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February 6, 2014

Kendal's Korner

Island Moon

As some of the long-time readers may remember, I used to write for the Moon in my younger days telling about my grade-school adventures and acting as a liaison for Flour Bluff. Well, some years have passed and I am now in the homestretch of my senior year. Over the years I have been involved in many extracurricular activities, but this year I am the captain of the Upperclassmen All-Girls Robotics Team, formally known as The Pink Lady Hornets. This year there are actually five different robotics teams, two of which are allgirls, at Flour Bluff under Coach Tony Graham. Last year Flour Bluff only had one all-boys team, so we are very excited about the growing program. As robotics teams we compete in FTC robotics competitions where we are judged on our robots performance, our outreach programs, an interview, our designs, programming, and much more. So far, three teams (both all-girls teams and one boys team) have advanced to the Regional competition on February 7th and 8th in San Antonio that serves as a qualifier for the Super Regional competition later this month.

A 11

The final group portrait at the Tarpon Ice House

More important than our success in the competition is the success we have had reaching out to the community. For our outreach programs we have gone to Relay for Life fundraisers and other community events to get the community involved and aware. In addition, we are advocating for the Sit With Me campaign which is an awareness program to get more women involved in technology. All it takes is a picture in one of our red chairs to show your support for women in the technical fields. Being an all-girls team, this campaign is very close to our hearts. When we go to competitions we are some of the only girls there, and considering that most of our team members want to go into a STEM field, it is sad to see the underrepresentation. We have been to many local businesses such as Scuttlebutts and Coffee Waves to encourage women and spread awareness. If you have an event that you would like the Flour Bluff Robotics Team to bring our robots and red chairs to, we would be more than happy to participate. You can email me at Our goal is to make women feel comfortable going into a male dominated field and to serve as role models for young girls to prove that girls can build robots too, and sometimes even better than the boys.

Friends say goodbye to the Tarpon... Jack Gant, Dennis Sullivan, Marilynn Sullivan, Kim Stickney, Danna Akers, Sean Hunter, Ellile Goldsmith, Lisa Small and Sierra Jackson

Paul Fain Dede Smith and Ronnie Narmour during the last hours of the Tarpon Ice House

Zack Fuller, Van Blitz, Trish and Doug Sathre and Dede Smith at the Tarpon Ice House

BINGO Packs the House Next game is Thursday By Brent Rourk They showed up more than one hundred strong. They showed up in such numbers the Kiwanis Club members who were organizing the event had to scramble for more tables and chairs. It was Bingo and it was a hit. When they were all seated last Thursday night at the Holiday Inn they pondered over the first puzzling riddle, listened to a prize drawing and then promptly began a couple of hours of weeknight fun presented by the Padre Island Kiwanis Club and sponsored by a dozen generous Island businesses. They played for cash prizes each game, with the 5th and 10th game being for larger amounts of cash. In addition to the cash prizes, the Kiwanis

crew offered many door prizes, including gift cards from HEB, Island Italian, The Sandwich Shop, and Scuttlebutt’s as well as bottles of wine. The finale door prize, a weekend stay at the Holiday Inn, was awarded to one happy winner. When it was over the energized crowd thanked the Kiwanis Club and promised to return (with friends) this Thursday (February 6) for another lucky evening. Winners beamed , a few of the non-winners, lamenting their lack of good luck, blamed the caller [yours truly] for not calling ‘their’ winning numbers, while others commented that they were going to arrive early so that they could secure the magic front table – a table that defies the odds by consistently producing winners.

Burke and the gang handled the big crowd on Super Bowl Sunday

Ran into Keith Sykes at Giggity’s with Edwin Myers

Shot time at Stingrays Grand Opening celebration


at the Esplande

1702 HWY 181, N Portland, TX (361) 643-2129 140 E. Ave. G, Port Aransas, TX (361) 749-4484 501 S. Alister, Port Aransas, TX (361) 749-6994


13947 SPID, Corpus Christi, TX (361) 949-8961 1623 Wildcat Dr., Portland, TX (361) 643-2300

February 6th - February 12th Svedka Vodka 1.75L for $18.99 Maker's Mark Whiskey 1.75L for $49.99 Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch 1.75L for $38.99 Shiner Family 6 Packs for $7.99 Cavit Moscato 1.5 for $7.99 Family Owned & Operated since 1987 OPEN Monday - Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Island Moon

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The Island Moon T-Shirts

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The Island Looks Good On You! 1/1

Get yours for only $10.95 plus shipping and handling. Shirts come in grey or white short sleeve T-Shirts sizes L. XL and XXL. Tank Tops come in Aqua and White in sizes Medium and Large.

To order by phone, call 361-949-7700. To order by mail please send your checks made payable to: J. Park The Island Moon, 14493 S.P.I.D., PMB 220, Corpus Christi, Tx 78418.


Slow down, buckle up and drive safe!


January 30, 3:01pm 900 Egyptian Drive Scam


A 44-year-old man reported to police that he received three phone calls from a “mysterious caller” stating that his brother was being held hostage after being involved in a traffic accident.

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Officers and Troopers will focus on State Highway 181, State Highway 358 (S.P.I.D) and IH-37 for this campaign. This S.A.D. campaign will last a few days. Other joint campaigns will be planned throughout the year. 1/1


3 2


7 5





5 3


The Corpus Christi Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety will be teaming up in an effort to keep the interstate and highways safe for the motoring public. The safety of all citizens on our roadways is paramount to the mission of the CCPD and DPS. As a result, both agencies will be conducting a joint operation in an effort to Stop Aggressive Driving (SAD). Officers and Troopers will be working together to conduct speed compliance checks. Drivers found to be driving in an aggressive or illegal manner will be cited. A person who is found to be driving 20 mph or more over the speed limit or making unsafe lane changes will be considered an aggressive driver.





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CCPD and DPS Inter-Agency Stop Aggressive Driving Campaign





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February 6, 2014

Police Blotter


Hard Puzzle 1,214,587,954

The caller wanted $1500 so that the victim’s brother could be released. The caller was clear as to not involving the police. The victim does not have a brother and determined the call was a scam.

