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Welcome to our Winter Warmers


here is nothing better in the winter months than a great drink to keep you warm. This Wee Cocktail Guide has some simple but great tasting cocktails which you can add to your drinks menu. I’ve already tried a few and I can certainly vouch for them. I am sure your customers will enjoy them too. If you would like some more copies of this guide just contact us at Enjoy! Susan Young Editor

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Three Wood Hot Chocolate Auchentoshan Three Wood


Spiced Gold Crumble Captain Morgan’s Original






RED SNAPPER Britvic Tomato Juice


WINTER WARMER Britvic Orange Juice





Pusser’s Rum Gun Powder Proof




Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Tia Maria

Three Wood Hot Chocolate INGREDIENTS • 1 large cup of milk • 35 ml Auchentoshan Three Wood • 3 - 4 Heaped teaspoons of a high quality Hot Chocolate powder • 2 tablespoons of Scottish double cream

METHOD Add the chocolate powder into a glass teacup. Heat your milk to boiling point on the stove. Fold the hot milk into the powder, adding your measure of Three Wood and stir briskly anticlockwise until thick. To serve add freshly whipped cream.



Spiced Gold Crumble INGREDIENTS • 35ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold • 110 ml Apple Juice • 10ml Ginger Ale • 1 Slice of Apple

METHOD Fill a glass with ice, pour Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, apple juice and ginger ale into the glass and garnish with apple.


Kentucky Sour INGREDIENTS • 25ml Disaronno • 25ml Bourbon • 20ml lemon juice • 20ml egg white • 2 dashes Angostora Bitters • Garnish: Lemon wheel • Garnish: Glazed Cherry

METHOD Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and dry shake to create a nice frothy texture. Add ice to the shaker and shake well. Strain over cubed ice into a rocks glass. Drop two dashes of angostura bitters on top and garnish with a glazed cherry and lemon slice.



THE PERFECT STORM INGREDIENTS • 50ml Kraken • 150ml Ginger Beer • Squeeze of lime

METHOD Fill the glass with ice, add Kraken, top with ginger beer and add a squeeze of fresh lime.


RED SNAPPER INGREDIENTS • 50ml gin • 15ml lemon juice • 15ml Reggae Reggae/ Hot Sauce • 160ml Britvic Tomato Juice

METHOD Rim the glass with salt and black pepper to spice. Shake all the ingredients together and double strain into a coupette.



WINTER WARMER INGREDIENTS • 25ml red wine • 25ml spiced rum • 120ml - 160ml Britvic Orange Juice

METHOD Pour spiced rum and Britvic orange juice into the glass over ice and slowly pour in the red wine to create a natural deep red layer. Add an orange wedge or cinnamon stick to garnish.


Maids a Milking INGREDIENTS • 100ml Full Fat Milk • 35ml Old J Spiced • 25ml Briotet Chestnut Liqueur • 20ml Cinnamon Syrup • Sprinkle of Cinnamon powder to garnish

METHOD Add all ingredients with plenty of ice to a large glass and stir continuously for one minute until the liquid is cold. Pour into a tumbler over ice and sprinkle with cinnamon.



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Quest and Conquer INGREDIENTS • 250ml Pusser’s Rum Gun Powder Proof • 40ml Red Wine • 10ml Port • 1 tea spoon brown sugar • Pinch of All Spice • Zest of 1 orange • 50ml Captain’s Tea (see below)


1. Put the brown sugar in the pan on low heat. 2. Add 20ml of Pusser’s Rum and light it up. 3. Put a pinch of all spice in it. Squeeze the orange zest oils in the fire and drop it in. 4. Add the rest of the rum and finally the port and wine to put down the fire. 5. Add the tea and pour it in a glass tea mug. 6. Garnish with orange zest and a cracker with blue cheese spread and slice of pineapple on the top. CAPTAIN’S TEA English breakfast tea brewed with red chilli, fresh ginger, lemon grass, orange zest and lemon zest. (Alternatively brew Teapigs Chilli Chai teabag with lemongrass, orange & lemon zest for 5 minutes.)


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GLOWING PUMPKIN INGREDIENTS • 20ml Pumpkin Re’al • 200ml good quality, dry, bottled English cider • 1 teaspoon fine-cut marmalade • Cinnamon stick • Slice of fresh apple

METHOD Heat the cider gently then thoroughly stir in the Pumpkin Re’al and the marmalade. Pour into a thick, stubby glass tumbler, pop in the apple slice and stir well with a cinnamon stick, leaving it in the glass to stir and sip while it’s steaming hot.



