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Discount Pond Supplies, Inc. is a wholesale distributor, meaning that we sell only to retailers of pond products. We do not sell directly to the public - including hobbyists and non-related business owners. Veri cation of intent to resale purchased products is needed with rst order. This can be in the form of a Nursery Retail license, advertisement to sell water gardening supplies, or similar documentation. This policy of veri cation is strictly enforced, and is intended to preventYOUR customers from purchasing directly from us.

MINIMUM ORDER: There is no minimum order requirement. Case quantity ordering is not required -- “each” prices are given on all products, and the “each in case quantity”price is discounted.

FREIGHT: Freight charges are billed at actual cost. Most orders are shipped via UPS, unless otherwise requested or noted in catalog. Orders of $1500 or more will be shipped freight prepaid by Discount Pond Supplies to Eastern US customers (east of the Mississippi River). Customers west-of-Mississippi River will receive freight prepayment on orders of $2500 or more. Pond liners and aquatic plants are excluded from prepaidfreight.Prepaymentof freightchargesisforfeited if invoice is not paid within terms. Plants are shipped to ensure arrival of healthy, viable plant life.Therefore, they are shipped separately from dry-goods. NOTE: Special order and non-stock items are excluded from freight prepayment. Residential delivery, lift gate, appointment scheduling,andotheraccessorialchargesarenotincluded in freight prepayment.

DAMAGED FREIGHT: It is important that you inspect all freight carefully upon receipt. On the rare occasion that freight has been damaged by the carrier, please have the driver note damage on bill of lading, or refuse to accept delivery, and notify us immediately. We will promptly ship replacementmaterials. Should you accept damaged goodsbysigningforthem,theclaimfordamagebecomes your responsibility, and we are then unable to assist you in processing this claim.

OUT-OF-STOCK: We strive to maintain adequate inventory levels to avoid partial shipping of orders. When an item is out-of-stock, it will be placed on backorder, and shippedseparatelyassoonaspossible.Ifyou donot want the product shipped at a later date, you must notify us to cancel the backordered item. Aquatic plants are not placed on backorder.

RETURNS: Unwanted items returned in resalable condition, are subject to a 15% restocking fee. The original purchase amount, less the 15% restocking fee, will be refunded via open credit on your account; and can be usedonfutureorders.Pleaseincludeanoteofexplanation for the reason for return of any product, and whether replacementproductorcreditisbeingrequested.Noreturn authorization is required… Defective merchandise that maybesubjecttowarrantycoverageishandleddifferently depending on the manufacturer. Please call or email for futher information and instructions as the need arises.

CATALOGPRICING:Catalogpricesaresubjectto change without notice.We are not responsible for typographical or printing errors. Please contact us to clarify any prices in question.

PAYMENT TERMS: Open accounts of net 30 days are available to established customers upon approval of credit.WealsoacceptVISA,MASTERCARD,DISCOVER,and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Orderscan be shipped via CODwith additional UPS chargesper box.Payment of CODamount must be in the form of cashier’s check or money order - no cashorcompanychecksaccepted

DELINQUENTACCOUNTS: All accounts must be current before further shipments can be made. A 1.5% monthly nance charge will be assessed on all amounts past due.

RETURNED CHECKS: There is a $25.00 fee for any returned check.


AirMax EcoSystems …………………64-75

Alpine ………………………………50-54

Aqua UV ……………………………22-23

Aquadyne ………………………………97

Aquascape ………………………………3-11

Atlantic WG …………………………24-37

biOrb ………………………………… 36-37

EasyPro ………………………………12-21

Evolution Aqua ………………………60-61

GreenLeaf …………………………… 59

Hampton WG(Pondmaster Eco) ……… 43

Hiblow ………………………………… 59

Kasco ……………………………………62

Lifegard Aquatics …………………… 82-83

Little Giant ………………………………58

Matala ……………………………… 38-43

MDM/ValuFlo ………………………… 56

Oase …………………………………32-37

Performance Pro ……………………… 55

Pondmaster …………………………43.49

Scott Aerators………………………………63

Sequence …………………………………56

Shinmaywa ………………………………57

Tetra Pond ………………………… 78-81

United Aquatics …………………………94


Blackwater ………………………………87

Blue Ridge ………………………………87

Dainichi ……………………………………88

Hikari ………………………………… 86

MicrobeLift …………………………………70

Pond Care/API ……………………………72

Tetra …………………………………… 81

UltraClear …………………………………71


Filter Media …………………………… 85

Fish Nets ……………………………90-92

Fittings/Plumbing …………………98-99 Liners ………………………………………

Netting ……………………………65 & 80

Pest Control ………………………64-66

Plant Care …………………………… 87

Pond Liners ……………………………95

Tubing ……………………………………99

Winterizing ……………………………96


Acurel-E …………………………………84

Aqua Meds


Crystal Clear/AirMax …………………76-77

Green Clean …………………………… 73

Nualgi ………………………………… 75

MicrobeLift ………………………… 66-70

Pond Care …………………………72-73

Pond Logic …………………………………64

Pond Solutions ……………………………75

Tetra Pond ………………………………81

UltraClear ………………………………71

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours! SENDRETURNSTO:

2 www.discountpond.com DISCOUNT POND SUPPLIES, INC. • 800-979-0999 TERMS AND INDEX Mail to: P.O. Box 129, Lebanon,VA 24266 Ship to: 847 River Mountain Road, Lebanon,VA 24266 (no mail) INFORMATION: (276) 889-1536 Fax (276) 889-3831 ORDERS: 800-979-0999 276-889-1536 Fax 800-837-0841 Email: sales@discountpondinc.com
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Discount Pond Supplies, Inc. Attn: Return Dept 847 River Mountain Road Lebanon, VA 24266




Aquascape black polyurethane waterfall foam is ideal for lling joints and gaps between rocks and boulders maximizing the amount of water cascading over the waterfall and rushing down the stream.

AQS88006....Compact Water Fill Valve

AQS48026....Dual Union Check Valve 2.0

Pond Waterfall Filter


The Aquascape Pond Waterfall Filter is the ideal DIY solution for ltering small ponds and water features up to 1,000 gallons, including pre-formed ponds or container water gardens. The Pond Waterfall Filter provides efficient mechanical ltration, biological ltration, and crucial aeration while creating a waterfall. The compact and simple construction allows the lter to be easily incorporated into new or existing ponds by simply positioning it at the side of the pond.



Aqs99763 – 4’x 6’

Aqs99764 – 6’x 8’

Aqs99765 – 8’x 11’



Aqs53038 – SMALL with 6’Stream

Aqs53039 – MEDIUM with AquaSurge 2000-4000; 16’Stream

Aqs53040 – MEDIUM with 3PL 3000 Pump; 16’Stream

Aqs53041 – LARGE with AquaSurge 4000-8000; 26’Stream

Aqs53042 – LARGE with 5PL 5000 Pump; 26’Stream

Aqs49000 – Pondless Waterfall Vault

Aqs49001 – Pondless Waterfall Vault Extension

Aqs77000 – Waterfall Spillway

Aqs29491 – AquaBlox, Small 26.5”x 16”x 9.5”H

Aqs29492 – AquaBlox, Large 26.5”x 16”x 17.5”H




Waterfall Spillway

AQS07000....Fill Valve Spigot Connector 1/4”Poly

AQS29969....Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue is the original all-weather, wet or dry PVC cement.

AquaSurge Adjustable Flow Pumps

AQS45009....2000 to 4000 gph Max Flow Rate: 3947 gph

AQS45010....4000 to 8000 gph Max Flow Rate: 7793 gph

- Allows you to customize and ne tune the ow of waterfalls and streams

- Pump can be turned on or off with remote

- Ideal for use in Pondless® Waterfall applications, allowing the falls to be adjusted or turned on and off when desired

- Ability to adjust the ow makes it easy to select a pump for any application

AquaForce Adjustable Flow Pump

AQS91104....4000 to 8000 gph

Max Flow Rate: 7793 gph

Pump can be turned on or off with remote

Ability to adjust the ow makes it easy to select the right pump for any application

Each remote and receiver are paired together with a unique frequency

Extremely energy-efficient, saving hundreds of dollars over traditional water pumps

SLD Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps

are professional-grade, asynchronous, solids-handling pumps ideal for use in ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls, and other water feature applications. SLD Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps provide superior reliability and solids-handling capability. The included Smart Control Receiver makes it easy to connect to the Smart Control App on your smartphone or tablet, allowing for a variety of wireless control functions, including ow adjustment and customized scheduling.

EcoWave® Pond Pumps

are magnetically-driven (mag-drive) pond and waterfall pumps developed to provide high ow rates at low head heights. The internal, smart mag-drive motor technology and vortex style impeller ensure unmatched electrical efficiency, minimizing the electrical consumption of your pond or waterfall. EcoWave Pond Pumps are ideal for use in pond skimmers and Pondless® Waterfall Vault applications.

www.discountpond.com 3


Skimmers are designed to reduce maintenance by removing debris from pond before it reaches the pump. BioFalls Filters provide ltration and allow for high water ows.


UltraKlean 3500 Biological Pressure Filter

Aqs95053 – UltraKlean2000PondFilter with 14W UV for up to 2000 gal pond; max ow rate 2700-gph

Aqs95054 – UltraKlean3500PondFilter with 28W UV for up to 3500 gal pond; max ow rate 5200-gph

Aqs95058 – UltraKlean1500PondFiltrationKit – includes UltraKlean 2000 pond lter, AquaForce 1000 pump, and tubing and hose clamps for ponds up to 1500 gallons.

Aqs95059 – UltraKlean2500PondFiltrationKit – includes UltraKlean 2000 pond lter, AquaForce 2700 pump, and tubing and hose clamps for pond up to 2500 gallons.

BioFalls 2500



Signature Series 400 Pond Skimmer

Aqs43020 –SignatureSeries200forpumpsupto 3000-gph

Aqs43021 –SignatureSeries400forpumpsupto 4000-gph

Aqs43022 –SignatureSeries1000forpumpsup


Aqs99774 –SignatureSeries1000forpondsupto 1000gal; pumpsupto3000-gph

Aqs09020 –SignatureSeries2500forpondsup to2500gal; pumpsupto5000-gph


Electronic algae Controller

Aqs95027 – Helps control algae without the use of liquid chemicals. Complete with control panel, transformer, ow chamber, probe, etc.

Aqs95060 – UltraKlean3500PondFiltrationKit – includes UltraKlean 3500 pond lter, AquaForce 5200 pump, and tubing and hose clamps for pond up to 3500 gallons.


Aqs95036 – UltraKlear1000UVC –forpondsupto 1000-gal; flowrateupto500-gph

Aqs95037 – UltraKlear2500UVC –forpondsupto 2500-gal; flowrateupto1000-gph

Aqs95038 – UltraKlear5000UVC –forpondsupto 5000-gal; flowrateupto1500-gph


Aqs77006 – Filter Urn, Small - for pond up to 500-gal; ow rate up to 400-gph.

Aqs77011 – Filter Urn, Large - for pond up to 1500-gal; ow rate up to 1100-gph.

Aqs77005 – Container Water Garden Filter - for ponds up to 500-gal; ow rate up to 400-gph.

Aqs98464 – BioBalls 1.5”diameter; 100-pc


Aqs84032 – 1-watt LED waterfall and up light

Aqs84031 – 1-watt LED spotlight

Aqs84033 – 3-watt LED spotlight

Aqs84034 – 6-watt LED spotlight

Aqs84030 – garden & pond led spotlight kit


LED1-watt Waterfall& UpLight

(3 pre-wired 1-watt LED light xtures with transformer, timer, photocell)

Aqs84045 – 6-PACK of 1-watt LED spotlight

Aqs84047 – 6-PACK of 3-watt LED spotlight

Aqs84048 – 6-PACK of 6-watt LED spotlight

Aqs84046 – 6-PACK of 1-watt LED waterfall & up light

Aqs84008 – LED fountain accent light

Aqs84009 – LED fountain accent light with transformer


Aqs84039 – photocell with digital timer

Aqs98486 – 60-watt quick-connect transformer

Aqs98485 – 20-watt quick-connect transformer

Aqs98375 – 6-watt quick-connect transformer

Aqs01002 – 150-watt transformer with photocell

Aqs99070 – 60-watt transformer with photocell

Aqs98489 – 3-way quick-connect splitter

Aqs84022 – 6-way quick-connect splitter

Aqs98998 – 25’quick-connect extension cable

Aqs84023 – 25’quick-connect extension cable with 5-outlets

Smart Control Plug



Aqs95110 – for ponds up to 800 gallons. Provides mechanical and biological ltration Attaches to the intake of the pump

3/4”1”& 1-1/4”Step tting included

1,300 gph max pump ow



The Aquascape Smart Control Plug allows you to control and monitor outdoor electronics from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet using the Aquascape Smart Control App. Setup is quick and easy, allowing you to control and monitor landscape lights, fountain pumps and lights, holiday decoration and more! The rain-tight, rugged design is rated for outdoor use. The plug features three outlets so you can control three products simultaneously.

4 www.discountpond.com
Aqs82001 SmartControl Plug Aqs01002 150-watt Aqs98489 3-way Aqs84022 6-way https://www.discountpond.com/aquascape


Aquascape offers a complete range of energy-efficient water pumps designed for all water gardening applica-


AquaForce Solids Handling Pond Pumps

AquaSurge Pond Pumps

are asychronous pumps with high ow rates. Ideal for use in skimmer and falls lter systems. 20’cord. 1.5”MPT discharge. THREE year warranty.

Aqs91017 – AquaSurge 2000

Aqs91018 – AquaSurge 3000

Aqs91019 – AquaSurge 4000

Aqs91020 – AquaSurge 5000

Aqs45009 – AquaSurge 2000-4000 Adjustable ow

Aqs45010 – AquaSurge 4000-8000 Adjustable ow

PL and PN Solids-Handling Pond Pumps

are direct drive; known for their durability, performance and value. . 20’cord. 2”discharge except 12-PN has 3”. TWO year warranty.

Aqs29975 – 3-PL 3000-gph

Aqs29976 – 5-PL 5000-gph

Aqs29977 – 9-PL 7000-gph

STATUARY Water Pumps

70 gph


AquascapePRO Pumps

are quiet and low maintenance. Stainless steel construction; rubber feet. High head heights. 20’ cord. 2”discharge except 10,000 has 3”. TWO year warranty.

Aqs20002–PRO3000 - 2900-gph; max lift 20’

Aqs20003–PRO4500 - 4500-gph; max lift 33’

Aqs20004–PRO7500 - 6700-gph; max lift 42’

Aqs20006–PRO10,000 - 10,600-gph; max lift 28’

asychronous motor provides high torque, troublefree performance at higher head heights. Oil-free. 25’cord on all models except Adustable 4000-8000 model has 20’cord. 1.5”MPT discharge. THREE year warranty.

Aqs91011 – AquaForce 1000 - 1070-gph

Aqs91112 – AquaForce 1800 - 2149-gph

Aqs91012 – AquaForce 2700 - 2695-gph

Aqs91113 – AquaForce 3600 - 3868-gph

Aqs91013 – AquaForce 5200 - 5285-gph

Aqs91104 – AquaForce 4000-8000 Adjustable ow

ULTRA Water Pumps

are submersible fountain, water feature, and lter pumps. Multi-hose ttings included.

Mag-drive motors.

12’cord on 400/500; 25’cord on other models.

THREE year warranty.

Aqs91005 – ULTRA 400 – 370-gph

Aqs91006 – ULTRA 550 – 528-gph

Aqs91007 – ULTRA 800 – 793-gph

Aqs91008 – ULTRA 1100 – 1110-gph

Aqs91009 – ULTRA 1500 – 1480-gph

Aqs91010 – ULTRA 2000 – 1982-gph

Aqs91045 – ULTRA Pump Small Fountain Head Kit

Aqs91046 – ULTRA Pump Large Fountain Head Kit

90, 180, 320 gph

are submersible fountain pumps suitable for running small decorative fountains. Mag drive motors; 6’cord. THREE year warranty. Discharge hose ½”on all models.

Aqs91023 – 70-gph

Aqs91024 – 90-gph

Aqs91025 – 180-gph

Aqs91026 – 320-gph

AQUAJET Pond Pumps

are mag drive, submersible fountain and lter pumps. Durable pre- lter cage prevents clogging. Adjustable riser stem, diverter, ow control, and fountain nozzles included. 25’cord. Discharge hose ½”and ¾”. THREE year warranty.

Aqs91014 – 600-gph

Aqs91015 – 1300-gph

Aqs91016 – 2000-gph



Pond Aeration Kits

Complete with winter-resistant air line, preassembled check valves, and air disks. Quiet and energy-efficient. THREE year warranty.

Aqs75000 – 2-Outlet Kit

Aqs75001 – 4-Outlet Kit

Aqs75005 – Replacement Aeration Disc

Aqs75003 - Diaphragm and assembly cartridge

Pro Air 20 & 60

Pond Aeration Kits

AQS61009....Pro Air 20

AQS61008.... Pro Air 60

Pro Air 20 for ponds and water features up to 5,000 gallons

Pro Air 60 for ponds and water features up to 15,000 gallons

www.discountpond.com 5
UltraPump 800

Automatic Dosing Systems

Accurately and consistently applies specially-formulated water treatments.

Aqs96030 – Automatic Dosing System for Ponds with sh and plants

Aqs96031 – Automatic Dosing System for Fountains with no sh or ltration

Aqs96032 – Maintain for Ponds

Aqs96034 – Clean for Ponds

Aqs96033 – Clear for Ponds

Aqs96035 – Protect for Ponds

Aqs96042 – Prevent for Fountains

Aqs96037 – Clean for Fountains

Aqs96030 AutomaticDosing SystemforPonds

Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds

Liquid. Contains 8 strains of bacteria including Photo Synthetic; contains marigold and Vitamin B.

Aqs98886 – 8-oz

Aqs98887 – 16-oz

Aqs98888 – 32-oz

Aqs40002 – 32oz Re ll Pouch

Aqs98885 – 1-gal

Beneficial Bacteria Concentrate for Ponds

Dry. 3 billion CFU per gram potency making this ideal for larger ponds.

Aqs98925 – 4.4-oz

Aqs98948 – 8.8-oz

Aqs98949 – 1.1-lb

Aqs98950 – 7-lb

QuickFix Pond Gummy


The Aquascape QuickFix is an all-in-one treatment solution for a variety of pond problems. The innovative gummy makes for quick and easy application, dissolving slowly as the treatment is released. The QuickFix Pond Gummy effectively targets ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate while helping to control organic waste and debris. Each gummy treats up to 3,000 gallons of pond water.



Controls string algae. Clears green water.

Aqs96022 – 8-oz

Aqs96023 – 16-oz

Aqs96024 – 32-oz

Aqs96026 – 1-gal

Aqs96053 – 2.5-gal

Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria

Liquid. Reduces ammonia, nitrite, and organic debris. Works in water as cold as 350F

Aqs98892 – 8-oz

Aqs98893 – 16-oz

Aqs98894 – 32-oz

Aqs96021 – 1-gal

Sludge & Filter Cleaner

Liquid. Biological Pond and Filter Cleaner. Contains 5 strains of heterotrophic bacteria.

Aqs98889 – 8-oz

Aqs98890 – 16-oz

Aqs98891 – 32-oz

Aqs98883 – 1-gal

SAB – Stream & Pond Cleaner

Dry. Reduces ammonia, nitrite and phosphate. Binds phosphate.

Aqs98898 – 4.4-oz

Aqs98899 – 8.8-oz

Aqs98900 – 1.1-lb

Aqs98896 – 7-lb

Ammonia Neutralizer

Liquid. Neutralizes large concentrations of toxic ammonia. Detoxi es chloramine in tap water.

Aqs96050 – 16-oz

ECO Blast Contact Algaecide

Granular. Fastest way to eliminate Algae! Eliminates algae from waterfalls, streams, fountains and water features on contact. Can be used at any water temperature.

Aqs29311 – 8.8-oz

Aqs29312 – 38.4-oz

Aqs29313 – 7-lb

Pond Detoxifier

Liquid. Makes tap water safe for sh and plants! Removes and detoxi es chlorine. Neutralizes ammonia. Detoxi es and chelates copper and heavy metals.

Aqs98876 – 8-oz

Aqs98877 – 16-oz

Aqs40005 – 32oz Re ll Pouch

Aqs96010 – 1-gal

Rapid FlocculantClear

Liquid. Quickly clears cloudy pond water by clumping suspended debris. Works within 24 hours.

Aqs98879 – 8-oz

Aqs96049 – 16-oz

Breaks down debris in ponds, streams, and waterfalls.

Pond Starter Bacteria

Liquid. Quickly establishes biological ecosystem. Use with new ponds or spring start-ups of existing ponds.

Aqs96013 – 8-oz

Aqs96014 – 16-oz

Aqs96015 – 32-oz

Aqs96008 – 1-gal

Aqs40006 – 32oz Re ll Pouch

Aqs96007 – 1-gal

Aqs80001 – Rapid Clear Fine Filter Pad (3-pack)

Barley ExtractStraw

Liquid. NATURAL way to clarify pond water. Starts working instantly. Concentrated forumla with added enzymes.

Aqs98903 – 8-oz

Aqs98904 – 16-oz

Aqs98905 – 32-oz

Aqs96012 – 1-gal

6 www.discountpond.com


Aqs96029 – Quick-StartConcentratedBarley

StrawPellets 5-lb – Fast-acting, long-term natural way to clarify pond water. Contains a blend of bacteria and enzymes.


Increases overall KH/pH and alkalinity

Aqs96027 – 1.1-lb

Aqs96028 – 9-lbs

Aqs96055 – Rock&FountainCleaner 32-oz –Quickly eliminates debris from waterfalls, fountains, or streams.

Aqs98909 – PondFoamFree 8-oz – Safely eliminates foam near waterfalls.

Aqs98884 – NaturalPondTint 8-oz – Tints water a natural tea color that creates a shimmering effect.

Aqs98882 – BluePondTint 8-oz – Safely colors pond water to lter sunlight and keep water cool.

Aqs80000 – ActivatedPondCarbon 2.2-lbs –Removes discoloration and odors.

Aqs40004 – ContainerWaterGardenMaintenance

Tabs 36-tabs

Aqs98907 – FountainScaleFree 8-oz – Removes calcium and scale from water fountains adding lavender scent.

FountainMaintenance – Safely eliminates scale and debris build up from water features

Aqs40007 – 8-oz


25% more concentrated than consumer equivalent product

Aqs40012 – PROAmmoniaNeutralizer 1-gal

Aqs30406 – PROBenecialBacteriaforPonds1-gal

Aqs30407 – PROBenecialBacteriaConcentrate forPonds 9-lbs

Aqs98895 – PROColdWaterBenecialBacteria1-gal

Aqs98906 – PROBarleyStrawExtract 1-gal

Aqs30409 – PROSABStream&PondCleaner 9-lbs

Aqs30410 – PROPondDetoxier 1-gal

Aqs40011 – PROPondStarterBacteria 1-gal

Aqs30412 – PRORapidClearFlocculant 1-gal

Aqs30413 – PROWaterfall&RockCleaner 9-lbs

Aqs30408 – PROSludge&FilterCleaner 1-gal

Aqs40010 – PROPond&DebrisClarier 1-gal

Faux Oak Stump Cover


15-inch Diameter x 18.5-inch Tall

Aquascape Faux Log Fish Cave

provides pond sh, such as gold sh and koi, shelter from predators such as herons. The natural-looking faux wood design blends well into any setting and can be used for indoor or outdoor use.

Measures approximately 19”L x 12”W X 10”H

Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit

Aqs78325 Brown

Aqs78333 Gray

makes it simple and easy to add the sights and sounds of a water garden to any location

The kit includes all media and substrate needed, including expanded clay grow/biological media and decorative gravel for both the waterfall and pond. The container measures 23.5” in diameter and 9 7/8”tall, small enough to t in any space, but large enough to make an impact


Aqs78302 –Alligator–19”Lx11”Wx12”H

Aqs78304 –DoubleFrogwithCattail–10”Lx10”Wx18”H

Aqs78303 –Dragonfly–12”Lx11”Wx25”H

Aqs78305 –FrogonReed–12”Lx9”Wx18”H

Aqs78306 –DeerScarerBamboo–5”Lx5”Wx15”H

Aqs78307 –Pouring3-TierBamboo–5”Lx5”Wx15”H

Aqs78308 –AdjustablePouringBamboo–5”Lx5”Wx15”H

Aqs78309 –Toucan–9”Lx18”Wx18”H

Aqs78310 –NaughtyDog–18.5”Lx10”Wx 10.5”H

Aqs78311 –LazyFrogonLilyPad–12”Lx10”W x5”H

Aqs78312 –CrazyLegsFrog–37”Lx8”Wx 20”H

Aqs78315 –ManinBarrel–4”Lx9”Wx5”H

www.discountpond.com 7





Aqs98867 – 1.1-lb – small pellets

Aqs98868 – 2.2-lb – medium pellets

Aqs98869 – 4.4-lb – large pellets

Aqs81049 – 11-lb – large pellets

Aqs81007 – 22-lb – large pellets


Aqs81050 – 1.1-lb – mixed pellets

Aqs81051 – 2.2-lb – mixed pellets

Aqs81052 – 4.4-lb – mixed pellets

Aqs81053 – 11-lb – mixed pellets


Aqs81000 – 1.1-lb – Treats used for hand-feeding pond sh. Contains quality natural ingredients and great source of vitamin C. Low waste. Real fruit avors.


Aqs98556....KID’S POND EXPLORER NET – 10”x 7”with 12”handle

Floating; formulated for use with temperatures as low as 500F.

Aqs98870 – 1.1-lb – small pellets • Aqs98871 – 2.2-lb – medium pellets

Aqs98872 – 4.4-lb – large pellets • Aqs81047 – 11-lb – large pellets

Aqs81003 – 22-lb – large pellets


Floating; promotes brilliant colors on all pond sh

Aqs98873 – 1.1-lb – small pellets • Aqs98874 – 2.2-lb – medium pellets

Aqs98875 – 4.4-lb – large pellets • Aqs81048 – 11-lb – large pellets

Aqs81005 – 22-lb – large pellets


Aqs98878 – 4.2-oz – Ideal for small pond sh. High quality protein; includes plankton and shrimp meal. Promotes brilliant colors on sh.


8.8-oz – Aqs81038 - Used for the treatment of bacterial infections, n rot, open sores, and ulcers.


8-oz – Aqs81040 – Used for the treatment of fungus external protozoan parasites including freshwater/saltwater Ich, Costia, and Trichodinella.


8-oz – Aqs81041 – Used for the treatment of external and internal parasites, ukes, atworms, and tapeworms.


8-oz – Aqs81039 – Used for the treatment of external protozoan parasites including freshwater/saltwater Ich, Costia, and Trichodinella.

Aquatic Planters

Aqs98558....POND NET WITH EXTENDABLE HANDLE – 12”x 7”with telescopic handle 36”– 63”

Aqs98559....POND SKIMMER NET WITH EXTENDABLE HANDLE –12”x 7”with telescopic handle 36”– 63”

Aqs98560....HEAVY DUTY POND NET WITH EXTENDABLE HANDLE –handle extends from 36”– 63”


Aqs98561....PROFESSIONAL FISH NET WITH EXTENDABLE HANDLE –22”diameter; 36”– 69”handle



Koi Sock Net


Ideal for safely moving and handling pond sh Protect your koi and gold sh from stress and damage

Soft-coarse mesh prevents damage to sh ns and scales

Net does not hold water to reduce the net weight during sh transfer

8”long handle

Net Measurements: 13”L x 11.25”W x 38.5”D

Pond Shark & Pond Shark Pro

AQS74004- Pond Shark

AQS74005 - Pond Shark Pro

A versatile pond net that combines three helpful tools into one easy-to-use product, making pond cleanup and maintenance easier than ever. The Pond Shark includes a sturdy net to handle sh and collect pond debris and innovative raking and scraping blades to tear through and collect unwanted pond debris or string algae.

The integrated telescoping steel handle is extremely durable and extends up to 60”in length for ease of use.


Made from porous material, these planters allow water in while preventing soil from entering the pond. Can be molded to t in tight spaces; will not break or crack.

Aqs98501 – 6”x 6”(2-pack)

Aqs98502 – 8”x 6”(2-pack)

Aqs98500 – 12”x 8”(2-pack)

Aqs98929 – 14”x 7”(2-pack)

Floating Plant Island

Aqs89006– 15”x 11”x 4”H Display plants in deeper areas of the pond where there are no plant shelves

Pond Plant Potting Media




Aqs98501 AquaticPlanters

8 www.discountpond.com



Smart Pond Thermometer

AQS74012 Thermometer

AQS74013 Thermometer with Transformer

Monitor pond temperature from anywhere using the

Aquascape Smart Control App

Integrated display panel for monitoring without a smartphone or tablet

Connect to the app for automation triggers, historical data, trending reports, and educational noti cations

12-volt transformer required

Backed by a 3-year limited warranty

Control panel size: 4.5”L x 1.75”W x .75”H

Probe size: 1.75”Diameter



Keeps geese away from ponds and water features

Realistic swan decoy with lifelike appearance

Durable and lightweight polyresin construction

Long-lasting, all-weather nish

Quick and easy setup

Measurements: 31”L x 15”W x 18”H

Dosing System SL





Aqs39000 – Stainless steel housing; LED indicator light. Keeps a small hole open in the ice during winter months to ensure proper gas exchange. THREE year warranty.


– keeps unwanted leaves and debris from entering the pond. Protects sh from predators. Woven poly-material. Reusable. Stakes included.

Aqs98000 – 7’x 10’

Aqs98001 – 14’x 20’

Aqs98002 – 28’x 30’


AQS81030 – 25”L x 7”W x 26.5”H. Durable, lightweight polymer

Maintaining optimum water quality has never been easier. To keep ponds and water features clean and clear, it is important to add benecial bacteria and other water treatments on a regular basis. The Dosing System SL is an electronically operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies specially formulated water treatments, eliminating the guesswork and routine of manually adding treatments. Dosing

System SL is designed speci cally for smaller water features as large as 2,000 gallons, including fountains, small ponds and waterfalls.

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The Aquascape Faux Driftwood is ideal for concealing hard-to-hide water feature components or adding a realistic decorative accent to any location. Aquascape Faux Driftwood was designed to effectively hide lter components such as difficult-to-conceal edges of skimmers and waterfall lters. The heavy-duty, polyresin construction is built to last and stand up to the elements, and the natural wood appearance is extremely realistic and blends easily into any indoor or outdoor setting.

Faux Driftwood 30 Inch

Faux Driftwood 35 Inch

10 www.discountpond.com

Pond Kits

Aquascape Kits Several sizes available

All kits ship Via Truck

Contact us for More information

The Aquascape Small Pond Kit comes complete with everything you need to build a beautiful ecosystem pond in any space, eliminating the guesswork and calculations when purchasing individual components. The complete kit includes a skimmer and BioFalls® lter to provide effective mechanical and biological ltration. An energy-efficient AquaSurge® pump is included to provide ideal water ow. An Automatic Dosing System and 32 oz. water treatment is included to automatically add water treatments to the pond, keeping water conditions clean and clear.

Pondless® Waterfall Kits

The Aquascape Medium Deluxe Pondless® Waterfall Kit with AquaSurge Adjustable Flow Pond Pump comes complete with everything you need to build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, recirculating waterfall or stream in any space, eliminating the guesswork and calculations when purchasing individual components. Aquascape Deluxe Pondless Waterfall Kits include all components found in professional grade kits but are enhanced with the addition of Faux Driftwood and an LED color-changing lighting package. Connect the lights and pump to the Aquascape Smart Control App and control them with your smartphone or tablet. The complete kit includes waterfall spillway diffuser to optimize water ow and a pump vault for quick and easy pump access. An energy-efficient pump is included to provide ideal water ow. An Automatic Dosing System with Prevent for Fountains water treatment is included to automatically add water treatments to the waterfall, reducing maintenance and keeping water conditions clean and clear.

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EasyPro Pond Products

EasyPro Mag Drive pumps stand out from the crowd in features, bene ts and durability. With 13 models ranging from 120 gph to the industry’s largest, 9700 gph, EasyPro offers a model for just about any need! For low head applications Mag Drive pumps are unbeatable and with few moving parts, their reliability is unsurpassed.

EAPR290-EP200..... 200 GPH - Pump w/ Volcano, Waterbell Nozzle

EAPR287-EP1050... 1050 GPH - Pump w/ Volcano, Waterbell, Double Volcano Nozzle

EAPR288-EP1350... 1350 GPH - Pump w/ Volcano, Waterbell, Dbl Volcano, Foam Jet

EAPR289-EP1750... 1750 GPH - Pump (No Fountain Heads Included)

EAPR291-EP2200... 2200 GPH- Pump (No Fountain Heads Included)

TB,TM & TH SERIES 2 Year Warranty

TB Series Pumps

These submersible pumps are perfect for high head streams and waterfalls. Their compact design and unmatched durability allows for use in large skimmers or pump vaults in continuous duty pond and water feature applications.

EAPR466-TB12000.... TB Series - Hi volume pump - Hi head 12000gph 230 v

EAPR467-TB14500.... TB Series - Hi volume pump - Hi head 14500gph 230 v

EAPR464-TB8000...... TB Series - Hi volume pump - Hi head 8000gph 115 v

EAPR465-TB8002...... TB Series - Hi volume pump - Hi head 8000gph 230 v

TM Series –Hi volume Low head Pumps

TM Series submersible pumps are perfect for low to medium head streams and waterfalls. Their compact design allows for use in larger skimmers or pump vaults.

EAPR470-TM9500.... TM Series – Hi volume– Low head

9500gph 115v

EAPR468-TM13500.... TM Series – Hi volume - Low head

13500gph 115v

EAPR469-TM17500.... TM Series – Hi volume – Low head 17500gph 230v

TH Series pumps


EPA series of asynchronous mag drive pumps are where power and efficiency meet. These pumps are perfect for ponds and waterfalls. Seven models with ow rates from 1922 gph to 9460 gph are designed for the demanding applications of ponds, fountains and waterfalls!

EAPR296-EPA1900....1922 gph, 20’cord 1”outlet

EAPR297-EPA2500....2510 gph, 20’cord 1-1/2”outlet

EAPR298-EPA3100....3120 gph, 20’cord 1-1/2”outlet

EAPR299-EPA4500....4620 gph, 30’cord 2”outlet

EAPR300-EPA5500....5360 gph, 30’cord 2”outlet

EAPR310-EPA6500....6760 gph, 30’cord 2”outlet

EAPR311-EPA9500....9460 gph, 30’cord 2”outlet

New Eco-Clear submersible pond pumps

Maximum power and energy efficiency. The powerful, asynchronous mag drive pump is housed in a durable housing that protects it from debris. There are ve Eco-Clear pump models to choose from with a range of ows from 1400 to 4850 gallons per hour. These pumps are perfect for pond and waterfall applications.

1”, 1-1/4”,1-1/2”step barb tting 30 ft. power cord

EAPR312-EPS1300....1400 gph, 55 watts

EAPR313-EPS2500....2480 gph, 87 watts

EAPR314-EPS3700....3680 gph, 150 watts

EAPR315-EPS4900....4850 gph, 190 watts

EAPR316-EPS4900VF....Variable ow, max ow 4850 gph, 190 watts

Spirit Pond and Stream Pumps

from EasyPro have proven to be a great choice for ponds, waterfalls, fountains and other demanding water feature applications. Thousands of these pumps are in use throughout North America in a wide variety of continuous duty applications. Compact design is ideal for use in skimmers! One of the industry’s best selling pumps!

EAPR479-TH150........ 3100 GPH 115 Volt

EAPR480-TH1502.......3100 GPH 230 Volt

EAPR481-TH250........ 4100 GPH 115 Volt

EAPR486-TH400........ 5100 GPH 115 Volt

EAPR667-TH4002...... 5100 GPH 230 Volt

EAPR487-TH750......... 6000 GPH 115 Volt

Statuary splitter 3-way

EAPR429-TWS3... Statuary splitter 3-way – 1/2”and 3/4”outlets

This splitter is ideal for operating multiple pieces of statuary off a single pump

1/2”and 3/4”stepped barb ttings on inlet and outlet

Individual ow control valve of each line

Dimensions - 3 1/2”W x 5 1/2”L x 2”T

EAPR488-TLS1850.... Spirit Pump – 1850gph

EAPR489-TLS2750.... Spirit Pump – 2750gph

EAPR490-TLS4250.... Spirit Pump – 4250gph

Oil-less design is sh and plant safe

Triple sealed, 115v motors for maximum life span

Can be used vertically or horizontally

Energy efficient direct drive pumps

Compact size – great for skimmer use

1 1/4”female threaded outlet

Includes 1 1/4”x 1 1/2”threaded elbow

16”power cords

18 month warranty

Tranquil Décor Mag Drive Fountain Pumps

Tranquil Décor mag drive pumps are ready for use in small fountains and bubbler features. The design is compact and energy efficient with a built in adjustable ow control.

EAPR369-MP85... 85 GPH

EAPR358-MP125.... 125 GPH

EAPR359-MP155.... 155 GPH

EAPR360-MP230.... 230 GPH

EAPR361-MP295.... 295 GPH

EAPR362-MP425.... 425 GPH

EAPR363-MP1000.... 1000 GPH Purchase online @ https://www.discountpond.com/easypro

12 www.discountpond.com

EasyPro Pond Products

All-In-One Package

EAPR473 -WTP4.....All-In-One Package

Includes16oz Each:

Clari er; All Season Bacteria; Liquid Barley Extract; Water Conditioner

Combines the four most popular water treatments into one easy package.

Water Conditioner Plus

Protects sh by neutralizing chlorine, destroying chloramines and removing ammonia to make tap water safe for pond use. It also buffers pH and detoxi es heavy metals found in both city and well water. As one of the most complete water conditions available, Water Conditioner PLUS provides trusted results and is ideal for use in water gardens and koi ponds.

EAPR233-CNP16..16 oz, treats 960 gl for Ammonia, 3072 gl for Chloramine

EAPR234-CNP32..32 oz, treats 1920 gl for Ammonia, 6144 gl for Chloramine


All Season Pond Bacteria

EasyPro All Season Pond Bacteria contains a proven blend of benecial pond bacteria which naturally promote a healthy ecologically balanced ecosystem by reducing toxins, problem causing nutrients and murky water in water gardens and koi ponds.

EAPR212-ASB16... 16 . oz. Treats 8,000 gallons

EAPR213-ASB32... 32 . oz. Treats 16,000 gallons

EAPR214-ASB128...128 . oz. Treats 64,000 gallons

Liquid Barley Straw Extract

contains active ingredients derived from barley straw. This liquid formula also eliminates the need to use unsightly pellets or bales of barley in your pond.

EAPR230-BSE16....Liquid Barley Extract 16 oz

EAPR231-BSE32....Liquid Barley Extract 32 oz

EAPR235-CNP128..128 oz, treats 7680 gl for Ammonia, 24,576 gl for Chloramine

Sludge Remover Blocks

EAPR215-ABL05....5 lb. approx. 80 blocks

EAPR216-ABL10....10 lb. approx. 160 blocks

EAPR217-ABL25....25 lb. approx. 400 blocks 1 oz. Blocks

Sludge Remover Bacteria blocks are designed to remove organic sludge from the bottom of lakes and ponds. Sludge is the result of sh waste, dead algae or plant material, uneaten sh food, leaves and other debris.

Water Conditioner

EAPR236-CON16....16 oz.

EAPR237-CON32....32 oz.

EAPR238-CON128....1 gal.

One of the most concentrated tap water conditions available, EasyPro Water Conditioner provides trusted results economically.

Removes chlorine ~ Destroys chloramines

Buffers pH ~ Detoxi es heavy metals

pH Up

EAPR251EPHU16 – 16oz. (1 pint)

Safe, effective way to control pH

Treats fresh or salt water

Phosphate free

Safe for use with sh and plants

pH Down

EAPR249EPD16 – 16oz. (1 pint)

EAPR250EPD128- 128oz (1 Gal)

Safe, effective way to control pH

Treats fresh or salt water

Phosphate free

Safe for use with sh and plants

Pond-Vive Bacteria – 8oz Water Soluble Packs

EAPR382PB10X... 10lb Pail - 20 count

EAPR383PB25X....25lb Pail - 50 count

This special blend of enzyme producing bacteria is designed to:

• Reduce sludge buildup

• Eliminate pond odors

• Improve water clarity

• Reduce oxygen demand

• Eliminate excess nutrients

EAPR232-BSE128... Liquid Barley Extract – 128 oz. (1 gallon) Apply 2 . oz. per 1000 gallons of pond water every two weeks during Spring and Summer.

Concentrated Defoamer

EAPR247-DEF16....16 oz

EAPR248-DEF128....1 gal.

Concentrated formula eliminates foam in water

Can be used in water gardens, koi ponds, sh hauling trucks, etc.

Safe for use around sh, plants and pets

Water Clarifier (flocculant)

EAPR252-EWC16....16 oz

EAPR253-EWC32....32 oz

EAPR254-EWC128....1 gal

Eliminates murky water caused from mud, clay, decaying plant material, excess sh food and sh waste

This concentrated formula clears murky water fast Attracts suspended particles together allowing them to settle out of water column

Rock & Waterfall Cleaner Liquid

EAPR389OXYL32 32 oz. (1 quart)

EAPR390OXYL128 128 oz. (1 Gal)

Commercial strength oxy-based cleaning

Quickly and effectively clean ponds, rocks and waterfalls

Simply pour into area with most active water movement for best mixing

Safe for use around pets, sh, plants and wildlife

Sludge Remover Bacteria –1oz Water Soluble Packs

EAPR449SRB12....12 count

EAPR450SRB24....24 count

EAPR451SRB80....5 lb

EAPR452SRB160....10 lb

1 oz Packets. Use 1 per 1,000 gals once a week.

