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Schlitterbahn Nears Completion


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By Dale Rankin If you go to the beach these days you’re going to See Weed. The high number of spring cool fronts, and the north wind they bring, kept the ubiquitous Sargassum sea weed in warm coastal waters which bought on a bumper crop of the stuff which is now arriving on area beaches, and in fact beaches all along the Texas Coast.

Park Board Announces Balli Overhaul

Property owners have until May 31 to appeal their property values and will have the chance to do so without leaving The Island. Appraisal district officials will come to The Island starting at 9 a.m. on May 31 at seashore Learning Center where property owners can meet with the district and appeal their appraised value. Appeals filed by that date can continue past the deadline.

Runoff Election Next week is the last chance for voters to register to vote for the May 27 runoff elections. Early voting begins on Monday May 19. Vote early and vote often…in the meantime say hello if you see us Around The Island.

Update on Island Projects

Schlitterbahn, Beach Driving, Marina

By Dale Rankin Schlitterbahn Beachwalk Village. Developer Paul Schexnailder told the Island Strategic Action Committee (ISAC) on Tuesday that the first floor restaurant at the Schlitterbahn waterpark will be ready for the park’s soft opening on Saturday, May 31, along with the swim-up bar and “possibly the upper end of the riverwalk.” He also said six restaurants will be open by summer 2015 and that the number of hotel rooms located directly adjacent to the main building at the site has increased from 30 to 80. He also said he expects to have the permit to build a marina on the east side of SPID, on Lake Padre, in hand in about forty-five days and that design for the Beach Walk Village, which includes the canal system to link Lake Padre with the existing canals on the west side of SPID, is about “halfway there.” He said when the park is complete there will be the 600 parking spaces currently being built at the corner of Compass and Commodores, plus another 200 paved spaces to be added later, and

Projects continued on A3

Year 17, Issue 525

Inside the Moon...

Fish Stories A4

From the looks of the offshore weed supply it appears like we will be dealing with it through most of May. Can’t someone figure out a way to market this stuff? Ronnie Canales, the Assistant Chief Appraiser at the Nueces County Appraisal District said this week that based on early assessments property values citywide and in the Flour Bluff Independent School District are expected to go up “at least 6%” this year. He said that number is likely to rise as the end of the appraisal cycle approaches and that while the 6% is the expected average increase for the entire FBISD, property values on The Island will likely be on the high side of that.

May 8, 2014

Cabins, more RV sites, walking trail

The latest onslaught was Monday morning when a huge mat of the weed hit the coast overwhelming cleanup crews and bringing with it a swarm of small flying insects which inhabit it.

Property values going up


By Dale Rankin The Nueces County Board of Coastal Parks last week unveiled an ambitious plan for revamping and improving Padre Balli Park. The plan, designed by Naismith Engineering, when completed would contain two miles of walking trails, 150 RV sites, 72 tent-camping sites, and 25 cabins. The work would be done in five phases, with $1.5 million currently available for Phase I. The next step in the process, approved by Coastal Park Board members in their monthly meeting last Thursday, is to cost out the entire project and begin an Engineering

Estimate on cost for Phase I of the project which must be approved by Nueces County Commissioners. Then preparations could begin to issue RFPs (Requests for Proposals) from potential Phase I contractors and initiate the bidding process as part of the annual budget cycle in the Fall of 2014. About 67% of the park board funds, which runs Balli Park as well as I.B. McGee Park in Port Aransas, are self-generated by park attractions. The $1.5 million available for Balli improvements has come through savings from park operations and grants.

Cub Scouts A7

Port Aransas Considers Ban on “Big Box” Stores

By Sara Hendricks

Port Aransas City Council is meeting in special session Thursday, May 8, at 5 p.m. in council chambers to talk about placing a moratorium on the building of big box stores within city limits. Big box, for purposes of this measure, is defined as 25,000 square feet of floor space. To get an idea of how big that is, consider the Port Aransas Family Center, whose main building is about 16,000 square feet. Mayor Keith McMullen doesn't know of any such stores that want to build on The Island, but he figures the way things are going on around us, the city could begin to look attractive to large retail outlets. "It's the velocity of change," said McMullen, who was in his office Tuesday to speak to a group of elementary students who were there on a field trip to learn about city government. "We expect change all the time," he said, "but change is coming at us faster." Schlitterbahn, the water park being built on South Padre Island, is a watershed event, McMullen said. "Most people don't understand the impact of Schlitterbahn," he said, listing traffic on Highway 361 and the fact that people will stay on the island longer if there is more for them to do. "I default to keeping Port A's charm as much as we can," McMullen said. His wishes are in line with a focus and vision statement on the city's website that begins with a commitment "to adopt policies that preserve and enhance the unique qualities of life in Port Aransas." The document's vision for Port Aransas in 2025 is that the "City's buildings, streets and public spaces, whether catering to commercial interests or serving the residents, reflect this

Sargassum Invasion!

small seaside town image in terms of both scale and the use of materials." The moratorium, if passed, would be a temporary measure to allow the council time to explore whether they want to add to restrictions already placed on commercial construction.

Live Music A16

The Enemy in Our Backyards

County begins battle to eradicate Brazilian Pepper Trees By Dale Rankin The first part of a $600,000 improvement project at Packery Channel Park was to clear the area of the invasive and non-native Brazilian Pepper Trees. “So far we have cleared four-anda-half acres of Pepper Trees,” said Scott Cross, Supervisor of the Nueces County Coastal Parks Department. “The task now is to keep them out.” The 38-acre park, located between SPID and Packery Channel on the east side of the highway, is undergoing a facelift which will turn it into the Packery Channel Nature Preserve Park featuring native woodlands, wetlands, wildflower areas and bird drip stations to attract birds and the people who watch them. But over the years the area, which in its native state was an oak mott and home to a wide variety of bird species, became overrun with the Brazilian Pepper Trees which soak up the groundwater supply and choke out native plants. The park board’s plan is to remove the non-native species and return the area to its natural state.

Natural state The earliest accounts of vegetation on the north end of Padre Island dating back to the 17th and 18 centuries described lush grasslands broken by tightly packed oak motts. Over the years as man turned the land into pasture and hurricanes did their work, the native plants were displaced to the point that none of the original woodlands exist but the attempt is being made at Packery Channel Park to bring them back. But first the area has to be rid of the invader from Florida.

Trees continued on A8

A Little Island History

How Did The Island Get Annexed by Corpus Christi and Can We Secede? By Dale Rankin This is probably the most common question we get asked by Islanders. The answer is complex and a Freedom of Information request to the city asking for the Annexation Agreement between The Island and the City of Corpus Christi resulted in a deluge of paperwork that leaves the question of annexation about as clear as the Laguna Madre after twenty inches of rain. First off, we want to thank Islander Pat Marschall for her help.

Let’s start at the beginning

If you go to the beach these days you are going to see weed. The Sargassum weed is out there offshore and is expected to keep coming in at least through the end of May. Crews are working to keep the beach clean but as long as the weed is coming in at the current rate it is a losing battle.

How did we get annexed? Annexation of The Island could only come about after the annexation of Flour Bluff. For a detailed history on the fight over whether Flour Bluff should become its own city or become part of Corpus Christi see the last issue of the Moon.

Flour Bluff was annexed in the 1960’s and according to the records provided by the City annexation of The Island began in earnest in 1981. Development on The Island began in the early 1970’s and by the 1980’s Island developers were desirous of city services and began the process of requesting annexation.

History continued on A6

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Waves of Impact Surf Camp

Canal Front near Packery

New Listing at Joya Del Mar 14813 Leeward #502

One block from Beach! Gated!


We want to thank Island artist Jennifer Seymour for her painting of Riley P. Dog. We also want to thank all the good folks who have remembered Riley P. with us this week. Thanks to everyone, it is appreciated.

Mike Hurst at SEA reports that plans are moving forward to sink an 80-foot coastal freighter at the reef site located about nine miles offshore from both Packery Channel and Port Aransas. So far about 40 acres of the 160-acre site has been filled in. The reef is in 73 feet of water. There is no word yet on when the new boat might arrive.

Casa Superhero 5K

Island Time Sushi and Seafood still has lots left to do since all the chairs, booths, tables, stools and bar are being custommade on the premises. Owner Romeo is seen here making finishing touches to the bar. The sushi will be prepared behind the bar and the kitchen will be viewable through a large glass window. The restaurant is located in a 3000 sq ft building, of course much of that is taken up by the kitchen and four restrooms, at the back of the Subway strip mall on Park Road 22. Photo by Mary Craft.

Donovan came from in town to test the waters and his latest t-shirt . Photo by Mary Craft

RAY HERRERA DIRECTOR Marketing Operations Public Relations


Hair stylists Adriana, Erika and Paloma (L to R) came from San Antonio. Photo by Mary Craft


14802 Compass Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78418

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Veterinarian 2006-2013

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Well-Behaved Cats, Dogs & Owners Always Welcome Experts Claim Flea, Tick, Mosquito Infestations Will Hit Record Numbers In 2014

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We tried something a little different for this month's Bag Hero. Instead of taking a nomination like we usually do, we decided to approach a real shopper and find out why they like their reusable bags. Mary Beth Maxwell was happy to chat and explain why she brings her own bags.

