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Gin & Mix the perfect match

the perfect match of small batch Scottish gin with lightly carbonated pure and seasonal fruit juices In two interesting flavours



Cinchona bark (natural quinine), lemongrass and pressed lemons.

Clementine oranges, grapefruit and pressed lemons.

A refreshing twist on the traditional Gin & Tonic

A tangy natural drink – could this be your breakfast gin

Only 66 calories per bottle

Only 77 calories per bottle @ginandmix



in is the spirit of the moment and what better time to bring out our first publication to highlight some great gin serves. We have straightforward Gin & Tonic recommendations as well as various other serves and cocktails too. We also feature some great gin brands – newly created and long established. So why not try out some of these drinks with your customers? I’m sure they will love them. Susan Young Editor

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East Coast Negroni Breathe new life into this classic aperitif, with the briny botanicals in Edinburgh Seaside Gin and a hint of grapefruit to tempt the taste buds.

Ingredients • 25ml Seaside Edinburgh Gin • 25ml Suze • 25ml Campari • 3 dashes grapefruit bitters • sea salt and rosemary to garnish

Method Frost the rim of the glass with rock salt and rosemary. Fill the glass with ice before adding all ingredients. Stir with a bar spoon until well mixed. Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.


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Sunny Intervals xxxxxxx Recreate the bliss of lazy summer afternoons with this refreshing blend of citrus and elderflower.

Ingredients • 40ml Edinburgh Gin • 2  0ml Edinburgh Gin’s Elderflower Liqueur • 20ml freshly squeezed orange juice • 20ml lemon juice • 10ml sugar syrup

Method Add all the ingredients to a tall glass and stir. Fill the glass with ice. Add a splash of tonic water. Garnish with an orange twist.

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The Martinez Made with Edinburgh Cannonball Gin, this bartenders’ favourite is the epitome of classic simplicity.

Ingredients • 35ml Cannonball Edinburgh Gin • 35ml Cinzano Rosso • 5ml Maraschino • 2 dashes orange bitters • orange twist to garnish

Method Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice. Stir carefully until well combined. Strain into a Nick & Nora or Martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist.


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Boodles Pink Grapefruit G&T Boodles is a proper British London Dry gin which is perfectly balanced. It has a unique botanical make-up which delivers a crisp and herbaceous taste. Boodles Gin contains no citrus botanicals this means it pairs perfectly with an array of garnishes and mixers.

Ingredients • 50ml Boodles gin • 1  70ml Fentimans pink grapefruit tonic • Grapefruit slice to garnish.

Method Build over cubed ice in a 350ml highball glass, stir and garnish with a grapefruit slice.

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Everlasting xxxxx Love Ingredients • x 4 raspberries • 1 drop rose water (optional) • 35-50ml Eden Mill Love Gin • 100ml lychee Juice • 15ml Pink grapefruit juice

Method Crush raspberries in glass, 3/4 fill with cubed ice, add and stir ingredients together, top with crushed ice, garnish with raspberry and dried hibiscus petals.


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Apricot Stone Sour Ingredients • 1/2 egg white • 2 tsp apricot jam • 35-50ml Eden Mill Oak Gin • 25ml Lemon juice • 20ml Fresh satsuma juice • 15ml Simple syrup

Method Fill shaker with ice and ingredients, shake and strain into glassware over ice. Garnish with dried apricot and lemon zest filaments.

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Wild Island Gin and Tonic Ingredients • 5  0ml of Wild Island Botanic Gin • Lots of good cubed ice • 1  00ml of a clean, neutral tonic water (Fentimans or Fever Tree’s Naturally Light Tonic are very good) • Slice of fresh lemon • Twist of lemon peel • Sprig of mint

Method Add the ice to high ball glass followed by the gin. Add the lemon slice before pouring in the tonic and stirring gently.Finish with a twist of lemon peel and a sprig of mint for aroma. Serve and enjoy.


