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July’s Gardening T ips From Paul Chatfield of Chatfield’s Garden & Property Services

WATCH OUT FOR THE BUGS! Trees and Shrubs Some shrubs which flower mainly from one-year-old wood such as Philadelphius and Deutzia may continue to bloom into July. They should be pruned after flowering.

Climbers and Wall-Plants Clematis shoots are now in vigorous growth, if training regularly secure them to their supports. Hybrids that bloom in spring and summer, if cut back will bloom again.

Roses The chief task at present is to remove faded blooms, cut back to good strong bud and remove all suckers from root stock. Continue to feed with rose fertilizer.

Borders and Beds

Lawns Continue with regular mowing, water if necessary. Treat any remaining weeds with a suitable lawn weedkiller. Give a dressing of lawn fertilizer, if not already done.

Fruit Apples and pears in restricted forms such as cordons need summer pruning. Strawberry plants that have finished fruiting should be cleaned and tidied.

Vegetables Outdoor tomatoes grown on single stem must be tied to a stake as single growth progresses. In warm humid weather watch out for an attack of blight in potatoes.

Greenhouse and Frame On summer days the temperature can rise very rapidly and to keep cool, water floors and benches twice daily.

Make a regular practice of removing dead flowers to prevent seed, this helps to channel energy into more blooms. Lavender flowers should be cut before they expand, if drying.

House Plants

Bulbs and Corms

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Any remaining tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and bulbous irises may now also be lifted, for summer plants if space is needed.

Rock Gardens and pools Trailers can be cut back to control growth, after flowering. Keep pools filled by replacing water lost by evaporation.This helps debris come to the surface for removal.

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Continue to water and feed plants as necessary. Keep atmosphere moist around plants with bowls or pans of water near the plants.

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