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55 Spring/Summer Trend Release

50 The International Hair Show

4 Inspirational Moments Minding Your Mentality 7 Education Is Key 10 Women Superintendents to Watch An All-Women School Board in WS/FCS 10 Business & Entrepreneurship A Look at Today's Women in Banking What Should You Do before the Tax Man Knocks 18 Health & Wellness A Woman's Love The Importance of Eating Healthy for Women 23 Political Awareness Meet Maryland State Delegate Joseline PeñaMelnyk 29 Community Outreach Monthly Awareness

32 Authors Speak How To Become a Best-selling Author 43 Travel & Real Estate The Top 5 Reasons (Excuses) For Not Traveling Abroad

58 The Sports Report With Lady K March Madness

38 Chief Tiffany D. Green The first woman to serve in the position of Fire Chief in Prince George's County, MD

61 Performing Arts Casting Director Simone Walker




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Vision & Purpose Lifestyle Magazine “Inspiring Our Community” VISION & PURPOSE MAGAZINE | 3

Inspirational Moments

BY TAMKEA L. CHAPMAN Will people think enough of me to take me

Have you ever had that feeling where you just didn’t know how things were going to turn out,

seriously? Will they support me or watch me fail? Why do I think I’m not good enough to be

but you knew that you couldn’t give up? What


about feeling like things were taking too long to happen, but you knew you had to keep going?


you haven’t already seen success, you will see it because you have shown that you have the determination to persevere through your obstacles. Many times, people think of an obstacle as a physical thing, but that’s not all obstacles.

Obstacles come in many forms and,

most times, those obstacles are our own

These are all self-limiting beliefs that we have allowed to keep us stuck and stagnate for too long! Your obstacles are not the people; your ONLY obstacle is the way you currently think. I’ve always told people that when you “change your mindset, you will change your life.” And those of us who have done the work are now living our best blessed lives.

mentality. For too long, we have allowed our thoughts to control our lives and limit our abilities in the what, when, where, why and how.What will people think of me if I do this or do that? What will they say if I fail?

When will I have the time,

energy or money to put towards my goals?

Changing your mindset is the hardest thing to do, but it's required if you want to break the cycle of fear and doubt that has plagued you for years. And when times get hard, think about how bad you really want to achieve your goal and your WHY behind achieving that goal, it makes perseverance that much easier.


MINDING YOUR OWN MENTALITY pray. meditate. journal.

The easiest way to start

cherish you, appreciate you

changing your mindset is to

and acknowledge you for all

feed it positivity. Start your

the good that you are doing

day with a positive thought.

on the inside.

Pray. Meditate. Journal.

The time is now to break free

These are all positive ways

from all things which means

that you can start your day.

you no good. It’s time to say

But you can’t stop there!

goodbye to the fears and

You must do this throughout

doubts that have kept our

the day, while adding more

minds in captivity. It’s time

positivity to the mix. You

to say NO to every person,

must speak positivity into

place or thing that we know

yourself until who you

will not bring us joy and

desire to be is who you

happiness in 2020. It’s time

become. There will be many

to stop allowing fear and

days that you won’t have an

doubt to cancel our goals,

audience; however, you must

dreams and aspirations!

learn to celebrate you,

my question to you is “Are

Tameka Chapman is an awardwinning international speaker,


bestselling author, Perseverance Mindset Coach and International Talk Show Host of Woman On The Verge.

you minding your own mentality?” VISION & PURPOSE MAGAZINE | 5


en om W

School Superintendents to Watch By: Dr. Sharon H. Porter

Education is Key

There was a slight increase of the percentage of women superintendents in the past decade, from 24.1% in 2010 to 26.68% in 2020 — (AASA) For this inaugural edition of Vision & Purpose

I have chosen ten women superintendents that are

LifeStyle Magazine during Women History Month

definitely worthy of watching. These educational

2020, Education Is Key will feature 10 Women

leaders are doing amazing work in their school

School Superintendents from across the United

district as well as in the community.

States that are making a difference in their school districts. The school superintendent, oftentimes known as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Â is essentially the face and voice of a school district.

The role of the superintendent is complex. Establishing working relationships with interest groups as well as maintaining open, honest, and transparent communication with all stakeholders is

As an educator for over 25 years in three school


districts and two states, I have worked for many superintendents; men and women, in my role as

Future editions will feature these educational

classroom teacher, central office administrator,

leaders individually to give you an opportunity to

assistant principal, and principal. It is exciting to

get to know exactly who they are and understand

see in recent years, the number of women chosen to

the work they do to ensure their district is keeping

lead school districts, large and small, urban,

children's best interest first.

suburban, and in rural districts. Allow me to introduce Vision & Purpose LifeStyle For the past five years, I have researched Women in

Magazine's 2020 10 Women School

Educational Leadership and have followed the work

Superintendents To Watch!

of many women leaders in education.

Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon) is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, publisher, and host of Education FIRST Interview Show. She is the CEO of Perfect Time SHP LLC and Executive Director of the Next In Line to Lead Aspiring Principal Leadership Academy (APLA). Dr. Sharon is Co-Founder and owner of Vision & Purpose Lifestyle Magazine.

To learn more about Dr. Sharon visit


en om W

School Superintendents to Watch Dr. Sharon L. Conterras

Dr. Penelope DeLeon

Guilford County Schools Greensboro, NC

Oxnard Union High School District Oxnard, CA

Dr. Tahira A. Dupree Chase

Dr. Angela P. Hairston

Greenburgh Central School District Hartsdale, NY

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Mary L. Young Warren County Schools Warrenton, NC

Dr. Diana Mitchell Plainfield Public Schools Plainfield, NJ

Dr. Teresa Lance Thornton Fractional High School District 215 Lansing, IL

Dr. Meria Carstarphen Atlanta Public Schools Atlanta, GA

Dr. Lory Morrow Lincoln County Schools Lincolnton, NC

Dr. Sonja Santelises Baltimore City Schools Baltimore, MD







Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is the

The WS/FCS BOE is comprised of nine members

fourth largest school district in North Carolina

that are elected from two districts within the

and the 81st largest in the U.S.

county and three members are at-large. The current members are Malishai Woodbury, Chair,

In 2018 , history was made in Winston-

Lida Calvert-Hayes, Vice Chair, and board

Salem/Forsyth County Schools (WS/FCS). For the

members Barbara Burke, Andrea Bramer,

first time in the school system's history, the board

Dana Caudill Jones, Leah Crowley, Deanna

was and is currently comprised of only women. WS/FCS was formed in 1963 by the merger of the Winston-Salem School System and the Forsyth County School System, making it the fourth largest school district in North Carolina.

Kaplan, Elizabeth Motzinger, and Marilyn Parker.

The WS/FCS Board of Education joins a short list of school districts whose members are currently all women. Women make up more than 40 percent of school boards. While this representation is more

As a product of WS/FCS and a former middle school principal in that district, I am extremely

equitable than most governing groups in the United States, studies suggest women voices still often aren't heard (Education Week 2014). This,

proud to know that the system is also currently led by a woman, an African-American woman,

undoubtedly, has changed those statistics with an all female school board serving in WS/FCS.

Dr. Angela P. Hairston, which is another first for the school district.

Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon) is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, publisher, and host of Education FIRST Interview Show. She is the CEO and Founder of Perfect Time SHP LLC and Executive Director of the Next In Line to Lead Aspiring Principal Leadership Academy (APLA). Dr. Sharon is Co-Founder and owner of Vision & Purpose Lifestyle Magazine.To learn more about Dr. Sharon visit


Photo Courtesy of Industrial Bank


The banking industry today is still

“Industrial Bank of Washington,

known to be dominated by men

D.C. has always stood for

and said to be, “it’s a man’s

community banking” said Ms.

world”. We all have heard the old

Patricia A. Mitchell, the

cliché a thousand times over, that

granddaughter of Mr. Jesse H.

“the numbers game is a man

Mitchell, the original founder of

game” especially in the banking

Industrial Bank back in 1934 “and


we have continued to grow our

"Industrial Bank of Washington, D.C. has always stood for community banking."

“We have continued to grow our banks on this same principle today; community first.”

banks on this same principal today, community first”.



President Roosevelt had closed all banks during this time and all banks had to re-

Industrial Bank opens in 1934.

establish themselves and had to have permission by the government to reopen. Sadly enough, Industrial Savings Bank was never granted permission by the government to reopen.

So now, that means there was no black

Mr. Jesse H. Mitchell and a few other men opened Industrial Bank in 1934.

owned bank in Washington, D.C. and now black people were only allowed to deposit their money in banks but were not allowed to get loans. So, at this point what were the black people of Washington, D.C. going to do?

This is when her grandfather, Mr. Jesse H. Mitchell and some other men had decided to come together and open up Industrial Bank in 1934 at the same location as Industrial Savings Bank. There was no connection between the two banks.

In fact now, it’s a different owner giving black people a chance to not only bank black owned again but now they were able to get loans and buy their own homes.

As I sat down to interview Ms.

Ms. Mitchell then went on to

Patricia Mitchell, Executive

explain that there was a black

Vice President of Industrial

owned bank called Industrial

Bank, she was very eager to sit

Savings Bank founded by John

down with me and give me her

Whitelaw Lewis which was

story but more importantly she

located on 11th U Street NW

wanted to share the history on

Washington, D.C. and was

how Industrial Bank actually got

forced to close down in 1932

started. Ms. Mitchell started out

along with many other banks at

by saying that she wanted to

that time. This was during the

share a very important piece of

time of President Franklin D.

history with me that needed to

Roosevelt coming into office

be known prior to Industrial

and had declared a four day

Bank opening in 1934.

bank holiday. This was during the Great Depression.

