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December 1, 2016

Around The Island




City by the Numbers

2017: $69 Million for Police… $145 Million for Debt

By Dale Rankin

We came stumbling out of a tryptophan daze from the holiday weekend only to run smack into a 90 degree Monday as we head into what is supposed to be the fall season. As one Islander said it doesn’t feel much like fall when you are swatting mosquitos and sweating through your shirt. All in all life is good here on our little sandbar. It is hard to believe that La Posada is next weekend. We’ll say that again, La Posada is next weekend. Let’s hope the warm weather holds for that.

Whale of a deal

Up on San Jose Island – or St. Joe as we know it – a sperm whale that washed up over a week ago is still decomposing on the beach. Removing the large whale from the privately-owned Island is not really an option. It is recommended that anyone crossing to St. Joe leave the whale alone as it is currently not bothering anyone.

Editor’s note: Since his election to the Corpus Christi City Council from District 4 which includes The Island, Greg Smith has been busy. He has been digging through the city budget and found some interesting facts. We asked him to share them with our readers. By Greg Smith

Dozens of trees and holiday décor will be auctioned off at the enchanted forest on Dec. 1st

La Posada Celebration Kicks Off Tuesday The La Posada season will kick off Tuesday evening with the official launch party at Scuttlebutt’s Seafood Bar & Grill. The party began five years ago to raise money for Toys for Tots and get Islanders in the spirit of the season. It has become one of the largest and most fun of Island celebrations. We include a full array of La Posada information in this issue.

Commodores Work Begins

Crews began work this week to reconfigure the SPID/Commodores intersection. The inside turn lane, now able to accommodate only a few cars, will be extended. The diagram shows how the intersection will look when finished.

In reminds us of the 1970 event on the beach in Oregon where the local brain trust decided to rid themselves of a beached whale with a charge of dynamite and it blew whale giblets over three counties. When residents complained of being hit by flying whale blubber the county guy said, “Well, it sounded like a good idea at the planning meeting.”

There has been a noticeable uptick in burglaries and thefts on The Island in recent weeks. It seems the thieves this Burglary Season are favoring boats and trailers but they will also take anything left in sight in parked cars. If history is any indicator the thefts will increase as the thieves come OTB to do their Christmas shopping. Lock your car and close you garage doors everybody.

Seven layer bean dip We leave you with a quote from our founder, Mike Ellis, a long-time Islander who launched the Island Moon way back in 1996. Mike always said that La Posada parties on The Island are like a seven-layer bean dip, when they start out everything is sort of separate and in its own little place, but by the time the night is over everything is all mixed together and Island strangers have become Island friends. We’ll see you at the kickoff party at Scuttlebutt’s Tuesday night, say hello if you see us Around The Island.

Breakfast With Santa This Sunday

Tuesday, December 6

Aquarius Light Update Set for December ISAC Meeting

By Dale Rankin

As usual the 8 reindeer, fat from engorging on tundra grasses and

Santa continued on A4

In our City Manager form of government one of the Council’s primary duties is to approve the budget and spending for the City. The City Manager handles the day to day operations and is the Chief Executive Officer reporting to the Council. While the budget for fiscal year beginning this October has been approved the new Council will be authorizing the actual spending as it takes place. Below are some highlights of our debt & budget or as our incoming mayor says the fifty thousand foot view.

Staff from the City of Corpus Christi will give the committee a full update on the project after ISAC members voted in their November meeting to advise the city council against activating the light until warning signs are placed on the traffic lanes

They are leftover from the project that was the Million Dollar Inn built

Interest expense for the current fiscal year. $65,970,123.

Principal payments for the current fiscal year. $78,941,909.

Total interest & principal payments. $144,912,032.

How does this compare to our property tax collections and the cost of the police department? •

Police $69,550,175.

Our debt payment for this year will be double the amount that the City is budgeting for the police department, the largest operating expense for the City. Planned capital spending for this year; These are for the big tickets items, replacing streets, water lines, sewer plant upgrades, buildings, etc. $206,979,600.

Where are we getting the money? •

Certificates of Obligations $32,872,500. A fancy name for a non-taxpayer approved loan.

Revenue Bonds $110,610,700. Bonds that are paid back by revenue from dedicated income such as water, garbage and sewer fees. Does not require taxpayer approval.

Past Bond Issuances $8,548,300. Money from prior years approved bonds.

Reserves and Transfers $32,707,700. Coming from cash and utility profits.

Grants & Other $21,976,000. Mostly your Federal tax dollars and Federal debt at work.

The revenue bonds and certificates of obligation debt do not require tax payer approval, the total for these, $143,483,200. As a comparison tax payers did approve $17,000,000 or 12% of the total loans that the City will be borrowing in the coming year.

If things go as planned we will end the year $64 million more in debt than where we started. We have our work cut out for us.

Property tax revenue $111,724,202.

12/4 – The La Posada Kickoff Party at Scuttlebutt’s Restaurant

Light cont. on A4

The Million Dollar Inn

They don’t look like much now, but the mark the beginning of an ambitious plan to turn The Island into South Florida.

12/3 – La Posada Golf Tournament at Schlitterbahn – 9:00 AM - 18 holes includes lunch

A little Island History

If you have walked the seawall you have walked right past it. A few square tiles, a strip of concrete across a patch of barren sand near the Island House.

Total debt as of October 1, 2016 $1,595,088,807. Rounded off that is $1.6 Billion dollars.

La Posada Schedule

The project to install a new traffic light at the SPID/Aquarius intersection will be front and center at the next meeting of the Island Strategic Action Committee.

By Brent Rourk In spite of a particularly vexing and busy December schedule, Santa Claus again will take time to visit the Island this Saturday during the annual Padre Island Kiwanis sponsored Breakfast with Santa. A longtime friend of our Island children, Santa along with the most kind and wonderful Mrs. Claus will take a rocket like sleigh ride from the inhospitably cold and snowy North Pole to the much warmer and sandy Island.

December 13 the City will be swearing in the new Council. There will be five new faces out of the nine members. Of the returning four, Rudy Garza has served four years, Carolyn Vaughn & Lucy Rubio, two years, and Michael Hunter eight months. The voters have spoken and it should be an interesting two years.

As of this writing there are no plans to launch any whale blubber, but there is always time for an emergency planning meeting.


Fishing A11

Enchanted Auction A4

in 1967 and closed in 1972. It was meant to house potential real estate buyers who came from as far away as Europe to get in on the land rush that was soon to be Padre Island. There were no home on The Island yet so buyers were purchasing raw land with a promise; “Imagine if you will this land full of new homes and you my friend can get in on the ground floor.” The name came from the building price a room for two was $20 per night. The U-shaped building was the gem of the Gulf Coast when it opened. The third floor was home to the offices of the Padre Island Investment Corporation sales offices where they showed them huge maps of what The

Million cont. on A4

12/7– Toy Collector Boat meeting at PIYC (7:00-8:00 PM)

12/8 – Parade Captain’s Meeting at PIYC (7:00-8:00 PM) 12/9 – La Posada Parade North side of the Island – begins at 7:00 PM 12/10 – La Posada Parade South side of the Island – begins at 6:00 PM

The Intracoastal Waterway – A Different Plan By Bobbie Kimbrell Editor’s note. Bobbie Kimbrell has lived in Flour Bluff since the early 1940s where he was a commercial fisherman until his retirement. I think hindsight tells us that if the Intracoastal Canal from Flour Bluff t Port Isabel had been dredged on the backside of Padre Island, the Laguna Madre side, instead of like it is, right down the middle of the Laguna Madre, that it could have been better in the long run for the ecological and economic factors, especially sport and commercial fishing and the development of Padre Island before any development started. If the dredge fill had been deposited on the back side of Padre Island just think of how much higher what development that went in would have been and safer from a hurricane tide. As it is at last 1/8th to 1/10th of the

Laguna Madre has been destroyed and left useless because of the spoil dumps and the dredge fill that has been deposited on the rocks in and around the mount of Baffin Bay. T6he rocks were a haven for bait fish that fed off the moss growth that in turn attracted the trout and redfish. The Intracoastal Canal constantly silts in because of heavy rains that wash the silt from the dumps back into the canal and hurricane and seasonal high tides do as well. There would have been very little resilting if the spoil had been dumped on Padre Island which would have cut the cost to taxpayers of re-dredging to a minimum. If the canal would have gone through the Nine Mile Hole, also called the Graveyard, just think of how may trout, redfish, drum and croakers and other fish would have been saved and utilized.

Intracoastal cont. on A4


Island Moon

Back Porch's Season Ending Turkey Bowl!

