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Monthly Magazine of Class 3rd and 4th June 2019




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EDITORIALBOARD MrMuzaffar Rather MsSandeepKour MsHaneefa MsMasrat


"A skill to narrate, a way to express a quality to dramatize and a Procedure to connect links, these are the words to explain the soul of Urdu language,"DastaanGoyi". Inter house "DastaanGoyi� competition was held between class 3rd and 4th students on 12th of June 2019 in Indoor stadium. In this competition students participated house wise. Four participants from each house presented their stories in the form of "Dastaan". Popular house secured the first position, followed by willow and Chinarhouses both secured 2nd position and oak housesecured the 3rd position. All the participants were felcitated with certificates. At the end of the programme, principal sirand Vice Principalappreciated the Urdu department and advised to continue such type of competitions so that more interest towards Urdu literature is developed among the students.

DastaanGoyi: A Musical Event

Children of class 4th narrating Dastaan

Principal Alistar R.A. Frees concluding the event Dastaan-Goyi with an appreciation speech.

Participation of class 3rd and 4th in the Inter house Music Competition

Music is the voice of soul Every musical note can contribute in changing ones life to a calm and a sensitive person. An Inter House music competition was organized on 19th of June, 2019 by the music department. It was a solo singing competition. In the category of Under 12 classes 3rd and 4th Hudda from Chinar house, Mishal from poplar house and Minha from Maple house bagged 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions.

Kashmiri Elocution(Fun Sukhanwari) A cultural trait and the Identity of a nation is it's Language . ‘Kashmir and kashmiriyat’ has always been the focus of our school and in this direction we keep on organizing different programmes. An Inter- House Kashmiri elocution competition was held on 14 of June in which students of Classes 3rd and 4th participated enthusiastically in the Under 12 category .In this category ParsaJahan from Chinar house, sawda from Poplar house and Areeba from Willow house bagged First , Second and Third position . It was good to see children speaking well in kashmiri.

Kashmiri Elocution

Jumanji Welcome To TheJungle In this movie four people get trapped in a game called JUMANJI. To get out of the game, they need to put a stolen GEM back to its place. Their names






detention for misbehaving with the teachers and they have to clean the storage room. In the storage room, they find a TELEVISION and a GAME CONSOLE. SPENCER knew a lot about video games and started the game. It read JUMANJI WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. They picked their characters, the GAME CONSOLE started to shake and they all got sucked into the game. Inside they realized that they were in the bodies of the characters they selected. They found their GUIDE and he gave them a LETTER and a GEM and told them the story about the CURSE OF JUMANJI. If they wanted to go back home they had to break the curse. To break the curse they had to put the GEM in a LEPORD SHAPED MOUNTAIN. He warned them that the CAPTIAN who stole the GEM wants it back and could attack them anytime. They soon realized that the TATOOS they had on their ARMS were actually their LIVES and if they lost all of them they could actually die. In one of the levels they found a man who helped them. He told Spencer that his name was ALEX and he was lost for 20 years. They promised him to take him to his parents. They were now a team. They survived all the levels and had a fight with the CAPTIAN. SPENCER climbed all the way to the LEPORD MOUNTAIN and kept the GEM in its MOUTH. He and the others shouted ‘JUMANJI’ and the CAPTIAN and his FORCES disappeared. In the end, they shook hands with their GUIDE and went back to their world.


My super hero is my home room teacher. Her name is Masarat Ma’am. She is an Urdu teacher at Delhi Public School Srinagar. She is the Home Room Teacher of class 4th G. She is a very good and a knowledgeable teacher. She likes me very much. I also like her. This is why she is my favourite super hero. She always gives me a chance to do anything. She is a very mannered teacher and never tells lie. She never stops anyone from doing good things. She is a very kind person. She also is a very intelligent teacher. Her full name is Masarat Quadir. She is a very good and my favourite urdu teacher. She helps me whenever I want her help. Her Urdu handwriting is very good. She also writes English very neatly. She is my favourite super hero in the school. Written by:

Mustafa Suhaib SID 5691 Class 4th G Roll number 26


Profile for Delhi Public School Srinagar

Rumination Junior Wing June  

Rumination Junior Wing June