one cruising around already. He also mentioned that the hummingbirds should be around any time now, and it’s not too early to get those up and running. Last year everything was a month behind; I believe this year we’re a month ahead. Quite a swing.

Who Are the Moon Monkeys

Mike Ellis, Founder Distribution Pete Alsop Island Delivery Coldwell Banker Advertising

The Island is not geared for tourist activities. We have one two beach toy shops that are geared towards families. It might put a dent in our permanent restaurants, but they are open all year round and seam to do alright. It just might be a way to reclaim our Island. After all PA who depends on tourism, is just up the beach a bit, and they would appreciate the traffic. Too bad there is only one road in.

will be on hand to help curb the littering. Remember to get your new beach parking sticker if you haven’t done so already. Or if you’re trying to do some fishing, it might be better to head south down the Seashore to get away from the crowds, like Roadkill Willie did recently and got this nice pompano.

Despite these pro-active measures, people will trash our beaches. Derricks’ crew does a good job of getting down there early in the morning and getting it all picked up before 11a.m. So if you’re down there at 7 a.m. and the beach is trashed, no reason to call and make a complaint;

Three at Thirty So, are we headed for “three at thirty” this year? My theory is that due to this La Nina pattern we’re in we may get three months that have a steady 30 mph wind. I sure hope not, but it is what it is. Recent events, including the massive Portuguese man’ o war invasion in South Padre and in Galveston, may be indicative of such a pattern. That would put us at a heavy Sargassum year too; not exactly what many people want to hear. We’ll know in the next few weeks. Actually, I may not see the beach for a few weeks. Speaking of spring, its’ time for the annual invasion of college crazies and other folks. I’m sure Dale has already covered this and the fact that you need to go get your supplies and nail the door shut. Actually, if you come and go before around 11a.m. or after dark you should be just fine. It seems that the beach crowds are getting on a predictable schedule.

When Spring Breaks… At least that’s what Derrick Herzog says. He is the City of Corpus Christi Beach Maintenance Director, and I sit on the Beach and Watershore Advisory Committee with him. He says they are loaded for bear, and have instituted some practices in recent years that have cut down on the shenanigans out there. Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program supplies a couple of rolloff dumpsters that they place at the entrance to the North Packery beach (Newport), and anyone that is trying to get pallets and/or couches onto the beach are immediately told to dump them before they can enter. This has cut down on the bulky trash and of course all the rusty nails all over the sand drastically. In addition, they will be handing out those yellow trash sacks and Code Enforcement

the crews will be along shortly. The big flood of people is expected the 10th through the 18th down here, with the 17th being the Big Day. Of course, St. Patricks day on the beach; hoo boy!

Packery dredging

Derrick also gave us an update on the Packery Channel dredging. Seems the crew is pulling off as I write this, as they didn’t quite finish. I guess the idea was to finish pumping and let the sands settle a little before the onslaught of Spring Breakers arrive. There’s no reason to have all that going on in front of the condo’s when people are trying to enjoy the beach. That and it’s nearly sea turtle nesting season. Derrick says the dredge came up about 60,000 C.Y. short of the goal, and that they will have to return in early October to finish the job. Hopefully this won’t affect boating in and out of the channel.

Anyhoo folks, have some patience as you try to get around on the Island; take a Xanax and allow plenty of time. Try to drive on the off hours, and I will see you back on the rocks when all the craziness settles down! I’m excited; the time change is set for the weekend! Remember to spring forward Saturday night, or if you’re like me, Sunday morning when you get up. See you around the Island.

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If the Old Folks do it, it Aint Cool anymore. Ask the kids where they are from (what schools) and take photos. But don’t send those photos to their school paper, it might prove embarrassing. The older you are, the more wrinkles and liver spots you have the better the effect will be. It helps to wear a spedo or a tiny string bikini to show all those ‘rolls’. It just disgusts them and helps them to decide to take their fun elsewhere.


Winter Texan Dinner Special Mon - Thurs 4:00 - 6:30


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One coupon per customer. Coupons may not be combined with any other offer.

One coupon per customer. coupons may not be combined with any other offer.


