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July 25, 2013

Island Moon

Island Moon Artwalk & Market Tara Truett Benefit

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The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk & Beach Market this past weekend was a huge success. A BBQ benefit for Tara Truett’s medical fund raised several thousand dollars and the Guardians Rescue group adopted out three puppies and a momma dog. The next Artwalk is August 17th at the Michael J. Ellis seawall parking lot on North Padre Island. For more info send us an email at editor@ We’ll see you there! Photos by Miles Merwin.

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By Todd Hunter, District 32

The 83rd Texas Legislature succeeded in sending a little over fourteen hundred bills to the Governor. Here are some of the bills that were passed in to law: • House Bill (HB) 3103 which is related to the administration of primary elections, the nomination of candidates by convention, and voting by certain military and overseas voters. • HB 3105 pertains to availability of certain benefits under individual accident and health insurance policies. • HB 3121 which addresses the qualifications for the exemption from ad valorem taxation for aircraft parts located in this state for a limited time. • HB 3142 is relating to handguns used to demonstrate proficiency in handgun use for purposes of obtaining a concealed handgun license • HB 3153 addresses the operation and administration of, and practice in courts in, the judicial branch of state government and the composition of certain juvenile boards; imposing a fee. • HB 3159 pertains to an agreement to allocate sales and use tax after a municipality annexes land in an emergency services district and to the provision of emergency services in that area. • HB 3176 is related to the appointment of a board member of a property owners’ association to fill a vacancy.

July 25, 2013

Lifeguards continued from A1

New Laws To Watch There are new laws that have been signed into law. The office of the Governor has determined the final outcome of certain bills which had managed to pass out of both the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate during the Regular Session of the 83rd Texas Legislature. During the twenty days following the end of a regular session, the Governor of Texas has the ability to sign bills in to law, pass them in to law without a signature or to veto them. It is during these twenty days that members of the Texas House and Texas Senate find out if the bills they worked on during the session will become law or not.

• HB 3253 pertains to the notation of death on a birth certificate and the release of birth certificate information for certain purposes. • HB 3276 is relating to the coverage by certain health benefit plans for the screening and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. • Senate Bill (SB) 1590 pertains to requirements for personal financial literacy training offered by public school districts and public universities. • SB 1658 which is related to the effect of certain state aid on school districts required to take action to equalize wealth under the school finance system. • SB 1720 is relating to the Math and Science Scholars Loan Repayment Program for teachers who agree to teach mathematics or science in certain school districts in this state. • SB 1729 addresses an agreement between the Department of Public Safety and a county for the provision of renewal and duplicate driver’s license and other identification certificate services; authorizing a fee. • SB 1757 pertains to the manufacture, sale, distribution, purchase, or possession of a license plate flipper; creating an offense. I invite you to examine the complete list outlining the bills signed, passed in to law without signature or vetoed by going to www. and looking under the news section pertaining to the Legislature. If you have questions regarding any of the information mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to call my Capitol or District Office. As always, my offices are available at any time to assist with questions, concerns or comments (Capitol Office, 512-463-0672; District Office, 361-949-4603). Rep. Hunter represents Nueces (Part). He can be contacted at or at 512-463-0672.

Peewee's Animal Shelter Peewee’s Animal Shelter is located at 1307 Saratoga and has been in operations since May, 1997. Peewee’s presently houses over 300  animals, including dogs, puppies, cats, kittens as well as, pigs, goats, rabbits and other barn animals. Peewee’s relies on donations only for its operation. Shelter operations are accomplished strictly by donations. Peewee’s does not get any government, city or federal funding. Peewee’s helps those animals no one else will - the sick and the stray. The volunteers at Peewee’s work tirelessly to rehabilitate poor orphaned pets in the hopes that they will find new, loving homes. The dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, given regular heartworm preventative, and are on flea & tick prevention and medications as needed. Peewee’s does not discriminate due to age or health conditions of the pet. Please visit Peewee’s Pet Adoption World & Sanctuary at 1307 Saratoga Road. You can call them at 361-888-4141 but they do not have staff to answer phones so please leave a message.

The BACK PORCH oPEN 7 dAYS + nOON-2AM Live Music

small raft even farther beyond. Chris headed that way, thinking the same as Daniel; that the girls must have still been in the raft.

Lifeguards spot trouble

The girls were about 400 feet offshore from the beach, when Kevin got to them. They were out of breath and in bad shape, with no life vests and only a floating paddle from the small raft to hang on to. Kevin could see they were indeed panicking and in fear for their lives.

Fortunately, for them, Corpus Christi Lifeguard Daniel Krause saw them struggling and in danger. He was atop his lifeguard stand at the end of Whitecap just south of the seawall and his position was the last lifeguard stand in the direction where the wind was taking the girls. He was the last lifeguard who could have spotted them; there are no more lifeguards stationed to the south of Whitecap and if he hadn’t spotted them, there would likely have been a very tragic end to this story. But, he did. When Daniel saw them they were more than a hundred feet offshore from him and moving away fast, beyond his position toward the southeast. He gave a quick look through his binoculars and saw that the girls were panicking. Daniel moved fast. He made an emergency radio call to other Lifeguards, stating his location and the description and direction of the girls in their raft. He directed all of his attention to their struggle, and went into action. Daniel’s emergency radio call reached his brother, Robbie Krause, who is also a City of Corpus Christi Lifeguard on Padre and Mustang Islands. Robbie rushed to the scene along with Lifeguard Kevin Bardwell, both in a City Lifeguard Rescue truck. His radio call also reached Lifeguard Chris Lewis, who was stationed at the Packery Channel boat ramp. Chris immediately began launching his rescue jet ski into Packery Channel. When Lifeguards Robbie Krause and Kevin Bardwell got to Daniel Krause’s Lifeguard stand, Daniel was already paddling away from shore fast.