Salted Caramel Espresso Martini INGREDIENTS • 25ml Tia Maria • 25ml Vodka • 25ml Espresso Shot • 5ml Caramel Syrup • 3 Coffee beans • Pinch of salt

METHOD Pour all ingredients into a boston shaker, fill with ice. Shake hard in order to create the perfect creme on top. Double strain into a martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans


Brand info AUCHENTOSHAN AUCHENTOSHAN is truly unique as it is the only distillery to use a third still in the whisky making process. It means Auchentoshan is the only Single Malt Scotch whisky to triple distil every single drop. This third distillation takes the new spirit to 81.5% ABV (not 70% which is achieved through only distilling twice) making it the highest distillate of any Scottish distillery.

BRITVIC ORANGE JUICE BRITVIC ORANGE JUICE from concentrate, available in 160ml glass bottles, is the ideal mixer for a range of drinks and cocktails or as a standalone serve. Its classic and refreshing taste means it is an essential item for your outlet’s refrigerator at all times.

BRITVIC TOMATO JUICE BRITVIC TOMATO JUICE is not just for Bloody Marys – try using its unique flavour to develop your own cocktails to suit all tastes. Enjoyed by many consumers on its own as well as in mixed drinks, this 160ml glass bottle is a must-stock throughout the year.

CAPTAIN MORGAN ORIGINAL Blended to an age-old recipe, CAPTAIN MORGAN is the product of Caribbean sugar cane; its dark colour and rounded caramel and vanilla notes making it deliciously recognisable. After being triple distilled, Captain Morgan is matured in charred American oak barrels that help to create its distinctive dark qualities, rich layers of flavour and harmonious blend of clove and caramel notes.



DISARONNO DISARONNO is the world’s favourite Italian liquor and a symbol of Made in Italy for over 500 years. Featuring an original taste and unmistakable aroma, it stands out on the world stage with distribution in more than 160 countries. The Disaronno bottle has a unique design and a cap which lends elegance and modernity, embellished with a golden label that enhances its contemporary style. Disaronno is a pleasure to enjoy on the rocks as well as in its various mixed versions, including the Disaronno Sour. Recognizable and versatile, it makes every cocktail one of a kind.

THE KRAKEN THE KRAKEN is imported Black Rum from the Caribbean blended with spices. Named for the Sea Beast of myth and legend, The Kraken Rum is bold, rich, black and smooth. Kraken tastes great as a shot, on the rocks or with your favourite mixer.

OLD J SPICED RUM In 1740 Admiral Edward Vernon enforced a reduction in the strength of the British Navy´s rum ration. When his men complained, Vernon suggested the addition of limes and sugar to make the drink more enjoyable. “OLD J” has been created in honour of this unlikely mixologist who was known as “Old Grog”. “Old J” however brings Vernon ´s concept into the 21st Century by using the finest Caribbean Rum combined with it’s Secret Blend of Spices, Sugar, Vanilla and Persian Lime.


Brand info PUSSER’S PUSSER’S is the original Royal Navy rum, not just dark rum. Navy style rum by definition must contain rum drawn from pot stills in the region of the Demerera Valley, hence, the nickname of “the valley of the Navy rum”. There are only two production capacity wooden pot stills in the world and both are located in Guyana at the Diamond Distillery. Pusser’s Rum uses a large proportion of this pot still rum in its blend

RE’AL The new RE’AL line boasts favourites such as Blueberry, Mango, Peach, Strawberry and Raspberry, as well as more unusual flavours including Pumpkin, Ginger and Agave Nectar. The product benefits for Re’al Cocktail Ingredients are simple but compelling: • Flavourful • Mixable • Squeezable • Long-lasting

TIA MARIA The legend of TIA MARIA dates back to the mid-17th century, when a Spanish aristocrat fled the turmoil colonial war brought to Jamaica. Her maid saved one family treasure, a small jewellery box with black pearl earrings and an ancient manuscript with the recipe for a mysterious liqueur. The recipe was named after the courageous woman: Tia Maria. It was rediscovered in the 1950s by Dr. Kenneth Leigh Evans, who began to produce and market it. Still made to the original Caribbean recipe by Illva Saronno and distributed in over 60 countries, Tia Maria is a free eclectic spirit which fits effortlessly into a modern lifestyle.



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DRAM Winter Cocktails 2015  
DRAM Winter Cocktails 2015