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Winter Morning

with no one there but a bee then why don't we use our eyes and see the beauty before it flies. By: Tayyibah

7th D

Friendship I moved in the morning full of thrill I slowly walked up the hill the wind was moving and bringing the chill. Through the meadow the birds would sing a divine message they would bring I am the winter morning, lots of harshness but delight I bring I am the winter morning

That can't be bought or sold But its value is far greater than a mountain made of gold. In your times of trouble, It is powerless to cheer. I wanted to thank you but was unable to explain.

I am the cold sting. By: Tayyibah

Friendship is a priceless gift


7 D

Thanking god that he made you To help each other


every then and now

With trees getting back their leaves

and once again it would say

chasing away the winter's thieves

A friend in a need is a friend indeed.

with grass being lush and green

By:Qaseema Syed Pukhta

flowers standing, creating a scene. Spring comes and winter goes with the garden full of rose sadly, man has no time to watch this beauty so fine. With lots of scenery to see


7 D

I wish I were a fish. I will swim with dolphins, through fluttering my fins. I will go to the deapest ocean, And see the God's creation. I will see the sea's sight, Teacher Oh! Teacher

for all over the night.

you are the life's important feature

I will be having no bad things in my mind,

you enable us to make

I will be always good and kind.

bright feature.

I wish I were a fish....

You have a powerful brain

By: Muhammad Tameem

which is fresh as rain

Love Myself

you are also a part


7 D

which is full of studies n art

I made myself the one whom the world wanted me to see.

you are the architect of the

And forget the one I wanted to be.


I kept that fake smile on my face

but we are the future of the

and the cutie pie tag with me.


I just wanted to be perfect

You are the future of light

leaving my true self behind

that makes us shine

I started to judge myself according to the world

and twinkle like a star

and I thought I would be the best.

whenever my name will

But I realised that


not walking according to the world

You will be remembered

But going there where I want to

by heart of mine.

and got the right path.

Name:Qaseema Syed Pukhta

And now I do what I do.

I wish I were a fish...

I do what I want

I am the best

I known what to be

Then I look to my left

because I love myself.

Men are bedevil by sounds

By: Hiba Ali


8 D

Then I saw devils Engrossing the innocents Homogeneity was everywhere, Strength monopolies Weak was virulent.

For some maths is a game,

By: Dhaniya Sameer

They play, then they get the fame.

My Friend

8th D

They play with the numbers, My friend is very dear to me Then they act like thunders. Just like a leaf is to a tree She is my secret keeper, and makes me glad For some maths is boring, She is always there, if I am happy or sad In class they only see the flooring. Sometimes we fight and she makes me mad They think maths is tough, She is an angel who prevents me from bad In test they only do rough. I cherish the beautiful memories we had. By: Syed Kubra

8th D

For me math is interesting, But tests are frustrating. In tests I used to be careless,

My Mother

But from now I am fearless.

My mother cared for me

You should not act like thunder,

Since I was a little baby

You should not create any blunder.

From when I was not able to walk

By: Wasiq Wajahat Malik

She also taught me how to talk


8th D

What is right and what is wrong It took me so long

When I look at the sky She is as beautiful as a rose Moon is beset by the clouds

And I love her excellent pose.

To wish you and to greet you.

By: Syed Kubra Class: 8th D

I add by saying this, Chinar


You are the moto of the “Courage and Fire”.

Wanted to conclude this by saying, Most attractive, most reliving and, Pride of Kashmiri Beings. Rabab Zehra

8th F

Nature The trees are so huge, The sky is so long. Passing through the vermillion street, Stared at the Crimson of leaves.

The water is so fresh, The flowers make us refresh.

Though, for a minute, My mind stuck at the crimson leaves.

The deepness of nature, Will give you treasure.

Sun can’t tolerate you, Chinar You are the required for the noon.

People would call me a “fool”, But seriously you are the part of my “soul”.

Every year Monarch come to see you,

Arfan Javaid

Class: 8th F


halls. Same practices are practiced in the parliament members.

Corruption! The most common thing in Kashmir. About 95% of the work is done by the help of corruption. Even well qualified people, rank holders help people in getting their work done by taking money from them in thousands, but why ?.... Then if they take money from the public then why to take salary from the Government.

Corruption can’t be stopped until the nature of humans will change...

When the planner gives crore rupees to Engineer to build a Government building, he/she first tells the planner to give out 4 to 5% in the form of “Commission”… Actually they have given corruption another name and it’s “commission”. If a person comes to a “patwari” or a land record officer for some work he/she first asks for commission, for performing their duty. It is also corruption.

Take either ‘commission’ from public or ‘salary’ from the government. The person who takes money from the public does not think that if anybody will be poor, if anybody will not be having that much salary/ budget. Is this his/ her duty to be a part of corruption? Most of the rank holders are being made by this chronic disease called “corruption”…mostly “Patwaris, “engineers”, and heads of various departments are included in corruption. Even some examiners, invigilators sell the question papers before the date of examination to the students and take money from them, they don’t even think about the future of the other students. The students which are intelligent their future is being demonstrated and those who don’t study much well are on high ranks… The Assembly Members who are law makers of the state do not try to stop this corruption, as they come on the basis of corruption in there assembly

This is a message from me to everyone whether it is a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian or a Buddhist to follow their religious principles at grass root level that can also change the nature of humans for stopping in the corrupt world.

