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April 18, 2013

Photo by Dale Rankin

The only Island in Texas with more Wind Turbans than Wind Turbines

Around The Island

By Dale Rankin

Oh ye Island of hackers, coughers, sneezers, and lo the watery eyes. As Mexico burns The Island smokes. Smokers who stepped outside for a drag the last few days needn’t bother lighting up; just suck in a lung full of the smoky Mexican air making its way north from Campeche.

Next Publication Date: 4/25/2013

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Year 16, Issue 470

Island Moon ArtWalk is This Weekend!

KIII Television and The Shark 106.5 Radio Join as Sponsors The first Island Moon Newspaper ArtWalk and Beach Market will hit the ground running on Saturday-Sunday, April 20th and 21st at the Michael J. Ellis Seawall on Windward Drive. KIII Television and The Shark 106.5 radio have joined as sponsors guaranteeing plenty of exposure for the event across the city.

Smoke on the Water The Weather Service has issued statements saying the smoke is from “agricultural” fires.” We’re not sure exactly what that means but given the events in Mexico of the last few years it conjures up images of the massive clearing or forest for the growing of ill-defined produce. Where’s Al Sleet the Hippy Dippy Weatherman when you need him; “This week we had a Canadian Low…not to be confused with a Mexican High.” So far the Weather service is not saying how long the smoke will last, probably depends on how much land the Mexicans need to clear. This happens every three or four years but usually the smoke blows to the east of us, which is actually happening this time as well. What we are getting is just the edge of the noxious cloud, but it’s enough to make us think the fog is rolling in.

Water restrictions As we head down toward summer the Water Wonks are starting to make noise about water restrictions. Here on The Island we mostly don’t care. We learned back in the 1970s that if you fill your yard with rocks you don’t have to water those. The folks over at the 60 plots at the Community Garden may have to make a Plan B, but for most Islanders if rationing hits, we’ll just look at our rocks and laugh.

Killer Bees Islander David Pierce got a surprise last week when he went to open a gate on land just down Park Road 22 where he is the caretaker. When he swung the gate open he was attacked by a swarm of killer bees living inside the post. He got a few bee stings but when he called the city for help in removing the colony a dispute arose over exactly where the Corpus Christi City Limits end. The offshoot – now at David’s urging, a City Limits sign will be placed along the road. See, something good can come even from something as bad as a Killer Bee Attack…

Kat-Dog Mixer The Kat-Dog Mixer over at the Animal Hospital of Padre Island has become an Island tradition but it has always been in the dead of summer when it is hot for our furry friends. So this year Dr. Christi and Ray have decided to move it to May 3 from 4:30-7:30. They will still have barbeque, and many kinds of Margaritas but this year it just won’t be as hot. Dogs, cats, and Well-Behaved Owners are welcome.

“Let my people drill” Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson went to Washington D.C. this week to speak to the Full Committee Oversight Hearing of the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee. That’s a lot of “committees” but his message was direct and to the point, “Let my people drill,” he said. You got to love that.

Recipe for summer We’re heading into the outdoor cooking part of the Island calendar so in that vein here at the Island Moon we’re going to try something new; we’re going to add a recipe in each edition for favorite Island dishes. So if you have a sure fire recipe that you think others would enjoy trying, please send it along. Whether it’s that special tartar sauce or the best way to cook a Redfish, let us know. Let’s get cooking! In the meantime say hello if you see us Around The Island.

The event is free both to vendors and the public. Vendors wishing to participate should email or call 361-9497700 to confirm and have items approved for sale. On Saturday setup will begin at 7 a.m. and the market will open to the public at 9 a.m.; on Sunday setup will start at 11 a.m. and the market will open at Noon. We’ve had several calls from vendors asking for the location so this time we’re including a map in the ad.

The smoke from fires in Mexico and the spring Sargassum weed invasion have made for odd scenes along our beaches of late. Crews pile up the ubiquitous weed until it can be removed.

A Full-Tim Mechanic

New Book Captures Tales of Port Aransas

Several local musicians will be on hand for live music throughout both days. We’ll see you there!

Parking The Dog Meeting Set for Thursday, April 25 There will be a public forum regarding the proposed Island Dog Park on Thursday, April 25 at 6 PM at the Seashore Learning Center Gym located on Encantada. Michael Morris, Director of Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation will lead the meeting. Come, learn and ask questions. A group of volunteers have been working on the design and best practices for a dog park. They are now at the point of location and fund raising. Due to our climate – salty and very dry – those conditions were taken into account in the design as well as types of materials which should be used. It will be a beautiful park when it is completed. For more information, visit the website at

This Saturday!

Nation’s Biggest Coastal Cleanup Is This Weekend

When it comes to tall tales, sagas, and fish stories the town or Port Aransas is in a league of its own. Due to its location on the Aransas Pass it has been the site for all sorts of adventurers, explorers, and characters since the time it was part of the Spanish Main.

Half Gales – Tales from Tarpon, Texas. Tarpon was of course the name of Port Aransas after it was changed from the original Ropesville. The collection is edited by Cameron Pratt and illustrated by Ivan McDougal and is available at the museum.

The annual Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup is Saturday, April 20. The cleanup will take place at seven sites in and around The Island.

Jim Wiggins was a collector of those stories and now a book has been published through the Port Aransas Museum called Hard Heads and

Wiggins worked in radio in San Antonio who

Texas — home to the nation’s first allvolunteer beach cleanup in 1986 — boasts one of the biggest all-volunteer beach cleanups in the world. And on April 20, more than 10,000 Texans are expected to participate in the AdoptA-Beach Spring Cleanup at 28 sites along the Texas Coast. Volunteers may register on-line for the Spring Cleanup at or at 27 of the 28 check-in sites (advanced registration required for St. Jo Island) beginning Adopt-A-Beach continued on A4

Top Ten Reasons Dogs Like Living on The Island By Riley P. Dog I’m now going into my sixth week of my diet and I’m down to begging from tourists. Last week at the Back Porch I scored a French fry and a shrimp tail before my humans caught me. I don’t understand why humans throw away the shrimp tails because those are the best part. I wrote a long story last week and my nose is still sore from hitting the space bar – I don’t have any thumbs – so this week I’m writing a little shorter and trying to be positive in spite of slowly starving do death; did I mention I’m on a diet. Riley continued on A6

Book continued on A7

A little Island history

Fall of The Alamo By Dale Rankin For all of the attention the battle and fall of the Alamo has garnered over the last 177 years the battle itself, after a siege of twelve days, was but a brief affair over in less than 90 minutes.

fall, and my orders must be obeyed at all hazards. If our soldiers are driven back, the next line in their rear must force those before them forward, and compel them to scale the walls, cost what it may.”

So many chickens…

So it was that at midnight on March 6, 1836 his men silently began advancing to within 300 feet of the walls of the Alamo. Their orders were to attack at 4 a.m. but it wasn’t

Mexican General Santa Anna’s advisors attempted to persuade him to leave a small force behind to starve the Alamo defenders out while the Mexican army marched against the main Texan force further east. Santa Anna, often styling himself as the Napoleon of the West, would have none of it. One night while planning the assault one of his officers begged him to forgo the assault and spare the lives of his soldiers. Santa Anna was holding in his hand the leg of a chicken which he was eating, and holding it up, he said, `What are the lives of soldiers than of so many chickens? I tell you, the Alamo must

until 5:30, an hour and a half before sunup that they rose from their trenches with shouts of Viva Santa Anna and streamed toward the walls. History continued on A7

Island Moon

A 2




The Travelling Moon The Moon Goes To The Devil

Johnny Ds •

on the island



Sue and Ken Parsons recently returned from a 15 day cruise on the MV Voyager sailing from Manaus, Brazil - down the Amazon River and ending on the Island of Jamaca. En route they took the Moon to Iles du Sallut, French Guiana. This three island archepelago was used by the French as a penal colony between 1856 and 1946. This photograph was taken on Ile Royale which contained housing for the prison governor, guards and soldiers plus a hospital and a church. Devil’s Island seen in the distance contained solitary confinement cells for the prisoners and was made famous by the Steve McQueen movie Papillon. The archepelago is now a museum with Ile Royale open to tourists. Devil’s Island is off limits and hoasts a radar station which is part of the French space exploration effort. The third island of the group (Ile Saint-Joseph) is being allowed to decay to its natural condition.

Parrot Heads Take Moon to Isla Bella

served nightly Tuesday thru Saturday 4:30pm-9:30pm

Featuring Fresh seafood, New Zealand lamb chops And much more

Sunday Brunch Menu Served 11:00am-2:00pm

Howard Odem and Pirate Bendy at Shorty’s 67th Birthday celbration last Saturday

Johnny Bravo is hanging around with Robby Felder at the Flats Lounge.


The island’s only bloody THE ISLAND’S ONLY BLOODY MARY BAR Mary bar $3.00 DINNER SERVED NIGHTLY TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY Happy hour 4:30PM-9:30PM beginning at 4:30pm

Custom menus for Private parties HAPPY HOUR BEGINNING AT 4:30PM Indoor and outdoor dining available for 15 or more CUSTOM MENUS FOR PRIVATE PARTIES (Weather permitting)

The Parrot Heads of Port Aransas took The Island Moon to a “house concert” at Isla Bella, INDOOR AND OUTDOOR DINING AVAILABLE FOR 15 OR MORE Fred and Sara Guerrero’s home in Floresville. reservations at 361-949-2500 (WEATHER PERMITTING) Top, L-R, Lu Ann Ferguson and Gerry Gage


bottom, L-R, Harold Gage, Deno Fabrie, Randy Johns


Vanessa Garcia, Millie Keithley, Teray Jensen, Pete Smith, Michael Smalley helped raise money at the benefit for James Hayes last Saturday at Bernie’s.