December 1, 2016

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December 1, 2016


Island Moon

Moon Monkeys Mike Ellis, Founder

Letters to the Editor

alleviate poverty and care for the less privileged around the world have decided to donate to just 5 people around the globe which you are a part of. so do get back me quickly via my personal email at ( Do Provide the following information below when contacting me Name: Address: Country of Residence: Mobile Number: Age:


Perfect Regards.

Pete Alsop

           Neil Trotter.

Island Delivery

Same old P.O.A.

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Why is there no desire to receive and discuss community input?

Christiansen Jay Gardner

When the benefits of a PROACTIVE  approach were voiced, we were  "told"  a proactive approach  IS  in affect;  yet the person hired to write up ordinance enforcement violations said he had JUST realized the benefits of a  "different"  tact, proactive instead of REACTIVE.

Todd Hunter Dotson Lewis Ronnie Narmour Brent Rourk Photographers Miles Merwin Jeff Dolan Mary Craft Ronnie Narmour Office Security/Spillage Control (Emeritus) Riley P. Dog


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When MayBeth first told me of her plan for obtaining compliance of property owners who had visible garbage containers, weeds, and black plastic ground covers I attempted to explain to her that the REACTIVE approach would be perceived as punitive; it has been resisted for that very reason costing home owners thousand of dollars, blue stationary, and postage.  YES, some progress has been seen, however this attempted enforcement has created a negative atmosphere here on the Island, confusion, and division. PLEASE SCHEDULE a community wide meeting which encourages homeowners' to voice their concerns and ideas;  if a moderator is needed to conduct the perceived controversial exchange that the POA Director and Board think is beyond their ability, then ask for the assistance of someone trained to prevail in an orderly exchange of ideas.

Dale Rankin About the Island Moon

Port Aransas

Last night the same old story prevailed at the POA meeting: the home owners listened while  "the board"  spoke not to us, the property owners who compromise the Association, but to one another.  What will IT take to institute an open dialogue, problem solving with the INPUT of those the decisions impact.  Certainly the board members are aware of the enhanced possibilities of an informed interested attendance;  I wonder why our meetings are so secretive, why WE are being spoken  "at".?

Whataburger on Waldron Ethyl Everly Senior Center Fire Station Police Station Stripes on Flour Bluff & SPID

Most sincerely, Barbara DeToto (an interested home owner who fears SOS will continue UNLESS ALL interested, affected home owners SPEAK OUT!)

Charity seeking charity Just before school started a mom came into Clothed in Righteousness, a ministry of Rock City Church, with her young daughter. The mom had just registered her daughter for kindergarten and the daughter was excited to finally go to school. The mom was distressed with the list of school supplies she would need to purchase. Times were tough, money was tight, but somehow the mom thought they would find a way to get the supplies. Then the mom was told about the school dress code. The mom fell into despair because she would be unable to provide the proper attire. She was going to have to tell her daughter that she could not afford to send her to kindergarten. Kinder is not a requirement in Texas so they would just have to wait and send her next year to 1st grade. There was no way they could afford supplies and clothing. We are so grateful someone refereed her to Clothed in Righteousness. Although she was skeptical that they could receive clothing at no charge, they came to shop. Both mom and daughter were delighted to find gently used clothing that fit and met the guidelines for school dress code. Mom and daughter were thrilled that the daughter was going to be able to go to kindergarten! This is just one of the many interactions we have with people on a weekly basis. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve our community in this way. Rock City Church believes in offering a "hand up" not a "hand out". One way that we do this is through our store Clothed in Righteousness currently located at 10309 SPID Suite B. What sets us apart from other resale shops is that we do not charge anything. Anyone who comes in is welcome to shop. Each person can fill one standard, disposable, HEB style bag. We are open every Wednesday 4-6:30 and the second Saturday 10-2pm. Each time we are open we serve on average 70 people. We offer casual clothing, back to work attire, prom and homecoming dresses, basic household items, shoes and accessories. Rock City has graciously provided the space at our current location at no charge for the past 2 years. However due to increased attendance at Rock City Church, there is a need for more space for children's classrooms. Clothed in Righteousness will require a new location to continue to provide this valuable service to the community. We are looking for a 5000+ sq ft building in the Flour Bluff area. If you have a building, can make a monetary donation or desire to assist in helping this ministry please contact or call 361855-6624 (land line). Your donation to assist with this does qualify as tax deduction to a charitable non-profit organization.

Editor’s note? Dear Neil, speaking on behalf of the five less privileged around the world we thank you for your perfect good news to alleviate our poverty. We have a couple of questions. Do we have to pay tax on that two million pounds, could you please pay that too as long as you are at it? And also, can we get that in cash? Small bills would be great. Waiting anxiously for your perfect reply. Perfect Regards, Moon Monkeys

Halloween Decorations Debacle This is about a Halloween decoration on the Island's Halloween parade loop (Eaglesnest/ Hawksnest) of a snow blower with a scarecrow dummy partially in it, on the rocks of their front yard, up near their porch. Apparently, the POA's objection was about the satirical addition of the words at some point somewhere, which read, "POA Compliance Inspector," on the back of it. One disturbing part of the letter to me, was that the POA referred to their employees as, "those who serve," in their closing line on page two. I found that reference to be objectionable, as my understanding of that phrase is that it is reserved for Law Enforcement and members of the military. Of course, POA employees are neither, whether compliance inspectors or any other POA employee. I was also disturbed that the POA stated that they were, "bound to investigate, document and mitigate," any person beyond the scope of their employees, as if the POA has the power of any real law enforcement agency. Similarly disturbing, the POA wrote, "it goes without saying that we would not expect to see any future displays of this nature," and, "we do need to bring this incident to full closure." That was written as if the POA has any legal right to control whatever kind of holiday decorations are placed on any of our properties, whether a satirical expression for Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July or whatever. Robert Algeo WOW! I didn't get this either. Does our POA think it is the government and have that much power. I guess we need to start going to meetings again to stop the the power surge. Why can't the POA actually have votes from the residences on these issues. Suzanne Morrison I thought the whole thing rather silly, although perhaps the enforcement people felt afraid and demeaned. I too like good Halloween decorations and a sense of humor. Perhaps all of us should work on cultivating that sense of humor with a pinch of empathy. I didn't reply before because I'm getting pretty tired of outrage and am out enjoying our beautiful island in this amazing November weather. Susan Comer

Padre Island Teen By Elizabeth Clark Drivers Ed is a major step in a teenager's life, and the prospect of their baby growing up can scare a parent out of their wits. Along with a license comes the possibility of a car, and new responsibility, and danger-but even an all-knowing guardian can have their moments. During the Thanksgiving break, I drove all over Louisiana with my grandmother and mom, constantly hearing criticism and guidance that eventually drove me nuts. I let my grandmother take over so I could have a moment to rest after over an hour of backseat driving. As soon as we turn to leave, grandma backs into a tree. Luckily, the car was not hurt, but the irony put my nerves at ease. Even after 52 years of experience, no one can be perfect. Simple advice for any driver, whether 16 or 70, is to be cautious and courteous on the road--and to watch out for trees. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email me at

Lisa Gerdes

Perfect Response

Did Ya Hear?

By Mary Craft

New Advertisers The Black Sheep Bistro/Barrel is under new ownership and now serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday 10am – 2 pm. They now have a pastry takeout menu with delicacies by pastry chef Heidi. She is accepting orders of cakes and pies for special occasions or just to indulge yourself. Hours are Monday – Wednesday 5 – 10 pm with kitchen closing at 9 pm and Thursday – Saturday 5 pm – midnight with kitchen closing at 10 pm. Farah’s Re-opening Party will be held on Saturday, December 10th with drink specials, face/ body painting and much more. Misty, Christi, Danee and Melissa will be on hand to keep the beverages flowing. The Animal Hospital of Flour Bluff Open House will be held on Saturday, December 3rd 3 – 5 pm. Take a tour of the facilities with Dr. Melody Gazeldere. There will be free goodie bags, snacks, drinks and prizes. They are located at 1217 First National Blvd near the post office. For more info call 937-2648. Aunt Aggie De’s Pralines has a new online Christmas catalog with lots of the Texas traditional sweets. You can stop by and sample their popular favorites at 311 W. Sinton St. in Sinton.

