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Island Moon

The Future of The Island Padre Island, Texas

The designs and concepts shown are the sole property of Hart Howerton. The drawings may not be used except with the expressed written consent of Hart Howerton. © 2013 H a rt How erton Ltd. © 2013 H a rt How erton Pa rt ner s Ltd.

1" = 500' at full size (48 x 36") 5 min. walk


overall Master Plan

1 ac



5 ac


Marina areas





september 17, 2013

tHe IsLand CorPus CHrIstI



May 22, 2014


New Canal

Current Ski Channels

In the last issue we ran a map showing development west of SPID, the side of the Island which includes the Schlitterbahn park. But the majority of the development on The Island in the next few years will be east of the main roadway, around Lake Padre and along the beach.

whitecap Blvd

das Marinas


views to the west

When it is all said and done here is what it will look like, with some changes to be expected. It includes two marinas, retail, and homes. Digging on the canals east of SPID is expected to begin by mid-summer.

nemo Court

Hotel s. Padre island drive

5 min. walk





1" = 200' at full size (36 x 24")

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1/4 ac

© 2013 H a rt How erton Ltd. © 2013 H a rt How erton Pa rt ners Ltd.

The designs and concepts shown are the sole property of Hart Howerton. The drawings may not be used except with the expressed written consent of Hart Howerton.

Lake Padr e viLLage Padre Island, Texas

site Plan april 17, 2013

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May 22, 2014

Island Moon

Island Moon Trivia Question of the Week Is the Michael J. Ellis Seawall on Mustang or Padre Island?

Hurricane Spotters Go Looking for Bad Weather

(Be careful before you answer now.)

By Dale Rankin It’s common practice and common sense that airplane pilots avoid bad weather; unless their name is Chris Kerns and they fly the P-3 Orion in which case they fly straight into hurricanes. “It’s not the big storms that are the hardest to fly into,” Kerns said, “by the time a storm gets to a Category 3 it has stabilized, the eye wall is tight and pockets of turbulence have gone. It is the Tropical Storms and smaller hurricanes that are still trying to grow that produce the dirtiest air.”

New Location

With the 2014 Hurricane Season just days away Kerns flew the Ms. Piggy into Corpus Christi International Airport this week to help get out the word that it is time for residents on the Gulf Coast to get ready in case this is the year.

Twice the Size More Selections

The fleet of P-3 hurricane hunters is based out of Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa and fly eight-hour storm chasing missions at 10,000 feet. They fly a figure-4 through each storm while dropping tubular sondes through the storms at a minimum of 15-minute intervals to for test barometric pressure, wind speed, temperature, and other weather data.

1726 State Hwy 361 Suite A • 749-1828 Next to Tower Center’s Old Location

Island Creations Remodeling

Total Renovation & Remodels, Outdoor Kitchens & Spas, Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades, Sunporches, Replacement of Windows and Doors, Roofing, Painting & Stucco

Landscaping Insured Member, Padre Island Business Association Member, Builders Association, Corpus Christi


Design work, Yard Maintenance, Decks, Pergolas, Installation of Rock, Grass, Plants, Trees, Walkways, Paths, Tree Trimming, Container Planting, Vacant Lot Mowing & Shade Covers. All Kinds of Fencing, Pressure Washing & Deck Staining & Sealing


Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Patio Overlays, Decorative Stamping & Staining, Decks, Bulkheads, Grouted Stone Walls & Patios, Decorative Stone Paver Driveways & Patios

Owned & Operated by Island Residents David & Katherine Pierce References Available Upon Request Commercial & Residential

Doing Everything a Home or Business Needs

While the P-3 are flying at 10,000 feet, other storm chasers are flying at about 50,000 while remote controlled vehicles circle at 60,000. The three perspectives allow analysts to paint a full three-dimensional picture of a storm.] Miss Piggy, a four-engine propeller craft, was built in 1976 and is a special version of the Navy’s P-3 which will go out of service at the end of this decade. However, Miss Piggy will be refitted with new wings prior to the end of P-3 production which will keep her in service through 2050. The flight crew for hurricane work consists of sixteen passengers, including three pilots, most of whom are ex-Navy. When the plane flies into a storm gathered data is transmitted through the Hurricane Center and to a privately-run website called which it can be viewed online in real time. In the next issue of the Island Moon we will have the forecast for the 2014 Hurricane Season.

Each of the sondes costs $700 and is a self-contained 400 megahertz transmitter which sends the data back to the airplane which then transmits it to the Hurricane Center in Miami where decisions are made on what areas to evacuate. “It costs $1.2 million to evacuate each mile of coast,” said technician James Warnecke, ‘so if an accurate forecast can avoid having to evacuate fifty miles of coastline it is worth flying into a hurricane.”

Mary Ann McShane, Realtor, GRI, SRES e-mail: Corpus Christi Realty Group Considering a move to the Island? Let me help you find your piece of Paradise - waterfront or interior homes, condos, townhouses, lots Considering selling your Island Property? Call me for a free consultation to obtain the current market value along with tips to make your property the one buyers will put on their “must see” list

Island Office (361) 215-8629

May 22, 2014

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Island Moon

By Donna J. Shaver, Ph.D. Chief, Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery National Park Service Padre Island National Seashore e-mail

After a slow and late start, the 2014 Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nesting season is underway in Texas. Through May 19, 38 Kemp’s ridley nests have recorded on the Texas coast so far this year. This includes 31 on North Padre Island, of which 29 were found at Padre Island National Seashore. Most of the 38 were found by turtle patrollers, but a few were found by people recreating on the beach on North and South Padre Islands. We thank those individuals for spotting and immediately reporting nesting. Thank you also to City and County personnel for your help with reports and on the beach. And thank you to the turtles for waiting until after Beach-to-Bay was completed before you nested on the northern end of North Padre. Two years ago I had to drive through Beach-to-Bay gridlock to get to two nesters and it was not fun. We hope to find many more nests during the coming weeks. The Kemp’s ridley nesting season could extend until mid-July, but most nesting should occur during May and June. During 2013, 153 Kemp’s ridley nests were confirmed in Texas, including 87 at Padre Island National Seashore. For more than three decades, the National Park Service has worked with other agencies in the U.S. and Mexico to help recover the Kemp’s ridley population and form a secondary nesting colony of this native species at the National Seashore. Padre Island National Seashore is the most important Kemp’s ridley nesting beach in the U.S. for this endangered species, with more Kemp’s ridley nests documented at the National Seashore than at any other location in the U.S.

You can help Turtle patrollers are searching Gulf beaches in the state daily to find nesting Kemp’s ridley turtles and their eggs so that we can document and protect them. However, this is a very large area to cover and each year several nests are

Kemp’s Ridley Nesting Continues located by beachgoers and other people that work on the beach, especially in developed areas of the Texas coast. You can help by watching for nesting while you are on the beach and immediately reporting it to a passing turtle patroller or to me by calling 361-949-8173, ext. 226. Also, if you see a nester, please do not rush up her or you could frighten her and cause her to go back into the water without nesting. If you drive on the beach during the nesting season, please watch carefully for nesting and drive slowly. Nesting Kemp’s ridleys can be difficult to see often nest in the beach roadway where there is less seaweed and the sand is soft. It takes about 45 minutes for them to crawl up the beach, dig their nest chamber, lay their eggs, cover the nest, and return to the surf. During about one-third of that time, while they deposit eggs into the nest chamber, they are nearly motionless and in a trance-like state. You can learn more about what to do if you see a nesting turtle by visiting the Padre Island National Seashore website at pais. The website also contains information on nest totals in Texas and our hatchling releases. We also post updates about nesting and hatchling releases (including photos and video clips) on our Facebook page (titled Padre Island NS Division of Sea Turtle Science & Recovery).

Egg Protection Nesting sea turtles do not return to care for check on or care for their eggs. We and our colleagues in Texas remove the eggs from all sea turtle nests found so that we can protect them from threats on the beach, to maximize hatching success and survival as the hatchlings scurry down the beach and enter the surf. Eggs from most nests found at the National Seashore and northward on the Texas coast are brought to our incubation facility in the Turtle Laboratory at the National Seashore for protected care. Eggs from some of the nests found at the southern end of the park are brought to a protective screen enclosure called a corral located near our Turtle Patrol Base Camp. Eggs from South Padre Island and Boca Chica Beach are transferred to a corral on South Padre Island. Eggs are closely cared for in the Incubation Facility and corrals. After the hatchlings have fully emerged from their eggshells and are ready for release, we count them, take them to the beachfront, and protect them as they crawl down the sand and swim from shore.

Hatchling Release Padre Island National Seashore invites the public to attend about 20-30 releases of our hatchlings that emerge from eggs cared for in our incubation facility, free-of-charge. These

Kemp’s Ridley hatchlings race to the sea events have become very popular, drawing thousands of people each year. No eggs found so far this year have hatched yet, and we are anxiously awaiting our first release of the year. Eggs in the facility must incubate for about 48-53 days before the hatchlings are ready for release. Sometime between June 13 and June 18, the first hatchlings will likely be ready for release, and we hope to hold our first public release of the year. Hatchlings from the clutches found last week will be released between June 27 and July 8. Since several clutches will hatch then, we are hoping that a July 4 weekend release will be possible. Releases held on July 4 weekends are always quite popular with the public.

season. We want to put the transmitters on the turtles towards the beginning of the nesting season so that we can use tracking information to help predict where and when the turtles might nest again this spring and summer, to aid with detection and protection. Since Kemp’s ridley turtles often nest in simultaneous emergences called arribadas, this information can also help indicate when other turtles might nest. You can view where the tracks of these turtles on www.; go to the satellite tracking link and look for the Padre Island National Seashore Kemp’s Ridley Tracking Program 2014.

You can learn more about when our hatchling releases will be held by checking our website, Facebook page, and Hatchling Hotline. As eggs are placed into our incubation facility, the projected hatchling release dates for the hatchlings that will emerge from them are listed on our website at When the eggs begin to hatch we are able to more closely pinpoint when the release will occur. We then place the latest information about the releases on our recorded Hatchling Hotline (tel. 361949-7163) and our Facebook page titled Padre Island NS Division of Sea Turtle Science & Recovery.

The Turtle Season is in full swing. Here is the latest count of nests found, provided by Dr. Donna Shaver. Keep in mind that turtles are more likely to come ashore on windy days, so keep a sharp turtle eye out!

Satellite Tracking

Kemp’s Ridley Turtle

We plan to again affix satellite transmitters to 10 of the first turtles found nesting at the northern end of North Padre Island this year. After the nesting females are done laying eggs and covering the nest, they are transported to our Turtle Laboratory for attachment of the transmitter. Last week we deployed six of the 10 transmitters, and we hope to put out the last few in the next week or two. Kemp’s ridleys nest an average of 2.5-3.0 times per nesting

So far this year, 38 nests have been confirmed on the Texas coast including (north to south in state):

Turtle Count

A set of Kemp’s ridley tracks located on Matagorda Island Saturday was further investigated and a nest was found. Including this additional nest, 12 Kemp’s ridley nests were confirmed for 17 May 2014 in Texas, including 1 on Matagorda Island, 1 on North Padre Island north of Padre Island National Seashore, 7 at Padre Island National Seashore, and 3 on South Padre Island.

1 Matagorda Island 31 North Padre Island, including 29 at Padre Island National Seashore 6 South Padre Island

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May 22, 2014

Island Moon

Texas Surf Camps Celebrate Ten Years Port Aransas surfer turned his passion into a business

By Dale Rankin Anyone who has ever wished they could turn their passion into their profession can take inspiration from Morgan Faulkner. Morgan grew up in Port Aransas and began surfing at age eight. Now as an adult he holds three national surfing titles, 25 Texas state titles and numerous other titles and pro/am championships from the West Coast, East Coast and Gulf Coast. He was a member of the United States Surf Team, representing the US in surfing around the world, and is now competing as a professional in the ASP World Qualifying Series. When it comes to surfing Morgan is The Dude. Along the way he picked up a Bachelor of Science degree in business and marketing from Hawaii Pacific University. Then ten years ago Morgan started looking for a way to combine his business degree and his passion for surfing and Texas Surf Camps were born.

Above: Morgan Falkner

“It’s an idea my sponsor came up with. The camps started in California and were getting very popular, so we just started them in Texas,” Morgan said. In the winter months Morgan heads for Hawaii, or Tahiti, Pascuales or Puerto Escondido, or looking for waves on California’s Outer Banks, or Scotland or Nicaragua. But every summer he returns to his home on Coastal Bend beaches to help kids, and some adults as well, learn how to surf. The camps are beginning their tenth year are designed for surfers, male and female, from five years-old up. Parents can learn to surf along with their kids. You must have basic swimming skills but not surfing experience is required. Equipment is provided and lunch is available. “Getting people over their fear of the ocean and uncertainty about what is going to happen in the water is the first thing we have to teach them,” Morgan said. “Kids learn a lot faster than adults because their center of gravity is better than adults. Generally speaking, after one day of camp someone can learn to stand up and surf. Our goal is to make the kids and adults feel comfortable.” The camps are held Monday through Friday on the beach next to Bob Hall Pier, and on Saturdays on the beach at Horace Caldwell Pier in Port Aransas. This year yhey run from June 9 to August 27, private lessons and parties are also available year round. So if surfing is on your Bucket List contact Morgan at or call (361) 749-6956 and hit the beach.