Sonic Drive-In 14401 South Padre Island Drive

(361) 949-7886

Sam Hornish Jr.’s race car was parked in front of the Comfort Inn on Windward this week. He is currently 1st in the Nationwide Series with 221 points.

Work is progressing at Bob Hall Pier as crews have removed the old fixtures and plans have been approved for the reconstruction. The kitchen in the facility is being moved from the water side to the beach side to provide a better view. When completed plans call for one side of the pier house to be a restaurant and the other a bar.

25.00 Off Mfg. Rebate


Whitecap Work. Crews are cleaning the sewer line from the Gypsy Lift Station all the way to the Whitecap Water Treatment Plant. Once the cleaning is done a CCTV Laser Sonar (sounds impressive) will be run through the line to check to damage to the line or leaks. The work is expected to take about three weeks. The results of the tests will then be given to the city to determine if any further repairs are needed.

April 18, 2013


Island Moon

Putting The Art In Party


Stuff I Heard on the Island

by Devorah Fox The 2013 school year is coming to a close. Port Aransas High School seniors are cramming for finals, going on job interviews, filling out enlistment papers, weighing college acceptance offers and looking forward to turning their mortarboards into Frisbees. Then it’s time to PAR-TAY!

and Fine Art Studio and Craig Kuhn of CLK Gallery plus PAHS student artists were each assigned a winning poem and charged with creating an original piece of art inspired by it. Paintings, textiles, sculpture, mixed media and photographs were all eligible art forms. Local community members will jury the show and will award first, second and third prizes to the best collaboration!

Unfortunately, those graduation night celebrations have too many times ended in tragedy, with drinking, drugging and drivingunder-the-influence resulting in jail or hospital time. A promising future that’s barely begun is ended with the slam of a paddy wagon door or worse, that of an ambulance.

Thirty poems were selected from 150 submissions and I’m proud to say, mine was one of them. I’m a poet; didn’t you know it? Now you do and on Saturday, April 20, 2013, you’ll have a chance to hear “All Writers Must Wear Hats.” It’s been paired with art by Pat Reilly. Also being presented at the event are 29 other art-and-poem pairs, plus a “found poem ,”Love is a Serial Killer crafted by Ruby Peru Stell from some of the entries that delighted the judges but didn’t quite make the cut. It will be paired with art by Josh McNatt.

But fear not, party animals. It’s Project Graduation to the rescue. Project Graduation offers organized, adultsupervised and alcohol-free activities as part of a post-graduation party, in lieu of studentrun events with alcohol or drugs. Students are checked for illicit substances before entry and are carefully monitored. Begun around 1980 in Maine, Project Graduation parties became so popular that by 1986 they were being held in all 50 states and two Canadian provinces. Events often last through the night and are held in hotels or community centers and are hugely successful. In Port Aransas, Project Graduation is being organized by Tanya Chambers who serves as Treasurer and Kathryn Guillot who serves as President. To make sure the Port Aransas Project Graduation party is a celebration worthy of any PAHS grad, Mimi Zollars and Kandice Turicchi are conducting a fundraiser for it. They invited poets and artists to submit samples of their work to a jury earlier this year. Poets could submit up to three poems. Winning artists including Robbie Felder of the Felder Gallery, Brenda Barnett of Potters on Cotter, Tim Burdick of Tim Burdick Photography

The poets will read their work and the artists will show off their creations beginning at 6 p.m. on at a reception to be held at the Tim Burdick Photography and Fine Art Studio. The artwork can be purchased through a silent auction, the proceeds of which will be donated to Project Graduation to pay for games and entertainment, prizes and awards such as cash for those partygoers who stay until the end. The poetry reading and art auction is an entertaining and enjoyable way to enjoy the work of talented writers and artists and grab up some stunning creations while helping PAHS’s newest grads get the send-off they deserve. For more information about Project Graduation, contact Tanya Chambers at (361) 749-2272. To find out more about the poetry and art fundraising event, contact Mimi Zollars or Kandice Turicchi at portaprojectgraduation@ Or, just come by the Tim Burdick Photography and Fine Art Studio in Suite L at 722 Tarpon St. on April 20th. I’ll see you there

Police Blotter

Police Arrest Two Brothers After Fight and Shooting Two men were arrested Sunday morning after they were involved in a fight which lead to a gunfire Saturday night on the beach near Marker 206. Several friends gathered on the beach for a bonfire Saturday night near Marker 206 – North of Packery Channel. Two brothers, 21-year-old Cody Rodriguez and 29-year-old Chris Rodriguez, joined the group at the fire. The brothers got into their red 2012 GMC Sierra pickup and drove recklessly and ran over a fishing rod and reel. The 20-year-old owner of the rod and reel confronted the driver of the truck and a fight erupted. The brothers got into their truck and fled. The 20-year-old man held on to the truck while the truck drove north on the beach until Chris Rodriguez presented a handgun and shot at the 20-year-old man several times. The 20-year-old man dropped from the truck and was not struck by any of the shots fired in his direction. Corpus Christi Police responded to the scene and found the red truck disabled after it had struck a bronze color 1997 Honda Accord near Beach Marker 198. The 19-year-old man and his 21-year-old passenger of the Honda were not injured in the crash. Both vehicles had to be towed due to damage.

Flour Bluff Police Calls 9500 block Lovird 5:54 a.m. April 14 Harassment 9500 block Lovird 6 p.m. April 14 Assault with injury 9300 block SPID 9 p.m. April 9 Assault with injury, criminal mischief 9600 block SPID 1:33 p.m. April 12 Gasoline theft 1200 block SPID 5 p.m. April 12 Harassment 1200 block Flour Bluff Dr. 5:25 p.m. April 8 Shoplifting, burglary of vehicle, shoplifting 10000 block SPID Noon April 8 Forgery of financial instrument 1000 block Greeay 3:20 p.m. April 8 Burglary of habitation 9090 block Stone 6:27 p.m. April 14 Resisting arrest, criminal trespass 900 block Lakeside 2:18 p.m. April 9 Theft $50-$500 500 block Military 12:55 a.m. April 10 Harassment

Cody Rodriguez was arrested for an arrest warrant. Chris Rodriguez was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Both Cody Rodriguez and Chris Rodriguez were delivered to the city detention center. The red truck was taken to the city impound.

1100 block Waldron 12:07 April 10 Theft $500-$1500

Padre Island Police Calls

1200 Waldron 1 p.m. April 10 Forgery government security

100 block Zahn Road 10:45 a.m. April 9 Theft 4500-$1500 14200 block SPID 8 a.m. April 14 Burglary of vehicle 14200 block SPID 10:59 p.m. April 14 No vehicle insurance, no driver’s license, active warrant, failure to identify as fugitive, public intoxication, possession of marijuana (an all around bad day). 14400 block SH 361 10:48 p.m. April 13 warrant, aggravated assault with deadly weapon 14300 block Commodores 11:15 p.m. April 11 Reckless driving 14300 block Cruiser 5 p.m. April 11 Burglary of habitation 15100 block SPID 2:10 a.m. April 12 Public intoxication 15500 block Cuttysark 10:36 a.m. April 10 Credit card abuse 15200 block Aquarius 6:33 p.m. April 11 Building fire 15600 block Three Fathoms Bank 1:30 p.m. Burglary of habitation 15800 block SPID 2:20 p.m. April 9 Assault by contact 13500 block SPID 11:19 p.m. April 13 Public intoxication

There are currently seven registered sex offenders on The Island There are currently 48 registered sex offenders in Flour Bluff

200 block Redfish 6:52 p.m. April 9 Public intoxication 500 block Lakeside 12:07 p.m. April 10 Criminal trespass

10700 block SPID 7:49 p.m. April 10 Assault with injury 1400 block Waldron 7:30 a.m. April 12 Found property 1900 block Sandy Way 12:41 a.m. April 9 Aggravated assault with deadly weapon 1900 block Waldron Noon April 12 Credit card abuse 500 block Pearson 9 a.m. April 8 Criminal mischief 2100 block Waldron 3:30 p.m. April 9 Theft $500-$1500 2200 block Sussex 12:01 a.m. April 9 Credit card abuse 2400 block Lazius 3:00 a.m. April 11 Credit card abuse 2400 block Retta 4 p.m. April 9 Sexual assault 900 block St. Christopher 12:01 a.m. April 10 Credit card abuse 700 block St. Lucy 1:25 p.m. April 13 Harassment 600 block Kaipo 1:06 p.m. April 8 Aggravated sexual assault 3000 block Waldron 9:30 a.m. April 12 DOA 700 block Caprice 6:54 p.m. April 10 Harassment 3000 block Laguna Shores 5:51 a.m. April 11 Gasoline theft 3300 block Tahiti 1:50 p.m. April 9 Building fire 300 block Clearview 9:19 a.m. April 8 Building fire 4000 block Claudia 10:11 a.m. April 10 Credit card abuse 3800 block Sweet Bay 9:15 p.m. April 12 Graffiti

by Dale Rankin This Friday marks the twentieth anniversary of the burning of the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco. After almost fifty days of waiting around there for something to happen I told the News Director at the CBS station in San Antonio where I was working and that I needed a full week home. I was Branch Divided.