EasyPro Sludge Remover Bacteria contains a proven blend of enzyme producing pond bacteria which naturally reduces odor causing, decomposing organic debris and muck. This product also contains barley straw powder which helps keep pond water clean. Packaged in water soluble packets that simply dissolve in the water for easy application in water gardens and koi ponds.

www.discountpond.com 13

Seasonal Boost Kit for Spring and Fall

This Seasonal Boost kit uses the new Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria with dry enzyme producing bacteria to help start up a pond in the Spring or help with Fall pond care.

Below55°F – Initial dose: Apply 6 . oz. and 2 packets per 1000 gallons of pond water.

Maintenance: Apply 3 . oz. and 1 packet per 1000 gallons every week.

Above55°F: Apply 2 . oz. and 1 packet per 1000 gallons of pond water weekly.

EAPR437SBK16... Includes onepint of Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria and 6 one ounce water soluble packets of enzyme producing Sludge Removing Bacteria.

EAPR438SBK32... Includes onequart of Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria and 12 one ounce water soluble packets of enzyme producing Sludge Removing Bacteria.

Rock & Waterfall Cleaner

Rock & Waterfall Cleaner brings safe and powerful oxygen based cleaning to ponds, waterfalls, streams, fountains, statuary and other water feature surfaces. Great for use with sh, birds, pets and wildlife

Lifts debris to pond surface where it can be removed by net or skimmer


Initial Dose: 1 lb per 300 - 400 sq ft

Bottle Treats: 600 - 800 sq ft


Initial Dose: 1 lb per 300 - 400 sq ft

Bottle Treats: 2400 - 3200 sq ft


Initial Dose: 1 lb per 300 - 400 sq ft

Bottle Treats: 7500 - 10000 sq ft

Barley Straw Bale

EAPR658EBS... EasyPro Barley Straw Bale

Approximately 1/2lb.

EAPR663EBS1... EasyPro Barley Straw Bale

Approximately 1lb.

Purchase online @ https://www.discountpond.com/easypro

32” Weed Rake

EAPR624EPR....32”Weed Rake

There’s no need to worry which side lands up when you throw this rake out into the pond since there are teeth on both sides!

The 32”wide rake features 17 – 3”long teeth on each side of the rake, a baked on, powder coat nish and 25ft of rope.

Telescoping Pond Net

EAPR303EPN....Telescoping Pond Net Net measures 17”x 18”x 16”deep mesh and is at along the front

EasyPro Pond Products

Concentrated Black Lake Dye Packets

Dry – 4 packets

EAPR410PD4PBK.... Concentrated Black Lake

Dye Packets – Dry – 4 packets

The use of Black Lake Dye Packets are safe for sh and part of an overall pond maintenance program.

Concentrated Blue Lake Dye Packets

Dry – 4 packets

EAPR411PD4P.... Concentrated Blue Lake Dye Packets – Dry – 4 packets

The use of Blue Lake Dye Packets are safe for sh and part of an overall pond maintenance program for backyard ponds.

Concentrated Serenity Lake Dye Packets

Dry – 4 packets

EAPR409PD4PSB.... Concentrated Serenity Lake Dye Packets – Dry – 4 packets

Serenity Lake Colorant is a mix of blue and black for a deeper blue color

This nontoxic and harmless pond dye is for use in pond and lakes

Compatible with most aquatic algaecides and herbicides

Each water soluble packet will treat 1/3 of an acre 3ft to 4ft deep

EasyPro Concentrated Pond Dye

Provides a natural tint to pond water

Pond dyes help lter out UV rays from the sun

Concentrated formula – use one ounce per 1000 gallons of water! Does not stain or harm sh, plants or other wildlife once dispersed in water

Concentrated Blue Pond Dye

EAPR406PD16 – 16oz. (1 pint)

Gives pond water a“Caribbean Blue”appearance

Safe for use around sh, plants and pets

Blue pond dye for large pond applications is part number ECPD

Concentrated Black Pond Dye

EAPR407D16B – 16oz. (1 pint)

Gives pond water a black re ective appearance

Safe for use around sh, plants and pets

Black pond dye for large pond applications is part number ECPDBK

Serenity Blue/Black Pond Dye

EAPR408PD16C– 16oz. (1 pint)

Gives pond water a dark blackish-blue appearance

Safe for use around sh, plants and pets

Serenity pond dye for large pond applications is part number ECPDSB

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EasyPro Pond Products

Natural Phosphate Binder

EAPR396PF2... Natural Phosphate Binder – 2 lb. Jar

EAPR397PF7.... Natural Phosphate Binder – 7 lb. Pail

EAPR398PF15... Natural Phosphate Binder – 15 lb. Pail

Phosphate Binder is a plant based powder formulation that contains 70 trace minerals which work to naturally bind soluble phosphorus in pond water. It can be used all season long and works best in conjunction with All Season Pond Bacteria. Use of Phosphate Binder also promotes sh health by buffering pH preventing wild swings as well as adding essential trace minerals.

Binds problem causing phosphate

Provides approximately 70 bene cial trace minerals

Buffers pH

Boosts bene cial bacteria activity

Provides minor occulation (settling) of suspended particles

Safe for sh, pets and family

Sludge Remover Pellets

Sludge Remover bacteria pellets are designed to remove organic sludge from the bottom of lakes and ponds.

EAPR218ABB05X - 5 lb Pail

EAPR219ABB10X - 10 lb Pail

EAPR220ABB25X - 25 lb Pail

Sludge Remover Bacteria SBB

This unique formulation is produced using a“no mess”block, which immediately begins to dissolve upon contact with water

Reduces toxic ammonia and nitrite

Reduces problem causing nitrate and phosphate

Reduces murky water caused by organic wastes

Reduces organic bottom sludge (muck)

Reduces odors

Safe for sh, pets and family

Cold water strains for effectiveness down to 45°F

EAPR433SBB12 - 12 Count

EAPR434SBB24 - 24 Count

EAPR435SBB80 - 5 lb. Pail

Phosphate Binder

Natural Phosphate Binder is a natural plant based powder formulation that provides an alternative to using aluminum sulfate (ALUM) in pond water to bind problem causing phosphate in pond water.

EAPR380NPB15 - 15 lb Pail

EAPR381NPB45 - 45 lb Pail

Seasonal Boost Liquid Bacteria

EAPR471 SWT16 -16 oz

EAPR472 SWT32 -32 oz

This proven blend of bene cial bacteria and cold water strains are dosed speci cally for cold water applications in the Spring and Fall.

Enzyme producing bacteria help break down leaves and organic debris

Works in water temperatures down to 38° F

Removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and sludge

Barley Straw Pellets

100% natural product made from concentrated barley straw

Safe for use with aquatic life and pets

Fast acting – steady and extended release

EAPR272EBP5 - 5 lb Pail

EAPR273EBP10 - 10 lb Pail

EAPR271EBP40 - 40 lb Bag

Pond Salt – 20 lb & 50 lb.

EAPR277EPS20...... 20 lb Pail

EAPR278EPS50B....50 lb Box

99% pure-made from evaporated seawater

Reduces sh stress and improves disease recovery

Enhances the natural slime coat of sh

Superior to table salt for maximum effectiveness

Helps control electrolyte balance

Great for ponds with sh and aquatic life

Use 1 to 2 pounds per 100 gallons of water

ESF1250 Submersible Pump/Filter/UV Combo

Combines pump, lter, UV and fountain into one complete unit. Ideal for small and pre-formed ponds needing simple effective ltration.

Eleven watt UV for crystal clear water

675 GPH pump with 20’power cord, 48 watts

Mechanical and biological ltration media included

One year warranty

Swivel joint for easy leveling of fountain nozzles

Pond depth to 22’with Waterbell and Two-Tier Nozzle

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!

EAPR436SBB160 - 10 lb. Pail Purchase

Pond depth to 17’withThree-Tier Nozzle

Can be placed on suitable stand for deeper ponds

Dimensions: Base Unit: 12”W x 14 1/2”L x 6”H

UV Watts: 11

EAPR321 ESF1250


online @
www.discountpond.com 15

CAS Compact Aeration Series – Complete Kits

EAPR267CAS1....Single Outlet Kit for ponds up to 1000 gal.

EAPR268CAS2.... Dual Outlet Kit for ponds up to 2000 gal.

EAPR269CAS4....Quad Outlet Kit for ponds up to 3500 gal.

Continuous duty aeration system is ideal for both summer time aeration and winter time deicing

Powered by a long lasting, super quiet dual outlet compressor that costs only pennies per month to operate!

Compressors need to be protected from the weather

Built-in ow control dial on compressor

Two year warranty on compressor

SRC25 Stratus SRC Series

Single Rocking Piston Compressor 1/4hp – 115volt

EAPR446SRC25.... Stratus Rocking Piston Compressor

EAPR432SRC25K.... Repair Kit for Stratus SRC25

1/4hp – 115volt Inlet air lter, rubber foot pads

5’power cord

Universal dual voltage motor

Permanently lubricated bearings

2 year limited warranty

SRC50 Stratus SRC Series

Dual Rocking Piston Compressor 1/2hp – 115volt

EAPR448SRC50...Stratus Dual Rocking Piston


Inlet air lter, rubber foot pads and 5’power cord


Universal dual voltage motor

Permanently lubricated bearings

2 year limited warranty

PA6SWN Aeration Kit for Shallow Ponds

EAPR628PA6SWN.... Aeration Kit

For ponds 7’deep or less

Single diffuser system with KLC60 compressor

Extremely energy efficient - Very quiet operation

Long lasting, oil free design

Quick sink tubing for easy installation

Weather resistant enclosures – can be used outdoors, Three year warranty on compressors, Five year warranty on tubing/diffuser

Koi Pond Aeration Kits

EAPR340LA1 KLC – 1000 to 7500 gallon ponds

Uses only 23 watts! Maximum depth 6’

Kit includes:

KLC25 compressor with 6’power cord

One rubber membrane diffuser

25’of 3/8”Quick Sink tubing

Connectors and ttings

EAPR341LA2 KLC – 2000 to 15000 gallon ponds

Uses only 36 watts!

Maximum depth 6’

Kit includes:

KLC40 compressor with 6’power cord

Two rubber membrane diffusers

50’of 3/8”Quick Sink tubing

Two Valve air splitter, connectors and ttings

EasyPro Pond Products

Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers

These EPDM rubber air diffusers are incredibly strong and are ideal for pond aeration, circulation and destratisfying applications

Unlike air stones these diffusers are easy to clean.

EAPR426RAD4.... 4”– 1/4”– 3/8”barb

EAPR424RAD6.... 6”– 1/4”– 3/8”barb

EAPR423RAD8.... 8”– 3/8”– 1/2”barb

EAPR422RAD12.... 12”– 3/8”– 1/2”barb

EAPR421RAD1250... 12”– 1/2”npt

Self Weighted Rubber Membrane Air Diffuser

These EPDM rubber air diffusers are incredibly strong and are ideal for pond aeration, circulation and destratisfying applications

Self weighted design will sink to the pond bottom

EAPR428RAD650W.... Self Weighted Diffuser – 6”– 1/2”npt

EasyPro Alumina Airstones

“Alumina”air stones – three times stronger than white silica air stones! Produces a ner bubble with no increase in pressure. Inlet ttings are set into the body of the diffuser, making them much less likely to break or twist loose. All are 1 1/2”X 1 1/2”Square

Available in 3, 6 or 12 inch lengths.

EAPR008AS325... 3”– 1/4”Barb ( ow rate 0.3 cfm)

EAPR009AS337... 3”– 3/8”Barb ( ow rate 0.3 cfm)

EAPR010AS637... 6”– 3/8”Barb ( ow rate 0.5 cfm)

EAPR011AS650... 6”– 1/2”NPT ( ow rate 0.5 cfm)

EAPR013AS937... 9”– 3/8”Barb ( ow rate 0.75 cfm)

EAPR012AS950... 9”– 1/2”NPT ( ow rate 0.75 cfm)

EAPR229AS1237... 12”– 3/8”Barb ( ow rate 1 cfm)

EAPR228AS1250... 12”– 1/2”NPT ( ow rate 1 cfm)

Stratus KLC Series Pond Aerators

EAPR338KLC100.... Max Air Flow 4.2 cfm - 5/8”Outlet

EAPR339KLC120.... Max Air Flow 4.9 cfm - 1” Outlet

Stratus KLC Series Compressor

Improve water quality with bene ts of aeration

Ideal for aerating ponds, water features, bait tanks or large aquariums

Dual linear diaphragm design provides maximum air output

CUL and UL listed for indoor or outdoor use

120 volt unit with 6’power cord

3 year warranty

Stratus KLC Series Pond Aerators

EAPR334KLC25 - Max Air Flow 1.3 cfm - Outlet 5/8”

EAPR335KLC40 - Max Air Flow 2.1 cfm - Outlet 5/8”

EAPR336KLC60 - Max Air Flow 3.1 cfm - Outlet 5/8”

EAPR337KLC80 - Max Air Flow 3.7 cfm - Outlet 5/8”

Ideal for aerating ponds, water features, bait tanks or large aquariums

Dual linear diaphragm design provides maximum air output

For ponds up to 7500 gallons (depending on sh load, ltration, etc.)

CUL and UL listed for indoor or outdoor use

120 volt unit with 6’power cord

3 year warranty

25 Watt Deluxe Linear Aeration Kit


Super Quiet – you can barely hear them from only 5’away

Super Energy Efficient – operates for only pennies per day

Very Reliable – motors can often run constant for 5 – 8 years

UL listed – for outdoor use

Kit includes ML28 compressor, 15’of Quick Sink airline and air diffuser

3 year warranty on compressor; 5 year warranty on tubing

16 www.discountpond.com

EasyPro Pond Products

CLED Cabrio Color Changing LED Submersible Light Strip

Cabrio color changing light strips can be used in the Vianti Falls spillways or other applications to light up a pond, waterfall or landscape feature.

Epoxy lled aluminum housing for use in or out of water (fresh water only)

All Cabrio lights can be synchronized with single remote

Wide spectrum of color options

Multiple pre-programmed patterns and color combinations

Strips include transformer 15’power cord, includes disconnect at receiver

Quick connect plugs connection to transformer

Remote control required to operate all Cabio lights is sold separately

One year limited warranty

EAPR261CLED11.... 11 Inch Strip

EAPR262CLED23.... 23 Inch Strip

EAPR263CLED35.... 35 Inch Strip

These plastic Bio-Balls are a great media for use in all types of lters.

Can be used as a loose media or put in mesh bags for easy removal and cleaning

Will not compact like other soft media, reduces channeling of water around media

1 1/2”in diameter, black in color

Available in 1/3, 1 or 4.5 cubic foot boxes

EAPR224BB05....200 ct. with Media Bag

EAPR225BB15....1 Cubic Ft. approx. 660 balls

EAPR613BB15B....4.5 Cubic Ft. approx. 3000 balls



LED Strip lights

15’cord 12v includes 10watt transformer

Ideal for use with Vianti Falls stainless steel spillways or underwater to light up waterfalls, streams, ponds or in the landscape

EAPR345LED11CB.... 11”long BLUE

EAPR387LED23CB.... 23”long BLUE

EAPR635LED35CB.... 35”long BLUE with 20 watt transformer

EAPR346LED11WW.... 11”long WHITE

EAPR388LED23WW 23”long WHITE

EAPR636LED35WW.... 35”long WHITE with 20 watt transformer

Stainless Steel Underwater LED Lights

Great for formal water features!

316 Stainless Steel housing - 2800-3000K warm white LED

115 lumens per watt - 30’power cord (bare leads)

Use in or out of the water - 5 year warranty

Not approved for swimming pools or spas

EAPR355LED9WW....9 Watt 6”tall x 4 3/4”dia

EAPR347LED12WW....12 Watt 7 1/2”tall x 6 1/4”dia

EAPR348LED18WW....18 Watt 8 1/4”tall x 7 1/2”dia

LED Statuary Light & Transformer Set

Barbed inlet tting for use with 3/4”tubing

Removable barb tting for use in other features

1 3/8”diameter light

10’power cord between light and transformer

Designed for use with basalt columns and most Tranquil Décor vase fountains.

Bio-Blox Filter Media

Approximately 500 square feet of surface area in every cubic foot of material, this allows for maximum ltration in a given area

Polyester material will last for years

Available in a 1/3, one, ten or twenty ve cubic foot box

Also available in 2 cu. ft. pre- lled mesh bags

EAPR226BBM05....1/3 cu.ft. with Media Bag

EAPR227BBM1....1 cu.ft. box

EAPR602BBM10....10 cu.ft. box

EAPR608BBM2B....Mesh bag (MB21) with 2 cubic feet of Bio-Blox

Mesh bag (MB21) with Filter Floss

EAPR659FFM2B.... Mesh bag (MB21) with 2 cubic feet of Filter Floss

This tough nylon media bag will last for many years and can hold all types of large media

Includes two cubic feet of Filter Floss

Media bag is 1/4”mesh and has drawstring with push button release

Replacement Mesh Bags (no media)

Fine mesh media bag that can be used for a wide variety lter media for biological ltration.

EAPR098MB18F.... Replacement Mesh Bag – 18”X 30”– Fine Mesh

EAPR100MB21.... Replacement Mesh Bag – 21”X 30”

EAPR096MB22.... Replacement Mesh Bag – 22”X 26”

Water Fill Box


A good way to mount a water ll valve in a pond without a skimmer

Provides an ideal housing in which to install an auto ll

Designed to house WFS37 and WFS59 ll valves

Sits inside the liner and holds ll valves up to 13”long

EAPR354LED8B....Single Light w/Transf.

EAPR356LED8B3...3 Light Set w/Transf.

Bottom Drains with/without Air Diffuser

EAPR242BD8....2”Bottom Drain

EAPR241BD1.... 3”Bottom Drain

EAPR243BDK2A.... 2” Bottom Drain Kit (BDA drain) with Air Diffuser Includes 2”Fittings

EPAR246BDA.... 3”Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser Increases air circulation and cleaning capacity

Includes 10”rubber air diffuser that connects to top section 1/2”barbed inlet tting for incoming air

Dual rubber gaskets and six stainless screws for water tight penetration through liner

Heavy Duty Bottom Drains

EAPR274EBD4.... 4”Bottom Drain

EAPR276EBD4A....4”Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser

Welded FPT threaded inlet eliminates the need for rubber coupling

Brass Fill Valves

EAPR494WFS37.... 1/2”Economy Brass Fill Valve 8”Long

EAPR496WFS50.... 1/2”Brass Fill Valve

EAPR497WFS100.... 1”Brass Fill Valve 12-1/2”Long

Ideal for use in skimmers, vaults and the water ll box (WFB) for maintaining water levels in many different applications

Heavy duty brass body and brass rods are far superior to plastic ll valves Valve rod (arm) can be adjusted to t your exact requirements

WFS37 ll valve includes brass valve, rod, plastic oat and ttings to connect to irrigation tubing


BFS Box Style Fill Valve

Includes tting to connect to 1/2”vinyl tubing

Fits in small or large skimmer

Measures 7 1/2”long x 3”wide x 4”high

Flow rating: 6 gallons per minute at 15 psi, 5 gallons per minute at 35 psi

Recommended maximum water pressure 35 psi

www.discountpond.com 17

PSMEX Pond Skimmer For External Pumps


Innovative skimmer designed for use with external pumps!

Factory installed bulkhead ttings

Pre-plumbed for easy bottom drain connection, includes plug

Uses same debris net, lid and extension tube as PSMFB skimmer

EasyPro Pond Products

ViantiFalls Scupper

EAPR074BWS2F.... Vianti Falls Brass 2”Antique Round

Scupper - Ideal for formal water features.

Dimensions - 2”Dia. by 5 1/2”Long, 5 3/8”Dia. Trim Plate Inlet - 1 1/2”fpt Inlet

Recommended Flow Rate - 10-20 gpm

Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers


Roto-molded for excellent strength

Can be used with JAFME extension

Ideal for mag drive pumps

Can be used in small Just-A-Falls or custom built fountain basins

High Strength Res-Cube

EAPR625HSC22.... 1/2 cube –9 1/2”H x 16”W x 27”L

EAPR626HSC44.... Fullsize Cube –16”W x 17.5”T x 27”L

Use in high weight bearing features

Ideal for use in Just-A-Falls and pondless features using large boulders

Ships unassembled to save space, quick and easy assembly on site

Can be used under roadways, pathways, sidewalks, etc.

HSC22 equals 2.4 cu. ft. of space

HSC44 equals 4.4 cu. ft. of space

Centrifugal Pump Intake Filter

For high volume pumping applications these heavy duty pump intake screens are the answer! For most high volume pumps these lters are a much better choice as they will allow ne particles through so screens will not plug up as often yet will still keep out large objects such as sticks, sh and weeds.

EAPR638PIF2.... 18”Long / 11”Diameter – for 2”Pipe

EAPR644PIF3.... 30”Long / 11”Diameter – for 3”Pipe

EAPR645PIF4.... 30”Long / 11”Diameter - for 4”Pipe

Premium Pond Cover Netting - Bulk

100ft. long bulk netting allows you to simply pull out the length needed, cut it and BINGO – you have a cover net exactly the length you want. Perfect for streams, large ponds, gardens or retail pond stores to offer customer netting needs. Standard mesh is 3/4in. polyethylene woven netting.

EAPR374NR101... 3/4” / 10ft. X 100ft.

EAPR377NR101F... 3/8” Fine Mesh / 10ft. X 100ft.

EAPR375NR201... 3/4” / 20ft. X 100ft.

EAPR378NR201F... 3/8”Fine Mesh / 20ft. X 100ft.

Deluxe Pond Cover Tent

EAPR643PCT810...... 8’x 10’with 12 anchors

EAPR641PCT1014.... 10 x 14’with 12 anchors

EAPR642PCT1317.... 13’x 17’with 12 anchors

Complete pond and garden protection for leaves and unwanted pests! Simple two person assembly can be completed and installed in just a few minutes. Strong 3/8in. nylon black mesh netting will last for years. Dark mesh allows for easy viewing of pond with tent in place.


EAPR483UWD16....16”wide –Recommended ow rate of 16 to 66 GPM

Dual 2”inlets Measures 26”wide x 14”deep x 3 1/2”tall

EAPR482UWD23.... 23”wide -Recommended Flow Rate 1500-6000 gph Inlet Two 2”fpt spinweld Dimensions 23”W x 14”D x 3 1/2”T

EAPR620UWD32... 32”wide Recommended ow rate of 32 to 132 GPM

Flows over 100 GPM should be plumbed from both sides

Dual 2”inlets Measures 32”wide x 14”deep x 3 1/2”tall

Eco-Series Spillways

One piece waterfall spillways ideal for creating Just-A-Falls style water features Roto-molded for excellent strength

Easy installation – liner attaches to spillway using the patented“Spliner Lock”system –no silicone, no bolts, no tools!

Dual inlets – 2”spinwelds (pre-installed for you) allow for easy plumbing into either end, a plug for unused end is included


EAPR611CF34E.... 34”Wide

EAPR612CF48E.... 48”Wide

EAPR264CF23FS... Eco-Series 23”Faux Stone Lip Faux rock lip that ts the Eco-Series CF18E one piece waterfall spillway.

Pump Pro-Tector

Has a polyester lter media pad inside of a nylon mesh bag Drawstring top with push button release keep the top closed around the pump yet makes for easy pump removal PP8 has an 8”diameter and 1”thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 6”diameter PP12 has a 12”diameter and has 2”thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 8”diameter

EAPR400PP8.....8”Pump Pro-Tector

EAPR401PP12...12”Pump Pro-Tector

Submersible Pump Screens

EAPR646SPS12.... 12”Diameter / 14”Tall

EAPR647SPS20.... 20”Diameter / 18”Tall

Available in two sizes – 12”diameter x 14”tall or 20”diameter x 18”tall

Heavy duty 1/2”x 1”mesh screen

Drawstring top allows for easy pump removal/ inspection and will draw up tight to any pipe from 1 1/2”to 4”in diameter

Prepackaged Premium Pond Cover Netting

Prepackaged Premium Pond Cover Netting

Premium Pond Cover Netting helps prevent poor water quality problems by keeping leaves and debris out of your pond. Strong black pond netting will last for years! Pre-cut netting 3/4”mesh, includes Stakes.

EAPR372NP1515.... 3/4”/ 15’X 15’ includes 8 stakes

EAPR373NP2020.... 3/4”/ 20’X 20’ includes 8 stakes

EAPR385NP2030.... 3/4”/ 20’X 30’includes 10 stakes

EAPR386NP3030.... 3/4”/ 30’X 30’ includes 12

EAPR324JAFT.... EasyPro Miniature Pump Vault
https://www.discountpond.com/easypro 18 www.discountpond.com


EasyPro Pond Products



AQ12 Aquashadow – dry powder

A powder form of Aquashade

Aquashadow powder comes in a water soluble bag that can be tossed directly into the pond

Each bag treats 1/4 acre, 4ft deep

DEFEND your pond all season long! This unique water treatment is designed to help keep your pond water clean and clear.

Aqua Defend contains a proprietary blend of all-natural bacteria, enzymes and ingredients to buffer pond water and help keep rocks and waterfalls clean.

The strong combination of ingredients will help keep your water feature looking its best!

Bacteria blend is especially effective at breaking down waste and sludge buildup Additive to help prevent buildup on rocks, waterfalls and in streams* Additive to bind phosphates, buffer pH and help settling of particles

AQD1 Aqua Defend™ All-Natural Pond Water Treatment

EAPR513 - 1 lb Jar

AQD2 Aqua Defend™ All-Natural Pond Water Treatment

EAPR514 - 2 lb Jar

AQD2 Aqua Defend™ All-Natural Pond Water Treatment

EAPR515 - 5 lb Pail

AQD2 Aqua Defend™ All-Natural Pond Water Treatment

EAPR516 - 10 lb PAIL

Anytime 24/7 www.discountpond.com
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Pro-Clear Aire™ Aeration

Improve water quality with the bene ts of aeration!

The Pro-Clear Air™ compressor is designed for the demanding job of 24 hour operation. The dual linear diaphragm is designed for maximum air ow while being quiet and energy-efficient. The oil-les design makes them idea for pond aeration and with few moving parts, allows for simple routine maintenance.

KPA25 Pro-Clear Aire™ Aeration Compressor

Pond Size--1000 - 7500 gallons

Max. Depth--5 feet

Max. Watt--25

Air Flow @ 0’Water Depth--1.1 CFM

KPA40 Pro-Clear Aire™ Aeration Compressor

Pond Size--2000 - 15,000 gallons

Max. Depth--7 feet

Max. Watt--30

Air Flow @ 0’Water Depth--1.4 CFM

Dual Use Outlet

Use with 3/4 tubing and clamp or 1/4 female pipe thread

Brass Barb Fitting is included

1/4 male pipe thread x 3/8 barb

Aluminum housing dissipates heat for longer product life

No electricity in the water – safe for sh, pets and family

Six foot power cord – 115 volt

One year warranty

KPA60 Pro-Clear Aire™ Aeration Compressor

Pond Size--3000 - 22,500 gallons

Max. Depth--7 feet

Max. Watt--40

Air Flow @ 0’Water Depth--2.1 CFM

Dual Use Outlet

Use with 3/4 tubing and clamp or 1/4 female pipe thread

Brass Barb Fitting is included

1/4 male pipe thread x 3/8 barb

Aluminum housing dissipates heat for longer product life

No electricity in the water – safe for sh, pets and family

Six foot power cord – 115 volt

One year warranty

KPA80 Pro-Clear Aire™ Aeration Compressor

Pond Size--4000 - 30,000 gallons

Max. Depth--8 feet

Max. Watt--50

Air Flow @ 0’Water Depth--2.8 CFM

KPA60 Pro-Clear Aire™ Aeration Compressor

3/4 Outlet

Use with 3/4 tubing and clamp

Tubing & Clamps (included)

3/4 tubing connector with 2 clamps

Aluminum housing dissipates heat for longer product life

No electricity in the water – safe for sh, pets and family

Six foot power cord – 115 volt

One year warranty

KPA80 Pro-Clear Aire™ Aeration Compressor

3/4 Outlet

Use with 3/4 tubing and clamp

Tubing & Clamps (included)

3/4 tubing connector with 2 clamps

Aluminum housing dissipates heat for longer product life

No electricity in the water – safe for sh, pets and family

Six foot power cord – 115 volt

One year warranty

20 www.discountpond.com EasyPro Pond
Products https://www.discountpond.com/easypro

EasyPro Pond Products

PRO-CLEAR™ UV Ultraviolet Clarifiers

PC18W PRO-CLEAR™ UV Ultraviolet Clarifier

Tough, impact resistant housing

Multi-step barbs for 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”and 1.5”tubing

Weatherproof transformer with 6’cord

Five year warranty on housing

One year warranty on transformer, UV bulb and quartz sleeve

UV Watts--18

Max Flow Rate--1800 gph

Max Pond Size--2500 gallons


PC36W PRO-CLEAR™ UV Ultraviolet Clarifier

Tough, impact resistant housing

Multi-step barbs for 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”and 1.5”tubing

Weatherproof transformer with 6’cord

Five year warranty on housing

One year warranty on transformer, UV bulb and quartz sleeve

UV Watts--36

Max Flow Rate--2900 gph

Max Pond Size--4800 gallons

PRO-CLEAR™ UV ULTRA Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Clarifiers

The PRO-CLEAR™ UV ULTRA Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Clari er is engineered for maximum ow rate, ultraviolet efficiency and long life. High strength, stainless steel construction combined with a weatherproof transformer gives this UV clari er the durability to withstand the elements for years.

The polished stainless interior re ector increases light re ection up to 35%.

Dual inlets and outlets for multiple plumbing options

Weatherproof transformer

UV sight glass window safely shows when unit is operating at a glance 2”PVC inlet/outlets included – includes union connections

PCU35W PRO-CLEAR™ UV ULTRA Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Clari er EAPR678

UV Watts--35

Max Flow Rate--2800 gph

Max Pond Size--4800 gallons

Qty of Bulb(s)--1 - 35W

Power Cord(s)--1 - 16’

PCU75W PRO-CLEAR™ UV ULTRA Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Clari er EAPR680

UV-C grade bulbs have 9000 hour life rating

Five year warranty on housing

One year warranty on transformer, UV bulb and quartz sleeve

PCU55W PRO-CLEAR™ UV ULTRA Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Clari er EAPR679

PCU110W PRO-CLEAR™ UV ULTRA Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Clari er EAPR681

UV Watts--110

Max Flow Rate--6500 gph

Max Pond Size--14,000 gallons

Qty of Bulb(s)--2 - 55W

Power Cord(s)--2 - 16’

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Order Anytime 24/7

Aqua Ultraviolet


Since 1975, Aqua Ultraviolet has designed solutions that provide cutting edge technology and efficiency to its users. UV Sterilizers eliminate algae and green water. They also control bacteria and parasites to reduce the spread of sh diseases. The CLASSIC Series UVs are ideal for ponds and water features. The CLASSIC’s rugged design has features that allow for quick installation and easy maintenance. These UVs will clear water in 3 to 5 days (sometimes overnight), and keep it that way! Performance is guaranteed when sized, installed, and operated according to manufacturer guidelines and instructions. 15’cord on all models 8W to 57W.

Classic 200-Watt Units

Classic 8-Watt Units

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 200 gallons; ow rate up to 642-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 1500 gallons; max ow 1000-gph.

Auv081B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv081W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv082B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv082W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv085B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv085W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Auv086B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv086W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 15-Watt Units

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 500 gallons; ow rate up to 700-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 2000 gallons; max ow 1800-gph.

Auv151B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv151W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv152B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv152W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv155B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv155W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Auv156B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv156W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 25-Watt Units

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 1200 gallons; ow rate up to 1200-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 4000 gallons; max ow 2000-gph.

Auv251B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv251W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv252B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv252W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv255B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv255W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Auv256B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv256W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 40-Watt Units

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 2000 gallons; ow rate up to 2900-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 6000 gallons; max ow 3000-gph.

Auv401B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv401W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv402B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv402W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv405B – ¾”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv405W – ¾”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Auv406B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv406W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 57-Watt Units

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 3000 gallons; ow rate up to 3200-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 6500 gallons; max ow 3250-gph.

Auv572B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv572W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv576B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv576W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 80-Watt Units

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 4400 gallons; ow rate up to 3675-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 9000 gallons; max ow 4500-gph.

Auv802B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

Auv802W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

Auv803B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

Auv803W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

**Five 40-watt units in tandem**

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 13,000 gallons; ow rate up to 6600-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 20,000 gallons; max ow 10,000-gph.

AuvZ200B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

AuvZ200W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

AuvZ202B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

AuvZ202W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 240-Watt Units

**Six 40-watt units in tandem**

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 17,000 gallons; ow rate up to 7200-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 25,000 gallons; max ow 12,000-gph.

AuvZ240B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

AuvZ240W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

AuvZ242B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

AuvZ242W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper


Replacement UV Lamps/bulbs



Otherunitsavailable–non-stock/special-order Allow7-10daysshipping;excludedfromfreight prepaymentterms

Classic 114-Watt Units

**Two 57-watt units in tandem**

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 4400 gallons; ow rate up to 3900-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 9500 gallons; max ow 4500-gph.

AuvZ114B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

AuvZ114W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

AuvZ116B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

AuvZ116W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 120-Watt Units

**Three 40-watt units in tandem**

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 6000 gallons; ow rate up to 4080-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 12,000 gallons; max ow 6500-gph.

AuvZ120B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

AuvZ120W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

AuvZ122B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

AuvZ122W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper

Classic 160-Watt Units

**Four 40-watt units in tandem**

As a sterilizer – for ponds up to 8500 gallons; ow rate up to 5400-gph.

As a clari er – for ponds up to 16,000 gallons; max ow 9000-gph.

AuvZ160B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – no wiper

AuvZ160W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – no wiper

AuvZ162B – 2”inlet/outlet – black – with wiper

AuvZ162W – 2”inlet/outlet – white – with wiper




**Bulbs compatible with appropriate wattage

AquaFrog & AquaFish.

Replacement Quartz Sleeves







Replacement Transformers










Optional quartz sleeve wiper cleaning system keeps quartz sleeve 100% efficient without opening unit.

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Most Orders Shipped Within 24 HOURS!


LAMP - Industry’s longest lamp life 14 months


3/4”MOLDED BARB Allows for easy installation CLEAR QUARTZ CAP - Glow tells you your lamp is on


UV lamp surrounded by a quartz sleeve is concealed in these high quality UV resistant polyresin statuaries. Each has two 3/4" inlets(front and back) to allow for placement at any angle. 3/4" outlet, 2" cleanout on bottom.MaxFlowandPondSizeinfoisthesameas withclassicUVcharttotheright.5’cord.


Allows for 99.9% Transmission Rate. Highest quality quartz.


Slender light weight housing for maximum ow rates. Designed for indoor / outdoor use. Limited lifetime warranty.

ADVANTAGE UV 2000/2000+

Aqua Ultraviolet maintains their high-intensity performance in a 30% smaller unit that features a one-piece molded housing. One piece molded ¾”barbs make hose attachments easy and secure. Destroys harmful bacteria and protozoa and controls sh disease. Lightweight. UV resistant housing. 8’cord.


For ponds up to 1500 gallons; max ow 1000-gph.


For ponds up to 2000 gallons’max ow 1800-gph.


AuvB01 – 8-watt lamp for Advantage 2000

AuvB02 – 15-watt lamp for Advantage 2000+

AuvQ01 – 8-watt quartz sleeve for Advantage 2000

AuvQ02 – 15-watt quartz sleeve for Advantage 2000+

AuvT01– 8-watt transformer for Advantage 2000

AuvT02 – 15-watt transformer for Advantage 2000+

Many other AquaUV products and parts are available … please check our website – or contact us

Frog measures approximately 16 1/4”H x 16 1/4”W x 15”L


Auv306 8 watt frog

Auv307 15 watt frog

Auv308 25 watt frog

Twist Units

Option for some of the Classic units. Rotating unions give the exibility to install the UV in a variety of shapes. Available in 25, 40, and 57 watt; black or white; with or without wiper. ALL units have 2”union for intake/output.

AuvTW337 - 25-watt; white - no wiper

AuvTW338 - 25-watt; white - with wiper

AuvTW339 - 25-watt; black - no wiper

AuvTW340 - 25-watt; black - with wiper

AuvTW341 - 57-watt; white - no wiper

AuvTW342 - 57-watt; white - with wiper


Unique tubular design protects bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris. Features Aqua-tube non-clumping biomedia in 6 different sizes. No channeling, only minutes to backwash. Use direct drive, external pumpwithmatchedowrate@10-ft.lift

AuvTW343 - 57-watt; black - no wiper

AuvTW344 - 57-watt; black - with wiper

AuvTW345 - 40-watt; white - no wiper

AuvTW346 - 40-watt; white - with wiper

AuvTW347 - 40-watt; black - no wiper

AuvTW348 - 40-watt; black - with wiper


SPECIALNOTE:Thisisjustasamplingofthismanufacturer’sextensive inventory,andallAquaUltravioletproductsareavailablebyspecialorder.

UV Clarifier RetroFit for Savio Skimmers

AuvSav15 – 15wt UV for Savio Compact


AuvSav25 – 25wt UV for Savio


AuvSav57 – 57wt UV for Savio



AuvB15 – 15w lamp

AuvB25 – 25w lamp

AuvB57 – 57w lamp

AuvQ15 – 15w quartz sleeve

AuvQ25 – 25w quartz sleeve

AuvQ57 – 57w quartz sleeve

AuvT03 – 15w transformer

AuvT04 – 25w transformer

AuvT05 – 57w transformer

www.discountpond.com 23
Item# Pond Size Valve Size AuvF01 1000 1-1/2” AuvF02 2000 1-1/2” AuvF04 4000 1-1/2” AuvF06 6000 2” AuvGF022000 2” AuvGF044000 2”
Aqua Ultraviolet


Skimmers for use with FilterFalls


Skimmer for ponds up to 600 sq ft. Pump ow range 2000 – 4000 gph. 9”weir opening; Filter mat and basket included. Measures 17.5”W x 24”D x 22”H.

Use with BF1500 FilterFalls.


Awg035(BF1250) - 17”spillway. Pumpowrange:2000–3000gph. Measures19”Wx22”Dx14”H.1-1/2” bulkheadandtopgrateincluded. UsewithPS4000skimmer.


Awg047(FF14/SP1400) -

14”W waterfall; measures 16”W x 11”D x 9”H. Pump ow up to 2000 gph; includes 1-1/2”bulkhead.

Awg050(FF48/SP4800) - 48”W waterfall; measures 50”W x 11”D x 10”H. Pump ow up to 8000 gph; includes two 2”bulkheads.

Awg075 – Top Grate for FF14

Awg078 – Top Grate for FF25

Awg080 – Top Grate for FF36

Satellite Skimmer

Awg099(PS3000) - Drawing and cleaning water from hard-to-reach areas of a pond. Use in combination with (and plumbs into) the main pond skimmer. Can be installed inside or outside the pond. Use with PS7000 or PS15000 skimmers.

6”weiropening;Pumpowrateof1000-3000gph. Net provides ltration.

Measures 13”W x 13”D x 25”H.

Awg175 – Replacement Net for PS3000

Media & Bags

Media bags are made with triple-stitched, heavy-duty netting and have a drawstring to secure the media. Use with media blocks Bio-Ball, or lava rocks.

Awg168(BG2234) – 18”x 22”Media Bag

Awg001(BB1000)– Media bag with 1 cu ft of Bio-Tech Media Blocks

BIO-BALLS Awg002 - Contains 150 extremely durable,lightweightBio-Ballsthatareeasy tocleanandreducechanneling.Eachballis1-1/2”in diameterandhasnearly25squareinchesofsurfacearea forbacterialcolonization.


Awg235 – .5 cubic ft. An alternate biological media for the FilterFalls or other lters – HALF the weight of gravel; but with greater surface area! More stable and less abrasive than lava rock.

Backflush Kit for FilterFalls

Awg004(BFK100) - Works with any FilterFall to virtually eliminate maintenance. Provides fast, convenient, powered backwashing to save time and trouble.

PRO Series Products PRO Skimmers

Heavy-duty construction and stainless steel components. Super Flow weir doors, framed debris nets, full- ow brush panels.

Contractor/PRO SeriesSkimmer

AwgPS15000 -14”weir; pump ow rate up to 15,000 gph; up to 1400 sq ft surface area; use with BF3800 FilterFalls; includes lter net and brush panel for ltering.

Measures: 28”W x 33”D x 31”H.

Must ship via TRUCK; excluded from freight prepayment. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Awg106(PS4600) - For ponds up to 400 sq ft surface area. Max pump ow rate 4000 gph 6”weir door opening. Measures 19-1/2”W x 26”D x 22”H Use with AtlBF1900 FilterFalls

Awg107(PS7000) - For ponds up to 900 sq ft surface area. Max pump ow rate 7000 gph 9”weir door opening. Measures 25”W x 30”D x 24”H Use with AtlBF2600 FilterFalls

Bottom Drain for Pro Series Skimmers -

Awg003(BD2000)- Keeps sludge at bay by pulling debris from the bottom of the pond while the Super Flow weir door skims debris from the surface.

24 www.discountpond.com
PS4600 PS7000


Rock Lids


RL40 ts skimmers PS4000/4500/4600/4900

Measures approximately 34”L x 24”W x 5”H

Awg120 – Desert

Awg123 – Great Lakes

Awg124 – Mountain

RL70 ts skimmers PS7000/9500/5000

Measures approximately 40”L x 36”W x 10”H

AwgZRL70D – Desert

AwgZRL70G – Great Lakes

AwgZRL70M – Mountain

*RL70 lids are not UPSable. - Truck Ship only. Available in these 3 colors.

PRO FastFalls

Molded support cones give Pro FastFalls strength and diffuse the water ow. Two internal baffles slow the water’s velocity and ensure even water distribution across the spillway. Raised front radius holds back loose gravel, soil, or mulch. Completely-sealed except for the spillway opening. Molded gussets support the spillway lip. FIPT Spinweld tting installed. One-piece liner ange and molded inserts to ensure water-tight liner attachment.