May 8, 2014

Moon Monkeys Mike Ellis, Founder

Island Moon

Billish Park Improvements Here are the working plans for improvements to Billish Park. Note: These are subject to change as one of the ponds in the drawings has since been removed from the plans. There is currently $550 thousand in city bond money to fund Billish Park improvements.

Distribution Pete Alsop Island Delivery Coldwell Banker Advertising Jan Park Rankin Classifieds Arlene Ritley

Projects continued from A1 an additional 300 on grass that can be paved later if needed. He said the 75,000 square-foot barge/building “The Jubilee” is currently being worked on in Louisiana and will be moved to the work site within the next two months and will be in place by summer 2015. Vehicle Ban at Seawall Beach. The City of Corpus Christi legal department told the ISAC on Tuesday that the current city ordinance governing the placing of wooden bollards to block traffic on the beach in front of the Michael J. Ellis Seawall is invalid due to changes in beach conditions. The staff told the committee that when the ordinance was drafted the beach was less than 150 feet wide and has since been widened through the addition of sand moved there from Packery Channel during a dredging project last year. They said a projection on the anticipated width of the beach in the foreseeable future will have to be made with the help of researchers hired by the city to monitor the beach around Packery Channel and a new ordinance drafted. However, they also said the matter would not have to go back before citywide voters, but need only the approval of the Texas General Land Office to move forward. They said a report on the beach conditions is expected in about three weeks.

Design/Layout Jeff Craft Contributing Writers Joey Farah Andy Purvis

The latest delay in the move to make the seawall beach a pedestrian-only beach comes a full five years after a citywide vote to approve the move, and fifteen years after property owners along the seawall paid $400,000 to purchase land for the seawall parking lot, which they donated to the city with the understanding the cars would be removed. The Texas Open Beaches Act requires one parking space within one-half mile of each fifteen feet of beach closed to traffic; the parking lot was built with that requirement in mind.

Devorah Fox Mary Craft Maybeth Christiansen Jay Gardner Todd Hunter Dotson Lewis Ronnie Narmour Brent Rourk Dr. Donna Shaver Photographers

Encantada water passage. City engineers and the Padre Island Property Owners Association are studying options for placing a box culvert in the canal which passes under Encantada Avenue to allow for the passage of water. They are also looking into the possibility of placing a bridge there which would allow for boat passage. Once a cost estimate is made for each a funding source will be sought.

Miles Merwin Jeff Dolan Mary Craft Office Security/Spillage Control

Billish Park Improvements. City planners have adopted a plan to place a pond in Billish Park as part of the $500,000 in improvements paid for with city bonds. Water from the pond, which will come from the natural water table in the park, will be used for park irrigation. Riley P. Dog Editor/Publisher/Spillage Control Supervisor Dale Rankin About the Island Moon

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Stripes on Flour Bluff & SPID

Son of Flour Bluff Graduates is National Merit Scholar Gaston Luke Gilbert, a senior at Lone Oak High School in Lone Oak, TX, is the first student in the school's history to be a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

The National Merit Scholarship Program was established in 1955 in order to recognize the top high school students in America. More than 1.5 million students enter the competition each year.

Gilbert said he is not sure how to put in words how he feels about receiving the prestigious recognition.

Because he is a finalist, Harding University in Arkansas offered him a full ride scholarship to attend the university in the fall.

"It feels good," he said. "But it doesn't make me feel superior in any way."

Miller said she has not taught someone quite like Gilbert in her time teaching at Lone Oak.

LOHS Counselor Leanette Davies said she has not met many students who were more humble than Gilbert.

"Gaston has been one of the most unique and inspirational students I've had," she said. "He is brilliant but he is also passionate on what he's doing."

"The adults that have driven me to succeed are my parents, teachers, and my youth minister," he said. "I can't give thanks to just one person." Gilbert said a teacher who has helped to push him in his studies is his computer science teacher, Wendy Miller. In addition to being his computer science teacher, Miller is also the coach of the UIL Computer Science team. "She has driven me to excel in computer science competitions and academics in general," he said.


Did Ya Hear?

by Mary Craft

New Advertisers Ace Hardware will have Customer Pool Care Seminars in Port A Friday, May 16th at 4 pm and Saturday, May 17th at 1 pm on the Island. You can bring in your pool sample at the Island location on that Saturday 10 am – 3 pm when there will be a manufacturer's rep on site. Call 949-3483 or 749-2004 for more information. Pipe Creations sells the last outdoor furniture you will ever buy. This family owned business has been making PVC patio furniture since 1980. They sell rockers, swings, bars, stools, tables and more. I have a pair of glider chairs that still look great after 20 years with only cushion replacement needed. Visit them at 3207 Rodd Field Road. 4 FAMILY PLANT & GARAGE SALE this weekend on Friday 8 am and Saturday 8 am til Noon at 15442 Cruiser. They promise to have lots of plants.

Business Briefs Bella Luna on NAS Drive has closed. Chef Collici is now co-owner of Mesquite Street Pizza downtown where he makes his dough and sauce fresh daily. You can enjoy his New York style thin crust pizza and many Italian dishes and desserts for lunch or dinner. They are closed for dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays. Janet Harte Library has audiobooks and e-books you can download for free on your device at home or wherever. You can get a library card by bringing in a utility bill and picture id. The library is next to Flour Bluff High School on Waldron Road. This should save you some Amazon $. Schlitterbahn Golf Course will host a 4-Man 9 hole Shotgun Golf Scramble as a fundraiser for golf pro Patrick Kelliher who has been out on sick leave for a couple of months. It will be held on Saturday, May 17th at 10 am and will be limited to the first 40 players. The entry fee is $50 (half of which goes to Patrick) and includes a lunch of chicken, brisket, rice and beans, golf with cart and prizes. Anyone who wishes can make a donation of any amount. Call 9498006 to reserve a spot. The 39th Annual Beach to Bay Relay Marathon will be on Saturday, May 17th and is the largest in the country with about 16,000 participants for this 26 mile run. The traffic on the Island is usually bad until about 10 am so plan accordingly.

Sunset Sounds is the free monthly concert in Port A at Roberts Point Park. The Krystals, a versatile crossroads band that plays rock, blues and Tejano will be entertaining Friday, May 9th 7-9 pm. This event is leashed dog and kid friendly. No, the kid does not have to be leashed.

In order to qualify, a student must receive a high score on the Preliminary SAT (P-SAT) and meet other requirements. To give perspective, only 15,000 of the 1.5 million students are considered finalists.

Gilbert credits his success to a group of people who poured their time, money, and energy in helping him succeed.

Deluxe Nails has remodeled their interior with newly painted walls, new furniture and more manicure stations. They offer many services including eyelash extensions, pedicure with hot stone massage, solar nails, waxing and more. They are located next to Padre Pizzeria and take walk-ins or you can call 949-1794 to make an appointment.

Gaston is the son of Flour Bluff High School graduates Jason Gilbert and Michelle Dailey Gilbert. He is the grandson of Ruthie Dailey and the late Noel Dailey.

"He's very gifted, but it took him a while before he realized how big of a deal it was," she said.

It is his hunger for knowledge and growing is what separates Gilbert from many students, according to Miller. "He has a hunger for learning and wants to be challenged," she said. "He doesn't want just the easy stuff, he wants to know the most about it." Finding out how data structures work and learning to apply them in the world has been a curiosity for Gilbert since his freshman year. Gilbert said he hopes to use that curiosity to earn a master's degree in biomedical engineering. Gilbert wants to use that degree to improve people's quality of life. "It is a growing field and I have the ability to help people," he said.

Texas is currently holding $3 billion in cash and valuables and estimates are that one in four residents have unclaimed property. You can check the list at Texas Unclaimed Property website or by calling 1-800-654FIND (3463). Unfortunately, yours truly was NOT on the list. Billish Park will have a pond put in place with water from the natural water table beneath. City planners have approved the plan and water from the pond will be used for park irrigation. Kody's has a prime rib special starting at 5 pm every Wednesday that includes twice baked potato and a salad for $15.95. The restaurant has a miniature golf course out front and are located on Hwy 361 in Port A. Ethel Eyerly Senior Center in Flour Bluff will host a Mother's Day Dinner Dance with catered dinner on Friday, May 16th 4:307:30 pm. Music will be provided by Country Editions and the cost is $6. For reservations call 82-2330 or 826-2333.

Gratuitous Old Photo of the Week:

W illiam a. T hau iii, P.C. “F ormer U.S. N avy L awyer ”

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l Criminal Justice l Military Law

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Gulfstream condominiums are located near the end of Windward Drive along the seawall. The project was built in 1970 at a cost of just over $3 million.