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Padre Island Business Association Calendar Saturday, March 10 @ 10am

Padre Isles Home Owners Association Annual Meeting SLC Gym on Encantada For more info, call 361-949-7025 Tuesday, March 20 @ 5:30pm PIBA Monthly Mixer Hosted by Frost Bank - Padre Island Networking * Socialize * Door Prizes * Refreshments (Members: If you’d like to donate a Door Prize to promote your business, call 949-9498) Wednesday, April 4 @ 5:30pm PIBA SPECIAL Monthly Mixer - w/ Flour Bluff Business Association Hosted by Bay Area Quick Care - 9929 SPID in Flour Bluff Networking * Socialize * Door Prizes * Refreshments Mingle with our friends from FBBA! (Members: If you’d like to donate a Door Prize to promote your business, call 949-9498)


A 6

Did Ya Hear?

Island Moon March 8, 2012 Help document Island history

By Mary Craft

email your business news to Mary Craft at

New Advertisers Cita Resort Interiors in Port A offers elegant tropical imports from Brazil, Morocco, Indonesia, India and Peru. Along with furniture they have great gift ideas in their art, accessories and jewelry collection. Their Men and women’s apparel design services include fashions by Tommy Bahama. They are located at 129 N. Alister. Mary Melick Real Estate is a small company with big service. Mary is the broker/owner who will give you the attention you deserve and will get you the results you want on the sale of your home. Call her at 949-7281. Malek-Inc. can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system and lower your electric bill. Contact them for free estimate at 882-2665. Island Woman Boutique at the Tower Center in Port A has a complete line of Island style clothing and accessories. Check out their handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry. Call 749-7570 for more info.

Business Briefs The Sand Bar at the Holiday Inn is now open with live music Friday evening, Saturday two bands at 1 pm and 6 pm and Sunday music starts at 3 pm. The bar appetizers include steak empanadas with homemade ranch dressing, zesty wings, nachos, personal pan pizza and more. Kody’s Restaurant on Hwy 361 in Port A now has their prime rib special on Wednesdays. They offer daily lunch and dinner specials Their 18 hole miniature golf course can be played for just $4. They are open seven days/week 11 am – 2 am.

The Annual Padre Isles Owners Association meeting will be held Saturday, March 10th at 10 am. The meeting will be at the Seashore Learning Center Gym on Encantada. Refreshments will be served.

Island Police Blotter 14000 block Coquina Bay Ave. 11:00 p.m. Feb. 29 Burglary of Motor Vehicle 15600 block Cuttysark 10:52 March 1 Assault with Bodily Injury

15300 block Cruiser St. Feb. 24 8 a.m. Theft 13800 block Whitecap 5 p.m. Feb. 21 Burglary of Habitation

Mail n More is serving coffee and scones and has comfortable seating to enjoy both.

Zahn Road at the beach 10:54 p.m. March 2 Theft of firearm from motor vehicle

Port Aransas Art Center will host a two day watercolor workshop by Lee Ricks March 9-10 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. Cost is $95 for both days. There will also be a youth spring break art camp with instructor Marilyn Cook the week of March 12th. The camp is for 3rd thru 5th graders and is daily 1 pm – 3:30 pm at a cost of $15.

14300 block SPID 1:04 a.m. Feb. 23 Assault with Bodily Injury

The Back Porch Bar in Port A is located on the waterfront and is dog-friendly. You can bring your pooch starting at 2 pm on weekdays and noon on weekends. Enjoy live music every weekend. Scuttlebutt’s Seafood Bar & Grill has “A Pint for a Pint” Blood Drive Thursday, March 15th 5 pm – 8 pm. All donors will receive a commemorative pint glass and Sonic coupon. While there check out their “Raw Bar” with oysters, shrimp, crab and mussels. Some of these are half off during happy hour 3 pm – 7 pm. A Mano at the Tower Center in Port A now has the most comfortable shoes on the Island. San Miguel shoes were originally created to navigate the cobblestone streets of this colonial town in Mexico. The unique shoe features a wide stretch band to stabilize the ankle, thick outer sole and cushioned inner sole. The Island Moon Newspaper Facebook is now posting Island stories from old issues you may have missed. Check out this week’s story about Paul’s Seafood from March 2008.

13300 block SPID 6 a.m. Feb. 28 Theft of vehicle parts

Art Center for The Islands Events Lee Ricks will host a two Day Watercolor Workshop, Friday and Saturday, March 9 &10. from 9:30 am-4:30 pm Cost is $95 for both days with no single day fee available. There is a ten student minimum. A supply list is available at the front desk. Value Sketch and Transfer Sheets will be furnished. Sign up with mailing address and phone number.

By Mary Lou White

What started out as a simple idea to document the history of our “area home”, from Padre Island National Seashore to “The Bridge”, has turned into something much more monumental and permanent.