Business Briefs The Cancun Restaurant on North Padre will be closed for the off season Monday,

December 5th – February 1st. They are trying to clear the shelves with great drink specials. Cirque du Soleil Ovo is coming to the American Bank Center in March. Ticket prices start at $110. The Annual Carolers Afloat and Lighted Boat Parade is scheduled to begin at dusk on December 3, 2016 at the Dennis Dreyer Municipal Harbor in Port Aransas. The boats will depart at approximately 6:30 p.m. Participants and spectators will be treated to hot chocolate and cookies. The evening will conclude with a visit from Santa Claus. Schlitterbahn Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held at the Freedom Stage at 6 pm on Friday, December 2nd. The Shell Station on the Island is now a Circle K. The 4th season of the ABC show The Great Light Fight will feature the Mazoch home at the corner of Whitecap and Isabella on Monday, December 19th. Twenty homes compete for the $50,000 prize. The Holiday Home Tour of seven Island homes sponsored by Padre Island Enrichment Club will be held on Sunday, December 4th 12;30 – 5:30 pm. There will be music, food, shopping trip raffle and more. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the POA office at 14015 Fortuna Bay, the Blue Crab Boutique on Compass and at all the homes. For info call Katherine Pierce 960-0327. Proceeds benefit the PIE scholarship fund. The La Posada Kickoff Auction Party will be held at Scuttlebutt’s on Monday, December 6th at 6 pm. The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Port A is set for Thursday, Dec. 8th 6-8pm at Roberts Point Park. Cast members of the Lion King will perform and Billy Snipes will play holiday songs. There will be free hot drinks and hayrides will be available. Santa will arrive by fire truck and will be available for families or individuals to take photos with him. The Annual Enchanted Forest Christmas Auction sponsored by Timon’s Ministries will be held Thursday, December 1st 6 - 9 pm at the lower level of Doc’s Seafood & Steak Restaurant. Tickets are $25 and include two drink tickets and snacks. There will be many unique wreaths and trees on display for purchase. Dragonfly Restaurant has a new spiced apple cranberry mule you can enjoy during their happy hour 5 – 7 pm Tuesday – Thursday with $5 selected appetizers. They are now serving their new fall menu. Catering and holiday peach, apple and berry pies are available for the season. They are now booking holiday parties for their private room and are taking reservations for their New Year’s Eve special 4 course dinner. The Schlitterbahn Women’s Golf Association meets every Saturday at 8:30 am with tee off at 9 am. Come and join this group of golfers at all levels. Call Fran Seagrave at 949-1472. The Island Presbyterian Church celebrates 20 years as a church family on Sunday, December 11th at 10 am. The tribute recognizes those who had the vision and to those who have kept the dream alive. Light refreshments will follow. The church is located at 10400 Fortuna Bay Drive.

Perfect Greetings,  My name is Neil Trotter the current winner of 108 million Pounds on the Euro million Jackpot Draw for 2014, and i bring to you perfect good news for such a perfect timing as this. I know this is surprising for you to have received this at this stage But because of my last year unexpected blessings am excited so i am willing to donate 2,000,000(Two Million Great Britain Pounds) to you and as part of my effort to

Dylan and Devon Johnson caught a couple of big Reds in the Laguna Madre this week.

Send letters and photos to Facebook:

The Island Moon Newspaper


Million cont. from A1 Island was to become – one of which hangs on the wall of the Moon office today.

Seashore Happenings...

Construction was done with the modular approach designed by H.B. Zachery when he built the Paseo del Rio at the HemisFair in San Antonio the year before. The furniture and all fixture were placed in the rooms on the ground then the entire set up was lifted into place. Instant hotel room.

The building survived Hurricane Celia in 1970 and in fact, two honeymooners who were staying there never even knew there was a storm. My Zachery had built a strong structure. The seawall at the time lacked the curved structure which now have the visible tiles and the 10-foot surge tide flooded the bottom floors of the buildings and wiped out the drawbridge leading to The Island from the Bluff. It was indeed a deserted Island for a while.

So these tiles are a monument to a dream that some Islanders turned into a reality. A little look into The Island That Was. Dale Rankin

Texas quickly made the decision to bring back the benefit, which had ended Oct. 31, given the possibility of local transmission and risk of Zika in the local community. The newly reported case is a Cameron County resident who is not pregnant. Zika is spread primarily by mosquito bite and can cause severe birth defects in unborn children whose mothers are infected while pregnant.

The benefit begins tomorrow and will be in place through December, as the state collects more information about the case and scope of transmission in Texas.

Mrs. Caroline Ferris and her Chess club students try to anticipate the next moves of their peers. Every Monday, chess lovers from Seashore’s second, third and fourth grade classes meet to improve their skills in hopes of future tournament victories. Photo by Teri Beck.

Tons and tons of fish suffocated in the hot summer months when they got trapped in the hole and could not get out. With the spoil deposited on Padre Island none of the Laguna Madre’s fishing grounds would have been destroyed. The only change would be what happened anyway. The tides became higher the year round and the water became fresher and less salty. At the present some changes could be made that would help sport fishing quite a bit. In the Baffin Bay area where most of the rocks have been covered with dredge silt, dykes could be built around the large existing spoil dumps and a suction jet type of dredge operation could be used to suck the silt off the rocks and deposited behind bulkheaded dykes. The cost would be minimal taking into consideration the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is one of the wealthiest organizations in the state made up of millionaire sports enthuses. The fish areas regained would be worth whatever the cost.

The benefit includes two cans per month per eligible beneficiary. Women are encouraged to call the pharmacy ahead of time because supply can vary by location.  Women eligible for the Medicaid, CHIP and CHIP-Perinate programs are covered. Women covered under the Healthy Texas Women and Children with Special Health Care Needs programs also can receive the benefit.   The following Zika-related items also are covered under current Texas Medicaid benefits:  Family planning services Contraceptives Diagnostic testing Targeted case management

Chi Chi is the new class pet in Mrs. Juli Powell’s 2nd grade class. Each student gets to observe and interact with the full grown hamster, including feeding, cleaning and lots of TLC. Photo by Teri Beck

Acetaminophen and oral electrolytes for Zika symptoms

Doc's Seafood Restaurant will be hosting their annual Christmas Tree auction on December 1st. This event features dozens of beautifully decorated trees and handmade holiday decor which are sold to benefit Timon's Mintries. Some of the items up for bids are pictured below. Photos by Miles Merwin.

approaching the top of the bridge warning drivers that they may encounter stopped traffic ahead. Placing of the signs was a condition of approval of the project by the committee last year but as the project progressed the only warning sign added was at the base of the bridge, too late to warn drivers of the approaching hazard as the topped the causeway. The signs were added to the project during the planning phase after ISAC members expressed concerns about safety on busy traffic days when traffic at the light could back up to the top of the bridge. After the ISAC vote in November city staff went back to the drawing board and are adding two additional warning signs on the approaching lane, one 300 feet before the light and another 1500 feet before the light, as well as a flashing sign as drivers approach the top of the bridge to warn them to be prepared to stop. The current overhead LED sign maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation on the southbound lane of the JFK Causeway near the Flour Bluff shoreline will also be used at peak hours to advise drivers to be prepared to stop.

Mrs. Tracy Copeland’s SLC Kinder Garden Club meets every week, enabling these young students to get their hands in the soil. They are growing many veggies and the watermelon crop is going to be huge!

Breakfast cont. from A1 magic feed provided by Santa will lead the sleigh through the skies. Estimated time of arrival this Saturday, December 3rd will be 9:30. Santa will leave at 11:00 to get back to the Pole and the hectic pace created by toy crafting elves. All families need to bring a new, wrapped toy (for Toys for Tots) to St Andrew by the Sea Church on Encantada on the Island. The tasty, free breakfast begins at 9:00 A.M. and Santa will sit with children at 9:30 A.M. Free photos of children with Santa will be available online on Monday.

The Island Moon Newspaper

Long term services and support

Enchanted Forest Benefit Auction at Doc's Dec. 1

Light cont. from A1

Send letters and photos to Facebook:

Physical therapy

Potential coverage for additional ultrasounds for pregnant women

History books say that the Lagoon is so unique, there in only one more place like it in the world, in Italy.. Turning back the Laguna Madre to its uniqueness could be a great change.

The ISAC meeting is at 5:30, Tuesday, December 6, upstairs at the Veranda Restaurant at Schlitterbahn. The meeting is open to the public and a time is provided for public comment.

"We will do all that we can to protect Texans and slow the spread of the Zika virus," said HHSC Executive Commissioner Charles Smith. "Insect repellent is the best way to protect yourself, and we want it to be widely available."

Eligible Texas women can go to participating pharmacies to pick up mosquito repellent, as Texas Medicaid has a standing order for mosquito repellent prescriptions for women who are between the ages of 10 and 45 or pregnant.