National Crime Information Computer and the Texas Crime Information Computer system. The weapons are “entered” into the system so that any Law Enforcement Agency can check to see if a weapon is stolen should they come upon one in their course of duties. The weapons are entered into the NCIC/TCIC system by make, model, color, and serial number at minimum. Of the 1087 weapons that were stolen in Corpus Christi last year, 407 (37%) were entered into the system without a serial number as the owner did not have one to provide to Officers. 173 (16%) of the weapons were taken from vehicles that were burglarized or where the vehicle was stolen and had a weapon left in the vehicle (145 total reports). In March of 2013 a weapon, that was stolen from a vehicle, was used in a two robberies and a burglary before it had even been reported stolen to police. As a reminder please lock your weapons in a secure area when you are not at home. We also ask you to document the serial number to each one of your weapons and store it in a safe location. A vehicle glove box and even the trunk are not secure places to store a weapon. Gun safes are readily available for vehicles and are highly recommended for those with Concealed Handgun Licenses. Don’t let weapons get into the wrong hands.

Police Calls 14400 block SH 361 5:30 p.m. Feb. 1 Assault with injury 15200 block Leeward Feb. 1 10:30 a.m. Burglary of habitation


Fortunately in this case, the intended victim was suspicious and contacted the Corpus Christi Police Department first. These scams continue however because many individuals and elderly fall prey to these highly convincing professional criminals. In many cases when victims learn that they were fooled, they are too embarrassed to tell anyone else. Please take a little time to talk about such scams with your family, church and community groups and remind them not to give out banking, credit card or other personnel information to anyone who calls you over the phone. There are many resources online to educate folks about what is traditionally known as the “Grandparent Scam”.

1087 Weapons Stolen in 2013 In 2013 the Corpus Christi Police Department entered 1087 weapons as stolen into the

15000 block Reales Midnight Feb. 3 Credit card abuse 15000 block Lafitte Noon Feb. 1 Theft of vehicle parts $1500-$20,000 15300 block SPID 11:51 a.m. Feb. 4 Bomb threats 147000 block Whitecap 3 p.m. Feb. 4 Assault with injury 15000 block Windward 2 p.m. Jan. 29 Theft $500-$1500 15000 Punta Espada Loop 8 p.m. Feb. 1 Theft $50-$500 Mustang Island State Park 11 a.m. Feb. 1 Theft from motor vehicle 7400 block SH 361 Feb. 2 Criminal mischief $50-$500 There are currently six registered sex offenders living on North Padre Island, three in Port Aransas

Moon Crossword

Across 1. Cruising or racing vessel (5) 4. Disquiet (6) 7. Area (6) 10. Zealous (5) 14. Unwitting (7) 15. Enclosed territory (7) 16. Vegetable (7) 17. Outstanding (5) 18. Spoken (7) 19. Tripod (5) 20. Distinctive spirit (5) 21. Sense organs (4) 22. Redact (4) 23. Secured a horse (8) 24. Land measure (4) 28. Irritate (5) Down 1. Not as old (7) 2. Lizard (9) 3. Farm vehicle (7) 4. Of value (6) 5. Threw out (7) 6. Safety (8) 8. Primary (10) 9. Deadlock (7) 10. Flag (6) 11. Pictorial (7) 12. Woody grasses (5) 13. Armed robber (6) 16. Accumulate (7) 25. Foe (5)

30. Frolic (4) 32. Carnival (4) 34. Ascertain (9) 36. Display of bad temper (7) 38. Taste (6) 39. Ostensibly (10) 43. Precipitation (4) 44. Fossil fuel (4) 45. Water barrier (5) 46. Fiend (4) 47. Wealthy (4) 51. Predilection (10) 52. Fruit (6) 53. Injured (7) 55. Perilous (9) 57. Requirement (4) 58. Sort (4)

59. Facets (5) 62. Direction (4) 64. Extremely poisonous (8) 67. Comply (4) 69. Requests (4) 74. Assumed name (5) 75. Part of a church (5) 76. Mode (7) 77. Rank (5) 78. Pear-shaped tropical fruit (7) 79. Rubbish (7) 80. Assisted in a crime (7) 81. Allays (5) 82. Dwell (6) 83. Sculpture (6) 84. Topic (5)

26. Musical instrument (8) 27. Barbarous (5) 28. Performer (5) 29. Enclosure (4) 31. Loses (9) 33. Facilitate (9) 34. Finesse (9) 35. Copious (5) 37. Callow (5) 40. Shortened (8) 41. Unspecific entity (5) 42. Savage (5) 48. Conceals (5) 49. Not at any time (5)

50. Mischievous fairies (4) 51. Military chaplain (5) 54. Supported (10) 56. Aromatic herb (7) 60. Disassemble (9) 61. Perpetual (8) 63. Mariners (7) 65. Acquires (7) 66. African expedition (6) 68. Distinguished (7) 70. Section (7) 71. Not paid on time (7) 72. Compositions (6) 73. Breathe in (6) 74. Saying (5)

Hear Yee Hear Yee Let the Good Times Roll Barefoot Mardi Gras is proud to say HIGH FIVE for the 5th Annual Barefoot Mardi Gras to be held on the island the 1st day of March, 2014. There will be a family fun parade on the beach starting at noon with an adult only party to flow that night at the Briscoe King Pavilion. The proceeds will go the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Foundation. We were proud to raise $5,000.00 last year. For more information please see

February 6, 2014

Island Moon


Forty Years Ago

“He’s sitting on 714! Here’s the pitch by Downing, swinging, there’s a drive into left centerfield, that ball is gonna beee…OUTTA HERE! IT’S GONE! IT’S 715! There’s a new home run champion of all-time and it’s HENRY AARON!”

