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The Editorial Team Patron: Ms. Radifa Khan Teachers: Ms. Ather Qureshi

Students: Rehmat Irshad IID

Ms. Nazia Rashid

Maira Mudasir IIB

Ms. Fozia Sofi

Class I Orientation

A successful Parent Orientation of Class 1st was conducted in Delhi Public School, Srinagar on 04 March, 2019. The motive behind the orientation program was acquaint parents with the proper acquaintance with the curriculum. Parents were also made familiar with the teaching schedule, methodology and allied domains.

Welcoming Parents

Our strong team!

Question and answer session!

First Day of New Academic Session “2019-20”

Welcoming Children!!

Back to School.

Hand in hands we stand!!

What a joy it is to be back in school!!

Our School! Our Pride!

Science Exhibition “2019-20”

The science faculty organized an exhibition on Friday, March 15th 2019 where work of students of classes Tiny Tots exhibited their science based models constructed from waste. The exhibition honed the communication skills of students, besides polishing their technological skills. The fertility and creativity of young minds was on exhibit everywhere reflecting their enthusiasm and passion for science. To encourage the students, the Principal visited each and every exhibit accompanied by Academic Incharges and Student’s council.

Children enthusiastically exhibiting their work.

Children presenting their excellent piece.

Well done kidoos!!!

Orientation LKG “2019-20�

A successful Parent Orientation of Class LKG was conducted in Delhi Public School, Srinagar on 14 March, 2019. Mr Alistair Freece, principal welcomed the parents and stressed upon more involvement and timely feedback from the parents so that the learning process is improved upon. Parents were informed about the holistic development program followed in school, in which the method of instruction is child-centered, activity-oriented and with an ambience.

informal learning

Principal welcoming Parents.

Principal’s Welcome speech.Principal’s Welcome speech.

Inquisitive Parents listening to what their kids are going to in school.


First Day of LKG “2019-20�

The mood in the Tiny Tots wing was a mixture of tears, fears, excitement, confidence and joy as our youngest students joined school for the very first time. The buntings billowed gaily welcoming the young ones to their brightly decorated classes. As parents captured this moment for posterity, many a eye brimmed with tears as they bid adieu to their child. We wish all our new students all the best for the year ahead.

A warm welcome to our new buds!

When mother is not around, teacher is there.

Visit to Farm House Class I & II “2019-20�

A plantation drive was held, therefore, as a part of the celebrations. The drive began with a visit by Class 1 and Class II to a nearby farm. In the true spirit of the event, the students participated with zeal and enthusiasm.

Students getting their sapling

Children planting their saplings.

to plant.

All students waiting for their turn to plant.

Happy children at farm house.

Visit to Farm House LKG & UKG “2019-20�

The visit to farm house for classes LKG and UKG was an event that supplied fun and learning for the kids in equal measure. Students planted various types of saplings including cauliflower, knoll kohl (kadam), cabbage etc. Teachers had already explained to the students about the trees and the importance of tree plantation. The assisting staff at the farm taught the students how to plant the saplings and water the plants.

Our Tiny buds with tiny plants to plant.

Happy faces enjoying view at farm house.

Our kids enthusiastically planting the saplings.

Children at Farm House.

Budding Artist “2019-20”


I am a jungle boy

I will read in a truck

Animals give me joy

I will read with a duck

I don’t love to play with toy.

I will read in my room.

Because I am a jungle boy.

I will clean my room with a broom.

I love a crazy monkey

I will read a book.

I play with a donkey

I will read and cook.

Animals are so cute

I will take out my book and read

They are not rude

when exams come. I will lead

By Syed Meesam Ali IInd I

By Sarim Naiem II F

My Mother My Mother, my friend so dear Throughout my life you are always near. A tender smile or guide my way You are the sunshine to light my way By Amaan IInd E

Profile for Delhi Public School Srinagar

Melodious March 2019 Tiny Tots  

Melodious March 2019 Tiny Tots