There are 23 blackowned community banks in the U.S., according to September 2016 FDIC data. SOURCE: USA TODAY


Mr. Jesse H. Mitchell was the President and Chairman

the maximum grant amount of all three applications. In

of Industrial Bank until he became ill with cancer in

her role as the Acting CLO, she is responsible for the

1954. He then appointed his son B. Doyle Mitchell, Sr.,

entire commercial loan portfolio that includes

(Ms. Mitchell's father) President and Chairman and he

commercial loan officers and portfolio managers.

led the bank until his passing in 1993. Her brother B.

Those responsibilities include managing the risk of the

Doyle Mitchell, Jr., has been the President and CEO

loan portfolio while increasing loan volume.

since the passing of their father. At that time Ms. Mitchell was working at George Washington

Ms. Mitchell has over 30 years of banking experience.

University when her brother asked her to come back to

She began her career with the Bank as a teller and has

the bank and help him to continue to run the family

moved progressively through the Bank’s ranks. Among


the various positions held over the years, she has served as branch manager, commercial lender,

As the Executive Vice President of Industrial Bank,

commercial real estate lender, and information security

Ms. Mitchell is also currently the Acting Chief Lending

officer. For a period of time, in between her banking

Officer (CLO) and responsible for Community

career, Ms. Mitchell worked in the Finance Department

Development Financial Institution Fund (CDFI)

of George Washington University returning to

programs. She has assisted with preparation of three

Industrial Bank upon the death of her father.

grant applications to the CDFI Fund Bank Enterprise Award programs of which the Bank has been awarded

Photo Courtesy of Industrial Bank

When asked the question to Ms. Mitchell, with you

Even though mainstream media try to make it seem as

having over 30 years of experience and being in the

if it was negative that another black owned back just

banking industry for a very long time how is it right

went under, we at Industrial Bank, see it as a well-

now in year 2020 for women and as an African

established black owned bank was able to do

American woman in the banking industry? It was

acquisitions to help grow our bank. And to that point

alarming to hear Ms. Mitchell tells me that in this day

the first concern of the community was, will it stay

and time, less than 2% of CEOs are women and less

black owned and after they were happy to hear that it

than 20% of women are occupying board seats. She

will stay black owned, they wanted to know if their

then went on to inform me that there are 21 black

money was safe. We were happy to give them an

owned banks and only two of the CEO’s of the black

approval of yes, and yes!

owned banks are African American women. Ms. Mitchell ended her answer by saying that she is proud

Now, as far as the vision and purpose for me, I will

to say at Industrial Bank we have over 125 employees

continue my work in the community and will continue

and many of the women there are advancing well in

to help grow my community. I am most proud of the

their area of work.

Financial Literacy program started by our two employees Jackie Boles and Malanee Woodward in

This brings me to my final question of the interview,

the District of Columbia jail system.

when asked, where do you see the vision and purpose for Industrial Bank and for yourself?

Although retirement is not in my near future I will always continue my community service work at the

Ms. Mitchell took a deep breath and looked up with a

D.C. jail, as giving back to my community will always

beautiful smile on her face and said “well as for the

be the most fulfilling reward for me”.

bank I am delighted to say that the vision for the bank is our expansion of just acquiring an African American bank in Newark, N.J., adding an additional three branches; two in Newark and one in Harlem.

Karen McConnell-Jones is CEO and owner of Class Act Productions LLC and owner and Co-Founder of Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine and Media.

What Should You Do Before the Tax Man Knocks?

By Donna Harris

As of February 7, 2020, the IRS have received a total of 28,662,000 individual tax returns. (

Before this first issue of V&P went to print, you may very well have had your tax return filed. Good for you! But, do not check that task off your list yet. Here are a few pointers to consider to ensure you select, or have selected a tax preparer who is on the up and up. If your tax return was filed, were your questions answered? Do you understand why you owe, and do you know how to prevent from owing taxes next year? Your Tax Preparer should always be available even after your return has been filed to address your concerns.

If you are getting a refund, were you offered electronic filing? This option is the quickest way to receive your refund. Make certain you review ALL refund information (i.e. your routing and bank account numbers). NEVER sign a blank return! When you inquired about the fee your tax preparer would charge you, was it based on a percentage of your refund? If the answer is yes, avoid using the preparer. If you paid your Preparer and the fee was percentage-based, find another Tax Preparer next year!


Whether your tax return has been filed or not,

I do ask that in your contact information,

verify the Tax Preparer’s credentials by using

provide me your name and business type if

the IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return

applicable. But also, give yourself and/or your

Preparers. Also, validate the Tax Preparer’s

business a code name. This will enable you to

license status in the State where he or she

recognize that the article is addressing your

resides. A paid Tax Preparer must sign returns

specific concern(s) while possibly helping

and include their Preparer Tax Identification

others in similar circumstances. On the subject

Number (PTIN). It is the law!

line of your email, enter “Tax Matters”.

In our future issues of V&P, I would like to

Let our focus this year during Financial

address the tax matters that are relative to our

Literacy Month – April 2020 be to achieve

readers. If you have a situation that you are

financial acuteness.

concerned about, let me hear from you. Your name and/or company will remain anonymous.

Let’s stay financially woke!

A passionate and detail-oriented Tax Accountant, Donna Harris has been meeting the needs of individuals and corporations for more than 20 years. Donna has degrees in Management, Accounting and Business. VISION & PURPOSE MAGAZINE | 16

Our resource centers provide professional business & financial services like: Business credit Project financing Bank lines of credit Debt elimination planning Tax mitigation strategies Employee benefits Real estate investment Business succession Retirement strategies

Contact Kelvin Harris Tel: 202-460-7031Â

A WOMAN'S LOVE passion gives her the strength to preserve.

Written by KYONNA F. BROWN That’s right, a little TLC When we think of a woman's

can go a long way. Just think

love we usually think about

In the work environment,

how kind she is, how helpful

they do what it takes to get to

she is to her mate, or how

the next level.

she’s such a great mother.

In her community she’s

We think about how she is

helping the people who are

great with helping in her

less fortunate find options for


their needs.

We rarely think

about the love she has to give

Doesn’t it


good when you go get a massage? Or, you take a break sitting outside.


seem like small things to do but they help tremendously.

Studies show that women

to herself in order to be the

Exhausting her daily, but

great life she represents.

passion gives her the strength

Women are truly the

to preserve. Although these

backbone for our lives.

accomplishments and helping

They are the first

others sound great, there is


about it...

we believe in and love,

love that she needs to provide

but many of them put others'

for herself.

needs before their own. There

need more rest than men and also that in the past 40 years we have been less happier.

We are caregivers, we are chasing after toddlers, business women, and government officials. Our

are countless times women

The start of this love

push themselves beyond tired

relationship with herself is to

to make sure their children’s

learn and implement taking

needs are met.

time for herself.

plates are full of tasks for others.


Let's Make Our Own Declaration

TODAY! Taking a well-deserved break means we are getting rest which helps with our moods. It allows us to be healthier mentally and relieves stress.

Outside of those things, it allows us to

be more conscious of our bodies changing.

Kyonna F. Brown is a media guru, successful business owner and an established author. She wrote Blessed Hands: The Pathway to Forgiveness, and contributed to Breaking Free Forever, The Momentous Journey, and Break Through featuring Les Brown and other authors. She is the host of Forgiveness Friday, a weekly highly demanded evening show dedicated to commanding constant life issues with her forgiveness strategies.


percent of women die due to

cancer, strokes, Chronic Lower Respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, unintentional injuries, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia (CDC National Health Report). Many of these illnesses can be addressed with proper diets, exercising, regular doctor visits and that’s right, taking time for yourself.

I have found that the aforementioned listed care items are all a part of a woman's love. Here are some other examples: reading,

Are you interested in writing for V&P Magazine? Contact for more information

meditation, quiet time, shopping, and motivational events.

As we celebrate Women’s History month. Let’s make our own declaration today as we make history in our own lives by learning to love ourselves more and that will help us continue to be everything that this world needs. Learning to implement these practices in your life can potentially extend your life. It can help to create healthier relationships. Your life can become less stressful. begin to know a peace unlike before.

You will The

busyness of life can distort the joys that life has to offer.

It’s okay to say I need a break.

ial Spec ks than


It’s okay even more to take that break. Today is your new beginning.

The real

definition of a woman's love is not what she does for others but how she cares for herself to be there for others.



Eating healthy is so important for a woman because of the effect food has on the body. Having a well-balanced diet for women can assist with fertility, disease, skin and hair care, and emotional stability. Disease is fueled by what we put into our bodies, men and women alike. If you are fighting cancer, you would want to put more fruit and vegetables into your body to shrink the cancer. Because of how our meat is raised and the chemicals that may be fed to the animals, it feeds cancer.