PRO FilterFalls

Heavy-duty removable top grate supports rock camou age. Support bars add stability and reinforces top grate. Media bag and Dual Bio-Tech lter media. Sturdy bottom grate to support lter media. 2”or 3”heavy duty FPT bulkhead. One-piece liner ange for easy, leak-free attachment to the pond liner.

Awg054(FFP19/SP1900) - For pump ow rates up to 4000 gph. 2”bulkhead included; 19”W waterfall. Measures 20-1/2”W x 17”D x 10-1/4”H. Use in pondfree applications.

Awg055(FFP26/SP2600) - For pump ow rates up to 6000 gph. 2”bulkhead included; 26”W waterfall. Measures 27-1/2”W x 17”D x 10-1/4”H. Use in pondfree applications.

Awg056(FFP38/SP3800)- For pump ow rates up to 9000 gph. 3”bulkhead included; 38”W waterfall. Measures 39-1/2”W x 17”D x 10-1/4”H. Use in pondfree applications.

PRO Eco-Blox

Awg088- Each Eco-Blox water matrix allows for 30+ gallons of water storage. Strong and durable. Use in Pondfree applications, fountains, and rain harvesting applications.

Measures 27”L x 16”W x 17-1.2”H.

Awg052(BF1900) - For pump ow rates of 2500 to 4000 gph. 2”bulkhead included; 19”W waterfall. Measures 28”W x 25”D x 21-1/2”H. Use with PS4600 Skimmer.

Awg053(BF2600) - For pump ow rates of 4000 to 6000 gph. 2”bulkhead included; 26”W waterfall. Measures 34-1/2”W x 25”D x 23”H. Use with PS7000 Skimmer.

Awg062(BF3800) - For pump ow rates of 6000 to 8000 gph. 3”bulkhead included; 38”W waterfall. Measures 46-1/2”W x 30”D x 23”H. Use with AwgZPS15000 Skimmer. THISITEMSHIPSVIATRUCK

Note:(BF4800) also available THISITEMSHIPSVIATRUCK

Auto Fill Kit (AFI)

Awg143 - Auto Fill Kit Maintains consistent water level in water feature. Adapts to garden hose or ½”ID hose or PVC. Use to maintain a consistent water level in any Atlantic WG skimmer, pump vault, ColorFalls, or Fountain Basin. Includes ttings to connect to water supply using standard garden hose, ½”irrigation line, or ½”Sch 40 PVC. ½”MPT connection.


High Performance Sealant

Awg169 – 2.8-oz Tube

PRO Pump Vaults

Heavy-duty, one-piece design Pump Vaults can accommodate large and multiple pumps and high ow rates. Features include generous openings for easy pump access, cut lines for pump discharge and pipe extensions, and at panels for custom plumbing. Multiple extensions can be added to increase the height for installations that require deeper basins or greater water volumes.

Awg017(PV1800) – Pump Vault 18”W x 24”H for pump ow rates up to 10,000 gph. 14”opening.

Awg016(PV18EXT) – Pump Vault Extension measures 16-1/2”W x 19.5”D. Adds 17”height to PV1800.

Awg018(PV2300)–PumpVault 23”W x 30”H for pump ow rates up to 15,000 gph. 18”opening.

Awg020(PV23EXT) – Pump Vault Extension measures 21-1/2”W x 19-1/2”D. Adds 17”height to PV2300.

www.discountpond.com 25 Atlantic
BF1900 BF2600 BF3800 SP1900 SP2600 SP3800 AwgRL40 AwgRL70 PV1800 PV18EXT PV23EXT PV2300
www.discountpond.com or Toll Free 1-800-979-0999 TRUCK SHIP

PRO Fountains

Fountain Basins - Innovative design includes a at, supported top deck with recessed plumbing channels and pocket for the NEWTriton 3-way manifold. Use to install a bubbling urn, rock column, or disappearing fountain. One-piece construction provides exceptional strength. Built-in channels simplify installation; allowing the plumbing to be run on top of the basin. Molded cones support the top panel. Recessed pockets allow 1-1/2” conduit sleeves to be installed within the radius of the basin to allow access to pump cords and low voltage wiring when surrounding the unit with pavers. Flat panel for the installation of an Auto- ll. Thesemodelsaretruck-ship only/non-stock/special-order. Allow7-10dayswhenordering.


Measures 32”W x 13”H. 32-gal capacity. Max ow 2000gph.

Plumbing size: (3) ¾”or (1) 1” hose.

Fountain Pumps

Removable pre- lter. Integrated ow adjustment. Replaceable Impeller. 115V. One year manufacturer’s warranty.

Awg210(FP100) - 120-gph; 7 watts; ½”MPT outlet; 6’cord. Measures

3-1/2”L x 2-1/4”W x 2-1/2”H.

Awg211(FP200) - 175-gph; 9.5 watts; ½” MPT outlet; 6’cord. Measures

3-1/2”L x 2-1/4”W x 2-1/2”H.

Awg212(FP300) - 325-gph; 16 watts; ½”FPT outlet; 16’cord. Measures 5”L x 3”W x 3-1/4”H.

Awg213(FP400) - 370-gph; 24 watts; ½”FPT outlet; 16’cord. Measures 5”L x 3”W x 3-1/4”H.


Measures46”Wx13”H.67-gal capacity. Max ow 4000gph. Plumbingsize:(3)¾”or(1)1-1/2” hose.


20”diameter; 3”high. ¾” to 1-1/2”plumbing. Max load 3000-lbs.

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!


Swing-style features a 2”socket union on the inlet, 2”or 1-1/2”socket unions for the outlet, a molded 90 elbow, and a slim design to allow for clearance when installed with direct drive pumps. Triton discharge pipe has molded “perfect-cut”dimensions to identify proper lengths for the Atlantic products and cut-to- t increments on reverse side. Works with all 1-1/2”or 2”pump outlets. Maximum assembled height of 17”from the pump discharge to the center of the outlet pipe. Can extend to any length using 2”sch 40 ttings.


Designed exclusively for pond-free installations. The 1-1/2”inlet will not restrict the ow of water into the manifold, thereby delivering maximum volume to each of the three outlets. True “ball”style valves with removeable handles enable small ow adjustments to be made to each outlet independently. Compact design allows for installation in most pump vaults and fountain basins. Inlet is 1-1/2”FPT and outlet is (3) ¾”inserts. Includes 2 removeable“T”handles.

Awg214(FP500) - 525-gph; 33 watts; ½” FPT outlet; 16’cord. Measures 6-1/4”L x 3-1/2”W x 4”H.

NOW 5-year warranty on Mag Drive Pump Motors Mag Drive Pumps

Hefty and heavy-duty pumps are equipped with removable pre lters, oversize ceramic shafts, replaceable impeller assemblies and 20’power cord. 115V. Great energy efficiency!

Awg215(MD250)- 250-gph; 15 watts; 1”MPT inlet; ¾” MPT outlet. Measures: 4-1/2”L x 3-1/2”W x 5”H.

Awg216(MD350) - 370-gph; 25 watts; 1”MPT inlet;

3/4”MPT outlet. Measures 4-1/2”L x 3-1/2”W x 5”H.

Awg217(MD550) - 650-gph; 40 watts; 1”MPT inlet; 3/4”MPT outlet. Measures 4-1/2”L x 3-1/2”W x 5”H.

Awg218(MD750) - 790-gph; 50 watts; 1”MPT inlet; 3/4”MPT outlet. Measures 4-1/2”L x 3-1/2”W x 5”H.

Awg219(MD1000) - 1080-gph; 90 watts; 1-1/2”MPT inlet; 1”MPT outlet.

Measures 5.5”L x 4.25”W x 5.5”H.

Awg220(MD1250) - 1330-gph; 120 watts; 1-1/2”MPT inlet; 1”MPT outlet.

Measures 5.5”L x 4.25”W x 5.5”H.

Awg221(MD1500) - 1560-gph; 165 watts; 1-1/2”MPT inlet; 1”MPT outlet.Measures6”Lx4.75”Wx6”H.


Compatible with Atlantic Water Garden’s Mag Drive Pumps, these versatile fountain heads pivot to make leveling easy and telescope to adjustable heights. Features four different spray patterns.

Awg223 – use with models MD1000 to MD2000. Min Height 15”; max height 22”. Inlet is 1”FPT; outlet is 1”

Awg224 – use with models MD250 to MD750. Min Height 12”; max height 18”. Inlet is ¾” FPT and outlet is ½”insert.

26 www.discountpond.com


Speci cally-designed to be clog-resistant and hard water-tolerant. Three vane hybrid impeller improves ows and passes solids easily. Ideal for high ow, medium head applications when energy cost is a consideration. Energyefficient asynchronous motor is up to 30% more efficient. Compact to t in tight spaces. 20-ft power cord on all models. THREE year manufacturer warranty.

Awg236 (1500-gph) – 1-1/2”MPT inlet/outlet

Awg237 (2000-gph) – 1-1/2”MPT inlet/outlet

Awg238 (3000-gph) – 1-1/2”MPT inlet/outlet

Awg239 (4000-gph) – 1-1/2”MPT inlet – 1-1/2”FPT outlet

Awg240 (5000-gph) – 2”MPT inlet – 2”FPT outlet

Awg241 (6000-gph) – 2”MPT inlet – 2”FPT outlet

Awg242 (9000-gph) – 2”MPT inlet – 2”FPT/3”MPT outlet

Tidal Wave ™ Series Pond and Waterfall Pumps

Submersible, solids-handling pumps are energy efficient and never need lubrication. Rugged cast iron & stainless steel construction. Heavy duty double mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces for long life in rugged applications. Vortex impeller for increased solids passage. 30’cord.


Awg133(A05) - 3200 gph - 1/2-HP - 5.4 amps - 2”FNPT discharge- MAX LIFT 47’. Minimum lift 20’for optimum performance.

Awg134(A21) - 5800 gph - 1-HP - 10 amps - 2”FNPT dischargeMAX LIFT 47’. Minimum lift 20’for optimum performance.

Awg135(A31) - 9100 gph - 1-HP - 10.3 amps - 3”FNPT dischargeMAX LIFT 37’. Minimum lift 10’for optimum performance.

PAF Series Pump

Stainless steel and composite construction. Screened pump intake. Vortex impeller. Dual silicon carbide mechanical seals. Thermal overload protection. 2 year warranty. 20’cord. 2”FPT outlet.

Awg137(PAF-20) - 2800-gph @ 5’;

180-gph @ 20’; 1/4-HP; 3.5 amps.

Awg145(PAF-25) - 3900-gph @ 5’;

240-gph @ 25’; 1/3-HP; 5.0 amps.

Awg146(PAF-40) - 4950-gph @ 5’;

520-gph @ 30’; 1/2-HP; 6.0 amps.

Awg147(PAF-75) - 5950-gph @ 5’; 550-gph @ 35’; 1-HP; 8.5 amps.

Solids-Handling Tidal Wave Pumps

Handles solids up to 1-1/4”diameter (1-1/2”for 5000/6500 models). Noncorrosive composite housing. Oil-free design. Vortex impeller. Overload and thermal protection. Lightweight and energy-efficient. TWO YEAR warranty. 16’ cord. Three models 1450, 2050, and 3600 have 1-1/4”FPT outlet and include a 1-1/2”FPT elbow. Models 5000/6500 have 1-1/2”FPT outlet with 1-1/2”FPT elbow.

Awg148(SH1450) – 1450-gph; 240 watts; 2.1 amps. 6”L x 9”W x 11.75”H

Awg149(SH2050) – 2050-gph; 320 watts; 2.8 amps. 6”L x 9”W x 12.5”H

Awg150(SH3600) – 3600-gph; 575 watts; 5.5 amps. 6”L x 9”W x 14”H

Awg151(SH5000) – 5000-gph; 950 watts; 9. amps. 9.5”L x 12”W x 15.75”H

Awg152(SH6500) – 6500-gph; 1000 watts; 9.5 amps. 9.5”L x 12”W x

Pool Cleanout Pump TUP-2000


Item: 73903

Motor: 1/5 HP

Volts: 120

Amps: 2.9

Watts: 330

Outlet: 1¼”MPT

Cord Length: 20’

Warranty: 1-year limited

Dimensions: 5½”W x 12½”H

www.discountpond.com 27
TidalWave Pump

Colorfalls Products Lighted Falls

ColorFalls Basins & Basin Kits


Provides everything needed to complete the installation of ColorFalls – including: reservoir, plumbing, pump, ttings, ltration, splash mat, and Auto Fill Valve. Components: Colorfalls Basin, TW2 pump, 10’of exible PVC pipe, Splash Mat, Auto Fill Valve, and complete installation kit that includes pump discharge, ow valve, spray glue, and thread sealant.

Awg063 - For 12”ColorFalls. Includes 12”Colorfalls and Tidal Wave Pump

For formal retaining walls and pond-free applications.

Features: 5”lip extension, 12V outdoor transformer; 30’cord; 1-1/4”FIPT inlet. ONE year manufacturer warranty.

Available in three colors: SOL White, Ice Blue, and Crystal White.

And Available in three sizes: 12”or 24”or 36”.





For up to 1000-gph pumps; 3-watts;

Measures 12”W x 8”D x 3.5”H.

Awg010 – SOL White

Awg008 – Ice Blue

Awg011 – Crystal White


For up to 2000-gph pumps; 6-watts;

Measures 24”W x 8”D x 3.5”H.

Awg014 – SOL White

Awg012 – Ice Blue

Awg015 – Crystal White


For up to 3000-gph pumps; 9-watts;

Measures 36”W x 8”D x 3.5”H.

Awg023 – SOL White

Awg021 – Ice Blue

Awg024 – Crystal White

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!

Awg083 - For 24” ColorFalls. Includes 24”Colorfalls and Tidal Wave Pump


• Provides pre- ltered pump chamber.

• One-piece construction

• Built-in plumbing channels

• Can be installed above or below ground

• Matala Filter Mat included.

Awg084 - For 36”ColorFalls. Includes 36”Colorfalls and Tidal Wave Pump

**36”is oversize UPS - best shipped truck-freight**

Awg085 - For 12”ColorFalls. 18-gal capacity. Measures 20”W x 20”D x 16”H. Awg086 - For 24”ColorFalls. 33-gal capacity. Measures 44”W x 22”D x 16”H. Awg087 - For 36”ColorFalls. 42-gal capacity. Measures 56”W x 24”D x 16”H. **36”is oversize UPS – best shipped truck-freight**

Accessories for ColorFalls


Awg041 – Matala Filter Mat for 12”Basin

Awg040 – Matala Filter Mat for 24”or 36”Basin

Awg042 – Anti-Splash Mat for 12”Basin

Awg043 – Anti-Splash Mat for 24”Basin

Awg044 – Anti-Splash Mat for 36”Basin

Awg144 – Body-Only/Enclosure for 12”Colorfalls

Awg153 – Body-Only/Enclosure for 24”Colorfalls

Awg154 – Body-Only/Enclosure for 36”Colorfalls

28 www.discountpond.com

Color Changing ColorFalls

Features: 1-1/2”side and back plumbing options provide maximum versatility. Self-draining body for easy winterization. 5”lip extension; 1-1/2”schedule 40 socket inlet.

12V single control module with weather-resistant outdoor enclosure and remote control. 20-ft cord; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Awg138 - 6”wide; for pumps up to 600-gph. Measures:

x 3.5”H Awg139 –

Each Color Changing ColorFalls includes a single control module and remote control. To synchronize up to ve individual Color Changing ColorFalls –use the Master Controller.

Awg142–MasterController 60-watt transformer with two of the 6-wire, 3 way splitters. One year manufacturer’s warranty

316 Stainless Steel Spillways

enhance any vertical wall in the poolscapes, hardscapes and wherever chlorine is used as a disinfecting agent. Modular design and convenient 4-inch height make Spillways ideal for garden wall block construction.

12 Inch Spillway


Description: 12”316 Stainless Steel Spillway

Flow Rate: 1,200 gph

Projection: 9-10”at 18”H & 1,200 gph

Inlet: 1½”FIPT

Dimensions: 12”W x 8½”D x 4”H

24 Inch Spillway


Description: 24”316 Stainless Steel Spillway

Flow Rate: 2,400 gph

Projection: 9-10”at 18”H & 2,400 gph

Inlet: 1½”FIPT

Dimensions: 24”W x 8½”D x 4”H

Typhoon Air Pumps

36 Inch Spillway


Description: 36”316 Stainless Steel Spillway

Flow Rate: 3,600 gph

Projection: 9-10”at 18”H & 3,600 gph

Inlet: 1½”FIPT

Dimensions: 36”W x 8½”D x 4”H

Features indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressors speci cally designed for year-round use. Ideal for aeration and circulation in warm weather, these aerators are especially dependable for de-icing and gas exchange in freezing weather.

• Weather-proof aluminum housing.

• Noise dampening design.

• Energy-efficient for long life!

• One year warranty. 6-ft cord.

Awg155(TA1800) – 115V, 25-watts.

Max pressure 3 PSI. Outlet is 3/8”insert, ½”slip. Max depth 7’.

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!

Awg156(TA3600) – 115V, 35-watts.

Max pressure 5 PSI. Outlet is 3/8”insert, 5/8”slip.

Max depth 11’.

Typhoon Aeration Kits

Includes air pump, premium airline tubing, long-lasting airstones, inline check valves, and ttings.

Awg157(TAKIT1800) includes TA1800 pump, 25’of tubing, check valve, and 6”airstone.

Awg158(TAKIT3600) - includes TA3600 pump, 35’of tubing, 2 check valves, two way splitter, and two 6”airstone.

www.discountpond.com 29
CC12 CC36 AtlCFBasin12
to 1200-gph. Measures 12”W x 8”D x 3.5”H. Awg140 – 24”wide; for pumps up to 2400-gph. Measures 24”W x 8”D x 3.5”H. Awg141 – 36”wide; for pumps up to 3600-gph. Measures 36”W x 8”D x 3.5”H.
6”W x 8”D
https://www.discountpond.com/atlantic-water-gardens CC06


Black Waterfall

Foam 12 oz. can


Triple-expanding black waterfall foam. Fish-safe. UV-protected. Use to attach rocks to spillways and to direct water over the falls.

AWG369: Warm White WWBL5 Bar Light

Model: WWBL5

Item: 74136

Input Voltage: 12 Volt AC

Watts: 5

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

Requires: WW30X4 or 12 volt Transformer

Includes: (2) Bases, L-brackets

Warranty: 5 year limited

Dimensions: 11½”L x 5/8”W x 1½”H

Pond & Garden Protector

Protects the pond in the fall from falling foliage to reduce maintenance in the spring. Domed design causes leaves to roll off the net where they can be easily collected. ½”mesh.

Awg122(PGPSM) – 7’x 9’(net is 15’x 20’)

Awg121(PGPLG) – 9’x 12’(net is 20’x 20’)

Includes: Ultra Pond Net, Nylon Base, Center Receptor, four berglass poles, four 12”tie-downs, four ground stakes, 12 net stakes, and 8 net clips.

Ultra Pond Nets

Constructed of heavy-duty, ½”mesh, UV-resistant polypropylene. Keeps debris out while allowing sunlight and fresh air to enter. Plastic stakes included. Keeps out leaves and windblown debris, protects sh from heronsandotherpredators, and helps prevent algae growth by reducing organic waste.

Awg116 - 10’x 15’

Awg117- 15’x 20’

Awg118 - 20’x 20’

Awg119 - 20’x 30’

AWG365: Fountain Light WWFL2

Model: WWFL2

Item: 74137

Input Voltage: 12 Volt AC

Watts: 2

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

Requires: WW30X4 or 12 volt Transformer

Includes: ¾”insert tting

Warranty: 5 year limited

Dimensions: 2”W x 1-3/8”H

60-Watt Transformer


Model: TRANS60

Item: 77031

Description: 60 Watt Transformer

Input Voltage: 120 Volt AC

Output Voltage: 12 volt AC

Warranty: 1 Year

TTRANS88 and TRANS150 Transformers

Both have a control panel featuring a rotary timer control switch, photocell and circuit breaker/reset button.

AWG351 - Model: TRANS88

Description: 88 Watt Transformer

Input Voltage: 120 Volt AC

Output Voltage: 12 volt AC

Warranty: 1 Year

AWG352 - Model: TRANS150

Description: 150 Watt Transformer

Input Voltage: 120 Volt AC

Output Voltage: 12 volt AC

Warranty: 1 Year


Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil-rubbed bronze nish or high-impact plastic housings. These lights work underwater and in open air applications to give your water feature and landscape a soothing, warming glow after the sun goes down. Multiple xtures can be connected to a single transformer.

Requires: WW30X4 or 12 volt Transformer - Includes: Base & ground stake

AWG359 - Model: WWCS2

Input Voltage: 12 Volt AC

Watts: 2

Beam Angle: 45 degrees

Warranty: 5 year limited

Dimensions: 2-1/8”L x 1-1/8”W


AWG361: Model: WWRL5

Input Voltage: 12 Volt AC

Watts: 5

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

Includes: 1”Bushing

Warranty: 5 year limited

Dimensions: 3¾”OD x 2”ID x 5/8”H


AWG360 - Model: WWCS4

Input Voltage: 12 Volt AC

Watts: 4

Beam Angle: 45 degrees

Warranty: 5 year limited

Dimensions: 2-5/8”L x 1¾”W


AWG353: CCSM30X3 In color 3-Light Wiring Kit

AWG354: WW30X4 WW 4-Light Wiring Kit

AWG355: WWBSX4 WW Block Splitter

AWG356: WWEXT20 WW Extension Cord 20 ft.

AWG357: CCBSX4 CC Block Splitter 4-Outlet

AWG358: CCEXT20 CC Extension Cord 20 ft.

30 www.discountpond.com

Oasis Series

The rst line of retail water gardening products built to contractor standards. Exceptionally well-designed units feature heavy-walled high-density polyethylene construction, attractive rolled rims for strength and rigidity, and stainless steel hardware.

Oasis Skimmer

Awg108(PS3900)-Sturdy,removablelidsupports natural rock camou age. Support bar for added strength. Stainless steel framed trap net and Matala lter mat included. Pump discharge step ttings for 1-1/2”and 2”pipe provided on both sides of the skimmer. Super-Flow 6”weir door. Measures 17-3/4”W x 19-1/2”D x 19-1/2”H. For pump ow rates of 1000 to 3900 gph. For up to 200 sq ft pond surface area. Skimmer net and Matala mat provide ltration.

Awg176 – Replacement Net for PS3900

Awg112 – Skimmer Mat for PS3900

Oasis Fountain Basin

Awg033(FB2400) - Recessed plumbing channels, molded support cone, and heavy wall thickness make this basin contractor-grade available for retail applications. 20-gallon capacity. Supports up to 200-lbs. For pumps up to 750-gph. Up to ½”plumbing. Measures 24”L x 24”W x 10”H.

Oasis FilterFalls

Awg051(BF1600)-Sturdytopgrateandsupport barallownaturalrockcamouage.Dualbio-tech ltermatsandmediabagprovided.Sturdybottom gratetosupportltermedia.One-pieceliner attachmentange.Heavy-duty1-1/2”FIPTbulkhead. 16”spillway;forpumpswithowrateof1000to 3000gph.Measures21-1/2”Wx19-1/2”Dx17-3/4”H.

Awg067 - Bottom Grate for BF1600

Awg102 - Replacement Filter Mat for BF1600

Awg076 - Top Grate for BF1600

Awg089 – Matala Media for BF1600

Oasis FastFalls

Awg045(SP1600) - Features internal baffles to diffuse water for an even ow across the spillway. Raised frontradiusretainsnaturalcamouage. One-piece design to eliminate any chance of leaks due to overpumping. Pre-installed 1-1/2”FIPT Spinweld tting to simplify plumbing connections. One-piece liner ange and molded inserts to ensure a secure liner attachment. 16”wide waterfall; For pumps up to 3000 gph. Measures: 16-1/2”W x 9-1/2”D x 7-1/4”H. For Pond Free applications.

Oasis Pump Vault

Awg019(PV1700) - Inset lid keeps gravel from falling into the vault. Pump discharge step ttings for 1-1/2” and 2”pipe provided on both sides of the vault. Flat front panel installs tight against Eco-Blox. 10”opening; for pumps up to 3900-gph. Measures 17”W x 12”D x 22-1/2”H.

Awg143 - Auto Fill Kit Maintains consistent water level in water feature. Adapts to garden hose or ½”ID hose or PVC. Use to maintain a consistent water level in any Atlantic WG skimmer, pump vault, ColorFalls, or Fountain Basin. Includes ttings to connect to water supply using standard garden hose, ½”irrigation line, or ½”Sch 40 PVC. ½”MPT connection.

www.discountpond.com 31
Order Anytime 24/7 www.discountpond.com Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours! Auto Fill Kit
https://www.discountpond.com/atlantic-water-gardens BLACK SILICONE High Performance Sealant Awg169 – 2.8-oz Tube


Creates undisturbed splashing water with quiet operation. Adjustable ow control. Frost-proof to -4 degrees F. Robust stainless steel intake screen; inline capable. 20’cord. Outlet accepts tubing: 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”

Oas57394 – Neptun 1600 – 1600-gph

Oas57096 – Neptun 2600 – 2600-gph


Oas55882 – Vulkan 1”

Oas53224 – Frothy 1”

Oas55881 – Lava 1”

Oas53227 – Extension 1”


For statuary and decorative fountains. Compact design; submersible; adjustable ow control.

Outlet accepts tubing:

3/8”and ½”on 90-150; ½”and ¾”on 320-525.

Oas45417 – 90-gph; 6’cord

Oas45413 – 150-gph; 6’cord

Oas45414 – 320-gph; 6’cord

Oas45416 –525-gph; 16’cord

Oas51262 – 4-pattern nozzle set for 320-525 pump


“Passionate about water; making your water garden simply perfect”


Eco-friendly and environmentally-smart fountain that can be installed in a lake or pond, either arti cial or natural. Ready to connect, complete with pump, oat body, mooring lines, lights (three LED spotlights) and nozzles (Trumpet, Single Tier, and 3-Tier).

Oas45383 – 1/4-HP • Oas45393 – 1/2-HP


Turns a water garden into a stage with illuminated water jets with ever-changing patterns. Easy to install. Remote control included that allows for personalizing each water feature.


Ready to connect – installs in minutes. All-in-one solution – includes pump, oat, and nozzle. Lights optional (LunAqua 10 spotlight set). PondJet nozzle included with 1” thread. Grounding plate is added measure of protection.

Oas54019 – PondJet

Oas51071 – Light Set 3pc Halogen



Floating for clearing pond water surfaces up to 270 sqft.

Integrated aerator. Easy to remove and clean leaf basket. Minimum water depth 16”. 15’cord. Max ow rate of 800-gph.


Oas57395 - IN-POND Surface Skimmer. Easy clean debris basket; wide base allows for adding stones to stabilize the unit. Telescopic design for varying pond depths. Use with pump ow rate of 16004200 -gph (AquaMax Eco Premium suggested). Outlet accepts 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”tubing.

OAS54019 – PondJet is shown with lighting system which is sold separately. Floating Fountain with minimal installation, maximum effect.


Oas51075 - Pond aerator and lter medium in one. Unique combination of oxygen supply, water circulation and nutrient decomposition. Supplement for any pond lter. Max pump capacity 265-gph.



These water effects with 3 or 5 individually adjustable (12”– 55”) nozzles. LED lighting. Includes 3 0r 5 pumps, nozzles, external control unit, transformer and cables.


Oas50355 – These water jets/arches glow in a wide variety of colors that can be changed with permanent programs. Length can vary; random “play”program. Jet angle can be adjusted. Includes: 2-unit set Water Jet lightning with pump, external control unit, transformer and cable.

32 www.discountpond.com




All-in-one in-pond lters integrate pump and ltration with a decorative element

OASE Filtral UVC multifunctional complete solution combines mechanical, biological and Ultraviolet ltration with multiple nozzle options and aeration (800 & 1600 only) to keep small ponds crystal clear.

Filter foam and two types of bio-media including ceramic provide surface area for bene cial bacteria to deliver clear and healthy water

OAS76004- 5 Watt UVC up to 400 gal pond

OAS76005- 9 Watt UVC up to 800 gal pond

OAS76006- 13 Watt UVC up to 1,600 gal pond

Internal design allows large debris to ow out of the discharge and ner particles to ow out the rear. Premium ceramic shafts and bearings. Back-spitting feature cools pump. Models 6600-8000 are inline capable. 20’cord. Outlet accepts tubing: 1”and 1-1/2”on 1650-3700; 1-1/2”and 2”on 5150-8000.

Oas45421 – 1650-gph

Oas45422 – 2300-gph

Oas45423 – 3700-gph

Oas45424 – 5150-gph

Oas45425 – 6600-gph

Oas45426 – 8000-gph



Compact pressure lter with built-in UV Clari er and cleaning mechanism. Mechanical and biological cleaning with effective UVC technology. Cleaning handle; quick release. Filter media includes lter foam and bio-media. 10’cord.

Organic design, handles solids up to 3/8”. Environmental Function Control (EFC) will shut off the pump if blocked or runs dry. 20’cord. Outlet accept 1”, 1-1/4”and 1-1/2”hose.

Oas40347 – 1200-gph

Oas57620 – 1900-gph

Oas57621 – 2700-gph

Oas57623 – 3600-gph


Inlet/outlet accept hose: ¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”and 1-1/2”.

Oas45451 – BioPress UVC 1000 – for ponds up to 1000-gal; ow rate up to 1050-gph; 7W UVC

Oas40348 – BioPress UVC 1600 – for ponds up to 1600-gal; ow rate up to 2000-gph; 9W UVC

Oas45452 – BioPress UVC 2400 – for ponds up to 2400-gal; ow rate up to 2120-gph; 9W UVC



Flow-through lter with biological and mechanical ltration. Distinct lter zones promote the settlement of bene cial bacteria. Advanced features: Thermometer and cleaning indicator. Outlet is 2-3/4”; Inlet is ¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”. Oas56929 – BioSmart 5000 – for ponds up to 5000gal; ow rate up to 2700-gph

Oas56930 – BioSmart 10000 – for ponds up to 10000-gal; ow rate up to 3600-gph

VITRONIC Universal UV Clarifiers

Cleans the green out of water. Easy to integrate into an existing pond system. High quality UVC bulbs guarantee long service life. Easy to install and to maintain. 10’cord on 9W; 16’cord on 18/36W. Inlet and outlet accept: 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”tubing. Oas45427 – 9-WATT – suitable for ponds up to 2500-gal and ow rate of 500-gph

Oas56455 – 18-WATT – suitable for ponds up to 5000-gal and ow rate of 925-gph

Oas40350 – 36-WATT – suitable for ponds up to 10000-gal and ow rate of 1585-gph

Solids handling – removes solids up to 7/16”. Integrated, adjustible second suction allows for connection to satellite suction point or surface skimmer. Submersed or inline use. EFC will shut off pump if blockage occurs. 20’cord. Outlet accepts 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”hose.

Oas57499 – 2000-gph

Oas57500 – 3000-gph

Oas57501 – 4000-gph

Pressure lter with built-in UV Clari er and patented Easy-Clean function with rotary switch on unit. 15’cord.

Inlet, outlet, and drain accept 1-1/2”and 2”tubing.

Oas40346 – Filtoclear 3000 - for ponds up to 3000-gal; ow rate up to 2000-gph; 18W UVC

Oas56425 – Filtoclear 4000 - for ponds up to 4000-gal; ow rate up to 3000-gph; 24W UVC

Oas56435 – Filtoclear 8000 - for ponds up to 8000-gal; ow rate up to 4000-gph; 55W UVC

BITRON C UV Clarifiers

Cleans the green out of water. Quick release technology for easy bulb replacement. Automatic cleaning rotor. 15’cord. Inlet accepts: 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”tubing; outlet accepts: ¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, and 2”tubing.

Oas56936 – 55-WATT – suitable for ponds up to 18,000-gal and ow rate of 8000-gph.

Oas57101 – 110-WATT – suitable for ponds up to 36,000-gal and ow rate of 11000-gph.

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“Passionate about water; making your water garden simply perfect”


Oas57347 - Easy and effective pond maintenance –simple and fast way to remove debris and decaying organic matter. Different nozzle head options; debris collection bag for discharge. Max suction depth 6’; 13’ suction hose; 6.6’drain hose. 21-lbs.





Oas50409 - Powerful pond and pool vacuum. Patented dual chamber design for non-stop vacuuming. Different nozzle head options; built-in wheels, rigid aluminum suction tubes; adjustable handle for portability. 1800-W motor; clear extension tube for easy visual inspection. Max suction depth 7.9’; suction hose is 16’; discharge hose is 8’long. Weighs 34-lbs.

Oas37230 - Easy and effective pond maintenance with continuous suction. Patented dual chamber design for non-stop vacuuming. Handle, wheel, and suction tube holder. Different nozzle head options; debris collection bag for discharge. 1600-W motor; clear extension tube for easy visual inspection. Max suction depth 7’; suction hose is 16’; discharge hose is 8’long. Weighs 28-lbs.




Oas42764 - Premium pond pliers for grabbing and removing cuttings or leaves in the pond. Adjustable length up to 6.6-ft. Rubberized gripper for rm and secure hold.


Oas46970 - 2-in-1 Pond scissors that simultaneously hold the cut plants while cutting. The head, with adjustable work angles, protects the pond liner from cuts and enables convenient work. 62”handle; overall 65”L.


Oas56453- Set of 3. Complete LED pond lighting kit. LED underwater spotlights provide warm white light accents. Suitable for use IN or OUT of water. Transformer and splitter included. 7’cord on transformer; 20 degree beam angle.


Oas56463 - Extraordinary luminous intensity! Suitable for use IN or OUT of water. Adjustable head for alignment of the beam angle. Powerful 110 lumen rating with 3-watts in 18 individual LEDs. 25’cord.

Oas48080- For uninterrupted, full-power cleaning. Integrated wastewater pump to remove the dirty wastewater runs simultaneously with suction pump. Large wheels. Robust, aluminum suction tubes along with a transparent suction tube. Extensive nozzle package and suction hose/drain ttings. 1800-W motor. Max suction depth 7.5’; suction capacity 2100-gph. Suction hose is 16’long; and discharge hose is 32.8’long.


Oas51260 – Flow Regulator with inlet/outlet sizes: 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”.

Oas46980 – Multi WD 1”has 1”outlet and inlet sizes: of ¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”.


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“Passionate about water; making your water garden simply perfect”
OrderOnlineAnytime24/7 www.discountpond.com https://www.discountpond.com/oase


Oase Indoor Aquatics

OptiMax Aquarium Pumps

BioMaster Aquarium Filters

The OASE OptiMax line of aquarium pumps are designed for marine and freshwater tanks. pumps include a built-in adjustable ow control

OAA49561....85i PUMP

OAA49562....135i PUMP

OAA49563....250 PUMP

OAA49564....285 PUMP

OAA49565....560 PUMP

OAA49566....800 PUMP

OAA49567....1150 PUMP

OAA49568....1420 PUMP


BioPlus & BioPlus Thermo

Available With or Without Heater (Thermo)

The BioMaster line of premium external lters are perfect for marine and freshwater aquariums. Biological, mechanical, chemical, and pre ltration all work together to provide your aquarium with optimal water quality and clarity

The BioMaster Thermo Filters have a integrated heater in compact lter design

The built-in heater provides your aquarium with precise and uniform temperature levels while the product integration delivers unobstructed views of your aquarium

FiltoSmart & FiltoSmart Thermo

OAA55145....BIOMASTER 250

OAA55146....BIOMASTER 350

OAA55147....BIOMASTER 600




BioCompact Aquarium Filters

The BioPlus line of internal corner lters are perfect for medium-sized aquariums. The BioPlus 50 is designed for discreet corner placement.

The FiltoSmart line of external lters are perfect for marine and freshwater aquariums. The FiltoSmart has a compact design with a large lter surface. The water ow can easily be adjusted on both the inlet and outlet adapters for the lter. This lter, with its secure and steady base, can be conveniently hidden in an under-cabinet setup.


OAA55159....FILTOSMART 100

OAA55152....BIOPLUS 50

OAA55153....BIOPLUS 100

OAA55154....BIOPLUS 200




Oase HeatUp

OAA55161....FILTOSMART 200

OAA55162....FILTOSMART 300




The BioCompact line of internal lters are perfect for small aquariums and paludariums. The BioCompact is a discreet and compact lter with adjustable ow control. The 3-stage ltration of biological, mechanical, and chemical ensure effective water ltration and optimal living conditions for freshwater aquarium habitats.






OAA33798....HEAT UP 25

OAA33799....HEAT UP 50

OAA33802....HEAT UP 100

OAA33803....HEAT UP 150

OAA33804....HEAT UP 200

OAA33805....HEAT UP 300

The OASE HeatUp line of aquarium heaters are designed for marine and freshwater tanks. For optimal heating, utilize the HeatUp to create uniform temperature levels for your aquarium environment. The control system on the heater allows accurate readjustment of the temperature (+/- 6°F) and can be adjusted using the included post calibration tool. The temperature scale can be adjusted between 66°F - 90°F. The included holder with suction cups can be used to install the heater to the side of the aquarium.

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OasebiOrbacrylicaquariumsandaccessories areavailableonourwebsite

Accessories Available at www.discountpond.com/biorb

36 www.discountpond.com
biOrb https://



biOrb Aquariums by Oase

biOrb technology means you don’t need to be an aquatics expert to enjoy a biOrb. Everything you’ll need to get started is included. Built-in lighting, a pump, lter and easy to follow full color instructions. You’ll soon be having fun creating aquascapes inside your new biOrb.

See our Website for all the cool options! Choose MCR (color changing) or LCD lighting......Many Sizes to choose from on each Model...... Several Colors, White, Black, Gray or Clear......Lots of accessories and Decor to choose from!!




biOrb AIR

biOrbAIR 60 LEDTerrarium - 16 gallon Grey or White



Constructed Out of Acrylic - 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and has a 93% transparency rating.

Automated Terrarium - Offers hassle free plant care.

Micro-climate - Replicates the natural conditions under a tropical forest canopy.

LED Lighting - Automatic 24 hour cycle, simulating sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time. Automatic Misting / Fan Speeds - The biOrbAIR has three humidity levels and three fan speed settings to create the ideal environment.




www.discountpond.com 37


Niagara Top-Flow

Minimum water level 2 inches!! The Niagara Top-Flow pump is a perfect choice for skimmer boxes with a potential for low water levels. The integrated stainless steel housing and strainer have superior abrasion resistance and will not wear out like aluminum motor housings.

MWT189 - NT-36003600-gph; 1/3-HP. max lift 29’.

MWT190 - NT-39003900-gph; 1/2-HP. max lift 36’.

MWT191 - NT-48004800-gph; 1-HP. max lift 49’.

Matala Mag Flow Pumps


MWT123 includes green Matala media and mesh bag for adding filter media. Flow rate 500-1200 gph.

The Matala Magna-Flow series magnetic drive pumps are designed for quiet, low power consumption and reliable, around-the-clock performance, making them a good choice for small to medium ponds and fountains. The models MF-1100EZ and MF-1350EZ have a variable flow control. The highly effective EZ-Bio 11 prefilter prevents clogging and extends impeller life. Impeller replacement is easy, without the need for a specialty tool.

MWT233 - MF-600

MWT234 - MF-750

MWT235 - MF-1100EZ

MWT236 - MF-1350EZ


MWT122 has a 2” hole in the back and is available alone or pre-attached to the BioSteps filter.

Savio and BioForce Replacement filter pads

Replace your foam filter pads with Matala

Progressive filter media. Now available for your Savio Skimmers and your Cyprio BioForce filters.

Power cord length: 12ft / 3.7M for MF-600, 18ft / 5.5M for MF-750

Matala Pump Defender Matala Pump Defender

Pump Protector and Pre-Filter from Matala®

Power cord length: 18ft / 5.5M

MWT152 – MPD-6 6” ID x 10” OD x 7.9”H - Matala Media - Suitable for G-2300 pump.

MWT153 – MPD-9 9” ID x 13” OD x 7.9”H - Matala Media - Suitable for G-2300, G-3500, G-4200, G-4900, GM-3200, GM3900, GM-4700, GM-5400, and GM-6200 pumps.

MWT155 – MPD-12-L 12” ID x 16” OD x 7.9”H - Matala Media - Suitable for G-4900, GM-6200, GHF-9000, GHF-13000, AND GHF-18000 pumps.

MWT154 – MPD-12-H 12” ID x 16” OD x 14.2”H - Matala Media - Suitable for G-4900, GM-6200, GHF-9000, GHF-13000, AND GHF-18000 pumps.

Matala Kink Free Black Flex Hose

MWT165 – Bioforce 250 media

MWT166 – Bioforce 500 media

MWT167– Bioforce 1000 media

MWT172 – Bioforce 2000 media

MWT173 – media for Savio SkimmerFilter

MWT174 – media for Savio Compact Skimmer Filter. 2-piece.

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½” MWT317 MWT312 MWT307 ¾” MWT318 MWT313 MWT308 1” MWT319 MWT314 MWT309 1-1/4” MWT320 MWT315 MWT310 1-1/2” MWT321 MWT316 MWT311
SIZE by the foot 25’ piece 100’ roll
Available in 25’ piece or 100’ roll or by the foot (metric)


Biosteps Filters

MWT380 - Biosteps/no UV

MWT273 - Biosteps With UV

MWT188 - Biosteps with Mini falls


For ponds up to 2700 gallons.

Gravity filter that contains an amazing 200 sq. ft. surface area for beneficial bacterial growth.

Combined with a cross flow design that traps and processes more debris at high flow rates, you get unparalleled mechanical and biological filtration for superior water quality.

State of the Arts Progressive Filtration design enhances growth of different ecological communities of bacteria and planktonic organisms that colonize different sections of the filter.

