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North Padre Island Moon

When the Island Was Young

August 29, 2008

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photo by Mary Craft

They were flown in by Braniff Airlines and were welcomed by a PIIC committee at the airport. The hired drivers took the clients the scenic route along Ocean Drive and were told not to speak to them.     They were taken to the 112-unit Million Dollar Inn where they were wined and dined at the fine restaurant and popular nightclub with live music. The third floor of the hotel housed the PIIC sales office. The glass walls offered a panoramic view of the beach and island. There was not much on the Island at the time. The hotel was the only structure on the beach at the time. The country club was not yet built and no canals had been dredged. The only houses were those near the Packery Channel park that were not part of the development.      Much of the land they were selling was marshland. The buyers had to have faith that the canals would be dredged which would give the land-fill needed to create the residential areas.      It was the salesman’s job to upgrade the lot purchased so the investor would buy a more expensive one.

   Some of the strategies used were to drive the clients down the beach with the windows down because after all “the beach was what we were selling” according to Coldwell Banker realtor Jack Lavers.  The goal was to close the deal by the end of the weekend. There was an additional incentive besides the commission. The salesman with the most sales got a new Cadillac. Jim Burgess who now sells real estate in Branson, Missouri won one around 1972. By the end of 1968 they sold 5.5 million in property sales without any finished residential land development. The seawall had been completed and the Island House construction had started that year. Many of the lot buyers were from Canada, Germany and Mexico. Upcoming issue: 1969 Padre Island Construction Boom - Padre Island Investment Corporation becomes Corpus Christi’s second largest employer. Til the next history lesson - take care of each other and our Island.

New Custom Stained Glass Entrepreneuer on Island by Mary Craft photo by Mary Craft    Carla Daggett recently opened her Island stained glass studio and is now accepting commissions. Her stained glass artwork started as a hobby twenty years ago. She opened her Seaside Stained Glass business five years ago on Weber in town and has moved it to her home.    Her glass pieces have been used to replace glass kitchen cabinet doors, they have been used to provide privacy and art in the front door sidelight windows. They have also replaced boring 4’x4’ clear panes along bathtubs to add pizzazz or simply used as window art.  She has also used her designs to make decorative birdbaths. Just use your imagination and Carla will help create a unique addition to your home. The best part is when you leave the home you can take it with you.     Carla has a huge library of pattern books to peruse or you can bring in a picture for her to duplicate. She also makes her own designs and can make them to match any color sample you bring in. You can reach Carla at 361-232-8585.

Hornet Volleyball Team Sweeps First Three Games The Hornets are off to a good start on the new season taking the first three games on the schedule. On Tuesday, August 11, they shutout both Carroll and Poth at home, 3-0 in each game. On Saturday, August 16, they topped Sinton 3-1. District play begins September 9, at home against Laredo Nixon.

Flour Bluff Volleyball Schedule 2008 9/2/08 6/6/7:00 PM Ray Home       9/5/08 5/5/6:00 PM Victoria Away       9/9/08 5/5/6:00 PM Gregory-Portland Away  

Deadline for all Moon matter is Monday of the week of the paper not Wednesday or Thursday or Friday.

A development event early on in the beginning stages of Padre Island.... noe the sign on the left This is an example of one of the ways you can use stained glass creatively. This birdbath design is one of Carla’s originals.

photo by Mary Craft

photo by Mary Craft

Deferral of Taxes On Appreciating Homestead Residence The Texas Property Tax Code permits a deferred collection of taxes imposed on that portion of the appraised value of a homeowner’s residence homestead property that exceeds the sum of 105% of the appraised value of the preceding year plus the market value of any new added improvements on the homestead. The deferral remains in place until the homeowner no longer owns and occupies the property. To obtain a deferral, the owner must file an affidavit with the appraisal district where the property is located, stating the facts mentioned above, which are required to receive the deferral. Additionally, the tax on that portion of the appraised value not deferred must be paid. It cannot be delinquent. No penalty is imposed on the deferred taxes; however, annual interest accrues on the deferred amount at a rate of 8%. For more comprehensive information about filing an affidavit to defer collection of taxes as discussed in this article, homeowners should contact their local appraisal district office. In Nueces County, interested persons may call (361) 881-9978, or visit the appraisal district at 201 N. Chaparral Street in Corpus Christi.

   Charles Brocato celebrated his 90th birthday with his wife Gussie and family at the Holiday Inn Sunday Brunch. They have been coming to brunch for over 20 years. You can catch them on the dance floor and after brunch dancing outdoors at the Sand Bar. They live on the south side but come this way OTB every Sunday. They will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in October.    Charles was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and served in World War II. He met his bride in Tyler, Texas. He walked by a clothing store there and saw her through the window. He walked in and asked her out and she said yes. Of course, their first date was to go dancing and Charlie said he found out she was a great dancer.

When the Island was young (cont)  

History of North Padre

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