Learn to Surf Celebrating 10 years of Texas Surfing Fun!!

Camp Director and Pro Surfer Morgan Faulkner

Corpus Christi - Bob Hall Pier Port A- Horace Caldwell Pier Galveston Island State Park Summer Camps run June-August Lessons/Parties/Events Year-round All staff CPR & 1stAid Certified

Call us at (361) 749-6956

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* Average weight loss of 35 pounds. Individual results may vary.

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May 22, 2014

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Island Moon

PIBA Mixer Gathers Crowd

Firefighters Battle PINS Blaze for Five Days Firefighters at Padre Island National Seashore managed to contain a human-caused fire that began Saturday near Mile Marker 28 on South Beach inside PINS, but the fire burned for almost five days before it was finally extinguished. The smoke was visible from North Padre Island. Firefighters from Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Big Thicket National Preserve and Padre Island National Seashore fought the blaze. The fire did not impact visitors with the possible exception of those that may be particularly sensitive to smoke. The wind blew the smoke far enough west that it was noticeable in the Kingsville area. Park opertions are expected to return to normal for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Monthly Mixer a Hit By Brent Rourk Music, BBQ, fine weather, and socializing marked another fine PIBA Mixer co-hosted by Padre Island Mail Plus (PIMP), Joe the Barber, Nueces Title, and Island Edge on Tuesday afternoon. It was a perfect day for island business owners to enjoy a cold beverage and catch up with other islanders. A local DJ and the Padre Island Uke Club provided tunes for the mixer and the intoxicating wafts of BBQ shifted appetites into overdrive as guests circulated between the two buildings. The usual generous stock of prizes was awarded including some nice tickets to the Ice Rays.

Island Presbyterian Welcomes New Pastor! Rev. Michael Doane has joined the staff at Island Presbyterian Church. His first Sunday in the pulpit was May 18 as he experienced IPC’s Beach Service complete with our Island wind before the 10 A.M. service in the sanctuary. Rev. Doane received his Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, KY and a Master of Science in Healthcare administration from Houston Baptist University, Houston TX. He brings a wealth of pastoral experience. Most recently he was the Executive Director, Spiritual Care & Palliative Care with Christus Spohn Healthcare System where he was the administrative oversight for six facilities with a staff of twenty chaplains and priests. Rev. Doane also serves the First Presbyterian Church, Falfurrias, TX. He is married and has two sons, 8 and 10. If you are searching for that place to replenish your spirit, please visit Island Presbyterian Church, 14030 Fortuna Bay Drive for the 10am service, or join the beach worshipers at Whitecap Beach, 8am.

"Texas State Aquarium: Live Animal Outreach" Program at Harte Library An exciting, educational interactive program with a baby alligator or turtles will be presented at the Janet F. Harte Public Library on Monday, June 9 at 11:00 a.m., in conjunction with the library's opening day of the Summer Reading Program and registration for the Summer Reading Club. Free and open to all. The library is located at 2629 Waldron Rd. in Flour Bluff. For more information call 937-6569.

Food for Paws

Beautify Corpus Christi Looks to The Island By Chelsea Craig mission of the organization. For instance, the Beautify Corpus Christi Association is partnering with St. Paul’s United Methodist Church to create a green, family-friendly space surrounding their newly installed playground equipment. The organization also took part in the community gardens recently established at the Antonio E. Garcia Arts and Education Center.

Executive Director Beautify Corpus Christi Editor’s note: Chelsea Craig has been Executive Director of Beautify Corpus Christi since October, 2013. She is a native of Corpus Christi who left town only long enough to get her MSW at Baylor University. Her roots are now firmly planted in Corpus Christi.

Beauty Spot

The Beautify Corpus Christi Association (BCCA) is a local non-profit organization whose goal is to increase awareness and participation in beautification, recycling, litter prevention, graffiti abatement, and landscaping efforts throughout our community. Founded in 1968, the Beautify Corpus Christi Association’s mission “to realize a clean, beautiful environment to enhance the quality of life for residents and the enjoyment of visitors” guides the organization as we work to continually improve our beautiful city. Since establishing the Corpus Christi affiliation of Keep Texas Beautiful, the Beautify Corpus Christi Association has remained in good standing and has been recognized for many years as a “Sustained Excellence” winner for the Governor’s Community Achievement Award and as a “Gold Star Affiliate”

The Beautify Corpus Christi Association utilizes “Beauty Spot” awards to recognize exceptional commercial landscaping and outstanding maintenance throughout the community. To preserve our environment, BCCA furnishes approximately 50 trees annually to be planted throughout the community in conjunction with local elementary school’s celebration of Arbor Day. Each year, in partnership with the City of Corpus Christi, BCCA hosts at least six cleanup events accumulating thousands of volunteer hours throughout the community. The Beautify Corpus Christi Association also serves as one of the coordinators for local “Adopt-a-Beach” events. Since 2000, over 100,000 trash bags have been handed out along the Illuminated Buc Days Parade route to alleviate the prevalence of littering throughout the parade.

$1.4 million in projects.

Pet Food Donations Clear Overdue Library Fines in May Clear your overdue library fines during the month of May by donating pet food for our four legged friends at any of the Corpus Christi Public Libraries. Food will benefit the Animeals program which provides food to pets belonging to Meals on Wheels recipients. Pets belonging to clients of the Women’s Shelter will also benefit from this drive. Small bite dog or cat food preferred brands include Purina Kitten Chow, Purina Cat Chow, Pedigree Puppy Dry Food and Pedigree Small Bites Dry Food. Bring your receipt to receive credit for the exact amount of your purchase; otherwise, library staff will use a fee structure to clear your overdue fines. For more information call any Corpus Christi Public Library.

Send letters to the editor to or visit us on facebook

To The Moon!

As winners of the Governor’s Community Achievement Award, the Beautify Corpus Christi Association completed over $1.4 million in beautification projects along Corpus Christi state roadways in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Corpus Christi. Additional beautification efforts include on-going participation in area park improvements, such as the landscaping project featuring a bronze Kemp’s ridley sea turtle statue contributed to “Ullberg Park” and BCCA’s project, the Gardens at Cole Park. BCCA also lends support to community organizations working to enhance the

To further our mission through community outreach, the Beautify Corpus Christi Association is pleased to announce our newest “project”. BCCA will begin a regular appearance in the Island Moon. Our column will feature information in line with our mission of creating a more beautiful city. Topics to be discussed include gardening/beautification tips and litter reduction techniques. As we always wish to respond to the direct needs of our community, we welcome your requests and suggestions. All comments can be directed to

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Island Moon

Seashore Graduation Day

Near ICW! 4 Bedrooms! 2 Boatlifts! Open Ă&#x;oorplan! 14849 Aquarius


May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014

A 21

Island Moon


May is Stroke Awareness Month By Todd Hunter, District 32 In last week’s article, I had the opportunity to highlight National Military Appreciation Month. One of the other national designations that I want to highlight for the month of May is National Stroke Awareness Month. This month works to help educate the public about the important stroke signs that people can identify and understand in their own lives. There are a number of simple warning signs that can help be an early warning indicator. These key indicators make a significant difference in the early diagnosis of various heart related illnesses. There are many basic things that relate to heart health that people do not often realize. The American Heart Association is an advocacy organization that has helped to develop a program known as the F.A.S.T. program. F.A.S.T. is an acronym that stands for: Face dropping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty, and Time to call 9-1-1. These are four simple signs that can be identified to help recognize these early warning signs. The American Heart Association’s joint website with the American Stroke Association provides a brief breakdown of these four identifiable symptoms/warning signs: • Face Dropping – Does one side of the face droop or is it numb? Ask the person to smile. Is the person’s smile uneven? • Arm Weakness – Is one arm weak or numb? Ask the Person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward? • Speech Difficulty – Is speech slurred? Is the person unable to speak or hard to understand? Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence, like “The sky is blue.” Is the sentence repeated correctly? • Time to call 9-1-1 – If someone shows any of these symptoms, even if the symptoms go away, call 9-1-1 and get the person to the hospital immediately. Check the time so you’ll know when the first symptoms appeared.

Additionally, their website states “Beyond F.A.S.T. – Other Symptoms You Should Know – Sudden numbness or weakness of the leg, sudden confusion or trouble understanding, sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes, sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or loss of coordination and/or sudden severe headache with no known cause.” Those impacted by cardiovascular conditions are staggering and the healthcare impact is projected to exceed over $1 billion in direct and indirect healthcare costs by the year 2030. The American Heart Association (AHA) is an organization that works to help bring leadership and resources to all levels of government. Whether it is the federal, state or local level, the AHA has identified ways of educating the public and by developing systems of care that work to help acute conditions that will result in helping to improve the patient’s outcomes. Many of these systems work to coordinate those impacted to help them recover while also improving the cost-effectiveness of their care. These systems of care generally are tailored by more localized methods such as certain regions of the nation and also individual states. A lot of the criteria they use is from localized data that they have collected and works to create a seamless transition from each stage of care. It is with these types of awareness and outreach that they hope will save lives. If you would like to learn more information about healthy tips on cardiovascular health you can visit the American Heart Association’s website at and the American Stroke Association’s website at If you have questions regarding any of the information mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to call my Capitol or District Office. As always, my offices are available at any time to assist with questions, concerns or comments (Capitol Office, 512-463-0672; District Office, 361-949-4603).

Rep. Hunter represents Nueces (Part) County. He can be contacted at or at 512-463-0672.

Club News The Island Moon provides this space for Island organizations. If you are a member of a club and want to get the word out about your events and/or projects send them along and we will get them in. Be sure to include a brief description of what your organization does and a contact person for those interested in joining. Send the info to and we will include it. Or call us at 949-7700. Rotary Club of Padre Island Corpus Christi – The Rotary Club of Padre Island is always looking for new members seeking to put “service above self”. If you are interested, please come join us and see what we are all about. The Padre Island Rotary usually meets every Tuesday at noon at the Boathouse Bar and Grill (upstairs), 15241 Leeward Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418. For more information contact Jacqueline Carlson at 361-331-8618 or Padre Island Uke Club – Would YOU like to learn to play the ukulele? We can teach you to play 5 songs in 60 minutes! No musical experience necessary. We meet every Tuesday at the Island Italian Restaurant at 15370 Park Rd 22. Beginners meet from 6-7 PM and more advanced players from 7-8 PM. Everyone is welcome. $3/person donation is requested. Loaner ukuleles available. Need more info? Call: Joe Sexton at 361-500-8955 Or email: P.I.E. Padre Island Enrichment Club, Inc,P.I.E. strives to enrich the lives of Padre Island women through social activities and community involvement. Full membership luncheon meetings are held the second Friday of each month at the Holiday Inn. Members may also participant in special interest clubs (bunco, bridge, spades, books, etc) that meet throughout the month. For more information about PIE, please contact Katherine Pierce, President, at 361 960-0327 or Sandy Leber, Membership Chair, at 361 949-7145. KIWANIS Club of Padre Island. The Kiwanis Club of Padre is wrapping up their annual nut sale. All Proceeds Help Children! The Kiwanis meet at noon each Wednesday at Mikel May’s Restaurant. For more information contact Karen Wilson at 361-446-4626. e-mail at karenwilson61@

Secondary Contact Person: Member – Brent Hess, 361-774-0089. Meetings: Open to the public, meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Parrot Heads of Port Aransas – The Parrot Heads of Port Aransas will have a monthly meeting on Thursday, May 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Island Hotel in Port Aransas on Hwy. 361. We also will be having a happy Hour on Thursday, May 22 at the Beach Lodge on the beach (Anchor Drive) in Port Aransas. Parrot Heads of Port Aransas is a not-forprofit organization whose purpose is to assist in community and environmental concerns and provide a variety of social activities for people who wish to volunteer. Founded in 2009 the club motto is “Partying With a Purpose.” To join go to or call LuAnn Ferguson, 361 749-5141 or 817 291-7034. Padre Island Yacht Club - A members only Club, however we invite all Island residents to visit us. The PIYC is about boating, friendship and enjoying living on Padre Island. We collect more toys than any other organization in the area for the US Marines “Toys for Tots” program with La Posada events, including the Lighted Boat Parades. To schedule a visit or find out more information please contact John Diggins -

Island Real Estate

Consequences of Lender Delays By Mary Lou White 361-960-9460 I have made the decision to address this issue, in print, because I have had two near disasters in less than a year. I guess the caveat here is: Pick Your Lender With Care! I think everyone would agree that the real estate market in Corpus Christi has definitely changed. For Sellers on the South Side, it has been a windfall. For Sellers in the older parts of town, it has been hard to accept and for Buyers it has been shocking and painful. We started the year with over two months of not so nice weather. It kept the movie theaters full, but it did not work very well for previewing homes for sale. Once the weather started to improve, the feeding frenzy began.

