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8 FUN Prom rules


A classic finishing touch: Flowers!


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Find inspiration in the hottest red-carpet trends

Feet don’t fail me now! Avoid painful shoe drama

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Best face forward


Eleven steps to perfect party hair

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s e l u r prom


s t n e d u t s t c e t o r p o t


any schools are imposing strict restrictions on prom attendance. While administrators cite safety as the primary reason for such restrictions, many graduating students are not happy with the babying behavior. For most prom-goers, the rituals for this special night include formal wardrobe, taking photos, riding together with friends, and the purchase of corsages or other small trinkets of affection. But many students now find they have to go through a checklist of potential don’ts before they can receive entry to the prom.

Age limits Age limits are imposed on many things, including entry to movies and clubs, to purchase alcohol or tobacco products, and to obtain driver’s licenses, to name a few. Such restrictions have, in many cases, been put in place to keep young people from engaging in risky behavior. Students going to the prom may find that their school places restrictions on who they can they bring as a date, especially according to age. Many schools set a cut-off where individuals age 21 or older are not allowed to attend. This is likely because it limits the chances of alcohol being introduced into the dance. Also, for legal reasons, there may be restrictions on students under the legal adult age bringing someone older to the dance.


for the guys. Schools that impose a dress code may mail home advisements of the policy, or it may be up to the students to find out the restrictions from administration.

Many young men and women may be following the fashion trends currently dictated by Hollywood and beyond, not all choices may be acceptable at school. In 2010, more than a dozen students at Oxford High School in Alabama were disciplined for dress code violations thanks to their choices in prom gowns. Students may find dress code policies prohibit dresses that are above the knee, ones that show cleavage below the breastbone, or materials that are sheer or too revealing. Depending on the school, there also may be limits as to what girls and guys are allowed to wear, such as no tuxedos or suits for the girls and no dresses

In an effort to prevent drunk driving injuries and fatalities, some schools have implemented alcohol screening procedures. Alcohol-related crashes are one of the leading causes of death come prom time. Also, alcohol is said to reduce people’s inhibitions, which can increase risky behavior, such as having unprotected sex. Students who attended the Saratoga Springs High School Prom in 2011 had to submit to an alcohol screening to prove they had not been drinking before entering the prom. Passive alcohol sensors as well as coat and bag checks


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

Alcohol screening

were used prior to and during the dance to detect alcohol consumption. The school stated that the policy was put in place after two students were hospitalized and 21 were disciplined after engaging in underage drinking at a prior dance. These are not the only restrictions some schools implement. Across the country, dates have been banned after criminal background checks turn up past misdemeanors. Some schools require parents prescreen potential not-from-the-school dates, or these students must be vouched for by their own principals. Some students and parents say that these restrictions are beneficial for the safety of the classmates. Others argue it is a violation of personal rights. However, if the students don’t agree with the policies, he has every right not to attend the prom.


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A classic finishing touch


Don’t forget a corsage and boutonniere


pecial events in a person’s life are often made more beautiful with flowers. Such is the case prom night, when it is customary for couples attending the prom to exchange flowers with each other. These are usually presented in the form of corsages and boutonnieres. A corsage is a single flower or several small flowers worn pinned to clothing or attached to an elastic band worn on the wrist. The flowers should appear with the stem facing down, just as the flowers would grow naturally. Boutonnieres are a single flower or bud worn by a gentleman. The name is French and comes from the word “buttonhole.” Boutonnieres can be tucked into a buttonhole on the lapel or pinned in place. Certain flowers, such as carnations and roses, are traditionally used as boutonnieres. A white gardenia is sometimes seen as superior to the carnation. Corsage flowers are often varied and are usually selected to coordinate with the color of the gown being worn. Corsages and boutonnieres can match so others can easily identify couples.


