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January 12, 2017

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Around The Island


Development Gets New Life

By Dale Rankin Apparently when the temperature drops below 32 degrees water freezes! Who knew!?

Islanders awoke last weekend to find frozen water – apparently known as ice – in their birdbaths, random buckets, blowing in tiny bits off the top of breaking waves, and in some cases flowing fountains. We islanders are on a first name basis with ice, but the kind that is found in margaritas and not birdbaths. We scoured the Island Moon archives for the last time a pollywogkilling freeze swept across our little sandbar and came up empty. It’s been a while, and this one didn’t get cold enough or last long enough to kill all the pollywogs but every little bit helps. The latest a freeze has ever occurred in Corpus Christi – records are not available for The Island – is February 16. Historically the coldest day of the year in South Texas is January 11 which this year had a high of 82 degrees (inland) and a bone – chilling low of 66. Oh the humanity! A few years ago we had cold fronts with high winds – some up to 80 mph – that lasted for several weeks. However in the past two years including this one our cold fronts have been passing affairs. The last truly cold winter we had was 1978 when the mean temperature for January was 47 degrees making it the coldest month on record here. The mean temperature for that entire winter was 53 degrees. That is the Island’s version of the Polar Vortex which at that time was centered around Two Seas Bar & Grill where they had the coldest beverages on The Island. There were two freezes in 1989— in February and December - which killed an estimated 17 million finfish mostly in the upper and lower Laguna Madre. The oldest reference to a freeze in the Coastal Bend was in the early 1500s when Cabeza de Vaca wrote in his book La Relacion — The Account of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca after he was shipwrecked on the Texas Coast that the native people on the coast took advantage of “the season when the fish come to die.” Think of it as a Karankawa smorgasbord. The weather is expected to stay warm through the weekend. The fish are biting, the mosquitos are not, the Winter Texans, well, that’s denture dependent so who knows. Beach driving is great along with the weather so get out there and enjoy it everybody. Say hello if you see us Around The Island.

After years of problems twentyseven new overnight-stay units planned By Dale Rankin

Tony Amos shows the crowd one of his beloved Green turtles that is about to be released back into the Gulf after it’s’ rehabilitation. See page A11 for more photos by Miles Merwin.

After four changes of ownership the development on Granada Street now known as The Villas of Padre is being rebuilt and expanded into a 27-unit townhome property to be offered to the market as overnightstay facilities, if permitted by the City of Corpus Christi

Water Exchange Bridge Going to Bids! Estimated Cost $8.5 Million

By Dale Rankin Twelve years after voters approved funds for a Park Road 22/SPID Water Exchange Bridge linking Lake Padre to the existing Island canal system bids on the projects are scheduled to be in the hands of potential builders on Tuesday, January 16.

underground water – exchange culverts required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit held by developer Paul Schexnailder - would provide $2.1 million to construct the bridge. However, a cost estimate on

under construction, a 300-room hotel currently under design, and a dry boat storage facility. City officials released a schedule on the project this week which calls for bids to be opened on

Sources said the cost of the bridge is expected to be about $8.5 million, down considerably from a previous high estimate of $11.5 million, presumably due to modification of the design and lower building costs due to a slowdown in local construction work since the higher bid was made. The bridge, as currently designed, consists of three spans of forty feet each, the center span covering a waterway, the two adjacent spans covering pedestrian and cart paths. The plans call for fourteen feet of water depth with concrete sides and floor to prevent erosion, and fourteen feet of boat clearance from the waterline to the bottom of the bridge structure. The bridge would be located along SPID where canals to both sides are already in place as well as bulkheading on the Lake Padre side. The idea for the bridge originated in 2004 when a $50 million bond package contained no Island projects and then-District 4 City Council member Mark Scoot proposed adding a $1.2 million item to the bonds which, according to his plan, when combined with the estimated $900,000 cost of building

the project was not done until much later – 2012 – which eventually led to the current $8.5 million price tag. The bridge was/is the lynchpin in connecting the 104-acre site around Lake Padre where excavation work is nearing completion and planned development around the Schlitterbahn waterpark on the west side of the roadway. Access to the Gulf of Mexico from the existing Island canal system, under the bridge, would be through a 3600-foot canal which would include retail, commercial, residential, and office space, along with a marina currently

February 1, City Council approval by mid-March, and construction to begin by the end of March with scheduled completion by April, 2018. However, there are still some potential hurdles, for instance; how to proceed if all of the bids received are over the $8.5 million estimate. City staffers told the Island Strategic Action Committee in November that there is $6.5 million available from bond money left over after completion of other projects. The remainder of the bridge funding

Bridge cont. on A2

A recommendation to allow the zoning change necessary to expand the project went to the City Planning Commission after we went to press on Wednesday. The city staff in documentation to the commission recommended approval of the application by SuperElite, LLC. The zoning change if approved by the Planning Commission would be subject to approval of the Corpus Christi City Council. The development was originally built with four large townhomes each with open roof decks accessible by individual elevators from all floors with each unit priced in the mid$500,000 range. But the original build out in 2010 was followed shortly by a market decline and the building was never occupied. It was purchased by a single out-of-state owner who said he planned to convert it into a walled compound for his personal use and after changing hands again it sat vacant through 2015 as problems with the roof design allowed water into the interior. In early 2016 a complete renovation and remodeling of the original units began and is still underway which has eliminated the rooftop patios. According to documents submitted with their application SuperElite, LLC, plans to “develop the Property in accordance with The Villas Planned Unit Development (PUD) Guidelines and Master Site Plan. The development of the Property is to consist of 27 townhouse units and common area amenities. The PUD

Granada cont. on A2

A little Island history

How a Small Town in Duval Country Spawns a Manifesto That Threatens War Between the United States and Mexico

By Dale Rankin

By the end of August of 1915 South Texas was in open warfare with the Mexican government of Venustiano Carranza who was trying to consolidate his power and win the Mexican Revolution.

See the special Winter Texan news on pages 14-15 in this issue!

Live Music A18

There was a full battalion of U.S. Army troops stationed in Kingsville and more then 5000 troops deployed throughout South Texas. U.S. Army Major General Frederick Funston who was in charge of the U.S. Army in South Texas, had only recently hired a spy to find out what was behind the sudden surge in crossborder violence which had sprung to the nation’s attention in August when a group of more than 40

raiders crossed the river from Mexico and attacked the Norias headquarters on the King Ranch.

The usual suspects Funston and officials in the State of Texas had assumed the raids were simply the usual cattle rustlers and bandits that the border area was used to. Then a ranch hand on the King Ranch who had been kidnapped by the bandits and forced into duty as their guide for the raid was questioned by the Army and told them that at least half of the men in the raiding party were of Mexican decent but born in Texas. Funston now realized he had a irredentist movement on his hands - defined as a policy advocating the acquisition

San Diego, Texas train station 1910 of some region in another country by reason of common linguistic, cultural, historical, ethnic, or racial

ties. In short, as many Mexican Americans in the Rio Grande Valley

History cont. on A2


January 12, 2017

Island Moon

History cont. from A1 still say today, they didn’t believe they had cross the border but that the border had cross them. They were in the same place all along; it was the border that moved South.

Plan de San Diego

armed and cannot prove the right to carry arms, shall be summarily executed regardless of his race of nationality. The definition of a “foreigner” was any non-Mexican on Texas soil. The plan further stated “every North American over sixteen years of age shall be put to death and only the aged men, the women, and the children shall be respected and on no account shall the traitors to our race be spared or respected.” There was also a provision calling for the Liberating Army for Races and Peoples to capture Texas cities, starting in the south and working toward Austin. After Brownsville, Corpus Christi would be their next stop. The Plan de San Diego was a direct license for Mexican nationals to cross into Texas and loot and kill without provocation - both Anglos and Mexican-Americans - in the name of national pride and South Texas was its first battleground.

Main Street in San Diego What Funston and Texas officials had finally figured out was that the raids were not random and they were being organized by the Carranza government as part of what came to be known as the Plan de San Diego drafted in early 1915, it is believed in the small South Texas town of San Diego located in Duval County near it’s border with Jim Wells County which borders Nueces Country on the west. The tiny hamlet of San Diego, then with a population of 1,900 and now of 4,753 was the place of origin for a revolution that was breathtaking in its scope. The author of the plan is still a matter of debate among historians but events in the years immediately after its appearance led to speculation that it author may have been German. It is a known fact that on several occasion raiders would ask captured prisoners if they were German and if the answer was yes they would be spared, it not it was muerte. The Plan de San Diego was forthright in its aims: It’s first stated goal: On February 20, 1915, at 2:00 a.m. there would occur an uprising against the United State government to proclaim the liberty of blacks from the “Yankee tyranny” that had held them in “iniquitous slavery since remote times” and to proclaim the independence of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and California “of which States the Republic of Mexico was robbed in a most perfidious manner by North American imperialism.” The view north of the border was that the territory in question had been stolen fair and square from the Mexicans, who stole it from the Spaniards, who stole it from the Indians, who stole it from each other – a story for another day. But apparently the revolutionists adopted the approach voiced by American statesman Barry Goldwater half a century later who declared that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” Liberating Army for Races and Peoples The plan called for the formation of an army known as the Liberating Army for Races and Peoples which would fight under red and white banners bearing the inscription Equality and Independence. It was these banners which confused the people at Norias when they saw them coming across the prairie with the Mexican bandits – the white banner being one of truce the blood red one – like its predecessor at the Battle of the Alamo – the flag of El Degüello meaning no quarter. Further, every “foreigner” who shall be found

The revolution got off to a bad start when rebel leader Basilio Ramos was arrested in McAllen with a copy of the plan on his person. For reasons lost to history it is not known why it took Funston and the U.S. Army until after the Norias raid August to figure out there this was not just an unrelated series of crossborder raids. Somehow the copy of the plan never got from McAllen to San Antonio.

