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February 16, 2017

Around The Island

By Dale Rankin By Dale Rankin

Spring Break 2017 is but a mere four weeks away and as things now stand the new traffic light at Aquarius/ SPID will be in full bloom, the new Beach Access Road 3A at the end of Windward will be finished, and our drinking water will taste a lot like our swimming pool water. The city Water Wonks announced this week that starting March 6 they are going to “allow for a new supplemental disinfectant called Chloride Dioxide to be added to the water treatment process, which will provide an additional on-going layer of disinfectant protection. Customers may notice a strong chlorine odor during the temporary change in disinfectant. Drinking water can be aerated (shaken) or refrigerated to reduce the taste or odor of chlorine.” The program, designed to “flush” the city’s water system and its 1900 dead-end water mains, will replace the current chloramine with “free chlorine” will last from six to eight weeks. However, a city staffer told the council Tuesday that consumers may taste heightened levels of chlorine for as long as 80 days. City staff said at no time will chlorine levels exceed the state-allowed maximum. But we can’t help but wonder, if you shake up the water or put it in the fridge before you drink it isn’t the stuff that was already in there still there? Somebody call a chemist. Or look at it this way; shaking your water before you drink it could be a great workout!

Catch-22 The move is the latest to counter decades of neglect in the city’s water department, which hired a new director this week. Information presented Tuesday showed that in 1951 when the city’s population was 110,000 there were 216 employees in the water department, now with a population of 330,000 there are 208 employees. To combat what is described as a “stale water problem” for several years the city has been releasing about 30 million gallons of treated water per month from fire hydrants across the city, including several million gallons on The Island from hydrants and from the Island’s water tower. In layman’s terms when the water stays too long in the mains the chlorine is leeched out by “plating” in the lines. The problem of the dead-end mains was compounded when city water users were asked to conserve water beginning in 2015 which cut down on water usage leaving water even longer in the mains causing “stale’ water to get even staler and leaving brown yards around the city. But the Law of Unintended Consequences meant that the lower usage cut down on city water revenue causing reduced waves of cash flow to splash against the hard rocks of debt service on the water system putting upward pressure on water rates.

Common sense solution City Councilman Joe McComb offered a solution on Tuesday by suggesting to city staff that rather than vent water out of fire hydrants, where it simply runs unused into storm drains, that consumers be offered a monthly credit to encourage them to help drain the system by applying the water to their lawns; thereby collectively solving the problems of stale water and dead yards in the coming summer months. The city said they would take his suggestion under advisement. Residents faced three boil-water notices in a 10-month period between July 2015 and May 2016 and then in December of last year, when residents of went four days without

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FREE ...And the City said, “Let There be a Light!”

Aquarius/SPID traffic light fires up on Tuesday!

Dale Rankin

After more than two decades of discussion the City of Corpus Christi announced this week that the newly installed traffic light at the Aquarius/ SPID intersection will be activated starting Tuesday, February 21st. The project was given the green light at City Hall over a year ago to facilitate development on six commercial lots on the east side of the roadway along with a 105room hotel. The original cost of the project was estimated at $635,000, with the developer, San Antonio based Turner Busby Development, LLC, paying $420,000 for the cost of the installation of the light and the reconfiguring of the intersection. However, since the project’s genesis the cost increased to $1.2 million, according to reports to the Island Strategic Action Committee, with the city paying the balance. The original pitch by the developer to the ISAC in 2015 stated that the light was necessary for the building of the hotel. However, a company spokesperson said in late 2016 that

Mark Scott’s candidacy throws term limits into turmoil When a new Corpus Christi Mayor and possible At-Large City Council member take office later this year they will be serving terms which do not count against the term limit provisons under the City Charter.

the hotel had been removed from the development plans and the lots at the location will be reconfigured into five larger plats from the existing six. Calls to representatives this week were not returned by press time. ISAC members in late 2016 reiterated their early stance that the city should not permit the activation

Mannequin, McDonald's sign, a bullet, and 800 pounds of tires, furniture among the flotsam and jetsam

Padre Island National Seashore - 170 volunteers - 7,250 pounds of trash from 7 miles Packery Flats - 59 volunteers 2,750 pounds of trash from 3 miles Port Aransas - 61 volunteers - 900 pounds of trash from 3 miles San Jose Island - 9 volunteers 1,060 pounds of trash from 2 miles RGV/South Padre Island - 721 volunteers - 54,075 pounds of trash from 5 miles (all-time record!) Aransas Pass - 34 volunteers 1,760 pounds of trash from 1.5 miles Cole Park - 75 volunteers - 636 pounds of trash from 4 miles North Beach Corpus Christi - 317 volunteers - 4,000 pounds of trash

New Mayor Will Serve a Term That Doesn’t Count

By Dale Rankin

Volunteers Collect Five Tons of Trash from Island Beaches

About 300 volunteers picked up more than five tons of trash – 10,960 pounds - off 15 miles of Island beaches last weekend as part of the 2017 Adopt-A-Beach Winter Cleanup. Across the state 1451 volunteers collected 72,481 pounds of trash in the event sponsored by the Texas General Land Office. The largest turnout was in the Rio Grande Valley where 721 volunteers collected 54,075 pounds of trash from 5 miles of beach setting an all-time record.

Photo by Steve Coons

from 9 miles Rockport - 5 volunteers - 50 pounds of trash from 1 mile

Since the program began in 1986, more than 505,000 volunteers have removed more than 9,400 tons of trash from Texas beaches. With each cleanup, plenty of odd and unusual items inevitably are reported. Odd and unusual items removed during the two cleanups included a mannequin, trash can full of cement, bag of Christmas lights, a McDonald's sign, a bullet, a large inter tube, various plastic toys, a coconut, a wood pallet, 800 pounds of tires, furniture, and a luggage strap. The Texas General Land Office Adopt-A-Beach program is an allvolunteer effort to remove trash from Texas' shores. Coastal cleanups are held three times each year. The next coastwide cleanup will be the Spring Adopt-A-Beach effort scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2017. The Texas General Land Office's Adopt-A-Beach program is funded primarily by private contributions. To help out, or for more information, call the Adopt-A-Beach program at 1-877-TXCOAST or visit our website at TexasAdoptABeach. org.

of the light until warning signs were placed on the approach to the apex of the JFK Causeway from the Flour Bluff side warning drivers there might be stopped traffic ahead. The ISAC move came after, according to city staff at the ISAC meeting, the bank would not release development

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Vessel Turn-In Program nets 69 Boats

The five-day Vessel Turn-In program to dispose of decrepit boats and trailers in Flour Bluff ended Saturday was a great success with a total of 69 boats and 26 trailers turned in for disposal by the City of Corpus Christi which hosted the event along with s in partnership with the Texas General Land Office and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The statewide program is being done through a partnership with the Texas General Land Office, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and cities including Corpus Christi.

Looking for Local Fun? Check out our Special Winter Texan Round-up on page A14

The Corpus Christi City Council voted on Tuesday to set a Special Election for Mayor on May 6 with Early Voting running from April 24 -May 2. The seat came open when former Mayor Dan McQueen quit the office after only thirty one days. If current At-Large Council Member Joe McComb wins the Special Election the council would appoint his successor. According to a legal opinion submitted by City Attorney Miles Risley, a term only falls under the term limit qualifications if it is “two years” meaning that the one and a half-year term served by Scott and several other council members, including former Mayor Nelda Martinez, served shortened when the city elections moved from May to November that did not count under limits. “We’ve got a problem here,” Mayor Pro-Tem Carolyn Vaughn said Tuesday, “That’s a squirrelly rule. We’re going to have a Mayor who is going to sit up here and be serving a term that does not count.” The City Charter reads: “(d) No person shall serve more than four two-year terms consecutively as a council member, or four two-year terms consecutively as mayor, or six two-year terms consecutively in any combination of such offices. A person who has reached the limitation on terms provided in this section shall not be eligible for election or appointment to the city council until three consecutive terms of office for the council have expired.” While several city council members voiced frustration at Scott’s ability to circumvent the term limits in the charter they have no legal option since by law the charter can only be amended every two years, meaning the soonest it could be changed is November, 2018; not in time to effect the current election. While the city council on Tuesday did not announce all voting sites the staff indicated that they will be similar to those in previous elections, meaning Early Voting on The Island will be at the Schlitterbahn waterpark.

Mayor cont. on A4

A little Island history

1950 – The Bridge to “Treasure Island”

The causeway and Swing Bridge make the Island accessible Editor’s note: As Spring Break 2017 once again brings matters of traffic to our collective Island conscience we take the opportunity to remember a time when the first “real” bridge connected our Island to the rest of the vast world OTB. The new bridge became necessary with the dredging of the Intracoastal Waterway which made driving across the Laguna Madre impossible. By Mary Craft Before 1927 getting from Flour Bluff to The Island was an adventure in itself. The Don Patricio wooden bridge causeway was built that year then and blown away by a hurricane in 1933.

The shallow Laguna could still be transversed by horseback or burro and cattle could still be driven across it, especially in the winter months when the wind-blown tides meant shallow water at the natural crossing which began at the end of what is now Whitecap Drive.

Genesis in ‘49 There were cars then that would drive across on a sandbar but often they got stuck and had to be pulled out by burros. Some car owners took their vehicles across with hand drawn ferries. That all changed in

History cont. on A4

The Don Paricio Causeway was the first vehicle bridge to The Island. It was built in 1927 and named after Island rancher Patrick Dunn.


February 16, 2017

Island Moon

Barefoot Mardis Gras Just 9 Days Away

Don't miss the Fat Friday Party, February 17th at Boathouse Bar & Grill

Photos by Debbie Nobel

Monthly P.I.B.A. Luncheon Hosts C.C. City Manager

City Manager Margie Rose spoke at this month's PIBA luncheon at the Veranda

Gulfstream Beach Condo

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Call 361-949-7281 Mary Melick Real Estate

Under new ownership!

Every Night $4 cocktail drink special Half Price Wine Night Tuesday and Wednesday

Open For Brunch Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 15201 South Padre Island Dr.

February 16, 2017

Moon Monkeys Mike Ellis, Founder

Letters to the Editor

Distribution Pete Alsop Island Delivery

Paying Your Dues

Coldwell Banker Advertising Jan Park Rankin

Are the POA dues/assessments unfair to the New Comers?


How about a refund?

Arlene Ritley

Did you know POA members that owned their homes/lots before 2007 pay 2 cents a square foot for canal property and 1 cent a square foot for a dry lot? But if you bought in 2007 or after, you pay 10 cents square foot for a canal lot and 2 cents a square foot for a dry lot. New canal owners pay 500% more than the old canal owners. For example, a new owner’s 6000 square foot lot pays a $600 assessment while an old lot owners pays $120.00. Both owners get the same service and benefits.