If we are going to collect historical data, why not have a place to permanently display those items and share our Island History with interested parties. To accomplish that goal, we need to initiate a Historical Society, parented by a non-profit organization. With those goals in mind, we are asking for your help. If you have any interest in an endeavor of this magnitude, please contact Mary Lou White @361-9609460 or

To begin the collection process, we need: volunteers or time, talent and treasure. The immediate need involves a MAC computer, a hard drive and a large scanner. Our end goal, is to produce a book, a permanent collection and a historical museum to pass on to the future.

There will also be a Youth Spring Break Art Camp with instructor Marilyn Cook It will run Monday—Friday from March 12-16 for ages: 3rd- 5th Grades. Runs from 1:00 pm3:30 pm and cost is $15 for the week. Pre-pay and register to save your space. The class will work with a vast assortment of art materials in different mediums while learning Art History as well.

American Heritage Girls Fun Run American Heritage Girls Troop TX 0025 presents a timed 5k run/walk on Saturday, March 31. The “Faith & Fit” Fun Run starts at the South Texas School of Christian Studies on Shoreline Dr (just past the 2nd entrance to TAMU at 8 am. The 5k entry fee is $25 through March 15 and $35 after that.There will also be a one mile walk/run for kids 12 and under for only $5. There will be no “day of race” registration so don’t wait to sign up! T shirt and goodie bags are not guaranteed unless paid by March 15.

The 33rd Annual Oysterfest in Fulton drew large crowds over the weekend. One large tent with food and live music and the other tent housed the eclectic array of vendors. The large carnival has made this a family tradition for many. Photo by Mary Craft.

North Padre Historical Society

This concrete bench disappeared from Maryanne’s Way at the end of Whitecap a few weeks ago. If anyone has seen it please let us know where to find it.

Looking for a Good Home

American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered scouting organization for girls in the Coastal Bend area. Our mission is to build women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. We currently serve over 50 girls ages 5-13 years old. By supporting the American Heritage Girls Troop fun run you will give the girls the opportunity to raise funds for activities and learning experiences in a healthy setting. Business sponsorships for the fun run are also welcome. For more information or to sign up to run, walk or sponsor this event please go to www. or call Judy at 361739-4463. Sign up is also available at Bay Area Cycling at the Gulfway Shopping Center (Airline & SPID).

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This is Riley. He was found chasing planes at the C.C. Airport. Riley is a 2 year old male Poodassett! It is a new designer breed. The vet’s feel he may be a mix between a Poodle and a Bassett. We are not sure but Poodassett sounds cool. He has all his shots, he is heartworm negative and has been neutered, and is on heartworm preventative medicine. His feet are still a little tender and he does not like the blacktop streets yet. So health wise he is in good shape now. He loves to be with people; and just waits for someone to sit with him. He is energetic but calms down in an instant and is just happy to sit with you in the sun for hours. We have just introduced him to our other three dogs and he is doing very well, he has not met the cat yet so I am not sure about that issue. He is fascinated with TV and the movement and sounds on the screen. He has no formal training such as sit, come, his name, but he is doing well with the house broken thing. He loves being in his crate with a pillow and soft toy. He is very talkative, intelligent, and sweet. He is just a poor little guy who was a throw away or maybe has never even been in a house. Everything fascinates him and you can still see the puppy in him as he explores our home. Please call John at 361-877-8521 and I hope we can find Riley a forever home.

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361-480-3001 TOTAL REMODEL, RENOVATION, ADDITIONS, DECKS AND DOCKS Fully insured with W/C and General Liability On Padre Island Homeowner Association General Contractors List

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March 8, 2012

Island Moon

Legislative Update District 32

House Committees Take a Look at Roads, Community Gardens, Taxes Editor’s note: The Texas Legislature meets the first six months out of every other year. It is not meeting in 2012. To prepare for the 2013 session the Speaker of the House assigns study topics to the various standing committees. This allows for public input and provides a framework for legislation when the legislature convenes. At the end of the interim, each committee will submit a formal report to the Speaker of the Texas House with recommendations on possible legislation. The following is a sampling of charges given to different House committees. If you would like a complete list of the study charges or if you would like more information about issues being studied by any particular committee, please don’t hesitate to call my Capitol office at 512-463-0672 or visit the Texas House of Representatives at Here are some examples of charges given to the standing House committees: House Committee on Transportation Review the state of our current transportation infrastructure, including studying roadway, bridge, and waterway quality and long-range plans by the Texas Department of Transportation for maintaining these assets. Explore future needs of our infrastructure for the next decade and make recommendations to ensure longrange sufficiency. Study the state’s preparedness for the expansion of the Panama Canal and determine whether the state’s infrastructure is ready for the increase in commerce. Conduct a thorough review of the operations of transit organizations in Texas. Explore possible reforms to streamline and improve services to Texans. Study transportation funding reforms and develop long-term state funding recommendations, with an eye on any federal reforms that become law. Explore options to eliminate “diversions” from Fund 6 to nontransportation-related programs. (Joint with

