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General Assembly for classes 3rd and 4th

General Assembly for classes 3rd and 4th

Report on visit to HARWAN

A Visit to Harwan “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks� A visit to Harwan was scheduled on 6/04/2019 for classes 3rd and 4th. Students left the school at 9:30am and came back at 2pm. Teachers gave information to the students about the Harwan garden. Students wrote and spoke about the beauty of Harwan garden. they enjoyed the visit. Harwan beautiful and massive garden is located in the foothills of Zabarwan Mountain and the snow- capped peaks beyond. It has become a popular picnic spot for the locals and for the tourists from the outside state, it is a must visit in Srinagar. Behind the Harwan garden just near the Dachigam National Park lies a beautiful but small lake which sends out a canal through the center of Harwan garden. The canal is bordered with blossoming flowerbeds and chinar trees. Harwan Garden lacks the usual terraces, artificial fountains etc, like the other gardens of Kashmir.

A Visit to Harwan

Children noting down the names of the different blossoming trees in the lap of nature.

Little Scholars having an informative session with their teachers

A Visit to Harwan

Arrival time at Harwan

Origamy (News Paper Activity):

News Paper Activity:

English Activity for the month

Commercial Art Activity

Commercial Art Activity

If music be the food of love give me plenty of it.!

Zaigham Wajahat first pianist from Junior Wing

Class 4th Students prepairing for the upcoming grand musical event entitled “Sur Bahar�.

Date: - April 4th , 2019 Respected Principal Sir Good Morning I am Daniyal Ahmad Khan from class 4th – G. I am a student of Delhi Public School, Srinagar since 2013. Since then I have learnt a lot and enjoyed my school days. Each morning I am eager to go to school to learn new things and have great moments. Our teachers teach us with love and affection. I am always thrilled to attend Music, Art and Games classes. I look forward to a bright future through Delhi Public School, Srinagar. Thanking You Yours Sincerely Daniyal Ahmad Khan Class 4G Delhi Public School , Srinagar ‌..

Dear Alia Bhatt, How are you? I am your huge fan from Kashmir. You are so beautiful, i love your eyes , smile , looks, each and everything. I have watched your movie “Highway 2” which is

superb and

some shorts of the film make me cry but indeed you give me courage being a girl facing a lot of difficulties and experience of life. Millions of people bless you with pure prayers as you are filling colours of joy in our lives. Once again I want to say that you are my favourite actress. I love your all movies and wish you good luck for your up-comings. It is my keen desire to meet you once in my life. I want to say “My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never” I know that you are so busy in your life but I hope you will reply my letter as a symbol of love. 1 Universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas and I had the privilege of meeting you” Sukaina Fiaz Class 4C Delhi Public School , Srinagar …..

SPRING Spring is back everywhere I can feel it here and there As I see blooming of trees Singing of birds and piping of bees I feel lazy wearing clothes, jacket, cap and gloves I can wear now favourite clothes, shiny silky, cotton clothes No more fear of catching cold if I play outdoor I can meet all my friends who are far and nextdoor I can enjoy swimming, varieties of ice-cream Which during winter I was beard to even dream Spring is back everywhere I can feel it here and there

Mohammad Hayyan Bhat Class: 3rd G Roll No. 22

Mother My Mother Makes me feel better, Takes me to get ice cream, Helps me with my homework, Everyday is there for me, Ready to give a hug, I love you more than you see. Hamzah Saadut

THE WAVES IN THE SEA GO The waves in the sea go Up and down, Up and down, Up and down. The waves in the sea go Up and down, All day long. ... Shark in the sea go Snap, snap, snap... ... Fish in the sea go Swis, swis, swis... ... Boat in the sea go Toot, toot, toot... Aksa Khan

माँ पर क वता घट ु न से रगते-रगते कब पैर पर खड़ा हुआ, तेर ममता क छाँव म न जाने कब बड़ा हुआ । काला ट का,दध ू -मलाई आज भी सब कुछ वैसा है , म ह म हूँ हर जगह यार ये तेरा कैसा है ? सीधा-साधा,भोला-भाला म ह सबसे अ छा हूँ कतना भी हो जाऊँ बड़ा "माँ" म आज भी तेरा ब चा हूँ । अंशवीर संह क ा- चतुथ अ

जीवन जीवन एक संघष है, इसको जीतो। जीवन एक संद ु रता है, इसक पज ू ा करो। जीवन एक या ा है, इसको परू ा करो। जीवन एक चेतावनी है, इसको

वीकार करो।

जीवन एक सपना है , इसको पूरा करो। जीवन एक यार है, इसका आ नद लो।

जीवन एक गीत है , इसे गाओं। जीवन का सब से बड़ा खज़ाना श ा है, इसे

ा त करो। जेसल न कौर तीसर "ब"


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Rumination Class 3rd & 4th Junior Wing for April 2019  

Rumination Class 3rd & 4th Junior Wing for April 2019