Overflow built-in for safety. ~ Easy to maintain. ~ Modular design allows for expansion.

EZ Bio 11 Plus

Waterfall Features Step-wise transition from mechanical filtration to high-efficiency bio-filtration





EZ Bio 11 & 20

MWT164 – Single EZ Bio 11 – 4.3” x 7.9” – up to 1980 gph

MWT163 – Double EZ Bio 20 – 7.9” x 7.9” – up to 3400 gph Improves pump efficiency. Highly efficient filtration. Easy to install and clean. 1-1/2” BSPF threaded female connection with universal hose tail adapter that accepts 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2” ID hose. Single flow rate 1980 gph.


New With Adaptors for use with Pondmaster Mag Drive Pumps!

4.3” x 7.9”-up to 1980 gph.

Simple and effective biomechanical pre-filters improve pump performance.

Adaptable to most pump inlets.

www.discountpond.com 39 Matala
Bio 11 EZ Bio 20
BEST SELLER! 23” x 15” x 20”H
Bio 11 Plus
EzClear UV Clarifier
Magna-Flow Pump
23.2L x 15.0W x 20.7H
barb inlet 1” to 1-1/2” and 1-1/2” outlet.


The MuckBuster

MWT300 (II)

120V/60Hz – 1150 watts; 1.5-HP.

6’ suction hose

8’ discharge hose

16’ power cord.

Container capacity: 4.5-gal

Water drain out time: -25-30 sec

Dimensions: 13 x 14” x 19” tall

Weight: 26-lbs

MWT303 - Non Stop Continuous Vacuum with Power Discharge.

Innovative design with two motors.1500-gph vacuum-exhaust capacity. Designed for use in large ponds. Debris is vacuumed into the 13-gal tank – then through internal filter bag – then dirty water is pumped out to waste by action of 1-HP sludge pump. Easy operation with heavy duty wheels and handle. Efficient and reliable. 26’ intake hose; 32’ discharge hose.

Hakko Stands!

REPLACEMENT DIAPHRAM SETS AND MAGNETS are available for all models of Matala and


The new energy efficient 1.5 H.P. motor is made with high quality German made components. In suction tests, Matala Pond Vac II is four times more powerful than its competition with a suction lift 5’ above water.

Also known as the “Muck Buster”, the vacuum easily removes algae, sludge, dead plants, leaves and even small pebbles up to 3/8” in diameter.


MWT126 Designed to clean gravel bottom ponds. Suitable for gravel between 3/8” and 1” in size. Can be used to clean surface of gravel, or pushed into gravel up to 2” deep.


Powerful Non Stop Vacuum with balanced power discharge pump

• Innovative design with 2 Motors

• Internal Pre-Filter bag

• Easy operation with heavy duty wheels and handle

• Efficient and reliable

• Plastic extension pipe 4pcs [approx. 6 ft].

• 13.2 gal container capacity

• 26.2ft / 8m Intake Hose

• 32ft / 10m Exhaust Hose

• approx size: 18 x 17 x 24 inches

• 110-120v AC



Ideal for small koi ponds, improves fish health and reduces algae and sludge build up. Oil-free; quiet operation.

40 www.discountpond.com
Choose the one to best suit your needs…
MWT225 – kit MWT226 – diaphragm for Pro Mini 2000 Mah56 for HK- 40/60/80 Hakko Air Pumps Mah57 for HK-100 & HK-120


Matala & Hakko Air Pumps

HAKKO air pumps can be used to create a huge column of bubbles or “air lift” rising from the bottom of a pond or lake. This brings oxygen depleted water to the surface where the bubbles burst and create tremendous surface turbulence, circulation and aeration. HAKKO air pumps used in this manner will literally breathe life into a pond or lake. Vacuum-style air pump is suitable for industrial uses such as medical or technical industries. Durable body and mechanics. Low noise and low power consumption. Oil-free. Overload protection with auto off/on switch. Linear-Air Pumps are high volume diaphragm pumps designed for a variety of lowpressure applications such as koi pond aeration, large aquarium aeration, and earth pond de-stratification. Compact, affordable, energy-efficient, and quiet. These units utilize linear-motor theorem to reduce power consumption.

MWT148 (HK-25L) and MWT161 (HK-25LP)

25-lpm; 27 watts; ½” – 5/8” ID hose; for ponds of 1000-2500 gallons

MWT149 (HK-40L) and MWT162 (HK-40LP)

45-lpm; 38 watts; ½” – 5/8” ID hose; for ponds of 2000-4000 gallons

MWT150 (HK-60LP)

65-lpm; 61 watts; 5/8” ID hose; for ponds of 3000-6000 gallons

MWT151 (HK-80LP)

82-lpm; 82 watts; 5/8” – ¾” ID hose; for ponds of 4000-8000 gallons

MWT156 (HK-100LP)

105-lpm; 110 watts; 5/8”-3/4” ID hose; for ponds of 5000-10000 gallons

EZ AIR KITS from Matala

Complete packages ready for EZ installation – each includes: air pump, air diffusers, sinking air hose, and all necessary connectors. Improves fish health, reduces algae growth, and prevents winter fish kill. Recommended pond sizes below are based on fish load.

MWT157 (HK-120LP)

121-lpm; 130 watts; 1” ID hose; for ponds of 6000-12000 gallons

MWT158 (HK-150LP)

150-lpm; 160 watts; 1” ID hose; for ponds of 8000-16000 gallons

MWT159 (HK-200LP)

200-lpm; 200 watts; 1” ID hose; for ponds of 10000-20000 gallons

MWT160 (HK-250LP)

250-lpm; 270 watts; 1” ID hose; for ponds of 12000-24000 gallons

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

www.discountpond.com 41
Hakko Air Pumps HK-100, HK-120 Hakko Air Pumps Hakko Air Pumps HK-40, HK-60, HK-80 Matala HK-25LP and HK- Hakko HK-150L, HK-200L, and HK-250L
MWT135 – PRO 1 KIT for 1000-7000 gal pond. MWT136 – PRO 2 PLUS KIT for 3000-9000 gal pond. MWT137 – PRO 3 KIT for 5000-16,000 gal pond. MWT138 – PRO 3 PLUS KIT for 5000-16,000 gal pond. MWT139 – PRO 4 PLUS KIT for 8000-20,000 gal pond. MWT146 – PRO 5 PLUS KIT for 10,000-24,000 gal pond. MWT147 – PRO 6 PLUS KIT for 15,000-45,000 gal pond.

Weighted Air Hose

Flexible PVC, thick wall weighted hose is ideal for use in aeration systems.

Valve Manifolds

• High-quality brass manifolds are designed to allow high flow rates.

• ¾” inlet connects to air pump or compressor.

• Use with HK-25L to HK-80L.

MWT084 – 2-Way Valve for 3/8” tubing

MWT085 – 4-Way Valve for 3/8” tubing

Also Available:

MWT086 – 2-Way Valve for 1/2” tubing

MWT088 – 2-Way Valve for 5/8” tubing


This weighted hose is designed to sink to the bottom of the pond without additional weight. Black in color to easily disguise it on the pond bottom. Ideal for aeration projects. Available in 24’ piece – or full roll sizes shown and a variety of sizes:

Size per 24’ pieceper roll

3/8” MWT105MWT168 (100’)

1/2” MWT106MWT169 (100’)

3/4” MWT107MWT171 (100’)

5/8” MWT108MWT170 (100’)

1” MWT109MWT175 (50’)

Diffuser Tubing


MWT087 – 4-Way Valve for 1/2” tubing

MWT089 – 4-Way Valve for 5/8” tubing

Matala Air Diffusers with Platforms

Matala air diffuser platform with EPDM Disc Diffuser(s)

The air diffuser platform allows you to mount the air diffuser firmly at the bottom of the pond and keeps the air diffusers up out of the mud. The air diffuser platform is designed with a hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel. Choose the number of disc diffusers for your installation needs.

The Matala EPDM disc diffusers are designed for industry heavy duty installation. Precision perforated I-shaped slits open when airflow is present and close when airflow is stopped, which increases the slits resistance from tearing, and stays cleaner longer. These diffusers offer the lowest back pressure in the market, only adds less than 6 inches of water depth back pressure.

Diffuser Bases are equiped witha a single 3/4-inch (FPT) female threaded outlet connection, And include a 1/2-5/8-3/4-1 inch barb x 3/4” MPT, step adaptor.

MWT131....Single Base with 9” Diffuser

MWT327....Single Base with 12”(not pictured)

MWT132....Double Base with 2- 9” Diffusers

MWT133....Double Base with 4- 9” Diffusers

MWT124....9 inch Diameter

Capable of handling air flows of 25 lpm to 80 lpm.

MWT125....12 inch Diameter

Capable of handling air flows of 25 lpm to 160 lpm.

Both sizes have 3/4” MPT inlet


Matala Self-Weighted Diffuser

Body is PP+Lead

Diffuser is EPDM

3/8” barb connectors

MWT325....MD-5W - 5” Dia. - 2.36 lbs

MWT326....MD-7W -7” Dia -3.32 lbs.

Matala Diffuser Discs

ABS body with EPDM Membrane Diffuser

3/4” thread for use with the Matala Diffuser Bases


9.8” Diameter

cfm/lpm - 1.4-3.5 / 40-100


12.6” Diameter

cfm/lpm - 1.4-4.2 / 40-120

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!

42 www.discountpond.com
MWT134 (500’ roll) (24’ piece)



Matala “round” - Rolled media 22” diameter - fits most whiskey-barrel style filters

MWT009 - black

MWT011 - blue


Rigid and extremely durable. Versatile filter media is perfect for use in biological filters, settling tanks, and pump pre-filters. Simply cut Matala™ to size with a standard serrated kitchen knife to accommodate use in existing filter. Offered in four densities: BLACK (super-coarse) and GREEN (coarse) and BLUE (fine) and GREY (super-fine).

Full Sheets - 39” x 48” x 1.5” sheet

Black - MWT001 • Green - MWT002

Blue - MWT003 • Gray - MWT004

Half Sheets - 39” x 24” x 1.5” sheet

Black - MWT005 • Green - MWT006

Blue - MWT007 • Grey - MWT008

• MWT010 - green

• MWT012 - grey

ROUNDS also available in 24” diameter x 6” tall

MWT014 - black

MWT016 - blue

• MWT015 - green

• MWT017 - grey

Bio-active Stone Filter Media

High surface area porous media is ideally used as a last step in the bio-filtration process and plays a great role to stabilize pH and mineral content while further polishing and refreshing water quality. Use 40-lbs per 1,000 gal. Replace every 2 years.

Specifications/Sizes available

MWT205 (MBAS-55) 5.5” stones 27 pieces/box

MWT206 (MBAS-39) 3.9” stones 48 pieces/box

MWT207 (MBAS-21) 2.1” stones 448 pieces/box

MWT208 (MBAS-14) 1.4” stones 4.4-lb/bag

MWT209 (MBAS-c08) 0.8” stones 4.4-lb bag


Utility Pump/Fountain Head Kits

Energy-efficient magnetic drive pumps. Barbed adapters included for inline or submersible use. Includes debrisreducing pre-filter. Variable flow control. For inline or submersible use.15-ft cord. Fish-Safe. 1-year warranty. shSafe 1year wararran ra r ty

Hwg2410 – 160-gph, 10.5 watts, max lift 4’ includes Bell & Fleur de Lis fountainheads. 1/2” FPT inlet; 3/8” FPT outlet with 3/8” and 1/2” barb adapters.

Hwg2415 – 225-gph, 19 watts, max lift 6’, includes Bell & Fleur de Lis fountainheads. 1/2” FPT inlet; 1/2” FPT outlet with 1/2” and 3/4” barb adapters.

Hwg2425 – 395-gph, 20 watts, max lift 6.5’, includes Bell & Fleur de Lis fountainheads. 1/2” FPT inlet; 1/2” FPT outlet with 1/2” and 3/4” barb adapters.

Hwg2430 – 460-gph, 45 watts, max lift 6.75’ includes Bell, Fleur de Lis, and Double Fleur de Lis fountainheads

Hwg2435 – 590-gph, 50 watts, max lift 7.5’ includes Bell, Fleur de Lis, and Double Fleur de Lis fountainheads. *Both have 1” FPT inlet and 1/2” FPT outlet. Adapters of 1/2” & 3/4” barb included for outlet.

Hwg2445 – 1000-gph, 70 watts, max lift 9’, includes Bell, Fleur de Lis, Double Fleur de Lis, and Bubbler fountainheads

Hwg2455 – 1630-gph, 145 watts, max lift 12.5’ includes Bell, Fleur de Lis, Double Fleur de Lis, and Bubbler fountainheads. *Both have 1” FPT inlet and 3/4” FPT outlet. Includes 3/4” & 1” barb outlet adapters.

Statuary Pumps

The Best of the Best Rugged, economical, proven pumps specifically designed for small-medium statuary. Built to run steady and quiet, they will not intrude on the tranquility of the water feature. Screened intake. Discharge is ½” and 3/8” male slip fittings. Variable flow control on all models. 6-ft cord. 1-year manufacturer warranty.


75-gph – 5.75 watts - max lift 2.5’


130-gph – 10 watts - max lift 4’


160-gph – 13 watts - max lift 5.5’


55-gph – 5.75 wattsmax lift 2’ - 3/8” outlet.

www.discountpond.com 43



Sup02387 – single light with transformer Sup02389 – three light set with transformer 20’ cord connects to transformer. Interchangeable color disks. Illuminates ponds, paths, walkways, or outdoor statuary.


12” BLUE

Sup03755 - Solid frame – solid acrylic – sturdy and durable. Interior baffling system produces single lighted sheer. Intake accepts ¾” to 1-1/4” ID tubing.

Floating Pond Thermometer

Sup02399 - Calibrated in both “F” and “C”. Tether included.

Pond Netting

Protective pond netting, 3/4" mesh.

Sup02200 - Pondmaster 2000 - Filter Only for pumps up to 1800-gph. 3/4” MPT adapter included. For Use with Pumps Up To 2000 GPH 12” x 24” Filter Box with Carrying Handle Polyester and Biological Foam Inserts, Suitable to Hold Other Biological Media

Connects to Intake Side of Pump

Complete with 1” I.D. Tubing and Fittings

Connect More than One to a Pump

1000 Filter Kits

Sup02212 - Pondmaster 1250

- Filter w/250-gph pump, 600 gallon pond

Sup02213 - Pondmaster 1350

- Filter w/350-gph pump, 800 gallon pond

Sup02215 - Pondmaster 1500

- Filter w/500-gph pump, 1000 gallon pond

Sup02217 - Pondmaster 1700

- Filter w/700-gph pump, 1250 gallon pond

Decorative low-voltage halogen lights can be placed underwater or along garden paths. Available in single or 3-unit configurations. Includes transformer and four color lenses. Adjustable light with 20’ cord. Limited 1-year warranty. Transformer includes 3’ cord set.

Sup02391 (1-light with transformer)

Sup02393 (3-light set with transformer)

Sup12385 (Single Outlet Transformer)

Sup12390 (Triple Outlet Transformer)

Sup12805 (Replacement bulb)

Sup12395 (Add-On/Replacement Light Only)


PROLINE APP-CONTROLLED MULTI-COLOR LED SPILLWAYS for self-contained Waterfalls, Hardscapes, Retaining Walls and anywhere else you desire the beauty and tranquility of soothing flowing water. ProLine App-Controlled Multi-Color LED Spillways are iOS and Android compatible using the Smart Life App

SUP03701.... 12 inch

SUP03702.... 24 inch

SUP03703.... 36 inch


Sup02307 - 7’ x 10’

Sup02314 - 14’ x 14’

Sup02328 - 28’ x

Sup02211 (Pondmaster 1000 - Filter Only for pumps up to 700gph)1/2” MPT adapter included


Pump with 18' cord (except 250, which has 10' cord); Pondmaster 1000 (12" x 12") deluxe filter system (mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration); bell and adjustable fountain

Replacement parts for the 2000:

Sup12204 - Replacement Coarse Pad (requires 2)

Sup12305 - Replacement Foam 4 pack


Sup02019 - 190-gph pump with deluxe filter system (both mechanical & biological), & bell fountain head.

For ponds up to 400 gal. 3 yr warranty.

Sup12195 - Replacement Carbon Pad & Coarse Pad for PM190 (2 pk)

44 www.discountpond.com
1/2” ID Sup03765 – frog –5.1” x 8.6” x 6.5”H Sup03770 – fish –5.6” x 3.6” x 9”H Sup03775 – turtle –10.2” x 7.2” x 4.5”H
- accepts


Keeps your pond fresh and clean with dual-action biological and mechanical filtration. Clearguard’s unique design filters with beneficial bacteria using bio-media while at the same time, mechanically polishing water with a reusable filter pad. This system can be added to any pond and will effectively lower ammonia and nitrite levels in the water.

7 Functions: Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Winterize, Empty, Circulate and Close

• Reusable Foam Pad Removes Fine Debris and Polishes Water Quickly

• Combination of Biological & Mechanical Media for Maximum Water Clarity and Healthier Ponds

• Available With or Without UV Clarifier

• Separate UV Clarifiers are offered in 9W and 18W sizes and can be used for Replacement and Upgrading

Disappearing Waterfall Basin

Sup22570 - Measures 24” x 24”. Includes ¼” plastic mesh screen grating and PVC support insert. Fountain decoration and rocks are not included



Adjustable Venturi to add aeration into the nutrient-rich water to stimulate root growth. Mag-drive; 10’ cord.

Models 250-700 have ½” barb outlet; 950-1800 have ¾” and 2400 has 1”.

Sup40120 – 190gph – 3/8” MPT inlet; ¼” MPT outlet

Sup40122 – 250gph with venturi – 1/2” FPT inlet; 1/2” MPT outlet

Sup40123 – 350gph with venturi – 1/2” FPT inlet; 1/2” MPT outlet

Sup40125 – 500gph with venturi – 1/2” FPT inlet; 1/2” MPT outlet

Sup40127 – 700gph with venturi – 1/2” FPT inlet; 1/2” MPT outlet

Sup40129 – 950gph with venturi – 3/4” FPT inlet; 3/4” MPT outlet

Sup40132 – 1200gph with venturi – 3/4” FPT inlet; 3/4” MPT outlet

Sup40138 – 1800gph with venturi – 3/4” FPT inlet; 3/4” MPT outlet

Sup40140 – 2400gph with venturi – 1” FPT inlet; 1” MPT outlet

Model 2700 – for ponds up to 2700-gal

Sup05610 – no UV

Sup05615 – with 9-watt UV

For pumps up to 3000-gph

Fittings: 1-1/2” slip and barb

Model 5500 – for ponds up to 5500-gal

Sup05620 – no UV

Sup05625 – with UV

For pumps up to 6000-gph

Fittings: 1-1/2” & 2” slip and barb

Model 8000 – for ponds up to 8000-gal

Sup05630 – no UV

Sup05635 – with UV

For pumps up to 8000-gph

Fittings: 1-1/2” & 2” slip and barb

Model 16000 – for ponds up to 16000-gal

**truck-ship; no UPS**

Sup05640 – no UV

Sup05645 – with 36-watt UV

For pumps up to 9000-gph

Fittings: 3” slip and barb


High-Flow Submersible Pumps

Durable, Stainless steel. Corrosion resistant motor. Self-resetting automatic protection against overload or overheat conditions.

Completely submersible

24 hour continuous duty operation

High-capacity fluid transfer

Thermal overload protection with automatic reset

20 ft. Grounded Power Cord

1/6 hp, 1/5 hp & 1/4 hp Have 1-1/2” and 2” barbed fittings

1/3 hp, 1/2 hp & 1 hp Have 2” barbed fittings

SUP90101.... HFS PUMP 1/6-HP

SUP90102.... HFS PUMP 1/5-HP

SUP90103.... HFS PUMP 1/4-HP

SUP90104.... HFS PUMP 1/3-HP

SUP90105.... HFS PUMP 1/2-HP

SUP90106.... HFS PUMP 1-HP

www.discountpond.com 45



Suitable for ebb and flow applications. Adjustable flow control. 6’ power cord.

Sup40303 – 70gph – slip fit tubing adapter ¼” and ½”

Sup40307 – 93gph – slip fit tubing adapter ¼” and ½”

Sup40313 – 120gph – slip fit tubing adapter ¼” and ½”

Sup40317 – 200gph – slip fit tubing adapter ¼” and ½”

Sup40323 – 290gph – ½” MPT inlet; outlet ½”, 5/8” and ¾” adapters

Sup40327 – 400gph – ½” MPT inlet; outlet ½”, 5/8” and ¾” adapters

Sup40333 – 530gph – ½” MPT inlet; outlet ½”, 5/8” and ¾” adapters

Sup40337 – 725gph – ½” MPT inlet; outlet ½”, 5/8” and ¾” adapters


Sup40355 - Designed specifically for plant cloning, 155-gph pump with 24” – 30” diameter spray. 6’ cord.


Sup03905 – 4-oz

Sup03907 – 32-oz

Sup03909 – 1-gal

Instantly loosens mineral scale, lime, rust and other detritus from pond water pumps to keep your pump operating efficiently. Fast, easy to use and biodegradable.

• Impeller Treatment - pour directly into the vollute/impeller chamber: available in the 4 oz size

• Full Treatment - pour directly into the volute/impeller or dunk/soak the entire pump: available in 32 oz and 1 gal

Skimmer Pumps


Continuous duty pump designed for use inside a pond skimmer to move large volumes of water silently and efficiently through filtration systems, a waterfall, stream or fountain. Compact size allows for fit into virtually any skimmer. Features high efficiency vortex impeller and rigid pre-filter for stabilization and protection from large debris. 1-1/2” MPT outlet with 1-1/2” elbow included. FREE pump bag!

Sup20350 – 1400gph; 1.3a; 150w; max lift 22’.

Sup20355 – 2550gph; 1.3a; 147w; max lift 11.5’

Sup20360 – 5100gph; 3.6a; 439w; max lift 30’

Sup20365 – 6600gph; 4.9a; 593w; max lift 30.5’

Submersible UV Lights

The only UltraViolet light that can be used in or out of the pond. Glowing monitor halo rings immediately show that unit is working. Each unit includes a 9,000 hour UV lamp, quartz water tight sleeve, transformer, 18' cord.

10 watt UV

Sup02910 - For ponds up to 1500 gallons and pump up to 700 gph. 3/4" barb inlet/outlet.

20 watt UV


Sup40460 - 300-gph; easily attaches to garden hose or pool hose. 25’ power cord.

Removes water to 1/8”.


Aerates nutrients to stimulate root growth. Energy-efficient and quiet. Accepts standard 3/16” airline tubing. 6’ cord.

Sup40512 – AP-2 – 1.5w; 1 outlet

Sup40513 – AP-3 – 2.8w; 1 outlet

Sup40514 – AP-4 – 3.5w; 2 outlets

Sup40515 – AP-8 – 7w; 4 outlets

Sup02920 - For ponds up to 3000 gallons and pump up to 1800 gph. 1" barb inlet/outlet.

40 watt UV

Sup02940 - For ponds up to 6000 gallons and pump up to 3000 gph.1-1/2" barb inlet/outlet elbows.

Pump Bags

Rugged mesh bags hold pump in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Can be used in skimmers or independently as a mechanical pre-filter in open pond applications. Tear and clog resistant.

Sup33010 (small; 18” x 24”)

Sup33020 (large; 24” x 26”)

46 www.discountpond.com

Mag-Drive Pumps Pumps

Limited 5 Year Warranty

Designed and manufactured using the latest developments in magnetic technology. Powerful ceramic magnetic impeller is the only moving part, which makes these pumps extremely energy efficient. Pumps can be used inline or submerged. All have prefilters. 250 to 700 gph pumps have 1/2" FNPT intake and 1/2" MNPT discharge. 950 to 1800 gph pumps have 3/4" FNPT intake and 3/4" MNPT discharge. 2400 gph pumps have 1" FNPT intake and 1" MNPT discharge.

Mag-Drive Pump Accessories

950-gph w/18’ cord - Sup02720

93 watts; 1.33 amps; max lift 12.5’. 685-gph @ 5’.

950-gph w/10’ cord - Sup02710

93 watts; 1.33 amps; max lift 12.5’. 685-gph @ 5’.

1200-gph w/18’ cord - Sup02722

110 watts; 1.5 amps. 800-gph @ 3’; 250-gph @ 10’; max lift 13.5’.

1200-gph w/10’ cord - Sup02712


110 watts; 1.5 amps. 800-gph @ 3’; 250-gph @ 10’;max lift 13.5’.

1800-gph w/18' cord - Sup02728

145 watts; 1.5 amps. 1100-gph @ 5'; 875-gph @ 10'; 150-gph @ 15'; max lift 16’.

1800-gph w/10’ cord - Sup02718

145 watts; 1.5 amps. 1100-gph @ 5’; 875-gph @ 10’; 150-gph @ 15’; max lift 16’.

PondmasterFountain Pumps

Mini Pump 35 gph

Sup02501 - 35 gph with 1-1/2’ shut off. 6’ cord.

Adjustable flow control.

Operates in 1/2” of water.

Outlet accepts 1/2” ID tubing.

Mini Pump 65 gph

Sup02510 - 65 gph

with 24" shut off

Adjustable flow control. 6' cord. 1 year warranty. Operates in1/2” of water. Outlet accepts 3/8” or 1/2” ID tubing.

Fountain Heads

Sup02089 (bell) - for pumps 140-190 gph

Sup02077 (3-spray) - for pumps up to 700 gph

Sup02088 (bell) - for pumps 250-700 gph

Sup12077 (1/2” extension)

Sup12099 (3/4” extension)


Sup02099 - Use with 250700 gph pumps. 1/2" male threads.

Sup02090 - Use with 9501800 gph pumps. 3/4” male threads.

Sup02092- Use with 24003600 gph pumps. 1” male threads.

Sup02097 - 1-1/2” MPT diverter valve.

Accessories for Fountain Pumps: Sup02089 - Bell Fountain for 140 / 190


Sup02520 - 80 gph with 2’.6” shut off. Adjustable flow control. 6’ cord. Can be used horizontal or vertical. Includes foam prefilter. 1 year warranty. Operates in 1/2” of water. Outlet accepts 3/8” or 1/2” ID tubing.

140 gph

Fountain Pump

Sup02521 - 140 gph with 6' shut off. Adjustable flow control. 6' cord. Can be used horizontal or vertical. Includes foam prefilter. 1 year warranty. Operates in 1/2” of water. Outlet accepts 3/8” or 1/2” ID tubing.

Fountain Kit

Sup02273 (190 gph)- Suitable for small barrels or container water gardens. Includes fountain pump, foam filter and bell fountain head. 1 yr. warranty.

Sup12600 - Replacement Foam Block for Sup02273

190 gph 190

Fountain Pump

Sup02519 - 190 gph with 7' shut off. Adjustable flow control. 10' cord. Can be used horizontal or vertical. Includes foam prefilter and elbow. 1/4" pipe thread outlet. 3/8” barb elbow included. 3 year warranty.

www.discountpond.com 47 250-gph w/18' cord - Sup02522 - 24 watts; 0.3 amps. 200-gph @ 3'.Max lift 7’. 250-gph w/10’ cord - Sup02512 - 24 watts; 0.3 amps. 200-gph @ 3’.Max lift 7’. 350-gph w/18' cord - Sup02523 - 37 watts; 0.7 amps. 320-gph @ 3'.Max lift 10.5’. 350-gph w/10’ cord - Sup02513 - 37 watts; 0.7 amps. 320-gph @ 3’.Max lift 10.5’. 500-gph w/18' cord - Sup02525 - 49 watts; 0.8 amps. 420-gph @ 3'.Max lift 10.5’. 500-gph w/10’ cord - Sup02515 - 49 watts; 0.8 amps. 420-gph @ 3’.Max lift 10.5’. 700-gph w/18' cord - Sup02527 - 70 watts; 1.5 amps. 450-gph @ 3'.Max lift 11.5’. 700-gph w/10’ cord - Sup02517 - 70 watts; 1.5 amps. 450-gph @ 3’.Max lift 11.5’.
Sup02750 : 2400-gph w/18' cord 265 watts; 2.37 amps; max lift 18’. Sup02740 : 2400-gph w/10’ cord 265 watts; 2.37amps; max lift 18’. SUP02745: 3600-gph with 10 ft cord 369 watts; 3.3 amps; max lift 24’. SUP02755: 3600-gph with 18 ft cord 369 watts; 3.3 amps; max lift 24’
gph FountainPump

Hy-Drive Pumps With Screen & No Pre-Filter Cage

Pondmaster Supreme HY-DRIVE™ Magnetic Drive Pump features hybrid technology ideally suited for medium volume water circulation using magnetic drive technology with direct drive power. This continuous duty pump is designed to move large volumes of water silently and efficiently through filtration systems or to a waterfall, stream or fountain. The pump can be used submerged or inline, indoors or outdoors. Overload protection is built in by means of a self resetting thermal overload switch. 10’ cord. Two year limited warranty.

Sup02583 – 1600-GPH max -1000-gph @ 10’ lift;

max lift 17’. 120w.

Sup02582 – 2100-GPH max -1300-gph @ 10’ lift;

max lift 22.5’. 190w.

Sup02581 – 2600-GPH max - 1975-gph @ 10’ lift;

max lift 26.5’. 270w.

Sup02580 – 3200-GPH max - 950-gph @ 10’ lift;

max lift 12’. 200w.


High capacity, highly-efficient pumps that feature reliable ceramic bearings. Powerful, efficient magnetic drive motor surrounded by extra-long clog-resistant filter screen. Backflow check valve and 1-1/2” - fittings barb & slip supplied. 20' cord. 1 year manufacturer warranty.

MDWF2000 - 2000 gph

Sup02650 - 2.1 amps; 145 watts; 14' shut off

MDWF3000 - 3000 gph

Sup02660 - 2.3 amps; 250 watts; 15' shut off


Sup02585 - Powerful, durable pump for dewatering applications. Up to 1900-gph flow rate allows for quick removal of water. Pumps down to 1/8”. Includes adapters for standard garden hose and pool vacuum hose fittings. Max lift 24’; weighs only 8-lbs. 25’ cord with strain relief. 1-year limited warranty.

Sup02575 – 4000-GPH max - 1475-gph @ 10’ lift;

max lift 13’. 230w.

Sup02570 – 4800-GPH max - 2350-gph @ 10’ lift;

max lift 18.5’. 250w.

Sup02572 – 6000-GPH max - 3400-gph @ 10’ lift;

max lift 22.5’. 375w.

Pond Deep Water Air Pumps

Pondmaster Air Pumps

Thermally protected. 120V/60Hz.

High volume pump with steady air flow is energy efficient with quiet operation. Single outlet discharge. Air diffuser included. 6' cord. One year warranty.

AP-20 - Sup04520 1700 cu. in. / min. air volume; 20 watts; requires 1/2" ID tubing. For ponds up to 2500 gallons. Max water depth 7’.


AP-100 - Sup04580

100 watts; 1.5 amp. Max water depth of 11.5’. Output is 9150 cubic inches /min. Pressure + 6.53PSI. Requires 3/4” I.D. tubing. For ponds up to 10,000 gallons.

Sup14505 (Manifold AP-20)

Sup14515 (Manifold AP-40)

Sup14525 (Diaphragm Kit AP-20)

Sup14545 (Diaphragm Kit AP-40)

Sup14550 (Manifold AP-60)

Sup14555 (Diaphragm Kit AP-60)

Sup14560 (Manifold AP-100)

Sup14565 (Diaphragm Kit AP-100)

AP-40 - Sup04540

2900 cu. in. / min. air volume; 40 watts; requires 5/8" ID tubing. For ponds up to 5000 gallons.

AP-60 - Sup04560

60 watts; .75 amp. Max water depth of 9.6’. Output is 5550 cubic inches/min. Pressure +5.66PSI. Requires 3/4” I.D. tubing. For ponds up to 7000 gallons.

Floating Winter Pond De-Icer

Air Diffusers

Unique material allows full airflow at higher pressures.

Sup14570 – 6” Straight Air Diffuser for use with Sup04520 or Sup04540. Use with ½” or 5/8” ID tubing.

Sup14575 – Air Diffuser Kit. Includes 6” straight diffuser and 20’ of 5/8” hose. Use with Sup04520 or Sup04540.

– 7”

or 1” ID hose.

Sup02175 - Maintains an ice-free center area that allows the accumulated toxic gases to escape from the trapped pond water- thus promoting a healthier environment for aquatic and plant life.

120-watts. Thermostatic control to reduce heating time and save electricity. Internal electronics epoxy-sealed for watertight protection. 18-ft cord. 1-yr manufacturer’s warranty. For ponds up to 2000 gal.

48 www.discountpond.com
Sup14580 Diameter Ring Air Diffuser for use with Sup04540, Sup04560, or Sup04580. 18” long. Use with ¾”


Energy-Saving Hybrid-Drive pumps with Rotating Connector

Ruggedly built and economical to run. Ideal for larger ponds and waterfalls. 1-1/2” MPT inlet & outlet.1900 & 2550 include fittings to adapt to1-1/2” hose; 4800 and up will adapt to 2” hose. Pumps have 20’ cord.

Sup20210 - 1900-gph - 93-watts; 10’ shut-off - .78 amps

Sup20215 - 2550-gph - 147-watts; 11.5’ shut-off -1.25 amps

Sup20220 - 4800-gph - 328-watts; 22.5’ shut-off - 3 amps

Sup20225 - 6000-gph - 520-watts; 28’ shut-off - 4.39 amps

Sup20230 - 6600-gph - 593-watts; 30.5’ shut-off - 4.94 amps

Sup20235 - 7600-gph - 660-watts; 27.5’ shut-off ; 5.5 amps


Creates a dramatic nighttime water feature. Watertight; low voltage; energy-savings. 15’ cord. Easily attaches to pump and provides Fleur de Lis display. Diverter included for second feature and fountain spray height control. ONE year warranty.

(18-LEDs) (24-LEDs)

Sup02180 (18-LEDs; 250-950 gph pump with ½” or ¾” outlet)

Sup02185 (24-LEDs; 950-1800 gph pump with ¾” or 1” outlet)


Sup02205 - Dual filter elements offer particle filtering and chemical filtration of harmful compounds and unwanted colors. For use with pumps up to 500-gph. Low profile, easy snapin filter cartridge.

Sup12207 – Replacement Carbon & Coarse media

Sup12209 – Replacement Foam media 2/pk

Mini Vault


Max pump flow 1800gph . Rugged, weather-resistant polyethylene plastic. Horizontal, hooded intake slots resist clogging and sedimentation.

Pre-bored for 1-1/2” pipe with bulkheads. Measures 15” diameter x 15” tall.

ProLine Hy-Drive Pumps


Submersible/Inline Pumps feature powerful, efficient hybrid magnetic/direct drive motor for whisper-quiet operation and extremely low energy use. Integrated filter case for clog-resistant operation in skimmers or waterfalls. Convenient carry handle. 20’ cord. 3 YEAR WARRANTY!

Sup02663 - 1600gph, 1.0 amps; 120 watts; 17’ lift. 1” outlet. 1” & 1-1/4” barb adapters.

Sup02665 - 2100gph, 1.5 amps; 190 watts; 22.5’ lift. 1” outlet. 1” & 1-1/4” barb adapters.

Sup02667 - 2600gph, 2.2 amps; 270 watts; 26.5 lift. 1” outlet. 1” & 1-1/4” barb adapters.

Sup02680 - 3200gph, 1.6 amps; 200 watts; 12’ lift. 1-1/2” outlet with 1-1/2” slip & 1-1/2” barb adapters.

Sup02675 - 4000gph, 1.9 amps; 230 watts; 13’ lift. 1-1/2” outlet. Includes 1-1/2” slip and barb adapters.

Sup02670 - 4800gph, 2.0 amps; 250 watts; 18.5’ lift. 1-1/2” outlet with 1-1/2” slip & 1-1/2” barb adapters.

Sup02683 - 6000gph, 5.5 amps; 675 watts; 22.5’ lift. 2” outlet. Includes 2” slip adapter.

Waterfall Boxes



Waterfall Box

Sup02477 - For ponds up to 1000 gallons. Max flow 950 gph. 8” opening. 1-1/2” bulkhead with 3/4” to 1-1/2” barb adapters. 12” x 9” x 8”.

Sup02478 - PRO1000 with Biomatrix media Sup02479 - PRO1000 with Debris Filter

PRO3000 Waterfall Box PRO3000 Box


For Ponds up to 3000 gal. - 18” x 16” x 13” w/ 16” opening 1-1/2” Bulkhead with 1-1/2” & 2” barb adapters. Sup02480 - PRO3000 with Biomatrix Media Sup02482 - PRO3000 with Debris Filter


Waterfall Box


15” x 12” x 9” - 11” opening


PRO 2000 With Biomatrix Media


PRO2000 With Debris Filter

• Extra Wide Spillway for Greater Water Aeration

• Can be used Side by Side to Create a Larger Waterfall

• Open Swirl Chamber for Even and Efficient Water Flow through The Filter Media

• 3 Separate Filtering Actions for Super Clean Water


Unit Dimensions 18” L x 25” W x 17” H

Waterfall Width 18” Opening

Media Surface Area 75 Sq. Ft.

Maximum Pump Flow 5000 GPH

Weight 10 lbs.

Pro 5000 Skimmer

Sup02475 - Removes surface debris for ponds up to 500 sqft surface area. Strong cylindrical shaped housing that resists side cave-ins. Large adjustable 11” x 7” weir door for maximum skimming with fish-safe wings. Can fit up to two pumps to feed two waterfalls from the same skimmer. Large removable debris basket. Accommodates most pumps up to 8000 gph. Maximum bulkhead placement versatility with fittings for 1-1/2” and 2” flex tubing. Meausres 24”L x 26”W x 23”H. Sup12451 - Debris Filter Pad

Pro 4800 Pump Vault

Sup02460 - Sturdy, large capacity housing used in self-contained waterfalls and streams. Max pump flow 5000gph. Rugged, weatherresistant Polyethylene plastic construction. Reinforced lid withstands the weight of gravel and stones. Port for mounting auto fill valve. Measures approximately 23” diameter x25” high. Pre-bored for up to 2” pipe (2-1/2” hole).

Sup12480 - Auto Fill Kit for Pump Vault

www.discountpond.com 49

Alpine - Pumps



Energy-efficient pumps with high ow rates. Magnetic technology delivers continuous, reliable performance in a compact form. Can be used horizontally or vertically with rotational adapters.

BKPX53C includes controller to customize and adjust water ow. 33’cord. Models 1500 & 3000 have 1.5”discharge; others have 2”discharge. THREE year warranty.

BKPX15 – 1500-gph

BKPX30 – 3000-gph

BKPX40 – 4000-gph

BKPX53 – 5300-gph

BKPX53C – 5300-gph with controller


Durable pre- lter pump cage minimizes pump damage and clogging by selectively screening larger debris particles. Features convenient carry handle and 360º rotating adapters for easy placement. Includes“click t”connecters to allow simple disassembly for maintenance and for compatibility with other pond systems. BKPR54C includes controller to customize and adjust water ow. 33’cord. Models 1400 and 2800 have 1.5” discharge; others have 2”discharge. THREE year warranty

BKPR14 – 1400-gph

BKPR28 – 2800-gph

BKPR41 – 4100-gph

BKPR54C – 5400-gph


Suited for concrete and resin statuary and birdbaths. Oil-free magnetic-driven with ceramic shaft, ow control; With ceramic shaft, ow control. One year warranty. 6’cord.

Bka01 - 80gph - 6 watts - max lift 2’ - 1/2”ID


Pumps 16’ cord

Bka04 – 280-gph – 17 watts –max lift 5’9”– ½”outlet.

Bka05 – 450-gph – 45 watts –max lift 6’5”– ½”outlet.

Bka06 – 550-gph – 50 watts –max lift 7’2”– ½”outlet.


Designed for continuous operation. Magnetic driven, high volume pumps. Energy saving split tube motor with 33’cord. Vortex impeller; Pump can be used horizontal or vertical. Large pre lter. 1-1/2” male outlet connection with 3/4”to 1-1/2”step adapter. 2”FPT outlet Bka44 to 48. Operates IN or OUT of water.

THREE year manufacturer warranty. Bka42–2100-gph;1.6amps; 192watts;17’maxlift.

Bka43–3100-gph;2.3amps; 250watts;19’maxlift.

Bka44-4000-gph;2.6amps; 310watts;21’maxlift.

Bka45-5200-gph;3.9amps; 440watts;23’maxlift.

Bka46-6550-gph;4.8amps; 500watts;26’maxlift.




Ideal for general pond and waterfall use. Oil-free, magnetic-driven, epoxy protected, ceramic shaft. Energy efficient. Outlet connection 3/4”to 1-1/4”. 33’cord. THREE year manufacturer warranty.

Bka34 - 1500-gph; 95 watts; max lift 9’.

Bka32 - 2100-gph; 125 watts; max lift 13’1”.

Bka33 - 3100-gph; 175 watts; max lift 16’5”.


Ideal for general pond use in waterfalls, fountains, ltration systems, etc. Flow control. Oil-free, magnetic-driven ceramic shaft. Can be used wet or dry. Waterbell and Single Jet fountain heads included. 33-ft power cord. 3 year warranty.

Bka02 - 120gph with 5 watt light9.7watts - max lift 2’- 1/2”outlet

Bka03 -180gph - 12 watts - max lift 4’- 1/2”outlet

Bka25 - 160-gph

10.5 watts

max lift 3’6” 3/8”outlet

50 www.discountpond.com
tubing Bka25 Bka07- 65-gph; 5.5 watts; max lift 1’4”; accepts 1/2”ID tubing. Bka08- 120-gph; 5 watts; max lift 2’6”; 1/2”outlet.