Located in the Loma Alta Plaza 14254 SPID, Suite 109 949-4848

Offering Gourmet Take-Out Meals Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Hours: 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Visit our website at For weekly menus Full Service Catering Available For Private Parties

Recipient of the People’s Choice Award 2011 Taste of the Island

the House Committee on Appropriations) House Committee on Urban Affairs - Evaluate the role of community gardens and urban farming efforts that increase access to healthy foods and examine the possible impact that state and local policies have on the success of programs of this type. Determine the feasibility of policies to support these efforts, especially in high-population areas. (Joint with the House Committee on Agriculture & Livestock) Examine current economic development programs available in urban areas in Texas and other states. Report on successful programs and make legislative recommendations for innovative economic development programs. (Joint with the House Committee on Economic & Small Business Development) Examine strategies to maximize state funding for programs designed to prevent and end homelessness, with an emphasis on programs that have demonstrated a successful coordination of state and local resources. (Joint with the House Committee on Appropriations) House Committee on Ways & Means - Evaluate the state’s tax structure and determine its impact on the competitiveness of the Texas business climate. Specifically, determine the impact of the state’s major taxes, including the sales tax and franchise tax, as well as tax exemptions, exclusions, and credits on economic growth, capital investment, and job creation in Texas. As part of this review, evaluate the franchise (margins) tax and determine whether the tax structure should continue to exist in its current form or in a revised form, or whether the existing tax structure should be repealed and replaced with a different business tax. Analyze the results of the reviews of appraisal district operations as conducted through the comptroller’s Methods Assistance Program (MAP) and determine whether appraisal districts are applying uniform standards and procedures for the appraisal of property for ad valorem tax purposes as required by the Texas Constitution. Evaluate whether current property tax notice requirements effectively serve the intended “truth-in-taxation” purpose of informing taxpayers about the property taxes they pay and who is responsible for deciding how much they pay. If you have questions regarding any of the information mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to call my Capitol or District Office. As always, my offices are available at any time to assist with questions, concerns or comments (Capitol Office, 512-463-0672; District Office, 361-949-4603).

Rep. Hunter represents Aransas, Calhoun, Nueces (Part) and San Patricio Counties. He can be contacted at todd.hunter@house.state. or at 512-463-0672.

Great Seafood and Burgers Libations Amusements 18 Holes of Minature Golf

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State Rep. Todd Hunter: “District 32 has been decided and ordered!”

State Representative Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi) today said that he looks forward to continuing to serve Nueces County and will seek re-election in House District 32 now that the Texas legislative district boundaries have been agreed upon by the Federal Court.

a summit to discuss how we can stamp out Human Trafficking in Texas.

“The film industry and stopping human trafficking are two examples of how this region can benefit if we work together to address topics that directly affect us,” Rep. Hunter said. “With films being produced in Texas, we can work to attract those films and commercial productions to District 32. On the other hand, human trafficking is a dangerous industry that can have serious consequences if we don’t address it. I look forward to working with my constituents and notable experts at the Summit to carve out ideas to put an end to human trafficking in Texas.”

Texas’ legislative elections have been in limbo for the past several months following litigation over the redistricting process. However, Tuesday, in San Antonio, the parties involved in the lawsuit reached a decision and released the updated maps to the public. According to the Republican Party of Texas’ analysis, the new District 32 is a 62 percent Republican district.

Hunter, an attorney in Corpus Christi, currently serves as Chairman of the Texas House Calendars Committee. He and his wife, Alexis, have been married 30 years and have three children. Credited as a key player in passage of the state’s reforms for affordable windstorm insurance and against lawsuit abuse, Hunter has also been an active advocate for the Coastal Bend community’s universities and community colleges. For his legislative service, Hunter has received numerous leadership awards, including the Texas Association of Business Free EnterpriseAward, the Friends of Medicine Award by the Texas Medical Association, Texas Civil Justice League’s Jobs for Texas Award, TLR’s Civil Justice Leadership Award, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas’ “Best of the House” Legislative honors, and the James Madison Award presented by the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas for his work on the “Free Flow of Information Act.”

