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Orchard Visit

Children of Tiny Tots (UKG) payed a visit to "Fruit Orchard" at Chattergam, Budgam on 8th September 2018.It was fun to visit the fruit orchard as the kids enjoyed being present among the trees. The children enjoyed the wonder of nature. sight was unforgettable as the lush green and red trees of apples,pears,figs,kiwis weighed down by the weight of fruits were amazing and kids learned about different fertilizers needed for the harvest.The children also saw a vermivermi compost section and were given knowledge that it is an excellent nutrient.They also saw few bee hives. Children were very excited to visit the orchard, observing a variety of fruits and it was delight for them when they were given one fresh apple each plucked directly fr from tree. It was an interesting and informative learning experience for children.

Eager to get in!

Enjoying the trip

Plucking the fruits

Waiting for their turn

Making Memories Camping is the time when children take time off from the regular chore of going to school and indulge in various activities. Children are engaged in something constructive and also take some leisure time for themselves during this period. Keeping in view these facts, we organised an overnight camp for LKG students on 22nd and 23rd of September, 2018. Hats off to the 180 girls and boys who walked in with a spring in their feet and a smile on their face. The overnight camp served as an opportunity for kids to try out new experiences. They went through a range of recreational and educational activities throughout the day. It also provided a chance for kids to become more independent in being away from family and taught them more responsibility for themselves and for others.

It’s Art Time!

Kids dancing with colours

It’s play time

Dinner Time!

Relishing the food!

Sharing is Caring!

Camp fire!

Time to sleep!

Exercise time!

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise!

Exercise Time

Time for breakfast

I am a grown up now !

Each Child Matters!

Clicking the memories









Time to see off!

The overnight camp succeeded in making our students more confident and self-reliant. Bravo, kids!

Budding Artists

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Affan IG

Affan IG

Aahil IH

Sundas IH

Tabia IH

Ahmad IH

Mohammad Zain IH

Rutba IG

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Tiny Tots September