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May 30, 2013

Island Moon

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History continued from A1 The two crosses were small and modest, giving notice to all who ventured near that the small building was indeed a chapel. The two weathered crosses were removed and replaced with a new cross on the roof near the Chapel door. One of the original crosses presently sets in the window sill above the altar. There was an inscription over the door to the Chapel that is no longer there: COME LISTEN FOR THE WHISPERS OF GOD. Several people who recall the inscription or who have seen photographs of that inscription would love to see its return. There are some people who would like to see the dunes cleaned up a bit, not destroyed or changed radically, but tidied and pruned with perhaps a walking path. Some people think that a more level and comfortable path around the chapel would benefit both the structure of the Chapel and visitors who can more fully enjoy the grounds. The danger in making changes is that too many modifications alter the nature and identity of an original structure and surroundings. Unless, however, something is done to shore up the east side of the Chapel, it will likely begin to sink again, perhaps seriously damaging the Chapel. Should the natural landscape be judiciously pruned and provided a path so that visitors can enjoy the property fully. Should there be a bench or two outside so that visitors can appreciate the Chapel and dune? Where is the line between comfort and turning something into a fantasy land?

Sprucing Up the Chapel The small, white-colored pews currently facing the altar were not part of the original chapel. David Carter, who had owned the Chapel for many years, had those added years back to spruce up the Chapel and make the seating more permanent and traditional. The flagstone floor served as the initial seating arrangement. Aline later added mats for Bible study. Eventually, chairs were added as needed and then Carter added two rows of 3 modest, white-painted pews with blue fabric head rests. Each pew seats three people, so that 18 people can snugly sit at one time in the chapel. A few additional chairs are available for ‘large crowds’ of 20 to 25 people. Twenty two steps wind their way to the Chapel. It is not clear when the sand and stone steps, as they look today, were built. They are a quaint addition to the dune, though the visitor must exercise caution when walking up the steps, even if using the hand rail. The wood-bordered steps curve past the native grasses, flowers and cacti that blanket the dune, reaching the summit of the dune about 10 feet from the entrance to the Chapel. A large, prominent palm tree, not evident in older photographs, now covers half of the west side of the Chapel. It is the only tree on the dune. A lone floodlight tucked away in the dune grasses, illuminates the west side of the Chapel at night, giving it an attractive and subtle white glow.

white wedding gown, boots and spurs rode up the dune on a white horse where she found her groom anxiously waiting. During the ceremony some folks laughed and smiled, enjoying the event. The bride-to-be asked Frank if she could open one of the windows so that she could allow

A horseshoe from the famous wedding the horse to stick its head in the window. Frank obliged and the young lady placed her hand on the horse’s head through-out the ceremony. After the ceremony, she took off down the dunes on the horse, leaving the groom stunned and the onlookers startled. The assumption was that the young lady had actually married the horse. An old horse shoe rests in one of the alcoves inside the Chapel. The story goes that it is a horse shoe from the very horse that the young lady married. Hard to tell if it is or not and those who might know aren’t telling. It does make for a good story though and the horseshoe’s peculiar presence makes every visitor wonder about its purpose and history.

Marline Carter Lawson Presently, Marline Carter Lawson, one of Aline’s grandchildren (and one of Frank’s nieces), owns the Little Chapel on the Dunes. Frank lives next door and still keeps a watchful eye on it. The Port Aransas Museum conducts tours of the Chapel on the Dunes. Marline also has old and fond memories of the Chapel, especially, “playing in it as children.” How fortunate that she was to be able to play in The Chapel and observe her great aunt Aline’s enjoyment of it. When today many children make cardboard forts or mini-houses or carefully drape a blanket over two chairs, Marline was able to play in a 200 plus square foot Chapel. One of Marline’s favorite memories of the Chapel was “Being in the Chapel with my grandmother and having simple services.”

Marline’s Fond Memories

The Biggest Change The biggest change to the Chapel is what surrounds it. Once ringed with other dunes, grasses and empty space, it is now surrounded by blocks of homes of various designs and styles. Telephone lines and poles, light poles and more development fill the horizons. People and growth happened to Port Aransas and much of the pristine and expansive view of the Gulf was destroyed by new construction. What really changed the Chapel is what changed Port Aransas for better or worse and that was growth. The serene, rustic and slow fishing village once known as Ropesville, and then as Tarpon, had become Port Aransas. The secret was out and people from all over the state and beyond moved to Port Aransas. Yet with all of the construction over the years, one can still see patches of the blue Gulf waters from the peak of the dune. With few improvements and a couple of renovations the Chapel from the outside looks much like it did in 1938.

Elvis or Archangel Visitors’ eyes cannot help but be drawn to the frescoes on the ceiling. Rumors abound that a colorful image of Elvis Presley is prominently painted on the ceiling. Comical confusion and speculation about the Elvis Rumor no doubt linger because the image is not painted using the photo realism style and the dark, high hair style and pastel, minimalist face in the image leave a lot to the imagination. Is it Elvis? One of the archangels? Or is it Daniel’s vision of a monster? Or something else not yet discovered or entertained? Frank has heard those rumors countless times as well and he responded to them with a firm, “Absolutely not! It is one of the archangels!” Once you see the frescoes and the painting style you will probably agree with Frank that it is an archangel. Probably. Reality, like beauty, is in the eye or perception of the beholder. At the minimum, the Elvis story adds a little benign controversy and distinguishing allure to the Chapel.

A Strange Wedding in the Little Chapel on the Dunes Over the years many couples chose to get married in the Church on the Dunes. Its location, history, charm, and intimacy made it a perfect site for a small wedding. According to Frank there were many colorful and eventful weddings in the church, however, perhaps the most famous wedding happened years ago and is the topic of much controversy.

It is Unusual A young lady contacted the Carter family about getting married in the Church on the Dunes. According to Frank, the lady said, “I want to warn you now that it is unusual”, however, she offered no further explanation and the Carter family did not prompt her for more information or what she meant by unusual. When the wedding day arrived one of the largest wedding crowds ever assembled and waited for the ‘bride-to-be’ to arrive. The church was overflowing and the crowd waited patiently outside.

Leaving on the White Horse She Came in on Finally, the bride, resplendently dressed in a

Archangel or Elvis? Marline has fond memories of Aline Carter as well, “She was a very spiritual person. Everything about her [Aline] was giving. She combined faith, religion, and science. She had lots of interesting talents. She also taught astronomy at The Witte Museum in San Antonio.” Everybody who knew Aline commented on her spirituality, her giving, and her varied talents. Marline mentioned Aline’s giving, “Aline helped the less fortunate. She taught people in jails how to read. She was the most giving and selfless person I ever came across.” Marline also fondly remembers Aline’s typical dress; a white chiffon dress well below the knees and a white wide brimmed hat. Marline added, “The Chapel was her favorite place to go in the world.” It is easy to see why as it helped meet her need for a place to reflect, to recharge and to rededicate herself. Years ago, there was very little city noise, except the sound of waves lapping at the shore and birds calling out. The view was unmatched. When asked about weddings in the Chapel, Marline responded that there are occasional weddings in the Chapel. There has never been a fee for using the Chapel because, “Aline would not have wanted that.”