A fiery end I was trying to finish graduate school in Austin while living five days a week in an RV on a Farm to Market Road just outside the Branch Davidian building. I felt like my life had been hijacked by David Koresh and I needed a break. I returned to San Antonio on Thursday night and was set to go back to Waco the following week but on Monday I was eating lunch in the Black Eyed Pea in San Antonio when I looked up at the television screen and saw the Branch Davidian building on fire. In just under three hours I was standing outside the then smoldering remains. A forty mile an hour wind combined with potentially flammable tear gas and who knows what other accelerants had burned the wooden structure to nothing but ashes. When I arrived already accusations and wild theories were circulating; the feds had torched the place to cover up evidence, the Davidians had committed mass suicide, the Davidians had set the place on fire as a diversion and escaped out the back. The first order of business was to find out if that last one was true. If the Davidians were scattered around the countryside then an interview with one of them was the story. We set out as best we could knocking on the doors of farm houses but no one had seen anything. It quickly became apparent that whoever was in that building when the fire started either walked out and was now in custody of the feds or was dead. There were no fugitives.

How could this happen? The overwhelming sentiment among the reporters who had not been covering the story from the beginning was, “how could this happen?” How could things go so wrong that 76 people, including women and children, were burned to death? For those of us who had been at the scene since the first day the question was not if but when something like this would happen? Consider the contradiction as the feds rolled their armored vehicles toward the building knocking holes in the walls and pumping in CS gas while loudspeakers announced, “This is not a raid.” But what definition is that not a raid? It was a microcosm of the entire episode; nothing was ever what it seemed. This went on for six hours and not a single person had left the building.

A question of theology In hindsight we should have understood the timing. In the days leading up the aid the FBI negotiators had finally convinced the FBI leaders that the way to get Koresh to come out was through theology. All along Koresh had maintained that the sixth seal spoken of in the Book of Revelation had been broken meaning that the rapture was near. But in the days just before the final fire the FBI had engaged a theologian who had convinced Koresh that in fact he might be wrong. Koresh had announced he was at work on new writings that would revise his assessment. This was too much for the FBI who had long since run out of patience. The FBI never understood that they were not dealing with a criminal in Koresh. Whether he had broken laws or not was still up in the air, but clearly Koresh and his followers were not criminals of the sort the FBI was trained to deal with. The agent in charge was frustrated and we had been hearing for weeks that he believed the Davidians were never coming out and he had been pushing Attorney General Janet Reno to let him go in.

Covenant, Sword, Arm of the Lord The thinking in Washington had turned as crazy as that of the conspiracy crowd gathered on a low hill just outside the ATF perimeter. President Bill Clinton was familiar with the siege on April 19, 1985 with The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord in Arkansas which was ended without loss of life by a blockade without a deadline, President Clinton wanted to go that route. But Reno told him the FBI was tired of waiting; that the standoff was costing a million dollars a week; and that the chances of child sexual abuse and mass suicide were real because Koresh and his followers were crazy. There was even word that the “Unorganized Militia of the United States” was on the way to Waco to aid or attack Koresh

Dale in Waco – could be either as by definition they were Unorganized. The weird was getting weirder.

Television ownership

At the same time the ownership of television affiliates in Texas was undergoing a drastic change. The Fox network was setting up shop in the state and several stations, including KDFW in Dallas, had just been sold to a group associated with Fox. The first thing the new owners did was cut back on the $5,000-$10,000 per day it was taking to keep crews in Waco. After all it had been seven weeks of waiting with little happening. The Fox crews stayed through the weekend shows and pulled out. When they did most everyone else did as well, including our station and the CBS stations in Dallas and Houston. CBS would rely on the Waco station, KWTV, for video and live shots. From here on they would play it by ear, the other networks followed suit.

This was not lost on the feds. That Monday was the first since the first week of the siege that no morning news conference had been scheduled. Starting at six o’clock that morning the feds made their move and by one o’clock it was over and the finger pointing had begun.

Why were there no firetrucks on standby? Had the gas that was used been flammable? If no one was coming out why did the assault continue? How could this happen and who was responsible?

Enter the Rangers

The AFT didn’t trust the FBI, the FBI didn’t trust the ATF, the McLennan County Sheriff didn’t trust either. By now we had heard that the raid had been rehearsed at Fort Hood who may have supplied the gas so the U.S. Army was involved, DPS helicopters had been used in the initial raid so they were involved. So who was going to process this massive crime scene? There was only one agency left that had shown the good sense to stay as far away from this mess as they possibly could; the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers for the most part had refused to even enter the parameter set up around the compound by the feds. They had also refused to take part in the planning or execution of the initial raid. They had smelled a rat from the beginning and now emerged as the only law enforcement agency that would come out of the ordeal with a reputation even better than before it started. Because at the time the number of Rangers was limited to 101 – there was one vacancy at the time and the number has since been increased – the destroyed Davidian compound was divided into 100 squares for processing; even the Ranger Commander left his office in Austin and manned a square.

When the trial of the surviving Davidians began in San Antonio almost two years later testimony from the Rangers was the only that the jury members completely believed.

For me the Branch Davidian story was a watershed. After that story I figured I had enough of reporting, I agreed to stick around and cover the trial and that was it. Little did I know that the trial would turn out to be just as controversial and just as much as a touchstone in the American political landscape as the raid and standoff had been. The Branch Davidian story was far from over.

A 4

Island Moon

Angler’s Alley

Waypoint Marine

Adopt-A-Beach cont. from A1

Island Fishing Adventures with Joey Farah

at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, April 20. Each volunteer will be given data cards, gloves, pencils and trash bags. All volunteers are advised to wear closed-toe shoes, bring sunscreen and plenty of drinking water. The Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Cleanups are held rain or shine!

By Joey Farah

Farah’s Fishing Adventures The other day I followed behind a man who jumped out of his truck at a red light and crawled into his boat as he yelled at a car in the convenient store parking lot. He bent over and was digging in an ice chest for a what I thought was going to be a fresh cold drink, he pulled out a big fat speckled trout. He held it up to his friends on the corner and yelled “It’s a trout baby!!” I honked my horn and gave him the surfer “hang loose” sign and he yelled back at me with a big smile that it was his largest yet at 29 inches and over six pounds. That guy was on fire, he was overflowing with excitement. A few minutes later the phone rang, one of my customers was telling me how he caught a big trout and took some good pictures and he sounded so excited about that fish it made me smile. I fully expected for him to finish the description of the story with a giant trout over 28 inches or something but he said that it was 23 inches. Chris has caught MANY trout of this size with me and his dad and brother on my boat and some close to the 28 inch mark, but this was all on his own. When we go out on our own and reach those personal goals in our pursuits’ of fish it satisfies a inner beast. In the weeks ahead we have some of the best fishing of the entire year, go out and shoot for your personal best and appreciate your success on your own as you explore the many opportunities here along the Father Island.

The shark promise

My son Joey wants to catch a shark so bad he scoffs at the pursuit of reds and trout. Perhaps I’ve spoiled him in his fishing career, he has lots of big reds, trout, drum, and more but the creature of the Sea that intrigues all minds and dreams of youth is the SHARK. Right now is the best time to get out on the beach and catch your monster of the deep. The adult black tip sharks and bull sharks are coming in close to lay their young. They also eat the other little sharks so in all there are a bunch of them out there. When its windy get up on Bob Hall Pier and fish with some medium to heavy tackle with cut bait or squid and in a evening you will most probably hook up with a small shark. They eat everything so as long as you got bait in the water you are good. Fresh cut bait is the best and use heavy mono leader for more hood-ups but its hard so keep the bigger ones on without wire leader. If you are really going to get serious go talk to Rocky at Roy’s Bait and Tackle and he can hook you up with the right leaders and hooks to pull in those five to six foot sharks on medium to heavy gear. I have to get him one soon so as I am writing this I am making a promise that I’ll have Joey IV in the MOON with a shark as soon as possible. That will be a personal best for both of us.

We are still hunting the shallows catching some HOGGS

April 18, 2013

Texans who are not able to attend the cleanup can help keep their beaches clean by making a tax-deductible donation online at www.

To learn how you can participate, or for additional information on the AdoptA-Beach program, please visit www. or contact the GLO at 1-877-TX COAST. Those interested may also become a fan of the program at www.facebook. com/texasadoptabeach where event details and results will also be posted.

Remember we are blessed to be on the water Silver spoons Drifting the flats in the Lagoon has been amazing with all the clear water and large amounts of fish. I broke out a box of silver spoons the other day that my dear friend Jim Boswell gave me . Jim has been in poor health and his spirit rides south with me every day. The plastic box contains about six different brands of silver spoons, but in different sizes. The first day I broke it open I could feel the warm sun on my face and thought about Mr. Jim. I ripped their butts apart!!! Trout tagged that silver spoon on every cast and I could throw it twice as far as anyone was casting their soft plastics. Keeper trout, small throwbacks, and skip jacks galore. At the end of the day my single hook piece of metal was just as I plucked it from the box except for the twisted trouble hook. The day ended when I threw for one more cast and the silver flash of the spoon sailed out of sight as the line snapped. It was a great finish to a fun day. I wish I had the spoon, but just as everything does, it went back to the earth.

Local locations are: North Padre Island

Check-in: Padre Balli Park Office, 15820 Park Road 22

Me and Jim Boswell with a few trout from a drift in the Lagoon.

