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AUGUST 9, 2013


5001 Grand River Ave Detroit MI, 48208 1:00 PM

POPPSPACKING 5001 Grand River Ave Detroit MI, 48208 1:45 PM

5001 Grand River Ave Detroit MI, 48208 2:45 PM

5001 Grand River Ave Detroit MI, 48208 4:00 PM



POPPSPACKING Popps Packing is a home, studio, and experimental arts venue aimed at promoting dialog and cultural exchange between the local, national & international communities through exhibitions, performances, workshops and artist residencies.



KUNSTHALLEDETROIT Kunsthalle Detroit is a Museum of Multimedia and Light-based Art. Its program is focused on multimedia projects.

CITYDRIFT/DETROIT Citydrift/Detroit: July 18 - August 19, 2013 CITYDRIFT is an investigative/ inter-connective event that utilizes the Situationist’ concept of the “drift” (or derive) as a starting point for re-engaging in the art act as “simple play” or as a series of unplanned actions. The “drift” itself, as the founding member Guy Debord describes it, is an authentic experience, or as “a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society; a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances, usually urban.”

DETROITARTISTMARKET Detroit Artist Market is rooted in the History of Detroit Art and culture, and continues to be one of the finest nonprofit contemporary art galleries in the Midwest. DAM has a distinguished history of creating a lively culture characterized by experimentation and artistic creativity

GRAEMWHYTE “Sculptor Graem Whyte draws from mythical, cultural and scientific references to fuse fragments of disparate elements together into larger cohesive wholes. Injected with layers of whimsy and humor, Whyte’s mixed media sculptors open a dialogue about the future and how we relate to a world that has been greatly demystified. In his most recent body of work, Whyte revisits and refines elements of his past work in a miniature landscapes to invite the mind to dream about the magic and mystery in the world around us -- to honor the past, while envisioning a better future.”

FAINALERMAN “Creating works that represent something undeniably “human” is an endless source of inspiration for me. While working within the abstract, I attempt to conjure something that is not fleeting, not meaningless and not something purely intellectual.”

DESIGN99 Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope founded Design 99 in 2007 to investigate new models of contemporary art and architectural practice. Initially occupying a retail storefront space, the design studio situated itself in the public realm offering over-the-counter design consultations and marketed $99 house call specials. Now embedded in their residential corner of Detroit, Design 99 seeks out opportunities to experiment with art and design within their community.

MITCHCOPE “Born Detroit, Michigan, 1973, Mitch Cope works as an artist and independent curator out of Detroit. In 2001 he co-founded the Tangent Gallery where he was also the director. The Tangent Gallery Began as a curatorial career which lead to projects such as the Shrinking Cities Project out of Berlin, the “Power From Nature” project with artist Marjetica Potrc the Susanne Hilberry Gallery and the recent highly acclaimed art marketing experiment M.O.R.E. at the Detroit Artists Market.

GINAREICHERT “Gina Reichert is a Cincinnati native and an architect with degrees from Tulane and Cranbrook, is co-founder of Design 99 - a retail space for experimental design and contemporary architecture in Hamtramck.�

POWERHOUSEPRODUCTIONS Power House Productions (PHP) is an artistrun, neighborhood-based organization located in Detroit, MI. Their mission is to develop and implement creative neighborhood stabilization strategies, integrating artists’ projects and live-work spaces within the existing cultural resources of the community. That means that contemporary artists, architects and designers are working alongside neighborhood residents on a daily basis, demonstrating creative thinking and problem solving, new approaches and ways of thinking about issues confronting their community. It means that creative thinkers are actively engaged in the changing the trajectory of the neighborhood by working there and having conversations with neighbors, developing lasting, long term relationships and cross-cultural understanding.

THEPOWERHOUSE Design99 continues to investigate means of off-the-grid power production, public art initiatives and neighborhood participation. The term Power House describes two functions. First, the house is a power creator meaning it produces its own electricity from solar and wind power with an the intention of powering an additional adjacent house -- thus creating a localized power grid. Second, the term implies a kind of taking control of ones own community by becoming an example of self reliance, sustainability and creative problem solving through education, communication and increased diversification of the neighborhood. In all a place that symbolizes hopefulness and curiosity by integrating a complex web of social and artistic ideas into a neighborhood that might otherwise end up into a typical cycle of decay and criminality.

THEPLAYHOUSE The Play House transforms a vacant house into a community performing arts center. The Hinterlands, a Detroit-based company dedicated to exploring the art of the performer through ecstatic play and explosive training, will lead workshops for youth from the variety of cultural backgrounds that make up the neighborhood as well as for presentations of their own performance work. This project, as with others throughout the neighborhood, is composed of two parts - the transformation of the house and the continued use of that house including community-based programming. As with all initiatives in the neighborhood, the goal of each project is to be self-sustaining through the use energy efficient building strategies and renewable energy technologies.

THEHINTERLANDS THE HINTERLANDS is a Detroit-based company who creates genre-defying multidisciplinary performance works that radically re-imagine the relationship between spectator and performer. The company explores the art of performance through explosive and ecstatic training, and engages its local and global neighbors through direct collaboration and exchange. Our Mission: To create essential, immediate, and visceral performances which propel our audiences into a landscape of questions, possibilities, and unknowns. To develop training for the 21st century performer which integrates body and voice, content and form, impulse and technique, technology and tradition. To band together with our community to explore the unmapped regions of our culture, our world, and ourselves: the hinterlands.