Restoration of the Little Chapel on the Dunes David Carter had the Chapel renovated around 1998, taking care of a handful of repairs and updates that modernized the Little Chapel. Several repairs needed to be made to the Chapel to keep it from falling into disrepair. The frescoes remained and the Little Chapel was as good as new. Time passed quicker than anybody could imagine and the formidable forces of weather, sun and erosion had again distinctly damaged the Chapel. The foundation had cracks on the east side and the door and the wood frames around the windows were completely ruined and needed replacement. Erosion around the base of The Chapel was reaching dangerous levels. The outside paint was profoundly weather beaten and the roof was shot. Marline knew that the work needed to be done so she hired Steven Barron to help give it a facelift and prevent any further damage to the Chapel.

Barron and Krumm Three years ago Steven and his very talented and knowledgeable carpenter friend and Port Aransas neighbor Randy Krumm from Dripping Springs, embarked on the refurbishing. Steven readily gives credit to Randy, who, “…is a very good builder and had every tool needed.” As a team they, “…loved doing it.” Stephen continues that it was, “A labor of love”. The refurbishing specifically included the installation of a new roof by Top Gun Roofing,

painting the outside of the Chapel, replacing rotted wood around the door and the windows (quite the tricky task), re-welding of the Bell Tower (Steve Kelley), and shoring up the foundation. They also milled and stained the original door to the Chapel and then installed it. Steven Barron enjoyed being an important part of the Chapel’s history, especially taking the role of helping to extend the life of the Chapel and giving it the opportunity to touch more visitors. “It was spiritually uplifting and gratifying. It was very special. I took it personally.” offered Barron. After reflecting about the renovation at the Chapel, Barron offered, “I The newer Marriage Ceremony fresco. had the most satisfaction from the Little Chapel on the Dunes job.” To to help repair and renovate The Little Chapel this day Barron considers, “It is one of my rewards.” and “It was the culmination on the Dunes. Randy inarguably brought keen of my spiritual experiences.” It is a powerful wood working experience (he learned the craft reminder about the gift of giving and how from his dad), a wealth of tools and a positive attitude to the renovation. He recently summed much humans receive when they give. up the condition of the Chapel as, “There was The Little Chapel still gleams from the work a lot of rot in the walls and woodwork. The that Steven and Randy did. The polished curved window frames needed to be replaced. woodwork proudly stands out, especially in We special ordered mahogany and custom contrast to the colorful frescoes. The woodwork made the wood frames.” and frescoes manage to work well together. Regarding the Chapel, Krumm is another The original refurbished door adds character and reflects an older style of wood working. person touched by the Chapel, “It has such The charcoal colored new roof makes the white significance to Port Aransas and it has historical stucco even more brilliant, especially during value. It has a special place in my heart. It was great to be chosen to work in it.” In fact, after sunrise and sunset. Krumm worked on it, his son, also touched by Randy Krumm was invited by Steven Barron the Chapel, was married in it.”

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May 30, 2013

Island Moon

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May 30th - June 6th

Beloved Islander Passes Away We, “The Island,” lost our most magnificent daughter this week, Mindy Lou Niles. Her love permeated every fiber of our being, and she will resonate in our souls forever. Her innate ability to make you feel as if you were always welcome and the only person in the room is what separated Mindy from all others. As she grew, we grew. As she lived, we lived. Never a sour tone, never a snide remark; she relished and cherished all who crossed her path, welcoming the wayward soul, housing the stray cat, loving you for you and cherishing her every moment on this Earth. Mindy Lou Niles got it! At an early age, Mindy had a titanium valve placed in her heart. Although it would’ve hindered many of us, Mindy never let it curtail her lust for life and giving love to those who crossed her path. Ever grateful for each breath, she lived life to its fullest. Halloween costumes were her calling. Always smiling and hopeful, Mindy dealt life a special twist: an aura unique to humankind, almost Godlike. We know she is with Him now. To have met her was to love her. Her distinctive appreciation and uncharacteristic understanding of the ways of the world differentiated her from her peers.

serenity and hope to many of us who had none. Special is an understatement. Mindy Lou Niles is one of a kind.

There will be no other like her. Many have come and gone…Many will come and go. They say, “Some are here for a reason and some for a season.”

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Thanks for giving us life through yours. Your Island Buddies! A “Celebration of Mindy’s Life” is currently being planned for sometime in June. We will provide details as they become available.

Mindy Niles made an indelible impression on our lives that will last in perpetuity. We are saddened by our loss, but grateful for her life. She brought happiness, peace,

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Road Out Flour Bluff HS via the ferry every day. He picked them up after he was finished at work for Westinghouse in Corpus Christi. Vera Fortson and Johnny Roberts felt that nothing was getting done about the road, so they went to the Federal Court House in CC and asked for federal help to repair the road. Johnny transported the students for the entire 1961-62 school year and the federal government repaired the road by summer 1962. The situation was rather heated in the minds of many in town and in the next school board election Leonard Brown and Johnny Roberts won election as write-in candidates.

Editor’s note: This story appeared in the May edition of the Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association Newsletter.

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Here’s a photo by Johnny Roberts of washout on the Island Road caused by Hurricane Carla in September, 1961. The road, then called Park Road 53, is now State Highway 361. It runs from Port Aransas down the island into Corpus Christi city limits and on to Padre Island. The Port Aransas School Board, led by Carlos Moore, refused to provide transportation to Flour Bluff High School for the 12 or so kids who went there. It was the responsibility of the kids to get to school, whether in Aransas Pass or Flour Bluff. Carlos Moore said that he went to Aransas Pass High School and that was good enough for him. Johnny Roberts said that he had also gone to Aransas Pass High School, and it was not good enough for him or his kids who were going to Flour Bluff at the time. The county Commissioners who were controlled by interests in Robstown felt no hurry to repair the road, as it had just been built, and they had no money. Consequently John Roberts transported the 12 students to

Trash Heap of the Week

First Friday at Port Aransas Art Center

This little beauty is a rare combination of natural and manmade rubble that adorns the Gypsy Bridge on Whitecap.

The Port Aransas Art Center is a 501 ( C) (3) Non-profit celebrating Art & Art Education Island Style since 1996. It is located at 323 N. Alister in Port Aransas.

It’s beautiful don’t you think? Maybe a passing bicyclist or pocket gopher is next…

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Mystery Person of the Week Our mystery person of last week was Ernie Buttler, owner of Snoopy’s Pier Restaurant

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The First Friday Reception will be Friday, June 6th, 5:30-7:30pm. The theme for this month is As the Shutter Clicks. The group photo show will be up through the end of the month.