Last Saturday boats came out from everywhere and the sound of outboards roared above and below the surface of the Lagoon. I stayed at the dock a few extra minutes and waited for everyone to leave so I could just go out and fish where their was no one else. Sometimes when its crowded that is the best strategy. It keeps you a bit more relaxed because no boats are coming in on you at your first spot, and boat traffic moves the fish to the undisturbed areas. We got to Baffin a little “late” and found a good area with no boats. The first cast was a good hookup and we stroked out 14 drum in two hours as we goofed off and listened to the satellite radio. We broke off a few good ones and I showed and explained to the guys that the bite was going to die soon because of the moon. The other guides were moving around and texting me that they were having a slow morning as well. Our little secret bait and rigging tricks put us ahead of most anglers and at 14 drum we called ourselves lucky and headed in. That day was tough and many people had very discouraging luck. With that kind of day what we did was awesome and it made us all feel good. The same day is when my customer Chris caught that 23 inch speck that he was so proud of. On a day when they aren’t eating even the good ones are great trophies.

Port Aransas Check-in: Avenue G at the beach

This Saturday!

CCA Redfish Bay Chapter’s 2013 Annual Banquet

Fishing on busy days

Contact: Jim Needham—Surfrider Foundation, 361-825-2708, james.needham@; Todd Dwyer, 361853-9877, todd.dwyer@texasadoptabeach. org; Gladys Choyke, 361-816-1243, gladys.

The Redfish Bay Chapter of CCA will be holding its annual banquet on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at the Port Aransas Civic Center, located in Port Aransas, Texas. 2012 was a record setting year for the Chapter’s annual banquet and we are looking forward to another great year in 2013. The planning is in full swing and if your are interested in taking part in the planning of the banquet and being part of the Redfish Bay Chapter board, please contact Norman Oates, (361) 758-0266 or John Blaha, (800) 626-4222.

Contact: Deno Fabrie, 361-749-0256, deno. Mustang Island State Park Check-in: 17047 State Highway 361

Contact: Mike Mullenweg, 361-749-5246, Padre Island National Seashore

Check-in: Malaquite Visitor Center, 20420 Park Road 22

Contact: William “Buzz” Botts, 361-9498068, Baffin Bay, Rivera Check-in: Kaufer-Hubert Park, FM 628 Contact: Susan Ivy, 361-595-8591, susan.ivy@ Aransas Pass/Redfish Bay

Start early and get your banquet table now. In 2012 the banquet attendance was the best in many years, so secure your table and tickets now. You can do so by downloading our Table Reservation Form at Sponsor tables seat 8 and are $500, single tickets are $60 and couples are $95. All tickets do include your CCA membership.

Check-in: Lighthouse Lakes Park, 4 miles east of Aransas Pass on Highway 361

All banquet planning meetings start at 7:00 PM at the home of Norman Oates. Please contact Norman for directions.

Contact: Deno Fabrie, 361-749-0256, deno.

Contact: Richard Gonzales, 361-779-7351, St. Jo Island/Port Aransas Check-in: 8:00 a.m. – Fisherman’s Wharf, 900 Tarpon Street

*Limited access – reservations required

This is the time of year when trips of lifetime are right before us. The weather is beautiful and even the bad days aren’t so bad. The heat is not turned up yet and the wind is our friend as it turns the fish on every day its blowing. Grab a friend and jump on the boat or just throw the pole in the truck and roam the Island looking for your new secret spot. Most importantly, take every step with happiness and enjoy your time fishing our backyard. If you need a push into the great outdoors give me a call or just FOLLOW OUR HOOK-UPS ON FACEBOOK@ JOEYFARAH’S FISHING. Have a great week


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April 18, 2013

On the Rocks

Island Moon

Well, I’m still working on selling my skiff this week, and working on boats. It seems like that’s all I’ve been doing lately loyal readers, besides working on getting my place finally cleaned up and the back 40 mowed. Yeah, it’s THAT time of year again. MOWING. But,it’s shaping up to be a good season and I don’t want to miss anything because I had to wash my tights or weedeat the outhouse or something.

Tides of the Week

Brad with a jack in the surf will push it back out again. This back-and-forth with the winds tend to mess up the beach and the water. Zep tried to drive down the beach to Mansfield last weekend, and ended up turning around in the mid 30’s because he said it was like driving on the roads in the Bluff. Well, it might not have been that bad, but he said he felt like he was going to break a spring and decided to try again another day. Some people that HAVE made it down the beach are Kevin and Brad. Seems they’ve got some secret spot down south where the jackfish

Another reason I’m trying to get stuff done is I’m getting excited about our Key West trip next month. Unfortunately, Bizzy won’t be joining us, but we have a pretty motley crew that is slated to appear out east. I just hope they’re ready for us.

Brad with a jack and black tip sharks are slamming bait up against the shore most days. I’m going to have to assume its down near the jetties in the lee of the south east wind. Kevin is developing a new topwater, building them in his garage, and they have been murder on the jacks. Maybe one of these days I’ll get down there again and give it a shot. Well, enjoy the photos, courtesy of Kevin Eager in this edition folks. The spring time trout bite is also going on down the King Ranch Shoreline. You just have to get used to the constant sound of the laughing gulls as they sit on their nests and look for food close to the islands. I’d also like to remind everyone to please stay away from the nesting islands during this time of year. The birds let you know when you’re too close. Y’all have a good one, send your comments and questions to me at jaygardner@scientist. com and I’ll see you on the rocks in the coming weeks!

Brad with some Jacks

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Reversible Helm Seat w/ Cooler

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Tides for Corpus Christi (Bob Hall Pier) April 18-24

The sargassum is starting to pile up on the local beaches, although this late season front

Sale $23,995 $205Mo.

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10121 South Padre Island Drive Hours of Operation M-F 8 - 5:30 Sat 10 - 4

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Angler’s Alley

By Jay Gardner

I almost feel like I’m harping on you loyal readers to keep writing about the bird migration, but it’s really good at this time of year. As I frantically write this on Wednesday because I slacked on the deadline, we are about to get another front on Thursday by the time this hits your hot little hands. This fallout is poised to be the best one of the year, and my contacts in the valley are already turning up with some great photos of various birds. Expect this batch to show up with favorites like painted buntings, ovenbirds, a host of warblers and the like, and hopefully some orioles. Make sure to get those oranges put out in the yard as soon as you can to attract those very showy birds. They’ll find those oranges pretty quick if they’re around. Just make sure to anchor them on a nail or something to keep those pesky squirrels from running away with them.


High /Low

Tide Time

Height Feet

Sunrise Sunset

Moon Time




2:33 AM


7:01 AM Set 2:04 AM



11:43 AM


7:55 PM Rise 1:19 PM




3:42 AM


7:00 AM Set 2:43 AM



12:09 PM


7:56 PM Rise 2:13 PM



7:39 PM




9:41 PM





5:00 AM


6:59 AM Set 3:21 AM



12:29 PM


7:57 PM Rise 3:08 PM



7:25 PM




11:36 PM





6:18 AM


6:58 AM Set 3:58 AM



12:47 PM


7:57 PM Rise 4:04 PM



7:27 PM





1:04 AM


6:57 AM Set 4:35 AM



7:32 AM


7:58 PM Rise 5:03 PM



1:03 PM




7:40 PM





2:18 AM


6:56 AM Set 5:13 AM



8:45 AM


7:58 PM Rise 6:03 PM



1:17 PM




8:03 PM





3:24 AM


6:55 AM Set 5:54 AM



10:00 AM


7:59 PM Rise 7:06 PM



1:27 PM




8:34 PM


% Moon Visible

43 53






A 6

Moon Monkeys Mike Ellis, Founder

Island Moon

Letters to the Editor Typo of the Week! As usual, loved your “Stuff I heard on the Island column”. Always entertaining and enlightening. Except, sometimes, when it comes to spelling. Imagine my surprise when I read about the “shear” number of giant wind “turbans”. Is this due to the sheer number of Shear-az wine you been drinking? In fairness to you, although we use wind turbines in America I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that they use giant wind turbans in Saudi Arabia.

Distribution Pete Alsop

Robert Danesi

Island Delivery Coldwell Banker

Lost Cat

Advertising Jan Park Rankin Office Lisa Towns Classifieds Arlene Ritley Design/Layout Jeff Craft Joey Farah Mary Craft Maybeth Christiansen

Sweet female tabby missing. Her name is Tangerine. Last seen around Leeward Drive. Light and dark orange stripes, square jaw, no collar

Jay Gardner Todd Hunter Danniece Bobeché Ronnie Narmour

Please call 713 550 2863 if found.

Brent Rourk

Thank you for posting this. A $200 reward will be given if found!!

Dr. Donna Shaver Photographers

Kyndera Keithley

Miles Merwin Jeff Dolan

Dale Rankin About the Island Moon

The Island Moon is published every Thursday, Dale Rankin, Editor / Publisher. Total circulation is 10,000 copies. Distribution includes delivery to 4,000 Island homes, free distribution of 3,000 copies in over 50 Padre Island businesses and condos, as well as 600 copies distributed in Flour Bluff, 1,400 copies on Mustang Island and Port Aransas businesses. News articles, photos, display ads, classified ads, payments, etc. may be left at the Moon Office.

The Island Moon Newspaper

goat cheese (chevre) - chive, rosemary, and plain - I will be bringing a limited amount, so email me @ to reserve yours or to request a different flavor. organic mozzarella AND fresh ricotta!! Fresh veggies: broccoli

rainbow Swiss chard

red lettuce

radishes green onions



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Green beans


Bok choy

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Bert’s Feed

I have owned a Home on the Canal for about two years. In that time I have noticed that almost all of my “across the Canal” Neighbors have security lights of some type or other that stay on all night.

