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April 17, 2014

Island Moon

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Sandfest 2014 Photos by Tim Burdick, Miles Merwin, Ronnie Narmour, Jason Towns

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By Riley P. Dog A 12

Island Moon by Dale Rankin

Foundation, International Falls, Minnesota. It was a good week My friends there will send them to me. Don’t for we Island dogs. I There are a lot of things happening on our forget…hotdogs…International Falls. went to Stingrays up in Port Aransas where Island this week. Here are a few of them. Don’t send anything to the cats. Stoopid cats my friend Deb slipped me a good supply of Medium Puzzle 6,971,286,254 Dasmarinas speed humps pizza bones. There were a lot of By Chad Peters humans yelling at a little square Drivers on Dasmarinas north of Whitecap will thing on the wall with people“OK all Chad , I’ve No way! They are way more efficient, so that five new speed humps are now in notice dressed alike running aroundread on your column paddling to the waves wouldn’t give them theCongratulations to Dave Zeiler for his place. it. Humans are funny. now for a few weeks, persistence in getting it done.

Are you wasting time on a treadmill?

I got kicked out of two other you seem like a nice places but that was okay guy, maybe too rah because my humans left with rah for my tastes but me. in and wellSometimes meaning. dogs Yougetseem to know your stuff sometimes we todon’t. but sure seem add aI lotcan’t of different ideas to figure out. regimen and seem a little all over your itfitness My humans me and the Little the place. leftAre seriously going to buck the Yappy Dog home twoof nights in a equipment in the most popular piece exercise row but we got planet even. Iearth? peed the history of the Tell me it aint so, I floor and the 2Little just dropped grandYappy on myDog AwesomeO 2000!!”

same workout it gives me. MIX IT UP!! New machines, new workouts, new places! Try stuff.

No police boat Now let’s get back to the treadmill, because Corpus Christi Floyd Simpson poked the final you still love it and your AwesomeOhole 2000 in the hull of a police boat to patrol Island looks great overlooking the canal in thecanals back.when he told the Island Strategic Action Explore the face of your machine – see Web the up Committee (ISAC) this that he doesn’t Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Playweek Online and down arrows? Use them! Speed up/Incline have the manpower to staff it. It could happen up/resistance/preset program challenges?!sooner THE or later but as of now it will be later. He keys … Try a 1 min fast, 1 minute slow. told – setthe a group that he would prefer to have a new record for a 5K on it. Hold on to thepolice sidesstorefront on The Island and is currently

looking for a location and then will be looking for volunteers to help staff it. He said his goal is to ultimately have an “Island Cop” who is the main police contact for citizens on The Island.

pooped the back porch. We dogs OkourIslanders got ways. and guests, I’m not saying the

treadmill is worthless, I’m not saying it’s not I tried to blame the wet spot on worthy of its at theme “Park the cat but theplace cat ratted out. Place/Boardwalk corner” in the gym. At 100 degrees and 100% Stoopid Cat! humidity on the island for 4-5 months I use this I gotalltothe gotime. back and see Dr. tool

© Web Sudoku 2014 -

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Fitness is changing at an insane rate right now

could mosey your way to fitness. If your one of the millions of people who “work out” like this and wonder why you haven’t got a lick better over the last few years, this is going to be a wake up call. YES, you need cardio. You need to get your Heart rate up and breathe a little deeper. Here’s a few better options than an hour or two at a snails pace.

Code enforcement

Simpson also said as of February 1 CCPD has taken over code enforcement. That means they now can help police dumping and other formerly non-police offenses and that trespassing is at the top of the list.

nice human friend Deb.

And speaking of trespassing; the No Trespassing signs that went up on private property all over The Island two weeks ago are Samurai Sudoku now gone. The half-life of a No Trespassing sign hereabouts is about the same as a Cheeto in a flock of seagulls.


Fire hydrants safely. Ask your training to help you mix it up – 6 8 they’re sick of boring and slow as well! A recent test of Island fire hydrants found that 8% failed inspection due to corrosion. The

Traditional half-shell season is here!

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All dogs take notice! Jerky Treats to Return, Veterinarians Provide Advice

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Stay tuned.

Island Dog Shelter The Island Moon Facebook page – theislandmoonnewspaper –© Web Sudoku has 2014 -become 561,424,757 the Island bulletin board and EvilbyPuzzle watching it everyday it has become apparent that the number of abandoned dogs on The Island is going and quickly. Some are being 1 of 1 up steadily 4/16/2014 9:15 AM abandoned by puppy farms when they become too old to sell and others, sadly, just simply because people don’t want them anymore and know that if they dump them on The Island we won’t let them starve. Indeed a large number of good-hearted Islanders are taking the dogs in until they can find permanent homes.

Abandon all Hope

But we are reaching a tipping point where that system won’t work much longer. We need an animal facility where volunteers can take care of them while they are looking for a home.

There are plenty of people who will/are helping http://www.samurai-su but they can only have so many dogs in their homes. If we had a place where the dogs could be kept there is no shortage of volunteers. © Web Sudoku 2014 -

Wednesday, 16th April 2014

Maybe that would be a good place for a No Kill 3 shelter as well. 1 of 1 4/16/2014 9:16 AM Something is going to1have to be done and7now is the time to start thinking about what is the 6 2 4 best thing to do. Any ideas?


7 3 Hal Linden, TV’s 2 “Barney Miller”, 6 9 Brings Broadway 8 6 8 Hits7 and Big Band 9 2 Sound to the Island 9 3 9 4 University

8 3



Texas 1A&M University-Corpus Christi’s ninth 5 season of The Gloria and Robert R. Furgason Bravo! Series 2 presents “An Evening with4 Hal Linden”, Tony and Emmy Award Winning 3 Broadway and Film 1Star and TV’s “Barney Miller” on Friday, Feb. 14, at 7:30 p.m. in the 6 9 Performing Arts Center. 8



1 5 9

8 5

Backed by a 7-piece band, Linden, a former 3 1 big band singer and instrumentalist with the 5 2 will 1 provide decades 9 8 Sammy Kaye Orchestra, worth of knowledge and talent and an entire 6 2 concert filled with an assortment of poise, entertainment and timeless big band, Broadway, 5 jerky treats 1 1 7 5 The controversy surrounding for 2 and jazz standards. pets has resumed following an announcement 3 9 will soon 7 8 9 at 2 Tickets are available for purchase online that two major pet treat manufacturers or by calling (361) 825-ARTS return their products 9 to stores’ shelves. 4 2 Arts Center5 box or stopping by the Performing The treats in question had been voluntarily office Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 recalled, though members of the public were p.m. General reserved-seat tickets range from warned by the Food and Drug Administration $26-$36; student tickets are $7 with a valid Across through a report that approximately 4,500 dogs SandDollar ID. 67. Breath in (6) 34. Potion (6) 1. Number (7) and nearly 600 dogs had reportedly gotten sick 71. Relating to one of the 36. Yield (4) 3. Lariat (5) Traffic continued from A1 had died, allegedly from consuming jerky treats. bones in the forearm(5) 39. Irritated (7)

Great Seafood ers on Prime rgSpecials nd BuRib aWednesday 5 PM until it

9 9 9 9 9 9

The City of Port Aransas sold about $900,000 in stickers last year while Corpus Christi sold Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online onlyWebabout $700,000. That has led to some grumbling in Port A that splitting the sticker revenue according to linear feet of beach maintained by each entity might need a review.

