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TABLE OF CONTENTS The Electricty Distributors Association (EDA) publishes the Member Handbook for its members. All rights to editorial content are reserved by the EDA. No article can be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of the EDA.

About the EDA 6 7

Message from the Chair About the EDA

Officers & Staff 10 11

EDA Board of Directors EDA Staff

Councils EDA MEMBER HANDBOOK 2018/2019 PUBLISHED FOR: Electricity Distributors Assocation (EDA) 3700 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 1100, Vaughan, ON L4L 8K8 Tel. (647) 332-5300 Toll free: 1 800 668-9979

14 About EDA Councils 16 Regulatory 17 Operations and Engineering 18 Finance and Coporate Issues 19 Human Resources 20 Communicators 21 Conservation & Sustainability Issues 22 Commercial Member Steering Committee

Districts 24 25 PUBLISHER Dovetail Communications 30 East Beaver Creek, Suite 202, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1J2 Staff Theresa Rogers, Editorial Director Katrina Teimo, Art Director Crystal Himes, Production Manager Roberta Dick, VP of Production Advertising inquiries, Beth Kukkonen,

EDA District Map EDA Districts and Executives

Member Listings 27 43 45 49 61

LDC Members Affiliate Members Associate Members Commercial Members Commercial Plus Members

Events 68 68 68 68 69 69 69 69

EDIST Conference & Exhibition EDA AGM Awards Gala ENERCOM Women Connected Directors Summit EBIC CUEE

Awards 72 73

About EDA Awards 2018 Award Winners


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Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. In today’s market, advances in electricity generation and distribution, together with evolving consumer demands, are reinventing how local hydro companies and their partners do business. Our sector is playing a pivotal role in developing and delivering innovative products and programs that provide residential and commercial customers with more value, convenience and control over their energy use. The EDA supports the success of its members by providing sector-specific policy development, targeted advocacy, informative content and peer-to-peer networking and events. Through the EDA, LDCs, energy stakeholders, commercial enterprises and other partners can come together to explore business opportunities, drive innovation and contribute to a smarter, more sustainable electricity system. In this era of rapid change and growing collaboration, knowledge-sharing and relationship building are gaining importance for all of us. The great news is, membership in the EDA gives us unparalleled access to industry data, market intelligence and valuable tools to make critical connections. Published exclusively for members, the Member Handbook is a vital resource for fostering those connections. Now in a convenient, searchable e-book format, the Member Handbook can help you: • learn about EDA councils, committees and forums addressing the most pressing electricity distribution issues in Ontario; • identify the EDA’s six district associations, their executive committees and key contacts; • connect quickly with industry peers, prospects and potential partners. As we all navigate through this exciting time for our industry, I encourage you to leverage the Member Handbook as a valuable business development and communication tool. Let’s all keep the lines of communication open to achieve success for our respective companies, our customers and the sector as a whole. Sincerely,

Brian Wilkie, Chair President and CEO, Niagara Peninsula Energy

THANKS TO ADVERTISERS The EDA thanks all of the companies and organizations whose advertising support has helped make production of this handbook possible. We especially acknowledge the many Commercial, Commercial Plus and other EDA members for their commitment to the association through their advertising participation in this project. For information on additional EDA advertising opportunities, please contact: Beth Kukkonen, Director, Sales Operations, Dovetail Communications.





The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) is the trusted and vital source for advocacy, insights and intelligence for Ontario’s local electricity distributors – the municipally and privately-owned companies that deliver safe, reliable electricity to more than five million homes, businesses and public institutions across the province. The EDA draws together a broad community of LDCs, associations, LDC affiliate companies and commercial enterprises that do business with utilities, providing opportunities for information sharing and collaboration across the sector. The EDA’s dynamic team collaborates with industry and subject-matter experts to support member business success through advocacy, policy analysis and a broad range of opportunities for learning and networking. The EDA’s advocacy activities and member service offerings are guided by a three-year strategic plan and extensive ongoing input from the Board of Directors, committees and councils. The association draws insights on consumer views and behaviours from its Customer Panel, a diverse group that shares opinions on key energy-related issues.

EDA Focus 2018-2020 Remain the trusted source for intelligence and advice regarding the electricity distribution sector. The EDA proactively builds and enhances relationships by providing credible information, analysis and thought leadership to government, industry stakeholders and the public. Undertake valuable policy and advocacy work on behalf of members. The EDA delivers valued positions and policy recommendations that support a favourable regulatory framework and a positive business environment for LDCs, their affiliates and commercial partners. Embrace opportunities. The EDA team seeks to expand the association’s capabilities, embrace opportunities and safeguard against risk by actively pursuing new revenue opportunities and cost savings, while continuing to make strategic investments in projects and program that yield results for members. Uphold a strong commitment to service excellence. The EDA aims to excel at meeting member needs with unparalleled intelligence, advocacy and service offerings. The association actively engages existing members and works diligently to attract and retain new ones. Place high value on human capital. The EDA recognizes the importance of its leaders, volunteers and staff to the success of the association and its member companies. The association is committed to attracting and retaining talented, dedicated employees and volunteers.

LEARN MORE Learn more about the EDA, its advocacy activities, policy work and member benefits at







Brian Wilkie Chair Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Gerry Smallegange Vice Chair Burlington Hydro

Vinay Sharma Past Chair London Hydro


Michael Angemeer Veridian Connections Large Utilities

John Basilio Alectra Inc. Large Utilities

Max Canazi Alectra Utilities Corporation Large Utilities

Bryce Conrad Hydro Ottawa Large Utilities

Robert Mace Thunder Bay Hydro Northwestern District Director

Peter McMullen Greater Sudbury Hydro Northeastern District Director

Ysni Semsedini Festival Hydro Medium Utilities

David Sinclair Kenora Hydro Small Utilities

Art Skidmore Halton Hills Hydro Upper Canada District Director

Raymond Tracey Essex Powerlines Western District Director

Ruth Tyrrell Orangeville Hydro Georgian Bay District Director

Charlie Macaluso The MEARIE Group




STAFF CEO’s Office President & CEO Teresa Sarkesian (905) 265-5313

Executive & Administration Assistant Natasha Galati (905) 265-5343

VP, Policy & Government Affairs Justin Rangooni (905) 265-5325 Senior Policy Advisor Jesse Kulendran (905) 265-5364


Policy and Government Affairs Manager, Corporate & Government Affairs Derek Nardone (905) 265-5348 Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor Kathryn Farmer (905) 265-5333



STAFF Corporate & Member Affairs VP, Corporate & Member Affairs Ted Wigdor (905) 265-5362 Manager, Communications & Media Relations Andrea Ritter (905) 265-5337 Events Specialist Dianna Merlocco (905) 265-53451

Director, Member Relations & Events Marica Macura (905) 265-5346 Communications Coordinator Sari Maritzer (905) 265-5340 Marketing & Member Relations Coordinator. Kathryn Segal (905) 265-5338

Finance & Administration Director, Finance & Admininstration Tamara Orlova (905) 265-5341

Accounting Clerk Arlene Klemmer (905) 265-5350

Senior IT Analyst Matthews Joseph (905) 265-5315

Receptionist Lina Parisi (905) 265-5300

Office Services Assistant Chrissan Pascal (905) 265-5319







EDA COUNCILS As the voice of the electricity sector across Ontario, the EDA relies on input and guidance from dedicated subject-matter experts who serve on the EDA’s councils and committees. These groups guide the development of EDA policies, through thoughtful discussion and extensive analysis of the myriad issues that impact local electricity utilities. Council members are selected following a formal nomination process, which is subsequently endorsed by the EDA Board. This process ensures that councils are representative of the membership from geographic, size and functional perspectives. Every voice counts, which is why participation in council meetings is always open to the entire LDC membership.

Regulatory Council Focuses on regulatory issues of commercially oriented, regulated utilities, including: • Issues impacting the determination of rates • Regulatory instruments or issues impacting regulatory instruments • Affiliate issues relating to the regulatory instrument • Processes and proceedings before the Ontario Energy Board

Operations and Engineering Council Focuses on policy issues of a technical or operational nature, including: • Amendments to the Distribution Systems Code and Retail Settlement Code • Billing, metering and settlement amendments, including changes related to the LDC’s relationship with the MDM/R • Safety and environmental issues • Cybersecurity and related issues • Legislative and regulatory changes of a technical or operational nature

Finance and Corporate Issues Council Focuses on financial, corporate and strategic business issues, including: • Finance • Taxation, including transfer tax policy and industry rationalization • Corporate governance issues • Corporate structure issues, including use of affiliates

Human Resources Council

Focuses on human resource issues facing Ontario’s local distribution companies, including: • Training and qualification requirements for LDC sector needs now and in future • Equivalency of qualifications across jurisdictions • Workforce development, supply and planning



Communicators Council

Focuses on knowledge-sharing and coordination among LDCs on communications efforts, including: • Ensuring customer bills are compliant with government and regulatory requirements • Effective communication of LDC products and programs • Oversight of communications around emergencies, outages and service restoration • Leveraging all communications channels to optimize messaging to customers in print, online and through social media

Conservation and Sustainability Issues Council

Focuses on conservation and sustainability issues related primarily to government frameworks, including: • Conservation and sustainability proposals from the government and its agencies • Enhanced profile of electricity distributors as leaders in promoting conservation • Communication and sharing of best practices related to conservation and sustainability activities • Development of and securing approval for province-wide conservation programs for LDC implementation

Learn More Learn more about all EDA Councils, their activities and meeting schedules by logging in at



EDA REGULATORY COUNCIL The Regulatory Council focuses on regulatory issues of commercially oriented, regulated distribution companies related to determination of rates, regulatory instruments, processes and proceedings. Staff Lead Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor Kathryn Farmer

Regulatory Council Members Indy Butany-DeSouza, Chair

Alectra Inc

Alyson Conrad, Vice Chair

Waterloo North Hydro

Leslie Dugas

Bluewater Power Distribution

Oana Stefan

Brantford Power

Sally Blackwell

Burlington Hydro

David C. Ferguson

Entegrus Services

Paul Gleason

ENWIN Utilities

Graig Pettit

Erie Thames Powerlines

Lindsay Thiessen

Essex Powerlines Corporation

Tracy Rehberg Rawlingson

Halton Hills Hydro

Greg Van Dusen

Hydro Ottawa

Margaret Nanninga

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro

Martin Benum

London Hydro

Cameron McKenzie

Milton Hydro Distribution

Michelle Reesor

Newmarket Tay Power Distribution

Paul Blythin

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Maryanne Wilson

Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution

Ruth Tyrrell

Orangeville Hydro

Margaret Boland

Oshawa PUC Networks

Brittany B. Ashby

Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution

George Armstrong

Veridian Connections

Joanne Tackaberry

Wasaga Distribution

Susan Reffle

Whitby Hydro Electric

LDC members can access all EDA Regulatory Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and reports by logging in at 16


EDA OPERATIONS AND ENGINEERING COUNCIL The Operations and Engineering Council focuses on policy issues of a technical or operational nature and recommends EDA positions on technical policy matters. Staff Lead Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor Kathryn Farmer

Operations and Engineering Council Members Veridian Connections

Ernie Vidovic, Vice Chair

Energy+ Inc.

Eric Andres

Oshawa PUC Networks

Greg Bartlett

Entegrus Powerlines

Ted Burrell

Collus PowerStream

Dan Charron

Essex Powerlines

Hassan El Madhoun

London Hydro

Dan Guatto

Burlington Hydro

Benjamin Hazlett

Hydro Ottawa

Rob Koekkoek, P.Eng

Orangeville Hydro

Paul Larosa

Whitby Hydro Electric

Dorothy Moryc

Waterloo North Hydro

Stanton Sheogobind

Alectra Inc.

Josh Smith

Erie Thames Powerlines

Ian Vesterback

North Bay Hydro Distribution

Marvio Vinhaes

ENWIN Utilities

Shanon Wilson

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Gaye-Donna Young

Newmarket Tay Power Distribution


Falguni Shah, Chair

LDC members can access all EDA Operations and Engineering meeting notices, meeting minutes and reports by logging in at


EDA FINANCE AND CORPORATE ISSUES COUNCIL The Finance and Corporate Issues Council focuses on financial, corporate and strategic business issues that impact Ontario LDCs. Staff Lead Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor Kathryn Farmer

Finance and Corporate Issues Council Members Brian D’Amboise, Chair

Brantford Power

Marc Villett, Vice Chair

Alectra Inc.

