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1. Haziq Mir 7th B

1. Ms Irram Ashraf

2. Imad Hussain 7th H

2. Ms Arjumand

3. Khalid Khursheed 7th B

3. Ms Afroza Akther

4. Muddasir Zahoor 7th I

4. Mr Basharat Hussain Dar

5. Saroosh Wani 8th B

5. Ms Sushma Koul

6. Tayyibah 7th D

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7. Touyiba binti Javaid 7th B

Story telling competition Winning is not everything, it is the only thing!

On Tuesday, June 4th students were introduced to the mountains of excitement and joy, books.The students had to prepare a story on the spot . The students did the activity in a very fantastic and enthusiastic way. It was conducted in a lovely manner by our Award Winners of the story sweet librarians .In total there were 32 students .The students were given some beautiful and interesting topics like Harry Potter and Oliver Twist. The honourable Judges were Ms Shazia Fida English teacher (9-10th) and Ms Hina Qadri In-charge of Middle wing. The students who put their feet on the pedal and got the medal were as follows: Name 1. Noor khan





Best innovative story

Stan lee comes from Dead to make a Marvel movie.


Best imaginative story

A woman drops her wall and you Find a mysterious photo.

3. Mohammad Anaab


Best interesting story

You find yourself in body of a person you hate most.


Khalid Khursheed


Special Mention

Dear god


Noor Sadiq


Special Mention

Thor gives his hammer to you for one day


Ahmed Bukhari

Students who got Special Mentions

DEAR activity: Drop Everything And Read

On 19 June the school organised an activity in which all students were taken in to the waters of knowledge and wisdom. The DEAR (DROP EVERYTHING AND READ) activity. The activity was held all over the board from classes LKG to 12 the, teachers and

also the known teaching staff were part of this .They were allowed to get any book they like and relish the art of reading books. The activity was a great hit. The students participated in it with great optimism, enthusiasm and fervour.

SMUN On 8th-10th June There was a MUN in Kashmir Harvard namely SMUN. Students from our school participated in it with great fervour and enthusiasm. Our student Khalid Khursheed won the honourable delegate. Students participated in it from all over the state J&K.

Inter-House Singing competition

On 22nd of June there was an Inter-House Singing competition for classes 8th,9th and 10th.Students had set the stage on fire by singing some melodious and extraodinary songs.

Exam stress Exams! Exams! Exams! The word itself gives us jitters. Our mind gets full of stress and burden of the equations of Maths, grammar of English, fathers of Science and what not! All the year, we are busy watching movies and listening to songs but you really regret that part when exams are at hand. The worst part is the long lectures you get from your parents. How hard they used to study in their times is the common the normal dialogue. Now the last minute preparation, which we all prefer, becomes a real problem of our mind. Few tips to be used during exam       

Study early in the morning. Eat healthy and well. Relax well before taking exam. Do yoga. Drink a lot of water. Write and learn. Take intervals while studying.

So, better is to study round the year; learn whatever you studied at school. The best part is you will have a lot of time to watch latest movies. If you still don’t follow the rules, you will get into trouble. But for now, best of luck!

Touyibah Binti Javaid 7th B

House wife

The Internet

I am a house wife

We can meet

I live for all

By just a single tweet

I like the cake

We can host

That I usually make

By a single post

In my eyes there are tears

We can’t get a day nap

I have my own fears

Without sending a snap

I do not sit

We can’t have a cup of tea

I only knit

Without watching a Netflix movie

I live for all

Our life with social media is impossible

not only me

Because social media makes our life possible.

I am a house wife I am never free

Sheikh Ibraheem Syeda Zainab kazmi Class: 7th E

Class: 7th B


Labors, labors You are the pain bearers How do your work Without any physical or emotional jerk? I can’t imagine a world without you Only you throw the old and dirty stew All around would be dirty and shabby Like the haphazard boy named Bobby You are the people who save us from flu “Thank you!”

Khalid Khursheed Class: 7th B


सबिो दे ती ज्ञान किताबें , िरवाती

पहचान किताबें।

घर में आिर िरे दोस्ती, बन जाती महे मान किताबें ॥

भले-बरु े िा फिक बतािर, िरती हैं अहसान किताबें।

जीवन भर िी हर मुश्किल िो, िर दे ती आसान किताबें॥

इनसे अच्छा ममत्र न िोई, िरती हैं िल्याण किताबें।

भूत, भववष्य, वतकमान िा, िरवाती अनुमान किताबें॥

िभी न डााँटे और न पीटे , गरू ु से अधिि महान किताबें ।

िल्प, छं द, व्यािरण मसखािर, बना रही ववद्वान किताबें॥

अंिों िे हहत आाँखें बनती, हो जाती हदनमान किताबें।

गाँग ू े पढ़ते, बहरे सन ु ते, बनती श्जह्वा, िान किताबें॥

पुरखों िे संधचत अनुभव िा, होती है यह खान किताबें।

बूढी होती किंतु न मरती, रहती सदा जवान किताबें॥

ज्ञान और ववज्ञान सभी िो, रखती हैं गततमान किताबें।

नभ-धगरर-सागर ति पहुाँचिर, िरती हैं उत्थान किताबें ॥ संस्िार, मिक्षा, सेवा दे , बना रही िनवान किताबें।

सबिे हहत सन्मागक हदखािर,बन जाती बलवान किताबें॥

िभी न फाडें और न फेंिे, बनी रहे रसखान किताबें।

तनिकन िे भी िर में पहुाँचाँ ू, रखती यह अरमान किताबें ॥ लाँ गड़े पढ़ते, बूढ़े सुनते, सबिो दे ती ज्ञान किताबें।

अघ्यानी िो घ्यान िराती, हो जाती िुबाकन किताबें॥

ऊाँच-नीच िा भेद न िरती, ममटा रही अज्ञान किताबें।

खुद दिीधच-सा जीवन जीिर, होती है बमलदान किताबें॥ Rem kaanda

class: 8th B


किस पर िरत गुमान रे मन, मान हमारी॥

हाड़ चाम िा बना यह वपंजरा,सिल परू ु ष भज नारी।

ततस िो तुम अपने िर मानों,यही भल ू बड़ भारी॥

बहे तू क्यों बबन वारी॥

दो हदन िी है चमि चाम िी, सो ताँू लेहु ववचारी।

बबन ववचार िछु सार ममले ना, छााँड़ सिल धचत यारी॥ आप तू खद ु धगरिारी॥

दो हदन िा है जीना जगत में, सो ताँू जाने अनारी।

भवसागर से ततरना होय तो, हो अततिय हुमियारी॥ तब ही होवे भव पारी॥

इस में संिय मत मन राखो यह सत्य भज ले वारी। सो सख ु है अतत भारी,िही तोसे मैं सारी॥

(हहंदी अध्यावपिा सष ु मा िौल)

Ishreen Kour Bali 7th B

Fajer Nabi 7th B

Muhammad Saad Wani 7th

Aairah Parvaiz 7th F

Afaan Arif 7th E

Sharjeel 8th I


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Bloom Middle Wing June 2019