Intracoastal cont. from A1

That being said, it poses a question as to why the Intracoastal Canal was dug as it is. One and probably the main reason is because of the depth of the water. Overall, going down the middle of the Lagoon would probably have resulted in about three feet of less dredging having to be done which would also speed up operations and be less costly. Another reason was because the U.S. Government and the Corpus of Engineers wanted the canal dug as fast as possible. World War II was nearly over but they still wanted a safe way of inland oil shipment up and down the entire coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean which would prevent German U-Boats from torpedoing the tankers in the Gulf of Mexico. The U-Boats had already sunk a lot of tankers and as far as it is known in history, only one U-Boat was sunk. Another reason might be because the canal, as dug, did not interfere with any oil well drilling operations which were mostly on the western side of the Lagoon. Also there was a lot of Navy airplane target practice sites on the back side of Padre Island that were still being used many years after WWII was over. A lot of pelicans were lost to machine gun fire as they roosted on targets out in the water of the Lagoon and Alazan Bay.

Texas Medicaid Brings Back Mosquito Repellent Benefit

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission announced today that it is reinstating the Medicaid benefit for mosquito repellent due to the first reported case of Zika virus disease likely transmitted by a mosquito in Texas.

There was a giant pool, scuba diving, a jet set lifestyle right here on our Island complete with a New Year’s Day Swimsuit Competition.

The hotel was sold in 1972 and began a downward spiral from which it never recovered. The foundation of the old hotel can be seen in the sand behind the spot where the tiles are on the seawall.

December 1, 2016

Island Moon

Driftwood & roofing shingle turtle donated to the Enchanted Forest Auction by Norma Wright of the Green Eyed Turtle

December 1, 2016


Island Moon

Stuff I Heard on the Island By Dale Rankin In the sixteen years I have called The Island home, with some breaks here and there, there has never been a time I can recall when there is as much going on as there is right now. Change is coming fast and hard these days as we have the massive earth-moving project going on around Lake Padre and early work on a new marina there, a Water Exchange Bridge that looks like it is finally going to happen, ongoing work at two major Island intersections, a potential new owner to revive the Tortuga Dunes project on the north side of the Packery, and a potential development yet to be announced south of the Kleberg line. Any one of them would be a game changer for us but collectively they have the potential to transform us. For years we have known that growth was headed our way and fortunately, we got out in front of it and began planning which is now paying dividends. In no particular order here are some of the projects and a big challenge currently on our Island plate.

Park Road 22/SPID Water Exchange Bridge

Tides of the Week Tides for Bob Hall Pier December 1 - December 8






High /Low

Tide Time


9:11 AM


6:18 PM

Height in Feet

Sunrise Moon Time Sunset


7:03 AM

Rise 8:39 AM


5:34 PM

Set 7:37 PM

Moon Visible




9:42 AM


7:03 AM

Rise 9:27 AM



6:54 PM


5:34 PM

Set 8:28 PM




10:16 AM


7:04 AM

Rise 10:14 AM



7:28 PM


5:34 PM

Set 9:21 PM



10:55 AM


7:05 AM

Rise 10:58 AM



8:01 PM


5:34 PM

Set 10:16 PM



11:38 AM


7:05 AM

Rise 11:41 AM



8:32 PM


5:34 PM

Set 11:13 PM



12:28 PM


7:06 AM

Rise 12:21 PM




8:59 PM


5:34 PM



5:10 AM


7:07 AM

Set 12:11 AM




7:28 AM


5:34 PM

Rise 1:02 PM



1:31 PM




9:24 PM





4:54 AM


7:08 AM

Set 1:10 AM



9:51 AM


5:35 PM

Rise 1:42 PM



2:58 PM




9:45 PM


Su M

Tu W

4 9 16 24

As things now stand this $10.5-$11 million project is set to go to bids in the next two months with bids expected back in February. If the bids come in under the budgeted amount construction will begin next year. That could all change if the bids all come in too high but, as they say, only time will tell. As of this writing the bulkheads and canal on the east side of the bridge site along SPID are already in place and site work has begun on the sidewalks. On the west, Schlitterbahn, side of the road the canal connecting the bridge site to the existing canal system is still well short of being dug and no bulkheading has begun. Things there are complicated by an ongoing dispute between the owners/developers of Schlitterbahn and the surrounding land but the hope and expectation is that the differences will be worked out sooner rather than later and even before that is done that the final piece of the canal puzzle will be in place. The bulkheading and excavation work around Lake Padre is almost complete and plans by Developer Paul Schexnailder for the marina, boat storage, hotels, and condominiums around the lake are well defined and nearing completion. We hope to publish them in the next few issues as they become available. After decades of waiting this project is happening.

Billish Park


Planned improvements at Billish Park are now in the hands of the Padre Isles Property Owners Association but there is still no announced date for the work to begin. The project began with approval of $500,000 in 2012 and it is now in the process of its third re-design. The latest news is that the new design will cost an estimated $10,000 bringing the total design costs to about $145,000. With the $200,000 dedicated to the project by the POA and the remainder of the city bond money that leaves $600,000 to get the work done. Out of that a General Contractor/ Project Manager must also be paid. It is worth noting that the other park improvement project approved by voters in the same 2012 election is already under construction. The Billish project is now squarely in the hands of the POA and there is no more money coming in for it so the sooner it is built the more money will be left to pay for park improvements. It’s time to get this done.

Aquarius Light

Send letters and photos to One Bite and You’re Hooked! All You Can Eat Fried Shrimp Wednesdays 5 - Close Prime Rib Thursdays 5 - Until They're Gone Mini Golf Great Food

I think it is fair to say that this project has been snakebit from the start. When the project was green lighted there wasn’t even an accurate traffic count of vehicles on the JFK Causeway and the project didn’t wait for the results of the traffic study which is now underway. What began as a $650,000 project with the new traffic light, a newly designed intersection, five retail sites, and a 105-room hotel has now morphed into a $1.2 million project with potentially three retail sites, no retailers currently signed up, and no hotel. The developer put in $426,000 to pay for the light and the intersection design and construction with city taxpayers paying the remainder of the original $650,000 project. But when the cost increased the taxpayers were left holding the bag and the cost is likely to increase even more as signage promised at the outset of the project that was to be paid for by the developer will now be paid for by taxpayers. So far the work crews have cut off water to businesses under the bridge three times and as I write this the power is off because the crew cut the line for the second or third time – I lost count.

We certainly need a better way for Islanders who use Aquarius to access SPID to get out of their neighborhood. But that was not the original impetus for putting in the light. What we are left with is a new traffic light to service a hotel that is not going in at double the original cost with the increase borne by taxpayers. A look around The Island will show that hotels can do just fine without their own light, it is retail developments that need a light; but that is now how this project was pitched.

The developer is putting pressure on the city to activate the light because, according to sources, he says the bank won’t release the rest of the funds for the project until the light is working. It seems to me that for all the good reasons there might be for installing a traffic light there, that isn’t one of them. Taxpayers footing the bill for more signs so the developer can get more money out of the bank. Maybe snakebit is not a strong enough word.

Lack of Island Marketing

If there is one thing Island hotel operators agree on it is that the Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau does very, very, little to help bring visitors to our Island. The CVBs own numbers show that fully 80% of the people who come to this area are here for the Gulf beaches. But if you look at the marketing material that goes to our feeder markets you would think the only reason they come here is to go the Lexington and the State Aquarium downtown. I understand the CVB is under great pressure to push visitors into the 1800 downtown hotel beds to collect the 13.5% Hotel/Motel Tax, (another two cents that was added this year is not included in that number) but at some point you have to feed the goose that laid the golden egg.

Here are some facts: The best estimates are that there are around 2200 overnight stay rooms in Port Aransas – we will have a story on that in the next issue- which raised $1.8 million last year. There are only about 1500 on Padre and Mustang Island inside the Corpus Christi City Limits (as compared to about 4500 in South Padre). Each Saturday during the summer an additional 12,000 vehicles come over the JFK Causeway, they’re not here to go downtown.

The HOT in Corpus Christi raises about $16 million each year with about $4 million of that coming from The Island. Out of the 13.5 cents per $100 two cents goes directly to pay for revenue shortfalls at the downtown Convention Center. But if you follow the money through the system, the golden egg as it goes through the goose as it were, you will find that fully half of the money from the HOT funds finds its way back into the Convention Center to pay for operations. It is understandable that the CVB promotes that area first since that is where their bread is buttered. The question is whether we Islanders get $4 million worth of promotion for our money and I don’t think you will find an Island hotel operator who believes that is the case.