Realities of Loan Processing However, for lending processors, confined in cubby holes with files stacked on their desks, they only identify with their own pain. It is the perfect storm of issues that has led to this problem. Technology and the marketplace, both allowed and forced Lending Institutions to scale back to the bare minimum on personnel. Now that sales volumes have increased, the system that was already strained, is now overwhelmed. Add to that, new Federal Lending Guidelines that began in January 2014 and now the level of customer service to the borrowers is becoming critical, in my opinion.

Real Examples The scenario is this: the real estate transaction is on track and we are less than one week from the Closing Date, set in the original Contract. The Lender sends the file to the” Underwriter”, for final approval, before they prepare the HUD documents that Buyers and Sellers receive, when they actually sign the documents to transfer ownership of the property. OMG….. when the Appraiser filed his report to the Lender (who has the only copy)it stated certain repairs had to be completed, before the loan can be granted to the borrower. BUT, no one noticed this detail. Normally, when there are Lender required repairs, the Seller and Buyer must negotiate who will pay for these repairs, order and complete the work and have the home re-inspected (another fee) to determine it now meets Lender requirements. This can take days or weeks depending on the extent of the work and the ability to schedule repair trades. But, on the eve of closing, there is only one solution…..Buyers and Sellers must agree to sign an Amendment to the Contract, to extend the closing date and determine who will pay for the necessary repairs. When Sellers were lucky to find a Buyer….they would grit the teeth and sign the Amendment. NOW, it is entirely different. There may well be even better Back Up Offers waiting in the file or since the original Contract creation, the market has changed to allow a higher Sales Price. Especially if the home has had extensive repairs completed during the contract period. (New Roof or Foundation Work) Think about this: As the Buyer, you have done nothing wrong. You have passed the financial scrutiny to qualify for the loan. You have given notice to move to your Landlord or perhaps you have already negotiated a Contract on your present home. You have packed and scheduled the movers, maybe even lined up new utility connections and you are excited to be in your new home. Then comes the phone call that drops the bombshell. The Lender made a mistake and you may pay the price, in a big

Real Estate Ticker

216 Closed Transactions on South Side of Corpus Christi 90

Closed Transactions on the North Side of Corpus Christi


Closed Transactions in Calallen Area


Closed Transactions in Flour Bluff


Closed Transactions on Padre Island


Closed Transactions on Mustang Island

These numbers represent Closed Residential Sales on homes listed on the MLS system, from 15 March 2014 to 15 May 2014. Many NEW homes are Sold and Closed outside this system.

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POA - Padre Isles Owners Association. The Association’s primary responsibility is to maintain the Common Areas, assess and collect the annual fees and provide information and assistance to property owners. .. Membership in PIPOA is automatic for anyone acquiring record legal title to any property within Padre Isles. Their office is located at 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive on The Island. (361) 949-7025,

Tony Amos is the Director. PI Dog Group (PI Dog). 750 Channel View Dr. Port Meets monthly for dog and Aransas. 361 749-6793, owner activities, training 361 442-7638. afamos@ and education. Next activity Saturday, April 5. Meet at Strategic The Padre Island Kiwanis Club Island 9:00 am at the parking lot at Action Committee. Is a Bristol Pavilion at Padre Bali has moved its Wednesday lunch 14-member committee Park for a beach walk. Bring meetings to MikelMays at Bob which meets (usually) Hall Pier leash, water for your dog & at 5:30 p.m. on the first you, poop bags, etc. Free to Tuesday of each month at join! To join visit or the Comfort Suites on Windward Drive. The contact Bev ( or Lyn committee’s purpose is to advise the Corpus ( Christi City Council on matters pertaining to IUPAC (Island United Political Action The Island. Committee): Maximize representation of Island’s PIPPs Chapter of Corpus Christi Corpus Christi residents on Padre and Mustang Red Hat Society. In 2004 a group of Island Islands in area government by promoting ladies got together under a Palapa and founded and supporting, by the endorsement process, the Padre Island Palapa Pals (PIPPs). Our only proactive and unified voting in non-partisan rule is that there are no rules! We are all about races and other issues and referendums put to fun and friendship. We meet once a month for public vote. lunch and various fun outings from cupcake Contact Persons: President – Linda A Walsh making to CPR. 361-445-7999.

Legal Responses This issue has been on my hot button list since a near miss in March. I have asked three real estate attorneys about this issue and received different answers every time. I called TREC this week and they refused to comment, but they did refer me to Texas Association of Realtors Legal Hotline, which was helpful, but simply amounted to refer back to the original Contract. I decided to write about this problem anyway, so Buyers will be aware of what can happen when the Lender drops the ball. Just walking away, with your Earnest Money check in hand (luckily) is not nearly enough to cover all the possible financial and emotional ramifications, if this happens to you. Just this week, I was asked by a Lender to start the process of Extending the Closing Date because they cannot find an Appraiser able to complete his report, before the Closing Date in the Contract….Being Informed is a Good Thing.

Buyer Disaster

Phone 361-867-1313 as the Rear Commodore/ Membership for 2014.

ARK – Animal Rehabilitation Keep. Located in Port Aransas the ARK is affiliate with the University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Center. They handle the rehabilitation of most species of wildlife in the area with an emphasis on marine animals. They care for abut 1300 animals each year, including about 300 sea turtles and more than 100 species of birds. If you find an animal in peril they can help

way! If the Seller refuses to make the repairs and the Buyer cannot or will not, the Contract Terminates and the Buyer receives his Earnest Money back less any expenses already incurred, by the Title Company, on Buyer’s behalf, per #7E, of the Contract. That is small consolation for all the other costly implications, now being faced by the Buyer. In addition, the Title Company may not release the Earnest Money until both the Buyer and Seller have signed the Release of Earnest Money Form. If the Seller were to refuse, in hopes of keeping the funds, that would be an even further delay and could prove very costly for the Seller, under #18 in the Contract form. Even if the Buyer decides to pay for the repairs, they cannot be accomplished, in the time remaining. There is language in #7F that might allow for an automatic extention of 15 days, without an Amendment to the Closing Date, but that is not entirely clear, due to the wording. It would probably require Attorney intervention, and that comes at a price.


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May 22, 2014

Island Moon

SPORTS Sports Talk

Do you remember when Umpire-Manager arguments were a part of the game?

William Feather once said, “Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” This guy became the best relief pitcher in the National Football League. As a professional quarterback, he participated in 255 games during 21 seasons, for six different teams. He was passed around like a stale bag of chips. He was traded so much he never got to send out for dry cleaning. You got the feeling this guy was sitting on a ledge six stories high outside his hotel room, but how untrue. A blue-collar guy, he outlasted his critics. He was a quiet fellow except when he laughed, and then he sounded like an electrical storm. As the years went by, he began to look like an unmade bed and reminded you of the old guy at the YMCA pulling on his knee brace and rubbing Ben-Gay on his shoulder. He owned a face without a name and loved being recognized, especially when he stepped in and got the job done. He was simply the other quarterback, solid as they come, always prepared and a great team player. You can get bumped into more times at Kmart during a blue light special than some backup quarterbacks do in an entire season. But football is not about if we will get hurt; it’s about when and how bad. A seasonending shoulder injury occurred in October of 1964.

His name was Earl “Earl was an intelligent quarterback who’s won a lot of ballgames for me,” said Don Shula. Hall-of-Fame quarterback George Blanda once said, “No one dreams about being a backup quarterback.” That may be true unless you’re Earl Morrall, the perfect backup quarterback. Earl Morrall was king of the flat-top; you could almost land a plane on his head. He was perhaps the greatest backup quarterback in NFL history.

Claimed for $100 On April 25, 1972, Morrall was claimed off waivers for $100 by the Miami Dolphins. Dolphins’ head coach Don Shula had been Morrall’s coach in Baltimore and trusted Earl. “I wanted to pick Earl up as an insurance policy,” said Don Shula. “I had to talk owner Joe Robbie into doing it, because Earl was making $90,000 a year. I wanted to claim him off waivers, and Robbie said, ‘Pay $90,000 for a backup! Are you out of your mind?’” It would prove to be an incredibly smart decision. On October 15, 1972, against the San Diego Chargers, starting Miami quarterback Bob Griese injured his ankle. In comes 38-yearold Earl Morrall, the perfect backup. Morrall’s teammates called him “old man” and placed a rocking chair in front of his locker. Everyone else had a folding chair. He would proceed to start for the Dolphins in 11 out of 17 games that season and helped this squad become the only undefeated team in NFL history. After beating the Cleveland Browns in their first playoff game, Morrall struggled against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game and was pulled and replaced by Bob Griese. “It was one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make,” said Shula. “But I chose Griese to start the Super Bowl, as he was my quarterback going into the season and my quarterback for the future.” Here’s an interesting footnote to the Miami Dolphins 1972 season. A season ticket cost but $77.00.

Comeback Player of the Year

He was named Earl Edwin Morrall on May 17, 1934. Muskegon, Michigan became his hometown and he grew to 6‘1” tall and weighed 205 pounds. That’s a fairly good size for a quarterback. Earl led his Muskegon High School to the Michigan State High School Championship in 1951. His success set off fireworks between Michigan, Michigan State and the Notre Dame recruiters. The competition for his services became so ferocious that his high school principal complained that Earl’s grades began to suffer. Morrall chose the Michigan State New York Giants quarterback Earl Morrall. Spartans, where he played three seasons becoming a consensus AllAmerican and led his 9-1 Spartans over the The Dolphins would continue undefeated and U.C.L.A. Bruins in the 1956 Rose Bowl. As we won Super Bowl VII, beating the Washington find in most great athletes, they usually played Redskins 14-7. The Dolphins, primarily a more than one sport, and that was the case for running team with Larry Csonka and Mercury Morrall. Earl also played shortstop and third Morris, finished 17-0. “There would not have base for the Spartans baseball team and was been a perfect season without Earl Morrall,” a part of their 1954 College Baseball World said Bob Griese. Morrall’s play in 1972 did Series team. He received several offers to play not go unnoticed, as he received the very first baseball professionally, but chose professional NFL Comeback-Player-of-the-Year Award football as his career. Earl Morrall’s name and was also chosen the American Football was called by the San Francisco 49ers with the Conference Player-of-the-Year. He was the second pick of the 1956 NFL draft. He was perfect backup quarterback for the perfect given the #15 which he would wear his entire season. The Dolphins would win Super Bowl career. The Pittsburgh Steelers had the first VIII the following season by whipping the pick and chose Colorado State quarterback, Minnesota Vikings, 24-7. Earl would announce Gary Glick. Detroit, with the third pick, took his retirement four years later on May 2, 1977. Howard “Hopalong” Cassidy, a halfback from He was 42 years old. In his 21 NFL seasons, Ohio State. Earl Morrall had played in three Super Bowls, completed 1,379 passes for 20,809 yards, and On to Pittsburg and Detroit recorded 161 touchdowns and 148 interceptions. Morrall and offensive guard Mike Sandusky “So I’ve always said Unitas, Griese and Dan would be traded the following year (1957) to Marino are in the Hall of Fame, and Earl is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were completely in my own personal Hall of Fame,” said Don unhappy with Gary Glick. Besides, the 49ers Shula. Earl Morrall was inducted into the had a pretty good quarterback by the name of Michigan State Athletics Hall of Fame in 1992. Y.A. Tittle, which made Morrall expendable. Earl attended Miami’s 40th team reunion in The 49ers received linebacker Marv Matuszak 2012 and was inducted into the Dolphins’ Walk and two future first-round draft picks from of Fame. Pittsburgh. The Steelers had two young Morrall became the quarterback coach for the quarterbacks by the names of Len Dawson and Jack Kemp, which they couldn’t count on. So University of Miami in 1979. His work with they went after Morrall. In 1958, Earl threw talents like Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar and Vinny seven interceptions in his first two games. The Testaverde showed that he was not only a fine Steelers then traded Morrall to the Detroit quarterback, but also a very good teacher. Lions for quarterback Bobby Layne. Morrall In 1969, Earl Morrall wrote his autobiography would stay with the Lions for seven years, and entitled In the Pocket: My Life as a Quarterback. he threw for 2,600 yards and 24 touchdowns in You can find it for less than $4.00 on Amazon. 1963. While in Detroit, he mostly backed up com, in hardback. In 1989, Earl tried his hand Tobin Rote and Milt Plum. Then he suffered a at politics and served some time on the Davie, shoulder injury. In 1965, Earl was pulled like a Florida City Council before becoming the loose tooth. town’s Mayor.