The natural weeds sprang up in the scuppers on the bridge and soon enough began catching wind driven plastic. They were joined by an ice bag and a plastic water bottle in a panoply of flying Island treasures.


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Design work, Yard Maintenance, Decks, Pergolas, Installation of Rock, Grass, Plants, Trees, Walkways, Paths, Tree Trimming, Container Planting, Vacant Lot Mowing & Shade Covers. All Kinds of Fencing, Pressure Washing & Deck Staining & Sealing


Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Patio Overlays, Decorative Stamping & Staining, Decks, Bulkheads, Grouted Stone Walls & Patios, Decorative Stone Paver Driveways & Patios

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Island Moon


Using His Head

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon He has spent 65 years in the game and once said, “Every paycheck I have ever gotten came from baseball.” That’s quite a statement considering he was told at the age of 22 that his career was over.

He is the last former Brooklyn Dodger to still be serving on the field in some capacity. He may have been born in a dugout. In 1951, he married his lovely wife, Jean, in Elmira, New York, during a night game at home plate, baseball style. Two years later he was hit in the head by a pitch thrown by Jim Kirk, while playing in the Minor Leagues for the St. Paul Saints of the Triple-A American Association. He was unconscious for 13 days. Finally, after spending a total of 31 days in the hospital and after losing 42 pounds, he left the hospital holding his wife’s hand while he walked. He whispered, “On a good day, I could make it 50 yards.” Initially, his vision had been blurred and he had trouble speaking. They had to drill four holes in his skull to relieve the pressure and surgically inserted four metal buttons. After sitting out the rest of that year he came back and played the following season for the 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers. “Pitchers still threw at me when I came back,” he said. ”They wanted to see if I still had courage.”

known headhunter, named Carl Mays, of the New York Yankees. The game was being played at the Pologrounds, home of the New York Giants, as Yankee Stadium was not yet finished being built. August 16, 1920, was a fog-infested day, with drizzle. Eye witnesses said Chapman never saw the ball or attempted to move out of the way. It has been estimated that a pitch thrown at 90 mph gives the batter four-tenths of a second to determine the speed and location of a pitched ball. The sound of the ball hitting Chapman in the temple provided a loud crack, and the ball rolled back to Mays on the mound. Mays picked up the ball and threw it to Wally Pipp at first base, thinking the ball may have hit Chapman’s bat. Ray took two steps toward first and then fell, blood gushing from his left ear. The umpire yelled for a doctor and they finally got Chapman to his feet, but he fell again before he could leave the field. At this point, he required a stretcher. Ray Chapman died 12 hours later, which was early the next day. It took 36 years before players were required to wear hard batting helmets. Baseballs are now routinely thrown out of the game with the slightest smudge of dirt or nicks. The idea is to

The Bean Ball

It’s hard to imagine Derek Jeter or Tiger Woods heading to Iraq to join the U.S. armed forces. But in World War II no American man between the ages of 20 and 45 was too big to serve—except for the basketball players who exceeded the Army’s 6’6” limit for recruits.

Jack Dempsey- WW II (Age 47) Tales of Yogi Berra storming Normandy, Jack Dempsey invading Okinawa and Ted Williams maneuvering fighter planes are riveting and moving. Consider the role of the black soldier during the war and the influence that had on the integration of baseball. In 1945 commissioner Happy Chandler declared, “If they [black ballplayers] can fight and die in Okinawa, Guadalcanal and in the South Pacific, they can play baseball in America.”

Most of you baseball fans should remember the “dust up” when Nolan Ryan hit Chicago White Sox third baseman, Robin Ventura, with a pitch on August 4, 1993. Ventura made the fatal mistake of charging the mound and attacking Nolan. Ryan countered by placing Ventura in a good-old-country-boy Texas headlock and started to batter away on Robin’s noggin. There is no telling how many of those photos Ryan has signed since then for his fans. Then there was “The Katy Rocket” Roger Clemens, who made all the headlines in the sports pages when he hit New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza in the head during the 2000 season. Piazza later wrote in his autobiography, The Longshot, “Clemens scared me so bad; I started taking karate lessons in case we had another confrontation.”

During World War II, baseball was undoubtedly the most popular sport in America. It was during the 1940’s and 1950’s that baseball became known as America’s pastime. Just days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, baseball commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis was unsure whether baseball should continue to be played, with America’s involvement in the war now inevitable. President Roosevelt sent the commissioner a letter saying the game should continue--even though many baseball players would enlist or be drafted into the military-because it was best for the country.

One fatality

keep them as white as possible to help players to see the ball in flight.

Zimmerman Don Zimmer was one of the lucky ones. In fact, he was “beaned” again in 1956, when a fastball broke his cheekbone in Cincinnati. Still, he played 12 seasons and then became a coach and manager for many different teams along the way. He has been a part of six World Series Championships, including the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers; and he was chosen the 1989 Manager of the Year, while with the Chicago Cubs. Don played in 1,095 games. He compiled 773 hits, 91 home runs, 352 RBI’s, 45 stolen bases and a .235 batting average. Although his career batting average was low, Don was considered a fine infielder and a superb utility player. Zimmer was also hit by a foul ball off the bat of Yankees’ second baseman Chuck Knoblauch when he was the bench coach for Joe Torre and the New York Yankees. The next game, Zimmer showed up wearing a WWII Army helmet with the letters “NY” painted on the front and the name “ZIM” stenciled on the side. Zimmer increases his uniform number each year he remains in the game. Don wears #65 this year with the Tampa Bay Rays.

While Major League Baseball continued play during World War II, many of its players were in the armed forces. Over the course of America’s involvement in World War II, more than 500 major leaguers--including 35 future Hall of Famers--served in the United States military. Two major league players, Harry O’Neill and Elmore Gedeon, died in service. It is extremely important to realize the sacrifices that so many people made during the time of the war. It is unlikely that we will ever see so many professional athletes who lived in the spotlight give it all up for their country. In today’s age, where many athletes will not represent their country in the Olympics due to potentially jeopardizing money down the line, it is important to understand that so many athletes were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Ted Williams-WW II





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Even without some of its biggest stars, Major League Baseball continued to play during World War II. While there is no doubt that the talent level was lowered, baseball continued to flourish in America as people sought it out as a way to maintain some normalcy. The Yankees and Cardinals each won multiple World Series and were the dominant teams during this time. At the beginning of World War II, there was much talk that baseball should suspend operations just as it had during World War I. Those talks quickly subsided after The Sporting News printed an article in which soldiers who were overseas were interviewed. The soldiers gave a huge amount of support to the sport and said that America’s pastime must continue to move forward.