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

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2018 • Sweet 16 guide | Prom Experience



Dateless for prom

It doesn’t have to be a downer


ateless for prom need not be a downer. High-schoolers envision many different scenarios for prom night. They may have their wardrobe picked out, the transportation arranged and the group of friends with whom they will celebrate. What prom-goers may not foresee is heading to the prom without a date. The reality is that students go solo to the prom each year and still have a very good time in the process. Prom is a highlight of high school for many teenagers. But a great deal of pressure is placed on students come prom night, when students’ worries about their attire pale in comparison to the social pressure many feel. Many wouldbe prom-goers would prefer to go without a date to alleviate some of the pressure to live up to certain prom night expectations. Today it is quite common for groups of friends to go to prom or homecoming together. For students attending the prom without a date, there are still ways to enjoy the event to the fullest. These are some tips for having fun at prom if you’re going stag. Establish a party within a party. Use the prom as an excuse to hold a singles mixer. Spread the word that there will be opportunities for other singletons to meet at the prom and perhaps pair off if a connection is made. There are likely many other boys and girls at the school who are attending without a date, making prom night a perfect opportunity to meet someone new. Knowing there will be a new group of friends to meet once they arrive could motivate students to attend. Take a friend. Provided the school doesn’t have strict rules about prom “couples,” bring whatever friend you want to be your prom “date.” You are likely to feel much more comfortable with someone you know by your side hamming it up for photographs and making sure you don’t share all of your secret dance moves on the dance floor. Sibling set-up. Sometimes a well-meaning brother or sister can suggest one of his or her


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

friends to be a date for the prom. Older siblings who have already gone through the ritual of prom and understand the pressure of finding a date may alleviate those concerns by making a match for their teenaged relative. The date needn’t be a romantic one, but just a way to spend time together and pose for pictures.

Take to social media. Social media has enabled teens to expand their social circles regardless of geography. Ask a social media friend who might live outside of your school district to be your date for the prom. This can be a great way to grow your friendship and have a fun night together.

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2018 • Sweet 16 guide | Prom Experience



Play it safe on prom night Taking a few precautions can help ensure only fun memories


rom is a memorable and enjoyable event for high school students. A chance for teenagers to insert some glamour into their lives, prom also provides an opportunity to make lasting memories with friends before high school ends and college begins. While prom should be fun, that revelry should not come at the expense of safety. Prom night is most enjoyable when it is safe and memorable for all the right reasons, and teens and parents can take the following steps to ensure prom night goes safely: Attend prom with trusted friends. Plan to arrive to and depart from the party together. Each friend should do her best to look out for each member of the group’s well-being. Establish an itinerary. Teens should work with their friends to plan an itinerary for prom night and share that itinerary with parents and guardians who will want to know where their kids will be before, during, and after the prom. In addition to establishing an itinerary, accept curfews established by parents and make sure mobile phones are turned on to accept calls from parents who may need reassurance. Choose activities that do not involve drinking or irresponsible behavior. Once prom has ended, enjoy a movie together as a group or play a round of mini golf. Or go for a late-night meal at a nearby diner. Choose wardrobe wisely. Long gowns and high heels can increase the risk of falls. Keep fashion a priority but also maximize comfort and safety. Be sure you can walk around comfortably in your shoes and that your gown does not make it difficult to walk up and down staircases. Do not carry large sums of money with you. It’s best to avoid taking a lot of cash to


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

prom, as young ladies can’t keep watchful eyes on their handbags as they cut a rug, and young men might leave their wallets in their unattended sports coats. Do not take offerings of drinks from unsealed containers. Teens should be wary of accepting drinks offered in unsealed containers, especially if those drinks are offered by strangers. If a drink tastes funny, stop drinking it and report it to a faculty member or chaperone. Don’t feel pressured to drink alcohol or do drugs. The majority of prom-goers want to have clean fun as they listen and dance to music and share laughs with their friends, so students should not feel pressured to engage in risky behavior involving drugs and alcohol. If someone is pressuring you or your friends, walk away and encourage your friends to do the same. Be aware of your surroundings at night. Ask the limousine driver to pick you up in a well-lit area of the parking lot so you are not vulnerable to people with ill intentions.