If you are constantly under attack with colds and sinus issues your best plan is to reduce your dairy products. Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, ice cream,

According to WebMD “A pH level measures

and cheese to name a few, create mucus

how acidic or alkaline something is. A pH of

in the body. Disease survives and travels

0 is totally acidic, while a pH of 14 is

throughout your body using mucus as

completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral.

the vehicle. So, it is imperative to

Those levels vary throughout your body. Your

eliminate mucus when not feeling your

blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between

best. Consuming water is important for

7.35 and 7.45.”

skincare and weight management. The human body is comprised of 80% water

You want to intake food and beverages that

so you want to ensure you are refilling

are 8.0 or greater to try to stay in the healthy

your body’s H20 for your organs to

area. Items such as soda and process chips are

operate at their fullest potential. Now

low on the alkaline level (3), whereas fruits

the best water to drink is alkaline water,

and vegetables range between 8 and 10 on the

and this is because our body is alkaline.

alkaline scale.

Ensuring that women are consuming the best quality food and drinks basically controls every aspect of their life; whether she is going to feel good when she wakes up or have enough energy to tackle the little ones, work, exercise, and enjoy time with friends and family.

Eating properly also saves you in the finance department, something as basic as eating healthy can potentially save you $1500 or more per year on medical bills and prescribed medicines. The healthier you are, the less medication you’ll need and the less hospital visits you will have to make. If you think about it, it’s so interesting how food can and does control one’s life. Seeing the bigger picture, let’s try our best to support our women and encourage them to eat the very best possible so they can be here for a long time and also feel and look their best. To the right, I have added a pH Spectrum chart to give you a better understanding of the Acidic & Alkaline levels in different foods.


Jason R. Greene is Co-Founder, Owner & Executive Chef of TJay’s Food Service. He is a certified chef who studied at the Art Institute of Washington and is a highly skilled, technically savvy, and determined chef who specializes in Cajun Cuisine and innovating new types of menus as time progresses.

Chef Jason has provided his talents as a Supervisor at Half Note Lounge in Bowie, MD and as Executive Chef at TruOrleans in Washington DC.


Do you want to be in the next issue of V&P Magazine? Contact for details

ial Spec ks than


ial Spec ks than



A Touch of Class Caterers Have you called to schedule your tasting? Ft. Washington, MD 301- 449 - 2028

We Cater to the Star in YOU!


Photo courtesy of DelegateJoseline Peña-Melnyk

By Karen McConnell-Jones In preparing for this article, I

Joseline Peña-Melnyk to be my

In 2018, Delegate Peña-Melnyk

already had in mind who I

first featured interview for this

was awarded the NHCSL John

wanted to ask for their help on


S. Martínez Legislator of the

this project, none other than my

Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk

Year Award for her work in the

dear friend, Delegate Joseline

(MD-21) is the East Region

Maryland State Legislature and

Peña-Melnyk. As this will be

Chair of the National Hispanic

for tackling some of NHCSL's

V&P's Special Inaugural Edition Caucus of State Legislators

most complex resolutions in

for Women’s History Month. I

(NHCSL). Prior to this role, she

am pleased to say she graciously

served as Chair of NHCSL's Law and gun policy, by building

said yes. I had the pleasure over

and Criminal Justice Task Force

consensus support for innovative

the years to interview my dear

and as a member of the NHCSL


friend on my talk show, The

Executive Committee.

many years, including cannabis

Voice of Class Act, and now I am so excited to have Delegate



Delegate Peña-Melnyk has served in the Maryland House of Delegates since 2007. She is the current Vice Chair of the Health and Government Operations Committee. She is also the Vice Chair of the Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus, the Chair of the Public Health & Minority Health Disparities Subcommittee of the Health, and Government Operations Committee.

Photo courtesy of Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk

She also serves on the Government Operations and Estates and Trusts Subcommittee.

NOW, LET THE INTERVIEW BEGIN I often start off my interview with Joseline by saying hello my "Little Powerful FIRECRACKER"

Delegate Peña-Melnyk emigrated from

as we greet each other with such warmth and an

the Dominican Republic to the U.S. as a

embracing hug. Over the past five years of

child with her single mother and sister.

knowing Joseline I have become a huge fan and I

Her mother worked in New York’s

truly admire her strength and her tenacity.

garment industry, often struggled to make ends meet, and there was a time

She will never quit. She will keep fighting until the

when the family was on welfare because

goal is met. That is what our community has in

her father did not pay child support. But

Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk.

despite tough circumstances, she learned English and succeeded in school. She

Before we began the Q&A portion of the

was an Equal Opportunity Program

interview, I told Joseline to please feel free to be as

scholar and the first in her family to attend college. “When I look back on it now, I see how much I benefited from programs that helped open doors for minority students."

detailed as needed with her answers. Her response was “of course Karen, you’re doing a service in bridging the gap between politics and our community – and I’m glad to help”. Thank you Joseline, sounds great so let’s get started!


Photo courtesy of Delegate Joseline Peña Melnyk

KMJ: What made you want to get involved with

Even as a State Delegate there are times where I

politics and as a woman do you think there's a

will raise a point in a room full of men and my

different standard that women are held to in this

input will not be acknowledged, but then a man

area of work?

will make the same point and their voice is immediately heard. As a result, I have developed

JPM: I’ve always wanted to be a voice for

a persistent nature which can often be perceived

people in my community. As a young girl I

as aggressive, but it gets the job done.

would translate for Spanish-speaking neighbors in the welfare office, earning the nickname “la

As a young lawyer, I saw a need in our

abogadita”, little lawyer.

community and a lack of representation. Throughout my career as a prosecutor, defense

This desire to speak up for my community and

lawyer, child advocate, and city council member I

fight for people’s rights is what followed me as I

have always fought for civil rights. I wanted to

became a real lawyer and got into politics. As a

share my perspective as an Afro-Latina woman,

woman, it was certainly more challenging to get

mother, daughter and wife. My legislation has had

into politics. I still encounter double standards

an enormous impact on our community and the

every day and have found that I need to work

knowledge that I am directly driving change

twice as hard as my male counterparts.

motivates me to exert my voice and to overcome double standards and obstacles so I can represent my community to the best of my ability.



Provide constituents with resources,

they represent? I want this question to help

information, and guidance

us and our readers to understand what a State

Connect them to different governmental agencies

Delegate does and the different Districts that

Provide scholarships

it represents?

Do social service work Work with local schools JPM: A State Delegate is a legislator,

Mentor the youth

elected by the citizens of each Maryland

Write and pass bills

district to represent them in the Maryland

Advocate for people’s rights

General Assembly in Annapolis. We are

Attend community meetings

responsible for writing and passing laws and we address the needs of our community

KMJ:What is one of the bills that you

through legislation and finding other ways to

helped get passed that you are most proud

make our government work for them. There


are 47 legislative districts in Maryland, and I represent District 21. Over 127,000 people live in District 21 which covers parts of

JPM: Healthcare is important; we need to make sure that it is accessible and affordable. I put in a bill to stabilize the

Prince George's County and Anne Arundel counties. As a Delegate, I do not just pass bills but I also help people in my district

individual insurance market in Maryland and helped reduce the number of uninsured in our state. My bill brought (from federal and

when they have a problem; provide them

state money) $1.2 billion to help reduce

with resources, connect them to different

health insurance premiums. In addition, I

governmental agencies, provide

also put in a bill that creates the Maryland

scholarships, do social service work, work

Lynching Truth and Reconciliation

with local schools and mentor the youth.

Commission. It is the first of its kind in the United States. This commission researches

KMJ: What are some of your duties as a State Delegate?

cases of racially motivated lynching that occurred in Maryland, holds meetings where lynching by a white mob took place, and makes recommendations to the General

JPM: Listen to the community Help solve constituent problems

Assembly as to how this part of our history should be remembered and the victim’s lives should be honored.

POLITICAL AWARENESS KMJ: As women continue to be a positive force in the political arena where do you see us in the future of politics?

JPM: I am optimistic about the future of women in politics. The number of women in politics is increasing and women are getting more involved and invested in their communities. Women wanting to learn more about running for office should inquire into Emerge Maryland, a great organization that inspires women to run and gives them training to succeed. Women’s voices are getting stronger. Remarkable women like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Kamala Harris are rising up and challenging the status quo. The Maryland legislature has 60 women and we all come from different backgrounds and experiences. Women will play an even bigger role in the future. This year in the Maryland legislature is historic – with the first woman and an African American Speaker of the House. I look forward to the changes coming to the legislature with more women in leadership.

KMJ: Well said my friend. I thank you for the interview and for being open with us and as expressly kind. May God continue to bless you purposefully with his work he has set forth for you!

JPM: Thank you Karen, I am blessed that He gives me the strength to fight for my community!

Karen McConnell-Jones is CEO and owner of Class Act Productions LLC, owner and Co-Founder of Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine and Media..


Community Outreach Photograher: Dominique Massaquoi V&P Magazine Community Outreach Column is created to recognize our

Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation declaring the Week of March 8, 1980 as National Women’s History Week.

community leaders, non-profit organizations, and governmental organizations that work in

Originally, it started in New York City on March 8,

our community to provide Human Services

1857, when female textile workers marched in protest

to our citizens. V&P Magazine Community

of unfair working conditions and unequal rights for

Outreach Column will also provide a list of

women. It was one of the first organized strikes by

the Community Outreach Monthly

working women, during which they called for a shorter

Awareness as we will highlight our choice of

work day and decent wages.

the month.

Also, on March 8, in 1908, women workers in the TEAM V&P WOULD LIKE TO SAY HAPPY

needle trades marched through New York City's Lower


East Side to protest child labor, sweatshop working National Women’s History Month is set

conditions, and demand women’s suffrage. Beginning

aside to honor women’s contributions in

in 1910, March 8th, became annually observed as

American history. Women's History Month

International Women's Day. In 1987, the National

began as a local celebration in Santa Rosa,

Women's History Project successfully petitioned

California….In February 1980, President

Congress to include all of March as a celebration of the economic, political and social contributions of women.

