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01April’18 – 10 May’18 Tiny Tots DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, SRINAGAR

The Editorial Team Patron: Ms. Radifa khan Teachers 1. 2.

Ms. Fozia Qadir Ms. Shehnaz Hamid

Students 1. M. Saliq Qazi- IIA 2. Hamza Bilal -II D 3. Fariyal Fatima -II G

Jashn e Bahar

The Tiny Tots celebrated the arrival of spring by organizing a special assembly entitled “Jashn-e-Bahar� on 16th April 2018. Children had dressed up in dazzling and colorful dresses, which gave the department a festive look. The assembly commenced with prayers for prosperity and peace. It was followed by a welcome song for spring that set the ball rolling. A rollicking performance of a Kashmiri song followed by several splendid singing performances added to the aura. The highlights of the event were a dance by kids dressed up as butterflies and flowers, and a traditional Kashmiri Spring exhibition. The assembly was attended among others by the Pro-Vice Chairman Mr. Vijay Dhar, Ms. Kiran Dhar, Principal Mr. Alistair R A Freese, Vice Principal Ms. Shafaq Afshan and other academic In charges.. The assembly concluded with addresses by the Pro-Vice Chairman and the Principal who acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of students.

Folk song

Welcoming spring

Spring Ballet dance

Spring fashion show

I can see the rainbow- song

Spring farm depiction

Kashmiri poem

Little birdies dance

Rangoli Activity

Rangoli is an artistic celebration of colours. It is one of the most enjoyable arts that students can be engaged in. The Art Department of our school organized “Rangoli Making� activity on 4 th May, 2018 to bring good luck and togetherness with colours. Rangoli reflects traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each area. Keeping in mind the age group catered in Tiny Tots, the students, with the guidance of teachers, exhibited their flair in the art by making Rangoli designs using geometric shapes, floral motifs, sea creatures, etc with finger impressions on chart papers. The entire atrium was then decked with beautiful, creative designs made on the chart papers. The creative expression of art through colours was a feast to the eyes. The enthusiasm shown by the students during the activity contributed to the success of this activity. Group effort and team spirit made the day for all the students.

Fun Day at School

On 5th of May, team Tiny Tots mapped out a fun day for students. The kids were all thrilled to have fun and amusement. For starters, the children were taken out to the ground carrying their bags tucked in with snacks and almost all sort of edibles to have afresh environmental jaunt. This turned out to be zealous for teachers as well, since the glimpse of teachers enjoying football, volleyball, basketball, etc with students was caught. Later towards the noon, the children were marched back to their classes to have lunch followed by a post noon movie time that added to the day of fun. The children could be seen loving the time they had and wishing for more. The day turned out to be more of rejuvenation to kids as well as the teachers. That is why it well said "Time Spent Playing with Children Is Never Wasted".

Budding Artists

Atiya – I C

Zoha- I B

Batool –IB

Zoha –I B

Jaazib –IB

Reeva Saud- I E

Suha - ID

Maheen- ID

Little poets OUR KASHMIR Where we go to school twice or thrice a week, Where we use internet few days a week, This is our Kashmir. This is our Kashmir. Where we lose lives everyday, Where we remain in houses for so many days, This is our Kashmir. This is our Kashmir. Where we see stone pelting everyday, Where we see missing reports everyday, This is our Kashmir. This is our Kashmir. Let we all stand and pray to God, Save Kashmir. OUR KASHMIR. Aamina -IC


I have a friend name gruffalo

Flowers bloom,

He is big like buffalo

Trees grow.

He has slow pace

Water falls,

He has a scary face

Winds blow.

Everyone is afraid of his

Bees buzz,


Kids play.

I am not, because he is in

Spring is life. Aateekah- IIA

my book. Ghous- IIE

Yoga at Tiny tots

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April Times / Tiny Tots / April 2018  

Monthly magazine of Tiny Tots wing of Delhi Public School Srinagar of April 2018.

April Times / Tiny Tots / April 2018  

Monthly magazine of Tiny Tots wing of Delhi Public School Srinagar of April 2018.