Creating Dreams for Island Homeowners since 1987

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Island Moon

Backwater Adventures

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On the Rocks


By Jay Gardner We loaded the skiff up this past Friday with high anticipation. We were headed down to Twin Palms to a cabin at the mouth of Baffin Bay for a weekend of fishing and fellowship. What had started as just Mike and I quickly grew in crew to include Brice, Paz, Jacob, Tyler and Jeff as well, likely based on the weather forecast and rumors of trout under the lights at night. Not that I need too much motivation to head south, my empty freezer also

got me motivated to head to the cabin as I’m hosting my company’s fishing tournament and fish fry this weekend. No fish equals a really small fish fry and hungry participants or a lot of tater tots! I mean, who doesn’t like tater tots though?

Heading south So we all got out of work a little earlier than anticipated (who wants to sit around the office on a Friday afternoon when you know you’re going fishing?!) and began preparations. We got it all together, but when we went to hook Brice’s truck up to the boat, we realized that the hitch and ball were missing. A quick call to Zep figured out that he was driving around in town with it in his truck. Doh! He made his way over and made the switch and we headed for the ramp.

Nine mile hole The boys got up at a decent hour and headed down to Nine Mile Hole to search for redfish, while some of us slept in a little later and just puttered around at the cabin with a long breakfast. We re-iced the fish, and had a nice afternoon on the porch staying out of the sun. A leisurely mid-afternoon nap stretched the day into dinner time, and Jacob fired the pit up with some awesome baby-back ribs. Neighbor Charlie Mader showed up and rounded out the evening with us before round two of trout fishing. Thankfully the winds were down a little more, and the fish were still there and hungry. We caught the exact same number of fish as the first night (well short of limits, but enough fish to feed a few folks) and were done by 1am on Saturday night. Whew! Good deal because I really needed some sleep. After another leisurely breakfast and morning, we got a few things done, packed it all up and headed north. The wind had switched, and this leg had the south winds at our back, and again, we had a following seas trip home. Awesome! We got back, and loaded the boat up and took it to the barn. Boat worked great and surprisingly didn’t burn as much fuel as I thought she might. I’ll have to re-fill it up and figure out the mileage and see how far she can run. Summer is upon us loyal readers, and school will be out soon. Make sure to get all the valuables off the porch and lock the windows, doors, and make sure the garage doors go down. For some reason crime goes up when school lets out. Guess the kids need summer spending money or something. Keep chugging along, and I’ll see you on the rocks before you know it.

The weather and wind was perfect as we pointed her south on the heels of the cool front we had earlier in the week, and with nice following seas, settled in for the run. This was the first “long run” I had done in the skiff and was a little nervous about gas consumption. We skidded south, enjoying the day, and got down there on around six gallons, which was fine for the full 40 gallon tank. Awesome! We mixed a few toddies and lit the grill for the steaks while waiting for the sun to go down. The sunset was just gorgeous, with nothing but the barely tamed King Ranch for the sun to set on. The lights came on, but the wind came up and it became fairly chilly. Despite the wind, we stayed up late and scratched out a decent stringer of fish until around 4 a.m. Tired but happy, we drifted off to sleep.

Under the bridge (next to Snoopy’s)

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May 8, 2014

By Joey Farah Farah’s Fishing Adventures This is so relaxing, mainly because of the lack of having to rebait. The flow of casting and reeling When I was a child you kept me safe and warm, is a motion that expels energy in a positive way, always there for me. As I grew to believe that I especially when you feel the thump of a bite. knew what was best you were there for me when The imagination fires images of what may be I was wrong. When I lied to you and told you going on beneath the surface. The details of I had no homework and just went fishing, you the way you rig up your bait, move your rod forgave me. As a young adult you were there for and reel, the color and action, and where you me when I needed advice, money, and the same cast all come into play and can be included warm hugs and love you gave me as a child. in conversation so easily that your body And now as a father and more I still depend on movements adapt and learn new fishing skills you for so much, especially that you will pass without hesitation. An old friend from the past that blessing of love to my children. As with our Mr. Clyde Rich once told me that a fishermen is Mother Earth, our birth Mothers must be loved only as good as his bait, and that is true. With and respected. The gift of love passes on and on. artificial lures you have much more control over this very important detail. The last few Thanks Mom Happy Mother’s Day! months I have been having some great success with DOA Lures, mainly because of their lifelike action and color patterns. The lures are unique in the way they are designed and made, and take a different way of presentation. These baits are made to hunt. Made to be cast into a specific hide or ambush spot. Made to be a victim. Any angler that falls in love with the art of angling does so when he or she reaches a point in their fishing carrier that just catching fish is not enough, and actually fooling the fish with your offering concerns goals in your soul. The largest of all Tomas "The Striker" slammed this big Baffin Bay Trout my trophy fish have all come on a shrimp and popping cork this week. High wind days from artificial baits, I believe because we slip into a zone of a have been good heightened state and fish much smarter than when we use live or dead bait. So get together a small box of varied lures, soft plastics, top waters, and Brown Tide? suspending baits. Obtain varied colors, darks, The recent dropping tides have pulled stained lights, and naturals. Master each and watch water north from its hiding spots down south. how the baits react to your rod movements and The normal influx of Spring Bull Tides have speed differences in retrieve. You may not see not swept our bays as they do in normal years. immediate success but aren’t the best things We have had some high tidal flux but not the in life reached through practice? I WANT TO big push that is vital to our spring bay flush. INVITE EVERYONE OUT FOR A FREE The presence of new strains of the Brown SIMINAR ON SATURDAY MAY 31st at tide were confirmed last summer by Texas Marker 37 Marina AT 5pm. Along with myself Parks &Wildlife but how to get rid of it still some of the best fishermen will be there giving remains a big question. Last June the Lagoon seminars on OFFSHORE FISHING FROM was blanketed by a rust colored algae bloom PACKERY CHANNEL, SUMMERTIME that did push game fish out of the area until it LIVE CROAKER FISHING, REDFISHING dissipated. It also killed many small organisms THE FLATS OF THE LAGUNA MADRE’, like sand eels and small minnows. I just hope and I will be giving out some sample lure packs that Mother Nature is just a little bit late and from DOA LURES and giving a very detailed the flush of green water and tide is on its way. seminar about when, where, and how to become Everything seems to be about three weeks late. very productive using artificial lures. I hope The winds of March blew in April, and we that in the next few weeks we can build a great are certainly behind on the sunshine and heat. deal of interest and excitement for this event. When can you remember anyone around here Marker 37 Marina has had a wonderful facelift upset about the lack of heat? I am sick of being and we will be on the south porch overlooking cold out on the water! In all the fishing is still the bay. We will be able to cast out lures and very good, the trout fishing is not easy most show presentation, casting, hook sets, with the days but when the tide is up and the winds are lures and live bait set up’s. Anglers will be able out of the Southeast it’s been very good. This to see hands on how I and other top end fishing has been an extraordinary year for the Black guides are rigging up their rods and reels. In Drum and for Redfish and Sheep head, catching the weeks to come I’ll be planning to make the fish sometimes doesn’t need to be the Trophy event something for everyone to learn more Trout of a Lifetime. So keep your eyes open as about their favorite passion, catching fish. you pass over the causeway and the Ferry and The winds are still blowing and hopefully will look for the rise of the green tide. This will fire push water from the south end of the Land Cut the starting gun for the bay to flush some of the north and fill Baffin and the Lagoon with some brown water out and get things back to normal. fresh green water. The Drum are still easy to catch in the mouth of Baffin Bay fishing close Keeping It Simple to the ICW. The best boxes of trout, reds, and The most enjoyable days for me on the water drum are coming from anglers drifting with is listening to the satellite radio, getting to know live shrimp. The rock piles of Baffin are full of my customers, and fishing with soft plastics. fish and bait, this makes catching tough when there is so much for game fish to eat. For this reason research the best lunar fishing times and make your best effort during these peaks. I have found reds in two to four feet of water all over Baffin Bay this week, in small packs of two to four fish. Drift up to shorelines with a combination of soft bottom and rock, small crabs are on their minds and diets. The trout are still staying along the shallow grass stands along protected shorelines. They have been feasting on small meals of grass shrimp, tiny grass shrimp. I have caught many trout this week on DOA 2” shrimp, this bait is very small. I have been throwing extremely light line and using the tiny soft plastic on a DOA jig head. Roy’s bait and Tackle has them as well as their web site. The small baits have been catching fish when bigger baits don’t even get looked at. The South Shoreline of Baffin has some good water up shallow and out of the wind. I have had some good wades here with top water at first light and the redfish are up on the beach for anyone that wants to get up shallow and sight cast. The fish that have moved through the Land Cut have settled down just north of the Cut. I have caught some nice trout when the The trout bite has been on and off. During lunar feeding times they are aggressively taking waters here in the back yard are green along the Laguna Shores Shoreline, dark water/ soft plastics in clear water along the King dark lures, clear water/bright colors. Get Ranch shoreline. out and hit the water it is warming up quick! Keep those lines tight!