In a unique and diverse Detroit neighborhood a transition is taking place. People are moving out, but people are also starting to move back. There is a devotion to this neighborhood, a unique challenge to create a place that is rich in diversity, exciting and fun to live in, beautiful and clean to play in. Ride-it Sculpture Park come this summer, with your help, will become the first sculpture park where you can officially ride the art. Not to mention a place where bored neighborhood teenagers and adults can meet, play, create, build and ride on.


Home to 13XXXHZ, a sound project by Jon Brumit. 13XXXHZ is Jon Brumit’s recording project, housed inside the collaborative site-specific house painting by RETNA and Richard Colman. Brumit will respond to these paintings and characters as compositional structures and graphic scores. The project will produce a solo record (likely to feature duos and collaborations), portions of which become a permanent sound installation in the house featuring both very low & high frequencies (thus the title).

THESQUASHHOUSE This project is aimed at encouraging neighborhood interaction and fellowship through play and gardening. The Squash House will convert the house at 13133 Klinger into a venue for a site-specific variety of squash (or racquetball, handball, etc.). The court will integrate the inherent architecture of the space with sculptural modifications to provide a unique, artistically competitive experience for members of the neighborhood. These modifications will manifest themselves primarily through the warping and folding of interior and exterior surfaces, but will also include ‘add-on’ sculptural and architectural components. Final form of the house will be left slightly open-ended, depending upon material availability, and to allow for neighborhood collaboration.

JONBRUMIT Jon Brumit is an artist working with sound and structured improvisation. He has participated in solo and collaborative exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Novi Sad Contemporary Museum ( Serbia), Radio Web MACBA (Barcelona), Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), 0047 (Berlin) and In-F (Tokyo). His work had been featured in print publications including Art forum, Penthouse, Punk Planet, The New York Times and Wired. His other media coverage includes 20/20, Tech Now and NPR’s All Things Considered. Awards and support include the Creative Work Fund, CEC Arts Link, San Jose Public Arts Commission, Oakland Arts Commission, Meet the Composer and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts

DETROITARTISTMARKET Detroit Artist Market is rooted in the History of Detroit Art and culture, and continues to be one of the finest nonprofit contemporary art galleries in the Midwest. DAM has a distinguished history of creating a lively culture characterized by experimentation and artistic creativity

FIREPOWERCERAMICS 2013 This August the Detroit Artists Market (DAM) takes our inspiration from the heat of summer and transforms it into FIREPOWER Ceramics 2013. DAM assembled a curatorial team to bring their varied perspectives to consider ceramics from different angles. This curatorial team includes Tim Mast, an avid collector with an insightful eye; Tom Phardel, an accomplished ceramic artist and instructor; and Linda Ross, an experienced art dealer and consultant. FIREPOWER Ceramics 2013 features a large array of work by Michigan’s most talented ceramicists. It will include one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces highlighting the myriad directions an artist can take this medium.

GREGORYTOM “In a city where the phrases “brain-drain” and “creativeclass exodus” can be applied on an apparently everincreasing basis, Greg Tom’s bucking the trend. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tom did a stint in New York before moving to suburban Detroit to attend graduate school at Cranbrook Academy of Art. He Graduated in ‘05 with an MFA in ceramics.”

EMILYDUKE “Emily Duke highlights vernacular architecture in combination with nature to create multi-component topographies. Her latest series of ceramic sculpture is a convergence of imagined forms and fabricated sequences.�


“Selecting from familiar objects, images, or symbols, I construct situations intended to elicit these questions without insisting on a singular answer.�

LEAHWALDO “Art can be seen as a process that allows the work to take on a spirit of its own, allowing it to capture and reflect a concept or feeling. Beginning with the slightest idea, thought, or feeling, the artist seeks to make meaning within the process of creating.�

HENRYCRISSMAN “My practice is an investigation of ceramic processes and objects as a catalyst for progressive social interactions and cultural critique.�


“As a reorderer of preexisting matter, I am fascinated by how forms come to be just as they are. How they are generated, eroded, and otherwise participate within and are affected by the unending change that now brings with it. Perhaps this could all be thought of as making.�


“There is a space that exists upon the tip-of-the-tongue, a site of profound intrinsic curiosity. Taste aside, it is concerned with imminence and inaccessibility, language and memory.�

IRAELDAVIS My work is an investigation of the symbols, people, and objects that have affected perceptions of growing up, the subconscious, and life experience. I approach art making as research into thought, memory, and play. It is a study of metaphor through fantasy and authenticity. Multi-media, my work is driven by the physicality of material and the boundaries between two and three-dimensions. As a ceramist I honor the traditions of ceramic art, while, as an artist, I am invested in the cognitive spaces of expression. I seek the advancement in the use and skill of materials and processes and to present them with contemporary awareness. The objects that I make are based upon a series of memories and childhood dreams. At their basic core they represent the freedom and possibilities of youth. Through process and contemplation, these recollections have become physical visions of past, present, and future.





dPOP! Art Hop August 2013  
dPOP! Art Hop August 2013