Alpine - Pumps



ow control; oil-free magnetic-driven, epoxy-protected ceramic shaft; energy efficient; reliable and quiet; fully-submersible. Ideally suited for large concrete, resin statuary and birdbaths utilizing moving water, waterfall and water garden applications. THREE year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bka74 – 400-gph pump; 25 watts; max lift 8’2”; outlet connection ½”to ¾”; 16’cord.


Bka75 – 550-gph pump; 45 watts; max lift 9’8”; outlet connection ½”to1”; 16’cord.

Bka79-900-gphpump; 60 watts; max lift 11’5”; outlet connection ½”to1”; 33’cord.


Vitality to an Ordinary Pondscape.”

Bkm46 - Spray fountain throws water into the air creating a soothing sight and sound show. Features: 48 LED changing lights (red, white, and blue); 550-gph pump with 33-ft power cord; transformer with 33-ft power cord. Spray reaches height of 3’ depending on wind conditions. Includes: nozzle, oating board, anchor, transformer, spray head with LED lights, tube, lock ring, and pump.

12”diameter x 4”tall.


Ideal for heavy duty waterfall or lter systems, as it has the needed power to force large quantities of water through long or high pipe runs.

Oil-free, magnetic-driven, epoxy protected, ceramic shaft. 3/4”to 1-1/4”outlet connections for 1”FPT pump outlet.

33-ft power cord.

3 year warranty.

Bka11 -1500gph - 114 watts - max lift 11’5”

Bka12 - 2100gph - 144 watts - max lift 13’1”

Bka13 - 3100gph - 192 watts - max lift 16’4”

Bka14 - 4100gph - 354 watts - max lift 18’

Designedforcontinuousoperation.Magneticdriven,highvolumepumps.Energysavingsplittubemotor. 33’cord.Vorteximpeller;Pumpcanbeusedhorizontalorvertical.Largeprelter.1/2”maleoutletconnection with3/4”adapter.OperatesINorOUTofwater.THREEyearmanufacturerwarranty.

Diagram for Hybrid Pump:

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BKA52... Hybrid Powered 280gph pump https://www.discountpond.com/alpine

Alpine - Lighting



10 Watt Submersible Fountain Light


Bkg90 - 100 watt Transformer Connects up to four Alpine lights or appropriate wattage total. Adjustable timer for settings of auto, four, six, or eight hours which work with the photo cell. 2 year manufacturer warranty.

5 Watt Submersible Fountain Light

BKL71-5watt halogenlightkitincludes transformerand fourcolorlenscovers.

1yearmanufacturer guarantee.8’cord.

BKL32- 10 watt halogen light kit includes transformer and four color lenses. 12' cord. 1 year manufacturer guarantee.

BKL37 - 10 watt replacement bulb

Underwater Lights from Alpine

Low voltage lights can be used in or out of water. Durable aluminum construction.

50watt has 33’cord; 2 yr. warranty.

Use In or Out of Water!

Bkm38 (50-watt) no transformer

Bkm39– 50w with transformer Includes garden stake and weighted base.

Alpine 3-LED Warm White Light

BKL82 -3-LED Warm White Light with Stake, Photocell, &Transformer. This intense Warm White LED Light has an extremely powerful output. Using only 3 watts of electricity, this energy efficient light is powerful enough to light a tree or large portion of your water garden than your average light.


• Lasts 10 times longer than conventional lighting

• Super Bright LED Light (warm white)

• High Quality Waterproof Housing.

• Great for fountains ponds, lakes waterfalls, or garden landscapes. •


Bkm58 - 50’cord with quick connect every 5’– total of 10 sockets. For use with ANY Alpine light.

Also available:

Bkm57– 25’cord with quick connect every 5’– total of 5 sockets.

BKL74 - Set of three 12-super bright white LED pond lightswith photo cell, 3 stakes, transformer, and twelve color lenses. 9.6 watts; PVC housing. 23’cord (5’cord between lights).

Power Beam

Rotatesto 5Different Positions!

In 3-light sets, 5’cable between lights for maximum exibility in design.


•Createstunning,dramaticlightdisplaysbothinthe waterandout!

•PowerBeamwillhelpyouaddnighttimebeautyto yourdecorativepond,fountain,plants,orlandscaping.


•Fourcoloredlensesinred,blue,green,andyellow areincludedforeachlight!












Digital Transformers

Digital Transformer with Photo Cell and timer. Timer is adjustable for settings of Auto, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

TWO year manufacturer warranty.

Bkm41- 200 watt transformer

Bkm43- 300 watt transformer

Socket Connectors for Transformers

Can be used with 60W and 100W Alpine Multi-Light Transformers. 7”connection cord.

Bkm53 3-way socket connection

Bkm54 4-way socket connection

Bkm56 6-way socket connection


BKL7336-super bright white LED pond light with photo cell and transformer. 4.8 watts; aluminum housing. 23’ cord.

BKLL72- 12warm white LED pond light with photo cell, stake, transformer, and four color lenses.

3.2 watts; PVC housing. 23’cord.

52 www.discountpond.com
60W &100W
Low Voltage • Energy Saving • Use IN or OUT of water!
• 23 ft. Cord • 2 Year Warranty

Alpine - Lighting


Energy efficient. Last 10 times longer than conventional lighting and consumes only a fraction of power over halogen lights. Equipped with super bright LEDs and high quality housing. Use IN or OUT of water. Great for fountains, ponds, lakes, waterfalls, or garden landscapes.

*Each includes outdoor transformer.


Bkm70– PLUV10800

Eliminates suspend algae by making them clump together for removal by the lter. Stainless steel water clari er has up to 35% more UV efficiency due to the re ective stainless steel interior. Rotates 360 degrees, making it easier to run hose to and from the unit. Universal connectors t 1”, 1-1/2”and 2”tubing. For use OUT of water only! For ponds up to 10800 gallons; Max ow 5300gph. Two year warranty.


BKL76- 72-super bright changing LED pond light (red, white, & green) with inline, waterproof controller for color-changing. 5 watts; aluminum housing. 33’cord. BONUS: May be used without stand! Light cap included.

BKL77-144-superbrightchanging LEDpondlight(red,blue,&white) withinline,water-proofcontrollerfor color-changing.8watts;PVChousing. 33’cord.

BKL75- 60-super bright changing LED pond light (red, blue, & green) with wireless controller for color-changing. 4.5 watts; aluminum housing. 33’cord.

BKL80 - 120-LEDs - super bright LED lights in warm-white to provide halogen like glow. Includes photocellandtransformer. 9.5 watts; 23’cord.

Twoyearmanufacturerwarranty,lowvoltage, energysaving.


Alpine Ultra-Violet Water Clari ers kill suspended algae with UV light. This easy to use clari er ensures 100% clarity. As water passes through, the rays of the ultra-violet lamp, eliminates green water by making the algae clump together so it can be removed by the pond’s lter. Non-submersible; for out of pond use only.

• Rotates 360 degrees making it easiertorunhosetoandfromunit.

• Universal connectors t 3/4”to 1-1/2” tubing.

• 16’power cord.

• 2 year Warranty.




• Multi-stage biological and mechanical ltration process provides maximum pond ltration

• Large foam surface provides increased ltration and bene cial bacteria to thrive while naturally cleaning pond pollutants

• Unique external pressure indicator shows green when lter is performing properly; red when cleaning is necessary.

• Can be partially buried; ideal for use with waterfall applications

• Available WITH or WITHOUT UVC

• 2-year warranty

BKM71- PLF1000- for ponds up to 1000-gal; inlet ¾”to 1-1/2”; no UV

BKM72- PLF1000U - for ponds up to 1000-gal; inlet ¾”to 1”; 7-watt UV included

BKM73- PLF2000- for ponds up to 2000-gal; inlet ¾”to 1-1/2”; no UV



Bka61 – PLUV1000 – 7W -1000 gallons; Max ow 400 gph.

Bka62 – PLUV2000 – 9W - 2000 gallons ; Max ow 600 gph.

Bka63 – PLUV3000 – 11W - 3000 gallons ; Max ow 1200 gph.

ALPINE Supreme Filter

Bkm68 – Pressure lter with 24watt UV Supreme Bio-Pure™ Pressure Filter is ideal for pond owners wanting simplicity, clear water, and a lter system that can be easily hidden. Multi-stage biological and mechanical ltration. External pressure indicator shows green when lter is performing properly, red when lter needs cleaning. Can be partially buried. Ideal for use with waterfall applications. Includes a 24 watt UVC. For Ponds up to 4000 gallons. 3/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch inlet/outlet. 2 year Warranty. Max ow 3500 gph.


BKM69 - Alpine Pond Vacuum

• Energy Saving

• High Performance 250 watt motor includes on/off switch on handle

• Adjustable telescopic handle

• Removes debris up to 1”in diameter, including sludge, leaves, stones, blanket weeds and more!

• 1500 max ow volume

• 16ft discharge hose

• 33 ft power cord

• Safe to use with sh in ponds

• Use IN water!

Bkm68 brush 1 ( 9”) brush 2 ( 4-1/2”) 2 Brushes
Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours! Order Anytime 24/7 www.discountpond.com
Bio-Pure Replacement Parts Available on our Website https://www.discountpond.com/alpine https://www.discountpond.com/alpine www.discountpond.com 53


ThreeDisk Fogger Kit with 18 LED Lights

BKG35Includes fogger, transformer, oating ring, and lights.

Replacement Disks:

Bkg38 - Single disk for foggers with LED Lights, including Bkg35, Bkg32, and Bkg101

Bkg39 - Single disk for Bkg100 fogger without lights

FiveDisk PondFogger Kit with 15 LED Lights

BKG32 - includes fogger, transformer, oating ring, and lights.

Single Disk Fogger Kit with 12 LED Lights

BKG101 - includes fogger, transformer and lights.

BKG100 - same as above without lights.


ENERGY-EFFICIENT AND ULTRA-QUIET WITH HIGH LIFT: Uses only 96 watts to keep energy usage to a minimum and the low-decibel (30-40db) Vortex has a lift height of 13.7’

VERSATILE MULTI-USE PUMP: Use in or out of the water and place vertically or horizontally for ultimate exibility for ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and hydroponic and irrigation systems.

INCLUDES MESH BAG: Mesh bag prevents larger debris from entering pump and snap-off lter cage allows for easy cleaning.

CONVENIENT SET-UP: Includes adapter for hoses 1.25”-1.5”D, 5-position nozzle, carrying handle, strong suction feet for enhanced stability and a 20 ft cord

DURABLE DESIGN AND IDEAL SIZE: The Vortex has an IPX8 waterproof rating, made with premium quality materials for long-lasting use. Includes a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase

Clear Vinyl Tubing

PEG5600 5600 GPH - 324 watts 22 ft max height

ULTRA-FLEXIBLE TUBING: Add efficiency to your outdoor garden accessories with this ultra- exible, clear PVC coil tubing with a 1/2”inside diameter.

DURABLE PVC TUBING: Constructed of clear, exible PVC for extra durability

NON-TOXIC AND SAFE FOR FISH: Clear tubing is practically invisible underwater, and is non-toxic and safe for sh and other marine life

VERSATILE INDOOR/OUTDOOR TUBING: Perfect for use in ponds, fountains, water gardening, air conditioning, humidi er over ow, and more domestic and industrial uses

Available in 1/2 inch ID and 3/8 inch ID

100 ft Rolls and Cut sizes





54 www.discountpond.com Alpine
BKD18....PEG1800 1800-GPH - 96 watts 13 ft max height BKD30 PEG3000 3000 GPH - 132 watts 14 ft max height BKD47 PEG4700 4700 GPH - 216 watts 18 ft max height BKD56....


PerformancePro Pumps

Artesian Pro

The Artesian Pro series offer an powerful blend of energy efficiency and durability. Designed with longevity in mind, these rugged units feature corrosion and abrasion resistant components, stainless steel shaft seal, integrated strainer pot, and self priming convenience.

Artesian Pro series pumps are designed for continuous, low noise operation. Convenient and easy to use union ttings are included with all Artesian Pro units and are available in 2”or 3”.

Artesian Pro units are available in 1/4 hp to 1 hp in the Low RPM units and are available in 1/2 hp to 5 hp in the High RPM units.

Best of all it is made in the United States and backed by a 3 year limited warranty.

PRF002....AP1-120-C- CORDED

1 hp, 12,000 gph @ 6ft.


1 hp, 13,500 gph @ 7ft.

PRF012....AP11/2-HF - NO CORD

1-1/2 hp, 13,980 gph @ 8ft.

PRF017....AP2-HF - NO CORD

2 hp, 15,540 @ 10ft.

PRF022....AP3-HF - NO CORD

3 hp, 17,820 @ 13ft.

PRF027....AP1/4-66-C - CORDED

1/4 hp, 6,600 @ 2ft.

Artesian 2

PRF028....AP1/3-73-C - CORDED

1/3 hp, 7,320 @ 3ft

PRF029....AP1/2-92-C - CORDED

1/2 hp, 9240 @ 4ft

PRF030....AP3/4-105-C- CORDED

3/4 hp, 10,500 @ 4ft

PRF031....AP1/2-HF - CORDED

1/2 hp, 8,880 @ 3ft.

PRF032....AP3/4-HF - CORDED

3/4 hp, 10,680 @ 5ft.


1 hp, 9,780 @ 4ft.

The Artesian 2 series offer an excellent blend of power, energy efficiency and durability. Designed with longevity in mind, these rugged units feature corrosion and abrasion resistant components, stainless steel shaft seal, integrated strainer pot, and self priming convenience.

Artesian 2 series pumps are designed for continuous operation and most all units feature quiet operation. Convenient and easy to use 2”union ttings are included with all Artesian 2 units.

Artesian 2 units are available in 1/8 hp to 1/2 hp in the Low RPM units and are available in 1/2 hp to 3 hp in the High RPM units. Best of all it is made in the United States and backed by a 3 year limited warranty.

PRF001....A2-1/8-39 - Corded

1/8 hp, 3900 gph @ 3 ft

PRF004....A2-1/4-47- Corded

1/4 hp, 4680 gph @ 4 ft

PRF006....A2-1/4-58 - Corded

1/4 hp, 5760 gph @ 5 ft

PRF009....A2-1/3-63- Corded

1/3 hp, 6300 gph @ 6 ft

PRF011....A2-1/2-76- Corded

1/2 hp, 7560 gph @ 8 ft

PRF014....A2-3/4-HF - Corded

3/4 hp, 8800 gph @ 11 ft

PRF016....A2-1-HF - Corded

1 hp, 9840 gph @ 13 ft

Cascade Series Pumps


1/8 hp, 2616 gph @4 ft. 20 ft. max head


1/8 hp, 3612 gph @ 7.5 ft. 16 ft. max head


1/4 hp, 4404 gph @ 10 ft. 22 ft. max head


1/4 hp, 4944 gph @ 13 ft. 23 ft. max head


1/8 hp, 2200 gph @4 ft. 16 ft. max head

The Cascade series is an excellent performer with superior efficiency and reliability. Ideal for ponds, water features, or general transfer and recirculation applications. Cascade pumps produce exceptional ow rates at exemplary head pressure. Durable, industrial grade Noryl® and Polypropylene components are built for exceptional longevity offering both corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Offered in low RPM units from 1/8 hp to 1/4 hp and high RPM units from 1/3 hp to 3 hp. Each unit offers exceptional ow rates with excellent energy efficiency to suit a variety of applications.


PerformancePro WellSpring submersible pumps easily adapt to any pond, skimmer or sump application. High quality components and durable construction make this workhorse an efficient and reliable unit. The semi-open impeller design aids to prevent clogging and waterproof cable and seals protect the pump motor. Each unit is equipped with overload protection, 2” female threaded port with optional 2”barb attachment, spring loaded mechanical seals and a 18 foot cord for convenience and reliability. WellSpring units are available in 1/4 to 1 hp sizes and come with an industry leading 2 year limited warranty for fresh water applications.


1/4 hp, 1500 gph @ 14 ft. , 3420 gph @ 1 ft.


1/3 hp, 2700 gph @ 13 ft. , 4800 gph @ 3 ft.


1/2 hp, 3,000 gph @ 23 ft. , 6,420 gph @ 4 ft.


1 hp, 3300 gph @ 28 ft. , 7260 gph @ 5 ft.

PRF019....A2-2-HF - No Cord

2 hp, 12,840 gph @ 20 ft

PRF021....A2-1/2-HH - Corded

1/2 hp, 6,600 gph @ 7 ft

PRF023....A2-1/8-30 - Corded

1/8 hp, 3060 gph @ 2 ft

PRF024....A2-11/2-HF - No Cord

1-1/2 hp, 11,400 gph @ 17 ft

PRF025....A2-1/2-HF - Corded

1/2 hp, 7,380 gph @ 8 ft

PRF026....A2-3-HF - No Cord

3/4 hp, 14,040 gph @ 24 ft, 230v

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Sequence Pumps


The leader in high efficiency, external pumps for water features and Koi ponds.

Every Sequence® 4000 model is supplied complete with 2”FNPT and buttress thread ports and unions for ease of use.



Suppliedwithan8-foot,115V cordset.

SEQ436...3600SEQ20 20 ft max head, 227 watts, 1.9 amps, 1/4 hp

SEQ450...5000SEQ20 20 ft max head, 263 watts, 2.3 amps, 1/4 hp

SEQ458...5800SEQ21 21 ft max head, 296 watts, 2.6 amps, 1/4 hp

SEQ468...6800SEQ22 22 ft max head, 376 watts, 3.4 amps, 1/2 hp

The Classic! The model 1000 series has set the stand by which all others are measured. This series is a perfect blend of medium pressure and ample ow for the majority of ponds. Motor is totally enclosed, fan-cooled for durability. Supplied with an 8-foot, 115V cordset.

Allhave1-1/2”inletandoutlet 3yearlimitedwarranty

SEQ133...3300SEQ21, 21 ft max head, 206 watts, 2.36 amps

SEQ145...4500SEQ21, 21 ft max head, 250 watts, 2.69 amps

SEQ151...5100SEQ22, 22 ft max head, 293 watts, 3.03 amps

SEQ161...6100SEQ23, 23 ft max head, 366 watts, 3.59 amps


Our best seller! The compact model 750 series delivers big ow for little power. Great for smaller and simple ponds (3,000 gallons or less). The motor is totally enclosed fancooled for durability.


Suppliedwithan8footcordset. 3yearlimitedwarranty.

SEQ736....3600SEQ12 - 12 ft max head, 139 watts, 1.4 amps, 1/8 hp

SEQ742....4200SEQ12 - 12 ft max head, 160 watts, 1.56 amps, 1/8 hp

MDM/Sequence offers Strainer Baskets with either with a 1.5”or 2”union adapter. All units come complete with an internal strainer assembly and gasket seals.

SeqP902 - port size 2”- 90 cubic inch

SeqP901 - port size 1.5”- 90 cubic inch

The ValuFlo 1000 series has set the standard by which all others are measured. Perfect blend of medium pressure and ample ow for the majority of ponds. Motor is totally-enclosed, fan-cooled for durability. 115Vor230V.18monthlimitedwarranty. Suppliedwithan8-foot,115Vcordset.MadeinUSA

SEQVF133....3300VAF21- 21 ft max head, 215 watts, 1.9 amps

SEQVF145....4500VAF21- 21 ft max head, 253 watts, 2.2 amps

SEQVF151....5100VAF22 - 22 ft max head, 293 watts, 2.6 amps

SEQVF161....6100VAF23 - 23 ft max head. 344 watts, 3 amps

ValuFlo 1000 ValuFlo 750

The compact ValuFlo 750 series delivers big ow for little power. Great for smaller and simple ponds (3,000 gallons or less). The motor is totally-enclosed fan-cooled for durability.


8 month limited warranty. Supplied with an 8-foot cordset. Made in USA.

SEQVF742....4200VAF12 - 12 ft max head, 166 watts, 1.5 amps

Sequence Primer Champion, Power Primer and Primer Alpha Model Pumps, available on our Website at.


56 www.discountpond.com
SEQ482...8200SEQ22 22 ft max head, 450 watts, 4.0 amps, 1/2 hp
Best Seller Best Seller



ShinMaywa® has over 50 years experience as a pump manufacturer. ShinMaywa produces over 50,000 NORUS® pumps per year, with an outstanding reputation for high quality.

The ShinMaywa Norus submersible pump is a VERY reliable and durable pump. On the outside it has a unique hardware design made of berglass in addition to its cast aluminum bearing housing, which provides superior heat dissipation and structural integrity in comparison to competing pumps. The Norus series is corrosion resistant due to the 304 stainless steel and poly amide ber reinforced resin, and stainless steel shaft and impeller.

Air lled motor for lower average operating temperature. Seamless stainless steel stator casing. Seal Extender for cooling the seal face more effectively. Thermal overload protection. Anti-creeping top bearing. Anti-wicking cable entry. Air release valve preventing air lock.

• All pump models have a 2”FPT outlet. Model 50CR2.15S comes with a 20’power cord

• Models 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75, and 50CRXP2.75S come with 32’power cords.

SHN01.... 50CR2.15S - 3300gph 1/5 HP ~ 3.0 amps ~ 19 ft shut off

SHN02.... 50CR2.25S - 4800gph 1/3 HP ~ 4.4 amps ~ 28 ft shut off

SHN03.... 50CR2.4S - 5700gph 1/2 HP ~ 5.5 amps ~ 36 ft shut off

SHN04.... 50CR2.75S --7000gph 1 HP ~ 10.0 amps ~ 48 ft shut off

SHN05.... 50CR2.75S-2 - 7000gph 2 HP, 230Volt ~ 10.0 amps 48 ft shut off 230V is easier on the motor, thus enhancing longevity.

SHN11.... 50CRxp2.75S -10,000gph 1 HP ~ 11 amps ~ 34 ft shut off SHN21....ShinMaywa Pump Oil

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!

SHN20....Horizontal Mounting Kit for SHN02-4800gph, SHN03-5700gph, AND SHN04-700gph.

Includes: Stand, Clamp, and Spout

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SHN01 - SHN04 SHN11

Little Giant


Out-Of-Pond Pumps


The pump housing is injection molded, corrosion resistant, thermoplastic and is mounted to custom built motor. The impeller is glass- lled Noryl®. Models 1740 and 2760 have 2" FNPT suction and 1-1/2" FNPT discharge. They are pre-wired with an 8' cord and 115v plug. Models 4260 and 5820 have 1-1/2" FNPT suction and discharge. Prewired for 115v, but suitable for 115v or 230v operation.


Designed to operate continuously with minimal energy consumption.

Corrosion-resistant body specicallyforsubmersibleuse. 15-ftcord.


380-gph. Built-in adjustable ow control valve. 33-watts; max lift 7’. ½” barb discharge.


700-gph. max lift 8’. 3/4”barb discharge.


800-gph. max lift 11.5’. 3/4”barb discharge.

FRA262–PES-1000 1000-gph. max lift 11.75’. 1”barb discharge.

Order Anytime 24/7


FRA224- (1/8-HP)1740 gph @ 5'; 1/8 hp; max lift 11'

FRA225- (1/8-HP) 2760 gph @ 5'; 1/8 hp; max lift 12'

FRA227- (1/4-HP) 5820 gph @ 5'; 1/4 hp; max lift 22'


Designed to operate continuously with minimal energy consumption. Corrosion-resistant body speci cally for submersible use. 6-ft cord.

FRA255–PES-40 40-gph. Built-in ow control. max lift 2’. 3/8”or ½”barb discharge.

FRA256–PES-80 77-gph. Built-in adjustable ow control valve. max lift 3.5’. 3/8”or ½”barb discharge.


130-gph. Built-in adjustable ow control valve. max lift 5.5’. 5/8” and ½”barb discharge.


290-gph. Built-in adjustable ow control valve. max lift 6’. 5/8”and ½”barb discharge.

Direct Drive Pumps from Little Giant Outdoor Living

WGFP Series

Constructed withstainless steel, cast iron, and durable thermoplastic, this solids-handling submersible pump meets the rigorousdemandsofthemostimpressive water features. Dual seals in larger models for added protection. 19’cord; 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Fra273-WGFP-50 - 4280-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 30’.

115V; 2”FNPT discharge.

Fra275-WGFP-100 - 6400-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 35’.

115V; 2”FNPT discharge.

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!

Fra276-WGFP-150 - 9750-gph @ 5’lift; 3”FNPT discharge.

Dual Discharge Pumps

Submersible pump capable of operating multiple components or features simultaneously. 16'cord. 3yearwarranty.Canbeusedverticallyorhorizontally.

FRA245- WGP-65 - 1900-gph

1-1/4" FNPT discharge and 1-1/4" MNPT discharge 1" barb elbow adapter. Max lift 20'.

FRA246– WGP-80 - 3500-gph

1-1/4”FNPT discharge with 1-1/4”MNPT discharge

1-1/4”barbed adapter. Max lift 29’.

FRA244- WGP-95 - 4300-gph

1-1/4" FNPT discharge and 1-1/4" MNPT discharge 1-1/4"barbelbowadapter.Maxlift30'.

Wet Rotor Pumps from Little Giant Outdoor Living F - Series

Wetrotorcannedmotorwater featurepumpMulti-purposeexibility designedrightintothepump:canbe usedsubmersedorexternally–and verticallyorhorizontally.Constructed withoutmechanicalsealoroil. Two year manufacturer warranty 20’cordonallmodelsexcept theF70-7300has40’cord. ModelsF10andF20have 1.5”dischargeandinlet MNPTandSPIG;othermodels (F30toF70)have2”dischargeandinletMNPTandSPIG.

Fra278–F-10-1200 - 1103-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 22’.

Fra279–F-20-2700 - 2095-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 14.9’.

Fra280–F-30-4000 - 2897-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 18.8’.

Fra281–F-40-5500 - 4233-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 21.3’.

Fra282–F-50-5000 - 4332-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 28.5’.

Fra283–F-70-7300 - 5929-gph @ 5’lift; max lift 28’.

58 www.discountpond.com


Helps prevent debris from entering a suction line.

Plastic Suction Strainer with FPT threaded inlet.

GLFSR150P....1 1/2” FEMALE NPT





Helps prevent debris from entering a suction line. all Stainless Steel Construction







External Thread and nut are left hand threads. Internal Thread is FPT. For use with tanks having a wall thickness of 1/16”to 1/2”




GLFTF125PE....1 1/4”

GLFTF150PE....1 1/2”





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Online at: discountpond.com/green-leaf


Evolution Aqua

Nexus+ Filters


The Nexus 320 and Nexus 220 ltration systems deliver dramatically improved levels of clarity for ponds. Building on the success of the award winning Nexus range this new generation of lters cleverly combine mechanical and biological ltration into one advanced lter system. Now includes the K Plus Floating Media

Cetus Sieve

Pre-filter to remove waste & debris


Cetus sieve is a bow screen pre- lter, suitable for pre- ltration of any biological lter, including all pressure lters

* Easy maintenance

* Reduced backwashing of pressure lters

* Simple installation with exible connectors

* Patented pond ow regulation system

* Large waste collection which is easy to clean

* Robust one piece mould with no welded joints

* Can be installed on pump or gravity fed set-ups

* 22.6”(w) x 37.2”(h) x 33.9”(d)

EVOZCPF....Pump/Gravity fed lter

EazyPod Air


Easy to use lter system

A compact member of the Nexus family, the EazyPod is a mechanical and biological lter system for ponds up to 10,000 litres.

The EazyPod utilises 18 litres of static K1 Micro, which provides enhanced biological bene ts, even when using the EazyPod solely as a mechanical waste lter.

Includes 70 Litre Air Pump Kit

EVOZEPA.....EazyPod Air

Accessories, Fittings, and Other Parts Available on our Website. discountpond.com

MORE EVOLUTION AQUA PRODUCTS AVAILABE ON OUR WEBSITE https://www.discountpond.com/evolution-aqua

Evolution Aqua UV’s

* Ballast located in a fully water-tight cover

* Connects to exi-hose or rigid pipework

* 5 models; 15W, 25W, 30W, 55W, & 110W

EVOUV015....EVO 15W UV

EVOUV025....EVO 25W UV

EVOUV030....EVO 30W UV

EVOUV055....EVO 55W UV

EVOUV110....EVO 110W UV

The Evolution Aqua evoUV deliver a more efficient and more economical performance than before thanks to their new design. The new range includes completely redesigned 30Watt and 55Watt models and a 110 UV, a 15Watt and 25Watt model perfect for use on the smaller garden pond, along with a 75 Watt version.

K+ Pressure Filters



The K+ Pressure lter is incredibly easy to clean, by simply moving the handle on the multi-port valve into the corresponding positions to perform a backwash and a rinse of the K+ Micro media.

*Uses K+ Micro lter media for dramatically improved biological ltration compared to using beads

*Superior mechanical ltration

*Multi-port valve and blower included with all models

Blower used during cleaning cycle

*Large 10”clear viewing dome on top of the lter

*Improved ow through K+ Micro lter media

EVOZK1MBF24....2400 Filter ( Filters 2,400 Gallons - includes 25L - K+ media)

EVOZK1MBF36....3600 Filter ( Filters 3,600 Gallons - includes 30L - K+ media)

EVOZK1MBF48....4800 Filter (Filters 4,800 Gallons - includes - 50L K+ media)

EVOZK1MBF96....9600 Filter (Filters 9,600 Gallons - includes- 100L K+ media)

EVOZK1MBF145....14.5 Filter (Filters 14,500 Gal. - includes - 150L K+ media)

EVOZK1MBF24T....24K Filter (Filters 24,000 Gal - includes- 250L K K+ media)

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Evolution Aqua


EVOPB01....Aqua Pond Bomb

-High concentration of bacteria and enzymes delivered in one gel-like ball

-Ideal for emergency use in ponds

-Quickly restores biological equilibrium

-Boosts clarity of water

-Breaks down ammonia and nitrite

-Cleans up organic waste

-Works with or without conventional lters

PURE+ Filter Gel

PURE+ Filter Start Gel is a live, concentrated bacteria culture for use in new pond lters

The gel based solution will stick to the lter media, allowing the nitrifying bacteria it contains to rapidly colonise your lter

Once the lter media has been coated with the PURE+ Filter Start Gel, the bene cial bacteria within the gel will speed up the maturation of your lter media, while helping to convert ammonia and

EVOPG01....Pure Filter Start Gel 1Ltr | EVOPG02....Pure Filter Start Gel 2.5Ltr

K1 Micro Media

950 m2 per m3 Protected Surface Area

Used in Nexus and K1MicroBead lters

Creates an effective environment for the nitrication process to take place

Increased protection for the bio- lm

Reduces back pressure on pumps

Improved solids handling performance and ow rate

Available in 1 Litre, 25 Litres and 50 Litres

EVOMM01....K1 MICRO Media - 1 Litre

EVOMM05....K1 MICRO Media - 5 Litre

EVOMM25....K1 MICRO Media - 25 Litre

EVOMM50....K1 MICRO Media - 50 Litre


EVOPP0500....Pure Pond 500ml

EVOPP1000....Pure Pond 1000ml

EVOPP2000....Pure Pond 2000ml

PURE is Evolution Aqua’s AwardWinning range of bacterial products for ponds, freshwater aquariums and marine aquariums. PURE products contain incredibly high concentrations of friendly bacteria and enzymes. These are contained within a unique delivery system that when added to your pond or aquarium will help to clean up organic waste and break down ammonia and nitrite.The result is crystal clear and healthy water that sparkles.

EVOFK25....Floating 25 litres

EVOFK50....Floating 50 litres

EVOSK25....Sinking 25 litres

EVOSK50....Sinking 50 litres

K+Mediais designed and manufactured in the UK by Evolution Aqua.This advanced media, with its innovative design, and class leading surface area provides enhanced biological and mechanical ltration.

K1 Media

Large Protected Surface Area

Used with Nexus and EazyPod lters

Ideal for use in moving bed lter systems

Can also be used in box, pressure and multi-bay lters

Increases the efficiency of a lter

Suitable for mechanical and biological ltration

Provides large surface area for bacteria to colonise

Available in 1 Litre, 3 Litre, 25 Litres and 50 Litres

EVOMK101....K1 Media - 1 Litres EVOMK125....K1 Media - 25 Litres

EVOMK103....K1 Media - 3 Ltres EVOMK150....K1 Media - 50 Litres

Dechlorinator Carbon in line filter

With high capacity, pre-washed carbon

Removes toxins in tap water

For use on ponds and indoor aquariums

EVOFC12....12 Inch

EVOFC30....30 Inch

No need to wait for chlorine to“gas-off”or to use liquid treatments

Easily connects to a hose pipe - ttings included

Also can be tted to rigid pipe

70 Litre Air Pump Kit

Output: 70 lpm

Max Operating Depth: 10.5 ft

Watts: 34

Noise Level: <46 (dBA)

Volts: 120V

For use when aerating ponds

Provides consistent levels of oxygen in ponds

High performance, reliable pumps

Thermal protection as standard

EVOAP70...Complete airpump Kit

Airtech 75 Litre Air Pump

Reliable and economical air pump

For use when aerating ponds

Provides consistent levels of oxygen

High performance, reliable pump

Thermal protection as standard

Output: 75 lpm

Max Operating Depth: 12.8 ft

Watts: 44

Noise Level: <46 (dBA)

Volts: 120V

Aqua Automatic fish feeder

evoFeed Automatic is an automatic sh feeder suitable for medium and large ponds. The unit can be programmed to dispense food into the pond at timed intervals throughout the day.The distance the food is propelled, and the amount of time it is dispensed for, are also adjustable

Battery Powered -

Up to 3 months on a single chargeThe feeder is designed to use pellets from 3-10 mm diameter.We do not recommend the use of sticks, akes or other shapes of food.

Pond Bomb EVOAP75...Airtech 75 EVOAPF1
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Kasco Products


This Product Line is special order/non stock and is excluded from freight prepayment. All Kasco Products are available!! Contact


J Series Decorative Fountains

Stunning oating fountains ranging from 1/2HP to 7.5HP with multiple display patterns

VFX Series Aerating Fountains

Floating fountains with the classic“V”pattern display and superior aerating properties

No matter your application, Kasco has the water quality solution you’re looking for. Easily installed, and designed for trouble-free service, all Kasco products offer dependable, cost effective, and energy-efficient solutions for your pond or lake’s health and aesthetics.


Kasco Marine offers several sizes and models of floating Aerating Fountains, Premium Nozzles, Pond Aerators, Water Circulators & More.

Kasco J Series fountains are the perfect focal point in any pond or lake. From the 30 ft. high attention-demanding Redwood pattern to the elegant Balsam 3-tier pattern, each nozzle offers its own visual appeal. Designed with both beauty and function in mind, these fountains can improve overall water quality by increasing oxygen transfer. All J Series Fountains come with multiple nozzles included in the price and can be paired with an optional light kit.

Product Features

Available as 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7-1/2HP

Offered as 60Hz and 50Hz, 120V and 208-240V, and single and three phase options

Complete packages are ETL approved to UL and CSA standards

2 year warranty on 3/4HP and 1HP units

3 year warranty on 2HP units (optional 5 year extended warranty available)


5 year warranty on 3, 5 and 7-1/2HP units

50Hz units include a 2 year warranty

Kasco VFX fountain line delivers superior aerating performance, coupled with a beautiful visual display. These units are efficient, easy to install and operate, and can be used in multiple applications.

Product Features

Available 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2 and 5HP

Offered as 60Hz and 50Hz, 120V and 208-240V, and single and three phase options

Operates in as little as 15 in. of water

Complete packages are ETL approved to UL and CSA standards

2 year warranty on 1/2, 3/4 and 1HP units

3 year warranty on 2 and 5HP units

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lengths from 50ft to 400 ft available on most models. Optional Bottom screens available for some models. Optional Light Kits And Control Panels also Available.

Scott Aerators

High quality, value-based, American-manufactured pond fountains and water aerators. Manufactured using a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor. All 1/2-HP models include 70’of 12g power cord. All 1.5-HP models include 100’of 12g power cord. Motor carries 5-year warranty.


Sca35A-1/2-HP/115V•Sca35B-1.5-HP/230V Wide, cone-shaped spray surrounds a powerful column created by an all-brass, precision-machined nozzle. The center spray can be adjusted for height making this an ideal fountain for commercial and residential applications. Wide-spreading display creates a broad feature to ll any lake scene. an impressive cascade of water that sounds as beautiful as it appears. Sprays at heights from 15’on the 1/2HP version up to over 20’on the 1.5HP model.

Display Aerator

Sca20A - 1/2-HP/115V

Sca20C - 1- HP/230V

Sca20B - 1.5-HP/230V

Gusher Fountain

Sca20F - 2-HP/230V

Sca20H - 3-HP/230V

Adjustable trumpet-shaped spray is designed to put oxygen back into the water Designed for continuous operation on ponds of 1/4-acre or larger. 32”minimum depth required. Additional cable can be ordered up to 150’in length.

Jet Stream Fountain

Sca45A - 1/2-HP/115V

Sca45B - 1.5-HP/230V

Achieves maximum height in a tight, coherent vertical spray of heights up to 35’on the 1/2-HP model (50’ on the 1.5HP model). Stunning single stream creates an eye-catching focal point to the lake or pond.


Sca30A-1/2-HP/115V•Sca30B-1.5-HP/230V Creates an impressive cascade of water that sounds as beautiful as it appears. The brass center nozzle sprays at heights of up to 20’on the 1/2-HP model (40’on the 1.5HP model) and it’s surrounded by separate side nozzles which create a spectacular angled spray pattern, projecting water over 15’at a 45 degree angle.

Boilermaker Aerator

Sca25A - 1/2-HP/115V • Sca25B - 1.5-HP/230V High volume surface aerator for maximum oxygen transfer and water ow. Low pro le design creates a high volume boil effect of highly-aerated water moving up to 400 gpm (600gpm on the 1.5HP model). Designed for continuous operation on ponds of 1/4-acre or larger. 32”minimum depth required.

Sca40A - 1/2-HP/115V • Sca40B - 1.5-HP/230V

Creates an exciting, geyser-type vertical column of water in a highly-visible, wind-resistant dense pattern. The stream of cascading water reaches heights of up to 15’on the 1/2-HP model (25’on the 1.5HP model). Frothy, highly-aerated stream is both aesthetically pleasing and maintains water clarity.

Twirling Waters Fountain

Sca50A - 1/2-HP/115V

Whimsical spinning movement of the spray’s spiraling strands of water upwards of 20’creates a beautiful circular pattern in motion. Graceful, arching streams create an innovative focal point.

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See our Website for Light Kits & Accessories https://www.discountpond.com/scott-aerator


WipeOut™ PondWeed Defense®

NEW! Pond Logic®WipeOut™ PondWeed Defense® is an herbicide for management of aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals and irrigation canals. Pond Logic® WipeOut™ PondWeed Defense® Aquatic Herbicide contains uridone, the same active ingredient found in Sonar® A.S. and Avast!® SC Aquatic Herbicide.

AIR108....(4 oz)

AIR109 ....(8 oz)

ULTRA PondWeed Defense

AIR102 - 1-quart

AIR103 - 1-gal

ReplacesbothRedwingand PondweedDefense.Active ingredientisdiquatinsteadof chelatedcopper.

Worksonallpondweeds includingsubmerged,oating andemergentweeds.



AIR101 – 1-gallon

• DO NOT USE in ponds with KOI, GOLDFISH, or TROUT.

• Works on both oating and submerged algae.


Broad Spectrum Emergent Weed & Cattail Killer

AIR104 - 1-quart

AIR105 - 1-gal

• Kills the roots of even the most persistent weeds.

• Works on cattails, phragmites, lilies, purple loosestrife, and other emergent weeds.


Operates in as little as 24”depth and includes an energy-efficient (draws 6a; 690w on 120V), ½-HP motor (asynchronous; silicon carbide shaft bearing and ceramic shaft housed in stainless steel body with suction screen), 3 spray patterns (Classic,Trumpet, and Crown &Trumpet), control panel (set up to run fountain with OPTIONAL LED Light Set), and choice of cord length: 100’, 150’, 200’, 250’, 300’, 350’, or 400’. Equipped with a quick disconnect cord for easy removal of the motor and oat. Easy to install. For more info, please inquire.

Kills Algae Fast!



AIR106 - 16-oz

AIR107 - 1-gal

Increases chemical effectiveness. Allows treatment to penetrate protective surface of aquatic weeds.

Complete Aeration Systems

HighEfficiencyAerationPumpkits.AvailableinthreesizesKoiAir™1, MiniKoiAir™2,andKoiAirMini

These whisper-quiet Pond Logic® SilentAir™ aeration pumps are the heart and soul of our KoiAir™ aeration units.

KoiAir1AIR417 -(1) KA20 Air Pump/6’cord

(1) 25ft length of Airline;

(1) Diffuser Assembly. (2000 - 8000 gal)

KoiAir2AIR418 -(1) KA40 Air Pump/6’cord

(2) - 25ft ; length of Airline;

(2) - Diffuser Assembly. (8000 - 16000 gal)

Koi Air Mini –AIR419 –(1)KA20 Air Pump/6’cord

(1) - 15 ft of EasySet™ Weighted Airline (3/8”ID)

(1) Membrane Diffuser (1000 - 4000 gal)


inusein illustration
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Complete Aeration Systems

Pond Logic® PondAir™ Aeration Systems deliver essential oxygen and circulation to ponds up to 2,000 gallons. Designed as a complete aeration solution, the PondAir™ contains everything you need to introduce aeration to small water gardens and features with a quick and simple installation. 6’cord.

• High Efficiency Aeration Pump

• Air ow Control Dial

• Black Vinyl Airline

• Directional Check Valves

AIR407 -

For ponds up to 1000-gal; 4 watts

AIR215 - KA-20 Air Pump for ponds 2,0008,000 gallons. 6’cord.


17 watts


Pond Size: 2,000-8,000 gals.

True-Rock Covers

• Air Stone Diffusers

KoiAir Aeration Pumps

High Efficiency Aeration Pump

Running on as little as 17 watts, these whisper-quiet SilentAir aeration pumps are the heart and soul of our KoiAir aeration units.

Costing virtually nothing to run, you can feel good about providing constant aeration to your pond.