Production Manager Abigail Bair Contributing Writers Joey Farah Andy Purvis Mary Craft Christiansen Jay Gardner Todd Hunter


Dotson Lewis

The POA had a $300,000 surplus in revenue in 2016. Should the Board award a proportionate refund/credit to the new owners for their 2017 assessment. Thus, making the new owner’s assessments more equal to the old owner’s assessments.

Ronnie Narmour Brent Rourk Photographers Miles Merwin Jeff Dolan Mary Craft Ronnie Narmour Office Security/Spillage Control (Emeritus) Riley P. Dog

Do you think this is a fair solution to the disparity in dues/assessments? Let me know via email at or on Next Door. Response to Island Security Thanks to everyone for sharing their views on the subject. 1. Nobody said we have too much security! 2. Many people were okay with the POA hiring some type of security. Replacing some of the compliance offers with security officers was a popular suggestion.

Publisher Dale Rankin About the Island Moon The Island Moon is published every Thursday, Dale Rankin, Editor / Publisher. Total circulation is 10,000 copies. Distribution includes delivery to 4,000 Island homes, free distribution of 3,000 copies in over 50 Padre Island businesses and condos, as well as 600 copies distributed in Flour Bluff, 1,400 copies on Mustang Island and Port Aransas businesses. News articles, photos, display ads, classified ads, payments, etc. may be left at the Moon Office.

The Island Moon Newspaper 14646 Compass, Suite 3 Corpus Christi, TX 78418 361-949-7700

3. The preponderance of the people want the city to provide more and better police service/ protection for the island. They said, I already pay taxes for it, the city must provide it. The question is how to make the City provide more and better police service. If the City is to be held accountable to provide more and better Police Service, then the POA Board, POA Members along with the ISAC, PAC, and other Island organizations must pursue the City as a unified group. The island needs leadership. I offer these issues for discussion and to get members involved to find solutions. Let me know what you think! Email me at or on Next Door. Full Disclosure, Marvin Jones is running for POA Board. Marvin Jones


Facebook: The Island Moon Newspaper Dale,

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In your February 9 edition you reported that Maybeth Christensen said “…… carcasses, minus the fillets removed by hunters, floating into Island canals is an ongoing problem. Sometimes we remove hundreds of them from Island canals in a week”. This has to be a gross exaggeration. I have lived on a canal lot on Camino De Plata for 24 years ( across from the spoil Island where there is much hunting)  and have never seen a duck floating in the canal with the breast fillets removed.  Each year I have picked up and disposed of one or two ducks that probably were cripples and died. HUNDREDS !!!!! A.C. Lindgren

Lost Ring Dale, Could you please run a " Lost Column? " Our dear friend Jack Wilson has lost his gold Air Force ring he has had for over 50 years, he has been coming to Padre for over 30 years. We are at the Sea Horse cond. and he lost it last Friday. Would you please run it in your paper, he is heartbroken! Thank You   Dave Lyle  360-320-8844 PA: Jack is from Staples Minn. he is a retired A.F. pilot and ex Mayor of Staples. David Lyle

Moon a Good Read Moon, This is our second year as Winter Texans, and we wanted you to know how much we enjoy reading the Island Moon every week. It really has a great deal of information for us, and we look forward to it every Thursday. It’s an essential part of our Padre Island winter. Thanks. Craig Phillips  “That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Unsightly Articles" POA, Until recently, Padre Island was a friendly, happy, seaside community. Lately, the Padre Isles Property Owners Association (PIPOA) Board of Directors has almost turned us into a police state. The PIPOA Board has used the vague covenant terms “unsightly articles” and

“clean and free of unsightly articles” to develop a list of violations (a list not yet provided to property owners). That list includes such things as mold on the outside of houses (almost all houses on Padre Island have some mold).  Brown fronds must be removed from palm trees even though trees in Corpus Christi Parks on Padre Island haven’t been trimmed for years.  Heaven forbid, don’t leave toys or lawn furniture in the front yard. The PIPOA has hired enforcers to cruise the island and issue violation citations with a requirement for prompt correction. The PIPOA Board has approved a schedule of fines for “violations”, most which are subjective calls by the enforcers.  The saddest aspect is that these actions are not supported by the vast majority of Padre Island property owners.   Kent Kerr

Scholarship Event Dear Editor:

Did Ya Hear?

By Mary Craft

New Advertisers

Port A Citywide Garage Sale will be held Saturday, February 18th and addresses of those participating are in their ad in this issue. Maps will be available at City Hall and Parks and Rec on Friday. Lord of Life will have Ash Wednesday services on March 1st 7 pm. The church is located at 1317 Flour Bluff Drive.

Business Briefs

Sadly Cancun Restaurant on the Island will re-open soon but as a Mexican Restaurant. Former manager Caesar has purchased the Cancun Restaurant on Alameda. Manager James Gay is no longer at Boathouse Bar & Grill. Place: VFW Post 8967, Port Aransas, Texas         The Back Porch in Port A will re-open When:  Saturday, February 18, 2017 Friday, February 24th. Time:   Live Auction - 12:00 noon, followed The 6th Annual Kite Day will be held by baked ham dinner with all the "fixins" at Padre Island National Seashore on 5:00 Saturday, February 18th 10 am - 2 pm. This is a fun, unique event for the whole  After dinner, raffle drawing followed by live family. The sky will be filled with kites of music and dancing, all sizes and many of them by members  Raffle Prizes-Visa Gift Cards:   1st, $1,000.; of the American Kitefliers Association. 2nd, $250; and 3rd and 4th place, $100  One thing they can count on, having the Extra parking available by golf cart shuttles.  event here, is that there will be wind. Everyone is always welcome at the VFW!  The Fat Friday Mardi Gras Party Thank you so much for your assistance.  If will be held at the Boathouse Bar & Grill you have any questions, please contact me at on February 17th from 6 – 9 pm . There will be a Cajun menu, drink specials and silent auction (310)753-9487, Troy ("Hobbitt") Cates at (830) . 386-9441.  Hobbitt's email address. vfwporta@ Lost Ring -Retired Air Force pilot Jack  Wilson from Minnesota lost his gold Air Thank you! Force ring that he has had for over 50 years. If found please call Dave Lyle at Millie Collins 360-320-8844. VFW Post 8967 in Port A is having a fundraiser for scholarships for local high Editor’s note: Our story last week by longschool students on Saturday, February time Flour Bluff resident Bobbie Kimbrell on 18th noon – 5 pm. There will be a live the venerable now-long-gone watering hole auction at noon followed by a baked in Flour Bluff called the Back Porch (not the ham dinner. There will be live music and one in Port Aransas which opens fifteen days, raffle drawings with gift cards valued at eleven hours, and nine minutes from now) drew $1000, $250 and $100. Your paper has placed articles in its papers in  prior years about this fundraiser for scholarships for high school students and to support the building fund of the VFW.  We would appreciate an article again this year.  The details are as follows: 

The Other Back Porch

a long list of comments on our Facebook page theislandmoonnewspaper. Here are a few:

There were several subsequent owners after Ramond Baros including me, I won't list them for privacy reasons. If they wish they can post their comment. When I say owners I mean the business not the property. I had it for 3 yrs in the mid 90's & there were several owners after me. The Porch is a well-remembered place in Flour Bluff where everyone had good times visiting, playing cards, dominoes & pool while enjoying a favorite ice cold beverage. A barbeque or fish fry was held at months end to celebrate birthdays for that month. Customers would bring side dishes & good times were had by all. The Porch was definitely a Flour Bluff landmark! David Lowry If you walked in sober you possibly trip and fall. Had to have a nice buzz to negotiate the slanted floor. Heard a story about Calvin Self wiring both exits shut after sending a wild hog he had caught. Michael Jameson Back in 1994/5 I was a Bartender for an owner named Nancy. Served many old timers and had many great memories. I spent time there as a customer, even a minor. Great times. I don't drink anymore. But once in a while, I grab a stogy and a soda and watch the sunrise from the old "Porch" Lynval McKinney I remember sitting on the porch waiting on my parents to drive there in their boat. My dad was a commercial fisherman Jr. and Norma Vannoy we would have a few cold beers and play moon , always loved it there. Deborah Deel Ted Steelhammer remembers one night with the band playing "the fireman" while a cigarette started an actual fire under the Back Porch. lol. Ryan Steelhammer Dad, Jack Boyer, would load up the four of us kids and head down the Laguna Made for some fishing...if you call hard head a fish (sorry dad). The Porch was a pit stop for bait and beer and Big Red. If I remember correctly. Circa 19641969? A real "joint" as dad would say. Lisa Barnebey Spent many days of my childhood here. I vaguely remember a guy named Big Raymond playing dominos with my Pops, either in the Porch or in a small room behind the bait stand. Glad I have these memories, cause they don’t make places like that anymore. Russell Pospech Loved this bar. The friendly atmosphere, fun times. We used to call it the Country Club of Flour Bluff. .lol. Sharon K. Quinn White I remember going here and one night there was a regular at the bar who wore sunglasses at night and he would slap the bar light that hung over the bar. It was very entertaining! Chad Ryan Icke My parents met at the porch.... married 16 years before cancer took my dad from us. Nice to know the history. Amanda Mckenzie What? No mention of busting beer bottles after losing at poker!?! Jeromy Foy Grew up In that bar with my dad Charlie Segrest . Had my first dance date from there. Great memories. Robbi Coffman

The Classic Car Show will be at the Black Sheep Bistro/Barrel parking lot on Saturday, February 18th 11 am – 2 pm. Jay Leno will be at Selena Auditorium on Wednesday, March 15th 8:30 pm and prices for the tickets left are $37 and $47. Be sure to buy tickets from the American Bank Center website because you will pay 2 – 3 times more from websites like StubHub. Third Coast Theater in Port A will feature Grammy award-winning songwriter Richard Leigh alongside Larry Joe Taylor on Friday, February 17th. The Home and Garden Show at the American Bank Center will be held Friday, February 17th at 2pm until Sunday 5 pm. The Annual Whooping Crane Festival will be held February 23 – 26. The 300+ cranes are best viewed by boat and there are several narrated boat tours that can be booked at their website. The Polar Bear Open at Schlitterbahn will have a shotgun start at 9 am on Saturday, February 18th. It is open to members for $32 and non-members for $42. The fee includes cart, warm up range balls, prizes and chili buffet.

Cool Tidbit - You can receive an email by text if it is sent to your phone’s email address. For AT&T the address is your 10 digit I found this useful to get my stock alerts from Etrade.

