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JC 2


wish to wake up every morning

To the sound of your soft snoring

To the warmth of your breath on my cheeks

And the feel of your heart beating with mine

Oh my love, it would make me wish

More than anything else,

or coffee.

With those chinky eyes you look at me With those “Jolie-like” lips you kiss me You so make me happy The way you show you care The fact that you’re always there Oh you make me so happy When you touch me It always sends chills down my spine And I thank God, that you are MINE

JC 5

JC 7

I go to sleep every night, hoping that I will dream of you Then I wake up every morning disappointed because I didn’t I want to dream that your arms tightly embrace me I want to dream that I can lay my head on your chest

But then even in my dreams it didn’t happen Now, my love, that you’re beside me, Now that I feel your touch Never again would I wish to dream Because then I wouldn’t want to wake up.

JC 9

On the beach one day

I wrote your name in the sand When I came back, It was washed away On the park one night I carved your name on the tree When I came back it was gone. So I wrote your name in my heart And believe me dear, There, forever it will stay And nobody will ever take it away. .

JC 11

All photos are taken and poems are written by Danny Ninal