Our Little Tree Farm (Erica Baumle) will have:

green lettuce

Facebook: The Island Moon Newspaper

Dear Canal Neighbors,

What a remarkable place it is to live so please be considerate of All your Neighbors.

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Our Canals are truly something to enjoy at night when darkness falls, the stars are out and a calm settles in.

For this week:

Editor/Publisher/Spillage Control Supervisor

Nana Ward

The market starts at 9 a.m. and not a minute sooner. The market is held each Saturday at the Presbyterian Church. Office Security/Spillage Control Riley P. Dog

I forgot to mention that the youth band from Trinity by the Sea will entertain the golfers after the tournament.

Hello, Island locavores! The Island Farmers’ Market is sponsored by the Island Presbyterian Church


SEA Moon, The SEA 13th anniversary fundraising dinner to be held at the American Bank Center May 23 from 5:30-11:00 pm. Table reservations are being accepted: VIP sponsor table for 8 $1750, 8 top table $1000, individual tickets $125. Includes membership, food and beverages. Many items to bid on with raffle items, silent auction items and a live auction featuring hunts, fishing trips, bronzes, and many more. All proceeds stay local to educate the children and enhance our fisheries. Reservations can be sent to 711 N. Carancahua St, suite 915, CC, Tx 78401. For info call 361886-1100.

Maybe some small eggplants

Charlie Mader


SEA – President

I have a lovely white whole-wheat bread that is soft and perfect for sandwiches, and some white whole-wheat French loaves. Quantity is small.

WX Radio

I am writing to everyone to let you that our Corpus Christi NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) (KHB41 162.550 Mhz) transmitter antennae has corroded significantly with the transmitter currently not broadcasting at this time. I know many of you across the Southern Coastal Bend, Southern Coastal Plains and adjacent Gulf of Mexico waters utilize NWR to receive warning, watch, advisory and other routine weather information. Our media and emergency management partners utilize the Emergency Alert System to activate dissemination systems during high impact events, and mariners daily monitor KHB41 to obtain current and future oceanic and atmospheric conditions. The Corpus Christi NWR transmitter is expected to down the next 4 to 7 days as we await a new antennae and assembly unit to arrive into Corpus Christi, TX. We apologize in advance of the downtime and associated inconveniences for those in the transmitter coverage area Scott C. Cordero Meteorologist In Charge National Weather Service

El Gordo no more!

While most of the lights are not obtrusive during darkness, some newly installed ones disrupt my enjoyment of being in my backyard during these hours. Why is it that some homeowners feel the need to put high wattage and LED bulbs that are poorly directed into the security lights?

Farmer’s Market

Mary Craft

Lisabella’s Restaurant

My name is Nana Ward and I am the director of Trinity by the Sea Day School. We enroll children 18 months to 5 years of age in our nonprofit program. This will be our 5th year to host a golf tournament to raise money for the program. We buy new equipment and provide scholarships for chilren with our proceeds. We are having our tounament again this year at Newport Dunes Golf Course on Friday, May 3, 2013. The tournament has an 11:30 check in time with a 1:30 shot gun start. Golfers will enjoy a lunch before they play, beverages on the course and a light buffet dinner after the tournament. We have great prizes this year and even a sponsorhip from Allen Samuels in Aransas Pass. They will provide a hole in one prize for each of the par 3 holes on the course. Prizes include a 2013 Jeep Wrangler or 2013 Ram 1500 which is valued at approzimately $33,000.00, set of Cleveland irons, set of Nike irons, $500 VISA gift card and a Kindle Fire. We also have a raffle with exciting prizes! If anyone is interested in sponsoring or playing in the tournament it is not too late. Interested parties can contact me, Nana Ward at 361-7496448 or

Thank you,

Devorah Fox

April 18, 2013

Hello Emergency Management, Marine and Media Partners,

I hope you will be able to include a story in your paper!

Contributing Writers

Port Aransas

Golf Tourney


Mystery Person of the Week

Also – gluten-free brownies. In the Garden (Danny Weaver) will have a lovely assortment of fresh, pesticide free veggies and In the Nursery will bring their wonderful herb, vegetable and succulent plants! And don’t forget the fresh eggs!

Corpus Christi Falls From Top Ten Fattest Cities …Sort of In 2010 Men’s Health Magazine named Corpus Christi as the Fattest City in America; sort of gives We’re Number One! a new meaning. Well, Men’s Health Magazine hasn’t done a new survey but the Wall Street Journal has and Corpus Christi is not even listed in the Top Ten. So we got that going for us. On the plus side Men’s Fitness Magazine has named San Antonio as the Drinkingest City in the Country because 8.2% have at least two drinks per day. So let’s get with it Corpus Christi, if we can’t be the Fattest maybe we can be the Drinkingest.

Riley continued from A1

The Island is a pretty good place to be a dog, so here’s the Top Ten Reasons We Dogs Like to Live on The Island.

10. Even when we’re on a diet the tourists don’t know it and still feed us. My humans say that what happens on The Island leaves on Sunday so the tourists won’t ever tell.

9. Bird Chasing. Even though we never actually catch a bird just trying is good enough. If we only had wings… 8. Riding in boats. Is there anything better than riding in the front end of a boat as it skips across the Laguna? I don’t think so. My friend Bella in Port Aransas jumps over the side and swims with the dolphins. I think she might be crazy but I’m not sure.

7. Going to the beach. The only thing better than boat riding may be going to the beach. I’m not sure but I bet before humans came along all the dogs in the world lived on the beach. Where else can you find so much sweet smelling stuff to roll around in?

6. No homeless people. Did you ever have to compete with homeless people for handouts? Let me tell you, you can’t win, especially if you are a little overweight yourself - and if the homeless person has a dog. Don’t even bother.

5. Dr. Christi takes care of us. We like Dr. Christi.

4. Deck sitting. Most dogs have to just stare at a fence when they go into their backyards. We got docks. We can sit out there and bark at boats and watch for dolphin dogs and birds, and sometimes fish fly right out of the water. Don’t tell the OTB dogs or we might have an invasion.

Elaine will be back with her dried herbs and herb mixes. And don’t forget those good for your dog pet treats! The ladies should be back this week with presents for the pooches!

3. Swimming pools. Some humans let us swim in their pools and we like that. The first thing you have to do is find the steps.

We look forward to seeing you there! Thanks for your support and spread the word!

Can anyone tell us who this “bad” boy is?

2. Sand. It’s fun to dig in and you can dig for gophers but they’re fast little boogers. It also makes it easy to cover up the stuff you leave behind. That way even if your humans step in it they’re not sure which dog to blame. That makes life easier. 1. We’re getting a Dog Park!

April 18, 2013

History continued from A1

Inside, the door to William Travis’ chamber burst open as officer of the day J.J. Baugh rushed in, “The Mexicans are coming,” he shouted, and Travis grabbed his shotgun and followed by his slave Joe rushed to the north wall, located about where the steps of the Federal Building now stand across Houston Street from the chapel. By now the thuds of axes and crowbars could be heard crashing into the exterior wooden windows and doors of the houses that made up the outer perimeter of the compound. He rushed to the top of the wall where he gave the onrushing Mexicans both barrels of his weapon as they tried to scale the walls. Out of the milling throng below him came a volley of shots, one of which was a lead ball more than three-quarters of an inch thick which struck him

Island Moon

debate in some circles. By eight o’clock every Alamo fighting man lay dead.

Survivors There were survivors: because he was a slave Joe was spared; Susannah Dickinson, the wife of Captain Almaron Dickinson (who was killed) and her infant daughter Angelina survived and identified the bodies of the Alamo commanders for the Mexican officers. Dickinson and others were taken before Santa Anna in his headquarters and given a silver Mexican coin and a blanket and told to head east and advise the other Texans what had happened and that the same lay in store for anyone who did not capitulate to the Mexican government. Of the 1600 Mexicans involved in the attack

began regular visits to Port Aransas just after World War II and continued through the 1970s and the stories are a reflection of that era.

tourists out of loose sand and jumper cables for stalled cars. He got ten dollars, as I recall, for either of those last two jobs.

The best way to explain the stories is by telling one, so here goes:

I had a boat which required considerable attention so we became friends over the years.

A Full-Time Mechanic

The friendship suffered a severe strain, however, on the day an acquaintance of mine came to the garage when I was there, asked for help with jumper cables, and I volunteered mine. My offer was shocking to Stanley. The look on his face was unmistakable. I was about to lift ten dollars from his pocket. Almost in mid-sentence I changed direction, remembering conveniently that I actually didn’t have the cables with me. The crisis passed.

By Jim Wiggins The two happiest days in a man’s life, so I am told, are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it. To these two, let me add a third one from my own observation. The happiest day is the day you find a boat mechanic who knows what he’s doing. We have a good one on the Island now, but through the years it’s been a mixed bag.

The little one-room hut was filled, literally, to waist level with what I considered to be the wildest collection of useless material ever assembled under one roof; engine blocks, outboard covers, fan belts, water hoses, shafts, propellers, steering wheels, cables, fuel cans, rub rails, spark plugs, pistons, cylinders – all used.

full in the forehead and sent him reeling against a cannon. Joe ran back to one of the cabins and hid. Travis was dead before he hit the ground clutching his gun even in death.

four hundred fell wounded, seventy five died, including one general and twenty-eight officers. In all the small band of Texans inflicted a casualty rate of 33% on the Mexican force.