Salman Moin

Burlington Hydro

Chris Towne

Entegrus Powerlines

Matt Carlini

ENWIN Utilities

Diane Taylor

Erie Thames Powerlines

Maxim Picco

Essex Powerlines Corporation

Cuc Duong

Hydro Ottawa

Lisa McCaskie

InnPower Corporation

Danielle Pietarinen

London Hydro

Mary-Jo Corkum

Milton Hydro Distribution

Lori Whitt

Newmarket Tay Power Distribution

Frances Conidi-Martin

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Laura Wilson

Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution

Suzanne Presseault

Orangeville Hydro

David S. Savage

Oshawa PUC Networks

Peter Preager

Wasaga Distribution

Alyson Conrad

Waterloo North Hydro

LDC members can access all EDA Finance and Corporate Issues Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and reports by logging in at



EDA HUMAN RESOURCES COUNCIL The HR Council focuses on human resources, training and development issues facing Ontario’s LDCs Staff Lead Manager, Corporate and Government Affairs Derek Nardone

Human Resources Council Members Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution

Jane Hale-McDonald, Vice Chair

Energy+ Inc.

Henry Winter

Alectra Inc.

Jennifer Smith

Burlington Hydro

Pamela Hogg

Collus PowerStream

David C. Ferguson

Entegrus Services

Suzanne Leonard

ENWIN Utilities

Kelly McGregor

ERTH Corporation

Joe Barile

Essex Powerlines

Dawn Bates

Greater Sudbury Hydro

Barb Cesarin

InnPower Corporation

Wendy O’Keefe

Kingston Hydro

Jenny McGeachy

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro

Michelle Reesor

Newmarket Tay Power Distribution

Paula Milot

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Marie Coulombe

North Bay Hydro Distribution

Nancy Brandon

Oshawa PUC Networks

Andrew Covello

Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution

Fred Damiani

Veridian Connections

Kristen Lefor

Waterloo North Hydro

Stacia Caouette-Boss

Whitby Hydro Electric


Simon Abbott, Chair

LDC members can access all EDA Human Resources Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and reports by logging in at


EDA COMMUNICATORS COUNCIL The Communicators Council focuses on knowledge-sharing and coordination among LDCs on regulatory compliance and customer communications efforts. Staff Lead Manager, Communications & Media Relations Andrea Ritter

Communications Coordinator Sari Maritzer

Communicators Council Members Jennifer Gordon, Chair

Halton Hills Hydro

Eileen Dias, Vice Chair

Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution

John Friesen

Alectra Utilities Corporation

Chris Hallas

Burlington Hydro

Barbara Shortreed

Energy+ Inc.

Ana Couto

Entegrus Powerlines

Barbara Peirce Marshall

ENWIN Utilities

Kim K. Elllis

Erie Thames Powerlines

Chris Carr

Essex Powerlines Corporation

Wendy Watson

Greater Sudbury Hydro

Susan Barrett

Hydro Ottawa

Kelly McMath

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro

Nancy Hutton

London Hydro

Kathy Horgan

Milton Hydro Distribution

Susan Jamieson

Newmarket Tay Power Distribution

Sue Forcier

Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Neil Russell

North Bay Hydro Distribution

Tessa Schellenberg

Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution

Kim Brooks

Orangeville Hydro

Angie Longworth-Barkwell

Oshawa PUC Networks

Giordan Zin

PUC Distribution

Chris Mace

Veridian Connections

Jeff Quint

Waterloo North Hydro

Angela Valentine

Whitby Hydro Electric

LDC members can access all EDA Finance and Corporate Issues Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and reports by logging in at 20


CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES COUNCIL The Conservation and Sustainability Issues Council focuses on conservation and sustainability issues related primarily to compliance with government and regulatory frameworks. Staff Lead Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor Kathryn Farmer

Conservation and Sustainability Issues Council Members Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

Margaret Rodd, Vice Chair

Entegrus Powerlines

William (Bill) Whiting

Alectra Utilities Corporation

Glen Farrow

Bluewater Power Distribution

Joe Saunders

Burlington Hydro

Chris Routliffe

ENWIN Utilities

Tim Collins

Erie Thames Powerlines

Marco Calibani

Essex Powerlines Corporation

Shawn Carr

Hydro Ottawa

Mike Bickers

InnPower Corporation

Caitlin Newey

Kingston Hydro

Gary Rains

London Hydro

Frank Lasowski, P.Eng., CPA, CMA

Milton Hydro Distribution

Nirupa Balendran, BASc, EIT, CEM

Newmarket Tay Power Distribution

Mary Caputi

Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution

Janet Taylor

Oshawa PUC Networks

Tim Wilson

Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution

Steve Zebrowski

Veridian Connections

Jeff Quint

Waterloo North Hydro

Evan Wade

Whitby Hydro Electric


Sue Forcier, Chair

LDC members can access all EDA Conservation and Sustainability Issues Council meeting notices, meeting minutes and reports by logging in at


COMMERCIAL MEMBER STEERING COMMITTEE The Commercial Member Steering Committee acts as a liaison between Commercial Members, EDA staff and the EDA board. The committee reflects a broad cross-section of the EDA’s commercial membership base and its geographic scope. Commercial Members are encouraged to contact representatives from the Steering Committee to share their thoughts on commercial member services.

Staff Lead Director, Member Relations and Events Marica Macura

Commercial Member Steering Committee Members


Bart Burman, Chair

Burman Energy Consultants Group Inc.

Derek Neill, Vice-Chair

N-Dimension Solutions

Wayne Fernandes

Ainsworth Power Construction Inc.

Bob Mason

Bob Mason & Associates

Ted Baker


Richard Booy

Composite Power Group Inc.

Stephen Dow

E2E Utility Solutions Inc.

Hans Ziemann

Hatch Ltd.

Paul Snosek

KA Factor Group Inc.

Michel Picard


Jeff Paul


Angelo Gravina, P. Eng

S&C Electric Canada Ltd.

David Bowen

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc.

Jose Ribon

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Shahid Pasha


Robert DiCesare

Black & McDonald Ltd.

Lisa Oelke

Almita Piling

Ken Ramnarine

K-Line Group of Companies

Daryn Thompson

METSCO Energy Solutions





EDA DISTRICTS The EDA’s LDC member companies are divided into six regional districts. Each district operates under its own constitution and bylaws. One director is elected by each of the EDA’s districts to ensure geographic representation on the EDA Board. Districts and their events provide opportunities for local interaction, knowledge sharing, co-operative initiatives and a mechanism to strengthen the profile of LDCs within a specific region. Members can learn more about EDA Districts, and access district meeting information and reports by logging in

Northwestern District

Northeastern District

Upper Canada District

Georgian Bay District

Niagara Grand District Western District



DISTRICT EXECUTIVE Chair Vice Chair Secretary-Treasurer EDA Board Representative

Joerg Ruppenstein Deanne Kulchyski Cindy Speziale Robert Mace


• Atikokan Hydro Inc. • Kenora Hydro Electric Corporation Ltd. • Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.


Northwestern District Fort Frances Power Sioux Lookout Hydro Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution

• Fort Frances Power Corporation • Sioux Lookout Hydro Inc.

Northeastern District DISTRICT EXECUTIVE Chair Vice Chair Secretary-Treasurer EDA Board Representative

Frank Kallonen Dan Boucher Catherine Hunealt Peter McMullen


• Algoma Power Inc. • Espanola Regional Hydro Distribution Corporation • Hearst Power Distribution Co. Ltd. • Northern Ontario Wires Inc.

Greater Sudbury Hydro Northern Ontario Wires Greater Sudbury Hydro Greater Sudbury Hydro

• Chapleau Public Utilities Corporation • Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. • North Bay Hydro Distribution Limited • PUC Distribution Inc.

Georgian Bay District DISTRICT EXECUTIVE Chair Vice Chair Secretary-Treasurer EDA Board Representative


• Collus PowerStream Corp. • Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd. • Orangeville Hydro Limited • Wasaga Distribution Inc. • Westario Power Inc.

Chris Litschko Wally Malcolm Ruth Tyrrell Ruth Tyrrell

Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd. InnPower Corporation Orangeville Hydro Limited Orangeville Hydro Limited

• InnPower Corporation • Midland Power Utility Corporation • Orillia Power Distribution Corporation • Wellington North Power Inc.


Upper Canada District DISTRICT EXECUTIVE Chair Vice Chair Secretary-Treasurer EDA Board Representative

Mike Matthews Karen Marner David Smelsky Art Skidmore


• Alectra Utilities Corporation • Cooperative Hydro Embrun Inc. • Halton Hills Hydro Inc. • Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. • Kingston Hydro Corporation • Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. • Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc. • Ottawa River Power Corporation • Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc. • Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation

Alectra Utilities Corporation Oakville Hydro Halton Hills Hydro Halton Hills Hydro

• Burlington Hydro Inc. • Cornwall Electric • Hydro 2000 Inc. • Hydro Ottawa Limited • Lakefront Utilities Inc. • Newmarket Tay Power Distribution Ltd. • Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. • Peterborough Distribution Inc. • Veridian Connections Inc.

Niagara Grand District DISTRICT EXECUTIVE Chair Vice Chair Secretary-Treasurer EDA Board Representative

Wilf Meston Wayne Dyce Jenn Stuber Brian Wilkie


• Brantford Power Inc. • Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd. • Festival Hydro Inc. • Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. • Welland Hydro Electric System Corporation

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Centre Wellington Hydro Waterloo North Hydro Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc.

• Canadian Niagara Power Inc. • Energy+ Inc. • Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. • Waterloo North Hydro Inc. • West Coast Huron Energy Inc.

Western District DISTRICT EXECUTIVE Chair Vice Chair Secretary Treasurer EDA Board Representative


Raymond Tracey Chris White Alex Palimaka Graig Pettit Raymond Tracey

• Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation • Entegrus Powerlines Inc. • Erie Thames Powerlines Corporation • London Hydro Inc.


Essex Powerlines Corporation Erie Thames Powerlines Bluewater Power Distribution Erie Thames Powerlines Essex Powerlines Corporation

• E.L.K. Energy Inc. • ENWIN Utilities Ltd. • Essex Powerlines Corporation • Tillsonburg Hydro Inc.


LDC MEMBERS Ontario-licensed owners/operators of electricity distribution systems



ALECTRA UTILITIES CORPORATION Upper Canada District 55 John Street North Hamilton, ON L8R 3M8 (905) 522-6611 (905) 522-0119

Key Staff Max Cananzi, President Chris Hudson, SVP, Network Operations Dan Pastoric, VP, Strategic Growth & Special Projects Doug Fairchild, VP, Distribution Design Eileen Campbell, VP, Customer Service John McClean, VP, Centralized Operations Services Mike Matthews, SVP, Network Services Tom Wasik, VP, Asset Management Kimberly Boyle, SVP, People & Safety

ALGOMA POWER INC. Northeastern District 2 Sackville Road, Suite A Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 6J6 (705) 256-3850 (705) 759-6476

Key Staff Scott Hawkes, President & CEO Glen King, VP, Finance & CFO Jennifer Rose, Regional Manager Jie Han, VP, Operations Tim Lavoie, Regional Manager & Director of Northern Development Board Scott Hawkes, Chair Glen King, Director Alex Moore, Director

ATIKOKAN HYDRO INC. Northwestern District 117 Gorrie St., Box 1480 Atikokan, ON P0T 1C0 (807) 597-6600 (807) 597-6988

Key Staff Jen Wiens, CEO / Secretary Treasurer Cheryl Marusyk, Administration – Administrative Assistant Herbert Roehrig, Jr., President

BLUEWATER POWER DISTRIBUTION CORPORATION Western District 855 Confederation Street, P.O Box 2140 Sarnia, ON N7T 7L6 (519) 337-8201 (519) 344-6094

Key Staff Janice McMichael-Dennis, President & CEO Alex Palimaka, Senior VP & General Counsel Christina McCready, EA Karen Otton, Director, HR Kathy Gadsby, Director, Special Projects Keith Broad, Director, IT Leslie Dugas, Director, Regulatory & Customer Service Mark Delaurier, Director, Operations Services Mark Vanderheide, Director, Operations Support Mark Hutson, CFO Tim Vanderheide, VP, Strategic Planning Board G. Firman Bentley, Chair Brad Goodhill, Director Steve Bolt, Director Garry McDonald, Director Ray Curran, Director Richard Grogan, Vice Chair Glenn Jones, Director Scott Saint, Chair Ron Stewart, Director John Utley, Director Neil Sandford, Director Terry Smith, Director Gerry Smits, Director Craig Mann. Director Peter Vicano, Director Greg Martin, Director

BRANTFORD POWER INC. Niagara Grand District 84 Market St., Box 308 Brantford, ON N3T 5N8 (519) 751-3522 (519) 753-6130

Key Staff Paul Kwasnik, CEO Brian D’Amboise, CFO & VP, Corporate Services Sinisa Grkovic, VP, Engineering & Operations

Board Dennis Brown, Director Rob Ferguson, Director 28




Key Staff Gerry Smallegange, P.Eng, MBA, President & CEO Dan Guatto, P.Eng, COO Jennifer Smith, VP, Corporate Relations Joe Saunders, VP, Regulatory Compliance & Asset Management John Matos, CIO Michael Kysley, C.A., MBA, Executive VP & CFO