Thank You Mom,

May 8, 2014

Island Moon

Senior Moments

24 June 1948, saw the start of the Berlin Airlift, a direct consequence of the Berlin Blockade. I was in Tokyo, Japan assigned to the First Cavalry Division and not directly involved in the Berlin Airlift. My outfit was on alert and prepared to move out at a moment’s (12 hour) notice during the whole period (10 months & 28 days) of the airlift. We expected to move to the Japanese city of Akita which is on the Sea of Japan and the nearest city in Japan to Vladivostok, Russia which is about 500 miles across the Sea of Japan. The 11th Airborne Division was in nearby Sendai, Japan and rumor had it that we would invade the USSR and occupy Vladivostok and force Russia to end the blockade of Berlin. At that time, we were eager to go, but in retrospect, what a fiasco that would have been! I had no idea of how cold it would be, until I experienced temperatures as low as minus 54 degrees Fahrenheit during the “Korean Police Action” a couple of years later.

Vladivostok, Russia-Today The “Truman Doctrine” and the “Marshal Plan” led up to the Berlin Blockade “The seeds of totalitarian regimes,” said US president, Harry S. Truman, a year earlier in March 1947, “are nurtured by misery and want.” In other words, communism appealed to those suffering from hardship. Remove the hardship; you remove the appeal of communism. Known as the Truman Doctrine, the President believed that communism had to be contained, and that America could not, as it did after the First World War, turn its back on Europe – isolationism was no longer an option. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, which brought America into the war, was proof that physical distance was no longer a guarantee of safety. In the post-war era, a stable Europe and the future of the ‘free world’ was a necessity. To alleviate the hardship, and to deprive communism its foothold, the US introduced the Marshall Plan, named after its originator, George C. Marshall, a huge package of economic aid offered to all nations of Europe. Sixteen nations of Western Europe accepted the offer, which by 1951 had amounted to $13 billion. Although offered also to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union itself, Stalin was never going to allow American / capitalist interference with the Soviet economy, and nor would he permit his satellites. The Marshall Plan, therefore, had the effect of reaffirming Winston Churchill’s concept of the Iron Curtain (a phrase he coined during a speech in Missouri in March 1946) by forcing countries to decide whether their loyalties lay to the West or East. The Marshall Plan also contributed to the unravelling of the fragile co-existence of East and West Berlin. Berlin, one hundred miles within the Soviet hemisphere, was split into four zones, one for each of the Allied powers, with the British, American and French zones in West Berlin and the Soviet zone in the east. A line of communication through East Germany linked the western zones of Berlin to West Germany.

Berlin: “You cannot abandon this city and this people” In June 1948, America and Britain announced proposals for establishing a new currency, the Deutschmark, into West Berlin. This immediately caused economic chaos in the Soviet sector as people clambered to exchange their old money for the new. The Soviets responded on 24 June by cutting off all road, rail and canal links between West Germany and West Berlin. The Berlin Blockade had begun. “People of this world,” said the Mayor of West Berlin, “look upon this city and see that you should not and cannot abandon this city and this people.” If Stalin’s aim was to force the western powers out of Berlin, it backfired. The communication channels of land and water may have been closed off but not by air. And so began the Berlin Airlift.

During the eleven months (318 days) of the Berlin Airlift, American and British planes supplied West Berlin with 1.5 million tons of supplies, a plane landing every three minutes, day and night. Three years earlier, the Allies had been dropping bombs over Berlin, now, the West Berliners joked, “they were dropping potatoes.” The West may have exaggerated the plight of the West Berliners for propaganda purposes but it worked and on 12 May 1949, Stalin, aware of the threat to Russia from the east and knowing he couldn’t risk shooting down the planes and realizing the PR disaster he’d caused, lifted the blockade. Dotson’s note: What do you remember of the Berlin Airlift? If you were actively involved or just remember the blockade and the airlift, please share your memories with us. Questions and/or comments are welcome. Please snail mail or Email The Island Moon or call Dotson at 361-949-768 or 530-748-8475 or Email:

Ethel Eyerly Community Center The Ethel Eyerly Community Center in Flour Bluff is open with a full activities schedule which is shown below. All are welcome.

Nutritious Meals Served For Persons Age 60 and Over 11:30 A.M. ($1.50 Suggested meal donation) Monday Silver Haired Fitness 10-11 AM ($8/month-Ladies Only)

by Dale Rankin

I’m not sure if we can blame Albert Einstein for it or not, but within the time/space continuum there are all kinds of time. There is Personal Time in which time at work crawls at a slower pace than off/weekend time; there is Private Industry time in which time is money so Private Industry Time moves fast. There is Dog Time which moves seven times as fast as Human Time. There is Washington Time which sometimes moves fast and sometimes moves slowly and nobody can explain why it does either.

beach surveys in that area since before Packery Channel opened. They do three each year and the results are readily available on their website. If we want to know how wide the beach is expected to be we don’t need to wait for the next report, which is expected in three weeks. We already have ten years of data and I’m sure that researcher Deidre Williams, who does the studies, can tell us right off the top of her head what the projections are. But if we did that there would be no excuse left to delay and someone at the city would have to act.

once again the can that has been kicked down the proverbial street for fifteen years was once again kicked on its way to death by inertia. The issue is how to honor a promise made fifteen years ago and remove traffic from the beach along the seawall.

This could throw such a wrench in Local Bureaucracy Time that the whole time/space continuum could implode and swallow city hall whole. Oh the humanity!

Then there is Local Bureaucracy Time in which, as best as I can tell, one year equals about fifteen years in Human Time.

Fifteen years and counting The case in point manifested itself Tuesday night when once again the can that has been kicked down the proverbial street for fifteen years was once again kicked on its way to death by inertia. The issue is how to honor a promise made fifteen years ago and remove traffic from the beach along the seawall. It was fifteen years ago that the property owners there bought land to put in a parking lot in order to meet the state requirement of one parking space within one-half mile of each fifteen feet of beach closed to traffic. The property owners, acting in good faith on an agreement with the city, paid $400,000 for land and donated it to the city; the city built the parking lot and in 2008 voters citywide approved a plan for removing traffic from most of the beach there – more on that later – and that plan was approved by the Texas General Land Office and since then has been doing nothing but drawing dust in a filing cabinet somewhere at city hall.

Bureaucratic malaise

Computer Interest Group 12:30-2 PM Wii Bowling 12:30 PM Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Class each Monday 5-9 pm For Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Players $3 per session or $10 per month or $40 a month for a family of four

Tuesday Zumba Gold (Co-Ed) 10:30-11:30 AM ($20/month or $4/session) Table Tennis & Table Games-12 PM


Three months ago Islander Bob Curry, who owns property in El Constante, raised the issue with the Island Strategic Action Committee who asked the city legal department if the beach could be closed under the current ordinance without going back to voters or to the GLO. The “answer” came Tuesday night in the form of a non-answer from the city attorney present who basically explained the law to fourteen committee members who already knew what it said. On being pressed the city staff coughed up the explanation that because a beach renourishment project has widened the beach from less than 150 to the current 300-plus feet the existing city ordinance no longer applies and a new one must be passed.

Silver Haired Fitness 10-11 AM ($8/month-Ladies Only) AARP Chapter 4181 Meeting @ 1 PM (2nd & 4th Wednesdays)

Thursday Zumba Gold (Co-Ed) 10:30 AM ($20/month, or $4/session)

Bureaucratic Hogwash This is what is known as Bureaucratic Hogwash which is to say, an excuse to do nothing. The explanation given by city staff says that before a new ordinance can be drawn up a check must be made with the Conrad Blucher Institute to find out how wide the beach is expected to be in the future. In other words, more delay. The fact is that the Blucher Institute has been doing

Wii Bowling & Chair Volleyball - 12:30-4:45 PM

Friday ($8/month – Ladies Only) Table Tennis – 11 AM Bingo -12:30 PM ($.50 Cards)

A stupid plan None of this would be an issue if the committee which drew up the current plan hadn’t decided to turn the horse into a camel. Instead of simply placing the car-blocking bollards perpendicular from the seawall to the water the committee inexplicably decided to include two traffic lanes and eight parking spaces on the beach in front of the seawall. The obvious impossibility of this plan due to constantly shifting sand, coupled with an estimate by city staff that each bollard would cost $678 to buy and install led to the procrastination we have had ever since.

From the ridiculous to the absurd The bottom line is this: state law says that as long as the seawall beach is at least 150 feet wide cars can drive on it unless their way is blocked. The Corps of Engineers permit for the digging of Packery Channel was actually a permit for beach re-nourishment which uses sand from the channel to keep the beach at least…150 feet wide! That means there will always be driving on the beach there unless it is prohibited by the city; which does prohibit it but can’t get out of its own way long enough to put the ordinance in place that was passed five years ago! Now we are told by city staff we need more studies and then possibly initiate a GLO approval process that will take at least nine months. Rome was built in less time. For crying out loud someone make a decision. The ISAC didn’t help by failing to take a formal vote on Tuesday in favor of the vehicle ban, which the members clearly favor. That would have forced the issue before the city council where there was at least a chance something could actually happen. Now the timetable remains in the hands of the city staff which has been sitting on its collective hands for fifteen years. Even by bureaucratic standards this has passed from the ridiculous to the absurd. It’s time to act so here’s a suggestion. To the property owners along the seawall whose only mistake was taking the city’s word that they would live up to their agreement, I say enough waiting. Hire an attorney to write a demand letter to the effect that if no action is taken within sixty days that you are going to file a lawsuit demanding that the city return the land under the parking lot. If they city can’t get the cars off the beach then they don’t need the parking lot, and the land that was bought for $400,000 is worth a heck of a lot more than that now. Tell the city it needs to get its parking lot off your land. It is clear that for whatever reason our city is not capable of enforcing either its own ordinance or the stated will of the voters. It has become obvious that trying to move at Local Bureaucracy Time is a losing proposition. Let’s see if District Court Time can trump it.