Andy and Milo It was “pure” Milo Hamilton. For some of us, baseball is life. I still wonder about the places he’s been, the players he’s interviewed and the scores of fans he’s entertained. For most of us, he’s Uncle Milo. He was family; he came into our homes 162 times a year, until these last couple of years. I even listened to his call when I was at the Astros game. He always stirred my imagination. One of the secrets of baseball is that you play almost every day. Therefore redemption was only hours away. Milo used the game to help people discover themselves. They could use those discoveries to confront anything in their life. Baseball is a teacher; it reveals your heart and soul and the game is designed to reveal it to you.

His computer wore batting gloves There will never be another like him as far as I’m concerned; I love the old man. As he got older, he began to look tired, frail, and almost sickly until he found his way into the announcer booth or onto the field of play. It was like flipping a switch. A microphone made his eyes light up like lanterns. The game simply turned him on. Milo could sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and make you laugh. He walked every day into his radio booth intoxicated by the promise of that day’s game. He didn’t like being surprised; he studied and saved his information in a satchel that may have been as old as him. He loved baseball so much; even his computer wore batting gloves. No one wanted to talk to Milo Hamilton about another announcer or player; they wanted to talk about Milo Hamilton. The longer an announcer stays with the same team the more the fans identify with that team. Fathers, sons, and sons of sons, we all become a part of his history.

Sixty seven years of magic His educated eyes could fill books with the magic of the grand old game. Most of us know about his calls of eleven no-hitters, the grand slams, and historic home runs. For sixty-seven years, he opened his scorecard and charted

A 13

Sports Talk

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon “He’s sitting on 714.” Most baseball fans believe it’s one of the top five calls of alltime. These two guys are forever joined in baseball lore by less than forty words, spoken into microphone one early evening on April 8, 1974, by Braves broadcaster Milo Hamilton, forty years ago. It was the first game of the new season. The Atlanta Braves were at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here’s how the call sounded as Henry Aaron settled into the batter’s box.

baseball history. He taught us how to figure batting averages, told us how players got their nicknames and why. He described routine double-plays, the importance of a bunt single, why stealing third increases the chances of scoring by nine, and the reason so many players strike out looking. He taught us about Uncle Charlie, twin killings, chin music, and frozen ropes. Seeing-Eye singles, right down Kirby and “Holy Toledo, what a play!” became his signature calls. Every play reminded him of days gone by, when only the player, the city, and the circumstances were different. I would love to see through his eyes, if only for a moment. Listening to him call a game made me feel like a hundred dollar bill in a two dollar wallet. Writer Phil Hirsh once wrote, “Baseball is the only game you can see on the radio.” Milo made it easy for all of us. His canyon deep voice was unmistakable. He was always “in” the game. You could never tell by his tone of voice whether his team was behind or ahead. Everybody wanted to be connected, to be a part of him. Let’s call that a professional. Baseball looks so easy to play from your seat. It is, in fact, the hardest of them all. The game moves at a pace where a grandfather can talk about what’s happening on the field with his grandson. They see and experience virtually the same game. Milo taught me how to score a game, what to look for, how to anticipate a great play. He gave us a history lesson every night and allowed us to dream about what it would be like to play Major League baseball. All words seemed better to me when spoken by Milo Hamilton.

Milo Unplugged What you saw was what you got with Milo. Not many of us find our true place in life; that does not hold true for Milo Hamilton. I can’t imagine him doing anything else. Milo has been a part of the Dennis & Andy’s Q & A Session radio show for almost twenty years. Twice every year he joins us on the air, live from Houston, Texas. My partner Dennis Quinn always referred to our interviews as “Milo unplugged.” On two different occasions, we took our show on the road to Minute Maid Park, and Milo was nice enough to join us there, in the booth, talking baseball. We talked old school baseball; from “Stan the Man” and “Hammerin’ Hank” to “The Ryan Express.” We covered everything from the disappearance of the hook slide to the tragedy of steroids and everything in between. There is never a time I did not learn something. It has been said that the greatest classroom often lies at the feet of the elderly. How true. Milo was inducted into the Broadcast Wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2000. He has been an announcer for 67 years. His first job in Major League baseball started in 1953, with the St. Louis Browns. He has also announced for six other Major League clubs. I once told him how much he was loved as I was leaving his company. I think it may have surprised him. He didn’t know how to respond, but he smiled. I’m absolutely sure he knows he’s loved, but does not hear it enough. We are always more appreciative of something we had and have now lost. Milo visited Corpus Christi, January 24, 2014, with the Astros caravan. I couldn’t wait to see him. When he walked into the room he was surrounded by the TV guys like Custer at the Little Big Horn. We sat and laughed and talked about the call. He and Hank still speak with each other quite often. Milo looked good as he is winning his battle with cancer. I’ve never met a more giving individual. There will never be another Milo Hamilton. Andy Purvis is a local author. His books “In the Company of Greatness” and “Remembered Greatness” are on the shelves at the local Barnes and Noble, at Beamer’s Sports Grill 5922 S Staples, and online at many different sites including Amazon,, booksamillion, Google Books, etc. They are also available in e-reader format. Contact him at www., or andy.purvis@grandecom. net. Special thanks to ESPN Corpus for creating Uncle Andy’s Sports Blog. You can go to and click on BLOGS. New story each week. Also access via “Dennis and Andy’s Q&A” when that comes up on site. Click on it and then go to Blog. You may also go to and please leave comments!

We now have Gluten Free Pizza!


South Texas Grassroots Bluegrass Band Starting Nov. 24th 6-9pm

♥ Reservations Recommended ♥

Lunch Specials Monday

Unlimited Spaghetti Salad



9 inch Sub for 6 inch Price


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Pasta Menu Full Order for 1/2 order price Salad with a 6-inch Sandwich & Drink



Unlimited Dinner Salad


Hours: Mon- Thurs 11 AM - 9:30 PM Fri - Sat 11 AM - 10 PM Sun 5-9:30 PM 15370 SPID (Just south of Whitecap) 949-7737

Super Bowl, On-the-Field Officials Report By Dotson Lewis, Special to the Island Moon

Dotson’s note: I received many calls, texts & Emails during and after the Super Bowl with specific questions and/or comments regarding how the on-the-field officials did their job or comments regarding calls made or not made. The following is a summary by real live actual officiating experts as to job performance Super Bowl 48.