Key Staff Wayne Dyce, President/Secretary Florence Thiessen, VP/Treasurer

Upper Canada District 1340 Brant St. Burlington, ON L7R 3Z7 (905) 332-1851 (905) 332-8384

CANADIAN NIAGARA POWER INC. Niagara Grand District 1130 Bertie Street, Box 1218 Fort Erie, ON L2A 5Y2 (905) 871-0330 (905) 871-8676

Key Staff R. Scott Hawkes, CEO & President Glen King, VP, Finance & CFO Jie Han, VP, Operations Kristine Carmichael, Director, Customer & Corporate Services Mari Ann Rusnov, EA Tim Lavoie, VP, Corporate Services & Indigenous Relations Board Scott Hawkes, Chair John Walsh, Director Glen King, Director

Board Keith Roszell, Director Tim Fryer, Director Kirk McElwain, Director David Proctor, Director Michelle Phillips, Director

CHAPLEAU PUBLIC UTILITIES CORPORATION Northeastern District 110 Lorne St. South, Box 670 Chapleau, ON P0M 1K0 (705) 864-0111 (705) 864-1962


Board John Maheu, Chair James Ridge, Director Susan Kilburn, Director Sherry Smith, Director David Kerr, Director Patricia Volker, Director Rick Goldring, Director

Niagara Grand District 730 Gartshore St., P.O Box 217 Fergus, ON N1M 2W8 (519) 843-2900 (519) 843-7601

Key Staff Alan Morin, GM Jennifer Cyr, Treasurer Board Kevin Lindquist, Chair Gerard Bernier, Director Paul Bernier, Director Andre Byham, Director

COLLUS POWERSTREAM CORP. Georgian Bay District 43 Stewart Rd. Collingwood, ON L9Y 4M7 (705) 445-1800 (705) 445-2549

Key Staff Cindy Shuttleworth, CFO Larry Irwin, VP, Operations Pamela Hogg, Manager, HR & Board Secretary Board Dan Horchik, Co-Chair Sara Almas, Co-Chair Michael Pace, Director Dennis Nolan, Director Deb Doherty, Director Brian Bentz, Director




Key Staff Benoit Lamarche, GM

Key Staff Michael Audet, CEO Cheryl Duncan, Supervisor, Finance & Customer Service Ken Carther, Sub-Foreman Mark Danelon, Director, Finance & Regulatory Affairs Mike Daniels, Leadhand Norman MacAulay, Operations Manager

Upper Canada District 821 Notre-Dame Street, Suite 200 Embrun, ON K0A 1W1 (613) 443-5110 (613) 443-0495

Board Jean Martel, LDC Board Member Luc Bruyere, LDC Board Member Pierre Carriere, LDC Board Member Jean Gauthier, LDC Board Member


Upper Canada District 1001 Sydney Street, Box 1179 Cornwall, ON K6H 5V3 (613) 932-0123 (613) 932-6498 Key Staff Scott Hawkes, President & CEO Glen King, VP, Finance & CFO Jacqueline Baird, Regional Manager, Eastern Region Jie Han, VP, Operations Tim Lavoie, VP, Corporate Services & Indigenous Relations Board R. Scott Hawkes, Chair Glen King, Director Neil Burke, Director Jie Han, Director Tim Lavoie, Director Richard Eamon, Director

Western District 172 Forest Ave. Essex, ON N8M 3E4 (519) 776-5291 (519) 776-5640

Board Ron McDermott, Chair Richard Meloche, Director Sherry Bondy, Director Peter Timmins, Director Randy Voakes, Director Tracey Bailey, Vice Chair Gary Bain, Director Steve Bjorkman, Director Phil Pocock, Director


Niagara Grand District 1500 Bishop St., Box 1060 Cambridge, ON N1R 5X6 (519) 621-3530 (519) 621-0383 Key Staff Ian Miles, President & CEO Barbara Shortreed, VP, Customer Care & Communications Ed Glasbergen, VP, Business Development Jane Hale-McDonald, VP, HR Jeffrey Brown, VP, Operations Paul Martinello, VP, IT Services Ron Sinclair, VP, Engineering Sarah Hughes, CFO Board Anita Davis, Chair John Keating, Director Peter Ferraro, Director Susan Foxton, Director Lynn Woeller, Vice Chair Sandra Vos, Director Gerry Remers, Director Martyn Champ, Director Doug Craig, Director



ENTEGRUS POWERLINES INC. Western District 320 Queen St., Box 70 Chatham, ON N7M 5K2 (519) 352-6300 (519) 351-4059

Key Staff Jim Hogan, CPA, CGA, MBA, President & CEO Chris Cowell, CPA, CA, MBA, Chief Financial & Regulatory Officer & VP Admin Lisa Barker, Manager of Finance & Regulatory Tomo Matesic, CCO, Entegrus Powerlines Inc., President, Entegrus Transmission Inc. Robert Kent, VP, Transition, Fibre & IT Services Duane Orth, Senior Manager, Customer Service & CDM Patricia Coca, Senior Distribution Engineer


Western District 787 Ouellette Ave., P.O. Box 1625, Stn. A Windsor, ON N9A 5T7 (519) 255-2727 (519) 255-2767 Key Staff Helga Reidel, President & CEO Byron Thompson, VP Finance & CFO Garry Rossi, VP Water Operations James Brown, VP Hydro Operations John Wladarski, VP Shared Services & COO Board Vic Neufeld, Chair Marty Komsa, Board Member Drew Dilkens, Vice Chair Garnet Fenn, Board Member Jo-Anne Gignac, Board Member Abe Taqtaq, Board Member

Western District 143 Bell Street, P.O. Box 157 Ingersoll, ON N5C 3K5 (519) 485-1820 (519) 485-5838

Key Staff Chris White, President Chuck DeJong, Director -Engineering & Innovation Graig Pettit, VP & GM Scott Brooks, Director Operations & Risk Board Gunars Ceksters, Chair Tyler Moore, Director Ron Baldwin, Director John Skeoch, Director



Board Brian McKerlie, Chair, Entegrus Transmission Inc. Max Fantuz, Chair, Entegrus Inc. Jim Hogan, Chair, Entegrus Services Inc.


Northeastern District 598 Second Avenue Espanola, ON P5E 1C4 (705) 869-0378 (705) 869-2433 Key Staff Rob Brewer, President & CEO Nancy N. Hembruff, CFO Board Ron Duplessis, Chair Doug Bois, Director Ron Piche, Director Douglas Gervais, Director Ted Petrus, Director Alex Poikkimaki, Director


ESSEX POWERLINES CORPORATION Western District 2730 Highway 3 Oldcastle, ON N0R 1L0 (519) 737-6640 (519) 737-1353

Key Staff Raymond Tracey, President & CEO Janis McVittie, EA/H.R. Coordinator Joe Barile, GM Mark Alzner, Engineering & Asset Manager Board Robert Pula, Director Ken Antaya, Director Aldo DiCarlo, Director


Niagara Grand District 187 Erie Street, Box 397 Stratford, ON N5A 6T5 (519) 271-4700 (519) 271-7204 Key Staff Ysni Semsedini, P.Eng, CEO Delia Campbell, VP of IT Erin Smith, CPA, CGA, Finance & Regulatory Manager Jeff Graham, VP Engineering & Operations Kelly McCann, CPA, CA, CFO Board Wally Malcolm, Chair Frank Mark, Director Dan Mathieson, Director David Scott, Director D’Arcy Delamere, Vice Chair Brad Beatty, Director Gerry Guthrie, Director John Tapics, Director


FORT FRANCES POWER CORPORATION Northwestern District 320 Portage Ave. Fort Frances, ON P9A 3P9 (807) 274-9291 (807) 274-9375

Key Staff Joerg Ruppenstein, President & CEO Margitta McLeod, Administrative Assistant Board Robert Cousineau, Chairman Deane Cunningham, Director Roy Avis, Director Glenn Witherspoon, Director Aimee Matheson, Director

GREATER SUDBURY HYDRO INC. Northeastern District 500 Regent Street South, Box 250 Sudbury, ON P3E 4P1 (705) 675-7536 (705) 675-0528

Key Staff Frank Kallonen, President & CEO Catherine F. Huneault, VP, Corporate Services Cheryll L. Wilson, EA, President’s Office Josey Frescura, VP, Competitive Services Kerry Taylor, VP, Engineering & Operations Wendy Watson, Director of Communications Board Mark Signoretti, Chair René Lapierre, Councillor Gerry Montpellier, Councillor Joshua Lilley, Director André Thibert, Director Gerry Labelle, Director Peter McMullen, Director




Key Staff Art Skidmore, President & CEO David Smelsky, CFO Donald Matthews, Operations Manager

Key Staff Stephane Sarrazin, President Lise Wilkinson, GM

Upper Canada District 43 Alice Street Acton, ON L7J 2A9 (519) 853-3700 (519) 853-5592

Board Eleanor Young, Chair Ralph Van Haeren, Director J. Wesley May, Director Michael O’Sullivan, Director Trevor Buttle, Director Norm Elliott, Director Richard Bonnette, Mayor

Northeastern District 925 Alexandra Street, P.O. Bag 5000 Hearst, ON P0L 1N0 (705) 372-2815 (705) 362-5902 Key Staff Jessy Richard, GM Board Jean Baptiste Bond, Chairman Gilles Boucher, Director Roger Siqouin, Director Mike Fournier, Vice Chair Conrad Morin, Director

Board Gilles Taillon, Director, Chair Dominique Perrier, Vice Chair Brigitte Pigeon, Director Marc Lavergne, Director Rolland Peladeau, Director

HYDRO HAWKESBURY INC. Upper Canada District 850 Tupper Street Hawkesbury, ON K6A 3S7 (613) 632-6689 (613) 632-8603



Upper Canada District 440 St-Philippe Street, P.O. Box 370 Alfred, ON K0B 1A0 (613) 679-4093 (613) 679-0452

Key Staff Michel Poulin, B.A., Manager Board Pierre Gauthier, Chair Gilles Tessier, Director Michel Thibodeau, Director Andre Chamaillard, Director Yves Paquette, Director


HYDRO OTTAWA LIMITED Upper Canada District 3025 Albion Road North, Box 8700 Ottawa, ON K1G 3S4 (613) 738-5499 (613) 738-5498

Key Staff Bryce Conrad, President & CEO Adnan Khokhar, Chief Energy & Infrastructure Services Officer Benjamin Hazlett, Manager, Distribution Policies & Standards David McKendry, Director, Customer Service Geoff Simpson, CFO Guillaume Paradis, Director, Distribution Engineering & Asset Management Joseph Muglia, Director Distribution Operations Julie Lupinacci, Chief Customer Officer Lance Jefferies, Chief Electricity Distribution Officer Lyne Parent-Garvey, Chief HR Officer Mark Fernandes, CIO Mike Grue, Treasurer Paul Hughes, General Counsel Board Jim Durrell, Chair

INNPOWER CORPORATION Georgian Bay District 7251 Yonge Street Innisfil, ON L9S 0J3 (705) 431-4321 (705) 431-6872

Key Staff Walter Malcolm, President & CEO Barb Cesarin, HR Manager & Board Secretary Brenda Pinke, Regulatory/Conservation Manager Danny Persaud, COO Glen McAllister, CFO Harjit Chatha, Distribution Operations Manager Lisa McCaskie, Finance Manager Melissa McDonald, Customer Relations & Engagement Manager Michael Davison, Engineering Manager Nancy O’Halloran, EA to the President & CEO Shannon Brown, VP, Corporate Services

KENORA HYDRO ELECTRIC CORPORATION LTD. Northwestern District 215 Mellick Avenue, Box 2680 Kenora, ON P9N 3X8 (807) 467-2075 (807) 467-2068

Key Staff David Sinclair, President & CEO Janice Robertson, Manager, Finance & Regulatory Affairs Robert Van De Wetering, Superintendent Board Gerry Lucas, Chair John McDougall, Director Karen Brown, Director Ken Carlson, Director Rory McMillan, Director

KINGSTON HYDRO CORPORATION Upper Canada District 85 Lappan’s Lane, Box 790 Kingston, ON K7L 4X7 (613) 546-1181 (613) 546-5921 Walter Malcolm, President & CEO

Key Staff Jim Keech, President & CEO Brad Joyce, Director, Energy Operations Carol Belanger, EA to the President & CEO Jim Miller, Director, Utility Engineering & HR Martina Tremmel, Community Relations Advisor Randy Murphy, CFO Sean Meleschuk, VP Board Bryan Paterson, Chair Simon Chapelle, Board Member Gerard Hunt, C.A.O, City Of Kingston Arthur Jordan, Board Member