Rep Hunter said, “This new district actually includes most of the areas I previously represented from 1989-1997. With this history, I know the area well and it is a natural fit. Now that districts have been settled, it’s time to get to the business of the state. I will continue to work hard to ensure we get the attention we need to makethis region as vibrant as possible.” Hunter pointed to the need to increase tourism through the cruise industry as just one example of how Corpus Christi can create jobs and boost the economy. Hunter says he will continue his tradition of holding town hall meetings on issues of importance to his constituents and has already rolled up his sleeves as he begins preparing for the next legislative session. For example, Hunter has hosted meetings between the Texas Film Commission in Austin and the Corpus Christi Film Society. He is also working with Del Mar College and Victoria College to host

Islander Appointed as Interim Assistant City Manager

Fire Up Your Pits!

CEO’s “No Excuses!” 2012 is scheduled for March 16th and 17th. This year “No Excuses!” returns to the Gulf Coast Race Track (Greyhound Track) Much better exposure, easier access, bigger grassy outdoor VIP area. Last year “No Excuses!” surpassed it’s attendance goal of 15,000. This year we expect approximately 20,000 from all over Texas.

Islander City Manager Ron Olson has finalized a short term agreement appointing Ms. Toby Futrell, also an Island resident, as the Interim Assistant City Manager of Business Support Services.

Added monies for local scholarships and statewide exposure. Last year “No Excuses!” signed up over 84 IBCA BBQ challengers. This year we expect to sign up over 100 IBCA BBQ teams. Senator “Chuy” Hinojosa again honored “No Excuses!” with a Senate Proclamation State Representative Todd Hunter honored “No Excuses!” with a Resolution. IBCA recognizes “No Excuses!’as Corpus Christi’s Texas State Championship Event.

Ms. Futrell assumed the duties effective Monday, March 5, 2012. She is serving as a result of the recent resignation of Mr. Rudy Garza who accepted a position with a public electric utility in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Garza had been with the City for four years. Ms. Futrell has more than 30 years of experience in city government and most recently held the position of City Manager for the City of Austin prior to retiring and relocating to Corpus Christi.

We get to enjoy the best BBQ in Texas.

Last year “No Excuses!” paid out over $8,000.00 in prize money.

“It is rare you can find someone with such strong city management experience right in your own backyard,” said Olson, “Ms. Futrell will be able to continue the momentum Mr. Garza started until we can conduct an executive search for his replacement,” added Olson. He further noted that “Ms. Futrell will not be a candidate for the permanent position and is only acting as Interim Assistant City Manager while the search is occurring.”

This year we expect to pay out over $10,000.00.

Everyone will have a great time. Last year “No Excuses!” brought Award Winning MAZZ, Los Palominos, Marcos Orozco, Honey Browne, Kyle Bennett Band, Rankin Twins, Jason Meadows and many more top local bands. 16 Bands in all

This year’s bands (TBA) promise to be bigger and better!

Ms. Futrell will be responsible for Development Services, Economic Development, Tourism initiatives including the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History, oversight of the American Bank Center facility and Convention & Visitors Bureau relationship. Also under Ms. Futrell’s direction is the Corpus Christi International Airport, downtown initiatives and intergovernmental relations.

Register your BBQ Teams, Vendor spots and Corporate Sponsorships NOW to insure you get the best lots, spots and exposure. Visit for more information, map, and registration forms.

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Spring Breakers enjoying the beach

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Island Moon March 8, 2012 Calling All Artists Calling All Artists

A 8

2012 Shrimporee Poster Contest The Annual Shrimporee in Aransas Pass, Texas is a family oriented, summer outdoor festival. It is a well known tradition to the community and is always held the second weekend in June. The traditional Shrimporee Poster Contest sets up the commencement of other events that will follow all leading up to the opening day of the festival. The poster contest is open to all ages. Anyone that has a flair for art is encouraged to participate from the novice to the professional artist. The winning artwork will be selected and then reproduced into a poster that will commemorate the 64th annual festival for years to come.

Colleen McIntyre and friends live it up at Beautify Corpus Christi’s La Noche Bonita

$99 Spa Packages Spa Package Retreat

Deadline to register and submit artwork is April 13th. After the judging a reception for the artist will be held and the winning poster unveiled. Poster contest rules and information can be found on the website at or call the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce at (361) 758-2750.