By: Syed Shazadi Kubra Class: 8th D

स्वच्छता का अपनाओ चारों ओर गंद्गी फ़ै ली, कू ड़े-करकट का अंबार। यह तो है बाहरी गंदगी, कर लो तुम इसका उपचार॥ मंत्र स्वच्छता का अपनाओ, स्वस्थ, सबल जीवन का दान। दूर करो गंद्गी, बच्चो, Gurneet kaur 8thB सन ु ो बात मेरी-अनोखी हवा हॉ । करो देश भर का कल्याण॥ दूर गंद्गी होने से, खुशशयों का संसार बसेगा। बस्ती अपनी सुंदर होगी, वाय़ु, देह, मन शुदध रहेगा॥ हवा हॉ - हवा मैं फसॊती हवा हॉ! जहाॉ से चऱी मैं, जहाॉ को गई मैंसन ु ो फात मेरी-अनोखी हवा हॉ । शहर, गाॉव, फस्ती, नदी, रे त, ननजजन, हरे खेत, ऩोखर फड़ी फावऱी हॉ, फड़ी मस्तमौऱा। झऱती चऱी मैं, झम ु ाती चऱी मैं! नहीॊ कुछ फ़िकर है, फड़ी ही ननडर हॉ। हवा हॉ हवा मैं फसॊती हवा हॉ! जजधर चाहती हॉ उधर घमती हॉ, मस ु ाफ़िर अजफ हॉ । जफ आऊॉ में ऩष्ु ऩों की वाटिकाओॊ से , सग ु ॊधधत हो जाए चारों टदशाएॉ ।

खुशफ पैऱे ये चाह है मेरी , सन ु ो फात मेरी-अनोखी हवा हॉ । Zaira 8thB

हमारा D.P.S हमारी शान ; हमारा D.P.S हमारा अभभमान 2018 की अऱग ही थी बात , भमऱा MR. ALISTAIR FREESE का साथ ।

होने ऱगी GROUND में GENERAL ASSEMBLY ; परे स्टाफ को हो गई तसल्ऱी ,

सब को अपने ववचारों को प्रकट करने की भमऱी FACILITY। सब के ववचारों की होने ऱगी जाॉच ,

शरू ु हुआ D.P.S में FOOT BALL MATCH। परी कश्मीर घाटी थी खश ु हाऱ , अथवाजन D.P.S में होता था रात को दमाऱ ; छात्रों ने ददखाया अपना कमाऱ । था सब पर इस ददन का भार ,

ऱेककन भऱया सब ने हॉसते -हॉ सते सॊभाऱ , थी हमारे भऱए ये गौरव की बात ;

क्योंकक भमसटर DHAR SIR और KIRAN MAM चऱे साथ – साथ । पाते है प्रतत वषष सम्मान ,

करते है DHAR पररवार को शत - शत प्रणाम ॥ D.P.S में होना ककसी के भऱए नहीॊ छोटी बात , दे ते और पाते है EDUCATION की सौगात ।

सन ु ो सन ु ाऊॉ नयी एक बात ,

हुई 2019 की शरू ु आत । सबसे पहऱे ककया गया एक काम ,

WORK SHOP था जजस के साथ MR. B. L. HANDOO है नाम ;

न था यह ऐसा वैसा WORK SHOP ,

छात्रों के भऱए थी सोऱह आने वाऱी बात ॥ क्या था इस सम्मेऱन का AGENDA, दर करो परु ाने ववचारों का फॊदा। करो प्यार से भशऺा का प्रचार ,

तभी होगे हमारे सपने साकार । है दर मॊजिऱ सफर है जारी,

कर रहे हैं वषष 2019 को सफऱता की ओर ऱे जाने की तैयारी ॥

छात्रों की उननतत और प्रगतत ही हमारा उददे शय है ।

Co-ordinator रजनी मटि

‫پھول‬ ‫وي خوشثوجومه چاہی لگتی ہے‬ ‫وي خوتصورتی جو دل کو تھا جاتی ہے‬ ‫وي کرشمہ قدرت کا لگتا ہے‬ ‫وي پھول جومہکتا رہتا ہے‬ ‫ہر دم چمکتا رہتا ہے‬ ‫ہر دم مہکتا رہتا ہے‬ ‫ہر پل سىہرا لگتا ہے‬ ‫وي پھول جو مہکتا رہتاہے‬ ‫جة سردی کا موسم اتا ہے‬ ‫وي دور کہیں چھپ جاتا ہے‬ ‫اور قدرت کا قاوون ہے یہ‬ ‫جو اتا ہے وي جاتا ہے‬ ‫ہم وے تھی اب یہ تات خوب جاوی ہے‬ ‫یہ دویا تھی تو اوی جاوی ہے‬ ‫اک روز خدا کو یاد کریں‬ ‫اک روز یہ سة فریار کریں‬ ‫(صالحاعبرالالہ)‬

Profile for Delhi Public School Srinagar

Bloom Middle Wing March  

Bloom Middle Wing March