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11 March was the first day of the new session 2019-2020. Jolly faces were seen entering the campus with new hopes and dreams.


The Science faculty organized an exhibition on Friday i.e., March 15, 2019 where students exhibited their Science based models, constructed from waste. The fertility and creativity of young minds was on exhibit everywhere, reflecting their enthusiasm and passion for Science. To encourage the students, the students of higher classes along with their Home Room teachers visited each and every exhibit. Students not only showcased their fervor for Science, but presented complex concepts with confidence that earned them accolades.


A welcome assembly was organized by the faculty members of class V and VI, to welcome the students with a smile and open arms. The teachers started the assembly by praying to Almighty followed by a welcome song prepared for the students, who were seen enjoying it. The assembly concluded with words of appreciation by our worthy Principal.


The school organized a Graduation Ceremony on 21 March, 2019 for the students of primary wing. The ceremony was marked by a special assembly prepared by students of class VI A and VI B. The principal felicitated the students with the certificates. It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the little ones, as they received their graduation certificates.


Commercial Arts activity was held on Thursday i.e., 28th March, 2019. The purpose of this activity was to introduce and expose the children towards common commercial products, they use in their daily lives, as every product is a work of art. The students were seen enthusiastically working on the artistic packaging of chocolate boxes, chips bags, juice tins, candy wrappers and cosmetic product. This exercise helped in enhancing the creativity power of the children because they could see common things in an artistic way.

I rise when I fall. I remember, after I forget I learn, when I repeat I succeed, when I steal. Thus, I rise when I fall There is a light after the dark There is a hope after a loss There is a punishment after a sin There is a pat after an accomplishment Yes, I rise when I fall Don't take any failure as a stop Don't make any improper decision In the rush of a deep sorrow and depression Because there is a way to all Don't take any failure as a stop Yes I rise when I fall. Syed Ibtisam Aroof VI-F

My Mother My mother is the best She hardly takes any rest. She is always on her toes Thinking of me wherever she goes. She is very dear to me So caring and so near to me. Mohammad Hadi V-F

March Bloom March for me is : M-Motivation. Schools are open, students are studying, They want to be creative and for that they are waiting. Children see successful people and want to be like them, They are a growing root, waiting to be a stem. A-Aspiration. Desiring to be a person, Compared to a star. Desiring, they can do something new. Discovering a new color, not colors like blue. R-Resilience. Having tolerance, they know they are small, Having a desire of being tall. Been waiting, being calm, Never doing any harm. C-Courage. They will fight against Evil, When they become adults. Today they are kids, Let them become the whiz kids. H-Hope. Living in a hope of being successful, Being respected and beautiful. Hope to be a stem, But do you know, I am one of them! Abdullah bin Zubair VI- G

The Warmonger King Once there lived a king. He was hungry for land and accumulated a lot of wealth. But the people were against him. He did not let anybody live in peace. People craved for tranquility and peace, but they often had sleepless nights because of the frequent wars. King had a beautiful daughter who also wanted peace, but the greedy king would not listen to anybody. One day, a sage came to the king's court and advised him for peace and harmony. But the king would not listen. The sage became angry and before leaving, cursed the king that his own daughter should get separated from him, if he went to war again. The arrogant king did not pay heed to the sage’s request. After some time the king attacked another Kingdom and conquered it. Next day, he was informed that his own daughter had disappeared while sitting in the garden and a mysterious tree had grown in her place. The king cried and sobbed. The sages curse had come true. People from all over came to see the tree. The tree would hear all the people, but nobody would hear the tree’s crying and sobbing. The king was growing old and weak. One day a young and handsome prince came near the tree. He heard the tree’s cries and sobs. The Prince was kind at heart. He realized that the soul of the princess was trapped in the tree. He went to the sage and asked for forgiveness. The sage took his curse back, the tree vanished and the princess came back to life. The two of them got married and lived happily thereafter. Zayaan Showkat Reshi V-F