Community Outreach


April 2020

March 2020

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Authors Speak By Dr. Essie McKoy Once you have thought about the topic and Do you want to learn how to become a best-

recorded all the information, write every single

selling author, tell your story or just learn to write

day. Perhaps, keeping the format very simple at

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first can help you get those ideas to print. Some writers even journal their thoughts and then compile them in some systematic format.

Words are powerful, but the voice behind the words can be more powerful. As I have learned

Later, you can think and plan for how you want to

through the years, your story was meant to be told

share the information with readers. Think about

and not to hold! Sometimes those secrets or

the way you want to capture their attention and

experiences you try to keep to yourself can be the

think about ways you can be unique in expressing

most powerful and impactful. Share and it may


become your best piece of writing. You just might become a best-selling author too! I often tell

Of course, this can be one of the last steps to

others to read more if you want to become an

completing your very first piece of writing.

excellent writer. The more you read, the more you

Remember to be unique and allow your gift of

will know about the art of selecting words when

writing to flow on the pages like an artist drawing

you start the writing process. So, get to reading

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and do the required research, especially about your chosen topic!

Many beginning writers will start with a short piece of writing. It may be an article, a poem, a

The next step is to brainstorm about your topic and always write down everything that comes to mind,

mini-story, or a book collaboration project where you are writing with a community of writers. Sometimes, the support of other writers can aid

even if you think it is not worthy to be written. Every written word has an audience just waiting to

you in the writing process and make it more engaging. You are writing and sharing all along.

read what you wrote! So, let’s get you started on

Other writers can give you feedback and critique

your writing journey!

your writing to make it even better!


YOU MAY CHOOSE TO HIRE A BOOK COACH "SUCCESS IS IN THE MIND..." I started writing with the assistance of a book coach and then wrote as a contributing author in many more book collaboration projects. Some of you might find it helpful to secure a book coach who can help you with a myriad of things during the writing process. Author Kimberly McLemore, shared candidly in this section of Authors Speak!

The book touches both the heart and the mind --giving the reader a first-hand perspective of what deception looks and feels like through the eyes of the victim. Her second book is, “Are You Living or Existing? The Pro's and Con's of Balancing Life,” highlights what it means to live your best life! She wrote this book to inspire those who are struggling with what it means to live or exist. This book

Kimberly is an award-winning author, speaker, book coach, podcast show host, and veteran.

will guide you on how to move forward and influence yourself to live a life full of promise. Her third book is, “How to be a Success By

She has written three books. One is entitled, “2019 IALA Award Winning Book Memoir Deception of the Heart: A Real Look into Domestic Violence,” highlights an intimate understanding of Domestic Abuse.

Just Being You,” highlights on self-identification and the steps it takes to get you moving forward to achieving your dreams. As Kimberly shared, “Success is in the mind! If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it." She believes this about the writing process as well.

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." VISION & PURPOSE MAGAZINE | 34


Authors Speak

Author McLemore became an author by accident. She happened to be very upset about being released from a position that she had been working in for several years a a without a college degree.

Dr. Essie McKoy, CEO of Dr. Essie Speaks, an award-winning

Sometimes, releasing your anger on paper is an excellent

educator, a four times Amazon bestselling author, a coach, an

way to express yourself and you just never know how it

inspirational speaker, and a radio host received her Doctorate in










Education (Ed.D.) and an Educational Specialist Degree (Ed. S.) from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a Master’s Degree

realized I was self-assessing who I was and how this had

from Appalachian State University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree

happened and from that point I learned to use writing as a

from Winston-Salem State University. To learn more about Dr.










McKoy, please visit her website at!

situations. I also took what I have learned and shared with others to help them reanalyze and move forward to living their best life.”

Remember to become an author, you must start writing! Whether you use it as a form of therapy or just write to share, let your words flow and share your story with the world. Let readers enjoy the magic of your writing!

Purchase your copy at



A Historic Appointment on Tuesday, February 4, Glenarden, in Upper Marlboro, hosted by Pastor 2020, Prince George’s County, Maryland was the John K. Jenkins, Sr. V&P Magazine had the honor place to be as we witnessed history being made. The of covering this most historic event in Prince anticipation had been building around the county for George’s County, MD. weeks. Every local news and media outlet along with the citizens of Prince George’s County, The scene was set as the drive down Watkins Park Maryland created such a buzz that the excitement of Drive gave you the visual of the two fire trucks the BIG day spread beyond the county limits. placed front and center with the long crane raised at full height as the American flag was stringed to the The Swearing in Ceremony of Fire Chief Tiffany D. top, briskly blowing through the air. Green was held at First Baptist Church of

Chief Tiffany D. Green

First Female Fire Chief in Prince George's County, MD

Celebrating Women's History

Your go-to for BBQ Catering

Call today to book for your next event 301-957-6767

ONLY THE 9TH AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN FIRE CHIEF IN U.S. The turn into the church parking lot

Emergency Medical Services

the first African-American and first

resumed with more beautiful

(Fire/EMS) by

female to serve as the Fire Chief/

perfectly waxed fire and ambulance

County Executive, Angela

Emergency Manager in Decatur,

trucks, there was no doubt that you


GA, brought greetings and well-

Prince George’s

have arrived at the right place where it all was about to take place.

As the opening of the ceremony continued to set the tone with all the bells and whistles surpassing all expectations. With the Mistress of Ceremony, Jennifer Donelan, starting the

wishes. She shared that there are Green served as Deputy Chief from

over 400,000 paid firefighters in

December 2018 and served as

the nation, but women make up

interim chief since November of

only three (3) percent of the

2019, before being appointed Chief

profession, less than .4 percent are

of the Prince George’s County Fire

represented as fire chiefs. Chief

and EMS.

Green is only the ninth African American woman in U.S. history to


announcements with an impressive recognition of over 35 distinguished guests and dignitaries that were in attendance for this

Alsobrooks is also the first woman

serve as fire chief. With this

to hold her position as County

distinct honor, we were more than

Executive. The County Executive

excited to ask the Chief a few

mentioned that Chief Green was


very special occasion. This was

also the first firefighter paramedic

truly a historic day to remember.

Chief in the department’s history and she ranked number one for

The Beginning

every single promotional test she has taken with the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department.

Chief Green began as a volunteer firefighter in June of 1995 and began as a career firefighter in March of 1999.

Alsobrooks sought out Green as chief of the department because of her experience and because she’s “the best talent to lead the county.”

Chief Green’s mentor and friend, Fire Chief Toni Washington of Decatur, GA, who joined the City of Decatur in January 2009 as

V&P Magazine Special Interview with Chief Tiffany D. Green

Chief Tiffany D. Green

V&P: As a female firefighter, what made you

V&P: What has been your biggest strength?

want to get in this line of work and is it still hard for women in this profession?

TG: My biggest strength is my communication skills. I pride myself on being approachable,

TG: I wanted to get into this line of work because I wanted to serve my community. I started out in 1995 as a Volunteer Firefighter doing a ride along for George Washington University. After a few days I enjoyed it so much I became a volunteer and then in 1999 switched careers and became a Career

relatable and kind. These traits made me a good medical provider and leader. Patients need to be able to talk to you and know that you have their best interest. At the end of the day when people call 9-1-1 they are at their worst and it is our job to be professional, competent and kind.

Firefighter. That one decision to serve changed the trajectory of my life. It is still hard for women in the Fire Service; however, we have made tremendous progress in recruitment and retention of Female Firefighters. Women still suffer from the stigma

In the Fire Service, it is important for leaders to be able to communicate with their subordinates both in emergency situations and in the fire stations.

associated with gender in a male dominated profession. It is often assumed that we are physically incapable of doing the job which is untrue. When we are all operating on the Fire ground in gear you can’t tell the difference between a woman and a man, you

Effectively communicating has been one of my goals throughout my career and I work on it daily. I strive to give clear concise directions for the Department and our community.

just see Firefighters. What I often tell female recruits is that you must develop techniques and skills that work with your body type to master the firefighting skills that we perform every day. When they commit to these techniques they are often better than most men.


V&P: As the first African American Woman Fire Chief for Prince George's County how does the appointment feel and what are some expectations that you have for yourself?

TG: It is an overwhelming feeling, the support and love from the community and my peers have been astounding. I am humbled to be selected to lead this great Department. I am approaching this assignment with a great deal of humility knowing that there were many great people before me that have sacrificed and paved the way for me to be here today. The expectations for myself, is for me to not only be a mentor but a model for other women. It’s a bittersweet feeling to be the first female Fire Chief in Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department but it’s also sad to know that there are only four African American Women Fire Chiefs in the Country. I plan to work diligently to make sure I am not the last. In addition, I plan to continue to evolve as a leader by challenging myself with new opportunities and projects. I have a lot to learn so I am relying on my mentors and previous Fire Chiefs to guide me and to keep me on my toes.

V&P: Under your leadership what will Prince George's County Fire Department stand for and what are some of the changes that you would like to put in place?