McAulay Crew Handles First Dud Super Bowl in 10 Years This year’s Super Bowl will not go down as a classic in terms of excitement, but the Seahawks’ defensive performance will be talked about for a long time. Peyton Manning’s future and legacy (rightly or wrongly) will be hot topics for the next few news cycles. Thankfully, the officiating will not be a topic to debate. There was no call that swung momentum or decided the game, but there were some things that were noticed while zebras were watching. 1. McAulay was very relaxed at the coin toss, even though there was a gaffe. McAulay handed the coin to Joe Namath and forgot to ask Seattle to call heads or tails, or Namath tossed the coin before getting permission from McAulay. The veteran referee quickly reacted, caught the coin, and got the captain’s choice. Everyone, including McAulay, got a nice chuckle out of it, there was no need to be embarrassed, and everyone got on with the game. 2. At the coin tosses, the media was kept at bay and let the referee and captains do their job. The Super Bowl coin toss is the most viewed football coin toss annually. The crew even goes through a coin toss dress rehearsal the day before the game. There are many layers of extra detail to the coin toss, including a special coin, special guests to toss the coin, an extra layer of tension as the teams just want to kick off, and a crush of media that wants to be in on the ceremony. In the past few years, the media crush at the center of the field has gotten ridiculous. It isn’t known if the NFL Referees Association requested a little relief, or if the NFL executives took the initiative, but the media kept its distance and let McAulay and the captains do their job. 3. Pass interference wasn’t much of a factor in the game. One big story line this past week was how the aggressive Seattle defense would fare against the Denver pass attack, and how the officials (especially field judge Scott Steenson, side judge Dave Wyant, and back judge Steve Freeman) would call defensive holding, illegal contact, and pass interference. There was one pass play late in the first half where it appeared

Showcase cont. from A1 year, in the SLC School Gym on Encantada. Look for the banners to point the way. A Tour of Homes Map for the 26 open houses and Community Garden will be available at the Vendor Show location and listing agents will be available to answer any questions. Just look for the special “Showcase” signs, that denote the Homes on the Tour. This is the perfect opportunity to allow everyone to see why Life on the Island is special. Being informed is a good thing…..

2014 Padre Island Showcase Vendor Show More than 20 vendors will be present including: Docks And Decks /Padre Island Maintenance Inc

that a Seahawks player got away with illegal contact or pass interference, but all in all, the officiating crew called a very good game in the secondary. 4. Line judge Tom Symonette set an early tone. The Seahawks hit hard and then tell their opponents all about it. Early in the game, the Seahawks kicked off to the Broncos and once the receiver downed the ball in the end zone for a touchback, a Seahawks player delivered a late hit on an unsuspecting Bronco. Symonette didn’t bother scolding, warning or giving the teams a “talk to.” He brought out the flag, and helped the crew send an early message that post-whistle nonsense would not be tolerated. Honorable mention goes to Terry McAulay who warned a Seahawks player in the first half as he was starting to bark at the Broncos’ sideline. Thankfully there were not any major scraps this game and both teams mostly displayed good sportsmanship. 5. Umpire Carl Paganelli showed hustle and snuffed out potential tinderboxes. Several times, #124 jumped between players who were pushing and shoving, jawing, or about to square off. One time, two players were wrestling on the ground after the whistle, and Paganelli jumped on the two players and separated them. He worked hard to set the ball ready for the next play, and from his position in the backfield, was able to rule a pass over the middle incomplete. 6. The officials have to be ready on the first play. McAulay got the coin toss out of the way without major problems, everyone lined up on the right side of the field, the kicker waited until he blew the whistle, and the game got started with a routine kickoff return. Now to settle in, get a few plays under the belt, and get into the groove. Right? Wrong. The first play featured a complete breakdown, illegal motion by Peyton Manning, a bad snap into the end zone and a safety. McAulay could have been caught napping or not ready for the start of the game and looked really bad on that play. He was ready, Seattle was ready, but the Broncos were not ready. This game did not feature any calls that will be scorned or praised, but the seven officials who were tasked to call Super Bowl XLVIII did themselves and the game proud. Your thoughts/concerns are welcome, please call the Benchwarmers (ESPN 1440 Keys) 361560-5397, (Mondays through Fridays 4-6 pm) or Dotson (361-949-7681) or Email: dlewis1@

Traffic continued from A1 Passing lanes on “The Landing Strip” Other improvements along the SH 361 corridor between North Padre Island and Port Aransas, colloquially called The Landing Strip by locals, include $10.5 million, currently not funded, to add two “Super Passing Lanes” to State Highway 361 between the SPID intersection on North Padre and Port Aransas. The lanes will allow for faster moving vehicles to pass slower moving vehicles without having to cross into the lane of oncoming traffic, or forcing slower moving traffic onto the shoulder. The new 12foot lanes will be spaced periodically along the 18-mile stretch of road. No timetable has been set for the project.

Hebert Irrigation Island Fitness Jmc Architecture Keller Williams Realty Mad Meats And More Mortgage Associates Corpus Christi Eagle Lock And Key

Forum continued from A1 through North Padre and Flour Bluff, the Southside and into the so-called Tenderloin area just south of downtown. It includes about 88,000 people, 21 voting precincts (including one with no registered voters). In the last election in 2010 current incumbent Joe Joe McComb McComb defeated then incumbent Charlie Cazales by a total of 866 votes out of 6526 votes cast. Of that total 1559 were cast on The Island with 1115 on North Padre and 444 in Port Aransas with McComb beating Cazales by about thirty votes in each precinct. McComb is being challenged by current County Court at Law Judge and former Corpus Christi City Councilman Brent Chesney and Island businessman and former City Council candidate Norm Baker. One of the candidates must muster 50% of the vote in the March primary or face a runoff with the second-place voter getter. The two challengers have made taxes their issue accusing McComb of voting to raise county property taxes by more than 10% in the three budgets he has voted to approve while on the county commission. McComb denies raising taxes. Early voting begins February 18, eight days after the IUPAC candidate forum which will begin at 6:30 p.m.