The rescue begins Daniel kept his head held up as high as he could while paddling, just like he learned through his training. That was so he could keep sight on the orange raft, which was quickly moving out to sea. Daniel’s brother Robbie climbed up the ramp to the top of the stand and saw the girls in the raft through his binoculars. Meanwhile, Lifeguard Kevin Bardwell grabbed his paddle board from their truck and entered the water, when he heard Robbie yelling something to him, “The raft capsized! The girls are in the water and the raft’s blowing away!” Kevin knew his targets for rescue were now only visible from his paddle board as heads in the water. By now Daniel was already about 200 feet out from shore and paddling fast. Between waves he could see that the raft began accelerating quickly in the stronger wind offshore. He didn’t know that it was now empty. That raft, presumably with the girls still in it, was his rescue target. So, as he was trained, Daniel kept moving as fast as he could with the offshore wind behind him, toward the speeding raft growing farther away in the distance. He was now more than 600 feet offshore, chasing the raft. Simultaneously, Lifeguard Chris Lewis was blasting out of Packery Channel on his jet ski as fast as he could go toward the Southeast toward the scene, which was about a mile away.

A mile out to sea Robbie Krause, from atop the lifeguard stand, now had to keep to keep track of five targets the two girls in distress in the water, his brother Daniel (who was now the farthest away) on paddle board, Kevin Bardwell, also on paddle board, and Chris, on jet ski.

But the girls were lucky. They had a team of Corpus Christi Lifeguards on their case. Kevin Bardwell approached them on his 12 foot rescue paddle board. He managed to get them both up on his board safely. He asked them if they were able to hang on, while he paddled them in. They said that they thought they could.

Heading back in Kevin now had to paddle from the very front of his board, against the wind, with the 19 yearold girl struggling with all the last of her ability to hang on behind him, and to make sure her 12 year old sister was able to hang on behind her. Kevin had an incredibly difficult task ahead of him, and he wasted no time. The girls were in bad shape and from his training he knew he needed to get them back to shore to get them help, as fast as he could. He kept moving toward shore. Meanwhile, Chris Lewis on his jet ski was approaching Daniel Krause, almost a mile and a half offshore. Chris stopped alongside Daniel, and Daniel pointed to the direction he last saw the small orange raft, blowing far out to sea. Chris could barely see it in the distance, from atop his jet ski. But then, Chris was able to hear Robbie call him on the radio, saying that the girls were no longer on the raft. They were relieved to hear that Kevin had both of them on his paddle board! Daniel climbed up onto Chris’ jet ski. They secured his paddle board to it, and they headed back toward shore to see if they could help Kevin with the girls. Lifeguard Kevin Bardwell alternated from paddling his board, to checking to make sure the girls were both able to hang on behind him. And he did so all the way back against the strong wind, back to the nearest point of shore. It was an incredible feat of strength, courage and determination on his part, and he knew he had to do it. He knew that their lives depended upon him, and he did it! Lifeguard Robbie Krause was there to meet them with his Lifeguard truck at the shoreline. Robbie called for additional assistance to the scene, and then went out into the water and helped Kevin bring the two girls off his board and onto the beach.

Success and a thank you! In her complete exhaustion, the 19 year old girl collapsed on the beach. She had struggled hard in the raft and then in the water, to make sure her younger sister stayed afloat. She tried to stand back up a couple of times, but collapsed again. A second Lifeguard truck arrived, and Robbie called for an ambulance. The 19 yearold sister was going in and out of consciousness when paramedics arrived and administered oxygen to help her recover. Both sisters went on to a complete recovery within a few hours, thereafter. They and their family thanked the Lifeguards over and over again. A few days later a packege of baked cookies from the girls arrived at the Lifeguard Station. They were safe and had a story that they will appreciate for as long as they live.

Those girls were indeed lucky that day. They Robbie used his binoculars and his radio to had a team of highly trained Corpus Christi relay all that was going on to other lifeguards. Lifeguards, who identified them in distress, and He could see that the girls were without life went to great lengths, even at risk of their own jackets and they looked like they were in panic personal safety, to save their lives. and struggling in the water. As Chris sped closer And they did save their lives. And there’s to the search area, he stood up on his jet ski and nothing better than that - nothing in the world Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online http://sho could see Daniel in the distance on his paddle board, now nearly a mile out to sea, with the better!

The July 25 Clay McClinton July 26 BACK PORCH Gary P. Nunn July 27 Bar Aug. 1 Deadbeats Littlewolf

and being against the increasing wind, they were not making any headway back toward shore.

Sudoku Two issues back, we pulled the Sudoku puzzles and the Crossword to see if anyone would care. It turns out, we got a lot of feedback about the Sudoku, Moon Sudoku being known by Sudoku fans as some of the toughest around. So we made them a little tougher. Enjoy!