Tides of the Week

Quilting 2nd Thursday of the Month Silver Haired Fitness 10-11 AM


Stuff I Heard on the Island

Do you remember the Berlin Airlift? By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon

Tides for Corpus Christi (Bob Hall Pier) May 1-7, 2014


High /Low

Tide Time

Height in Feet

Sunrise Moon Time Sunset

Moon Visible

Th F Sa Su M Tu W

8 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 13 13 14 14

Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low High Low

4:05 AM 11:28 AM 6:53 PM 11:32 PM 5:33 AM 11:47 AM 7:05 PM 1:06 AM 7:00 AM 12:04 PM 7:22 PM 2:19 AM 8:21 AM 12:19 PM 7:42 PM 3:20 AM 9:42 AM 12:28 PM 8:08 PM 4:14 AM 8:39 PM 5:05 AM 9:14 PM

0.7 1.4 0.9 1.1 0.9 1.4 0.7 1.3 1.0 1.3 0.5 1.4 1.1 1.3 0.3 1.6 1.2 1.3 0.1 1.7 -0.1 1.9 -0.2

6:44 AM 8:07 PM

Set 2:43 AM Rise 2:39 PM


6:43 AM 8:07 PM

Set 3:18 AM Rise 3:32 PM


6:43 AM 8:08 PM

Set 3:54 AM Rise 4:26 PM


6:42 AM 8:08 PM

Set 4:30 AM Rise 5:21 PM


6:42 AM 8:09 PM

Set 5:08 AM Rise 6:19 PM


6:41 AM 8:09 PM 6:40 AM 8:10 PM

Set 5:50 AM Rise 7:18 PM Set 6:36 AM Rise 8:19 PM

95 98

A 6


Island Moon

"Unclaimed Property"

By Todd Hunter, District 32 Texas is currently holding about $3 billion in cash and other valuables waiting for their rightful owners to claim. The Texas Comptroller estimates that one in four residents of the State of Texas have unclaimed property. Examples of unclaimed property include dividend, payroll or cashier’s checks; stocks, bonds and mutual fund accounts; utility deposits and other refunds; insurance proceeds; mineral interest or royalty payments; dormant bank accounts; and abandoned safe deposit box contents.

In order to make the process of claiming your property easier the Comptroller’s office has outlined a number of recent features and expanded their outreach. They include:

The Texas Comptroller’s office receives unclaimed property as required by law from financial institutions, businesses, and government entities that are holding personal property which is considered abandoned or unclaimed. The unclaimed or abandoned property is turned over to the Comptroller’s office on an annual basis when the property owners’ whereabouts are unknown and the property has been inactive on the books of the reporting company after the necessary abandonment period has expired. It is important to know that the Comptroller’s office acts only as a custodian of the unclaimed property, and holds the property in a trust until such time as it can be claimed. Texas does not take legal ownership of the unclaimed property, so there is no time limit for filing a claim.

• Grass roots staff that sets up at events such as expos, the Texas State Fair and events with county treasurers to help Texans find and claim their unclaimed property on the spot.

Over the past several years, the Texas Comptroller has travelled around the state to bring public attention to the billions in unclaimed property being held by the State of Texas. The unclaimed property though is not just limited to individual Texans, “Cities, counties and school districts face challenges in this tough economy,” the Comptroller said in 2010. “Our office has expanded its efforts to help government entities reclaim property, and … to get this money back and put it to work for the taxpayers.” In 2013 the Comptroller’s office returned $180 million in unclaimed property. This is important because since the unclaimed property program began in 1962 through 2007 the Comptroller’s office retuned $900.8 million worth of unclaimed property.

• An automated-review process for claims up to $5,000 that matches information in online claim forms to data in the unclaimed property system in order to expedite those claims. • Access to a dynamic public records database to help efficiently verify claimants and speed up approvals – decreasing the time to pay claims filed by original owners from 45 days to about 20 days.

• Improvements to the Unclaimed Property website that make it easier for claimants to identify and submit a claim for property. • Annual notification letters to owners of certain types of property valued $100 or more that was reported to the state in the preceding year. • Brochures in libraries promoting the unclaimed property program website phone number. To find out if you are one of the millions of Texas residents with unclaimed property, I strongly recommend that you check the unclaimed property list by visiting Texas Unclaimed Property or by calling 1-800-654FIND (3463). If you have questions regarding any of the information mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to call my Capitol or District Office. As always, my offices are available at any time to assist with questions, concerns or comments (Capitol Office, 512-463-0672; District Office, 361-949-4603).

Rep. Hunter represents Nueces (Part) County. He can be contacted at or at 512-463-0672.

SMA Fares Well in State Science Meet SMA Continues in the Top 20 in Prestigious State Meet

This accomplishment along with the other high academic accomplishments in various academic competitions speaks well for the students and staff at the local middle school. SMA science teacher and science team sponsor Ms. Katie Sikes organized and coached the team again, choosing interested 7th and 8th grade students who have shown an interest and demonstrated high performance in science. Though the competition at this state meet is extremely challenging, Ms. Sikes was pleased with the 19th place outcome and what it means for the future as she stated, “We had a young and inexperienced team and the kids all worked really hard, had a good time and are prepared to compete next year.” Sikes added, “Our goal is to now get into the top 10 in the state.” This is an admiral goal considering the competition, however, Ms. Sikes and the students at SMA are focused and up to the task.

May 8, 2014

Island developers paid to have the water line to The Island increased from 16 inches to 24 inches. They also paid to have the height of the bridge over Packery Channel raised from a clearance of 13 feet to 20 feet to allow large boats to pass underneath. The city began annexing The Island in chunks and by 1983 the city limits touched the north end of the seawall – Packery Channel did not go all the way through to the Gulf – Cane Harbor was swallowed up in 1983 after developers agreed to pay for a sewer lift station, and by the end of 1984 everything north of Whitecap and West of the SPID was in the city except for the area covered by Lake Padre and County Parks. The progress of the city’s southward expansion reads like a general taking a city; a few blocks at a time as city services were extended outward annexation soon followed. The standard agreement in Texas, according to the city documents, is that city services will be extended to the newly annexed areas within ten years or the area can petition for de-annexation. The big grab was in 1987 when the City of Corpus Christi signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Padre Island Investment Corporation and the Padre Isles Property Owners’ Association. That eightpage document calls for the City to help lower premiums for Windstorm Insurance on The Island and support legislation to restrict the impact of rules regarding construction on barrier islands as well as to help in the effort to raise the JFK Causeway. The memorandum also called for the City help in passing rules to stop vehicular traffic on the beach in front of the seawall. However, none of those issues are binding, the City only agrees to help not deliver. There are some gaps in the paperwork supplied by the City so far so it is unclear what – if any – other agreements may have been made as a condition of annexation. A cover letter to the introduction to the Memorandum of Understanding mentions a “Service Plan” between the City and the Padre Island Property Owners Association and so far we cannot find a copy of that plan.

Trying to get out A part of the City of Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley and another near Dallas actively pursuing this option recently. The residents in the portion of Harlingen who wanted to leave retained a San Antonio law firm that includes a former City Attorney there who is working to free them from the bounds of Harlingen. It is too early in that process to know how it will play out.

The City Council in Taft voted two years ago to de-annex a part of town that was annexed only the year before.

What is the process to de-annex? The answer is very complicated. The Island was annexed under Home Rule – cities with less than 5000 population were General Rule – and in Home Rule annexation city services must be provided to new areas within a reasonable time. Case law has found ten years to be a reasonable time. An informal survey of residents of Flour Bluff finds that more than seventy percent of the population there still lacks city sewer service and it has been almost fifty years since the area was annexed into the city. Whether that means Flour Bluff can successfully de-annex is an open question. What is clear is that for any area to leave a municipality after being annexed and those who would leave the city and those who would stay behind in the incorporated area must both be in favor of the split. There are some cases where areas have been able to remove themselves from annexation but only after showing the city which took them in failed to live up to contractual agreements – like providing sewer service and street maintenance. Special conditions also apply if the leaving of the area wishing to de-annex would cause an undue economic hardship on those who remain. Given that The Island is 4% of the city’s population and makes up 14% of the tax base it is safe to say this provision would likely apply. While it does not appear that a vote of citizens citywide would be legally required to allow an area to de-annex it is highly unlikely that any Corpus Christi City Council would allow deannexation by a simple majority vote of the council. So pending further information it is accurate to say that Flour Bluff has a better chance at de-annexation than The Island due to lack of services and the fact that their residents fought annexation when it happened. However, cities cannot leap-frog over un-annexed areas to annex outlying areas. So if Flour Bluff were to leave the City of Corpus Christi it could follow that The Island would have no choice but to leave as well. So while it is not impossible for The Island to be released from the City of Corpus Christi and become its own city, the chances of it happening are very slim. Once we got in, there is almost no way out.