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Southside A classic early Prohibition-era cocktail named after the notorious South Side district of Chicago. More recently described as the “Gin Mojito” it requires just a few high quality ingredients and a citrus-led premium gin like Wild Island Botanic Gin is perfect.

Ingredients • 5  0ml of Wild Island Botanic Gin • 25ml lime juice • 20ml sugar syrup • 8 mint leaves.

Method Combine all ingredients in a shaker with plenty of ice and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Double strain into a chilled coupe or champagne flute and garnish with a sprig of mint. Add soda to create the alternative “Southside Fizz”

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Bee’s Knees Ingredients • 60ml Porter’s • 20ml Lemon juice • 2  0ml Honey Syrup (or 2 teaspoons of honey)

Method Shake with ice and double strain into cocktail glass


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Glover Garden Ingredients • 25ml Porter’s • 25ml Midori • 15ml Cointreau • 20ml Lime Juice • 20ml Lemon Juice • 10ml Gomme • Egg White

Method Shake with ice and double strain into a cocktail glass

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Private pool Ingredients • 50ml Silent Pool Gin • 25ml Pink grapefruit juice • 15ml Lime juice • 10ml Honey • 5ml Maraschino liqueur • 75ml Soda • Glass: Tall glass

Method Add all ingredients to a talk glass with cubed ice, and stir to mix evenly Garnish: 2 Cherries


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Gin Mare Perfect Serve Ingredients • 50ml Gin Mare • Topped up with 1724 tonic • Plenty of ice • G  arnish with a twist of orange and rosemary

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The Orkney Bluebell A family run business, Orkney Gin Company draws inspiration from a rich history of island tradition and folklore. Our award winning gins are meticulously hand-crafted in ultra-small batches using seven times distilled premium grain spirit and a blend of the finest botanicals from our shores and beyond.

Ingredients • 50ml Gin • 25ml Lime Juice • 25ml Crème de cassis • 2tsps Caster Sugar • Blueberries • Mint leaves

Method A new take on the classic Bramble. Shake the gin, lime juice and sugar with ice. Pour into a glass over ice and garnish with blueberries and mint leaves. Pour crème de cassis over slowly to create a gradient effect.


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The Aviation Newly launched Boe Violet Gin is the inspiration behind Boe Gin Aviation, a classic cocktail. A sexy drink served straight up, in a cocktail glass.

Ingredients • Boe Violet Gin 50ml • Maraschino liqueur 12ml • Lemon juice 12ml

Method Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry. Served: Straight up; without ice Standard garnish: Cherry Drinkware: Cocktail glass

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One Gin perfect serve A British Gin inspired by the world, for the world. Just as chaos theory suggests that the tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wing can trigger a cyclone on the other side of the world, every bottle of One Gin funds life changing water projects in the world’s poorest communities.

Ingredients • P eter Spanton No.9 cardamom tonic • fresh apple slices • Sage leave

Method Poured over ice


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The brands Boe Gin It might be produced in the village of Doune in Stirlingshire, but Boe Gin look to the Netherlands in the 16th century for their inspiration, naming their brand after Franz de la Boe, the man often alleged to have created gin. Their headline act, Superior Gin, scooped a Silver Medal at the World Gin Awards 2014, but the ‘Boe family’ also includes a Violet Gin, a Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur and a Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur. @Boe_Gin /boegin

Boodles Gin Boodles is a quintessential proper British gin, made with labour and patience. A perfectly balanced London Dry gin with a unique botanical make-up delivering a clean, crisp and herbaceous taste. Containing no citrus in the its botanical recipe means its works with an array of garnishes and mixers. @BoodlesGin /BoodlesGin