When the race to annex Mustang Island was on in 2000 the entire emphasis was on the City of Corpus Christi collecting the HOT money there, but once it is collected the CVB has organizational amnesia about where they got it. There is also the question of money raised by beach parking stickers of which only a portion comes back for beach maintenance and operations.

We have been trying to get the CVB to address this problem for years and have received nothing but a pat on the head and swift kick in the pants. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result then the time for begging our case is past; it’s time for a new plan. But what to do?

Here’s a possibility, we form a Destination Marketing District to capture the HOT money we generate; it’s done all over the country. In some cases a Visitors Center can be used as a marketing tool for real estate and actually becomes a profit center – generating money that could be used for our charter schools.

As we grow as a tourist destination how we market ourselves will be one of the most important jobs we do. As of now we have no brand specific to The Island, no HOT money dedicated to us, and no reasonable expectation that either of those is going to change if we keep doing what we are doing.

The time for platitudes from our CVB is long past. We need some mechanism to break out the HOT funds we generate to use for marketing The Island. The solution will have to come through City Hall and there are now five new faces down there with five new outlooks.

It is time for the CVB to help us grow or let us go.

Seafood, Steaks, Salads, Burgers & Full Bar Open 11am - 2am • Kitchen Closes at 1am 2034 State Hwy 361

361-749-TACO (8226)

Original Billish Park design


December 1, 2016

Island Moon

Senior Moments

BBB helps pet owners find trustworthy pet care during the holiday season

A Different Take on the Attack on Pearl Harbor

By Kelly Trevino

By Dotson Lewis Special to the Island Moon Even if delivered on time, this telegram Dotson’s Note: I believe that we Americans should never forget what happened at 7:55 merely asserted that the Japanese government a.m. (HI time), 75 years ago, next Wednesday, considered it "impossible to reach an agreement December 7th. I always thought that the through further negotiations." In his memoirs, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on Foreign Minister Togo asserted that "Japan’s December 7th. Anytime I mentioned that date, notification was legally valid because it my bride would remind me that it was actually conformed to a precedent, and the head of the December 8th. Thanks to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for many of the facts contained in this article.

Was Pearl Harbor a Sneak Attack or Did Japan Issue a Legitimate Declaration of War?

The requirement of a declaration of war prior to the commencement of hostilities was established by the Hague III Convention on the Opening of Hostilities of October 18, 1907. This treaty, which went into force on January 26, 1910, was intended to ‘ensure the maintenance of Pacific relations’ and thus asserted "that hostilities should not commence without previous warning."  More specifically, Article I holds that "hostilities . . . must not commence without previous and explicit warning, in the form of either a reasoned declaration of war or an ultimatum with conditional declaration of war." In accordance with these treaty obligations, Japan alleged that the attack on Pearl Harbor was not a "sneak" attack upon a nation at peace as the ‘FourteenPart Message’ was in fact a declaration of war. As such, the Japanese attacked only after a lawful declaration of war. There are, however, a number of problems with this argument. (The ‘Fourteen Part Message’ was the written text from Japan given to the Secretary of State of the United States on December 7.)  This supposed declaration was not delivered by the Japanese embassy in Washington, DC until after 2:00 PM, well after the commencement of the Pearl Harbor attack. The Japanese argue that this was not a breach of the prohibition on undeclared attacks as the decision to go to war was not made until immediately prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Moreover, the message was expected to be given to Secretary of State Cordell Hull prior to the attack, at the earliest time that warning could reasonably have been provided. The delay was due in part to a belated decision to deliver the message to Washington instead of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. And, although the telegram arrived at the embassy in time, problems decoding and translating it into English further added to the delay, ensuring that it would not arrive on time.

While these factors were responsible for the delays on December 7th, that caused the warning to be received after the attack, allegations that the decision to go to war was not made until just prior to the attack are not supported by the actions of the Japanese government leading up to the attack. After months of military and diplomatic planning, the decision for war with the United States was formally made on September 6th, at a conference managed by the chief advisor to Emperor Hirohito, Marquis Koichi Kido. The rough draft of the plan was submitted on September 13, 1941 and training exercises occurred for the next several months. In fact, the attack was initially set for November 21 (with the 23rd as an alternative) but Admiral Shigeru Funkodona, important in planning the attack, felt that more training was needed. Clearly, the decision to go to war was not a last second one, made when Japan felt they had no choice but to respond to the U.S. economic sanctions with force. This becomes especially clear when one considers the orders given to Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, leader of the attack: If spotted by the United States before December 6th, he was to call off the attack and return home, if spotted on December 6th, he was to use his own judgment, and if spotted on December 7th, he was committed to continue with the attack. Such orders hardly seem those given to the commander of an attack authorized only immediately beforehand.

U.S. government had no doubt that the notice meant war." Others in the Foreign Ministry clearly disagreed, as evidenced by a protocol written by the Political Affairs Bureau of October 1945 concluding that "the final memorandum submitted in Washington on December 7, 1941 did not mention the commencement of hostilities nor the exercise of freedom of action, and therefore, it could not be legally deemed as qualifying for declaration of war notice." Although the credibility of this statement is suspect given the American domination of the Japanese government after August 1945, its point is quite accurate. The ‘FourteenPart Message’ did not even definitively cease negotiations and the implication that this language in the fourteenth part is somehow a declaration of war is strained at best. Most strikingly, officials in the Japanese government were aware that this was not a proper declaration of war. In fact, the Foreign Ministry did draft a formal declaration of war which was never sent to the United States and remained buried in the Foreign Ministry’s Historical Archive until unearthed in 1997 by Professor R.J. Butow at the University of Washington.  This latter document was written by the same man who wrote the ‘Fourteen-Part Message’, Mr. Kase, then Director of American Division I in the Foreign Ministry; both documents were written at the behest of Foreign Minister Togo. At 7:55 AM, Given the existence of this true declaration of war, the sending of the ‘FourteenPart Message’ in its place is a clear sign that the Japanese government knew that the telegram was not a decisive declaration of war and yet still sent only this message prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. The only reasonable implication from these events is that the Japanese did not want to warn the Americans, yet felt honorbound to provide some form of warning. This explanation is well supported by the events of December 6-7. To ensure complete surprise, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, leader of the attack, wished the United States to be lulled by continuing negotiations. Nonetheless, he felt that prior warning was required, a view generally unsupported by the Japanese Navy which was fearful of a possible leak of the secret operation. At the Liaison Conference, held after the Imperial Conference of December 1 wherein the final decision to wage war against the United States and Great Britain was made, the Chief of the Naval Staff, Nagano, and his Vice-Chief, Ito, demanded that Togo not cease negotiations prior to the attack. However, Yamamoto’s view was supported by Foreign Minister Togo who claimed that a lack of prior notification "did not meet the standards of normal diplomatic procedures, and would harm Japan’s honor and dignity." While the message eventually sent did not truly provide prior warning, its transmission does support a belief on the part of the Japanese government that prior warning was required.    Dotson’s Other Note: It was long after that “day of infamy” that I learned that Japan had planned to declare war on the United States before the cowardly attack. It appears to me that the declaration of war did not occur until about 2 hours after the afore mentioned attack. Did any of you ever hear that Japan had declared war on us? I didn’t. As a recent Presidential candidate might say “what difference does it make?” My answer is, and I believe that most of you Monkeys would agree, anything that is history makes a difference. To save you looking it up/trying to figure it out. The time difference between Washington, DC, and Tokyo, Japan is: +14 hours. That means when it is 1:00 a.m. (midnight) in Washington DC, it is 3:00 pm in Tokyo (same calendar day). The time difference between Tokyo, Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii is -19 hours. That means when it is 8:00 a.m. in Honolulu, it is 3:00 a.m. in Tokyo (the next calendar day). “Hope I learned you” something today and that you enjoyed learning it. Your thoughts regarding this or any articles appearing in The Island Moon are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and commenting on Senior Moments. I can be reached at: and/or Land Line: 361-949-7681 Cell: 530-748-8475. Please Note: The next Veterans Roundtable Meeting will be Tuesday, December 6th, 9-11 AM, 3209 S. Staples. All Veterans, their families and anyone interested in Veterans affairs, are invited. Coffee & doughnuts are provided. Hope to see you there. Also our Veterans Radio Round Table is on the air on KEYS AM 1440, 8 – 9 AM, Saturdays. Please listen and call in. The listener/text line is: 361-560-5397…It’s your show. Hang in there/Have fun!