SMA Science Team 2014 categories and enjoyed the stiff competition and socializing with fellow teammates during the three day trip. Competitor Evelyn Moore stated, “It was stressful and fun at the same time.” SMA science student Avery Bertagna was excited about the trip and commented, “I thought that it was an unbelievable experience. I was surprised at my results. I earned a 6th place in water quality.” SMA 7th grade science student Mary Elizabeth Blue confided, “I liked the socializing with my teammates and waiting for the results, I was satisfied with our performance in heredity. We took 5th place.” Hats off to Ms. Sikes and the science team at SMA. We are proud of their accomplishments and wish them continued success next year!

(a) A majority of the qualified voters of an annexed area may petition the governing body of the municipality to disannex the area if the municipality fails or refuses to provide services or to cause services to be provided to the area within the period specified by Section 43.056 or by the service plan prepared for the area under that section. (b) If the governing body fails or refuses to disannex the area within 60 days after the date of the receipt of the petition, any one or more of the signers of the petition may bring a cause of action in a district court of the county in which the area is principally located to request that the area be disannexed. On the filing of an answer by the governing body, and on application of either party, the case shall be advanced and heard without further delay in accordance with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. The district court shall enter an order disannexing the area if the court finds that a valid petition was filed with the municipality and that the municipality failed to perform its obligations in accordance with the service plan or failed to perform in good faith. (c) If the area is disannexed under this section, it may not be annexed again within 10 years after the date of the disannexation. (d) The petition for disannexation must: (1) be written; (2) request the disannexation; (3) be signed in ink or indelible pencil by the appropriate voters; (4) be signed by each voter as that person's name appears on the most recent official list of registered voters; (5) contain a note made by each voter stating the person's residence address and the precinct number and voter registration number that appear on the person's voter registration certificate;

“For a small school competing against large, very well-funded and experienced teams our little school on the island does a great job.” continued Sikes. The students competing in this rigorous state competition prepared for their special science

History continued from A1

By Brent Rourk For seven years the science wizards at Seashore Middle Academy have formed a team to compete with local and regional teams in the top science academic competition. For seven straight years the SMA team has performed so well in those meets that it has advanced to state competition. Last Saturday at College Station the SMA team again competed at the state meet in most of the science categories and performed well, earning 19th place out of the top 30 teams in the state.

(6) describe the area to be disannexed and have a plat or other likeness of the area attached; and (7) be presented to the secretary of the municipality.

Preparing for the competition

The Last Soldiers of The Republic Of Texas

(e) The signatures to the petition need not be appended to one paper.

This 1906 photograph was taken at the last annual meeting of the Texas Veterans Association, held at Goliad in April of that year.

(f) Before the petition is circulated among the voters, notice of the petition must be given by posting a copy of the petition for 10 days in three public places in the annexed area and by publishing a copy of the petition once in a newspaper of general circulation serving the area before the 15th day before the date the petition is first circulated. Proof of the posting and publication must be made by attaching to the petition presented to the secretary:

Six of the last ten surviving members of the Texas Army attended.

(1) the sworn affidavit of any voter who signed the petition, stating the places and dates of the posting; and

Pictured are:

(2) the sworn affidavit of the publisher of the newspaper in which the notice was published, stating the name of the newspaper and the issue and date of publication.

William Physick Zuber (1820–1913) of Austin. He was in the rear guard at the Battle of San Jacinto, took part in the Sommervell Expedition. He also served in the Confederate cavalry, farmed and taught school in rural Grimes County. He was a charter member of the Texas State Historical Association. John Washington Darlington (1821–1915) of Taylor. He fought in the Battle of Plum Creek, fought against Vasquez and Woll during the raids of 1842, helped build the first capitol building at Austin. He also ranched and served in a ranging company during the Civil War. Asa Collinsworth Hill of Oakville (18261913) - He doesn't really belong with this group, as he didn't serve during the republic years, though his father and brothers did. Sam Houston took him to Washington as his personal secretary when he became senator in 1846. Hill commanded a spy company during the Mexican War. He was a Texas Ranger captain before the Civil War Stephen Franklin Sparks of Rockport. He took part in the Siege of Bexar and fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. L. T. Lawlor of Florence, a San Jacinto veteran.

THEMinor MEDICAL CENTER + Emergency Family Healthcare Minor Surgery Lab X-Ray Occupational

Alfonso Steel (1817-1911) of Mexia. He was the last surviving participant of the Battle of San Jacinto. While delegates met at Washington on the Brazos, Steele worked at the local hotel, grinding corn for their bread. The Texas Veterans Association was an organization of those who performed military service in Texas prior to annexation. It held its first convention at Houston in 1873, with about seventy-five veterans present The annual meetings always took place the week of April 21, San Jacinto Day. The association dissolved the year after this photograph was taken, and its work was taken over by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

Flu Shots now available! Flu Shot Clinics Given on Friday Afternoons Open 6 Days a Week

No Appointments Necessary Mon-Thurs, Appointments available Fri-Sat Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pm 14433 SPID “On the Island” Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Water Access Laguna Madre


May 8, 2014

Island Moon

Club News The Island Moon provides this space for Island organizations. If you are a member of a club and want to get the word out about your events and/or projects send them along and we will get them in. Be sure to include a brief description of what your organization does and a contact person for those interested in joining. Send the info to and we will include it. Or call us at 9497700. Rotary Club of Padre Island – The Rotary Club of Padre Island is always looking for new members seeking to put "service above self". If you are interested, please come join us and see what we are all about. The Padre Island Rotary usually meets every Tuesday at noon at the Boathouse Bar and Grill (upstairs), 15241 Leeward Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418. This Tuesday May 6th, Mark Scott will be our guest speaker – so please come out and join us. For more information contact Jacqueline Carlson at 361-331-8618 or jcarlson@

Contact Persons: President – Linda A Walsh 361-4457999. Secondary Contact Person: Member – Brent Hess, 361774-0089. Meetings: Open to the public, meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Parrot Heads of Port Aransas – The Parrot Heads of Port Aransas will have a monthly meeting on Thursday, May 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Island Hotel in Port Aransas on Hwy. 361. We also will be having a happy Hour on Thursday, May 22 at the Beach Lodge on the beach (Anchor Drive) in Port Aransas.

P.I.E. Padre Island Enrichment Club, Inc,P.I.E. strives to enrich the lives of Padre Island women through social activities and community involvement. Full membership luncheon meetings are held the second Friday of each month at the Holiday Inn. Members may also participant in special interest clubs (bunco, bridge, spades, books, etc) that meet throughout the month. For more information about PIE, please contact Katherine Pierce, President, at 361 9600327 or Sandy Leber, Membership Chair, at 361 949-7145.

POA - Padre Isles Owners Association. The Association's primary responsibility is to maintain the Common Areas, assess and collect the annual fees and provide information and assistance to property owners. .. Membership in PIPOA is automatic for anyone acquiring record legal title to any property within Padre Isles. Their office is located at 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive on The Island. (361) 949-7025,

KIWANIS Club of Padre Island. The Kiwanis Club of Padre is wrapping up their annual nut sale. All Proceeds Help Children! They will also host their annual Easter Egg Hunt in Billish Park. The Kiwanis meet at noon each Wednesday at Black Sheep Restaurant. For more information contact Karen Wilson at 361446-4626. e-mail at karenwilson61@gmail. com. PI Dog Group (PI Dog). Meets monthly for dog and owner activities, training and education. Next activity Saturday, April 5. Meet at 9:00 am at the parking lot at Bristol Pavilion at Padre Bali Park for a beach walk. Bring leash, water for your dog & you, poop bags, etc. Free to join! To join visit or contact Bev ( or Lyn (lyn.edler@ IUPAC (Island United Political Action Committee): Maximize representation of Corpus Christi residents on Padre and Mustang Islands in area government by promoting and supporting, by the endorsement process, proactive and unified voting in non-partisan races and other issues and referendums put to public vote.

Phone 361-867-1313 as the Commodore/Membership for 2014.


ARK – Animal Rehabilitation Keep. Located in Port Aransas the ARK is affiliate with the University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Center. They handle the rehabilitation of most species of wildlife in the area with an emphasis on marine animals. They care for abut 1300 animals each year, including about 300 sea turtles and more than 100 species of birds. If you find an animal in peril they can help Tony Amos is the Director. 750 Channel View Dr. Port Aransas. 361 749-6793, 361 442-7638. Island Strategic Action Committee. Is a 14-member committee which meets (usually) at 5:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Comfort Suites on Windward Drive. The committee’s purpose is to advise the Corpus Christi City Council on matters pertaining to The Island. Island's PIPPs Chapter of Corpus Christi Red Hat Society. In 2004 a group of Island ladies got together under a Palapa and founded the Padre Island Palapa Pals (PIPPs). Our only rule is that there are no rules! We are all about fun and friendship. We meet once a month for lunch and various fun outings from cupcake making to CPR.