Hard Puzzle 4,772,431,854

Evil Puzzle 7,845,241,088

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Aug. 3


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Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online


PortA Seriously?


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© Web Sudoku 2013 -

Evil Puzzle 2,304,002,518

Great Seafood and Burgers

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Libations Amusements 18 Holes of Minature Golf

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2034 State Highway 361

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July 25, 2013

Who Would You Vote For?

Island Moon


By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon As baseball’s Hall-of-Fame Museum weekend Jorge Posada a year later. approaches, I can’t help but wonder if there has Chipper Jones and Omar ever been a class better than the first class of Visquel will see their first 1936. With the infusion of steroids and other ballot in 2018. performance-enhancing W i l l drugs (PED’s) since the Major League Baseball use early 1990’s, baseball’s an asterisk to define some of Hall of Fame is at a virtual these players’ careers, who standstill in regards to current are strongly believed to have inductees. On July 28, an used steroids? Or will some umpire, an owner, and a of them simply be left out of player will be inducted into the voting for all time? That, the Museum in Cooperstown, we do not know. There is no New York. Each changed the doubt that the conversations game from its earlier days and will be heated and contested none of the three have had at every turn. It’s a shame anything to do with baseball that greed and notoriety for the past 75 years. These have replaced playing for three will bring the total the love of the game. Some number of Major League of the people whose names Baseball Hall-of-Famers to are mentioned above will Christy Mathewson an even 300. Only 61 are still undoubtedly pay for their alive and nearly forty of those transgressions by watching living are expected to attend. from the outside. The Hall of Fame needs the Any combination of four, five current members to be there or more of these players being or the attendance numbers inducted in the same year may suffer dreadfully. would be spellbinding as the This year’s class included baseball voting membership Hank O’Day, the tenth tends to stay away from firstumpire to be inducted. ballot entries and anyone O’Day played, managed, and associated with PED’s. What umpired for over thirty years. will happen is anyone’s guess. He umpired the first modernAs for my original question, day World Series in 1903. despite how crowded the O’Day passed away on July ballot is going to get, no 2, 1935. modern day Hall-of-Fame Jacob Ruppert became the class can ever be considered 33rd executive inducted. He the greatest in Major League owned and operated the New Baseball history. The modern York Yankees franchise from day rules and circumstances of 1915-1939. Ruppert hired the Hall of Fame practically Honus Wagner Miller Huggins as Manager ensure that the debut class of and Ed Barrow as General 1936 can never be topped. Manager, purchased Babe That class listed in order of Ruth’s contract from the the highest voting percentage Red Sox and built Yankee received included: Ty Cobb Stadium, which opened in (98.2%), Honus Wagner 1923. I have no idea why he (95.1%), Babe Ruth (95.1%), had not been inducted earlier. Christy Mathewson (90.7%), Under his reign, the Bombers and Walter Johnson (83.6%). won ten American League These were the absolute best Pennants and seven World players of the first sixty years Championships. Ruppert of professional baseball. passed away January 13, Heck, even Cy Young, Tris 1939. Speaker, Eddie Collins, Connie Mack, John McGraw and Pete Deacon White was an Alexander were left off of incredible bare-handed the inaugural list. Had the catcher. White played for institution of the Hall of Fame nine different franchises been intact since 1900 and the in three different leagues rules of today in place, Christy before 1890. In 20 seasons, Ruth & Cobb Mathewson would have been he recorded 2,067 hits and inducted in the 1922 class, as he a .312 batting average. He retired in 1916. Honus Wagner, also won two batting titles who retired in 1917, would have and three RBI crowns. White been inducted in 1923. Walter left us on July 7, 1939. Johnson would be part of the Only eight modern-day 1933 class, and Ty Cobb part players or managers have of 1934. Ruth would have been been inducted since 2008. part of the 1941 class instead of They are as follows: “Goose” 1936, since he had retired the Gossage, Dick Williams, year before. Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice, As for me, I’m glad the first Andre Dawson, Roberto class can never be topped. I Alomar, Bert Blyleven and consider that a good thing, but I Barry Larkin. would vote for six players from Walter Johnson Meanwhile, the list of the 2014 ballot. They are: Craig current players eligible for Biggio, Greg Maddux, Tom the Hall of Fame continues to pile up. Sammy Glavine, Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, and Lee Sosa, Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds, Roger Smith. Let’s see how I do in regards to next Clemens, and Mike Piazza were all added to the year’s class. Feel free to email your answer at 2012 list. Names like Craig Biggio, Lee Smith, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, Tim Raines, Andy Purvis is a local author. His books “In Edgar Martinez, Jack Morris, and Jeff Bagwell all have adequate numbers, but they have been the Company of Greatness” and “Remembered passed over so far, and the choices do not get Greatness” are on the shelves at the local Barnes and Noble, at Beamer’s Sports Grill any easier for the next five years. 5922 S Staples, and online at many different Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas sites including Amazon,, booksamillion, will be added in 2014, along with Randy Google Books, etc. They are also available Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz in in e-reader format. Contact him at www. 2015. Two thousand and sixteen will find Ken, or andy.purvis@grandecom. Griffey, Jr. and Trevor Hoffman on the ballot net. with Ivan Rodriquez, Vladimir Guerrero, and Special thanks to ESPN Corpus for creating Uncle Andy’s Sports Blog. You can go to and click on BLOGS. New story each week. Also access via “Dennis and Andy’s Q&A” when that comes up on site. Click on it and then go to Blog. You may also go to and please leave comments!