The Border War escalates But by September, 1915 it was clear this was not a series of raids but a semiorganized war. The month began with the burning of a railroad bridge fourteen miles north of Brownsville where investigators found dynamite, machetes, and two pistols. The raiders cut telephone and telegraph lines and tried to assassinate Cameron Country Deputy Sheriff Daniel Hinojosa and three companions as they were driving into San Benito. A crew of Mexican laborers working on an irrigation canal near Harlingen was captured by about thirty raiders, the two Anglos with the group were asked if they were German and when they replied no they were executed. Then the railroad bridge between San Benito and Brownsville was burned and telephone and telegraph lines were cut all over The Valley. The Liberating Army for Races and Peoples was trying to cut off and capture Brownsville.

Crossing on September 6 Hidalgo County Sheriff A.Y. Baker, an ex-Ranger, showed his contempt for Mexican marksmanship by calmly strolling out from cover onto a sandbar in the river. The Mexicans began blasting away and he pretended to fall down giving a performance convincing enough that the Mexicans on the far bank stood up from the tall grass where they had been hiding to celebrate the demise of El Panadero. At that point Baker’s deputies who had been deployed in the brush unleashed a barrage of deadly fire killing four of the Mexicans immediately. As they did so Baker got up and calmly walked back under cover. But September and the Border War were far from over. The tempo of open combat in South Texas was picking up. Mexican troops dug trenches along the riverbank at Nuevo Progresso where Winter Texans now cross to buy their prescription drugs. They sent world across the river that they would not fire on American troops but would shoot Texas Rangers on sight. Next time: The Border War threatens to ignite a war between the U.S. and Mexico.

Granada cont. from A1

shall allow individually owned, daily rental townhomes. The density of dwelling units on the Property shall not exceed 11.49 dwelling units per acre.” “Construction of the development shall commence within 24 months from the date this modified Planned Unit Development ordinance is approved by the City Council.” According to the site plan filed with the city the additional units would be built on the site between the existing building on Granada. Engineering on the project was done by Urban Engineering. They would include: “Minimum rear yard setbacks for all lots shall be five feet. Minimum four-foot wide side yard is required. Minimum width for townhouse lots shall be 16 feet. The 2-way private access drive shall not be less than 24 feet. The maximum height of any structure on the Property is 45 feet.” Parking would be on site. There is no word on the price for the existing unit or the planned additional units.

Behold the Taxman Cometh

January 31 is the Deadline

The last day to pay your 2016 property tax bill without penalty and interest will be on Tuesday January 31st. Accounts not paid by January 31st become delinquent on February 1st, per the Texas Property Tax Code 33.01, according to Nueces County Tax Assessor-Collector Kevin Kieschnick. Those who wish to skip the line and the wait should utilize our no fee online E-Check option. Just have your checking account number and routing number nearby when logging in. Click blue link below for access: https://actweb. If you choose to come in, help us reduce your wait time by bringing your tax statement with you when paying your bill. Those who wish to not wait in line and have a paid receipt mailed to them may use our drop box located on the 3rd floor by the tax office. Please include a check and the statement(s) for the property(s) being paid. If you need additional information, please feel free to call my office at 361-888-0230, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Bridge cont. from A1 would come from funds from the Island Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone which collects property tax on new construction in the zone after 2004. For that funding to be approved the TERZ board, which consists of the member of the Corpus Christi City Council as well as other relevant taxing entities. City officials told ISAC members last week that vote currently is scheduled to be held in conjunction with a council meeting sometime between January 17-31; a firm date was not available at press time. ISAC members voted unanimously late last year to recommend to the council that up to $4 million in TERZ funding be allocated to the project. Another leg of the project which would need to be in place before final approval on funding the project is completion of the last section of the canal on the Schlitterbahn side which would connect the bridge to the existing canal system. About two hundred yards of that canal have yet to be excavated. A full update on the project from city staff to ISAC members is expected Wednesday evening, January 11, after press time for the Island Moon. We will have a more complete update in the next issue.

On the night of September 2 raiders attacked the village of Ojo de Agua on the American side of the river. Texas Rangers were now present at all court proceedings in South Texas, not to guard the defendants but to keep the judges from being kidnapped. The only good news was that the drought had broken and the water in the Rio Grande made crossing more difficult with the river more than one hundred yards wide in some places. The fights now occurred mostly at the crossings.

The demise of El Panadero A sheriff and four Rangers fought forty soldiers from the Mexican Army at the Madero Crossing and killed four of them. At the Cavazos

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January 12, 2017


Island Moon

Moon Monkeys Mike Ellis, Founder

Letters to the Editor

Incomprehensible Elephants

Pete Alsop

Port A. Ferry Delays

Advertising Jan Park Rankin Classifieds Arlene Ritley Production Manager Abigail Bair Contributing Writers Joey Farah Andy Purvis Mary Craft Christiansen Jay Gardner Todd Hunter Dotson Lewis Ronnie Narmour Brent Rourk Photographers Miles Merwin Jeff Dolan Mary Craft Ronnie Narmour Office Security/Spillage Control (Emeritus) Riley P. Dog

For Your Info: I just wanted you to know that we are aware of the ferry delay issues and are doing the best we can at the city level to deal with it. To be completely honest we can do very little as a city to impact the state ferry system. As far as the fog goes, our ferries are no different than those at Galveston. Fog causes the system to slow down. We have checked with a number of ferry systems throughout US and they all tell us the same thing, fog slows down their ferry systems, especially for smaller ferries. But we also know that when there are no weather issues we still have periods of delays that seem unreasonable. One of the big ferries is in Houston at the shipyard for maintenance which is required by law. The other big ferry has been down for repairs. This leaves us with the small ferries. We are in contact with TXDOT monthly, and have been for the last six months, on ferry issues. When necessary, like the last several weeks, I have been on the phone with the ferry as often as I can. In addition we are discussing options that might help get workers here on time for their shifts and will let you know as we develop it more. Just wanted to let you know that we know the high level of frustration that comes with this topic because we feel it as well. We haven't forgotten you and are doing everything we can to address these issues. Mayor Charles Bujan, Port Aransas

Isn't it ironic?

Publisher Dale Rankin About the Island Moon The Island Moon is published every Thursday, Dale Rankin, Editor / Publisher. Total circulation is 10,000 copies. Distribution includes delivery to 4,000 Island homes, free distribution of 3,000 copies in over 50 Padre Island businesses and condos, as well as 600 copies distributed in Flour Bluff, 1,400 copies on Mustang Island and Port Aransas businesses. News articles, photos, display ads, classified ads, payments, etc. may be left at the Moon Office.

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Is it just me, or does anyone else see the irony in Sears' recent announcement that it is closing numerous brick and mortar stores due to the fact that Internet sales are far exceeding on site, in person sales?  The irony is that Sears got its start as a catalogue/mail order business, which can equate to the earliest form of "internet shopping". I guess it's true that what goes around comes around. Just sayin'. Dave Yonke

Prodigal Duck Drove all the way down the beach one day last week, superb driving conditions, and on the way back, as I slowly passed a group of shore birds, they all lifted off, leaving this luckless duck behind. I rescued the duck, who is now reformed and will only lure birds to a bird feeder! Marilyn Knapp Litt

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1,200ft line to the ACTUAL SPOIL ISLAND. Mr. Rick Hunts your complaint is invalid and a total waste of energy and time by the city. Bird shot will not travel almost 1/4 mile, not even close! Birdshot in a 12 gauge shell has a max "sprinkle" range of 200-250 yards. That is 600750ft for those of you who didn’t do well in math.

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Business Briefs He told me that to keep the elephants happy, they hide individual peanuts in strange places, so the elephants will look for them.

injured or damaged by a hunter, last thing the city needs to focus on. Trevor Johnson Everyone's got a reason to complain about something. If you're a hunter, as I am, have some common courtesy. If you're a homeowner near the laguna, understand that your chosen location comes with some things you might find annoying every now and then. Maybe have a neighborly chat with someone you have an issue with and resolve problems like adults. "Whoever appeals the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both..." Jay Noyfub

Cancun Restaurant will re-open soon with former manager Caesar running the show. There will be a new chef, new menu and plans are to have traditional American breakfast served. The restaurant name will also be changed but one has not yet been selected. Any ideas?

WAIT! STOP!  (This is exactly how I reacted when he told me this.)  How can it be that a five thousand pound animal will spend hours looking for a little peanut?   That’s like me spending hours looking for a single M&M.   Sadly, the zoo keeper could not answer my question; he said he did not know.

The Goodwill Truck is no longer located at the Baptist Church parking lot next to Whataburger. It is now on Compass between Dr. Gray’s office and Island Chiropractic.

On that day, I don’t know if I lost respect for elephants (because they are more stupid than I thought) or gained respect for elephants (finding happiness in very simple pleasures).

The Dollar Cinemas in Sunrise Mall are not actually a dollar but still a good deal at $1.65 and $1.20 before 1 pm.

Kent Ritley

POA I just returned from a meeting of concerned Island Home Owners; twice as many attended. The POA Office had no room for us when I inquired, so we met across the road in the Church Annex.  We embraced AL'S quote realizing that we could no longer SETTLE for the SOS  "we're working on it"; the response echoed around the room confirming we all had heard this response numerous times.  WE know it would be  "insanity"  to do the same things again and foolish to expect different results so a decision that was advocated in all future interactions with the POA Board and its director, MayBeth, was to insist that follow-up to concerns expressed BE ANSWERED when spoken, and put in writing for publication in the Moon.  WOW, what a novel way of holding people accountable! Three months ago the POA was questioned concerning the lack of communication of what is discussed at OUR Board meetings lack of publication in our paper, The editor of the MOON  is  most willing to publish the Island news, concerns, questions;  an informed public takes ownership for what transpires which leads to the many topics that were expressed. One resident questioned the ballot we just received last week, sharing her confusion with the discrepancies of  ..."vote for two, then vote for three" at the bottom of the ballot.  LISA, the POA Office Manager  responded,  "oops, that was my error and although four others proofed my copy it was missed"!    We heard each property had one vote; although it was mentioned that spouses may disagree in their choice of a Board member selection.  We were advised to settle that at home or to request a "split ballot"?  This received chuckles, however that's what I heard. The "other business" that was referenced on our POA communication was to be announced on the POA web site at a future date.