New York and Baltimore Morrall was on the move again and eventually was traded to the New York Football Giants on August 30th. Y.A. Tittle retired from the Giants at the end of the 1964 season. With Morrall’s shoulder healed, Earl put up 2,446 yards and recorded 22 touchdowns for a rebuilding Giants team. In 1967, Fran Tarkenton joined the Giants and on August 25, 1968, Earl was again traded. This time to the Baltimore Colts, who had quarterback Johnny Unitas as their starter. As luck would have it, Unitas incurred an elbow injury in the 1968 final exhibition game, and Morrall became the Baltimore starter. Under Earl’s leadership the Colts won 13 of 14 games, and he led the NFL in touchdown passes, with 26, and threw for 2,909 yards. Earl and the Colts then added two more playoff wins on their way to Super Bowl III against Joe Namath’s New York Jets. In a shocker, the upstart AFL Jets upset the NFL Colts, 16-7. Morrall had thrown three crucial interceptions. The clincher was a second-quarter interception over the middle while receiver Jimmy Orr stood in the end zone, wide open, waving his hands in the air. The Colt fans were so devastated by the loss to the Jets; they had to take a number to jump off the bridge. In 1968, Earl Morrall would go from the playgrounds of Michigan to the cover of Sports Illustrated. He also received the 1968 NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award. Interestingly, two years later during Super Bowl V, Morrall would again replace an injured Unitas to lead the Colts to a 16-13 win over the Dallas Cowboys. The difference was a 32-yard field goal by Colts’ kicker Jim O’Brien with time running out.

Two-time NFL All-Pro, Earl Morrall, died on Friday, April 25, 2014, exactly 42 years to the day after he had been acquired from the Colts by the Dolphins. He had struggled with poor health for several years, while living in Naples, Florida. Recently Earl had been moved into his son Matthew’s home, located in Fort Lauderdale. His cause of death has been listed as complications from Parkinson’s disease. Earl was survived by his wife, Jane, five children and nine grandchildren. Earl Morrall is not in the NFL Hall of Fame, but I would challenge you to find another quarterback whose career intertwined with names like Tittle, Dawson, Kemp, Layne, Plum, Rote, Tarkenton, Unitas, Namath and Griese. His coaching career would connect him to Kelly, Testaverde and Kosar. When you discuss great moments and games from the 1960’s and 1970’s, it doesn’t take very long before you get to the name Morrall. NFL Hall of Fame coach Paul Brown once said, “If you win say nothing. If you lose say less.” That was the essence of Earl Morrall. Andy Purvis is a local author and radio personality. His newest book “Greatness Continued” is now available to order online at,, Google Books, Booksamillion, etc. You may also purchase all three books at Beamer’s Sports Grill 5922 S Staples or the local Barnes & Noble store. Please visit for more info or contact him at purvis.andy@mygrande. net. Listen to Dennis Quinn & Andy Purvis Q & A Session each Thursday 6-8 PM on ESPN 1440 KEYS.

By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon

Instant Replay Taking Hostility Out of Manager-Umpire Relationship With the new instant replay system, manager meltdowns with umpires have turned into displays of etiquette befitting Miss Manners. Gone are the dirt-kicking, base-throwing, four-letter-word-yelling blowouts that made for highlight-reel lore. The images of ex-Rays manager Lou Piniella punting his cap, or the Yankees’ Billy Martin and Orioles’ Earl Weaver popping their tops, might as well remain on VHS.

in his day, many with former Dodgers skipper Tommy Lasorda. As professional as umpires are, they’re also human, so harsh words aren’t immediately forgotten over the course of a series, or season. “It kind of carries over, unfortunately,” Marsh said. “But to think you’ve got it out for the team is absolutely wrong.” Marsh, now MLB’s director of major-

They’re obsolete. “It’s just turning into a lovefest,” Rays manager Joe Maddon said. “It’s almost like you can’t get upset anymore.” Now, instead of storming onto the field to challenge a call, managers stroll to the umpires, stalling long enough to get word from the dugout — relayed from their video coordinator — whether to ask for a challenge. As replay gives managers a Will baseball be the same without intimate moments such as these? recourse they never had before, conversations have gone from crass to cordial. Swear words have been replaced by league umpires, says he has been pleased small talk. that the instant replay process has “taken the “I feel like I should ask them out to dinner,” antagonistic attitude” out of it. He said the fact Twins manager Ron Gardenhire joked. “It’s that replays are shown on stadium scoreboards kind of weird. You’re used to coming out of for all to see “takes the gas out of all of it.” the dugout all fired up. Now you’re waiting for “For the most part, when they look at it on someone to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. replay, it’s going to be right one way or another,” It’s really not that much fun. It’s kind of boring.” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “And there’s Managers say that though arguments (and really nothing to argue about.” ejections) will likely significantly decrease, Marsh says replay will be good for umpires there’s still room for disagreements, including because they can correct a call, and missed on judgment calls that aren’t reviewable such as ones won’t get constantly replayed on ESPN balls and strikes. or live on forever, like Jim Joyce’s blunder that “You can still be drinking wine by the eighth thwarted Armando Galarraga’s perfect game in 2010. inning under the circumstances,” Maddon said. “If we had replay, those games could have And although fans, players and, yes, some managers might miss the theater created by possibly ended differently,” Marsh said. “And the brouhahas with the men in blue, it’ll go a those umpires wouldn’t have that stigma long way toward improving relationships with attached to them.” umpires, and it could be a good thing. With replay available, most manager “I think it’s going to make the game better,” interactions with umpires are polite and Gardenhire said. “I’ve had plenty of people predictable. In a role reversal, it’s sometimes tell me, ‘You need to calm down, you’re not managers who are booed for coming out too showing my kids any good sportsmanship.’ So often, slowing the game while pondering a potential challenge. maybe they’ll see me being a good sport now. “But my face hasn’t gotten red all year. And that’s not much fun.”

Earl Weaver Weaver, the late Hall of Famer, was known for kicking dirt at the umpire, and home plate. Martin once grabbed a piece of Yankee Stadium infield and tossed it at an umpire. Former Atlanta manager Bobby Cox boasts the most managerial ejections in league history at 158. Piniella had a penchant for pulling a base out and chucking it — often more than once, the Tampa native’s eyes wide and face reddened.

Lou Piniella “Lou Piniella,” says former longtime umpire Randy Marsh, “he could go nuts.”

Gibbons felt that wrath during Toronto’s opening series at home, killing time with small talk with umpire Jim Wolf.

Billy Martin “I said, ‘You know what I’m doing,’ and he said, ‘Yeah,’ “ Gibbons said. “He said, ‘So what do you want to talk about?’ We started shooting the bull a little bit. Wolfy is a big weightlifter, so I said, ‘Those pipes are looking good, man.’ “ Your comments regarding this and/or any other article will be greatly appreciated. Please call the Benchwarmers between 3 and 6 PM weekdays at 361-560-5397 or call or Email Dotson. Phone: 361-949-7681 Cell: 530-7488475 Email:

as Gibbons points out, those legends But, aren’t in uniform anymore.

Where Guys Go

For Haircuts

“You don’t have the characters in the game anymore like you had back then in these managing roles,” he said. “Those guys were special. Back then, you could get away with a lot more than you can today anyway. Those days are over, but in a lot of ways they were already.” Not that the current managers are pushovers. Gibbons said he got suspended for bumping — “inadvertently” — an umpire in the minors. In 2001, Lloyd McClendon, then the Pirates manager, literally stole a base and took it back into the clubhouse. Gardenhire’s “craziest scene” actually came at Tropicana Field:

Photo by  Brent  Rourk  

King of the Flat Top

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon

“I had argued at third base, argued at second base, and when I went and argued at first base, I told (umpire Angel Hernandez), ‘I’m not coming back out there. I’m tired of arguing with all you guys. I don’t want to stay in this game anymore, because I can’t stand watching you guys.’ And he threw me out.” Maddon had a similar moment in the minors with Beaumont (Texas). But his best might have come in 2011 in Chicago against the White Sox. After a first-base call by umpire Doug Eddings that was overturned by the group, Maddon went into frenzy. After he got ejected, he pretended to kick out each one of the umpires on his way to the clubhouse. “I kind of have fun with that,” he said. “A lot of times it looks pretty crazy out there, but then you laugh with the umpire the next day. And I’ve been doing that for many years now.”

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Marsh, 65, an umpire from 1981-2009, was on the other side of some nasty confrontations

May 22, 2014

A 23

Island Moon

Local Girl Scout Troop 9611 Finishes Year with Awards Bridging Ceremony Marks Vital Passage By Brent Rourk [Writer’s note: Recently I was honored to write a story about the local Cub Scout PAC 949, reporting about their Blue and Gold Banquet where awards were distributed to the boys and where some boys moved from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. I am equally honored to report about the local Girl Scout Troop 9611 and their awards and Bridging Ceremony. I am continually thrilled at the work our young people do on the island – our students and our Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts]

Brownie, Junior, and Cadet currently total 50 enthused and active members. Learning, experiencing, and giving seem to be large components of the Girl Scout experience and the locals clearly accomplished those goals during the school year.

A Ceremony of Awards and Passages Junior Leader Theresa Cass, who guided a group of eighteen 4th and 5th grade scouts through achievements in their manuals, said that the evening’s celebration revolved around distributing awards and performing the

was fun to see others receive their awards and bridge over. I really enjoyed seeing my sister bridge Junior to Cadet and also receive her Bronze Award” Mia, who joined the Girl Scouts the same time her younger sister did, remarked, “I figured it would be a lot of fun and it has been. My favorite part is working on our projects and seeing my friends.”

Thanks to Local Organizations for Their Support Leader Cass was highly appreciative of the generosity of both Seashore Learning Center and St. Andrews Church when she declared, “The school allowed us to use their gym and it was large and comfortable. A big thanks to the St. Andrews church for hosting us throughout the year in their education building.”

Bridging Ceremony - graduating to the next level of Girl Scouts Excited girls entered the SLC Gymnasium at 6:30 pm on Thursday, May 15 to participate in the closing ceremony of their Girl Scout Troop 9611 for the academic year 20132014. Their supportive parents and family members accompanied them, proud of the girls’ achievements throughout the year. Girls from K through 8th grade from North Padre Island and Flour Bluff enthusiastically awaited a satisfying punctuation to their extremely productive year. The four levels of Troop 9611 are Daisy,

Bridging Ceremony. Girls who spent two years at a level of scouting, graduated or moved to the next level of scouting during this ceremony by walking over a short bridge, symbolically leaving their previous level of scouting and embracing the next level. After witnessing the evening’s events, Cass was pleased, noting, “We had refreshments after the girls received their awards. Three Juniors were awarded their Bronze Award for their service to Metro Ministries.”

Receiving awards

“Our outgoing leader Cheryl Wainright (Cadet Leader and overall coordinator) has been a huge asset to us all year”, continued Cass.

Many businesses, churches, schools, and organizations like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts sport a caring banner and demonstrate their care by giving time, energy, and love. It is not just all giving for the Girl Scouts. It is also experiencing, learning, and enjoying the positive company of other young girls.

Girl Scouts Make a Difference

Girl Scout Activities for 2013-2014

“What touched my heart was seeing girls bond together and nurture younger girls and mentor them”, added Cass.

Other events Troop 9611 participated in were:

Another heart-warming scene involving the Girl Scouts occurred after they made a shoe donation to Metro Ministries. Cass confided, “We had just arrived with 30 pairs of shoes at Metro Ministries and a homeless lady came in needing a pair of shoes and received that much needed pair from the bag that Troop 9611 took to the Metro Ministries.” The entire troop 9611 contributed to creating 125 ‘Hygiene Kits’ for Metro Ministries (an annual service project) to give to local homeless people. The kits included soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, and hand towels. It is totally refreshing and reaffirming to know that many young people have discovered and practice locally the gift of giving. During times when children and teens are unabashedly criticized and vilified for being selfish, self-

Julia Moore, Annika Harl, and Genevieve Cass received their Bronze Pin for their 20 hours of community service to Metro Ministries. Each scout’s service included assisting with the creation of Hygiene Kits, knitting hats, collecting donations and delivering shoes. Of course the Bridging Ceremony was a coveted progression for many dedicated, adventuresome, and energetic girls who, after spending two or three active and fun years at one level, earned the right to advance to the next level. Cadet Mia Moore commented about the Awards Ceremony, “It

centered, and uncaring, it is always satisfying to be reminded that there are still many children who give to their community.

Cookie Sales, Lock-in at the Science and History Museum, Tour of fallen Horse Refuge, Overnight Camping and tour at Welder Wildlife Refuge, Scout Founder Birthday Celebration at Crazy Picasso, Tour and knitting lesson at the Alpaca Farm, Dolphin Watch Outing, Operation Christmas Child (see http://www. ), Cadet Girl Scouts studied a unit on Peer Pressure/Bullying/etc. and then presented the information to the incoming 5th graders at SMA to help them deal with these issues, SWAPS (trading unique little trinkets they made with other troops in Corpus Christi), the troop hosted a World Thinking Day meeting on Thursday February 20th from 6:30-7:30, and Girls learned about other cultures.