Commercials Just watched "Jeopardy" and timed the commercials and credits, 11 minutes and 30 seconds. But the 5 o'clock news actually starts at 4:58, so the amount of actual time you get is only 16 minutes and 30 seconds out of half an hour, and I'll bet other shows such as "ET" and "Wheel of Fortune" are worse. Chris Marrou

Years Young Yikes - today I am 69 years old. When I was a kid I thought that 69 was so old. Then in high school I snickered at the number. Then I began to respect tremendously folks in their 60s and 70s. Some days my mind seems to be 25, and at times my body feels like 95... but I forgot what I was talking about… Brent Rourk


Boat Owners!

Do you own a boat with a cabin and would you like to make some money with it? We have slips and are looking for boats to use for charters. If you have a boat and are interested in an entrepreneurial opportunity call 361 332-9978.


February 16, 2017

Island Moon

Around cont. from A1

History cont. from A1

being able to use or even touch their tapwater after a chemical spill in the industrial district contaminated the city’s drinking water supply. The Island, which is at the far end of the water system and which has dead-end mains on its fingertip neighborhoods has been exceptionally hard hit with the quality of tapwater. The water quality in Port Aransas, which gets the majority of its water from the same main that feeds Padre Island but has its own treatment facility, is not expected to be affected.

1949 when the Intracoastal Waterway was dredged from Florida to Brownsville. The Island became accessible only by boat and the cattle that were on the Island had to be taken by truck trailers to the ferries at Port Aransas. The following year the North Padre Island Causeway and Swing Bridge were completed. There was a toll booth at the Flour Bluff entrance that collected $1 per vehicle. For those times that was a hefty price to pay to go to the beach. The bridge consisted of a floating barges with a asphalt top that was cheap to build and cheap to repair after a storm. It withstood Hurricane Carla in 1961 with minor damage but

Shake it baby! So we now have two weeks to get ready for our New Water and four weeks to get ready for the 2017 version of the Spring Break Invasion. Three months from now we may be able to pick Islanders out of the crowd by their green hair! Man that would be cool! And hey, we Islanders are going to have some of the strongest arms in Texas from shaking our drinking water! So we got that going for us. In the meantime get out and enjoy the beautiful weather everybody, and say hello if you see us Around The Island.

Light cont. from A1 money for completion of the project until the light was activated. At that time there were warning signs at the base of the bridge on the Island side, but no warning signs on the bridge itself. As of Wednesday afternoon stanchions were in place near the top of the bridge but no warning signs were visible. Several calls to the city’s Traffic Engineering Department were not returned by press time. The light had support from residents on the north side of Padre Island but was opposed by some business owners in the area and other Island residents who questioned whether the light, which is nine-tenths of a mile from the top of the JFK Causeway, would pose a hazard to approaching traffic by backing up vehicles at peak hours. City engineers told the ISAC the light would be set for flashing yellow during peak hours to prevent the problem. The effort to place a light at the intersection began as far back as 1993 when then Islander Clyde Smith pushed to located a grocery store on the east side of the intersection and requested a light be installed. That effort failed.

Mayor cont. from A1 The biggest change for Island voters will be that voters who live in Precinct 19 on Mustang Island north of Packery Channel but inside of the Corpus Christi City Limits, who normally cast ballots in Port Aransas, even for Corpus Christi elections, will vote at site(s) on North Padre Island. The final vote on the election is set for the council meeting on Tuesday, February 28, with the official filing period beginning that day and running through March 27.

Causeway there were only small islands of causeway left so the Island could not be reached for almost a year.

Currently six candidates have announced their intention to run for the Mayor’s seat, however, nothing is official until after the filing deadline. They include McComb, former Mayor Nelda Martinez, Scott, city Ethics Commissioner Larry White, and Ray Madrigal, who ran unsuccessfully in the last election. Former At-Large City Councilman Chad Magill had announced his intention to run but withdrew his name last week. Under the opinion offered by Risley it is possible none of the shortened terms of the current council members would count against the “two year” term provisions in the charter since their swearing in was delayed until January, 2017, due to runoff elections in some of the seats, meaning they are not techicly “two year” terms. The Island United Political Action Committee last week decided to extend endorsements in the May Mayor’s race. The IUPAC was formed to unite Island voters behind candidates chosen by the vote of all registered voters on The Island – about 7300. However, a schedule for those endorsement meetings has not been announced. Scott last year initially stated his early resignation from the council with the stated goal of cutting short his final term, which would have termed him out and made him ineligible to run for Mayor in November, 2018. He sought the council of attorney John Bell, who was a member of the committee which wrote revisions to the charter concerning term limits, who found that Scott’s early resignation made him eligible to run in 2018. That opinion was countermanded by the ruling of an outside council contracted by Risley who determined that while Scott’s early resignation from the council did not make him eligible to run in 2018, the shortened one and a-half-year term did not count against term limits making him currently eligible to run in that race. The city council on Tuesday stated an intention to seat a Charter Review Commission to begin talks to close up loopholes in the City Charter in the scheduled 2018 city elections.

Charter Boat Owners and Operators Wanted for new location on Packery Channel

Packery Flats Floating Cabin Repairs Large Boat Slip (22’ x 40’) available good for either repairs or rebuilding


Located under the JFK bridge on Packery Channel Call for lease terms

Packery Flats Marina


Send letters and photos to editor@ Facebook: The Island Moon Newspaper

The effects of severe weather are felt every year by many Americans. To obtain critical weather information, NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) established SKYWARN with partner organizations. SKYWARN is a volunteer program with nearly 290,000 trained severe weather spotters across the country. These volunteers learn to identify potentially tornadic storms and other severe weather conditions before they occur. SKYWARN volunteer spotters help to protect the lives and property of the citizens of South Texas by relaying critical life-saving information in a timely manner to the NWS. Before each severe weather season, the NWS in Corpus Christi conducts SKYWARN training classes. These classes begin in February and continue through early April. The classes are free, open to the public, and about 1 ½ hour in length. Classes are taught by a NWS Corpus Christi meteorologist! Here is a list of the classes scheduled so far: Kingsville – February 23, 2017 Victoria – March 9, 2017 Aransas Pass – February 27, 2017 Virtual Webinar – March 14, 2017

Swing Bridge The single-man bridge operator would lower the railroad track type trestles when a boat approached to block the roadway. It was an interesting bouncy ride across according to those who made it. At least one car a summer would drive through the trestle and end up in the twenty-foot water. At times the bridge was open over forty minutes making summer lines three miles long. The bait stands on either sided would then do a booming business selling beverages and snacks to those stuck waiting. Some drivers would take their frustrations out on the bridge operator. The operator's shack was covered with mesh they called a “hail screen” for protection against pipes, bottles and everything else thrown.

If there is no Runoff Election the newly elected Mayor would take office on May 23. If there is a runoff – a likelihood with the current six candidates who have stated their intention to run – it would be held June 24 with the SwearingIn Ceremony for Newly Elected Mayor at the council meeting on July 11. The expectation from city staff is that the majority of ballots will be cast early since Election Day is same day as Buc Days Illuminated Night Parade.

National Weather Service Seeking Severe Weather Spotters! Spotter Training Available Across South Texas February through April

Port Lavaca – February 28, 2017 Corpus Christi – March 23, 2017 Corpus Christi – March 6, 2017 Laredo – April 4, 2017 Goliad – March 8, 2017

The 22nd annual Billy Sandifer Big Shell Cleanup will be held on Saturday, February 25th at Padre Island National Seashore Come make a difference! Help clean up marine debris from the beautiful and remote Big Shell Beach!

Wwing bridge toll booth Shrimp bonanza! The Bibbs brothers worked at the Million Dollar Inn restaurant/lounge in the late 60s. They would leave work late and would take a nap if the bridge was open knowing that the vehicle behind would honk when it was drivable. Shrimpers had a field day when the swing bridge was closed several hours between barges. The current would run north pitching huge numbers of shrimp against the bridge. The shrimpers would cast their nets across the side and peel off six to eight hundred pounds. There was a toll until the revenue bonds were paid off in 1967. The first six months after it was built 51,000 vehicles crossed more than half from outside Nueces County.

One million cars The causeway was renamed JFK Causeway in 1968 and that year one million cars crossed which was 80% more than the year before. The increase was attributed to all the tourists in the area for the San Antonio World's Fair which attracted six million people. Another factor was the opening of the National Seashore that year for which Lady Bird Johnson was there for the ribbon cutting. It was also the first year with no toll. Many tourists also came to “Treasure Island” to beachcomb. One of the most popular beachcombers at the time was Frenchy who had a bar with many of his finds displayed at the corner where American Bank is now located.

The 22nd annual Billy Sandifer Big Shell Cleanup will be held on Saturday, February 25th, 2017. Organized by the Friends of Padre, a local group of anglers and other supporters of the park, this event is a great way to see some of the down-island areas of the park while helping to make a difference. To participate, meet at the Malaquite Pavilion parking lot. Participants are recommended to arrive by 7:30 am. A FREE lunch will be provided after the event and the park entrance fee will be waived for the clean-up. Four-wheel drive vehicles, flatbed trailers for hauling trash in and out of the work area, and working volunteers are needed. Walking volunteers are welcomed and those without 4-wheel drive vehicles will be afforded transportation to and from the work area. Those who have 4-wheel drive vehicles but are unable to pick up trash are most welcome to aid in hauling volunteers.  The event does not re-schedule and will take place rain or shine. For more information, check out the Friends of Padre website: , or call the Malaquite Visitor Center at (361) 949-8068. Thank you to the almost 7,000 volunteers who have removed 2,456,000 pounds of trash during Big Shell Beach Clean-ups over the years! About the National Park Service: More than

20,000 National Park Service employees care for America's 417 national parks and work with communities across the nation to help preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities.

Spring Break on the JFK “Frenchy’s” became nationally known in the 60s when the first topless wedding was held there. The bride was arrested some years later for bank robbery. Frenchy opened a seafood restaurant where Doc’s now stands but it burned to the ground and the land sat vacant for a few years during the investigation. He later opened a restaurant at North Beach. Gene French passed away in 2005 at the age of 77. The swing bridge was demolished in the summer of 1973 when the current high bridge was completed. The high bridge was constructed of precast concrete instead of steel which rusts. It took two years to complete at a cost of $2.5 million. It was raised in 2006 and the current four- lane roadway handles an average of 36,000 vehicles per day, according to counts by the City of Corpus Christi and the Texas Department of Transportation, and traffic peaks in summer months at over 72,000 per day.


Boat Owners!

Do you own a boat with a cabin and would you like to make some money with it? We have slips and are looking for boats to use for charters. If you have a boat and are interested in an entrepreneurial opportunity call 361 332-9978.

