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Delhi Public School Srinagar MONTHLY MAGAZINE V / VI

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MY MOTHER IS ALWAYS MINE My mother is always mine, She always helps me to shine. O! My mother is only one with me, Except her no one is with me. O! mother you are like a ranger, Except you, everybody is like a stranger. My mother is only one, She accepted mistakes which I have done. My mother protected me From the under bed monster, She protected me From the evil destructor. Mother mother on your feet I wish to sleep. Oh! Please don't be angry with me, You are only one with me. O! My mother I apologize, Please accept my sacrifice. My mother is always mine, I love my mother...

FRIEND I love you and You adore me I show anger to you and You smile at me. I learn from you and You teach me I commit a mistake and You guide me. I salute the character dignity in you You give courage and strength to me. I am your shadow and You are my light Just like the moonlight; To the dark night May you always shine like light, And your future always be bright.

Qazi Amaad Ajaz VI- C



ave water, Save water, Don't make your life shorter Save water, save water, If not, it will be a big matter. Save water, save water We need it, when the days become hotter.

Muhammad Mudasir VI-B

Syed Haaniyah Andrabi






MOTHER My mother is a fountain of love, My mother has the beauty of a dove. My mother has a heart of gold, Her affection never grows old! She cares for all, And shares with all, We hardly listen to her, But she bears with all. I would like to tell her, The whole world she means to me, No matter where I am, Her face is the most soothing sight to see.

Sara Khalid Wani





SAVE GIRLS They are the world's precious Pearls.

Mobile phones emit radio frequency energy (radio waves), the radiations emitted by Mobile Phones can have adverse effects on children. The possible health hazards of it are: 1. Non-malingnant tumors: The children who use mobile phones have possibility of developing non-malignant tumor in the brain and ear. 2. Cancer: Children absorb more than 60% of the radiations from mobile phones into the brain than adults. Their brain have thinner skin, tissues and bones allow them to absorb the radiations twice than the grown-ups. 3. Effects on the brain: The scientists have discovered that just two minutes of the phone call can alter the electoral activity of the kid’s brain for up to an hour. The radio waves enter deep into the brain and disturbs brain activity like learning ability and behaviour problems.

Zikra Zahoor

Mohammad Muheeb Qureshi V-A

Girls! Save girls Save girls save treasure They are the world's biggest pleasure. They win our heart By their skills and art. They don't trace They have their own grace. They fulfill their duty And believe in unity. They are doctors Engineers and teachers. Yes it's true true true Absolutely very true. Behind the success of a man There is always a women. So, Please! Please !Please!


CAMPUS ROUND UP Parent Orientation (class V) Graduation Ceremony Science Exhibition Poetry Writing Competition Book hour Commercial Art Rangoli



He is the one‌ He is the one who made the galaxy, He is the one who made me. He is the one who made seven seas, He is the one who made all the trees. He is the one who knows, And right path he shows He is the king of time And witness to every crime. He is the lord of the land And can turn everything into sand He has the nightiest sword And we call him god.

My fun route to school‌

Although my home is far from school, Still the trip to it is very cool. I see various things on road, The things are new on every mode. All the kinds of metal like iron and brass. I also see a gas plant, But I can only take a glance. Saffron growing on my way, The mountains are beautiful with sun's ray.

The road is smooth while sometime bumpy, It makes us fall like humpty. I see the hustle bustle in the market, Selling things like gems and carpet. The newsboy is selling newspapers, There is joy between the neighbours. The vehicles are on the vehicle stand, Everyone is hand-in-hand.

Mohammad Usman V-D

Now at last school is here, Time to study now my dear!

Touyiba-binti-Javaid VI-G


Little fairy Girl

A little fairy girl on our bus stop Who used to hop And greet everyone with a wide smile She could gain attention ever far away from a mile. She was very cute Wearing a red little boot She would come and greet us As a butterfly moving from the sky. My ma’am would adore her hair Blonde and neatly plaited I fear I don't have such kind of hair Anyways, I don't care. I always wonder how would When she would grow up, I wish How different she would be Oh! How I wish to see her.

I re

ally wonde r

I really wonder day & night How nature makes everything bright With lusty green grass below our feet The shining sky with the sun so sweet. The morning time is the best of the day With dew drops shining on the hay I do try to collect them They come in my hand just like a gem. The birds are singing on the trees With a gust of wind all breeze A beautiful stream running by Singing a song of melodious sky. The bright white clouds floating in the sky A place where the birds fly Now that the spring has come The strawberries are here, yum! This is such a beautiful whirl With wind that swirls. Mother nature has blessed With a world with no fuss. THANK YOU!!!



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Magazine / Primary Wing / April 2018  

Class magazine of Primary Wing of Delhi Public School Srinagar for the month of April 2018

Magazine / Primary Wing / April 2018  

Class magazine of Primary Wing of Delhi Public School Srinagar for the month of April 2018