Consider Being a Part of Troop 9611 The 2014-2015 Girl Scouts will begin their year when school starts in August. Parents might want to consider talking about the benefits of Girl Scouts with their young girls. The Girl Scouts accomplish what they claim – Building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. Interested families should contact the Girl Scout Council Office on Ayers in Corpus Christi or

Thanks to the Girl Scout Troop 9611. They make our local area a better place to live and they help mold intelligent, informed, caring, and talented citizens and leaders. Hats off also to all of the volunteers who devote time and expertise to these Girls in Troop 9611 show off patches that they have earned girls.

La Posada and Toys for Tots Dates Reminder Toy Collector Boats Needed By Brent Rourk Bright lights, boat parades, and Christmas will be here sooner than we think and once again the Padre Island Yacht Club will sponsor 2 boat parades and the Toys for Tots collection – It is all about the kids! Members of the Padre Island Yacht Club are busy with planning for the La Posada Boat Parade, the Kick-off Party at Scuttlebutt’s, the Christmas Tree Lighting at Port Royal, and the Toys for Tots collections. Additional activities are also being considered. Check out http://www.laposadacc. com/ for updated La Posada information. One of the biggest needs this year will be getting additional collector boats to help pick up toys on Friday or Saturday night or both nights during the boat parades (December 12th and 13th). With the increase in the number of toys the PIYC really needs several more boats to help pick up toys from the docks of the houses along the canals. This is a tremendously important way of helping kids and everybody involved in Toys for Tots. We want this to be another record year in terms

• Moving • storage • Remodeling • Free up space • home staging

Convenient and secure, timely pickup and delivery! COWs of Corpus Christi • 361.937.3930

www. 866-get-a-cow .com

of collecting toys and need several more collector boats to help pick up the toys from the decks and docks and then transfer those toys to the larger transfer boats that tote the toys to the Padre Island Yacht Club. Collector boats will only need to attend a couple of meetings where times, routes, and duties will be outlined. Interested boaters should contact Brent Rourk at brentrourk@ or 361-244-7603. In the meantime, circle the dates on your calendars for the La Posada festivities and remember the toys.


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Get yours for only $10.95 plus shipping and handling. Shirts come in grey or white short sleeve T-Shirts sizes L. XL and XXL. Tank Tops come in Aqua and White in sizes Medium and Large. Only



To order by phone, call 361-949-7700. To order by mail please send your checks made payable to:

J. Park The Island Moon, 14493 S.P.I.D., PMB 220, Corpus Christi, Tx 78418.

A 24

May 22, 2014

Island Moon

Riley P. Dog Gone but not Forgotten

Senior Moments

Complaints Causes Firing of Head of Veterans Health Care By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon

Dear Dale and Jan, health care,” she told him.

Dotson’s note: What do you think of the work/service of The Veterans Administration? Please share your thoughts with us. Questions and/or comments are welcome. Please snail mail or Email The Island Moon or call Dotson at 361-949-768 or 530-748-8475 or Email:

Another Democrat, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, pushed Mr. Shinseki to remove some senior officials. At the time, Mr. Shinseki demurred, saying that he did not want to get ahead of the process. On Friday, an official at the department declined to say what, exactly, prompted Mr. Shinseki to change his mind about immediately removing any members of his leadership team.

After many calls from unhappy senators to shake up his leadership team, Eric Shinseki, the secretary of veterans’ affairs, ousted the department’s soon-to-retire head Eric Shinseki-Secretary of health care. The move came of Veterans Affairs amid allegations that veterans’ Also at the hearing on Thursday, hospitals manipulated waiting the department’s acting inspector general, lists to hide long delays many patients faced to Richard J. Griffin, revealed that his agency was see physicians. working with federal prosecutors to determine In a terse statement about what he characterized as the resignation of Dr. Robert A. Petzel, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ under secretary for health, Mr. Shinseki said, “Most veterans are satisfied with the quality of their V.A. health care, but we must do more to improve timely access to that care.” The move, at first glance, would seem to be the initial head offered by the Obama administration to mollify lawmakers and other critics who have stepped up attacks on the department as more evidence has surfaced that employees at medical centers across the country kept secret waiting lists or otherwise sought to cloak how long veterans had to wait to see doctors. But after the announcement on Friday afternoon, many elected officials quickly pointed out that Dr. Petzel’s retirement had already been announced last September — to take effect this year — and that two weeks ago President Obama nominated Dr. Jeffrey A. Murawsky, a senior department official, to replace him. In a statement, the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Representative Jeff Miller, Republican of Florida, was sharply critical of how Dr. Petzel’s departure was announced, describing it as “the pinnacle of disingenuous political doublespeak.” “Characterizing this as a ‘resignation’ just doesn’t pass the smell test,” Mr. Miller said. He said that the Department of Veterans Affairs was “splitting semantic hairs to create the illusion of accountability and progress.” The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a large organization of younger former service members, called the move cynical and token, and said far more was needed. “We don’t need the V.A. to find a scapegoat,” said the group’s chief policy officer, Tom Tarantino. “We need an actual plan to restore a culture of accountability throughout the V.A.” A department official disputed those two characterizations of Dr. Petzel’s departure. He said Mr. Shinseki had asked for and received Dr. Petzel’s resignation— one day after listening to tough criticism from senators, and to hours of testimony from veterans’ organizations and the department’s inspector general at a Senate hearing. Mr. Shinseki, the official said, “takes their concerns seriously.” He added that Dr. Robert L. Jesse, currently the principal deputy under secretary for health, would serve as acting under secretary until Dr. Murawsky was confirmed by the Senate. The department official did not address whether President Obama or anyone else from the White House had suggested to Mr. Shinseki that he fire Dr. Petzel ahead of his retirement. The White House press secretary, Jay Carney, said that Mr. Obama supported Mr. Shinseki’s decision, and “is committed to doing all we can to ensure our veterans have access to timely, quality health care.” For the White House, the widening allegations of doctored waiting lists have become a political danger, and on Wednesday Mr. Obama sent one of his top aides, the deputy chief of staff Rob Nabors, to monitor the department as it struggles to control the problem. Dr. Petzel had been a particular focus of ire of Republicans in Congress, especially after he testified on Capitol Hill in late April that the department had found no indication that administrators at the Phoenix veterans hospital — the site of the most significant accusations so far — had sought to manipulate waiting lists. The seriousness of the problem for the administration was made clear during the hearing at the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Even some Democrats, including Senator Patty Murray of Washington, used sharp language with Mr. Shinseki, who has been the administration’s only veterans secretary. “It’s extremely disappointing that the department has repeatedly failed to address wait times for

The cards and letters continue to come into the Island Moon offices with condolences for the loss of our beloved Riley P. Dog. Thank You to all of you. We still feel his spirit with us.

whether criminal violations occurred at the Phoenix medical center. It was the first indication that the Justice Department had taken an interest in the issue. The largest combat veterans’ organization in the United States, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, does not agree with a call made for the resignations of Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki, Under Secretary for Benefits Allison A. Hickey, and Under Secretary for Health Dr. Robert A. Petzel. “It is paramount that Secretary Shinseki get publicly in front of this immediately to address the valid concerns of veterans and their families, and to reestablish the credibility of the entire VA health and benefits systems, and that of his own office,” said VFW National Commander William A. Thien. “The VFW looks forward to the swift completion of the ongoing VA Inspector General’s investigation, and we also support closer congressional oversight to help ensure that the VA does not fail in its mission to care for wounded, ill and injured veterans and their survivors,” he said. Dotson’s Note: Eric Shinseki is a Retired United States Army four-star general. I hear many stories from Veterans regarding complements and complaints about the quality of services performed by the Veterans Administration. The complaints far outnumber the complements. Your comments regarding this most important (to us Veterans) United States government agency will be greatly appreciated. Please call 361-949-7681 or Email Related questions are welcome. Here are a few that have been asked recently. The answers are from my research, with occasional help from Sgt. Shaft.*(*If you would like Sgt. Shaft’s website, please contact me). Q: My mother, who is 89, has Tricare for Life coverage. Is placement in an Alzheimer’s unit of a nursing home covered? A: Medicare and Tricare for Life (TFL) do not cover long term care services; those services that assist with the activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating, toileting or mobility issues or the costs of the long term care facilities. Medicare and TFL coverage includes inpatient care at a hospital, skilled nursing facility (SNF), or hospice. Also services like lab tests, surgery, doctor visits, and home health care. In addition, doctor and other health care providers’ services, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, home health care, and some preventive services. Check a Medicare website or Tricare website for more about covered services. Q: I watch the terrible stories on the news about VA officials keeping secret waiting lists and Vets are dying while waiting for an appointment. I once complained at my local VA about how long I had to wait on line to schedule my next appointment. I was told that the reason it took so long was that the VA scheduling system was almost as old as the VA. The VA has such a great Electronic Record, why does it use such an old scheduling system? Seems to me that if the VA had a modern computerized scheduling system, they could easily track patient appointments and no local administrator could fool the system. Why isn’t this priority? A: It amazes many of us that with the VA electronic records being a model for health care systems, throughout the world, they still have this antiquated VA system. As one famous comedienne used to say, “Get err done”. Q: A Veteran buddy of mine recently asked me how he could receive some of the medals that he qualified for in Vietnam. Can you help? Also how do I request military awards and decorations? A: This web page should provide a comprehensive answer to all of your questions:

3.5” x 2.5” | Maximum Font Size: 30 pt

Financial solutions are around the corner.

My name is Sir Humphrey Bogart Arthurs aka Bogey. Yes, I was named after that Bogey. My Mom always talked about getting me a Bacall. I don’t know what a Bacall is, but anyway it never happened. I was a 12 1/2 year old Sheltie living on Cuttysark when I departed the Island on December 17, 2012. My cousin, Mickey, who wrote to Riley P. Dog a few weeks ago, and I owned the Island until my departure. Now Mickey patrols alone. Most Islanders knew me as the Reveille look alike that cruised the Island in a yellow Jeep. Yeah, Reveille is a Collie, but she is small and I spent a lot of time at the Texas A&M Veterinarian School. Doc Kresser’s group just called me the Million Dollar Dog. I’m sorry I’m so late, but as you noted a lot of Island Dogs have been making their way to Dog Heaven of late. Anyway I’m writing on Riley P. Dog’s behalf. You see, I’m the Island Angel Dog. No, I’m not the Grim Reaper. I have no control over when a dog departs the Island or any other place, but it’s my job to escort them to Dog Heaven and show them the ropes. Such was my role with Riley. Riley knew me since we had met at Doc Kresser’s parties several times thus he was comfortable following me. Riley like most of us dogs had only one regret; leaving his humans. I still struggle over leaving my humans especially my Mom. See we know you humans need us to take care of you and we really worry about you guys. Anyway, Riley is adapting to Dog Heaven rather well. It’s not that hard for an Island Dog since Dog Heaven is a lot like the Island. I’ve taught Riley to chase boats which I always loved. Yes, dogs drive boats in Dog Heaven. There are no motorcycles or bicycles though since those scare us. We don’t need a Dog Park either because Dog Heaven is just one big Dog Park. And Riley So sorry for your loss of Riley P!!! Sending you lots of Love & good, funny memories! Love, Sally & Marco, Gratitude Port Aransas

We send you our deepest sympathy & know Riley is an angel in doggie Heaven! Love, Loretta Leonard & Kristy Kosub. Two Sister’s vintage


14646 Compass Street Suite 4 Corpus Christi, TX 78418 361-949-9500

Member SIPC

I’m working on training Riley to be an Island Angel Dog. He has potential, but is a little rough around the edges. As a Sheltie, my demeaner made me a natural as an Angel Dog, but Riley still needs a little work. He wants the cats to know there’s cat food in Dog Heaven, but no STOOPID Cats. See what I mean about the rough around the edges? Anyway, I’m hoping Riley will soon be up to the challenge because a lot of us Island Dogs are getting older and will be moving on to Dog Heaven and I could really use the help. On a positive note, Riley wants you to know what wonderful parents you were and how much he appreciates you making him an Island Dog. He also wants you to know how much he enjoyed writing his Moon articles. He hopes eventually another dog will take over his duties. Well, I got to go. Riley just polished off another hot dog and wants to go chase boats! Woof Woof Woof, Bogey Dale & Jan, So sorry about the loss of your dog Riley! We empathise and know how hard it is to lose a lifetime friend and pet. I just finished reading a wonderful narrative ( New York Times Best Selling Book)about the life of a Golden Retriever called “The art of racing in the rain” by Garth Stein. If you haven’t read it already, it’s a heartwarming story of a very special dog and its’ master. Take it easy. Cheer Up and God Bless you all at the Moon. It will get better. Vic Furmani

SMA Theatre Class Offers Solutions By Brent Rourk With Dracula on the loose and a renegade band of Zombies roaming Port Aransas public panic might have grown unabated. Thanks to the Seashore Middle School Theatre Class there is no reason to worry and only reason to celebrate. The SMA presented two enchanting and entertaining plays during their Fright Night last weekend at the Port Aransas Community Theatre. The plays, directed by teacher, actress, and PACT Board Member Ashley Knotts, were engaging from the beginning. Dracula: The Death of Nosferatu opened the evening with the battle between Dracula and Professor Van Helsing. There were some superb performances by the young thespians, as their zany cast of characters battled the immortal Dracula. The second play, 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, was very entertaining and was presented energetically and humorously. The cast convincingly shared with the public a myriad ways to stave off any future Zombie attack and its humor and fast pace captured the audience. Both the set and the acting were superb. The plays performed by this seasoned group are very well worth the time and money to see. Several of the students have also performed in community theatre.