 

      

             


   

Nestor Chylak-1955

Nestor Chylak (1922-82), the eighth umpire elected to the Hall of Fame, was the dean of umpires of the American League during the later years of his career. He was proud of his technical ability as an arbiter, but he was also a superb teacher, helping new umps, such as Dave Phillips, learn the ropes. Of his mentor, Phillips said, “[Nestor] ate and lived umpiring.” In World War II, Chylak saw action in the Battle of the Bulge. Gene Karst tells the story in telegraphic style in Who’s Who in Professional Baseball: “Badly shot up in WWII Battle of the Bulge, spent many months in Veterans Hospital. After getting out, money didn’t last long and wound up broke. Ran into friend who offered him a chance to umpire a college game. ‘I got enough troubles,’ replied Chylak. ‘People hate umpires. Who wants to be an umpire?’” Dotson’s note: This is a special tribute to my friend Nester Chylak who was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery under fire during the Battle of the Bulge.

“Meat Lovers Mondays”

Bob Feller being sworn in to the US Navy by former heavyweight boxing champion, Gene Tunney, at the Chicago courthouse in December 1941.

Some of those players include Hank Greenberg, Ted Williams, Bob Feller, Yogi Berra, Hoyt Wilhelm, Warren Spahn, Red Schoendienst, Leon Day, Nester Chylak, Joe DiMaggio, Pete Gray, Bart Shepard, Phil Rizzuto, Stan Musial, and many, many more.

Beamer’s introduces

2012 Sports Bar

May 30, 2013

By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon

Yogi Berra (right) with his Father & Brother John-1944

Only one player has died after being hit in the head by a pitched ball. His name was Ray Chapman, a shortstop for the Cleveland Indians. Chapman was hit by submarine pitcher and a

A Memorial Day Tribute to America’s Athletes in World War II

Eighty-two years old, Don Zimmer is a baseball man. It’s a little boy’s game that is all about the team and protecting their teammates. In this game, retaliation is required. No one messes with the game; if so, it requires revenge. One way to retaliate is to throw at someone. It has been called the “bean ball” or the “brush back” pitch. Negro League pitcher, Satchel Paige, referred to this pitch as the “bowtie pitch,” as he placed his hand underneath his chin. Pitchers who wield these rockets are referred to as “headhunters.” Texas legends Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens were known as headhunters. These altercations more than likely lead to charging the mound, fist fights, and bench-clearing brawls.

In some sports, you get fined for leaving the bench during a fight. In baseball, you lose your status among your teammates for not joining in the ruckus. Several players’ careers have been cut short by being hit while batting. Hall-ofFamers Mickey Cochrane, Lou Boudreau, and Kirby Puckett all had to leave the game they loved, shortly after being hit. Other fine players like Pete Reiser, Tony Conigliaro, and Dickie Thon all left the game far too early, after being hit in the head or face.

All-time greats such as Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller and Hank Greenburg gave up time during the prime of their careers to serve. Many have the opinion that if not for World War II, baseball’s history books would look far different. Williams may very well have retired as the all-time home run leader and gone down as the greatest player in baseball history if not for the years he missed while serving his country.

May 30, 2013

Island Moon

A 15

The Island Moon Newspaper

Artwalk and Beach Market maps corpus christi - Google Maps

Corpuswill Christi, be TX held This Weekend, The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk & Beach Address Market

Saturday June 15th and Sunday, June 16th at the Michael J. Ellis Seawall parking lot.

Saturday June 15th 9am- 6pm & Sunday June 16th Noon - 6pm The next Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk and Beach Market will be held on June 15th and June 16th. We have a lot of new artists signed up many who were at the Artfest in Port Aransas. So come to the beach and shop some of the most unique handcrafted items and art available in the Coastal Bend. The Artwalk and Beach Market will be held the third Saturday and Sunday of every month for the rest of the summer so mark your calendars for a weekend of fun! The market starts at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and at Noon on Sunday and ends at 6 p.m. both days. The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk and Beach Markets are held in the Michael J. Ellis seawall parking lot located on Windward Drive on North Padre Island next to the Holiday Inn Hotel. Just take S.P.I.D. south until you cross over the JFK bridge then turn left at the second traffic light which is Whitecap Boulevard then take your first left onto Windward Drive and we’ll be on the right hand side of Windward Drive just past the Holiday Inn hotel. See the map on this page. Vendors are encouraged to set-up early and must contact The Island Moon Newspaper at or by calling 361-949-7700 to get approval to set-up. The Island Moon Newspaper reserves the right to refuse any vendor to set up. The Market is free to all artists, craftspeople, local restaurants, food and drink vendors, non-profit organizations, churches, schools and 1 of 1 everyone in between. No mass produced merchandise will be accepted for sale at our markets. Come on down set-up and let the community see and purchase your works. The markets are advertised citywide by KIII- Channel 3 News, 106.5 The Shark radio and of course The Island Moon Newspaper. We’ll see you on the beach!


The Island Moon Newspaper Artwalk & Beach Market is presented by The Island Moon Newspaper publishers Dale and Jan Rankin and supported by the following local businesses: Aloha Wa

Island Italian

Padre Island Mail Plus

Animal Hospital

Island Presbyterian Church

Padre Landscapes

Sweet Swirl Frozen Yogurt

Deluxe Nails

Island Yogurt Shoppe

Padre Pizzeria

Tango Tea Room

Dragonfly Restaurant

Isle Mail N More

Scuttlebutt’s Bar & Grill

The Back Porch

Farmer’s Insurance, May Nardone

Island Tire

Sheehan Company

Two Sisters Vintage

Johnny D’s

Snoopy’s Pier

Whitecap Liquor

Lyco’s Nails

Surfside Sandwich Shop

Wrightway Accounting

Island Creations Island’s Edge Hair Salon

Michelle’s Salon

See You There!

A 16


Legislative Update:

Island Moon

83rd Regular Legislative Session Comes to an End and A Special Session Looms Around the Corner

By Todd Hunter, District 32

consumer reporting agency regarding a person under 16 years of age.

May 27th marked the official end to the 83rd Legislative Session. The last day of legislative session is commonly referred to as “Sine Die”. This phrase means without any future date being designated. This day for legislative members and their staff marks the end to 140 days of the Texas legislative process. The Texas Constitution requires that the Texas Legislature meet in every odd numbered year for a 140 days which begins on the second Tuesday of January of that odd numbered year.

The Tacos

Los Tacos Carne, lechuga, queso

Meat, lettuce, cheese

• SB 202 is related to the continuation and functions of the Texas Commission on the Arts.

A veces con frijoles

Sometimes with beans

Concha de taco dura o blanda

Hard shell or soft

• SB 307 is addresses the transfer of adult education and literacy programs from the Texas Education Agency to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Depende en mi talente

It just depends on my mood

Cualquiera, tacos son deliciosas

Either way, tacos are delicious

Mi comida favorite Mexicana

My favorite Mexican meal

If you have questions regarding any of the information mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to call my Capitol or District Office. As always, my offices are available at any time to assist with questions, concerns or comments (Capitol Office, 512-463-0672; District Office, 361-949-4603).

• HB 2472 addresses the continuation and functions of the Department of Information Resources and certain procurement functions of the comptroller of public accounts.

The Spanish students at SMA receive one high school credit for the two years of rigorous and wellrounded Spanish that they take at SMA. They have written poetry and have also written complete lessons in Spanish.