TG: We are already a phenomenal Department that is the 13th busiest in the Country and the second largest combination department. It is my goal to build upon the strong foundation that already exists. We will commit to delivering the best possible “service” to the residents of visitors of Prince George’s County. We will focus on Accountability, Integrity, Professional Excellence and Community Centered. My primary goal is to prevent the call through the continual implementation of Risk Reduction Educational programs and services. Some of the first changes I would like to make are to ensure we continue to be a data-driven organization. To do that, we will focus on our accreditation process and create a strategic plan and staffing analysis. This information will allow us to create strategic priorities and initiatives with performance goals for our department. I would also like to create innovative injury prevention and risk reduction programs connecting safety, and health and wellness programs for our members.

V&P: What will be your first-year focus and your long-term goal that you would like to accomplish under your leadership?

TG: During my first year, I would like to focus on accomplishing the strategic plan and staffing analysis for the Department. This will set the foundation for future staffing realignments, capital improvement projects and fiscal prioritization of our department. The long term goal for the Department is accreditation. Accreditation gives us the ability to set realistic and achievable goals, set performance standards based on national guidelines and best practices and develop a comprehensive risk assessment program for the community and the department.

It was indeed an honor to witness this most momentous occasion in Prince George's County, Maryland. As two African-American women embarking on our new journey of the launch of Vision & Purpose (V&P) LifeStyle Magazine during Women's History Month 2020, it was only fitting that Chief Green grace the cover of the Special Inaugural Edition of V&P!

This historic moment will truly "Inspire Our Community"!

We would like to thank Nicole J. Collins, Jennifer Donelan, and Aaron C. White for helping make this interview and event coverage possible. Your customer service is second to none! You represent the Prince George's County Fire and Emergency Department extremely well.





By James Adéll Photos | James Adéll You survived a long cold

After several years of

winter and your natural

watching the sunset over

instincts are telling you to

the Atlantic Ocean in

come out of hibernation

Myrtle Beach, South

and to get on the move! A

Carolina, I recall thinking

change of seasons is a

to myself, 'I wonder what

perfect time for a change of

the people on the other side

scenery from the never-

of the world are doing with

ending household chores

the start of their brand new

and the daily grind of the

day?' My curiosity began

job. There is absolutely

to get the best of me, so I

nothing wrong with

did some research and

booking a cabin in the

discovered that for

mountains or a condo at the

essentially the same

beach for a vacation. If

amount of money that I had

you're like me, you keep

been spending to vacation

your fingers crossed that

only a few hours away

you don't get stuck in

from home, I could have

heavy traffic, that you get a

been experiencing the

decent room with a view,

sights, sounds, and culture

and that you won't run into

of an array of overseas

your co-workers who only

destinations that up until

seem to want to talk about

that point, I had only read




WISH YOU WERE HERE If you've ever found yourself feeling

An article written in June 2017 by

According to Word Atlas,

the same way, then I have some

Shannon Torberg, PsyD, LP at

there are seven continents, 195

exciting news for you! This is still the reveals

countries, and approximately 11,000

beginning of a new year! And, not just

that Americans tend to work longer

inhabited islands in the world. With

ANY year...this is 2020! A year

days, take less vacations, and retire

so many destinations in the world to

perfectly suited for each of us to regain

later than anyone else in the

choose from, why haven't more people

focus on where we are in life and to

industrialized world, resulting in

ventured out to experience such a

visualize a clear picture of where we

increased stress and anxiety in their

wealth of nations?

want to see ourselves in the future.

lives. The study also revealed that

This is the year for us to level-up and

people who take more vacations are

commit to becoming the very best

more likely to improve their physical

version of ourselves possible!

and mental health by greatly reducing

I have comprised a list of the Top 5

stress, thus decreasing the potential of

Reasons for not traveling abroad as

It all starts with the body and mind.

coronary heart disease and heart

shared with me by others:

Hardly anyone would drive a car every

attacks. In other words, taking more

day through all of the harsh elements

relaxing vacations can indeed

and treacherous highway conditions

contribute to your overall health and a

without periodically changing the oil,

longer lifespan.

I'm glad you asked!

checking the tires, and filling up the tank when needed. Our body and

Over the years, I have discussed

mind are no different.

traveling abroad with a wide variety of

We can not expect to be effective in

people to include friends, family, and

the workplace or be looked upon as a

even complete strangers. Surprisingly,

source of reliability for our family if

there are still many people who have

we don't make a conscious effort to

never traveled outside of the United

maintain and preserve our physical and


emotional health.



Finances | "It's too expensive to travel to a foreign country." You shouldn't have to dip into your 401-K to experience your dream vacation overseas unless you tend to make last minute travel plans, or you only like to travel on major holidays.

Each of these options will usually result in you paying more for airfare, hotels, and rental vehicles. It's a simple concept of supply and demand. The more people who are off work and traveling on a holiday, the fewer hotel rooms and flights available for purchase, resulting in higher prices for the consumer during the peak travel season. For instance, I recently vacationed in Asia and a round trip flight from New York to Thailand was approximately $456.00. Lodging at a 3-Star hotel in Thailand is approximately $40 per night, while an oceanfront room in a 4-5 star hotel starts around $95.00 per night. The currency exchange rate there is approximately 30:1, which means you could exchange $300.00 U.S. dollars and receive approximately $9000.00 Thai Baht (THB) to spend on goods and other merchandise while there. Who wouldn't want to splurge on an one hour massage for the equivalent of $8 bucks?

The best way to keep travel costs low is to plan ahead for the trip during non-peak travel times and utilize a variety of search engines to compare flight and hotel prices such as,,,,, and, just to name a few. There are numerous credit card companies such as American Express, Master Card, and Chase who offer a cash back program that accumulates with each credit card purchase and can be applied to free or reduced flights, hotels, and rental vehicles when redeemed. There are also many reputable travel agencies who specialize in setting up the vacation of your dreams at a cost that won't break the bank. Avoid Peak


Holidays, Comparison Shop for Flight/Hotel DealsCredit Card Cash Back Programs for Travel

Passport | "I would travel more if I had a passport." If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they did not have a Passport, I'd have a boatload of stock in Apple (AAPL) at $289.80 per share. Okay, so I'm exaggerating just a bit, but you get the gist. I hear that all too often. Admittedly so, I was a late bloomer in terms of getting my passport as well, but I haven't looked back since. I've come to realize that without having a passport in your possession, you're less likely to even begin researching all of the fantastic places you could be traveling to. Without a passport, you couldn't even take advantage of a last minute excursion, even if someone else offered to pay for it!

Getting a passport is not as difficult as some would have you to believe. Unless of course you have a Court Order to pay Child Support and you are in arrears, or you have an unpaid Federal loan. The Feds aren't having it and they will not issue a United States Passport until the Child Support payments have been brought current and the Federal loan paid in full. Contrary to popular belief, in some states, a convicted felon may be eligible to receive a U.S. Passport as long as the crime they committed is not related to international drug trafficking, according to the website A U.S. Passport for an adult is currently $145.00 and you can expect to receive it within 6 - 8 weeks. If you are traveling sooner than that and need your travel document in a more timely fashion, you can fork out an additional $60.00 to receive your passport within 2-3 weeks from the time you submit the application. Just go online to (Get Passport Services) to see which Post Offices in your area will process your application to receive a passport, as all Post Office branches are not set up to issue passports.

As with any important official document, be sure to thoroughly review your application prior to submission to avoid delays resulting from spelling errors, legibility issues, or other inaccuracies.Once you receive your travel document in the mail, it'll be a great feeling to look back at the stamps in your passport and reminisce about the awesome places you will have visited. Stop procrastinating and get that passport in'll thank me later!


Language Barrier | "¡No hablo español!" It is certainly understandable to be concerned about your ability to communicate with the locals while visiting a foreign country. You're probably thinking, 'How would I order my food, ask for directions, or find the nearest baño if I had to go really bad?' Fortunately for you, advances in technology have made communicating much easier while traveling abroad. Practically everyone has a smart phone these days with access to tools designed to assist in facilitating the dialogue.

For instance, suppose you travel to the Panama Canal, knowing full well that your Spanish is more suspect than an episode of 'First 48'. The only Spanish lingo that you may be comfortable putting on display is, 'Hola' (Hello) and 'Si' (Yes). And, up until now, you may not have even been sure of how to spell it. To complicate matters, you walk past a drove of souvenir shops when your eye catches a uniquely hand carved wooden statue that would be perfect on your mantle. You immediately pick it up and ask the guy selling it, "How much?", only to discover that the merchant doesn't speak English. Do not is here to save the day! You pull out your smart phone and open up the free Google Translate App and within a matter of seconds, you and the merchant are communicating back and forth like long-lost amigos! Crisis diverted. The Google Translate App will translate the conversation both audibly and/or visually, and in both languages as you speak or type your conversation into the telephone. It is amazing to watch a non-English speaking local's face light up with enthusiasm when they realize that you all can now miraculously hold a conversation! Hopefully you'll be able to negotiate a bargain price for your souvenir. I don't know of an App for that.

You may not have to rely on technology at all. With the influence that the United States has consistently had on the world stage, it should not come as a surprise that many foreign countries teach English in school to students at an early age. According to, there are several countries who currently speak English as a second language for the main purpose of developing and expanding their country's economy and increasing their ability to remain connected to the rest of the world.

In Thailand, first grade students have been taught English as a second language since 1996 according to Wikipedia. I have also found that many restaurants overseas tend to utilize menus with photos for easier ordering. It is also very common for airports in Asia to print signs using the English language for the convenience of American tourists. At the end of the day, your inability to speak a particular foreign language should not be a reason that you do not travel abroad. The international language of a warm smile and a pleasant disposition can make up for a multitude of faults. Go ahead and scratch #3 off your list.