Four guns to a man

The remains of the Texans were gathered into three pyres, two smaller ones of the groups of men killed outside the compound, and one large pyre inside. Each was made up of one layer of bodies then a layer of wood drenched in camphene and set alight and burned through the night. Within days a new unit of Mexican lancers took up quarters in the Alamo and their horses scattered the ashes about.

The Texans were well armed, many with captured Mexican muskets. There were 816 rifles, shotguns, pistols and English brown Bess muskets in the hands of the Alamo defenders; four weapons per man that were loaded and ready. This initial burst of firepower staggered the Mexican lines all around the Alamo and left the front ranks decimated and often without their commanders. The Texans also had more than fifteen thousand prepared cartridges of powder and ball, enough for sixty rounds per man; twenty-five exploding shells with fuses equipped to be used as grenades to drop over the wall amongst the attackers. But the swiftness of the Mexican attack meant that most of the grenades were never used. The Mexican attack faltered in front of the palisades near the entrance to the present day chapel in the face of the long rifles in the hands of the Davy Crockett’s Tennesseans placed there. But elsewhere the sheer numbers of the Mexican won the day quickly. Once the initial breakthrough came on the north wall the rest of the compound was overrun. The Texans retreated into the houses lining the parade ground and waited their turn for the doors to be blasted down with the captured Texans cannons and either be shot or bayoneted. One group fled out through a gun emplacement on the northeast corner of the wall, at about the spot where the lobby of the Crocket Hotel is now located. They ran toward a small brush lined ditch followed by a second group of fifty men even as a third group went over the palisade on the south side. In all about eighty men had been pushed out of the fortress by the Mexican attack and now ran for cover in the open plains. It was to no avail as mounted Mexican lancers under Ramirez y Sesma ran them down but not before Sesma had to send reinforcements to finish the job as the Texans were, “ready to sell their lives at a very high price.”

Bowie incapacitated Back inside the compound Jim Bowie was now in his third week of typhoid. He lay in his room shaking and sweating on his cot and probably heard nothing of what was going on outside. He was alone when the soldiers entered, under a blanket that probably was shielding even his face from the cold. The soldiers entered warily seeing only a rumpled blanket covering something – possibly a coward who had run and hid when the fighting started. They treated him that way first with bayonets, then a shot which left blood and brains on the wall. The man whose reputation for bravery had led him to this place died without even knowing he was being attacked. The assault had lasted no more than ninety minutes and as many as seventeen defenders survived the battle, but Santa Anna ordered their summary execution. Many historians count Crockett as a member of that hapless contingent, an assertion that still provokes

It was nearly a year later, February 25, 1837, before Texas patriot Captain Juan Seguin

Everything, even the rubber seemed to be rusting in the salt air. He apparently never threw anything away except, possibly, tools. In hidden niches he had stored loose nuts and bolts, screws and caps, shear pins, hinges and bearings. These, too, were fast corroding. The aisles were narrow and hazardous with barely room for one man to walk part of the way to each side, and no room at all for tools. I discovered a fourth reason for his tool shortage when a tired electric drill he was using one afternoon got balky, sputtering off and on, interrupting his work. With no apparent show of temper he unplugged the drill, took a six-pound sledge hammer and carefully, almost fervently, beat the drill to pieces saying repeatedly, “If you’re not going to work for me full time, you’re not going to work for me at all. I’ve got all the part-time help I need.” When he finished destroying his drill he borrowed mine. Hurricane Carla took his treasure trove and maybe him. I never saw him again after the storm. My favorite among the early mechanics on the Island was Jim Farley, who was really a boat builder, and a good one, but he was also a crackerjack mechanic. I trailered my boat by his place on day for him to diagnose the cause of persistent gasoline odor. He leaned a ladder against the boat, climbed aboard, and quickly climbed out.

The Alamo Today brought his company of cavalry to San Antonio and collected what remained of the charred remains. He ordered that the bells in San Fernando Cathedral should peal in their honor throughout the day and hired a carpenter to build a coffin which he covered with black cloth into which he placed the ashes from the two smaller piles. He inscribed the inside of the lid with the names of Travis, Bowie, and Crockett and took it to San Fernando where it lay in state until 4 p.m. when he led the mourners back to the Alamo to the remaining pile of ashes. There he fired three volleys over the remains and buried them on the spot. They did not mark the spot because, after all, who could forget the place where the heroes of the Alamo were buried? It is said the ashes were later exhumed and taken to San Fernando but that is disputed by some historians since it was well recorded that within one generation after the battle the spot was lost to history. Within a few years a peach orchard grew up over the area. Ten years after Texas won its independence and shortly after it was annexed by the United States, U.S. soldiers revived the “Remember the Alamo!” battle cry while fighting against Mexican forces in the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. And each March 6, just before dawn, a group of Texans gathers outside the chapel in downtown San Antonio and fire a volley to remember the men who died there, whose names are enshrined on the Alamo Cenotaph across Alamo Street from the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum. So even now as Texas is the second most populous state in the United States the memories of the men who died in the Alamo are in many ways the beginning of the Texas Myth. And 177 years later Texans still will never forget.


Book continued from A1

Take the fellow who worked on my boat back before Hurricane Carla. I can’t remember his name, but he could disassemble, repair or replace parts and reassemble any outboard motor ever built, and he did it with the half dozen tools which he carried in the pockets of the raunchiest khakis I have ever seen on an American. He had loaned, lost or sold all but the handful of tools he carried on his person. He never laid them down; they went directly back into his pockets for reasons that became dramatically apparent when I saw his workshop.

Fall of the Alamo by Theodore Gentilz

Carefully claiming his ladder, he addressed me in his usual quiet, unhurried manner. “I would like you to take the boat down this street one block, turn left two blocks, unhook the boat from your car and leave it.” The area he was referring to was an open field. “Why there?” I asked. “Because I don’t think the explosion can damage my shop from there,” he said seriously. “What explosion,” I asked nervously. “The one that’s going off when a spark hits that bilge full of raw gasoline you’re hauling around,” he continued. “I’ll leave now,” I said. “I’ll feel better,” he replied, “when you and the bomb are gone.” He and I eventually fractured the tank, watered it down, let the gasoline escape and replaced the leaky gas tank. But not in front of Jim Farley’s shop. Buster Noakes was a top flight mechanic but he had pretty well retired by the time I needed help. Stanley Cope could fix anything. Being the only full-time mechanic in such an isolated place, he had to be qualified to work on most any make, model, or style of automobile, boat or trailer. Stan also had a tow truck for hauling

I could sympathize with Stanley. The winters then were lonely on the Island. A man had to make it in the summer or not at all. Stanley left Port Aransas right after Hurricane Celia tore up the place. I can’t say I blame him.

My all-time favorite, however, was George, or Gee-Oh, as my children called him. Someone had started to hand-letter “George’s Marine” in black paint on the door panel of his bright yellow truck, didn’t plan ahead, and wound up with “Geo. Marine.” To add eye interest the ‘o’ of Geo. was larger then the ‘e’, and both the ‘o’ and the ‘period’ ran paint, giving an odd emphasis to the abbreviation and a homespun character to the entire undertaking.

Somehow you felt a little strange about entrusting a twelve-thousand dollar boat to a fellow who signed his rolling stock in such fashion, but not to worry. Gee-Oh’s shop was as neat and orderly as the earlier one was untidy. The floors were clean, parts were neatly stocked, his tools were properly stowed and George himself was clean shaven and immaculate in starched blue work pants and a pure white cotton shirt. The reason for this cleanliness became apparent the very first time I took my boat to him. George didn’t like to work on boats.

At my insistence one day, he did agree to affect one small and simple repair and change the oil on my boat. He climbed aboard very gingerly, spread clean cloths on the deck to save his trousers when he kneeled, arranged each pant leg to preserve its crease and surveyed the job. He had to squeeze in between the motor and the bulkhead and lower his head below deck level to get at the oil drain-plug. It was an uncomfortable position which he had assumed with great reluctance. But he didn’t hold it. A heavy set, florid faced man, he got to his feet, looked down at me angrily and said very seriously, “Why don’t you sell this d--- boat?”

I didn’t sell the boat, but later that year Gee-Oh sold the garage and opened a tidy, clean, auto parts place near the intersection of Alister and Cotter. The last time I was there George was spruced up in an all-white outfit in the midst of his spotless display. You couldn’t see a speck of grease in the place. He didn’t even have it in stock.

To contact the Port Aransas Museum go to their website at www.partaransasmuseum. org or stop by and see them in the Community Center Complex, 101 E. Brundrett at Alister St., or contact them by Snail Mail at P.O. Box 677, Port Aransas, Texas 78373, call them at 361749-3800, or e-mail them at portamuseum@ If you can’t find them after all that then you’re not trying very hard.

Island Moon

A 8

Read The Moon on Facebook: The Island Moon Newspaper

Landscape Design h Decks and Docks First Time Cleanups h Shade Structures/ Pergola Demolitions & Scraping h Outdoor Kitchens We install: Plants, Palms, Rock, h Boat Lifts Sod, Pavers and Outdoor Decor. h Fences & Gates Yard Maintenance h General D&D Repair Concrete Drives/Patio & Retaining Walls

A poll in late December found strong support for statewide reform

These excessive rates and fees are a burden to seniors on limited incomes – and that does not begin to count the number of older Texans helping their children or grandchildren break free from these high cost loans. A poll in late December found strong support for statewide reform with three out of four Texas voters strongly agreeing that government leaders in Texas should work to lower the interest rates and fees of payday and auto title loans. HB 2019 by Rep. Tom Craddick would do just that.