Texas Prepaid Tuition Program Enrollment Deadline Approaches Texas families can lock in the cost of undergraduate tuition at Texas public colleges and universities by enrolling their children in the tax-advantaged Texas Tuition Promise Fund® prior to the close of the current enrollment period, which ends February, 28. The Texas Tuition Promise Fund, the state’s prepaid college tuition program, allows participants to prepay undergraduate tuition and school-wide required fees for a four-year degree, two years of community college or just a few semesters at Texas public colleges and universities by purchasing tuition units. “I’m encouraging Texas families and individuals to remember the upcoming deadline to prepay and lock in today’s rates for all or some future tuition at any two- or four-year Texas public college or university,” Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar said. Enrollment in the program at 2016-17 prices closes the last day in February. This deadline extends to July 31 for children younger than 1. The next annual enrollment period begins Sept. 1, with new contract prices based on Texas public college costs for the 2017-18 academic year. Complete plan information, current prices, enrollment forms and more are available online at, or call 1-800-445GRAD (4723), Option 5.

2017 Adopt-ABeach Children's Art Contest Deadline is March 1st! Top prize: United Airline tickets, Royal Caribbean Cruise and a class trip to Schlitterbahn Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is calling for entries in the 21st annual Adopt-ABeach "Treasures of the Texas Coast" Children's Art Contest. The deadline to submit artwork is Wednesday, March 1, 2017. "Our vast coastline is truly a  Texas  treasure, yet many students across the state have not yet had the opportunity to see it up close," said Commissioner Bush. "The 'Treasures of the Texas Coast' Children's Art 

Renee Tuggle, GLO Adopt-A-Beach Coordinator, shows Commissioner Bush previous art submissions

Contest is a great opportunity for kids across Texas to explore the coast and express their appreciation for its natural beauty and exotic wildlife in a creative manner. As a father and a former educator, I encourage parents and teachers to inspire students in kindergarten through 6th grade to participate."   Commissioner Bush will select the grand prize winner. This year's grand prize winner will receive two round-trip coach-class tickets from United Airlines to any United destination in the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, one 7-night Caribbean cruise from Royal Caribbean International departing out of Galveston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Port Canaveral or Puerto Rico and a class party at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels.   The grand prize winner's teacher will also receive two round-trip coach-class tickets from United Airlines, and one 7-night Caribbean cruise courtesy of Royal Caribbean International.   Ten winners will be chosen from each of four grade-level categories (K - 2nd, 3rd - 4th, 5th, and 6th). One grand prize winner will be chosen from the 40 finalists.  All 40 winners will receive a ticket to the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, a ticket to the Houston Zoo, two all-day passes to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, a certificate of recognition and prizes from the Texas General Land Office and a calendar displaying the winning artwork.   Winning artwork will appear together in a 2018 calendar, which will be distributed across the state. The Adopt-A-Beach "Treasures of the Texas Coast" Children's Art Contest began in 1996 to mark the 10th anniversary of the AdoptA-Beach Program.  The annual competition encourages Texas schoolchildren to learn more about the Texas coast and express what they've learned through their art. Open to students in grades K-6 across Texas, the contest motivates thousands of young artists each year.  Only one entry per student is allowed, and all entries must have a completed parental release form taped to the back.  Parental release forms may be printed from the Land Office website located at TexasAdoptABeach. org. Each contest entry must be postmarked by March 1, 2017.   Artwork must be displayed on a plain sheet of white 8 ½-inches by 11-inch paper and can be in any medium except computer generated.  Three-dimensional art or artwork displaying logos, product brands and/or store names is ineligible. Students are encouraged to color copy their artwork prior to sending it in because all artwork submitted becomes property of the Texas General Land Office and cannot be returned.  For more information and contest guidelines on the "Treasures of the Texas Coast" 2017 Children's Art Contest, please contact the General Land Office at 1-877-TXCOAST or visit our website at TexasAdoptABeach. org. Like us on Facebook at TexasAdoptABeach or follow us on Twitter @ TXAdoptABeach.

February 16, 2017

Island Moon

Stuff I Heard on the Island

By Dale Rankin In 2007 the Corpus Christi City Council approved the installation of red light enforcement cameras on the grounds of public safety. Soon citizens began appearing at council meetings to complain that they had been issued tickets from red light cameras when they made legal right turns on red and quickly found out that there was no appeals process. A year later the safety motivation was exposed as a farce when CCPD reported back that traffic accidents at the intersections where cameras had been installed were up, especially highenergy rear-enders when drivers stomped the brake on yellow. That trend continued until this very week. Along the way the city set up a laughable appeals process whereby the ticketed showed up and were shown a video of a vehicle sliding through a light and told to pay the lady at the front desk on their way out. “$75, and it doesn’t go on your driving record.” That didn’t pass the stink test.

“Are you a lawyer? No, much worse a reporter”

Tides of the Week Tides for Bob Hall Pier February 16 - February 23






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High 6:05 PM





2:15 AM


7:03 AM

Rise 12:36 AM



12:14 PM


6:22 PM

Set 11:54 AM




3:10 AM


7:02 AM

Rise 1:27 AM


High 1:25 PM


6:23 PM

Set 12:35 PM




4:05 AM


7:01 AM

Rise 2:18 AM


High 2:04 PM


6:24 PM

Set 1:19 PM




4:59 AM


7:00 AM

Rise 3:08 AM



2:35 PM


6:24 PM

Set 2:07 PM




5:49 AM


6:59 AM

Rise 3:58 AM


High /Low

Tide Time

12:41 AM

12:53 PM

Height in Feet

Sunrise Moon Time Sunset


7:05 AM

Set 10:39 AM


6:21 PM

Rise 11:45 PM

Moon Visible



A while later I got a ticket at a yellow light at the Airline/Ocean Drive intersection while hauling nearly a ton of newspapers and went down for my appeal at a cramped office on Leopard Street where my day in court consisted of looking at a videotape. “Is that you?” “What, I don’t see anything but a blank screen where evidence would be played if you had any. What is the chain of custody? Who calibrates the lights? How long does the light stay yellow? Who has handled this video before it got to you? Is that shirt polyester? You should stay away from open flames?“ “Are you a lawyer?” “No, much worse. A reporter and I want a hearing.” “You just got one!”

Set 11:16 AM


“No, what I got could be described as many things in many different countries and languages, but a hearing is not one of them.” “Well, we don’t have a process for that, nobody ever asked for one.”


High 3:01 PM


6:25 PM

Set 2:58 PM




6:35 AM


6:59 AM

Rise 4:46 AM


High 3:22 PM


6:26 PM

Set 3:52 PM

59 50 40 31 22 15

This will not stand! They made me post a $50 bond, I think they made the number up on the spot, and I went back to the intersection and timed the yellow light; exactly the three seconds and not a nanosecond longer – the legal limit under state law. At a light up the street the yellow was right at four seconds, around the corner a little over four. There was collusion between the company that owned the cameras– Redflex - and the city here. Bureaucratic idiocy drives me crazy and sneakiness even more so. I called the courts and quoted former President Bush, or was it The Dude? “This will not stand!” I called the municipal court and told them I wanted a hearing and I wanted a Redflex rep present, as was my right to face my accuser something about that pesky Sixth Amendment. I had Googled Redflex and found out their nearest office was in Phoenix. If they wanted my $75 they were going to have to buy an airplane ticket. After three trips to the municipal courts trying to get a hearing, during which I told them if convicted I would sit out my time in jail before I paid them a dime, I didn’t hear back. A while later my $50 check came back in the mail. I called the guy at the “appeals” office to apprise him of my freedom from the legal system and also told him I would go back and run the light and be back until I got a hearing but I never made good on that. I already had my

answer about the flimsy nature of the whole red light camera dodge.

Islander Bob slays the dragon About a year later Islander Bob Nash did me one better. He actually forced the city to give him a hearing on a red light camera ticket. Bob is a retired attorney and decided to show the system for what it was. He appealed his ticket and demanded a court trial, which he got after some persistence, well, sort of. When he showed up and announced ready the prosecutor rose and announced the charge would be dropped. Why? Because the entire process was an extralegal proceeding in which evidence presented in court came from the private company which owned and operated the cameras and had a stake in gathering convictions from people who lacked the time or knowhow to fight back. In short, it was a hustle and they knew it. An amateurish money grab. Even worse, it was a money grab that the perpetrators knew was a hustle. There was nothing sublime about it, it was simply ridiculous. A gun to the ribs!

The Man will get you! At that point I advised in these pages to ignore the tickets. The threat was that The Man would get you when you went to renew your car license. Hogwash. In order for that to happen the City of Corpus Christi would have had to sign separate interlocal agreements with all 254 counties in Texas. Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. But what I can tell you is that a trip to the office in Aransas Pass (San Patricio County) where the lines are the shortest found no trouble in renewing license plates for many of my scofflaw friends who ignored red light camera tickets. To try and put a stop to the practice the State Legislature swooped in and took half the money going to the cities. At that point Houston and Dallas threw in the towel and told Redflex to come and get their cameras. Google it and you will see there were all kinds of problems; constitutional and others; San Bernardino was caught cheating, in order to write more tickets, the city was using yellow lights that were timed too short for California law. Graft in Chicago – graft in Chicago – who knew!? There are all sorts of reasons why cities around the country have demanded these cameras be removed and on Tuesday the Corpus Christi City Council finally did what previous councils had refused to do and put a bullet in the head of this stupid idea. On top of it if eating up money and staff time to try and put the interlocal agreements in place Redflex ran off with the lion’s share of the revenue – legally - $783,000 last year alone.

Final nail On Tuesday Police Chief Michael Markle, to his eternal credit, stepped before the Corpus Christi City Council and, speaking of renewing the Redflex contract which expires in April, uttered the words we had long to hear for ten years. “Do not renew. Let’s cut ties and move on. There are some wins, but with the volume we have moving numbers by single digits is not real relevant.” Thank you Chief. We only wish your predecessors had the foresight to have done it years ago. And thanks to our District 4 Councilman Greg Smith who led the charge and to the council who approved it unanimously. I am reminded of the words of my now gone friend and rabble-rouser Carlos Guerra who said, “The best way to get rid of a bad law is to make them enforce it.” When good people fought back they never did, and now they are gone.

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The BACK PORCH Billy Snipes & Rasta Cowboys Feb.

Selfie Johnny Kiser Davin James Scarecrow People Mark Monaco Chris Saucedo

24 Feb. 25 Feb. 26 Mar. 03 Mar. 04 Mar. 10 Mar. 11


132 W. Cotter St. The



New Construction on the Port A. Art Center. Photos by Steve Coons.