Crime | "Isn't the crime rate higher for a tourist in a foreign country?" Cheaper prices for traveling and advances in technology along with the ease of communication have made it much more viable for people to travel to places once considered off limits.

There are certainly some foreign countries that are more dangerous to visit than others, such as Honduras, which was ranked as the #1 most dangerous country to visit in 2017, followed by El Salvador at #2 on a list published by the website The website discusses the strong anti-western sentiment in Pakistan, which is listed as #3 on the Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Travel, citing the strong contempt in that region for members of the LGBTQ community that should be seriously taken into consideration before traveling to that country. The Top 3 Safest Countries for Travel were Hong Kong coming in at #1, and followed by Singapore and then Japan. For the record, the United States was not listed in the Top 10 of either list, but our neighbors on our northern border in Canada managed to make the list of Top 10 Safest Countries for Travel coming in at eight on the list. Visit for a full list of the Top 10 Safest Countries for Travel and the Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for travel.

The website reports that approximately 41.77 million Americans traveled to foreign countries in 2018, culminating a steady annual increase in travelers since 2011 when 27.02 Americans traveled overseas. The big take away here is that more and more Americans are continuing to travel abroad in spite of recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. and abroad. We obviously face some of the same dangers right here in the United States that we would traveling oversees in terms of being robbed, or even kidnapped. We can certainly take extra precautions to mitigate the dangers when visiting foreign soil such as traveling with one or more persons, not venturing off the grid, and increasing our awareness of each country's history of crime and violence as it relates to potential social unrest in the country you are considering to vacation in U.S. citizens who choose to travel to foreign countries should always have a contingency plan that should include keeping a copy of all travel documents and I.D. in your safe at the hotel room, as well as knowing the telephone number and directions to the U.S. Embassy for the country you are visiting. Prior to committing to any travel plans abroad, I would highly recommend a review of the U.S. Department of State website to check for any governmental travel advisories on possible international dangers. The advisories are listed in four color-coded categories: Level 1 - (Blue) 'Exercise Normal Precautions'Level 2 - (Yellow) 'Exercise Increased Caution'Level 3 - (Orange) 'Reconsider Travel'Level 4 - (Red) 'Do Not Travel'I'm all for adventure, but you'd be hard-pressed to catch me traveling in a 'Level 4' country with all of these beautiful and much safer 'Level 1' options at my disposal. Now you can't say you didn't know any better.


Fear of Flying: "I'm afraid to fly long distances because the airplane might crash" The most common reason that I hear all too often as to why people do not travel to overseas destinations is because of their fear of flying or the mere thought of flying. The Travel Daily Media defines the fear of flying as aviophobia or aerophobia.

Many people have a misconception that airplanes are unsafe and that the aircraft may crash during longer flights.Those individuals who have a fear of flying, but are still able to muster up the courage to board an airplane, will often limit themselves to shorter flights. According to, a person may still show visible physical signs of their fear. The fear of an airplane crashing mid-flight is certainly possible, but not very probable. Large passenger airplane crashes are more uncommon than what most people realize. The website references the Dutch aviation consulting firm, TO70 and the Aviation Safety Network who report that only one person has lost their life on a US airline since 2009, which occurred in April 2019 when a fan blade on a Boeing 737's jet engine dislodged mid-flight, shattering a window and fatally injuring a female passenger. The Guardian also reports that there were 13 deaths worldwide in 2017 that involved two smaller regional turboprop aircraft crashes.

The article from the Guardian further reports that deaths worldwide stemming from large passenger airplane crashes increased drastically from none in 2017 to approximately 500 deaths in 2018, largely due to crashes involving two Boeing 737 airplanes, which have a 200 passenger capacity per aircraft. In stark contrast, the National Safety Council reports at that motor vehicle deaths were estimated to be around 40,000 for the third consecutive year in 2018 in the United States alone. These statistics speak volumes about the safety of flying in an airplane compared to ground transportation. A person is far more likely to lose their life riding in an automobile, which is typically a daily occurrence, than they are taking a flight on a large commercial airline. Even so, that still may not be reason enough to convince the most apprehensive of travelers that they should book a long flight to travel outside of the United States.

An article featured in written by Professor Noam Shpancer, Ph.D, a professor of psychology at Otterbein College, reports that when we avoid something that scares us such as roller coasters, spiders, or public speaking, we tend to experience a sense of failure, which gives strength to the anxiety we feel. Dr. Shpancer suggests that by confronting our fears, we develop a nervous system habituation which allows us to accumulate evidence of our ability to cope with the fear. In other words, we begin to tell ourselves, 'I did it yesterday; I can do it again today'. The same process can be applied to the fear of flying. If you are afraid to fly on an airplane, you can begin to face that fear by starting with a very short flight. In time, you can gradually increase the flying distance until you begin to overcome your fear of flying. Before you know it, you'll be taking longer trips and warming up those 'cold feet' you once had on the sandy beaches of some place exotic!

Taking a leap of faith to journey 9000 thousands miles across the globe to experience a culture and people unfamiliar to you can certainly be intimidating and uncomfortable being out of your element. But, you could also end up kicking yourself (like I did) for not having done it much sooner. Spring is in the air, and you should be, too! Make a conscious effort this year to not allow your fears or your current situation to prevent you from creating unbelievable memories while also improving upon your overall health. Now is the perfect time for a renewed 'Vision and Purpose' in 2020! Bon Voyage!

James Adéll is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he specialized in Communications and received an Honorable Discharge at the rank of Sergeant. James attended Saint Augustine's University, where he studied Organizational Management, as well as completing the 37th Session of the Administrative Officer's Management Program (AOMP) at North Carolina State University. He is the owner of James Adéll Custom Clothiers, LLC which was established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017 as a byproduct of James' enthusiasm for travel.

Carnival Crashers is a travel concierge company specializing in domestic and international carnivals. We will give you the carnival EXPERIENCE of a life time while enjoying the beauty of the culture.

Please visit us on the web or call us to get more information on carnival locations, dates and pricing.

Thalia Johnson Operational Director, V&T Consulting LLC 883-488-2726 Philadelphia Satellite Office


March 2020

By Shaina Brown, Antonio Turner, Martina Tuner


BOLD SPRING TRENDS o, the question to ask yourself when going for


your new look this spring, are you feeling a little

he spring/summer trend


release of the beauty industry

bold or bashfully playful? This spring trends are full

debuts each year in March. For

of choices, bringing you spring fashion fun turned up

the professional cosmetologist or style, whether you’re going for the short cut, long

barber, March is the season that sets the tone for the rest of the

layers, or a style somewhere in between.

year. Giving you hair fashion at its best, as most in the industry will call it their very own Hair Carnival. You will see created styles from the big and bodacious to the over the top courageousness while being culturally expressive.

From our very own Vision & Purpose (V&P), All Things Hair Fashion team Shaina Brown says “since the mid-2000s the focus at the international Hair and Trade show has been on coils, curls, and hair color. The natural hair


movement has been taking the


scene by storm and this spring

Bobs are one of the most universally

2020 will not be the year to

T his spring season is also the

disappoint. This year, women of

perfect time for adding some color to

all cultures are cutting their hair

your new hairdo. Whether you will be

and learning to love and embrace

that burst of radiance, that bold

their natural texture.

burgundies pink tones, or that subtle and earthy look with shades of cinnamon brown and golden honey that are as warm and bashfully playful as the spring air.

adaptive haircuts. There’s a length for every face shape and hair texture from straight to curly. Bobs make such a blunt statement at any length as the crisp ends blow and swing in the spring breeze. Bobs can be as fierce as a CEO of a big company or as whimsical as a flower child who dances barefoot in the grass. Another look that is always featured at the trade

One of the favorites that you will always see at the International Hair and Trade show are your bobs styles.

show are your long layers styles, this look is the way to go when taking out bulk from the hair.


Model: Jennifer Constanta hair as well. With this look we recommend a Bobs make such a blunt statement at any length as the crisp ends blow and swing in the spring breeze. Long layered cuts allow a change in shape, and a removal of weight, all while still being able to maintain your length. Long layers are a good way to transition out of the chilly months and shake into the warm season.

chunky highlight to emphasize your newfound volume. That’s right— this cut will give you the volume of a lifetime! One of the main attractions at the International Hair and Trade show is the Battle of the Hair, which has gained so much popularity over the years that one will say this is the most entertaining portion of the whole entire event. Yes, this is the portion of the hair show that

By cutting layers, you are just getting rid of that heavy, lifeless weight on your hair that keeps you from being able to get that fluffy, feathery look that makes your blow out flow, JUST the way you want it. excellent for the naturally curly girl’s

brings you the most courageous and bodacious hair styles ever. Creativity is at an all time high, like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Glitz and glamour, hair weaves, custom-made wigs, hair extensions, designer costumes, and so much more. “Now, here is where it’s getting to be a little crazy and dangerously HAIR unhealthy” said Antonio (Tony) Turner, Professional Stylist and Barber from the V&P All Things Hair Fashion team. It has left the





hair show and now into our everyday lives. You remember when we use to joke people Tony then goes on to say “what goes on at the wearing the baby hair. Well, no more, baby hair show needs to stay at the hair show” hair is back and you got to do it like a pro. It’s When the International Hair and Trade show, how you hide the lace to the lace front. Battle of the Hair leaves the platform and Meanwhile, traction alopecia is at an all-time becomes our everyday HAIR NORM this is high, (balding do to pulling at the scalp where the problem start to get a little damaging the hair follicle to an unrepairable sticky. We all know someone wearing a state). weave, wig, partial or unit. In fact it is probably the majority of the women we know. Tony then comes back to say “I will end on this note, the reality is that the weave and wig But let’s not put it all on the women, we now industry is going to continue to grow. I’m have to question the men. Is that a new toupee bracing for the worst for the reason being that or the Man Weave which is big business these there is a whole generation of women with no days! Our community spends billions of edges, suffering from traction alopecia. Maybe dollars in hair extensions, weaves, units, and the loss of hair might make folks pay more wigs. First, we had to ask ourselves why? attention to keeping their natural hair more Well, we all want to be attractive. A pleasing healthy. Sometimes we have to be broken hair do is a big part of looking attractive. In before we wake up and stop the madness. It our eyes having a full head of hair makes us may get worse before it gets better. Until then I look appealing. As we look at every award will continue to educate and promote health show from the BET AWARDS to The hair care practices. I will work and study how Grammy Awards, we see wigs and weaves to repair damaged hair and scalps. And I will down the back. It has truly spilled over into our create hair care products that rebuild the hair everyday lives and it is greatly promoted on follicle and our self-esteems one strain at a social media. time”- Tony T.