It is a temporary solution to allow easing of the increasingly busy roadway with a permanent solution of a five-lane roadway all along the area to be done at a later time. That permanent configuration will also include a center turn lane and will cost an estimated $48 million.

Ferry improvements Also in the plan is $4.2 million in available funding for upgrades in the ferry system in Port Aransas. The majority of the money will be used to upgrade and repair the ferry landings, with $30,000 to be used to automate the information systems informing approaching motorists of the wait time. The new system will include a Bluetooth application that will automatically update display signs placed along roadway leading to the landings every fifteen minutes and will also pay for additional signs. That work is expected to begin as early as this summer. Also in the plan but not currently funded is $6 million for new ferry landings since the current number of ferries exceeds the number of landings (5). Another $2.2 million, currently unfunded, is needed to the acquisition of and for more space for cars waiting to board the boats. The current ferry system has two 28-vehicle ferries and six 20-vehicle ferries. Up to seven ferries can operate at one time. The plan calls for $39 million for new ferries to supplement the fleet and replacing aging boats currently in use, and another $7.3 million to decrease wait time including the addition of 22 traffic control personnel.

A 14

Winter Texan Roundup

Port Aransas Parks & Rec Department, (361) 749-4158 Citywide Garage Sale Mark your calendar now for the annual Citywide Garage Sale in Port Aransas set for Saturday, Feb. 15. Once again, Keep Port Aransas Beautiful and the City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation encourage individuals and businesses all over Port A to clear out and hold sales at their own locations. If you have stuff to get rid of, start sorting now. There is no charge to hold your own sale and be included in the ad KPAB pays for in the papers or on the map Parks and Recreation prints. For those without a location, KPAB will have tables to rent inside the Community Center, 408 N. Alister St., where you can sell your stuff. Contact Darlene Secich at 749-7144 for space in the Community Center. A table will cost $25. Your address can be listed in the ad in the newspaper if Parks and Recreation Community Program Coordinator is contacted by noon on Friday, Feb. 7. If listed by noon on Wednesday Feb. 12, it will be on the maps printed and handed out. Inform Greene if you are having the sale in the morning, afternoon or both. No permit is required. The maps will be ready at 9:30 Friday morning, Feb. 14, and can be picked up at City Hall, the Chamber, Parks and Rec and the JELM Center. They will be available for pick-up at the Community Center at 9am on Saturday. Maps can be emailed by contacting Greene at or calling her at 749-4158.

We’re Having Fun Activities Tuesdays at 2 pm at Girl Scout hut inside Parks and Recreation building, 739 W. Ave. A, on corner of Cut Off Road. Activities are FREE with supplies provided unless otherwise stated. A happy time whether it works or not; we always have fun. This program is where participants learn how to or not to, make or do something. The WHF series is open to all with fairly simple events. Feb. 4 –Sand sculpting permanently. Feb. 11 – Paper Jewelry. Feb. 18 – Gratitude flowers; Feb. 25 – Mardi Gras masks; March 4 – Friend-Kid-Spouse Coupon Books

Brown Bag Lecture Series Grab some lunch and come on out Thursdays for this fun lunch lecture series. Presentations begin at 12 noon at the Community Center, 408 N. Alister St. Doors open at 11:30 with Marion Fersing entertaining on the piano. Feb. 6 – Rick Adams: New Development in Port A. Feb. 13 – Diane Martin-Hushman: Relationships, Intimacy, and Adult Development. Feb. 20 – Mark Creighton: Oh, the places I have been! Free, open to all!

Pickleball One of the faster growing activities around the country has hit Port A. Pickleball, a paddle sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, now can be played at the Community Park Hockey Rink. Located at 700 Clark Pkwy, off Ross Avenue, the rink now is marked off for the correct size, allowing three teams to play at a time. If you have your own equipment and know how to play, the rink may be used any time it is not in use. Know how to play but without equipment, check out equipment at Community Pool with a Driver’s License. FREE! If you need instruction, Winter Texans will be at the rink playing from 9 a.m. to noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays through March 4, weather permitting. Local players are being sought to continue after Winter Texans helping Parks and Recreation get this started return to their other home. It is great exercise that is not as tasking as tennis, but still provides a good workout for any age.

Pastime Matinee Mystery fills the air at the next Pastime Matinee on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 2 pm. The Pastime Matinee will be at the Port Aransas Community Theatre, 2327 Hwy 361. Admittance is free. Popcorn, snacks and drinks will be available from PACT. ‘The Shadow Strikes’, a 1937 mystery from radio era. The Shadow, Scourge of the Underworld appears as a shadow to ordinary men. Lamont Cranston is a man-about-town bachelor leading carefree life, but evil raises its ugly head, he becomes the Shadow to foil criminals. No Movie on Feb. 12--Hobby Day at Community Center. Feb. 19: “McLintock” starring John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara.

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Family Dance Nights

February 6, 2014

Aransas Community Theatre is held monthly each January and February.

Two Dance Nights have been scheduled for February, Thursdays, Feb. 6 and 20. Don’t let the cold keep you from dancing the night away, as we have moved indoors through the end of February. Boots or dancing shoes and a want-to are welcome for the City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department event. Dancing will be held at the Community Center, 408 N. Alister St. Fun for the whole family includes dance instruction and just plain dancing. Lessons begin at 6:30 pm. From 7:15 to 8:30 pm, the dance floor will be open for all dancers. Local DJ Ken Yarbrough will provide music, and sometimes live musicians perform. Cookies and drinks will be provided by Parks and Recreation, but the public is welcome to bring their own beverages.

3rd Annual Hobby Day Sign up now! Come see what others do in their spare time and/ or show off your hobbies/sell items to others. For the third year, Parks and Recreation Department invites the public to share their talent with others. It will be held Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1-4pm, at the Community Center, 408 N. Alister St. Reserve a spot by contacting Parks and Recreation Department Community Program Coordinator Pam Greene at 749-4158 or. Bring your wallet as some will have their creations to sell.