February 16, 2017

Island Moon

Senior Moments

Military Brass Sound Alarm about 'Insidious Decline' In Readiness

Anecdotingly Spam & Grahams, Millenials vs. Boomers ByAbigail Bair

By Dotson Lewis Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: I am concerned about the state of our military, so I decided to provide you with many facts regarding my concerns. One of the few core responsibilities of the federal government mandated by the Constitution of the United States is “to provide for the common defence.” Upon commissioning, every American military officer swears an oath to “support and defend” this Constitution. Accordingly, the core mission of the American military is to protect and defend our nation. This means deterring potential aggressors and, if deterrence fails, fighting and winning wars. Any consideration of the military’s role and American defense policy must start with that foundational principle. Andrew O'Reilly of Fox News and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Facts For decades, the F/A-18 Hornet has been the Navy’s front-line combat jet – taking off from aircraft carriers around the globe to enforce nofly zones, carry out strikes and even engage in the occasional dogfight.

budget year and would force defense budgets to levels far lower than the Pentagon says are prudent. If the budget caps are breached, automatic spending reductions would be triggered. According to testimony, the Navy is the smallest and least prepared it’s been in 99 years.  “It’s a simple matter of supply can’t meet demand,” Moran said. The Navy has requested an additional $12 billion for 24 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighters, one San Antonio-class amphibious landing dock ship, and dozens more Sidewinder missiles. Gen. Daniel Allyn, the Army's vice chief of staff, said that only three of the Army's more than 50 brigade combat teams have all the troops, training and equipment needed to fight at a moment's notice. And the Marine Corps, which wants an additional $4.2 billion added to its 2017 budget, warned that the "nation's force in readiness" will have to continue shifting money intended for new weapons to pay current bills. The Air Force is the branch of the military that arguably is in the most dire straits, with aircraft numbers falling from 8,600 in 1991 to 5,500 today. There are 55 fighter squadrons, down from 134, and less than 50 percent of its combat forces are “sufficiently ready for a highly contested fight against peer adversaries,” Air Force Vice Chief Gen. Stephen W. Wilson said in reference to countries like Russia and China.

The Navy’s ability to use these planes is now greatly hindered as more than 60 percent of the jets are out of service.

While the vice chiefs argue that financial constraints are corroding military readiness, some experts say that cash flow is only part of the problem and point to the United States' constant involvement in overseas conflicts over the past 15 years.

The number is even worse for the Marine Corps, where 74 percent of its F-18s – some of the oldest in service – are not ready for combat operations. These figures are reflective of the erosion in readiness across all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and a source of deepening concern for ranking military members and lawmakers in both houses of Congress. Top service branch officials sounded the alarm in a pair of congressional hearings last week about how bad the problem has become.

“On one hand, our forces are more ready than ever because they are battle-hardened,” James Dobbins, the head of international and security policy for the RAND Corporation and former ambassador to the European Union under President George H. W. Bush, told Fox News. “But they’re not ready in the sense that they are not prepared to take on a peer adversary like Russia or China.” “The pressure and ‘wear and tear’ on the forces have made that all but impossible,” Dobbins added.

“Our long-term readiness continues its insidious decline,” Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. William Moran testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas and Sen. John McCain of Arizona, are pushing for a base military budget of $640 billion in 2018 — a nearly $100 billion increase over the amount authorized for the 2017 fiscal year.

He added, “While we are still able to put our first team on the field, our bench is largely depleted.” During the hearings – and one three weeks ago before the House Armed Service Committee, the vice chiefs pleaded with lawmakers to repeal legislation limiting defense spending, arguing that fiscal constraints have crippled the military’s capability to respond to threats. Despite annual defense spending coming in at more than $600 billion, each of the branches has asked to increase the 2017 defense budget by more than $30 billion to purchase new jet fighters and armored vehicles as well as improve training. This request from the panel of four-star military officers dovetails with President Trump’s promise to reinvest in a “depleted” fighting force and his Defense Department’s push to do away with limits on military spending.

Budget Control Act Set Limits The Budget Control Act of 2011 set limits on how much could be spent on defense through 2021 while exempting money provided for overseas warfighting. Between 2011 and 2014, the Pentagon's budget fell by more than $100 billion and across-the-board spending limits known in Washington-speak as sequestration were triggered in 2013, which forced reductions that led to widespread concern the military services would be unprepared to fight. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 provided temporary relief from the cuts, but unless the law is changed the limits will return in the 2018


“I’m fully aware there is much, much more that needs to be done in a careful, thoughtful, but determined way,” Thornberry said earlier this week. “Defense reform will be a part of my agenda as long as I’ve got this job.” Thornberry and fellows hawks in Congress have argued that Republican plans to rein in federal spending in other areas, like Medicare and Medicaid, and a tax code overhaul could generate savings that can be funneled into defense spending. But fiscal conservatives could hamper these efforts with an argument that budget savings should be used to reduce the deficit. The push also faces an uncertain future given the campaign pledge to reduce taxes and protect entitlement programs from cuts. Dotson’s Other Note: It is my opinion that a strong national defense is indispensable for a peaceful, successful, and free America—even if a shot is never fired. The diplomatic successes in building and maintaining a stable and peaceful international order achieved by the United States over the past century have been enabled by America’s military dominance. Conversely, the calamitous defense budget cuts and corresponding rise of potential peer competitors in the present day are already undermining America’s diplomatic and economic influence. I believe that right now we are weaker than we were on the morning of December 7, 1941. We need to get with it!

off any oil change!

We have officially entered what I refer to as “Suck Week.” Beginning on Valentine’s Day and ending on or around February 22nd, this is my worst week of the year. Not only do I have to deal with Valentine’s Day, but exactly one short week later, I have to “celebrate” my stupid birthday.  My general methodology for dealing with Suck Week is to listen to the Cure and stomp around the neighborhood wearing all black while aggressively smoking clove cigarettes.  Unfortunately, I don’t smoke any more, and as I always wear all black because obvious   ketchup stains on your shirts can be read as “unprofessional,” I no longer even have this outlet.  I’m thinking about just crawling under my bed and waiting it out.  This is also my plan for most major catastrophes including the zombie apocalypse, tsunamis and if there’s something really gross in the sink.  I’m not great at planning. Last week I started narrating my life, pretending I was the Shark Week voice-over guy, and singing the Jaws theme song under my breath. This is evidently disconcerting to elderly ladies trying to buy cans of cat food in the 15 items or less lane at H.E.B. Whoopsy. I tend to take Suck Week seriously because birthdays have been terrible for me as long as I can remember.  On my first birthday, I was terrified of the cake, but then figured out that sugar was THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, and splatted my entire face into it. There was also the five year long stint during which I accidentally set myself on fire every single year.  Those jokey candles that won’t go out are not always super hilarious, and often cause unintended bangs.   In one particularly poignant episode, on my 16th birthday, I set my bathrobe on fire trying to boil water on our gas stove and the Rev caught me in the “rolling” part of stop, drop and roll on the kitchen floor.  She thought this was hysterically funny because the kitchen sink was about four inches away from the stove, and the drama of yelling “I’M ON FIRE” while flopping around like an overly excited walrus was probably unnecessary.    My friends and family tend to duck and cover at this time of year.  Amber said the other day that she vaguely remembered me being a huge pain in the butt last year, which means someone imbibed some significant liquid forgetfulness.  I'm not easy to deal with normally (two weeks ago, I fell in love with late 90's terrible hair metal and made everyone listen to it for a solid week while waxing poetic about “boy pain”), so no one looks forward to Suck Week. I'm pretty sure there's a support group somewhere, and they're just not telling me about it. That's wise, as I would probably crash their party and make them all drink Green Apple Mad Dog out of paper bags while listening to me whine about Pluto getting demoted. The upcoming birthday has gotten me thinking about generations.  I’m at the very tail end of Gen X, and because of this, I have friends who are both Boomers and Millennials.  Amber is a millennial, but she refuses to acknowledge it.  I guess if my generation’s major contribution to the zeitgeist was Justin Bieber, I’d have a hard time claiming it, too.  Her age group has taken a ridiculous amount of hits from the Boomers lately, (“You lazy snowflakes need to toughen up. We ate Spam and when there was no Spam we ate air because we loved America”) , but Millenials have been hitting right back (“Spam wrecked Planet America, you jerks.”)   Sometimes, especially during Suck Week, I can’t help but push her buttons.  Here’s a transcript: Me: I hate everything.  Let’s go get a barrel of marshmallows and like a raft of Graham crackers and a battleship of chocolate and a blow torch and just drown ourselves in smores, but also eat our way out…until we explode like really gross Easter Bunny chocolates that accidentally got left on the car’s dash during church. Amber: Travis says trade the Graham crackers for Star Crunches.

Me: Can you buy them in “raft” quantities? I’m only interested in sugar products that come in size “desk” or larger. Amber: Yes. Me: Ok. Star Crunch will work Amber: And be more delicious Me: That’s the problem with you millennials… always messing with the classics.  It’s like terrible things that have always been absolutely awful just aren’t good enough for you. Amber: DON’T CALL ME A MILLENNIAL.  I WAS DOWN WITH GRAHAM CRACKERS. Me:  Dude, it’s a SMORE.  It’s made of burnt marshmallow, the kind of chocolate no one voluntarily eats in any other capacity and a high fiber cracker that was deliberately designed to minimize pleasure and stimulation.  That’s why they’re the ultimate drowning-yourself-indepression food.  The only way this gets worse is if you make people pray over them – which happens. Amber: I wouldn’t pray over a smore.  That’s just weird. Me:  “Michael row your boat a – gimme a smore because they’re slightly better than beans containing one tiny weird piece of pork fat cooked in the can...” Amber: True… Me: And the thing about smores is that they’re awful, but it’s your own fault.  It’s absolutely impossible to evenly toast a marshmallow over a camp fire without turning it into a flaming death turd, which you then just shove into your mouth to hide your shame. Amber:  Shhh, they’re delicious. Me:  They’re vile burned sugar jammed between the only crackers in the world that get somehow both stale and soggy three seconds after you open the package.  Graham crackers should be used to dehumidify basements.  They should make those capsules that turn into dinosaurs when you dump them in water out of them. Amber: But then they’d get mushy Me: True, but they’re pretty mushy anyway, being sponges.  I guess you Millennials are just opposed to ephemeral dinosaurs. Amber: (Rage emoticon) Me: “We need accuracy in our colorful dinosaur sponges.  Actual dinosaurs were around through at least three major historical ages, most notably the Jurassic.  And, as fossil records can’t reveal what colors they were, it’s highly possible that they may, in fact, have been aquamarine and violet, gosh darnit” ~ said every Millennial ever.  #aquamarinedinosaur #gilmoregirls #bieberforever. Amber: DON’T INCLUDE ME!!! Me: You realize that the millennials are making all the valuable points here, right?  You know, about not wanting to continue to make things that are terrible and wanting better accuracy in their sponge representations of dinosaurs.  You have to draw the line somewhere.  If the Boomers hadn’t put a stop to it, we’d all still be suffering through bunt cake shaped Spam and Green Jell-O Surprise. Amber: Shut up. I’m often shocked that I have any friends at all.  I really need them, though.  Somebody has to drag me out from under the bed and make me clean the thing out of the sink.  Author's note: Amber read this article early this morning. She said, “It's funny, but I'm not a Millennial (she was born in 1988). “Yes, you are, Amburgler. Look it up,” I replied. She's currently not speaking to me. The thing may have to just stay in the sink.