Regional Director, Corpus Christi Better Business Bureau of the kennel and cages. If your pet is prone For pet owners looking for a safe place to house to running away, ask about steps the kennel their furry friend, locally kenneling or boarding takes to make the facility secure. your animal is a great option. Still, the thought of leaving your family pet with strangers can Ask about interactions between animals. be worrisome. Whether you’re going out of Some kennels let animals play together while town for just the Christmas weekend or taking others keep them separate at all times. Make an extended winter vacation, Better Business sure the facility requires that all entering pets Bureau advises you to do some research to have proof of immunization. Also, ask about ensure your pet is in good hands. its policies regarding flea and tick control. According to the U.S. Humane Society, family, friends or neighbors may not have the experience or time to properly look after your pet. It’s recommended that you leave pet care to the professionals, such as a pet sitter or boarding kennel. However, it’s important to know what to look for when searching for trustworthy care. Last year, BBB received more than 350 complaints against pet day care, boarding, kenneling and sitting services nationwide. Complaints allege problems with billing, as well as concerns about the treatment of their pet. Some owners allege their pets were neglected and without access to food and water for several hours after staying with these facilities. A few even allege their pet became ill after their brief stay at certain kennels. For those looking to board their pets during the holidays, BBB offers the following tips: Ask for recommendations. Turn to friends and family members who own animals for recommendations on where they take their furry friend. Do your research, select a few kennels and confirm that there will be availability for your pet when you need it. Additionally, check out any recommendations at to see their BBB rating and history of complaints. Schedule a visit. Ask to tour the facilities and make sure the conditions are livable and in good condition. Check for cleanliness outside and inside and note the overall safety

Take notice of the staff. Ask about the background and experience of company staff and take a few moments to see how they interact with the other pets that are being boarded. Find out who will be feeding your pet and what they will be fed. Also, find out if staff members play with or take pets on daily walks, especially if you have a dog. Thoroughly read the boarding agreement. Verify it includes the feeding and exercise schedule, as well as pick up and drop off hours. Some facilities offer bathing, nail trimming and immunization as additional services. Make sure these and any other additional fees, like medical emergencies or other care, are included in the agreement. Be prepared. Before you board your pet, make sure that you have your pet’s medications and special food (if any), your veterinarian’s phone number and emergency contact numbers. If your pet has a specific meal plan or medications, make sure to write down the amount and schedule that is unique to your pet. Kelly Trevino is the regional director for the Corpus Christi/Victoria area of Better Business Bureau serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin. Kelly is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. You can reach her by phone: (361) 945-7352 or email: ktrevino@

Statewide Superintendent Salary Survey Released

A recent survey of district trends in superintendents’ salaries and benefits was released by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA). The TASB/ TASA survey conducted annually by the TASB HR Services division is the first of a series of three surveys that is the most definitive study of school district compensation and benefits practices in Texas. The information is used by policymakers at both the local and state levels to make decisions about educators’ pay. Of particular note are the following: Thirty-three percent of returning superintendents (200) did not receive a pay increase. Eighty-six percent of respondents (620) had a returning superintendent for 2016– 17. The average superintendent pay increase was 3.2 percent, up from last year’s average of 2.9 percent. The average superintendent salary for 2016–17

is $142,154, a 1.9 percent increase from 2015– 16. Average superintendent salaries range from $94,920 in districts with fewer than 500 students to $308,184 in districts with more than 50,000 students. Half of reported salaries are less than $123,015. The 2016–17 survey also reveals that superintendents have been in their current position for an average of four years and report an average of seven years of total experience as a superintendent in any district. Most superintendents (62 percent) have served in only one school district. Of the 102 districts (14 percent) with a new superintendent for 2016– 17, 63 percent hired a superintendent with no previous experience in the position. TASB is a nonprofit association established in 1949 to serve local public school boards. School board members are the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state. The districts they represent serve more than 5.3 million public school students.

Padre Island Real Estate Ticker November 1 - November 15

By Cindy Molnar Coldwell Banker Island Realtors

Waterfront Homes Sold 15850 Punta Espada 15290 Cartagena 15302 Key Largo

Interior Lot Homes/Condominiums and Duplexes 15102 Leeward #603

111 Interior Lot Townhomes/ Condominiums/Duplex’s Listed From $87,000-$389,000 Waterfront Lots 15301 Key Largo

Average Sales Price $520,000 78 Waterfront Homes Listed From $250,000-$3,500,000

Interior Lot Homes Sold 15809 Cuttysark 15677 Three Fathoms Bank 13966 Ketch 13914 Sea Horse Average Sales Price $296,125 89 Interior Lot Homes Listed From $199,000-$434,900

Waterfront Condomiums/Townhomes Sold 15405 Seamount Cay Unit A 15401 Fortuna Bay 14428 Compass #111 Average Sales Price $180,278 113 Waterfront Townhomes/Condominium/ Duplex’s Listed From $68,500-$529,000

47 Waterfront Lots Listed From $129,900-$6,000,000 Interior Lots Sold 15622 Cumana 14217 Natal Plum 13938 Longboa

Average Sales Price $45,300 68 Interior Lot Listed From $39,900$150,000 Commercial Lots 23 Commercial Lots Listed From $49,900-$4,557,465

December 1, 2016


Island Moon

Island Moon on a Spoon

Soup It UP!

By Chef Vita Jarrin

2 Small yellow squash diced

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving this year. It’s one of my favorite holidays to cook for. Later this month I’ll share my turkey recipe with you all. It came out beautiful to look at as well as moist and delicious to eat. However, I wanted to lighten up the recipe this week.

2 Tbs. Kosher Salt

Having just had a feast for the holiday I wanted to post a recipe of one of my favorite soups. Minestrone. It’s packed with flavors layered from vegetables, beans, tomatoes, basil and then topped with ribbons of parmesan cheese.

Fresh parmesan cheese for topping

The trick to a delicious soup of is making it from scratch. Using the freshest of ingredients combined with beans, herbs, flavorful stock and layering these flavors and having the patience to let the soup cook down and get creamy is another trick. It elevates the flavor from serving boiled veggies to serving real homemade, from scratch soup, just like our mother’s and grandmother’s used to make. Minestrone is one of my favorites for many reasons. For one it’s easy, because what you put in it can change at any time based on the ingredients you have at hand. It’s flexible that way. Therefore, for those of you who have a garden, you can choose whatever you harvest that season. For those of you that have canned goods in your pantry and fresh veggies on hand from the grocers, you can whip up an amazing soup just the same. In definition, Minestrone, or in Italian Minestra, is kind of a potluck soup. Let’s face it? Who doesn’t love pot luck? Feel free to use my recipe and swap out veggies or add ingredients of your choosing. Use a variety of proteins like chicken, turkey, various sausages and so forth. Add pasta, rice, grains of your choice and switch up using different beans and make it your own.

Minestrone Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 3 Tbs. Olive Oil 3 Celery Stalks diced 3 Medium Carrots diced 1 Medium Onion diced 2 Russet potatoes peeled & diced 2 Cloves Garlic minced 2 Cans (14oz) Cento Brand chopped tomatoes (use fresh when in season) Small bunch of basil roughly chopped ¼ C white wine (chardonnay) 4 to 6 C Chicken Stock (use 6 if adding starchy pasta & potatoes) 3 Tbs. Olive oil for sautéing zucchini and squash 2 Small zucchini diced

1 Tbs. fresh ground pepper 1 Can Cannellini beans Use liquid also as a thickener 1 Can Garbanzo beans Use liquid also as a thickener ½ C elbow pasta or pasta of choice Extra Virgin Olive Oil for drizzling on top before serving Crusty bread for dipping (optional)

Directions: My suggestion is to clean and dice all vegetables first. Get the rest of your ingredients ready and let the layering begin. In a soup pot, heat oil and add the onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and sauté until they become translucent. Then add garlic and stir. Add tomatoes and basil and keep stirring until the tomatoes begin to form a sauce with the vegetables as the tomatoes pieces break down. Add wine and let alcohol cook off. Add stock and cover, and bring to a simmer. For added flavor I like to sauté the zucchini and squash just enough to give them a little golden color. So heat a skillet with oil and sauté zucchini and squash. Once done add to the simmering soup pot. Bring back up to a simmer and add beans in their liquid. Let simmer overall for about 1 hour. Soup will get thicker as it cooks and this point you can adjust salt and pepper. If you like spice you can add chili flakes at this time also. If you’re adding pasta, you can add it now… However if you don’t think there is enough liquid to support the pasta, you can an extra cup of stock, bring back up to a boil and add pasta. Stir and remove from heat when pasta is al dente. Use this method if eating it immediately. If not follow my tip of the week below and I’ll teach you a little trick. Place soup in bowls and add shredded parmesan cheese, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and serve with crusty bread. This is truly a satisfying lunch or dinner meal.