Island Fishing Workshop

Red Cross Certified lifeguard Class Learn lifesaving skills to help keep people safe in, on and around water and at a Red Cross certified lifeguard class. The class consists of four days, Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 8- 9, and Feb. 15- 16, from 9am to 5pm. Instruction will be at the Girl Scout Hut, 739 W. Ave. A, inside Parks and Recreation building, 739 W. Ave. A, on corner of Cut Off Road and at the Port Aransas Community Pool, 700 Clark Pkwy, off Ross Avenue. The cost is $175 for the complete course with a 50% refund if hired by the city. Contact Bonney Maurer at (361) 749-2416 to register.

The cast net class cancelled due to bad weather on Friday, Jan. 24, has been rescheduled to Thursday, Feb. 13, weather permitting. High winds kept the pool from opening. This Island Fishing Workshop is set for 1 pm, at the Community Park Pool, located at 700 Clark Pkwy, off Ross Avenue. Parks and Recreation Grounds Supervisor Mike McClure will give instruction. Cost is FREE, and participants must use nets provided. The February workshop will be at its regular time, 1 pm, on Friday, Feb. 21. Meet McClure in Roberts Point Park at the J.P. Luby Pier. Topic of this one is

Crazy Cart Crawl

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute Public Lecture

Win prizes, have fun and get to know Port A better at the Crazy cart Crawl by the City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department. Licensed golf carts are invited to participate in the scavenger adventure on Saturday, Feb. 8. Generous donations from island businesses for prizes along with the cash will enhance the just plain fun of the event. Rental discounts are available from Coastal Ed’s Cruisers for anyone without a golf cart wanting to participate. Registration will be held between 1 and 2 p.m. The hunt will begin at 2 p.m. Cost is just $10 per cart.

Thursday, February 13 , 2014, 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 pm), Visitors’ Center Auditorium , Lectures are Free: Dr. Brad Gemmell of The University of Texas Marine Science Institute “Capturing the Ocean’s Greatest Escape Artist: Techniques Fish Use to Eat their Favourite Food” Why does a seahorse need to have stealth capabilities that rival that of the Navy Seals? Copepods are tiny relatives of shrimps, crabs and lobsters that are smaller than a grain of rice. Despite the fact that they go virtually unnoticed by humans, copepods are actually one of the most numerous and important animals on the planet. Found in virtually every aquatic environment on earth, copepods play a key role in marine food webs. In other words, everything likes to eat copepods! But how does such a delectable species stay so numerous in a sea of hungry mouths?n this presentation, I explore the arms race between fast escaping prey and techniques fish use to overcome these abilities of their prey.

Pedaling in the Preserve Get on your bicycle and join others at the Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture on Monday, Feb. 10. At 10am, meet at pavilion in the preserve for an easy ride along the boardwalks. See what is living and growing in the nature of Port A and get some exercise at the same time. No charge, just show up. The ride is held the second and fourth Mondays of each month by the Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department.

Winter Sounds

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Music with some dance floor space is on tap for this free concert is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 10, and will feature Ron Baker. Hearing his music sets your toes to tapping, so for the first time at the theater concerts, some chairs will be removed for dancing. It will be 7–9 pm, at the Port Aransas Community Theatre, 2327 Hwy. 361. Seating is limited so be on time to get a space. Refreshments, beer and wine will be available for purchase from PACT.

Visitor Center, Port Aransas Free Movie Schedule: January 30 – February 12, 2014 Monday - 3 p.m. Cancelled: February 3rd & February 10th Attenborough’s Life Stories: Life on Camera (52 min) Attenborough revisits key places and events in his career and shows how a succession of technical innovations in filmmaking led to remarkable revelations about our planet and the creatures that inhabit it.

Ron Baker was born in San Antonio, Texas and at the age of 9 he took up guitar. At 14, Ron played on a Dr. Pepper commercial featuring Donna Loren, best known for her roles in the Beach Party movies of the 60’s and as the “celebrity spokes model” for Dr. Pepper. Ron was working with now popular blues artist Delbert McClinton when, in 1975, Ron was given the opportunity to audition for country music singer Charley Pride. He beat out several other players for the job of lead guitarist. Ron’s first performance with Pride was the 1975 Bob Hope 4th of July TV special. His first actual concert was in the Waikiki Music Shell in Honolulu, Hawaii. From there the group flew to Australia for a 6 week tour including New Zealand and Tasmania. As a member of the Pride organization for over 11 years, Ron has traveled the world doing what he loves to do, and has appeared on many TV shows including The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, the Merv Griffin Show, Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live, Dinah Shore, and many others. On August 6, 1980, Ron was onboard Pride’s private airplane and survived a midair collision that unfortunately took the lives of two people. Ron continues to perform today playing a variety of musical styles with smooth precision. He uses his unique storytelling style to entertain his audience with stories from his Charley Pride days. After 12 years of living and performing in the Guadalajara area of Mexico, Ron is a permanent resident of Port Aransas. This Parks and Recreation Department collaboration with the Port

Tuesday - 3 p.m. Cancelled: February 4th & February 11th Can The Gulf Survive? (50 min) With exclusive access to BP’s clean-up operations, National Geographic investigates what happened to the 4.9 million barrels of oil that poured from the sea floor in one of the worst environmental disasters of all time. Wednesday - 3 p.m. Cancelled: February 5th & February 12th The Great Rift: Water (58 min) Explore the underwater life that the Great Rift boasts, and the interesting food chain that has been developing for thousands of years. Also, discussed is how water and the lack of it has affected the evolution of plants and animals in the area. Thursday - 3 p.m. January 30th & Cancelled: February 6th Cuttlefish: Kings of Camouflage (56 min) Join NOVA on a voyage beneath the waves, where you’ll discover a bizarre, alien-like creature like no other. It’s an animal with eight suckercovered arms growing out of its head, three hearts pumping its blue-green blood, and a doughnut-shaped brain. In this program, underwater cameras capture the extraordinary powers of the cuttlefish.

