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Heath Awareness Workshop Department of Endocrinology Health awareness programme was organized by the department of Endocrinology to make children aware about the life style disorders. Their major concern was Childhood Obesity  Diabetics  PCOIS They discussed the effects of junk food and packed food and made children aware of the effects of the above mentioned childhood disorders.

Heath Awareness Workshop

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ganai and his team

Health Awareness Workshop

Discussion on Causes of Childhood Obesity

Paper Craft Activity:: Every child is born with a skill and to identify the skills is the responsibility of a mentor. We organized a Paper Craft activity to reach ach the talent in this field and our children really surprised us by putting forward their ideas and giving it proper shape.

Skill Development

Paper Craft Activity:

THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD The pen is usually linked with writing. It helps the writer to record his thoughts on paper. Sword is a weapon used forcefully against someone. A sword can be used well only by those who are physically fit. But words can flow from the pen of even a feeble man. If he is a good writer, he can use the words to their desired effect. Many great writers have inspired revolution. The French revolution, for example, was the result of the writings of great French writers like Rousseau. Writings can evoke different emotions like love, hatred, sympathy etc. It is something that is to be regarded with awe and respect. Hence, PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.


MY TEACHERS My teachers are my mentors. They come and teach me before their children. They take time to teach us each and every concept and always try to make sure that each student has understood. They use different methodologies to make teaching and learning fun. They are my mentors and mean a world to me. I admire them all. Parsa 3 B

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRINCIPAL Respected Sir, I think you have been a marvelous principal in these months. When children from this school participate in any competition, you always appreciate their hard work. On Fridays when you give speech, you always speak valuable words. You are the best principal in our school because you always respect teachers and students. You scold those children who indulge in bad activities. I am very impressed with your dress code. In this school you take strict action upon those children who create indiscipline which is appreciable. I am also fond of your speaking skills and I want to become an orator like you. Your presence has created an atmosphere of discipline and you are the best principal I have ever seen.

Yours obediently Mohsin Nasir 4th C

COCO THE CAT Once there was a cat, her name was Lily. She had three children, Coco, Honey and Bunny. Lily didn’t like Coco because she was as black as coal. And Honey and Bunny were as white as snow. One day, Lily told Coco to get out of the house. Coco was very sad. She went out of the house. After some time she reached near a pond. She found a place to live and food to eat. After some months, she was big enough to take care of herself. One day when Coco was drinking water, she saw reflection in a pond. Suddenly she saw she had turned white in these months. One day, Lily, Honey and Bunny came to the same pond. They didn’t remember Coco. Coco said, “Hi sisters!” They replied, “You are not our sister. Our sister was as black as coal.” Coco said “i am your sister, and I have turned white in these months.” After that Honey, Bunny and Lily took her home and they lived happily ever after. AAMNA ALI 4C

CHILDHOOD Childhood is nice Childhood is bright Childhood is something you should remember all the while Childhood is something you should keep safe To recall all the way And make your great day Childhood has memories More precious than Gold And it can not be sold To anybody in the world Aynain 4A

My Mom My Mom is great, Like a piece of cake. Sure she scolds, But doesn’t mean it that way. Her eyes sparkle like a shooting star, Going faster than a car. Her love is stronger than anything in the world, And no words can express my gratitude for her, As I love my mom more and more. Manahil 4A

Art by Amee-e-Mustafa


Art by Sehrish Zehra

Art by Amee-e-Mustafa




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Junior Wing October 2018  

Junior Wing October 2018