Board Jason Reynar, Chair Robert Lake, Director George Shaparew, Director Gord Wauchope, Mayor, Town Of Innisfil



KITCHENER-WILMOT HYDRO INC. Niagara Grand District 301 Victoria St. South, Box 9010 Kitchener, ON N2G 4L2 (519) 745-4771 (519) 571-9338

Key Staff Jerry Van Ooteghem, P. Eng, President & CEO Greig Cameron, VP Engineering & IT Margaret Nanninga, VP Finance & CFO Wilf Meston, VP Operations Board Catherine Motz, Chair Richard Cantin, Vice Chair Jim Beingessner, Director Sandra MacGillivary, Director Les Armstrong, Director Berry Vrbanovic, Director

Upper Canada District 207 Division St., Box 577 Cobourg, ON K9A 3P6 (905) 372-2193 (905) 372-2581

Key Staff Dereck Paul, President & CEO Adam Giddings, Manager of Regulatory Compliance & Finance Chris Callaghan, Manager of Electric Assets & Design Marc Moreau, Manager of Electric Distribution Board Gil Brocanier, Chair Stanley Stewart, Director Peter Chilibeck, Director David Tsubouchi, Director Manuela Ris-Schofield, Director Barry Gutteridge, Director

Georgian Bay District 200-395 Centre St. N. Huntsville, ON P1H 2M2 (705) 789-5442 (705) 789-3110

Key Staff Chris Litschko, President & CEO Brian Elliott, Operations – Management Margaret Maw, CFO Sharon Shipston, Supervisor, Customer Service Manager Vincent Kulchycki, COO Board Roger R. Alexander, Chair Phil Matthews, Vice Chair Paul Borneman, Director Bruce Flowers, Director




LONDON HYDRO INC. Western District 111 Horton Street PO Box 2700 London, ON N6A 4H6 (519) 661-5800 (519) 661-5052

Key Staff Vinay Sharma, CEO David Arnold, CFO Syed Mir, CIO & VP Corporate Services William Milroy, VP, Engineering & Operations Board Mohan Mathur, Chair Marilyn Sinclair, Director Gabe Valente, Vice-Chair Connie Graham, Director Michael VanHolst, Director Jack Smit, Director Guy Holburn, Director




Key Staff Phil Marley, CPA, CMA, President & CEO Christine Bell, CFO Roy Rogers, Operations Manager

Key Staff Paul Ferguson, President Gaye-Donna Young, COO Larry Herod, Director, Distribution Services Laurie Ann Cooledge, CFO

Georgian Bay District 16984 Highway 12 P.O. Box 820 Midland, ON L4R 4P4 (705) 526-9361 (705) 526-7890

MILTON HYDRO DISTRIBUTION INC. Upper Canada District 200 Chisholm Drive Milton, ON L9T 3G9 (905) 876-4611 (905) 876-2044

Key Staff Frank Lasowski, P. Eng., CPA, CMA, President & CEO Aldo Mastrofrancesco, P. Eng, Director, Engineering Cameron McKenzie, CGA, Director, Regulatory Affairs Mary-Jo Corkum, CPA, CA, Secretary Treasurer, VP, Finance Board Robert Pyatt, Chair Brian Penman, Director George Minakakis, Vice Chair Colin Best, Director Rick Malboeuf, Director David Cardin, Director Catherine Knipe, Director William Swan, Director

Upper Canada District 590 Steven Court Newmarket, ON L3Y 6Z2 (905) 895-2309 (905) 895-8931

Board Bob Betts, Chair Tony Van Bynen, Director Scott Warnock, Director Cristine Prattas, Vice Chair Dave Charleson, Director Phillip Daniels, Director

NIAGARA PENINSULA ENERGY INC. Niagara Grand District 7447 Pin Oak Drive, Box 120 Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6S9 (905) 356-2681 (905) 356-0118

Key Staff Brian Wilkie, President & CEO Bill Jenkins, Director of Operations Bobby Nicol, Purchasing Manager Margaret Battista, VP, Customer Service & IT Paula Milot, Director of HR Sue Forcier, VP Communications, Marketing, Public Affairs & Chief Conservation Officer Suzanne Wilson, VP, Finance Board Janie Palmer, Chair Wayne Thomson, Director Dave Augustyn, Director Dave Thompson, Director Joann Chechalk, Director - Treasurer Carolynn Ioannoni, Director Wayne Campbell, Director





Key Staff Matt Payne, President & COO Cindy Tennant, Manager, Finance

Key Staff Robert Lister, President & CEO Sean McCaughan, CFO

Board John Krieg, Chair Carl Crewson, Director

Board Marie Oswald, Chair Ray Green, Director David Brennan, Director Mike Russill, Director Sarah Lantz, Director Heather Angel, Director Siobhan Byron, Director

Northeastern District 74 Commerce Crescent, Box 3240 North Bay, ON P1B 8Y5 (705) 474-8100 (705) 495-2756


Key Staff Dan Boucher, GM Geoffrey Sutton, CFO Board Monika Malherbe, Chair Peter Politis, Board Member - LDC & Affilate Darryl Owens, Board Member Gary Huizing, Board Member Donald Narbonne, Board Member Jean-Pierre Ouellette, Board Member David Butler, Board Member David Plourde, Board Member Tory Delaurier, Board Member



Northeastern District 153 Sixth Avenue, Box 640 Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0 (705) 272-6669 (705) 272-5035

Upper Canada District 861 Redwood Square, Box 1900 Oakville, ON L6K 0C7 (905) 825-9400 (905) 825-4447

Georgian Bay District 400 C Line Orangeville, ON L9W 3Z8 (519) 942-8000 (519) 941-6061

Key Staff Rob Koekkoek, P. Eng, President Ruth Tyrrell, CCO Amy Long, CPA, CGA, Manager of Finance Kim Brooks, Manager of Customer Service & Regulatory Analyst Board Adrian Maes, Chair Warren Maycock, Director Keith Sutton, Vice Chair John Thornton, Director Robert Long, Director Jeremy Williams, Mayor Of Orangeville Steve Soloman, Mayor, Town Of Grand Valley




Key Staff Grant Hipgrave, Interim President & CEO Chris Burrell, P. Eng., Manager of Engineering Glenn McCurdy, B.Sc, C.Tech, Director of Distribution Operations Pat Hurley, B.Math, CPA, CMA, CFO

Key Staff Jane Donnelly, President & CEO Charles Watson, Operations Manager Jeffrey Roy, CFO Justin Allen, Customer Service, IT & Engineering Manager Katelyn Tozer, EA Mary Hellingman, CDM Manager

Georgian Bay District 360 West Street South, Box 398 Orillia, ON L3V 6J9 (705) 326-7315 (705) 326-0800

Board Greg Gee, Chair Robert Ripley, Director Tom Hussey, Director

OSHAWA PUC NETWORKS INC. Upper Canada District 100 Simcoe St. S. Oshawa, ON L1H 7M7 (905) 723-4623 (905) 723-7947

Key Staff Ivano N. Labricciosa, PEng, MEng, MBA, President & CEO Angie Longworth-Barkwell, Manager, Customer Service David S. Savage, Corporate Controller Janet Taylor, Manager CDM Jayesh J. Shah, Director, Asset Management & New Initiatives Lori Dafoe, Executive Administrative Assistant Matthew Strecker, VP Engineering & Operations Nancy Brandon, Manager, HR Phil Martin, VP, Finance & Regulatory Compliance Roger Ersil, Manager Operations Sheila Risorto, Corporate Communications

Upper Canada District 283 Pembroke St. W., Box 1087 Pembroke, ON K8A 6Y6 (613) 732-3687 (613) 732-9838

Board Les Scott, Chair Marian Patterson, Director Hal Johnson, Director Robert Hughes, Director Andrew Plummer, Director Paul Finner, Director Garnet Kranz, Director

PETERBOROUGH DISTRIBUTION INC. Upper Canada District 1867 Ashburnham Drive, Stn. Main, Box 4125 Peterborough, ON K9J 6Z5 (705) 748-9300 (705) 748-4358 Key Staff John Stephenson, President & CEO Carrie Rucska, VP, IT Mike Ploc, VP Electric Services Board DavePaterson, Chair Byran Weir, Vice Chair Dan McWilliams, Director

Board Ron Stewart, Chair Terry Caputo, Director Jeff Coles, Director Denise Carpenter, Vice Chair Donna Kingelin, Director Lou Meehan, Director Grant Buchanan, Director Marc Rosen, Director




Northeastern District 500 Second Line East, P.O.Box 9000 Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6P2 (705) 759-6500 (705) 759-6596 Key Staff Robert Brewer, President & CEO Claudio Stefano, P.Eng., MBA VP Operations & Engineering Kelly McLellan, VP, Finance & Corporate Kevin Bell, VP Customer Services & Business Development Terry Greco, CA, VP Finance Trina Avery, EA Board Ella Jean, Richter, Chair, PUC Distribution Board Jim Boniferro, Director, PUC Distribution Board

Upper Canada District 985 Industrial Road, Box 699 Prescott, ON K0E 1T0 (613) 925-3851 (613) 925-0303

Key Staff John Walsh, President & CEO John Biccum, Manager, Operations Peter Soules, CFO Board Scott Bryce, Chair James Annable, Independent Director Jie Han, Director

SIOUX LOOKOUT HYDRO INC. Northwestern District 25 Fifth Avenue, Box 908 Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1B3 (807) 737-3800 (807) 737-2832

Key Staff Deanne Kulchyski, President & CEO Board Doug Squires, Chair Barry King, Director Steve Forbes, Director Jamie Wisnoski, Director Al Howie, Director

Northwestern District 34 Cumberland St. North Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4L4 (807) 343-1111 (807) 344-7520

Key Staff Robert Mace, President & CEO Andrew Covello, VP, HR & Safety Cindy Speziale, VP, Finance Don Zimak, VP, Power Systems Tim Wilson, VP, Customer & Information Service Board Gary Armstrong, Chair Hartley Multamaki, Director Mark Bentz, Director Denise Carpenter, Director Art Leitch, Director Deborah Humphreys, Director Barb Eccles, Director





Western District 200 Broadway, Second Floor Tillsonburg, ON N4G 5A7 (519) 842-6428 (519) 842-9431 TillsonburgHydro.aspx Key Staff Ian McKenzie, Interim GM David Calder, President Darrell Eddington, Director of Finance Lee Ann Thompson, Operations Regulatory Affairs Officer Rick Jacob, Instrumentation Technologist Tracy Collins, Manager Operations & Engineering Board Daniel Rasokas, Chair Alex Urbanowicz, Director Dave Beres, Director Ann Loker, Vice Chair Ernie Vidovic, Director Julie Ann Snell, Director John Gilvesy, Director Donna Wilson, Secretary




Key Staff Michael Angemeer, P.Eng., President & CEO Chris Mace, Corporate Communications Representative Diana Hills, Manager, Public Affairs Falguni Shah, VP, Operations George Armstrong, VP, Corporate Services Laurie McLorg, VP, Financial Services & CFO Mark Turney, VP, Generation & Business Development Peter Petriw, VP, Engineering Rob Scarffe, EVP, Customer Services & IT

Key Staff David Stavinga, Director, Energy Services Joanne Tackaberry, CPA, CGA, Director of Finance Paul Trace, CET, Director of Operations

Upper Canada District 55 Taunton Rd. E., Ajax, ON L1T 3V3 (905) 427-9870 (905) 619-0210

Board Adrian Foster, Chair, Mayor, Municipality of Clarington David McGregor, Independent, Town of Ajax Jack Alexander, Independent, City of Belleville Douglas Parker, Independent, City of Belleville David Pickles, Regional Councillor, City of Pickering Dave Ryan, Mayor, City of Pickering Joanne Dies, Councillor, Town of Ajax James Macpherson, Independent Town of Ajax Ted Baker, Independent, City of Pickering Ron Chatterton, Independent, City of Pickering Taso Christopher, Mayor, City of Belleville Shaun Collier, Regional Councillor, Town of Ajax Steve DeBoer, Independent, Municipality of Clarington Karen Fisher, Independent, Municipality of Clarington Kevin Ashe, Vice-Chair, Councillor, City of Pickering


Georgian Bay District 950 River Road West, Box 20 Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1A2 (705) 429-2517 (705) 429-2590

Board Peter Preager, Chair Bruce Young, Director Andrew Ferguson, Director John Wiersma, Director Brian Smith, Director

WATERLOO NORTH HYDRO INC. Niagara Grand District 526 Country Squire Rd. Waterloo, ON N2J 4G8 (519) 886-5090 (519) 886-8592