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A 13

Sports Talk

Pre-Season Training for College Football Fans

By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: Before we get into a discussion tackle to left tackle. Junior left guard Jarvis about College Football nationally, A&M Harrison will remain at the spot he played in and UT are the two teams 2012. that engender the most Sophomore Mike conversation in this area; Matthews takes over therefore we will discuss at center after getting them first. If any Moon some meaningful readers need a detailed snaps as a backup report on their favorite team, behind Patrick Lewis let me know. in 2012. Junior UT won the toss last week Cedric Ogbuehi and we discussed their slides over from prospects for 2013, now it is right guard to right A&M’s turn. tackle. The Texas A&M football team enters the 2013 season with expectations as high as they have been since 1995. The Aggies have a few holes to fill on defense and at receiver but enter fall practice with the requisite talent to compete for a national title. There were five Texas A&M players selected in the 2013 NFL draft, and the Aggies are going to need some of the incoming freshmen to step in immediately and plug the holes left by those departures. Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin and staff brought in a top-10-ranked recruiting class in 2013, according to 247Sports. They will need some of those young players to play immediately on the defensive line and at wide receiver. The Ags will also need the freshmen to add depth at linebacker and in the secondary. The success of the upcoming season will rely heavily on how these newcomers perform. This is a position-by-position breakdown of how the Aggie football team looks as it readies for 2013.

Quarterback Returning is the top quarterback in the nation, 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. The sophomore quarterback returns after torching SEC defenses for a conference-record 5,116 total yards. Enough said.

Running Back The Aggies have arguably the best running back depth in the nation. The running back position is obviously the strength of the team as the Ags enter fall practice.

The first-string will be very solid, and the Ags will again have one of the top five offensive lines in America. There are some questions among the backups, but the Aggies have improved depth over 2012.

Defensive Line The Aggies must replace two starters from their 2012 defensive line. Senior nose tackle Kirby Ennis returns and will be a rock in the middle of the defense. Sophomore defensive end Julien Obioha has flipped sides from the strong side to the weak side. He will attempt to replace some of the pass rush lost when All-American defensive end Damontre Moore left early for the NFL. The defensive tackle spot next to Ennis is where it gets interesting. Alonzo Williams played strong-side defensive end in 2012. He has grown to around 6’4”, 280 pounds and possesses the size and strength to play on the interior. If one of the freshmen quartet of defensive tackles in Jordan Points, Isaiah Golden, Hardreck Walker or Justin Manning can prove ready to start, they will slot in next to Ennis, and Williams will play defensive end.

Linebackers The Aggies return one starter at linebacker from 2012. Steven Jenkins had an excellent junior year with 79 tackles, two sacks and an interception. He will be one of the top outside linebackers in the conference. Jenkins will start on the weak side for A&M.

Senior Ben Malena returns after rushing for 808 yards and eight touchdowns in 2013. He is one of the most underrated running backs in the nation. Malena excels in every phase of the game.

Junior linebacker Donnie Baggs backed up Jenkins in ‘12 and started in his stead when Jenkins was suspended for the Louisiana Tech game. Baggs will start at middle linebacker in ‘13.

The Ags have four running backs on their roster who’d start at most FBS schools. With running back coach Clarence McKinney calling the plays in ‘13, the running backs should be a bigger part of the offense than they were in ‘12.

Junior college transfer Tommy Sanders will take over for Sean Porter as the starter on the strong side for the Ags. It will be interesting to see how well Sanders replaces the heart of the Aggie defense from ‘12.

Wide Receiver

Special Teams

Mike Evans registered 82 receptions for 1,105 yards and five touchdowns during his redshirt freshman season in ‘12. His season was good enough to garner Second-Team All-SEC honors by the media at SEC Media Days.

Taylor Bertolet returns for his sophomore season at place-kicker. He needs to improve on his consistency if he wants to keep his starting position.

The Ags experimented with Evans in the slot during the spring. Expect the Aggie coaches to move him all over the field in order to create the biggest mismatch for the defense.

Tight End This is the position that all the pundits seem to be ignoring during the offseason. Everyone wants to talk about how all the SEC defenses have had a year to prepare and plan for Manziel. Have any of them prepared for Manziel to have a 6’6”, 270-pound tight end running down the seam? In junior college transfer Cameron Clear, the Ags have given Manziel a huge target who can also seal the edge in the running game. Nehemiah Hicks returns for his senior season and will offer the Ags a nice receiving threat out of two-tight end formations. In Clear and Hicks, the Ags have their best tight end combo since Derrick Spiller and Daniel Campbell were playing at Kyle Field in 1998.

Offensive Line In 2012, A&M put the best offensive line in America on the field every Saturday. Two starters from that line have moved on to the NFL. Senior Jake Matthews leads the three returnees as the 2012 All-American flips sides from right

Drew Kaser is the punter. He has one of the strongest legs in the nation. The redshirt sophomore just has to be more consistent.