Tip of the Week: Ever eat soup and the pasta in the soup looks like it blew up? Well that’s because the pasta was added when the soup was cooking and wasn’t served right away. So if cooking this soup and you want to eat normal pasta and not a balloon??? Cook the pasta separately until al dente, drain and drizzle a little oil to keep it from sticking and refrigerate. When you serve the hot soup, place a small amount of pasta at the bottom of the bowl and ladle the hot soup over it and serve. Voila!!! The pasta will be perfect every time! The ideas are endless. Most importantly… Enjoy yourself, get creative, try new things have fun!!! Happy Eats!


December 1, 2016

Island Moon

SPORTS Sports Talk Special to The Island Moon

Bingo & Texas Bingo Law By Dotson Lewis

By Andy Purvis Special to the Island Moon

Special to the Island Moon Dotson’s Note: Some ask me if I believe that Bingo is a sport. My answer is yes, it is as much of a sport as the World Series of Poker or the National Spelling Bee on ESPN; or race car driving, or watching the Olympics & NFL games on TV, etc.

Bingo a Popular Form of Gambling Bingo is one of the most popular forms of gambling played today and after having experienced a boom period in post-World War II Britain, it hit a period of decline before its conversion to the online platform breathed new life into the game.

Where It All Began In this modern era of gambling, where a wide variety of games are available to play at the touch of a single button online, it’s easy to see how games that were once popular but vanished from the public arena have now been subjected to what can only be described as a second coming. One of those games is Bingo. No doubt growing up, depending on your age, Bingo would have been either a game that was part of a huge boom around the country, in a time when prosperity was finding its feet once again after a global conflict, or a game that was slowly dying a very slow death as old father time caught up with it.

Bingo is Literally a Lottery Bingo started initially as a game in Italy way

A Blessing in Disguise

witnessed such a large amount of traffic and interest from players that it was able to launch its own website for players in 2011. In 2013, 15 Network officially launched and this enabled Bingo to move into the mobile gambling market, which has seen monthly revenues increase with every passing year. That appears to be the future of Bingo now. It’s a long way from the origins of Bingo that was played by Italians way back in the 16th century. It is a game that has endured so many evolutionary phases during its long history. The game we all know and play these days is a long shot from the game that was played when it was first invented.

Mark Twain once wrote, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” Richard didn’t look like a typical high school football coach, no scars, no limp when the weather was bad, and no yelling at the top of his voice when his team was behind. He looked more like a U.S. Senator, a bomber pilot or an astronaut. Even now, at 73 years of age, he is still built like a brick house; even his belly button has muscles.

playoff seasons, as their head coach and athletic director. Richard then became the Athletic Director at the Corpus Christi Independent School District for ten more years. When he put his fingerprints on something, you knew the results were going to be good. Richard has been associated with many different sports, including over 30 years as a basketball official. Richard left the CCISD in 2003; but after one year, he became an adjunct professor at Texas A&MCorpus Christi, helping student teachers who

The beautiful thing is that its history shows what a truly global game it is. Originating in Italy, evolving in France, being revolutionized in Britain, and becoming commercialized in the US. There is something very poetic about that. Bingo!! The Laws Regulating the Game in Texas Gambling in Texas is definitely moving in the direction of legalization. While slot machines and craps tables, not to mention other “games of chance” might not have the nod from the government yet, one form of “gambling” does exist legally in Texas--bingo. Now, when we start discussing bingo, your mind probably doesn’t go exactly to “gambling,” but, according to the Texas Legislature, bingo is

Richard Avila & me As with most of us, playing sports taught him about work ethic. It gave him a sense of discipline and taught him about sportsmanship and teamwork, all the traits he would pass on to his players. He also taught his kids that to learn, they must listen to understand, not to reply, and that one of the hardest decisions they would ever have to face in life was whether to walk away or try harder. As a coach, he had the patience of a mother, and he always gave you four quarters of truth every time. For him, success wasn’t about being the best; it was about getting better. “The best part about coaching was watching my kids mature into great citizens,” said Avila.

Straight out of Donna

back in 1530. It has been linked to originating from the Italian lottery called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. It made its way to Britain through France, and by the 18th century was being widely played up and down British towns and cities before moving into other markets including the United States. The journey through France is where the game of Bingo morphed into the form that we are all familiar with today. It resembled the French lottery game called Le Lotto and by 1778, it was one of the most popular forms of gambling in France. This then migrated to the British market as word spread of this thrilling game of chance.

Beano to Bingo The game of Bingo did not earn its name until a toy manufacturer from Long Island by the name of Edwin S Lowe popularized the game after playing it under the guise of Beano at a carnival in Georgia, USA, back in 1929. Legend has it that Lowe played the game with friends when he returned home and one of his friends was so elated by winning, that instead of shouting “Beano!” she actually shouted, “Bingo!”. Lowe decided that the game was so popular with his friends that he printed cards, increased the possible combinations on the cards, and packaged it as a game called “Bingo”. The success Lowe enjoyed from selling Bingo, then allowed him to go on and sell the iconic game of Yahtzee.

Changing the Perception When asked to explain what springs to mind when we think of Bingo then, there will be images of smoky old Bingo halls in run down towns where the seating is populated by silverhaired pensioners getting their weekly kicks outdoors. That is perhaps a slightly harsh view of the stereotype that Bingo long held. Bingo in the UK is now an industry worth an estimated £1.3 billion after all.

Online and Mobile Revolution

The impact online Bingo is having on the public opinion of the game is incredible. The first online Bingo site in the form of Cyberbingo. com was established back in 1996, but it was not until 2003 in co-ordination with the massive online poker boom that online bingo really took the step to the next level. Such was the popularity of online Bingo, that even Facebook apps such as Wonder Bingo

a game of chance that you pay to play…that’s the definition of gambling in Texas! It’s also the reason that bingo is so heavily regulated within the state. Generally speaking, this means that not just anyone can decide to host a bingo game or open a bingo hall (lawfully)—there are some serious hoops you have to jump through to have the Lottery Commission (the governing body responsible for bingo regulation) give you the okay. Texas is one of the very few states that has a constitutional provision authorizing the regulation of bingo games and halls. The Bingo Enabling Act, codified into the Occupations Code in 1999, is quite lengthy, and provides many precise definitions and directions for those wishing to operate bingo games in Texas. The Act explicitly prohibits organizations less than three years old from conducting bingo activities within the state. Even if your organization has been around for more than three years, you won’t be able to run a bingo game or hall unless you are one of the following types of organizations: fraternal orders, religious societies, non-profits dedicated to medical research, veterans’ organizations, or volunteer firefighter or EMS groups. The Texas Lottery Commission is serious about enforcing the bingo laws currently in effect, too. You can get heavily fined if you’re caught operating an unauthorized bingo game, even if it is for charitable purposes. The Lottery Commission is even receiving an extra $1.3 million in the budget this year in order to hire more auditors in the bingo division to help enforce these laws. So while bingo is really the only true form of “gambling” game authorized by the state of Texas, it’s not a free-for-all to go nuts hosting and playing bingo. Make sure that you follow the detailed procedures laid out in the Act, and if you have questions or want to get your legal ducks in a row to open or become involved with a bingo hall or bingo game, then contact the Texas Attorney General’s office. Dotson’s Other Note: Many of the so-called ‘seniors’ are addicted to Bingo. As my good friend Curtis Ford says “It is a very complicated game and takes a lot of time to learn before one can hope to be a consistent winner.” While any given Bingo game is in progress, players voice their complaints over any number of things. i.e.: caller is cheating, he/she never calls my numbers, quiet--so I can hear, and the ever present, ‘did you call #….?’ It is a waste of time trying to explain to the addicts that it is only a game. Players have been known to threaten bodily harm if a Bingo game starts late or is cancelled. HAPPY COVERALLING! Your comments, suggestions, questions and concerns regarding Sports Talk articles are greatly appreciated, please call the Benchwarmers at 361-560-5397 weekdays, Mondays thru Fridays, 5-7 PM, or contact me. Phone: 361-949-7681 Cell: 530-748-8475 Email: Have fun -30-

Richard Avila was born along with 14 other children in a poor, small, rural town located in South Texas, called Donna. He lost his dad at the age of 12, and his football coach, Earl Scott, took him under his wing. As a defensive cornerback, he could move quicker than bad news. Together with his teammates, they led the 1961 Donna Redskins’ football team to a 13-2 record and a win over the Quanah Indians 28-21, for the Texas State Championship. Their story has been placed on film, entitled “The Miracle.” There were only 18 players on the team, and ten of those were Mexican-Americans. This team battled poverty, discrimination and some pretty good football teams. Avila graduated from Pan American University. He served as defensive coordinator at Edinburg High School, on seven different playoff football teams, and led Donna High School to two more

want to enter the coaching profession. Avila is a member of the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association, and the Rio Grande Valley Sports Hall of Fame. In July of 2016, Richard Avila was inducted into the Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Honors. He joins his old coach, Earl Scott. You should see his ring. I met Richard at an Islanders’ tip-off luncheon. We became instant friends, as he enjoyed reading one of my books. As kids, we both enjoyed Mickey Mantle as our favorite athlete. Getting next to Richard Avila makes you feel like you are close to a really dynamic person: someone special. The room just feels better with him in it. Richard Avila loves his family of five children and ten grandchildren, and he has enjoyed playing at life as much as he did football. He has been a real blessing in disguise for a lot of folks, including me. Andy Purvis is a local author and radio personality. Please visit www.purvisbooks. com for all the latest info on his books or to listen to the new radio podcast. Andy’s books are available online and can be found in the local Barnes & Noble bookstore. Andy can be contacted at Also listen to sports talk radio on Dennis & Andy’s Q & A Session from 6-8 PM on 1230 AM, 96.1 FM and 103.3 FM. The home of the Houston Astros.