Group celebrations leave lasting impressions

An excited Cub Scout just received his awards and clearly punctuate hard work and worthwhile achievements and so it was with the Blue and Gold Banquet. Considered a formal celebration of Cub Scouts and PAC 949, this banquet provided humorous as well as memorable moments. In celebrating PAC 949, it celebrated the traditions that for years have framed the scouting organization.

The free concert this month will feature The Krystals , a versatile crossroads band that caters to its audience. They play country, rock, blues and Tejano. From supporting acts like Freddy Fender, Charly McClain and Johnny Rodriguez to headlining military shows and joining festivals across the state, The Krystals have become a staple in the Crossroads' music scene. The band includes Mark Zepeda on vocals and guitar, Justin Ramirez on drums, Manager Sonny Ramirez on percussion, Emilio Licerio on bass, Steve Solis on lead guitar, George Cavazos on keyboards and vocals, and Michael Licerio in charge of sound production. Come on out, tomorrow, Friday, May 9, from 7 to 9 pm, to the Patsy Jones Amphitheater in Roberts Point Park. Bring a chair, friends, food, and drink then enjoy an evening of musical entertainment as the sun sets over the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The event is dog (leashed) and kid friendly (playground in sight of adults). The concert series runs monthly April through October courtesy of the Port Aransas Parks and Recreation.

Moms Swim Free Mothers may get some pool time at no charge when accompanied by a child for Mother’s Day. Sunday, May 11, the Community Park Pool will be available to everyone to enjoy from 1-6 pm. Lap swimming is allowed from noon to 1 pm. The pool is located at 700 Clark Pkwy, off Ross

Young boys jumped for joy and wore wide smiles as they received activity badges for a host of achievements, all of which help turn young boys into men. The scouting experience is still a very viable and valuable venue for small children because it teaches them a variety of skills, rewards them, and gives them outdoor experiences that few might otherwise have. Cub Scout Dillon stated proudly, “I have learned a lot of basic stuff. It is good preparation for Boy Scouts.”

The culmination of the awards formally focused on the Arrow of Life, awarded this year to five of the island cub scouts. The Arrow of Life, the highest award in Cub Scouts, signifies the ending of the Cub Scout career and the beginning of Boy Scouts. Cub Master Haney read about the significance of the tradition and the stage was set to symbolically show the scouts moving from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. Five Cub Scouts in PAC 949 received the arrow of life during a special ceremony that included their parents and the removal of the symbolic Cub Scout handkerchief and the wearing of the emblematic Boy Scout handkerchief. The five boys then left Cub Scouts and embraced Boy Scouts as they walked through the Arrow of Life threshold on stage. Those boys were Trent Carroll, Dillon Rich, TJ Hammons, Tiar

These five Cub Scouts became Boy Scouts during the Arrow of Life Ceremony Queseda, and Chase Childers. Chase thoroughly enjoyed the fun campouts during his career as a Cub Scout and encouraged others to join Cub Scouts, “Kids should join Cub Scouts because it is fun and they will learn a lot.” Dillon thoughtfully commented about moving

Scout Chase added, “I have learned how to survive on my own.” After a delicious BBQ dinner, the awards were passed to the scouts from each den. Their level of excitement rose as scouts from each den approached the stage and waited to walk across the stage to receive their individual awards. To punctuate and publicize individual achievements, the den leader read out loud the awards that each scout received. Several

Parents help change the symbolic handkerchief on to the Boy Scouts, “I am very excited because it is something that is going to change me. It will make me more independent. I have learned a lot of basic stuff and it is preparation for Boy Scouts.” Tiar also enjoyed the campouts with his den and thought about the next step, “I will have to do a lot more work in Boy Scouts.”

Avenue. The Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department offers this every Mother’s Day to celebrate the Moms in town.

Family Dance Night The public is welcome to boogie down and socialize at our next Dance Night. Thursday, May 15, bring your dancing shoes for Dance Night held at the pavilion in Roberts Point Park near the ferry. The whole family can enjoy learning dance moves or just dance from 6:308:30 pm. Refreshments are provided, but the public may bring own beverages. Sometimes we are blessed with live musicians, but when not, DJ Ken Yarbrough always picks out good tunes to play.

Receiving activity badges and belt loops

Cub Master Bryan Haney appreciatively summed up the banquet as he shared, “We had a successful scouting year, building on the future and next year, inspiring scouts to reach for the Arrow of Life and move on to Boy Scouts. The den leaders were instrumental in guiding the boys towards their achievements and nudging them in the right direction. For that I am grateful.”

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Financial solutions are around the corner.

Bring the family or come alone, have fun and get exercise for free.

Neal Nelson, AAMS® Financial Advisor

Yoga on the Beach


14646 Compass Street Suite 4 Corpus Christi, TX 78418 361-949-9500

Sand, surf, and stretching is available at a free yoga lesson on the beach. Instructor Nancy Myers will lead the session on Saturday, May 10, starting at 8 am. Meet her next to Horace Caldwell Pier at end of Beach Street. This event is held the second Saturday of each month courtesy of the Port Aransas Parks and Recreation. Be on time, as leader will take class to an inside location if weather is bad.

Member SIPC

Beach Walk See what you can find on Port A beaches at our free monthly guided walk. Join guide Shirley Fischer to hunt for shells and other treasures. The next tour is scheduled for Friday, May 23. Meet at 9 am under purple pennant near Horace Caldwell Pier at end of Beach Street. Bring a bag or bucket for your collections.

Trust Pad re

Islan da

On Padre Island Since 1994.

www. 866-get-a-cow .com

Two scouts, Chase Childers and Garrett Wainwright, received their religious awards given by the Diocese of Corpus Christi. The religious awards were in recognition that the scout has performed at a high level of learning about their church in conjunction with scouting.

Tiar, another ambitious Cub Scout claimed, “I have learned a lot. I know how to save a person if they are drowning. I know how to act and behave.”

nd P

Convenient and secure, timely pickup and delivery! COWs of Corpus Christi • 361.937.3930

scouts beamed with a sense of supreme accomplishment as the list of awards was read. All of the scouts in attendance walked away with a handful of activity badges and belt loops; a tangible symbol of their efforts that they will proudly wear on their uniforms.

Beginning with a formal drumming ceremony, the banquet grabbed the attention of scouts and families. Cub Master and Master of Ceremonies Bryan Haney guided PAC 949 through awards and skits after thanking the many volunteers and parents who guide the scouts through their experience.

Port A Happenings

Sunset Sounds


Blue and Gold Banquet Celebrates Achievements By Brent Rourk Cub Scouts quickly flowed into the SLC Gymnasium last Sunday afternoon with family in tow for the annual Cub Scout PAC 949 Blue and Gold Banquet, a joyous celebration of scouting achievements. The intoxicating smells of the barbeque dinner filled the gym and antsy scouts chatted with one another while looking forward to receiving awards and badges. For a few of the scouts it was a monumental day.

To join go to or call LuAnn Ferguson, 361 749-5141 or 817 291-7034. Padre Island Yacht Club - A members only Club, however we invite all Island residents to visit us. The PIYC is about boating, friendship and enjoying living on Padre Island. We collect more toys than any other organization in the area for the US Marines “Toys for Tots” program with La Posada events, including the Lighted Boat Parades. To schedule a visit or find out more information please contact John Diggins -

Island Cub Scout PAC Completes Year of Growth

Parrot Heads of Port Aransas is a notfor-profit organization whose purpose is to assist in community and environmental concerns and provide a variety of social activities for people who wish to volunteer. Founded in 2009 the club motto is “Partying With a Purpose.”

Padre Island Uke Club – Would YOU like to learn to play the ukulele? We can teach you to play 5 songs in 60 minutes! No musical experience necessary. We meet every Tuesday at the Island Italian Restaurant at 15370 Park Rd 22. Beginners meet from 6-7 PM and more advanced players from 7-8 PM. Everyone is welcome. $3/person donation is requested. Loaner ukuleles available. Need more info? Call: Joe Sexton at 361-500-8955 Or email:

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Locally Owned by Island Resident

Bill Schroeder 15481 SPID Just past Whitecap on Right


A ra


s’ O ldes t

The Pest Control Professionals Islan OVER 30 YEAR EXPERIENCE dB ase dP est Con trol Com pan y.


Residential and Commercial Services Termite * Ants * Rodent * Critter * Roaches * Spiders * Fleas

A 8

Island Moon

The Brazilian Pepper Tree was brought from it native Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay as a decorative species to Florida in the 1840s. It has now infested move than 700,000 acres in Florida including more than 90% of the state’s nature preserves.

by man or nature and quickly move in and take over. The tree is an evergreen shrub/tree which will grow up to thirty-three feet tall and completely engulf the native mesquite and oak trees. The tree also has a very high seed production and germination rates. The seeds are distributed by birds and often spring up along roadsides and other areas under highlines and along fence rows where birds have distributed them in their droppings. Their closest relatives in the plant family are poison oak, poison sumac, and poison ivy all of which exude a chemical which suppresses the root system of native plants by depriving them of water, nutrients, and sunlight. The state of Florida has placed the tree on it Prohibited Aquatic Plant List making it illegal to import, transport, collect, cultivate, sell or posses and many Florida counties have passed ordinances requiring their removal from private property. So far no Texas counties have followed suit.