Sandpiper Condos

Island Chiropractic’s Dr. Daxton Krugman is offering complimentary consultations at his office located at 14602 Compass Street. Call 949-2199 to arrange an appointment. The Flour Bluff Independent School District Public Hearing regarding the Texas Academic Performance Report will be held Wednesday, January 18th 5:30 pm at the FBISD central office board room 2505 Waldron Road. For more info call 694-9220.


Coldwell Banker

By Mary Craft

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Recently I took a guided tour of the Zürich Zoo, and I had the chance to ask one of the zoo keepers why these elephants were sticking their trunks in strange places, as this one is here:

Island Delivery

Did Ya Hear?

So I read the whole story, and basically to sum it laws are being broken and someone is annoyed. Sounds like another day on the island! Derrick Born

The qualifications of those seeking a position on our POA Board were requested in print for all to review: perhaps a resume, past related experiences, length of said experience, educational background, business background, and one that took me by surprise:  what are the personal connections to the POA and the community, and the City of Corpus Christi.  Interesting conversation ensued concerning members who serve on more that one Board, who have relatives serving (?conflict of interests??) One irate attendee said he is no longer accepting of avoidance of a working dialogue at meetings; it is no longer to state ""it's been a "long" day and they, the BOARD wants to get home to which he replied TELL THEM TO QUIT!   Tell them to resign their seat"  The needs of the homeowners are NOT BEING met. 

Snoopy’s Pier has oysters for $7.50/dozen on Fridays and Saturdays 5 pm until gone.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a dining/movie theater with full bar located at Staples and Yorktown. It has seven screens and will be opening on Friday, February 3rd. Demographic info for visitors to our area: 18 – 34 year olds 31% 35 – 49


55-64 24% 65+ 16% The average household income is $79k and the average visitor spends $102/day. This info can be found at gov. The Barefoot Mardi Gras Committee is looking for volunteers for this year’s event. If you would like to become involved attend the meeting at Schlitterbahn on Thursday, January 12th at 5 pm or email barefootmardigras@ The Monthly Padre Island Business Association Mixer will be held at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday, January 17th 5:30 pm. The Rotary Club Night at the Races will be held at Schlitterbahn on Saturday, January 28th 6 pm. Tickets are $35/person and available at the Veranda or from Padre Island Rotarians. Ticket includes appetizer buffet, two drink tickets and a door prize ticket. For more info email Linda Walsh at lawalshva@ That’s all folks! "perhaps, this task is beyond the capabilities of those who are making the decisions. He cited a professional Manager, Vision in Alabama whose services were contracted by an HOA that was failing.  I think that might be worthy of a "discussion". It has been firmly stated that what is currently being conducted behind doors, decisions and answers to expressed concerns postponed, avoided, ignored is NO LONGER an acceptable way of managing our funds which I think is well into the millions. PLEASE become involved and  informed so OUR ISLAND COMMUNITY can be run proactively and "in the light of day".    Let's have articles in the MOON each week so those who pay their membership fees can be aware of how wisely it is being managed and spent. Let's focus on improving the level of professionalism. Things will  NOT change  unless more of us become involved and insist that our concerns be addressed in an OPEN FORUM before we choose new Board members who many said are unknown and that it would be useful to see in print how they will address our concerns. Sincerely, Barbara DeToto

Let's have conscientious talented educated willing community members replace them!

("It's better to light one candle than to curse the dark"!)

He questioned IF the Robert Rules of Order were being followed to which the POA Manager responded that they, the POA,   had bought a book to which he responded that DOES NOT mean the rules are known and followed.  He wants them followed. Wants the three minute rule of those in attendance stating their concern  to be FOLLOWED by an open DIALOGUE before anyone "retreats to a private discussion" that the homeowners never hear, just "we're working on it"  the repeated reply at each request to be voiced.

Is Your POA Notice and Ballot Invalid

1. The POA has sent the Notice of the Annual Meeting and Board Member election in violation of Texas Property Code, Section 209.0056. The Law requires Notice of the Annual Meeting be sent no earlier than the 60th day before the date of the election/vote/meeting. 60 days before the election/vote/meeting on March 11, 2017 is January 10, 2017. Thus, the first legal day When the setup of the By-Laws was questioned, to send the notice is January 10, 2017. In fact, the Office Manager referenced a lady of eight the notice was sent January 4th or 5th, 2017. years ago, Dianne, and that it had been changed, Sent means placed in the U.S. Mail. Many of us she thought. It was voiced that the SYSTEM  received our notice prior to January 10, 2017. had to be changed, that the current practices are Therefore, the notice is invalid, without a valid notice a valid meeting and election cannot be no longer acceptable. held. Those in attendance stated they had volunteered 2. Please see the Notice of Annual Meeting to assist in seeking solutions;  the talent and experience in the room was willing and able, Form. but sadly refused or NOT contacted when told Option 1- “… you may vote in advance for up that THE BOARD members would establish the to three (3) candidates of your choice…” Please Committees....does this sound to you like we compare this to the official ballot. Above the are going in circles....... names of the candidates it states, “… vote for SOS a closed group of seven or eight not two (maximum).” recognizing the gifted people who live here The above states a contradiction. If you vote on the Island?  They, WE, have much to offer: early, you can vote for 3 candidates but if you willingness, expertise, experience and it’s for vote at the meeting you can only vote for two FREE! Another





Letters to Ed. cont . A4


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candidates. This is improper in that the voting members of the POA do not receive equal treatment. This is voter disenfranchisement. 3. Please see the Official Proxy. The notice form solicits proxy ballots be sent to Board Members so that the Board can vote for the candidate of their choice. Please note, the Board Member running for a Board seat is listed on the proxy with the other Board Members. Thus, the POA/Board are promoting and soliciting proxies for a Board Member candidate. This is unfair to the other Board candidates. 4. The Ballot has no signature line. The property code requires ballots to be signed. (Texas Property Code 209.0056). The signature line should be Below and part of the ballot not the proxy. 5. The Texas Property Code, Section 209.00592 requires that a solicitation for absentee ballots contain specific language regarding the opportunities you forgo by not attending the Annual Meeting. There is no such language on the ballot. This failure to include the proper legal language will invalidate absentee ballots. There are 8 people running for 2 board seats. Thus, 6 people will lose. The losers will have the right to sue to have the election declared invalid. In all likely hood, they will win their suit and the election will be made invalid. In fact, it may be necessary for POA members to sue for an injunction to stop the election, so that the proper procedures can be followed. How to Fix This MESS!!! 1. Recall the current notice/proxy ballot. 2. Create a new set of documents.

voting ballot. It must have a signature line and the appropriate legal language. c. One standalone page for a proxy. There can be no Board Member’s name or any names on the proxy. It too needs a signature and the correct legal language. d. One standalone page for a ballot to be cast at the Annual Meeting with signatures and legal language. All FOUR forms shall be sent to the POA members for their use. This will eliminate the invalidity issues and allow the Annual Meeting and Election to proceed without confusion, unfair treatment, bias and illegality. Any competent Attorney can arrange these forms. If not, the POA can get them from Legal Zoom! It is not that complicated to do it right. I call upon the Board to step up and fix this mess! Full disclosure, Marvin Jones is running for POA Board. Marvin Jones Editor’s note: We forwarded Mr. Jones’ questions to POA Executive Director MayBeth Christensen. Here is here response: Yesterday, after receiving his questions, I sent his “complaints” to John Bell for the legal advisory/opinion. John gave that to me this afternoon and copied Mr. Jones. I also sent the advisories to the Board and copied Mr. Jones so that he would have the opinions.  They covered the notice, the proxy and the ballot issue.   The state law is the NOTICE – the ballot can be sent – I will have to send another NOTICE which I will do around February 1. MayBeth Christensen

a. One standalone page or ½ page for the Notice of Annual Meeting with the necessary legal language per the Texas Property Code.

Executive Director POA

b. One standalone page for an absentee/early

Padre Isles Property Owners Association, Inc. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING MARCH 11, 2017 TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION - PLEASE READ IMMEDIATELY The Padre Isles Property Owners Association, Inc.'s Annual Meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 11, 2017, at the Seashore Learning Center Gym 15801 S Padre Island Dr., Corpus Christi, Texas (Encantada @ Park Rd 22), Corpus Christi, Texas. Property owners will receive various annual reports on the Association and elect two* (2) members to the Board of Directors for a 3 year term. You have the following options for casting your votes for Board of Director candidates and other business: Option 1: If you do not plan to attend or if you are not sure whether something might cause a change in plans, you may vote in advance for up to three (3) candidates of your choice by completing the enclosed Ballot. Please fill out and mail the enclosed Ballot and Proxy to arrive at Kirk, Monroe & Klostermann, L.L.P., no later than noon on Friday, March 3th, 2017. Option 2: If you do plan to attend, you may vote at the Annual Meeting by turning in the enclosed Ballot or obtaining a Ballot at the door and using it. NOTE: Property owners will be entitled to one vote per lot, provided their accounts are current.