February 16, 2017


Island Moon

Back in Time in Panamá

Island Moon on a Spoon

Another Peek at the Emberá By Brent Rourk [Writer’s Note: During a recent trip to Panama I returned to visit Tribe 3 (Tribo Tres) of the Emberá Indians in the Chagres National Park in the Darien Province, accessible by small dugout boat only. I visited the same group 4 years ago and my visit left me intrigued at their lifestyle and their culture in a settlement community of 118 people along the Chagras River. My talks with the then tribe leader Andrea and tribe teacher Johnson teased my appetite for more knowledge about their growing enclave on the banks of the Chagres River, the largest river in the Panama Canal Watershed and running 120 miles long. The river is essential to the water flow into the canal and for providing up to 80% of the water needed for the operation of the canal locks. The Chagras River, like many other rivers in Panama, has been a generous home to the Emberá. The area is full of incredible wildlife, including ocelots, monkeys, sloths, and more. From Gatun Lake to the Canal the terrain changes to more tropical forest, home to over 400 species of birds. The Chagres River was once home to gold and gem mining and has a rich and storied history. It is along the banks of the Chagres River where several tribes of Emberá have called home for up to 500 years, having migrated from Colombia, South America beginning around the time that the Spanish Conquistadores arrived. The Emberá are one of 8 surviving indigenous native groups in Panama. Some Emberá have migrated into settlement communities or even into urban areas, yet several continue to reside in less settled communities along the banks of rivers in Panama. Tribo Tres is one tribe, among several, that still lives in a settlement community along the Chagres, welcoming tourists and witnessing the beginnings of sociocultural change that results from contact with modern cultures. Admittedly, I am completely captivated and enamored by the Emberá, their history, and their culture. This series of articles reveals more about my visits to Tribo Tres over the past 4 years.

Enchanting Memories of Emberá Life

Long narrow cut out logs with a small motor carry visitors and nartives back and forth between Tribo Tres and civilization. For years I could not erase the images of the Emberá from my mind; their friendliness, simple life, ever-present smiles, kindness, isolation in the Chagres National Park, diet, dances, arts, crafts, and more. The contrast in life styles from big city (Panama City – population 1.5 million) to Emberá Tribo 3

was followed by a lunch of native fish and plantain served on a modest, old wooden plank (I suspected that the fish and some fruit were brought in by guides to feed the tourists.) I wasted no time in engaging Andrea in conversation, politely yet persistently pummeling her with questions about her life, changes in Emberá life, and other inquiries aimed at gathering more information about this peaceful group of somewhat isolated people. She introduced me to her brother Alexis who is the current chief and will be for three more years. He welcomed me with a smile and we briefly chatted in Spanish before he returned to other responsibilities.

Isolated yet Connected Despite the fact that the Emberá are fiercly protective and proud of their native culture, they have become somewhat dependent on the outside world for tools, supples, services and (infrequently) food). During our time in the community building about 25 Emberá demonstrated a few dances accompanied by native instruments like drums, flutes, and turtle shell. Dances were rhythmic and colorful as all of the girls and women wear floral cloth bottoms and beaded tops. Most men and boys wear a thong bottom or shorts. Emberá clapped and sometimes sang while they danced in unison to music played by young men and boys. Almost al Emberá boast geometric design tattoos, created by using the traditional jaguar and painted with a short, thin piece of wood or plant. Emberá offered to tattoo visitors, so I allowed Andrea’s nephew to tattoo my Ex chieftan Andrea in right forearm. Two weeks later, the ink the foreground and a is barely visible.

young Embera mother making a baset pose The Emberá chose some of the visitors for a photograph

French Onion Soup

By Chef Vita Jarrin This time of year or any time of year, is a good time for a luscious bowl of French Onion Soup. It’s rich in taste, yet fairly light. It’s savory, satisfying and perfect for a chilly afternoon. My favorite part is scooping a spoonful of the soup by reaching down into the bottom of the bowl and as you come up, your spoon is covered with a crispy, round of bread topped with decadent, melty cheese. What’s not to love? History shows, that onion soups have been popular at least as far back as Roman times. Back in the day, it was seen as food for poor people, since onions were plentiful and easy to grow. The modern version of this soup originates in Paris, France in the 18th century. It was made from beef broth, and caramelized onions to maximize the flavor. It is often finished by being placed under a broiler with toasted day old bread or croutons and Comté cheese melted on top. I do want to warn you, if you’re cutting these onions without wearing contact lenses, you may be setting yourself up for a good cry. So be prepared to use a food processor, or ask for assistance and get out the goggles. This recipe requires at least 8 to 10 onions to be sliced. However, the tears will turn into tears of joy, once you taste just how yummy this soup is.

Ingredients: 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 4 large yellow onions 4 large red (purple) onions 4 Tbsp. unsalted butter 1 Tbsp. kosher salt 1 Tsp. Black pepper 1 Tsp. Granulated garlic Couple dashes of cayenne (optional) Couple dashes of fresh grated nutmeg 1 C Chardonnay wine

as dance partners. Happier tourists were more apt to purchase some of the baskets, sculptures, and jewelry for sale.

12 oz. beef consommé (more concentrated than stock)

Andrea nursed her baby as we spoke of modern culture. “Oh, it is bad.” She shook her head with disbelief and disappointment at what modern life has become, from noise, pollution, and relentless and never-ending scurrying to the ceaseless pursuit of wealth.

8 oz. apple cider

Emberá also depend on tourism, gaining revenue via a visiting and transportation fee and also whatever they garner from selling handmade baskets, beaded and metal jewelry, and small carved wooden figures. Those incomes help repair small outboard motors, purchase gas, and minimally supplement other needs such as cooking pots, a few small tables and chairs, and some utensils.

1 Large Vienna Bread (Cut in rounds & toasted) 1 C fresh grated parmesan cheese 1 lb. Sliced Swiss Cheese (or Mozzarella or Provolone) 6 to 8 ramekins or crocks for baking ***Remember, the cheese adds salt to this dish.

Directions: Prep all of your ingredients and measure them out before you start to cook. Start by cutting the onions in half, from the root down and removing the outer layer. Do this to all the onions first, before slicing, otherwise you may have a hard time slicing with watery eyes. Place the flat side down and slice ¼ of an inch slices on all the onions and place into a bowl. In a large soup pot, melt the butter on medium heat. Add the salt, pepper, garlic and stir. Once onions start to soften, turn the heat down and continue to cook the onions down. When onions are caramelized and cooked down, raise heat to high and add the wine. Cook off the wine and let it reduce. Add the bouquet of herbs, the cayenne & nutmeg. Add the consommé, the stock and apple cider. Let cook on low heat for about an hour to an hour and half. The soup should taste velvety and rich, a little sweet and salty at the same time. When you are ready to serve the soup, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut your bread in 1 inch slices. The bread should fit almost perfectly on the top of the bowl. Place the rounds on the sheet pan and toast for about 5 minutes. Set aside. Fill ramekins with ladles of soup leaving about a 1/2 inch free from the top for the bread topped with cheese. Place the bread on top of soup and add the shredded parmesan and a slice or two of the Swiss cheese. Once complete, place bowls on the same sheet pan and bake, until the tops are bubbly and golden brown. Let rest for at least 5 to 7 minutes.

Tip of the Week:

A Bouquet garni of fresh parsley, thyme, and bay leaf

This recipe can be made in advance and baked with bread and cheese, right before serving. I would heat the soup before placing it into the bowl so that it’s hot when you serve it. If you have the time to make it the day before, the flavors will have time to marry and will taste even more amazing the next day.

(A bunch of fresh herbs tied and placed in soup)

Most importantly… Enjoy yourself, get creative, try new things have fun!!! Happy Eats!

12 oz. vegetable or chicken stock Adjust the soup with salt and pepper.

Balancing their Culture – Holding on Emberá from Tribo Tres try valiantly to remain aloof from a world they descibe as "terrible." However, at times, they utilize modern services such as architects and concrete workers to assist in building structures. While their chief connection to the outside world is merely a small amount of tourism, this business has become essential their way of life. The influx of revenue helps artisans purchase supplies which are necessary to create their traditional crafts.

A traditional round community building replaced the larger rectangular one the Embera in Tribo Tres used for several years (Chagres National Forrest – population 118) is overwhelmingly distinct and it happens in a mere 90 minutes (less if you visit Tribo 1 or 2.) The countless spires of white skyscrapers in Panama City along with the traffic, noise, and scurrying give way to the splendor of nature as greens and blues please the eye and as gentle, clear water flows by, pierced by the sharp bow of the log. A few isolated bird calls punctuate an otherwise silent nirvana. Granted, it is a great weather day, however, the jungle always radiates its beauty, regardless of weather. Four years ago I spent the day chatting with Andrea and Johnson (a devoted tribesman who spent time teaching Emberá and who now teaches in a nearby town, but frequently returns to Tribe 3. In fact he was scheduled to return that evening.) I walked around freely in a driving rainstorm, hoping that it would storm so much that I could stay for a few days. Elsewhere, during that distant day most of the other tourists cringed at the thought of having to stay in the tropical rain forest for a day or two or three. When the river crested 10 inches higher in a matter of hours, different wild birds and a river otter sought shelter in the large rectangular multi-purpose community center while I made conversation with the tribes people.