Developer Paul Schexnailder has agreed to Samurai Sudoku donate land near the water tower for a dog park.

3 8 4 As always, I hope this column has you re- became Do circuits – move between weighted exercises matter an issue after a storage facility do severe damage with minimal rest and work different body parts thinking your routine and what you can 7 over the summer 3 suffered guys, the nearest fire hydrant was unusable (have a pro set up a routine for you if you’re with your tools and your body. Be safebecause the Bridge 7 6 3 don’t get hurt, but don’t get stuck wasting time unsure) – this is quick and fast Under and incredibly due to corrosion. on something that’s not helping you. Use the effective. Serving South Texas Seafood for The next check will be1for water2pressure after time you dedicate to getting your body better to a local builder said he had to install a pump in Lift Heavier – look, you’re not going to load Over 30upYears actually making yourself better, not just slowly 7 a new building because the water 9pressure from 300 lbs on the bench if you cant do the bar, but spinning the wheels and getting nowhere! the nearest hydrant was not sufficient to get Open Daily 11:00 - 10:00 much like a slow slow pace on a treadmill, 20 water Dr. Chad Peters DC, CSCS is one of the co-to the second floor in case of a fire. reps of you curling a pink dumbbell isn’t getting if you’re going to have a fire and don’t have you what you want and may be just a little better owners of armadillo sport chiropractic.So Dr. Dr. make sure it starts on the first floor but a pump than doing nothing. Be smart and use help but Peters grew up in Huron, South Dakota. remember, fire burns up. if you’re going to use your most precious gifts Peters is active in triathlon events, running, 50 and performance type training. (time/body) – make it count. Newest research weightlifting 5 4 even shows, heavy weight training improved He works out nearly every day and pushes an active lifestyle. His love for sports is what 9 2 7 cardio! led him down a path in this field, although Change the monotony – If you’ve beenAlsodoing chiropractic is his profession, one of his main 6 7 4 the same routine for years, youScoopy’s are incredibly Veranda passions in is human performance. This has led 4 2 efficient at it and you areWith not using the same Sweet Treats,himSoups, to recently get a CSCS certification from amounts of energy that you once did – You think the National Strength Coaches Association. 1 2 6 Salads & toSandwiches Pro surfers need to work as hard as I do get You may contact him at armadillosportchiro@ to the big waves? 7 1

Snoopy’s Scoopy’s


A move to raise the price of Hard beach Puzzleparking 8,463,737,386 stickers from the current $12 has been underway for about a year but is getting nowhere fast. It will take agreement of the cities of Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, and Nueces County to do it and so far it doesn’t appear they are talking. Even after they agree it will take about a year to get the approval of the Texas General Land Office which must sign off on the deal.

© Web Sudoku 2014 -

The ISAC this week recommended that some and then blast a 20 sec. sprint – add the treadmill Difficulty: Hard ATVs be allowed to remain on the beach but into your gym circuit routines. (3x30 sec at a only if they are low speed. The question is how 6 8 fast pace along with weighted exercises as to part distinguish between a low-speed ATV and a 1 of 1 of a circuit is a HUGE hormone stimulator and 1 and it has now been 3 forwarded 4 high-speed ATV good for you!), walk backwards. The treadmill to the City Attorney’s office for a legal opinion. 9 5 7 has so much to offer if you use it correctly and

Friday & Saturday Only From 5pm until gone $6 per dozen Daily lunch specials 11-2

April 17, 2014

Beach sticker prices

Get some Nootropics

He also said the PD is looking into the use of Evil Puzzle 1,116,871,687 cameras to catch No Wake violators as part of a department-wide computer system upgrade that should be in place by the end of the year.

Christi again because I found What Ione amoftrying to do Iislost. make all of us more another the pounds Iefficient think it and might haveeffective been theat what we do – more pizza couldshortcuts, have I am bones. crazy Or for ittricks, and MED’s been the stuff I foundDoses) when Ithat give us more (Minimum Effective went trash in the office time in ourdiving lives and get us all better results. last week. Boy did I get in trouble What I am going to say is, “you for that. But I scored a piece of may be wasting time could dothat be made doingmy something better.” an oldand hamburger stomach feel funny. got toare stop writing –I there some crazynow fadsmy and there are some nose starting to throb from greatisleaps in knowledge, sports science and hitting the space bar.days Please application. The of send spending an hour on me some hotdogs. Justpace, put them a treadmill at a low while having a coffee in a box with Not Hotdogs and reading a paper needs to change. The on the outside and send them This is my “slow advice to the and Savesteady” Riley P. Dog NEVER meant you



Moon Crossword

6. Small mallet (5)

Ultimately, 9. anWoodland identifying cause deity (5) of the illnesses 12. never Large found. spider (9) and deaths was Some human foods Household implement are toxic to15.pets; onions, garlic, (7)chocolate, 16. Fruit (7) raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, the sugar 17. Stress substitute xylitol, and (8) raw or undercooked food 18. Notion (4) for pets. can create major problems 1 of 1

20. Subjects (6) 24. Frighten (5) 26. Uncommon (4) 28. Evocative (8) 30. Happen (5) 32. Ripe (6) 33. Season (6)

Down 1. Countries (7) 2. Scope (5) 3. South American animal (5) 4. Unintelligent (6) 5. Portent (4) 6. Fuel (3) 7. Small settlement (7) 8. Jumped (5) 9. Arachnid with a sting in the tail (8) 10. Beverage (3) 11. State of public disorder (4) 13. Defensive wall (7) 14. Referee (6) 19. Ill-fated (6) 21. Hoard (5) 22. Flightless bird (7) 23. Ally (6)

Passing lanes (6) on “The Landing 72.Strip” Compliant (8) 41. Fraudulence

74. corridor Item of footwear (4) 42. Crafty (3) Other improvements along the SH 361 75.Aransas, Irrational motive (5) 43. Bombastic between North (6) Padre Island and Port (6) 47. Prank (5) colloquially called The Landing Strip78.byAllow locals, 80. Greek letter (4) 49. Forthright (6) include $10.5 million, currently not funded, 81. Pupils (8) 51. Eerie (6) to 52. add two “Super Passing Lanes” to State 86. Arms (7) Sailing vessel (5) Highway 361 between the SPID intersection on (7) 88. Graceful 55. Canny (6) North Padre (3) and Port Aransas. The90. lanes will (9) Stubborn 56. Perform allow for faster moving slower (5) 91. Fragment 57. Colony of rabbits (6) vehicles to pass moving vehicles without having to92. cross into Tripod (5) 59. Bane (7) the63.lane of oncoming traffic, or forcing slower(5) 93. Recess Serene (4) 94. new Thin (7) 65. Dialect (6) onto the shoulder. The moving traffic 1266.lanes Measly (6) be spaced periodically along the foot will 18-mile stretch has beendirection (5) 25. Before time of (5) road. No timetable 58. Compass set27. forQuick the project. (5) 60. Musical note (5) of threesolution to allow61. Reverberation It29. is aGroup temporary easing of the (4) musicians (4) Severe (6) increasingly busy roadway with 62. a permanent 31. Lap (7) 64. Spear (5) solution of a five-lane roadway 68. all Memory along the 32. Intended (5) loss (7) area to be done at a later time. That permanent 35. Ice hut (5) 69. Musical instrument (8) configuration turn (6) 37. Decree (5)will also include Court game lane 38. and Ado will (4) cost an estimated $48 73.million. Flags (7) 40. Callow (5) 76. Non-professional (7) Ferry improvements77. Unchanging (6) 44. Twelve dozen (5) 45. Glitter (7)plan is $4.2 million79. of the senses (5) Also in the inOne available 46. Doglike mammal (5) 82. TypeinofPort bee (5) funding for upgrades in the ferry system 48. Part The of a castle or of the money 83. Grab Aransas. majority will be(5) used (4) and repair the ferry landings, 84. Exchange tofortress upgrade with(4) 50. Mother-of-pearl (5) Sew (4) $30,000 to be used to automate the85.information 53. Out of fashion (5) 87. Simian (3) systems informing approaching 89. motorists of 54. Rearing (7) Snakelike fish (3) the55.wait time. The Desert plant (6) new system will include a

Bluetooth application that will automatically update display signs placed along roadway leading to the landings every fifteen minutes and will also pay for additional signs. That work is expected to begin as early as this summer. Also in the plan but not currently funded is $6 million for new ferry landings since the current number of ferries exceeds the number of landings (5). Another $2.2 million, currently unfunded, is needed to the acquisition of and for more space for cars waiting to board the boats.