[] Stan Hulse [] Darrell Scanlan

[] Cheri Sperling [] Nancy Tressa [] John “Jack” Sharlow [] Write in_______________________________

By Chef Vita Jarrin Sometimes we tend to fall in a food rut. We mentally battle if we should eat in or out. At times we don’t feel like cooking anything that requires too much time or creates too much of a mess. Sometimes we crave rich food, leaner, healthier foods. But how often do we go down our childhood’s memory lane? All of us at some point remember our grandmother’s meatloaf, or our mother’s casseroles and pies. But it’s those memories we crave more than the food. We crave the attention and love that went into every meal and sitting. The comradery in the kitchen. The smells that filled the air while family members filled the house. Food is a true link to our history, our heritage and our childhood memories. So how do we recreate those memories today? I know most of us wish we had the recipe boxes our relatives hand wrote many years ago. However, what we do have is our memory. Sometimes all it takes is just a few moments to think of a dish we enjoyed while growing up. Then close your eyes and try to remember components of the dish. The possible ingredients used and how it tasted. The reason I know this works, is because all of us have certain things logged in our memories that all it takes a little focus and concentration for us to reclaim what we once thought was lost. The reason I chose this as my article for the week, is because I too hit a wall with what to cook. My taste buds were craving something but I quite couldn’t put my finger on it. As I was walking through the grocery store, I saw a beautiful big head of cabbage and it hit me! Oh my!!! I haven’t had a stuffed cabbage rolls in years! So I scurried through the aisles, as I looked up the recipe, to make certain I wasn’t forgetting an herb or a spice and bam! I was off to kitchen ready to go make my dish! As I posted a picture on Social Media… It instantly got messages from all my friends and family on how my dish brought back memories of when they used to eat these as a child. A friend of mine, who loved my post, swore she couldn’t remember how her mother prepared hers, until I assured her that all it would take was a few moments of silence and for her to close her eyes and imagine them. I must tell you, it almost made me cry. She wrote me again, thanking me because she did remember and she too would try to recreate this dish! One friend was so moved, he thanked me and said he called home just to talk to his family! You see… we get so wrapped up in our tomorrows, we forget to cherish our yesterdays. So whether it’s stuffed cabbage rolls for you, or soup… take the time to remember the foods you loved and cook them. Involve your family and enjoy your yesterday’s today!

This Ballot/Proxy must be signed in order to be valid. ___________________________________________ Signature Date

______________________________________________ Second Signature (if applicable) Date

__________________________________________ Printed Name

______________________________________________ Printed Name

Padre Isles Property Owners Association, Inc. OFFICIAL BALLOT


1 small can Contadina tomato paste 1 can Campbell’s Tomato soup concentrate 1 can Campbell’s French onion soup concentrate ½ C Parmesan Cheese Grated 1 C Mozzarella Shredded 1 bunch flat leaf parsley minced Directions: Boil salted water in a large stock pot for cabbage. Cut the base of the stem by about 1 to 2 inches. Immerse the cabbage in boiling water. As the outer leaves start to soften, (do not overcook) with cooking tongs loosen the leaves and place in a bowl with cold water. You should get about 12 lg. leaves. Drain set aside. In a pot, sauté onion, garlic, red pepper and then add the ground beef. Cook for 8 min. Drain ½ the fat and over medium heat add the first set of spices, salt and pepper. . Stir in the tomato paste and cook for about 5 minutes. Add the parsley and soups. Continue to cook down for about 20 min. Remove from pan into a bowl, let cool. Add cheeses. While filling is cooling, start the sauce for the baking your rolls.

Sauce for Cooking Cabbage Rolls In Ingredients: 3 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Med Onion diced 2 Cloves Garlic minced ½ glass red wine 2 Large Cans Cento Tomato Sauce ¼ C water 1 bunch fresh basil chopped 1 Tbsp. sugar Heat oil in a sauce pot and sauté onions and garlic. Deglaze with wine and add tomato sauce and water. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Add salt, pepper, sugar, and basil. Let cook for 15 -20 minutes. Stuffing and baking rolls: In a Lasagna Casserole Dish place about 3 ladles of your sauce. Set aside. On a counter or cutting board… place 1 cabbage leaf down with stem toward you and add about ½ c of filling mixture and start to roll it forward. After rolling forward, fold in sides almost like a burrito and place each one in the casserole dish with sauce. Repeat until done. Place about 3 more ladles of sauce over the rolls and bake for about 40 minutes. Voila!

Tip of the Week: Feel free to switch it up and use ground turkey, ground chicken as well as adding your own twist with cheese. You can make these Mexican style by using taco seasoning and cheddar cheese for instance. Add diced jalapeños for added spice. The ideas are endless. Most importantly… Enjoy yourself, get creative, try new things have fun!!! Happy Eats!

1 Extra Large Head of Cabbage 3 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This Ballot/Proxy, when properly executed, will be voted in the manner directed by the undersigned. If no direction is made, it will be voted at the discretion of the proxy holder. If not marked, or if marked improperly, it will be counted toward a quorum only.


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

My Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with A Twist

OFFICIAL PROXY If you cannot attend, you also may designate one of the current PIPOA Board Members or a write-in to have authority to vote on your behalf during the 2017 Annual Meeting.

[] Brent Moore [] Leslie Hess

January 12, 2017

Island Moon

1 Med Onion small dice 3 Cloves Garlic minced 2 lbs. Ground Beef 2 Red Peppers small dice 1 tsp. salt ½ tsp. pepper ½ tsp. granulated garlic


I/We hereby vote for the following candidates for the Board of Directors: Three Year Term Nominees – Vote for Two (Maximum)

[ ] Stan Hulse [ ] Carter Tate [ ] George Potter [ ] Marvin Jones [ ] Robert Algeo [ ] William Kent Kerr [ ] David Dare [ ] Dennis Sprout [ ]________________ By signing above, I/we authorize the Association's Representative to cast the votes indicated above.

1 tsp. harissa powder 1 Tbsp. smoked paprika

BBB offers tips and resources for filing your taxes in 2017

By Kelly Trevino

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Padre Island Real Estate Ticker December 1- December 15

By Cindy Molnar Coldwell Banker Island Realtors

Waterfront Homes Sold 14110 Bounty 14210 Punta Espada 15201 Isla Pinta

Average Sales Price $346,166 74 Waterfront Homes Listed From $255,000-$3,500,000 Interior Lot Homes Sold 15426 Escapade 14210 Jackfish 15701 Escapade

120 Waterfront Townhomes/ Condominium/Duplex’s Listed From $68,500-$529,000  Interior Lot Homes/Condominiums and Duplexes 115010 Leeward #305 96 Interior Lot Townhomes/ Condominiums/Duplex’s Listed From $87,000-$389,900 Waterfront Lots 45 Waterfront Lots Listed From $139,000-$6,000,000 Interior Lots Sold

15429 Dyna

15961 Palmira

13758 Eaglesnest

14329 Scallop

14025 Coquina Bay

14705 Dasmarinas

14502 Whitman Pond

14701 Dasmarinas

14217 Cabo Blanco

15026 Aruba

Average Sales Price $286,475 87 Interior Lot Homes Listed From $189,500-$435,000 Waterfront Condomiums/Townhomes Sold 15425 Fortuna Bay 15419 Cruiser Average Selling Price $286,500

Average Sales Price $53,500 65 Interior Lot Listed From $39,900$150,000 Commercial Lots 15 Commercial Lots Listed From $49,900-$4,557,465

Regional Director, Corpus Christi Better Business Bureau Starting soon, W-2 forms will be sent out for employees to file their taxes before the spring deadline. While it can be tempting to rush out and get your taxes done so you can get your refund sooner, your Better Business Bureau encourages taxpayers to take time and use caution when selecting a tax preparer you can trust. It’s important to avoid mistakes that could result in additional fees or even tax identity theft. Unfortunately, identity theft is not the only thing to watch out for when enlisting the help of a tax preparer or tax software to file your taxes. BBB receives thousands of complaints from consumers against tax preparers every year. In 2016, BBB received nearly 3,000 complaints against tax preparation businesses nationwide. Common complaints state that the tax preparer made errors in their return which resulted in fines and fees. Other complaints allege customer service, billing and contract issues. BBB offers the following advice when searching for a tax preparer: Look for credentials. Ideally, your tax preparer should either be a certified public accountant, a tax attorney or an enrolled agent. All three can represent you before the IRS in all matters, including an audit. Don’t fall for the promise of a big refund. Be wary of any tax preparation service promising larger refunds than the competition. Avoid any tax preparer who bases their fee on a percentage of the refund.

Ask around. Ask family, friends or coworkers for recommendations on filing your taxes, whether it’s through a CPA, tax preparation business or online tax service that allows you to file your own taxes. To find a BBB Accredited tax preparation business near you, go to bbb. org. Tax season is also a busy time for identity thieves. Tax identity theft occurs when someone uses your Social Security number to get a tax refund, or even a job. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), tax identity thieves get your personal information in a number of ways, including: going through your trash or mailbox; through emails asking for information, which appear to come from the IRS; employees at hospitals, nursing homes, banks and other businesses stealing data; and phony or dishonest tax preparers misusing confidential information or passing it along to identity thieves. To lessen the chances of becoming a victim of tax identity theft, the FTC has the following advice, whether you choose to file your return yourself or use a tax preparer: File your tax return early. And do it before identity thieves have a chance to steal your information. Also, make sure your address is up-to-date so your W-2 doesn’t get lost in the mail or end up in the wrong hands. Use a secure Internet connection. If you file your return electronically, don’t use unsecure, publicly available Wi-Fi hotspots.

Think about accessibility. Many tax preparation services only set up shop for the months leading up to the April 15 deadline. In case the IRS finds errors, or in case of an audit, make sure you are able to contact you tax preparer at any time of the year.

Shred documents. This includes copies of your tax return, drafts or calculation sheets you no longer need. The IRS recommends that most people keep three years’ worth of tax returns in case of an audit. Keep hard copies and electronic files in a secure location.

Read the contract carefully. Read tax preparation service contracts closely to ensure you understand issues such as how much it is going to cost for the service, how the cost will be affected if preparation is more complicated and time consuming than expected and whether the tax preparer will represent you in the case of an audit.

Check your credit report. To ensure your identity hasn’t been stolen or compromised, go to to get your free credit report.