Narrators inform the audience about ways to avoid the Zombie Apcolypse

We are safe for now and next year when the SMA Theatre Class performs, go see what exceptional school theatre is all about.

Dracula makes an appearance

The Professor and Dracula mincing words

How to escape the zombies - act like them

Treasure continued from A1 lumber and construction-material center on the Texas Gulf Coast. During the Civil War federal troops would burn down two wharves and a warehouse. Between 1875 and 1907 a series of storms would ultimately leave St. Mary’s a ghost town. Okay… back to the “cherries in the chocolate”… he tells us of an old gold cross given to the church of St. Mary’s by the Vatican which disappeared during the storm and has yet to be found. It is very large. Almost as an afterthought he drops a “whale”… “Oooohhh and uh did I mention that Jean Lafitte once owned this property? I guess he won it in a poker game.” He says casually.

With thoughts of buried pirate treasure and lost religious relics we hastily begin our scan. Two rainy days later we managed to cover perhaps 1/3 of the property and plan to return.

Financial Advisor

is starting to back off the hot dogs now that he knows that there is an endless supply.

Zombie Panic Put to Rest

WHAT !!! PIRATE GOLD FEVER kicks in…. luck!

Neal Nelson, AAMS®


Hours spent spilling over old trail maps, Google earth and books in search of locations of historical significance versus chance. That’s right folks… chance. Chance just happens… like the old couple who saw a little glint in the rocks on their new ranch and happened to explore it and found an old can full of Gold Coins worth millions! They were not even using a metal detector. Nothing beats chance, but you cannot win the lottery if you don’t play. Well unless you just happen to pick up a winning

lotto ticket that someone accidentally dropped. Treasure quest will increase the odds of finding treasure… that’s the plan.

Treasure Tips: 1.Cover your holes. 2.Dispose of the garbage you dig up. 3. Share this “Code of Ethics”. Here are the finds…

“Barnacle Booty” St. Mary’s Site: 30 Bullets including… 1 Captain Ball Pistol Musket Shot (1860 ish) and 1 Mini Ball (May be Civil War Relic) 1 Silver Ring / Band – (possible wedding band) 1 1887 V – Nickel (Liberty Nickel) 1 1907 Indian Head Penny Few modern coins 1 Bridle Ring – 1 Saddle Strap Keeper/ Adjuster – 1 old pocket knife (late 1800’s) Lots of cans/trash – (please pick yours up) Oh yeah ! 1 Giant Gold Cross – (in my dreams)

May 22, 2014

A 25

Island Moon

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You Ok this is a hard topic to bring up because it hits home for almost all of us at some time. I have loved writing for the Moon and feel that as I get comments back and the residents out here are starting to feel comfortable with me that it is part of my job to make your life better.

Being overweight is a bigger issue for Americans than any other population in human history. I have heard reports that Colorado is the only state with a less than 50% overweight population. My research showed even Colorado is over 50% overweight but only 23% obese and really overweight counts for my article But it doesn’t really cause the gasp of Aguys! 6 astonishment it should when it’s said outloud.

Isle Mail N More

His number one test for assessing health? Blood pressure? No. Cholesterol? Nope, Stress test? Vo2 max, bench Press? Not even Close.

All your Packaging needs FedEx, UPS, USPS P.O. Boxes Local Artistry Cards & Gifts (361) 949-9325 14493 S.P.I.D, Ste A Corpus Christi TX 78418

His number one test is amazing…Lie on your back, now get up. (this should sound a lot like what I’ve said before!) Did you use a hand to get up? 2 hands? A railing? Your dog? The fire department? If yes, OK then you need some help. Island Moon

February 6, 2014 Yes, all of us, barring any serious injury should Letters to Riley Let me try capital letters – COLORADO, be able to get up off the ground without much OUR FITTEST STATE IS STILL OVER effort, in fact there shouldn’t be any effort to get up, or get out of a car, or roll over on my table. 50% OVERWEIGHT! Minor Emergency Family Healthcare You should be able to move. Work on getting By Riley P. Dog Ok , I get it. But many of the articles still read you conditioning back! by Dale Rankin Foundation, International Falls, Minnesota. as if Amercians failIttowas realize and how Minor Surgery Lab X-Ray a how goodbad week My friends there will them to me. Don’t Imagine thesend every day tasks that are deadly this is…Look, I don’t know aboutI you, for we Island dogs. There are a lot of things happening on our forget…hotdogs…International Falls.even get up. Stairs Occupational compromised if you can’t we may be fat, butupwe’re notAransas dumb, we all GET went to Stingrays in Port where Beach sticker prices Island this week. Here are a few of them. be scary, gyms shouldn’t it. All of Deb us – slipped there isme NO-ONE out there Don’tshouldn’t send anything to the cats. Stoopid cats be scary, my friend a good supply of that A move to raise the price of beach parking Dasmarinas speed humps pizza Thereand were a lot of are Good for us thinksbones. HoHO’s Twinkies stickers from the current $12 has been underway humans yelling a little diet. squareWe all understand and a part of aathealthy Drivers on Dasmarinas north of Whitecap will for about a year but is getting nowhere fast. thing the walland with people alleven get the carb, fruits,onveggies most of us notice that five new speed humps are now in Open It will 6take agreement of the cities of Corpus Days a Week dressed alike running around on fat and protein deal. place. Congratulations to Dave Zeiler for his Christi and Port Aransas, and Nueces County

Stuff I Heard on theCENTER Island THE MEDICAL +

Island Dogs

Flu Shots now available! Flu Shot Clinics Given on Friday Afternoons

it. Humans are funny.

to do it and so far it doesn’t appear they are No Appointments Necessary talking. Even after they agree itMon-Thurs, will take about No police boat a year to get the approval of the Texas General Corpus Christi Floyd SimpsonAppointments poked the final Land Officeavailable which must sign offFri-Sat on the deal.

persistence in getting it done.

Eat good food=better heath…that’s not exactly I got kicked out of two other college stats class.

places but that was okay because with to give you what So withmy thathumans in mind,left I want me. dogs to getsay. in and yourSometimes doctor wants Your doctor doesn’t sometimes weyou don’t. can’t need to tell are Ioverweight or fat, you figure it out. already know who you are. Nothing is going to

hole in the hull of a police boat to patrol Island canals when he told the Island Strategic Action Committee (ISAC) this week that he doesn’t have the manpower to staff it. It could happen sooner or later but as of now it will be later. He told the group that he would prefer to have a police storefront on The Island and is currently looking for a location and then will be looking for volunteers to help staff it. He said his goal is to ultimately have an “Island Cop” who is the main police contact for citizens on The Island.

The Aransas sold about $900,000 Mon. - City Sat.of Port 8am - 6pm in stickers last year while Corpus Christi sold only about $700,000. That has led to some 14433 SPID “On the Island” grumbling in Port A that splitting the sticker revenue accordingTX to linear feet of beach Corpus Christi, 78418 maintained by each entity might need a review.

change thatleft until want to, so I tend not to My humans me you and the Little Yappy Dogit.home two nights in a mention row but we got even. I peed the What wantYappy to know floor and theILittle Dogis “are you pooped the back porch. We dogs DECONDITIONED?” got our ways.

Wait, you’ve never heard that one? What is I tried to blame wet spot on it? Here’s whatthehappened. Last week, in the the cat but theacat ratted me over out. on the table – it office I told guy to roll Stoopid Cat! was literally a seven step process... Turn a leg, I got toangoab, back anda see engage make longDr.rebound swinging Christi because I foundgrunt, fart, give it attemptagain to bring a leg farther, another the pounds I lost. a big 3one or 4ofstrain attempt at bending…I mean Iguy?! think Really? it mightIt have been occurred tothe me that whatever I pizza could have do forbones. him atOr thisit moment to feel better, it isn’t been the stuff I found when I going to last. It will help him get through this went trash diving in the office episode, happens after that. last week. but Boywhat did I get in trouble for But scored think a piece of the real cause of It led to Ifurther about an old hamburger that made my And here’s what sickness and declining health. stomach it is… feel funny. Stay tuned.

Water Access Laguna Madre

Island Dog Shelter


The Island Moon Facebook page – theislandmoonnewspaper – has become He also said the PD is looking into the use of cameras to catch No Wake violators as part of a the Island bulletin board and by watching department-wide computer system upgrade that it everyday it has become apparent that the number of abandoned dogs on The Island is should be in place by the end of the year. going up steadily and quickly. Some are being ormer avy awyer abandoned by puppy farms when they become Code enforcement long sunset walks on the beach should be something you look forward to-heck Simpson guys, also said as of February 1 CCPD has too old to sell and others, sadly, just simply because people don’t want them anymore and Accidents and Separation l Auto that’s the image in mind you had when youover code enforcement. That means theyl Divorce taken know that if they dump them on The Island we moved out here! I know I did. now can help police dumping and other formerlyl Child Custody and Support l Personal Injury won’t let them starve. Indeed a large number of non-police offenses and that trespassing is at the good-hearted Islanders are taking the dogs in Start now, move – practice get ups and get l Adoption/Guardianship l DWI top of the list. until they can find permanent homes. better. Even as a guy in pretty good shape I

W illiam a. T hau iii, P.C. “F

U.S. N


l Paternity l Criminal Justice Trespassing often employ get ups into my workouts where I But we areCases reaching a tipping point where that will get up 10-12 times never doing it the And same speaking of trespassing; the Nol Wills systemand won’t work much longer. We need an Probate l Military Law way twice in a row, it’s a great warmup,Trespassing great signs that went up on private animal facility where volunteers can take care way to get all the joints and muscles involved. It all over The Island two weeks ago are of them while they are looking for a home. property is not THE workout, you are all better than that! now gone. The half-life of a No Trespassing There are plenty of people who will/are helping hereabouts is about the same as a Cheeto in but they can only have so many dogs in their If you need help, use your resources, wesign have flock of seagulls. two human excellent gyms on the island that are aowner nice friend Deb. homes. If we had a place where the dogs could by great caring people that really want you to be be kept there is no shortage of volunteers. ATVs your shoes- - can you move? You need to be better. There are a number of great people that Developer Paul Schexnailder has agreed to The ISAC this week recommended that some able to move or the statistics show, YOU ARE you can leach off for workouts, info, training donate land near the water tower for a dog park. ATVs be allowed to remain on the beach but orPus hrisTi GOING TO DIE EARLY. Look, I don’t want to tips and ideas- It’s all about self improvement! only if they are low speed. The question is how Maybe that would be a good place for a No Kill scare you, I just want to shout information you I want Padre Island to be the feel good,to look distinguish between a low-speed ATV and a shelter as well. need to know. I’m not alone, Dr. Jordan Metzl good Island. See you doing something funhigh-speed oll ATV and it has now been forwarded soon. Something is goingree to have to be done and now “The Exercise Cure” has a best seller out right to the City Attorney’s office for a legal opinion. is the time to start thinking about what is the Used with permission from Dr. Metzl Himself. Licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas now screaming this exact thing. MOVE, NOW best thing to do. Fire hydrants Former President of the Corpus Christi Family Law Association (1999-2000) GET BETTER AT MOVING. He was happy to share with Padre Island! Selected as a Texas “Super Lawyer” in November 2003, October 2004 and October 2005 Issues of Texas Monthly

I got to stop writing now my “Deconditioned” – that’s the biggest cause of nose is starting to throb from sickness, injury, and problems in the America. hitting the space bar. Please send Thesome biggest cost, Just wasted money and reason for me hotdogs. put them tax hikes, insurance form in a box with Not Hotdogs and the list goes on and on theon. outside and send them This is my toIs the Riley P. Dog it anSave effort to roll over, get out of bed, tie

ConvenienT Flour BluFF loCaTion

9708 S.P.I.D., Suite A-101 s C C (361) 937-5513 s T F 1-877-888-1369

A recent test of Island fire hydrants found that 8% failed inspection due to corrosion. The matter became an issue after a storage facility suffered severe damage over the summer because the nearest fire hydrant was unusable due to corrosion.