Do not feel pressured to engage in sexual behavior. Teens should never feel pressured to engage in sexual behavior. Such pressure might be especially prevalent on prom night, but students should not feel obligated to engage in any behavior they prefer to avoid. If pressure arises, call a parent to come pick you up immediately. Ensure that after-prom parties will be adult-supervised and are in a safe location. Parents should chaperone any after parties to prevent teens from engaging in risky, unsafe behavior. Take host laws seriously. Parents hosting an after-party must keep in mind that they may be responsible for the actions of their guests. Teens should never be served alcohol, so keep careful tabs on party activities and have zerotolerance for alcohol or poor behavior. Prom night can be a great experience for teens. By playing it smart and safe, teens can enjoy a night they will remember for years to come.

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2018 • Sweet 16 guide | Prom Experience



Date with destiny

Finding the right partner for prom


rom night is a momentous occasion for high school students. It is marked by tradition and serves as an opportunity for students to get together with friends for a final school-sponsored party before everyone embarks on life after high school. Prom may be the social event of the season, and students often take preparation quite seriously, with careful thought given to wardrobe and transportation. But finding the right partner on prom night is also part of the prep work. Kids will look back on prom night for years to come, and ensuring the night is memorable for all the right reasons often involves finding the right person to partner up with on prom night. Students in established relationships won’t have much trouble picking their prom date. But


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

many high school students are not in such relationships, making their choice of a prom night partner a little more complicated. The following are a few pointers prom-goers can consider when finding a date: Proms make poor first dates. Prom night is probably not the best time to go on a first date. Not that a new romance is impossible on prom night, but prom carries with it added pressure and the night may prove more enjoyable if you go with someone who knows you and your friends. Proms also are expensive, and you

would put a relative stranger into an awkward spot to spend a great deal of money for a relationship that may never flourish. Dates may also be uncomfortable when asked to mingle with people they don’t know, so avoid turning prom night into a first date. Prom doesn’t have to be a romantic date. Students may feel pressured to take a potential romantic interest to the prom. But sometimes it can be much more enjoyable to take a friend. This way you can let loose and enjoy the festivities without feeling the pressure of making the night romantic. Know your school’s rules on couples. Some schools employ a laissez-faire attitude with regard to prom couples, allowing students to bring anyone along as their dates, while others restrict dates to current students. Confirm any restrictions regarding dates before asking anyone to prom or spending any money on tickets and other prom-related necessities. Begin the search early. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask someone. Prom can be a competitive time of year, and you may rest easier knowing your date is already secured. Start testing the waters early to see who might be interested in going as your date. Be open-minded. Circumstance may find you and a fellow student without a date for the prom. Rather than attending alone, you may consider teaming up. The results may be better than you had expected when both of you have a nothing-to-lose attitude. Keep in mind that going with a date does not mean you have to remain glued to this person’s side the entire time. If it’s not working out, mingle with other friends.


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How comfortable are your

shoes? Don’t let your footwear ruin your big night


ost young women looking forward to prom or their Sweet 16 party are most excited about the chance to dress up and have their hair and makeup done. However, it can be difficult to be the life of the party or have fun at special events when uncomfortable footwear spoils the day. For centuries, women have been renowned for the fashions they wear on their feet. But such fashion often comes with a steep price: pain. In fact, in ancient Chinese tradition, it was customary for girls’ feet to be bound to inhibit the growth of feet and show off impossibly small shoe creations. The ideal length for a bound foot was roughly three inches. These small feet were seen as desirable and generally guaranteed a successful, wealthy husband. Most women do not subject themselves to this sort of foot manipulations today, but there are plenty who squeeze into uncomfortable shoes in an effort to look taller, more elongated, or beautiful. Though uncomfortable footwear might be bearable for short periods of time, when hours are spent standing or dancing, uncomfortable shoes can prove torturous. To avoid pain during your special day, choose shoes that will marry comfort with beauty. Here are some considerations: Grab a platform. Instead of stiletto heels, consider shoes that add height by way of a platform heel. The flat sole will mimic walking in flat shoes, but the platform will offer the desired height. Go shorter. Choose a shorter dress that works well with flats or low heels. Many women gravitate toward high heels when wearing floor-length gowns to avoid hemming the dress or to make it easier to maneuver around without the bottom of the gown puddling on the floor. When that obstacle is removed by way of a shorter dress, it opens up the possibilities for lower-profile shoes. Think about wearing flashy flip-flops or sandals. There are many sandal styles that have been made more glamorous by way of rhinestones and other embellishments. These can look just as beautiful as other styles and be