Tacos are my favorite

At the end of May the Texas Legislature will likely know if there will be a special session. Details will be forthcoming.

• HB 1550 is related to unemployment compensation chargebacks regarding certain persons who are involuntarily separated from employment.

The second year Seashore Middle Academy Spanish students recently wrote several poems in Spanish. They wrote poems in several of the basic forms, first composing their poems in English and then translating them to Spanish. The most popular forms were free verse, cinquain and haiku.

Tacos son mis favoritos

As we move in to June, the Governor will continue to sign more and more of the bills that made it out of the Texas House and Texas Senate during the 83rd Regular Legislative Session in to law. I invite you to follow the governor’s action by going to or see the bills that are before him awaiting a signature by going to .

• House Bill (HB) 200 is relating to liability of certain electric utilities that allow certain uses of land that the electric utility owns, occupies, or leases.

By Brent Rourk

By Shelby Reed

• SB 398 deals with conforming the eligibility under a major events trust fund of a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl Subdivision postseason event with the changes to the Bowl Championship Series system.

As a recap of the 83rd session, here are several bills which were passed this session and that to date have been signed by the Governor:

Seashore Middle Academy Spanish Students Write Poetry

By Shelby Reed

• SB 162 is relating to the occupational licensing of spouses of members of the military and the eligibility requirements for certain occupational licenses issued to applicants with military experience.

Throughout the 140 days, the Texas Legislature embarks on tackling those issues which may have affected the state during the previous two years, and to envision and address those issues which may be around the corner leading up to the next regular legislative session. Some of the bills that have made their way through the process and passed out of both the House and the Senate still have not made it across the final finish line. Following Sine Die, the Texas Governor has twenty days to sign a bill, veto a bill or to pass the bill into law without a signature. This year the deadline falls on June 16th.

El Mar

The Sea

By Maggie Libby

By Maggie Libby

El Mar

The sea

Azul-verde, salado

Blue-green, salty

Nadar, pescar, hacer el surf

Swim, fish, surf

Amo el agua

I love the water

La olas


La Primavera

The Spring

By Alicia Curry

By Alicia Curry

Nosotros nos despertamos de nuestro sueño.

We wake from our slumber.

El sol se derrete la escarcha del invierno.

The sun melts away.

Nosotros olemos las fragancias dulces de las primeras flores, Y nosotros paseamos sobre la hierba húmeda

- State Representative Todd Hunter, District 32 Rep. Hunter represents Nueces (Part) County. He can be contacted at todd.hunter@house. or at 512-463-0672.

• Senate Bill (SB) 60 deals with authorizing the placement of a security freeze on the consumer file or other record created or maintained by a

Nuestro pelo se siente bueno contra la brisa fresca. La luz del sol nos acogemos.

The Island Moon T-Shirts The Island Looks So Good On You!

Get yours for only $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Shirts come in grey or white short sleeve T-Shirts sizes L. XL and XXL. Tank Tops come in Aqua and White in sizes Medium and Large. To order by phone, call 361-949-7700. To order by mail please send your checks made payable to: J. Park The Island Moon, 14493 S.P.I.D., PMB 220, Corpus Christi, Tx 78418.




Deluxe Nails

Mon - Sat 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m - 5 p.m.

Now offering Shellac Dries Faster, Lasts Longer Offering: s Pink & White Full Set s Solar Nails s Nail Design s Gel Nails s Acrylic Nails s Waxing

s Manicure s Deluxe Pedicure t Sanitary and Professional Nail Service t Gift Certificates Are Available

361 949-1794

Next to Padre Pizzeria

14493 S. Padre Island Dr., Unit B Corpus Christi, TX 78418

The BACK PORCH oPEN 7 dAYS + nOON-2AM Live Music

Mike Milligan

May 30

The May 31 BACK PORCH Derailers June 1 Bar June 6 Captain Legendary Mike Blakely


June 7

Tejas Brothers

June 8



$2 WackyBar Wednesdays! ON THE WATERFRONT

132 W. Cotter St.


We smell the sweet scents of the first flowers, And we walk on the damp grass. Our fur feels good against the cool breeze. The sunlight welcomes us. These are the little things We love about spring.

Éstas son las cosas pequeñas que

Appt. or Walk-in Welcome

May 30, 2013

Nos gusta de la primerva.

La Flor Bonita y Roja

Pretty red flower

Gabriella Ewing

Swaying in the summer breeze

La flor bonita y roja

Petals fall slowly

Balanciandose en la brisa del verano Pétalos caen lentamente

The Pretty, Red Flower

Gabriella Ewing

Comptroller Susan Combs Reminds Taxpayers of Upcoming Deadlines to Protest Property Value Appraisals Comptroller Susan Combs is reminding homeowners and businesses about the deadline to protest property value appraisals. Once you have received your appraisal notice in the mail, you must file a written notice of protest with your local appraisal review board (ARB) indicating you are dissatisfied with the appraisal before June 1 or 30 days after the notice was mailed, whichever is later. “Property owners have the right to protest if they disagree with any appraisal district action on their property,” Combs said. “My office offers online resources to help taxpayers understand their rights under the law and work their way through the process.” Many county appraisal districts (CADs) provide an informal meeting where taxpayers can sit down one on one with an appraiser and discuss the value of their property. A great majority of disputes are settled during this process. Even if you hope to resolve your

concerns at the informal meeting with the CAD staff, you still must file your written notice of protest with the ARB by the deadline. Here are examples of what you can protest: • Excessive value: if you believe the CAD’s value on your property is too high. • Unequal appraisal: if you believe the CAD appraised your property at a higher proportion of its value than a representative sample of comparable properties. • Failure to grant exemptions: if the chief appraiser denied your exemption application. • Failure to provide notice: if the CAD failed to provide a notice that is required by law. The Comptroller’s office has helpful videos on how to present your case at an Appraisal Review Board hearing. They can be found at remedy12/remedy12_6.html.

Business Briefs by Mary Craft

New Advertisers Island Presbyterian Church presents pianist Natalie Lansford Rumfield for the dedication of their new Yamaha grand piano. Come enjoy classical masterpieces and favorite hymn and spiritual arrangements on Sunday, June 9th at 4 pm. A reception will follow the performance. Island in the Son Vacation Bible School is for kids kinder through 6th grade June 17th – 20th 5:30 – 8 pm. They will enjoy music, crafts and recreation. Go to for registration forms.The Kingdom Rock school is where kids stand strong for God. Sheryl Estes Hoops Camp in partnership with Padre Island Youth Basketball League is coming to the Island June 3rd – 6th. The classes will be given by professional basketball coaches

and the fun camp includes “hustle” awards each day. Call 774-0-9001 or visit for more info.