January 12, 2017

Island Moon

Stuff I Heard on the Island By Dale Rankin I was impressed when Ronnie told me he was going to play The Little Drummer Boy on his cajones.


and while covering a high school game got overexcited and screamed into the microphone, “It looks like his arm is seriously broken, what a time to fumble!” and that was the end of his smoky-voiced career in radio.

“I’d use the small sticks,” I told him. “And for goodness sake play the short version.” Now that’s suffering for your art brother! Then I found out he was really banging on two Cajóns, what a difference a couple of letters make. That’s good news for Ronnie.

A sports columnist who had been working in San Antonio for almost forty years was summarily dismissed without so much as time to write a farewell column. It’s a different business now as newspapers transition to digital products and the Old Guys become anachronisms. As a friend said, “I’m just trying to paddle the lifeboat long enough for the kids to get me to retirement.” No more entering the building through the side door now, they’ll think I’m a terrorist and call the cops.

Tides of the Week Tides for Bob Hall Pier January 12 - January 19





High /Low

Tide Time

Height in Feet

Sunrise Moon Time Sunset


8:26 AM


7:21 AM




High 5:21 PM


5:54 PM

Rise 6:28 PM


9:15 AM


7:21 AM



5:55 PM

Rise 7:30 PM


7:21 AM



5:56 PM

Rise 8:31 PM


7:21 AM



High 5:58 PM





High 6:26 PM




10:03 AM

10:49 AM

7:17 AM 8:10 AM 8:57 AM 9:40 AM


High 6:46 PM


5:57 PM

Rise 9:29 PM




1:07 AM


7:20 AM

Set 10:19 AM


High 3:58 AM


5:57 PM

Rise 10:25 PM





High 7:02 PM





1:42 AM


7:20 AM

Set 10:56 AM


High 5:26 AM


5:58 PM

Rise 11:19 PM




High 7:15 PM





2:22 AM


7:20 AM

Set 11:31 AM


High 7:07 AM


5:59 PM





High 7:28 PM





3:04 AM


7:20 AM

Rise 12:11 AM


High 9:14 AM


6:00 PM

Set 12:06 PM



1:59 PM



High 7:40 PM


11:32 AM

12:14 PM

12:58 PM

Moon Visible

99 99 97 93 86


0.1 69

Changing world

Time of Transition It seems everywhere I turn these days everyone I know is in a time of transition. Jobs, family, re-location. In one week my college roommate resigned his Publisher’s job after eight years to move to Drippin’ (Dripping Springs) and “watch the river flow,” and in San Antonio the last of the two writers who started the same month I did at the Express-News bailed after 37 years, one to retire and one to take a job as bureau chief for a Las Vegas newspaper; suddenly there is news coming out of our nation’s capital. But before they left they had a reunion of the Last of the Mohicans where they broke out the rack cards for the old San Antonio News where we all started and where we worked out of adjectives and imaginations - Aliens Fight Over Urine in Desert Battle! - Headless Body in Topless Bar! Pig Man Terrorizes Southside! We liked our exclamation points. I think of it as the end of an era – or error to some – but in reality it is really the beginning of a new era whatever it may turn out to be. We all heeded the advice of the great sportswriter Jack Buck who when asked by a rookie writer, “How do I get into radio?” said, “Start smoking cigarettes. One of my friends took his advice

I also heard this week that after forty years the CBS Network is closing its regional feed bureaus all over the country. The system was formed at KENS Television in San Antonio by a friend of mine way back in the 1970s to help affiliates around the country move local video from station to station and at its peak had sixteen bureaus. As of this week it has one, in New York. The bean counters swooped in without warning and wiped out the whole system in one afternoon putting dozens of people of a certain age out of work. Servers took the place of people and life marches on.

Of milestones and millstones I myself passed one of life’s milestones this week and as we all know milestones can quickly become millstones without hard riding on a cinched-up saddle bronc rig. If you had told me in the 1990s I would be here on The Island running a weekly newspaper I probably would have said, “I hope so,” so I can’t and don’t complain. I have a feeling it is going to be a Year of Transition for a lot of people around our country this year. Change is in the air. In the words of the late great Hunter Thompson, “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.” Fortunately for me I’m well acquainted with the weird. And so it goes. Cinch up and let’s whip and ride! Have a great 2017 everybody.

News From the POA By MayBeth Christensen 60

Send letters and photos to One Bite and You’re Hooked! All You Can Eat Fried Shrimp Wednesdays 5 - Close Prime Rib Thursdays 5 - Until They're Gone Mini Golf Great Food Seafood, Steaks, Salads, Burgers & Full Bar Open 11am - 2am • Kitchen Closes at 1am 2034 State Hwy 361

361-749-TACO (8226)

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes I make mistakes. I made one recently when I OK’d the official ballot for the upcoming Board election. The official ballot language is correct – you can vote for a maximum of 2 (two) people to fill the 2 Board positions. Unfortunately, the language in the directions incorrectly says 3. I am sorry for the confusion. Most folks only read the official ballot language, but I want to be sure I point out my error early and often! There has also been a suggestion that we have done something illegal by sending out the ballot too early. Again, the notice of the meeting has certain requirements, and another notice of the annual meeting will be sent to meet that requirement. But, there is nothing which says folks can not have a ballot to consider who they may want to vote for. Due to unexpected employer related travel requirements, the Board of Directors meeting has been moved to Tuesday, January 31, 5:30 PM at Island Presbyterian Church Annex. We are sorry for the change, but unfortunately, some things are beyond our Board members’ control. We will send an eblast reminder with the agenda as we get closer to January 31. Thursday, January 19, 7 PM, Island Presbyterian Church Annex, is the time to meet the 8 candidates running for the TWO Board of Directors positions. This is your time to ask questions and to learn more about the candidates. The CAM fee statements have been mailed. This is the Common Area Maintenance fee which is often incorrectly referred to as the property owner dues. This is an annual fee – not monthly, and is due by March 31, 2017 to avoid any late fees. It is not escrowed by your lender which is the case for taxes and insurance. The CAM fees are not a tax and are not deductible. The Common Area Maintenance fees are established in the covenants as amended. They are not set by the Board of Directors nor can the Board decide to increase or decrease the fees. There are 26 subdivisions and those fees can only be changed by a vote of 51% of the property owners within a subdivision. So, the next time you hear someone say “the Board is going to raise your fees,” please help educate your neighbor and stop one more incorrect rumor.

Island Chiropractic 14602 Compass St. STE., B (361) 949.2199


The 2017 trailer stickers are for sale at the office. You need to have a 2017 sticker on the left front part of the trailer tongue and a round blue POA sticker on the left rear window of the vehicle towing the trailer in order to part at one of the boat ramps. Anyone can use the ramps to launch or fish, but parking in the parking lots at the ramps require the stickers. Another rumor/myth is that you need that blue sticker to get back on to the Island in the event of a hurricane evacuation. Not true. Folks sell their vehicles with the stickers or they really are only for parking in the ramps or as I like to call it – my vanity sticker for living in this truly beautiful place.

FLOUR BLUFF INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT PUBLIC HEARING Parents, Community Members, and Taxpayers are invited to attend a PUBLIC HEARING on the TEXAS ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE REPORT Discuss Internet Safety Policy and public input is encouraged regarding the District’s educational performance. Wednesday, January 18, 2017 5:30 p.m. Flour Bluff ISD Central Office Board Room 2505 Waldron Road For more information please call 694-9220


January 12, 2017

Island Moon

Senior Moments

January 8th-History’s Big Day

By Dotson Lewis

Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: On January 8th 1790 -George “a special and comfortable stall is fitted up for Washington delivered the first State of the Union him, and he will not be ridden by any person address. On that day in 1935 Elvis Presley - whatever, under any circumstances nor will Musician, known as "the King of rock 'n' roll" he be put to any kind of work.” The horse was was born. 1952 - Marie Wilson came to TV as also given the honorary title of “second-in"My Friend Irma" 1953 – Hide (Peggy) Aoyama command” of the 7th Cavalry, and he lived out and Dotson Lewis were ‘officially’ wed in a civil the rest of his days as a company mascot. ceremony at the American Embassy in Tokyo, When he died in 1890, he was the first of only Japan*. 1962 - Leonardo da Vinci's Mona two horses in American history ever given a Lisa was exhibited in America for the first time funeral with full military honors. He was not at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, buried, however; instead, his body was sent DC. The next day the exhibit opened to the to the University of Kansas to be stuffed and public. 1973 - The trial opened in Washington, put on display, where he resides today in the of seven men accused of bugging Democratic university’s Natural History Museum. In 2005, Party headquarters in the Watergate apartment Comanche was moved to a new exhibit on complex in Washington, DC. 1992 - U.S. the museum’s fourth floor after undergoing a President George H.W. Bush collapsed during a complete restoration state dinner in Tokyo. White House officials said Bush was suffering from stomach flu. 1997 Crazy Horse Fights Last BattleMister Rogers received a star on the Hollywood January 8, 1877 Walk of Fame. Six months earlier, in the Battle of Little *This event finally took place after a five year Bighorn, Crazy Horse and his ally, Chief Sitting battle with government bureaucracy and racial Bull, led their combined forces of Sioux and bias. I believe that Miss Peggy remembered Cheyenne to a stunning victory over Lieutenant this day above all others because of the person Colonel George Custer and his men. The who was born January 8th, 1935. The wedding Indians were resisting the U.S. government’s presents that she liked best were the times we efforts to force them back to their reservations. spent on January 8s visiting the environs of After Custer and over 200 of his soldiers were Graceland. killed in the conflict, later dubbed “Custer’s Last Stand,” the American public wanted revenge. Battle of Little Bighorn As a result, the U.S. Army launched a winter campaign in 1876-77, led by General Nelson Miles against the remaining hostile Indians on the Northern Plains. Combining military force with diplomatic overtures, General Miles convinced many Indians to surrender and return to their reservations. Much to Miles’ frustration, Sitting Bull refused to give in and fled across the border to Canada, where he and his people remained for four years before finally returning to the U.S. to surrender in 1881. Sitting Bull died in 1890. Meanwhile, Crazy Horse and his band also refused to surrender, even though they were suffering from illness and starvation.