Well, we must add the lashes in there too, This brings us to our last member of the V&P jeepers, creepers, where did you get those All Things Hair Fashion team to close out this peepers, super doper long eyelashes. Lace portion of the International Hair and Trade front weaves were made for the movies, meant Show/March 2020. to be taken off after the scene was done. Today, lace fronts are everywhere and they are “Yes, it’s true that the trade show brings out being worn for weeks, even months, creating the most courageous, bodacious, and the most No Edges Madness, leading to weave creative hair designs, however my focus is on addiction. the different products and equipment that is featured at the trade show to help us to protect our hair as we want our hair to be in the most healthiest state possible” said Mrs. Martina Turner. So, let’s get back to healthy hair.


Healthy hair only takes a little TLC (Tender Love &

It's normal for the hair to shed between 50 to a 100

Care) and consistency. Now, we just look for a quick fix.

strands a day. When the hair sheds significantly more

We either don't have the time, patience, or don’t know

that's a sign of Telogen effluvium, which occurs as a

how to take care of our hair. You could have natural hair,

result of an internal imbalance, or upset, such as

relaxed, color-treated, damaged or dealing with hair loss.

nutritional deficiency, severe stress, crash dieting or an

TLC and consistency is all the hair needs. Every type and

illness. Just these issues alone make a major decision in

texture of hair needs to be shampooed, deep conditioned,

the health of your hair. Consult with a doctor if you’re

ends trimmed, quality hair care products, proper styling

experiencing major hair loss. Conditioning and trims

tools and techniques.We all need to shampoo our hair.

helps to reduce breakage, split ends, and improves your

Keeping a clean scalp helps to stimulate the scalp, which

hair health. As we leave you with the last hair tip from

also helps promote a healthy environment for continued

the V&P All Things Hair Fashion team, quality styling

hair growth. The hair bulb is formed at the base of the

tools, hair products and techniques makes a difference

hair follicle which is at the lowest part of the hair strand.

in the health of your hair. It gives you a more polished

The Dermal papilla fits into the hair bulb; this contains

look with lasting results. When using heating tools such

the blood and nerve supply that provides the nutrients

as your blow dryer, curling or flat irons, you want to do

needed for hair growth. Stimulating your scalp plays a

your research and invest in a quality brand of styling

key role in hair growth.

tools. Your hair will last longer and it will cut back on the time you have to work on your hair. If you have to

Just remember even if you're Co-washing or keeping

go over your hair multiple times to get a smooth blow

your hair in braids or in protective styles you still need to

dry or a straight flat iron style that still looks poofy

keep a clean scalp. Deep conditioning treatment is a very

then it's time to upgrade your styling tools. Your hair

significant part of healthy hair growth.

health is truly an investment in time, quality hair care products and styling tools. "You are so worth it"

Conditioners are used to provide an equal degree of

-Martina Turner.

moisturizing and protein treatment to help restore, strengthen, and give the hair body, as well as protect it against possible breakage.

When you seat under a heated dryer with a cap for 10 to 20 minutes it helps to nourish, strengthen and moisturize your hair, which improves texture and penetrate to the hair shaft. This is highly recommended for color-treated and dry damaged hair. You must condition, condition,

Antonio (Tony T) Turner is an accomplished hairstylist and salon owner, who co-owns Tony Turner Unleashed Hair Care Products. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetology.

and condition some more. Shaina Brown is hairstylist, salon owner, and entrepreneur. She has been operating her salon, Beauty Works, since October 1,

Yes, trimming your hair every six to eight weeks makes

2019. She specializes in natural hair care..

a difference in your hair growth. When your hair starts shedding, getting tangled or damaged at the end of your hair strand, that's a sign of a needed hair trim.

Martina Turner is a hairstylist, salon owner, and co-owner of Tony Turner Unleashed Hair Care Products. She has 26 years of experience in the Cosmetology field.


ALL THINGS FASHION Spring/Summer Trend Release





As a fashionable college student it can be hard to keep

The Budget

up with the trends while on a budget. Being fashionable

These items can range from

doesn’t always have to be

extremely inexpensive to

expensive. Here’s the secret

very expensive. Find your

to turning the items in your

medium! Go for what you can

closet into a full look

afford instead of paying more

without spending hundreds of

for an item that can be found

dollars. A pop of

somewhere for a lower price.

colorWhether it’s an olive

Glam doesn’t always have to

green leather jacket or an

be expensive.

orange puffer coat, colorful jackets can make any piece

In college we pay enough for

look well put together and

books and classes. Use what

stylish. It’s nice to go with a

you have in your closet but

simple all black outfit when

make it what you want. Here

you wear colorful jackets. A

is a spring trend tip to

pop of color can make a big

consider, you can always find


trendy Instagram boutiques

Purses or Bags

for unique statement pieces.

Accessories such as purses can pull a thrown on look together. It is preferred to add a mini bag with your on the go looks. It adds a splash of flavor and is a conversation starter.

Sneakers or Heels

Of course no one wants to walk around campus in heels, but off campus, heels can add style to a basic outfit. Heels are a staple item for any woman and can take your outfit from boring to glam.

Pair some heels with your flirty jeans for a casual date night out, or stylish biker shorts for a sporty look.
















C H I C . . .




2 0 S !

Spring introduces the beginning

women can in fact still choose

Lastly, knowing your

of many things such as warmer

very soft or even fun fashion

personality in choosing the

weather, longer days, and the

choices. This can be especially

style that is right for you helps

celebration of Women’s

said for women who are on a

to build confidence and keeps

History Month. There are so

fast-track paste, that are in

you fashionably glamourous.

many impactful women who

their 20s but may be pursuing

made great shifts in history—

their professional dreams. The

all while maintaining their

contrast in your wardrobe

femininity and pride in being a

between outfits for nights out

woman. A true boss chick

with the girls and meetings

knows the balance between

with coworkers might seem

work and play. Many times

very drastic. Maybe you want

women in power are expected

to increase your professional

to look cold, stiff and

attire but still desire to

business administration. She launched her own

intimidating. While this may be

maintain your youth and want

woman's clothing brand, Balem Lux on

a misconception, hardworking

to avoid outfits that are not

September 23, 2018.

personality savvy.

Alicia Lynette Morgan is a fashion designer, boutique owner, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Upper Marlboro, MD. August 2017, Alicia attended Bowie State University to study

Alia Jackson is a student at Bowie State University where she is currently studying Digital Media Production.


THE SPORTS REPORT WITH LADY K Go big or go home... by Karen McConnell-Jones

March Madness... The excitement, the predictions...


hen you hear these two words: MARCH MADNESS you already know what time it is, even if you're not a sports fan... It is basketball time (NCAA Men’s and Women’s College Basketball Tournament).

The name March Madness was the term used to describe the

of the NCAA Tournament ever since.

excitement surrounding the Illinois State high school. It was teacher and Coach Henry V. Porter, who actually started the term when he was a coach for Athens High

We sports lovers just go crazy this time of the year! The excitement, the predictions, the whole process of it all!

School in central Illinois back in March Madness usually takes


place mid-March through the beginning of April, when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments are held.

Seeing these young athletes going out there playing their hearts out

Then a CBS broadcaster who use to be a sportswriter in Chicago named Brent Musburger used it

knowing it’s all or nothing. It’s either go big or go home and no one wants to go home!

during the coverage of the 1982 tournament. It has been part


If they only can just make it to the

The Sports Report with Lady K

was a two-time NBA Finals MVP

final four and then on to the big

Special Tribute to One of Our

winner and his four times All-Star

game the NCAA Championship game to end out the March Madness.

It’s stated to be known that the NCAA brought in $1 billion of revenue during the 2016-2017 school year-most of which was generated by Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known as March

HEROES of Basketball, Kobe Bryant.

We all know that Kobe Bryant was a phenomenal basketball player starting his professional basketball career at a young age of 18. Kobe went straight from high school to pro

to pay college athlete which has been the talk around college basketball for years.

Kobe made the jump straight from high school to NBA which he was selected by the Charlotte Hornets with the 13th pick

College athletes have just as an

while maintaining their academics and grade average.