Key Staff Rene W. Gatien, P.Eng, MBA, President & CEO Albert Singh, MBA, CGA, VP, Finance & CFO Dave Wilkinson, P.Eng., MBA, VP, Operations Dorothy Moryc, VP, Engineering & Stations Marianne Blasman, BMath, VP, IT Services Board Tim Martin, Chair Dave Jaworsky, Director Joe Nowak, Director Sandy Shantz, Director Jeff Henry, Director Carol Leaman, Director Mike Pley, Director Arnold Drung, Director Micheal Kelly, Vice-Chair




Key Staff Wayne Armstrong, President & CEO Cathy Bassi, Corporate Secretary/Privacy Officer/EA Jason Biesma, Customer Service & CDM Manager Kevin Carver, P.Eng.,ME, Sr. Electrical Distribution Engineer Kevin Bailey, Director of Engineering & Operations Perry Orosz, Director, Customer Service & Employee Relations

Key Staff Larry McCabe, President & Secretary Deanne Hastie, Treasurer

Board Mario Falvo, Chair John Kwekkeboom, Director Peter Inman, Vice Chair Frank Campion, Assistant Treasurer Pat Chiocchio, Director Tim Clutterbuck, Director

Georgian Bay District 24 Eastridge Road, R.R. #2 Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0 (519) 507-6937 (519) 507-6887

Niagara Grand District 950 East Main Street, Box 280 Welland, ON L3B 5P6 (905) 732-1381 (905) 732-0266

Georgian Bay District 290 Queen St. West, Box 359 Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L0 (519) 323-1710 (519) 323-2425

Key Staff Jim Klujber, CEO/President Richard Bucknall, Regulatory Manager Board Andy Lennox, Chair Dan Yake, Director Mike Givens, Director Mark Hills, Director Paul Smith, Director

Board Robert Cornish, Director Kevin Morrison, Director Duncan Jewell, Director




Niagara Grand District 57 West Street Goderich, ON N7A 2K5 (519) 524-7371 (519) 524-7930

Key Staff David Leonce, Interim CEO/VP, Operations Malcolm McCallum, CFO Sheraz Mustafa, Planning & Design Coordinator Bill Lorentz, Manager, Customer Service Tracey Vanness, HR, EA, Board Secretary Paul McGinn, Conservation & Demand Coordinator Board George Bridge, Chair Peter Hamby, Director Mitch Twolan, Vice Chair Bart Cameron, Director David Smith, Director Glen King, Director William Goetz, Director Randy Hughes, Director David Inglis, Director


WHITBY HYDRO ELECTRIC CORPORATION Upper Canada District 100 Taunton Road East, Box 59 Whitby, ON L1N 5R8 (905) 668-5878 (905) 668-8791

Key Staff John Sanderson, P.Eng., President & CEO Angela Valentine, Director of Customer Service Kevin Whitehead, P. Eng., VP, Engineering/ Business Services Mike Chase, Deputy Treasurer Paul Larosa, Director Operation Ramona Abi-Rashed, CMA, VP, Regulatory & Finance Stacia Caouette-Boss, Director Corporate Services & HR Susan Reffle, CPA, CGA, VP Board Patrick McNeil, Chair Paul Murphy, Director Sean O’Dwyer, Director



AFFLIATE MEMBERS Distinct business entities operating in Ontario, each of which is affiliated with an LDC but is not an LDC



BRACEBRIDGE GENERATION LTD. 200-395 Centre St. N. Huntsville, ON P1H 2M2 (888) 282-7711 (705) 789-3110 Key Staff Chris Litschko, CEO Vince Kulchycki, COO


3025 Albion Road North, P.O. Box 8700 Ottawa, ON K1G 3S4 (613) 225-0418 Key Staff Gary Macleod, Product Manager, Current Power Services Glenn Magill, GM, Infrastructure Management

ERTH CORPORATION 180 Whiting St. Ingersoll, ON N5C 3B5 (519) 518-6117 (519) 518-6120

Key Staff Chris White, President & CEO Eustacia Young, EA Jason Cartwright, VP John Skeoch, CFO Laurie Palmer, VP Scott Garton, COO Tyler Moore, EVP Wally Curry, VP – Strategic Relationships

ESSEX ENERGY CORPORATION 2199 Blackacre Drive Oldcastle, ON N0R1L0 (519) 946-2000 (866) 291-5317 Key Staff Steve Ray, GM

LAKELAND NETWORKS 200-395 Centre St. N. Huntsville, ON P1H 2M2 (705) 646-1846 Key Staff Chris Litschko, CEO Vince Kulchycki, COO

PETERBOROUGH UTILITIES INC. 2235 Keene Road, P.O. Box 4125, Stn. Main Peterborough, ON K9J 6Z5 (705) 743-9301 (705) 743-5988

Key Staff John Stephenson, President & CEO Andrew Watts, MSP Technician Bill Davie, CFO Cory McBride, Metering Data Technician David Sharpe, MSP/MDMA Coordinator David Whitehouse, Director Customer & Corporate Services Eric Prevost, Manager, Project Development John Wynsma, VP, Generation & Retails Services Keith Rye, Manager, Risk & Asset Management Terry McConnell, Manager, Metering Services

UTILISMART CORPORATION 555 Southdale Road East, Suite 201 London, ON N6E 1A2 (519) 652-0689 (519) 652-6337

Key Staff John Avdoulos, President Jayna Sweeney, Director, Smart Data Solutions Miro Karlicic, Director, Business Development & Innovation

WASAGA RESOURCE SERVICES INC. 950 River Road West, P.O. Box 20 Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1A2 (705) 429-2517 (705) 429-2590

Key Staff Peter Preager, President David D. Stavinga, Director, Energy Services Joanne L.. Tackaberry, CPA, CGA, Director of Finance Paul Trace, CET, Director of Operations



ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Companies and individuals in any jurisdiction with an interest in energy and/or a regulated utility businesses





Key Staff: John Sherin, President Bryanna Boyd, CDM Specialist Kenneth Robertson, CHEC Analyst Taylor McHugh, Health & Safety Specialist

Key Staff: Peter Gregg, President and CEO Terry Young, VP of Conservation & Corporate Relations

P.O. Box 146 Brockville, ON K6V 5V2 (613) 342-3984

CUSTOMERFIRST INC 3080 Yonge Street, Suite 6060 Toronto, ON M5V 1V1 (416) 436-7177 Key Staff: Chris Barker, President

ELECTRICAL SAFETY AUTHORITY 155A Matheson Blvd. W., Suite 200 Mississauga, ON L5R 3L5 (877) 372-7233 (905) 712-3020

Key Staff: David Collie, President & CEO Jason Hrycyshyn, Electrical Distribution Engineer Martin Post, Program Coordinator Normand Breton, Registrar and Director Contractor Licensing and Powerline Safety Scott Saint, Chief Public Safety Officer

ENERGY COUNCIL OF CANADA 608 – 305 Sparks Street Ottawa, ON K1R 7S8 (613) 232-8239 (613) 232-1079

Key Staff: Brigitte Svarich, Director of Operations


120 Adelaide Street West, 16th Floor Toronto, ON M5H 1T1 (905) 403-6900

INFRASTRUCTURE HEALTH & SAFETY ASSOCIATION (IHSA) 5110 Creekbank Road, Suite 400 Mississauga, ON L4W 0A1 (905) 625-0100 (905) 625-8998

Key Staff: Enzo Garritano, President and CEO Fatima Luis, VP, Marketing & Finance Greg Williamson, VP, High Risk Activity Training & Operations Jennifer Coccimiglio, Advertising Ken Rayner, VP Customer Relations, Market Development & Labour Relations Paul Casey, VP Programs & Strategic Development Dennis Smith, Manager PLTN Apprenticeship & Training Ariel White, Social Media

MUNICIPAL RETIREES ORGANIZATION ONTARIO (MROO) 4094 Tomken Road Mississauga, ON L4W 1J5 (800) 595-4497 (905) 602-6710

Key Staff: William Harford, President Bill Winegard, Executive Director Jennifer Cooke, Office Administrator




Key Staff: Stephen Sell, President Sheila Sage, Operations Manager

Key Staff: Randy Hurst, President

93 Skyway Avenue, Suite 109 Etobicoke, ON M2W 6N6 (905) 238-1382 (905) 238-1420

ONTARIO ENERGY NETWORK INC. 1405 North Service Rd. E., Unit 1 Oakville, ON L6H 1A7 (905) 602-6712 (905) 829-1454

UTILITIES STANDARDS FORUM 234 Farley Drive Guelph, ON N1L 1N2 (519) 803-3532 Key Staff: Lori Gallaugher, Executive Director


Key Staff: John Loucks, President & CEO

215–1885 Clements Road Pickering, ON L1W 3V4 (905) 686-1040 (905) 686-1078

ONTARIO MUNICIPAL WATER ASSOCIATION 2593 Tenth Concession Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Y9 (613) 966-1100 (613) 966-3024

Key Staff: Ed Houghton, Executive Director

ONTARIO WATERPOWER ASSOCIATION 380 Armour Road, Suite 210 Peterborough, ON K9H 7L7 (705) 743-1500 (705) 743-1570 Key Staff: Paul Norris, President





COMMERCIAL MEMBERS Suppliers and service companies with commercial interests in the Ontario electricity marketplace


ADDENERGIE TECHNOLOGIES INC. 2327 Versant-Nord Blvd, Suite 120 Quebec, QC G1N 4C2 (877) 505-2674

Key Staff: Brookes Shean, GM, Central Canada Travis Allan, VP of Public Affairs & General Counsel


BCE Place, 181 Bay Street, Suite 1800, Box 754 Toronto, ON M5J 2T9 (416) 863-1500 (416) 863-1515 Key Staff: Fred Cass, Partner

ALMITA PILING INC. 383 Elmira Rd. N. Guelph, ON N1K 1H3 (800) 363 4868

Key Staff: Lisa Oelke, Regional Sales Manager ON

ALTEC INDUSTRIES LTD. 831 Nipissing Road Milton, ON L9T 4Z4 (905) 875-2000

Key Staff: Martin Boucher, Sr Account Manager

AMROP KNIGHTSBRIDGE 250 Yonge Street, Suite 2800 Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 (647) 777-3181 (416) 923-6704

Key Staff: Amy Roberts, Recruitment Solutions Janice Gabory, Principal, Career Management/ Transition Lisa Knight, Partner Mehrdad Derayeh, Managing Consultant, Leadership Solutions Stephen Bell, Partner, Interim Management 50

ANGUS GEOSOLUTIONS INC. (AGSI) 13029 Steeles Avenue Halton Hills, ON L0P 1E0 (905) 876-0700 (905) 876-3973

Key Staff: Geoffrey Cameron, Executive VP Cameron Hutchison, VP, Location Warehouse Michael Jander, Chief Security Officer Peter Smith, VP, Delivery

ANIXTER POWER SOLUTIONS Box 399, 188 Purdy Road Colborne, ON K0K 1S0 (905) 355-2474 (905) 355-3054

Key Staff: Craig Wilcox, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Canada Mike Barron, VP Sales, Western Canada Nadia Scaramuzzo, VP Sales Ontario & Atlantic Region

ARCADIAN PROJECTS INC. 1439 Gingerich Road, Unit 2 Baden, ON N2H 4G7 (519) 804-9697

Key Staff: Luke Shantz, President Jeff Vidmar, Estimating & Design Technician Megan Zakaib, Controller Todd Lorentz, Operations Manager

ATLAS TRANSFORMER 7131 Edwards Blvd. Mississauga, ON L5S 1Z2 (905) 795-0141 (905) 795-9688

Key Staff: Saverio Panetta, President Jonathan Tan, VP Engineering Sam Valenzano, VP Business Development




Key Staff: Jack Kottelenberg, President Andrew Vanspronsen, Contract Supervisor Jason Kottelenberg, Director of Sales & Estimating

Key Staff: Anthony Cocco, President Debbie Tynan, Inside Sales Diane Petryshyn, V.P. Sales, Western & Northern Ontario Graham Cory, VP Pat O’Grady, Customer Service

BARKLEY TECHNOLOGIES 42 King Crescent Huntsville, ON P1H 1X6 (705) 789-7824 (705) 789-9397 Key Staff: Tim Bell, President

BDR NORTHAMERICA INC. 34 King Street East, Suite 600 Toronto, ON M5C 2X8 (416) 214-4848 Key Staff: John McNeil, President Paula Zarnett, VP

BEACON UTILITY CONTRACTORS LIMITED 270 Rodinea Road Vaughan, ON L6A 4P5 (416) 743-4700 (416) 743-4701 Key Staff: Larry Tricinci, President Scott Johnson, GM

1350 Birchmount Road Scarborough, ON M1P 2E4 (416) 757-2277 (416) 757-9595


205235 County Rd 109 Amarath, ON L9W 0T8 (519) 942-3030 (519) 942-2383

BOB MASON & ASSOCIATES 12 Vivyenne Court North Bay, ON P1A 4J2 (705) 495-9992 Key Staff: Bob Mason, Owner