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February 6, 2014

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Island Moon

February 6, 2014

Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

No body died, no body got hurt…

The Free Beer Band will start their new residency at Giggity’s on Thursday. Augie Meyers was in town last weekend. Seen here with Ron Baker, Tom Doran and Ronnie Narmour Van Blize, Uel Jackson, Sierra Jackson and Dennis Sullivan played the last Sunday jam at the Tarpon Ice House Well, thankfully no one died this week… at least no big music icon. Seems my column has started off with obituaries the last few weeks with Steve Fromholz and Pete Seeger passing. The only thing that really did die this week was the Super Bowl. Was that a joke or what? When’s the last time you remember the TV commercials carrying a major sporting event? I watched the game at the Tarpon Ice House where we pretty much broke out the guitars and blew the game off. It was the last hurrah over there and saying goodbye to our friends seemed more important than watching the Broncos get pummeled. Uel Jackson hosted the last jam and we all got into the act. Dan Sullivan, Sky Malone, Sierra Jackson, Van Blize and Dennis Sullivan were all on hand for the final jam. Sure going to miss that place! Word on the street is a guy from Austin is looking at buying it and is asking questions about the sound system… possibly meaning that he wants to keep it a live music venue. That’s merely speculation, but I can hope can’t I?

Stingrays opens with a bang …

Micky and the Motorcars played the big Super Bowl Party-Grand Opening at Stingrays last Sunday Mean while over at Stingrays, the white hot Red Dirt phenoms, Micky and the Motorcars (Austin, TX) put on one first class pre-Super Bowl concert. The owner, Shawn Etheridge, spared no expense at his “Grand Opening” and showed Port A they intend to be players in this town. They even had the Melissa Brooke Band play after the game. That’s a lot of talent there. Etheridge tells me they plan to keep the live music rolling on a regular basis at Stingrays and I will keep you appraised of who’s scheduled. BTW, I tried the ribs there and they are fall off the bone delicious.

Micky and the Motorcars rip it up … The Motorcars’ show was jumping. The nucleus of the band is comprised of two

brothers, Micky and Gary Braun, originally from Idaho, who just happen to be the brothers of two other brothers, Willy and Cody Braun, of the popular Reckless Kelly band (Austin, TX). All these guys run in the Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, Mike McClure, Cody Canada, Stoney LaRue, etc Red Dirt circuit and sound like they grew up with Steve Earle on their turntables day and night. Their sound is one of those three guitar rockin’ country numbers with the emphasis on rockin’ originals. The only covers I heard them play were Steve Earle (The Other Kind) and Warren Zevon (Lawyers, Guns and Money). They’ve come a long way since they were the young unknown brothers opening for big brothers Reckless Kelly.

Augie Meyers at the line dancing class? Friday night I was at the Ice House watching the Pete Denny Blues Band (Uvalde, TX) play the Last Waltz festivities when I got a phone call from my old friend Augie Meyers, who tells me he’s in town at the Port A Community Center. So I grabbed my pal, Capt. Tom Doran, (who also knows Augie) and we headed over to the community center with no clue of what was afoot. We get there and see bunches of Winter Texan feet line dancing (it was a Parks and Rec line dancing class) to a “one man band” (a guy playing guitar and singing to recorded tracks and a drum machine) and Augie Meyers is sitting in back observing it all. To say he looked out of place was an understatement. It turns out the “one man band” was an old friend of Augie’s named Ron Baker, who played lead guitar for Charlie Pride for 12 years. And, I soon found out, Mr. Baker was booked to play the upcoming Winter Sounds concert at the Port A Community Theater on the 10th. Now it’s all making sense. I chatted it up with Augie for a while and invited him out to the Carol Elliott and Friends show at Shorty’s the next night. BTW, you can read all about Ron Baker and his “Winter Sounds” show at PACT in the “Winter Texan Round-up” this edition of the Island Moon.

Carol Elliott and friends … On Saturday, a showed billed as Carol Elliott and Friends played Shorty’s. As it turned out, about a hundred people jammed the little porch at Shorty’s and Elliott’s “friends” also turned out in mass, including world famous songwriter, Keith Sykes (Memphis, TN) who played a song

Tiffany Duckworth performed at the Carol Elliott show last Saturday at Shorty’s

GIGGITY’S RESTAURANT & BAR Free Beer Band Feb. 6 John Cortez Band Feb. 7 Ruben & the Rolling Jays Feb. 8 Antone & the All Stars Feb. 9 Mike Williams & Paul Taylor Feb. 10 Riptide Feb. 11 Mike Williams Feb. 12 Open 11am-2am Daily. Kitchen open til 1am. 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

Happy Valentine’s Day

OPEN 10-5


Daily Lunch Specials Private Dinner Parties, Personal Chef, Weddings

he’d written with John Prine (Gold Inside of You) and a Port A inspired song about a perfect day at the beach “if a shark don’t bite my leg off.” We couldn’t talk Augie into taking the stage without his band, but plenty of other local artists did, including Tom Doran, James Derkits, Tiffany Duckworth, Mike Williams, Dennis Sullivan and Mr. Mo. I honestly don’t ever remember seeing Shorty’s porch ever being that crowded. It was a great gig! I even got into the act and blatted out my version of That’s the Way Love Goes… it was chilling.

DO NOT MISS LIST This weekend …

Name the artist and song this lyric came from

222 Beach St. Port Aransas 361.749.0022

fDine a c e bin o oTake k . c o m/ ga lreceive l e r y 10% off your bill on Wednesdays Outfe l d e rand Catering for any occaision

Lisabellas Bistro & Bar Casual Dining at it’s Finest Celebrating Coastal Cuisine

361-749-4222 Open Monday - Saturday at 5:00 pm

Nightly Seafood Specials

5009 Hwy 361 Port A @ Cinnamon Shores

this is the act to see. These Okie wonders showed up down here last spring and blew our minds. You’ve never seen bluegrass played with more passion and precision. Trust me, DO NOT MISS Joe Mack and Thomas Trapp! Also on Saturday, some guy named Alan Jackson is playing the American Bank Center and Ruben and the Rolling Jays are playing Giggity’s. And, as I mentioned before, Ron Baker will play the Winter Sounds concert series at the Port Aransas Community Theater on Monday, February 10th.