The current ferry system has two 28-vehicle ferries and six 20-vehicle ferries. Up to seven ferries can operate at one time. The plan calls for $39 million for new ferries to supplement the fleet and replacing aging boats currently in use, and another $7.3 million to decrease wait time including the addition of 22 traffic control personnel.


April 17, 2014

Island Moon


Take Your Pick, Williams or Wayne in divorce. One has a life-size statue in the foyer of the Baseball Hall of Fame and the other, a life-size statue, on a horse, in front of the Great Western Bank Building on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. One hit a home run in his last at-bat of a Major League game and the other went out with guns a-blazing in his last film, “The Shootist.” Both had the support of lifelong friends. Ted Williams had teammates Bobby Doerr, Dom DiMaggio, and Johnny Pesky, while John Wayne enjoyed the company of Harry Carey, Jr., Ward Bond, and Ronald Reagan.

Theodore Samuel Williams was born August They were both, tall, masculine, good-looking 30, 1918. He became a professional baseball men. They each stood over 6’4”. Both started player, U.S. Marine fighter pilot, and fly their careers in 1939. One became famous on fisherman. Ted died at the age of 84 of cardiac a movie set in Hollywood during the filming arrest, July 5, 2002. of “Stagecoach” and the other, Marion Robert “Duke” Morrison on baseball diamonds across the was born May 26, 1907. He country with the Boston Red became an actor, artist, and patriot. Sox. One was shot down, for John died at the age of 72 of lung real, flying a plane in the Korean cancer, June 11, 1979. War, while the other was shot Throughout the years, as Ted down on a World War II movie grew older, he was asked by set in “Flying Tigers.” Both were reporters, “How do you want to American as baseball, apple pie, be remembered by baseball fans?” and Chevrolet. They both grew up His answer was always the same, in poverty during their early years “When people see me walk down and each received their formal the street, I want them to say, education in California. They ‘There goes the best damn hitter stood for justice, hard work, fair that ever lived.’” It’s a cinch that play, courage, patriotism and the if he wasn’t considered the best, American Way. One earned two Ted Williams it surely didn’t take long to call Triple Crown Awards in baseball roll. There is a great story of a and the other, two Oscar nominations in acting. One was selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame blind man who came to every Red Sox game. Museum in 1966, and the other received a When asked why, he said he came to see Ted People’s Choice Award for the most popular Williams. He then went on to explain that he always knew when Ted came out motion picture actor in 1976. to the on-deck circle, when Ted One became an MVP in Major stepped into the batters box and League baseball, twice, and the of course when Ted hit, all by other received his profession’s listening to the crowd. highest honor in 1970, an Oscar. Both owned boats and loved to When Wayne was also asked the fish. They each were outspoken, same questions by reporters in controversial, admired, and his later years, he replied: “Feo, revered as one of the best in their Fuerte y Formal,” a Spanish profession. One has an airport proverb which means, “He was named after him in Los Angeles ugly, strong and had dignity.” and the other, a tunnel in Boston. It appears that both men were greatly loved in the eyes of their They were both loud, had fans. Wayne wanted very much nicknames, and preferred those to go to Annapolis and become over their real names. One carried John Wayne an officer in the Navy; but after a gun most days to work, the being denied, he chose to make other a bat. Both have museums movies and support the USO to honoring their lifetime accomplishments. They have both written books and had many books fulfill his need for being a part of the American written about them, some good, and some bad. military. He even had an Army RAH-66 Both were raised primarily by their mothers, Helicopter named after him, “The Duke.” Ted but each had a male mentor (Tom Yawkey and Williams on the other hand, actually lived the John Ford, respectively) who helped them attain character that John Wayne portrayed in the legendary status in their chosen professions. movies. Ted served as a U.S. Marine fighter Their images appeared on many products over pilot during both World War II and the Korean the years. Williams’s image could be found War, flying a propeller-driven F4U Corsair and a on soft drinks, all types of Sears sporting F9F Panther jet aircraft. Was one man anymore goods equipment, baseball cards, and national famous than the other? I doubt it. Both will be magazines. Wayne’s image was seen on lunch remembered forever. boxes, chocolates, cigarettes, playing cards, Andy Purvis is a local author and radio and comic books. One had a television show personality. His newest book “Greatness about fishing and the other, a radio show about Continued” is now available to order online detectives. One received the Medal of Freedom at,, Google Books, in 1991 from President George Herbert Bush, Booksamillion, etc. You may also purchase and the other received the Congressional Gold all three books at Beamer’s Sports Grill 5922 Medal in 1979 from Congress. One was elected S Staples or the local Barnes & Noble store. to the All-Century Team; the other received a Please visit for more square on the Hollywood Walk of Stars. info or contact him at purvis.andy@mygrande. Both were very active in the fight against net. Listen to Dennis Quinn & Andy Purvis Q cancer. One helped finance the “Jimmy Fund” & A Session each Thursday 6-8 PM on ESPN in New England, while the other supported the 1440 KEYS. John Wayne Cancer Hospital in California. Both were married three times, and all ended


Member of Padre Island Business Association

Call Island Resident Tom Sheehan for all kinds of home remodeling.


A 13

Sports Talk

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon

Ted Williams (The Kid) is, was, and always will be, one of the greatest hitters that ever lived. Most people agreed that he had forgotten more about hitting a baseball than most players would ever learn. Ted’s temperamental, highstrung nature combined with his immense confidence in his beliefs propelled him to the top of the world of Major League Baseball. When Ted stepped into a batters box, he knew he had to be perfect. John Wayne (The Duke), on the other hand, was labeled “The Greatest Cowboy Star of All Time.” His loyalty to this country and the American West made him a legend of the big screen. The power of his raw presence screamed the words American, honor, dignity, and strength. They were both American heroes in every sense of the word: One in real life and the other in the minds of the public. The similarities were remarkable.

Whiskey, Women, and Motorcycles: The Career of Lew Jenkins By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: Since the Senior Moments article this week tells part of the story of the Great Depression, I thought it would be appropriate to relate the story of one of my good friends in the Army (we first met in 1948 in Japan). When we first met, Lew was “Buck (3 stripes) Sergeant” and I was a T/5 (“T Model Corporal”). We were both “jocks,” I was on TDY (Temporary Duty) with the post baseball team as a player, and Sgt. Jenkins was also on TDY with the baseball team as the trainer. I learned more about life (not all good, but very enlightening) in the six months I spent with Lew, than I had learned in my 18 (almost 19) previous years. Here’s the condensed story, all true, of the life of a West Texas kid who grew up in the Great Depression. Lew Jenkins was one of the most naturally talented, tough as nails fighters the boxing world has ever seen. He was also one of its greatest hell-raisers, widely known for his infamous run-ins with police, lack of training, womanizing, and getting in the ring so drunk he could barely stand. Lew Jenkins was born in Texas in 1916. His family were farm laborers and they spent many years living in wagons and tents, traveling from farm to farm to harvest cotton.