We’re your full service outdoor solution! Give us a call today. Tim Arlitt - Decks & Docks Specialist 361.229.2530 Sami Wilson - Landscape Designer 361.949.2691

The House Investments and Financial Services Committee were to consider Rep. Craddick’s bill, HB 2019, this month. The bill, which addresses the unreasonably high interest rates and fees of payday and auto title loans, would end the vicious cycle of debt that payday and auto title loans create. Quality & Insured.


It does more to help small-dollar loan borrowers in Texas than any other bill under consideration. Please call 1-888-633-3650 now to be connected toll-free to your state representative. Tell your state representative how you wish for him/her to vote on HB 2019 . You should ask for a yes vote if you believe that it helps consumers by dramatically reducing the cost of these loans.

oPEN 7 dAYS + nOON-2AM Live Music

The April 19 Della Mae April 20 BACK PORCH Krayolas April 26 Bar Houston Marchman April 27 Moon Light Social

Safe Drivers’ Classes

Take a 4 hour class Driver Safety class and qualify for an Automobile Insurance discount which is good for three years. These classes are taught by highly qualified volunteer instructors and are open to all licensed drivers.

The cost of the class is $12 for AARP members and $14 for those who are not AARP members. All licensed drivers are eligible to attend. For information on local classes please call 1-888-227-7669 or Email Dotson: dlewis1@

It’s not too late to sign up for a computer class this spring

The Del Mar Senior Computer Program is offering the following classes during April and May. You can sign up for a class by calling 361698-1328. If you have any questions about the program, please call Dotson Lewis at 361-9497681. The tuition for one 20 hour class is a whopping four bucks.

• Closes the loophole that allows payday and auto title lenders to charge unlimited fees for short-term loans.

Here is the April & May 2013 class schedule. Please register soon to insure a seat in the classroom. •

Windows 7 Basics

April 22 - May 6, 2013 Monday-Wednesday-Friday; 8:30-11:30 am: Instructor: Dotson Lewis

May 4

Introduction to the Internet (Emailing & Surfing the Net)

May 13 - May 27, 2013


Monday-Wednesday-Friday; 8:30-11: 30 am

$2 WackyBar Wednesdays!

Instructor: Dotson Lewis We could also use your help as a volunteer instructor (all of our instructors are volunteers).

Dotson’s note: Shown below are the relocation sites for the activities that were being held at the Ethel Eyerly Senior Center. We will keep you posted as to new changes. Call 361-937-3218 for update information.


132 W. Cotter St.

HB 2019 is being heard in committee. Call now! If you feel Texans deserve fair and responsible lending. Dial 1-888-633-3650 now and be connected toll-free to your representative and urge them to vote YES on HB 2019.

• Ends the cycle of debt for payday and auto title loans.

May 3


• Makes sure that all payday and auto title lenders in Texas respect usury protections in the Texas Constitution and state law.

You are eligible to take any or all of these classes if you have been around 50 or more years. The state of the art class rooms are located on the South Campus of Del Mar College, 3209 South Staples. That is just across Staples from Ray High School.

HB 2019:

The Thomas Michael Riley

April 18, 2013

Do Texans Deserve Affordable Short-Term Loans?

Payday and auto title loan businesses prey on economically vulnerable citizens, destabilizing families and undermining the local economy with loans that carry excessive fees—adding up to a cost of more than 500% APR. What’s more, older Texans are adversely affected by these loans - 1 in 5 payday and auto title borrowers in Texas is age 50+.

Serving: Padre Island, Flour Bluff, Port Aransas, Mustang Island and Rockport.

Larry Joe Taylor

Senior Moments

By Dotson Lewis

9 9 9 9 9 9

Relocation Sites Ethel Eyerly Senior Center Activities For Persons Age 50 and Over

Great Seafood and Burgers

Daily Activities NUTRITIOUS MEALS SERVED For Persons Age 60 and Over AT 11:30 p.m.

Libations Amusements 18 Holes of Minature Golf

Prime Rib Wednesdays Twice-Baked Potato & Salad Open 11 am - 2 am $15.95 Kitchen Closes @ 1 am


Waldron Baptist Church, 2042 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY Silver Haired Fitness-10-11 a.m.

One Bite & You’re Hooked

Caribbean Baptist Church-3125 Waldron Rd (Flour Bluff) MONDAY Computer Interest Group 12:30-2:00 p.m. Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely (Near Cullen Middle School)

2034 State Highway 361

Chair Volleyball –12:30 p.m.

361 749- Taco (8226)

Waldron Baptist Church 2042 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) TUESDAY Table Games-12-1:30 p.m.

Waldron Baptist Church 2042 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) Zumba Gold (Co-Ed.) 10:30 a.m. ($20.00/mo, or $3.00/session) St. Paul the Apostle Church 2233 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) Table Tennis– 12:00 p.m. Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely Road Dr. (Near Cullen Middle School)





             Michelle Matthews 

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Hours Tuesday‐Friday    10am‐6pm    Saturday                  9am‐2pm   

Walk‐Ins Welcome * Late Appointments Available  

WEDNESDAY Art Class 1-3 p.m. (TBA) AARP #4181 @ 1 p.m. 2nd Wednesday @ St. Paul the Apostle Church, 2233 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) Next Meeting Wednesday, April 10th THURSDAY Wii Bowling-12:30 pm -1:30 pm

Waldron Baptist Church 2042 Waldron Rd. (Flour Bluff) Table Games- 12-4 pm

14813 S.P.I.D.  Corpus Christi, TX 78418  (Next Door to Island Wash)  Salon: 361‐949‐4890 

Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely Road Dr. (Near Cullen Middle School) FRIDAY Table Tennis– 12:00 p.m. Bingo-12:30-1:30 p.m. Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely Road Dr. (Near Cullen Middle School)

April 18, 2013

P.I.E. Members Salute An Army Nurse

Island Moon

The Padre Island Cyclists Saturday, April 20

On April 12th the P.I.E. (Padre Island Enrichment) members held their monthly luncheon at the Island’s Holiday Inn Beach Hotel. The program was speaker Diane Klutz, author of the book “ Round Eyes-An American Nurse in Vietnam”. Diane shared her story of her adventures as a member of the Army Nurse Corps during the Vietnam War. Her presetation was at times comical but was always filled with heartwarming compassion. Thank you Diane for serving our country. How fortunate her patients were to have had her as their nurse. On May 10th the program will be a FASHION SHOW presented by Jo Ann’s Chic Boutique Upscale Resale/Retail Store. Eight P.I.E. members will be modeling clothes from Jo Ann’s Store. Make your reservations by noon on Wednesday, May 8th to PIELuncheon@aol. com. For more information call Sheila at 9492702.

The Padre Island Cyclists pictured range in age from 10 to 75 years. Riders pictured from left to right include (Large group on Whitecap Blvd.) Joe Mendez, Mary, Rick, and Tristan Perez, Billy Koberick, Tony VanderZyl, Bill Koberick, Hunter Perez, and Darryl Goede and (Small group at National Seashore) Joe Mendez, Jon Mitchell, and Tony VanderZyl.

Two Sisters Vintage Vintage furniture, home decor and unique gifts

Frozen Yogurt

It’s A Sweet Life!  

10% Off With This Coupon 14457 SPID Suite 111 + 361-949-4644


Planes, Picnic and Pickling Planned for Airport Open House

When you think of Padre Island, you think of recreation and outdoor activities. The Padre Island Cyclists are a part of that Island culture. The Island weather is conducive to year-around cycling (Well maybe except for the wind sometimes). Padre Island Cyclists can be seen riding around Padre Bali Park, down to the sea wall, down Park Road 22 to the National Seashore, or just around the Padre Isles streets. The Cyclists ride for fun, for exercise, and for camaraderie. Padre Island Cyclists stress safety, along with the fun and exercise. They wear helmets and bright clothing, use lights and mirrors, and obey traffic laws. They would like to ask motorists to watch out for them, and remember that cyclists have just as much right to the road under the law as motor vehicles. If you would like to be part of this action, you can join Padre Island Cycling Club (PICC) at http://

Pictured: Diane Klutz autographing her book “Round Eyes-An American Nurse In Vietnam” for P.I.E. members.

10 Flavors of Frozen Yogurt and over 50 Toppings. No-sugar-added & gluten free options Now Serving Shakeology The Healthiest Meal of the Day

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With this Coupon 14457 S. Padre Island Dr. Ste. 107 Corpus Christi, TX 78418 N. Padre Island


Live music will then kick off with Corpus cover-guitarist Trey Maresh and visiting headliner Hyatt Eddleman of San Antonio. As the day progresses, don’t be surprised if other local musical talents join in for a tarmac jam session!

A small group of aviation and airport enthusiasts are organizing an Open House— or rather an “Open Hangar”-- at the Mustang Beach Airport in Port Aransas Saturday April 20th.

This event is open to the public and all visitors to the airport are encouraged to park along Piper Boulevard (the west end of Beach Access 1-A); do not drive your vehicles on the airport among the aircraft. There should be many interesting airplanes to check out and some may even commit random acts of aviation for the crowd; bring your lawn chairs and families and enjoy an afternoon at the airport!