Chief Crazy Horse Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, leaders of the Sioux tribe on the Great Plains, strongly resisted the mid-19th-century efforts of the U.S. government to confine their people to reservations. In 1875, after gold was discovered in South Dakota’s Black Hills, the U.S. Army ignored previous treaty agreements and invaded the region. This betrayal led many Sioux and Cheyenne tribesmen to leave their reservations and join Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in Montana. By the late spring of 1876, more than 10,000 Native Americans had gathered in a camp along the Little Bighorn River–which they called the Greasy Grass–in defiance of a U.S. War Department order to return to their reservations or risk being attacked. In mid-June, three columns of U.S. soldiers lined up against the camp and prepared to march. A force of 1,200 Native Americans turned back the first column on June 17. Five days later, General Alfred Terry ordered Custer’s 7th Cavalry to scout ahead for enemy troops. On the morning of June 25, Custer drew near the camp and decided to press on ahead rather than wait for reinforcements.

On January 8, 1877, General Miles found Crazy Horse’s camp along Montana’s Tongue River. Crazy Horse and his warriors–outnumbered, low on ammunition and forced to use outdated weapons to defend themselves–fight their final losing battle against the U.S. Cavalry. Cavalry Troopers opened fire with their big wagon-mounted guns, driving the Indians from their warm tents out into a raging blizzard. Crazy Horse and his warriors managed to regroup on a ridge and return fire, but most of their ammunition was gone, and they were reduced to fighting with bows and arrows. They managed to hold off the soldiers long enough for the women and children to escape under cover of the blinding blizzard before they turned to follow them. Though he had escaped decisive defeat, Crazy Horse realized that Miles and his well-equipped cavalry troops would eventually hunt down and destroy his cold, hungry followers. On May 6, 1877, Crazy Horse led approximately 1,100 Indians to the Red Cloud reservation near Nebraska’s Fort Robinson and surrendered. Five months later, a guard fatally stabbed him



ByAbigail Bair Every day, I take my poor wee gigantic dog Stadler on a long run. More precisely: she runs, I ride my bike.  Most precisely: she runs, and I hang on like a monkey on the back of a rampaging rhinoceros.     After about a mile, (I call this bit Cannonball Run) Stadler tires out enough that we slow down to the point that pedaling becomes necessary – except in moments of “Extreme Cat Temptation.”   I should probably take a moment to apologize to the children of Montclair Elementary School for the highly articulate lesson they received in cursing the day Stadler saw a kitty and tried to run me directly into an oak tree.  Sorry, kids, hang onto what’s left of your childhoods.

Head like a shovel About this time last year, Stadler and I acquired a fellow running enthusiast. We were out on the dog jog, when suddenly a burly, brown, shovel-headed  dog started barreling towards us.  Protocol when we’re being chased by another dog is to stop, assess the threat, let everyone chill out and sniff, and then move on.  The brown dog, however, wasn’t interested in saying hello.  He wanted to go!   So go we did.  He jogged along beside the bike for about six miles and then happily followed us home.  I opened the garage to let Stadler in the house, and the brown dog trotted off.  I assumed that he’d had his fun, and that would be all. The next morning at 8:30, I opened the garage door to pull the bike out, and there he was again.  Waiting -- smiling at me and bouncing a little bit in anticipation.  Off we went, the chocolate lab and probable pit bull cross, running collar and leash-free along with us.  This went on for about a week. He was never a second late, and sometime would wait for over an hour to run with us.  I thought maybe the stray had a home in the neighborhood, but then noticed him running around on his own all the time.  He had no collar or tags, and was pretty grimy.  Finally, after he was particularly good on the dog job, I offered him a biscuit which he graciously took.  “Bye brown dog,” I said, closing the garage door.  He then sat in my driveway for five hours looking through my side window with an expression that said, “I am the saddest dog in the world.”  “Don't pee on my rug,” I told him as I I let him in. He didn't.

bulldozer. After about three weeks of searching for Rowlf's family, we took him to the vet and made it official.       The G.P. finally came home and was predictably pretty angry that the Rev and I had adopted Rowlfie without his consent. He snidely offered that when we got sued because the dog crunched a kid like a candy bar, he wasn’t paying for it.  However, since Rowlf was living at my place, and since the Rev told him to shut it, he relaxed into sulking silence. 

Checkmate   When the G.P. is in town, Stadler goes to “Grandpa Daycare.”  She and Dad keep each other company.  Neither my neurotic dog nor my father like to be left alone for long periods of time, and at least one of them can’t be trusted.  Now that Rowlfie was part of the family, he started heading over to the G.P.’s every morning, too.  A week later, the G.P. and I took the dogs out to P.I.N.S. to play on the beach.  “Mom says Rowlfie can come live with us,” said the G.P., in a suspiciously plaintive tone.  “That’s okay, Dad.  I’ve got him,” I replied, paying more attention to the happy dogs scuffling in the sand than to my father’s gambit.  I should’ve known better.  Easter was only a week away, and it's an important holiday to the Rev. We always at least have to eat lunch together.  Dogs are family in our world, and anywhere we can take them, they go.  Rowlfie and Stadler were both under my parent’s small kitchen table (wagging tails visibly sticking out from under the table cloth).  The dogs love it when we eat at that table because its roundness makes it possible to simultaneously get people food from every person eating.  We’re not supposed to feed the dogs from the table, but we all do, sneakily.

Rowlfie is born

We got through the meal (I to this day contend that my upcoming weakness was caused in part because I was plied with turkey and white wine), and there was a sight conversational lull.  Again the G.P. said, after looking meaningfully at the Rev, “Mom says Rowlfie can come live with us.” Then he put his hand on Rowlfie’s head and said in an obviously affected old man voice, “This dog is going to keep me alive.”  My eyes filled with tears. I choked out the words, “I guess he'll have to stay with you then, Daddy.” My father grinned like a coyote, and I could swear he muttered, “Checkmate” under his breath. You gotta keep an eye on the G.P. 

When the Rev met him, the love was both instant and true. I could see her trying to resist the old, shovel- headed bastard (and resistance was easier in the first few days – he made up for his post-bath lack-of-stink with room clearing flatulence), but he’s the Borg of dogs – resistance is futile.  She collapsed the first time he climbed on to the couch with her. She agreed that we had to keep him. We were both worried about what the G.P. (currently sojourning in Mexico) would say upon his return.  The G.P. is a life long pit bull hater, calling them “baby killers and vicious, satanic hell beasts” anytime the breed was brought up in conversation (expletives deleted in above quote). 

And so, Rowlfie stayed at my parents that day, and has lived with them ever since.  It took about a week for him to form an incredibly solid bond with the G.P., who he now follows like a lamb just in case something fun might happen.  The G.P. has put aside his lifelong hatred of pit bulls, and clearly  loves the power the stocky dog conveys as he runs him around the neighborhood on his electric scooter.  No one wants a piece of Rowlfie, that’s for sure.  Rowlfie looks tough.   Other guys out walking their wussy little dogs look at Dad enviously.  Dad looks back at them like they’re wearing pink tutus.  Life is good.  Don’t believe everything they say about old dogs and new tricks.    

  The Rev named the brown dog “Rowlfie” and we started very deliberately referring to him as a “chocolate lab.”  Really, there was no danger of Rowlfie having to go to a shelter.  The Rev was in love, and once she digs her heels in on an issue, you couldn’t move her with a

  However, since I am an evil child, and can’t quite forget the literally hundreds of arguments I’ve had with my father re: dangers of the pit bull, I have to take a tiny bit of vengeance.  I now call Rowlfiie “Fifi,” just to annoy Dad.  Rowlf doesn’t mind at all.  He's found his home.

At mid-day, Custer’s 600 men entered the Little Bighorn Valley. Among the Native Americans, word quickly spread of the impending attack. The older Sitting Bull rallied the warriors and saw to the safety of the women and children, while Crazy Horse set off with a large force to meet the attackers head on. Despite Custer’s desperate attempts to regroup his men, they were quickly overwhelmed. Custer and some 200 men in his battalion were attacked by as many as 3,000 Native Americans; within an hour, Custer and every last one of his soldiers were dead. The Battle of Little Bighorn–also called Custer’s Last Stand–marked the most decisive Native American victory and the worst U.S. Army defeat in the long Plains Indian War. The gruesome fate of Custer and his men outraged many white Americans and confirmed their image of the Indians as wild and bloodthirsty. Meanwhile, the U.S. government increased its efforts to subdue the tribes. Within five years, almost all of the Sioux and Cheyenne would be confined to reservations. While no US Army soldier survived the engagement, one horse was found alive on the battlefield. The horse, named Comanche,

Lt. Colonel George Custer after he allegedly resisted imprisonment by Indian policemen. Dotson’s Other Note: While doing my annual research of January 8th, I re-read the story of Crazy Horses’ last battle which led me to review the facts of Custer’s last stand. This triggered my memories, that while a proud member of the First Cavalry Division, of participating in ceremonies observing the anniversary of the death of Comanche. Do any of you Moon Monkeys suffer this malady which your thoughts trigger memories, which trigger memories, which trigger memories, ad-infinitum? Your thoughts regarding this or any articles appearing in The Island Moon are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and commenting on Senior Moments. I can be reached at: and/or Land Line: 361-9497681 Cell: 530-748-8475.