A Girl Destined To Time Travel. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emma Ginger. She was interested in history and dinosaurs since her childhood. One fine evening, when she was returning from her school, she saw something glowing in the dump yard. She went near that object to check. She picked it up and found that it was a watch, but this watch looked different from a normal watch. As it was getting dark, she put the watch in the pocket and started walking towards her home. Next day was Sunday, she decided to check the watch on that day. So the next morning, after having her breakfast, she decided to check the watch. The watch had rewind, play, present buttons. She pressed the rewind button and suddenly everything around her started changing, she got frightened and instantly pressed the play button. She got confused and saw that she had travelled back in time and couldn’t understand what had happened. Later, she understood that she had time travelled. She got anxious whether she will be able to return to the present time. Naturally after clicking the “present” button she returned to the present day. There was no limit to her excitement. She suddenly got an idea to visit the time of dinosaurs which she always dreamt of. As she was now aware of how to use the watch, she pressed the “rewind” button and travelled to the past - the time of dinosaurs. She had a lot of fun watching different types of dinosaurs. It was a day of joy for her. She roamed around for quite a long time, later when she got hungry and decided to return back. Now Emma has a Time Travel watch; she could learn more about history and past. SAADIYA SAADAT KHAN VI-H

Kashmir- A Paradise? People say that Kashmir is a paradise. I have heard this over T.V. and Radio. I have also read about this in various books and newspapers. This can be an idea of the people residing outside Kashmir. I, the resident of Kashmir, cannot support their sayings. It is said that the people in paradise would have no problem of any kind, no shortage of any item, no problem of transport, no health problems and no deficiency of eatables. In fact, people think we have to wish only and it will be fulfilled within no time. When I see my Kashmir- I see that all the hardships, problems miseries, difficulties and scarcities that have been lumped together for us. There is scarcity of drinking water. People have to dig tube wells for it. Wherever the water is, it is impure. There is intermittent power supply. Students have to resort to candles for their studies. There is no proper connectivity. People have to waste hours together in traffic jams. There is no adequate health care. The patients have to stay in queue for hours together which is beyond their tolerance. Private doctor charges heavy fee which the poor people cannot afford. There is no adequate supply of eatables, especially in winter when road blocks frequently. There is always shortage of vegetables, meat, gas, fuel, rice and other items of day to day use. There is unemployment and the idle but educated youth fall prey to drug peddlers who are looking for them. All the items of daily use such as milk, spices, oils, medicines are adulterated. In foreign countries, one cannot even think of giving to their children this adulterated milk and medicines. It is only in Kashmir where such things happen. Therefore, I don’t think that my Kashmir is really a paradise on earth! Fatimah Qazi V-F

Barizeh Bint Fayaz VI-G

Syed Sabir Mushtaq Masoodi V-C

Sara Masoodi V-I

Jerjis VI-C

‫میرا بھائی‬ ‫میرا بھائی مصطفے‬ ‫مجھ سے روز لڑتا ہے‬ ‫کچھ کہو اُس سے‬ ‫وہ تو بس اکڑتا ہے‬ ‫ناک پہ اُس کے ُ‬ ‫غصہ ہے‬ ‫پر امی سے وہ ڈرتا ہے‬ ‫وہ بہت لڑاکو ہے‬ ‫پر مجھ پہ جان چھڑکتا ہے‬ ‫میرا بھائی مصطفے‬ ‫مریم پرویز وانی‬ ‫(جماعت پنجم)‬

‫پیاری ماں‬ ‫پیاری ماں مجھ کو تیری دُعا چاہیے‬ ‫تیری آنچل کی ٹھنڈی ہوا چاہیے‬ ‫لوری گا گا کے مجھ کو سُالتی‬ ‫ہے تو‬ ‫مسکرا کر سویرے جگاتی ہے تو‬ ‫مجھ کو تیرے سوا اور کیا چاہیے‬ ‫پیاری ماں مجھ کو تیری دعا چاہیے‬ ‫تیری ممتا کے سائے میں‬ ‫پھولوں پھلوں‬ ‫تھام کے تیری انگلی میں بڑھتی‬ ‫چلوں‬ ‫تیری خدمت سے دُنیا میں ّ‬ ‫عزت میری‬ ‫تیرے قدموں کے نیچے ہے جنّت‬ ‫میری‬ ‫منشا‬ ‫(جماعت پنجم)‬

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Reflection - Primary Wing March 2019  

Reflection - Primary Wing March 2019