Bay Adelaid Centre, East Tower, 22 Adelaide St., W. Toronto, ON M5H 4E3 (416) 367-6647 (416) 367-6479 Key Staff: Bernadette Corpuz, Counsel Bruce Bacon, Consultant Carol Hastie, Business Development Group Head Jessica-Ann Buchta, Associate John Vellone, Lawyer Linda Bertoldi, Lawyer Mark Rodger, Lawyer Rob Blackstein, Lawyer Robert Eeuwes, Associate Shane Freitag, Lawyer Stephen Fyfe, Lawyer

CAM TRAN CO. LTD. P.O. Box 866 Purdy Road Colborne, ON K0K 1S0 (905) 355-3224 (905) 355-2273

Key Staff: Kyle Campbell, President Terry Irwin, Director, Sales & Marketing




Key Staff: Gordon Hoops, President Bruce O’Hearon, VP Tom Lai, Systems Administrator

Key Staff: Helen Newland, Lawyer

775 Pacific Road #26 Oakville, ON L6L 6M4 (905) 847-6799 (905) 847-0306

CHANNELL COMMERCIAL CANADA INC. 6760 Davand Drive, Unit 8-9 Mississauga, ON L5T 2L9 (905) 565-1700 (905) 565-8282

Key Staff: John Robinson, Director of Canadian Operations


400 Matheson Boulevard East, Units 12 & 13 Mississauga, ON L4Z 1N8 (905) 502-0440 (705) 682-0847 Key Staff: Dien Thai, Regional Sales Manager

COMPREHENSIVE BENEFIT SOLUTIONS LIMITED 2020 Winston Park Drive, Suite 102 Oakville, ON L6H 6X7 (905) 896-2022 (905) 896-2108 Key Staff: Gary Groves, President Diana O’Reilly, VP

DEMARCO ALLAN LLP 200-5 Hazelton Ave. Toronto, ON M5H 2H1 (416) 417-1195 Key Staff: Lisa DeMarco, Partner 52

77 King Street, Suite 400, Toronto, ON M5K 0A1 (416) 863-4471 (416) 863-4592

DIGITAL BOUNDARY GROUP 4226 Raney Crescent London, ON N6L 1C3 (519) 652-1000 (519) 652-8660 Key Staff: John Millar, President Joel Shapiro, VP Sales

DPM ENERGY INC. A200 – 8000 Jane Street Vaughan, ON L4K 5B8 (905) 597-7200

Key Staff: Nick Iozzo, President Alicia Di Marco, Marketing Coordinator


8000 Jane Street, Building A, Suite 200 Vaughan, ON L4K 5B8 (289) 982-7200 Key Staff: Alicia Di Marco, Marketing Coordinator

E2E UTILITY SOLUTIONS INC. 20 Graniteridge Road Concord, ON L4M 5M8 (905) 373-6774

Key Staff: Jamie Campbell, VP David Desjardine, Account Representative Karen Bell, Account Representative Nancy Hammes, Director of Customer Service Stephen Dow, Ontario Sales Manager




Key Staff: Shahid Pasha, CEO

Key Staff: Adam A. Fox, Director, Ontario Region Armando Lacivita, District Manager Brian Bell, Director, Utilities David Brusutti, Account Manager, Utilities Paul Lefaive, Account Manager, Utilities

ELENCHUS RESEARCH ASSOCIATES INC. 34 King St. East 6th floor Toronto, ON M5C 2X8 (416) 348-9917 (416) 348-9930

900-12 Concorde Place Toronto, ON M3C 3R8 (416) 441-6035 (416) 441-2106 www.


Key Staff: John Todd, President Chris C. Hatley, Principal, Human Capital & Risk Management Rachel Chua, Research Analyst

7965 Heritage Road Brampton, ON L6Y 5X5 (905) 285-2200 (905) 455-3336


Key Staff: Debbie Ellis, District Sales Manager

1200 McGill College Avenue, Suite 1100 Montreal, QC H3B 4G7 (514) 390-2748


Key Staff: Mona Yahchouchi, CEO Bernard Rizkallah, CFO Marc Lacroix, VP Business Development

4412 Louis-B-Mayer Laval, QC H7P 0G1 (450) 662-9099 (450) 662-9092


Key Staff: Annie Gobeil, Metering Department Manager

33 Bloor Street E, Suite 400 Toronto, ON M4W 3H1 1-888-339-3304 (416) 920-1068 Key Staff: Hugh Hibbert, Director, Consulting Services Rupen Seoni, Senior VP & Practice Leader

ESAC (ELECTRICAL & SYSTEM ADVANCED CONTROL INC.) 151 Meg Drive London, ON N6E 3Z7 (519) 686-6722 (519) 686-1486

Key Staff: Dave Klachan, Operations Director Vince Daigle, Software & Graphics Manager


2425 Matheson Blvd E, Suite 803 Mississauga, ON L4W 5K4 (416) 855-2622 (416) 855-2623


1 First Canadian Place, 100 King St. W,. Suite 1600 Toronto, ON M5X 1G5 (416) 369-7296 (416) 862-7661 Key Staff: Andrew Zed, Associate David McFadden, Counsel Edward Johnston, Partner Gary Graham, Partner Guy David, Partner Harry Dahme, Partner Ian MacDonald, Partner Ian Mondrow, Partner Irene Chang, Partner Paul Harricks, Partner Robert Hull, Partner Tom Timmins, Partner 53



Key Staff: Troy MacDonald, Partner, Power & Infrastructure Services

Key Staff: Barrett Rutherford, Utility Specialist – Ontario Carl Ura, Eastern Region, Sales Manager



200 King Street West, Box 11 Toronto, ON M5H 3T4 (416) 366-0100 (416) 360-4949

595 Southgate Dr Guelph, ON N1G 3W6 (519) 822-2441 Key Staff: Michael Frayne, Director of Marketing

HENDERSON OLIVER SALES LTD. 45 Commercial Road Bolton, ON L7E 1R6 (905) 857-2072 (905) 857-5715 www.hendersonol¡

Key Staff: Roger Elliott, National Sales Manager, Utility Products Daniel Nelson, Account Manager


6835 Century Avenue, Suite 100 Mississauga, ON L5N 7K2 (905) 740-3400 (905) 812-9754 Key Staff: David Kenney, Professional Services Manager Utilities, Communications & Transportation Pamela Bernier, Marketing Specialist

HILTI (CANADA) CORPORATION 2360 Meadowpine Boulevard Mississauga, ON L5N 6S2 (416) 873-4458 (416) 873-4459

Key Staff: Phil Danielse, Sr., Business Developer-Energy Sector 54

615B Orwell Street Mississauga, ON L5W 2A4 (905) 274-2341 (905) 279-2682

777 Bay St., 9th Floor Toronto, ON M5G 2C8 (416) 325-8459 (416) 212-6452

Key Staff: Jennifer Hutcheon, VP, Loan Operations & Customer Relations Lis Lindsay, Marketing Officer Peter Asselstine, Director, Corporate Marketing & Communication Services Steve Rohacek, Sr. VP, Municipal Business Development & Lending


505B McDonald St. Regina, SK S4N 4X1 (306) 721-2412

Key Staff: Benoit Cote, Account Executive

JESSTEC INDUSTRIES INC. 420 Industrial Road London, ON N5V 1T5 (519) 659-0555 (519) 659-3199

Key Staff: Edward Borland, President Daniel Pouliot, Quebec & Eastern Ontario Sales Rep Grant MacDougall, Inside Sales Rep Len Cosley, Central & Northern Ontario Sales Rep Malcom King, Medering Consultant Perry Klish, Sales Representative for North Western Ontario, Manitoba and Bristish Columbia Scott M.C. Borland, Inside Sales Representative Wayne Malay, Maritimes & Southwest Ontario Sales Rep



Key Staff: John A. Blasman, President John C. Blasman, CEO Mark J. Blasman, V.P. Marketing & Product Development Paul E. Blasman, V.P. Customer Services Rose E. Ellis, Controller

K-LINE INSULATORS LIMITED 50 Passmore Avenue Toronto, ON M1V 4T1 (416) 292-2008 (416) 292-2094

Key Staff: A.J. Tony Carreira, President Angela Matias, Administration Manager Raj Ranjanathan, Quality Control Manager Stephen Bell, Engineering Manager Staci Post, Sales & Marketing Manager Angela Matias, Administration Manager

K.P.C. POWER ELECTRICAL LTD. 1111 Burns Street East, Unit 1 Whitby, ON L1N 6A6 (905) 665-0676 (905) 665-0675

Key Staff: Paul Beckman, Technical Services Manager


800 Kipling Avenue, Unit 2 Toronto, ON M8Z 5G5 (416) 207-6000 x 5970 (416) 207-6532

1900 Shawson Dr. Mississauga, ON L4W 1R7 (905) 564-7322 (905) 564-6917


1760 Bishop St. Cambridge, ON N1T 1J5 (519) 740-0510 (519) 740-9812


Key Staff: Tina Kerfont, Sales Coordinator

LANDACE HYDRAULICS 4376 Elgin Road Mossley, ON N0L 1V0 (519) 269-3020 (519) 269-9902 Key Staff: Lloyd Lawrence, President Dace Lawrence, VP


59 Ladyburn Drive Keswick, ON L4P 3R1 (905) 476-2726 (905) 476-1379 Key Staff: John Forsyth, Director of Market Development – Canada Mike Cooper, VP of Sales – Canada

LANGFORD & ASSOCIATES INC. 2175 Sheppard Avenue E., Suite 203 Willowdale, ON M2J 1W8 (416) 490-6546 (416) 490-6937 Key Staff: Eric Langford, President Adam Campbell, Associate Alex Hrona, Associate

Key Staff: Cheryl Tasker-Shaw, Marketing/Training Manager Ken D’Silva, Business Development Manager Stephen Cress, Dept. Manager, Distribution & Asset Management Yury Tsimberg, Director, Asset Management




Key Staff: Charlie Jarvis, Inside Sales Manager Jeff Paul, Regional Manager Sales & Operations Larry Romagnulo, Branch Operations Manager Scott Nash, Sales Manager – Metering Group

Key Staff: Babak Jamali, VP Operations Daryn Thompson, VP Utility Consulting Thor Hjartarson, CEO

1206 Ringwell Drive, Unit 5 & 6 Newmarket, ON L3Y 8V9 (905) 830-9975 (905) 830-9989

LINEMAN'S TESTING LABORATORIES 46 Meridian Rd. Toronto, ON M9W 4Z7 (416) 742-6911 (416) 748-0290

Key Staff: Robert Burgess, President Kevin Dingeldein, Territory Sales Manager Reg Prasad, Electrical Sales Ron Newman, National Business Development Sales Manager Sandra Barker, Director, Business Systems

LINESTAR UTILITY SUPPLY ONTARIO INC. #2,7015 Ordan Drive Mississauga, ON L5T 1Y2 (905) 564-5344 (905) 564-5354

Key Staff: Jason Cathcart, Territory Manager– Eastern Canada

M.G.B ELECTRIC INC. 51 St-Pierre St. Pie, QC J0H 1W0 (450) 772-5608 (450) 772-6150

Key Staff: Jean-Francois Brodeur, President

2550 Matheson Blvd. East, Suite 215 Mississauga, ON L4W 4Z1 (905) 232-7300 (905) 232-7405

MINDCORE TECHNOLOGIES 1845 Jean-Monnet Terrebonne, QC J6X 4L7 (450) 477-5959 (450) 477-2220

Key Staff: Philippe Corriveau, President Cedric Authier, Regional Manager – Quebec & Maratimes Wesley Barber, Ontario Regional Sales Manager

MUNICIPAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT CORPORATION 1340 Pickering Parkway, Suite 101 Pickering, ON L1V 0C4 (647) 493-7659

Key Staff: Brent Hammond, Sales Account Executive Terri Robertson, Director, Government, Energy & Custom Accounts

N-DIMENSION SOLUTIONS 9030 Leslie Street, Unit 300 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G2 (905) 707-8884 (905) 707-0886

Key Staff: Chan Park, Senior Security Architect


3400 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94304 Key Staff: Hannah Bascom, Business Development 56




Key Staff: Harold Harkonen, Consulting Specialist

Key Staff: Kevin Donaldson, Area Sales Manager



200 Bay Street, Suite 3800, Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, ON M5J 2Z4 (416) 216-4000 (416) 216-3930

2001 Sheppard Ave. E., Suite 104 Toronto, ON M2J 4Z8 (647) 256-6011 (647) 256-6001

33 Yonge Street, Suite 900 Toronto, ON M5E 1G4 (416) 649-6000 (416) 342-7619

Key Staff: Richard Charney, Senior Partner

Key Staff: John Whincup, Executive Director Oliver Blum, VP, Energy & Infrastructure Group Oliver Mexner, Manager