This event is sponsored by Mr. Mark Creighton, Mr. Bryant Gaines, Beaches Café, SkyeView Aviation, Skydive South Texas, Mr. Mark Seaman, A-1 Norm’s Portables, VFW Post 8967, Amelia’s Landing Hotel, Coffee Waves and Coastal Ed’s. Any other businesses or individuals who’d like to lend their support or set up a display/ booth should contact Jason Towns at 361-537-3776.

The fellowship kicks off with a welcome coffee at 9:00AM for what organizers hope to be an armada of private pilots arriving with their birds from around the State. Aviators will then be encouraged to use a discounted rental Golf Cart or the Port A trolley to get out and see the beach or make a visit to the downtown area. For the afternoon, a Shrimp Boil hosted by Beaches Restaurant Owner and Airport Advisory Board member Bob Petitt will begin with plates offered at around $10. The Port Aransas VFW Post #8967 will be selling refreshments throughout the afternoon as well. If the shrimp runs out, all are welcome to bring their own picnic baskets, too!

TAX PROTEST SERVICE Would you like your property taxes  lowered?  The Rental Management Company is  very excited to offer to you our  professional Property Tax Protest  service.


The Third Coast Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force, based just across the Bay at Ingleside Airport, will be on hand with a vintage Stearman PT-17 World War II bi-plane. Rides in the aircraft can be enjoyed for a small donation to the non-profit aviation heritage organization.

Please contact our office at   361/949‐9050 for details or visit 

& Wine Bar

Get the attention you deserve.

Selling a home? Want results?

2 Living Areas!

14978 Topgallant


Considering a move to the Island? Let me help you find your piece of Paradise - waterfront or interior homes, condos, townhouses, lots

-SUNDAY BRUNCH11:00 - 3:00 PM

-THURSDAYMARTINI MADNESS! $6 executive martinis

Call 361-949-7281

Mary Melick Real Estate

Mary Ann McShane, Realtor, GRI, SRES e-mail: Corpus Christi Realty Group

Including: Mimosas, Champagne Cocktails and House Specialty Champagne Martinis

-MONDAYALL WINES 1/2 PRICE by the glass or by the bottle


Considering selling your Island Property? Call me for a free consultation to obtain the current market value along with tips to make your property the one buyers will put on their “must see” list


Wine Flights Every Day

Island Office (361) 215-8629


3500 Island Moorings Parkway at The Island Moorings Yacht Club & Marina in Port Aransas


Monday, Thursday, Friday 4 pm - 10 pm Saturday Noon - 10 pm Sunday 11 am - 10 pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Island Creations Remodeling

Total Renovation & Remodels, Outdoor Kitchens & Spas, Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades, Sunporches, Replacement of Windows and Doors, Roofing, Painting & Stucco

Landscaping Insured Member, Padre Island Business Association Member, Builders Association, Corpus Christi


Design work, Yard Maintenance, Decks, Pergolas, Installation of Rock, Grass, Plants, Trees, Walkways, Paths, Tree Trimming, Container Planting, Vacant Lot Mowing & Shade Covers. All Kinds of Fencing, Pressure Washing & Deck Staining & Sealing


Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, Patio Overlays, Decorative Stamping & Staining, Decks, Bulkheads, Grouted Stone Walls & Patios, Decorative Stone Paver Driveways & Patios

Owned & Operated by Island Residents David & Katherine Pierce References Available Upon Request Commercial & Residential

Doing Everything a Home or Business Needs

Island Moon

A 10

April 18, 2013

COLDWELL BANKER ISLAND, REALTORS  14945 S. Padre Island Dr., Corpus Chris�, TX  78418 

(361) 949‐7077 or  (800) 580‐7077 


Just listed waterfront with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Master up with great view of canal. Boat dock with boat lift. Priced at $349,900. Call Terry Cox.

15713 Cuttysark 3/2.5/1 lovely Island home. New roof 2010, new exterior paint 2012. Large yard with room for a pool. Call Laura Wallace (361) 815-2116.

15901 Cuttysark beautifully updated 3/2/2 with covered patio, boat lift, circular driveway and fabulous view of “lake-like” canal. $349,900. Call Cindy 549-5557.

13918 El Soccorro Loop 4 bedroom, 4 bath home with oversized 2 car garage, inground pool, hot tub and boat lift. $675,000. Cindy Molnar 549-5557.

15905 Punta Bonaire $570,000. 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, concrete saltwater pool, boat lift, too many extras to list. Call Charlie Knoll 443-2499.

Beautiful Golf Course Home! 4/2.5/2, two living, covered patio, crown molding, granite countertops! 14006 Rudder Ct. $315,000. Call Shonna today 510-3445 to see.

Padre Island Waterfront. Three bedrooms w/two baths. Loft area on 2nd floor. Deck w/plenty of room for a dock/boatlift. Priced at $274,900. Terry Cox. 13570 Camino De Plata.

13821 Hawksnest Bay new construction by Seaquist Homes. 3-2-2 w/multipurpose room. Covered patio. Rocked front + landscaped. Lots of tile. Cheryl 563-0444.

WOW! Beautiful home, attention to design & detail. 4/3.5/2, Spanish courtyard, pool, covered boat lift. Gas cooktop. 14837 Aquarius. Call Pam Morgan 361215-8116.

14225 Avenida De San Nico The Island’s best kept secret. Unique home on 27,887 sq.ft lot bordering the Wildlife Refuge. $398,000. Call Cindy Molnar 549-5557.

One of a kind waterfront. 3-33 + mother-in-law apartment. Lot & a half. Master down. 2830 sq.ft. Boatlift. Steam bath & workout area. Cheryl 563-0444.

New Construction 13917 Suntan. 3/2 plus study-2,421 sf. Open, split plan. Granite throughout, crown molding, arches, covered patio. Call Pam Morgan 215 -8116.

13826 Flintlock. 3/2/2 with open floor plan, granite counters, beautiful sports pool with lots of cool decking, screened in porch and lush landscaping. Call Charlie Knoll 443-2499. $230,000

Great get-a-way. Two bedroom unit completely furnished at Surfside Condos. Great to use or to rent. Awesome pool, close to beach. Priced at $134,900. Call Terry Cox at 549-7703.

Santa Fe custom canal house on Cayo Cantiles with salt water pool, spa + outdoor fireplace. Casual one story living at its best. Call Dorothy 563-8486.

Walk to the beach from this up scale, fully furnished, 2/2, Aransas Princess 5th floor unit. 2 pools, hot tub, tennis. $335,000. Charlene 361-2442344.

25,570 sq.ft. feet int. lot in Coquina Bay. Two story with 4 bdrms-2207 sq. feet- $209,000. Call Dorothy @ 563-8486.

Over 2400 sq.ft. w/4 bdrms, 3 baths, study. Custom cabinetry, granite, French door to patio. New construction on Coquina Bay! $245,000. Beth 779-4943.

722 St. Lucy $149,400. 3/2.5/1, 1624 sq.ft. of living area. Two living areas, all bedrooms up, nice landscaping, above ground pool. Charlie Knoll 443-2499.

Tropical Waterfront Dream. Stunning views on lake like canal. Immaculate 1-story, 2090 sf, 3/2 open plan. Courtyard entrance, pool, lift. Call Pam Morgan 2158116.

16109 Broomsedge. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage. 1600 sq.ft. of living area. Tile and granite throughout. Open floor plan. $189,900. Charlie Knoll 443-2499.

New Construction –13913 Suntan. 4/2.5/2, split plan, 2351 sf, granite counters throughout, crown molding. $235,000. Call Pam Morgan 215-8116.

Mediterranean Beauty—3-2.5-2 East facing patio & deck on large water. Master down. Free flowing floorplan. Courtyard entrance. Call Cheryl 361-563-0444.

Waterfront 4-3.5-2 on a cul-desac. Great view. Fireplace, wet bar, 2 living, office, sideyard. Lots of decking. Moor a sailboat + a boat lift. Cheryl 563-0444.

121 Gulfstream $209,900 Beautiful 1st floor unit, ss appliances/granite countertop. Updated furnishings. Easy pool/beach access. Call Shonna 510-3445.

Extraordinary canal location/ view-highly customized-s/s kitchen with granite and much moresurprises abound-call Dorothy 563-8486.

14945 S. Padre Island Dr.  Corpus Chris�, TX  78418  (361) 949‐2131   (877) 269‐2131 Superior Service, Outstanding Reputa�on since 1999  Looking for Professional Long Term Property Management Services? 

Our services include:   Tenant Qualifying   Collec�ons of Rents   Coordina�ng Repairs & Maintenance   Professional Itemized Monthly Statements    Marke�ng/Adver�sing 

Looking for Long Term Rental Property?  Below are some of our available rentals: 

15010 Leeward #204  1/1  $950 

13533 Camino De Plata  4/2.5/2  $2400 

15838 Punta Espada  3/2/2  $2400 

Beach Club #214  1/1  $850 

Palm Bay #701  1/1  $1000   

13958 Fortuna Bay #D  1/1  $700   

15125 Crossjack-New construction 3-2.5-2. Split floor plan. Lots of tile. Granite countertops. Covered patio. Fireplace. Gas cooktop. Call Cheryl 563-0444.

Four sided brick w/formal dining! 3/2/2 w/extra parking and large backyard! 13914 Skysail. $185K. Call Shonna 510-3445 to see today.

Pride of Ownership in great family home on 1 acre. Updated features & barn for horse. 4/2.5/3 at 3849 Walking Oaks. $349,000. Pam Morgan.

Island Moon 4-18-2013 Section A  
Island Moon 4-18-2013 Section A