Back Again Today as we approached Tribo Tres, a group of young boys greeted our slender log boat by playing a welcome tune on their instruments. We climbed the treacherous steps from the sandy bank of the Chagres River up to the encampment, and were greeted at the top by two adults, including ex-chieftain Andrea who, after a minute, remembered me. I was finally back. Escorted to a newer, more traditional multipurpose thatched roof and open-sided community building, we found worn wooden bench seats off to the side while another tribe elder explained to another group how the Emberá create baskets and carvings. That

Send letters and photos to

Still, the E m b e r á tenaciously hold onto their traditions in the face of what might someday be the inevitable assimilation into modern A young Embera male c u l t u r e . O u t s i d e paints a tattoo on a visitor teachers are t e a c h i n g Emberá youth Spanish and other subjects such as math and science. They feel a need to learn more, but do not want their traditions to be supplanted by a more modern culture. A few of the Emberá have seen and experienced life outside of the jungle, visiting the city on rare occasions. The Emberá show a marked disdain for the hectic pace, life, and culture of the city. The tranquility and peace of their tropical forest home is reflected in virtually every interaction between tribespeople. There is an undeniable kindness and respect shown among Embera. Further, each person contributes to the overall welfare and success of the tribe, from leaders, cooks, family heads, fishermen, farmers (in the tropical forest), basket weavers, dancers, musicians, teachers, and more. So far there has not been a mass migration from Tribo Tres to the city, but there are many young people who interact with tourists and who are beginning to learn more about the ‘outside world’. Is it expected or even inescapable that Emberá might want to experience the outside world, especially with more education and their knowledge of the Spanish language? Some might answer that it is unavoidable. For now, they are trying to balance their native culture with economic needs and minimal contact. Some Emberá tribes have learned English as well as Spanish and cell phones have been spotted in some tribes, further opening the world to the tribe and to a stream of tourists and tourist dollars. Next time: Changes in the Emberá way of life and meeting the Founding member.

Padre Island National Seashore hosts Kite Day February 18th

Come join kite flying experts, park rangers, and volunteers for a day of family fun at the 6th Annual Kite Festival at Padre Island National Seashore on Saturday February, 18, It takes to the sky from 10 a.m. --2:00 p.m. at the Malaquite Beach Visitor’s Center. Kids will get the opportunity to decorate and build their own kites with the help of park volunteers (while supplies last), and kite-flying clubs will give tips and demonstrate techniques.

grade are also eligible.

Free Annual Pass for active U.S. Military members and dependents. Free Access Pass – lifetime pass to all national parks for the permanently disabled Senior Pass - $10 Lifetime Pass – U.S. citizens age 62 or over.

Please note that there will be an entrance fee to the park. Depending upon your circumstances, you will be eligible for one or more of the following entry options: $10.00 entrance fee to the park per car load (good for 7 days). $20.00 annual fee to the park per car load. $80.000 “America the Beautiful” annual pass valid in all national parks. Free Annual 4th Grade Pass – available to U.S. 4th graders & their family with a valid Every Kid in a Park paper pass. Home schooled 4th

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Wednesday & Thursday 12-8 Friday & Sunday 12-9 Saturday 12-10 14254 SPID Sweet 101 361-589-4130


February 16, 2017

Island Moon

SPORTS Sports Talk Special to The Island Moon

Tinker With Baseball’s ExtraInning Rules? By Dotson Lewis Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: For as long as I can remember the length of baseball games have been debated. Here we go again, this time with an experimental rules’ change to be tested by some minor league clubs. There are a couple of points of view expressed below. What is your take? Victor Mather and Joe Ward contributed to this article.

Cue the Purists’ Outrage It’s a tie game after nine innings, folks, and we’re heading to the top of the 10th. First man up is Mike Trout, and, as always, there’s a man on second. Wait, what? In an effort to shorten extra-inning games, baseball plans to experiment this summer with giving teams a runner on second at the start of every inning from the 10th on. The trial will take place in two rookie leagues, and the rule will also be used this spring in the World Baseball Classic. Should the new rule prove popular and

people actually pay attention to. The Majors. In Major Leagues over the history of professional baseball in the United States (and Canada), there have been 16,668 extrainning games, according to data from Since 1920, around the start of the more-hitter-focused live-ball era, there have been 15,596 games. About half of those have been played since 1980. The number of games that go into extra innings varies by year, but has generally hovered in the vicinity of 10 percent. Last year, there were relatively few extra inning games. A good rule of thumb for baseball games these days is that each half-inning takes about 10 minutes. So a full inning takes 20 minutes, three innings takes an hour and a game takes three hours in total. That was about precisely the average game length last year, up from about two hours 60 years ago. Now, of course, we have replays and television breaks and so on.

Still, extra-inning games are not always the cause. About 8 percent of games go into extra innings, and most of those do not stretch deep into the night. Last season, 43 percent of extrainning games were over after the 10th, and only 16 percent of them went 13 or more. The 18-inning games that Torre spoke of are even rarer. Of 12,147 regular season games over the last five seasons, only 22 went 18 or more. Traditionally, overtimes in sports have had the same rules as regulation time. But in 2015, the National Hockey League started playing overtime with three skaters on a side instead of five, and college football has for two decades started teams close to the end zone for overtime play. There may be unintended consequences from baseball’s new experiment. Strategically, with a man on second and no one out, some managers may be tempted to have their first hitter bunt, then hope for a sacrifice fly. More bunting may not be what baseball had in mind for the new rule.

One View: Changing Baseball’s Extra Innings Format Is Stupid For a fan, there are few greater joys than winning some free baseball. After nine innings of play, the score is tied, and a close contest keeps going until the logjam is broken. You paid for nine, but you get as many as it takes. Baseball’s unusual in that it has no time boundaries and that the only sudden death comes once both teams have had a crack at scoring. And that, many would argue, is part of its charm. Baseball fans feel that way. Baseball executives don’t. Last week it was reported that the institution of Major League Baseball was considering a change to the extra-inning rules to speed play. Starting in the Rookie League — the lowest tier of baseball’s tiered talent system — the league might now begin each extra inning with a runner already on second base. The thinking is obvious: Put a runner in scoring position (as that is known), and maybe teams will score sooner. Shorter game. This is a bad idea for a lot of reasons, the worst of which we will save for the end. To demonstrate how little effect this will have, let’s talk about how it would affect the league most

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon He was quiet, subdued, looked calm and reserved, but there was something in his demeanor that I just couldn’t put my finger on. I spent the next 14 minutes interviewing a Corpus Christi legend at the 2017 South Texas Winter Baseball Banquet, hosted by our very own Corpus Christi Hooks Baseball Club. This fellow was actually the first recipient of the Banquet’s Lifetime Achievement Award, 12 years ago. This year he was to be the featured speaker. He knows what he’s talking about as he has spent over 60 years in the game he loves, baseball. “The first batter I faced in the Major Leagues was Lou Brock and I struck him out. A couple of innings later, Joe Torre hit my knuckle curve for a home run and I thought to myself, ‘nobody’s ever done that, these guys must be pretty good,’” laughed Burt Hooton.

appearing in 480 games, while starting 377 times. Hooton spent four years with the Cubs (1971-75), ten years with the Los Angeles Dodgers (1975-84), and his last year with the Texas Rangers (1985). He threw 86 complete games, unheard of in today’s game, and shutout his opponent in 29 games. Burt compiled a Major League record of 151-136, with seven saves and 11.94 strikeouts per game. His career strikeout total stands at 1,491. One of my questions took Burt back to his childhood. “From the age of 11, I remember a guy by the name of Dooley Wilkins picking me and the neighborhood kids up to play baseball,” said Hooton. “He had bats and balls and gloves in his car. I remember he had white hair, a white mustache, wore horned rimmed glasses, and owned a bakery on Ayers. I was the first one he picked up so I got the best glove. I still

As you would expect, extra-inning games are longer than nonextra-inning games, though, according to Baseball Reference’s numbers, they don’t increase the average overall game length by very much.

Most extra-inning games don’t add much to the length of the game because they don’t go into Above a worker updated a scoreboard as a game between the many extra innings. Mariners and the Athletics dragged into the 13th inning. The longest game in history stretched 26 effective, it could someday move to the major innings, in 1920. That’s happened only once. leagues. The most common length of an extra-inning Putting a runner on second for extra innings game since 1920 is … 10 innings, which makes has been used in some softball leagues, sense. including in international play. Typically, the Since 1980, that’s held true, though the runner is whoever made the last out in the percentage of 10-inning games of all extraprevious inning. But the rule would be a sharp departure for baseball, which tends to change inning games has been slightly higher over only incrementally and slowly. Baseball purists, the past four decades. Why’s that significant? and there are many of them, were predictably Because it means that much of the time, a game outraged, while others saw an opportunity for is only tacking on one more inning to the threehour span. That’s an extra 20 minutes — 20 mirth. minutes that enjoys heightened tension because The change should be effective in increasing the stakes are so much higher. In fact, in nearly scoring in extra innings. Statisticians have every season since 1920, about two-thirds of shown that teams score about half a run per extra-inning games have ended in the 10th or inning. But when there’s a runner on second 11th innings. That’s about 40 extra minutes of and no one out, that increases to 1.1 runs. In all, ball by today’s standards. teams score in about 27 percent of innings, but For someone who’s watched two teams battle they do so 61 percent of the time when there’s a to a draw for three hours, adding another 20 or runner on second and no one out. 40 minutes of play — half of which are sudden“Let’s see what it looks like,” Joe Torre, the death! — isn’t that onerous. majors’ chief baseball officer said. “It’s not But instead of being abstract, let’s be specific. fun to watch when you go through your whole pitching staff and wind up bringing a utility The most extra-inning games in a season was infielder in to pitch. As much as it’s nice to talk 31, played by the Red Sox in 1943. (The record about being at an 18-inning game, it takes time.” for most for a franchise is held by the Cardinals, Speeding up the pace of play has been a at 1,641. Their long-lost colleagues in St. Louis, preoccupation of baseball in recent years as the Browns, hold the record for the highest games have crept longer and longer. A nine- percentage of games running 12 innings or inning playoff game between the Dodgers and longer for teams that played at least 100 extrathe Nationals lasted 4 hours 32 minutes last inning games, at 35.5 percent.) fall. Baseball has tinkered with rules about leaving the batter’s box and has also been experimenting with time limits on pitchers in the minor leagues.

