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PARENT ORIENTATION PROGRAMME “Behind Every Young Child Who Believes In Himself Is A Parent Who Believed First� The first annual orientation programme for class 3rd was held on 2nd March 2019, with a hope to make the beginning of the new session an exciting, successful and happy experience. The orientation programme for the parents of grade 3rd began with a warm welcome addressed by our Principal Mr. Alistair R.A.Freese.,who enlightened the audience with his words of wisdom . He gladly answered all the queries of the parents.

PROF.(DR.) B.L HANDOO’S WORKSHOP “ A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others” A capacity building programme / workshop was organized for classes III to VI on 9th March 2019. It was conducted by Prof.(Dr.)B.L Handoo.

SCIENCE EXHIBITION “The Science of today is technology of tomorrow’s Scientist”. The science faculty of Delhi public school Srinagar organized an exhibition on Friday , March 15th 2019. The exhibition spanned the classes right from LKG to 10 th. Students from all the classes portrayed their creativity in making best science based models out of waste.

GRADUATION CEREMONY “Graduation is an exciting time. It is both an ending and a beginning. It is warm memories of past dreams for the future.� The school organized Graduation ceremony on 16 th March 2019. The principal and the vice-principal felicitated the students with the certificates. It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the little ones as they received their graduation certificates.

LITTLE POETS SPRING Spring, Spring, O Spring Among the seasons, you are the king, Everyone was waiting for so long, And wanted to sing a song The birds too seem dancing. Faryal Fatima 3A

KINDNESS Always be kind Have a cool mind Help others when in need Keep yourself away from greed This is the way all joys you can find. Ahmad Bin Aadil 3A

FLOWER O, flower you teach me to smile, I forget all the worries for a while. With all the thorns you bloom, Your fragrance make me groom. Your colour attracts even the bees, They get the nectar to squeeze. From you I learn to live, There is so much you can give. Myra Maryam 3B MY NAME Everybody has a name, Everybody has a name, Some are different, Some are same. Some are short, Some are long, All are right None are wrong. My name is Aekam, It's special to Me, A blessed being I want to be! Aekam kour 3B

पयावरण पर किवता पेड़ क छाया म ही तो पि य का रै न बसेरा है, इनके होने से हम ह और कहते ह जीवन मेरा है। गौर से देखो इ ह , ये भी ते कु छ कहते है, फ़ू ल,फ़ल,हवा , सुगध ं ये सब हम देते ह। मीठे -मीठे फ़ल इनके ब को कतने भाते ह, इनका क तो रस लेकर भंवरे म त हो जाते ह। पि याँ कभी ताज़ी,हरी तो कभी सुखकर सुनहरी हो जाती है, इ हेण देखकर कोयल भी तो देखो नगमे कै से गाते ह । इनको जो काट िगराया कै सी िमलेगी तुमको छाया, दद इ ह भी होता होगा,चोट इ ह भी लगती होगी, इनको जो काट िगराओगे, तुम भी तो बच न पाओगे। इनसे हम है हम से ये ह,इनके िबना न जीवन अपना इनक र ा काम है अपना, हर एक जो पेड़ लगाएगा, वो नेक काम कर जायेगा, जो समझेगा दद को इनके वही इं सान कहलाएगा । रनवीर सह क ा-चतुथ अ

MY FATHER MY SUPER HERO MY father with a great moustache Is always there to wipe my eyelash. Whenever he is near I feel protected Here goes the man with great moustache My super hero is a call away Whenever we are stuck he finds a way He is a man with great moustache Is always there to wipe my eyelash He is the man with strong heart He makes me smile and that is his art He is the reason I feel gifted Whenever he is there I feel protected He keeps us all together Yes indeed he is my father. Parsa Jahan 4B

MY COLOURFUL KITE I fly a kite, that is so bright. It flies so high, like a bird in the sky. It plays with the air, like a child in a fair It flies so high, as if it talks to the sky It teaches a lesson in fun Move higher, be afraid of none Dance fearlessly believe you are the one In every situation who always won I love to fly a kite, It carries ideas so bright It teaches me not to be afraid, When you feel you are right. Zoyah Mudasir 4I

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Rumination Junior Wing March 2019  

Rumination Junior Wing March 2019