Port A Art Center

Artist Oportunites Artists Opportunity-New Logo ContestDeadline March 15th

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Day And Night Boardwalk Shopping Center off Kenedy Bridge to the first right.

The Art Center for the Islands has changed its name to the Port Aransas Art Center. We require a new original design logo reflective of the island community and evidence of the center’s artistic contributions as a gallery and arts education center. Anyone may enter as many designs as you wish.Stop by 323 N. Alister in Port A. or go to to download an Entry form. We Can’t wait to see all the exciting entries! Artists Opportunity-7thAnnual ArtFestDeadline April 1 7th Annual ARTFEST in Port Aransas, TX, sponsored by the Port Aransas Art Center (formerly Art Center for the Islands) a 501 ( C) (3) Non-profit corp. and the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce. Dates: May 19 & 20, 2012 from 10am-5pm in Robert’s Point Park, Port Aransas, TX. 10X10 Booth Space Fee: $100 Your set-up, no electric. Application deadline April 1st.Email artcenter@centurytel. net for an application form or go to www. and download one. Booths assigned on a first come first served basis. Original Fine Art & Crafts,(any reproductions must be from your Original work).361-749-7334

2012 Shrimporee Poster Contest The Annual Shrimporee in Aransas Pass, Texas is a family oriented, summer outdoor festival. It is a well known tradition to the community and is always held the second weekend in June.

The traditional Shrimporee Poster Contest sets up the commencement of other events that will follow all leading up to the opening day of the festival.

The poster contest is open to all ages. Anyone that has a flair for art is encouraged to participate from the novice to the professional artist. The winning artwork will be selected and then reproduced into a poster that will commemorate the 64th annual festival for years to come.

Deadline to register and submit artwork is April 13th. After the judging a reception for the artist will be held and the winning poster unveiled. Poster contest rules and information can be found on the website at or call the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce at (361) 758-2750.

1st Annual Faith & Fit 5k Fun Run/Walk Join us on Saturday, March 31st by signing up to run or walk this 5k race! You will be supporting the girls of American Heritage Girls scouts Troop TX0025 as they grow into beautiful, Godly women of integrity. The race starts at the South Texas School of Christian Studies on Shoreline Dr. (just past the 2nd entrance to TAMUCC University) at 8am. The 5k entry fee is $25 prior to March 16th, $35 if paid on March 16th or later - there is no “day of race” signup, so don’t wait (T-Shirts & goodie bags not guaranteed unless paid by March 16th). You can also go to Bay Area Cycling at Gulfway Shopping Center (Airline & SPID) to sign up. There will be a kids 1 mile walk/run kids ages 12 & under for only $5. Order an extra T-shirt for you or one for your child at $10 each. Sign up before March 16th to ensure that you will get a T-Shirt and a goodie bag! This Faith & Fit Fun Run is an effort to show the girls that there are healthy fundraising alternatives, and to provide them with the opportunity to learn and serve their community. Proceeds from the race will be used to support our troop and provide activities and learning experiences for the girls as they grow up in an ever challenging and secular world. The American Heritage Girls Troop TX0025 is a Christ centered scouting organization for Girls in the Coastal Bend. Our mission is “Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.” For more info or to sign up to run, walk or sponsor this event please go to www.faithandfitfunrun. com or call Judy at 361-739-4463.

THE MEDICAL CENTER + Minor Emergency Minor Surgery Occupational

Family Healthcare Lab X-Ray

Open 6 Days a Week No Appointments Necessary Mon-Thurs, Appointments available Fri-Sat Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pm

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Pee Wee’s Animal Shelter

South Texas Grassroots Band Sundays 6:30-9:30

Peewee’s Animal Shelter is located at 1307 Saratoga and has been in operations since May, 1997. Peewee’s presently houses over 300 animals, including dogs, puppies, cats, kittens as well as, pigs, goats, rabbits and other barn animals. Peewee’s relies on donations only for its operation. Shelter operations are accomplished strictly by donations. Peewee’s does not get any government, city or federal funding. Peewee’s helps those animals no one else will - the sick and the stray. The volunteers at Peewee’s work tirelessly to rehabilitate poor orphaned pets in the hopes that they will find new, loving homes. The dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, given regular heartworm preventative, and are on flea & tick prevention and medications as needed. Peewee’s does not discriminate due to age or health conditions of the pet. Please visit Peewee’s Pet Adoption World & Sanctuary at 1307 Saratoga Road. You can call them at 361888-4141 but they do not have staff to answer phones so please leave a message.