Please Note: The next Veterans Roundtable Meeting will be Comanche-Sole Survivor of Custer’s Last Stand Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 9-11 AM, 3209 S. Staples. All had belonged to Captain Myles Keough, and Veterans, their families and anyone interested had suffered no less than seven bullet wounds in Veterans affairs, are invited. Coffee & during the battle. Though he was heralded as doughnuts are provided. Hope to see you there. the lone survivor of the battle, many historians Also our Veterans Radio Round Table is on the believe that as many as 100 horses survived and air on KEYS AM 1440, 8 – 9 AM, Saturdays. were either captured or bolted. The next will air January 7, 2016. Please listen After the battle, Comanche was transported to and call in. The listener/text line is: 361-560Ft. Abraham Lincoln in the Dakota Territory, 5397…It’s your show. and he was officially retired from service Hang in there/Have fun! in April 1878. As part of his retirement, the commanding officer of the fort ordered that

Rowlfie in repose.

January 12, 2017


Island Moon

Dedication of Historical Marker for Rockport Air Force Station The Aransas County Historical Commission with airport and county officials will dedicate an Historical Marker about the Rockport Air Force Station on Tuesday, February 7 at 10:00 AM at the Aransas County Airport, Wendell Road off SH 35 north. Guests will be welcomed by Carol Thompson, chair of the Aransas County Historical Commission (CHC) and light refreshments will be served. The 813th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron moved to Rockport in 1958 and remained until 1963 when it was deactivated. As an aircraft detection and monitoring site, the station was an important part of the earlywarning system so vital during the Cold War. The station typically employed 90 to 140 airmen at any one time. It was a totally selfsufficient unit and well-secured with a high fence and armed gate guard. There were about eleven buildings: a radar operations center, a supply building, a machine shop, a radio maintenance facility, an officers’ barracks, an Officers’ Club, two enlisted men’s barracks, a NCO club, a recreation hall and others.

the active period: Major Richard Flaa, Major Pete Tedder and Major Walter Falk. Falk later served several terms as mayor of Rockport. Other airmen remained in the area or returned to Rockport after active duty. Bob Hewes became Sheriff of Aransas County and later Rockport Chief of Police. Gordon Stanley and Chuck Maslonka went into the boating business. Other men married local girls or chose to settle in the area like Dallas Ford, Mike Paul, Bob Crager, Frank Wix, Coy Kirkpatrick, Ken Hartlein and Tom Landers. Some of the former airmen plan to return for the marker dedication. The Aransas County Historical Commission is charged with promoting an appreciation of local and state history. The marker committee is one of several programs actively relating local history in the community. If you are interested in joining the Commission or learning more, contact the ACHC at 1919 Hwy. 35 North, PB2, Rockport TX 78382. Contact re the marker dedication: Pam Stranahan 361 727-1766 pamwheatstranahan@

There were at least three commanders during

Coastal Bend Travel Fair January 24 Are you looking for a day trip adventure? Discover the unique attractions of the This free event will be held on Tuesday, January 24, at the Port Aransas Civic Center, 710 W. Avenue A, sponsored by the Texas Coastal Bend Regional Tourism Council.

Free Admission… The Travel Fair, open to the public with free admission from 10 am to 3 pm, will feature approximately 40 vendors, representing attractions, outdoor recreational adventures, museums and health care professionals. Guides will also be there to book your deep-sea fishing adventure, a kayak fishing & scenic tour or personalized guided fishing excursion. Free Nature Seminars will also be held throughout the day on site focusing on Whooping Cranes, Birding the Coastal Bend, Monarch Butterfly gardens, and Gardening for Birds. Outdoor exhibits in the parking lot will include “Wetlands on Wheels” and “Operation Game Thief”.

Door Prizes and Fun… A highlight of the event will include door prizes given away throughout the day, donated by the various featured tourism attractions and other vendors. No purchase is necessary, but you must be present to win. For more information, contact Nancy Deviney at 361 701-0555 or

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SPORTS Sports Talk Special to The Island Moon

Freezer Bowl- Coldest NFL By Dotson Lewis Game Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: I have been asked a number of times recently about the coldest football NFL games ever played. Thanks to Wikipedia for some of the facts in the following article. Since the “Ice Bowl” and the “Freezer Bowl” there has been tremendous improvement in cold weather equipment for all participants in games played in less than ideal weather. Of course, every day, I hear “football is supposed to be played outside in all kinds of weather.”

Baby-It’s Cold Outside

Charlie Joiner at the 5-yard line. The Chargers defense quickly gave the offense another scoring opportunity, forcing a punt from Pat McInally that went just 32 yards to the Bengals 45. But once again this amounted to nothing as Fouts was intercepted in the end zone by rookie safety Bobby Kemp.

Aided by an 18-yard completion from Anderson to tight end Dan Ross, Cincinnati scored first with a 31-yard field goal from kicker Jim Breech. Then linebacker Rick Razzano

forced a fumble from Chargers' rookie kick returner James Brooks, and Don Bass recovered for the Bengals on the San Diego 12-yard line. Following a 4-yard run by Charles Alexander, the Bengals scored a touchdown on an 8-yard pass from Anderson to tight end M. L. Harris, increasing their lead to 10–0. Brooks returned the ensuing kickoff 35 yards to the 43-yard line. Then on 3rd down and 9, Fouts' 21-yard completion to Wes Chandler moved the ball to the Bengals 33. But Cincinnati's defense halted the drive at the 18-yard line and it ended with no points when Rolf Benirschke, kicking into the fierce wind, missed a 37-yard field goal attempt. After a Bengals punt, Chandler gave the Chargers good field position with a 7-yard return to the 45-yard line. San Diego then drove 55 yards and cut their deficit to 10–7 when Fouts, desperately trying to avoid a hit from lineman Eddie Edwards, managed to fire a pass to Kellen Winslow at the line of scrimmage, who subsequently raced 33 yards down the right sideline for a score. But the Bengals stormed right back on a drive set up by David Verser's 40-yard kickoff to the 46-yard line. Faced with 3rd down and 7 inside the red zone later in the drive, Anderson kept the drive going with a 16-yard completion to Isaac Curtis on the Chargers 1-yard line, and fullback Pete Johnson scored a touchdown run on the next play, giving them a 17–7 lead. The Bengals completely took over the game from that point on. The Chargers would move the ball inside the Bengals 40-yard line five times during the rest of the game, but failed to score on each possession. San Diego responded with a drive to the Bengals 33-yard line, but came up empty when defensive back Louis Breeden intercepted a deep pass intended for

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon

attempts. In 1963, Billy Wade threw for 2,301 yards and 15 touchdowns.

He was tall, physical and looked like a college professor, and no one ever heard him curse. The guy owned a strong arm, a strong mind, a strong

The morning of December 29, 1963 was cold at Wrigley Field, Chicago. How cold? The temperature at game time was 4 degrees, with a wind chill factor of -11 degrees. The Chicago Bears, a defensiveminded team under Halas, had won the West Division with an 11-1-2 record and were hosting the East Division champion, the 11-4 New York Giants.

On the opening drive of the second half, San Diego drove to the Bengals 38-yard line, only to lose their fourth turnover of the day when Reggie Williams stripped the ball from Chuck

In National Football League (NFL) lore, the “Freezer Bowl” was the 1981 American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game between the San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals. The game, won by the Bengals, 27–7, was played in the coldest temperature in NFL history in terms of wind chill. (The coldest in terms of air temperature was the Ice Bowl.*) Air temperature was −9 °F (−23  °C), but the wind chill, factoring in a sustained wind of 27 miles per hour (43 km/h), was −37 °F or −38 °C (calculated as −59 °F or −51 °C using the now Riverfront Stadium-Cincinnati outdated wind chill formula in place at the time). The game was played on Muncie and Cincinnati lineman Ross Browner January 10, 1982 at Cincinnati's Riverfront recovered it. Then Anderson went to work, rushing three times for 31 yards and completing Stadium. a 19-yard pass to Ross on a drive that moved the The game was one of the few in NFL history ball inside the San Diego 10-yard line. Following in which the same team kicked off to begin both three incompletions and a touchdown called halves. Cincinnati won the toss and instead back by a holding penalty, Breech's 38-yard of receiving, elected to have the brutally cold field goal made the score 20–7. On their next wind at their backs to start the game, believing drive, Anderson's five completions moved the it would neutralize San Diego's passing game ball deep into Chargers territory, but defensive and help the Bengals to build an early lead. back Willie Buchanon put an end to it when he recovered a fumble from Ross that had been forced by Woodrow Lowe. The Chargers then drove to the Bengals 20-yard line, but on third down, Fouts tripped over the foot of guard Doug Wilkerson and was downed for an 11-yard loss. Then Benirschke missed a 50yard field goal try on the next play.

The strategy paid off as Cincinnati built a 10–0 lead in the first quarter. San Diego would score their only touchdown in the second, but gave up another score to the Bengals and trailed 17–7 at halftime. Accordingly, San Diego used its option at the beginning of the second half to receive the kickoff, resulting in Cincinnati kicking off to begin both halves—and in the same direction both times, using their second half option to again begin the half with the wind at their backs.

Quarterback Sneak

Taking the ball back after the missed field goal, Cincinnati put the game away with a 14play touchdown drive. Anderson was injured early in the drive and replaced for two plays by Jack Thompson. But Johnson kept the Bengals moving on those plays, first rushing for 8 yards and then gaining 14 yards on a screen pass on 3rd down and 8. Later on the drive, Johnson converted a 4th and inches situation with a 7-yard run, and Anderson eventually finished it off with a 3-yard touchdown pass to Don Bass, making the final score 27–7. San Diego responded with a drive to the Bengals 5-yard line, but turned the ball over on downs with less than three minutes left. Fouts completed 15 of 28 passes for 185 yards and a touchdown, with two interceptions; the future Hall of Fame QB sadly noted that the brutal weather conditions made it very difficult for him to throw the ball, adding he was impressed that Ken Anderson was able to throw spirals during the game. Muncie was the top rusher of the game with 94 yards. Anderson completed 14 of 22 passes for 161 yards and two touchdowns, with no interceptions, and rushed for 39 yards. Johnson rushed for 80 yards and a touchdown, while also catching a pass for 14 yards. Both Winslow and Ken Anderson said that the wind chill’s effect was so brutal that they have felt its effects decades later—Winslow in noting that he suffers from the residual impact of frostbite in one of his toes, and Anderson because his hands turn cold and numb much more quickly in cold weather now than they did pre-Freezer Bowl.