Defensive Backs The Aggie secondary was a major weakness in ‘12 but should be a strength in ‘13. The depth is much better entering the ‘13 season than it was at any time in ‘12. Sophomore cornerback De’Vante Harris will start at one corner spot, while junior Deshazor Everett will occupy the other. Harris struggled to be physical in ‘12 but added some muscle during the offseason and was impressive against the run during the spring game. Junior Howard Matthews returns as the starter at strong safety. Senior Toney Hurd Jr. will back Matthews up and will also start when the Ags open games in the nickel. Junior Floyd Raven will start at the free safety spot. He and Matthews should form one of the more physical safety tandems in the conference in ‘13. Both Raven and Everett are currently suspended from the team due to an offseason arrest. If they both miss the opener, expect senior corner Tremaine Jacobs to start in place of Everett. Hurd or incoming freshman Kameron Miles could start in place of Raven.

A 14

Island Moon

Continuing the series: “Questions Families Need to Ask about Older Drivers.”

How can I encourage an older adult to plan for and use alternative transportation?

Effective conversations encourage future planning and show respect for the older adult’s ability to make appropriate decisions. When you observe the older person modifying his or her driving habits, use these opportunities to explore transportation options together to give the older adult time to adjust to them. “If you don’t want to drive at night, we can arrange for someone to pick you up.” Commend the older driver for being cautious and help arrange transportation. “Let’s take the bus so we don’t have to deal with the parking downtown.” Practice using public transportation together before it becomes a necessity. Remember that public transportation may be difficult or impossible to use for some older adults with physical or cognitive difficulties who must limit their driving. In these cases, families are often the first and only alternative transportation. “You could save hundreds of dollars if you sold your car.” Insurance, maintenance, depreciation, and gasoline costs make owning and operating a car expensive. Even taxi services, which provide door-to-door service, can be more economical. “What if something happened and you couldn’t drive? What would you do?” Ask what-if questions to encourage advance planning.

Safe Drivers’ Classes Take a 4 hour class Driver Safety class and qualify for an Automobile Insurance discount which is good for three years. These classes are taught by highly qualified volunteer instructors and are open to all licensed drivers. The cost of the class is $12 for AARP members and $14 for those who are not AARP members. All licensed drivers are eligible to attend. For information on local classes please call 1-888227-7669 or Email Dotson: Note: Effective January 1, 2014 the cost of the class will be $15 for AARP members and $18 for those who are not AARP members. The class is also available online. If you are interested in taking the online class, please contact Dotson for further information. Computer Interest Group Meetings- The Computer Interest Group will next meet August 12, 2013. We are taking a summer break. If you have any questions about these meetings, please call (361-949-7681) or Email: dlewis1@stx. Dotson’s note: Shown below are the sites for the activities that were previously held at the Ethel Eyerly Senior Center until the renovation has been completed. The expected date for the reopening has been delayed until midSeptember. Call 361-937-3218 for updated information. Temporary Sites Ethel Eyerly Senior Center Activities

What if an older driver doesn’t realize that his or her driving is a serious problem?

For Persons Age 50 and Over

If driving skills continue to deteriorate after self-imposed restrictions, it is necessary to have follow-up conversations. Additional conversations with family members, doctors or law enforcement officials may be necessary. Here are some more direct appeals to help persuade a high-risk driver:

For Persons Age 60 and Over

“Even if you were not at fault in a collision, you could be seriously injured or die.”

DAILY ACTIVITIES NUTRITIOUS MEALS SERVED AT 11:30 p.m. ($1.50 SUGGESTED MEAL DONATION) Waldron Baptist Church, 2042 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY Silver Haired Fitness-10-11 a.m.

Regardless of who is at fault, older adults are more likely to be injured or killed because they have less capacity to endure the physical trauma of an accident. Pre-existing medical conditions may complicate recovery or result in death.

Caribbean Baptist Church-3125 Waldron Rd (Flour Bluff)

“I know you would feel terrible if someone was hurt when you were driving.”

Waldron Baptist Church 2042 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff)

Concern for others is often a stronger motivation than concern for self. In addition to physical harm to others, an accident can pose enormous financial and legal risks. Families should tactfully mention this possibility, but not dramatize the point. “I’m afraid to let the grandchildren ride with you.” An older relative may realize the degree of concern when family members will not ride with them. Protecting lives is more important than protecting feelings. “Let’s talk with your doctor about this.” Blame the poor health, not the driver. Preferably find out the doctor’s opinion before suggesting this step. The doctor might not agree with the family’s assessment nor want to assume the role of determining who should drive. Dotson’s Note: In subsequent issues of The Island Moon we will continue our discussion regarding older drivers. Thank you for your expressed interest in this most important matter. Please encourage your friends to take one of our Drivers Safety classes.

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by Devorah Fox

Since that first lesson, both Chip and I have been busy. I’ve written two novels, The Lost King and The King’s Ransom. Meanwhile Chip has given numerous sculpting lessons not the least of which have been for “Lesson Mountain” during SandFest. Chip says that after a half day’s lesson his students have learned enough to enter competitions. He’s done a number of custom sculptures including wedding castles and proposal castles. For 15 years, one family has asked him to join their family reunion and this year wasn’t any different. His sand castle for that event featured an arch, spiral staircases and towers topped with onion domes. Chip has been creating sand sculptures for 30 years, has won numerous awards in local, state and national competitions, has created pieces for many events and competitions, businesses as well as individuals. He was recently invited to join the Better Business Bureau of Corpus Christi and DC Sandman is an accredited Art Instruction and School member with an “A” rating. Of course he’s refined his sculpting techniques over the years and has studied different architectural styles from around the world, bringing Romanesque, Asian and even Mesoamerican effects into his work. He likes to teach a little history along with sculpting skills. In addition he’s learned something else unrelated to the construction of buildings, and that’s how to deal with people better. “I’ve learned to listen as much as speak,” he says.