March 8, 2012

Island Moon A9 Ebb and Flow- The Changing Face of the Island

Spring Break Has Sprung


By Melissa Maupin

The Back Porch is now open again for the season! Friday, March 9th, Scarecrow People. Saturday, March 10th, Ruben V. Come enjoy one of the most unique bars in South Texas.

Now that we’ve recovered from Mardi Gras celebrations, it’s time to buckle our seatbelts for another big week-long party on the island. March 10th through the 18th ushers in spring break for area schools, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, many national universities and the big Texas universities: Texas A&M, the University of Texas and Texas State University. It’s a wellearned rest for both students and teachers and a boost to our local businesses, but it’s not exactly a restful time for islanders with added traffic jams, lines at convenience stores and crowds on the beach. Still the ritual is not new to islanders and that feel of spring in air, the tan starting, the daring dip in still-chilly waters, may give us the boost we need to tolerate these spring break inconveniences.

How It Started The whole notion of spring break dates to 1935 and is generally accredited to a swim coach at Colgate University in Hamilton New York. He took his team to train in a new Olympic-size pool in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It worked out well and the athletes had a blast. The idea

drinking age was eighteen and the island was a little looser, the idea of a bunch of college kids partying nonstop on the beach for a week was intriguing and exciting. In my earlier years in high school, we gathered at our own beach between the condos and down to Bob Hall Pier or drove to Port A to check out the scene. It was crowded and often raucous but not on the level we see today.

On the Texas coast, the big dog then, and now, during spring break was South Padre Island. By 1997, the small beach city hosted close to 100,000 breakers. The trend hasn’t died. Now their Coca Cola Beach Party, a giant ongoing pachanga with nationally known bands, is recognized by travel guides and attracts up to 18,000 students a day during March. I grew up on our island with a beach practically at my backdoor. It seems odd that my friends and I felt driven to go to South Padre during our Easter break my senior year in 1977, but we did. The truth was, the surf was better there, the crowds of young people were much bigger and it was a destination away from home.

The Local Break

Padre Island and Mustang Island continue

New at A Mano San Miguel Shoes! The most comfortable shoe in Port Aransas. Some would say the most comfortable shoe in the world. They were originally created to navigate the cobblestones streets of historic San Miguel de Allende, a 16th Century Colonial town in Mexico.

1726 State Hwy 361 In the Tower Center 749-1828

The unique shoe features a wide stretch band to stabilize the ankle, thick outer sole and cushioned inner sole. The shoe is a remarkable combination of comfort and style that can be worn anywhere, anytime without needing to be concerned about breaking them in. Just wear them!

1976 Easter (spring break) local teens. From L to R Kenny Gibson, Susan Beall Dan Greathouse, Melissa Shearer me, Kirk Pearson, Laura Strauss of escaping the cold weather in the north and playing in water where it was warm caught on and the team trained there the next year. Other students in the north liked the idea and joined the excursion. Soon girls who liked swimmers followed, and boys followed girls . . . and you get the picture. The spring break tradition became established. By 1954 an estimated 20,000 college students ventured to Fort Lauderdale for spring break. In 1960 the movie Where the Boys Are was released. It glorified the spring break tradition of college girls and guys meeting during spring break. The movie is said to help solidify the tradition and established Fort Lauderdale as “spring break central.” Florida continued to be the primary venue for the annual party, but the city of Fort Lauderdale finally grew a little worse for the wear and discouraged the trend. Other cities saw the opportunity for visitor money and took up the slack. Eventually the spring ritual spread to the Texas coast.

Texas Takes the Break

Sping Break Jamz @ Scuttlebutt’s March 15th- Marshall Influence March 16th- Anotone & The All Stars March 17th- Shakedown

I didn’t connect to spring break until my high school years in the 70’s at Flour Bluff ISD. We simply didn’t have spring break in school at that time. We did have various vacation holidays for Easter, usually a long weekend but never a generic week to simply unwind, for no other reason than that the students were tired and the teachers exhausted. I discovered spring break from the college kids who began invading Port Aransas every year. And as an avid beachgoer and a teen when the

to attract spring break visitors, both students and in the last decade, a growing number of families. According to data from 2011, we can expect 200,000 visitors on North Padre Island and Mustang Island during spring break. For those who live here, it can be a juggle getting into town or Port A and back. To those who dare to venture into the crowd, it’s worth a drive down the beach for people-watching alone. Do you it on island time though. Expect a wait, designate a driver and bring a few cold brews.