725 Westney Rd. South, Unit 4 Ajax, ON L1S 7J7 (905) 686-6666 (905) 619-1053

Key Staff: Joseph Uyede, President Corrine Bender, Wireless Sales Manager Stewart Sheriff, VP & CTO


300 Industrial Parkway South Aurora, ON L4G 3T9 (905) 841-1167 (905) 841-1288 Key Staff: Jan Peeters, President & CEO Chris Wilson, Marketing Manager Mae Reliszko, VP Administration Mike Lunau, Executive VP – Field Services Mike Polson, VP IT


160 Logan Ave. Thunder Bay, ON P7A 6R1 (807) 683-4858 (807) 344-8490

Box 50, 1 First Canadian Place, Suite 6300 Toronto, Ontario M5X 1B8 (416) 862-6626 (416) 862-6666 Key Staff: Jake Sadikman, Partner John Valley, Partner Patrick Welsh, Associate – Litigation Richard King, Partner Richard Wong, Partner -– Construction Rocco Sebastiano, Partner Simon Hodgett, Partner – Technology


1734 Finch Avenue Pickering, ON L1V 1K4 (905) 427-9294 (905) 427-0540 Key Staff: James Mason, President


PERMASHELL COATING SERVICES (1995) LTD. 5732 Hwy 7, #21 Woodbridge, ON L4L 3A2 (905) 850-1250 (905) 850-1252

Key Staff: Wayne Hayworth, President

POSI PLUS TECHNOLOGIES 150 Southgate Drive Guelph, ON N1G 4P5 (819) 758-5717 (819) 758-9529

Key Staff: Christian Poudrier, President & CEO Mike Russell, Sales Manager


55 University Avenue, Suite 600 Toronto, ON M5J 2H7 (416) 961-6611 (416) 961-9935 Key Staff: John Dalton, President Jason Chee-Aloy, Managing Director

REAL TIME SYSTEMS INC. 11 Dansk Court Toronto, ON M9W 5N6 (416) 798-2511 (416) 798-1255

Key Staff: Siavash Jamal, Director, Smart Energy Solutions Victor Briccardi, Partner

SCHWEITZER ENGINEERING LABORATORIES INC. 351 King St., Unit 5 & 6 Barrie, ON L4N 6B5 (509) 344-8800

Key Staff: David Bowen, Application Specialist – Automation Jason Young, Application Engineer– Protection Monica Paquin, Senior Customer Service Rep Joe Galliera, Sales Rep Ray Johnson, Sales Rep

SHEPHERDS UTILITY EQUIP. SALES (1989) LTD. 25189 Weir's Sideroad Pefferlaw, ON L0E 1N0 (705) 437-2526 (705) 437-4391


Key Staff: Marvin Shepherd, President Donna Peliti, Office Manager Jason Shepherd, Inside Sales Rep. Kirk Shepherd, Operations Manager Nancy Shepherd, Vice President

Key Staff: Bonita Beck-Rivers, Office Manager Paul Beckman, Sales Manager


1111 Burns Street E., Unit 1 Whitby, ON L1N6A6 (905) 665-1710 (905) 665-0675

RCC ELECTRONICS 30 Moyal Court Concord, ON L4K 4R8 (905) 669-6644 (905) 669-6645

145 Roy Blvd Brantford, ON N3T 6E3 (519) 758-8888 (519) 758-1881

Key Staff: Kim Bertrand, Sales Coordinator

Key Staff: Stephen Penny, GM 58



Key Staff: Nelson Dube, VP, Operations & Project Clean Power, Ontario

SOLTEX CANADA 30 Dussek St. Belleville, ON K8N 5R8 (613) 966-8881 (613) 966-1901

Key Staff: Brian Thiffault, President Bob Harper, Inside Sales Executive Mike Bonn, Technical Sales Executive


560 Office Center Place Gahanna, OHIO 43230 (614) 470-9882 (614) 470-9886 Key Staff: Wil Schulze, President Brett Willitt, VP Tom Brandewie, Director, Business Services

SUSSEX STRATEGY GROUP INC. 55 University Avenue, Suite 600 Toronto, ON M5J 2H7 (416) 961-6611 (416) 961-9935

Key Staff: Chris Benedetti, Principal Paul Pellegrini, President Robyn A. Gray, Associate Sarah Ivy Simmons, Senior Associate


181 Bay Street, P.O. Box 30004 Toronto, ON M5J 0A5 (905) 424-8112


195 The West Mall Toronto, ON M9C 5K1 (416) 252-5315 (416) 231-5356

Key Staff: Paul Amendola, President & CEO


20 Esna Park Drive Markham, ON L3R 1E1 (289) 795-7992 Key Staff: Keith Gallacher, Country Sales Manager Rick Vascotto, Key Account Manager Tom Murphy, Area Sales Manager

TECH PRODUCTS INC. 105 Willow Avenue Staten Island, NY 10305 (718) 442-4900 (718) 442-2124

Key Staff: Daniel O’connor, VP, Sales and Marketing

THE ITM GROUP INC. 17705 Leslie St., Suite 203 Newmarket, ON L3Y 3E3 (905) 830-9249 (905) 830-9484

Key Staff: David Cunniam, President

THE S.M. GROUP (ONTARIO) INC. 6205 Airport Rd., Suite 205 Mississauga, ON L4V 1E3 (905) 677-9009 (905) 677-9014

Key Staff: Gordon Roberts, SeniorlEngineer


THOMAS & BETTS 3450 Harvester Road Burlington, ON L7N 3W5

Key Staff: Ron Smith, Technical Sales Representative

TOROMONT CAT, A DIVISION OF TOROMONT INDUSTRIES LTD. 3131 Highway 7 West Concord, ON L4K 1B7 (905) 488-2500 Key Staff: Lou Colangelo, GM


470 Harry Walker Parkway South Newmarket, ON L3Y 0B3 (905) 952-0477 (905) 952-3479 Key Staff: James Douglas, President Michael Strano, VP, Operations Sabina Fjodorova, CFO Tammy Schmidt, VP, Project Management Services


195 St. David Street South, 3rd Floor Fergus, ON N1M 2L4 (519) 787-1813 (519) 787-1624 Key Staff: Wayne Groves, President Brian Morris, GM Michael Mehagan, Director Of Engineering


VALARD CONSTRUCTION LP 21 Staffern Drive Concord, ON L4K 2X2 (905) 761-8156 (905) 761-8234

Key Staff: Chris Watson, Project Mananger Dave Friesen, VP Ontario Operations Don Howat, Operations Manager Frank Kanters, Superintendant Jamie Dalton, Transmission Lines Vicki Marks, VP Eastern Canada


2871 Plymouth Drive Oakville, ON L6H 5S5 (905) 569-8030 (905) 569-6364 Key Staff: Paul Marot, President Upali Dharmabandhu, Managing Engineer-Proposals

WHITECAP CANADA INC. 200 Yorkland Blvd Suite 920 North York, ON M2J 5C1 (416) 490-9900 ext. 202 (416) 490-9334

Key Staff: Robb Carmichael, President & CEO Bill Davis, VP – Sales & Business Development Dallas Nairne, VP Finance Mike Fattori, VP Technology & Development Stephen Graup, Product Marketing Manager, MyHydroEye


COMMERCIAL PLUS MEMBERS Suppliers and service companies with commercial interests in the Ontario electricity marketplace that enjoy enhanced member benefits COMMERCIAL PLUS MEMBERS


AESI ACUMEN ENGINEERED SOL. INT. INC. 775 Main Street E., Suite 1B Milton, ON L9T 3Z3 (905) 875-2075 (905) 875-2062

Key Staff: Doug Westlund, Senior VP Richard Ganton, Senior Engineer – Automation & Compliance Specialist Tammy Mooney, Marketing and Proposal Manager


131 Bermondsey Road Toronto, ON M4A 1X4 (416) 751-4420 (416) 751-9031 Key Staff: Rajani Eswar, Marketing Wayne Fernandes, VP, Ainsworth Power Group Yves Lemoine, VP Business Development & Marketing


364 Holland Street West, Box 1373 Bradford, ON L3Z 2B7 (905) 775-5076 (905) 775-3577 Key Staff: Bob Aron, President Andrew Cameron, Overhead Superintendent William Clarke, Underground Superintendent William Miller, Project Coordinator

BLACK & MCDONALD LIMITED 31 Pullman Court Scarborough, ON M1X 1E4 (416) 298-9977 (416) 298-2907

Key Staff: Chuck Mossman, Substation Division Manager Mike Ricco, Estimating Division Manager Peter Calabrese, VP Robert DiCesare, Business Development Manager


BLUE BOX TECHNOLOGY INC. P.O. Box 484 Station Main Owen Sound, ON N4K 5P7 (226) 974-1339 Key Staff: Peter Routliff, CEO Jeff Jackson, CFO Paula Mayor, President

BURMAN ENERGY CONSULTANTS GROUP INC. 4309 Lloydtown-Aurora Road King, ON L7B 0E6 (289) 467-5055 (905) 939-4606

Key Staff: Bart Burman, President Tim Sturgeon, Sr. Director Sales & Marketing


393 University Ave, Suite 1622 Toronto, ON M5G 1E6 (416) 504-3400 Key Staff: Ryan Shaw, Client Portfolio Group Lead – Canada East

COMPOSITE POWER GROUP INC. 695 Riddell Road, Unit 4 Orangeville, ON L9W 4Z5 (519) 942-8485 (519) 942-4505

Key Staff: Richard Booy, President & GM Alain Berthier, GM Composite – East Curtis Krueger, GM Composite – West Jeanette Edney, Outside Sales Representative Jeff Ansley, Outside Sales Representative Lauren Howles, Outside Sales Representative Mark Small, Canadian Sales &Marketing Manager Nevin Gilchrist, Regional Manager Richard Gulka, Account Manager – Western Canada Robert McNeil, Business Development Manager




Key Staff: Stephen Costello, CET, President Ron LaPier, P.Eng, VP of Engineering Tammy Mayer, Office Manager

Key Staff: Duncan Rotherham, VP Judy Simon, Principal

555 Edgewater Road Sudbury, ON P3G 1J7 (705) 470-3090


510-1111 Melville Street Vancouver, BC V6E 3V6 (855) 215-0184

JUBB UTILITY SUPPLY LIMITED 1245 Maple Hill Court, Unit 8 Newmarket, ON L3Y 9E8 (905) 898-5822 (905) 898-7200


Key Staff: Steve Jubb, President Brenda Gordon, Account Payable Chris Kiernan, Outside Sales Representative Dave Silvey, Inside Sales Representative Donna Smyth, Sales Administrator Emma Seymour, Outside Sales Representative Erik Gajdacs, Operations Manager Laurie Gutelius, Account Receivable Melanie Drolet, VP Mike Lopizzo, Outside Sales Representative

Key Staff: Raymond McKay , VP, Energy Solutions


141 - 50 Avenue S. E., Calgary, AB T2G 4S7 (403) 514-2863 (403) 514-3594


Bay Adelaide Centre, 333 Bay Street, Suite 3400 Toronto, ON M5H 2S7 (416) 979-2211 Key Staff: Alan H. Mark, Partner Dan D. Gormley, Partner

HYDEL, DIVISION OF CIRCA 206 Great Gulf Drive Vaughan, ON L4K 5W1 (905) 669-5511 (905) 669-4518


Key Staff: Bruce Townson, CEO Jeff Forrest, Director, Business Development Salim Popatia, VP, Business Development

400 University Ave, 17th Floor Toronto, ON M5G 1S7 (416) 876-1372

12731 Hwy. 48 Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5 (905) 640-2002 (905) 640-8566

Key Staff: Allan Kellett, President Brandon Wetzel, B.Comm (Hons), National Sales Manager Josie Robinson, Bid & Proposal Manager Ken Ramnarine, P. Eng., C.E.T., VP, Operations Eastern Canada

Key Staff: Tessa-Lynn Pattenm National Sales Manager




Key Staff: Terry Ogden, President Allan Hall, Area Account Manager Jeff Kirton, Area Sales Manager – Manitoba/ Saskatchewan Michael Vujovic, VP Nadina Snider, Office Admin Pat P. Dowds, Area Sales Manager – Alberta Paul Snosek, Area Sales Manager Russell Craig, Inside Sales West Saif Rahman, Inside Sales

Key Staff: Henri Van Rensburg, Principal Salil Gogte, Prinicpal Stephen George, Sr. VP, Utility Services

12 Bram Court, Unit 20 Brampton, ON L6W 3V1 (905) 453-0044 (905) 453-0250

KOBEN SYSTEMS INC. 2525 Dunwin Drive, Unit 4&5 Mississauga, ON L5L 1R9 (416) 935-1922