Business Briefs Texas Surf Camps is offering a free surf camp at Bob Hall Pier Saturday, June 1st 10 am – 1 pm. All equipment and instruction is provided for ages five and up. Go to for more info. The Port Aransas Art Center First Friday theme for June 7th is Shutter Clicks. The photo show will be up through the end of the month. The Island Farmers Market will be this Saturday from 8 until 11 at Island Presbyterian Church at 14030 Fortuna Bay Dr. Pick up some fresh produce, honey or even some homemade dog bones.

Padre Isles Country Club Summer Sports Camps 2013 Camps run June 4th through August 2nd.

We offer the most comprehensive outdoors sports camp for kids age 6 thru 12 for the past eighteen years on the Island! We play Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, and swim from 9a.m. until 2 p.m.! Tuesdays through Fridays. $120 for club members and $140 for non-members per week. Lunch and a camp T-Shirt are included! Additional Tennis and swimming programs for older and younger kids are available too. For more information call 361-949-8228 or 361-834-2231. Limited spots are available.

Moon Classifieds

May 30, 2013

Here’s how to place a Classified Ad

Call Arlene direct at 834-1382 to place your ad or email

Island Moon

Home Additions New Construction Exterior Improvements

House Cleaning Services

Additions – New Construction – Remodeling From small jobs to extreme makeovers Member of the BBB Member of PIBA


Laura Lee’s Cleaning Services

Weekly, biweekly, move in/move outs Pet & House Sitting – On the Island since 2000


Costs start at $10 for 25 words, 20 cents a word after that. Your ad can be centered for a small additional charge. Ads with payment can be left at our office at 15201 SPID Ste 250 If office is closed, payment and ad can be slipped thru the door slot.

Credit Cards Accepted Air Line Miles Accepted

Hand Watering Service


Call 949-2092 or 442-3516

Deadline for paid classified ads is no later than NOON Tuesday PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE PUBLICATION

We will hand water plants and yards for your convenience We also do landscaping & yard maintenance Call now to get on our schedule

Island Landscaping Decks & Docks 361-949-2691

ALBRITTON CONSTRUCTION, LLC. Please view website at:

Lawn & Yard Care Islandscape Maintenance



Total remodel Additions Roofing Fencing Painting

Multi-Resorts at Puente Vista

Is seeking part-time / seasonal help for our Timeshare property right on the Island! Housekeepers, Houseman & Maintenance Starting at $8.50/hour Experience preferred, but will train the right person Apply in person at:

 

Renovations Decks/Docks Int./Ext. Trim Framing Siding & Cornice

Dishwasher & Prep Cooks Needed in Port Aransas

* Lawn Maintenance * Power Washing * Palm Trimming * Spring Cutback * Lot Mowing * Decks * Installation FREE ESTIMATES


Real Estate

$10 per hour or more w/ experience

Creative Grass & Rock Yards Lot and Yard Maintenance Tree Trimming

For Lease – Condos on North Padre Island & Port Aransas Pat – Agent 361-558-6148

Contact Blake 830-221-6690 or


Call 361-960-0327 ISLAND MAN LAWN MAINTENANCE Jerry Lawley

Computer Services CompuMaster

Experience with multiple companies preferred Bookkeeping/Accounting Degree appreciated Health Insurance and Benefits ACE HARDWARE STORE ON THE ISLAND Application at 15326 S.P.I.D.

Call for estimates


Solutions To ALL Your Computer NeedsSM 361-949-2707 Home & Business

361-949-3483 General Residential Manager Wanted

Three-plus years stable management history in hotel/motel/restaurant management. Ability to live on site in company provided apartment. Experience with full P&L and accountability. If you are interested in this position please go to :

Boat Trailer Repairs

PC & MAC On-Site Service

BOAT TRAILER REPAIRS Suspensions/ Bunk Board repair, wheel bearing service, galvanized wheels, trailer tires. Tire pressure/temp monitor system Call Roy at: South Side Marine 361-854-0875

14941 SPID (Island)VIRUS REMOVAL, UPGRADES, NETWORKING Software/Hardware Repair, Computer Setup Custom-Built Computers, Tutoring, Web Design ******************* ISLAND COMPUTER CONNECTIONS


Storage Facility

Outside Storage $19.50/mo

Peace of mind over Technology Anytime, Anywhere Affordable Services: * Software Troubleshooting * PC Maintenance * New Computer Setup & Upgrade * Memory Updates * Building and maintaining Websites * Wired and Wireless Network * Connecting with Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. * Computer Education Training * In-home repair, free pick up & delivery Serving the area I live, work & play

Career Opportunity – Apply Now ! Maintenance Technician / AC Certified Apply at 6745 Seacomber Dr. Port Aransas, TX 78373 Resumes can be emailed to : Aransas Harbors Condominiums is seeking a Full Time Housekeeper Experience preferred but will train the right person. Good pay with Full Paid Benefits. Apply in person 9am to 5pm at:

230 Cut-Off Road, Port Aransas, TX.

Chad Feerick

Hiring summer help at Johnny D's

RV’s – Boats – Trailers – Vehicles Computerized access gate, video surveillance, fenced, well lit Live-in manager on site

AAA STORAGE BARNS 361-937-4939 (Flour Bluff)

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED As docents at Port Aransas Museum Contact:


Professionally installed concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios Decorative Stamping & Staining

Call 361-960-0327 THE SHEEHAN COMPANY

Custom Residential Painting

Interior and Exterior - Free Estimates

 Tile  Expert Carpentry  Deck Restoration  Power Washing Entire house power washing, roofs included References - No Deposit Required

361-461-5144 Island Resident


First class work at low rates Storm Shutters, Cabinets, Framework, Sheetrock, Stucco, and much more!

Call 361-960-0327

Power Washing


Call 361-461-5144 ISLANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE We power wash

Houses, Driveways, Fences, Decks & Sidewalks Call us now to schedule an estimate


Boat Repairs

BOAT REPAIRS Outboard Maintenance, I.O. Repairs/ Maintenance, Jet Ski Repairs, Free USCG Marine Safety Examination. Call Roy at: 361-854-0875

The Island Moon Newspaper LISABELLA’S BISTRO & BAR Is Hiring Professional Bartenders Call for appointment

A 17


Island Texas Hold’em

Find our local Corpus Christi Poker Club on Facebook and Twitter

Cell 361-246-0451

Personal Assistance

Caretaker/Home Care Provider In Corpus Christi

Excellent experience in healthy cooking, plant care, pet care, and directing staff CPR Certified Can reside on-site First class references Available for duty now – short or long term

512-296-7913 Kelly Care

Licensed vocational nurse available for private duty nursing care Peace of mind for you and your loved ones


Church Meeting

LUTHERAN TABLE TALK Thursday Afternoons On the island JB's German Bakery, 15137 SPID Sponsored by GCCM, SWT, ELCA.