Knuckle Curve

In the 2016 season, it was the Atlanta Braves that played the most extra-inning games. Twenty-two times the Braves went into at least the 10th. Thanks to the detailed box scores at Baseball Reference, we can estimate whether those games would have been made any shorter by the introduction of the MLB’s new rule. First, we can set aside 10 of those games, since they went only 10 innings — which any extrainning game would necessarily do, even under the proposed new rule. So we can look at the other 12 games. By many estimates, considering how batters hit in those games and thinking about a ghostrunner on second for those plays, six of the 12 games would have ended earlier than they otherwise did. In several cases, they would have ended several innings earlier. So how much time do we save? That’s about 220 minutes less of free baseball, using our 20-minutes-to-a-full-inning metric. About 13.3 million people-hours — that’s the number of people in attendance times the length of the game — were expended on the Braves’ season in 2016. (Unhappily for them; the Braves did poorly.) If we remove those 220 minutes that MLB sliced away? It drops to 13.2 million. Some savings. The number of games that stretch out into 13 or more innings — adding at least an hour and 20 minutes of play — is tiny each season. Dotson’s Other Note: Your comments, suggestions, questions and concerns regarding Sports Talk articles are greatly appreciated, please call the Benchwarmers at 361-560-5397 weekdays, Mondays thru Fridays, 5-7 PM, or contact me. Phone: 361-949-7681 Cell: 530748-8475 Email: Have fun -30-

Charter Boat Owners and Operators Wanted for new location on Packery Channel


Flats Floating Cabin Repairs Large Boat Slip (22’ x 40’) available good for either repairs or rebuilding

Located under the JFK bridge on Packery Channel Call for lease terms

Packery Flats Marina


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Burt Hooten & Me Hooks Winter banquet 2017 Burt Carlton “Happy” Hooton was born on February 7, 1950. Burt was born in Greenville, Texas, but grew up here in Corpus Christi. I had heard that Burt received his nickname, “Happy,” from Tommy Lasorda. “It’s true,” said Burt. “I wasn’t an outgoing kind of guy, but I am happy, I just don’t show it much.” From the mound, Hooton, a right-handed pitcher, led the King High School Mustangs to the 1967 4-A Texas State Championship. Burt won 15 games while losing only once and no-hit Houston Lee, 2-0. It was his third no-hit game of the season. In 1968, Burt was drafted by the New York Mets, but chose to join Cliff Gustafson, at the University of Texas. Hooten recorded a 35-3 win-loss record as a Longhorn and helped the Horns win three consecutive Southwest Conference Championships from 1969-71. Texas played in two College World Series games, and Hooton continues to own the best earned-run average of any Longhorn pitcher, with a 1.14 ERA. Burt also set the Longhorn record for single game strikeouts, with 19, when he no-hit Texas Tech, in 1971. He pitched a second no-hitter within a week of the first. He was chosen a three-time Southwest All-Conference player and the teams MVP, in 1971. In 1971, Burt was taken by the Chicago Cubs and made his Major League debut on June 17, of that year. On the cold, damp, afternoon of April 17, 1972, Burt Hooton threw a no-hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies at Wrigley Field. “I didn’t have a clue in the bullpen while warming up before the game,” said Burt. He would pitch for 15 seasons in the big leagues,

remember his laugh. He made it fun. We would go by the bakery after practice. I was the last kid he dropped off, so I always went home with several fingers full of doughnuts. I learned how to throw the knuckle curve when I was 14,” said Hooton. Burt Hooten has a mantle full of trophies but you would never know it. He was inducted into the Longhorn Hall of Honor in 1981. He entered the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998 and the College Baseball Hall of Fame on March 5, 2008. In 2009, his #20 was retired by the Longhorns. Burt was chosen an AllStar in 1981 and won the MVP Award in the 1981 National League Championship Series against the Montreal Expos. Burt also owns a World Series Ring from the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers. By the end of the interview I had figured out Mr. Hooton secret. How refreshing. He never took himself seriously. He never thought he would make a career out of baseball. “You mean someone might pay me to do this?” asked Burt. Yes Burt, you earned it. Andy Purvis is a local author and radio personality. Please visit www.purvisbooks. com for all the latest info on his books or to listen to the new radio podcast. Andy’s books are available online and can be found in the local Barnes & Noble bookstore. Andy can be contacted at Also listen to sports talk radio on Dennis & Andy’s Q & A Session from 6-8 PM on 1230 AM, 96.1 FM and 103.3 FM. The home of the Houston Astros.

TPWD Closing Oyster Harvest in Powderhorn Lake The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is closing TX-22 in Powderhorn Lake to commercial and recreational oyster harvest on Saturday, Feb. 18. 2017. This closing is based on samples collected in February 2017 by TPWD in response to concerns expressed by the oyster industry. Chapter 76, Parks and Wildlife Code, and the Oyster Management Proclamation, Section 58.21(c)(1), provide for the emergency closure of an area to oyster harvesting when it can be shown that the area is being overworked or damaged. TPWD and the Oyster Advisory Workgroup, a group of Texas commercial oyster fishermen and dealers, have established criteria based on the abundance of market-sized oysters (greater than 3 inches) and the percentage of small

oysters (2-2.9 inches) for determining when an area should be closed. “This closure is designed to provide some protection to undersize oysters so they can reach legal sizes. The area will be closely monitored by TPWD and will reopen when criteria thresholds are met,” says TPWD’s Coastal Fisheries Deputy Division Director Lance Robinson.

February 16, 2017


Island Moon

The Traveling Moon Gets Around

Coconut Woman

Taiohae and an Overview of Nuku Hiva

Editor’s note: Former Islanders Meredith Dunning and Justin Smith left our balmy shores more than three years ago in a 26-foot sailboat bound for Florida and Equator and never looked back.. They recently visited French Polynesia. By Meredith Dunning Well, here it is folks. Taiohae, the capital of all 12 islands of French Polynesia. The seat of the government, the police and international clearance office, the Bishop, one jail, one gas station, one bank, the biggest hospital, several elementary and junior high schools, one hotel, 2 pensions, 3 small groceries, a hardware store,

Fran and A.R. Perez took the Moon through the Panama Canal.

Hiva has only 3,000 residents, it boasts 50 different varieties of mangoes, 30 different varieties of hibiscus, 8 kinds of avocado, 10 of bananas, numerous types of sweet basil...I could go on for a while like this. Before the European missionaries, the local culture possessed over 70 different types of dances, 10 of which now remain. The fact that the culture, traditions, and history were transmitted through oral means, combined with influx of Catholic missionaries beginning in the late 1500's, resulted in the loss of most of the Marquesan history and culture, much of which was re-written from self-interested foreigner's viewpoints at later dates. 98% of the population was lost to the

A view from the mountains above Taiohae. introduction by Europeans of diseases never before present in the islands. Cholera, Typhoid, Smallpox, Leprosy, Syphilis, etc etc.

Waterfalls cascade down the beautiful and challenging terrain of Nuku Hiva. several Catholic churches, a small museum, coconut flesh, lime, grapefruit, and Noni for export, fishing, a little tourism, and there you have it. As for numbers and variety, whereas Nuku

Sure, there's an airport, but not until a two years ago were the roads paved. This meant that even if you had a car, which costs $1500 shipping alone from Tahiti, the smart drivers would carry a shovel and rope so that they Lush foliage fills every could tie themselves inch of the island to other cars in case they were swept down the mountainside in a mudslide, or if the roads gave away for one reason or another. Imagine driving across these mountains in mudslides! And how did they get that Virgin Mary statue up there?

Gardening: Island Style

The garden club spent Monday morning doing a little spring cleaning TLC at the Butterfly Garden at Douden Park

Matt and Brandi Grahl ice fishing on Amik Lake in northern Wisconsin with their daughter


February 16, 2017

Island Moon

COLDWELL BANKER ISLAND, REALTORS  14945 S. Padre Island Dr., Corpus Chris�, TX  78418 

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15958 Punta Espada 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 car garage. 2,575 sq. ft. Upgraded granite, lots of lighting. Double oven. $386,000. Charlie Knoll 361443-2499.

Beach Club 3rd floor 2 bedroom, 2 bath w/view of pool, pond and Gulf. Nicely furnished. Great investment property. Short term rentals allowed. Call Cheryl 563-0444.

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Beachfront Condos! Incredible views of the Gulf of Mexico. Floor to ceiling windows. #805–1/1 top floor. #202—2/2 corner unit. Carrie 361-949-5200.

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Condos, Condos, Condos


Check Out these Condos available in Wonderful Complexes allowing Short Term Rentals! Walking Distance to Schlitterbahn!

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15821 Vincent 3/2/2 interior lot home. New carpet in bedrooms. Freshly painted. Open airy floorplan. Granite countertops in kitchen. Call Cheryl 563-0444.

15350 Yardarm — 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath waterfront home with two living areas and two dining areas. Boat dock. Tile roof, stucco construction. $399,000. Terry 5497703.

13830 Hawksnest Bay completely updated inside/out 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 dining, 3 living, over 4500 sq. ft., $699,900. Cindy Molnar 549-5557 to preview.

13722 A La Entrada 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 car garage w/3,769 sq. ft. located on a wide canal. Gourmet kitchen, dramatic fireplace, cathedral ceilings, office & more! $1,150,000. Charlie 443-2499.

Great Mustang Island 2/2 condo, updated, covered veranda, pool/spa, private beach access, short term rentals apply, $180,000. Call Dorothy 361-5638486.

14945 S. Padre Island Dr.  Corpus Chris�, TX  78418  (361) 949‐2131   (877) 269‐2131 Superior Service, Outstanding Reputa�on since 1999  Looking for Professional Long Term Property Management Services?  Our services include:   Tenant Qualifying   Collec�ons of Rents   Coordina�ng Repairs & Maintenance   Professional Itemized Monthly Statements    Marke�ng/Adver�sing 

Sale Pending 

Looking for Long Term Rental Property?  Below are some of our available rentals: 

14861 SPID #113  3/2.5/2   $1650 

14901 Canadian Mist  4/2.5/2   $2000 

14434 Cabana #208  2/2  $1300 

13953 Fortuna Bay 5 & 7  2/2 ea.  $1200 ea. 

Mys�c Harbor #308  1/1  $1000 

13705 Cayo Gorda  4/3.5/2  $3200 

Beach Breeze #503  3/2.5/1  $1550 

14205 Jacksh A  3/2/1  $1425 

 Beach Club #324  1/1  $900 

Duplex for Sale. Each unit has 3/2/1, open plan, oversized RV garage 12’x73’x15’. RV has 30 amp & 50 amp power & dump station. Carrie 361-949-5200.


13914 Mingo Cay 1 bedroom, 1 bath waterfront condo with boat slip, covered patio and washer/ dryer hook up in unit, $115,000. Call Cindy Molnar 549-5557.

Portofino #407 4th floor corner unit w/3 bed., 2 baths, 1,406 sq. ft. of living space. Wonderful beachfront complex, great pool. $190,000. Cheryl 563-0444.

New One Story home by RT Bryant offers three bedrooms, two full baths. Large master, hurricane windows, tile floors, granite counters. $244,900. Terry 549-7703.

New Golf Course construction. Enjoy incredible views from this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage home with 2,315 sq. ft. Tile throughout. Call Cheryl.

El Constante #217 Great views of the Gulf from this 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo with 1,060 sq. ft. of living area. Fully furnished. $194,900. Call Terry 549-7703.

Wonderful 3-2.5-3 new construction. Corner lot. Room for a pool. 2254 sq. ft. Bonus room. Tile floors. Mudroom and butler’s pantry and much more. Cheryl.

Looking for Vaca�on Rental Services you can trust?    Call Padre Escapes, Padre Island’s Premier Vaca�on Rental Company at 361‐949‐0430  Visit us online at    email at vaca� 

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