Kobe truly believed that in life you should live out your purpose and he did just that. Aside from being a great professional basketball player, Kobe was a philanthropist.

He belonged to the Make-A-Wish

of the NBA draft.

intensive road and game schedule

for the most in NBA history.

which is called prep-to-pro.

Madness. Regardless of how much money the NCAA makes, it refuses

MVP Awards are tied with Bob Pettit

Foundation, he was the official ambassador for After-School AllStars, a national children’s charity that provides after-school programs to 72,000 inner-city kids, amongst his long list of charities that he

He was traded almost immediately to the Los Angeles Lakers where he played out his 20 years career.

faithfully gave to he was most proud of the foundation he started with his wife Vanessa, the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation.

The league will not even consider a small reward of a monetary payment. Okay, should they pay or not pay? Just a fruitful thought……

Kobe won five NBA championships, was an 18-time All-Star, 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, 12time member of the All-Defensive Team, was named the 2008 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP),


Kobe’s popularity reaches way

Kobe was big on education and in

beyond the United States. He was

addition to his native language he was

being a devoted father and coach of his daughter's basketball team.

loved all across the country.

fluent in Italian, and Spanish. He was

May you both rest in peace. The

an avid reader and loved to write

Kobe was greatly admired in China

books, in which his book Dear

not just for his on court talent but for

Basketball was made into a short film

his philanthropist actions and his

and won him an Oscar. Kobe was a

appreciation of the country’s culture.

man of many talents and he even lent

world has truly lost a HERO, a great athlete, a precious son, a big brother, a devoted father, and a loving husband.

Apart from Yao Ming, Kobe is said to

his talent to the world of tennis. He

have the largest fan base in China and

was a big fan of tennis and Kobe had

his no.24 jersey outsells the national

MAD tennis game which most people

your mark you left on this world will forever live on inside of us.

hero Ming.

may not know.

Kobe, you will truly be missed, yet

Lastly, Kobe dedicated his life to one

We Love You Kobe,

of the things he loved most and that is Team V&P

Karen McConnell-Jones is CEO and owner of Class Act Productions LLC, owner and Co-Founder of Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine and Media..

V&P next issue is coming May 2020!

ial Spec ks than



We are looking for: Contributing writers Sales Marketing

Contact for more information



ith a grounded enthusiasm, Simone Walker, founder of Simone Walker Casting (SWC) confidently explains, "give us a call about the


opportunities that we provide". Indeed, for the inspired actor, there are a multitude of good reasons and resources that one will encounter at this one of a kind casting facility, located just outside of Washington, DC in suburban Laurel, Maryland.

Classroom space (more on this in a moment), a voiceover recording studio and, of course, casting service excellence are among the

By Seth Washington Photographer: Dominique Massaquoi

offerings at SWC. Walker casts for films, stage and theatrical productions, partnering talented artists with directors and producers who are eagerly awaiting to align the talent with their projects. Walker also provides the artist with a few additional career advantages. VISION & PURPOSE MAGAZINE | 61

e n o m i S


"I prepare you for being able to live your dream," Walker says. She does this, by strengthening the artist in the areas of confidence, positive attitude and enhanced auditioning techniques. These elements may appear to be aspects of common sense, yet one might imagine how much better off any of us could be if we, for example, had someone to help improve our interviewing skills. The results could mean a more thriving career, perhaps more income and critically as important, a more fulfilling work experience.

For the actor, these fundamentals of professionalism are profound difference makers for an artist seeking longevity within the industry. Walker is keenly aware that while many artists have honed their aesthetic gifts quite well, she avails herself and her classroom to add a coat of wisdom upon their treasures of talent.


Throughout the calendar year,

For Walker, having working

Some of the need includes

SWC hosts Actor Panels,

professionals visit her facility

sharing what Walker deems are

featuring regional and national

and parlay insightful gems to an

the 'Not To Do's'. She recounts

working actors who offer real

audience of motivated artists is

ways that artists have been

world insights about today's

the type of service that

taken advantage of by scams

acting profession. Among the

resonates with her purpose. As

and how she is able to forewarn

2019 panelists, included Jahi

she says, "reviewing talent and

the unexpecting thespian. She

Winston, who entered the

placing them in opportunities

admonishes for example that

professional realm as an off-

for growth in their careers",

any requirement of significant

broadway theatre actor. A rising

coincides with her "God given

upfront monetary payments is

talent, Winston portrayed a

vision to see people's talent and

essentially not a recommended

young Ralph Tresevant in

the need."

path. This would include offers

BET's New Edition movie and

to join a 'casting membership' or

'Junior' in the major motion

large, advance fees required for

picture Queen and Slim.

photography and related services.




"Integrity and character make a difference"


Similarly,Walker is a very strong advocate for the effective welfare of child actors. She encourages both parental guidance and presence in all phases of a child actors career, encompassing auditioning, on the production or rehearsal set and during any moments of negotiating. With regards to a child artist's business affairs, she again emphasizes the very urgent need for parental presence and likewise suggests parental co-management of their child's acting affairs. With a wealth of production and media experience, that has featured writing, acting, as well as, being a radio personality for a popular gospel broadcaster WYCB, Walker is truly an asset to the industry. She has worked with and among some of the most talented entertainers, thus strengthening her gift for seeing true talent.

"I was taught that integrity and character make a difference", says Walker who utilizes these values to place the right talent with the right opportunity. She has successfully casted upwards of 60 artists in productions during the previous year and is positioning SWC for continued success in 2020 and beyond.







PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH One who practices what she preaches, Walker continues to formally educate herself about media, recently completing a production course at a local college. Remaining sharp about industry trends is key to her service as a casting director and coincides with her vision of growing the SWC service platform. Aspects of that evolution would include a multi-stage theatre facility, featuring ample rehearsal space.



Regarding the power of vision and moving forward, Walker shares a memory from her radio days involving media mogul Tyler Perry. It occurred some years earlier, during one of Perry's stage plays at the Warner Theatre, in Washington, DC. Walker, on duty that evening as host, recalls conversing ever so briefly with Perry about the logistics of doing plays just moments before he took the stage as the character 'Joe'. These were pre-Madea days and while Perry at the time was just as focused and diligent then as we have come to know him to be, he was not yet a house-hold name.

With joy she marvels, as many of us have, at how far Perry has come. Similarly, so has Simone Walker and still she presses forward with a heart of service ready to give and to receive the very best of opportunity.

PERFORMING ARTS Seth Washington writes about performing arts for V& P Magazine and brings a first-hand appreciation of the art spectrum. As a very active spoken word artist and master of ceremonies, his performance work routinely partners him with the kinds of musicians, singers dancers and other creative souls that he writes about.

During a previous period along his aesthetic path, Washington also captured 35mm film portraits and performance photos of jazz, rock and hip hop entities including national ,as well as, local Washington, DC area artists.

He lives in suburban Maryland and enjoys museums, cinema and conversation for continued cultural enrichment.



coming soon...May 2020! VISION & PURPOSE (V&P) MAGAZINE & MEDIA HEADQUARTERS COMING SOON TO THE DOWNTOWN AREA OF PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD V&P Magazine & Media Headquarters coming soon to the beautiful historic business district of Largo/Upper Marlboro, Maryland. V&P Headquarters will be right off the beltway at the northern end of the Greater Upper Marlboro area.

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The 2NCs


March/April 2020

Karen McConnell-Jones and Dr. Sharon H. Porter, both originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, currently residing in Prince George’s County, Maryland, decided one year ago, March 2019, to create a magazine... Vision & Purpose (V&P) LifeStyle Magazine was born. Their love for community, politics, and media is at the center of this publication. We are grateful for our dynamic team of committed professionals. Without them, none of this would be possible!

Karen & Sharon

Karen McConnell- Jones is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. In her earlier years she was the first African-American full-service upscale Salon/Day Spa located in prestigious downtown Washington, D.C., two blocks from the White House. Ms. McConnell-Jones is now the CEO & President of Class Act Productions, LLC a community-based company, serving Prince George’s County, Maryland and the surrounding Washington Metropolitan area.

Ms. McConnell-Jones is also the President & Founder of the Class Act Speakers Bureau. She is a Business/Purpose Coach and Founder of her own non-profit organization, Dedtra McConnell Greater Consciousness, to give honor to her sister while using the media platform to be a voice for the mentally disabled, re-entry (returned citizens), and the underserved community. Ms. McConnell-Jones has been in media for over nine years now and is grateful for this journey and all the possibilities still to come.

Dr. Sharon H. Porter (Dr. Sharon) is an educator, best-selling author, publisher, interview show host, and podcaster. She is the President of SHP Enterprise, the umbrella entity for Perfect Time SHP LLC, SHP Media, and the GRIND Entrepreneur Network.

Dr. Sharon is the Executive Director of the Next In Line to Lead Aspiring Principal Leadership Academy (APLA). Dr. Sharon is also the founder of her non-profit organization, Young Ladies Who L.E.A.D. (Learn Excel, Achieve and Dare to be Great!) assisting elementary and middle school young ladies in developing their leadership skills, gain financial literacy, and explore their college and career options.

Dr. Sharon is a graduate of Howard University, Walden University, Johns Hopkins University, National-Louis University, and WinstonSalem State University. She is proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Stay tuned to future issues, where the 2NCs will be sharing their advice from questions received from our readers. Send us an email to with your question or dilemma!

Articles from Vision & Purpose LifeStyle Magazine March/April 2020 Issue 01