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

more comfortable for dancing. Plus, they’ll enable the feet to breathe. Strive for comfort. If you must wear heels, spend a little more and select a brand known for emphasizing comfort in its designs. Many manufacturers are well-known for creating comfortable designs that feature flexible, lightweight soles and for adding padding to the shoes to cradle the feet. Other shoes can be enhanced with gel inserts and other custom orthotics. Bring a spare pair of shoes. Different brands now offer foldable flat ballet shoes that

can be stowed in a purse or bag and thrown on in a pinch — especially when the pinch comes by way of uncomfortable heels. Pack a first-aid kit for your feet. To alleviate aches and pains, create an emergency kit with bandages, moleskin, a topical anesthetic, and even soothing foot powder to revive feet plagued by pain or blisters. Uncomfortable shoes can put a damper on prom and Sweet 16 festivities. Choosing comfortable shoes can mean the difference between having a good time or ending the evening early.

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r u o y s i t a h W

Party ? e l y t S By Anna Ruth Ramos

It’s the best night of the year. You’ve been waiting for prom your whole high school career and it’s finally arrived! Oh, but how will you find the time to find the right dress? From finals week to your senior project, to finding the right hairdresser to scooping up the right date, do you even have time to find your perfect prom gown? We have you covered there, girl! Take inspiration from a few A-list celebs’ outfits that match your sense of style and personality best. All you have to do now is choose. Make it your time to shine!

Sleek and sexy

▲ Turn heads in a bold color and silky fabric. Emma Roberts sizzles in a body-hugging, red satin mermaid dress with lace detailing and spaghetti straps.  Associated Press / Evan Agostini

Cool girl ▲ Vanessa Hudgens is anything but blue in this icy-hued sheath dress with a pretty pattern and playful ruffles along the neckline and hem.  Associated Press / Jordan Strauss


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

Most elegant  ▲

Samira Wiley is gorgeous yet still fun in this ruffled, off-the-shoulder slitted number. The understated navy and simple hair and jewelry keep the look sophisticated.  Associated Press / Jordan Strauss

▲ Class sweetheart Millie Bobby Brown channels Grace Kelly in this voluminous tulle tealength dress and perfectly coiffed hair. She makes the look her own with a bandana tied around her waist. Associated Press / Vince Bucci

▲ Goth girl Bella Thorne goes dark in this deep, jeweltone purple gown with black lace paneling along the sides of the belted bodice and skirt. She tops it off with dark lipstick, and wears her fiery hair down in loose curls, keeping the look from being too severe.  Associated Press / Rich Fury

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▲ Most athletic Show off those toned arms and tight stomach you’ve worked so hard for in the gym or on the field in a midriff-baring crop top like Jennifer Lawrence. Associated Press / John Shearer ▲ Pretty princess Emma Watson blooms in this form-fitting bodice that flows into a billowing skirt and train dotted with blue floral designs. Sparkly beading along the straps and tiny belt add to the romantic look.  Associated Press / Francois Mori


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

Life of the party ▲ A mini dress is perfect for prom night dancing queens. Add another level of playfulness with bright sequins and a pretty color — like this grapefruit shade seen on Kerry Washington.  Associated Press / Willy Sanjuan

▼ Most dramatic Like attention? Take your cue from RiRi’s attention-grabbing knotted crop top and full skirt with swelling hemline and incredible train. Compliment your bright and bold personality with a color to match.  Associated Press / Brent N. Clarke

Class president

▼ Alison Brie commands the room with her stunning silk strapless, skirted jumpsuit paired with a statement diamond necklace.  Associated Press / Abaca Press

2018 • Sweet 16 guide | Prom Experience


Beauty Beauty


Face forward When it’s your big day, it pays to give your beauty routine some extra special attention


or most young women, the most exciting part of prom and Sweet 16 parties may be the first opportunity to embrace high fashion and pamper themselves. Naturally, there may be some questions as to how to put a best face forward for an occasion that will have all eyes on these teens. If you are getting ready to party with your friends, here are several quick and easy tips for beauty success:


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

Moisturize and treat blemishes to get skin looking its best. Start a skincare regimen several weeks before the big event to get your skin in shape and looking beautiful. Exfoliation with a mild product will release dead skin cells and enable makeup to better adhere to your face. Simple is often best. Rather than trying out a trendy style or something that is bold, keep makeup choices simple. This way

when you look back on photos in years to come your look will always seem timeless. Balance colors on your face. If you will be going for dark eyes, keep lips bare or with a soft gloss. Bold, red lips pair well with simple eyes decked in a neutral color. Brighten or widen eyes. Using a shimmery white powder in the corners of each eye will open up your eyes and make you appear more refreshed. Use primers. Primers are products that help make makeup last as long as possible. Several hours will pass between the moment you apply makeup and the last goodbye of the night. Ensure your makeup stays

put by applying a base primer. An eye primer helps keep eye makeup from caking or wearing off. Go waterproof. Use waterproof or water-resistant mascara and stay-put lipstick. This way your makeup will remain flawless through all the happy tears and hugs shared with your friends. Match your foundation carefully. Many women make the mistake of choosing a foundation color that doesn’t quite blend with their skin. This can create a visible line of demarcation at the jawline or hairline. Now may be the time to visit your favorite beauty counter and ask a cosmetic salesperson for help to find the right match. Blend the foundation down the neck so that your face will not be a different color from your body when wearing a strapless gown. Try a tinted moisturizer. Those who have a naturally flawless complexion and want a dewy look to their skin can choose a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. Go for powdered products. Powder blusher and mineral powder foundation may last longer on skin, especially when sweating on the dance floor. After makeup application, also dust the face with a translucent finishing powder to set everything. Use liquid liner for dramatic eyes. Liquid eyeliner will last longer and provide a smoother application than pencil products. Practice before the party to solidify your application technique. Skip tanning. Use a bronzer or self-tanner for a safer and more controllable color. You want to look sun-kissed and not lobster red on prom night. When applying bronzer, sweep it across the hollow of your cheeks. Dab some on your temples, your hairline, along the sides of your

nose, under your jawline and on your neck. Matte makeup is better for photos. Matte makeup generally looks better in photography than frosted colors, especially when the flashes will be going rapid-fire. Compliment your eye color. Don’t match your eye shadow to your gown or eyes. Use colors that will naturally bring out the hue of your eyes. Blue eyes are brightened by shades of chocolate or taupe. Brown eyes can be enhanced with shades of navy and sapphire. Green or hazel eyes will be complemented by eggplants and burgundy. Smoky eyes need not be black or gray. Create the smoky effect with the shadow and liner colors that complement your eye color. Touch up shiny spots. Keep oil blotting tissues in your purse to keep shine at bay. Extend the beauty to nails and toes. Sparkle polishes and nail art appliques are ideal ways to dress up nails for your moment in the spotlight. Glitter will catch the light and will camouflage imperfections. Prom and Sweet 16 are times to explore all the beauty options available and look beautiful on your special night.

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More makeup tips! Here’s how to ensure you truly shine on your special night:

Focus on one area Those who desire a smoky, lined eye should choose a muted lip shade, while a nude or shimmery shadow will complement bold, red lips. Figure out what makes you feel fabulous and play to that strength.

last through the night Makeup should endure through the entire evening. The weather may be warm and you may spend a good deal of the night dancing, so choose formulas with staying power. Help products along with some key application tips. Wash and dry your face and treat accordingly for your type of skin. If your skin produces a lot of oil, you may need to swipe your face with astringent. Moisturize dry skin so makeup will not flake off later in the night.


Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

Foundation primers can help makeup stick to the skin better. Translucent blotting powder can help lock in foundation and provide an adherent surface for lipstick and eye shadow. If you’re choosing a bold lip look, select a product that is long-lasting and bring along your lipstick for touch-ups.

Be photo-ready Makeup that looks good in person may not work as well for the camera. Some retailers sell high-definition powders and products. While these certainly may enhance a

look under high-definition cameras and are geared primarily for those on video, they may look chalky or ghostly under certain lights. Do a trial run of your makeup and have someone photograph you to determine how photos will turn out, tweaking your look as necessary.