In 1942, the downward spiral got even worse. Jenkins lost 9 of 10 bouts, mainly to a series of unknown fighters. His drinking and nightlife were out of control and were taking their toll, and he often had a quart of whiskey stashed in his water pail in the ring corner. After a series of arrests and “beatings from cops”, he went into the Coast Guard to serve during World War II. Military life did little to slow down Ambers, as now instead of fighting in the ring his fights were in the street. He was discharged in 1945. With nothing but boxing to fall back on at first, Lew got back into the ring. He fought sporadically over the next five years, fighting mainly second rate fighters. His last fights of note came in 1950, his final year, when he lost a decision to Carmen Basilio and was KO’d by Beau Jack. During this time, Jenkins was desperate. He

As a young child he was too small to carry a cotton sack and would walk the rows ahead of his father, stacking small piles of cotton for harvest, working until his fingers were infected and bleeding. It was the Depression, and although his father was a hardworking man, the family could never seem to get ahead. After his father died in 1932, young Lew started looking around for a better way to make a buck. The early years of heavy farm labor had made him a tough kid, and he discovered the rough and tumble world of “Carnival Boxing.” He would take on all comers, and if his opponent defeated them they would receive 25% of the ticket sales. If they failed, they received nothing “but a whipping” as Jenkins later said. Jenkins weighed 120 pounds. He fought an average of one to four bouts a night, every night. He joined the Army but continued to fight on his leave time around Dallas. He typically made 5 or 10 dollars a match, depending on the number of rounds. In 1938 he won 18 fights but lost 5. In 1939, he was 13-3. He was starting to make pretty decent money at this point, but his bad habits were also starting to accumulate. And accelerate. Lew had a passion for whiskey and cigarettes, nightclubs, and women. He later stated “I never did go to sleep, never did eat right, never trained at all hardly. I just completely wore myself out.” For the poor kid from Texas, money in his pocket was a new thing and the party would never end.

Lew Jenkins-World’s Lightweight Boxing Champion, awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in combat as a member of the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea. The Silver Star is the third-highest military combat decoration that can be awarded to a member of the United States Armed Forces. It is awarded for gallantry in action while engaged in action against an enemy of the United States. was broke, “drank down”, and at rock bottom. He had really only known two things since leaving the cotton fields of Texas, fighting and the Service. With nowhere left to go, nobody to turn to, and no other way out, Jenkins re-enlisted in the Army. And as unlikely as it seems, joining the Army with the Korean conflict looming actually saved his life.

Lew Jenkins became a In 1940, the rough and tumble decorated* soldier in the Army Jenkins got his shot. He had Arlington National during the Korean conflict and realized that he needed to credited it for his salvation. Cemetery slow down a bit and actually Trapped behind enemy lines will train for the bout. A longtime all his comrades dying around him, Jenkins smoker, Jenkins actually quit for a few weeks vowed that if he made it out he would change and trained hard for the fight. However, in the his ways. He was as good as his word. Jenkins week before the fight Lew “fell of the wagon” became a career soldier and retired from the and broke all the rules. Somehow he managed Army in 1963 with the rank of First Sergeant. to show up for his title fight with Lou Ambers, He became a dedicated husband and family and his big right hand was still intact. He man, and finally seemed to find the peace that KO’d Ambers in the 3rd round and became the his raging spirit had been searching for so Lightweight Champion of the World. Now with many years. The thrill of the ring was gone, the the Championship belt in his hand, Jenkins’ money was gone, but at the end he conquered bad habits and free spending got even worse. his demons once and for all. He passed away He bought cars and motorcycles. He bought in 1981. a plane. He bought a racehorse. He would go Your comments regarding Lew Jenkins will be out to a nightclub and spend $1000 in a single night. He was the Champ and everything was on greatly appreciated. Hopefully some of you him. He was making fifteen to twenty thousand remember listening to his fights live on the dollars per fight, and he spent it as fast as he radio. Please call the Benchwarmers between 3 and 6 PM weekdays at 361-560-5397 or call got it. or Email Dotson. Phone: 361-949-7681 Cell: His training habits got worse and worse, to the 530-748-8475 Email: point of being non-existent. He was knocked Hang in there! out in the 6th round by the legendary Henry Armstrong in July, but battled back to KO Lou Ambers again on the 7th in February, 1941. He then lost a decision to Bob Montgomery. At this time, Jenkins was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in New Jersey. He sped off the road and fell about 60 feet, landing in a tree. He received 3 broken vertebrae in his neck. He had the doctor place a removable cast on his neck as he was preparing for a title defense against Sammy Angott. The injury was so painful he could do no road work at all, but he showed up for the Angott fight, took the brace off his neck, and went in to lose a 15 round decision. His days as Champion were over. He was 25 years old.

Where Guys Go

For Haircuts



Call NOW For Easter! Treat  yourself  to  an  old  school,  traditional   barbershop  experience.  Get  a…   ¥ Professional,  precise  haircut   ¥ Hot  towel  service   ¥ Straight  razor  shave   ¥ Straight  razor  neck  cleanup     ¥ Head,  neck  and  shoulder  massage            

Remember that  Barbershop  smell?  Now,  you   can  enjoy  and  relive  it  all  day  long!  Every  cut,   trim  and  shave  is  topped  off  with  a  vintage   scent  such  as  Florida  Water,  Clubman,  Lilac,  Sea   Breeze  or  Hoyt’s;  the  150  year  old  favorite  of   the  1860s.      

I’d Love  the  Opportunity  to  Be  Your  Barber!     You’ll  find  me  inside   the  Padre  Island   Mail  Plus  store  at   15037  Park  Rd  22.   Call:  361-­‐500-­‐8955   Hrs:  8-­‐Noon  &  1-­‐5,   Tuesday  through   Saturday.  

A 14

Island Moon

Quick Draw at Fiesta de Mayo

Birding Classic This year marks the 18th annual Great Texas Birding Classic being held from April 15 to May 15. The birding classic follows the Great Texas Wildlife Trail, a set of driving maps to wildlife viewing sites throughout the state, and these maps include the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, the nation’s first trail of its kind. The big event for the Birding Classic in the Coastal bend is the Songbird Walk at Goose Island State Park. Bird Hosts Larry and Judy Geiger will host the walk which is over fairly even terrain and will look for some of the resident birds as well as the birds that migrate through Goose Island in the spring. Expect to see birds and maybe even learn a few new things. The walks are April 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26; all begin at 8:00 a.m. Meet at the parking area next to Campsite 157 in the woods. Bring, binoculars, water, sun screen, bug spray, shoes suitable for walking, a camera, and dress in weather appropriate clothing. Walks may be canceled or postponed in event of rain.