Both teams were loaded with future Hall-ofFame players. New York’s offense had great players like Y.A. Title, Hugh McElhenny, Alex Webster, Frank Gifford, Roosevelt Brown, Sam Huff, Joe Morrison and Andy Robustelli. Chicago was equally impressive with Billy Wade, Ed O’Bradovich, Richie Petibone, Ronnie Bull, Rick Casares, Willie Galimore, Mike Ditka, Doug Atkins, Bill George and Stan Jones. The 1963 Chicago Bears were known as the “Monsters of the Midway.” They owned the league’s best defense and gave up only 144 points that season.

Billy Wade heart and an even stronger faith. This man represented everything that was good in the game of football and life. He had discipline, will and toughness. He also had more moves than chess champion, Bobby Fisher. He had all the things you would want in a quarterback: height, strength, command, smarts and guts. Regardless of what had happened the play before, when he stepped into the huddle, you could hear a pin drop. He was all man, even his earlobe had muscles. I have found that the great quarterbacks all have one thing in common. They like being up by 21 points with time running out, but love it more when their team is down by 3 with the ball and a chance. All you had to do was watch. The game just seemed easier for him to play than others. He played before the days of the shotgun formation. Quarterback, Bill Wade, once said, “What I will miss most is walking up behind the center.” Several years before Green Bay Packer, Bart Starr, scored a touchdown on a quarterback sneak, against the Dallas Cowboys, in the “Ice Bowl,” it was Billy Wade who had made the quarterback sneak fashionable.

Vanderbilt William James “Bill” Wade, Jr., was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 4, 1930. In 1921, his father, William James Wade, played and captained the 7-0-1 Vanderbilt football team. His mother, Mary Terecia Price, was a homemaker. Bill was educated at Woodmont Elementary and graduated from Montgomery Bell High School in 1948. Bill then enrolled at Vanderbilt University in the fall, on a full athletic scholarship. Known as “Billy” during his playing days, he was big for a quarterback in the 1950’s. He wore black high-top football cleats and would grow to stand 6’2” tall and weighed 202 pounds. As the quarterback, Wade proceeded to break every passing record for the Commodores, during his three years there. From 1949-1951, Billy Wade threw for 3,397 yards and 31 touchdowns during his college career. In 1950, as a junior at Vanderbilt, Billy Wade threw 16 touchdown passes. That stat remained a Vanderbilt single-season record for 32 years, until it was eclipsed by Whit Taylor, who threw 22 touchdowns, in 1982. Wade was named the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Most Valuable Player in 1951 and was selected second team All-American. Billy was also named MVP of the 1951 North-South Shrine Game played in Miami. Wade played in the 1952 Senior Bowl, and was chosen to play in the College All-Star game in Chicago. Billy Wade is a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and a part of the 2008 Vanderbilt Athletics Hall of Fame. Billy Wade is still considered one of the greatest athletes in Vanderbilt history. In 1952, upon graduation from Vanderbilt, Wade served two years in the U.S. Navy, while stationed in Coronado, California.

Los Angeles Rams Billy Wade was the first player taken in the 1952 NFL draft, by the Los Angeles Rams. He joined the Rams in 1954, after his service in the U.S. Navy was completed. Billy Wade played for the Rams from 1954 to 1961. His win-loss record as a starter, while in Los Angeles, was 13-23. Statistically, 1958 was Billy Wade’s best year. Wade led the NFL in passing yards with 2,875. On November 6, 1959, Bill Wade made a guest appearance on The Donna Reed Show. There is a photograph of him wearing #9 for the Los Angeles Rams and standing behind Reed with his hands on her hips.

*Ice Bowl: 1967 National Football League Championship Game played on December 31 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. Dotson’s Other Note: A good friend of mine, the late Dave Parry, was the Side Judge in the “Freezer Bowl”. He suffered from frost bitten fingers and toes. His son John Parry, is currently an NFL Referee. Many football fans I talk to believe all stadiums should be enclosed. What do you think? Your comments, suggestions, questions and concerns regarding Sports Talk articles are greatly appreciated, please call the Benchwarmers at 361-560-5397 weekdays, Mondays thru Fridays, 5-7 PM, or contact me. Phone: 361-949-7681 Cell: 530-748-8475 Email: Have fun -30-

The Giants scored first on a pass from quarterback, Y.A. Tittle, to Frank Gifford. The Bears responded with a quarterback sneak by Billy Wade from the two-yard line. Don Chandler kicked a field goal from the 13-yard line to push New York ahead, 10-7. Then Bears’ quarterback, Billy Wade, scored again on a sneak, this time from the one-yard line. Chicago won the 1963 NFL Championship 1410. Wade scored both touchdowns for Chicago. The Bears defense forced six turnovers in the cold weather. It would be the last title the Chicago Bears would win under the tutelage of Head Coach George “Papa Bear” Halas. Billy Wade was replaced as the starting quarterback in 1965, by Rudy Bukich. As a Bear, Wade completed 767 passes in 1,407 attempts. Billy Wade finished his career with the Chicago Bears, sixth in career passing-yards, with 9,958, and third in touchdowns thrown, with 68.

Disappointment in Chicago At the end of the 1966 season, after retiring from the Bears, Wade prepared to move back to his beloved hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and enter the banking business. But Halas contacted Bill at the end of that season and told Wade he had a surprise for him and to report to training camp on May 1, 1967. Wade was 37, well-respected and thrilled. There was speculation that Halas may retire and Wade thought he may have a chance to become the new head coach of the Chicago Bears. “Wade was a favorite of Papa Bear,” said Bears’ Chairman, George McCaskey. Another name that kept coming up to replace Halas was George Allen, Wade’s friend and mentor when both were with the Los Angeles Rams. “George Allen had an incredible football mind,” said Wade. “He could come up with things that nobody else had even considered in terms of strategy.” George Halas’ last year with Chicago was indeed 1967. Wade reported to the Bears’ camp on May 1, 1967, as asked. On May 8, Halas announced that Jim Dooley would be the Bears’ new head coach. Wade was astonished and angry. What Halas had really wanted was to try and convince Wade to return one more year and play with the Bears. After 30 years in the game of football, Wade was done. He went home to Nashville. Bill Wade passed away quietly in a retirement home located in Nashville, Tennessee. Wade was legally blind and had been in poor health the last ten years of his life. He was 85. The date of his death will read Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Bill and his wife, Mary Ellen, raised three children and had four grandkids. It has been written that Bill Wade was so popular in Nashville during his playing days that the Chicago Bears games were shown locally on tape delay on Sundays, during the season, after the local news. Andy Purvis is a local author and radio personality. Please visit www.purvisbooks. com for all the latest info on his books or to listen to the new radio podcast. Andy’s books are available online and can be found in the local Barnes & Noble bookstore. Andy can be contacted at Also listen to sports talk radio on Dennis & Andy’s Q & A Session from 6-8 PM on Sportsradiocc. com 1230 AM, 96.1 FM and 103.3 FM. The home of the Houston Astros.

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In 1961, Wade was traded to the Bears, along with Del Shotner and John Guzik, for two players and a draft pick. After the trade to Chicago, Wade started 49 games and went 27-20-2 as a starter, from 1961 to 1964. Billy topped the league again in 1962 in pass completions and

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I had the island moon newspaper at Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve Cherish Marie Ruddick

Samantha Weber and Paul Tomerlin at Frauenkirche Church in Munich Germany Dec. 27th.

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Open Sunday 1/15/17  2‐5 p.m. 

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14861 SPID #113  3/2.5/2   $1650 

14901 Canadian Mist  4/2.5/2   $2000 

14434 Cabana #208  2/2  $1300 

15233 Reales  3/2/2  $1900 

Mys�c Harbor #308  1/1  $1000 

13705 Cayo Gorda  4/3.5/2  $3200 

Beach Breeze #503  3/2.5/1  $1550 

13974 Jacktar  3/2/2  $1500 

 14206 Allamanda  3/2/2  $1750 


New One Story home by RT Bryant offers three bedrooms, two full baths. Large master, hurricane windows, tile floors, granite counters. $244,900. Terry 549-7703.

New Golf Course construction. Enjoy incredible views from this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage home with 2,315 sq. ft. Tile throughout. Call Cheryl.

Open Sunday 1/15/17  2‐5 p.m. 

Great investment! Duplex each with 3/2/1, plus an oversized RV/ Boat garage. 12’x73’x15’. Spacious open floor plans. Ceramic tile. Carrie 361-949-5200.

13854 Doubloon 3/2/2 waterfront with 2nd dining or study, multi-level deck w/bar and boat lift plus many extras, $429,900. Cindy Molnar 549-5557.

14929 Schooner 3-2-2 interior home. Full of light and space. Split bedrooms. Bonus room. Tile and carpet. 1,753 sq. ft. Plantation shutters. Call Cheryl 563-0444.

Gorgeous 3/2/2, 2014 built at quiet South end, no thru traffic. Split bedrooms, open floor plan, sharp MBR suite, superb kitchen. 1,658 sq. ft. Mark 688-4320.

Looking for Vaca�on Rental Services you can trust?    Call Padre Escapes, Padre Island’s Premier Vaca�on Rental Company at 361‐949‐0430  Visit us online at    email at vaca� 

Wonderful 3-2.5-3 new construction. Corner lot. Room for a pool. 2254 sq. ft. Bonus room. Tile floors. Mudroom and butler’s pantry and much more. Cheryl.

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