Under the Bridge Serving South Texas Seafood for Over 30 Years Open Daily 11:00 - 10:00

Traditional half-shell season is here! Friday & Saturday Only From 5pm until gone $650 per dozen Daily lunch specials 11-2 AlsoScoopy’s Veranda With Sweet Treats, Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

Snoopy’s Scoopy’s

13313 S. Padre Island Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78418

(361) 949-8815 (361) 949-7810

One Bite and You’re Hooked!

The next check will be for water pressure after a local builder said he had to install a pump in a new building because the water pressure from the nearest hydrant was not sufficient to get water to the second floor in case of a fire. So if you’re going to have a fire and don’t have a pump make sure it starts on the first floor but remember, fire burns up.

All-You-Can-Eat Fried Shrimp Wednesdays Seafood, Steaks, Salads, Burgers 13.95 One Bite

Prime Rib Thursdays & a Full Bar You’re & Open 11am - 2am $15.95 Open 11 am - 2 am at 1am Kitchen Closes ked Kitchen Closes @ 1 am 2034 Hwy 2034 StateState Highway 361361

All dogs take notice!

Specializing in South Texas Seafood Since 1980

The controversy surrounding jerky treats for pets has resumed following an announcement that two major pet treat manufacturers will soon return their products to stores’ shelves. The treats in question had been voluntarily recalled, thoughNow members of the public were Accepting warned by theVisa FoodMastercard and Drug Administration & through a report that approximately 4,500 dogs Discover had reportedly gotten sick and nearly 600 dogs had died, allegedly from consuming jerky treats.

Snoopy’s Scoopy’s

Tickets are available for purchase online at or by calling (361) 825-ARTS or stopping by the Performing Arts Center box office Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. General reserved-seat tickets range from $26-$36; student tickets are $7 with a valid SandDollar ID.

Other improvements along the SH 361 corridor 13313 S.Port Padre Island Drive (361) 949-8815 between North Padre Island and Aransas, colloquially called The Landing Strip by locals, Christi, (361) 949-7810 include $10.5 million, Corpus currently not funded, TX 78418

and deaths was never found. Some human foods are toxic to pets; onions, garlic, chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, the sugar substitute xylitol, and raw or undercooked food can create major problems for pets.

Mon - Sat 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m - 5 p.m.

Deluxe Pedicure with Hot Stone Massage & Paraffin Hot Wax Offering: Serving: Padre Island, sFlour Bluff, Eyelash Extension Port Aransas, Mustang Island s Pink & White Full Set and Rockport. s Solar Nails

9 Landscape Design 9 First Time Cleanups h Shade Structures/ Pergola s Manicure 9 Demolitions & Scraping h Outdoor Kitchens 9 We install: Plants, Palms, Rock, t Sanitary h Band oat Lifts Professional Nail Service Sod, Pavers and Outdoor Decor. t Gift h FCertificates ences & Gates Are Available 361 949-1794 9 Yard Maintenance eneral D&D Repair 14493h S. GPadre Island Dr., Unit B Appt. or Walk-in 9 Concrete Drives/Patio & Retaining Walls Corpus Christi, TX Welcome Next to Padre Pizzeria We’re your full service outdoor solution! Give us a call today. 78418

and jazz standards.

AlsoScoopy’s Veranda WithTraffic Sweet continued Treats, Soups, from A1 Salads & Sandwiches Passing lanes on “The Landing Strip” Ultimately, an identifying cause of the illnesses


s Nail Design s Gel Nails h Decks and Docks s Waxing

Over 30 Years

Backed by a 7-piece band, Linden, a former Jerky Treats to Return, big Daily band singer and -instrumentalist Open 11:00 10:00 with the Sammy Kaye Orchestra, will provide decades Veterinarians Provide worth of knowledge and talent and an entire concert filled with an assortment of poise, Advice entertainment and timeless big band, Broadway,

361 749- Taco (8226) 361-749-TACO (8226)

D eluxe Nails

Hal Linden, TV’s “Barney Miller”, Brings Broadway Hits and Big Band Sound to the Island University

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s ninth season of The Gloria and Robert R. Furgason Bravo! Series presents “An Evening with Hal Linden”, Tony and Emmy Award Winning Under the Bridge Broadway and Film Star and TV’s “Barney Friday, Feb. 14, at 7:30 p.m. in the ServingMiller” Southon Texas Seafood for Performing Arts Center.

Great Seafood ers on Prime rgSpecials nd BuRib aWednesday 5 PM until it Libations Amusements runs out 18 Holes of Minature Golf

Any ideas?

The BACK PORCH to add two “Super Passing Lanes” to State Highway 361 between the SPID intersection on North Padre and Port Aransas. The lanes will allow for faster moving vehicles to pass slower moving vehicles without having to cross into the lane of oncoming traffic, or forcing slower moving traffic onto the shoulder. The new 12foot lanes will be spaced periodically along the 18-mile stretch of road. No timetable has been set for the project.

oPEN 7 dAYS + nOON-2AM Tessy Lou &

It is a temporary solution to allow easing of the increasingly busy roadway with a permanent solution of a five-lane roadway all along the to be done at a later time. That permanent thearea Shotgun Stars May configuration will also include a center turn lane and will cost an estimated $48 million.

Live Music

22 The Gary P. Nunn May 23 Larry Joe Taylor May 24 BACK PORCH 90 Proof May 29 Bar Mike Blakely May 30 Ferry improvements


Also in the plan is $4.2 million in available funding for upgrades in the ferry system in Port Aransas. The majority of the money will be used to upgrade and repair the ferry landings, with $30,000 to be used to automate the information systems informing approaching motorists of the wait time. The new system will include a Derailers May Bluetooth application that will automatically update display signs placed along roadway leading to the landings every fifteen minutes and will also pay for additional signs. That work is expected to begin as early as this summer.



$2BACK Wacky Wednesdays! PORCH ON

Also in the plan but not currently funded is $6 million for new ferry landings since the current number of ferries exceeds the number THE WATERFRONT of landings (5). Another $2.2 million, currently unfunded, is needed to the acquisition of and for more space for cars waiting to board the boats.

132 W. Cotter St. Bar


The current ferry system has two 28-vehicle ferries and six 20-vehicle ferries. Up to seven

A 26

Island Moon


Flying Saucer continued from A1 of the GeoBat flying saucer at Hernando Airport near Tampa, Florida next year. A mockup model of the saucer will be presented at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s air venture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin later this summer. After which, the “Manned” version will undergo rigorous testing by the Federal Aviations Administration (FAA). Plans are in the works for a “four-place” version and the future may see the design being developed for commercial aviation, trans-Atlantic and worldwide transportation. On this windy day in Corpus Christi, we actually constructed a model version, of the GeoBat drone for our presentation. Lunch was a quick sandwich while walking across the street to One Shoreline Plaza Tower for a meeting with John J. Plotnik, Executive Vice President for the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation and liaisons from the military and port security. Discussions included the many applications of the GeoBat flying saucer drone. Travis Shannon expressed his interest in the possibility of moving his manufacturing division to the Corpus Christi area.

May 22, 2014

Then it was off to the Texas A&M university campus in Corpus Christi. The FAA has designated the Corpus Christi area as a “Drone Zone”. An area for research of unmanned aircraft. Texas A&M, Corpus Christi has been appointed the headquarters for such research.



Medium Puzzle 4,765,607,671

Hard Puzzle 7,395,416,494

Currently Aerobat offers highly durable, low cost UAV systems in two meter and below category (group 1 & 2). Aerobat’s integrated sensor package, on their Geobat flying saucer, include applications such as; Homeland security, Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online infrastructure protection, port surveillance, border surveillance and interdiction. The addition of Aerobat in the Corpus Christi area would be a great contribution to our local economy. The future is here. So what will the future of the future hold? With the introduction of a revolutionary new gyro system the flying saucer craft could be made to hover and maybe provide a payload delivery platform to outer space. Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

Get some Nootropics

Abandon all Hope © Web Sudoku 2014 -

© Web Sudoku 2014 -

Evil Puzzle 516,154,969

Evil Puzzle 8,278,731,689

The future of aviation is only what we imagine it to be. At Aerobat Aviation the future is1 now.m of 1


1 of 1

5/21/2014 9:32 PM

Samurai Sudoku


Samurai Sudoku

© Web Sudoku 2014 -

© Web Sudoku 2014 -

Difficulty: Hard

7 4

1 of 1


6 3







2 8






1 2











3 7


Across 1. Lampoon (6) 4. Singing voice (8) 9. Evident (8) 15. Essential (9) 16. Implement (7) 17. By way of (3) 18. Circumspection (7) 19. Prominent (7) 20. Considerate (7) 21. Enlighten (5) 22. Planet (5) 24. Freight (5) 26. Invalidate (7) 28. Predominate (7) 30. Work hard (4) Down 1. Stylish elegance (7) 2. Cloistered (9) 3. Fate (7) 5. Bottomless pit (5) 6. Spears of frozen water (7) 7. Luxury (8) 8. Voter (7) 9. Valuable quality (5) 10. Seabird (7) 11. Precipitation (8) 12. New (5) 13. Festival (8) 14. Part of a parachute (6) 23. Countries (7) 25. Outstanding (5) 27. Wrong (9)




8 9








8 5

6 9

3 9



7 2





1 of 1






5 3


8 2


4 6






8 1















1 4








3 6


5/21/2014 9:34 PM

6 2

The Geobat drone reposes on a hotel bed.

1 of 1



Wednesday, 21st May 2014










Moon Crossword


2 5


7 3

32. Choices (7) 35. Reverberation (4) 39. Female singing voice (9) 42. Courier (9) 43. Mistake (5) 44. Secure (4) 45. Entertained (6) 46. Turns red for acid (6) 48. Ray (4) 52. Laconic (5) 53. Swapped (9) 55. Prognosticated (9) 56. Beneficial (4) 57. Metal fasteners (7) 58. Notion (4)

59. Everlasting (7) 63. Trace (7) 65. Surpass (5) 67. South American rodent (5) 68. Enclosures (5) 70. Stuck (7) 72. Core (7) 74. Pilot (7) 75. Sign of assent (3) 76. Tooth (7) 77. Morning repast (9) 78. Contemplated (8) 5/21/201 79. Let in (8) 80. Emphasis (6)

28. Steps (5) 29. Halo (4) 31. Straight away (9) 33. Forestalled (9) 34. Foster (7) 36. Paddle (3) 37. Appease (7) 38. Beverage (3) 40. Villainous (9) 41. Glowing (7) 47. Garden with shaped shrubs (7) 49. Decoration (5) 50. Lair (3) 51. Plunge (4) 52. Pull (3)

54. Thicket (5) 59. Schooled (8) 60. Talk terms (9) 61. Sere (8) 62. Guitar pick (8) 63. Empty (6) 64. Before (7) 66. Card game (7) 67. Pharmacist (7) 68. Field sport (7) 69. Fairies (7) 70. Sound (5) 71. Cut into cubes (5) 73. Fur of the marten (5)

May 22, 2014

Here’s how to place a Classified Ad

Moon Classifieds

Call Arlene direct at 834-1382 to place your ad or email

Costs start at $10 for 25 words, 20 cents a word after that. Your ad can be centered for a small additional charge. Ads with payment can be left at our office at 15201 SPID Ste 250 If office is closed, payment and ad can be slipped thru the door slot. Deadline for paid classified ads is no later than NOON on Tuesday PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE PUBLICATION

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Maintenance – Grounds Crew

Full time with benefits Come by the maintenance building or golf shop to fill out an application or call:

361-749-4653 Palmilla Beach Golf Club 258 Snapdragon Port Aransas, TX 78373 Steward/Prep Cook

Full time with benefits Come by golf shop to fill out an application or call:

361-749-4653 Palmilla Beach Golf Club 258 Snapdragon Port Aransas, TX 78373 CLEANERS NEEDED FOR VACATION RENTALS

Must be willing to work Sundays and have reliable transportation $8.00.per hour Contact:

Debbie Riley 361-249-4077 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED As docents at Port Aransas Museum Contact:


FOUND Kayak found on Beaufort Court Call to identify 210-912-6100

Church Meeting & Services LUTHERAN TABLE TALK Thursday Afternoons On the island JB's German Bakery, 15137 SPID Sponsored by GCCM, SWT, ELCA.

Contact Rev. Tom Dietzel at, or 210-363-3538 or 361-445-1029

A 27

Island Moon



Insurance For Less

Islandscape Maintenance

Car Insurance

Yard Care

Texas State Low Cost Insurance Rates as low as $29* per month Tickets, Accidents, DUI no problem!

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Freeway Managing General Agency, Inc. dba Texas State Low Cost Insurance (#1827874) is a Property and Casualty Insurance agency that primarily offers automotive insurance in the non-standard markets.