Lucky Rubber Duck Race Set for April 19 After all the eggs are collected at the Kiwanis Community Easter Egg Hunt at Billish Park on Saturday, April 19, the Rotarian ducks will line up. The Rotarian Lucky Rubber Duck Race is on. Some Lucky Duck will get pulled from the canal and its owner/sponsor will win the Grand Prize of $1000 on a VISA gift card, a BIG screen TV, or a weekend at a South Padre Island Vacation Condo, or another of the many prizes donated for the event. The event is sponsored by the Island Rotarians and tickets can be purchased from any Rotarian between now and then. Tickets are also available at Star Advantage Insurance Agency, 15201 SPID, Suite 140 or Island Architects, 14493 SPID. Tickets are $5 and enter one duck in the race; $20 -enters five ducks in the race; $100 enters 30 ducks in the race. Proceeds benefit Rotary Community and International Service Projects including eradicating polio worldwide!

Submit your 26th Annual HummerBird T-Shirt Design This is a chance to have your artwork seen by thousands. Enter your artwork for the 2014 HummerBird Celebration T-Shirt Design. Requirements for T-Shirt design are listed. For more information contact: Sandy at the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce: 729-6445 or email The deadline for getting your entry to the Chamber office is May 1, 2014. Art Requirements Plants/Hummingbirds for 2014 HummerBird Celebration Artwork The following are the preferred plants and hummingbirds we would like to see in any 2014 HummerBird Celebration artwork. These are the plants most likely to be found in our area and the ones most likely to be visited as a nectar source for the hummingbirds. The list of hummingbirds is also a list of hummingbirds normally found in our migration. The size of the artwork should be 10 inches wide by 8 inches tall so that it will fit on a t-shirt. Art with a full painted background will not be selected.

Hummer Species for 2014 H/B T-shirt • Black-chinned Hummingbird • Buff-bellied Hummingbird

By Arlene Hughes At the Art Center’s annual Fiesta de Mayo dinner / auction night on May 16th, there will also be a “Quick Draw”

The 9th Annual ARTFEST in Port Aransas, sponsored by the Port Aransas Art Center is set for May 17-18, from 10 a.m. 5 p.m., Saturday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday, in Robert’s Point Park. A ten-by-ten foot booth space fee is $100. Application deadline has been extended to April 30.

A “Quick-Draw” is a fun, lively art event where professional artists race the clock to start and complete a work of Art in one fast-paced hour while you watch. Six artists provide a glimpse into their world of painting or pastels. Entertaining and enlightening!

For information cmail or go to www. Booths assigned on a first come first served basis. Art work must be original fine art and crafts, artist must be present (any reproductions must be from your Original work). Call 361-749-7334 for questions.

The Port Aransas Art Center is a unique partnership of artists, organizers, supporters, and teachers who are committed to enriching the art experiences of the public, including our public school students. Artists are invited to participate and donate half or more of their auction price to the cause.

Show your love for the Texas coast Saturday, April 26

Watch the artists as they prepare for the challenge while socializing during the cocktail social of the Fiesta de Mayo celebration on May l6 at the Civic Center. The challenge begins promptly at 6:30 and ends one hour later. You don’t want to miss strolling around the mini-studios observing highly motivated live-auction artists paint to beat the clock. Later in the evening these works of art will be sold during a live-auction. Call or stop by the Art Center to purchase your spot at the Fiesta de Mayo Dinner & Auctions.

Volunteers needed for Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup

Go Wild for Padre Island National Seashore!

The 2014 Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup takes place at a dozen of the Coastal Bend’s most popular tourist beaches. Volunteers can sign up online at www. to take part in a fun-filled day at the beach that makes a difference. Advance registration is required for the St. Jo Island cleanup site.

Celebrate National Park Week with Free Admission and Educational Programs.

“Thousands of Texans sign up for the Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup every year because it’s a great day at the beach,” said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. “If you care about the Texas coast, join us at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, April 26.” Each volunteer will be given data cards, gloves, pencils and trash bags. All volunteers are advised to wear closed-toe shoes, bring sunscreen and plenty of drinking water. The Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Cleanups are held rain or shine!

Go wild for the beaches, birds, sea turtles, camping and fishing on Padre Island National Seashore during National Park Week, April 19 through 27, 2014. To get the celebration going, Padre Island National Seashore will waive entrance fees on April 19 and 20.

Texans who are not able to attend the cleanup can help keep their beaches clean by making a tax-deductible donation online at There are several different Adopt-A-Beach sponsorship levels ranging from $25 to $25,000, allowing both individuals and corporations to contribute to this major cleanup effort.

A variety of free educational opportunities await those wanting to learn more about the Texas coast. The most popular are birding tours that take visitors to various stops and provide a chance to learn about the many resident and migratory species that can be seen during the spring. Tours depart daily on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays through April 27. Departure times are 9:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 9:30 a.m. only on Sunday. Reservations are recommended and can be made in person or by calling the park visitor center at (361) 949-8068. Other programs are also offered, so be sure to ask about them.

Shell Oil Company is the lead statewide sponsor for the 28th Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach Spring Cleanup. Other sponsors include HNTB, Halliburton, Apache Corporation, Keep Texas Beautiful, Schlumberger, SeaWorld San Antonio, Siemens Caring Hands Foundation, Trusted Senior Specialists and Corona Del Mar Properties.

“Corpus Christi is fortunate to have a great playground and so much important wildlife habitat within a short drive. Everyone is invited to take advantage of the upcoming fee free days on April 19 and 20 in order to see for themselves how beautiful and enjoyable the park is”, said Superintendent Mark Spier.

Ethel Eyerly Community Center 654 Graham Rd. in Flour Bluff

Note that National Park Week will continue until Sunday, April 27. However, only April 19 and 20 are fee free. Visit www. for more information about what is going on at Padre Island National Seashore and other National Park Service sites throughout the country. You can share your park experiences and photos on the website.

(361) 937-3218 The Ethel Eyerly Community Center in Flour Bluff is open with a full activities schedule which is shown below. Winter Texans are welcome. Meals Served For Persons Age 60 and Over 11:30 A.M. ($1.50 Suggested meal donation)

Monday Silver Haired Fitness 10-11 AM ($8/month-Ladies Only)

Behold the Taxman Cometh…and Right Soon

• Rufous Hummingbird • Allen’s Hummingbird

Plant Species for 2014 H/B T-Shirt • Cape Honeysuckle-Tecomaria capensis

Computer Interest Group 12:30-2 PM Wii Bowling 12:30 PM Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Class each Monday 5-9 pm

What’s new for 2014?

• Turk’s Cap-Malaviscus arboreus var. drummondii

For Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Players $3 per session or $10 per month or $40 a month for a family of four

It’s time to get your records together and prepare those taxes if you haven’t already. A UT Dallas tax expert advises taxpayers to be aware of new tax credits and other changes as the April 15 deadline approaches.

• Shrimp Plant- Justicia brandegeana • Scarlet Sage- Salvia coccinea

Tuesday Zumba Gold (Co-Ed) 10:30-11:30 AM

Here’s what you need to know, according to Art Agulnek, who teaches taxation in the Naveen Jindal School of Management:

($20/month or $4/session) Table Tennis & Table Games-12 PM

• The IRS for the first time will recognize legal same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes. Same-sex spouses legally married in a state or foreign country that recognizes same-sex marriage generally must use the married filing jointly or married filing separately tax filing status on their 2013 return, even if they have moved to a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage.

Wednesday Silver Haired Fitness 10-11 AM ($8/month-Ladies Only) AARP Chapter 4181 Meeting @ 1 PM

• As more people work from home, the IRS now offers a simplified option for home office deduction. The simplified option offers a standard deduction of $5 per square foot of the home used for business with a maximum of 300 square feet. Taxpayers still have the option to use the regular method instead.

Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm • Friday 8am – 4pm Member hours (with keytag): 4am-11pm every day (361) 949-3298 – (361) 947-7732

(2nd & 4th Wednesdays)

Thursday Zumba Gold (Co-Ed) 10:30 AM ($20/month, or $4/session)

• Be aware of changes to itemized deductions for 2013 medical expenses. The IRS will allow people to claim deductions for unreimbursed medical expenses not covered by health insurance that exceed 10 percent of their adjusted gross income. Previously, the law allowed deductions for the expenses in excess of 7.5 percent of their adjusted gross incomes.

Wii Bowling & Chair Volleyball - 12:30-4:45 PM Quilting 2nd Thursday of the Month

Friday Silver Haired Fitness 10-11 AM

• Standard mileage rates have increased to 56.12 cents per mile.

($8/month – Ladies Only)

• The highest tax rate is now 39.6 percent.

Table Tennis – 11 AM

Affordable Care Act – your employer may report the value of your health insurance in box 12, code DD.

Color Services starting at


April 17, 2014

Artists Opportunity9thAnnual ArtFest-Deadline Extended to April 30

National Park Week is also a good time to explore local parks, trails, and architectural gems sustained through National Park Service programs such as the Rivers Trails Conservation Assistance program and the National Register of Historic Places.

• Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Bingo -12:30 PM ($.50 Cards)

Hair Cuts $25 with Color






             Michelle Matthews 

Hair Cuts & Color, Waxing, Hair Extensions, Special Occasion Hair, Airbrush Make Up, Feather Extensions 

Beamer’s introduces

“Meat Lovers Mondays”


699 each

Every Monday order a large pizza with your favorite meat topping for just $6.99 each*. Choose from Pepperoni, Beef, Sausage or Ham.



This offer is good for Dine-In or Carry Out


2012 Sports Bar

5922 S. Staples between Holly & Saratoga *$1.69 for each additional toppings

Are you tired of wearing mascara? Do you suffer from black circles of smudged mascara? Do you want to have long beautiful lashes 24/7, even  when you swim? Do you want longer fuller eyelashes? If you answered YES to any of these questions, we have the answer.......... 

2011 Sports Bar

Michelle  is  a  Master  Hair  Stylist  having  learned  from  the  best  and  having  trained  top  stylists  herself.  She is an expert Colorist and Make  Up  Artist,  and  was  the  former  Stylist and Make Up Artist for Miss  Oklahoma.

Hours Tuesday‐Friday    10am‐6pm    Saturday                  9am‐2pm   

Walk‐Ins Welcome * Late Appointments Available  

14813 S.P.I.D.  Corpus Christi, TX 78418  (Next Door to Island Wash)  Salon: 361‐949‐4890 

Moon Classifieds

April 17, 2014

Here’s how to place a Classified Ad

Island Moon



Auto & Boat Detailing

Call Arlene direct at 834-1382 to place your ad or email

Costs start at $10 for 25 words, 20 cents a word after that. Your ad can be centered for a small additional charge. Ads with payment can be left at our office at 15201 SPID Ste 250 If office is closed, payment and ad can be slipped thru the door slot. Deadline for paid classified ads is no later than NOON on Tuesday PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE PUBLICATION

Legal & Business Notices Legal & Business Notices

Do you need to place a legal or business notice? You’ll find that our rates for running your notice cost less than many other publication in Nueces County. Call Arlene @ 361-834-1382

The Island Moon Weekly for more information

The Island Newspaper since 1996

Help Wanted

Island Auto Shine & Steam Cleaning Established 2013 Complete, professional mobile detailing services

We come to you!

Auto – Home – Boat – RV Family owned/operated Satisfaction Always Guaranteed

Call 361-500-7146 For business vehicles this is a tax deduction

Complete House Sitting RETIRED SENIOR

Is available to sit your home, pets and loved ones. Reliable, compassionate, caring nonsmoker or drinker. Has dependable transportation for trips to HEB, pharmacy, doctor, church, beach or anywhere. You pay for gas


Must be willing to work Sundays and have reliable transportation $8.00.per hour Contact:

Debbie Riley 361-249-4077 HOUSEKEEPERS WANTED

Permanent part-time positions in friendly, family owned hotel. Pay commensurate with experience. Apply in person.

105 N Alister St. Port Aransas VOLUNTEERS NEEDED As docents at Port Aransas Museum Contact:


PC & MAC Home & Business On-Site Service 14941 S. P. I. D. (Island)



Software/Hardware Service & Repair Computer Setup & Troubleshooting Computer Sales, Private Tutoring, Wireless

Golf Cart Repair & Service

LUTHERAN TABLE TALK Thursday Afternoons On the island JB's German Bakery, 15137 SPID Sponsored by GCCM, SWT, ELCA.

Contact Rev. Tom Dietzel at, or 210-363-3538 or 361-445-1029 ISLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

Sunday Services in Church Sanctuary 10 am

14030 Fortuna Bay Drive at Gypsy 361-948-8770

Initial Clean-Up – Trimming/Pruning Rock Installation Weekly/ Monthly Property Maintenance Palm Tree Trimming Free Estimates

New Local Golf Cart Repair and Service In Port A! We service only gas powered carts, not electric

Texas Red Golf Cart Rentals, Repair & Service Free local pick up 35 years mechanical experience

Call Johnny 361-205-5536

House Cleaning Services

Laura Lee’s Cleaning Services

Weekly, biweekly, move in/move outs Pet & House Sitting On the Island since 2000 Credit Cards Accepted Air Line Miles Accept

Two Ladies & A Bucket Cleaning Service

(By the Tango Tea Room)

A Grow Local South Texas Market

Islandscape Maintenance

* Lawn Maintenance * Power Washing * Palm Trimming * Fall Cutback * Lot Mowing * Decks * Installation FREE ESTIMATES


Creative Grass & Rock Yards Lot and Yard Maintenance Tree Trimming

Call 361-960-0327 Padre Island Landscape & Masonry Flagstone, Hardscape, sod, plantings and more Free design estimates

Call Mike 940-312-8567

SOPHIA is the cutest Chihuahua mix

that has the biggest ears. She is 2 years old and weighs 7 lbs. This little girl was adopted from animal control and was then found as a stray on the streets. The owners did not go and claim her back so she was up for adoption again. PAAC pulled her because she was terrified at the shelter. This little girl is very scared and would not be a good pet for a home with children. She is fine with other animals, and is crate trained. She will require someone with patience that can take the time to help her trust humans again. She deserves a forever home. If you are interested, please fill out our online application at

Contact Liz 361-480-5885 or Christine 361-695-3687

Power Washing


Patios, Decks, Driveway, Walkway, Roofs, Boats, RV’s, Trailers, Parking Lots Call for free estimate


Call 361-461-5144 ISLANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE We power wash

Houses, Driveways, Fences, Decks & Sidewalks Call us now to schedule an estimate


Isle Mail N More All your Packaging needs FedEx, UPS, USPS P.O. Boxes Local Artistry Cards & Gifts (361) 949-9325 14493 S.P.I.D, Ste A Corpus Christi TX 78418


off any oil change!