Contact Rev. Tom Dietzel at, or 210-363-3538 or 361-445-1029

Al-Anon Meetings

Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support at

Al-Anon meetings

An Al-Anon group meets each Thursday at 7:00 PM at

Island in the Son United Methodist Church 10650 Highway 361 IS ALCOHOL CAUSING A PROBLEM IN YOUR FAMILY? Try Al-Anon. Meets at 7:00 pm Sundays at Padre Island Baptist Church


Pet Adoption

PeeWee’s Pet Adoption World Sanctuary

Volunteer to help socialize a homeless animal so it has a better chance of finding a forever home. Adopt a special friend or sponsor one if adopting is not possible. Call PeeWee’s Pet Adoption 888-4141 or go to PeeWee’s at 1307 Saratoga

PeeWee’s Mobile Adoption Clinics at Petco and Petsmart on Saturdays and Sundays desperately need volunteers

Please call PeeWee’s at 888-4141

Helen: Highly trained, 3-yr-old German Shepherd mix; super friendly and great with other dogs; HW + and will come with 6 mo. HW prevention; $66 includes spay, shots, and microchip; PAAC People Assisting Animal Control; TEXT 361-438-3232

People Assisting Animal Control Who Are We?


Established magazine and newspaper seeks experienced sales reps Our commission and bonus plan can have you making money TODAY Call Jan at

Puzzle on Page A 12


Creating Dreams for Island Homeowners New Homes Remodels Additions Repairs No job too big or too small

Call 774-7043 for estimate

Downtown Farmers Market Every Wednesday 5-7 pm 505 S. Water Street (By the Tango Tea Room)

THE MEDICAL CENTER + Minor Emergency Minor Surgery Occupational

Family Healthcare Lab X-Ray

Open 6 Days a Week No Appointments Necessary Mon-Thurs, Appointments available Fri-Sat Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pm

14433 SPID “On the Island” Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Water Access Laguna Madre

Our mission is to decrease euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals, raise funds to support The City of Corpus Christi Animal Control and educate the public on proper animal responsibility. We also run a partner program with Meals on Wheels, called Animeals. We provide dry dog/cat food to 50 pets of seniors/homebound citizens on Meals on Wheels. The elderly/homebound often give their own food to feed their pets.

Our program allows everyone to eat

since 1987

•  •  •  •  • 

Have them repaired with Environmentally Friendly AQUAPHALT The only permanent asphalt patch For free estimate call:

Read The Moon on Facebook

Volunteers Needed

Taking applications for Server/Bartender (Must have experience in both areas.) Stop by and fill out application Tuesday-Saturday – 3-5 pm or email resume/inquiry thru our website:

361-765-0273 Potholes In Your Parking Lot Or Driveway?

Tel. 361-290-9410

Email :

15605 S.P.I.D. Busser Dishwasher Expo

Outside unit $1500 installed Coil cleaning $175 New & used parts & equipment available  Check-up $35 Free Estimates – Island Residents Only Lic.No : TACL-BZ6219E   


General Liability Insurance On Padre Isles Homeowner Association General Contractors List

 

Between the hours of 8am – 5pm, Mon-Fri. No phone calls please


30 years+ experience Doors – Windows – Decks – Cabinets Sheetrock – Tape and Float

Member of BBB Preferred Contractor Texas Veterans Home Improvement Association  Member Padre Island Business Association Can be found on Angie’s List

14300 Aloha Street, # 125 Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Home Maintenance/Repair


A 18

Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

The Handsome Sailor Beach Club opens…

Island Moon

Carol Elliott Friday, June 7 (6:30-8:30)

321 N Alister * (361) 749-2337

reggae and folk. It’s spirited yet mellow and their three part harmonies blend deliciously. All of their material is original and the songs more than grab you. I am especially fond of their haunting anthem, Rum (go figure.) People kept coming up to me all weekend raving about them… and for good reason.

Todd Dorn & the Sea Drifters…

The new Handsome Sailor palapa bar at Conn Brown Harbor in Aransas Pass In all the Memorial Day excitement, I completely forgot to tell you about the Grand Opening of a new venue in Aransas Pass last weekend… The Handsome Sailor Beach Club. Captain Tom Doran and his wife Linda, opened up their new venue in Aransas Pass on the back side of Conn Brown Harbor, across from the Sailor’s Memorial. It’s a BIG palapa bar with a huge outdoor stage right on a marina that is home to a whole bunch of beautiful sailboats. It’s very similar to our own Back Porch, in fact, Susan Powell’s brother Reed Lagedrost was active in its design and construction. So, after 38 months of backbreaking toil, the Dorans (who did the lion’s share of the work by themselves with mostly recycled materials) finally got to enjoy the fruits of their labor and it’s a very nice place indeed. They had Carol Elliott and T. Gosney Thornton do the musical honors of opening the place and I understand it was a smashing success. I so apologize for missing it and promise to keep up on their musical goings on in the future. Please check them out, folks.

Hold Fast Fables…

Hold Fast Fables played Shorty’s last Friday night I started out my weekend at Shorty’s on Friday with Hold Fast Fables (Galveston, TX). This is an extremely artistic ensemble of cello, acoustic guitar and light percussion (tambourine and kick drum). I first saw these guys a couple of years ago (at the Tarpon Ice House and the Gaff) when they were on tour with Mama Tried and Shark Attack (both from Galveston, TX) via sailboat. (All of these bands morphed into The Crew for this tour.) They were making their way from port to port along the Gulf Coast stopping to play shows along the way in support of a book written by Hold Fast band leader, Mark Borde, entitled Guitar Strings and Sailboat Things. I remember being so impressed with their sound that when I recently took on the task of finding the entertainment at Shorty’s, Hold Fast Fables was one of the first bands I contacted. They have a unique sound that’s somewhere between

Later, I caught the always entertaining, Todd Dorn & the Sea Drifters (San Antonio, TX) at Giggity’s. Todd is an island ex-pat who wrote a good deal of his material while living in Port A. He was joined on stage by the rock steady rhythm section of Jay Stringer on bass and his brother Jim Stringer on drums. Dorn’s stuff is a soothing, very danceable, island groove meets country. I like to say, it goes down smoother than a mango margarita. Todd will be back at Giggity’s on June 14th.

monster. Her voice and her drive remind me of Melissa Etheridge. She is on fire when she sings and plays. She doesn’t just front this band, she commands this band. The lead guitarist, Austin Gilliam, is a real treat, too. I am more impressed with this band every time I see them. This was a much needed dose of “in your face” rock and roll and I loved it. Giggity’s seems to have it going on these days!

DO NOT MISS LIST This weekend…

Mandy Rowden & Billy Abel…

Open Jam with Uel Jackson Every Sunday (7- 11)

where the two met and forged a musical bond while college students at Texas A&M in the late 70’s. History will repeat itself tonight and I’m sure it will be hysterical. Also tonight, Mike Milligan and the Altar Boys (Austin, TX) will bring their jumping harmonica blues to the Back Porch. This is one HIGH energy show guaranteed to wear you out. On Friday, May 31st, Mike Blakely y los Yahoos (Marble Falls, TX) will return to the Back Porch and the squeaky tight surf band from San Antonio, King Pelican, will play Giggity’s… this one boasts the guitar wizardry of Two Tons of Steel alumni, Dennis Fallon. Also on Friday, Armadillo World Headquarters veterans and Austin Music Awards Hall of Famer, Freddie Steady Krc and Cam King will play Shortys for two nights. Trust me and DO NOT MISS THESE SHOWS. Freddie Krc and Cam King are the real thing! On Saturday, June 1st, Austin honky-tonkers, The Derailers will play the Back Porch and the Rich Lockhart Band (Victoria, TX) will play Giggity’s.