Realistic faux rock cover. Protects valuable hardware; disguises unsightly blemishes.


AIR401 – Mini; greystone 22”x 19”x 3”

AIR402 – Mini; sandstone 22”x 19”x 3”

AIR411 – Small; greystone 30”x 23”x 3”

AIR412 – Small; sandstone 30”x 23”x 3”

AIR403 – Medium; greystone 32”x 26”x 4”

AIR404 – Medium; sandstone 32”x 26”x 4”

AIR405 – Large; greystone 42”x 36”x 5”

AIR406 – Large; sandstone 42”x 36”x 5”


AIR413 – Mini; greystone 10”x 8”x 5”

AIR414 – Mini; sandstone 10”x 8”x 5”


AIR415ROCKSM- Small Greystone

AIR416ROCKSS- Small Sandstone


For ponds up to 2000-gal; 8 watts

AIR216 - KA-40 Air 6’cord


35 watts


Pond Size: 8,000-16,000 gals.

Accessories for Pond Air Kits:

Replacement Diaphragm for PondAir™ Units

AIR002 - Diaphragm for PondAir™2 Air Pump

AIR005 - Diaphragm for PondAir™4 Air Pump

Airline Check Valve 2 pack


2” Round Air Stones

AIR029 Air Stones; 2”Round; 2/pack

Replacement Membrane Stick


Black AirlineVinylHose


Approximate inside diameter of 1/8”and is packaged in 30’lengths.

6” & 12” inch Air Stones

AIR001 - 6”Long Blue

AIR006 -12”Long Blue

Diffuser Plate

1 or 2-Membrane Stick

Self-Weighted plate for Koi Air kits

AIR008 Double

AIR013 Single Diffuser

Diaphragm Rebuild Kits for KoiAir Kits

AIR009 For KA-20

Complete Rebuild Kit for KA-20 and KA-40 Air Pumps.

AIR010For KA-40

www.discountpond.com 65

EML001 (16-oz/pint)

EML002 (32-oz/quart)

EML003 (1-gal)

EML004 (5-gal)

• Contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduce cloudy water by promoting occulation and settling of organic and inorganic particles

• Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels

• Dissolves organic sludge

• Seeds and maintains biological lters

• Reduces hydrogen sul de and biological oxygen demand



OPC/OxyPond Cleaner

EML198 (2-lb)

EML199 (8-lb)

EML200 (18-lb)

EML201 (45-lb)

Safely yet immediately breaks down accumulated debris from rocks, streams and on waterfalls. Oxyidizes and Detoxi es. Helps to prevent pond odors.

Algaway 5.4

EML211 (8-oz)

EML212 (16-oz)

EML213 (32-oz)

EML214 (1-gal)

EML217 (2.5-gal)

• Controls string algae!!!

• Eliminates many types of algae in the pond.

• EPA Registered.

•Treats 5678 gallons per 16oz.

Algaway 60

Pond Bacterial Balancer

EML295...PBB16 - 16oz

EML296...PBB32 - 32oz

EML297...PBBG1 - 1gal

Microbe-Lift Pond Bacterial Balancer helps to keep water clean and control build-up of sludge or bottom solids. It also helps to establish denitri cation- the biological conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas- which bubbles harmlessly out of your pond, reducing the availability of soluble nitrogen which can stimulate unwanted growth in your pond.

CAPM Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media

EML086 (10-lb)

EML087 (20-lb)

Pre-Colonized With Beneficial Bacteria!

• All Inert Ingredients!

• No Fertilizer, Compost, Peat or Pesticides!

• 100% Natural Minerals!

• Kiln Fired!

Ideal when potting aquatic plants. Retains oxygen. Enormous surface area perfect to colonize bene cial nitrifying bacteria. Allows mixing any ratio of loam to planting media. Nontoxic to plants.Will not break down, oat or cloud pond water. Safe for all sh and aquatic life.

Bio-Blue Enzymes & Pond Colorant

EML017 (8-oz treats up to 4000-gal)

EML018 (16-oz treats up to 8000-gal)

EML019 (1-gal treats up to 64,000-gal)

EML220 (5-gal treats up to 320,000 gal)

Specially Formulated to Safely Color Lakes, Lagoons, Decorative Ponds, Fountain &Water Features a Beautiful Shade of Blue! A product that safely colors water while its enzymes assist the bene cial bacteria in your pond to create a healthy pond environment.Will not stain birds, sh, pond rocks or most concrete fountains once diluted. Safe for humans, plants and aquatic life. Mixes completely in hours.Treatment amount depends on desired shade of blue.

Bio-Black Enzymes&PondColorant


(8-oz treats up to 4000-gal)

EML100 (16-oz treats up to 8000-gal)

Specially Formulated to Safely Color Re ecting Ponds Black! A product that safely colors water. Will not stain birds, sh, pond rocks or most concrete fountains once diluted. Safe for humans, plants and aquatic life. Mixes completely in hours.Treatment amount depends on desired shade of black.

Bloom & Grow

EML192 (16-oz treats 4800-gal)

EML193 (32-oz treats 9600-gal)


(1-gal treats 38,000-gal)

EML290....32 oz

EML291....1 gal

A Chemical Algae Eliminator Formulated for Decorative Ponds & Fountains, Irrigation Ponds,Water Hazards & Retention Ponds

Highly concentrated (60% active ingredient) E.P.A.

registered algaecide

Keeps pond water clean and algae free

Eliminates plugging of irrigation lines and pumps

Specially formulated for aquatic plants of all types to promote larger, brighter and faster blooms as well as healthier and stronger roots. Highly concentrated formula.Containsmicro-and macro-nutrients; contains vitamins and amino acids.

Flocculant Plus WaterClarier

EML159 (16-oz treats up to 2400-gal)

EML160 (32-oz treats up to 4800-gal)

EML161 (1-gal treats up to 19,000-gal)

A proprietary formulation (polymeric blend) used to coagulate suspended solids in the pond water. After use, particles in the water settle to the bottom of the pond and/or lter out through the lter system. Clears cloudy water. Safe for aquatic life and plants. Attracts

66 www.discountpond.com PL Microbe-Lift
Order Anytime 24/7 www.discountpond.com


Aqua Xtreme A Full-Function, Buffered Water Conditioner


Autumn/Winter Prep

Helps accelerate the decomposition of leaves, sediment and other organic matter during the fall and winter months. Also jump starts your pond to a healthier environment in the spring. Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep is a two-part system of liquid bacteria and dry, water soluble packets containing a blend of cellulase enzymes, cellulase-producing bacteria and a cold weather bacteria.

EML040 (Quart Kit; 32-oz bacteria and 2-pc 2-oz packets)

EML041 (Gallon Kit; 1-gal bacteria and 2-pc 2-oz packets)

PBD/Professional Blend Dry



A ConcentratedVersion Of Our Popular Consumer Bacteria & Enzyme Packets

Can be used all year long!


Detoxi es Nitrite. Removes & Detoxi es Chlorine & Ammonia. DestroysChloramines.Detoxies Copper & Heavy Metals. Boosts Alkalinity. Adds Essential Electrolytes. Adds A 3-Part Slime Coat Replacer. Helps to Reduce Stress. Instantly Ages Pond Water.

EML221 (16-oz treats 960-gal)

EML222 (32-oz treats 1920-gal)

EML223 (1-gal treats 7680-gal)

Spring/Summer Cleaner


Accelerates the breakdown of leaves, twigs, and other accumulated dead organic waste. Helps to jump start a pond in the spring. Each box contains 8 pieces of 2-oz packets.

Farm Kit

Specially formulated to keep farm retention and irrigation ponds clean and clear.

The specialized bacteria in PBL and HCSC have been chosen to naturally eliminate organic waste and sludge while improbing water quality and reducing nitrate compounds and phosphates.These undesirable compounds can lead to unwanted algae and weed growth.

EML298.....Farm Kit

Treats 1 Acre Pond for 6 Months

Barley Straw Pellets+

Buffers pH. 100% natural and organic. Enriched with peat and humic acid. Matures pond water chemistry.

EML070 (2.2-lbs; treats 400-gal for 8 months)

EML071 (4.4-lbs; treats 800-gal for 8 months)

EML072 (10.5-lbs; treats 2500-gal for 6 months)

EML073 (25-lbs)

EML074 (40-lbs)

Concentrated Barley Straw Extract

EML076 (8-oz)

EML077 (16-oz)

EML078 (32-oz)

EML079 (64-oz)

EML075 (1-gal)

EML301 (5-gal)

Goes to work on contact; releases decomposition by-products immediately. One capful is equal to a multiple of barley straw bales.

Concentrated Barley Straw Extract PLUS

EML094 (8-oz)

EML095 (16-oz)

EML096 (32-oz)

EML097 (64-oz)

EML098 (1-gal)

EML302 (5-gal)

All the Bene ts of Concentrated Barley Straw Extract PLUS Added Liquid PeatTo Help Maintain An Ideal pH in Alkaline Ponds!

Nite-Out II

Specially formulated to eliminate ammonia via a natural biological process termed nitri cation. Converts ammonia to nitrite and converts nitrite to nitrate.

EML026 (16-oz)

EML027 (32-oz)

EML028 (1-gal)

SA Sludge-Away

EML060 (Quart; treats 500-gal pond for 6.5 weeks)

EML061 (Gallon; treats 2500-gal pond for 5 weeks)

EML062 (5-Gallon; 5,000 gal. pond for 12 weeks)

Speeds the biological removal of slow-to-degrade organic waste matter from aquatic pond bottoms. Removes bottom organic sludge and muck. Binds phosphate. Organic and microbial based.

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Speeds Up the Removal of Sludge & Muck Naturally!!
order @ www.discountpond.com/microbe-lift

TAC Totally Active Clarifier Dry Bacterial Cultures

Dry BacterialCultures

Stress Relief

EML231 (16-oz)

EML232 (32-oz)

EML233 (1-gal)

EML051 (1-lb)

100% active ingredients. Contains powdered activated carbon.

Absorbing micro amounts of toxic materials including pesticides. Contains sodium bicarbonate to buffer and stabilize the pH.


EML006 (32-oz)

EML007 (1-gal)

A natural bacteria. Biologically supports the sh’s immune system. Reduces environmental stress. Promotes rapid sh growth.

Detoxi es free ions of heavy metals. Helps to reduce stress, heal wounds and bruises. Also helps to restore protective slime coat on sh. Provides additional vitamins and immune supplements. Heals missing scales; minimizes infections.

Lice & Anchor Worm Treatment

EML261 (16-oz)

EML262 (32-oz)

EML263 (1-gal)

Themost effective treatment for diseases of sh caused by lice and anchor worms.Will not harm biological ltration.

KH Test Kit for Carbonate Alkalinity



EML287 (16-oz;treats1183-galfor10days)

EML288 (32-oz;treats2365-galfor10days)

EML289 (1-gal;treats9462-galfor10days)

EML309 (2.5gal)

EML268 (2-lb)

EML269 (8-lb)

EML299 (20-lb)

Essential for Nitri cation. Use for: tap water, tank water, water changes.

BSDT Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment

EML237 (16-oz)

EML238 (32-oz)


FormulatedwithMALACHITEGREEN CHLORIDE.Itisthemost effective treatment for the control of diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Costia,Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium, and fungal infections.

5-IN-1 Test Strips

EML145 (50-strips) - Allows tracking of critical WATER QUALITYparameters with 1TEST:Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Hardness,Total Alkalinity, and pH. Fresh water use.


Calcium Montmorillonite Clay

EML090 (2-lb)

EML091 (4-lb)

EML092 (6-lb)

EML093 (25-lb)

100% Natural Formulation. Calcium based clay may help pond water to produce healthy and deep colored koi. Has a negative electric charge which will bind the clay particles to positively charged toxins in the water. It will also“polish”pond water.The clay acts as a natural occulent and the particles that are bound up are ltered out of the pond.


EML038 (1-gal)

EML039 (5-gal)

- Specially Formulated for Golf Course Ponds & Lagoons. Contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water by promoting occulation and settling of organic and inorganic particles. Reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD). Improves dissolved oxygen levels. Safe for all wildlife, sh, and plants. Breaks down dead algae. Reduces most noxious odors including hydrogen sul de; and reduces buildup of wildlife fecal matter and sh feed.

All Natural Expellant for Bacterial Diseases. Effective against: Bacterial Dropsy, Fungus, Milky skin, Fin/tail rot, Bulging Eyes, Mouth rot, and Raised scales. Can also speed up damaged tissue regeneration. 100% natural plant and herbal product.


EML282 (16-oz; treats 1183-gal for 10 days)

EML283 (32-oz; treats 2365-gal for 10 days)

EML284 (1-gal; treats 9462-gal for 10 days)

EML308(2.5 gal)

All Natural Expellant for Parasitic Diseases. Effective against: White Spot, Costia, Flukes (gill and skin), Trichodina, Oodinium, and Chilodonella. Supports the sh’s immune system, driving off the excess parasites. 100% natural plant and herbal product.

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PREMIUM GRADE KH Bio-ActiveAlkalinity Booster
Microbe-Lift https://www.discountpond.com/microbe-lift


Dry Ammonia Remover with ChlorAm-X

EML264 (1-lb treats 3760-gal)

EML265 (5-lb treats 18,800-gal)

EML266 (10-lb treats 37,600-gal)

Removes & Detoxi es: Ammonia, Chloramines & Chlorine.

PL/GEL Filter Pad

Bacterial Innoculant

EML082 (8-oz)

EML083 (16-oz)

EML084 (32-oz)

Quickly attaches to and populates any lter media including foam, strapping, oss, bio-balls, spring o, ceramic media,etc.Thiswillhelpto rapidly establish the necessary biological activity in the lter.

Pond Phosphate Remover

EML162 (16-oz treats up to 1600-gal)

EML163 (32-oz treats up to 3200-gal)

EML164 (1-gal treats up to 12,800-gal)

A polymeric blend with outstanding ability to tie-up large quantities of phosphate without negatively in uencing the pond water in any way.



EML165 (16-oz treats up to 1440-gal)

EML166 (32-oz treats up to 2880-gal)

EML167 (1-gal treats up to 11,520-gal)

Removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines rapidly and completely. Works immediately andwillnotinterrupt

Dechlorinator Plus

EML178 (16-oz)

EML179 (32-oz)

EML180 (1-gal)

Highly concentrated for maximum dechlorination, detoxi cation, and water conditioning. Instantly neurtralizes chlorine, chloramines, chlorine deioxide, copper, and other heavy metals.

pH Increase

EML171 (16-oz)

EML172 (32-oz)

EML173 (1-gal)

Includes 2 pH increasers and 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance. Contains a slime coat ingredient for skin protection.

pH Decrease

EML174 (16-oz)

EML175 (32-oz)

EML176 (1-gal)

Formulated in deionized water. Includes 2 pH decreasers and 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance. Contains a slime coat

7.5 Buffer Stabilizer

Safely buffers pH Levels and prevents wide pH Swings

EML195 (1 - lb)

Super Start Bead Filter Bacteria

Natural – Nontoxic – Nonpathogenic For ALL Bead & Biological Filters

EML080 (32-oz)

EML081 (1-gal)

Contains aerobic heterotrophs, facultative anaerobes, anaerobic and chemotrophic bacteria capable of carrying out all of the necessary processes for optimum performance of bead lters. Rapid establishment of nitrogen cycling including nitri cation and denitri cation. Reduces buildup of residue in the lter.

Bird Bath Clear

Keeps Birdbaths’ Water Clean & Clear

EML035 (4-oz; provides 17-treatments)

Prevents organic and inorganic contaminants from forming (i.e. crusty white scale deposits, iron,


Keeps Fountain Water Clean & Clear

EML036 (4-oz)

Prevents organic contaminants from forming (ie: crusty white scale deposits, iron, copper, hard water stains.)


Keeps Fountain Water Clean & Clear

EML037(16-oz)-Preventsorganic contaminantsfromforming(ie:crusty whitescaledeposits,iron,copper,hard


Eml168 (16 oz)

Eml169 (32 oz)

Eliminates foam in seconds! Leaves pond and fountain water clean and clear

For ponds and fountains of all sizes Safe for sh, plants, birds and aquatic life

BMC MosquitoBiologicalControl

EML064 (.5-oz; Birdbath)

EML065 (2-oz)

EML066 (6-oz)

EML063 (1-gal)

MICROBE-LIFT/BMC kills developing mosquitoes before they become breeding, biting adults. Can be applied to areas that can contain aquatic life, sh and plants, to areas used by humans, animals, horses, livestock, pets, birds or wildlife.

Soy-BasedBirdhouse &BirdfeederCleaner

EML033 (8-oz)

EML034 (32-oz)

Cleans All Plastic,Vinyl,Wood, Fiberglass & Metal Birdhouses & Resin/Poly

Soy-Based Birdbath & Statuary Cleaner

Cleans Birdbaths, Garden Statues, Sculptures, Stone & Brick

EML032 (32-oz)

Combines the power & versatility of the soybean to create powerful yet safe, renewable alternatives to petroleumbased products. Helps correct mineral problems such as scaling, staining & water discolorations.

www.discountpond.com 69

PBL/Professional Blend

Liquid Vegetative Cultures

EML022 (32-oz )

EML023 (1-gal)

EML024 (5-gal)

Microbe-Lift/HC HighCount/VegetativeCultures

EML010 (1-gal)

EML009 (5-gal)

Formulated for larger rural lakes and ponds. Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels. Reduces odors. Breaks down organic sludge. Contains photosynthetic bacteria.

Variety FloatingMixPellets & Sticks

EML136 (11-oz)

EML137 (2-lbs, 4-oz)

EML138 (5-lbs)

EML139 (14-lbs, 8-oz)

EML140 (40-lbs)

Provides popular LEGACY food: Fruits & Greens, Summer Staple, Growth & Energy, and Immunostimulant.

Fruits & Greens Floating Sticks

EML126 (10-oz)

EML127 (2-lbs)

EML128 (4-lbs, 8-oz)

EML129 (13-lbs, 4-oz)

Madewith Summer

Growth & Energy Food

Floating Pellets

EML131 (12-oz)

EML132 (2-lbs, 4-oz)

EML133 (5-lbs, 4-oz)

EML134 (14-lbs, 8-oz)

EML135 (40-lbs)

Formulated for fall use when koi and gold sh need a boost of protein for

Immuno Food

EML122 (1-lb, 12-oz)

EML123 (4-lbs, 8-oz)

EML124 (13-lbs)

EML305 (40-lbs)

Contains:apples,apricots,kiwis,mangos,papayas,peaches,pears,broccoli, cabbage,peas,red peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and spinach all in this scienti c blend. Use as a Supplemental Food.

Sinking Food with Color Enhancers

EML116 (14-oz)

EML117 (3-lbs)

EML118 (5-lbs, 12-oz)

EML119 (18-lbs, 8-oz)

EML120 (40-lbs)

Provides a good diet for newly added pond sh to ensure they receive balanced meals while adjusting to their new surroundings. Sinking Food Pellets are great for stressed or sick sh that don’t come to the pond’s surface and feed off the bottom of the pond.

Mini Pellets

Food For Young Fish Under 4”.

EML101 (12-oz)

EML102 (2-lbs, 4-oz)

EML103 (6-lbs)

EML104 (17-lbs)

EML105 (40-lbs)

Big Bites Floating Pellets

EML242 (2-lbs; 12-oz)

EML243 (6-lbs)

EML244 (16-lbs, 12-oz)

EML245 (40-lbs)

WithAdded ColorEnhancers!

Summer Staple oating pellets in a larger pellet size (0.7-1.1 cm) for feeding larger Koi.

(Immunostimulant) is for use when water temp is above 68F. Provides added minerals, which help stimulate immunity against viruses commonly found in pond environments

Summer Staple Food with Color Enhancers

EML106 (10-oz)

EML107 (2-lbs)

EML108 (4-lbs, 12-oz)

EML109 (14-lbs)

EML110 (40-lbs)

Hasanimalproteinandcolorenhancersthat areneededwhenwarmerweathersetsin.The addedcolorenhancerspromotebrilliantcolor development.UseasaPrimaryFood.

A blend of microbes that contain speciallyformulated strains of bacteria manufactured for use by landscape, irrigation, and pond professionals. Contains photosynthetic bacteria. Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels. Seeds and maintains biological lters. Reduces buildup of bird droppings, sh feed, and dead leaves. Signi cantly reduces noxious odors caused by dead algae, sh fecal matter and urine. Improves dissolved oxygen levels and dissolves away organic sediment. ColdWeather/WheatGerm


EML111 (12-oz)

EML112 (2-lbs, 4-oz)

EML113 (5-lbs, 4-oz)

EML114 (14-lbs, 8-oz)

EML115 (40-lbs)

Made with lesser amounts of protein.

Spring/Fall Formula

70 www.discountpond.com
Microbe-Lift https://www.discountpond.com/microbe-lift


UltraClear Biological

Pond Clarifier

Ucl1125 - 12 oz.

Ucl1000 - 32 oz.

Ucl1150 - 1 gal.

Clari es and puri es pond water. 100% liveandnaturalbiologicalformula. Reduces ammonia, nitrite, and sediment.

Muck Digester Tabs

Foruseinlargeponds&lakestoreduce undesirablemuck,eliminateorganic buildup,reducesludgeonthepond orlakebottom,andimprovewater quality.Slowlyreleasesninebenecial strainsofbacteria.Tabsalso:reducesludgebuild-up fromorganicdecay;breakdown&eliminateanimal waste;eliminatemurkywater;reduceodorfrom decay;reducetoxicammoniafrompondwater; reduceproblemcausingnitrate&phosphate.

UcL2910 (6-TAB/JAR)

UcL2900 (2-LB)

UcL2905 (4-LB)

UltraClear S.S.T SuperStrengthTreatment

Ucl6010 (12 oz.)

Ucl6000 (32 oz.)

Ucl6005 (1 gal)

For STRING ALGAE problems in ponds up to 4800 gallons. Restores water purity and clarity at surface and at the bottom of the pond. Digests sediments and eliminates odors.


UcL2315 (2-LB)

UCL2320 (8-LB)

UltraClear pH Control

Ucl1180 - pH Higher - 32 oz.

Ucl1185 - pH Higher - 1 gal.

Ucl1190 - pH Lower - 32 oz.

UltraClear “Blue” Organic Pond Colorant




Adds a blue shade to pond water. Prevents excess sunlight-blocksUV. Totallyorganic.

UCL2906 (8-LB)

UCL2913 (400-TAB)

UCL2907 (25-LB)

UltraClear Barley Pellets



Slow decay of the compressed barley pellets provides essential, bene cial bacteria for healthy, clear ponds. Completely natural.

Buffer Block/ Large

UCL2400 (per tab)

Stabilizes the pH and increases water hardness and alkalinity. Treats UPTO 2000 gal/tab.

UltraClear “Flocculent” Instant Pond Clarifier

Ucl1225(12 oz)

Ucl1230 (32 oz)

Ucl1235 (1-gal)

Produces and maintains crystal clear water overnight(within 12 - 24 hours.)

UltraClear PRO Flocculant

UCL1255 (1-gal)

For larger ponds, lakes and lagoons – this is a fast-acting chemical formulation for rapid clari cation –usually within 24 hours. Contains long chain organic polymers that force silt, algae, clay, and sediment to bind together so they can be removed by ltration or settle to pond bottom. Can treat UPTO 25,000 gallons.

UltraClear Defoamer

Ucl3316 (16oz) •UCL4145 (32 oz)

Ucl3350 (1-gal)

Eliminates undesirable foam in ponds, leaving water clean and clear. Safe for sh, plants and wildlife. Repeat treatment as needed.Treats up to 64,000 gallons per 1-gal.

Oxidizes unsightly debris & build-up in cracks. Contains sodium carbonatefor powerfuloxygenbasedcleaning of rocks and crevices in waterfalls as well as stains on rocks, fountains, statuesand other stone surfaces. Effective odor reduction from decayed material.

UltraClear Koi Clay

Ucl3100 (4-lb jar) 100% bentonite clay that removes impurities and replenishesessential minerals. Enhances habitat on bottom of pond for koi. Reduces toxins.

UltraClear CONCENTRATE Colorants

UCL1320 (32oz BLUE)

UCL2490 (32oz BLACK)

Choose from blue shading OR black mirror shading for LARGE ponds and lakes. Quart can treat up to one acre pond with average 4’depth - depending on desired shade. Completely biodegradable, organic formula.

UltraClear FARM Dry Blue

UCL1440 (3WSP)

UltraClear PREMIUM FloatingPondFishFoodPellets

Growth & Color formula promotes healthier sh with rich color by enhancing color and maximizing growth in pond sh. Staple formula is an economical, daily food pellet for koi and pond sh.Spring & Fall forumla is a natural vegetable and plant based koi and pond sh food that is easily digestible in cold temperatures at the beginning and end of the pond season.

UCL7000 (Growth & Color 2-lb)

UCL7001 (Growth & Color 40-lb)

UCL7010 (Staple 2-lb)

UCL7011 (Staple 40-lb)

UCL7020 (Spring & Fall 2-lb)

UCL7021 (Spring & Fall 40-lb)

UltraClear Potassium Permanganate Solution

UCL3000 (16 oz)

Effective against external sh infections from fungi, bacteria, and parasites. Improves water quality and clarity. Strong Oxidizer. Can treat up to 6000 gal pond with 16 oz bottle.

Biodegradable formulation without toxic residue, these 4-oz water-soluble packs can be simply tossed into the pond to color water blue. Safe for all decorative sh, plants, and wildlife. Three packs can color up to an acre pond based on 4’ depth -- and depending on desired shade of blue.


Ucl1800 - 4 oz.

Ucl1810 - 16 oz.

UCL1815 (32 oz)

Ucl1805 - 1 gal.

Removes chlorine and chloramines. Promotes essential slime coat to protect gills. Detoxi es heavy metals, reduces long term nitrate build up.

UltraClear Sludge Digester

Ucl7120 - 12 oz

Ucl7125 - 32 oz

Ucl7130 - 1 gal

100% biological action that removes sludge build up in ponds. Digests organic sludge and eliminates foul odors.

UltraClear BioFilter


Ucl1700 - 4 oz.

Ucl1720 - 16 oz.

Starts bio lter activity quickly and safely, providing all essential bacteria. Removes ammonia, nitrite and organic waste.

www.discountpond.com 71

API/Pond Care Foods


KH TestKit

Aqp59-Tests forcarbonate hardnessto determinethe properdose ofpHbuffers.

WideRange pHTest Kit

Aqp160 Reads pH level of pond water from 5.0 to 9.0. 160-tests.

Test Strips 5-in-1

Aqp164F 5-in-1Pond TestStrips measurepH, Nitrite,Nitrate, CarbonateHardness& GeneralHardness,justdip andread.25teststrips.

Nitrate Test Kit

Aqp80Measures Nitrate levels from 0-160 ppm. 90-tests kit.

AQP197 - Cool Water Food 11-oz

AQP197D - CoolWaterFood1.4-lb

AQP198 - Fish Food 11.5-oz

AQP198D - Fish Food 1.56-lb

AQP198F - Fish Food 2.68-lb

Each test kit includes glass test tubes with snap-on caps, step-by-step instructions and explanation of test results. Easy to read color coded charts and ample reagents included.

Master Liquid Test Kit

Aqp164M-Testincludesph,ammonia,nitrite,and phosphate.Includesinstructionbook,colorchart,four testtubesandholdingtray.Performsover500tests.


Aqp34- Tests water for ve different parameters that affect the health of freshwater sh: pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite,andnitrate.Highly accurateandeconomical. Includescolorcards, 4glasstesttubes,and holdingtrayalongwith complete,step-by-step instructionbooklet.Over800tests.

Phosphate Test Kit

Aqp63L Tests phosphate levels from 0 - 10 mg/L or ppm. 150 tests.

Pond EcoFix Sludge Destroyer

Nitrite TestKit


Thiskittests forharmful nitriteand measures levelsfrom0to5.0ppm. 180tests.

Eliminates cloudy, murky pond water by digesting sludge and dissolved organics; reducing organic pollution; and increasing the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Aqp147B - 16-oz. • Aqp147D - 64-oz.

Activated Filter Carbon

Aqp76C - 1/2 gal (22 oz.) A special blend of highly activated carbon that removes colors, odors, and poisonous waste.

Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer

100%allnaturalproductofspecially selectedbacterialstrainsthatimmediately beginbreakingdownfishwasteanddead algae.Nowincludesbarley.

Aqp146 - 8-oz. • Aqp146B -16-oz.

Pond Accu-Clear


Works quickly to provide powerful control of algae growth including: green water blooms, lamentous algae on plants, oating algae mats, and algae growth on fountains or waterfalls. Effectively controls blanketweed, string algae, and“green water”algae blooms. Safe for use with live plants and sh. 16-oz treats up to 4800-gallons.

Aqp169A - 8-oz.

Aqp169B - 16-oz.

Aqp169G - 32-oz.

Aqp169D - 64-oz.

Aqp169C - 1-gal.

Aqp169J - 2.5-gal.

Quickly clears cloudy pond water. Can be used in conjunction with POND-ZYME with Barley.

Aqp142B - 16-oz.

Aqp142G - 32-oz.

Aqp142D - 64-oz.

Aqp142C - 1-gal.

Pond Stress Coat

Aqp140B - 16-oz.

Aqp140G - 32-oz.

Aqp140D - 64-oz.

Aqp140C - 1-gal.

Reduces sh stress and heals damaged tissues. Forms a synthetic slime coating and replaces the natural secretion of slime.

Completely removed chlorine, chloramines, and the ammonia associated with chloramines.

Ammonia TestKit

Aqp86 Fast, easy and accurate, this test kit measures ammonia levels from 0 to 8 ppm. 130 tests.

Ammo Chips

Aqp79C 1/2 gal

Rechargeable ammonia remover.

pH Down and pH Up

SlowlyadjustspHofpondwaterwithout harmingdelicatepondshorpondplants.

Aqp170B - 16-oz. - pH Down

Aqp171B - 16-oz. - pH Up

Chlorine&Heavy MetalNeutralizer

Instantly neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead, and zinc.

Aqp141B 16-oz.

Aqp141G 32-oz.


Instantly detoxi es ammonia. Eliminates ammonia stress and promotes healthy gill function.

Aqp166B - 16-oz.

Aqp166D - 64-oz.

Pond Simply Clear

Clears pond water

FAST! The unique bacterial strains in SIMPLY CLEAR grow faster than conventional enzyme-producing bacteria. They release a natural polymeric coating into the water that occulates small particles thereby clearing water of debris, clay, and silt. At the same time, the bacteria will consume high volumes of phosphate and nitrates; digests organic debris.

Aqp248B - 16-oz

Aqp248G - 32-oz

Aqp248D - 64-oz

Aqp248C -1-gal)

72 www.discountpond.com API/PondCare



AntiFUNGAL Remedy

All-natural formula rapidly treats fungal infections on body and ns of pond sh. Treats internal and external bacterial infections. Can be used WITH Mela x to enhance effectiveness against sh diseases.

Aqp178B - 16 oz

Aqp178C - 64 oz

MicrobialAlgae Clean

The FIRST bacterial algaecide registered with the EPA. Contains patented bacteria to control green water algae in ponds with live sh and plants. Also helps improve dissolved oxygen levels and reduce noxious odors.

Aqp269B (16-oz) •Aqp269G (32-oz)

Aqp269D (64-oz)•Aqp269C (1-gal)



Antibacterial Remedy for Koi and Gold sh. An all-natural, botanical medication. Patented formula uses the healing power of Melaleuca, a tea tree extract, to rapidly heal bacterial infections in koi and gold sh. Can be used when introducing new sh to the pond.

Aqp176B - 16 oz

Aqp176C - 64 oz

Pond Salt

Anall-naturalseasaltthatreplaces electrolytesincludingpotassium, sodium,calciumandmagnesium essentialfortheuptakeofoxygen andthereleaseofcarbondioxide andammonia.




Green Clean/BioSafe

Granular Green Clean

Algae Control for Water Gardens and Koi Ponds

Purity Meets Performance. GreenClean Granular works through oxidation, breaking down algae cells on contact. Its organic chemistry immediately begins ghting algae blooms, releasing vital oxygen into the water body as it biodegrades.

• Controls String Algae in Ponds and on Waterfalls

• Can be Used All Season as a Preventative Treatment

• Works on Contact

• Eco-Friendly Chemistry & OMRI Listed

• Treats up to 2000 gallons per pound.

Grc02 (2-lbs) • Grc08 (8-lbs)

Grc20 (20-lbs) • Grc50 (50-lbs)

Green Clean FX

Liquid Algaecide

• Commercial-strength liquid algaecide

• Treats and controls algae.

• Use with ponds, pondless waterfalls, and fountains.

• Can be used in water containing live sh and plants.

• Alternative to copper-based products.

• EPA registered GRFX32 (32-oz) • GRFX1G (1-gal)

Pond & Waterfall Cleaner


Deep cleans on contact

Cleans pond surfaces, waterfalls, & decorative rocks

Keeps fountains and birdbaths


Safe for all sh and aquatic plants


Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

Provide essential nutrients and trace elements needed by pond plants to ensure non-stop blooming. Tablets contain iron for lush, green growth and boron to promote ower formation.

AQP185A.... 25pk


Green Clean Xtreme Liquid Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria for Water Gardens and Koi Ponds

Comprised of 68 powerful strains of bene cial bacteria. Reduces ammonia, nitrates, sh waste, and debris. Eliminates cloudy water and odors.

GRX32 (32-oz) • GRXGAL (1-gal)

Green Clean PH Control

pH Adjusters for Water Gardens and Koi Ponds

pH UP and pH DOWN slowly raise or lower the pH of pond water to make it more alkaline or acidic. Can be used daily to keep water pH balanced. Safe for Fish and Delicate Aquatic Plants

1 lb. Container Size – treats Up To 1 lb. 8,000 gallons


GRPHUP16...... (pH Up 16-oz)

www.discountpond.com 73

Aqua Meds


“Aqua Prazi™”(praziquantel) is the safest most effective koi medication on the market for treating uke parasites, it does not stress your koi pond sh or set back your pond lter like many other uke treatments.

AQM030.....25 g

AQM031.....50 g

AQM104.....100 g



Permanently reduces ALL strains of deadly ulcer causing Aeromonas, Pseudomonas in your pond by starving them to death!

Can be stored for two years at room temperature or 3 years if kept refrigerated

DOES NOT contain chemicals, antibiotics or medications, 100% natural

AQM023....16 oz

AQM024....32 oz

AQM025....128 oz


Just one treatment every two weeks is all it takes to protect your pond sh from these deadly attacks

Treats pond water as low as 40 degrees (F) Great for early spring & late fall treatments

Aqua MedZyme™ can be stored at room temperature for 3 years or more

Beneficial Pond Bacteria

Bene cial pond bacteria keep your pond clean and your koi and garden pond sh healthy all season

Just one easy treatment every other week of Pond Support will keep your pond clear, your koi and garden pond sh healthy and growing fast. The bene cial pond bacteria and carbonates will improve the performance of your lter, keeping your pond water fresh and clear.

Arctic Blend

AQM028.....2 lbs.

AQM029.....5 lbs.

bene cial bacteria winter sh pond care prevents poor winter pond water conditions, losses, and stresses that can cause spring outbreaks of pathogenic outbreaks.

AQM001.....32 oz

AQM002.....128 oz

Concentrated Barley Extract

Aqua MedZyme™ DOES NOT contain harsh chemicals, antibiotics or medications


Eliminate™ is a powerful broad spectrum sh treatment

AQM039...16 oz

Eliminates fungus, bacteria and a wide range of parasites including Chilodonella, Costia and Trichodina. In addition to being an effective anti-parasite treatment, potassium permanganate can help with bacterial gill disease and skin ulcers

AQM040...32 oz

AQM041..128 oz

It will also oxidize organic matter and improve water quality and clarity Can be used with pond salt but should not be used with other medications


Especially formulated for rock and gravel bottom ponds!

Removes toxic sh waste, left over food and deadly gases that build up under the rocks and in the gravel of your koi pond


AQM003....1 lbs

AQM004....2 lbs


increases the KH (carbonate hardness) and stabilize your pH, stopping deadly overnight pH crashes supports and helps grow the life saving bene cial bacteria in your pond lter, which require carbonates“KH”and a calcium source to ourish improves the clarity of your pond water


Improves the efficiency of your pond lter by removing toxic ammonia Compatible with all pond and sh medications

Protects your sh from harsh chemicals added to your“tap water”by your local water department

Will not harm the bene cial bacteria in your pond lter

Safe for Pets, Plants, Wild Life and Pond Keepers




Aqua Meds® Extract of Barley is the all-natural way to keep pond water clear. Extract of Barley provides the same bene ts of barley straw but without the mess of pellets or bales. Mix with pond water then apply it in moving water or around the pond’s edge. Use 1 oz every other week per 1,000 gallons to naturally maintain clear water.

AQM034.....1 lb.

AQM035.....2 lb.

AQM036.....4 lb.

Reduces pond water odors and yellowing, improves water quality and clarity

Safe for pets, lters, plants and wildlife


Keeps your pond water clear with it’s special blend of unique ammonia and sludge eating microbes which are 100% Natural, NO harsh chemicals or medications

AQM032.....32 oz ~

AQM033.....128 oz

AQM014.....2 lbs.

AQM015.....5 lbs.


koi treatment for pond parasites

Specially formulated treatment for salt resistant parasites and fungal disease!



74 www.discountpond.com



Has12 – 16-oz

Has13 – 1-gal Disease treatment for ponds.

Treats: Ich,Trichodiniasis, Velvet/Gold Dust Disease, Saprolegniasis, Costia,Fungal Infections, Oodinium and Chilodonella.


Has16 – 16-oz Has18 – 1-gal RemovesChlorine and Free Iodine. Reduces Stress.


Has26 – 16-oz

Has28 – 1-gal

Liquid, buffered product that eliminates Ammonia, Chlorine, and Chloramines. Reduces pH drop.

Cloram-X is Also available in Powdered formula.

3 sizes:

Has41- 5 lb

Has42- 10 lb

Has43- 55 lb



Has36 – 16-oz

Has38 – 1-gal

Has45- 5 gal

A full-function water conditioner for ponds. RemovesChlorine and Ammonia. Destroys Chloramines. Detoxi es Nitrite and Heavy Metals including Copper. Replaces skin slime coat.


Has21 – 16-oz

Treatsdiseasesand conditionscaused by:AnchorWorm (Lernaea)andFish Lice(Argulidae). Won’tnegatively impactbiological action.Maybe usedonscaleless sh.Maybeusedin watertempsdown to45F.



ONE ML treats 1,000 gallons!!An innovative approach to improving pond balance, Nualgi Ponds™ is built on a nano silica base with our patented formula of 12 essential elements that safely help restore the natural balance, improve water quality and control nuisance algae.

Engineered speci cally to bene t the health of your aquatic plants and sh, Nualgi Ponds™ is easy to use, efficient, and yields rapid results.


I ml of Nualgi is applied to 1000 gallons of water once a week. Shake the bottle well before dosing.

Nup02 (60-ml/2-oz)

Nup04 (125ml/4oz)

Nup08 (250ml/8oz)

Nup16 (500ml/16oz)

Concentrated!! Dose at 1-ml per 1000 gallons of pond water weekly.. **dosing dropper included**

APS Pond Logs

APS Pond Logs® can be used to remove turbidity and inanimate nutrients from the water to clean dirty water and reduce aquatic life toxicity.

Dirty water decreases the amount of oxygen in the water causing stress to sh and other aquatic life.

All APS products are safe for sh; no need to monitor pH.


Pond Logs treat between - 325,000 to 500,000, gallons

Mini Pond Logs treat - 20,000 to 100,000 gallons

Pond Zinger treats - 500-12,000 gallons

APZ05....Pond Zinger

APZ10....Mini Pond Log

APZ25....Pond Log


Safe for sh, shrimp, plants, and animals, Nualgi Ponds is a great alternative to harmful algaecides.


McgF08 (8 oz.)

McgF64 (64 oz.)

McgFG5 (5 gal)

Organic polymers that keep fountain water clean, clear, and algae-free Kills and inhibits algae and bacteria

Non-staining; safe for birds, plants, animals -- but NOT FISH. The natural effect of Fountec’s polymers on water tension makes it an excellent insect deterrent for control of mosquitoes, ies, and wasps in fountains, birdbaths, and small water gardens.


For scale-free and stain-free surfaces. Contains phosphonates for protection against white mineral deposits and metal stains on fountain surfaces.

McgP08 (8 oz.)

McgP64 (64 oz.)

www.discountpond.com 75

Crystal Clear Products

Clarity Max™

CLEARS water and rocks of debris within a few applications.

INCLUDES an all-natural proprietary treatment blendedwith bacteria and enzymes.

AIR184 (1-lb)

AIR170 (2.5-lb)

AIR171 (6-lb)

AIR172 (25-lb)

Biological Clairifier™


Algae-Off String Algae Remover

IMMEDATELYREMOVES string algae. Works on contact. EPA-Registered Algaecide.

AIR177 (2-lb)

AIR181 (10-lb)

AIR431 (25 lb)

ELIMINATES muck and sludge.

BREAKSDOWN dead algae, leaves, and twigs.

SAFE for all aquatic life.

AIR188 (24-tabs)

AIR189 (48-tabs)

AIR190 (96-tabs)

AIR191 (384-tabs)


REDUCES unsightly debris. MAINTAINS clean and clear water.

FASTER than pellets; CLEANER than bales.

AIR194 (16-oz)


Controls common parasites and maintains healthy slime coat. Formulated to increase sh electrolytic intake.

AIR198 (10-lb)

AIR199 (20-lb)

CLEARS pond water with natural bacteria and enzymes. SEEDS and maintains biological lters.

BREAKS DOWNsuspendedorganics.

AIR185 12 pack

AIR151 24 pack

AIR152 96 pack

AIR156 300 pack


Cold Water Natural Bacteria with Barley

REPLENISHES winter bacteria loss during spring startup.