Don’t fret a blemish or two Nerves and stress can contribute to breakouts. A blemished face is not something you want on prom night, but it’s not the end of the world, either. Use a concealer brush to dot concealer on the pimple and fan out to blend it into the surrounding skin. Pat finishing powder on the area to lock it all in. Avoid touching the area, which can negate the effects of the powder. If makeup is not your forte, consider working with a makeup artist or speaking with sales personnel at the makeup counter of your favorite department store. Remember, one of the best looks is a winning smile. That’s easily achieved when having fun. Although your look may be important, the goal of of the night is to have a good time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Eleven steps to perfect

Party hair O

nce you have chosen your beaded gown, party-worthy hair is next on the priority lists. A fresh haircut or an intricate updo can perfectly complement a well-planned wardrobe. Some party-goers will dabble in styling techniques and products at home, but many will be visiting salons to perfect their luxurious locks. For girls, the big night presents an opportunity to indulge in a complete grooming package that will include hair, makeup, nails, and faux tanning. During prom season, salons are bound to fill appointments quickly, so teens should start planning their looks early on. The following tips can help you look your best come party night: Select your dress and jewelry first. Choosing your dress and jewelry first allows you to customize your hairstyle to complement the rest of your look. Many girls want to follow a theme, such as romantic or sleek, come the big night, and hairstyle is an important element of such themes. Book a trial appointment at the salon. When booking your hairstyle appointment, which should be done at least a month in advance of party night, book a trial appointment as well. Bring photos of your gown to your trial appointment and ask the stylist to make suggestions on which looks will complement the gown. Keep your hair texture and cut in mind when choosing a hairstyle. Although great stylists often can work magic with your hair, they can’t do the impossible. If you have short hair and want a long, cascading style, you will need to invest in extensions. Ladies with naturally curly hair may have to spend more time in the chair having





Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

their hair straightened if they want a sleek bob. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to work with your hair’s natural texture. Get a grasp of your role in crafting your hairstyle. Speak with your stylist about how long before the party you should undergo any chemical processes, including perms, coloring, straightening, or relaxing treatments. Do not make drastic changes right before the the big night. Any modifications should be made a few months before the big night so you can get acclimated to your new hair and make any necessary adjustments. Take care of your hair so that it is healthy. Stick to a regular hair maintenance schedule, including trims every four to six weeks, so your locks look healthy on party night. Depending on your hair texture, a stylist may recommend deep-conditioning treatments. Always be gentle with your hair, avoiding tugging or harsh brushing while it is wet, as such treatment can lead to breakage. Practice, practice, practice if you are going it alone. Make several trial runs if you plan to do your own hair, asking a friend or family member for help if you have difficulty work-




ing on your own hair. Don’t go crazy cleaning your hair. Oftentimes, complicated styles are more easily achieved with slightly “dirty” hair. Do not wash your hair the day of the party; do so the day before so your hair has more grip and will be less likely to slip out of pins or other hair accessories on the big day. Adding a little texturizer or pomade to hair can thicken it up and give it more hold as well. Have a backup plan at the ready. A backup plan covers you if your hair simply isn’t cooperating or if the weather is not conducive to the style you selected. A sleek chignon or a messy French twist can reign in problem hair. Call the salon before you leave the house to ensure the stylist is running on time. Call ahead so you aren’t left twiddling your thumbs as you wait for a tardy stylist at the salon. In addition, wear a shirt that can be removed easily without disrupting your newly styled hair as you change into your dress. Don’t forget hair accessories. Ask your stylist to recommend any accessories you may need to keep your hair looking great through the night and don’t forget them at home. Keep your makeup artist in the loop. If a makeup artist will be doing your makeup, be sure he or she is brought up to speed on your party night hairstyle and the type of dress you will be wearing. Prom night and your Sweet 16 are chances for teens to add some glamour to their lives. Hairstyles are a big part of the finished look, so consideration should be given to styles and the work necessary to keep hair looking great through the night.


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2018 • Sweet 16 guide | Prom Experience



Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

2018 • Sweet 16 guide | Prom Experience



Prom Experience | sweet 16 guide • 2018

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