Next weekend… Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen will play Next weekend boasts more great talent ! On Selena Auditorium tonight, Thruday, May Friday, June 7th, Shinyribs the alter ego of the 29th Gourds (Suckin’ on Gin and Juice) frontman, Tonight, Thursday May 30th, the Selena Auditorium in Corpus will host a remarkable show: Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett… no band, two artists, two guitars. This will be a sort of front porch song swap straight off of Church Avenue in Bryan-College Station

Mandy Rowden and Billy Abel played Shorty’s last weekend On Saturday, the lovely Mandy Rowden (Austin, TX) played Shorty’s and brought another musician with her in the way of Billy Abel. This proved to be a nice coalition. Mandy is a tall drink of water that plays a mixture of “goofy cover songs and castrating original numbers” (as she puts it). She’s always a party about to happen and the sweetest gal I know with bad intentions. Billy added to the mix with a nice selection of John Prine and Townes Van Zandt numbers. He’s an excellent guitarist and the combo was very engaging. These guys are good and good together. Mandy plays all around Austin if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

Buster Jiggs…

King Pelican will play Giggity’s this Friday night

Buster Jiggs played Giggity’s last Saturday night Later on Saturday, I ran by Giggity’s for the big Buster Jiggs (Hondo, TX) show. Don’t let the name fool you, Buster Jiggs is led by female singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kristin Muennink. In short, Kris Muennink is a

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Kevin Russell, plays the Back Porch. I saw this show at the House of Rock a couple of years ago it’s super duper cool. Also on the 7th, ‘80’s MTV rockstar, Charlie Sexton (Beats So Lonely) will be at Dr. Rockits… I know! Sexton, formerly known as Little Charlie Sexton, is an Austin icon who rarely tours anymore but used to be somebody. He once played sideman guitarist to David Bowie and Joe Ely. I’ll check more into this show and get back to you next week... but it sure sounds interesting. On Saturday, June 8th, the San Antonio institution known as Ernie Garibay and Cats Don’t Sleep will bring their big horn driven sound R&B to Giggity’s. Ernie is the brother of the late great Randy Garibay (Barbacoa Blues). I can’t wait for this show! Also on the 8th, the genius of Alejandro Escovedo (Austin, TX) will play the Executive Surf Club and the real deal bluegrass band, Get Off the Lawn, will play Shorty’s… so much music, so little time. Be safe out there! And that’s the truth!

Live Music Tonight

The Coast Club Coast Club

Spurs vs Grizzlies F I NScreen E A RT On Big TV

May 30, 2013


Mike Williams Every 2nd, 3rd & 4th Fridays And Every Monday Free Beer Band Every Thursday (7-10)

Thursday, May 30 Robert Earl Keen & Lyle Lovett @ Selena Auditorium Mike Milligan & the Altar Vampires Boys @ Back Porch Rockin’ Blues All Night @ Mon-Sat Dr. Rockits 10am- 2am Free Beer Band @ Tarpon Sun Ice House Noon- 2am John Eric @ Island Italian Ray T & the Local Licks @ House of Rock City Crew Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Every Friday JB & the Moonshine Band @ Brewster Street

Monday, June3 Mike Williams @ Tarpon Ice House Open Mic @ Coffee Waves Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Doctor Rockits


Tuesday, June 4 Open Mic @ House of Rock Party of Three @ Dr. Rockits Wednesday, June 5 Mark Linskey, Ty Dietz @ House of Rock Bad Chords @ Dr. Rockits Open Jam w/ Wolfjaw @ Flats Lounge

Friday, May 31 Thursday, June 6 Mike Blakely y los Yahoos Captain legendary @ @ Back Porch Back Porch LIVE MUSIC EVERY SUNDAY 3-6 King Pelican @ Giggity’s Fayuca, Cassette Tape @ Mike Milligan May 30 Freddie Steady Krc & Cam House of Rock Mike Blakely May 31 King @ Shorty’s Reno & the Groovegetters Mike Williams (5-7) @ Derailers June 1 @ Dr. Rockits Tarpon Ice House Captain Legendary June 6 Flashback @ Executive Shinyribs June 7 Friday, June 7 Surf Club Carol Elliott (6:30-8:30) Tejas Brothers June 8 Five Card Draw @ @ Tarpon Ice House 132 W. , Port Aransas,TX Brewster Street Purple Monkey Laser @ Bo Phillips @ South Texas Shorty’s Ice House Shinyribs @ Back Porch Ken Barnett @ Coffee Raeanne & the Ride @ AshVill Construction LLC Waves Giggity’s Chris Saenz @ Naughty Pines (5-7) @ Residential, Multi-Family Scuttlebutt’s The Gaff & Commercial Ruben Limas @ The Groove @ Executive New Construction Blackbeards on the Beach Surf Club & Remodels Another Level @ Ashley R. Villarreal Saturday, June 1 Brewster Street (210) 387-2993 Rich Lockhart Band @ Charlie Sexton & The Aaron Murray Giggity’s Nick Tremulis Orchestra Derailers @ Back Porch (361) 332- 9884 @ Dr. Rockits Freddie Steady Krc & Cam Numb to the Blow, The King @ Shorty’s Booked, This Dying The Bigsbys @ Executive Dream, Switchblade Surf Club Jesus @ House of Rock J.R. Castillo @ Brewster Street Saturday, June 8 Another Level @ Dr. Ernie Garibay & Cats Rockits Don’t Sleep @ Giggity’s Mariam & Hero Prevails, Tejas Brothers @ Back Memories in Broken Porch Glass, At My Signal, Our Get Off the Lawn @ Legacy @ House of Rock Shorty’s Sunday, June 2 Open Jam w/ Uel Jackson @ Tarpon Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Tumble Dry Low @ Bernie’s Beach House Open Jam @ Neptune’s John Eric Open Mic @ South Texas Ice House Crush Girls Workshop @ House of Rock 77 Jefferson, The Expanders, Juvidan Roots @ Dr. Rockits

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Alejandro Escovedo @ Executive Surf Club 2nd Saturday Sing-Along @ Brewster Street Mr. & Mrs. CC of USA @ House of Rock Reno & the Groovegetters @ Dr. Rockits Sunday, June 9 Open Jam w/ Uel Jackson @ Tarpon Ice House Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Tumble Dry Low @ Bernie’s Beach House Open Jam @ Neptune’s

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Island moon 5 30 2013 section b