Zumba Gold (Co-Ed.) 10:30 a.m. ($20.00/mo, or $3.00/session) St. Paul the Apostle Church 2233 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) Table Tennis– 12:00 p.m. Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely Road Dr. (Near Cullen Middle School) WEDNESDAY Art Class 1-3 p.m. (TBA) AARP #4181 @ 1 p.m. 2nd Wednesday @ St. Paul the Apostle Church, 2233 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) Next Meeting Wednesday, August 14th. THURSDAY Wii Bowling-12:30 pm -1:30 pm

Leo & Nicole

Waldron Baptist Church 2042 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) Table Games- 12-4 pm

He’s found that in the course of a sculpting

A Captured Moment Photography lesson, total strangers come to trust him. Kids

Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely Road Dr. (Near Cullen Middle School) Brent Rourk     361‐244‐7603 

as well as parents become relaxed enough to discuss personal issues. He’s done three projects FRIDAY with Wounded Warriors. “It’s healing for them and for me,” Chip says. “I’m helping myself by Table Tennis– 12:00 p.m.  Wedding and Reception Photography + Officiant  helping them.” Bingo-12:30-1:30 p.m.  Family and New Born Photography  As a teacher, Chip says “I feel like I’ve Garden Senior Center, Greely Road Dr.  5325 Event, Music, Sports Photography  contributed, like I’m giving back.” His students (Near Cullen Middle School)

Brent Rourk     361‐244‐7603 

Brent Rourk     361‐244‐7603 

 Event, Music, Sports Photography 

 Event, Music, Sports Photography 

Brent Rourk     361‐244‐7603 

Brent Rourk     361‐244‐7603   Wedding and Reception Photography + Officiant   Family and New Born Photography 

 Event, Music, Sports Photography 

 Event, Music, Sports Photography 

A Captured Moment Photography 

A Captured Moment Photography 

Brent Rourk     361‐244‐7603 

Brent Rourk     361‐244‐7603 

 Wedding and Reception Photography + Officiant   Family and New Born Photography   Event, Music, Sports Photography 

About 25% of Chip’s business is made up of repeat customers. Recently he was asked if he could provide a take-home sand-sculpting kit. The beach isn’t the only place you can see Chip’s creations. Chip hauled a truckload of sand to Kerrville to create sculpture for an arts and crafts fair there but you don’t have to go that far. Check out the sand pit at Avery’s Kitchen at 200 W. Avenue G. Chip’s usually got some sculpture on display there. An application of glue solution keeps the work from eroding and preserves it for several weeks. For many months he worked on the extensive “Frosty Towers” condominium complex. He carved the names of vacationing passers-by into the door lintels which allowed a lot of people to tell the folks back home that they had a condo in Port Aransas. Recently he spent eight months on an ambitious cathedral construction.

Leo & Nicole It’s his current sand pit sculpting project that’s most near and dear to my heart. Chip is building Bell Castle, the home of King Bewilliam. King Bewilliam is the hero of The Lost King and The King’s Ransom, books one and two in the fiction series I’ve authored. Chip has taken the books’ description of Bell Castle as inspiration and a starting point and added his own interpretation. At this writing it’s a work in progress but it should be near completion by the time you read this. What do you think? Is Chip’s sculpture how you imagined Bell Castle to look? To schedule a sanding lesson or custom sculpture of your own, contact DC Sandman at (361) 852-4216 or (361) 658-4075 or send an email to DCooper@ For copies of The Lost King and The King’s Ransom visit the Port Aransas Art Center or the Estelle Stair Gallery in Rockport. You’ll also find the Kindle version of The King’s Ransom on sale for a limited time at amazon. com, and the epub version of The Lost King on sale at view/230605 through July. To see the Bell Castle, cruise by Avery’s Kitchen at the corner of Alister and Cut Off Road. I’ll see you there. —

 Family and New Born Photography 

A Captured Moment Photography 

 Family and New Born Photography 

Beginners get a skill that they can continue to use throughout their life. “One day, I’ll be gone, but that little boy that I taught will remember his sanding exercise.”

 Wedding and Reception Photography + Officiant 

A Captured Moment Photography 

 Wedding and Reception Photography + Officiant 

Happy Anniversary, Part II

Seems that I’ve kicked off my fourth year of DeeScovering for The Island Moon by recollecting a bit of auld lang syne. My very first column was about my 2010 sand sculpting lesson with DC Sandman, Chip Cooper. It was a gift to myself, a little structured play time as a reward for hard work and let me tell you, it was one of the best presents I’ve ever received. Chip likes to say that “A day spent sanding is one in which no aging will occur,” and I found that to be true. Even though I focused on learning technique and artistry, there’s just something about kneeling in the sand along the water making mudpies and being caressed by ocean breezes that melts the cares away.