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Cannonball Gin ‘Punchy’ is the main adjective Edinburgh Gin use to describe their Cannonball range, and with a 57.2% ABV, it isn’t hard to see what they’re getting at. Head distiller David Wilkinson and his team take a forensic, intellectual approach and Cannonball is no exception, inspired by Edinburgh Castle’s One O’Clock Gun and modelled on the British Navy’s historic style of gin production. Containing Szechuan pepper and double the amount of juniper used in the brand’s flagship Edinburgh Gin, Cannonball lends itself to a gamut of seafaring-themed cocktails. @Edinburgh_Gin /edinburghgin

Edinburgh Gin A classic big juniper gin with a twist, Edinburgh gin is batch distilled in a hand-beaten copper pot still using 12 classic botanicals. Its distinctively Scottish character comes from Scottish juniper, pine heather and milk thistle. Only the finest quality ingredients are used to produce a refreshing clean, crisp gin. Edinburgh Gin also produce a delicious Raspberry Liqueur, a tangy Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur and the new Plum & Vanilla Liqueur, all of which are ideal cocktail ingredients. @Edinburgh_Gin /edinburghgin

Eden Mill Established in 2012 but working out of a premises with a history of distilling dating all the way back to 1810, Eden Mill St Andrews is a distillery, a brewery and a top tourist attraction rolled into one. Cleverly making use of their geographical proximity to the Home of Golf, Eden Mill’s Golf Gin range is sold in a cute carrier that resembles a golf bag. They also produce seasonal gins such as Botano, inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean. @EdenMill /edenmillstandrews


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Gin Mare Brought to you by a genuine dynasty of the spirit industry – the Giro Ribot family – Gin Mare oozes Mediterranean tradition and class. Its origins are almost too good to be true – the pot still standing in a small chapel in a small Spanish fishing town, Vilanova, near Barcelona. Born in 2007, the gin utilises the best Spanish ingredients, pairing arbequina olives with sweet oranges from Seville and lemons from Lleida. @ginMare /GinMare

One Gin One Gin may only have launched earlier this year but has more than enough striking features to distinguish itself in a crowded market, from the nine botanicals that go into it to a finish evocative of black tea – not to mention the seven times it’s refined under the auspices of renowned distiller Sarah Thompson in Sussex. @OneDifference /onedifference

Orkney Gin Company A family run business, Orkney Gin Company draws inspiration from a rich history of island tradition and folklore. These award winning gins are meticulously hand-crafted in ultra-small batches using seven times distilled premium grain spirit and a blend of the finest botanicals from Orkney and beyond. /orkneygincompany

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Silent Pool Gin You simply couldn’t ask for a more idyllic location than the one Silent Pool Gin is made in, near a secluded lake in south-east England, and the gin itself isn’t half-bad either. Produced in a hand-built copper still imported from Germany and stainless steel tanking sourced from Slovenia, Silent Pool is packed with 24 botanicals and enriched with local honey. Admiral Collingwood Navy Strength Gin and English Rose Finest Dry Gin are amongst the Surrey outfit’s other offerings. @SilentPoolGin /SilentPoolGin

Porter’s Gin Devised and created in Aberdeen by friends Ben Iravani, Alex Lawrence and Josh Rennie, Porter’s Gin is the end result of a collision between youthful exuberance and technical precision. Everyone from Chinese farmers to the University of Aberdeen’s Professor Andrew Porter – hence the name – were consulted back at the gin’s genesis, and the trio at the helm believe that their use of a rotary evaporator, allied with an attention to small details perhaps neglected by the bigger brands, makes their product worthy of the description ‘a truly fantastic liquid’. @PortersGin /PortersGin

Wild Island Botanic Gin Many’s the gin brand that can boast of sourcing their botanicals from far-flung corners of the world, but hand-foraging them from Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides? Wild Island might just stand alone in that regard. Produced in traditional single copper pot stills, Wild Island has a strong citrus-ey character underpinned by a lemon base and a touch of lemon balm. They even suggest that it’s served with a slice of lemon and a twist of lemon peel. @WildIslandGin /wildislandgin


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