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Island Moon

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Kelby and Savannah Boultinghouse were married in Playa del Carmen La Esmeralda on November 16 with James and Claire Haney attending.

Gardening: Island Style

The Island Gardeners chose Carol and Charles Farling, 14329 Aquarius, as Yard of the Month for November. They have established fruit trees, including Valley lemon, papaya and Philippine lime.  They also have producing pineapples, grape vines and vegetable garden.  The Farlings make their own compost. To suggest a yard of the month contact Dianne Gimpel, 361-563-0951.

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Island Moon

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Open Sunday, 12/4/16  2‐5 p.m. 

15958 Punta Espada 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 car garage. 2,575 sq. ft. Upgraded granite, lots of lighting. Double oven. $386,000. Charlie 361-4432499.

14521 Cabana East #401 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths townhome within walking distance to Schlitterbahn Waterpark. Fully furnished. Covered patio. $184,900 Terry Cox 361-549-7703.

Spinnaker #216 - Updated 2/2 condo located on the water. Granite counter tops, fireplace, boat slip. 1 block from Schlitterbahn, short term rentals allowed. $239,000. Kellye 361-522-0292.

Beachfront Condos! Incredible views of the Gulf of Mexico. Floor to ceiling windows. #805–1/1 top floor. #202—2/2 corner unit. Carrie 361-949-5200.

15233 Reales 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage waterfront home. Fresh exterior and interior paint. 1,667 sq. ft. $339,000. Charlie Knoll 443-2499.

Sale Pending 

Surfside Condos #121 first floor unit, steps from the pool and beach. 2/1 in the rental program. Fully furnished. Call Shonna 510-3445 or Cheryl 563-0444 for more information.

15821 Punta Espada 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 car garage. 2,500 sq. ft. Room for a pool. East facing backyard. Upgraded granite, lots of lighting. $375,000. Charlie 361-443-2499.

Vacation Home with waterviews! Adorable A-frame. 2/2/2 plus bonus room and sun room. Detached garage. Large landscaped yard. $199,900. Carrie Downs 361-949-5200.

New Seaquist Home 3-2-2. Open airy floor plan, split bedrooms. East facing patio. Room for RV/boat. Minutes from the beach. Ready in September. Call Cheryl 361-563-0444.

Superbly and Totally remodeled Gulfstream unit #619 - prime location with tremendous view. Third price reduction, $290,000. Dorothy 361-563-8486.

Condos, Condos, Condos

Check Out these Condos available in Wonderful Complexes allowing Short Term Rentals! Marquesas #306 2/2 unit $199,900 Compass Condo 2-2-1 on water. Being sold unfurnished. 2nd floor unit, elevator. Move in ready. Call Cheryl 563-0444 for an appointment. $219,900.

15202 Main Royal 3/2/2 East facing with 90’ on the water, a covered boatlift, open floor plan with 2 dining areas, $389,900. Call Cindy Molnar 549-5557.

Nice Canal Townhome. Open plan 3/2.5/1. Master down, boat lift, electric & roll down shutters. Large decks. 13901 Mingo Cay #8. Call Pam Morgan 361-215-8116.

15821 Vincent 3/2/2 interior lot home. New carpet in bedrooms. Freshly painted. Open airy floorplan. Granite countertops in kitchen. Call Cheryl 563-0444.

13953 Blackbeard 3/2/2 waterfront home with 1,589 sq. ft. North facing exposure. Open airy floorplan. Deck and dock set up for sailboat. $314,900. Charlie 361-443-2499.

14901 Canadian Mist 4/2.5/2 with 2,342 sq. ft. of living space. Backs up to a pond and the golf course. Two stories with master located down. $270,000. Charlie 443-2499.

Mystic Harbor #308 1/1 $119,000

Beach Club Condos One bedroom, one bath units #285 $129,900 #334 $119,000 Two bedroom, two bath units #262 $179,900 #375 $162,900 Studio #394 $119,000 #291 $105,000

Call Charlie 443-2499 or Terry 549-7703 to view!

15350 Yardarm — 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath waterfront home with two living areas and two dining areas. Boat dock. Tile roof, stucco construction. $399,000. Terry 5497703.

14945 S. Padre Island Dr.  Corpus Chris�, TX  78418  (361) 949‐2131   (877) 269‐2131 

13830 Hawksnest Bay completely updated inside/out 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 dining, 3 living, over 4500 sq. ft., $725,000. Cindy Molnar 549-5557 to preview.

Open Sunday, 12/4/16  2‐5 p.m. Superior Service, Outstanding Reputa�on since 1999  Looking for Professional Long Term Property Management Services?  Our services include:   Tenant Qualifying   Collec�ons of Rents   Coordina�ng Repairs & Maintenance   Professional Itemized Monthly Statements    Marke�ng/Adver�sing 

13722 A La Entrada 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 car garage w/3,769 sq. ft. located on a wide canal. Gourmet kitchen, dramatic fireplace, cathedral ceilings, office & more! $1,150,000. Charlie 443-2499.

556 N. Bayberry Pl. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home near FBISD. Ready to move in. Large backyard and carport. Very clean. $145,000. Jody 281-731-6027 or Kellye 361-5220292.

Open Sunday, 12/4/16  2‐5 p.m. 

Looking for Long Term Rental Property?  Below are some of our available rentals: 

15002 Leeward #5306  2/2  $1000   

14434 Cabana #208  2/2  $1500   


14861 SPID #113  3/2.5/2   $1650   

15233 Reales  3/2/2  $1900 

15214 Caravel  3/2/2 $1850 

13705 Cayo Gorda  4/3.5/2  $3200 

Beach Breeze #503  3/2.5/1  $1650 

Mys�c Harbor  #207  1/1 $1000 

 14214 Ambrosia #102  3/2/1  $1500 

Great investment! Duplex each with 3/2/1, plus an oversized RV/ Boat garage. 12’x73’x15’. Spacious open floor plans. Ceramic tile. Carrie 361-949-5200.

13854 Doubloon 3/2/2 waterfront with 2nd dining or study, multi-level deck w/bar and boat lift plus many extras, $429,900. Cindy Molnar 549-5557.

New One Story home by RT Bryant offers three bedrooms, two full baths. Large master, hurricane windows, tile floors, granite counters. $244,900. Terry 549-7703.

Open Sunday, 12/4/16  2‐5 p.m. 

Open Sunday, 12/4/16  2‐5 p.m. 

14929 Schooner 3-2-2 interior home. Full of light and space. Split bedrooms. Bonus room. Tile and carpet. 1,753 sq. ft. Plantation shutters. Call Cheryl 563-0444.

Gorgeous 3/2/2, 2014 built at quiet South end, no thru traffic. Split bedrooms, open floor plan, sharp MBR suite, superb kitchen. 1,658 sq. ft. Mark 688-4320.

Looking for Vaca�on Rental Services you can trust?    Call Padre Escapes, Padre Island’s Premier Vaca�on Rental Company at 361‐949‐0430  Visit us online at    email at vaca� 

Beach Club One bedroom furnished. Move in ready. 3rd floor view of Lake Padre. Outstanding amenities. Short/long term rentals allowed. Call Cheryl.

Sale Pending 

13530 Queen Johanna 3/3.5 custom waterfront Mediterranean retreat. 2 masters, cook’s kitchen, dual zone A/C and high impact windows. Call Cheryl/Tony.

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