A Captured Moment Photography 

 Family and New Born Photography 

July 25, 2013

A Captured Moment Photography 

 Wedding and Reception Photography + Officiant 


Senior Moments

By Dotson Lewis Special to the Island Moon

 Wedding and Reception Photography + Officiant   Family and New Born Photography   Event, Music, Sports Photography 

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July 25, 2013

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Three Chords and the Truth

Mike Williams July 26 & 29 Free Beer Band Every Thursday (7-10) Open Jam with Uel Jackson Every Sunday (7- 11)

By Ronnie Narmour

There’s music coming out of my ears It was another great weekend of live music here on our little sandbar. I saw quite a few good shows… the Kydells (Austin, TX) played the Tarpon Ice House all weekend for their once a year sabbatical. They had some personnel changes from last year but the end result was impressive. As always, Todd Dorn did a great job over at Giggity’s on Saturday as did Ruben Limas at Shorty’s on Friday. Ruben has been on fire lately and seems to be taking Port A by storm… he’s everywhere. And, my old friends from Austin, Kathy Murray and Bill Jones (from the old Kathy & the Kilowatts fame) played Shorty’s on Saturday. Then they showed back up at Giggity’s on Sunday and sat in with Antone Perez and the boys for some great blues. It was really special to have the delightful Miss Kathy Murray in our camp for a little while. What a nice treat. Sunday was also the send-off for our recently fallen compadre, Howard Odom, over at Charlie’s Pasture. It was a good turnout and Howard’s favorite band, Triggerfish (minus Luis V…but with Julie Caraker subbing on cajon), cranked up the generator and graced us with some old school island music. BTW, Woody Lawson tells me that Triggerfish is soon to rise again.

Island Moon


321 N Alister * (361) 749-2337

of Wilson Pickett in a young, skinny white boy’s body. This guy hit notes that would make Pavarotti blush. I’m not kidding… at one point he was standing on one of the tables with the crowd jumping all around him waving their hands in the air. It was quite an impressive standing ovation. I honestly got shivers listening to him. This is the guy who should audition for The Voice. He’s strong! Weathers is, without a doubt, the best blue eyed soul artist I’ve seen since Delbert McClinton. He put on the kind of show that leaves you exhausted. I’m telling you, this man should be a star.

Dirty River Boys…

The Dirty River Boys ripped it up at the Back Porch last Saturday.

Our local cowgirl, Melissa Brooke, played a couple of shows this weekend… one at Giggity’s on Friday and one opening for the Dirty River Boys (more on them in a minute) at the Back Porch on Saturday. She’s had some personnel changes, too. Our main bass dude, Woody Ray Lawson, has now joined her band. Though Woody’s not your typical C&W sideman, the music was great. His harmonies really add a lot. Melissa has developed quite a little following here on her home turf and tells me that she’s recently auditioned for the TV show, The Voice, and is waiting for a call back. How cool would that be? She’ll be back at Giggity’s on August 3rd.

I could hardly contain myself until Saturday rolled around when the incredible Dirty River Boys (El Paso, TX) played the Back Porch. I had only seen them once before at Brewster Street last year on a bill with Uncle Lucius and the Wheeler Brothers. And as good as those two bands are, in my mind the Dirty River Boys stole the show. They have a relentless energy on stage that rivals a California earthquake. They’re basically an acoustic band (acoustic guitar, stand up bass, mandolin, banjo, hand drums and harmonica) with four part harmonies. Their drummer, Travis Stearns, may be the very best at what he does, period. You’ve never seen such confidence. He has every extremity kicking and slapping and beating like he’s been chosen to raise the dead. I wonder what he was like growing up… bet his mama never slept much. He’s incredible. And the two lead singers, Nino Cooper and Marco Gutierrez, are equally amazing. Their voices work perfectly with the songs they’ve chosen… folky but on fire. And their bassist, Colton James, is the glue that keeps these boys from vibrating right off the stage. He’s straight out the old west. At one point in the show, they threw a Chinese Fire Drill and passed around all their instruments. Wow! Needless to say, I really, really dig this group. They set the bar about as high as it goes. We’ve got to get them down here again… and soon.


Josh Weathers… On Friday, Josh Weathers (Ft. Worth, F I N E A TX) R Thit the Back Porch and brother, can this man wail! Lord have Josh Weathers (361) 749-2388 played the Back mercy, he’s got the Porch on Friday. chops and the soul


This weekend… And the hits just keep right on coming… on Thursday, July 25th, Littlewolf (Lubbock, TX), the band voted the 2013 ‘Best Debut Artists” in the Alternate Root Magazine Reader’s Poll, rolls into Port A for two nights. They will be at the Back Porch on Thursday and Giggity’s on


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July 26

Rich Lockhart

July 27

Full Body Puppets

Aug. 2

Melissa Brooke

Aug. 3

Aug. 9

J.T. Coldfire

Statesboro Revue

Aug. 10

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Carol Elliot Fri. August 2 (6:30-8:30) Paul Taylor This Friday Uel Jackson This Saturday

Melissa Brooke…

The Melissa Brooke band with Woody Lawson played Giggity’s last Friday.

July 25, 2013

Littlewolf will play Giggity’s and the Back Porch.

Tif fany Duckworth Tuesday July 30 & August 13

The Fabulous Thunderbirds will play Sharkeys on Aug. 3.