Additions – New Construction – Remodeling From small jobs to extreme makeovers Member of the BBB Member of PIBA

Call 949-2092 or 442-3516

A 15

FOR SALE Golf Carts

STREET LEGAL GOLF CARTS ALL MAKES AND MODELS YOU PICK $2500 & under 8 to choose from! Call Chris at:

361-749-5560 or 1-888-411-CART (2278)


Greg Phelps 361-461-9021

Local, dependable. References Available. Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly.

Every Wednesday 5-7 pm 505 S. Water Street

Home Additions New Construction Exterior Improvements

Island Owned & Island Resident

Pet Adoptions


Downtown Farmers Market

Professional Lawncare For Commercial & Residential

Portfolio available

Church Meeting & Church Service

Home Building & Maintenance


All King Services


Computer Service

Offering Technology With Total SolutionsSM


Yard Care

Home Maintenance/Repair Electrician

Skilled tradesman available for quality service work at competitive prices for housing and business needs. Padre Island and surrounding area. Licensed and insured. For estimates and information phone Sam at :


30 years+ experience Doors – Windows – Decks – Cabinets Sheetrock – Tape and Float


Professionally installed concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios Decorative Stamping & Staining

Call 361-960-0327 THE SHEEHAN COMPANY

Custom Residential Painting

Interior and Exterior - Free Estimates

 Tile  Expert Carpentry  Deck Restoration  Power Washing Entire house power washing, roofs included References - No Deposit Required

361-461-5144 Island Resident


First class work at low rates Storm Shutters, Cabinets, Framework, Sheetrock, Stucco, and much more!

Call 361-960-0327

Pet Adoptions

PeeWee’s Pet Adoption World Sanctuary

Volunteer to help socialize a homeless animal so it has a better chance of finding a forever home. Adopt a special friend or sponsor one if adopting is not possible. Call PeeWee’s Pet Adoption 888-4141 or go to PeeWee’s at 1307 Saratoga

PeeWee’s Mobile Adoption Clinics at Petco and Petsmart on Saturdays and Sundays desperately need volunteers

Please call PeeWee’s at 888-4141

PONTOON BOAT For Sale – N. Padre

22 ft. Sun Tracker w/40 hp. Yamaha New vinyl – 2012, bimini. Capacity 14 people or 2000 lb (24’’ pontoons). VHF radio, depth finder, chemical toilet, 2 tables, 1 anchor, 2 drift anchors, many life jackets, bumpers, etc. $7900

Call 361-549-9660

Real Estate For Sale CANAL TOWNHOUSE 14213 Jackfish

2/1 ½, Approx. 960 sq.ft. End Unit. Brick veneer, low maintenance yard, large deck, storage shed. Washer/dryer, fridge, dishwasher, range. New A/C 2013 & boat slip. No condo fees $159,900


Real Estate Condos For Rent Reasonable Condos Port Aransas or North Padre Fully Furnished – Walk to Beach Daily or Weekly

Island Condo Rentals 361-558-6148


Outside Storage $19.50/mo

RV’s – Boats – Trailers – Vehicles Computerized access gate, video surveillance, fenced, well lit Live-in manager on site

AAA STORAGE BARNS 361-937-4939 (Flour Bluff)

Public Meetings

Al-Anon & AA Meetings

Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support at

Al-Anon meetings

An Al-Anon group meets each Thursday at 7:00 PM at

Island in the Son United Methodist Church 10650 Highway 361 IS ALCOHOL CAUSING A PROBLEM IN YOUR FAMILY? Try Al-Anon. Meets at 7:00 pm Sundays at Padre Island Baptist Church ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MEETING Held on the Island at

Island Presbyterian Church 14030 Fortuna Bay Dr.

Meetings are held on Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri, At 7 pm. Except for the second Mon of the month when meeting starts at 7:30 pm

Call 361-992-8911 For more information

A 16

Island Moon

April 17, 2014

Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

SandFest revisited… My ears are bleeding. In the last five days, I’ve seen 18 musical acts. Some were fair, some were good and a few were great. I managed the stage at SandFest this year and saw ten acts there over the three day weekend. SandFest was off the chain this year. The new regime did an excellent job of organizing and operating the festival without as much as a hiccup. I’m told it was a record year financially. We haven’t seen the attendance numbers from TXDOT yet, but by my account, it was huge. I’ve been involved as a volunteer for the last five years, mainly helping Janet Planet in the music tent, and I never saw crowds like we got this weekend.

Passing Strangers played to a full house at SandFest last Saturday The line-up was pretty much local with a few regional acts from Austin and San Antonio, but the quality of music was exceptional. One of our local faves, Triggerfish, made a rare appearance early Saturday afternoon and set the tone for the rest of the day. They still have an enormous number of fans from when they were the hottest band on the island a few years back. They were followed by the highly energetic blues blasters, Mike Milligan and the Altar Boys (Austin, TX) who got the crowd up and dancing on the first song and then one of San Antonio’s hottest retro bands, Passing Strangers, polished off the day with some smoking 80’s dance tunes… it was a perfect segue. By the end of the day, you couldn’t get anymore people in that tent and the crowds had swelled twenty deep on the perimeter. It was one rowdy party. On Sunday morning Ken Yarbrough and Mike Jones did an excellent gospel set to get the ball rolling, followed by another trop-rocker, The Sand Band, and then a real surprise, Kara and the Dam Band (San Antonio, TX). Kara was a cross between Joan Jett and Pat Benitar. She was a firecracker, jumping off the stage and working the crowd

like a seasoned pro. I thought the material might be a little heavy for the environment but not so… it may have been hard rock but the mostly middle-aged crowd seemed to love it. Melissa Brooke played the festival twice, once on Friday and again on Sunday, closing out the festival. The first time I ever saw Melissa was at SandFest 2012 and I must say, this young lady has come a long way in the last two years. She’s poised and confident and her show rocks, plus she’s got a really tight band.

It was a jumping weekend in Port A… Even better…the shows last weekend at all of the bars in Port A were top notch. On Friday, the king of the Cosmic Cowboys, Gary P. Nunn played the Back Porch, Lyrical Bynge played Giggity’s, and the amazing blues belter, Shelley King (Austin,TX) played Shorty’s, all to wall to wall crowds. On Saturday the crowds swelled even larger at the bars. Larry Joe Taylor played the Porch, Passing Strangers roared at Stingrays, Stevie Start and Matt Hole and the Hot Rod Gang played the 68th birthday throwdown at Shorty’s and Mike Milligan played Giggity’s. It was challenging to try and see all these shows, especially after a long day at SandFest, but would you expect anything less of me? Actually, I had a blast.

Patrice Pike knocks it out of the park…

Open 11am to 5pm Sunday Noon-3 Closed Monday

Bottom Boys are back on the air. The SBB’s are an old timey gospel string band that only gets together once a year for the ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service in the pavilion at Roberts Point Park in Port A. The band consists of locals Steve Goldstein on mandolin, Crawford Brown on stand-up bass, Tim Burdick on banjo, Father James Derkits, Tiffany Duckworth, Barney Farley and me on acoustic guitars, and we all sing. This year we’ll be performing Turn Your Radio On, Amazing Grace, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Alleluia Alleluia, Drifting Too Far From the Shore, Are You Washed in the Blood and The River of Jordan. The service and music start at 7:00 in the A.M. so set your alarms and get down there early to get a good seat because it’s always a full house. Trust me, this is the coolest deal around and what better way to start you Easter than with some good old gospel music.