ACCELERATES decomposition of leaves, twigs, and sediment all winter. Contains cold water natural bacteria designed to use even when water temperatures drop below 50-degrees F.

AIR192 (12-tabs)

AIR193 (24-tabs)

POND TINT™ Blue & Nite Pond Colorants

SHADES and protects the pond. Non-toxic pond dye. Provides a protective shield for pond water.

AIR166 (16-oz BLUE)

AIR197 (16-oz NITE)

AIR195 (32-oz)

AIR203 (1-gal)

AIR204 (2.5-gal)


ClearOut may be applied to lakes and ponds used for irrigation, aquaculture, and recreational actives. Formulated for ponds and lakes this pond clarifying natural bacteria is a highly concentrated bene cial bacteria with enzymes that come in easy-to-use 8-ounce water-soluble packets


REMOVES tannins, chlorine, and odor. POLISHES water and REMOVES microscopic debris. REMOVES ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Meshbagincluded.A bituminous coal that has been exposed to extreme heatwhichactivatesthe carbon giving it powerful absorbing powers.

AIR164 (5-lb)

AIR169 (15-lb)

Pond & Lake Dye

Pond and Lake Dye keeps water clear and provides plenty of shade for UV rays all year long. Each one-gallon pond and lake formulated pond dye treats up to one surface acre with an average depth of 4’- 6’ deep for several months.


MuckOut one-ounce tablets contain highly concentrated natural bacteria and enzymes. This formulation is great for pond and lake muck removal along shorelines, docks, or beaches

AIR212.. (6-lb)

AIR213.. (24-lb)

TrueBlue™ Dye Packets

TrueBlue Dye Packets are formulated to provide ponds and lakes with vibrant blue color. Two no-mess packets of TrueBlue Dye will treat up to one surface acre 4’-6’deep. AIR211

76 www.discountpond.com
AIR209 12 Count AIR210 48 Count
AIR214 TrueBlue AIR217 DeepBlue
https://www.discountpond.com/crystal-clear https://www.discountpond.com/crystal-clear

Crystal Clear Products


EPA-registered algaecide that targets string algae, blanketweed, and green water. Safe for sh and plants.

AIR201 – 16-oz

AIR202 – 32-oz

AIR205 – 64-oz

AIR206 – 1-gal

AIR207 – 2.5-gal

FastActing AlgaeControl

RapiClear Flocculant

Designed to clear cloudy, muddied pond water quickly. CrystalClear® RapiClear™hasunique propertiesthatallow suspended particles in water to attract together and fall to the bottom of the pond where they can be vacuumed out or removed by ltration.

AIR161 (16 oz)

AIR162 (32 oz)

AIR163 (1-gal)

WipeOut BacterialControl

AIR173 (8-oz) - Controls and prevents bacterial infections. Controls nrot and ulcers.


Foam Remover

Removes foam in seconds. For use in ponds, fountains, or statuary.

AIR180 - 1 gal


Vanish Dechlorinator


Vanish Granules

TheVanishgranules instantly remove chlorine. Dry formula treats 3000 gallons per oz. GRANULES

AIR154 (8 oz)

AIR155 (2-lb)

Vanish Plus Liquid

AIR159 (32 oz)

AIR160 (1-gal)

OneFix™ Natural Water Clarifier

Quadra-action formula immediately removes chlorine, chloramines,andheavymetals.Addssh slimecoatprotectant.Treats200gallonsperounce.

Pond Shock Ball

CLEARSpondwaterwithnaturalbacteria.FASTacting,goestoworkinstantly.OneFix™utilizes naturalbacteriatodigestsuspendedorganics.

AIR186 (16-oz)

AIR167 (32-oz)

AIR187 (1-gal)

The only ONE you will ever need!

Nature’s Choice BarleyStraw Pellets

CLEANS & POLISHES pond water naturally. FAST acting & EASY to apply. STEADY RELEASE for longterm.

AIR175 - 2 lbs

AIR176 - 5 lbs


AIR208 - CrystalClear PondShock is a great alternative to chemicals to clear your pond water fast. The organic ball contains billions of all natural, live bacteria and enzymes that are designed to rapidly break down ammonia, nitrites and organic waste. Can be used in the spring to jump-start biological lters, when water quality issues escalate or before new sh are introduced to the pond. Use once a month or as needed when water temperatures are above 50°F. Safe for all aquatic life.

www.discountpond.com 77


Tetra Triple Light Set


Water Garden Pumps


325-gph @ 1’; 150-gph @ 5’lift. Max lift 6.5’. 22 watts. 12’cord. Includes 1/2”& 3/4”barb outlet adapters.


550-gph @ 1’; 270-gph @ 5’lift. Max lift 7’. 42 watts. 12’cord. Includes 3/4”& 1”barb outlet adapters.




Color-changing LED technology features remote-controlled operation to illuminate pond waterfall or fountain. Can be used underwater or around the pond.

Waterfall Light


Low-voltage, color-changing LED technology illuminates pond waterfall. Remote-control. Compatible with TetraPond Waterfall lter.

Fountain Pump

www.discountpond.com or Toll Free 1-800-979-0999


Indoor/outdoor use. Adjustable ow. Magnetic drive technology. Features auto shutoff. Outlet accepts ¼”, 3/8”, or ½”ID tubing.

Tetra - Small Frog Spitter


Aerates your pond

Unique Pond decoration

Connects to ½”or ¾”tubing (Not Included)

5.5 W x 7 L x 3.5 H

Tetra - Fairy Spitter


Tetra Decorative Fairy Spitter - Small compact sized spitter aerates and decorates your pond.

Sturdy construction

Barbed Multi-stepped inlet connection: 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”

Approximate dimensions: 11-5/8”H x 7-1/2”W x 7-1/2

pump and tubing NOT Included

Power waterfalls, lters and fountain heads. Reliable magnetic technology. Limited 3 year warranty. Energy efficient. Outlet tubing adapters included with each pump.

1000-gph @ 1’; 800-gph @ 5’lift. Max lift 8’. 80 watts. 16’cord. Includes 1”barb outlet adapter.


1900-gph @ 1’; 1550-gph @ 5’lift. Max lift 16’. 185 watts. 16’cord.

Water Garden Pump Pre-Filter

Pre- lter forTetra PondWater Garden Pumps

325, 550, 1000 and 1900 GPH


• Foam Insert

• Pre- lter-tubing adapter

• Pump intake-tubing adapters

- 1 in. barb /3/4 in thread

- 1 in. barb /1-1/4 in thread

• 4 in x 1 in ID tubing

• 1 Year Limited Warranty

Tet26579 – Water Garden Pump Pre-Filter

Tet19017 – Pre-Filter foam insert

Fountain Set for Water Garden Pumps:

Bell, Frothy, Spray Patterns


Set Includes:

• 3 fountain heads

• Adjustable height

• Flow control and diverter connects to ½”or ¾” or 1”ID tubing

• Adapters included to t all WGP pumps.

• One year limited warranty.

Submersible Flat Box Filter


Compatible with a wide variety of pumps from 200 to 2000 gph. Includes lter box, lter pads (coarse and ne), tubing, and ttings to adapt to various pump inlets from 3/4”to 1-1/4”.


78 www.discountpond.com


DHP – Debris Handling Pumps

Clog-free Performance … No need to clean pre- lters. Innovative cage design with large holes throughout the surface allow any debris up to 1/4”diameter to pass through to the pump. Debris passes through a specialized open-faced impeller without clogging. Extremely energy efficient and economical to operate. THREE year limited warranty.

Filtration Fountain Kits


Includes 325-gph pump with 12’cord, submersible heads (frothy, spray, bell) and diverter assembly with swivel adjuster.


Includes 325-gph pump with 12’cord, pre heads (frothy, spray, bell), and diverter assembly with swivel adjuster.

Tet19016 foam for FK3


3690-gph. Max lift 11.4’. 199 watts; 2.0 amps. 1-1/4”and 1-1/2”barb outlet. 15’cord. 3 year warranty.

FK6 Filtration Fountain



4235-gph. Max lift 13.1’. 233 watts; 2.5 amps. 1-1/4”and 1-1/2”barb outlet. 15’cord. 3 year warranty.

UV Clarifiers

Provides permanent control of suspended algae and removes heavy algaeblooms. Compact, durable and easy to install. Energy efficient. Built in Viewing Window, to allow for viewing of bulb function. High efficiency UV bulbs provide up to 8000 hour life. Stainless steel insert increases UV exposure. Barb inlet/outlet on all units will accept ¾”, 1”, and 1-1/4”ID tubing. Adapters available separately if 1-1/2”tubing required. THREE year warranty.

Includes Flat Box lter and 550-gph pump. Three fountain heads (frothy, spray, and bell) included with swivel adjuster for leveling fountain heads. Diverter/ ow control valve included. Pump has 12-ft cord.

In-Pond Skimmer PS1000A

Tet26562 – In-Pond Skimmer PS1000A For ponds up to 1000-gallons. Removes debris from water surface. Easily attaches to TetraPond Water Garden Pumps. Use with pumps 550 to 1900 gph.


Tet19014 – In-Pond Skimmer Pad

UVC-5(5watts)-Tet19523 - ponds up to 660 gal; pump up to 330 gph.

UVC-9(9watts)-Tet19520 - 1800 gal; 900 gph.

UVC-18(18watts)-Tet19521 - 4400 gal; 2200 gph.

UVC-36(36watts)-Tet19522 - 8800 gal; 4400 gph.

Replacement Quartz Sleeves








Replacement UV Bulbs





Tet19706- – Provides ponds with vital oxygen for sh and plants. Can also be used in winter as a de-icer solution. Kit contains: air pump, 30’of air tubing, two air stones, valves and connectors. Outdoor/weatherproof packaging.

Also available: Tet77878 – APK100 Repair Kit

www.discountpond.com 79 AQM032.....32 oz ~ AQM033.....128 oz
APK100 Air Pump Kit



Tetra ClearChoice® BioFilter

TET16783...... Filter

TET30233...... Replacement Lid

The Tetra Brand Venturi and Trickle-Flow System

The water inlet into your lter is tted with an advanced Venturi system, which draws air into the in- owing water, creating ideal conditions for the bene cial bacteria to decompose waste

The ClearChoice® BioFilter works to keep your pond clean through biological and mechanical ltration. This easy-to-use system lters coarse debris and provides biological ltration media with massive surface area for bene cial bacteria to colonize and remove harmful pollutants. The ClearChoice BioFilter utilizes a unique Venturi system, which draws air into the in- owing water, creating ideal conditions for the bene cial bacteria to decompose waste.

TetraPond recommends the TetraPond Water Garden Pump 325 GPH or 550 GPH

Bio-Active Pressure Filters

Tetra, the Bio-Active pressure lter has been re-engineered for maximum bio ltration resulting in a clear and healthy pond. New vortex internal pumping jets ensure maximum water-to-media contact to support bacterial growth and provide for superior bio-activity.

TET26563.... BP-1500 For up to 1500 gal. pond

TET26566... BP-1500 With 9 watt UV

TET26564.... BP-2500 For up to 2500 gal. pond

TET26567... BP-2500 With 18 watt UV

TET26565.... BP-4000 For up to 4000 gal. pond

TET26568... BP-4000 With 18 watt UV

Tetra Pond De-Icer


Anti-Algae Blocks


Replaces Jungle Pond Fountain Block

Tet16737– Controls algae in ornamental features. Easy-to-use blocks.

Waterfall Filter

Tet26429 - Winter SurvivalSolutionforFish.Keeps asmallareaofthepondice-free,allowingharmful gasescausedbydecayingmatterandshwasteto escapethroughtheopening.Effectiveto-200F. Thermostatically-controlled;300watts.15’cord. Useonede-icerforevery150sqftpondsurface.

Pond Blocks


ReplacesJunglePond PondBlock4pk

Tet16735– Controls algae. Easy-to-use blocks.

Also available:

Tet16310 – bulk 50/pack of Pond Blocks

Tet26596- For ponds up to 1000 gallons. Use with pumps from500 to 4500 gph. Ridges on underside of spillway prevents dripping. Extra long spillways is easier to hide with stones. Vortex settling chamber helps settle large solids. Mesh bag included for adding lava rock or biological media. 2”thick ber mat lters particles from water. Includes adapters for 1”and 1-1/4”ID tubing. Limited 2-year warranty


**If using Tet26580 Bio-Activators media, need three of the 2-liter bags to adequately ll lter**

Telescopic Pond Net


• For cleaning debris and sludge from pond

• For safe retrieval of pond sh

• Net edges protected from abrasion

• Telescopes up to 5 ft.

Water Gardening Books

Many titles to choose from … see our website: DISCOUNTPOND.COM for complete info/ availability/pricing”.

80 www.discountpond.com
3-year manufacturers warranty.


AquaSafePondFormula Algae ControlTM Barley & Peat Extract (formerly

Water Clarifier

Tet16267 - 16.9 oz

Tet16275 - 3 liter

Quickly neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. Provides protective coating for gills and membranes of sh.

Treats 2500 gallons per 16.9 oz.

Tet77187 - 16.9 oz

Tet77189 - 33.8-oz/1liter

Tet77188 - 3 liter

Controls green water and string algae. Highly effective at combatting algae blooms, hair algae, string algae and blanket weed. Treats 6,000 gallons per 16.9 oz. EPA Registered. Safe for aquatic plants and sh.

Koi Vibrance Sticks Pond Sticks

Tet16294 - 16.9 oz

Creates naturally clear water and prevents discolored water while maintaining the beauty of waterfalls. Replaces messy barley bales. Releases natural humic acids from barley straw extract and liquid peat. Treats 1250 gallons per 8.4 ounces.

called AquaRem)

Tet16397 - 16.9 oz

Quickly clumps contaminants so they can be easily removed by ltration, wet vacuum or by nemesh net. Treats 2,500 gallons per 16.9 oz.

Koi Growth Food

1-liter-Tet16434 4.85-lb.-Tet16489

1-liter - Tet16359

1.43-lb. - Tet16494

2.42-lb. - Tet16485

3.3-lb. - Tet16459

An ideal maintenance diet that providesnutrition forenergy,longevity,andoverallhealth.Feedspring, summer,andfallwhenwatertemperaturesare500F andabove.Ingredients:wheatstarch,cornour,sh meal,feedingoatmeal,dehulledsoybeanmeal,wheat gluten,wheatgermmeal

Koi Spring & Fall Diet





5.18-lb. - Tet16486

8.27-lb. - Tet16491

16.5-lb. - Tet16458

A highly nutritional diet provides basics and brings out vibrant reds and yellows on Koi and ornamental gold sh. Feed in spring, summer, and fall when water temperatures are 500F and above. Ingredients: wheat starch, sh meal, corn our, dehulled soybean meal, feeding oat meal, wheat germ, wheat germ meal.

Variety Blend




Premium blend of three foods to enhance vitality. Blend includes: Pond Sticks, an ideal basic diet; Koi Vibrance, enhances natural coloration; Spring&Fall Diet for health and vitality. Feed in spring, summer and fall when water temperatures are above 500F. Ingredients: wheat starch, corn our, wheat germ meal, dehulled soybean meal, feeding oat meal, sh meal, wheat germ.

TetraPond Pond VacationFood

Premium high protein food for rapid sh growth. A high protein diet containing essential amino acids that help younger sh grow. Ideal for late spring and early summer feedings when water temperatures are 500F and above. Ingredients: wheat our, sh meal, wheat gluten, soybean oil, potato protein, corn starch, corn gluten.

Flaked Fish Food

Tet16210 - 1 - liter canister (6.35 oz.)

Tet16621 -10 - liter bucket (4.52 lb.)

Premium nutrition for small pond sh. This primary meal for gold sh and small Koi is easy to digest enabling the pond water to stay clean and clear.

Ingredients: sh meal, ground brown rice, wheat germ meal, feeding oat meal, shrimp meal, potato protein, dried yeast.



Transitions sh in and out of winter. Wheatgerm’s exceptional digestibility at low temperatures is very important since sh metabolism and the pond’s ammonia-reducing biological activity are greatly diminished in colder months. Feed in spring and fall, when water temperatures are below 500F and above 390F. Ingredients: wheat germ meal, corn our, feeding oat meal & dehulled soybean meal.


Nutritionally balanced slow release food. Feeds up to 7 days. Patented gel-based diet with natural ingredients. Does not cloud water. Precise amounts of select vitamins and nutrients to help support sh’s immune system.

Ani348 - Suited for larger ponds for use with pellet or stick foods. Variable feed sizes are dispensed at programmed times or on demand at the touch of a button. 6.5-lb/30 cup capacity dry food hopper. Easy to use LCD control with approximately 6-9 month battery life in continuous use.

Unique feed mechanism ensures accurate and consistent feed sizes from 3 teaspoons upwards. Weather resistant. Can be fastened to a secure base for increased stability.

www.discountpond.com 81
1-liter Tet16354 1-lb. Tet16482 1.72-lb. Tet16483 2.53-lb. Tet16357 3.70-lb. Tet16484 6.50-lb. Tet16488 11-lb. Tet16457 A Discount Pond Best Seller! A Discount Pond Best Seller!

Lifegard Aquatics

Quiet One Pro Pond Pumps

For submersible or dry applications.


ECO-SAV generates more power with less energy consumption.Internalrecirculationpreventsoverheating and ejects obstructing debris.Remarkableimpellertechnologyprovidescombinedrotors,improvedshaftmaterials, andcorrosion-resistant bearings. Innovative“cooling chambers”provide air-cooling during dry use and watercooling in wet applications. 115V; 20-ft cord. All have sponge suction intake.

Lif01 – Model 800 – 220gph; ½”insert discharge.

Max lift 4.25’

Lif22 – Model 2200 – 594-gph; max lift 10.5’; 1”MPT discharge.

Lif03 – Model 3000 – 819-gph; max lift 10.3’; 1”MPT discharge.

Lif04 – Model 4000 – 991-gph; max lift 10’; 1”MPT discharge.

Lif02 – Model 1200 – 296-gph; max lift 6’; ½”MPT discharge.



Lif06 – Model 6000 – 1664-gph; max lift 11.5’; 1”MPT discharge.

SEA HORSE Out-Of-Pond Pumps

Self-priming design ensures long life. Reinforced berglass for strength and durability. Large capacity basket with see-thru lid. Unique diffuser and impeller provide excellent pressure performance across wide ranges of desired gallon per minute ow rates. Easy access drain plugs. All Sea Horse Pumps are 1-1/2”suction and 1-1/2”discharge. 115v.

LifZ175038– ½-HP 66-gallon per minute

LifZ175039– 3/4-HP 76-gallon per minute

LifZ175040– 1-HP 82-gallon per minute

Mini Pond Vac

Designedforusewithagarden hoseandasiltbag,or1-1/4"or 1-1/2"vacuumhose.Includes: siltbag,hoseadapter,shut-off valve,andsnap-adaptforthe handle.Includesbrush attachmentforuseon vinyl,berglass,orsmooth plastersurfacesanda nozzleattachmentwith wheelsforuseonroughsurfaces andforspotcleaning.



Pelletized Activated Carbon

Absorbschemicaland organiccontaminants fromwater.Removes colors,odors,andpollutants thatltrationleavesbehind. Enormoussurfacearea duetoactivationprocess. Threecompositematerials insidethepelletremovea widerrangeofcontaminants.




Rai2842 (28 oz.)

Rai2840 (55 lb. bulk)

High-performance, energy-efficient pumps. Wet or dry installation. Extremely low energy consumption Pre- lter screen handles large particles for less maintenance. OIL-FREE. Convenient handle design and body rotates for ease of plumbing. Small footprint includes multiple-size insert tting and suction cups.

Lif616 – PG1600 -1500-gph; 1”inlet/outlet. Use ¾”or 1”ID hose. Max lift 15’.

Lif627 – PG2400 - 2400-gph; 1-1/4”inlet/outlet. Use1”or1-1/4”IDhose. Max lift 15.5’.

Lif645 – PG4500 - 4300-gph; 1-1/2”inlet/outlet. Use 1-1/4”or 1-1/2”ID hose.Maxlift19’.

Lif653 – PG5300 - 5000-gph; 1-1/2”inlet/outlet. Use 1-1/4”or 1-1/2”ID hose. Max lift 24’.

Lif660 – PG6600 - 6500-gph; 2”inlet/outlet. Use 1-1/2”or 2”ID hose. Max lift 22.5’.

Most Items Shipped Within 24 Hours!



Rai141260 - ABS construction with shatterproof magnifying lens. Includes snap-on / snap-off otation top and 36" rope leash with anchor plate.

Leaf Eater

Removes bugs, debris, and leaves. Works with a garden hose. Filter bag slips on and off easily with slide closure. Includes wheel and brush attachments.






82 www.discountpond.com
Lif05 – Model 5000 –1400-gph; max lift 11.5’; 1”MPT discharge.
MODEL1600-2700 MODEL4500-5300-6000

Pond Filter System

Newly-designed,thiscompletely submersibleunitcleansandmaintains ahealthypond,fountain,orwater garden.13WUVsterilizerwith separate20’cordcanbeusedas needed.UVLightIndicator.

Two-Stage,high-capacitymechanical ltration.Waterfeaturespray attachmentwithBall-Joint LevelingDevicetokeepspray verticalevenwhenpond bottomisn’tlevel.Biological Filterforbacterial growth.

Maintenance Handle provides easy access to remove from water. Pump included.


Lif71 – All-in-One SINGLE, for ponds up to 1000 gallons.

Lif72 – All-in-One DOUBLE, for ponds up to 1500 gallons.

Lif73 – All-in-One TRIPLE, for ponds up to 2000 gallons.


SubmersiblePondFiltersandFilter/PumpKitsthat featuremechanicalandbiologicalltrationforcrystal clearwater.Kitsincludepumpandtubing.

UNO-SingleModuleforpondsupto1000gallons. DUO-DoubleModuleforpondsupto1500gallons. TRIO-Triplemoduleforpondsupto2000gallons.

Lif411 (UNO lter)

Lif412 (DUO lter)

Lif413 (TRIO lter)

Lif421 (UNO lter/pump kit)

www.discountpond.com 83
Aquatics https://www.discountpond.com/lifegard-aquatics MORE PRODUCTS COMING SOON!

Pond Clarifier Acurel-E

The safe and easy choice for pond clarity. It’s the original and perhaps the best clari er on the market. Helps to keep water crystal clear. Clears cloudy and polluted water within hours of application. Safely causes contaminants to clump into masses for removal manually or via ltration. Helps to improve lter efficiency. Made from ORGANIC extracts from renewable, natural resources. Does not adversely affect bene cial nitrifying bacteria. Use 1-oz/30ml per 300 gallons of pond water. Can re-dose after 24 hours if needed.

• Keeps pond water crystal clear

• Improves lter efficiency

• Combats the harmful effects of overfeeding

• Safe for sh & plants

Acu015 - 150ml (treats 1500 gallons)

Acu025 - 250ml (treats 2650 gallons)

Acu050 - 500ml (treats 5300 gallons)

Acu190 - 1900ml (treats 19,000 gallons)

ECONOMY Activated Filter Carbon Pellets

Effective pelletized lter carbon suited for aquariums and ponds. These pellets absorb toxic waste and prevent the buildup of harmful gases. Large absorption pore are vital to removing organic compounds and dissolved organics.

ACU203 (3-LB stand up zipper pouch)



Acu550 - Clog-Resistant, CoarsePolyesterFilterPadis 12”x 12”to t all submersible 12x12 pond lters.

Acu555-Clog-Resistant,CoarseCarbon-InfusedFilter Padis12”x12”totallsubmersible12x12pondlters.

Acu560 - Clog-Resistant, Coarse Combo Pack of 1-ea Acu550 and Acu555.


ACU500 - PolyFibermediaPad10”x18”cuttot

ACU505 - CarbonInfusedmediaPad10”x18”cuttot

ACU510 - Phosphate-ReducingmediaPad10”x18”cuttot

ACU515 - Ammonia-ReducerInfusedPad10”x18”

ACU520 - Nitrate-ReducerInfusedPad10”x18”

Drawstring Media Bags


(BETTER) High quality granular carbon that provides effective removal of toxic organic substances, discoloration, and foul odors. Can be used in lter cartridge re lls.

ACU332 – 40-oz jar • ACU333 – 90-oz jar


(BEST) Effective media that clears ponds of toxic organic substances, discoloration, and foul odors. Each pellet contains large pores that allow it to absorb and hold more contaminants which is vital to attaining the extreme removal of chemical and organic pollutants and toxins.


AmmoniaRemoverGreen (ZEOLITE

ACU339 – 36.5-oz jar • ACU340 – 75-oz jar

Super-effective GREEN zeolite rids ponds of ammonia (which is the #1 killer of pond and aquarium sh). Also minimizes foul odors and cloudy water.

PremiumExtremeActivatedFilterCarbon (BEST) with Ammonia-Away Green Blend

ACU335 – 30-oz jar • ACU336 – 60-oz jar

Combination of the“best”carbon pellets with Ammonia Away Green to create the ultimate product for removal of toxic substances, discolorations, odors, and deadly ammonia.


Nitrile Touch Gloves

in 6 assorted colors

Atg10 (small)

Atg11 (medium)

Atg12 (large)

ALSO available in BLACK in four sizes: ALSO available in XAtg30 - X-SMALL/KIDS in purple only


While Supply Lasts.

United Aquatics

Full Arm Length Pond Gloves

Pack of 2 UAQ091

Full Arm length Pond Gloves. Touch sensitive hypoallergenic vinyl. Protects sh from cross contamination. Protects you while cleaning your pond.

Bamboo Gloves


Bamboo bers are naturally antibacterial, UV protective, biodegradable, cool, and durable. Seamless knit bamboo liner keeps hands cool and comfortable. Textured nitrile palm coating resists punctures and abrasions.

Atg40 (small)

Atg41 (medium)

Atg42 (large)

Atg43 (x-large)

84 www.discountpond.com
ACU831 – 3”x 8” ACU832 – 4”x 12” ACU833 – 8”x 13” https://www.discountpond.com/acurel

Manufactured using the highest quality ber, components, processes, and quality control. All of the ber used in this media is recycled. * 20’and larger rolls are oversize - additional shipping charges may apply and excludes these items from freight prepayment/allowances.*


FLO3712 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3710 – 28”wide; 10’roll

FLO3708 – 28”wide; 120’roll*

FLO3706 – 56”wide; per foot

FLO3704 – 56”wide; 20’roll*

FLO3702 – 56”wide; 120’roll*


FLO3212 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3210 – 28”wide; 10’roll

FLO3208 – 28”wide; 90’roll*

FLO3206 – 56”wide; per foot

FLO3204 – 56”wide; 10’roll

FLO3202 – 56”wide; 90’roll*


FLO3912 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3910 – 28”wide; 10’roll

FLO3908 – 28”wide; 90’roll*



FLO3312 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3310 – 28”wide; 10’roll

FLO3308 – 28”wide; 120’roll*

FLO3306 – 56”wide; per foot

FLO3304 – 56”wide; 20’roll*

FLO3302 – 56”wide; 120’roll*

CREAM/BEIGE–1-1/4”thick (openweave)

FLO3612 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3610 – 28”wide; 10’roll

FLO3608 – 28”wide; 120’roll*

FLO3606 – 56”wide; per foot

FLO3604 – 56”wide; 20’roll*

CREAM/BEIGE–2”thick (openweave)

FLO3412 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3410 – 28”wide; 10’roll

FLO3408 – 28”wide; 90’roll*

FLO3406 – 56”wide; per foot

FLO3404 – 56”wide; 10’roll

FLO3402 – 56”wide; 90’roll*


FLO3812 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3810 – 28”wide; 10’roll

FLO3806 – 56”wide; per foot

FLO3804 – 56”wide; 20’roll*

FLO3802 – 56”wide; 120’roll*


FLO3512 – 28”wide; per foot

FLO3510 – 28”wide; 10’roll


FLO1319 – ts Savio Waterfall Filter

• Improves Water Clarity and Water Quality

• Removes Excess Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphate

• Biodegrades Sludge, Waste and Sediment

• Quickly Seeds the Biological Filter in the Spring

• Over 60 Billion Bene cial Bacteria per Tablet

• 1 Tablet Treats 5,000 Gallons of Pond Water

• Treat Monthly for Best Results

• Natural & Organic – Safe for Fish, Plants and Other Aquatic Life.

FLO1320 – ts Savio SkimmerFilter

FLO1322 – tsSavioCompactSkimmer2pc

FLO1510 – tsLaguna7.5”roundfoam

FLO1511 – tsLaguna10.5”roundfoam

Pond Clari er improves water clarity and quality using bene cial bacteria as opposed to chemicals. The more than 60 billion benecial bacteria biodegrade sludge, waste, sediment and foul odors. They also remove excess ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and phosphates.

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1”LimeGreen 1”White 1-1/4”Cream DARK GREEN BLUE/WHITE 2”Cream
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These foods are highly digestible and their improved assimilation signi cantly reduces the volume of waste. Saki-Hikari™ can improve resistance to disease. The complete nutritional package in Saki-Hikari™ and the vitamin and mineral components, including stabilized vitamin C, help reduce stress and thereby stress-induced illness while promoting good bacteria balance in the intestinal tract. Pellet size is“medium”- Three diets available:

Color-Enhancing Diet

Aggressive Color

Enhancing Capacity

HIK041- 4.4 lb. Medium

HIK046- 11 lb. Medium

HIK047- 11 lb. Large

HIK050- 33 lb. Medium

Growth Diet

Providing Outstanding Growth Characteristics

HIK017 - 17.6 oz. Medium

HIK042 - 4.4 lb. Medium

HIK048 - 11 lb. Medium

HIK049 - 11 lb. Large

HIK044 - 33 lb. Medium

Multi-Season Diet

Offering Superior Assimilation and Coloration

HIK043 - 4.4 lb.

HIK053 - 33 lb.

Saki-Hikari® Pure White™

A professional use, supplemental daily diet intended to help nish the Shiroji (white) of your championship-grade koi while enhancing the depth and brilliance of the skin.

HIK040- (11 Lb Medium)


Contains carotenoid (color-enhancing element) blended with NS germ to bring out vibrant colors in koi. Floating, non-clouding pellets. 40% minimum crude protein.










Supreme class of color enhancing food. Does not damage the white skin of koi. Floating, non-clouding pellets. 40% minimum crude protein.

HIK014 (17.6 oz. - mini pellet)

HIK038 (11 lb. - large pellet)


Easily-digestible food containing: wheat germ meal, sh meal, wheat our, corn, spirulina, krill meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal. 35% average crude protein.

HIK035 (11 lbs.)


Floating, non-clouding pellets. 32% average crude protein

HIK030 (8.8lb.-med.pellet)

HIK034 (8.8lb.-largepellet)

HIK051 (44lb.-med.pellet)

A supplemental oating diet intended to help nish championship-grade koi prior to a show. If your koi needs an extra pop of color, this probiotic enhancing diet should be your rst choice!

HIK045- (11 lb Medium)


Floating, non-clouding pellet food. 35% minimum crude protein.













• 17.6 oz. medium pellet

• A uniquely balanced treat for koi using a centuries old traditional ingredient.

• Adds weight rapidly while improving sheen and luster.


Highly nutritious, easily assimilated and absorbed koi food that is safe and all-season. 32% minimum crude protein.

HIK006 (17.6 oz. - mini pellet)

HIK013 (17.6 oz. - med. pellet)

HIK016 (17.6 oz. -sinking pellet)

HIK025 (4.4 lb. -mini pellet)

HIK026 (4.4 lb. -medium pellet)

HIK036 (4.4 lb. -large pellet)

HIK037 (11 lb. - medium pellet)

HIK039 (11 lb. - large pellet)

HIK033 (11 lb. - sinking pellet)

HIK031 (33-lb/medium)

HIK029 (33-lb/large)


Helps koi gain both size and weight. Floating, non-clouding pellets. HIK032(4lb.-largepellet)

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Premium Koi & Gold sh Diets


Blackwater Max Growth BlackwaterColorFormula

Formulated to grow and maintain sh in top condition. High protein sh meal-based diet contains absolutely no llers. Floating sh food that contains 38% protein, 8% fat, and 4% ber. Staple diet with ingredients of: sh meal, plant & animal protein products, dried yeast culture, sh oil, and multiple vitamins & minerals.

Bwc05MS (5-lb; small pellets)

Bwc05MM (5-lb; medium pellets)

Bwc40MM (40-lb; medium pellets)

Bwc40ML (40-lb; large pellets)

Bwc40MS (40-lb; small pellets)

Blue Ridge

Floating sh food that contains 38% protein, 6% fat, and 8% ber. Color enhancing diet to provide maximumvibrancy. Main ingredients of: plant, animal, and marine protein products; dried yeast culture; sh oil; spirulina; carophyll red; and vitamins & minerals.

Bwc05CM (5-lb; medium pellets)

Bwc05CL (5-lb; large pellets)


Seasonal Cool-Formula available Spring and Fall in 5-lb and 40-lb sizes


Combines the ingredients in MAX GROWTH diet with other ingredients to help digestion and maximize uptake of nutrients. 40% crude protein, 10% crude fat, 40% crude ber.

Ingredients: sh meal, plant protein products, animal protein products, dried yeast culture, sh oil, dried seaweed meal, wheat our, spinach, garlic, beet powder, asparagus anise,andvitamins&minerals.

Bwc08GM- 8-lb; medium pellets

Bwc40GOLDM- 40-lb; medium pellets

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Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery Foods are used by America’s leading Koi and Gold sh producers. All of their foods offer a completely balanced, nutritional diet that is ideal for koi, butter y koi, and gold sh.

Formulated with Encapcel®

MINI - 1/8”Pellets

BLR02B (2-lb. Mini)

BLR05B (5-lb. Mini)

BLR14B (14-lb bucket)


BLR50B (50-lb bag)

Perfectforkoiandgoldsh underveinchesinlength.

LARGE 3/16”Pellets

BLR02A (2-lb. Lg.)

BLR05A (5-lb. Lg.)




ForKoiandGoldshover 5inches.



BLR02C (2-lb. Color)

BLR05C (5-lb. Color)

BLR14C (14-lb bucket)

BLR25C (25-lb. Color)

BLR50C (50-lb bag)

Color Rich Formula contains the same ingredientsastheGrowth Formula,withtheadded presenceofthreeprovencolorenhancers:marigold extract,spirulina,andcanthaxanthin.


Blr02W (2-lb)

Blr05W (5-lb)

BLR14W (14-lb bucket)

Blr25W (25-lb)

BLR50W (50-lb bag)

These 3/16”pellets provide improved digestibility at low temperatures when the metabolism of koi and gold sh is slow. This food should be used when water temperatures are below 60 degrees F.

BLEND - mixture of 1/8”and 3/16”Pellets

Blr02f (2 lb; blend)

Blr05f (5 lb; blend)

BLR14F (14-lb bucket)

BLR25F (25-lb bag)

BLR50F (50-lb bag)

Formulated with Encapcel®

BlueRidgeBlendGrowth FormulaKoiandGoldsh

Foodisperfectformixed sizesofkoiandgoldsh.

Best Sellers


Delivers a powerful probiotic coupled with increased levels of vitamin C to stop ulcers and diseases before they appear. Strengthens immunity and aids in digestion.

BLR02H (2-lb bag) • BLR05H (5-lb bag)

BLR14H (14-lb bucket) • BLR25H (25-lb bag)

BLR50H (50-lb bag)


Blr04R (4.5-lb plastic bottle)

Blr14R (14-lb bucket)

Blr50R (50-lb bag)

Platinum Pro is a professional, sh meal-based diet formulated for discerning koi keepers that want the very best for their sh. This is a higher protein formula that will provide koi with exceptional growth, nutrition, and coloration. These 3/16” pellets contain everything needed to keep sh in top show condition, including top quality protein, carbohydrates, and amino acids. It contains proven color enhancers of Spirulina and Canthaxanthin for superior color enhancement. Also includes Primilac, a probiotic immune stimulant designed to protect koi from sickness and disease.

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All Dainichi sh foods contain calcium montmorillonite clay. Food is encapsulated with a special vitamin and mineral coating after the cooking phase. Dainichi foods are much higher in protein content due to their use of high protein ingredients like spirulina (52-62%) and krill (62%),as well as abstinence from using low-grade llers of any kind. All food is

ALL-SEASON – Optimal year-round diet

Composed of easily-assimilated marine and vegetable proteins which promotes rapid growth, while the high vegetable content ensures quick and easy digestion in all temperatures. The shrimp and spirulina enable ALL-SEASON to perform very well in maintaining vibrant colors of all koi varieties. With only two sources of starch ( our as binder and wheat germ as a source of vitamins E and B), ALL -SEASON keeps the body conformation of all koi in a constant show-ready condition.

DKF1112 – 5.5-lb; small pellets

DKF1122 – 5.5-lb; medium pellets

DKF1132 – 5.5-lb; large pellets

DKF1113 – 11-lb; small pellets

DKF1123 – 11-lb; medium pellets

DKF1133 – 11-lb; large pellets

DKF1124 – 22-lb; medium pellets

DKF1134 – 22-lb; large pellets


– Potent color formula for all koi

Heavily concentrated with pure cultured spirulina and Antarctic krill. The color enhancers and other nutritive ingredients are in their raw, un-cooked state making them unequally potent. As an added bene t, this two-step application of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C & E, ensure that the luster, sheen and whites of koi are always at their best.

DKF1322 – 5.5-lb; medium pellets

DKF1323 – 11-lb; medium pellets


– For superior growth and conformation GROWTH PLUS is formulated with unprecedented amounts of Antarctic krill, shrimp and white sh meal. With the exception of the readily-convertible carotenoids from the krill and shrimp, there are no other color enhancers added to impair the unmatched growth performance. Koi convert the nutrients from food much more effectively into size when they don’t expend valuable energy on putting on color.

DKF1712 – 5.5-lb; small pellets

DKF1722 – 5.5-lb; medium pellets

DKF1732 – 5.5-lb; large pellets

DKF1713 – 11-lb; small pellets

DKF1723 – 11-lb; medium pellets

DKF1733 – 11-lb; large pellets

DKF1724 – 22-lb; medium pellets

DKF1734 – 22-lb; large pellets


– The benchmark for all other foods

Ideal food for keeping all koi in show quality condition, this high performance formula provides sh with a perfect balance of both growth and color. Can be used alone or in conjunction with other formulas. Features ve sources of protein, of which spirulina, krill, and shrimp are also color enhancing. A favorite with serious hobbyists and many top Japanese koi breeders.

DKF1222 – 5.5-lb; medium pellets

DKF1232 – 5.5-lb; large pellets

DKF1223 – 11-lb; medium pellets

DKF1233 – 11-lb; large pellets

DKF1224 – 22-lb; medium pellets

DKF1234 – 22-lb; large pellets



Highly-digestible for year-round use!

An ideal year-round maintenance, growth and development food. Complete and balanced nutritional pro le keeps koi in peak con rmation, health, and vigor. Vegetable and marine proteins make it especially well-suited for feeding during cooler months.

DKF1422 – 4-lb; medium pellets

DKF1423 – 11-lb; medium pellets

DKF1424 – 22-lb; medium pellets


– Ideal balance of growth and color!

A balanced, all-purpose color, growth, and maintenance food with a robust blend of krill, spirulina and white sh meal. This enhances the luster, sheen, and white of koi.

DKF1522 – 4-lb; medium pellets

DKF1523 – 11-lb; medium pellets

DKF1424 – 22-lb; medium pellets


– Fast-acting maximum color enhancement! Premier color food intended to enhance both the beauty and the physical conformation of koi. Utilizing an optimum blend of Antarctic krill and 100% cultured spirulina, this formula brings out bright, vivid red colors in many koi varieties.

DKF1622 – 4-lb; medium pellets

DKF1623 – 11-lb; medium pellets

DKF1624 – 22-lb; medium pellets

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Ani348 - Suited for larger ponds for use with pellet or stick foods. Variable feed sizes are dispensed at programmed times or on demand at the touch of a button.

6.5-lb/30 cup capacity dry food hopper. Easy to use LCD control with approximately 6-9 month battery life in continuous use. Unique feed mechanism ensures accurate and consistent feed sizes from 3 teaspoons upwards. Weather resistant. Can be fastened to a secure base for increased stability.

Aqua Automatic fish feeder

evoFeed Automatic is an automatic sh feeder suitable for medium and large ponds. The unit can be programmed to dispense food into the pond at timed intervals throughout the day. The distance the food is propelled, and the amount of time it is dispensed for, are also adjustable

Battery PoweredUp to 3 months on a single charge The feeder is designed to use pellets from 3-10 mm diameter. We do not recommend the use of sticks, akes or other shapes of food.

EPIC “For Organic gardening …


Rabbit Scram One-Step Protection Granular Repellent

Epic11 (2.5-lb shaker container) Contains dried blood, white pepper, garlic, cloves, and meat meal. Convenient shaker top container treats up to 1,350 squarefeet.

Scram for Dogs

Granular Repellent

Epic31 (3.5-lb shaker bag) Provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, pets, or the environment. Scram for Dogs offers 600 sqft ofprotectionperpound.

Scram for Cats

Granular Repellent

Epic41 (3.5-lb shaker bag) Provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, pets, or the environment. Scram for Cats offers 600 sq ft of

Mole Scram

Granular Organic Repellent

Epic21 (4.5-lb shaker container)

Dual-action, granular mole repellent, which is specially formulated to quickly drive moles away from pond, lawn or garden. Mole Scram works by combining taste that moles dislike as well as a strong odor that is very mild to people but offensive to moles. Does not kill or harm moles, it simply drives them away so that they will do no

Deer Scram Granular Repellent

Epic01 (2.5-lb shaker container)

Epic02 (6-lb pail)

Epic03 (25-lb pail)

Deer scram stimulates a strong fear response by emitting an odor that deer and rabbits associate with their dead kin. It repels the animal before theynibbleonplants. It should be applied every 30 to 45 days.