Tonight, Thursday, February 6th, the great Free Beer Band will start their On the horizon… new residence at Giggity’s (7-10), the outrageous polka-punk band, Pinata On Thursday, February 13th, the most Keith Sykes Protest (San Antonio, TX) will play amazing male folk artist to ever grace showed up at the House of Rock and the Red Dirt Canada, Gordon Lightfoot, will play Shorty’s last wonder, Stoney LaRue will play Selena Auditorium. I’m pulling all Brewster Street. On Friday, February weekend and kinds of strings to get into that show. 7th, the John Cortez Blues Band will graced us with Also on the 13th, Wayne “The Train” a couple of Hancock (Austin, TX) will bring his play Giggity’s, the Medicare Band will play Sharkey’s, the nerd-rock songs Hank Williams, Jimmy Rogers, novelty act, the Spazmatics will play Bob Wills tribute to the House of Brewster, Uncle Leslie Willey will Rock…local folk heroes Ty Dietz and Neal play Shorty’s and Ray T and the City Crew Edwards will also be on that bill. On Friday, will play the Flat’s Lounge. On Saturday, February 14th, which you may also recognize as February 8th, the faster than lightning hillbillies Valentine’s Day, the phenomenal “New Grass” from Oklahoma, Joe Mack and Thomas band, Milk Drive (Austin, TX), will play the Trapp, will return to the Shorty’s stage. Folks, House of Rock with Rev. Fred Cook (HOBO) and the great banjo player formerly of the Bad Livers, Danny Barnes (Austin, TX)… that will be a great show. Also on Valentines, the Melissa Brooke Band will be at Giggity’s, Stevie Start will be at Shorty’s, the Palacios Brothers will be at Dr. Rockits, Brian Matlock’s at Stingrays and Scarecrow People will play the Executive Surf Club. On Saturday, February 15th, the Gaff will host their 4th Annual Bluegrass Festival with Moonshine Martini (Corpus Christi, TX) , Vintage Sounds (Houston, TX) and Earl Wang (Alvin, TX).

Joe Mack and Thomas Trapp will play Shorty’s this Saturday night

♪♫ And that’s the truth! ♫♪

Live Music Tonight

Thursday, February 6 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Stoney LaRue, Pear Ratz @ Brewster Street Guttermouth, Pinata Protest, Authority Zero @ House of Rock Friday, February 7 John Cortez @ Giggity’s Uncle Willey @ Shorty’s Brian Matlock (7:30) @ Stingrays Medicare Band (6-9) @ Sharkey’s Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats A Night of Funk @ House of Rock Damn Torpedoes @ Dr. Rockits Spazmatics @ Brewster Street Another Level @ Executive Surf Club Hard Wired @ Katz 21 Saturday, February 8 Ruben & the Rolling Jays @ Giggity’s Joe Mack & Thomas Trapp @ Shorty’s Alan Jackson @ American Bank Center After Dark Revue @ House of Rock Barney Sledge @ Dr. Rockits 2nd Saturday Sing-Along @ Brewster Street The Shakedown @ Executive Surf Club Shadowmoon @ Katz 21 Sunday, February 9 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Green Party @ Dr. Rockits

Keep on rockin in the free world

Gordon Lightfoot will play the American Bank Center on Feb. 13th

Monday, February 10 Mike Williams & Paul Taylor (5:30-9) @ Giggity’s Ron Baker (Winter Sounds) @ PACT Open Mic @ Scuttlebutt’s Open Jam @ Dr. Rockits Tuesday, February 11 Riptide (6:30-10) @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ House of Rock Run Down Legend @ Dr. Rockits RED, Emphatic, Gemini Syndrome @ Brewster Street

Island Limo Valentines Specials

(361) 460-4365 CLOSED UNTIL FEBRUARY 27 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! 132 W. Cotter Port Aransas,TX

Uncle Willey Feb. 7 Joe Mack & Thomas Trapp Feb. 8 Stevie Start Feb. 14 Ruben Limas Feb. 15 Jerry Diaz Feb, 21 Tiffany Feb. 22

Wednesday, February 12 Mike Williams (5:30-9) @ Giggity’s Wolfjaw @ Flats Lounge PA Rockers (6:30-9:30) @ Bernie’s GRAVY @ House of Rock Kicking Dynamite @ Dr. Rockits

Thursday, February 13 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Gordon Lightfoot @ Selena Auditorium Charlie Worsham, John Grider @ Brewster Street Wayne Hancock, Ty Dietz, Neal Edwards @ House of Rock Friday, February 14 Melissa Brooke Band @ Giggity’s Stevie Start @ Shorty’s Medicare Band (6-9) @ Sharkey’s Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Palacios Bros @ Dr. Rockits Led Zeppelin II, John Cortez @ Brewster Street Scarecrow People @ Executive Surf Club Milk Drive, Danny Barnes, Rev. Fred Cook @ House of Rock Timeline Journey, Mike Guerra Jazz Quartet @ Katz 21

Saturday, February 15 90 Proof @ Giggity’s OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas 4th Annual Bluegrass Fest @ The Gaff Ruben Limas (solo) @ Shorty’s Twisted Insane @ House of Rock Michael Hardie @ Dr. Rockits Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Minefields @ Katz 21 Matt Hole & the Hot Rod Gang @ Executive Surf Club

Best Rates Call for special pricing

(361)290-7143 314 E. Ave. G

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Sunday, February 16 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Gorilla Music Presents @ House of Rock Echo @ Dr. Rockits Monday, February 17 Mike Williams & Paul Taylor (5:30-9) @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ Scuttlebutt’s Open Jam @ Dr. Rockits Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School @ House of Rock

Island moon 2 6 2014 section b  
Island moon 2 6 2014 section b