Key Staff: Vic Burconak, President & CEO


Bay Adelaide Centre, 333 Bay Street, Suite 4600 Toronto, ON M5H 2S5 (416) 777-8500 (416) 777-8818 Key Staff: Ian Jeffreys, Partner, Audit Lois Ouellette, Partner, Audit Matthew Betik, Partner, Audit Michel Picard, Partner, Accounting Advisory Services

TD Canada Trust Tower 161 Bay St., 27th Floor, STE. 2721 Toronto, ON M5J 2S1 (416) 580-7883

OPUS ONE SOLUTIONS 50 West Pearce Street, Unit 16 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1C5 (833) 678-7663 (866) 941-5854

Key Staff: Hari Subramaniam, Chief Strategic Growth & Policy Officer

RODAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS 165 Matheson Blvd E, Suite 6 Mississauga, ON L4Z 3K2 (905) 625-9900 (905) 625-4307

Key Staff: Gary Nunes, Sr. VP, Business Operations Mike Lenarduzzi, Manager, Operations & Feild Services Nishant Gehani, Manager, Engineering Services Omi Sahotam Marketing Manager Paul Grod, President & CEO Rick Goddard, Sr. Manager, Data Services William Grove, Director, Business Development


300-111 Richmond Street West Toronto, ON M5H 2G4 (877) 251-2922 (416) 596-7894 Key Staff: Jason J. Hails, Partner, Energy & Utilities



S&C ELECTRIC CANADA LTD. 90 Belfield Road Toronto, ON M9W 1G4 (416) 249-9171 (416) 249-6051

Key Staff: Angelo Gravina, P. Eng, President Darrin Bradley, Director – Power Systems Solutions Ken Maskell, P.Eng, District Manager Mike Matthews, P.Eng, District Manager Paul McMullen, P. Eng, Vice President – Canada Business Unit Richard Farquharson, P.Eng, District Manager Zsolt Sepa, M.Sc.,P,Eng.,LEED AP, Director – Sales Canada

1315 North Service Road East, Suite 300 Oakville, ON L6H 1A7 (905) 829-3336 (905) 329-9365

Key Staff: Andrew Clark, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Spark Power Corp Andy Ketelaars, President, NESI David Asling-Snee, President, Spark Power Renewables Eric Waxman, Co-Founder & Treasurer Gord Reynolds, COO & Vice President, Corporate Development Jason Sparaga, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Spark Power Corp John Whibbs, Director, Strategic Relationships Kim Samlall, Marketing Manager Morgan Cowl, President, Spark Power Service Corp and Rondar Inc. Roland Van Olst, President, New Electric Enterprises Inc. Sean Kelly, President, Community Power

STANTEC CONSULTING LTD. 100-300 Hagey Boulevard Waterloo, ON N2L 0A4 (519) 585-7343 (519) 579-6733

Key Staff: Graham McTavish, VP , Power Canada Kevin Fleming, Project Manager, Electrical Michael Voll, Sector Leader, Power – Ontario

100 Rollins Road Millbrae, CA 94030 (917) 254-5633 Key Staff: Brendan Harney, Director Of Business Development Polly N. Shaw, VP of Regulatory Affairs & Communications Utilia Amaral, Representative


149 Chemin Godin Sherbrooke, QC J1R 0S6 (819) 821-3636 (819) 563-7517




Key Staff: Mario Lambert, President Frederik Lambert, VP – Western Canada Roland Carbonneau, VP Power Facility Manager Yves Goulet, Director Of Operation

TAVENOR AND ASSOCIATES 245 Caves Court Milton, ON L9T 5J2 (416) 520-0456 Key Staff: David W. Tavenor, President

TD COMMERCIAL BANKING 33 Collier Street, 2nd Floor Barrie, ON L4M 1G5 (705) 727-4700 (705) 727-0866 Key Staff: Paul McManus, VP


200 Town Centre Blvd, Suite 300 Markham, ON L3R 8G5 (905) 470-2112 (905) 470-8956 Key Staff: Ted Harrison, VP Engineering 65







CONNECT EVENT SERIES Throughout the year, the EDA Connect Event Series provides members and the energy community with a range of opportunities to connect with industry leaders, peers, prospects, the latest technologies and bold ideas. From large-scale trade shows to invitation-only learning and discussion sessions, the Connect Event Series offers something for every member. See details, dates and registration information for all EDA Connect events at

EDIST Conference & Exhibition

Awards Gala

The EDIST Conference & Exhibition presents optimal opportunities to: • Share technical knowledge • Network with some of the top engineering, operational and IT specialists in Ontario • Learn about the latest technological advances that impact the electricity sector


The Electricity, Distribution, Information Systems and Technology (EDIST) Conference & Exhibition is an educational conference and exhibition addressing critical engineering, operational, IT and management issues faced by Ontario’s LDCs. Suppliers, manufacturers and service providers have the opportunity to network and showcase their products and services.

The EDIST program is determined based on submissions to the EDA’s Call for Papers. Abstracts are reviewed and selected by the EDIST Committee, comprised of EDA members with engineering, operations and IT expertise.


EDA’s Annual General Meeting is a member-exclusive event held in Downtown Toronto. The multi-day event includes an opening reception, EDA & MEARIE Business Meetings, informative business sessions and a lineup of great speakers. This event offers excellent opportunities to connect with EDA board members, executives, senior management, and members of the finance, administration, sales, marketing teams from the LDC community.


EDA’s Awards Gala is the industry’s most exciting evening events. The Gala provides a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of the LDC sector through a prestigious award ceremony. The dinner brings together top players in the sector from government, regulators, boards of directors and LDCs. This “red carpet” event takes place at beautiful and historic Fairmont Royal York Hotel. The evening winds up with drinks and dancing in the Electric Lounge.

ENERCOM brings together senior executives and influencers from all segments of the energy industry. This event includes a boutique tradeshow, inspiring keynotes and informative sessions that facilitate knowledge sharing and ideas exchange with energy executives and professionals from Ontario and across North America. ENERCOM is of special interest to: • Distributors • Generators • Suppliers • Transmitters • Commercial, industrial and institutional Energy Managers • Officials from local, provincial and federal governments • Investment, financial and risk management companies • Legal, regulatory and energy consultants • Asset managers


Women Connected

Directors Summit

The EDA Directors Summit provides directors, corporate secretaries and staff with governance responsibilities with valuable opportunities to hear from recognized governance experts and thought leaders on best practices and strategies to improve board performance. Join peers and discuss the challenges facing boards today when it comes to good governance. Hear from the electricity distribution sector’s recognized experts on how to deal effectively with current challenges and intricacies of board leadership.


The Energy Business Innovation Conference (EBIC) paves the way for new technology and other advances in the sector, helping attendees get ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage.


Held once every two years, the Canadian Utilities Equipment & Engineering (CUEE) tradeshow is the largest event of its kind in Canada. With over 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibits and 150 unique exhibitors, attendees can see and demo the newest and most innovative equipment, tools and products for the utilities sector. CUEE features a wide array of products and services relevant to the utility sector, including: • safety gear and clothing • utility vehicles • green initiatives and recycling • smart grid technologies • truck fittings and accessories • power management initiatives • instrumentation • cranes • drilling and earth moving equipment • hydraulics • job site tools and products • mobile lifts • trailers and accessories • and much more

EBIC features high-profile keynote speakers and thought-provoking breakout sessions focusing on management, communications, human resources, customer service, finance and regulation. The one-and-a-half-day event offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain insider knowledge and insights into the future of the energy sector and related business issues.



Women Connected is a premier speaker event designed for senior leaders as well as those just entering the workforce. This popular annual event features inspiring keynotes and in-depth panel discussions that focus on the personal and professional development of women in the energy industry. Women Connected is a high-value learning and networking opportunity for all team members, especially women seeking to excel and advance in their career.






EDA AWARDS Celebrating LDC Excellence The EDA awards program is the premier recognition of excellence in Ontario’s electricity distribution sector. Award nominations in 11 categories are invited annually from within the EDA’s LDC membership. The EDA Membership and Awards Committee reviews all nominations and recommends winners in each of the defined categories for approval by the Board of Directors. Awards are presented at the EDA’s Annual Award Gala, part of the association’s annual general meeting in Toronto.

CORPORATE AWARD CATEGORIES EDA LDC Performance Excellence Award Sponsored by Ontario Power Generation EDA Conservation Leadership Excellence Award Sponsored by the Independent Electricity System Operator EDA Public Electrical Safety Excellence Award Sponsored by the Electricity Safety Authority EDA Innovation Excellence Award EDA Environmental Excellence Award EDA Communications Excellence Award EDA Public Relations Excellence Award EDA Customer Service Excellence Award

INDIVIDUAL AWARD CATEGORIES Chair’s Citation, in Memory of Robert H. Hay Foreign Study Tour Award, in Memory of W.R. Mathieson Honorary Member Award, in Recognition of Pauline Storks

LDC members can access complete details on all EDA awards program, including criteria for all award categories, the nomination process, key dates and information on past award winners by logging in at




RECOGNIZED FOR EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION Three individual and eight LDC awards presented at annual EDA Gala Top-performing electricity utilities from across Ontario were honoured in March at the EDA Awards Gala in Toronto. The annual program provides an unparalleled opportunity for the EDA to showcase key LDC accomplishments, programs and best practices to electricity sector peers and stakeholders. More than 400 guests were on hand to celebrate LDC innovation, service excellence and commitment to local communities. “Ontario’s local electricity utilities have pushed forward on many game-changing initiatives that are delivering more choice, improved services and enhanced community relations, in addition to the safe, reliable power customers rely on for their homes and businesses,” said Brian Wilkie, President and CEO of Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc. and Chair of the EDA, who hosted the ceremony. “The quality of the work submitted this year is a sign that utilities are proactive, innovative and consistently working hard for their customers and the sector.”



This year, awards were presented in two individual and eight corporate categories: The Chair’s Citation Award, in memory of Robert H. Hay, went to Jim Keech, President and CEO, Utilities Kingston, and Todd Wilcox, former President and COO, North Bay Hydro, for outstanding long-time service to the EDA and the electricity industry. The Foreign Study Tour Award, in memory of W.R Mathieson, was presented to Sue Forcier, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, at Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc., in recognition of her contributions to the industry through volunteer participation on EDA Councils, Committees and Working Groups, as well as other energy industry boards and associations.


The Conservation Leadership Excellence Award, sponsored by the IESO, was awarded to Burlington Hydro for its robust conservation marketing and outreach campaign, which raised awareness and dramatically increased uptake of customer conservation programs and incentives. Stratford’s Festival Hydro received the Public Electrical Safety Excellence Award, sponsored by the Electrical Safety Authority, for developing an effective multimedia program to inform elementary school students and the general community about the importance of electrical safety awareness. Halton Hills Hydro took home the Innovation Excellence Award for its impressive four-month leadership training program, aimed at improving and fostering creative, critical thinking in order to prepare for change and the technology evolution of its service offerings. Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. earned the Environmental Excellence Award for piloting a solar project designed to benefit consumers and the utility by helping customers reduce and manage their own electricity usage, while improving the customer experience. The award for Customer Service Excellence went to London Hydro for creating an online portal that manages residential service connection requests. The new process helped to improve communications, reduce paper and slash service delivery time by 74 per cent, while increasing residential service connections by 50 per cent. Alectra Utilities was recognized with a Communications Excellence Award for improvements to its advocacy approach within six municipalities, which resulted in new and enhanced relationships, increased communication and greater presence and awareness in the communities the company serves. The Public Relations Excellence Award went to Burlington Hydro for its unique engagement campaign, 74


encouraging customers to become more environmentally responsible by registering for e-billing. The initiative included informing customers that $5 would be donated to purchase trees for local community woodlots and parks. Sponsored by Ontario Power Generation, the evening’s most prestigious award, the EDA LDC Performance Excellence Award, went to Oakville Hydro, recognizing outstanding overall performance excellence in a number of operational categories.


The EDA proudly congratulates all of this year’s nominees and award winners. Stay tuned to this fall for the call for nominations for the 2019 EDA Awards.



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Meter Services Peterborough, a Division of Peterborough Utilities Inc. is a provider of revenue meter related services in Ontario. We are IESO registered as MSP #1002 and provide meter installation services; Meter Data Management (MDMA) functions; Web posting of data and bill reconciliation (MDS Web); Settlement Services (WSS Web); Conservation and Demand Management and Power Quality Monitoring Solutions to Wholsale Market Participants, Local Distribution Companies, Energy Services Companies and Generators. Please contact us at 705-748-9301 ext. 1279 for more infromation on our suite of service offerings


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We work hard so you can be confident that everything running today will also be running tomorrow.

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1111 Burns St. E., Unit 1, Whitby, ON L1N 6A6

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T (905) 665-0676 (24 hour emergency response) F (905) 665-0675

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EDA Member Handbook 2018/19  
EDA Member Handbook 2018/19