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REFLECTION October-2018

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An inter-house kashmiri elocution competition was held for the students of Class III-VI in the school on October 9, 2018. The topic was “Kashiran seath Kashir searey Nate wearanik hearaan kaaw”. Each house was represented by two participants . The students spoke eloquently on the topic and impressed the judges with their thoughtful insights. The judges for the event were Ms. Farida John, Ms. Dheeba Nazir, Mr. Sajid, Ms. Shazia Arshid. Principal Mr. Alastair R Freese and Vice-Principal Ms. Shafaq Afshan, Ms. Monisa Khursheed and Ms. Hina Qadri were also present during the occasion.The detailed results of the event are as follows:  

1st Position- Poplar House

Ist Position: Saheem Hameed

Class VI E


2 Position- Oak House rd

3 Position-Willow House

4th Position- Deodar House

5th Position- Chinar House

6th Position- Maple House

2nd Position: Syed Shahzadi Haif

Class V I

3rd Position: Rida Rafiq

Class V C


An inter-house Urdu elocution competition was held for the students of Class III- VI in the school on October 11, 2018. The topic was “Urdu Kashmir Ki Sarkari Zuban”. Each house was represented by two participants. The students spoke eloquently on the topic and impressed the judges with their thoughtful insights. The judges for the event were Ms. Parveen Jan, Mr. Sartaj, Mr. Mohiudin and Mr. Tanveer Principal Mr. Alastair R. A Freese and Vice-Principal Ms. Shafaq Afshan, were also present during the occasion. The detailed results of the event are as follows:      

1st Position – Chinar House 2nd Position – Deodar House 3rd Position – Poplar House 4th Position – Deodar House 5th Position – Willow House 6th Position – Maple House

Ist Position: Soliha Khan

Class VI A

2nd Position: Sara Khalid

Class V F

3rd Position: Syed Imaad

Class VI E

Newspaper craft activity

On October 19th, 2018 children across the board participated in an art activity ‘From Old to New’. Using old newspapers as the building material, children proceeded to create artefacts from them giving vent to their creativity and talent. It was delightful to see students creating colourful clothes and pretty costumes from the staid old looking paper. A climate of creativity and unbridled joy prevailed in all wings, as students shed their concerns and anxieties aside, and embraced the world of colour and creation. Hardly a surprise then, that the students had a gala time of it.


Twelve students of the school participated in the District Dragon Boat Championship held on 18 October, 2018 at Water Sports Academy, Nehru Park. All the students emerged as winners – while 10 won the gold medal, two secured silver. GOLD MEDALISTS

Tanzeer Bilal V A

Mannar Basharat VI B

Qifah Sameer Azad VF

Juwaanah Ayub VIA

Bahaa Naqib VF

Emaan Reyaz Naqib VIF

Behrukh Zainab V F

Hayam VIII D

Maira Khan VI B


Arastow Ahmad VI A

Hassaan Ahmad Ashai VI B



In the blazing heat,

Oh mother! You are my first teacher,

When we want ice cream treat, In the beaming sun, When outside there is none, In the lush green park,

A blessing indeed you are from my creator. You taught me to put things right,

When we see eagle and lark,

You made my life beautiful and bright.

The only one making any sound,

I always pray for your long life,

And has happiness out of bounds,

Which would be full of happiness and delight.

Is none other than our ladybug , In hot sand, it wants to dug. It’s colour is so dark and red, It is merrily shaking its head. It’s home on the green leaf can’t be seen, But I am very eager and keen. So little, so cute, But dear ladybug, why are you mute?

Sawdah 4909 Vth c

THOUGHTS  If you cannot do big things, do small things in big ways.  Never leave your hopes because hope is a rope that leads you to success.  In life do anything you wantWake up

Touyiba binti Javaid 6th G

Start up


Make things up Shake things up But never give up. Ayza Noor 6th G

Who is dad?


A dad is someone

No trees or breeze all around.

Who wants to catch you before you fall.

But beautiful scenes keep me bound.

But instead picks you up

Silence of nature,

Brushes you up and let you try again.

With absence of sound.

A dad is someone who

Lifeless surroundings no longer now hounds

wants to keep you away from making mistakes.

Beautiful castles, I make of sand.

But instead, lets you find your own way!

As I try to clasp it in my hand.

I wish to take them to my land.

Even though his heart breaks in silence

Alas! It breaks no feet to stand…

When you get hurt!…

Array of stars on earth so low

Muqadus Ishrat 5E

Makes even angels to bow…

Drops of dew that shine and glow

Tayyibah 6th C GRATITUDE

My mother, you are the one who teaches me good manners and good habits. You teach me and help me in studies and you love me. You are very polite and honest. You are very loving to me. I love you most. You help me to walk and help me in everything. You help me in studies. Oh my mom! Have a long life! Paras Younis Vth G 7722


Bareena Javaid Vth I

Aidah Vth H

Syed Muqtida Vth D

Mirza Izaan Vth I

Abu Zar Vth I

Mir Ifhaam Vth I

Sehaj Deep Singh Vth A

Bareena Javaid Vth I

जादूगर यह कौन ? काली खुली जटाओ वाला जादूगर यह कौन ? कहााँ-कहााँ से नभ मेंआता तरह –तरह के खेल ददखाता पवन - मे पंख पर उड़ने वाला जादूगर यह कौन ? ऐसे छू मंतर पढ़ देता सूरज को ओझल कर देता ददन को रात बनाने वाला जादूगर यह कौन ? धरती तक ऐसे झुक जाता जैसे हाथी सूंड़ नवाता सबका चित्त लुभाने वाला जादूगर यह कौन ? ब जब इसके ददल में आता झोले से बूंदे टपकाता धरती को सरसाने वाला जादूगर यह कौन ?

नाम- ज़ोहा गुल SID- 5597

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