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CompuIntegration Offering Technology With Total SolutionsSM

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Flagstone, Hardscape, sod, plantings and more Free design estimates

30 years+ experience Doors – Windows – Decks – Cabinets Sheetrock – Tape and Float

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Software/Hardware Service & Repair Computer Setup & Troubleshooting Computer Sales, Private Tutoring, Wireless

Outside Storage $19.50/mo RV’s – Boats – Trailers – Vehicles Computerized access gate, video surveillance, fenced, well lit Live-in manager on site

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that has the biggest ears. She is 2 years old and weighs 7 lbs. This little girl was adopted from animal control and was then found as a stray on the streets. The owners did not go and claim her back so she was up for adoption again. PAAC pulled her because she was terrified at the shelter. This little girl is very scared and would not be a good pet for a home with children. She is fine with other animals, and is crate trained. She will require someone with patience that can take the time to help her trust humans again. She deserves a forever home. If you are interested, please fill out our online application at

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14457S.S.P.I.D. 14225 P. I. D.,Suite Suite109 7 Corpus Christi, TX 78418

A 28

May 22, 2014

Island Moon

Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

Road trip back home…

Meanwhile back in Port A…

for years and is a dedicated pro. By the way, I think The Roost was a good place. It’s layed out specifically for live music performances; the sound was great, the stage was big, the sight lines were unobstructed and the drink prices were reasonable.

Next stop: Gulf Coast Playboys… Billy Abel and Mandy Rowden played Shorty’s last Saturday night Honky tonking blues man Jesse Dayton performed at the Back Porch last Saturday

Preacher Keen and James Hand at the Continenal Club in Austin I finally got back home to see the family in Bastrop and got to spend some time in Austin listening to music. As always, I jumped in with my buddy, Preacher Keen, and hit the streets. Austin has changed so much since I lived there, that I don’t even want to drive there anymore if I can help it. Preacher lives out at Lake Travis and has a zippy little sports car, so he always gets that task. The growth in Austin is staggering. I moved there in the early 70’s and stayed a few decades before the population explosion started getting on my nerves. I’m told I got to experience the golden years of Austin. The ultra fast pace going on now is just freaky in my book. High rise buildings are going up daily and the traffic is nothing short of insane. It makes me so appreciate the easy going lifestyle in Port A and Padre. I’m just thankful there’s enough music around here to keep me occupied.

First stop: Guy Forsyth… And speaking of music, here’s a quick rundown of my weekend. Preacher picked me up on Thursday and we decided to hit a fairly new bar in north Austin… I mean FAR north Austin, called The Roost. It’s owned by David Cotton, who used Guy Forsyth flying to be the doorman at without a net at the Steamboat Springs and was the booking Roost in Austin last Thursday night dude at Threadgills, The Saxon Pub and Poodies, which is a pretty strong resume in the world of booking bands. The Roost books Austin dignitaries such as Joe Ely, Alejandro Escovedo, Micky & the Motorcars, Reckless Kelly and Malford Milligan, etc. We attended the Guy Forsyth/Bobby Mack show. I happened to have been the booking agent for both of these gentlemen back in the 90’s when I was with Antone’s Records and hadn’t seen either of them perform in years. Guy Forsyth is one astonishing performer. He’s got a voice strong enough to blow your hair back and his original songs have a cutting edge mix of beauty and social commentary that keeps you on your toes. I waited and waited and was finally treated to his signature stroll through the audience, singing with no microphone. His show is as theatrical as it is musical… almost vaudevillian. Bobby Mack (Dallas, TX) followed Guy with his straight blues show. He’s been doing it

Dancing zydeco to the Gulf Coast Playboys at the White Horse in Austin last Friday night The next night, Preacher and I decided to hit a couple of clubs we know well. We started out at the White Horse on the eastside. This place specializes in roots music and is a “no frills”, down-home kind of joint where the music is always great and the dance floor is always full. On this night, we were fortunate enough to catch the Gulf Coast Playboys (Houston, TX). The Playboys are a real deal zydeco band and brother they are good. They play all the traditional Cajun and zydeco tunes that Louisiana (and the Texas Gulf Coast) are famous for: Boozoo Chavis, Clifton Chenier, Buckwheat Zydeco, John Delafose, Nathan Williams and Cha Chas, C.J. Chenier, Zachary Richard, etc. They do a zydeco dance lesson thing in there and the whole floor was wiggling and spinning like you’ve never seen. I used to book the Playboys some back at Billy Blues in Houston and may try to re-acquaint and get them down here. Their energy is exhausting!

Next stop was the Continental Club on South Congress to hear James Hand. I’ve wanted to see James Hand ever since I saw a picture of him at age 8 sitting on Lefty Frizzell’s lap. He’s a real deal James Hand played country singer from the Continental Club Waco and has been in Austin last Friday praised by the likes of Willy Nelson and night Kris Kristoferson and was produced by Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel) and Lloyd Maines. He sings Hank, Ernest and Lefty and is as authentic as it gets. He’s a product of rodeos and dance halls and in the words of Lloyd Maines, “James Hand music uses no smoke or mirrors. There is definitely no glossing over of any aspect of his music. James writes lyrics that haven’t been written before and I suspect that he’s lived every word in these songs.” I was completely spellbound as I listened to him at the Continental. He’s complex and he’s simple and I felt like Hank Williams himself was in the room.

Open 11am to 5pm Sunday Noon-3 Closed Monday

Free Beer Band (7-10) May 22 Mike Milligan (9-1) May 23 Lyrical Bynge (9-1) May 24 Mike Williams (brunch) May 25 Antone & the All Stars (8-12) May 25 OPEN JAM (8-12) May 26 Tiffany Tuesday’s Variety Show (8-12) May 27 Stevie Start (8-12) May 28

Open 11am-2am Daily. Kitchen open til 1am. 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

Keepers Horace Caldwell Pier (361) 749 - 5333 Fishing, Pole Rentals, Beer, Burgers, Wings

(361) 749-2388

I’ll probably live to be some ripe old age if death will just stay out of my way Name the artist and song this lyric came from and receive 10% off your bill on Wednesdays

Dine in Take Out Catering for any occaision

222 Beach St. Port Aransas 361.749.0022

Lisabellas Bistro & Bar Casual Dining at it’s Finest Celebrating Coastal Cuisine

361-749-4222 Open Monday - Saturday at 5:00 pm

Nightly Seafood Specials

5009 Hwy 361 Port A @ Cinnamon Shores

Carol Elliott performed at the 31st Annual Songwriters Fest in Port A last Sunday

Cap it off with the Songwriters Showcase… By Sunday, I was ready for a break but the 31 Annual Songwriters Showcase at Roberts Point Park in Port A was going on and I couldn’t miss that. I got to hear short sets from Perry Wing, Carol Elliott, Hamp Brockman & Janet

DO NOT MISS LIST Memorial Day Weekend


And finally: James Hand…


FINE ART Paintings • Sculpture • Jewelry • Photography • Glass • Fish Prints • Antiques • Bronzes • And More...

I made it back to Port A on Saturday in time to catch both Jesse Dayton (Austin, TX) at the Back Porch and Mandy Rowden & Billy Abel (Austin, TX) at Shorty’s. It was great to see all of these guys. I go back with Jesse to the mid 90’s and used to bounce his kid on my knee. To say Jesse Dayton gets around is an understatement… he’s all over the map between his shows and his movie career. Jesse had a young hot shot guitar/steel player in tow this time named, Matt Thomas, as well as his regular stand-up bass player, Chris Rhodes (Two Tons of Steel). Jesse grew up in Port Arthur and has the soul of George Jones. I can’t tell you how much I respect this fellow. I did tear myself away and stopped by Shorty’s long enough to catch the end of Mandy and Billy’s set and am glad I did. Those guys have their priorities straight and their direction in music, in my humble opinion, is perfect. I love them. They’ll be back in two weeks.

Drew, James Derkits, Tiffany Duckworth, Todd Dorn and L. Leon Sands before calling calf rope. This event goes to benefit the Port A Art Center and is put together by the efforts of Mary Rose, Preecher Williams, Woody Lawson, Dan Winship and Karen Winship. I even got into the act when they asked me to play auctioneer and sell off the original artwork for this years poster. It was the perfect cap to a long, glorious weekend.

Hamp Brockman and Janet Drew performed at the 31st Annual Songwriters Showcase in Port A last Sunday

Well folks, it’s finally here. Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and we are officially in season… which means school is out and the next three months will be dictated by a flood of tourists all driving golf carts. Set your patience meters to high and take a long, deep breath. On Friday, the 23rd, I recommend shows by Stevie Start at Giggity’s, Mike Milligan & the Altar Boys at Giggity’s, Gary P. Nunn at the Back Porch, Jul & the Chrome Wheels at Stingrays and Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes at Brewster Street. On Saturday, the 24th, watch for shows by Ruben Limas at Shorty’s, Lyrical Bynge at Giggity’s, Larry Joe Taylor at the Back Porch, Kimberly Dunn at Stingrays and Passing Strangers at Brewster. On Sunday the big show is at Concrete Street with Josh Abbott, Kevin Fowler, Wade Bowen, Whiskey Meyers and Sam Riggs. Be careful out there!

♪ ♫ And that’s the truth! ♫ ♪

Live Music Tonight

Thursday, May 22 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Tessy Lou & the Shotgun Stars @ Back Porch Brian & Diana @ Doc’s Seafood Jackson Taylor, Pear Ratz @ Brewster Street Ice House Little Ozzy, Pantera Tribute @ House of Rock Robert Brown @ Scuttlebutt’s Starlite & the Moonbeams @ Dr. Rockits Friday, May 23 Stevie Start @ Shorty’s Mike Milligan & the Altar Boys @ Giggity’s Gary P. Nunn @ Back Porch Jul & the Chrome Wheels @ Stingrays Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Lounge Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes @ Brewster Street Ice House Shadow Moon @ Katz 21 Brian & Diana @ Doc’s Seafood Jason Clark @ Scuttlebutt’s Randy Pavlock @ Dr. Rockits The Daze @ Mikel Mays Cruise Control @ South Texas Ice House Deadhorse, Black Lung Conspiracy, NQA, Skrewface @ House of Rock Justin Fira (6-9pm) @ Boathouse Bar & Grill DJ Yogi (9:30-1:30am) @ Boathouse Bar & Grill Saturday, May 24 Ruben Limas @ Shorty’s Lyrical Bynge @ Giggity’s Larry Joe Taylor @ Back Porch Kimberly Dunn @ Stingrays Jul & the Chrome Wheels @ Coast Club Passing Strangers @ Brewster Street Ice House The Groove @ Katz 21 Ruben Limas (1:30-5:30), The Deadbeats (9-1) @ Mikel Mays Stevie Start @ Doc’s Seafood After Dark Burlesque Review @ House of Rock Jim Dugan (6-9pm) @ Boathouse Bar & Grill

Tessy Lou & the Shotgun Stars

May 22

Gary P. Nunn

May 23

Larry Joe Taylor

May 24

90 Proof

May 29

Mike Blakely

May 30

The Derailers

May 31

132 W. Cotter St. Port A On the Waterfront

Stevie Start

May 23

Ruben Limas

May 24


May 25

Independent Thieves

May 30

Noel McKay & Brennen Leigh

May 31

Mandy Rowden & Billy Abel

June 6

Uel Jackson

June 7

OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas

Stray Cat Sailing Adventures

275.00 Half Day 475.00 Full day Champagne Brunch Lunch and Dinner Cruises Dolphin Watching- Sunset Cruise Sea Shell Hunting on Remote Islands * prices include up to 6 people Capt. Chester Ruder

(361) 416-0054

Saturday, May 24 continued DJ Ragyd (9:30-1:30am) @ Boathouse Bar & Grill Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Damn Quails @ South Texas Ice House Barney Sledge & the Sledgehammers @ Dr. Rockits Sunday , May 25 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s LeBron @ Shorty’s Josh Abbott, Kevin Fowler, Wade Bowen, Whiskey Myers, Sam Riggs @ Concrete Street Laces Out @ House of Rock Uel Jackson (4-7) @ Back Porch Lyrical Binge @ Mikel Mays John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Billy Snipes @ Fins Whitey Morgan, Cody Jinks @ South Texas Ice House Art Barrera Band @ Dr. Rockits

Memorial Day, May 26 Open Jam w/ Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Open Jam w/ Ray Summy @ Executive Surf Club Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Dr. Rockits Brian Permenter @ Scuttlebutt’s Billy Snipes @ Fins Tuesday, May 27 Tiffany Tuesday feat David Martinez @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ House of Rock Hell Yeah @ Brewster Street Ice House Kevin Hill @ Doc’s Seafood John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Run Down Legend @ Dr. Rockits

Best Rates Call for special pricing

(361)290-7143 314 E. Ave. G

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Wednesday, May 28 Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Chicago @ American Bank Center Wolfjaw @ Flats Lounge Steven Alan Wright @ Doc’s Seafood Fabian Rivera @ Scuttlebutt’s Blindfold @ Dr. Rockits

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