Don’t Break the Rules • Traffic on the popular beach north of Packery Channel will run one way. Enter Access Road 3 and exit via Zahn Road. • “No Refusal Weekends” will be in place. You must submit to a blood test if you refuse to take a breath test for suspicion of drunk driving • Get a beach permit, available at Stripes. They’re needed on most Padre and Mustang Island beaches.

• No dogs are permitted from Access Rd. 3 to Zahn road during spring break. • If you bring furniture, take it home. Yes people leave sofas on the beach. Police will take photos of your license plates and hold you accountable. • Pick up trash and use the trash containers set out along the beach. • Have a Blast! You’re only young once.

Check our website for more listings

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Hair Salon

Denice Stylist

Receive a complimentary gift certificate for a full service hair shaping / cut when you purchase $50 in AVEDA STYLING products. Certificate can be used by the purchaser or given as a gift!

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A 10

Island Moon

Whoop it Up

March 8, 2012

Gulfstream CAN-AM

The fourth annual Gulfstream CAN-AM golf tournament was held on Monday, February, 27th and was another close one. While the American’s woman’s team won their half of the tournament, the Canadian men edged their American foes. The match was again held at the OSO championship course. Following golf, the hospitable Americans graciously entertained their northern guests at Scuttlebutt’s. American women

Parent volunteer Michele Ortega stamps a guest at the entrance to Whiskey River. The parent committee worked for months to solicit donations, sell tickets, and plan the entire event.

Island Foundation Board President Colleen McIntyre points out a bidder during the live auction. Photo by Shannon Trial

Men’s Teams

Whoop It Up attendee Jeannie Paluseo purchases a $5 raffle ticket for the AFLAC umbrella covered with lotto scratch offs from Jen Cain, a parent volunteer who helped coordinate the event.

Gulfstream Condo Winter Texans celebrated the 6th annual Fishing Contest. Two hindred and seven fish were caught. A pizza and wine party followed in the courtyard. A record of one hundred and nine people enjoyed the day. Fifteen men and three women fished for two hours. Howard Overby won the most fish caught with 25. Ray McKenzie, Ray Stacherski and Alex Berglund tied for the biggest fish. They were 16 ½ inch hardheads. Submitted by Marge Finnegan and Alice Johnson

Men’s Teams 14602 So. Padre Island Dr. Corpus Christi, Texas 78418 Phone: 361-949-0075 Fax: 361949-2995 Toll Free: 1-866-949-0075

Robin Print

Whoop It Up attendees load up on the barbecue buffet prior to the auction. The $25 event ticket included dinner and one raffle ticket.

Escrow Officer

Canadian women

Joye Samudio Escrow Assistant

Auctioneer Wade Grassedonio selects a winning ticket for a Kindle Fire and gift card from a bucket held by SMA director Barbara Beeler. Over 300 tickets were purchased at $5 each.

Kim Evaristo steps forward to receive an AFLAC umbrella covered with lottery scratch-offs from Whoop It Up chairman Sunshine Moore.

Island Creations Remodeling

Total Renovation & Remodels, Outdoor Kitchens & Spas, Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades, Sunporches, Replacement of Windows and Doors, Roofing, Painting & Stucco

Landscaping Insured Member, Padre Island Business Association Member, Builders Association, Corpus Christi


Blackie at Whoop it Up

Maybeth at Whoop it Up

Design work, Yard Maintenance, Decks, Pergolas, Installation of Rock, Grass, Plants, Trees, Walkways, Paths, Tree Trimming, Container Planting, Vacant Lot Mowing & Shade Covers. All Kinds of Fencing, Pressure Washing & Deck Staining & Sealing


Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Patio Overlays, Decorative Stamping & Staining, Decks, Bulkheads, Grouted Stone Walls & Patios, Decorative Stone Paver Driveways & Patios

Owned & Operated by Island Residents David & Katherine Pierce References Available Upon Request Commercial & Residential

Doing Everything a Home or Business Needs

Happy Hour Monday - Friday 3-7pm Todd Dorn & the Sea Drifters March 16-17 10pm-close March Madness Every Day Every Game

In Ace Hardware Strip Center 1023 Hwy 361, Ste A pORT aRANSAS tx


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