Friday. The nucleus of this band one more time at the Back Porch, consists of veteran guitarist Cody Canada will play a solo gig Steve Lott and the young and at the Third Coast Theater and beautiful Kristi Clanton on Rich Lockhart (Victoria, TX) will slide steel guitar and vocals. bring his blues and roots show to They play a hybrid style of Giggity’s. original tunes that blend blues, Sharkey’s announces 5 big rock and roots. It’s definitely shows… the show to catch this weekend. On Friday, July 26th, Clay The big news around here is the McClinton (Ft. Worth, TX) five shows that Sharkey’s has will return to the Back Porch. announced in August and through Clay is the son of Delbert Clay McClinton will play Labor Day. It’s my understanding McClinton and is quite a the Back Porch on Friday. that these shows will be on an talented young man. He’s got outdoor stage that’s just been that roadhouse vibe his daddy constructed behind Sharkey’s. made famous. Also, Raeanne The shows will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the Ride (Port Aransas, and the ticket cost will be $20 TX) will bring her classic rock advanced and $25 at the door. I’ll and blues show to Shorty’s talk about the T-Birds and Ely and Tiffany Duckworth will next time. be at Fin’s. On Saturday, July th Here’s the schedule: 27 , the mad happy scientist from Oklahoma, Joe Mack Fabulous Thunderbirds (Tahlequah, OK), will play Toman Brothers… Aug. 3 Shorty’s. Joe is a genius type Joe Ely who builds his songs, which Larry Joe Taylor … Aug 10 are recorded in real time on loops and works in anything Cory Morrow that’s handy into the act (beer Joe Mack will play Shorty’s William Clark Green… Aug. 24 bottles, his cheeks, any number this Saturday night. Jack Ingram… Aug. 31 of musical and percussion instruments he keeps around), Los Lonely Boys… Sept. 1 you name it. It’s an amazing process. His guitar work is pretty incredible, too. Also on Saturday, Gary P. Nunn (Austin, TX) will be coming home to the Armadillo

And that’s the truth!

Live Music Tonight

Sunday, July 28 Continued Open Jam @ Neptune’s Thursday, July 25 John Eric Open Mic @ South Texas Ice Three Way Street @ Giggity’s House Little Wolf @ Back HoR 8 Year Porch Anniversary (5 Bands) Vampires Welcome Free Beer Band @ @ House of Rock Mon-Sat Tarpon Ice House The Last Resort @ Dr. 10am- 2am Uncle Lucius @ Rockits Sun Brewster Street Kevin Hill @ Noon- 2am Local Licks @ House Scuttlebutt’s of Rock Ray T & the Kevin Hill @ Monday, July 29 City Crew Scuttlebutt’s Mike Williams @ Every Friday Tarpon Ice House Friday, July 26 Justin Estes Band @ Little Wolf @ Giggity’s Dr. Rockits Clay McClinton @ John Eric @ Back Porch Scuttlebutt’s Raeanne & the Ride @ LIVE MUSIC EVERY SUNDAY 4-7 Shorty’s Tuesday, July 30 Ray T & the City Crew Tiffany Duckworth @ Littlewolf July 25 @ The Flats Tarpon Ice House Clay McClinton July 26 Tiffany Duckworth @ Open Mic @ House Gary P. Nunn July 27 Fins of Rock Deadbeats Aug. 1 Spark in the Dark @ Green Party @ Dr. Thomas Michael Riley Aug. 2 Coffee Waves Rockits Larry Joe Taylor Aug. 3 Another Level @ Kevin Hill @ Executive Surf Club Scuttlebutt’s 132 W. Cotter Port Aransas,TX Someone Like You @ Dr. Rockits Wednesday, July 31 Fabian Rivera @ Open Jam w/ Wolfjaw Scuttlebutt’s @ Flats Lounge Five Card Draw @ HOBO @ House of Brewster Street Rock David Martinez Band Raeanne & the Ride July 26 Saturday, July 27 @ Dr. Rockits Joe Mack July 27 Joe Mack @ Shorty’s Brett Mussey Band Aug. 2 Gary P. Nunn @ Back Thursday, August 1 Texas Sand Aug. 3 Porch Three Way Street @ Independent Thieves Aug. 9 Richard Lockhart Band Giggity’s Levi Darr Aug. 10 @ Giggity’s Dead Beats @ Back OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas Cody Canada @ Third Porch Coast Theater Free Beer Band @ Billy Snipes @ Fins Tarpon Ice House Tiffany Duckworth @ RPG, Funeral Ash, Coffee Waves Derangement, Until the Gulf Wars @ House of Grave @ House of Rock Rock Scarecrow People @ Friday, August 2 Executive Surf Club Thomas Michael Riley Melissa Brooke @ @ Back Porch South Texas Ice House Full Body Puppets @ Torpedoes @ Dr. Giggity’s Rockits Brett Mussey Band @ Robert Brown @ Shorty’s Scuttlebutt’s Tiffany Duckworth @ Double R Nothing @ Cinnamon Shores Brewster Street Billy Snipes @ Uppity’s Sunday, July 28 Ray T & the City Crew Open Jam w/ Uel @ The Flats Lounge (361) 749 - 5333 Jackson @ Tarpon Ice 90 Proof @ House of House Rock Fishing, Pole Rentals, Beer, Antone & the All Stars Spazmatics @ Burgers, Wings @ Giggity’s Brewster Street Open Mic @ Doc’s The Deadbeats, Seafood Scarecrow People @ Tumble Dry Low @ Executive Surf Club Bernie’s Beach House

Keepers Horace Caldwell Pier

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

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Island moon 7 25 2013 section b