Coming next week…

Coming this week… Patrice Pike played the Gaff last Saturday night But the show to catch last weekend was Patrice Pike (Austin,TX) at the Gaff. It was epic. This show was by far the most marvelous performance I’ve seen in many moons. I’ve been trying to think of an equivalent show to compare this one to, but I’m not coming up with any. I hadn’t seen Patrice play in probably 1314 years since the days when I used to book her band, Sister 7, at The Lab in S.A. and I’d forgotten just how good she is and how great her songs are. This lady is 100% rock and roll spirit and when she found her zone on Saturday night, it was nothing short of magical. I literally had chicken skin the whole time. This was a show that James Derkits (Trinity By The Sea) put together and now I know why he was so motivated. Patrice Pike is the real deal and I will make every effort to bring her back here. I was sorry I had to miss her performance at Trinity the next morning when she played a song for the congregation. I’m told it was breathtaking.

This Sunday is Easter and that only means one thing (actually two if you factor in the resurrection of Jesus Christ)… the Sandy


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James Derkits will lead the Sandy Bottom Boys on Easter Sunday.

with her. Last week Carol Elliott graced us with a couple of tunes. On Friday, the identical Rankin Twins (Austin, TX) will play the Back Porch. Originally from Portland, these girls have sisterly harmonies as sweet and tight as the Morales girls. They are in the same vein as the Dixie Chicks and have made quite a name for themselves in South Texas. On Saturday, Max Stalling (Dallas, TX) will play the Third Coast Theater in Port A. Stalling is an unassuming gentleman and one of the nicest guys in Texas music. He has a smooth as silk baritone and an easy way about him that just makes you feel right at home. His shows are always well attended. Also on Saturday Melissa Brooke will return to Giggity’s and the phenomenon known as Ruben V (San Antonio, TX) will return to the Porch. Ruben Vela is certainly a special artist. He is a master guitarist, a soulful singer and a talented songwriter. His read of a Marvin Gaye song is guaranteed to light up the dance floor. I’ve know V for over 20 years and have seen him perform dozens of times and will attest his shows are always passionate and captivating. I think he’s absolutely one of the best.


Easter Sunday with the Sandy Bottom Boys… Kara and the Dam Band played SandFest on Sunday

Carter Sampson and Joe Mack will play Shorty’s on April 25-26

Free Beer Band (7-10) Three Way Street (9-1) Melissa Brooke Band (9-1) Antone & the All Stars (8-12) OPEN JAM (8-12) Tiffany Tuesday (8-12) Uel Jackson (8-12)

April 17 April 18 April 19 April 20 April 21 April 22 April 23

Open 11am-2am Daily. Kitchen open til 1am. 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

Keepers Horace Caldwell Pier (361) 749 - 5333 Fishing, Pole Rentals, Beer, Burgers, Wings

(361) 749-2388

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222 Beach St. Port Aransas 361.749.0022

Dine in Take Out Catering for any occaision

Lisabellas Bistro & Bar Casual Dining at it’s Finest Celebrating Coastal Cuisine

361-749-4222 Open Monday - Saturday at 5:00 pm

Nightly Seafood Specials

5009 Hwy 361 Port A @ Cinnamon Shores

There are a few shows coming up this week that I highly recommend. On Tuesday, the adorable Tiffany Duckworth will host another installment of her weekly show, Tiffany Tuesday, at Giggity’s. Tiffany is the happiest person on the planet (next to Al Barlow) and there’s no telling who might show up to play a few

Max Stalling will play the Third Coast Theater on Saturday.

On the weekend of April 2526, the Happy Mad Scientist, Joe Mack and the Queen of Oklahoma herself, Carter Sampson will play Shorty’s. This is clearly a DO NOT MISS show. I’ve been waiting for this team to come back for a long time. Also that weekend, look for shows by J.T. Coldfire, Lisa Morales, Passing Strangers and Will Owen Gage. And on the near horizon, several hot shows jump out at me including Hold Fast Fables (Galveston, TX), Austin Heat (Austin, TX) and Thomas Michael Riley. ♫ ♪ And that’s the truth! ♪ ♫

Live Music Tonight

Thursday, April 17 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Roger Creager, Bri Bagwell @ Brewster Street Double R Nothing @ Katz 21 Inner Circle, Ashes of Babylon, Flatbroke @ House of Rock Robert Brown @ Scuttlebutt’s Starlite & the Moonbeams @ Dr. Rockits Uel Jackson @ Black Marlin Bar and Grill Friday, April 18 Three Way Street @ Giggity’s Jim Dugan @ Shorty’s Rankin Twins @ Back Porch Swagger @ Brewster Street Dave’s Duo @ Katz 21 ECHO, March Divide, Leonard @ House of Rock Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Lounge Chris Saenz @ Scuttlebutt’s Starlite & the Moonbeams @ Dr. Rockits Saturday, April 19 Melissa Brooke @ Giggity’s Ruben Limas @ Shorty’s Ruben V @ Back Porch Max Stalling @ Third Coast Theater Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Danica Bird @ Stingrays Trisum @ Katz 21 Friends & Lovers Art Show @ House of Rock Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Neil Edwards Band @ Dr. Rockits

Easter Sunday , April 20 Sandy Bottom Boys (7:00 AM) @ Roberts Point Park Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Uel Jackson (4-7) @ Back Porch Monday, April 21 Open Jam w/ Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Open Jam w/ Ray Summy @ Executive Surf Club

Rankin Twins

April 18

Ruben V

April 19

Scarecrow People

April 25

Lisa Morales

April 26

Austin Heat

May 2

Thomas Michael Riley

May 3

132 W. Cotter St. Port A On the Waterfront

Jim Dugan

April 18

Ruben Limas April 19 Joe Mack & Carter Sampson April 25-26 Hold Fast Fables Uel Jackson John Cortez Band

May 2 May 3 May 9

OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas

Stray Cat Sailing Adventures

275.00 Half Day 475.00 Full day Champagne Brunch Lunch and Dinner Cruises Dolphin Watching- Sunset Cruise Sea Shell Hunting on Remote Islands * prices include up to 6 people Capt. Chester Ruder

(361) 416-0054

Best Rates Call for special pricing

(361)290-7143 314 E. Ave. G

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Monday, April 21 continued Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Dr. Rockits Brian Permenter @ Scuttlebutt’s Tuesday, April 22 Tiffany Tuesday @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ House of Rock John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Run Down Legend @ Dr. Rockits Wednesday, April 23 Uel Jackson @ Giggity’s Wolfjaw @ Flats Lounge Brian Permenter @ Scuttlebutt’s Ty Dietz @ Dr. Rockits Thursday, April 24 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Double R Nothing @ Katz 21 Bullfest w/ JR Castillo @ Brewster Street Marc Rizzo, Numb to the Blow, Switchblade Jesus @ House of Rock Kevin Hill @ Scuttlebutt’s Starlite & the Moonbeams @ Dr. Rockits Friday, April 25 J.T. Coldfire @ Giggity’s Joe Mack & Carter Sampson @ Shorty’s Scarecrow People @ Back Porch Will Owen Gage @ Katz 21 Five Card Draw @ Brewster Street The Shakedown @ House of Rock Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Lounge Robert Brown @ Scuttlebutt’s John Cortez @ Dr. Rockits Saturday, April 26 Todd Dorn & the Sea Drifters @ Giggity’s Joe Mack & Carter Sampson @ Shorty’s Lisa Morales @ Back Porch Passing Strangers @ Brewster Street Double R Nothing @ Katz 21 Pinata Protest, Avenue Rockers @ House of Rock Fabian Rivera @ Scuttlebutt’s Catherine Denise @ Dr. Rockits

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