Snake Scram Granular Repellent

Epic51 (3.5-lb shaker bag) Anexcellentnaturalrepellent. Specially formulated to naturally deter snakes and move them away from treated areas. Provides 600 sq ft of protection per pound.

Gopher Scram

Dual-Action Protection - Granular Repellent

Epic36 (3.5-lb shaker container - covers 2,100 sq.ft.)

Dual action Gopher Scram makes gophers’food taste bad and their tunnels smell undesirable, driving them away. Made with ground peanut hulls coated with castor, clove and other essential

Armadillo Scram Granular Repellent

Epic16 (6-lb bag) All natural ingredients; suitable for organic gardening. Won’t harm people, plants, or animals. Long lasting –up to 30 days of protection! Provides 600 sq ft of protection per pound.

Vole Scram

Granular Repellent

A GREEN solution to VOLE damage

Epic26 (6-lb bag)

Stops vole damage without harming people, plants or animals. Long lasting . . .up to 30 days of protection. Provides 600 sq ft of protection per pound. Fast-acting, organic, and biodegradable.

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Fish Nets

Aluminum frame with scoop front edge. 1/4" black mesh netting. Aluminum handle. V-design on frame edges cuts water quickly.

NycB01 - 8" x 6" frame; 6" net depth; 18" handle.

NycB05 - 14" x 12" frame; 4" net depth; 18" handle.

NycB06 - 14" x 12" frame; 4" net depth; 36" handle.

NycB07 - 14" x 12" frame; 4" net depth; 46" handle.

NycB08 - 14" x 12" frame; 8" net depth; 18" handle.

NycB09 - 14" x 12" frame; 8" net depth; 36" handle.

NycB10 - 14" x 12" frame; 8" net depth; 46" handle.

NycB19- 18" x 12" frame; 8" net depth; 46" handle.

NycM01 - 14" D-frame; 18" net depth; 46" handle.

NycM02 - 18" D-frame; 24" net depth; 46" handle.

Koi Entry Level Nets

Frame is 3/8" solid aluminum rod. Handle is 1" diameter. Fish protected from all metal with soft protective cover. Plastic handle grip.

NycKE15 - (15" diameter frame; 18" handle)

NycKE22 - (20”diameter frame; 2’- 4’tele handle)

NycKE23 - (20”diameter frame; 3’- 6’tele handle)

Koi Net Handles

Heavy wall seamless aircraft-type 1-1/8" diameter aluminum tubing; gold anodized; handle grip; snap lock drilled for permanent handle attachment.



Koi Kastle

Protects koi from predators.Moldedblackplastic textured toresemble a rock. Also provides shade.

NycKK04 – 13”L x 7”W x 6”H

NycKK05 – 7.5”L x 5.5”W x 4”H

Koi Kastle

Protects koi from predators. Aluminum frame and mesh body. Also provides shade.

NycKK01 - ( 9" x 7" x 18")

NycKK02 - (12" x 12" x 24")

Fish Cages

Useasadividerinlarge shtanks and ponds. Floating lid, black polyester net. Each is 2’deep.

NycFLC1(1’x3’)•NycFLC2(2’x3’) NycFLC3(3’x3’)•NycFLC4(4’x3’)


Kwik-Kleen Skimmer Rakes

Frame is aluminum with plastic edging to shield net from sides and bottom of pond. Scoop front edge aids in collecting.

NycK01 - 14.5" x 10" frame; 4" net depth; 36" handle NycK02 - 16" x 12" frame; 4" net depth; 46" handle NycKD02 - same as Nyck02 except has 8" net depth

NycK03-16"x12"frame;4"netdepth;4'-7'telescopichandle NycKD03 - same as Nyck03 except has 8" net depth

NycK04 - 10" x 9" frame; 36" handle NycK05 - 10" x 9" frame; 48" handle

Pond Nets

Designed especially for handling small sh in ponds. Frame and handle are all aluminum and securely attached.

NycA09 - 12" x 8" oval frame; 8" net depth of black 1/4" poly; 12" handle

NycA10 - 10" x 8" rectangle frame; 8" net depth of white poly; 12" handle

NycA11 - same as NycA09 except 18" handle NycA12 - same as NycA09 except 36" handle NycA13 - same as NycA10 except 18" handle

Algae Removal Kit

NycAK01 - Complete kit that is attractively packaged. Interchangeable heads on furnished telescopic handle. Includes Algae Twister head, Algae Brush head, Algae Skimmer rake and handle hanger.

Big Top Pond Cover

Keeps out leaves and debris, while allowing sunlight, ventilation, and moisture. Black polyester netting; 3-ft pole,strong nylon webbing edges;brass grommets1/4”mesh.

NycPC05 (6' x 8.5' - no poles, 14 ground stakes)

NycPC20 (8.5' x 18' - 2 poles, 22 ground stakes)



NycZSI(6pk)- ground stakes


NycT1 - Economy, sinking thermometer; clear plastic casing; tether cord.

NycT2 - Floating thermometer; clear plastic casing.

Nycon Aluminum Pole Hangers

Nyc12P – packed 2 in with screws Holds two poles. On attractive point of sale card. Holds nets, garden tooks, garden hose, etc.

Nycon Pond Netting

High quality UV resistant netting is 1/4”mesh.

NycPN10 - (10’x 10’) • NycPN20 - (10’x 20’)

NycKR01 - 1’diameter

NycKR02 – 2’diameter

Calms the water inside the ring to dramatically improve the visibility of the sh. Isolates food when placed inside ring and prevents pond contamination.

Fish Spawning Incubator

NycFSB01-18" diameter; 18" deep. Floats, or can be anchored. Polyester net with polyethylene oating ring.

Algae Twister

NycAT01 - For removal of string algae or blanketweed. Telescopic handle extends from 32" to 58".

Koi Feeder - Viewer
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Fish Tank Covers

Made from 1/4”black polyester netting. Includesdrawstring and locking device to hold cover securely.








Protects submerged plants from sh while allowing adequate water circulation around plant.

NycSPP1 - 1'diameter

NycSPP2 - 2' diameter

Floating Plant Protector

Protects long-stem plants, such as water lilies, from sh.

Koi Sock Net

All have 12" handle with rubber hand grip. All metal edges are covered to protect sh.




NycRFID2-2'round;18"deep NycRFID3-3'round;30"deep Squarestillavailablewhilesupplylasts.

Floating Fish


Con nes oating water plants to a speci c area while protecting plants from sh.

NycRFI1 - 1.5' round

NycRFI2 - 2' round

NycRFI3 - 3' round

Heron and Premium Pond Netting & Supplies

Heron & Critter Protection Netting

2”black heavy duty

knotted netting 5” plastic pins for stakes

Virtually invisible

KwnH1220 - 12’x 20’

KwnH1525 - 15’x 25’

KwnH2025 - 20’x 25’


Premium Pond Netting


UAQ045-telescopichandle extendsfrom24-48”.

NycROV1 - 1’x 2’oval NycROV2 - 1.5’x 3’oval NycROV3 - 2’x 4’oval


United Aquatics Pond Netting

5/16 mesh , Black, Mono-Nylon Woven Material

UAQ080...PCN322: 6’x 9’

UAQ081...PCN433: 9’x 13’

UAQ082...PCN644: 13’x 20’

UAQ083...PCN106: 20’x 33’


Ultra Pond Covers


17”Catching net

Black Knit 1/8”mesh Leaf/Pond Netting. 2”folded black polypropylene binding. 3/8”brass grommets every 2-ft. Lightweight and extremely durable













KwnT03- 12”plastic stake

14”Round skimmimg net Sturdy pond brush

4 Part strong telescopic pole

Netting Accessories:

KwnT01Hook & Loop Tie Down

Resists tears, mold and mildew. UV treated for longer life.16 year life expectancy. Tight weave preventssmalldebrisfrom reaching pondwater.

•Ult0610- 6' x 10'

•Ult1010 - 10' x 10'

•Ult1020 - 10' x 20'

•Ult2020 - 20' x 20'

•Ult2030 - 20' x 30'


- 25’x 30’ 2”Mesh
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Loki Nets

Loki Nets For Water Gardening, Koi Professionals and Hobbyists

• Loki Nets have been made in the USA since 1965.

• Exceptional quality, durability, and trouble-free functionality.

• Made from 100% nylon under strict quality control conditions.


• Monorail System: The original mesh-guard system, Loki’s unique Monorail aluminum prevents netting abrasions

• Netting is encased in the bow, creating a natural guard and attractive appearance.

• 100% U.S.-Made Knotless Netting: Reduces abrasion to sh, more durable, and absorbs preservative treatments.

•Tangle-LessNets:Featuresthesmallmeshknotlessnettingthatiscoated(alongwiththehoop) in special super-strength preservative.

• Net has more body and greatly reduces tangling.

• Lasts years longer than ordinary nets.

• Round Stainless Steel Screw: Round screwsare used because they have no sharp edgeslike the square or hex-shaped ones.

• Handles: Fiberglass, aluminum, and wooden handles are options.

Pond Utility Nets

Designed to handle pond maintenance, handling koi, and skimming leaves. Feature Monorail aluminum bows. Small, soft mesh is knotless and strong. Shallow, at-bottom allows for easy sh handling and easy maneuvering in corners.

Lok01 – 9”x 6”frame; 4”net depth; 18”handle; 1/8”white mesh

Lok03 – 16”x 16”frame; 4”net depth; 4’handle; 1/8”white mesh

Tangle-Less Utility Net

Super-strong coating that gives the netting more body to prevent tangling. The ultimate net for safely handling koi and other small sh. Shallow, wide at bottom helps sh lie at for easier handling. Monorail aluminum bow encase the netting.

Lok11 – 16”x 16”frame; 4”net depth; 4’handle; ¼”black mesh

Pro Koi Nets

Unique black Monorail hoop prevents net abrasion from rocks, sand or edges. Black netting won’t spook sh. Shallow netting is made from soft, durable black ¼”mesh. Handles feature black foam grips.

Lok16 – 18”diameter; 3”net depth; 9”handle

Lok18 – 22”diameter; 3”net depth; 9”handle

Lok19 – 22”diameter; 3”net depth; 4’handle


Lok26 – 18”diameter; 3”net depth; 9”handle

Lok27 – 18”diameter; 3”net depth; 4’handle

Lok28 – 22”diameter; 3”net depth; 9”handle

Lok29 – 22”diameter; 3”net depth; 4’handle

Super Sock Net

Lok32 – measures 11”diameter; 42”long

Designed to safely move koi or gold sh – or to catch sick sh. The Monorail hoop prevents net abrasion from rocks, sand, or edges. Handle is 9”diamond-embossed aluminum with foam grip. Netting is black Micro-Mesh with an open bottom.


Lok33 – Telescopic handle kit 4’to 8’

Telescopic handle adds a new dimension to a Loki Utility or Koi net. Designed to t the standard Monorail tubing, this handle is complete with foam grips, spring buttons, screws and pre-drilled holes for assembly.

Triangle Skimmer Nets

Made in the popular triangle-style, these nets feature Monorail hoops, knotless netting with sewn-in buttoms and aluminum handles

Lok37 – 15”x 12” frame; 3”net depth; 4’handle;

Filter Media/Utility Bags

Excellent for retaining lter media: BioBalls, ribbon media, zeolite, etc. ¼”white mesh with draw cord and slide-lock.

Lok41 – 12”x 12”

Lok42 – 12”x 18”


Lok43 – 12”x 30” Lok44 – 18”x 24”

Lok45 – 20”x 30”

Lok46 – 24”x 36”

Made to easily ship via UPS! These sturdy, entry-level nets have a heavy wire-framed square front hoop, with your choice of either white micromesh, white 1⁄8”mesh or white ¼”mesh.

Nets are 9”deep. with 24 inch xed length handles.

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Lok38 – 15”x 12” frame; 3”net depth; 4’handle; 1/8”white mesh
LOK50 - WG-A -10”x 8” - Micro Mesh-White 24”Handle LOK51 - WG-B - 10”x 8”- 1⁄8”Mesh-White 24”Handle LOK52 - WG-C - 10”x 8”- ¼”Mesh-White 24”Handle https://www.discountpond.com/loki-nets O
M r I  C o  u W
2/7 w.dt.c
Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours!!

Plant Accessories


Rim Aquatic


Plant Fertilizer

CAPM Concentrated

Aquatic Planting Media

EML086 (10-lb)

EML087 (20-lb)

Pre-Colonized With Beneficial Bacteria!

• All Inert Ingredients!

• No Fertilizer, Compost, Peat or Pesticides!

• 100% Natural Minerals!

• Kiln Fired!

Highland Rim aquatic plant fertilizer is SAFE AND NONTOXIC. Will not promote algae blooms in ponds, and will not harm sh or other aquatic life. The special COPPER-FREE FORMULA was developed by a water garden nursery known worldwide for superior plants and products, and is carefully formulated to promote maximum blooming potential. Fast acting fertilizer tabs that allow their nutrients to go right to work giving plants a strong start and healthy diet. 10-2610 ratio. Will not crumble or dissolve in the water before you get them into the plant containers. 10 gram tablet size allows for fewer tablets per container. Use 1-tab per gal of soil every 6 weeks for marginals; monthly for lilies and lotus.

HR41 - 12 tabs •HR42 - 36 tabs •HR43 - 80 tabs

HR45 - 300 tabs •HR44 - 1000 tabs


Use 1-tab per-gal of soil per month. Specially formulated tablets feed aquatic plants and do not release chemicals into the water which cause algae growth. 10-14-8 analysis.

Plt0175- 20 tabs •Plt0176- 60 tabs •Plt0178- 300 tabs

Plt0177- 1000 tabs •Plt0179- 4000 tabs

ALSOAVAILABLE:PondtabbsJr. , a smaller tablet for marginal plants.

Plt0174- 250 tabs •Plt0172- 2000 tabs


Humates are a highly decomposed organic material that is millions of years old and contains extraordinary properties that are important to plant growth. Essentially, these humates increase the availability of the nutrients in the fertilizer making them easier for the plants to take up. Creating natural microbial activity enhances plant development and resistance to stress.


Granular formula that can increase blooms x5. Utilizes binary technology to help plants take up available nutrients. Reduces the amount of fertilizer needed to get newly-potted plants off to a rapid start. Treat every 90 days. Developed by Ken Landon of the International WaterLily Collection in San Angelo, TX.




Plantabbs Barley Log


Product is in a mesh bag with a foam tube in the center that aids the wicking within the log. The outer portion of the log has elongated straw which helps speed the degradation of the straw.

1 Bale treats a 1,000 gal pond for up to six months

Ideal when potting aquatic plants. Retains oxygen. Enormous surface area perfect to colonize bene cial nitrifying bacteria. Allows mixing any ratio of loam to planting media. Nontoxic to plants. Will not break down, oat or cloud pond water. Safe for all sh and aquatic life.













Oas42764 - Premium pond pliers for grabbing and removing cuttings or leaves in the pond. Adjustable length up to 6.6-ft. Rubberized gripper for rm and secure hold.


Oas46970 - 2-in-1 Pond scissors that simultaneously hold the cut plants while cutting. The head, with adjustable work angles, protects the pond liner from cuts and enables convenient work. 62”handle; overall 65”L.

www.discountpond.com 93

United Aquatics



Direct from the UK – authentic Hozelock replacement parts

UV Lamps

UaqC05 – 5-watt UV lamp

UaqC09 – 9-watt UV lamp

UaqC11 – 11-watt UV lamp

UaqC13 – 13-watt UV lamp

BioForce Sponge/Foam

UaqC21 – BioForce 250

UaqC22 – BioForce 500

UaqC23 – BioForce 1000

UaqC24 – BioForce 2000


UaqH03 - Ring rests on surface of water-freeoating, or attach to tether cord.

Prevents uneaten food from sinking to bottom or oating away into skimmer by retrieving ring after 2 minutes of feeding.

Aeration Accessories


Airstone 12”long


Sump Bottom Drain

Uaq011- Sump Bottom Drain 4”

UAQ021 -Airline

Tubing (per ft.) discounted @ 200’roll

Heavy, at airstones 1/2”diameter.

Heavy Duty Airstones

UAQ050-5”round- accepts airline tubing.Approximately 1-1/2”diameter.

Lifelike oating Ducks

With anchor Eye. Great pond decor

14’’Long x 6’’Wide by 6’’Deep UV Stablized Paint

Lifelike Floating Design

UAQ078.... Male


Cute Yellow Ducklings, will add color to any Pond. Aprox: 5”Long x 2-1/2” Wide x 2-3/4”high


UAQ077.... 1-Duckling


4 in 1 combo Includes: 45cm/17”catching net, 35cm/14”round skimming net, sturdy pond brush, and 4 part strong telescopic pole

Koi Fish Transport Mesh Sock TEC777

• 48 Inch Long Soft Mesh Sock

• Safely MoveYour Valuable Koi

• 8 Inch Diameter Ring


LadybugSolarLightSet 4-pack

BottomDrainwith 90-degreecoupling




United Aquatics Pond Netting

5/16 mesh , Black, Mono-Nylon Woven Material

UAQ080...PCN322: 6’x 9’

UAQ081...PCN433: 9’x 13’

UAQ082...PCN644: 13’x 20’

UAQ083...PCN106: 20’x 33’


Heron Decoy


30”tall; legs included.

Heron Stop

A simple and nearly invisible deterrent helping to protect pond sh from herons and cats. Place the stakes around the pond, 10”- 12”from the pond and about 5’apart, with the stakes pointing in towards the pond.


Gold label Pond Sealant

Caulk Size is 290ml/9.5 Fl Oz

Fish Safe for sh when cured. Seals leaks in all type of ponds and waterfeatures.

No need to drain pond, just clean the surface to be sealed. Allow 24 hours to cure.

Bonds all materials even under water e.g.

UAQ072.... 290ml/9.5 oz tube

UAQ052-9”roundat- accepts 3/8”ID tubing.

Sti73 - Solar powered decorative lights are ideal for decorating shrubs or owerbeds around the pond. Powered by a separate solar panel allows lights to be placed in shady area. One red LED per ladybug. Up to 8 hours of light each night when fully-charged. Replaceable, rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Stake mounting allows lights and panel to be easily located. Each ladybug measures 4.25”L x 3.75”W x 2.5”H. Each light and solar panel have 5-ft cord.

94 www.discountpond.com

Pond Liners and Accessories


Seals – Repairs –Waterproofs

Self-Adhesive black EPDM Rubber for: EPDM,PVC, POLYETHYLENE,andPOLYPROPYLENELinerMaterials

Patch Kit

Lcf01- Contains:

5”x 2’fully-cured, self-adhesive EPDM rubber patch; solvent wipe, scrub sponge, seam roller, and disposable gloves. Use to repair and waterproof small tears and punctures in EPDM rubber.

Seam Tape

Lcf02 - 3”wide x 25’piece

Lcf03- 3”wide x 100’roll

Double-sidedbutyladhesiveseamtape designedtosplicetwopiecesofEPDM rubbertogetherintoasingle, waterproofseam.

Cover Strip/Patch Tape

Lcf04 - 5”wide x 25’piece

Lcf05 - 5”wide x 100’roll

A cured EPDM rubber with pre-applied butyl adhesive. Use to repair EPDM pond liners. Easily seals, repairs, and water proofs a tear or puncture in an existing EPDM liner. Can also be used as a cover strip where two panels of EPDM liner meet; or can be used in conjunction with the Seam Tape to add an extra layer of waterproo ng protection.


Pond Liners EPDM

EPDM exible rubber pond liner. 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee against UV breakdown. Ozone resistant; will not blister, crack, or deteriorate in direct sunlight. FISH FRIENDLY!


LinB0505 - 5’x 5’

LinB0510 - 5’x 10’

LinB0810 – 8’x 10’

LinB1010 – 10’x 10’

LinB1012 – 10’x 12’

LinB1015 - 10’x 15’

LinB1020 – 10’x 20’


LinB1030 – 10’x 30’

LinB1215 – 12’x 15’

LinB1515 – 15’x 15’

LinB1520 – 15’x 20’

LinB1525 - 15’x 25’

LinB2020 - 20’x 20’

We are no longer able to offer FREE SHIPPING on ANY pond liner shipments. Please contact us for freight quotes.


Pipe Boot

Lcf06 - Self-adhesive pipe boot is EPDM and is adjustable from 1”to 6”. Use for sealing around pond liner pipe penetrations.

Ultra Bond Seam Primer 14 - oz

Lcf07 - Surface Conditioner and Adhesive Enhancer. Maximizes adhesion of Seam or Cover/Patch tapes. For use with EPDM and Polypropylene liner materials.

Protection Mat/Underlayment

Non-woven fabric provides additional tear and puncture protection. Also enhances soil stability and aids in erosion control.

Available in these pre-cut/boxed sizes:

LinPm0515 (5’x 15’)

LinPm1015 (10’x 15’)

LinPm1515 (15’x 15’)

LinPm1520 (15’x 20’)

LinPm1525 (15’x 25’)

LinPm1550 (15’50’)

www.discountpond.com 95
Order Anytime 24/7 www.discountpond.com
TITE SEAL by Cofair Products

Aquascape 300 Watt De-icer


Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and cracking

Integrated thermostat saves electricity

Built-in LED light indicates when heater is in use

Weight: 3 lbs.

Dimensions: 5.5”Dia x 4”H

Cord: 22’

TetraPond De-Icer


Effective to -20F. Thermostatically-controlled 300 watts.

15’cord. Use one de-icer for every 150 sq feet of pond surface.

Effective to - 20°F (-28.8°C). 15 foot cord. 3-year limited warranty.

Atlantic Water Gardens Pond De-Icer


Maintains a hole in ice to allow the exchange of oxygen and other gases in wintery


Pondmaster Floating Winter Pond De-Icer


120-watts. Thermostatic control to reduce heating time and save electricity. Internal electronics epoxy-sealed for watertight protection.

18-ft cord.1-yr manufacturer’s warranty.


FarPTC3 - Thermostatically-controlled outlet to be used with de-icer. Increases efficiency and energy savings by turning power to de-icer on-off based on air temperature rather than water temperature. Turns on at 35ºF and shuts off at 45ºF air temperature. Plugs directly into any standard 115a, 120V outlet.

Ice Eliminator Birdbath De-Icer

Khm200 - Using only 50 watts, the Ice Eliminator's low contour and neutral color look great in any birdbath. Maintains open water to -200F and is safe to use in plastic birdbaths. Aluminum, powder coated nish. Can be painted to match any color birdbath. 18”cord.

Volts: 115

Watts: 300

Cord Length: 20’

Warranty: 1 Year

Floating Pond DE-ICER

FarP418 - 1250-watts; 10’cord; 1-yr. manufacturer’s warranty. Safe for use in rubber liner or plastic ponds up to 600 gal.

Heated Pond Saucer

-FarPS200 Energy efficient, 200-watts. Low pro le design (only 1-3/4”tall) minimizes wind resistance. Floats on pond surface. Thermostatically-controlled to operate only when necessary. Field-tested in a 1000 gallon pond in sub-zero temperatures. One Year Warranty. 10-ft cord. BEST SELLER!

Perfect ClimateTM Deluxe Pond De-Icer

Can be used as a oating de-icer … or with the click of a button, converted to a submersible de-icer. 12’cord.

Khm8125 (250wt – approx 7”diameter)

Khm8175 (750wt – approx 7”diameter)


Thermo-Pond 3.0

Khm100- Keeps an ice-free area on pond surface to allow for toxic gas escape throughout the winter. Operates on only 100-watts!! Will not harm pond liner or plastic ponds. State-of-the-art thermostat with larger heat radius. 12' cord and leak-proof entry port. For 300-1000 gal pond. Approx. 12”dia.

96 www.discountpond.com


Heavy Duty RHINO 1 Bottom Drains

Thicker anges and liner attachment ring that will not ex, distort or crack

All attachments are precision machine tted for extra strength with no need for gap lling

Rhino II Heavy Duty Bottom Drain with/without Air Diffuser

AQD006... Rhino II with Air RH2-A

AQD007... Rhino II Drain RH2-O

AQD001... 2” RH1-2

AQD002... 3” RH1-3

AQD003... 4” RH1-4

All joints are hand welded resulting in more strength than the speed welds used on other drains. Rhino drains do not use any injection molded components which would weaken the structure.

Rhino Retro 2” and 3” Bottom Drains

AQD010... Retro Drain 2”RHRET-2

AQD011... Retro Drain 3”RHRET-3

The latest Aquadyne Retrofit Bottom Drain offers a quality innovation for a stable and rugged over the liner bottom drain for those who do not want to install a drain through a liner, or for pre-constructed ponds that do not have a bottom drain. This drain is especially useful for pond and aquatic environments that have pre-existing liner, concrete, or any other situation that would not allow underground plumbing to be installed.

Simply ll the ballast area of the drain with small stone, sand, or other heavy inert material. Then attach a suction hose or rigid plumbing to the side port of the drain and attach to the pump suction line.

Rhino 90 Degree Bottom Drains

Rhino drains are made from Schedule 80 PVC and designed by computer generated machine fabrication and are thermal welded by hand to assure top quality dependable structural welds.




Full 3”height over the discharge port of Rhino II equals more concrete over the horizontal discharge.

Direct pipe connection into the air bladder. (no snaking an air line through the pipe) Rhino air drains contain a1.5”commercial air check valve to prevent water entering the air line.

Rhino Retro 2” and 3” Bottom Drains With Diffuser

AQD012... Retro Drain 2”With Air Diffuser RHRET-2A

AQD013... Retro Drain 3” With Air Diffuser RHRET-3A

Aquadyne Rhino Multidrain

The Aquadyne Rhino Multidrain is a combination drain. A combination of both worlds... a Rhino I drain top and an OFS drain midsection combined. It can be used like the OFS drain by adding a threaded over ow riser that can be threaded into the top of the drain, or it can be used with the cover plate installed in a standard drain con guration. Availablein2”,3”,and4”


Heavy Duty - Rhino I - Overflow or Side Wall Return

The Rhino I OFS is a Heavy Duty Sch. 80 drain used as an Overow Bottom Drain together with a vertical riser or as a Sidewall Return


https://www.discountpond.com/heavy-duty-rhino-i-over ow-or-side-wall-return


Visit our website for Aquadyne Filtration Systems and Accessories www.discountpond.com 97


https://www.discountpond.com/ ttingsadapters

We will attempt to provide ttings in black whenever possible; otherwise, ttings are gray or white in color.

98 www.discountpond.com ELBOW:THREADxTHREAD FT255 1/2" MPT x 1/2" FPT 30 FT256 1/2" FPT x 1/2" FPT 30 FT257 3/4" MPT x 3/4" FPT 20 FT258 3/4" FPT x 3/4" FPT 20 FT259 1" MPT x 1" FPT 20 FT260 1" FPT x 1" FPT 20 FT261 1-1/4" MPT x 1-1/4" FPT 10 FT262 1-1/4" FPT x 1-1/4" FPT 10 FT263 1-1/2" FPT x 1-1/2" MPT 10 FT264 1-1/2" FPT x 1-1/2" FPT 10 FT265 2" MPT x 2" FPT 10 FT266 2" FPT x 2" FPT 10 NIPPLE:MPTxMPT FT300 3/8" x 1/4" (short) 50 FT301 1/2" x 1/4" (short) 30 FT302 1/2" cut-off (6" long) 50 FT303 3/4" cut-off (6" long) 50 FT304 1/2" x 3/8" (short) 30 FT305 1/2" x 1/2" (short) 50 FT306 1/2" x 1/2" (3" long) 30 FT307 1/2" x 1/2" (6" long) 30 FT308 3/4" x 1/2" (short) 30 FT309 3/4" x 3/4" (short) 30 FT310 1" x 1/2" (short) 30 FT311 1" x 3/4" (short) 30 FT312 1" x 1" (short) 30 FT313 1" x 1" (8" long) 30 FT314 1" x 1" (12" long) 30 FT315 1-1/4" x 1" (short) FT322 1-1/2”x 1/2” FT321 1-1/2”x 3/4” FT320 1-1/2”x 1” 30 FT316 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" (2" long) 30 FT317 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" (short) 30 FT318 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" (short) 10 FT319 2" x 2" (short) 10 OVERFLOWSTRAINER(MPT) FT330 1/2" 30 FT331 3/4" 20 FT332 1" 20 FT333 1-1/2" 10 FT334 2" 10 TEE:BarbxBarbxBarb FT340 1/4" 50 FT341 3/8" 50 FT342 1/2" 30 FT343 5/8" 30 FT344 3/4" 20 FT345 1" 20 FT346 1-1/4" 10 FT347 1-1/2" 10 FT348 2" 10 HOSECLAMPS(StainlessSteel) FT275 1/4”- 5/8” (for 1/4”or 3/8”ID hose) 100 FT277 7/16”- 29/32” (for 1/2”or 5/8”ID hose) 100 FT279 3/4”- 1-1/2” (for 3/4”or 1”ID hose) 100 FT281 1-9/16”- 2/1/2” (for 1-1/4”- 1-1/2”ID hose) 100 ELBOW-THREADxBARB FT225 3/8" FPT x 1/2" Barb 30 FT226 1/2" MPT x 1/2" Barb 30 FT227 1/2" MPT x 5/8" Barb 30 FT228 1/2" FPT x 5/8" Barb 30 FT229 1/2" MPT x 3/4" Barb 20 FT230 1/2" FPT x 3/4" Barb 20 FT231 1/2" MPT x 1" Barb 20 FT232 1/2" FPT x 1" Barb 20 FT233 3/4" MPT x 5/8" Barb 20 FT234 3/4" MPT x 3/4" Barb 20 FT235 3/4" FPT x 3/4" Barb 30 FT236 3/4" MPT x 1" Barb 20 FT237 3/4" FPT x 1" Barb 20 FT238 1" MPT x 1" Barb 20 FT239 1" FPT x 1" Barb 20 FT240 1-1/4" MPT x 1-1/4" Barb 10 FT242 1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/2" Barb 10 FT243 2" MPT x 2" Barb 10 ITEMNUMBER SIZE BUSHING,REDUCER-MPTxFPT FT095 3/8" MPT x 1/4" FPT 50 FT096 1/2" MPT x 1/4" FPT 30 FT097 1/2" MPT x 3/8" FPT 30 FT098 3/4" MPT x 3/8" FPT 20 FT099 3/4" MPT x 1/2" FPT 50 FT100 1" MPT x 1/2" FPT 20 FT101 1" MPT x 3/4" FPT 20 FT102 1-1/4" MPT x 1/2" FPT 10 FT103 1-1/4" MPT x 3/4" FPT 10 FT104 1-1/4" MPT x 1" FPT 10 FT105 1-1/2" MPT x 3/4" FPT 10 FT106 1-1/2" MPT x 1" FPT 10 FT107 1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/4" FPT 10 FT108 2" MPT x 1-1/2" FPT 10 CHECKVALVE (spring) FT120 1/2" FPT 10 FT121 3/4" FPT 10 FT122 1" FPT FT115 1”Slip 10 FT123 1-1/4" FPT 10 FT116 1-1/4" Slip 10 FT124 1-1/2" FPT 10 FT117 1-1/2" Slip 10 FT125 2" FPT 10 FT118 2" Slip 10 COUPLING,BARBxBARB FT130 1/4" x 1/4" 50 FT131 3/8" x 1/4" 50 FT132 3/8" x 3/8" 50 FT133 1/2" x 1/4" 30 FT134 1/2" x 3/8" 50 FT135 1/2" x 1/2" 30 FT136 5/8" x 1/2" 30 FT137 5/8" x 5/8" 30 FT138 3/4" x 5/8" 20 FT139 3/4" x 3/4" 20 FT140 1" x 5/8" 20 FT141 1" x 3/4" 20 FT142 1" x 1" 20 FT143 1-1/4" x 3/4" 10 FT144 1-1/4" x 1" 10 FT145 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" 10 FT146 1-1/2" x 3/4" 10 FT147 1-1/2" x 1" 10 FT148 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" 10 FT149 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 10 FT150 2" X 1" 10 FT151 2" x 1-1/4" 10 FT152 2" x 1-1/2" 10 FT153 2" x 2" 10 COUPLING,FPTxFPT FT166 1/2" x 3/8" 30 FT167 1/2" x 1/2" 30 FT168 3/4" x 1/2" 20 FT169 3/4" x 3/4" 20 FT170 3/4" x 1" 20 FT171 1" x 1" 20 FT172 1-1/4" x 1" 10 FT173 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" 10 FT174 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 10 FT175 2" x 1-1/2" 10 FT176 2" x 2" 10 COUPLING,SlipxSlip FT531 3/4” FT532 1” FT533 1-1/4" 10 FT534 1-1/2" 10 FT535 2" 10
ITEMNUMBER SIZE ADAPTER:MPTxBARB FT001 3/8" MPT x 1/4" Barb 50 FT002 3/8" MPT x 3/8" Barb 50 FT003 3/8" MPT x 1/2" Barb 30 FT004 1/2" MPT x 1/4" Barb 30 FT005 1/2" MPT x 1/2" Barb 30 FT006 1/2" MPT x 5/8" Barb 30 FT007 1/2" MPT x 3/4" Barb 20 FT008 1/2" MPT x 1" Barb 20 FT009 3/4" MPT x 5/8" Barb 20 FT010 3/4" MPT x 3/4" Barb 20 FT011 3/4" MPT x 1" Barb 20 FT012 1" MPT x 5/8" Barb 20 FT013 1" MPT x 3/4" Barb 20 FT014 1" MPT x 1" Barb 20 FT015 1" MPT x 1-1/4" Barb 10 FT016 1" MPT x 1-1/2" Barb 10 FT017 1-1/4" MPT x 3/4" Barb 10 FT018 1-1/4" MPT x 1" Barb 10 FT019 1-1/4" MPT x 1-1/4" Barb 10 FT020 1-1/4" MPT x 1-1/2" Barb 10 FT021 1-1/2" MPT x 1" Barb 10 FT022 1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/4" Barb 10 FT023 1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/2" Barb 10 FT024 1-1/2" MPT x 2" Barb 10 FT025 2" MPT x 1-1/2" Barb 10 FT026 2" MPT x 2" Barb 10 ADAPTER:THREADXSLIP FT510 1/2”MPT x 3/4”Slip FT511 1/2" MPT x 1" Slip 20 FT512 3/4" MPT x 1" Slip FT513 3/4”MPT x 1-1/4”Slip 20 FT514 1" MPT x 1-1/4" Slip 10 FT500 1-1/4" MPT x 1-1/4" Slip FT515 1-1/4”MPT x 1-1/2”Slip 10 FT501 1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/2" Slip 10 FT516 1-1/2" MPT x 2" Slip FT502 2”MPT x 2”Slip FT520 1/2”FPT x 3/4”Slip FT521 1/2”FPT x 1”Slip FT522 3/4”FPT x 1”Slip FT524 1”FPT x 1-1/4”Slip FT525 1-1/4”FPT x 1-1/2”Slip 10 ADAPTER:FPTxBARB FT040 1/2" FPT x 1/2" Barb 30 FT041 1/2" FPT x 5/8" Barb 30 FT042 3/4" FPT x 3/4" Barb 20 FT047 3/4" FPT x 1" Barb 30 FT043 1" FPT x 1" Barb 20 FT044 1-1/4" FPT x 1-1/4" Barb 10 FT045 1-1/2" FPT x 1-1/2" Barb 10 FT046 2" FPT x 2" Barb 10 BALLVALVE,PVC(FPTorSLIP) FT055 1/2" threaded 10 FT056 1/2" slip 10 FT057 3/4" threaded 10 FT058 3/4" slip 10 FT059 1" threaded 10 FT060 1" slip 10 FT061 1-1/4" threaded 10 FT062 1-1/4" slip 10 FT063 1-1/2" threaded 10 FT064 1-1/2" slip 10 FT065 2" threaded 10 FT066 2" slip FT067 3”FPT FT068 3”Slip 10
FT080 1/2" (1-1/8" hole) 30 FT081 3/4" (1-1/2" hole) 20 FT082 1" (1-3/4" hole) 20 FT083 1-1/2" (2-3/8" hole) 10 FT084 2" (3" hole) 10 AWG170 3" 10 BULKHEADFITTINGKIT,SLIP FT090 1/2" (1-1/8" hole) 30 FT091 3/4" (1-1/2" hole) 30 FT092 1" (1-3/4" hole) 20 ITEMNUMBER SIZE FT200 1/4" x 1/4" 50 FT201 3/8" x 3/8" 50 FT202 1/2" x 1/2" 30 FT203 5/8" x 5/8" 30 FT204 3/4" x 5/8" 20 FT205 3/4" x 3/4" 20 FT206 1" x 3/4" 20 FT207 1" x 1" 20 FT208 1-1/4" x 1" 10 FT209 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" 10 FT210 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" 10 FT211 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 10 FT212 2" x 1-1/2" 10 FT213 2" x 2" 10

Fittings & Plumbing Accessories


Ball Valve and Union combined! Gray color. One end is a slip or fpt connection and the other is a “Union”connection. Use ONE tting instead of TWO!

FT601 - (1-1/4”Slip)

FT602 - (1-1/4”Thread)

FT605 - (1-1/2”Slip)

FT606 - (1-1/2”Thread)

FT610 - (2”Thread)


Ball Valve and Union combined! Gray color. Has thread and slip ttings for both ends. Use ONE tting instead of TWO!

FT615 - (1-1/4”Socket/Thread)

FT616- (1-1/2”Socket/Thread)

GreenLeafProducts Bulkheads/TankFittings


GLFTF125PE....1 1/4”


GLFTF150PE....1 1/2”







Designed for anti kink ribbed hose

Easy turn screw – no tools required

Zinc coated to inhibit rusting

UAQ092...1/2 inch

UAQ093...3/4 inch

UAQ094...1 inch

UAQ095...1-1/4 inch

UAQ096...1-1/2 inch

UAQ097...2 inch

Maintainsuidlevelsusing uidpressure.Compact, self-containeddesign. Bodyismadeofdurable glass-llednylon6/6;internal partsaremadeofABSplastic, siliconandstainlesssteel.

HUD01 - 1/2" FPT

HUD02 - 1" FPT

HUD03 - mounting bracket works with 1” HUD04 - Mounting Bracket for 1/2”Hudson Valve




MPT = male pipe thread (threads on outside of tting)

FPT = female pipe thread (threads on inside of tting)

Barb =Insert tting forvinyl tubingattachment.


Black Flexible PVC Tubing

Easilyaccepts ourbarborslip ttings.
















FT621 - ½”Black

• Adjustable Arm Can Be Used in the Vertical or Horizontal Positions

• Approximate Overall Length of 7.5”

• Made In USA

• Size - 1/2”MPT

Awg143 - Auto Fill

Includes ttings to connect to water supply using standard garden hose, ½”irrigation line, or ½”Sch 40 PVC. ½”MPT connection.

Black Vinyl Tubing

Easilyacceptsour barbttings.










Bkph300R–3”ID–50’roll (truck-shiponly–notUPSable)


























www.discountpond.com 99 TEE: FPT x FPT x FPT FT355 1/2" 30 FT356 3/4" 20 FT357 1" 20 FT358 1-1/4" 10 FT359 1-1/2" 10 FT360 2" 10 TEE, Thread x Barb x Barb FT370 3/8" MPT x 3/8"Barb x 3/8" Barb 50 T372 1/2" MPT x 5/8" Barb x 5/8" Barb 30 FT373 1/2" FPT x 5/8" Barb x 5/8" Barb 30 FT374 1/2" FPT x 3/4" Barb x 3/4" Barb 20 FT375 1/2" FPT x 1" Barb x 1" Barb 20 FT376 3/4" MPT x 3/4" Barb x 3/4" Barb 20 FT377 3/4" FPT x 3/4" Barb x 3/4" Barb 20 FT378 3/4" FPT x 1" Barb x 1" Barb 20 FT379 1" MPT x 1" Barb x 1" Barb 20 FT380 1" FPT x 1" Barb x 1" Barb 20 FT381 1-1/4" MPT x 1-1/4" B x 1-1/4" B 10 FT382 1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/2" B x 1-1/2" B 10 FT383 2" MPT x 2" Barb x 2" Barb 10 TEFLON TAPE FT390 1/2" wide roll 10 FT391 3/4" wide roll 10 UNION: FPT x FPT FT400 1/2" 10 FT401 3/4" 10 FT402 1" 10 FT408 1-1/4" 10 FT403 1-1/2" 10 FT404 2" 10 UNIONSLIPXSLIP FT405 1" 10 FT409 1-1/4" 10 FT406 1-1/2" 10 FT407 2" 10 “Y”BARBS FT410 1/4" 50 FT411 3/8" 50 ITEM NUMBER SIZE QTY

Discount Pond Supplies

P.O. Box 129

Lebanon, VA 24266

Discount Pond Supplies is a wholesale-only supplier. We sell ONLY to businesses that sell pond & water garden products. Fully Stocked Warehouse of all major brands - Fast Shipping - Most orders ship within 24 hours


Phone (276) 889-1536 ~ 800-979-0999

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Email: sales@discountpondinc.com

Office Hours are Monday thru Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Warehouse Receiving and Shipping hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Floating Pond Planter 10 & 14 Inch Round

UBV572....25 cm or 10 Inch Round (inner dia. approx. 5.25”).

UBV573....35 cm or 14 Inch Round. (Inner dia. approx. 8”)

Will Float Aquatic Water Garden Pond Plants on Surface, Allowing More Plants in the Pond

Can be Linked Together, Tethered or allowed to Float

Traps Pond Soil, Substrates, and plant roots in the Basket

Prevents sh from eating plant roots

Floating Pond Planter 10 & 14 Inch Square

UBV574...25 cm or 10 Inch Square (6.75”inside width)

UBV579...35 cm or 14 Inch Square. (8”inside width)

Will Float Aquatic Water Garden Pond Plants on Surface, Allowing More Plants in the Pond

Can be Linked Together, Tethered or allowed to Float

Traps Pond Soil, Substrates, and plant roots in the Basket

Prevents sh from eating plant roots

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