Ubiquitous invaders The tree made its way to Texas in the 1950s but only recently become a problem in the state’s wetlands and coastal prairies. Its presence along the Texas Coast was thought to have been limited to Mustang and Padre Islands until it was discovered in 2003 on Galveston Island. Since that time, according to the Texas Forest Service, is has aggressively infested coastal habitats around Port Aransas and the Coastal Bend and is now considered one of the greatest threats to Texas’ native biodiversity of both the plants and animal populations. Now Nueces County has joined the fight to remove the trees by obtaining a grant from the Coastal Impact Assistance Program to begin irradiating the trees in the area in and around Packery Channel Park where they have taken hold.

Environmental concerns The Brazilian Pepper Tree offers little value to wildlife. They quickly turn native biotic communities into monotypic stands of nothing but Pepper Trees. They take over the landscape and particularly like disturbed areas where the plants have been removed for various reasons

Getting rid of the ubiquitous invaders is not easy. The trees produce hundreds of the red seeds which fall and sprout roots. That means to get rid of the trees they must be wrapped in a container with all their seeds when they are cut; and cutting them and leaving the stump only encourages them. According to literature presented to the Nueces Coastal Park Board which is leading the fight on Padre Island, the only real way to get rid of a Brazilian Pepper Tree is to cut it at ground level, .75 feet from the ground, with a saw then within five minutes of cutting paint the stump with herbicides, Garlon (Triclopyr) or Chopper (imazapyr) are recommended, otherwise the stump will begin to harden and the herbicide will not be absorbed properly. Then the stump must be monitored for six week for sprouting in which case the process must be repeated. If berries are present it is important to remove them as much as possible because they will grow quickly. Cut the trees in the fall when the berries are the least present and good luck. These trees are tough to get rid of but the fight has begun.

Best/Worst States for Working Moms Best for Working Moms 1. Oregon 2. District of Columbia 3. Vermont 4. Maine 5. New York 6. Delaware 7. Rhode Island 8. California 9. Massachusetts 10. Ohio With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, the personal financial social network WalletHub today released a study analyzing the Best & Worst States for Working Moms, based on nine metrics ranging from the cost and quality of day care to the gender pay gap and parental leave policies in each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

May 8, 2014

Island Real Estate

Trees continued from A1 The intruder; is Schinus terebinthifolius, or to non-botanists the Brazilian Pepper Tree, also known as Florida Holly.

Worst for Working Moms 42. Pennsylvania 43. Missouri 44. Colorado 45. Kansas 46. Nevada 47. South Carolina 48. Idaho 49. Wyoming 50. Mississippi 51. Louisiana You can find a brief overview of our findings below. For the full report, please visit: http://

The Future Has Begun By Mary Lou White 361-960-9460 I have heard that when pilots transfer to flying jet planes, one of the hardest concepts is to project your thinking ahead of the plane. I am beginning to think, I too, need to readjust my thinking. Every month, I attend the PIBA meetings and listen intently, as the speakers relate their investment plans, to be located in the Coastal Bend. Last week my daughter emailed me a link to a long article about Growth in Texas and my Linked In account opened with a USA map that showed which states residents most want to leave. Texas was one of the four states showing the least desire to move by residents living there. Last week, the national news broadcast the impending relocation of Toyota headquarters to Texas.

State of Texas The population growth for our state is more than double the national rate. Of the ten American cities with the largest growth in population, five (half) are in Texas. Success breeds Success. New residents are flocking to Texas to participate in the job opportunities. The increasing numbers create the need for more jobs. Once new residents have a job, they need a place to reside. If jobs are taken by current residents, they have a home, but if new residents enter the state, they need housing immediately. Their choices are to live in an existing structure or to seek out new construction. Either way the demands on our economy and infrastructure are huge. Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio/Austin and Houston are all struggling to provide water, utilities, schools and roads for their residents. I believe that Corpus Christi is about to join that list.

Corpus Christi

closed since 15 March 2014 and almost without exception, at , near or over asking price! That is why I have frustrated and discouraged clients, who have been trying to buy a home for weeks. If your mental picture, has not adjusted to the new reality of viewing homes the day they are listed and understanding the concept of multiple offers, then you probably will not be closing any time soon.

Padre Island We may not be on the front lines, of this battle yet, but we have all been feeling the growing pains lately. The electrical upgrades, the new water line, and the road crews have all taken their toll on our patience. Except for Schlitterbahn, the new investments are not happening in our immediate area. We are all aware of the new home surge, in the last couple of years. But, how Coastal Bend growth will affect our real estate market is still not entirely clear to me. Who will be the primary group of purchasers, in the months ahead. As Schlitterbahn begins to pull in patrons from larger cities, will they like what they see and make a choice to own property here? Will we become an even larger bedroom community for OTB employees? I know for a fact, there are current residents who are leaving before the changes become a reality. New business establishments, on The Island, will require new employees and where will they be living? Being informed is a good thing…..

Padre Island Real Estate Ticker

The list of current and future investors in our area is growing steadily. Trafigura, M&G Chemicals, Cheniere, Voestalpine, TPCO America, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi and Schlitterbahn. This list represents Billions of dollars of investment. In the near term, construction workers are desperately needed. Typically, that means rental housing. That translates into what I am hearing and seeing: Huge apartment complexes are under construction in all areas of our city. I am being contacted repeatedly by tenants, who say their current rental unit is increasing in price and they want to look for a home to buy , on the assumption that it will be cheaper in the long run. I receive emails from people planning to move to Corpus Christi, but cannot find anything to rent, especially if they have multiple pets, and they want advice on how to proceed. I have clients who have already sold their current home, but are now desperate to find a replacement. In the long term, the permanent jobs that will be created will be filled by highly skilled workers. This is where it gets interesting. Not long after we moved to Corpus Christi, two things happened. Delta Airlines left CCIA (my carrier of choice) and Whataburger moved their headquarters from Corpus Christi to San Antonio. The news accounts, at that time, stated two main reasons for the relocation: Moving out of a hurricane zone and lack of well-educated employees. When you are a new resident, those are not comments, you want to hear. However, in recent months, those same laments have been mentioned over and over again. Each speaker talks about the difficulty of hiring qualified employees, in our area. IF they can pass the drug test ( major problem, apparently) the skills level is not adequate to the job being offered. The end result, means workers are being hired elsewhere and transferred to the area, to fill necessary positions. For Real Estate and Housing Markets, that is a huge factor. These new residents require homes. I pulled the stats this week-end on the South Side of Corpus Christi. 187 Homes have


Lots and Land For Sale on Padre Island


Lots on the Water From $129,000 to $1,200,000


Lots not on the Water From $34,900 to $629,500


Residences For Sale on Padre Island


Attached Residences From $65,000 to $529,900


Detached Homes on the Water From $266,000 to $2,200,000


Detached Homes not on the Water From $152,900 to $348,000


Multi Family Property For Sale For $315,000


Commercial Properties For Sale From $150,000 to $4,557,465


Padre Island Properties currently l isted For Sale on MLS system

Mustang Island Real Estate Ticker


Lots and Land For Sale on Mustang Island From $29,900 to $5,650,000


Residences For Sale on Mustang Island


Attached Homes For Sale From $81,000 to $1,199,999


Detached Homes For Sale From $235,000 to $1,250,000


Multi Family Properties For Sale


Commercial Properties For Sale From $310,000 to 3,900,000


Mustang Island Properties currently listed For Sale on MLS System

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May 8, 2014

Island Moon


PIE Fashion

Send your letters and photos to

At their April luncheon PIE members modeled fashions compliments of Cato's, Airline Road, Corpus Christi. PIE husbands modeled men's fashions compliments of the Third Coast on the Island.

Island Creations Remodeling

Total Renovation & Remodels, Outdoor Kitchens & Spas, Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades, Sunporches, Replacement of Windows and Doors, Roofing, Painting & Stucco

Landscaping Insured Member, Padre Island Business Association Member, Builders Association, Corpus Christi


Design work, Yard Maintenance, Decks, Pergolas, Installation of Rock, Grass, Plants, Trees, Walkways, Paths, Tree Trimming, Container Planting, Vacant Lot Mowing & Shade Covers. All Kinds of Fencing, Pressure Washing & Deck Staining & Sealing


Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Patio Overlays, Decorative Stamping & Staining, Decks, Bulkheads, Grouted Stone Walls & Patios, Decorative Stone Paver Driveways & Patios

Owned & Operated by Island Residents David & Katherine Pierce References Available Upon Request Commercial & Residential

Doing Everything a Home or Business Needs

“Experience Life Beyond Limits” At Bay Area Fellowship Padre Island You’ll Find an Amazing Worship Band and a Powerful Life Changing Message Each Week by Pastor Bil Cornelius, all in a Laid Back and Casual Island Atmosphere. We invite you to join us this weekend at one of our convenient service times.

Saturday 5:00 & 6:30 p.m. Sunday - 8:30 - 10:00 & 11:30 a.m.

15201 SPID Ste 200 (Behind Prosperity Bank in the Padre Professional Plaza) 361-949-0022

A 10

Island Moon

May 8, 2014

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